In the oriental place that was Arigato City, about the fastest way to get around town was with a rickshaw, and that's how Ash and his friends were traveling today. Brock was wheeling the rickshaw with Ash, May, Max, and Pikachu all riding onboard. They had all arrived in the city looking for something special called Super Rare Sushi.
"So what's so super about this Super Rare Sushi? Is it anything like Rare Candy?" Max asked.
"Supposedly, any Pokemon that eats it will double in size and strength." May said.
"Yeah, and it's probably the best meal in town too. Come on, Brock, speed it up!" Ash said.
"Alright, alright, don't be in such a hurry! Man, when it comes to food, Ash has one cracked mind." Brock said. Just then, the ground started shaking violently.
"Great rocks of Onix! It's an earthquake!" Brock shouted. The shaking finally got to a point where the rickshaw tipped over and everyone was sent flying in the air. Luckily, Ash was there to catch May, and all our heroes watched as the many citizens of Arigato City were running like mad away from the center of the city.
"Huh? What's the big hurry?" Ash asked.
"Maybe it's some kind of clothing sale or something." May said.
"Wait... look over there!" Max shouted. Indeed, rising up to match up with the city buildings was none other than Jessie of Team Rocket.

And she was huge! ^____^

"That wasn't an earthquake! It's... it's... it's Jessiezilla!" Max shouted, struggling a bit with the name before deciding on such to describe Jessie's newly added stature.
"Jessiezilla?" Ash, May, and Brock all said together. Jessie, in the meantime, took a few seconds to admire her new height.
"Mmmmm... run, you teensy-weensy, itty-bitty, and tiny little bugs! I'm gonna squash this city flatter than a tofu pancake! Hahahahaha!!!" Jessie shouted. To prove her point, she lifted one of her long black boots up and flat out pounded a significantly smaller building to the ground. Her next step, unknown to her as big as she was (they were all equally small anyway), was heading right for Ash and his heroes.
"Run for your life!!!" Ash shouted as he and all his friends broke into a full-on sprint, narrowly escaping being crushed. The rickshaw they had was not so lucky. They all had to keep on running as Jessie was walking down the same path as they were running.
"For the love of the Pokemon Tower! How did Jessie get so big?" Brock said.
"There's only one person who can tell us that! The scientist who invented Super Rare Sushi! Come on, this way!!" Ash said as everyone took a hard left turn into an open alley. They were safe for now as Jessie walked right past them in another direction, no doubt because she was too busy having fun being so huge.

Ash and friends, meanwhile, made it through the long alley and noticed a large crumpled-up building in front of them. Quickly figuring it was the laboratory they were searching for, they all ran inside to meet the scientist responsible.
"It's an honor to meet one of the world's great scientists... Dr. Joy Hollingshead." May said.
"Chansey!" Chansey shouted from the back of the room.
"It's just as much of an honor to meet four of the world's greatest Pokemon trainers." Joy said. She bowed down before all of them, not noticing Ash doing the same thing, and they bumped heads.
"Ouch! Sorry, doc." Ash said as he rubbed his head.
"Ouch!" Joy said, rubbing her head as well, but everyone was okay. Joy looked over at May who asked the most obvious question.
"Tell us, doctor. How did Jessie get to be so humongous?" May asked.
"Oh... that cursed Jessie! I'll show you. I recorded it on my laboratory's hidden camera." Joy said. She pulled out a device and pressed a button, allowing a monitor to lower down from the ceiling. Everyone was impressed with what they were looking at.

Soon, the viewscreen changed to that of Joy typing away at a nearby computer. A door opened soon afterwards right in front of her, revealing the infamous Super Rare Sushi. She lifted the tray up that held the tasty treat.
"Ah... this is my most powerful Super Rare Sushi yet! One taste, and it's gargantuan time." Joy said. Just as she said that, the door busted wide open, revealing Jessie of Team Rocket. Instead of being with James and Meowth, she was all by herself for a change.
"Hahaha! Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light! Surrender now or prepare to fight!" Jessie shouted.
"Huh!? You're Jessie of Team Rocket? But where's the rest of your team?" Joy asked.
"Oh, they're off doing what they think is a mission just for me. I'm here on my own for a big change!" Jessie said.
"No, you wouldn't!" Joy said as she looked down at the Super Rare Sushi.
"Yes I would, so give me that, you fish-fixing fruitcake!" Jessie shouted. Joy could hardly move thinking that anyone would want her greatest invention that badly. She was unable to swing the plate away before Jessie got her two hands on it. The two soon wrestled for control before Jessie finally got the plate to herself, and she started digging in, shoving as much of the plate as she could down her mouth with just one hand.

Max, while watching the video play out, made a comment about Jessie's peculiar eating habits.
"Gosh, I knew Jessie was a dirty rotten villainess, but I had no idea she was such a... pig!" Max shouted.

Jessie soon cleared the entire plate out, even licking it a couple times more before letting out a loud burp in the process and then hurling the empty plate clear across the room.
"You crazy redhead! You've eaten all my Super Rare Sushi! Now you'll grow too much!" Joy shouted, now angry over what she had seen. But Jessie just kept that sinister smile of hers as she approached the scientist.
"That's the idea, chopstick brains! Mmmm... I can feel it working already!" Jessie said. Indeed, the first things to grow were actually her boobs, but luckily the rest of her body caught up as Jessie was already at least 10 feet tall and slowly growing bigger. The floor already couldn't take the added weight as it began to crack a bit underneath Jessie's growing boots.
"No!" Joy shouted, but there was nothing she could do as she watched Jessie swell up in height. Knowing that, she took refuge in the farthest corner she could find of the room and simply watched as Jessie's head made contact with the ceiling. And Jessie simply grew right through it as the lab tore itself apart from the ceiling breaking apart.
Finally, Jessie's growing stopped when she was easily twice as tall as the lab itself, with her body above the waist showing to the outside world. She let out a few powerful laughs as she admired the smaller world around her.
"Now I'll be the most terrible titaness to ever trample a town! I think I'll just call myself... Jessiezilla! Hahahahaha!!!" Jessie shouted. She finally walked through whatever was left of the lab, taking her first step by landing on a parked car nearby. Finally, she was seen pushing over a building bigger than her, knocking it over like a domino before the feed finally broke off.

With the video over, everyone looked back at Joy. Max wondered in the back of his mind how it was that Joy was able to rebuild her destroyed lab so quickly, but hey... that's old animated TV shows for you! Joy had a solemn look on her face.
"It's my fault Jessiezilla is destroying Arigato Town." Joy said, but nobody was worried about blaming who right now. May, in particular, as she looked right in Ash's eyes.
"Ash... we can't let Jessiezilla ruin Arigato City! We have to do something!" May said. Ash simply nodded.

In the heart of the city, it was as pandemonic as you could imagine during a giantess attack. Many people scrambled to get out of the way just as Jessie was picking up an already wrecked up car. She raised it up to her mouth and bit off the entire front of it with one chomp. As she gulped it down, she could feel some bombs exploding around both sides of her head. She looked to see it was two biplanes firing down on her. This didn't bother her one bit as she was too big to be hurt by these bombs. And besides, they had lousy aim anyway! ^____^
"Scram, puny pests! Or I'll call an exterminator!" Jessie said. Of course, the pilots inside these planes didn't listen and they just kept on firing. They didn't even realize they were getting periously close to the giantess.
"Fine... don't say I didn't warn you!" Jessie said. Once she felt the planes were close enough, she swung her head around in a circular motion. And with one lucky strike, her red hair was able to knock down both of the planes! The pilots ejected and soon ran off as their planes exploded in mid-air.
The assault wasn't over, though, as more bombs went off in the air. This time, Jessie looked down on the ground and noticed a few tanks rolling towards her. Just like with the planes, their aim was simply dreadful and any bullets that were hitting her had no effect at all. Rather than deal with them the old fashioned way, like lifting up her feet and crushing these war machines flat, Jessie instead stood straight and took in as much air as she could into her lungs. Then she let it all out, blowing hard down on these tanks, sweeping them off the ground and blowing them all up one-by-one as they crashed into each other. Jessie wiped her forehead as she recovered from that blow, now thinking it may have been a bit much.
"Boy, destroying a city isn't all just fun and games. It's hard work!" Jessie said. But ultimately she knew it was worth it, especially when she would eventually head for the next major city once she was done trashing it up completely. With no other attack vehicles in the area, Jessie went back to tearing up whatever was in her path.

Meanwhile, a motorcycle with a side passanger seat was storming its way down the torn-up roadways. Piloting this cycle, borrowed from Office Jenny in fact, was Brock, and Ash was sitting in the side seat.
"I just hope this crazy plan of your works." Brock said.
"My crazy plans always work. All we gotta do is find Jessiezilla!" Ash said. They both heard Jessie's familiar laugh echoing through the city.
"That's probably her now!" Ash said. Brock piloted the motorcycle as they followed the laugh.
Not too far from where they were, Jessie was still going at it. She was holding the top part of a radio tower in one hand while ripping up a water tower with her other hand. She gulped down the tower's entire supply of water in one gulp.
"Ahhhh... all this bashing and crashing really works up an appetite." Jessie said before she took another bite out of the radio tower she was holding. At the very same time, Ash and Brock drove up right in front of Jessie's huge boots. Once they were close enough, Ash pulled out a megaphone.
"Hey Jessiezilla, you gigantic good-for-nothing goofball!" Ash shouted. Jessie, of course, could hear that and looked down between her feet at the tiny two trainers.
"Well, if it isn't two tiny trainers crawling out of a Pokemon Gym!" Jessie said.
"We're warning you to leave right now, before we get mad and flush you down the drain!" Ash shouted.
"I don't take lip like that from insects!" Jessie shouted with as much anger as you could get out of her. She lifted up one of her boots and hovered it over Ash and Brock.
"Eeeeeep!!!" Brock shouted as he quickly fired up the motorcycle and drove off, just escaping being crushed by the giantess. Jessie saw them whisking off on their ride, and naturally she stomped after both of them.
"It worked, Brock! Jessiezilla's chasing us!" Ash shouted as he looked behind the motorcycle at the giant Jessie.
"Geez... how lucky can we get?" Brock asked.
"Here she comes. Brock, step on it!" Ash shouted as Brock once again put the pedal to the floor before Jessie could crush them. Brock was now swerving back and forth to avoid being crushed by each boot, and he was doing a masterful job at that.

Meanwhile, about a mile or two away from the chaos, were the rest of our heroes. Max, May, and Pikachu were all preparing a trap for the oversized Jessie. Tied up between two buildings was a large net, and it was held back by a crank that Max and Pikachu were setting in place.
"There! Our titanic Jessiezilla trap is in place." Max said.
"And not a sec too soon... look!" May said. She pointed down a block or two and saw Jessiezilla walking right behind Ash and Brock, still chasing after them and heading right in their direction.
"I'll get you yet, you annoying little Pikachu lovers!" Jessie shouted. Both Ash and Brock drove underneath the net.
"Now we've got Jessie right where we want her!" Ash said. Brock then put on the brakes with Ash jumping out of the ride. Jessie stopped and stared down at the two. Ash looked up at the top of the building that the rest of his friends were standing over.
"Pikachu, Max, May! Now! Let the net go!" Ash shouted. Max and May both pushed the lever forward, and as they did this, the net was released from its grip. It fell down before landing on top of Jessie, and the weight of the steel net caused Jessie to fall down to her bottom.
"Arrrrrgh!!!" Jessie shouted as she felt herself getting trapped by the net.
"We did it! Yeah!" Ash shouted as he gave Brock a high five.
"Excellent teamwork!" Brock shouted. Ash approached the giant Jessie as she continued to fight her way out of the net.
"Just wait until I get my mitts on you, midgets!" Jessie shouted.
"That net's made out of solid steel, Jessiezilla! You'll never get out!" Ash said.
"Wanna bet, you tiny twerps? Haaaaaaah!!!" Jessie said. With one more push, stronger than ever before, the net broke apart, causing tiny beams of steel to rain down onto the road. May, Max, and Pikachu knew they were in trouble.
"Look out! Jessiezilla's escaped!" May said.
"Let's make like a drummer and beat it!" Max said. The three soon ran off from the top of the building while Jessie stood back up and laughed down at Ash and Brock.
"I got you now, you puny Pokemon trainers!" Jessie said as she once again raised a foot up to crush the two. Ash was backing away towards the motorcycle.
"I thought you said your plan always worked!" Brock said as Ash made a leap into the side seat.
"Just safe your breath, Brock, and run for your life!" Ash said. Once again, Brock was able to drive off before getting crushed by Jessie, and the two were back to swerving back and forth, dodging stomp after stomp from the giantess.

The chase kept on going longer than the whole capturing plan did, and Jessie was getting tired of it by now.
"Arrrrgh! Stand still so I can squash you like the vermin you both are!" Jessie shouted.
"How are we ever gonna get out of this one?" Brock asked. Ash didn't have to think long, as he looked ahead several yards and noticed May, Max, and Pikachu waving out to them.
"By going down the drain! Look!" Ash said as he pointed to them.
"Come on, faster!" Max shouted.
"Ash, Brock! Hurry!" May shouted as all three jumped inside the open manhole. Brock stopped the motorcycle beside the manhole, and Ash wasted no time in jumping in.
"Last one in is a rotten Grimer!" Ash shouted. Brock quickly followed suit and was able to make it in before Jessie put her boot down over the manhole, crushing the motorcycle in the process. Jessie pulled her foot back and got down on her knees, breaking up the road somewhat with her hands so she could reach inside the manhole.
"You won't escape that easily, you sewer swimming slimeballs!" Jessie said as she moved her gloved hand all around inside.
Inside the manhole, all our heroes stood up against the walls as Jessiezilla tried in vein to grab at least one of them. Although they were safe due to Jessie's limited reach, it was still nerve-wrecking to see a hand that big just inches away from even touching them. May almost hated to see Jessie's hand come that close.
"Man, we're stuck here like a Zapdos inside a Power Plant." Brock said. Ash then looked down at Pikachu and got an idea.
"Then I'll unstick us. Pikachu, use thunderbolt on Jessiezilla!" Ash said. Pikachu at first wasn't sure, but it did what it was told. Waiting for Jessie's hand to get near, Pikachu then fired off the thunderbolt, shocking Jessiezilla's hand. And she definitely felt it.

"OUCH!!!" Jessie shouted as she left into the air, blowing on her hand to relieve the pain, but she didn't realize that she was flying down towards the ground. She eventually landed so hard, that a few buildings leapt up from their foundation (before landing back on the ground)! There was a deep hole in the road in the shape of Jessie, but Jessie held up her head and shook off the rough ride.
"Ugh... you'll pay for that, you mini morons! But first I'm gonna crush this city into crumbs!" Jessiezilla said before she got back up and walked away, getting back to why she grew in the first place. Our heroes came out from the manhole, watching as Jessiezilla walked away, knocking over an occasional building or two.
"We better do something fast, or you can say sayonara to Arigato City!" May said. With their motorcycle totally crushed up, Ash and his friends began the long walk back towards Dr. Joy Hollingshead's lab.

It didn't take too long for everyone to think of a new plan back at the lab. If they weren't going to beat Jessiezilla using traps or other contraptions, they might as well attack her on even ground. And May was the one who quickly volunteered, wanting to take her rivalry with Jessie to the next level. Everyone waited patiently as Joy pulled out the Super Rare Sushi.
"Ah... my latest batch of Super Rare Sushi is now ready." Joy said. May was clearly getting anxious as she sat at the table.
"Then serve the supper. I've gotta grow as big as Jessiezilla so I can give her what for! And... I am kinda hungry too." May said with a smile. Joy placed the plate of Super Rare Sushi down on the table, with Brock placing a bowl of his famous rice balls next to it. May picked up the bowl of rice balls and dumped it on top of the sushi.
"I'll have my sushi with a super helping of Brock's cooking!" May said, and then she got to work chomping away at the newly-created treat.
"Heh... I had no idea my own sister was such a meal marauder." Max said.
"Mmmmm... good!" May shouted. Just like that, the bib around May's neck ripped to shreds, no longer able to fit around the growing girl. Much like Jessie, the effect first started on her chest, but the rest of her body quickly caught up. Everyone backed away as they watched May grow larger and larger.
"Look, it's working!" Ash shouted. Finally, when May felt her head bump against the ceiling, she placed both her hands against it as it started to fall apart once again, after it had been previously destroyed by Jessiezilla.
"Oh, not again! I just had that ceiling fixed!" Joy shouted as she and the others ran outside the crumbling building. It soon gave way entirely (again) to be replaced by May's growing body, which soon stopped to match the same size as Jessiezilla.
"Now it's time for Jessie to rocket away!" May said as she started to walk towards the inner parts of the city, where Jessiezilla was last seen.

Meanwhile, Jessiezilla was continuing her wave of destruction, just finishing ripping apart a glass building that stood no chance of surviving her might.
"I haven't had this big a blast since I set that fire in the dynamite factory! Hahahaha!" Jessiezilla said.
"That's enough, you ravaging redhead!" May shouted as she leapt right over the buildings. She then landed on the ground, causing quite a shakeup around the area. Jessie looked over her shoulder to get her first look at her gigantic rival.
"Cursed Koffing! It's one of the twerps, and she's as big as me!?" Jessie shouted.
"That's right, Jessiezilla! And I'm ready for a little one-on-one combat!" May said.
"Hah! My thoughts exactly! I knew I should've let my Pokemon have some of that sushi..." Jessie said, but she didn't worry about that now. The two locked eyesight for a few seconds before they both jumped into the air and locked hands, strangling to get a hold of each other. They both landed on the ground and fought with all their might.

"Tell me! How did you ever get so creepy, crummy, and crabby?" May said.
"Years of practice, girl!" Jessie said. Then, May made a daring move towards Jessiezilla's shoulder, and actually managed to lift up the villainess, throwing her by that shoulder!
"Aaaaaaah!!!" Jessie screamed. May then threw Jessie over her head, sending her flying over to some undamaged buildings that simply got flattened underneath her weight. May didn't stop there, however. She then stomped over to where Jessiezilla was laying down, and then grabbed her by the hair!
"Ouch ouch ouch! Not the hair! Not the hair!!!" Jessie shouted. May then flung her backwards so hard, that Jessie eventually lost her balance, falling down over another stretch of smaller buildings. May walked over happily to a few yards away from where Jessiezilla was slowly getting up and dusting herself off.
"That'll teach you to mess with May the mighty!" May shouted.
"Is that so? Well, take this, you big bimbo!" Jessie said. She picked up several pieces of a fallen building and hurled them all together at May, but she simply ducked below the attack. As she watched the pieces fly away, she then turned around to see Jessie holding two power poles, one in each hand.
"I'm sending you back to beginner's land!" Jessie said. May took a few steps back, stopping short of two monorail tracks with one empty monorail car just inches away from her shoes.
"Easier said than done, old hag!" May said. She picked up the monorail and then took a swing at Jessie, who blocked the attack with the power poles. May was also successful in blocking attacks taken by Jessie. So far, neither was successful in laying a hit. May finally took a few steps backward.
"As we say in Petalburg... Banzai!" May shouted. She threw the entire monorail car at Jessie, who easily blocked it with her power poles.
"Nice try, bilge brains!" Jessie said. She then threw the power poles to the ground and the two giantesses went back to hand-to-hand combat.

Meanwhile, back at Joy's damaged lab (how was it rebuilt? Nah... not telling! ^____^), Ash and his friends just watched as the two continued to battle each other.
"My oversized sister may save the city, but there'll be no city left!" Max said.
"Ecstatic evolution! We've done it!" Joy shouted from the background.
"Done what?" Ash said as the gang ran over to see what she's done.
"Oh! I've created the antidote to Super Rare Sushi." Joy said, pointing to her Chansey holding a long test tube with green liquid inside.
"Great Geodude! Now we can shrink that dastardly Jessiezilla back down to size!" Brock said.

Back in the city, May was beginning to show signs of fatigue as Jessie was starting to gain the upper hand. In fact, Jessiezilla reached in and picked up May, tossing her to a big building.
"Whoooooooaaaaaaaa!!!" May shouted. She landed hard, but was able to get up and brush the debris off her clothes, particularly around her chest.
"Lucky for me that Pokemon Center broke my fall!" May said. The two then locked eye contact, ready to attack once again. Behind the chaos, Ash (Pikachu was on his head) and the gang were running into the battle scene with Max and Brock carrying one very large needle with the green antidote inside.
"This is the second biggest hypodermic needle I've ever seen!" Max said.
"What was the biggest?" Brock asked.
"My last flu shot." Max said.
"Get ready! When Jessiezilla's closer, we'll give her an injection of Super Rare Sushi Shrinker!" Ash said. Back at the battle scene, Jessiezilla was holding a billboard advertising a soft drink.
"Chew on this!" Jessiezilla shouted as she threw the billboard towards her rival at high speed. But May was able to flip jump over the projectile and land a few yards away from Jessie. She then noticed how Jessiezilla was standing on top of an orange tarp that was being used to cover the damage on the roads.
"Jessiezilla, I'm gonna pull the rug out from under you!" May shouted as she grabbed the tarp and pulled it hard enough to trip Jessie up. She landed hard on her back in the process.
"Whoaaaaa... Ouch! You'll pay for that you miserable excuse of a Pokemon coordinator!" Jessiezilla said as she got back up and charged for May. Max and Brock quickly figured they were close enough to the evil giantess.
"Let's make like a cactus and stick it to her!" Max shouted as the two ran with the needle in their hands. They were successfully able to stick it to Jessiezilla, who jumped up and yelled in pain before landing back on the streets.

"Yeeeeeouuuch!!!" Jessiezilla shouted. She then recovered to see the buildings around her getting bigger.
"Hey... this city's getting bigger." Jessiezilla said. She then quickly realized what was going on. The city wasn't getting bigger. She was getting smaller.
"No! I'm shrinking!!!" Jessiezilla shouted. Soon, after all the special effects had worn out, she was back at her normal size, as plain ol' Jessie. The evil villainess then looked up and saw the still gigantic May walking towards her. She felt scared inside, knowing that this was what all the innocent people of Arigato City were going through when she was huge. But at least she made clear her frustrations to her rival.
"You too big rowdy revolting rival!!! You foiled my plans again!" Jessie shouted.
"That's right, Jessie! Your tables have turned!" May said, hands on her hips.
"Then as the old saying goes..." Jessie said. She pulled out an explosive device and pressed the button. Soon, fireworks went off and Jessie was sent flying through the air. May tried to catch her in midair, but Jessie was gone quicker than someone getting knocked out in a Sudden Death match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl...
"Oh well... I guess James and Meowth will be looking for me. Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!!!" Jessie shouted all by herself before she disappeared in a blink. Ash and his friends watched as Jessie got away.
"Blast! Jessie got away again." Brock said.
"Yes, but Arigato City's has seen the last of her and Team Rocket." Ash said.


Back at Joy's damaged lab, Dr. Joy Hollingshead thanked everyone for all their help, including May, who was back to her normal size.
"Thank you for saving Arigato City from the gigantic Jessie." Joy said.
"It was our pleasure. I just wish I could've been bigger for a little longer!" May said.
"Yeah, you wish..." Max said. Ash, meanwhile, was looking around for a quick bite. He hadn't had one since they arrived in Arigato City, and all the running around trying to stop Jessiezilla really had his stomach growling. Eventually, he found a container containing white tablet looking objects.
"All that running's around gotten me hungry. Hmmm... what's this?" Ash said. He took one of these tablets and threw it down his mouth, and Joy was quickly able to catch that.
"No no no! Don't eat that! That is my latest invention! Shrinking Sukiyaki!!!" Joy shouted. Ash gulped just as he heard that, and now he was really sweating. He watched as everything around him got bigger. Ash had shrunken down to about three inches tall, less than half of Pikachu's height. May ran up to the tiny Ash.
"Goodness! Ash is no bigger than an ember from Torchic!" May said as she held a hand out for Ash to walk on. May walked over to Joy and showed her the shrunken Ash.
"Quick! Give me the antidote!" Ash shouted.
"Oh... well, there is no antidote. You must wait one week for it to wear off." Joy said. Ash gasped over hearing the bad news, but he quickly recovered knowing that he was safe with all his friends. In fact, he made a funny line to bring some good out of his situation.
"Well, maybe now I can finally have my fill of gigantic adventures, like I promised my mom!" Ash said.

Everyone couldn't help but laugh over that. Hey, there was no way you couldn't laugh either. ^_____^