Jessie Makes it Big

(Cubed Cinder)

Giovanni (and his new secretary) watched as the double doors opened up, and coming in from the other side were Jessie, James, and Meowth. All were known more for their failures than their successes, and yet they were still employed by Team Rocket. At least, until the following sequence of events.
"We are here, boss!" Jessie said.
"Indeed, faster than a speeding rocket!" James said.
"Here to serve you as always!" Meowth said. He had a smile on his face until he looked down on Giovanni's lap and saw Persian sitting there.
"Need I remind you three of the great oath that Team Rocket has possessed since the dawn of time?" Giovanni asked.
"Um... who cares if we failed this time? We'll get another chance to fail next time!" Jessie said.
"Team Rocket will do what it has to do to snatch that little Pikachu?" James said.
"The most important trait for an agent is discipline!" Meowth said.
"FOOLS! Steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket." Giovanni said.
"Oh, right! We knew that, didn't we, James?" Jessie asked with an innocent smile on her face.
"Of course, and we've captured our fair share of Pokemon." James said.
"And yet your plans have always ended in failure. Not only that, but you have engaged in acts that have made a mockery of Team Rocket. Do you really think I would approve of selling food at stadiums!?" Giovanni shouted.
"But... but we can't help that, sir! We're plain broke from all the machinery we've been buying from you guys!" Meowth said.
"Indeed, let's not forget about all the millions I have lost thanks to your pathetic treatment of all the gadgets I spent all that money building for this organization!" Giovanni shouted, slamming his fist on his desk.
"Um... if I may sir..." Jessie said.
"I won't put up with this nonsense any longer. You have exhausted your usefulness to me. Don't bother packing your bags trying to strengthen what's left of our organization in another region. As of now, you three are fired!" Giovanni said.
"Wait, what!?" Meowth shouted.
"F! I! R! E! D! FIRED!!!!" Giovanni screamed.

It was suddenly very quiet in the room. Giovanni was almost red in the face. His secretary didn't react at all during all this. Persian smiled knowing Meowth wouldn't be a bother to his owner anymore. Jessie? James? Meowth? Indeed... they were beyond shocked. They looked like had just been run over by a stampede of bikers. Soon, the silence was broken when two muscular men in black Team Rocket suits came into the room.
"Is everything okay, boss? We heard you screaming and shouting." one of the men said.
"Yes yes, I am fine. I want you to remove these three losers from my sight." Giovanni said.
"As you wish!" the other man said. The two took the just fired trio by the arms and dragged them out of the room. The trio didn't put up a fight at all; they just stared at Giovanni before the doors were shut in front of them. Once Giovanni and his secretary were all by themselves, Giovanni breathed a sigh of relief.
"I feel... relieved." Giovanni said.
"If I must say, sir, you did the right thing." the secretary said. Giovanni nodded.
"Have one of our drill sergeants start preparing a list of our best field agents. I'm only sending the very best to Unova." Giovanni said.
"Yes, sir." the secretary said.

After getting dragged all the way to the elevator down the hallway by the muscled guards and being forced to go a few floors down, the trio suddenly found the energy to walk out of the elevator. They were in another hallway, and they stared down the corridor (full of glass doors) for a couple minutes before finally speaking again.
"Well... um... I guess... I guess this is..." James said.
"No sense beating around the bush. It's over. It's come to a crashing end." Meowth said.
"You two should go on. No sense hanging around a loser like me." Jessie said, her head turned away from her two former partners.
"Huh? But Jess... we've been a team for so long. We should stick..." James said.
"I said go home!! We're no longer a team..." Jessie said. James had never seen such a painful look in Jessie's eyes. She was trying to fight back the tears amidst the anguish on her face. He knew it was no sense trying to argue with her.
"Come on, Meowth. Like she said, we're no longer a team." James said as he turned to the right and headed for the stairway that would lead downstairs. Meowth eventually followed James, but took one more look at Jessie.
"Well, I guess this is goodbye, Jess." Meowth said softly before heading down the stairs.
Once Jessie felt James and Meowth were gone, her face became more and more sad. In fact, she walked towards the left side wall and leaned against it, eventually collapsing to the ground with her head buried against her knees. Jessie started to sob. Everything she had ever worked for, the only place she felt she had made her living after flunking out of so many other institutions... all of it was gone. Immediately she thought of the one person that inspired her to join Team Rocket.
"Mother... I'm sorry... *sniff*" Jessie said. She immediately thought of her mother, Miyamoto, who was a part of Team Rocket many years ago. In fact, she disappeared during a mission to find Mew, leaving Jessie alone at the age of three. When she thought back to the few memories of her mother, which were just as painful to recall, Jessie was in a pure emotional breakdown.

Jessie did eventually find it in her body to walk out of the secret meeting place and make her way to Viridian Forest in the Kanto region. Even with her no longer useful white Team Rocket outfit still on, people still gave an uneasy look when they saw her passing by, even staring when they didn’t see her do anything... not even threaten to steal their Pokémon. No longer would she be able to drive that kind of fear into the hearts and minds of anyone who didn’t sport a giant R on their shift.
Once in the forest, Jessie leaned against one of the huge oak trees and sighed, then frowned, and then wished she would cry again.
“(sigh) My career... no, my life is over. What am I supposed to do now? I wish I knew..." Jessie said. As she continued to ponder aimlessly on what she was going to do now that her days with Team Rocket had ended, suddenly a flash of light formed in front of her. After briefly shielding her eyes, Jessie lowered her black gloved hand and gasped over what she was seeing.

The legendary Pokemon, Jirachi.

Jessie knew it right away, having been trained by Team Rocket on recognizing the legendary Pokemon so that they can be caught no matter what the costs were. Even more surprising was what happened next as Jirachi floated closer to her face.
"Hello, young one! My name is Jirachi!" an echoing female voice said.
"Wait... You can talk?" Jessie asked.
"Of course! I may appear small and cute, but I have chosen you to grant three wishes with. You wish and I will make it come true." Jirachi said without moving its lips.
"Huh? Me? Why me?" Jessie asked.
"I have sensed your pure determination. More than I can sense in any other human I've seen in the last 1,000 years. Therefore, you have been chosen to receive three wishes, all granted by me." Jirachi said. Jessie was still at a loss for words. Pure determination... when all she's done the past couple of years is be a total failure for Team Rocket? Jessie then looked over to the right, in another part of the Viridian Forest, where she saw a man and a boy she assumed to be his son. She listened in as the boy threw a Poke Ball at a Caterpie. The boy jumped up and down and then ran over to the open arms of his father.
"Daddy! Daddy! I caught a Caterpie! I caught my first Pokemon!" the boy said.
"Congratulations, my son. You've taken your first step." the man said. Jessie then got an idea as she turned and looked back over to Jirachi.
"Jirachi, I am ready to make my first wish." Jessie said.
"What is your wish, my master?" Jirachi said. Jessie smiled hearing the Jirachi calling her 'master.' It made her feel very good for the first time since the firing.
"I wish I was the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world! Bigger, smarter, better than all the rest! I want to be better than all of them!” Jessie shouted enthusiastically. Jirachi nodded a few times and suddenly twirled itself around a few times.
“Jirachi! Jirachi!” Jirachi shouted. Suddenly, a slip of green paper formed between its hands and it magically floated between Jessie’s eyes, landing on her forehead.
“Hey! Watch it, you little runt!” Jessie said, annoyed at the paper flying at her head. Eventually, though, it disappeared. At first, nothing happened.
“Huh? I don’t feel any different...” Jessie said.
“Give my magic a few seconds to kick in.” Jirachi said.

And then it happened. Jessie began to grow bigger.
“Oh my!!!” Jessie shouted. And she was growing fast. Curiously, as Jessie was growing, her body emanated a sound like two balloons being rubbed together nonstop. As Jirachi backed away from the growing body Jessie’s chest was already above the normally tall trees of the Viridian Forest and she was still growing bigger.

Meanwhile, over at Viridian City, activity in the area came to a screeching halt when they heard rustling noises from the forest and suddenly saw Jessie’s body growing out of it and showing no signs of slowing down.
“Eeeek!!! A giant woman!” one already panicking trainer shouted. Some people were already running for any cover they could, and Officer Jenny struggled to keep things in order.
“Everybody stay calm!” Jenny shouted. She looked back and saw the trees now knee high with the giantess and she still was growing.
“How... how big is she going to get?” Jenny asked herself.

Of course, unknown to both Jessie and Jenny, Jessie was thinking the same thing, watching as now the trees looked no bigger than the blades of grass she once stood over.
“Wow... how big am I going to get?” Jessie asked herself. Finally, Jessie felt her growth stop. She was 1,500 feet tall. The Viridian Forest trees were the size of blades of grass. Viridian City, which was once a good few minutes walking away, now stood a few steps away from where Jessie was standing. And of course, it looked very small, as if she were looking down on a map.
“Hmmm... not exactly what I had in mind, but I’ll take it!” Jessie said.
“I am glad you approve! Now, what is your second wish, master?” Jirachi asked. Jessie’s size made it hard to see Jirachi itself, but she could still hear its voice clearly.
“Whoa... hold up! Why not give me some time to enjoy this? I’ll let you know when I’m ready to make my second wish.” Jessie said.
“As you wish! When you are ready to make your next wish, just call my name and I will appear. Jirachi rachi!” Jirachi said before it twirled itself around and disappeared from sight. And with that, Jessie finally let out an evil laugh.
“Hahahaha!! Look out, Viridian City. For that matter, look out Kanto region! I’ll show you what it means to suffer just as I have to all the twerps who have stood in my way!” Jessie shouted. The mega giantess only took a few (thunder sounding) steps to already tower over the city.
Of course, all everyone in Viridian City was worried about was running like heck away from the two giant gray walls that were actually Jessie’s boots. Most people hadn’t seen anything that big in their lifetime, and with Jessie’s body slightly faded into the blue sky, some of these trainers simply stood still in shock. In the end, it didn’t matter much, as Jessie obliterated the entire city with just a couple good stomps from her boots. Jessie looked underneath the bottom of one of her boots to see all the damage and faint specks of blood from pretty much everyone in the city.
“Mmmmm... incredible to see this much destruction a step or two can cause! I can crush this entire region in no time! But I should probably get a bit more creative... I shouldn’t let my boots do all the talking.” Jessie said. She pondered what other ways she could totally destroy a city (or the Viridian Forest as she stomped all over that region) as she stomped up north towards Pewter City.

The rocky place that was Pewter City was certainly different from what she was used to seeing in Viridian City. But it nevertheless was just as small as Viridian City, and the people screaming and running around was both the sight and sound to brighten up her day. Jessie then gave up with a devilish idea, especially as she glanced out at the once-towering mountains in the distance.
“Okay, if Pewter City is such a rugged city thanks to the mountains, let’s see how strong it is against my chest.” Jessie said as she rubbed her top shirt with her gloved arms. Jessie took a couple steps into the city and then got down on her knees, giggling a bit as some of the buildings crumbled underneath her knees. Finally, she kneeled forward and pressed her chest into the ground. Among the buildings she crushed were Brock’s Pewter City Gym. Brock could only watch as the chest lowered to the ground and crushed not just him, but his entire family. Jessie didn’t have any clue she had killed one of those meddling twerps. After all, discerning people was far from a simple task as huge as she was. Plus she was preoccupied with squashing everything beneath her shirt.
“Aaaaaaaah!!” Jessie said as she felt the part of the city struggling to hold up against the weight of Mega Jessie’s chest. The ground also couldn’t take it as well, getting smushed into a lower level the more Jessie pressed down. After a few more up-and-down presses from her chest, Jessie finally heaved her way back to a kneeling position. She looked down and smiled gleefully as a gaping hole was left where Jessie had pressed her chest. And speaking of that chest, debris littered it from all sides, with many parts raining back down onto what was left of the city, which wasn’t much to speak of. Jessie couldn’t help but squeeze her chest together and disintegrating some of that debris.
“Hahaha! I can’t believe I didn’t think of doing this earlier. This is more fun than a lifetime of service and solitude to Team Rocket!” Jessie said. Finally, to add good measure to the immeasurable damage done to Pewter City, Jessie brought her two knees together, crushing everything between and totally deforming the ground. After brushing off the messes from her chest and her boobs, Jessie finally stood back to full height and surveyed her handiwork.
“It’s like a bomb went off here. A Jessie bomb, of course!” Jessie said. She then looked over to the east, where Mt. Moon rested.
“Now then, time to tackle the next city in Kanto. Cerulean City.” Jessie said as she got to stomping to her next destination.

After easily clearing Mt. Moon with a couple huge steps, although she did clip parts of the mountain on purpose to trap anyone inside, Jessie was now standing very tall over the watery and flowery city that was Cerulean City. Like with Viridian and Pewter Cities, Jessie stood still at first, listening to all the warning sirens and people screaming that were making up the sounds of the cities now. It was a sight she was growing accustomed to, and she taunted the city to make sure they got the hint she was there not to show mercy.
“Mmmmm... run, you teensy-weensy, itty-bitty, and tiny little bugs! I'm gonna squash this city flatter than a tofu pancake!!” Jessie said as her voice thundered in the cloudless sky. After scraping her foot across the entrance to the city and creating a massive ditch, Jessie put one of her creative ideas on crushing nearly an entire city to use. She turned around, slightly lifted her skirt up, and then lowered herself down. Jessie smiled as she heard the thundering boom and let her panties do the talking as she felt much of the city getting smushed underneath her behind. For good measure, she moved her behind in multiple directions, feeling the ground crumble and shift with her weight. She crushed the rest of her city by sweeping her boots and even her hair all around the area. A couple minutes later, Jessie finally stood up. The once beautiful looking Cerulean City was now an unimaginable mess of destruction. Jessie laughed as she brushed off some of the mess off her body, namely her panties.
“Hahahahaha!!! Told you I would flatten your city like a pancake. This is too much fun! I feel so much like a goddess! In fact...” Jessie said. As soon as she uttered the word ‘goddess,’ she got an ingenious idea. And she would need Jirachi’s help.
“Jirachi!” Jessie shouted. In a flash of light, suddenly Jirachi appeared right before Jessie’s eyes. Interestingly, it was enlarged as well to look as if Jessie had never enlarged. But Jessie quickly figured this was to make communication easier with the wish-granting Pokemon.
“Yes, master! You speak my name and I appear!” Jirachi said happily.
“Glad to see you’re still in a bright and cheery mood. I’m ready for my second wish.” Jessie said.
“Oh, fantastic! What is your second wish, master?” Jirachi asked.
“Now I wish I had an outfit that brings out the goddess in me!” Jessie said.
“I see. Your wish is my command. Jirachi Jirachi!!” Jirachi said. After twirling around a few times, Jessie then watched as her familiar Team Rocket outfit suddenly glowed a bright white. Before she knew it, she was now wearing something entirely different. The most notable omission were her long boots, replaced with nothing but her bare feet. Instead of her TR outfit, she now wore a long white dress that stretched down to her knees, held up by a single strap on her left shoulder. Jessie touched her dress to make sure it was as real as her new size, and it definitely was. She smiled over her new look.
“Ahhh... that’s more like it!” Jessie said.
“Now then, my master. You have one more wish I can grant you. Are you ready to make your final wish?” Jirachi asked.
“Oh, once again I’d like to wait and show everyone my new look. And I still gotta think of what I want last.” Jessie said.
“As you wish! When you are ready to make your next wish, just call my name and I will appear. Jirachi rachi!” Jirachi said before it twirled itself around and disappeared from sight. Jessie looked out in the distance and targeted her next city, recognizing it by the tall Silph Co. building.
“Saffron City, here comes your new goddess.” Jessie said. The giantess stomped off towards the south to her destination, smiling gleefully as she effortlessly crushed a couple houses on the ensuing route with her bare feet.

Saffron City was always proud to be the biggest city in all of Kanto, but today, it couldn’t compare to the living monstrosity that was the mega-sized Jessie. Her being dressed up like a true goddess made sure everyone got the hint that they had to run if they wanted to have even a slim chance of surviving. Jessie’s first order of business was stomping the ‘Welcome Building’ flat with her bare feet.
“Ha! I’d like to see you make me fetch a cup of tea for you puny officers now!” Jessie shouted. After that stomp, she looked down by her right foot and noticed the familiar sight of the Magnet Train, which transported trainers all the way out to the Johto region. The mega giantess reached down and picked up the train, ripping it from the tracks and sending a shower of sparks and electricity everywhere. Of course, she wasn’t affected as huge as she was. The normally large train dangled between Jessie’s fingers like a string of spaghetti. She tried to look inside if there were any people trying to hide inside, but the windows were too small for her to see through.
“Peek-a-boo! I see you! Bah... this thing’s much too small. I bet Cassidy is jealous that she didn’t try to conquer the magnet train in this fashion.” Jessie said. Not wanting to bother with the train any longer, she casually dropped it down onto the trees. The train immediately crumbled apart as soon as it crashed to the ground. She set her sights on the most important part of Saffron City... the Silph Company Building. Jessie had a big smile on her face when she saw the building only rise up to her knees.
“Hmmhmm... the Silph building looks a lot smaller from up here.” Jessie said. The goddess got down on her knees, frowning a bit that her shining white dress was going to be stained by the city block getting crushed, but admired that she still towered high over the building even when kneeling down.
“You little corporate ants thought your building was so magnificent? Here’s what I think of that!” Jessie said. She then licked her lips together and then stuck her tongue out. She took that tongue and pressed it against the bottom of the building and slowly worked her way up the structure. After a couple more licks from top to bottom, the glass building was drenched in saliva. Jessie giggled as she watched the saliva, with some innocent people stuck to it like glue (and unknowingly to her tongue as well), dripped to the ground.
“Tasty! But that’s the best show you’ll ever get to see, I’m afraid.” Jessie said. She then raised her right hand, and after closing it into a fist, slammed it down hard on the ground, causing it to shake and bring down not just the Silph building but a few other structures standing around it. Jessie stood back up and brushed off the debris from her dress, just as a squad of police cars and officers (some of them Jenny’s relatives) arrived on the scene.
“Pfffft... I don't have time to waste on insects like you! I'll make your deaths nice and swift." Jessie said. She raised her bare feet high in the air, and with stomp after stomp, crushed the officers and their vehicles into almost nothing. Even when they were all defeated, Jessie decided to keep on stomping, mostly from the delight she was feeling in watching the ground crack apart further and further with each stomp.

Finally she felt satisfied and stopped her stomping. She took a good look around. Saffron City was a total wasteland, covered in the smoke that billowed from the fires of destroyed property.
"Oh, this is too much. But I've never felt this great my entire life either!" Jessie shouted. Just then, she looked in front of her and saw a small black object hovering in front of her. It was easy to mistake it for a mosquito, but Jessie stood still and focused her eyes to get a better look at what it was. She quickly recognized it to be one of Team Rocket’s helicopters.
“And what do we have here? A toy copter from where I’m standing!” Jessie said. But it was who stuck his head out one of the doors, equipped with a megaphone in his hands, that got the goddess’s attention. It was her boss... or I should say, her former boss, Giovanni.
“Miss Jessie. I must say I am quite impressed with your new stature.” Giovanni said.
“Well, look who it is. It’s the little flea that thought I wasn’t good enough for Team Rocket.” Jessie said. Giovanni and the couple of others onboard the helicopter had to cover their ears from Jessie’s booming voice. The pilot had trouble keeping the copter steady, mostly because he was afraid of seeing nothing but Jessie’s massive face. Her huge green earrings made him especially feel tiny.
Giovanni, meanwhile, just cut straight to the point. He knew he was already playing a dangerous game by trying to talk to someone as big as Jessie.
“Jessie, I know things ended badly between us...” Giovanni started to say, only to be interrupted by the loud voice of the goddess.
“Badly? You made me waste years of hard work, training, and dedication! You took everything away from me when you fired us! And now you expect me to forgive you!?” Jessie shouted.
“I am not asking for forgiveness! I wish you to join me again! Join Team Rocket, and with your magnificent size, we will rule the entire world and you can have anything you want!” Giovanni said. Jessie stuck her tongue down on the helicopter and gave the raspberry as giant drops of saliva flew from the tongue to the copter.
“Pfffft! I already have the power that I want. I am Jessie the Goddess, and I take orders from NOBODY!!!” Jessie shouted with as mean a face as you can possibly imagine. She finally reached down and grabbed the helicopter, using one of her hands to break apart the propellers.
“Pilot, get us out of here!” Giovanni said as he fought to stay on his two feet even with the helicopter rocking about.
“It’s no good! She’s destroyed the engines and the propellers! We’re sitting ducks!” the Rocket grunt said with all sorts of fear emanating from his voice. He, Giovanni, and the few other Team Rocket agents that were onboard (one of them Domino) could only watch Jessie closed her hand up into a fist, encasing the entire flying vehicle into darkness.
“Goodbye, Giovanni!!” Jessie shouted as she squeezed her hand with all her might. When she opened it back up a few seconds later, there was nothing but a cloud of dust and many parts falling onto the destroyed ground. That’s when it hit Jessie. She had just killed the head of Team Rocket with one fist. She started laughing.
“Hehehehe.... HAHAHAHA!!! Oh, the power! The incredible power of destroying that helicopter in one squeeze! I don’t ever want to go back to normal... in fact, I want more! I have to have more power! Jirachi!!! Where are you!?” Jessie shouted.

One brilliant flash of light later, Jirachi appeared and floated in front of the goddess.
“I am here, master. Are you ready for your final wish?” Jirachi said.
“You bet I am! For my third and final wish... I want to be bigger. MUCH bigger than this! I truly want to extend my reach to the stars above. No... the entire universe!!!” Jessie said with a big grin on her face.
“Okay! Your wish shall be granted. After I grant this wish, I am afraid we must part ways. I can never appear again even if you speak my name.” Jirachi said.
“It’s okay. Once you’ve granted this wish... nothing else will matter anymore.” Jessie said.
“Well, okay then! Your wish is my command. Jirachi Jirachi!!” Jirachi said. For the third and final time, Jirachi twirled around and sent its magic swirling around Jessie’s body (including a green slip of paper that was far too small for Jessie to see with the naked eye). As Jirachi started to fade away, Jessie quickly wanted to send its regards and, figuratively, best wishes to the legendary Pokemon.
“Jirachi... thank you.” Jessie said.
“Goodbye, Jessie...” Jirachi said. The Pokemon faded away, and as soon as that happened, Jessie began to grow.

And grow really fast. Already her head passed the clouds and her feet were covering half of Kanto and still digging into the ground.
“Yes! Bigger! Bigger!!!” Jessie shouted excitedly. With one stomp, Kanto was gone, but already her feet were stretching into the Johto region across the sea. Jessie wasted no time... in just a few stomps, Johto was completely leveled.
“BIGGER!!!!!” Jessie shouted, not wanting the growth to stop. She looked past her glowing white goddess outfit and could see some of the other regions she had visited when a part of Team Rocket. Hoenn, Sinnoh, and even Orre were wiped out with just a single stomp from the growing goddess.
And then, Jessie watched as the sky faded in color. The planet looked like it was curving. The stars were visible even in the daylight hours. Jessie started to feel the ground giving out from underneath her. She leapt and then turned around. The planet was shrinking right before her eyes. Jessie took a deep breath and realized something.
“I... I can breathe in space? Oh, that Jirachi.” Jessie said. The planet shrunk smaller and smaller with each passing second. It was smaller than Jessie’s chest. Jessie looked down onto the planet. The Unova region, which hadn’t been affected being far, far away from the other regions, looked up and saw Jessie’s humongous face instead of a blue sky.
“So what do you think now, puny planet? Jessie the Goddess is now your ruler, and your ruler has decided your planet is inadequate for my needs.” Jessie said. Before any surviving people could wonder what she meant by that, Jessie took the now pea-sized planet and threw it between her breasts. She took her chest and squeezed it together, along with the fabric of her goddess dress.

The planet was gone. Jessie just destroyed it all. And yet bigger she grew. Other planets were already coming into view. She destroyed these too.

The entire galaxy couldn’t contain the rapidly growing giantess. In fact, she swallowed it whole, and yet the surrounding stars told her there were other galaxies for her to conquer as well.

She protected the world from devastation by devastating it herself.
She united all peoples within her nation by crushing it into her chest.
She denounced the evils of truth and love and extended her reach not just to the stars above, but beyond them.

She was Jessie, and she was growing at the speed of light. She accepted her new life with an evil laugh... as the empress of the entire universe.
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Jessie said.