Iris's Toys

(Cubed Cinder)

Ash and his friends (Iris, Axew, and Cilan) sat comfortably on one of the sofas inside the Mistralton City Pokémon Center. They were finally getting ready to depart the city after Ash recently defeated Skyla and earned his sixth Unova gym badge. All they were waiting on was Nurse Joy to return with Ash's Pokémon fully healed, including of course Pikachu.
"Man, I already can't wait to get to the next city and win my seventh badge!" Ash shouted.
"That would be in Icirrus City, although we'll have to pass through Twist Mountain before we can even see the city." Cilan said.
"I see. But we've come this far and we're not stopping now!" Ash shouted.
"Heh heh. Energetic as always." Iris said.

Finally, the familiar Pokémon Center sound rang over the speaker, and right away Ash got up just as Nurse Joy was walking out with a tray of his Poke Balls and Pikachu sitting on top of them.
"There you go, Ash! Your Pokémon are in tip top shape once again!" Nurse Joy said. Pikachu happily jumped on Ash's shoulder.
"Thanks, Nurse Joy! You're the best!" Ash said.
"Awww… I'm just doing my job. By the way, are you on your way to Icirrus City, by chance?" Nurse Joy said.
"Yes I am!" Ash said.
"Ah, good! Could you and your friends do me a favor?" Nurse Joy said. That's when she reached below the counter she was standing behind and then came back up holding a small test tube with a gray-colored liquid inside.
"Huh? What's this?" Ash asked.
"It's a special liquid that Professor Juniper has been working on. The Icirrus City Pokémon Center volunteered to test out the contents of that liquid next." Nurse Joy said.
"But what is it supposed to do?" Iris asked.
"I'm sorry, but the professor has asked me not to disclose that information with anyone, although she says it's very important that the liquid does not make contact with your bodies." Nurse Joy said.
"In other words, the bottle is to remain sealed at all times?" Cilan said with a smile.
"Precisely!" Nurse Joy said.
"Don't worry, Nurse Joy. We'll take care of it. This bottle is in good hands." Ash said.
"Thank you! Be careful and have a nice day!" Nurse Joy said. Ash and his friends, with their business concluded inside the Pokémon Center, turned around and left the building. Eventually they departed Mistralton City entirely and were walking through Route 7.

Route 7 was known for many things, like being a route with many hikers considering it was on the way to a mountain. Another notable thing was the taller than usual grass that surrounded much of the dirt path. As Ash and his friends were walking down the path, Ash continued to examine the contents of the tube containing the gray liquid.
"You sure are interested in that bottle of liquid, aren't you, Ash?" Cilan asked.
"I can't help it. It's another mystery in this region full of mysteries!" Ash said.
"Hey, Ash, how about I hold onto the bottle?" Iris asked.
"Huh? What for?" Ash said.
"Well… your hands could use a rest before we come up on Twist Mountain. We'll probably have to do a little bit of climbing!" Iris said.
"Well, okay. It doesn't really matter which one of us is holding this thing anyway." Ash said as he handed over the tube to Iris.
"Yay! Thanks, Ash!" Iris said as she now was taking a special interest in the bottle of gray liquid.

Before she could admire any further, however, the group stopped when they saw a nearby bush rattling more than usual.
"Hey, look at that bush." Iris said.
"Wow, it's really moving!" Ash said.
"Do you think there's a wild Pokémon lurking behind there?" Cilan said.
"Only one way to find out! Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" Ash shouted. Pikachu leapt off its master's shoulder and charged up its electricity.
"Pika…CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!" Pikachu shouted as it shocked the bush. Right away, there was a female voice screaming out.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" the voice shouted. After Pikachu stopped attacking, the bush crumbled apart as all its leaves hit the ground, revealing a charred, but unmistakably, Georgia.
"Hey! It's Georgia!" Ash shouted.
"(cough cough) Well played, Ash Ketchum." Georgia said as she brushed herself off and was back to her usual self as she stood to her full height.
"Oh boy…" Iris said. Of all the things she had been doing in the Unova region ever since she partnered up with Ash seemingly ages ago, meeting up with her arch rival, Georgia, was not one of them. Georgia was a Dragon Buster, whose sole purpose in life she felt was to defeat Dragon Trainers, both real ones and ones in training like Iris.

"So, my little dragon trainer friend, Iris, we meet again." Georgia said with that always sinister smirk on her face.
"Mmmph… we are so not friends, especially since you're just a little kid." Iris said. Of course, Georgia resented being called that and immediately retorted.
"Arrrgh! You're the little kid for resorting to name calling like that!" Georgia said.
"Takes one to know one!" Iris said as the two traded imaginary lightning bolts through their eyes.
"So, um… Georgia, what brings you out here to Route 7?" Cilan asked.
"It just so happens I'm on my way to Twist Mountain, just like the rest of you. Say, how about we tag along and sing a merry melody along the way?" Georgia said.
"Hah! Fat chance! Come on, Ash, let's just go." Iris said. She started to step forward, but Georgia was quick to get in her way.
"Hold on there, what's the rush?" Georgia said. Just then, she looked down at Iris's hands and saw the bottle of gray liquid in her hands.
"Oh? And what do we have here? Some new energy drink?" Georgia said.
"What? No! We're just delivering this to the Icirrus City Pokémon Center. We're not supposed to touch it, so we don't know what it does." Iris said.
"What, seriously? Not even a little sip? Come on, just a little drop can't hurt. Give it to me!" Georgia said.
"No! It's not yours!" Iris said.
"I said give it!" Georgia said as she put her hands onto Iris's own hands.
"No, stop!!!" Iris shouted. The two suddenly found themselves in a tug o' war with the small bottle of gray liquid. Ash, Pikachu, and Cilan all just stood nearby and watched the action.
"Think maybe we should step in and break it up?" Cilan asked.
"Are you kidding? It's like trying to mix oil and water, those two." Ash said.
"You're right. Maybe they'll tire out eventually." Cilan said.

What happened next happened too quickly for anyone to really react. Georgia finally won out and wrestled the tube out of Iris's hands, and both girls started to tumble backwards. Iris (with Axew sensing the dangerous change in momentum and leaping out of his master's hair) stumbled all the way back to a tree and hit her head against it, knocking her unconscious. Georgia crashed against Ash and Cilan (with Pikachu on Ash's shoulder) and the three tumbled their way on top of the tall grass.
"Ack!" Both Ash and Cilan shouted. Also, the cork that sealed the liquid inside the tube had broken loose as a result of the constant aggressive tugging earlier. The liquid splashed all over Ash, Georgia, Cilan, and Pikachu. Georgia quickly got off the other trainers and rested on her knees to celebrate her victory.
"HA! I got the bottle! I got…" Georgia shouted, but before she could celebrate any further, she noticed one very important change in detail. The bottle was completely empty. A quick glance down on both her clothes and skin told her where the liquid ended up.
"Oops." Georgia said. She turned around and noticed Ash, Cilan, and Pikachu were soaked with the liquid as well.
"Ugh… seriously, Georgia! You're going to kill us all if you keep up this rivalry with Iris…" Cilan said as he brushed himself off.
"Wait a minute, why am I all wet? I don't recall landing in any water." Ash said.
"That would be because I splashed the contents of this bottle all over us as a result of my tumble." Georgia said.
"WHAT!?" Ash shouted.
"Oh no! Nurse Joy made it perfectly clear not to get that liquid on our bodies!" Cilan said.
"Pffft! It's just a liquid! None of it got into our mouths. What could possibly happen?" Georgia said as she brought the smirk back to her face.

That's when the world around all three trainers started getting bigger all of a sudden.
"Guys! The grass!" Ash said.
"Huh? It's getting taller?" Cilan asked.
"Um… no, I think we're the ones getting smaller!" Ash said. Everybody had concerned looks on their faces, including the once cool and/or smirky Georgia. She and the others wondered how small they were going to get.
"This… this can't be happening! I thought this only happened in movies!" Georgia commented. All three were especially getting worried when they saw even the grass towering over them.
But finally, the shrinking stopped. Whereas the blades of grass ranged anywhere from 4 to 8 inches tall… the three trainers (along with Ash's Pikachu) had shrunken down to somewhere between 2 and 3 inches tall, making the blades of grass they once towered over looking more like a vast, endless forest. Realizing what just happened and the predicament she was now in, Georgia did only one thing that came to mind.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!" Georgia screamed.

Meanwhile, after getting a few face slaps from a concerned Axew, Iris was finally regaining her senses and waking up.
"Ugh… okay, Axew! I'm awake, I'm awake now!" Iris said. She patted her faithful dragon Pokémon on the head and then slowly stood back to her full height, still rubbing the back of her head.
"Ow… I hit that tree harder than I thought." Iris said. She then looked ahead of her and noticed that not just Ash, but Georgia, Pikachu, and Cilan were also missing.
"Huh? Where did everyone go?” Iris said as she scanned her head from left to right.
“Ash!? Cilan!? Georgia…?” Iris shouted, even though Georgia’s name wasn’t called as loudly. Nevertheless, she was worried over the whereabouts of her two friends and one rival. She slowly walked forward on the dirt path, with her left foot very close to the tall grass, as she kept on looking around.

Just as Georgia was finishing up her scream of despair, Ash and Cilan were looking around over how different the world looked from their new size.
“Good heavens. I never thought I'd get to see the world from down here." Cilan said.
"Yeah, it is quite fascinating, and yet scary at the same time." Ash said.
"Oh? You've had experience like this before?" Cilan said.
"Yeah, at least a couple times. The first time was when…" Ash said, but before he could get into one of those stories where he was shrunken by a beautiful girl, he suddenly felt himself being grabbed by something. It turned out to be Georgia, who now had an angry face and was shaking Ash quite profusely.
"ASH, YOU IDIOT!!! Look what you did to us!!! Now we're going to be stuck like this the rest of our lives!!!" Georgia shouted.
"My fault!? What did I do!? You're the one who was fighting with Iris!" Ash shouted.
"Arrrrrgh! That stupid, idiotic excuse of a dragon trainer!!! Where is she anyway!?!?!?" Georgia shouted.
"I don't see her around here. Maybe she's behind some of these trees." Cilan said.
"They're not trees! They're blades of grass! Arrrrgh!!! We're smaller than even blades of grass!!!" Georgia shouted.
"Well, pardon me, miss Dragon Buster. But I wonder what was in that liquid that caused us to shrink like this…" Cilan said.
"Georgia, will you please give it a rest? It's not that bad." Ash said.
"What do you mean not that bad!? How are we suppoed to survive like this!? How will we sleep!? What will we eat!? Will we be eaten by giant Pokémon now!?!?" Georgia shouted.

Before Georgia could wonder anymore what other horrible things could happen to her now that she was shrunken to under three inches tall, the ground started to rumble and shake with each passing second.
"Whoa! An earthquake?" Cilan initially speculated. But a familiar female voice echoing overhead ruled out that theory.
"Ash!? Cilan!? Where are you!?" the voice said.
"That's Iris!" Ash shouted.
"But where is the voice coming from? Is she in the sky?" Cilan asked.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!" Georgia shrieked again as she pointed up overhead. Ash and Cilan first looked at the scared Georgia, and then they looked up at where she was pointing.
"*gulp* I think we found Iris." Ash said. It indeed was Iris, but she towered over them at seemingly a couple hundred feet tall, only further reminding everyone that they were indeed shrunken and that Iris had not been splashed with that liquid.
"Goodness me, she's huge! She's bigger than a family-sized meal for 10!" Cilan said.
"Watch out!" Ash said as he noticed one of Iris's shoes coming down very close to where they were standing. The group ran out of the way just as the sound of blades of grass getting scrunched underneath Iris's feet filled the air combined with the usual stomping sound. Georgia shuddered in fear when she looked up and first saw the great wall of white that was the bottom of Iris's shoes. It didn't make her feel any better when she continued to tilt her head back further and further just to see all of Iris's gigantic body.
Ash and Cilan, meanwhile, first tried the classic approach to get Iris's attention.
"Iris! Iris!!! Down here!" Ash said.
"Don't step on us, Iris! We're at your feet!!" Cilan said.
Iris, meanwhile, sighed when she wasn't having any luck finding her friends, or even Georgia. There wasn't even a vocal response to her shouts.
"(sigh) They couldn't have gotten far, Axew. Let's just keep walking." Iris said.
"Axew! Axew!" Axew commented as it jumped back into the comfort of Iris's hair. Iris herself continued her walk down the dirt path of Route 7.

Ash and Cilan were quick to figure out their shouting didn't work, because Iris didn't look down and in fact was walking away. The two boys couldn't help but marvel at the giantess walking away. In fact, it was getting Cilan into connoisseur mode.
"Wow… such mastery of form, such swift and high definition movement of the body. It's an exquisite taste in this chef's eye!" Cilan said.
"Will you stop with the food critic routine!? That stupid dragon trainer is getting away!!!" Georgia said.
"She's right. We have to get her attention so she can help us!" Ash said.
"But how?" Cilan asked. Ash put a hand on his chin to try and think of a strategy, and he quickly thought of one and reached down for one of his Poke Balls.
"I got it! Unfezant, I choose you!" Ash shouted as he threw the ball in the air. It popped open and out came Ash's faithful flying Pokémon.
"Pikachu, I need you to ride on top of Unfezant. When you and Unfezant get close to Iris, use Thunderbolt.” Ash said.
“Pikachu!” Pikachu shouted, nodding in approval of Ash’s plan.
“I get it! You’re gonna use Pikachu and Unfezant as a de facto firefly!” Cilan said.
“Exactly! I’m counting on Iris recognizing the electricity as coming from Pikachu. Hopefully then Iris will realize that we’ve shrunken since my Pokémon are shrunken too, and then she’ll scan the ground looking for us.” Ash said.
“Counting on? Hopefully? Scan the ground!? Do you even realize what you’re saying!? What if she steps on us or swats your Pokémon out of the sky… LIKE A FIREFLY!?!?” Georgia shouted, still in her angry mood.
“Well, Georgia, do you have a better idea?” Cilan said.
“No, I suppose not…” Georgia said, realizing this may very well be the best course of action to get Iris’s attention. Meanwhile, Pikachu was now fully perched on Unfezant’s back.
“Okay, Unfezant, fly towards Iris!” Ash said. Unfezant shouted part of its name and flapped its wings, taking to the air.
“Okay, so what are we supposed to do?” Georgia said.
“What else? Run and catch up to Iris!” Ash shouted as he and Cilan immediately started running.
“Huh! Wait up! I hate running long distances!!” Georgia shouted as she had no choice but to follow in hot pursuit. All three shrunken victims made their way through the tree-sized blades of grass until they were back on the dirt path, where the only obstructions in their way were boulder-sized clumps of dirt that had been kicked around by traveling trainers. More importantly, they had a clear line of sight to the giantess in the distance that was Iris.

Iris continued with her slow walk and continued calls for her friends and Georgia, even as the sun was beginning to set quickly on this day.
“Ash!? Cilan!? Georgia!?” Iris shouted with no results. Not even one of their voices to echo anywhere on the route. The more time that passed without a response, the more Iris was beginning to worry. Still, she did her best to remain calm, but the firefly that suddenly appeared in front of her face wasn’t helping matters.
“Ugh… get off me you stupid firefly!” Iris shouted.
Both Unfezant and Pikachu knew this would not be an easy task, especially given Iris’s incredibly massive size from both their perspectives. Whenever Iris swung one of her hands towards them, Unfezant would use its incredible speed to get out of the way. Pikachu kept on shooting thunderbolts into the air, hoping Iris would eventually recognize what was in front of her. Yet, there were times Pikachu had to hold on when Unfezant made either sudden rises or dives, especially when Iris started clapping her hands together trying to crush the two in between them.
Eventually, it wouldn’t be Iris, but Axew that realized what was going on. As Axew poked its head out and watched as its master dealt with the ‘firefly,’ the Pokémon took notice of the electric bolts shooting upward from the top of the fly. When Unfezant and Pikachu flew near Axew, allowing the dragon Pokémon to get a better look, suddenly Axew recognized what the ‘fly’ really was.
“Axew! Ax Ax Ax Axew!!!” Axew shouted as it started tugging on Iris’s hair (and there was plenty of it to tug on).
“Huh? What is it, Axew?” Iris asked, noticing Axew pointing at the ‘fly’ which suddenly flew very slowly up close to one of Iris’s brown eyes. Iris refocused her eyes so that everything beyond the ‘firefly’ was a blur, and that’s when she recognized the shrunken Unfezant and Pikachu.
“Huh? Unfezant? Pikachu? But how…?” Iris said.
That’s when she gasped and remembered what had happened before she was knocked out. As the past vision came back to her, she realized what had happened to the bottle of gray liquid.
“Wait… that liquid! Did it… did it do this to you?” Iris said. She could just barely see both Unfezant and Pikachu nodding profoundly.
“Then… then that means?” Iris said.
“Iris…!!” a faint male voice shouted. Iris turned her head left and right, trying to find the source of the voices.
“Ash!? Cilan!? Where are you!?” Iris shouted.
“Down here, you stupid dragon trainer!” a female voice suddenly shouted.

Finally, Iris focused her attention downward towards her feet. She could just see three tiny specks on the dirt in front of her shoes. Iris slowly got down on her knees and leaned in closer and closer.
“Iris! Thank goodness!” Ash said.
“Alright, Ash! Your plan worked!” Cilan said as he high-fived Ash. Iris gasped.
“Oh my! You’re all… you’re all so tiny.” Iris said as she focused in on the shrunken Ash, Cilan, and Georgia. Unfezant, meanwhile, returned to the ground with Ash. Ash called Unfezant back into its Poke Ball while Pikachu climbed back behind Ash’s head.
“Oh, so it was you, Ash, who sent your Pokémon after me?" Iris asked.
"Yeah, I know it was dangerous for both of them, but it was the only way we could get your attention." Ash said.
"Well, the important thing is that I didn't step on you. Oooooh… I get shivers just thinking about that." Iris said.
"Never mind about your shivers! Just get us off the darn ground already!!" Georgia said.
"Alright, already! Sheesh, don't be such an impatient little kid." Iris said as she lowered her hand down and allowed Ash, Cilan, and Georgia to all climb onboard. Once they were all squarely in the palm of her hand, Iris stood back to her full height and moved her hand close to her chin.
"I still can't get over how small you all are. That liquid really did its job." Iris said.
"Well, I don't really blame you for being fascinated. It's like me when I'm adding a spicy new ingredient to my dish. Sometimes you gotta stop and smell the wonderful aroma." Cilan said.
"Heh, I'm glad you're taking it well, Cilan." Ash said with a smile.
"Well, I'm not. I demand you find a way to fix this mess and get us back to normal immediately!!" Georgia said.
"Hold your horses, Georgia! Besides…" Iris said. She then used her other hand to poke Georgia on her front side, pushing her down to her behind.
"Ow! Hey!" Georgia said.
"I'm sure you've noticed already, but I'm way bigger than you now. I can push you around all I want." Iris said.
"What!? You… you can't do that!" Georgia said, suddenly with a look of despair on her face.
"I most certainly can! In fact, I want to play a game with you." Iris said. After placing Ash and Cilan both on her right shoulder, she then placed Georgia back down on the ground, specifically on the dirt path.

Iris stood back to her full height, her shoes just inches away from the tiny Georgia. She wiggled both her shoes in front of her shrunken toy.
"Alright, Georgia. For your first challenge, I'll give you 30 seconds to run as far away from me as you can, and then I'm coming after you." Iris said.
"Wh…what!?" Georgia shouted.
"1…2…3…" Iris said as she started counting out loud. Georgia started to think Iris was serious and that she really was going to chase after her, and so she turned towards the tree-sized blades of grass and started running around them, trying to put as much ground between her and the giantess as possible. As Iris kept the clock going mentally in her head, she heard Ash speaking out.
"Iris, you're not really going to find Georgia and crush her, are you?" Ash asked.
"Of course not, Ash! I may hate Georgia but I would never cause serious harm to her. I'm just playing with her for a little while." Iris said.
"Well, alright then…" Ash said.
"Alright, Georgia! Ready or not, here I come!" Iris said, taking slow steps into the grass to make sure she wouldn't accidentally step on Georgia.

Georgia continued fighting her way through the grass, which was no easy task given her shrunken size to 2.5 inches tall. It didn't make her feel better when she heard Iris's booming voice from behind.
"Alright, Georgia! Ready or not, here I come!" Iris said. Georgia felt her heart race as she watched the giantess enter the grassy field and crush the blades of grass under her shoes like they were twigs.
"No! Please! Don't hurt me, Iris!" Georgia said, even though she knew those words probably wouldn't reach her. As she tried to pick up the pace, she suddenly felt herself stumbling on her feet before finally tripping and landing on the ground. She quickly turned to her back side and could only scream as one of Iris's giant shoes came falling down towards her…
"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" Georgia screamed. However, Georgia watched as Iris moved her foot backwards and then stomped it into the ground, sparing Georgia from the worst possible outcome.
But she was not out of the theoretical woods yet, as Iris would quickly indicate to her.
"Hehehe… scared you, didn't I?" Iris said. Georgia let out deep breaths that made it tough for her to speak.
"Okay… okay… you've had… you've had your fun now, right?" Georgia said.
"Nope! Because I really am going to put you underneath by shoe." Iris said.
"WHAT!?" Georgia shouted. She scrambled to get back up again, but Iris was ready to take action. She moved her right shoe forward and pinned much of Georgia's body underneath it, leaving only her arms and head sticking out.
"*gasp!*" Georgia said.
"Mmmhmm! What do you think, Georgia? How does it feel to be stuck underneath my shoe?" Iris said with a grin on her face.
"Stop! Let me go!! ACK!" Georgia said as she felt the pressure on her body slightly increasing as Iris gently pressed her shoe more.
"Awww… does that hurt, Georgia? I haven't even begun putting my foot down!" Iris said. Both Ash (with Pikachu on his head) and Cilan could tell from the giantess's facial expressions and her tone of voice that she was enjoying this very much. Still, they were both concerned for Georgia's well being.
"Um… Iris, don't you think Georgia has had enough?" Ash asked.
"Yeah… you did say you were just going to play with her." Cilan said.
"Shhhh… come on, I really want her to think I'm going to really hurt her." Iris said. She twisted her foot ever so slightly, but it was enough for Georgia to feel it.
"OW! Noooooo!! Please…! I'll do anything!!" Georgia said.
"Hmmm… anything?" Iris said.
"Yes, anything! I'll do anything!! Just get me out of here!!!" Georgia said as tears started to flow down from her eyes. Iris saw this as a very welcome change of sight, seeing how it wasn't too long ago that she was her usual intimidating self when she was normal sized. Iris lifted her foot up and allowed Georgia to squirm around again, although not for long as Iris reached down and picked her up again.

"Well, well. I'd say you handled that quite well." Iris said with a smirk on her face. Georgia, on the other hand, was still quivering as she held much of her body with her arms.
"You… you could've killed me…" Georgia softly said.
"But I didn't. You should be very thankful I don't hate you that badly. But never mind that. You said you'd do anything for me, right?" Iris said.
"Yes?" Georgia said.
"Alright then. Take off your hat." Iris said. Georgia did just that; removing her large yellow hat and fully revealing her full head of dark pink hair. With her other hand, Iris picked up the hat with her other hand and dangled it between two of her fingernails.
"Okay, Georgia. Try and get your hat back from me." Iris said. She lowered it enough to where Georgia could jump up and catch it, but of course, Iris wasn't going to make things easy. As soon as Georgia jumped straight up, Iris lifted up her hand, putting Georgia's hat out of reach.
"Awww… too slow, try again!" Iris said. The same thing happened for a few more jumpes, and Georgia was getting frustrated again.
"Arrrrgh!! You little kid! Give me back my hat!!" Georgia shouted.
"Teehee! Who's the little kid around here? You look so cute when you're angry!" Iris said. Georgia was getting riled up to the point where she started kicking the skin of Iris's hand. Of course, it had very little effect on Iris, although she was disappointed that Georgia seemed to be giving up so easily.
" Georgia, you disappoint me. I thought you'd be more resilient than that, especially since you're a Dragon Buster." Iris said as she dropped the hat down next to the tiny girl.
"Hmmph… whatever. I'd never forgive you if you did something to my hat. It's very special to me…" Georgia said as she put the hat back on her head.

As the sequence reminded Ash of the times he lost his hat and fought tooth and nail to get it back (no matter what size he was at), he looked up at the sky to see it slowly turning to darkness. That's when he approached Iris's ear so she could hear him.
"Um… Iris, we better back to the Pokémon Center. It's getting dark out here." Ash said.
"Huh? What for? We can just camp out here like we've always done!" Iris said.
"True, but at our size, the world is a much more dangerous place. And even then, Nurse Joy has to know about this little accident." Cilan said. The boys bring up a good point, Iris thought, though the thought of going back to the Pokémon Center after assuring Nurse Joy the bottle of shrinking liquid was in good hands still worried her.
"Couldn't we just go to the next Pokémon Center? The one in Icirrus City?" Iris asked.
"It's too far away!" Georgia shouted.
"Georgia's right, and the truth has to be told sooner or later." Cilan said.
"Besides, Nurse Joy may be the only one who knows the cure for this condition!" Ash said.
"Alright, alright. You're right. We'll go back to the Mistralton City Pokémon Center." Iris said. Putting Ash, Pikachu, and Cilan in the same hand as Georgia so that she would make sure she didn't lose sight of them, Iris started walking down the dirt path in the opposite direction they came from.

Covering up the shrunken heroes for the moment and cuddling them against her chest so nobody else would see them, Iris walked inside the Pokémon Center and went straight for the front desk where Nurse Joy was standing.
"Oh! Hello there. You were Iris, right?" Nurse Joy said.
"That's right." Iris said with a smile on her face.
"What are you doing back here so soon? And where are your other friends?" Nurse Joy said.
"Well… Nurse Joy… I'm afraid that's what I've come back for. Here." Iris said. She opened up her hands and revealed the shrunken trainers that Joy mostly recognized from earlier.
“Oh my! Ash? Cilan?” Nurse Joy said as she watched Iris carefully place the shrunken duo, plus Georgia, on the counter in front of her.
“Yep, it’s us.” Ash said.
“Can you help us, Nurse Joy?” Cilan said.
“How did this happen?” Nurse Joy said as she looked back into Iris’s eyes.
“Well… you see that little girl in front of you? Her name is Georgia. She was curious about the bottle of gray liquid you gave us earlier and tried to rip it out of my hands. We fought over it, and eventually the bottle became uncorked and all its contents spilled over my friends, and unfortunately Georgia as well.” Iris said.
“Hmmm… this is terrible. I better contact Professor Juniper right away.” Nurse Joy said.
“Huh? Professor Juniper?” Ash said.
“She’s the one who invented that formula. She’ll know better than anyone how to reverse its effects.” Nurse Joy said. With the video phone in front of her, she dialed up the number for Professor Juniper’s lab.

It took a few seconds, but the screen lit up after a couple rings with Professor Juniper’s face.
“Hello! This is Professor Juniper. To whom am I speaking?" Juniper said.
"Hi, professor! I'm Nurse Joy of the Mistralton City Pokémon Center." Nurse Joy said.
"What can I do for you, Nurse Joy?" Juniper asked.
"Remember that secret formula you've asked all of us Pokémon Centers to carry around? I'm afraid we've had an accident." Nurse Joy said.
"Oh? Please explain." Juniper said.
"Let me show you." Nurse Joy said. She reached up on the counter and gently picked up Ash, Pikachu, Cilan, and Georgia. She held them in front of the camera, and Juniper lightly gasped, both at who was shrunken and how small they ended up.

"Oh dear… are you saying?" Juniper asked.
"Yes. I asked these young ones to carry the bottle to the next Pokémon Center, but the bottle opened up during a fracas they had and the contents spilled all over them." Nurse Joy said.
"I see. Are you okay, Ash? How are you feeling?" Juniper said.
"Well, I suppose I'm fine for someone who's only a couple or a few inches high." Ash said.
"Well, that's the most important thing. What about Iris? I don't see her with you." Juniper said.
"She got separated and ended up not getting hit with the liquid. She's been caring for us ever since." Cilan said, answering on behalf of Ash. He didn’t bother to get into the 'torturing' that Iris put tiny Georgia through, but he and the others did have to duck when Iris leaned her head over the counter to say hi to the professor.
"Hi, Professor Juniper! Don't worry, I've been keeping a close eye on everyone!" Iris said as she winked down to the shrunken victims.
"Very good, Iris. I trust you'll continue to do that while I work fast on a cure for your condition." Juniper said.
"What did hit us, if I may ask, professor?" Ash asked.
"Oh, you were hit by a prototype medicine I've been working on for the Pokémon Centers. It's a liquid medicine that's supposed to help cure a Pokémon of Pokérus. Long story short, the medicine is supposed to shrink the virus until it's too small to be of any use." Juniper said.
"I see." Ash said.
"Alas, the prototype has proven to be too strong, shrinking practically anything it comes in contact with. I've been snail mailing, so to speak, this formula from one Pokémon Center to another so that evil organizations like Team Rocket or Team Plasma don't get their hands on the formula. Although… in a way, I guess we're all safe for now since that was the only bottle circulating around." Juniper said.
"Wow! Science is so cool!" Ash said as he for some reason found this invention he and the others are now intertwined with quite fascinating. Georgia, of course, did not find it amusing and cleared her throat.
"Hello!? You said you had a cure for this!?" Georgia said.
"Oh… not right at this moment, but I'll get to work on it right away and have one of my assistants bring it to you. How long have you all been shrunken, if I may ask?" Juniper said.
"A couple hours, maybe?" Cilan said.
"Oh good, you still have lots of time, because if you don't apply the cure within 24 hours, it becomes ineffective… and you'll be stuck at that size forever." Juniper said.
"WHAT!?" all the shrunken victims shouted.
"Don't worry! As I said, I'll get right to work on a cure and have it delivered to the Mistralton City Pokémon Center in the morning." Juniper said with a tepid smile. Ash, on the other hand, had a full on smile.
"Well, if I know anyone who can help us, it's you, Professor Juniper! Good luck!" Ash shouted.
"Thank you! Nurse Joy and Iris, I leave the care of Ash and his friends in your good hands!" Juniper said.
"Thank you, professor. Have a good night." Nurse Joy said as the monitor shut off and the call ended.

Iris looked into Nurse Joy's eyes after taking another look at the shrunken trainers (and Pikachu).
"I guess we're going to need a place to stay tonight, Nurse Joy. Somewhere in this city, that is." Iris said.
"No problem! We have a few guest rooms open tonight, you and your friends can stay there. I'll even make the room free of charge for tonight only." Nurse Joy said.
"Wow! Thanks, Nurse Joy! You're the best!" Iris shouted. She enthusiastically picked up the shrunken victims and cuddled them against her chest as she followed Nurse Joy, who got up from her chair and led the way to the guest quarters.
After only a couple minutes of hallway traversing, Nurse Joy stopped in front of a door that was labled G1. She reached into her pocket and held out a lonely key in front of Iris.
"Here's the key to your room. If you need anything, just let me know." Nurse Joy said.
"Okay, thanks!" Iris said. As Nurse Joy left to go back to her post, Iris unlocked the door to G1 and opened it up.
Closing the door behind her with her foot, she right away walked to the nearby bed and sat down on top of it, setting the tiny trainers between her legs. Iris's faithful Pokémon, Axew, took the opportunity to leap out of Iris's hair and lay down on the floor after a long yawn, signifying the Pokémon was tired and ready for sleeping time.
"Well, here we are. Just me and the rest of you." Iris said.
"Well, that's nice." Ash said.
"Is something bothering you, Ash?" Cilan asked.
"Kinda. I know Professor Juniper is great at what she does and invents, but what if she's too late? What if we are stuck like this forever?" Ash asked.
"Ugh… will you stop being a jinx!? We're going to grow back one way or the other!" Georgia said. Just then, she felt a powerful force push her to her behind. It turned out to be one of Iris's fingers.
"HEY!" Georgia shouted.
"I don't like your attitude, little miss Dragon Buster. Perhaps I should go back to toying with you like the little toy you are!" Iris said with a mean look on her face.
"Wait, no! Please!" Georgia said, back to her mood of despair thinking what her giant rival would do next. She didn't have to wait long to find out.
"In fact, I know just the thing I can have all of you do!" Iris said, back to a smiling face. Ash and Cilan saw Iris make fidgeting noises and looks on her face, and that's when they looked down and saw her using her feet to take her shoes off.

Once Iris was in her bare feet, she picked up the tiny trainers (and Pikachu) and sat down on the bed again, this time with her head resting against the pillows and her feet all the way across the other side. That was where she put the tiny trainers, who all watched as Iris swayed from left to right.
"I could use a good foot massage. I've been walking around a lot today!" Iris said.
"Um… are you serious, Iris?" Ash asked nervously, intimidated at the large feet that rested before him.
"Sure! I've seen it happen in Virbank City movies before! The tiny guy ALWAYS rubs the girl's feet. It makes both feel better!" Iris said with a smile. However, she quickly wiped it when she saw Georgia trying to sneak away and possibly climb the bed. Iris simply moved her foot directly in front of her.
"Try and run away from me again and I'll stick you underneath this foot!" Iris said.
"Okay, okay! I'm sorry!" Georgia said as she slumped her way back to where Ash, Cilan, and Pikachu were standing. That's when everyone got to work rubbing the soles of Iris's bare feet, or at least as much as their size would allow.
"Y'know, for some reason I find this quite exhiliaring. It's like preparing the dough for a fresh baked pepperoni pizza. A few quick tosses in the air allow the aroma…" Cilan said.
"Shut up with the food comparisons already! They're making me hungry…" Georgia said.
"Ah, have no fear! Dinner time shall be prepared as soon as this task is done!" Cilan said with a big smile.
"Huh? How the heck are you supposed to do that?" Georgia said.
"I had an old friend named Duplica who once told me there are some things in life best left unexplained." Ash said.
"Hmmph. Whatever." Georgia said as she got back to concentrating on rubbing Iris's soles.
"Actually, Iris's feet feel rather smooth. You feel any better, Iris!?" Ash shouted over at the giantess.
"Hmmm… actually I kinda do feel your gentle touches, but keep going! I'll let you know when I'm satisfied!" Iris shouted as she wiggled her toes that towered high above the shrunken ones.

After a few more minutes, Iris finally felt satisfied… at least with one part of her foot.
"Alright, now it's time for the top of my foot!" Iris said. She moved her feet back and tilted them down so the soles were now making contact with the bed. It was her toes, the top of them painted with light pink nail polish, that were now facing the shrunken people.
"Come on, get rubbing!" Iris shouted as she wiggled her toes right in front of the group.
"Ugh… you've gotta be bleeping me. What the!?" Georgia said, only to be pushed from behind by both Ash and Cilan.
"If you don't rub them, she'll probably crush you with them like a fine loaf of bread inside a person's teeth." Cilan said.
"Yep, so we better get going!" Ash said. All three climbed on top of Iris's feet and got to massaging as much skin as they could with their hands. Iris could definitely feel their rubbing, even Georgia's as the bitter rival had tried tickling the giantess to submission, but like an electric-type move on a ground-type Pokémon, it had no effect.
"Oooooh… that feels very good. Maybe I should keep all of you small so I can get this kind of foot rub every night!" Iris said.
"I'm not sure how my brothers would feel about that, Iris." Cilan said.
"Yeah, Cilan's right. We have to grow back to normal eventually. It's no fun being this small forever!" Ash said.
"I'm just kidding, guys! Gosh, you all should lighten up and not be such little kids." Iris said with a smile.
"Arrrrgh! I'm tired of you calling me a little kid! How about I come up there and give you a pounding with my fists!" Georgia shouted, only to have Iris casually lift up her left foot and then lower it back down, knocking Georgia off balance.
"Keep that up and I really will keep YOU small, Georgia, and just make Ash and Cilan normal again." Iris said, back to a mean look on her face.
"Okay, okay. Sorry." Georgia said, back to fearing for her well being and resuming her duty of massaging Iris's left foot.

After a while, Iris felt she had enough, and a peek outside the now nighttime sky told her it was time for bed.
"Well, it's bedtime, guys. But where are you all going to sleep?" Iris said.
"Good question, though I suppose our sleeping bags are well big enough to cover all of us." Cilan said. Iris, however, shook her head.
"No. I feel you all should stick close to me. Who knows what might come out in the middle of the night looking for something as small as you?" Iris said. She then smiled.
"Huh? What is it, Iris?" Ash asked.
"I've got it! You all can sleep in my hair." Iris said.
"In your hair!?" All three shouted simultaneously.
"Sure! Don't worry, you'll all be safe, there's so much of it to go around." Iris said.
"Well, sometimes Axew does sleep inside it, like it's got a comfortable sofa somewhere in there or something." Cilan said.
"That's a good point." Ash said.
"Well, you can count me out! I refuse to sleep in Iris's bird's nest of a head! Besides, what happens when she starts tossing and turning!?" Georgia shouted.
"Hey! If you'd travel with us more often, you'd know I sleep as soundly as can be!" Iris retorted. She could still see the look of denial in Georgia's eyes.
"Okay, fine. You can sleep on the nightstand." Iris said. She picked up her tiny rival, holding her a little tighter than usual for quite obvious reasons, and then placed her on the nightstand. She then reached over to Ash and Cilan and picked them up.
"Wait!? No covers or anything like that!? What if I catch a cold?" Georgia said.
"Bleh, you'll deal with it." Iris said. She then grabbed a hand full of her hair with her other hand and used it to tie both Ash and Cilan to her hair (though allowing them to still move their arms around).
"There you go! You two should be safe from there." Iris said as she covered up the two with her hair, causing Ash's and Cilan's vision to go almost pitch black, with only the faint light from the lamp outside to lighten up the area. The two held onto whatever strands of hair they could grab as Iris took a laying position on the bed and pulled the covers over her body.

"You okay, Ash?" Cilan asked.
"Sure, I feel comfortable for some reason." Ash said.
"Yeah, I was going to share the same feeling." Cilan said.
"I hope Iris is right though, that she is so sound asleep that she doesn't move." Ash said.
"I guess we'll find out in the morning. We'll either be dead, seriously hurt, or none of the above." Cilan said. Trying to shake off that uneasy thought, Ash and Pikachu both closed their eyes and eventually drifted off to sleep.
"Good night, everyone!" Iris said as she reached over and turned off the nightlight, almost knocking Georgia to her feet again with her long sleeves. Watching the giantess fall asleep, Georgia sighed deeply and laid down on the nightstand, trying to get whatever sleep she could.
"(sigh) I hate you, Iris, and all Dragon Trainers too." Georgia thought as she curled herself up. It took almost an hour, but finally she had drifted to sleep as well.

As soon as the sun shined through the nearby window and beamed its light onto Iris, the dragon trainer in training leaned up on her bed and let out a big yawn.
"*yaaawwwwn* I guess it's time to get up." Iris said. She looked down by her side at her long hair to see Ash and Cilan still tied up snugly within the strands, putting a smile on her face that they were able to survive the night as she almost promised them. They too were slowly stirring themselves awake thanks to Iris moving around.
"Good morning, my little toys!" Iris said.
"*yawn* Good morning, Iris." Ash said.
"How are you all feeling? Clearly I didn't roll on top of you last night, like I said I wouldn't!" Iris said.
"That's for sure. You weren't kidding when you said you were a sound sleeper, Iris. It's like a soft gelatinous pudding that doesn't move despite getting poked and prodded with a fork. The true sign of a fine dessert!" Cilan shouted.
"Heh, glad to see Cilan is already thinking dessert instead of breakfast." Ash said. At that moment, there was a very audible grumble in the room, and both Ash and Cilan looked down at where the sound originated. Iris promptly held her stomach with one hand.
"Yeah, um… speaking of breakfast…" Iris said.
"Never fear, Iris! My Cilan special breakfast is just moments away!" Cilan said.
"That's very kind of you, Cilan, but your food is perfect for someone your size at the moment!" Iris said.
"She's got a point, you know." Ash said with a smile.
"I'll just have room service bring in breakfast." Iris said.

After untying both Ash and Cilan (along with Pikachu) from her hair and letting them stand on the bed, Iris got up and walked towards the nearby table, which had both a lamp and a phone. Also sitting on the table was the shrunken Georgia, laying motionless as she was still sleeping. Iris couldn't help but reach down and pick up Georgia and dangle her by the back of her shirt against her face. Iris moved Georgia gently around in the air until she was stirred awake.
"Rise and shine, teeny tiny Dragon Buster!" Iris said. Once Georgia opened her eyes and saw she was looking right into the biggest brown eyeball she would ever see.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEKK!!!! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!!!!" Georgia said. Iris burst out laughing.
"Hahahaha!! I wish I had a camera with me. That may be the most priceless reaction I've ever seen out of you!" Iris shouted.
"Whatever! Just please don't hurt me!!!" Georgia said. Iris looked very closely into Georgia's seemingly smaller than small eyes. She could actually see the shrunken girl crying a little bit.
"Huh? Georgia? Are those tears I'm seeing?" Iris said.
"N…no!!! I just… I don't want you to hurt me anymore!" Georgia said.
"Pffft! It's not like I'm going to kill you or torture you 24/7." Iris said as she walked over and put Georgia down on the bed next to Ash and Cilan.
"There. You feel better now? You can relax for a bit until I'm ready to play with you again for real." Iris said before she walked back over to the table and picked up the phone. Ash and Cilan looked over and could see Georgia quite obviously trembling with fear.
"Georgia… there's no reason to be afraid. Iris will take care of all of us." Ash said.
"I'm sure deep down inside she doesn't want you to get hurt." Cilan said.
"Just… shut up." Georgia said softly.

A couple minutes later, Iris heard the door knock. She opened it up, and outside was Nurse Joy holding a plate of pancakes.
"Good morning! Here is your complimentary breakfast just as you ordered!" Nurse Joy said. Iris took the plate off the nurse's hands.
"Thanks, Nurse Joy! Oh, have you heard anything new from Professor Juniper?" Iris asked.
"Not yet, other than her assistant should be here in Mistralton City within the hour." Nurse Joy said.
"Okay, thanks!" Iris said. Nurse Joy returned to her desk and Iris closed the door behind her. She sat back down on the bed, plopping herself down and causing the shrunken trainers to bounce up in the air.
"Whoa! Be careful, Iris!" Ash said.
"Huh? What did I do?" Iris asked.
"You nearly bounced us off the bed like crumbs off a chocolate chip cookie!" Cilan shouted.
"Oh… sorry! I'm still getting used to all of you being so tiny!" Iris said. Suddenly remembering that her little friends (and rival) needed to eat up too for potentially a long day ahead, she cut up a small piece of pancake with her fork and then laid it down on the bed next to them.
"There you go! That should be enough to fill you guys." Iris said.
"Oh boy! Biggest pancake I've ever had!" Ash said.
"Well, of course it's relatively speaking, but I'll take it nevertheless!" Cilan said as the two boys went digging into the pancake fragment. Georgia, however, was standing still and looking at the boys. Then she looked up nervously at her giant rival.
"Well, go on, Georgia! That pancake piece is for you too!" Iris said. Georgia nervously walked over towards the pancake piece and finally started chomping in, feeling that was the only food she was going to get from Iris all day. Iris only briefly felt bad for Georgia, thinking she'd probably be full of fear too if she was the one shrunken and played with by bigger people around her. But it was still Georgia, who has done nothing but berate her and constantly vow that all dragon trainers will one day be defeated by her. Those thoughts alone made her vow she wouldn't change her attitude towards her no matter what size she was at.

After a few minutes (that included feeding Axew with her own Pokémon food), Iris finished up with her place of pancakes and saw the shrunken trainers were done eating too.
"Well, that was refreshing, wasn't it?" Iris said.
"You bet! For a moment I forgot I was tiny, to be honest with you." Cilan said.
"So what now, Iris?" Ash asked.
"Yeah, what now, Iris? Are you going to play with all of us again like we're your little girly dolls again!?" Georgia retorted.
"Well, since you put it that way, we shall depart once again for Route 7." Iris said as she got up and reached down to pick up the shrunken trainers.
"Huh? Shouldn't we wait here and wait to hear back from Professor Juniper or her assistant?" Ash asked.
"Oh, come on, Ash! Route 7 isn't that far from here! Nurse Joy or whoever shows up to help us will know where to find us! Besides, Route 7 is the perfect place to spend quality alone time with you all." Iris said with a smile.
"I knew it! I KNEW IT! She's going to torture us all! We're all going to die!!!" Georgia said, only to suddenly have her hat pulled down over her eyes by the giantess.
"Man, you're such a little kid, Georgia." Iris said. After slipping her feet back into her shoes, Iris walked outside the room and made her way back into the lobby of the Pokémon Center. Once again, she cuddled the trainers against her chest so nobody else would see them.
Iris made her way to the front desk where she gave Nurse Joy back the key to the room she and the others had stayed in.
"Thanks again for the pancakes, Nurse Joy. I'm going to take a walk on Route 7 with my friends." Iris said.
"Okay… but try not to go too far so that the professor's assistant she sent can find you!" Nurse Joy said.
"Don't worry, I won't!" Iris said as she made her way out of the Pokémon Center.

It was another picture perfect start to the morning, with not a cloud in the sky and the sun casting deep shadows on the trees that made up much of Route 7. Iris stopped walking on the dirt path when she looked around and saw nobody even remotely close to her. She opened up her hands and looked down at the shrunken trainers.
"Well, here we are back at the scene of the crime, so to speak. I wonder what we should do first?" Iris said.
"Maybe let us go so we can run as far away from you as possible?" Georgia retorted.
"Hmph… not thinking so smart for a Dragon Buster, are you? Then how would you return to your normal size?" Iris said.
"I don't care! I've never been so humiliated in my entire life! You should be glad nobody else knows about what's happened to us or the way you're treating… ACK!" Georgia said, only to be cut off as Iris pinched two fingers from her other hand around Georgia's neck and chest.
"Y'know, Georgia, I suggest you start behaving before you really tick me off, and given your current size, I don't think you should be ticking me off today." Iris said.
"Y…Yes…Okay…" Georgia said.
"How about Yes, Iris!?" Iris shouted.
"Yes, Iris!!!" Georgia said.
"And that Iris is the greatest dragon trainer in the world today." Iris said with a smile on her face.
"Okay, okay! Iris is the greatest dragon trainer in the world today!" Georgia said. She then felt Iris let go of her and she coughed and gasped for air.
"Um… Iris? Maybe you shouldn't be so rough with Georgia. She seemed really scared when I talked to her this morning." Ash said.
"Hmmph. Georgia should know what fear is. I've had to live with it most of my life, it's only fair she feel the despair that goes with being so small." Iris said. Ash knew she was talking about her intense fear of ice Pokémon, but still, he felt sorry for Georgia as he looked over and saw her still recovering from the 'choke hold' that Iris put her through. Still, he kept quiet and didn't bother to argue.

Iris was anxious to get underway with her first 'game' involving the three shrunken trainers, and she crouched down and set the three down on the dirt path.
"Alrighty! I've got an idea for our first game today! It's time to see how well you all have been exercising!" Iris said with a big smile on her face.
"Huh? Exercising?" Ash asked.
"You have 60 seconds to run as far and fast as you can! The one who is ahead when time runs out shall receive a special reward!" Iris said.
"Huh? What kind of reward would that be?" Cilan asked.
"Teehee! You'll find out only if you win the race. Now… on your mark, get set… GO!" Iris shouted as she quickly stood back to her full height and stomped the ground as her way of starting the running race.
Ash (with Pikachu hanging onto his head for the ride), Georgia, and Cilan all promptly turned around and started running. It wasn't really close who was the best runner. Cilan was already running far behind.
"*huff puff huff puff* I thought I was faster than my brothers at the restaurant, but this is ridiculous!" Cilan said, who watched as the gigantic Iris walked right past him. Georgia was next in line, and despite that, Iris was keeping up with her. Georgia picked up her pace and did not like it one bit as she watched Iris's shoes stomp closer to her one at a time.
"Come on! Seriously!?" Georgia shouted.
"Teehee! Better keep running before I squash you, Georgia!" Iris said.

After another minute, though, Iris felt everyone had run far enough. With a couple mighty steps, she stopped directly in front of Ash, who skidded to a stop to keep from running into her shoes, and yet he was still inches away from the set of ‘walls.’
“Nice stop, Ash! You’ve got good brakes!” Iris said.
“Does this mean I won the race?” Ash asked.
“Of course! And as promised, I have a prize for you winning the foot race.” Iris said, who right away kneeled down and picked up the tiny trainer. She held him up against her face.
“Are you ready?” Iris asked with a smile on her face that took up almost all of Ash’s vision. Ash, on the other hand, wasn’t sure what to expect.
“I… I guess.” Ash said. He watched as Iris moved her massive lips towards him and planted them all over his body with a loud smooching sound. Once Iris felt she had kissed for long enough, she pulled her hand with Ash back.
“Heehee! For some reason, I actually enjoyed that! What did you think?” Iris asked.
“Um… uh…” Ash tried to say. Even at 2 and a half inches tall, Iris could see Ash blushing red in the face.
“Awwww, I made you blush! Just like a little kid!” Iris said.
“Yeah, um… thanks, Iris.” Ash said.

Just then, just as Georgia and Cilan finally caught up and were standing near the giant Iris, the group suddenly heard another female voice that was quickly going up in volume.
“Out of my way! Out of my way!! Out of my way!!!” the voice shouted. Everyone looked to see it was Bianca, running at her top speed and struggling to keep her balance.
“Hey, it’s Bianca!” Ash shouted.
“And she’s coming in hot!!” Cilan shouted.
“SHE’S GONNA CRUSH US!!!” Georgia shouted, fearing for her life as she saw the other giantess racing towards herself and Iris. Of course, Iris was right on top of things. With seemingly lightning speed, she scooped up both Cilan and Georgia, and with all the shrunken victims in her hands, she leapt high in the air and to the side just as Bianca came zipping by. Instead of crashing into someone, Bianca watched as she was charging right into the tall grass and towards one of the trees.
“Look ouuuuuuuut!!!” Bianca shouted before she slammed right into the tree. Bianca fell backwards to the ground, flat on her back, with a dizzy look on her face. Iris ran over to check up on her.
“Ugh… anyone get the license plate on that Sudowoodo?” Bianca said. Iris kneeled down next to Bianca’s face and looked straight down on her.
“Bianca! Are you alright?” Iris said. But just as quickly as she fell unconscious, Bianca was already back to her full senses as she leaned up and sat on the ground.
“Oh! Hi, Iris! It’s so good to see you again! How have you been?” Bianca said. Iris, on the other hand, wasn’t so thrilled.
“Bianca, you idiot!!! What were you thinking!? You could’ve trampled all over Ash and the others!” Iris shouted angrily.
“Oh, I’m sorry! I’m so very sorry! Where are they now?” Bianca asked.
“Right here.” Iris said as she opened up her hands and revealed the shrunken Ash, Pikachu, Cilan, and Georgia.

As both ladies stood back to her full height, Bianca’s jaw dropped down as she looked down on the shrunken victims.
“Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh! I can’t believe how small you all are!” Bianca said. She gently reached down and picked up the young boy along with his Pikachu, holding both of them in her own two hands now.
"So how do you feel, Ash?" Bianca said.
"Um… I don't think this is the proper time for small talk." Ash commented while at the same time noting how Bianca felt a bit bigger since she was a bit older and taller than he and the others at their normal sizes.
"Teeheehee! Small talk! I like that, Ash! Have you ever thought about doing stand up comedy?" Bianca said.
"Actually, Ash is right. I assume you're the 'assistant' that Professor Juniper sent?" Iris asked.
"Oh! But of course! I really like working with Professor Juniper. She has such fascinating experiments going on at her lab, on top of course of Pokémon research! Makes me want to be a part of her full-time staff, to be honest with you!" Bianca said.
"Will you just hurry up and give us the formula or whatever that will make us normal again!?" Georgia shouted from Iris's hands. Bianca recognized Georgia from the Pokémon Club Battle Tournament in Nimbasa Town.
"My my, Georgia, no need to rush things. If you really are Georgia! Maybe you're Zorua in disguise!" Bianca said as she started poking Georgia, knocking her down to her behind.
"Hey! Stop that!!" Georgia said. Iris of course laughed as she enjoyed watching this.
"Um… Bianca. Luke's not here, so that can't be Zorua." Cilan added.
"Oh, um! Right! I knew that! Anyway!" Bianca said as she handed Ash back over to Iris. Ash, Georgia, Cilan, and even Iris rolled their eyes around. This was Bianca at her bubbly happy-go-lucky self.
"I've got the restoration formula here in my purse. Let's see here…" Bianca said as she started sifting through her purse trying to find the vial that Professor Juniper had given her.

And she searched and searched and searched and searched.
"Okay, I know I put it in here somewhere!" Bianca said.
"Ugh… how long is this going to take?" Georgia asked.
"Actually, it could take another hour. Her purse is as cluttered as there are layers of pasta in fine lasagna." Cilan said.
"Ah ha! Found it!" Bianca shouted as she pulled out a small tube of yellow liquid.
"Wow! That's gotta be a new record!" Iris said in an almost sarcastic tone.
"Hey, I can't help it! I swear one of these days I'll buy a bigger purse! Honest!" Bianca said.
"So how does that stuff work?" Iris asked.
"Well, just like with the shrinking formula… I just have to pour the contents of this bottle onto our cute little victims, er… I mean… well, you know who I'm referring to! Anyway, they should grow back to normal." Bianca said.
"Should!?" Georgia said.
"Well, we didn't have anything small to test the potion on, and besides, the sooner you grow back the better! The professor was quick to remind me of the deadline you all face." Bianca said.
"Oh, right. The one where a full 24 hours pass since we've shrunk, and we're stuck like this forever." Cilan said.
"Well, less talking and more action! Give us the potion, Bianca!" Ash said.
"Okay! Just as soon as Iris puts them down on the ground. Wouldn't want to make Iriszilla out of all this!" Bianca said. Despite the tantalizing thought, Iris did as she was told and put the shrunken victims down on the ground so she wouldn't be hit with even one drop of the potion.
Despite being down on the ground, Bianca was still standing at her full height, leaving the shrunken group to stare at the walls that were both Bianca's yellow shoes and her orange socks.
"Um… Bianca, any day now." Ash said.
"Oh, right! Sorry! I just couldn't resist looking straight down on all of you. You're just so cute!" Bianca shouted.
"Man, what an airhead." Georgia muttered under her breath. Bianca then bent down on her knees and popped the tube of yellow liquid open, hovering it above the group.
"Okay, here we go!" Bianca shouted as she tilted the bottle and the liquid splashed down sorta like a waterfall (given the size they were at) on everyone.

But nothing happened, even after a whole minute passed. The change wasn't instant compared to the shrinking formula earlier.
"Huh? What's going on? Why are we still stuck like this!?" Georgia shouted.
"Huh? I don't understand… it should've worked." Bianca said.
"You don't think the deadline has passed, do you?" Ash said.
"No, it can't have! We still have a few hours to spare." Cilan said.
"OH! Wait, now I remember!!" Bianca said.
"Now you remember? Well, what is it!?" Iris shouted.
"I think I remember the professor saying the growth formula takes some time to kick in. Almost a couple hours… I think she said some jargon about allowing the Pokérus to fully run its course before it dies away, or something like that." Bianca said.
"Well, nevertheless, I guess our troubles will soon be over." Ash said.
"True, but you know what? While I'm still at the top of the food chain…" Iris said as she stepped towards the shrunken group. As Georgia watched the giantess approach her, she took cover behind Ash.
"No! Don't let her take me, Ash!!" Georgia said.
"Er… okay, I guess I can protect you… Whoa!" Ash said, only to feel something wrap around his body and pick him up into the air. That turned out to be Bianca's giant hand wrapping around Ash. That left Georgia completely unprotected and she watched as Iris reached down and picked her up. With Georgia snugly in Iris's hands and Ash sharing the same fate in Bianca's hands. Cilan simply watched the action play out from the ground, keeping a sharp eye in case the giantesses made any moves towards him.
He was so busy watching the two giantesses before him, and the girls would be so busy playing with their 'toys,' nobody was watching another important person in the lives of the group walking down the path towards them…

Ash watched nervously as Bianca handled him with her hands. There was no telling what Bianca was capable of given her 'airhead' nature.
"Teeheehee! You're just so cute, Ash! It almost makes me wish someone would make a doll out of you!" Bianca said.
"Er… that's nice." Ash said.
"I could hug you and squeeze you for all eternity!" Bianca said as she did just that. She planted Ash up against her face, trapping him between her cheek and her hands. Bianca moved her head back and forth, brushing her skin against all of Ash and Pikachu. It was getting too much for Ash as he was getting blue in the face.
"Um… Bianca… can't breathe!" Ash said. Bianca heard that and quickly pulled her hand back.
"Oh my goodness! I'm so incredibly sorry! Sometimes I can't help myself!" Bianca shouted. She next focused on the hat on Ash's head.
"Teehee! Your hat is so tiny compared to mine! In fact…" Bianca said. Placing Ash on one hand, she used her other hand to gently pull off the hat that was on her head, fully revealing all of her bright blonde hair. Right away, she flipped her hat upside down and dumped Ash into the interior of the hat. Ash and Pikachu looked around the edges of the hat that towered over them. It was like they were inside one of the Pokémon League coliseums.
"Welcome to the Bianca Coliseum with today's special guest, Ash Ketchum!" Bianca shouted.
"Um, thank you?" Ash said, pretending to hear an audience cheering out loud for him.
"Today's weather is going to be quite windy. Our guest better hold on tight if he wants to concentrate!" Bianca said. With that, she took a deep breath and then exhaled with as much force as she could.
"Whoa!!" Ash shouted as he tried to hang on to whatever fabric he could grab inside the hat, only succeeding in grabbing the oversized loose strands of Bianca's hair. Ash and Pikachu ended up crashing against the edges inside the hat. They were not hurt because the edge was so soft, but they still felt winded (no pun intended!) as they slowly got back on their feet.
"Oh! I got an idea!" Bianca said. Ash and Pikachu held on tight once again as they felt Bianca tipping her hat back in the correct position. She then placed it on her head.
"There we are! You two will be perfectly safe up there!" Bianca shouted. Ash and Pikachu finally let go of the hat, and despite the total darkness they were immersed in, they knew they were walking through another forest full of hair, this time belonging to Bianca instead of Iris.
"Well, guess you and I are exploring another head of hair, Pikachu." Ash said.
"Pikachu…" Pikachu said with much uneasiness in its voice. It wasn't sure they were fully safe inside the darkness.

While all this was going on, Iris was once again taking a full hold of her shrunken rival, Georgia. The Dragon Buster once again shivered in fear from her enemy towering over her.
"Well, Georgia, here we are again." Iris said.
"Just… just don't hurt me!" Georgia said.
"Oh, don't worry. Even you should be able to survive these next couple of games I have in mind." Iris said. That's when, with her free hand, she reached behind her back and grabbed as much of her hair as she could, namely the pony tail at the very end of the long strands. She dangled the pony tail in front of Georgia.
"Go ahead, grab on." Iris said. This time, Georgia tried to show defiance and refusal in playing this game.
"N…No! I won't!" Georgia shouted. Of course, the effort proved futile, especially as Iris put on an angry face.
"Oh, you will grab my hair. Now!" Iris shouted, going as far as poking Georgia down to her behind with her hair. Georgia knew she had no choice.
"Alright, alright!" Georgia said as she grabbed as much of the pony tail as she could.
"Good, just as I expected. Now hold on tight!" Iris said. She moved her hand away, causing Georgia to fall downward.
"EEEEEEEEEEK!!!" Georgia shouted. She felt herself falling for seemingly a long time, until she was now in a swinging motion. She was hanging on for dear life onto Iris's hair as the dragon trainer started subtly moving or spinning around in place.
"Wheeee! Having fun, Georgia?" Iris said.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! GET ME OFF THIS THING!!!" Georgia said with tears falling down her closed eyes as she tried not to look at the horrifying sight and clutched as tight onto the strands of hair as she would an Escape Rope. Iris, on the other hand, tried to imagine what it looked like for Georgia, especially given how many tree vines she's swung off of as a kid.

After a couple minutes of swinging her body and hair around, Iris stopped and grabbed her pony tail again. She held a hand out and shook her hair profoundly until Georgia finally lost her grip and fell a short distance onto the palm of Iris's hand. Iris had a smile on her face as she looked down at the tiny girl.
"Heehee! Did you have fun, Georgia?" Iris said. Georgia, on the other hand, was laying flat on her back with her arms and legs sprawled about with swirls in her eyes.
"Ugh… I hate you… Iris." Georgia said.
"Now that's the Georgia I know and love. You deserve a reward for hanging on for so long." Iris said. After giving her hand a bit of a shake to get Georgia up and moving again, she then picked her up with her other hand. She started moving Georgia towards her other arm, the one that wasn't holding her. Right away Georgia didn't like where this was going, especially the closer she got towards the open sleeve.
"What are you doing!?" Georgia asked.
"Enjoy the ride, Georgia!" Iris shouted. She tilted her arm so that it was a downward slide down the shirt, and Georgia shook around in vain.
"Nooooo!!!" Georgia shouted, but watched as Iris loosened her grip and dropped her inside. Georgia slid down further into Iris's shirt, with her gigantic arm overhead that she kept thinking was going to come down on her any second.
Iris could tell where Georgia was in her sleeve judging by the small lump on the bottom. She tilted her arm further downward to further drive the shrunken rival inside, though she was careful not to tilt too much. Still, Georgia was already picking up a faint smell that almost knocked her out. She looked to see she was approaching Iris's armpit.
"Oh, for crying out loud, no!" Georgia said as she grabbed onto the fabric of the inside of Iris's shirt and stopped her descent.
Almost immediately, she felt the arm tilting the other way. It was so sudden a change a momentum, that she lost her grip and went sliding the other way. And she was sliding at almost breakneck speed.
"Stop! Stoooooop!!" Georgia shouted. Georgia watched as she fell right out of the sleeve, only to land right smack onto the palm of Iris's hand.
Georgia looked at Iris's gigantic face as her giant rival moved her hand in front of her face.
"Hah! Wasn't that fun, Georgia?" Iris said.
"Ugh… why are you doing this? I could've suffocated in there!!" Georgia said.
"Why else? I'm big and you're small. It's not every day I get to see my little rival suffer." Iris said.
"Well, when I'm back to my normal size, see how much fun you'll have then. ACK!" Georgia said, only to have Iris squeeze her hand into a fist and leave Georgia's head sticking out.
"I suggest you stop talking back to me, or maybe I will crush you like the insect you are!" Iris said. A line like this brought despair back into Georgia's thought process, and most importantly a worried look on her face.
"There. That's more like it!" Iris said with a smile.

Keeping her hand closed in fist formation, Iris then looked over at Bianca and didn't see Ash or Pikachu anywhere around her.
"Huh? Bianca? Where is Ash?" Iris asked.
"Oh! He's hiding inside my hat! I wonder how he's doing in exploring my hair?" Bianca said. Iris then snapped.
"WHAT!? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL HIM!? HE COULD SUFFOCATE IN THERE!!!!" Iris shouted with as much vigor in her voice as she could.
"Huh? D-D-Don't be silly! He can survive anything, even me crashing into him!" Bianca said.
"You let him out right now!" Iris said.
"No way! I rather like him up there! And besides, you have your own toy to play with!" Bianca said as she pointed down at Georgia trapped in Iris's hand. Iris thought about arguing further, but knew there was no talking Bianca out of something once she was committed (such as chasing Zorua).
"Alright, I have other ways of making you obey my command." Iris said with a grin on her face.
"Huh? You-you-you're not going to take control of my mind, are you?" Bianca said, watching nervously as Iris started pacing around the girl.
"Tickle torture time!" Iris shouted as she stopped behind the girl and literally tickled Bianca at her hips with her free hand. Bianca started laughing uncontrollably as she tried to fight off Iris's hand, but she was quick to move it around to other parts of her body, keeping the tickling going.
"Hey! S-S-S-Stop that! HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Bianca shouted as she kept on laughing. This gave Iris the chance she needed to pull the hat off Bianca's head and dropped it onto the dirt path, but she kept the tickling going as she scanned every last strand of Bianca's blonde hair.
"Ash? Where are you?" Iris asked. Finally, she was able to find him between a couple of the strands. With quick speed like Pikachu using Quick Attack, she took the hand she had used to tickle Bianca and carefully plucked both Ash and Pikachu out, holding them in her other bare hand.

Ash and Pikachu breathed a deep sigh of relief, both glad to be out of Bianca's hair and to be able to breathe fresh air once again.
"Are you alright, Ash?" Iris asked as she moved Ash onto the same hand that Georgia was standing on.
"Whew! Better now thanks to you." Ash said. He turned around when he saw Bianca approaching Iris.
"Iris! Why'd you do that? That was so mean!" Bianca said.
"Well, what did you expect? I won't allow you to play with my best friend like that." Iris said. That comment brought a smile to Ash's face. He and Iris had come a long way from the early days when she would almost always call him a little kid.
"Still, I won't take to getting tickled so very easily. I shall return the favor to you right now!" Bianca said. She right away moved her fingers to Iris's hips, and she started laughing hysterically.
"Hey! STOP!! HEEHAHAHAHAHEHE!!!" Iris shouted as she laughed. Without thinking about the shrunken people in her hand, Iris threw them up in the air so she could use both her hands to fight off Bianca.
"Ahhhhhhh!!!" Ash and Georgia both screamed as they flew up in the air and then started falling back down. Ash was ahead on the descent, and he looked to see the one chance he had at surviving this fall. He reached out and grabbed the top of Bianca's white shirt that was underneath her orange vest. Ash looked behind and saw Georgia falling in front of her, and he instinctively reached out and grabbed Georgia's by her hand. Ash clutched on tightly to the shirt, even as Bianca kneeled down to continue tickling Iris who was now flailing about on the ground.
"Ash! Please don't let go of me!!!" Georgia said as tears streamed down her panic-striken face.
"Ugh… I'm trying! I'm trying!" Ash shouted as he clearly struggled to maintain grip on the shirt because of the added weight of holding onto Georgia. Eventually, it was too much for Ash to take and he lost his grip, and the two fell downward.
"Ahhhhhhh!!!" Ash and Georgia both screamed. Eventually they landed on something soft, but the terrain was very unstable and rocked back and forth constantly. Georgia realized first where they had landed.
"Oh spit!!! We're on top of Iris!" Georgia said. Indeed, the two had landed on top of Iris's pink bow tied around her waist, with Bianca towering above them as she continued to tickle torture Iris. Ash and Georgia once again held on tight, hoping Iris would not roll to her side.

Cilan, meanwhile, knew Ash and Georgia were in grave danger and had to act somehow to save them.
"Goodness me! They're going to be crushed by those ladies if I don't save them!" Cilan said. He started to run towards the giantesses, as foolish an act as it may seem, but he suddenly felt himself being grabbed by something, which was pulling him up to the air.
"Ack! Something's got me! But what?" Cilan said. He didn't have to wait long to find out the answer to that mystery. Cilan suddenly found himself staring at another normal-sized girl, and this one had very familiar purple hair and a Connoisseur's outfit on.
"C'est pas vrai! I knew my eyes weren't playing tricks on me." the girl said.
"B-B-Burgundy!? What are you doing here?" Cilan shouted.
"Is that any way to greet your friendly and tasty rival? For a world renowned Pokémon Connoisseur, you sure have a short memory." Burgundy said.
"Well, I guess that's not the only thing I've fallen short on." Cilan said with a nervous smile on his face.
"Si drôle, my petit Cilan. But your size now makes me the top chef." Burgundy said.
"*gulp* Really?" Cilan said.
"En fait, I think it's time I tested a new recipe I've had in my mind since the day we met." Burgundy said. She suddenly pulled out a salt shaker and shook it directly above Cilan, who covered his head as he was pounded with pebble after pebble of salt, which would ordinarily look tiny if he were normal-sized.
Once Burgundy felt she had put enough salt on Cilan, she licked her lips and moved him towards her mouth.
"Bon appetit!" Burgundy said. Cilan pleaded for his life as the salt trickled down his clothes.
"B-Burgundy! Think about what you're doing! I'm gonna give you indigestion! Eeeeek!" Cilan shouted, who could only watch as the world around him went almost completely dark, the only light coming from outside Burgundy's gaping jaw.
Cilan simply held onto the saliva-drenched tongue as best as he could, trying not to slide down into Burgundy's esophagus. But he was enduring a rough ride in the process. Burgundy could easily feel the tiny Cilan clinging on her tongue, and she moved her tongue upward, pressing it against the top of her mouth. Cilan could feel the bruises going around his body as he was trapped in between the tongue and the roof.
"You're doing good, Cilan! Magnifique!" Burgundy said, her voice echoing inside her mouth. It didn't make Cilan feel any better to see her seemingly larger than life uvula taunting him every second he looked at it. Cilan then felt Burgundy move her tongue towards her pearly white teeth, and the horrifying thought of Cilan being crunched by the huge but sparkly white objects filled him with genuine fear for the first time since being shrunken.

After having to jump out of Iris's hair because of being trapped on the ground by tickle torture, Axew looked around at the chaos that was going on. First there was Ash, Georgia, and most importantly Pikachu hanging on for dear life on Bianca's clothes, and then they fell onto another perilous situation in that they were clinging onto Iris's pink bow, and one wrong turn meant sudden death for the two. Then there was actually witnessing Cilan being swallowed by Burgundy, and the other girls did not even know she had arrived on the scene.

It was all too much for Axew to take. This all had to stop now or someone was going to die. That's when Axew put aside its good consciousness and leapt up in the air. It used Scratch on both Iris and Bianca.
"OW!!!" both ladies shouted as they held their faces that had some small red scratch marks. Axew ran over as fast as it could and did the same thing to Burgundy.
"Oh! Sacre bleu!!!" Burgundy said as she held her face from where it was lightly scratched. At the same time, the momentum from her moving around caused Cilan to go flying out of Burgundy's mouth and sail towards the ground.
"Well, at least I got to skydive before I died… just the way I dreamed it." Cilan said to himself. Luckily, however, he was caught in midair by a quickly recovered Burgundy.
"Hah! Caught you! There's no way I'm going to let my lunch go splat, or be taken by an Axew." Burgundy said.
"Um… that's nice. But I don't think Axew likes that you're trying to eat me to begin with. Huh?" Cilan said as he pointed to Axew, only to see it run back towards both Iris and Bianca. Burgundy was a bit curious seeing scratch marks on their faces too, so she decided to approach the duo with Cilan still in her hand.

Iris, meanwhile, looked down at Axew with a mean look on her face.
"Axew! What in the world was that all about!?" Iris shouted. Axew wasted no time in pointing where Ash, Pikachu, and Georgia were all resting.
"Oh my gosh! It's dangerous down there!" Iris said as she reached down and picked up the three, holding them in her hand once more. She and Bianca got up from the ground and stood at their full height once more.
"But how did they get all the way down there?" Bianca asked.
"They probably fell off while you were trying to tickle torture me." Iris said, raising an eyebrow over at Bianca.
"Oh! I'm sorry! I'm so very sorry!" Bianca said.
"I DON'T CARE THAT YOU'RE SORRY! YOU TWO COULD'VE KILLED US!! I WANT TO GROW BACK TO NORMAL NOW!!! WHY AREN'T WE GROWING YET!!? I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!!!" Georgia said as she clutched her head and spun around all by herself. Ash could clearly tell she had lost control of herself.
"Pikachu, thunderbolt!" Ash shouted as he pointed over at Georgia. Pikachu hopped up in the air and let loose a powerful stream of lightning bolts that shocked Georgia instantly. Even though she looked charred, she seemed to have regained her senses.
"Thanks… I needed that." Georgia said.
"Anything to help a fellow shrunken victim." Ash said.

The two girls then noticed Burgundy approaching them, with Cilan in her hands.
"Oh? I see there are others who had shrunken?" Burgundy said.
"Burgundy? What brings you here?" Iris asked.
"I was on my way back from the mountain trying to find that one special ingredient I need to finally outcook little Cilan here. Oh la la… just holding him in my hand makes me feel as strong as the tallest tower." Burgundy said.
"I see. Thanks for taking care of Cilan for us. But… how come he's all wet?" Iris said, noticing Cilan drenched in what appeared to be water. Of course, it was actually Burgundy's saliva that he was drenched with. Cilan tried to speak the truth, but Burgundy was quick to fib an answer.
"Fais vour… I think he had stumbled into a puddle and I was saving him from drowning." Burgundy said.
"Just a little puddle did that to him?" Bianca said.
"Well, don't forget, Bianca. He's so small… puddles probably look more like ponds from where he's standing." Iris said. Cilan decided to play along and let the truth go so that another fight doesn't perhaps start.
"Um, yeah! That was it! I stumbled into a puddle trying to get away from the ticklefest you two were having. Thank goodness Burgundy came by to save me. It seems there's some kindness in her heart after all." Cilan said with a smile.
"Hmph! Don't get used to it, petit one!" Burgundy said. Ash spoke up next to change the subject.
"Meanwhile, Georgia has a valid point. Surely that growth liquid should've kicked in by now." Ash said. Bianca looked down at her multitask-capable watch.
"Hmmm… he's right! And there's only an hour to go before it hits 24 hours!" Bianca said.
"I don't know… I still think we oughta think about keeping everyone tiny, especially Georgia and…" Iris started to say.
"AXEW AXEW!!!" Axew said as it suddenly showed its claws again, the same ones it used to scratch the faces of all three ladies.
"Okay, okay, Axew! I understand. We do need to get everyone back to normal pronto. Let's get back to the Pokémon Center and have Nurse Joy contact Professor Juniper." Iris said.
"Then let us make way right now! Tout de suite!" Burgundy said. The three girls nodded at each other and made their way down the dirt path to return to the Mistralton City Pokémon Center.

Nurse Joy was sitting quietly at the front desk, waiting to help out any trainer who needed his or her Pokémon healed up. She watched as three ladies (Iris, Burgundy, and Bianca) all approached the desk.
"Hi! Welcome back to the Pokémon Center, Iris and Bianca. And you're a new face here…" Nurse Joy said as she looked over at Burgundy.
"Nurse Joy, forgive us for cutting to the chase, but we've given our shrunken friends the restoration formula that Bianca brought us." Iris said.
"And yet they haven't grown an inch! And there's only an hour left before they're stuck like this!" Bianca said.
“Oh my! This is serious! I’ll call Professor Juniper right away!” Nurse Joy said as she reached down for the video phone and dialed up the professor. It only took a few seconds for the professor to answer.
“Hello! This is Professor Juniper. To whom am I speaking?" Juniper said.
“Professor, this is Nurse Joy of the Mistralton City Pokémon Center again.” Nurse Joy said.
“Ah, hello again! I take it Bianca has delivered the reversal formula to Ash and his friends?” Juniper said.
“Yes, but she says they have not grown back to their normal size.” Nurse Joy said. Amazingly to the nurse, Professor Juniper was smiling.
“Well, that doesn’t surprise me. Bianca actually left before I could give her the rest of the instructions!” Juniper said. Bianca (as did the other people at the desk) heard that and sweatdrops were running down her head.
“Um… oops! I rushed off again, didn’t I?” Bianca said.
“Bianca! I’ve told you once and I’ll tell you again; you’ve got to slow down so that you can get all the information and process it.” Juniper said.
“Oh, I’m sorry, professor! I’m so very sorry! I can’t help myself! I like to do things fast and furious!” Bianca said.
“You can say that again.” Iris said with a grin on her face.
“Anyway, the shrunken ones have to be subject to the same healing rays that a Pokémon Center uses to heal Pokémon. Those rays are what activate the reversing potion, much like sunscreen kicks in when UV rays from the sun hit the human skin.” Juniper said.
“No problem, professor. I will take it from here! I’ll call you back with the results.” Nurse Joy said.
“Okay, thanks!” Juniper said before she hung up and the screen went blank. Nurse Joy looked over at the three ladies all holding one shrunken person each.
“We don’t have a moment to lose. Please give me the shrunken victims.” Nurse Joy said. Iris, Bianca, and Burgundy all handed Nurse Joy the tiny Ash, Pikachu, Cilan, and Georgia (who started to smile again knowing she would be back to normal very soon). Holding the group carefully in her hands, she went to a back room, presumably where the healing equipment was.

A few minutes passed, and there was still no sign of Nurse Joy. Iris started to worry a bit.
"You think they're having any problems back there?" Iris said.
"I'm sure everything's fine! Professor Juniper's the best at figuring this stuff out." Bianca said.
"Pfffft… on one hand I'll be glad to see Cilan back to normal, but I would've preferred to keep him as small as a slice of French bread." Burgundy said. Suddenly, the familiar 'healing complete' sound rang out from one of the speakers. Coming out the doors were not just Nurse Joy, but Ash, Pikachu, Cilan, and Georgia all restored to their normal size.
"Hahahaha! Alright!!" Iris shouted as she jumped to her feet and ran towards Ash, wrapping her arms around him and giving him a big hug.
"Well now, there's a nice way to be greeted!" Ash said. Bianca and Burgundy approached the group as well.
"As you can see, everyone is back to their normal size. The healing process proved to be a success." Nurse Joy said.
"Well, I for one am glad. Now I can get back to beating you and your cooking fair and square!" Burgundy said with a smile as she looked up a short ways at Cilan's eyes.
"I'd be honored to accept your challenge the day that comes, Burgundy. Don't hold back!" Cilan said.

After Iris felt she had hugged Ash for long enough, she looked over with a bit of trepidation over at Georgia, who herself had a cold look on her face.
"Um… no hard feelings?" Iris said.
"Hah! Lucky for you I'm willing to forget the last 24 hours ever happened. But mark my words, Iris the dragon trainer. Next time we meet, I shall fulfill my destiny as a Dragon Buster and defeat you!" Georgia said.
"Heh, she's back to being a little kid." Iris said.
"WHO ARE YOU CALLING LITTLE KID, LITTLE MISSIE!?" Georgia said as the two traded invisible lightning bolts between their eyes again.
"Well, looks like life is back to normal!" Ash said.
"I couldn't agree more!" Bianca shouted.
"Whatever. Later, everyone. I must continue on with my training." Georgia said as she walked her way out of the Pokémon Center. Ash and friends just sighed but knew that was Georgia's style no matter the circumstances.

As Ash and friends walked out of the Pokémon Center (with Nurse Joy reporting the good news to Professor Juniper), Burgundy was already on her way. Ash looked over at Bianca who had a smile on her face.
"So where are you headed Bianca? Want to join us as we head for Icirrus City?" Ash asked.
"Oh, I wish I could, but I have to get back to Professor Juniper's lab! I want to know what other exciting projects she's working on that she might need my help on!" Bianca said.
"Just make sure it isn't anything that involves shrinking or growing!" Iris said.
"Well, I can't promise anything, but next time we meet, I'll let you know! Goodbye for now, my friends!" Bianca said as she not just ran, but sprinted out of Mistralton City. Ash took a good look at the sun that was slowly descending in the sky.
"Well, team! Shall we get going for Icirrus City?" Ash asked.
"Yeah, let's go!" Iris shouted.
"And I'll make sure to prepare a most scrumptious meal along the way!" Cilan said. The Pokémon, Pikachu and Axew, also cheered happily as everyone got on their way down the dirt path, this time with everyone at their normal size. More importantly, Ash and Cilan (along with Pikachu) could camp out and sleep down the path without fear of being mistaken for Patrat food.