Jenny, I BLEW UP My Sister... Again!


Chapter 1

Following their misadventures with Clemont’s invention once more, and after stopping Team Rocket’s latest scheme, our heroes have left Lumiose City and are currently walking through a forest.
“So, where’s our next stop?” Ash asked.
“Let me see…” Serena said as she checked her map. “Ah! Laverre City.”
“I believe that the Gym Leader there is named Valerie, and her gym specifies on Fairy-Type Pokémon.” Clemont said.
“Wow! I hear that Valerie is also a famous fashion expert! This is something I don’t want to miss!” Serena said with much excitement.
“Then Laverre City it is!” Ash shouted with gusto.
“Pi-Pikachu!” Pikachu shouted with just as much gusto.
“But before we do that, I’ve got something that I’d like to show you!” Clemont said, adjusting his glasses. “The future is now, thanks to science!”
Suddenly, a machine appeared in front of everyone.
“Uh, Clemont, that’s not…” Bonnie said nervously.
“Indeed it is! I give to you The Super Pokémon Training Regimen Executor Mark 3!” Clemont said with gusto.
“You can’t be serious! This machine again!?” Serena shouted.
“Come on, Clemont! Can’t you show us something else?!” Bonnie shouted, both girls afraid that something would go wrong again.
“I admit that this machine has caused problems in the past, but this time, I’m sure that I’ve got it right!” Clemont said.
“I don’t know…” Serena and Bonnie said nervously.
“I think that we should give it another chance.” Ash said.
“Are you sure about this, Ash?” Serena asked.
“Of course. Clemont’s machines always blow up, but they’ve helped us out in the past.” Ash said. “Besides, this machine should help me in my next gym battle.”
“Pika!” Pikachu said.
“That’s why he wants to do this again…” Serena said disappointingly, as Clemont activated the machine.
“Are you sure that nothing will go wrong this time?” Bonnie asked nervously.
“Of course I’m sure.” Clemont responded. “Now, Clemontic Gear On! Here comes Pin Missile!”
“Pikachu, dodge it!” Ash shouted.
“Pika!” Pikachu shouted, jumping up in the air and dodging the attack with ease.
“Very good. Now, here comes Flamethrower!” Clemont typed in the commands on the machine.
“Get ready to dodge again!” Ash shouted, and Pikachu complied with little hesitation. “Science is so amazing!” Ash shouted.

As the training continued for another few minutes, Bonnie and Serena were watching on.
“Well, it seems that nothing’s gone wrong…yet.” Serena said.
“Yeah, but if you know my big brother…” Bonnie started saying, and just as she did, the machine started spouting smoke and overheating.
“Right on cue…” Serena said.
“I don’t understand! How could this happen again?! Run!” Clemont shouted as everyone began to run.

In the chaos, however, one of the lightning bolts struck Bonnie, sending her flying a few yards away.
“Ack!!” Bonnie shouted before she immediately fell unconscious and collapsed onto the ground, her body being covered from head to toe in a faint blue aura surrounded by static electricity that was very slowly fading out.
By the time Ash, Serena, and Clemont finally found a bush to take cover behind…


A thick cloud of smoke went straight up in the air. Ash, Serena, and Clemont were covered in dark gray dust with their hair all messed up, just like every other time something like this happens.
“Well, Clemont, it blew up again. What do you have to say for yourself this time?” Serena said.
“*cough cough* Perhaps it’s time I gave up on this device.” Clemont said. “After all, training is useful, but there’s no substitute for experience.”
Suddenly, Bonnie woke up and brushed the dust from her clothes.
“Bonnie! Are you okay?!” Clemont asked.
“Much better after hearing you say that.” Bonnie said. Dedenne crawled up to Bonnie with a smile. She couldn’t help but smile back.
“Maybe we should rest here for the night. It’s about to get dark soon.” Ash said.

In the middle of the night, everyone was in a deep sleep in their tents. Everyone decided to sleep in their normal clothes, all of them worried about who got affected this time by Clemont’s invention. As Pikachu and Dedenne were sleeping comfortably, their bodies started to shoot off waves of static electricity. The waves were very small, even as they slowly grew more intense in strength and visibility. At the same time, Bonnie's body glowed a bright blue, the same kind of glow she had earlier in the day. Also like earlier, Bonnie's body was being covered very faintly in static electricity, the same kind that was swirling around both Pikachu and Dedenne.
Suddenly, after a brighter-than-usual glow from all around Bonnie, the two electrical fields collided and she very slowly grew in size. Despite the growth spurt, she and the Pokémon were still asleep. Soon after, Bonnie's body and clothes stopped glowing and the young girl's growth spurt came to an end at just over seven feet tall; twice her normal size. All the static electricity from the area had disappeared as well.

The next morning, Ash woke up, eager to begin his journey to Laverre City.
“All right! It’s time for me to get my next badge! Ready, Pikachu?” Ash asked his partner.
“Pi-Pikachu!” Pikachu responded.
“Huh?” Ash asked as he noticed something strange in one of the tents. It looked like a giant pair of pink shoes.
“Don’t tell me…” Ash said.
“Is something wrong, Ash?” Serena asked as she woke up. However, she would soon see the same giant pair of pink shoes. “CLEMONT!!” she shouted. Clemont sprung awake from his tent almost immediately.
“WHAT--What is it, Serena?!” Clemont shouted, and he soon would be scared at what Ash & Serena were looking at. “Oh, no! No, no, no!”
“*yawn* What’s going on, everybody?” Bonnie asked. She exited the tent and stood at her full height at 7 ft. tall. When she noticed that she was taller than everyone else, she turned her attention toward Clemont. “Clemont!!” She shouted. She then grabbed him by his shoulders, picked him up, and shook him like a rag doll. “How could you do this to me again?! I told you that this would happen, but you ignored us!! I’m so mad at you!”
“I’m sorry, Bonnie! I’ll fix it! I promise!” Clemont said. Bonnie gently placed him on the ground, but she didn’t smile. Instead she took a big sigh.
“I’m going for a walk.” Bonnie said. “Clemont, I expect you to fix this when I get back.”
“But wait, Bonnie! You can’t go walking out there by yourself!” Serena said.
Ignoring, her, Bonnie storms off.
“Bonnie…” Clemont said, disheartened by what was happening to his sister again.
“Cheer up, Clemont.” Ash said. “We’ve been through this before, and I’m sure she’ll feel better when she’s back to normal.”
“You’re right, Ash.” Clemont replied with a smile. “Now’s not the time for me to be all down on myself. This time, I have experience with this problem, and I’ve got just the thing to get Bonnie back to normal. I just need time to build it.”
“That’s the spirit!” Ash said.
“Pika-Pika!” Pikachu replied as well.
“Meanwhile, I’ll keep an eye on Bonnie.” Serena said, and she left to go find her.

A little later Serena finds Bonnie sitting under a tree, sad and depressed. Dedenne tries to comfort her, but to no avail.
“Bonnie!” Serena said. “Thank goodness I found you!”
“What’s good about it? I’m going to grow up into a gigantic monster again!” Bonnie said.
“Don’t look at it like that.” Serena said, trying to comfort her.
“And why not? We knew the moment Clemont showed us that machine, this was going to happen! And why did it have to be me again? Last time, I almost destroyed Lumiose City. Who knows what might happen this time?” Bonnie said.
“Hmm… So you feel that you’re accident prone.” Serena said.
“Huh? What do you mean?” Bonnie asked.
“I mean that you feel that you’re going to cause more damage no matter how hard you try not to.” Serena said.
“Well…yeah…” Bonnie said.
“You’re worrying too much about the bad stuff.” Serena continued. “Focus on the good things that you can do as a giant.”
“Good things?” Bonnie asked.
“Sure!” Serena said as she winked at her taller friend. “There are things that only you can do as a giant that no one else can do! Until Clemont manages to fix it, just go with it for now. I’m sure things will be different this time. Remember, no matter what happens, I'll always be your friend. I'll always be like a sister to you.”
Bonnie smiled and stood up.
“Thanks, Serena.” She continued. “I’m sure things will be different this time! After all, we’re not in a city, so I can be a better giant this time!”
“Good for you!” Serena said. Both of them hugged each other, not feeling the slightest bit weird of the height difference. Dedenne climbed up Bonnie and and smiled.
“Let’s get back to the others.” Serena said.
“Right with you, sis.” Bonnie said as they both started walking back to the others.

A little later, both girls return to the campsite. Both guys are wondering why Bonnie is smiling.
“Hi, everybody!” Bonnie said.
“Uh, Bonnie?” Clemont asked.
“It’s okay, big brother.” Bonnie said. “I’m not going to let what happened last time bother me. Instead, I’ll focus on all the good things I can do as I get bigger and bigger. Besides, I’m sure you’ll fix this again.”
“For sure!” Ash said. “Clemont always comes through, and this time will be no different!”
The Pokémon shout with glee.

A little later, everyone is eating. Bonnie has a little more to gobble down, given her 7-foot height.
“I hope you like it. I came up with this recipe while I was at the gym.” Clemont said.
“This food is amazing!” Ash said.
Meanwhile, the Pokémon are also enjoying their food. Chespin gobbles down his food fast and tries to steal food from Pancham, but Pancham shoves Chespin aside and knocks over Dedenne’s bowl. Dedenne shocks Chespin in return. Bonnie stands up and walks over to Chespin.
“Chespin! You know you shouldn’t try to steal food!” Bonnie said as she goes over to pick up the Pokémon.
“If you’re still hungry, I can always--” Clemont said, but before he could finish his statement, Goodra offers to share its food with Chespin and Dedenne.
“Wow, that was nice of you, Goodra!” Bonnie stated as she stood next to the equally tall Goodra.
“Goodra!” Goodra said happily. Bonnie then picks up Dedenne with her big hands.
“Here you go, Dedenne.” Bonnie said. Dedenne and Chespin chow down.

A little later, a man with a Bellsprout is riding in a truck. The Bellsprout notices the Goodra and big Bonnie nearby.
“What is it, Bellsprout?” The man asked.
“Bell-Sprout, Bellsprout!” Bellsprout said, surprised to see them both. The man is just as surprised to see a giant child.
“Oh my!” He exclaims.

“Okay, now that we’re all done eating, I think we should get to working on getting Bonnie back to normal.” Ash said.
“With the past experiences we’ve gone through, I believe I have the knowledge to fix this once and for all.” Clemont said as he shows the others his blueprints. “I call it a Grow Big/Shrink Small Ray. It’ll take some time, but I believe that this will fix the problem, once and for all.”
“All right, then let’s get started!” Ash said. But before anything else could happen, Bellsprout gets out of the car and goes up to Goodra. Both of them are happy to meet each other, much to the confusion of the others. Suddenly, the man shows up.
“Oh! So, well it IS you! It’s been such a long time, Goomy, or rather Goodra now.” The man said.
“Excuse me, it sure looks like you and Goodra know each other.” Ash said.
“And who are you young children?” The man asked.
“My name’s Ash, and this is my partner, Pikachu.” Ash said.
“Pi-Pikachu!” Pikachu exclaimed.
“I’m Serena. It’s nice to meet you!” Serena said.
“Hi there! Bonnie’s my name, and this is Dedenne!” Bonnie said.
“De-Denee!” Dedenne exclaimed.
“As for why I’m this big, it’s quite a complicated story involving one of my brother’s experiments.” Bonnie continued. Clemont laughs nervously.
“That would be me. My name’s Clemont. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Clemont said.
“Well, whatever the story is, I hope your problem gets fixed soon. Keanan’s my name, and this Goodra used to make its homes near the Wetlands, just beyond where we’re standing right now.” The man said, finally revealing his name. “I happen to be the caretaker of this area.”
“Hey, Ash. Why don’t we go and see where Goodra used to live?” Bonnie said.
“But Bonnie, what about you?” Ash asked.
“Don’t worry about me. It’ll be a while before I’m back to my normal height. So, we should use the time to learn more about Goodra.” Bonnie said.
“Well, if you’re okay with it, then let’s get going, right Goodra?” Ash asked. But Goodra wasn’t too sure. After a bit of convincing from Bellsprout, Goodra agreed to go with them.

After a bit of a walk, our heroes arrive at the Wetlands. They make it to Keanan’s cabin.
“So, Goodra’s your Pokémon, huh Ash?” Keanan asked. “Good to know that Goodra was in good company.”
“But what’s mysterious is how Goodra came to us in the first place.” Bonnie exclaimed.
“Yeah, it was on the back of a Swanna’s back and landed on Ash’s face.” Serena said.
“Why would you want to leave the Wetlands in the first place, Goodra?” Ash asked.
“There’s a spring near here that has powerful healing effects on the bodies and minds of Pokémon.” Keanan explained. “Goomy was living happily with its friends when a terrible feud broke out over the territory of that spring. Other Pokémon from outside the spring came here and used force to take control of the spring. The other Pokémon that are living here have been forced into a corner, and they live there in secret.”
Goodra tries to contact his old friends. Suddenly, a Wooper appears. It recognizes Goodra as its old friend Goomy. Suddenly other Pokémon, Quagsire, Lotad, and Gulpin, appear, happy to be reunited with their old friend. However, their reunion is short-lived, as a Swanna appears and leaves. The Pokémon rush after it.
“Hey, what’s going on, Goodra?” Ash asked.
“That explosion is coming from their home!” Keanan explained.
“Are they being attacked?!” Clemont asked.
“Then we should come along, too!” Ash said.
“Wait a minute!” Keanan said. “This quarrel is between wild Pokémon. It’s not really something we should get involved in. I understand how you feel, but I don’t think it would be fair if you kids got in the middle of their dispute.”
Although upset, Ash understands. “Fine, I’m not going to get involved.” He said. “But I still want to be there for Goodra.”
“That’s fine.” Keanan said.

Meanwhile, the kids are being spied on by Team Rocket.
“Looks like something’s cooking over dere!” Meowth said.
“Then we might as well bide our time.” James said.
“Once things heat up, then we’ll make our move.” Jessie said.
“Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet said. Within their area are a few pipes sucking water from the ground.

Chapter 2

As Goodra and its friends make their way to the explosion, a Florges is leading an attack of Pokémon onto a mountain, surrounded by Pokémon. Goodra steps in to strike back. After a bit of a standoff, Florges recognizes Goodra as the Goomy it once was. With encouragement from Ash and his friends, Goodra takes on Florges in an evenly fought match. However, after learning Ice Beam, Goodra comes out on top. But suddenly, two attacks out of nowhere hit Goodra, and a cube was used to give Florges and its allies time to escape.
“Goodra! Are you okay?!” Ash asked.
“Goo…dra…” Goodra spoke weakly.

Later, back at Keanan’s shack, Goodra is being looked at.
“I’m sure Goodra will be just fine.” Keanan said. “I don’t think Florges will do anything for a while. That means a truce for the time being.”
As Keanan goes over to another room, Clemont asks him a question.
“Keanan, are there any Pokémon around here that can use Psybeam or Shadow Ball?” Clemont asked.
“No, I don’t think so.” Keanan answered.

Meanwhile, back at the mountain, Team Rocket confronts Florges.
“Well, that was close.” Jessie said.
“Who knows what would’ve happened if Goodra had won?” James said.
Florges looks back at a sick Floette.
“I say dat we should join forces. That way, you can help your little pal and defeat Goodra and its pals for good.” Meowth said, convincing Goodra.

Back at the shack, Ash reflects on his experience with Goodra and everything they’ve been through together.
“So, getting stronger was because you wanted to protect your friends…” Ash said.

In the next room, Keanan and Clemont look at their computers and try to figure out why the battle ended the way it did. As they manage to figure it out, a window breaks and Pikachu, Wooper, and Dedenne are kidnapped by the same wild Pokémon that fought with Goodra earlier. Ash gives chase.
“Give me back my Pikachu! Stop!” Ash shouted, but is stopped by Beedrill in his chase.
He tries to use Fletchinder and Frogadier to get them back, but they are defeated and stopped by other Pokémon. Despite being in a weakened state, Goodra tries to fight, but is stopped by the wild Pokémon, and they escape.
“Ash, we saw something in the surveillance videos that you should know.” Clemont said.
“What is it, brother?” Bonnie asked.
“Team Rocket is clearly a part of this.” Clemont answered.
“I should’ve known!” Ash shouted.
“Team Rocket? Who are they?” Keanan asked.
“Bad guys who always cause trouble.” Serena exclaimed.
“I wonder if they’re using Florges to attack the other Pokémon.” Clemont asked.
“It sounds like something they’d do.” Ash said. “Let’s go after them!”
As they begin to leave, Keanan calls to Clemont.
“Clemont, something about this situation bothers me. I’d like to look into it a little more. But you and your friends should be careful.” Keanan said.
“Right.” Clemont responded.

At the mountain, Florges tries to heal Floette by placing the Pokémon in the water, but it does nothing.
“Da water much be getting lower.” Meowth said with the captured Pokémon nearby. “Floette can’t heal itself.”
“And it’s all because of Goodra and its friends.” Jessie exclaimed.
“But don’t worry. They wouldn’t dare lay a finger on us with these Pokémon our hostages.” James said.
Pikachu and the other Pokémon protest, but Florges isn’t buying it.

Ash, Goodra, and the others make their way to the mountain. However, they are stopped by Florges’s allies.
“We’re not the bad guys! Team Rocket is behind this!” Bonnie exclaimed, but the Pokémon attack relentlessly.
“Bunnelby, Chespin, let’s go!” Clemont shouted out.
“You too, Braixen!” Serena said, as all three Pokémon are released from their Poké Balls.
“You guys go ahead! We’ll keep them busy!” Clemont said.
“Right!” Ash said as he, Bonnie, and Goodra make their way to the top of the mountain. They go inside and see a spring.
“Pikachu!” Ash called out.
“Dedenne!” Bonnie called out. Both of them are soon met by Florges, holding onto Floette and a few Seviper. They’re not even intimidated by the 7-foot Bonnie.
“I don’t know what Team Rocket told you, but they’re the ones causing problems around here!” Ash said.
Florges points to the little pool behind Ash.
“The water level is really low…” Bonnie said.
“We had nothing to do with any of that, if that’s what you believe!” Ash said.
Suddenly the whole mountain starts shaking. Bonnie looks down.
“Hey, look! The water is draining!” She said.
It isn’t long before the area is completely dry. Suddenly, Team Rocket shows up laughing at everyone.
“Prepare for trouble! It’s running dry!” Jessie said.
“And make it double, because we know why!” James said.
“To protect the world from devastation!” Jessie said.
“To unite all people within our nation!” James said.
“To denounce the evils of truth and love!” Jessie said.
“To extend our reach to the stars above!” James said.
“Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!” Jessie said.
“Surrender now, or prepare for a thirsty fight!” James said.
“Meowth! That’s right!” Meowth said.
“Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet said.
“So, it WAS you!” Ash explained.
“I’m quite impressed that you were able to figure out that we were the ones manipulating Florges.” James said.
“Not quite. This is usually your handiwork.” Ash said.
“You also attacked Goodra, and helped Florges escape.” Bonnie added.
“Correct again! We not only stole water from the spring, but the entire wetlands.” Jessie stated.
Florges is surprised at this truth.
“Sorry, Florges, but Floette’s condition hasn’t improved because of us.” Jessie continued.
“Why are you doing this?!” Ash asked.
“Florges wanted to take control of the wetlands to heal Floette, but we took it all for us, instead.” Jessie said.
“Water that can heal the body and minds of Pokémon is woith a fortune, and we’re fortunate enough to steal it, dig?” Meowth said. “Fooling a Pokémon like Florges was a piece of cake, and did dat cake taste good!”
Florges is angry, knowing the truth. But before it could attack, James throws a smoke screen cube, allowing them to get away.

Outside, Team Rocket’s escape plane is revealed. Keanan appears, and Ash explains the whole truth to the others.
“To think that it was all to heal Floette.” Keanan said.
“And Team Rocket took full advantage of this, along with Pikachu, Dedenne, and Wooper.” Bonnie said.
“Goodra, can you get me up there?” Ash asked.
“Me too! I want Dedenne back!” Bonnie said.
Goodra tosses both of them onto the plane. Upset at the deception, Florges uses a Yanmega to fly to the ship and aid Ash. Using Dragon Pulse on the ground, Goodra launches itself onto the ship.

“Looks like we’ve got unwelcome guests onboard.” James said.
“Then let’s throw them off.” Jessie said.

At that moment, Goodra uses another Dragon Pulse to create a hole in the ship. Ash, Goodra, and Florges enter, but before Bonnie could follow, her body starts glowing blue.
“Oh, no! Not now!” Bonnie said.
“What’s the matter Bonnie?” Ash asked, but soon realizes that Bonnie is beginning to grow, and she does, quickly reaching 14 feet. This makes her too big to fit into the ship and causes a bit of turbulence with the plane.

“What’s going on out there?!” Jessie asked.
“It appears that we’ve got another problem. That girl grew again.” James said.
“Den let’s switch dis plane to autopilot and get dem off!” Meowth said.
“Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet said.

“Bonnie!” Ash said, worried about her.
“Worry about me later. Save Pikachu and the others, first!” Bonnie said with gusto, as she hangs onto the wing. “Go!”
“Right.” Ash said.

The three of them make it into the corridor and find Team Rocket waiting for them. Florges and Goodra are ready to strike.
“You’re not going any further!” Jessie said.
“And neither are these Pokémon.” James said.
“We’ll see about that!” Ash said.
“Pumpkaboo, Shadow Ball!” Jessie said.
“Inkay, Psybeam!” James said.
Goodra fires back with Dragon Pulse, as Florges strikes with Solar Beam. The attacks collide to create another hole in the ship. Suddenly, a giant hand reaches in, scaring Team Rocket.
“Bonnie?!” Ash said, surprised at the giant hand. The hand presses a button on the wall, freeing the trapped Pokémon. A slightly giant head pops up.
“Wow! I glad you guys are all right.” Bonnie said.
The Pokémon are happy.
“No fair, using a giant Twerpette to help you out!” Jessie said.
“The same can be said for you, tricking Florges to steal everything!” Ash said. “Now, Goodra, use Ice Beam!”
Goodra strikes with Ice Beam, as does Florges with Solar Beam, striking Team Rocket.
“We’re blasting off again!!” Team Rocket says, as a third hole is created in the ship and they are sucked out. In the process, the water is leaked out of a pipe, and the ship starts exploding. Bonnie begins to fall, but manages to keep a giant hand on one of the wings.
“Bonnie!” Ash shouted, as he and the other Pokémon try to pull her up.

Outside, Serena sees the explosion and turns to the other Pokémon.
“All of you! Please, I need your power! We’ve got to help Ash and Bonnie!” Serena exclaimed.
The Pokémon waste no time in getting to the plane. However, another explosion causes the gigantic Bonnie to lose her grip and the others to fall with her. Multiple Beedrill try to catch her, but she’s just too heavy to slow down the fall.
“Quick, you’ve got to help them out with Water Gun!” Keanan said to the wetland Pokémon. As they use the move, they manage to create a gigantic geyser, which is powerful enough to slow Bonnie’s decent. This also helps out Ash and the others get to the ground safely. The Pokémon celebrate, as Serena goes up to Ash.
“Ash! Thank goodness you’re safe!” She said.
“Bonnie! You’re even bigger!” Keanan said, surprised at her 14-foot height.
“Yeah… It’s a side-effect.” Bonnie said.
“I’ll fix it.” Clemont said.
“Well, I wish you could fix this mess.” Keanan said as he rubs the ground. “There’s not a hint of water left on the ground. Without it, none of the Pokémon will be able to survive here.”
Goodra uses Rain Dance, as Florges uses Grassy Terrain, this in turn, brings things back to normal. Everyone is delighted.
“Wow! Amazing!” Ash exclaims.

Back inside the mountain, Florges places Floette inside the healing waters. After a bit of time, Floette is back to normal, much to everyone’s happiness.

Later, outside the mountain. Ash speaks his mind.
“Hey, Goodra. You should stay here, where you belong.” Ash said, surprising everyone.
“What are you saying, Ash?” Bonnie asked.
“This place is where you really belong, at home in the wetlands. It’s not easy for me to say good-bye, but you’re no longer the weak Goomy you once were. Now, you can stay and protect your friends.” Ash continued.
Both Serena and Bonnie have tears in their eyes, as Goodra hugs Ash.

After the tears, Goodra waves good-bye to Ash and his friends.
“Good bye, Ash! And I hope your problem gets fixed soon, Bonnie!” Keanan said.
“Thanks, Keanan! Bye!” Bonnie said.
And with that, the kids go on their way.

A few days later, Ash and his friends are resting. Bonnie is sitting on the ground, enjoying a huge amount of food, given her new size. The other Pokémon are enjoying some downtime as well.
“Hey, Clemont. Have you finished that invention yet?” Bonnie asked.
“I’m working hard on it. I have to make sure that this one doesn’t explode, either.” Clemont answered. “Man, it sure is hot today…”
Meanwhile, Serena is reading her fortune.
“Let’s see… My fortune for today is…huh?! ‘Troubles await you?!’ What does that mean?!” She said. Bonnie inches her gigantic frame over Serena.
“Hey, can I have my fortune read, too?” Bonnie asked.
“Sure. And your fortune for today is…here we go. ‘Today will be the worst day you’ve had all year. You’ll be sorry you ever got up this morning, and watch out for things made of gold.’” Serena read.
“Hey, that sounds bad.” Bonnie said with disappointment.
“Don’t worry.” Serena said. “Fortune telling is just for fun. Don’t give it another thought.”

Suddenly, Team Rocket’s balloon shows up with a bag full of berries (Even though they look like apples.).
“Finding this amount of berries is amazing.” Jessie said.
“I can’t wait to stuff myself down on these.” James said.
“Today must be our lucky day. Look, Twoip Pokémon aloit.” Meowth said.
“When fortune smiles upon you, you just smile on back.” Jessie said.
“Let’s take the whole pack.” James said.
“You got it, Jack!” Meowth said.

Chapter 3

“Okay, let’s move out.” Ash said.
Suddenly, a Shadow Ball hits Pancham and Chespin, knocking them both down.
“Pancham!” Serena shouted.
“Chespin!” Clemont shouted.
“Who did that?!” Ash asked.
“Why, who else but us?” Jessie said.
“Team Rocket!  Again?!” Ash shouted.
“Here!” Jessie said as she threw a cube that had a net inside.  The net captured Pancham and Chespin.
“Pancham!” Serena shouted.
“Chespin!” Clemont shouted.
“Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Ash said.
“Pika-CHUUU!” Pikachu shouted as it unleashed its attack, but it didn’t even scratch the net.
“It’s always good to have an electric-proof device.” James said.
“In that case, Luxray, use Swift!” Clemont said.
Luxray aimed straight for Team Rocket’s Meowth balloon, creating a hole causing the balloon to crash, as well as setting Pancham and Chespin free.
“Pancham!” Serena shouted.
“Chespin, you’re alright!” Clemont shouted.
Suddenly, the berries start rolling near our heroes.
“What’s that?” Ash asked as he picked one up.
“They look like berries.  Are they Team Rockets?” Clemont asked.  Suddenly, three angry Pangoro appear and attack everyone at random, causing everyone to run and get separated in the process.

The 14-foot Bonnie sits down after getting away.
“Man, that was close.” She said.  She soon looks down and sees another Pokémon catching its breath.  “Meowth?”
Meowth looks up and is shocked.
“Oh, great.  Of all da people to get stuck wit, it had to be the gigantic twoip.” It said.
Suddenly, one of the angry Pangoro appear, scaring Meowth and forcing him to hide behind Bonnie’s gigantic shoes.  Pangoro looks up to see the gigantic child.
“Why did you suddenly attack us like that?” Bonnie asked.
However, Pangoro is unfazed by her size and strikes with Dark Pulse, forcing her to run.  Meowth, realizing that his safe place is now gone, looks around for Bonnie.
“Hey!  Wait for me!” Meowth shouted.
Suddenly, both Bonnie and Meowth find themselves running off a cliff.  A few vines get wrapped around Bonnie’s gigantic body as she falls down with a gigantic thud.
“That was no fun.” Bonnie said.  She looks inside her gigantic, yellow bag.  “I didn’t even realize it, but it looks like this bag grew with me.  Dedenne, are you okay?”
“Dene-dene.” Dedenne responded.
“That’s a relief.” Bonnie said.  “Where are we?”
She soon would feel something hitting her left leg.  It was Meowth, who was also stuck in vines and was connected to the young giantess, dangling in the air.
“Would you stop moving?!”  Meowth said.
“Meowth?” Bonnie asked, surprised to see Meowth hanging like a necklace by her leg.
“Get me down from here!” Meowth said.  “On second thought, I’ll get myself down!”
It would use his Fury Swipes to cut the vine, but it did nothing, and Bonnie’s knee was scratched in the process.
“Owie!  That hurt!” Bonnie said.  She then picked him up.  “You need to be more careful!”
Suddenly, one of the angry Pangoro shows up, scaring the two.
“I’m outta here!” Meowth said, trying to jump and run, but it would end up swinging around, as Bonnie ran in the opposite direction to get away.  “Hey!  Slow down!”

In another part of the forest, Ash had stopped to catch his breath.
“Man, that was close.  Is everybody okay?” He said.
However, he turned around to see Pancham, but no one else was in sight.
“Huh?  Where did everybody go?” Ash asked.

In another part of the forest, Serena managed to catch her breath.
“Well, I guess we got away.” She said, but turned to only see Frogadier and Chespin.  “Huh?  Where’s Ash?”

In another part of the forest, Hawlucha, Fletchinder, and Luxray were lost as well.

In another part of the forest, Clemont was stuck with Bunnelby, Pikachu, & Braixen.
“It looks like we’ve been separated from the others.” He said.  “Let’s look around.

In another part of the forest, Team Rocket was without Meowth.
“Meowth’s lost again?” Jessie asked, as they began their search for their friend.

Back with Meowth and Bonnie, bonnie tried to use her super-size to simply rip the vines apart, but it did nothing.
“These vines must be made from strong stuff.” She said.
“It looks like we’re stuck togeta.” Meowth said.  “I’ll make a deal wit ya.  I’ll help you get back to your twoipy buddies, and den we get outta dis mess.”
However, Bonnie stands up and brings Meowth close to her gigantic face with an suspicious look.
“Oh, really.  You’ll take me to your buddies and steal Dedenne.  I know a lie when I hear one.” Bonnie said, with Dedenne in agreement.
“I’d neva do such a thing!” Meowth responded.
“You did it once before, and it’s written all over your face.” Bonnie continued.  “Do you think it’s wise to mess with a growing girl?”
“Afta what happened last time, no.” Meowth quickly responded.  “I’d betta stay on her good side, unless I wanna end up on da bottom of her shoes.” It thought to itself.
Bonnie uses one of her gigantic fingers and pokes Meowth’s charm.
“Is that thing made out of gold?” Bonnie asked.
“Hey!  Dis charm is part of my charm, so keep your paws off of it!” Meowth responds.
“But why do you have a charm?” Bonnie asked.
“Why?  Dat’s a good question.” Meowth responds.
“More importantly, how come you can talk?” Bonnie asked.
“Now DAT’S a question I can answer.  You see, the story behind dis is long and sad, but what an ending!” Meowth said.
“Never mind.” Bonnie said.
Suddenly, Bonnie realizes something and screams at the top of her lungs, causing Meowth to cover its ears.  Others in the area heard the scream, but they couldn’t tell from what direction it came from.
“Geez!  Do ya hafta be dat loud!” Meowth complained.
“I get it!” Bonnie said.  “My fortune said today was going to be the worst day ever!  Boy, did they get that right!  And watch out for gold stuff!  That charm is made out of gold!  NOOOOO!!!”
Bonnie started running, devastated at this realization.  In the process, she drops Meowth and leaves the Pokémon dangling and hanging as she runs.
“Hey!  Slow down!  Get me down!” Meowth said, but was unable to get through to the little giant.

Chapter 4

Ash and Pancham continued to look for their lost friends.
“Let’s get to higher ground. Maybe we’ll be able to find them.” Ash said.
“Pancham.” Pancham said.

Clemont decided to use one of his inventions to search for the others.
“The future is now, thanks to science!” He said. “Clemontic gear on! My Body Detecting Radar Bot Mark III, also called The Life Detector. Switch on!
The Pokémon around him expressed mixed reactions to the device, as it launched itself into the sky. Clemont then had a radar machine in his hands.
“This is what’s called a thermograph.” He explained. “A thermograph detects and displays warm bodies, in other words people & Pokémon. But it can’t tell us what it’s reacting to, people or Pokémon. Wait. Something’s coming this way.” He continued, as he noticed a red blip on the thermograph heading towards them. Unfortunately, it was a Pangoro. It attacked them with Shadow Ball, but Braixen struck back with Flamethrower.
“Now’s our chance! Let’s go!” Clemont said.

Meanwhile, Serena, Frogadier, and Chespin were searching for also searching for their lost friends. But they also ran into a Pangoro. Frogadier threw some of its Frubbles at Pangoro, blinding it.
“Thanks, Frogadier.” Serena said.
“Frogadier.” Frogadier said.

Back with Bonnie and Meowth, the little giant got tired of running and heard her stomach growling.
“I’m hungry!” Bonnie said. “Hey, where’s Meowth?”
She looked around for him and found him hanging upside-down and dizzy. Its stomach started growling.
“I’m starvin’ too.” Meowth said.
Bonnie looked to a tree and saw yummy fruit growing from it.
“If only I wasn’t so big…” She said.
“Leave it to me!” Meowth said as it started climbing up the tree.
“Good luck, Meowth.” Bonnie said.
Meowth grabbed some off the tree and ate it.
“Hey! You were supposed to share that with us!” Bonnie complained.
“Nope, I picked it.” Meowth said. “Besides, I doubt dere’s enough food in dat tree to fill up your big belly.”
In anger, Bonnie grabbed Meowth, scaring the feline.
“Big belly, huh? Perhaps I should eat you, instead!” Bonnie said.
“Uh…maybe Dedenne can grab us some more grub?” Meowth said.
Dedenne decided to go up the tree and grab as much fruit as it could. In happiness, Bonnie cupped her hands and grabbed as much as she could, as Meowth rested in the tree.
“Yay! Thanks, Dedenne!” Bonnie said. “Have one yourself!”
Dedenne was happy to take one for itself. It then climbed down to Bonnie’s larger pouch as the young giantess began to eat all the fruit.
“Hey! What about me?” Meowth complained.
“You don’t get any, because you didn’t share with me, and called me fat.” Bonnie said.
“Aw, come on! Dat’s not fair!” Meowth shouted. In response, it used it’s claws on Bonnie’s arm.
“Ow! Why you--Dedenne, use Nuzzle!” Bonnie commanded.
Dedenne used its attack on Meowth, but due to the connection of the vine between them, the electricity moved its way up to Bonnie, shocking her as well.

A little later, Dedenne acted apologetic at the giant girl.
“You know, all dis bickering ain’t gettin’ us nowhere.” Meowth said.
“You’re right.” Bonnie said. “In that case…”
Bonnie grabbed the tree and began shaking it.
“Whoa! At least wait till we’re down, foist!” Meowth said, as he and Dedenne jumped on her shoulders.
Within a matter of moments, the ground was filled with fruit.
“Now, let’s eat!” Bonnie said.
“Okay!” Meowth said.

“Any luck finding Meowth?” James asked Inkay.
“Or the twerps?” Jessie asked Pumpkaboo.
Neither Pokémon was able to find anyone.

At the same time, Ash & Pancham got to the top of the cliff.
“Wow, what a view!” Ash said.
Suddenly, he turned to find a familiar Pokémon.
“Finally! Hey, Fletchinder!” Ash shouted with Pancham shouting at it as well.
Fletchinder noticed the two and, along with Hawlucha and Luxray, found their way to Ash and Pancham.
“Nice to see that you’re all okay. Fletchinder, would you look for the others in the sky? We’ll look too.” Ash said.
“Fletchinder!” Fletchinder said, agreeing to help.

A little later, Ash and the Pokémon managed to find Serena, Frogadier, and Chespin. Pancham jumped up to Serena, as they hugged each other.
“Pancham! Thank goodness you’re safe!” Serena said. “Hey, Ash, where’s Braixen?”
“I don’t know.” Ash answered. “I don’t know where Clemont, Bonnie, and Pikachu are, either.”
“You’d think with her being so big, she’d be easy to spot…” Serena said.

“You’d think with me being so big, everyone would be easy to find…” Bonnie said, as she continued walking with Meowth and Dedenne on her shoulders.
Suddenly, they notice a snoozing Pangoro in their way.
“Would walking on my tiptoes make any noise?” Bonnie said softly.
“I’d radda you crawl.” Meowth said softly.
“Good idea.” Bonnie said softly.
Both Meowth and Dedenne got on Bonnie’s back, as she got on all fours. She did her very best not to make any noise as she crawled past the sleeping Pokémon. Suddenly, a leaf blew by her nose. She started sniffing.
“Oh…no… Ah…Ah…Ah…” Bonnie started.
“No!” Meowth spoke softly. “Don’t sneeze! Whateva you do, don’t sneeze!”
“I…can’t…control…it…Ah…Ah…Ah…” Bonnie continued. Panicking, she scurried through the ground, but soon found herself out of floor to crawl and found herself falling with Meowth and Dedenne along for the ride.
“AH-CHOO!” Bonnie let out in front of a group of Foongus, as she landed.
The Pokémon used Spore on her, knocking her out before leaving. Fortunately, the Spore missed Meowth and Dedenne, who were concerned.
“Hey, Twerpette, are you okay?” Meowth asked, but didn’t get a response. “Not good, she must’ve inhaled a lot of it. At her size, we’re not going anywhere, eita. If we only had a Chesto Berry, or at her size, several Chesto Berries, we could cure her. Dedenne you’re gonna have ta go find some.”
Dedenne is confused.
“What? You don’t know what dey look like?” Meowth said. “Hmm, dis isn’t good. Dere’s no way I can carry her around. I’ll hafta draw a picture of it for ya.”
Meowth draws a picture of it.
“Here’s what a Chesto Berry looks like.” Meowth told the small Pokémon. “Now, go find some.”
Dedenne nodded its head and went off to find some. Within a few minutes, the Pokémon was able to find several of those berries. It nibbled into one, and realized how bad it tasted. Regardless, Dedenne managed to find several Chesto Berries for Bonnie.
“Not bad. Not bad at all.” Meowth said. “Now, let’s get dese berries in her mouth.”
Both Meowth and Dedenne placed all the Chesto Berries inside her mouth. Bonnie felt the berries in her mouth, and by instinct, chewed them up and swallowed them.
“Now all we do is wait for her to come to.” Meowth said.
In an instant, the bad taste of the Chesto Berries hit Bonnie.
“YUCKY!” Bonnie shouted, forcing Meowth and Dedenne to cover their ears.
“And dat was quite loud.” Meowth said.
“Huh? What happened?” Bonnie asked.
“You got hit with a Spore attack from dose Foongus and went to sleep. Dedenne went and found some Chesto Berries and woke you up.” Meowth explained.
“Wow! Thanks, Dedenne!” Bonnie said, hugging Dedenne with her supersized hands.
“Now, let’s go and find our pals!” Meowth said.
“Okay!” Bonnie said, placing both Pokémon on her shoulders.

Meanwhile, Clemont and his group have found Fletchinder, which led them to Ash, Serena and all the Pokémon. The only one absent from the group was the 14-foot Bonnie and her little friend, Dedenne.
“Where’s my sister, Ash?” Clemont asked.
“You mean she’s not with you?” Ash asked.

Bonnie continued her search nearby a river. However, one misstep caused her to lose her footing and into the river, taking Dedenne and Meowth with her. As they all went under the water, a giant spot in the water started glowing light blue. Meowth and Dedenne surfaced and found themselves going downstream.
“Look, da vine! Grab it!” Meowth said.
Meowth grabbed the vine with Dedenne on its back.

Later, Meowth and Dedenne got themselves on land.
“Are you okay?” Meowth asked.
Dedenne told Meowth that it was fine.
“Hey, look! I’m no longer hooked to dat twerp!” Meowth said, noticing that the vine was cut. It removed the vine from its body.
“Ah, it feels good to be free! But where did she go?” Meowth asked.
Suddenly, a giant hand surfaced from the water behind them and pressed down on the ground in between them.
“Dat hand…it couldn’t be!” Meowth said, fearing what that giant hand might mean.

Chapter 5

The giant hand was connected to a body that would emerge from the ground. Its gigantic shadow engulfed the two Pokémon. It would reveal itself to be Bonnie, who just had another explosion of growth, now at 50 ft. tall. She made it onto land, shaking the ground with her footsteps.
“Ah, it feels good to be on dry land.” Bonnie said, her voice louder than before. “Hey, it looks like the vine ripped off of me. Yay, I’m free! But…it looks like I’ve gotten even bigger. I’m gigantic again! Where’s Meowth and Dedenne?”
She looked down to see a much smaller Meowth and Dedenne.
“Looks like you both survived as well.” Bonnie said.
“And now dat we’re all okay and separated, we can go our separate ways.” Meowth said.
Dedenne climbed up Bonnie’s leg and up to her bigger shoulder.
“Thank goodness. At this size, I should be easy to find, now. Let’s go, Dedenne.” Bonnie said as she began walking, shaking the ground with each step taken. Suddenly, both of them heard a familiar growl, scaring Meowth.
“Dat scary Pangoro must be nearby! Hey, wait for me!” Meowth said to the young giantess.
Bonnie turned around and looked down at the tiny Pokémon.
“What do you want now?” She asked.
“I figure since we’ve made it dis far, we might as well go all da way together.” Meowth said.
“Oh, really? Are you sure you just don’t want me to protect you from those Pangoro?” Bonnie asked, causing Meowth to chuckle nervously.
Regardless, she lowered her hand for Meowth to climb on.
“Get on.” Bonnie said.
“Tanks!” Meowth said as it got onto her hand and was raised onto her other shoulder.
Bonnie began walking again. She would soon find Fletchinder.
“Hey, it’s Fletchinder!” She said as she began picking up the pace.
“Hey, slow down!” Meowth said, trying to stay onboard.

Meanwhile, the other heroes felt the ground shaking.
“What’s going on?” Ash asked.
“The ground is shaking.” Serena said.
“Don’t tell me that…” Clemont started saying, but would soon be interrupted by the sight of a giant creature looking down on them.
“Hi, everybody!” Bonnie said.
“She grew again…” Clemont said.
Bonnie got to her knees and let down Meowth and Dedenne.
“Yeah, I’m much bigger than before, but I’m all right. I’m glad to see everyone else is safe, too.” Bonnie said.
“That’s great, but what’s Meowth doing here?” Serena asked.
“It’s a long story. But I’m glad you’re back wit your buds.” Meowth said to Bonnie.
Suddenly, the three Pangoro show up again.
“It’s the Pangoro!” Clemont shouted.
The three Pangoro are ready to attack. But Bonnie raised her right foot and stomped in front of them, causing everyone around her to lose their balance.
“Enough!” Bonnie shouted, fed up with all the chasing and using her greater size to her advantage.
The three Pangoro are surprised at how much bigger Bonnie is.
“Why are you attacking us in the first place, anyway?” Bonnie asked.
Pancham tried to get information out of the three Pangoro. Bonnie nudged Meowth forward with her gigantic finger.
“Meowth, you know what they’re saying, so translate!” Bonnie said.
“All right! All right!” Meowth said. “Dey seem to be having a problem wit deir food supply.”

A little later the Pangoro took them to their tree as they continued to explain the situation.
“Every year, dis tree grows gobs of grub, so da Pangoro divide da grub between dem.” Meowth continued. “So all of a sudden, dey see some crooks who steal all deir berries and den run away.”
“You mean…” Serena said.
“It was you!” Ash concluded.
“It figures.” Bonnie said.
“Hey, we didn’t know!” Meowth said.
“You know, you could apologize.” Ash said.
The Pangoro continued to explain.
“Dey say you twerps holdin’ deir grub, so dey though you twerps took it.” Meowth said.
“We just picked up the berries where we found them.” Serena said. “The real bad guys are Team Rocket!”
“Hey! It was an accident! I didn’t know--” Meowth said, but was interrupted.
“There you are!” Jessie said, as she and James came with the bag of berries.
“Did you have to show up now?!” Meowth complained.
“Prepare for trouble! It’s now or never!” Jessie said.
“And make it double! We’re all together! James said.
“Well dis is not da time for dat!” Meowth complained.
“To protect the world from devastation!” Jessie said.
“To unite all people within our nation!” James said.
“To denounce the evils of truth and love!” Jessie said.
“To extend our reach to the stars above!” James said.
“Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!” Jessie said.
“Surrender now, or prepare for a reunification fight!” James said.
“Meowth! That’s right!” Meowth said.
“Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet said.
“Oh, no! What have I done?” Meowth asked itself.
One of the Pangoro uses its claws to rip the net of their berries.
“Now dat dey know dat we stole dose berries, deir not too pleased.” Meowth said.
“Not…pleased?” Jessie asked.
“Now what?” James asked.
The Pangoro unleashed their attacks on the three.
“Our motto caused this?!” Jessie asked as they flew away.
“It’s a long story!” Meowth said.
“We’re blasting off again!” James said.
“Wobbuffet!” Wobbuffet said as they disappeared into the sky.
“Those three never learn.” Serena said.
Ash and his friends gathered up all the berries.
“Here go you.” Ash said.
“So dig in, and enjoy them!” Serena said.
The Pangoro were sorry for causing trouble and gave each of them a berry (a handful of them for Bonnie, given her 50-foot size).
“Wow, that’s really nice of you. Thanks.” Bonnie said as they chowed down.

A little later Ash and his friends were riding on Bonnie’s shoulders, as they all waved good-bye to the Pangoro.
“Thanks for the food, Pangoro!” Serena said.
“Take care of yourselves!” Clemont said.
“See you around!” Ash said.
“Bye-Bye!” Bonnie said, as she started walking.

“Tied to Meowth with a vine the whole time? You’ve had quite a day!” Serena said.
“It wasn’t all bad. In fact, I had fun.” Bonnie said.
“You’re kidding…” Serena said.
Bonnie just giggled in response with a smile.
“Well, I hope you’re ready, Bonnie.” Clemont said. “Because I’ve got my latest invention ready.”
“You mean…” Bonnie asked.
“Yep! The future is now, thanks to science!” Clemont said. “Now, Clemontic Gear On!”

A little later, with Ash and everyone else on the ground, Clemont showed off his invention.
“It took me quite some time, and I used our time in the woods to work on this. But I’m happy to say that the Grow Big/Shrink Small Ray is ready!” Clemont said.
“And this device will shrink Bonnie back to normal?” Serena said.
“Guaranteed!” Clemont said.
“Wow, science is so amazing!” Ash said.
“Ready, Bonnie?” Clemont asked his 50-foot sister.
“And how!” Bonnie happily replied.
“And activate!” Clemont said, turning on the machine.
The machine activated an electrical beam of energy towards Bonnie. The girl began shrinking.
“It’s working!” Ash said.
However, the machine soon started smoking.
“Oh, no!” Clemont said.
The machine stopped with its beam and exploded, causing everyone to have messed up hair.
“And another one goes boom…” Serena said.
“Well, at least it worked.” Clemont said.
“What are you talking about?!” Bonnie said.
Everyone was shocked when they saw Bonnie. She shrank, but not back to her normal height. Instead, she reverted back to her 7-foot height.
“I’m still bigger than all of you!” Bonnie said.
“Don’t worry, Bonnie. I just need to make a few adjustments and we’ll get you back to normal.” Clemont said. “However, it’s getting dark. We should probably find a place to stay for the night.”

Chapter 6


A little later, the 7-foot Bonnie and her friends continue walking through a park. It’s gotten really dark.
“Hold on, isn’t that the same swing set we passed by before?” Bonnie asked.
“I guess we’re lost.” Serena said.
“We went to the left last time, didn’t we?” Ash asked.
Suddenly, the wind blew, causing the swings to squeak, causing Clemont to get scared and hug his younger, bigger sister.
“Wow, you sure get scared easily, huh little, big brother?” Bonnie said giggling.
“Have you ever heard of the story of the scary house that’s supposed to be around here?” Serena asked. “It says if you go into a certain forest at nighttime, a mansion appears. And if you go inside that mansion, you’ll have the scariest experience of your life!”
Clemont was really nervous, but Bonnie was excited.
“That sounds like fun! I want to go!” Bonnie said.
“You’d better be joking, because there’s no way I’m going into a place like that!” Clemont said.
“Yeah, I’d rather avoid it too, if at all possible.” Serena said.
“This time, let’s go right. The Pokémon Center should be close by.” Ash said.

They continued walking for a bit, only to find the scary mansion that Serena had mentioned earlier.
“Serena, is that--” Ash asked.
“B-But it can’t be!” Serena said.
“Come on! It’s just a silly story. Imagine this being the scary house.”
Clemont said, trying to control his fear.
Suddenly, Pikachu started feeling a few rain drops on its head.
“Is it starting to rain?” Ash asked.
“Of all the lousy luck!” Serena complained.
“Good evening.” A voice was heard. It was a man who was inside the house. “You all will catch cold, if you stay out there in the downpour.”
“Hi there! Is this the scary house?” Bonnie asked.
“Bonnie!” Clemont said, shocked that his sister would be so blunt.
“Scary house? I’ve heard of such rumors about this place, but it’s nothing more than an old house.” The man said.
“See, I told you.” Clemont said.
“Too bad…” Bonnie said.
“For someone so tall, you sure do look and act so young.” The man said, looking at the 7-foot Bonnie.
“*giggles* It’s a long story.” Bonnie said with Clemont chuckling nervously.
“Well, I’d be happy to hear about it, but first, why don’t you all come in? You’ll all catch cold and get sick if you stay out in the rain.” The man said.
“You mean it?” Ash said happily.
“Wow, that’s so nice!” Serena said.
The kids made their way into the mansion.
“You all may use those towels to dry yourselves off.” The man said.
The kids started using those towels, but Clemont started thinking.
“That’s strange. There are exactly enough towels for all of us…” Clemont thought to himself.
“Now, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lon.” The man said.
“My name is Ash. This is Pikachu.” Ash said.
“Pikachu!” Pikachu said.
“I’m Serena.” Serena said.
“I’m Clemont and that’s Dedenne.” Clemont said.
“I’m Bonnie. As for why I’m this big, my brother was working on an experiment, and this was the result.” Bonnie said.
“Oh, my!” Lon said.
“I’m trying to fix the problem, but it was late and started raining, so…here we are.” Clemont said.
“Well, while you wait for the evening to pass, why don’t we all have a nice, hot dinner?” Lon said, as he showed them all to the Dining Room.
While everyone was getting ready to eat, Clemont became more suspicious.
“And the right number of meals and chairs… It’s as if he knew we were coming…” Clemont thought to himself.
Regardless, everyone started chowing down.

After the food was finished, the kids and their Pokémon were grateful.
“Thanks for the food.” Ash said.
“Not only did you get us out of the rain, but you’ve given us some delicious food!” Serena said.
“So yummy!” Bonnie said.
“I’m happy to help you all through such a tough time.” Lon said. “Now, why don’t we finish this fine meal with a little after dinner tea? You all can wait in the Living Room.”

The kids start walking down a hallway.
“Lon is such a nice person.” Ash said.
“Calling this place the scary house? How silly is that?” Serena said.
“Yeah, we can’t judge a book by its cover.” Bonnie said.
“Still…we can’t let our guard down.” Clemont said, causing the others to be concerned. “I’m not sure if you noticed, but there have been too many coincidences going on around here?”
“Coincidences?” Bonnie asked.
“Lon seems to be the only person who lives around here, but why would one man own such a big place like this?” Clemont continued. “On top of that, who left those towels for us, and prepared all that food in such a short amount of time? Not to mention that it was all in the amount for the four of us, plus several bowls for the Pokémon. It’s almost as if he knew we were coming…”
“Do you think?” Ash asked Serena, but she was unable to respond.
“Your tea is ready.” Lon came out and announced.

As they were drinking tea, Serena asked Lon a question.
“Excuse me, but do you know why people would call this the scary house?” Serena asked.
“Actually, I do know.” Lon started answering. “To tell the truth, I also lost my way. It was a cold, rainy evening. The house appeared to have no electricity, so I used my light. I searched far and low, finally arriving in the kitchen. Using my tiny flame, I searched every inch of that room. Suddenly, I saw a man hunched in the corner, sitting on the floor. I approached him, but suddenly he shouted at me. ‘Stay away!’ he said. I wondered what he was talking about. I soon wondered if someone else was here. Soon, he told me, ‘Don’t you see them? The faceless men! They’re standing right behind you!’ I soon found myself surrounded by ghosts!”
Everyone except Bonnie was freaked out. She stood up, sizing Lon up with excitement.
“So, what happened next?” Bonnie asked.
“What? You mean you’re not a little bit scared?” Lon asked. “Well, I’ll be.
“What? You mean you made it up?” Bonnie said as she sat back down.
“You see, whenever people get here, I always tell scary stories like that to scare people.” Lon explained. “That’s why this place got to be known as the scary house.”
“It makes sense to me.” Ash said.
Suddenly, the ceiling started thumping. Clemont fell behind the couch he was sitting on in complete fear.
“I assure you, I’m not doing this!” Lon said.
“Then who is?!” Ash asked, as the house continued thumping.
“Yay, a ghost!” Bonnie said.
“It seems paranormal to me…” Serena said nervously.
“That’s not possible! There’s not a thing that science cannot prove!” Clemont said with fear.
“Then why don’t you stop acting scared, already?” Bonnie said with a smirk.
“Can you really prove that? I would really be grateful.” Lon asked.
“Gladly. The future is now, thanks to science!” Clemont said. “Clemontic gear on! I invented this device for this precise situation. I call it, The Mystery Watcher 1. It’s a revolutionary machine that can detect any sort of mysterious phenomenon going on utilizing comprehensive sensing technologies.”
“Science is so amazing!” Ash said.
“I suggest we search every room, starting with the second floor!” Clemont said.

With his device, Clemont scanned the hallway.
“It hasn’t detected anything yet…” Clemont said.
“Maybe your machine is broken, like it always does.” Bonnie said.
“Hmph!” Clemont said.
Suddenly, Bonnie looked at the window.
“Hey, look! The moon is out!” Bonnie said.
“So pretty!” Serena said.
“The rain stopped. That’s a good thing.” Ash said.
Suddenly, a shadow with a smile revealed itself, scaring the others.
“Clemont, use your machine!” Serena said.
“Uh..right!” Clemont said. “It’s detecting something.”
“Is it just me, or did it suddenly get chilly in here?” Ash said, unaware that he was being messed with by a Gengar.
Suddenly, a barely visible Haunter licked Serena, causing her to scream. Clemont’s scanner detected something, but the detection was brief.
“If my machine is detecting something, but we can’t see it, then that means…” Clemont said.
“It means that there are ghosts living in this house, and those ghosts are gathering around us right now…” Serena said with fear, scaring Clemont and Ash. “Me and my big mouth…”
“Hi there, ghosts! I wanna be friends!” Bonnie said with excitement.
Suddenly, the stairs started creaking, scaring the living daylights out of Clemont. Before he could use his device to scan, he found himself floating in the air.
“I knew it! A ghost is doing this!” Clemont said.
“Maybe it’s a poltergeist!” Serena said.
“This is a warning for me to stop trying to fight back with science!” Clemont said with fear. He soon found himself landing on the floor, hard, as his machine was removed and taken into another room.
“Oh, no you don’t!” Bonnie said running after the machine.
The rest of them followed her into the next room, trying to wrestle the machine from whatever was grabbing it.
“You give me back my brother’s machine!” Bonnie shouted.
She succeeded in getting it back, but the piano started playing by itself.
“The piano must attract more ghosts that are living in this mansion!” Serena shouted with fear, scaring Ash & Clemont. “They take away lost boys and girls who wander into this house, and then they disappear forever! Me and my big mouth again…”
Suddenly, other objects were moving.
“Hey, Clemont. Something is showing on the monitor.” Bonnie said.
The scanner showed a Ghastly, a Haunter, and a Gengar causing mischief.
“Well, what do you know? It was Pokémon doing this stuff.” Ash said as he used his Pokédex to scan the Pokédex.
“Ghastly, the gas Pokémon.” The Pokédex explained. “By enveloping larger opponents with gas, Ghastly is able to defeat them.”
Serena used her Pokédex to scan the next one.
“Haunter, the gas Pokémon and the evolved form of Ghastly.” The Pokédex continued. “Haunter can watch opponents by hiding in walls and slips through anything in its way. Gengar, the shadow Pokémon and the evolved form of Haunter. Gengar is happy when it scares people, smiling wickedly in the dark.”
“What do you think of their hospitality? That’s what it is, you see.” Lon explained. “Scaring unexpected guests makes these three feel at home.”
“By the way you talk, it seems that you knew they were here this whole time.” Clemont said.
“Of course.” Lon said. “Every one of them is a good friend of mine.”
“I wish you had told us a bit sooner.” Clemont said exhaustingly.
“If I had done that, then you wouldn’t have known that this house is known as the scary house.” Lon explained.
“As I thought, paranormal activities can always be proved with science.” Clemont said, trying to sound confident.
“That’s a relief.” Serena said. “So, that means there aren’t any more scary things, right?”
“Right. I’m glad you enjoyed the fun.” Lon said.
“I’ll bet Bonnie wishes it had been a ghost, right Bonnie?” Ash said, but the 7-foot giantess was gone. “Huh? Where did she go? Did Gengar hide her?”
Gengar denies this claim.
“Maybe she’s back in the living room.” Ash said, as he went to go check. Suddenly, he screamed.
“What was that?!” Serena said.
Both kids went to the hallway, but they were both gone.
“Ash! Bonnie!” Serena screamed, but got no answer. “They have to be around here somewhere.”
“At Bonnie’s height, there’s no real place she could hide…unless…” Clemont said, fearing that something else might have happened to her.

Both of them looked high and low for the two, but have had no luck. Suddenly, Serena fell through a trap door on the floor.
“Serena!” Clemont said. He tried to bang his way through, but it did nothing.
“What happened?” Lon came and asked.
“She fell through the floor!” Clemont said.
“Through the floor?” Lon said. Suddenly, he grabbed his head, as if he was in pain.
“Are you all right, Lon?” Clemont asked.
“I’m…thinking back…about another way to get downstairs…or something like that.” Lon said.
“Another way?” Clemont said.
“Down to the basement!” Lon said. “There’s a hidden stairway underneath this carpet.”
After removing the carpet, sure enough, there was a hidden stairway.
“We’ve got to go after them.” Clemont said, but was concerned at Lon grabbing his head again. “Are you okay?”
“It’s just…I feel like I’m forgetting something…” Lon said.
“Perhaps I should go alone.” Clemont said, as he began his trip downstairs.

Grabbing a lantern, he and Chespin started their trip down the stairs.
“I’m not scared… I’m not scared… I’m not scared…” Clemont kept telling himself.
Suddenly, he came across a door with warding seals on them. As scared as he was, he made his way towards the door.
“Why are those tags stuck all over the door, anyway?” Clemont asked.
“Is that you, Clemont?” A voice asked from the opposite side.
“Ash?” Clemont asked.
“Yeah, Serena and Bonnie are in here, too!” Ash continued. “We’ve been trying to get out of here, but the door is so rusted, it won’t budge.”
“If I was still 50-feet tall, I could do this!” Bonnie said in frustration.
“Can you open it from your side?” Ash asked.
Clemont began trying to turn the doorknob, but couldn’t get it open.
“No use…” Clemont said. “Wait! If it’s rust, then Frogadier’s Frubbles should do the trick!”
“Good idea! Frogadier, I choose you!” Ash said, as he released the Pokémon from its Poké Ball. “Frogadier, throw your Frubbles onto the door.”
Frogadier used its Frubbles on the side of the door.
“Now, it’s my turn!” Bonnie said, using her 7-foot strength to her advantage. She pulled as hard as she could and managed to get the door open. “I did it! Big brother!” She said, as she pounced on Clemont, forgetting that she was bigger than him, and landing on top of him. “Sorry, Clemont. I forgot I was still big.”
“That’s all right.” Clemont said. “How are you doing? Were you scared?”
Bonnie shook her head. “I wasn’t scared one bit.”
“I knew Bonnie was going to say that.” Ash said.
“Were you scared?” Bonnie asked. “Tell the truth.”
“Not at all, because I had a little sister to save.” Clemont said.
“Uh-huh.” Bonnie said. “Well, I’m glad we’re out of that room.”
As both of them got up, Pikachu went over to the table and saw an old book. It got their attention.
“What is it, Pikachu?” Ash asked.

A little later, the big head of Bonnie’s popped out of the basement stairs, where Lon and the ghost Pokémon were waiting.
“Here we are!” Bonnie said.
The others came out of the basement stairs.
“It’s good to see that you’re all safe.” Lon said.
“The trap doors are all connected to a room in the basement through hidden chutes.” Clemont said.
“The door on the basement had a bunch of tags on it.” Ash said.
“And we found this old diary.” Clemont said.
“You found a journal?” Lon said. “What does it say? Please read it to me.”
“Okay…” Clemont said as he flipped through the pages. “Let’s see… ‘I was always afraid in this house, so I asked my dad to make a room in the basement that no one else could get into, a super secret room, just for me.’ Probably the room you guys were stuck in. ‘He even made me a bunch of cool passageways so that I could get into the room right away, in case something was scaring me.’ And those were the trap doors. ‘But the scary things kept happening, so my dad finally brought a medium who could drive away the spirits of the house. Afterwards, he gave me a bunch of banishing tags to stick onto the door.’ The tags on the door… ‘Even so, scary things kept happening, so we’re finally moving out of here today. This is my last day in the house.’ I wonder who wrote this…”
As Clemont went to turn another page, a picture fell out. Bonnie went down to pick it up.
“Maybe the writer is this boy.” Bonnie said. “Hey, now that I get a good look at it, he kind of looks like Lon.”
“Oh, right! How could I have forgotten?” Lon said. “That IS me.”
This shocked everyone, including the ghost Pokémon.
“What are you talking about?!” Serena said.
“Well, I completely forgot about that room and how I put up all those good luck charms.” Lon continued. “So, it was these ghost Pokémon behind all those incidents.”
The ghost Pokémon laughed with glee.
“Back then, all you wanted to do was play and have a little fun.” Lon said. “And yet, we thought it was something completely different, and so, we moved… Of course, it now seems so simple. I apologize.”
The ghost Pokémon laughed with glee, accepting his apology. Bonnie turned the photo around.
“Hey look.” She said. “There’s a date on the back of this picture.”
“7-14-1758…” Ash read. “Wait, 1758?! That means that this was taken over 200 years ago!”
“*laughs* It’s all coming back to me now.” Lon said. “Well, you see…I’m not quite alive.”
This caused everyone to scream at the top of their lungs.

The next morning, Bonnie was asleep in the forest. She was the first one to wake up.
“Where am I?” She asked, looking around. She noticed that she was outside. “And why is everything so small?” She looked around and saw her friends much lower than usual. She stood up and realized the truth. “Was it all a dream? Did I not shrink back to a big kid?”
“Bonnie…” Clemont said, a little drowsy. “Do you have to be so loud?” As he, Ash, and Serena woke up, they soon realized that something strange had happened.
“Wait a minute, weren’t we inside the scary house?!” Ash asked.
“And where’s Lon and the ghost Pokémon?” Serena asked.
Suddenly, the three of them turned to see a pair of giant pink shoes. They turned their view skyward to see a giant Bonnie looking down on them with a smile.
“Bonnie’s bigger again?!” They all asked, shocked at how big she was.
“That means that she was never shrunk?” Ash asked.
“*groans* I wish THIS was a dream…” Clemont said.
“At first, I thought so, too.” Bonnie said. “But I suppose we’ve been hanging around each other so much, we’ve been having the same dreams.”
The other three tried to make sense of it all, but were interrupted by Bonnie’s footsteps shaking the ground.
“Hey, look! I can see the Pokémon Center from here!” Bonnie said.
“That must be where Laverre City is!” Serena said with excitement.
“Let’s go!” Bonnie said as she continued walking.
“Bonnie! You can’t go into town like that!” Clemont said, but his words were lost on her.
The three of them followed her.
“Was it really all a dream?” Serena asked.
But neither Ash nor Clemont could answer. At the same time, inside her gigantic bag, she pulled out a tiny photograph of herself (at her 7-foot height) with Lon and the ghost Pokémon. She giggled, knowing that it none of it was a dream. Suddenly, she felt one of her feet break apart the ground and she slid down a cliff. The others ran up to her concerned.
“Bonnie!” They all shouted.
As the giantess landed, she soon found a group of grass Pokémon in front of her. Angry about her dropping in unexpectedly, they unleash a strange powder on her face.
“Whoa…*coughs*…I…feel strange…” Bonnie said. She soon found herself standing up and smiling, almost as if she’s in her own world.
The other three slid down.
“Look! Those three are spraying Bonnie with some sort of power!” Clemont said.
“Serena, use Braixen’s Flamethrower to scare them off!” Ash said.
“Right!” Serena said. “Braixen, use Flamethrower!”
She released Braixen, and Braixen used the attack on the grass Pokémon scaring them away.
“Bonnie, are you okay?!” Ash asked, as he and Pikachu went along side Braixen.
However, she takes one look at them and giggles.
“Bonnie?” Ash asked.
“Ooh, toys!” Bonnie said as she went to grab Pikachu, & Braixen. Ash managed to get out of the way before he was caught.
“Bonnie, what are you doing?!” Ash said, but got no response, as she placed them all inside her gigantic pouch with Dedenne.
“Braixen!” Serena shouted.
“Bonnie! What are you doing?!” Clemont asked, but got no response.
Bonnie saw a bunch of tiny buildings nearby.
“Ooh, more toys!” Bonnie said as she began to walk towards the city.
“The powder that those Pokémon shot at her must’ve confused her.” Serena said.
“And she thinks we’re all toys!” Ash said.
“I’ve gotta find out what caused this and shrink her back to normal!” Clemont said.
“But what about the city?!” Serena asked. “I don’t think we can stop her as she is…”
“We’ll have to get to Laverre City and warn everybody before she does!” Clemont said.
“Then let’s not waste any more time!” Ash said, as he and the others started running, hoping to get to Laverre City before Bonnie did.

Meanwhile, later that night…
“Great time to get lost!” Jessie said, as she and Team Rocket ran by the playground.
“Right in the downpour!” James said.
“Hey, look!” Meowth said. “Dere’s a house right dere!”
Suddenly, the doors opened and Lon was there to greet them.
“Good evening.” Lon said. Team Rocket was surprised to see him. “What are you doing out in the rain. You’re all going to catch cold out there. Why don’t you come in?”
The three ghost Pokémon were right behind the doors, laughing and anxious to start the mayhem they could cause with Team Rocket visiting.

Chapter 7

The next day, Ash and his friends have made it to Laverre City.  All three of them were exhausted at the one-day run.
“*pants* We made it…” Ash said.
“But it doesn’t look like Bonnie’s here.” Serena said.
“That’s good.  It means that nothing’s happened yet.” Clemont said.
“But still, we should probably warn some people of what’s about to happen.” Ash said.
“Hey, there’s the Laverre Gym!  Let’s start there!” Serena said.
The three of them went inside.

They soon notice girls in fashionable clothes, moving around the building.
“I wonder what’s going on.” Ash said.
“Did they already know about Bonnie?” Clemont asked.
“What do you mean the gym is closed?!” A young boy asked the receptionist.
“I’m very sorry.” The receptionist said.  “You see, the gym is closed, because we’re having an event here today.”
“Are you serious?!” Ash asked as he ran up to her desk.  “And after coming all this way!”
“Ash!  Did you forget why we came here?!” Serena asked.
“Huh?” Ash asked.  “Oh!  Right!  Sorry…  Listen, this event of yours has to be postponed!”
“Postponed?” The receptionist asked.
“Listen, you’ll probably think I’m crazy when I tell you this, but something, or rather someone, big is about to enter Laverre City!” Clemont said.
“Someone bigger than Valerie?” One of the girls asked.
“Yes!  Much, much bigger!” Serena said.
“I don’t know who it could be, but there’s no one bigger than Valerie in Laverre City.” The receptionist said.
Suddenly, the ground started shaking.
“What’s going on?!” Another one of the girls asked.
Everyone rushed outside to see what was going on.  They all looked up to see the gigantic Bonnie, who somehow grew even bigger, now standing at 112 feet tall.
“I stand corrected!” The receptionist said.
“She’s even bigger?!” Clemont said.  “This isn’t good!”
Wow!  What a pretty city!” Bonnie said, as she started walking, her voice much louder than before.
The young giantess’s appearance caused a huge panic within the city.  Everyone was running around, trying to avoid the giant girl.
“No, no, no!  This is beyond bad!” Clemont started complaining.
“Aren’t you Clemont of the Lumiose City Gym?” The trainer asked.
“Huh?” Clemont said to the trainer.  “It’s you again.”
“Who is he?” Ash asked.
“He’s a trainer that challenged the Lumiose Gym, but he lost.” Clemont said.
“My name is Sawyer.  It’s nice to meet you again.” The trainer said.  “But what brings you to Laverre City, Clemont?”
“Well, I’m on a journey.” Clemont explained.  “I decided to travel with my sister and two friends to get stronger.”
“And is this your sister?” Sawyer asked, looking at Serena.
“Oh, no.  I’m Serena.”  Serena answered.
“And I’m Ash, and this is Pikachu.” Ash said with Pikachu expressing itself.
“Well, it’s nice to meet all of you.” Sawyer said.
Suddenly, the ground started shaking again.  Bonnie continued looking through buildings.
“Well, it’s nice to know that the gym is still in one piece.” A lady came by and said.
“Officer Jenny.” Ash said.
“It’s nice to know that everyone is okay, too.”  Officer Jenny continued.  “But we should probably get inside, where it’s safe.”

A little later, everyone was inside.
“Care anyone to tell us what is going on here?” Officer Jenny asked.  “What is that giant creature?”
“That…would be my sister.” Clemont said.
“SISTER?!” Nearly everyone, but Ash & Serena, said, shocked at this statement.
“Was this another experiment of yours gone awry?” Officer Jenny asked.
“Yes…  I blew up my sister…again…” Clemont said.
“But how did you know about this being an experiment?” Serena asked.
“The report that I got from Officer Jenny at Lumiose City explained everything to me.  Plus, it became quite a story as to what happened to Bonnie.” Officer Jenny explained.
“But why is she acting like that?” A young woman appeared.
“It’s Valerie!” Serena said, expressing her excitement at meeting the Laverre Gym Leader.
“Valerie, I’m really sorry about this.” Clemont said.  “Before we entered Laverre City, she was attacked by some grass Pokémon that sprayed a strange substance on her face.  She seems to have lost perspective of things.”
“Perspective?” Valerie asked.
“She thinks everything is toys around her.  We tried to get through to her, but she didn’t respond.” Ash said.
“You’re not going to use excessive force on her, are you Officer Jenny?” Serena asked.
“No, that won’t be necessary.  It didn’t work in Lumiose City, and I think it would do more harm than good here.” Officer Jenny answered, causing relief amongst the heroes.
“But we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.” Valerie said.
“Then let’s see what we can do.” Ash said.
Suddenly, a giant hand bursts through the front door of the gym and grabs Ash and Pikachu.
“Oh, no!  ASH!” Serena shouted.
The hand went back outside and Bonnie was smiling at Ash.
Ooh, another toy!” Bonnie said.
“Bonnie!  Put me down!” Ash said, but got no response as he was placed in her bag with Pikachu.
I wonder what other toys are inside this house.” Bonnie said as she went to reach her hand back in.

“Ah, look out!” Serena said, as she noticed Bonnie’s gigantic hand trying to reach inside and grab for some more “toys”.
Everyone tried to back away as far as possible, trying not to make a sound and hoping that Bonnie would get tired soon.  After about a minute, her hand went back outside.  She tried to look inside with one eye, but saw no one.
Hello!  Anybody in there?  Yoo-hoo!” Bonnie shouted, causing everyone inside to cover their ears, but they all tried their best to keep quiet.  She went to reach around the corners, causing the ones inside to move around.  “Aw, no more toys.”  She stood up and continued walking through the city.
Everyone inside breathed a sigh of relief.
“Is everyone okay?” Officer Jenny asked.
“We’re all fine.” Valerie said.
“But Ash has been taken!” Serena said.
“Okay, we first need to get Bonnie out of Laverre City.”  Clemont explained.  “Then, we should somehow get a bit of substance from Bonnie’s face and make an antidote.  Once that’s done, we can give her the antidote, get her back to normal, and shrink her back to normal size.  Meanwhile, I’ll be working on my machine.”
“You mean you’ve got something that can shrink her back to normal?” Sawyer asked.
“It failed once, but I just need a little more time to perfect it.” Clemont said.  “Wait a minute, wasn’t that a dream?”
“That doesn’t matter.” Serena said.  “We need to get it running.”
“Okay.  In the meantime, we’ll see how we can get Bonnie out of the city.” Officer Jenny said.
“As I said before, we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.” Valerie said.  “I do not wish to see her harmed, nor see any innocent people be harmed.”
“But how are we going to get her out of the city?” Officer Jenny asked.
Everyone started to think.

Meanwhile, Bonnie continued her walk through the city, causing panic of all kinds around her.  Inside her pouch, Ash was with the other Pokémon, Dedenne, Pikachu, & Braixen.
“Are you guys all right?” Ash asked.
The Pokémon let him know that they were okay.
“That’s good.” Ash said.  “But how are we going to get out of here?”
Ash started to think.  Meanwhile, Bonnie found a big TV on one of the buildings showing a show.
Ooh, a TV.” She said.  As she watched what was going on, she started clapping and laughing.  “Yay!  *giggles*” She said.  The sound of her claps was like deafening thunderclaps.  Ash, the Pokémon, and people around the giant girl covered their ears.
“Bonnie, stop that clapping!” Ash complained.
She didn’t notice him or the commotion she was causing doing this.  Suddenly, she saw a few signposts with Pokémon pictures and started walking, unaware that one of her steps almost squashed a group of people below her.
Wow!” She said.
“Now what is she doing?” Ash asked, wondering what got her attention this time.
She looked at the signposts with a gleaming smile.
So cool!” She said.  She then spun around in glee, unaware that inside her bag, Ash and the captive Pokémon were getting dizzy and tangled inside.
“Are you guys okay?” Ash asked.
The Pokémon let him know that they were okay.
“Still, I wish I knew how we could get her attention and stop.” Ash said.  After a bit of thinking, he groaned.  “I can’t think of anything…  I guess it’s up to Clemont.  I just hope he can get us out of this soon.”
Bonnie continued walking through the city.

Suddenly, Serena had idea.
“I’ve got it!  What about cookies?  They worked in Lumiose City.” Serena said.
“A snack?” Clemont asked.
“Sure.  I remember that she practically emptied out a factory of them when she was hungry.” Serena said.  “Not something I was happy about though…”
“Hmm…” Officer Jenny pondered.  “It sounds like it might work, but how do you plan to go about this?”
“If someone could drive a truck of this stuff fast enough to get her out of the city, we could avoid any more panic and figure out what to do next.” Serena explained.
“That just might work.” Clemont said.  “Meanwhile, I’ll get the machine finished as fast as I can.”
“Very well.  I can burn rubber.” Officer Jenny said.  “And I like a challenge.”
“Then it’s settled.” Valerie said.  “I’ll have my associates assist with this.”

Back with Bonnie, she noticed herself in a reflection off of a building.
It’s me!  Hi, me!” She said, waving hello.
Around her were people pointing and taking pictures, while others were making news reports, calling it “The Big, Bigger, Bonnie Returns!”
“Great, Bonnie’s made the news…again.” Ash said.
Bonnie started walking again, looking down at everything going on, but not touching anything.
“Well, it’s a good thing that nothing’s been destroyed yet.” Ash said.  “Let’s hope it stays that way.”
Suddenly, Bonnie started picking up speed, almost frolicking through the area, causing Ash and the captive Pokémon to get dizzy again.
“Clemont, please hurry up!” Ash said.
Just then, a horn honk was heard.  It got Bonnie’s attention.  It was filled to the brim with cookies.  This caused Bonnie to drool a little, and a giant drop of it landed on the road, causing those around it to be disgusted.
“Well, at least it didn’t land on anybody.” Ash said.  “But what’s with the truck full of cookies?”

Officer Jenny was inside the truck, as Serena, Valerie, & Sawyer looked on.
“I’m all set to go!” Officer Jenny said.
“Good!  Then, get going!” Serena said.
“I hope this works.” Sawyer said.
“So do I.” Serena said.
Officer Jenny put her foot down on the gas pedal and dashed away.
Cookies!  Yummy, yummy!  I want some!” Bonnie said as she began walking towards the truck.
Meanwhile, Valerie’s associates, realizing that Bonnie is leaving, decide to get things ready for the fashion show.

Bonnie started walking at a pretty fast speed, as the truck was moving at full throttle.
Hey!  Come back here!” Bonnie said, complaining that the truck was moving away from her.

“It seems to be working.” Valerie said.
“Good.” Sawyer said.
“Go, Bonnie!” Serena said.

Stop trying to get away from me!” Bonnie said, and tired of the truck getting away from her, she picked up her speed and was nearly running towards it.
Officer Jenny noticed this and contacted the others on the radio.
“The girl’s gaining on me!” She said.  “This truck can’t go any faster!”

Serena, with another radio, got the message.
“Bail out!  Bail out!” Serena said.

Suddenly, Bonnie decided to jump and dive for it.  Officer Jenny saw this and practically jumped out of the truck without slowing down.  Meanwhile, Ash and the Pokémon felt the bag shift and held on for dear life.  Bonnie’s collapse didn’t damage anything, but it surprised a lot of people.  As she fell, Ash found himself falling into the giant pile of cookies.  As for the Pokémon, they found themselves getting dizzy, falling around the bag once again.
I got you!” Bonnie said.
“*exhales* That was close.” Ash said.  He looked around and soon realized that he was within the cookies.  “Uh-oh!”
Bonnie lifted the truck.  Ash saw this happen and became nervous when he saw the young giantess lick her lips.
“Bonnie, no!  It’s me, Ash, in here!” Ash shouted at her, but she didn’t hear a thing.
She opened her mouth and tilted the truck towards her mouth as she began to open it.
“NO, BONNIE!  DON’T EAT ME!” Ash screamed, as he scrambled to try and grab the truck for dear life.
Officer Jenny saw all of this from nearby Bonnie’s gigantic pink shoes and kept her distance from the young one’s movement.
Fortunately for Ash, he found himself hanging onto the side of the truck and was able to pull himself inside the driver’s seat.
“That’s a relief.” Officer Jenny said.
Ash buckled himself inside.
“Man, what a day.” Ash said.  “I wonder if this is what Serena had to deal with the last time it happened.  Well, at least she’s full and can now--Whoa!  Whoa-whoa-WHOA!”
Before he could finish the sentence, Bonnie started playing with the truck like a toy.
Vroom, vroom!  Vroom!  *giggles*” Bonnie said.
“Officer Jenny calling Serena.  The cookie truck was a bust.  On top of that, Ash almost got eaten, but he made it inside the truck and appears to be safe for now.  But now, Bonnie is using the truck like a toy.

“Okay, Officer Jenny.  Keep me posted on what happens next.” Serena said.  “Poor Ash…”
“So what’s the next plan?” Sawyer asked.
Suddenly, Clemont shows up.
“I’m sorry to have kept you guys waiting, but the future is now, thanks to science!” Clemont said.  “Because the Grow Big/Shrink Small Ray is now finished!”
“Awesome.  So this machine can shrink your giant sister back to normal?” Sawyer said.  “Science is so amazing!”
“I’m glad you think so.” Clemont said.
“Hold on.” Serena said.  “Can we really just start blasting her, and then everything will be back to normal?”
“What do you mean, Serena?” Valerie asked.
“Well, Bonnie’s been pretty active.” Serena answered.  “And let’s say Clemont misses, we don’t know if it’ll explode or even worse, hit someone or something else and shrink them.”
“I didn’t think of that possibility.” Clemont said.
“So what do we do?” Sawyer asked.
“I really don’t like this idea, but if we’re going to get Bonnie back to normal, then we’ll need to get her to her senses first.” Serena said.  “For that, we’ll need to get a sample of that powder that got on Bonnie’s face.”
“But how are we going to do that?” Clemont asked.
“You’re going to have to enlarge me.” Serena said.
Everyone around her was shocked at this statement.

Chapter 8

“Enlarge you?!” Clemont said.  “That’s a crazy idea!”
“Clemont, since I joined you on this journey, I’ve seen you with one crazy idea after another.  This time, it’s my turn.” Serena said.
“Are you sure you should be the one doing this?” Valerie asked.  “Maybe it should be Clemont or Officer Jenny.”
“Like I said, I don’t like this idea, but I’ve already given it a lot of thought.” Serena began to explain.  “Officer Jenny will be needed to keep the peace within its citizens.  Clemont may need to fix the machine in case it blows up or something else happens.  And you need to be around to get your co-workers in line.”
“And although I said that I’d help, you can count me out of this idea!” Sawyer said.
“Therefore, it has to be me.” Serena said.
Valerie, Sawyer, and Clemont realized that Serena was right.
“Here, Clemont.” Serena gave Clemont a Poké Ball.  “I want you to take care of Pancham while I’m dealing with Bonnie.”
“Uh, okay.” Clemont said.
Serena got herself ready by standing in front of the firing range of the machine.
“Okay!  It’s time to get large!” Serena said.
Clemont got the machine warmed up and had it aimed at Serena at full power.
“Okay, here we go!” Clemont said.
He pressed a button, and the beam shot Serena.  She became engulfed in a bright light.

Bonnie continued to play around with the truck, moving back and forth and all around, much to Ash’s misfortune.  Suddenly, she stopped.
Okay, I’m getting bored.” Bonnie said.  She placed Ash and the truck, inside her pouch, surprising the Pokémon.  Pikachu looked inside the truck and was happy to see that Ash was all right.
“I’m all right, Pikachu.” Ash said.  “But still, that was anything but fun.”
Ooh, what’s that?” Bonnie asked as she started walking again.
Ash stuck his head out of the bag to see where Bonnie was going, and Pikachu got on top of his head.  They saw something that made them both gasp.
“Bonnie, no!  Don’t!” Ash said.

Around the same time, the girls at Valerie’s Gym were getting ready for their event.  Suddenly, Valerie and Sawyer show up.
“What is going on here?” Valerie asked.
“We’ve decided to get things ready for the fashion show.” One of the girls said.
“Don’t you think it’s too soon for this?” Sawyer asked.
“I agree.  We shouldn’t be doing anything regarding this event until we are sure that everything is okay.” Valerie said.
Suddenly, the ground was shaking and the girls were in the presence of the giant Bonnie.
“Aw, man!” Sawyer said.  “She’s here!”
Ooh!  Dollies!” Bonnie said.  She went to reach for one of the girls.
The girls started running around, trying their best to avoid Bonnie’s gigantic hands.
Hey!  Hold still!” Bonnie said.
“What do we do now?!” Sawyer said, panicking.
Suddenly, Valerie decided to step up to Bonnie.
“Valerie!  What are you doing?!” Sawyer asked.
Valerie didn’t answer.  Instead she just stood in front of Bonnie with a smile.
“You’re such a nice girl.” She said.  “You’d definitely be a nice candidate for our event, along with Serena.  But first, we need to get you back to normal.”
Bonnie hardly heard a word she said, due to their considerable height difference.  Instead, she smiled.
A doll that wants me to play with her.  Yay!” Bonnie said.  She went over to reach for Valerie, everyone unaware that the ground was shaking once again.
“NO, BONNIE!” Ash screamed.
“VALERIE, RUN!” Sawyer screamed.
However, Valerie just stood there.  Before Bonnie could grab her, a giant brown foot stopped right next to Valerie.
Back off!” A voice said very loudly.
“Oh, my!” Valerie said.
Soon, everyone looked up to see that the giant brown foot was actually a brown boot, followed by the humongous body of another girl.
“SERENA?!” Ash said, shocked that Serena was now gigantic as well.
As for how tall Serena was, know that to Bonnie, she was at her “normal” height.  Serena was blushing and very uncomfortable about this.
This is so embarrassing…” She said, looking around at how small everything was and how she’s now the center of attention.  While she’s used to having that happen, she doesn’t want it to be like this.  Regardless, she knew she had to put her nerves aside to save Bonnie.  “Get it together, Serena.  This is to save Bonnie!

Officer Jenny came back to join Clemont.
“So, what’s the plan now?” Officer Jenny asked.
“Serena suggested that she enlarge herself to stop Bonnie.” Clemont said.  “But I think it’ll do more harm than good.  Yet, I’m out of ideas right now…”
“Let’s just hope that she can get Bonnie back to normal…” Officer Jenny said.

Who are you?” Bonnie asked.
Serena was surprised that Bonnie would ask such a question.
Bonnie, don’t you recognize me?  It’s Serena.” Serena answered.
Serena?” Bonnie asked.  “Well, you can’t have my toys!  I found them first!
What?!  No, I don’t--” Serena said, but before she could explain herself, Bonnie managed to scoop Valerie’s girls and place them inside her pouch.  It soon became very crowded.
Bonnie, don’t do that!  Those aren’t toys!” Serena explained.
However, Bonnie closed up the pouch, lowered her eye at Serena and stuck her tongue out before running off.
Bonnie, get back here!” Serena said, as she started going after Bonnie.
Catch me if you can!  *giggles*” Bonnie said, amusing herself.

“This isn’t good.” Sawyer said.  “There’s a chance they could do damage to the city!”
Clemont & Officer Jenny appeared to see what the situation was.
“I knew this was a bad idea!” Clemont complained.  “One giant girl is bad enough, but two…”
“I’d better see how this turns out.” Officer Jenny said.
“I’m going too.” Valerie said.
Both ladies left the gym to chase after the giant girls.

The chase continued throughout the city.  The news people continued their story.  People made sure to stay clear of the streets as the two girls made their way through them.  This was not comfortable for those inside Bonnie’s bag.  To avoid getting caught, Bonnie would turn corners, surprising Serena.
Bonnie, stop!  This is not a game!” Serena complained.  “We could seriously hurt someone or destroy something!
However, Bonnie refused to listen.  Suddenly, a car cuts in front of Serena’s foot, causing her to stop herself and almost lose her balance.
Whoa!  Whoa!  Whoa!” Serena said.  She was almost about to hit a building, but she managed to regain her balance.  She breathed a sigh of relief.  “Boy, was that close.”
Hey, lady!  I’m over here!” Bonnie teased.  “Try to catch me!
This isn’t working…” Serena thought to herself.  “It’s like she’s putting on a performance, and I’m just adding to that performance.  I need to try a different strategy, but what?
As she thought, Officer Jenny & Valerie caught up with her.
“What could she be thinking?” Officer Jenny.
Serena looked down at Valerie, and suddenly, an idea came to her mind.
That’s it!” She said.  She turned to Bonnie.  “Say, do you like magic tricks?
Huh?  Magic tricks?  I love them!” Bonnie said as she walked up to Serena.
Then I’ve got something that I’d like to show you.” Serena said.  “It’s more of a performance event, but I know that you’ll enjoy it.
Sounds fun!” Bonnie said.
Good.  Then meet me at the place we first met, and I’ll have a show ready for you.” Serena said.
Okay!” Bonnie said.  She made her way back to the Laverre Gym.
Serena breathed a sigh of relief.
Finally.  I’m glad I could get her to stop.” Serena said.
“Serena!” Officer Jenny said.
Serena looked down to see them and got down on her knees.
Officer Jenny!  Valerie!  It’s good to see that you’re okay.” Serena said.
“Thanks, but what’s this about a performance?” Officer Jenny asked.
Serena winked at them.
I’ve got a plan that’ll get Bonnie to cooperate, but I’ll need your help, Valerie.” Serena explained.
“Sure thing.” Valerie said.

Around the same time, the giant Bonnie arrived at the Laverre Gym, waiting for the other giant girl.  A little later, Serena, with Jenny & Valerie on her shoulder, arrived.
Okay, so what’s this performance you wanted to show me?” Bonnie asked.
Serena reached out to Officer Jenny & Valerie.  Both ladies went on top of Serena’s gigantic hand.
Okay, remember the plan.  Good luck.” Serena spoke softly to the two of them.  She then placed them both on the ground, being as careful as possible.
Before I can begin the performance, I’ll need your bag.” Serena said.
My bag?” Bonnie asked.
Sure.  Those dolls are part of the performance.” Serena said.
Bonnie handed Serena her bag.  Serena handed Bonnie a giant sheet, but at their size, it was merely a napkin.
Now, I’ll need you to rub your face on this napkin.” Serena said.
Bonnie took the “napkin” and rubbed it all around her face.  Meanwhile, Serena allowed everyone out of the pouch, including Ash and the truck, being very gentle with it.  Serena inched her face to them all.
Is everyone okay?” She whispered as softly as she could.
“We’re all fine, Serena.” Ash said.
I’m glad to see you’re okay, Ash, you too, Pikachu & Braixen.  Dedenne looks fine as well.” Serena said.
Valerie approached the girls.
“It’s time to begin our performance.” Valerie said.
The girls were confused.
“It’s all part of the plan.” Valerie continued.  “I’ll need you all to perform for the young giant.  During that time, we should be able to create a cure for her confusion.”
If we’re all on the same page, then let’s get started.” Serena said.
She turned her attention back to Bonnie, who was done rubbing her face with the “napkin”.
Here you go!” Bonnie said.
Thanks.” Serena said, and placed the giant sheet next to Clemont & Officer Jenny.
But what was that for?” Bonnie curiously asked.
That, you’ll know later.” Serena said.  “For now, the event begins.
“It’s time to present Designer Extraordinaire, Valerie’s newest collection!” The receptionist said.
Bonnie got down on her knees with a smile, anxious to see what was being presented.
I knew this would work.” Serena thought to herself.  “To her, this performance is like toys on parade.  There’s no way she can resist this.  Meanwhile, Officer Jenny and Clemont should be able to get the antidote ready.
Around that time, a lady with an Azumarill and a dress design of the same skin appears and flaunts it.  Bonnie is impressed.  More ladies with more Pokémon in Pokémon designs show up.  Bonnie is impressed with their designs, and at one point, claps, failing to realize how loud her claps are.  Regardless, the show continued.
Ash stood on top of Serena’s shoulder with Pikachu on his shoulders.
“I have to say, this was a clever idea, Serena.” Ash said.
Thanks, Ash.  I knew that she couldn’t resist something like this, even if she has been acting differently.” Serena said.
Suddenly, Pikachu noticed Officer Jenny and Clemont return.
“What is it, Pikachu?” Ash asked.  Both he and Serena looked down to see them return with the gigantic sheet.  Some of the girls helped the two carry the gigantic sheet over to Serena.
“Here, Serena!  The antidote is done.” Officer Jenny said.  “All you have to do is get this on her face, and she should be back to normal.”
Finally!” Serena said as she grabbed two ends of the “napkin” with her fingers.  “Now, for the final act!
Bonnie stood up, eager to see what it was.
Oh, goodie, goodie!” She said.
Serena placed the “napkin” in the palm of her hand.
Hey, is that the same napkin that I wiped my face with earlier?” Bonnie asked.
That’s right.  Now, I’m going to show you what happens next.  Look closely.” Serena said.
Bonnie got her face as close to the sheet as possible.  Suddenly, Serena blew a huge gust of the power onto Bonnie’s face.
Hey!  What was…I doing?” Bonnie said.
Suddenly, she looked around and saw Serena.
Serena?” Bonnie asked.
Bonnie!  Thank goodness you’re back to normal!” Serena said.
Bonnie looked around and noticed that everything was smaller than usual.
What’s going on?!” Bonnie said, almost panicking.  “Why is everything so much smaller?!  Did I grow again?!  And why are you so big?!  How is this considered normal?!
It’s okay, Bonnie!” Serena said.  “Everything will be back to normal soon.  Your brother has the machine ready to shrink us back to normal.
Really?!  Yay!” Bonnie said.
Clemont came out with his machine, aimed at both Serena and Bonnie.
“If you two are ready, it’s time to shrink you down to size!” Clemont said.
Ready, Bonnie?” Serena asked.
You bet!” Bonnie said.
With the machine on full blast Clemont fired a beam at both girls.  In an instant, both of them were back to normal size.
“BONNIE!!!” Clemont shouted.  Bonnie looked over and saw Clemont running towards her with a great big smile on his face.  “Thank goodness you’re back to normal!”
“Clemont!  You did it!” Bonnie said.
“You sure gave us quite a scare, little one.” Officer Jenny said.
“Honestly, Officer Jenny, everything is a blank from when I woke up from the forest.” Bonnie said.  “I didn’t destroy anything or hurt anyone, did I?”
“Don’t worry.” Officer Jenny said.  “Nothing was destroyed, and no one was hurt.”
The girls and Sawyer around the group applaud Clemont.
“That was amazing!” Sawyer said.  “To think you had an invention that could change the size of things.”
“Well, it was never my intention to invent something like this, but I suppose it ended up happening, anyway.” Clemont said.
“What an amazing adventure this has turned out to be, right Ash?” Serena asked, but couldn’t find Ash.  “Huh?  Where’s Ash?”  Suddenly, she realized what had happened.  She turned to see Ash on her shoulder, but really, really small, along with Pikachu even smaller.
“Oops…” Serena said as she placed Ash & Pikachu in her hands.
“Oops is right…” Ash said.  “I tried to get your attention about this, but I guess you couldn’t hear me.”
“I’m so sorry, Ash.” Serena said.
“Forget it.” Ash said.  “I’m already used to this, anyway.”
“It looks like Ash and Pikachu got shrunk with us.” Bonnie said.
“It’ll be a while before I can change him back to normal.  The machine needs to cool down, first.” Clemont said.
“That’s good to know.” Ash said.
“In the meantime, I’ll take care of you.” Serena said.
“And once I’m back to normal, I’ll go for my next Gym Badge!” Ash said.
Valerie went up to look down at the small Ash & Pikachu.
“My, my!” She said.  “Even at such a short height, your confidence is gigantic.  I look forward to our Gym Battle, little Ash.”
And so, another crazy adventure comes to an end with Clemont’s wacky inventions.  Ash will soon have his Gym Battle with Valerie and the real fashion show will get underway, as our heroes’ journey continues.


After the machine had cooled down, Ash & Pikachu were back to their normal sizes.  Serena was glad to see him back to normal, even though she thought he looked much more adorable at such a small height.  The next day, the real fashion show began, with Bonnie & Serena participating, much to the surprise of Ash & Clemont.  Sawyer challenged Valerie to a Gym Battle, but lost.  Ash, on the other hand, won his battle.  Sawyer wanted to learn a bit more from Ash, but had his notebook stolen from Team Rocket.  After defeating them and regaining the notebook back, Ash & Sawyer had a battle.  Afterward, Sawyer said his good-byes to the heroes.  Ash and his friends continued their journey, unaware that they were about to get a visit from some unexpected guests...