The Joy of Legends

(Cubed Cinder)

The sky was pitch black, but there was no mistaking a thunderstorm at night. It was pouring down rain as thunder and lightning lit up the normally dark night sky. Nobody was on the streets considering the ugly weather that was churning its way through the beautiful islands of Porta Vista. Well... almost nobody.

Officer Jenny had gathered four of her fellow officers to sail with her on a journey. A journey that few wanted to go on considering all the rumors that have been flying around this island. It all started three weeks ago. An island had suddenly appeared out of nowhere out in the clear waters of the ocean. The people of Porta Vista took this in stride, thinking this was a new island for even more peaceful vacation.

However, that wasn't meant to be. Nearly everyone that sailed towards that island never came back, and the few people that did come back claimed to have been attacked by giant Pokemon, like in the formerly popular theme park, Pokemon Land, where giant-sized versions of favorite Pokemon wandered harmlessly through the land. An accident involving several trainers, and even Team Rocket themselves, brought the place to a close a few years ago, but it was a very popular attraction for kids, enough that its memory still lives on.

Today, people fear the thought of a giant Pokemon, especially given the fact that people have been disappearing from this island since its appearance. Officer Jenny and her compatriots sought to get behind this mystery and divulge its secrets once and for all. It was rough sailing due to the thunderstorm, but the group was successfully able to make it to the island. They turned on their flashlights as they slowly walked deeper into the island, not letting the rain and lightning scare them one bit.

"Officer Jenny, are you sure this is a good idea?" one officer said. He had to raise his voice above the rain so Jenny could hear him.
"It's the only idea. We have to find out what's causing people to disappear on this island, and whether or not these so-called giant Pokemon have anything to do with it." Jenny said.
"Hey! Over here! I found something!" another shouted in the distance. Jenny and the rest of the officers ran to the man's position as he pointed the flashlight up to something big.

Correction: Something really, really big. Words can't describe what they were seeing in front of them.

"A mushroom?" one officer said.
"But that's impossible! Mushrooms can't possibly grow that big!" another said.
"Only with the purest of nutrients. I would say that this is no ordinary mushroom. I can feel its strong smell too. Whew..." Jenny said, trying not to let the strong, clean scent affect her too much. It almost reminded her of the Vileplume that her cousin caught for her a long time ago.
"What do you think it is?" one officer asked. Just then, everyone could feel the ground start to shake on and off, like a heart beating. They waved their flashlights all over to find the cause of such shaking, but so far nothing could be seen.
"What's that?" another asked. The shaking started to get more violent, and the lightning was becoming much stronger. Finally, the group could see something, and it too was really big.
"Oh my god..." one officer said. They couldn't exactly make out what it was due to the dimming of the flashlights and the strong rain.
"Is that... a Pokemon?" one officer said.
"So the giant Pokemon rumor is true?" another said. When they noticed the giant creature continue to stomp towards them, they immediately started to panic.
"RUN!!!" Jenny finally shouted. The officers then ran as fast as they possibly could for the boats. But all of a sudden, a huge lightning bolt came down from both the sky and from the giant Pokemon that was coming towards them. Jenny was able to get out of the way, but the other four officers were struck by this powerful bolt, shocking them violently. Jenny stopped as soon as she could hear their piercing screams of pain go up into the night sky.

"Guys!" Jenny shouted as she ran back for them. The bolt vanished, leaving the four guys on the rain-soaked ground. Jenny tried all she could to feel any kind of life coming from their body, but it was no good. They were instantly killed by the powerful amount of electricity from this lightning bolt. Jenny looked to see the giant Pokemon was still hot on her tail, so she had no choice but to leave her dead friends' bodies behind and run away, flashlight in hand and still glowing.
Jenny ran for a good two minutes, breathing heavily while the giant creature continued to chase her, but never really make an attempt at actually crushing her. She didn't have time to think about why the creature wasn't just crushing her. Maybe there was a reason behind this? She thought about it for a split-second, but her timing couldn't have been worse. She tripped over a small rock and fell to the ground. Her police uniform covered with mud and her knee bruised as a result from the hard fall, Jenny struggled to get back up.

Finally, as she pointed the flashlight up, she noticed the creature's hand coming down slowly. She only had a few seconds to see that the creature picking her up had yellow skin. It eventually was blocking her entire view.
"NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Jenny screamed, trying to cover herself up as best as she could from the horror that was towering above her. Another strong lightning bolt lit up the sky, with booming thunder echoing throughout the area...

All that was left was Jenny's flashlight, which eventually died out from a dead battery.

The next morning, the weather was in complete contrast with what the people had to go through last night. It was a beautifully sunny day with no clouds in sight. It would've been a great day to go surfing on the beaches of Porta Vista had the word not gotten out about Officer Jenny's disappearance last night on the mysterious island. People were up in arms, chatting endlessly over all kinds of theories behind the mysterious island, all of which proved to be far from true.

Ash, Misty, and Brock weren't fazed by the chaos, although it did raise their curiousity a bit. Ash and friends were on their way back to Pallet Town, fresh off their journey to Mt. Silver in which Ash finished in the top eight in the Pokemon tournament.
"I wonder what everyone is talking about?" Ash said.
"They sure are very vocal. Must be something important." Misty said. Togepi uttered something in agreement from its seat in Misty's backpack.
"Yeah. Porta Vista is normally one of the quietest island towns in the world." Brock said. They walked by a news reporter and her cameraman who were doing a report on the situation. The trio decided to stop and listen.
"The people of Porta Vista continue to be up in arms over the mysterious island that appeared just a few weeks ago east of where Pokemon Land once rested. Last night, it was reported that Officer Jenny and four other police officers traveled to the island, but have not returned since that time, much like several other citizens of Porta Vista that sailed over there. Authorities are not speculating at this time over what may have possibly caused the disappearances, but they are monitoring the situation closely. Meanwhile, all ferries to the mysterious island have been put on hold." the newswoman said.

"Mysterious island?" Ash said.
"Maybe they're talking about that island over there." Brock said, pointing out in the distance at the island that everyone was talking about.
"What do you suppose makes that island so mysterious? And why are people disappearing from there?" Misty asked.
"Let's go into the new Pokemon Center and find out." Ash said. The three then headed inside. Inside the Pokemon Center, discussions were highly evident surrounding the mysterious island. Nurse Joy looked a little uneasy every time someone uttered the words mysterious and island. Our heroes walked up to the counter, placing their Pok├ęballs on top of it so that Joy can pick them up and heal the creatures.
"Hello. Can I help you?" Joy asked.
"Well, first we'd like to have our Pokemon healed. We've all been through a long journey." Ash said. Brock then leaned up against the counter and put his face as close to Nurse Joy's as he could.
"Nurse Joy!!! I've been waiting for a very long time for this moment. Let us savor it together!" Brock shouted. Misty then grabbed him by the ear and dragged him back as he shouted in pain.
"Now is not the time, Brock!" Misty said. While Joy was placing all of the Pok├ęballs in the healing machine, Ash composed himself to ask a question
"Nurse Joy, what's going on with the mysterious island? We hear a lot of people talking about it." Ash said. Joy then gave a cold look at Ash before sighing and looking at him.
"That island gives me the shivers for some reason. There's something about it that seems to be calling out for me. I can't figure out what it is, yet that island doesn't leave me alone." Joy said.
"Oh... I'm sorry." Ash said.
"No, it's okay. It's caused problems for a lot of people since it appeared, especially for the people who have disappeared after sailing to the island. Even Officer Jenny and some of her friends have since disappeared. If only we knew what was going on over there. The few that have survived claim to have seen giant Pokemon, but I find that hard to believe." Joy said.
"We'll investigate for you!" Brock shouted.
"What!? We will?" Ash said.
"Sure we will, Ash. We're used to going on big journeys! We'll do anything to help a lovely lady!" Brock said.
"(sigh) I soooooo want to smack you." Misty said, with her arms folded and an unhappy face.
"Well, even if you wanted to help, I don't know how you could get over there. All ships have been ordered to stay far away from that island." Joy said.
"But there must be some way to get onto that island..." Ash said.

Just then, behind our group of heroes, two people in sailor outfits walked up to them and greeted them. There was a Meowth, with sailor hat on, sitting on top of their shoulders as they stood close together. Little did our heroes realize that this was Team Rocket in disguise again.
"Never fear, my dears!" Jessie said.
"We offer the perfect solution for island-seeking trainers!" James said.
"And for no charge! Our boat will get us there in no time!" Meowth said.
"Really? You'd take us to that island without charging us?" Ash asked.
"Exactly, and our boat is right outside even." James said.
"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Misty said. She and the others headed outside the door along with the disguised Team Rocket members. Joy tried calling out for them, but they didn't seem to pick up her voice.
"(sigh) Well... I hope they make it back safely. But there's no telling what secrets that island holds." Joy said.

Outside, Jessie and James were preparing their motor boat for takeoff while the good trainers hopped aboard.
"Prepare for takeoff!" James said, activating the motor and sending the boat on its way. It was traveling at a quick pace. So fast that five minutes had passed and they were halfway to the island. As they got closer to the island, Ash could feel a powerful wind brushing the back of his hair. He looked around to find the source of this wind.
"Ash, what is it? What are you looking around for?" Brock asked.
"I don't know... I felt this strong gust of wind just a few seconds ago. It's been getting stronger the closer we get to the island." Ash said.
"Do you think it has to do with the island?" Misty asked.
"Perhaps, but let's not try to jump to conclusions until we've explored this island." Ash said. After another five minutes, the boat stopped on the sand. They were all on the mysterious island.

"Mystery Island, land ho!" Jessie shouted.
"Yes, and we got here in record time too!" James said. The good guys, along with Ash's Pikachu, all hopped off the motor boat.
"Well, thanks for your help." Ash said.
"Yeah. We couldn't have gotten here without your help." Misty said. They started to walk off, and that's when James gave the signal to Meowth.
"Alright, Meowth. Go for it!" James shouted.
"With pleasure!" Meowth said. It then made a big leap and grabbed Ash's Pikachu, quickly running back where the sailors stuffed it in a rubber bag. The group turned to hear Pikachu's panicking voice as the rubber bag shook left and right.
"Hey! What are you doing with my Pikachu!?" Ash shouted.
"What kind of sailors are you? Taking other people's Pokemon like that!" Misty shouted.
"I have a bad feeling about this..." Brock said. The sailors then let out a soft laugh each.

"Prepare for trouble from this side of the sea!" Jessie said.
"Make it double as you can plainly see!" James said. They babbled on with the rest of the motto, right down to Wobbuffet jumping out and saying something useless as always. Ash and friends were well used to it by now, and all they cared about was getting Pikachu.
"Team Rocket! We should have known! Who else but you clowns would give us free rides to a mysterious island!?" Misty said.
"Give me back my Pikachu this instant!" Ash said.
"Tough luck, little Ash. This Pikachu is ours, as it was always meant to be." Jessie said.
"Now, we'll be on our way now, if you don't mind that is." James said.
"Yes, we're riding a high tide today!" Meowth said. The boat them started to speed away, leaving our heroes stranded on the island. Ash tried to chase after them, but his friends held him back to protect him.
"Team Rocket! You won't get away with this!" Ash shouted as he struggled in his friend's arms.

"Hahahaha!!! Wasn't that a brilliant plan, team?" Jessie said.
"Yes, it feels so good to taste victory for a change." James said. Just then, they could feel the waves of the ocean pick up in intensity. They were getting rough in almost an instant.
"Hey, what's up with the waves picking up?" Meowth said.
"I don't see any weather changes occuring." Jessie said. Just then, all of a sudden, the motorboat snapped in two! The team was taken so much by surprise that they were left to fly into the ocean. The rubber bag containing Pikachu also flew up and landed in the ocean. Luckily, the bag was jarred open by the force and Pikachu was set free as it swam for its life.

Ash and friends had watched the events unfold from the island. None of them could believe what just hit Team Rocket.
"Guys! Did you just see that?" Ash said.
"I did! That looked like a Goldeen that just tore that boat to pieces." Brock said.
"A Goldeen? But that's impossible! They're too small to bust something as strong as a motorboat!" Misty said. Meanwhile, Jessie, James, and Meowth all grabbed onto a leftover board from the motorboat to collect their thoughts and to stay afloat.
"Yikes! What hit us!?" Jessie said. Just then, they both looked to see something rising out of the ocean. It was the giant Goldeen again, and it was charging right for them!
"Uh... Jess, what's the record for the biggest Goldeen ever caught?" Meowth asked.
"Why on Earth are you asking that, Meowth!?" James said from the side.
"'Cause I think we're about to be first witness..." Meowth said. Then the board got struck, and the three were sent flying into the sky as always.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" they all shouted at once before disappearing in a blink.

Pikachu was washed ashore following the devastating scene, and Ash quickly ran to its side and checked to make sure it was okay. Luckily, after a few coughs, Pikachu was smiling again and back in Ash's arms.
"Oh, Pikachu! I'm so glad you're okay!" Ash said. The giant Goldeen was then slowly swimming towards the shoreline, with a rather mean look on its face. Ash at first didn't notice, but Misty sure did.
"Thanks for your help, Goldeen." Ash said.
"Uh... Ash. I don't think that Goldeen is thrilled with seeing us." Misty said.
"Yeah, it doesn't seem to be real happy with us." Brock said. Ash took a good look at this Goldeen's eyes.
"Looks like you're right." Ash said.
"We better step away. Slowly at that." Misty said. Our heroes then started to slowly take a few steps backwards, at a slow pace so they wouldn't startle the Goldeen. But at the same time, a series of rumbling sounds were progressively getting louder. And the ground was shaking at different intervals.
"Hey, you guys feel that!? It's almost like an earthquake." Brock said.
"An earthquake on an island? Outside of Porta Vista? Seems highly unlikely." Ash said. Misty turned around to see where the shaking was coming from. Misty screamed at what she had seen.
"Misty? What's wrong?" Ash asked.
"Ack!!! Ash, look!!!" Misty shouted, pointing up at the large object that was closing in on them. Ash didn't want to believe it, but he had to. Words couldn't describe what he was feeling at this kind of sight. It was yellow, and it had a menacing face like Goldeen.

"Pikachu? But how!?" Ash said as they all looked up to see the giant Pikachu. It then raised its foot up in the air...
"RUN!!!" Ash shouted. He, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu all ran as fast as they could away from the gigantic Pokemon.
"So the legend of the giant Pokemon on this island is true after all!" Brock shouted.
"And apparently the disappearing people act if we don't get away fast!" Misty said.
"I don't get it... why is this Pikachu angry at us!?" Ash said. Just then, while he was looking back at the giant Pikachu, he felt himself slam into something which knocked him flat on the ground with the others.
"Hey! What hit us?" Ash said. Misty, with a wide-eyed expression, was the first to react.
"Oh my god..." Misty said, alarmingly. Our heroes were looking up at possibly the biggest Charizard they have ever seen. Given the fact that the stories-high Pikachu was only towering up to this Charizard's knees, it was undeniably huge. Our heroes took a few steps back, only to find themselves brushed up against one of Pikachu's feet. The two towering Pokemon looked down at our heroes, with menacing looks on their faces.
"Well, guys, it was nice knowing you all..." Brock said.
"(gulp) I can't believe I'm going to die under the feet of such normally harmless Pokemon." Misty said.
"Hang tough, guys! Hopefully there's a miracle out there." Ash said as they prepared for the worst.
However, that miracle Ash asked for soon came. The group could feel the ground shaking more, even if Charizard and Pikachu weren't moving. And there were more booming sounds as well. Another giant Pokemon? That's what they assumed, until they heard an all too familiar voice.
"Pikachu! Charizard! Enough of this!" the voice said. The group then looked up to see who it belonged too. Misty instantly fainted upon this sight. Right into Ash's arms I might add.

"Officer Jenny!?" Ash shouted. Yep, it was Officer Jenny. Only she was bigger. A lot bigger. She matched Charizard's size in every inch, making her incredibly huge as well. In fact, it wasn't stupid at all to assume she was at least a thousand feet tall. She certainly was big enough to make a Steelix look like a mere worm to her feet.
Brock was stunned as well, but quickly switched back to Brock mode when he started to happily run towards Jenny's gigantic black slipper, which is trademark among all Officer Jennys.
"Officer Jenny! It's a pleasure to meet a much bigger version of yourself! We were meant for each other!" Brock said, hugging as much of the black slipper as he could, which really wasn't a whole lot.
"Brock! Watch out!!!" Ash shouted. Brock looked up to see the black slipper he was hugging was going up into the air and coming down on him! Fortunately, Jenny placed her foot down in a position that Brock would be safe between the heel and rest of the slipper. He still wound up on his behind as a result of the tremendous shaking that rocked the island from Jenny's stomp.
"Who are you Pokemon trainers and what brings you to the Island of the Giant Pokemon?" Jenny said, with her voice booming throughout the entire island.
"Uh... my name is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, and I'm a master Pokemon trainer! My friends and I were on our way back home until we heard stories about this island, and we felt like exploring it until we ran into these giant Pokemon, as well as a giant you." Ash said, being sure to raise his voice so that the mega-sized Jenny could hear him. Brock scurried back to Ash's side after the close encounter with Jenny's foot.
"So I see. Then you must leave at once! Many innocent lives have been lost to the giant Pokemon and will continue to be lost until their beloved leader can be found." Jenny said.
"Wait... leader? What are you talking about?" Ash said. Jenny then got down on her knees and took a good look at the tiny trainers. Ash stood unphased, not scared by Jenny's face blocking his entire view of the sky above. Jenny then kneeled back up.
"Yes, you three look trustworthy and adventurous, so I will tell you the story about this island. Pikachu, allow them to ride you and follow me to the open mountain." Jenny said. The giant Pikachu slowly picked up the trainers and got help from Charizard as they were sitting on top of Pikachu's head. As big as it was, none of them were in danger of falling off unless Pikachu ran too fast. Then the three giants started walking towards the center of the island. Along the way, Jenny told them the story. Misty, along the way, had awaken from her fainting spell, apparently ready to accept the fact that there is a really, really big Officer Jenny within sight.

"This island, the Island of the Giant Pokemon, has been around for many years. It was only discovered recently, however, because the powers of our barrier that shrouds this island in secrecy have worn out, revealing this island to the people of the nearby towns. As you have already seen, this island is like your ordinary tropical paradise for Pokemon, only everything is enlarged to gigantic size. What is grass to us appears to be trees from your viewpoint." Jenny said.
"So this island has really been around for years, just hidden from view due to a barrier?" Ash said.
"That is correct. But neither the island guardian nor myself, the guardian's protector, have been around to help keep the barrier's strength up. When the island became as clear as day, all of the Pokemon here were put at great risk, and that's why they went from being the calm and tame creatures they normally are to vicious killers, crushing anything that was in their way." Jenny said.
"Oh... so all of the people that disappeared are dead?" Misty said.
"Sadly, that's the case. Luckily, the giant Pikachu you ride upon managed to remember me as the island guardian's protector. It took me to the open mountain where I regained not only my normal size, but my memories as well." Jenny said.
"Your memories?" Ash asked.
"This whole mess started when the island guardian wanted to see what normal civilization was like, even if she would lose her memories and her powers by venturing outside of the island. I tried to stop her, but it was no good. I went for a long time as the sole protector of the island, and the only person the Pokemon could look up to. Even if they are bigger than the ordinary Pokemon of your lands, they still needed someone who cared only for the Pokemon and nothing else. Not even their own life. I tried to venture outside the island and search for the guardian, but the powers I tried were of no help. I too lost my memories, and the next thing I knew, I was reborn as Officer Jenny." Jenny said.
"So you mean you're the Jenny that disappeared the night before? You're really the protector of this island's guardian?" Brock asked.
"Yes. And you can just call me Jenny. My real name is far too complicated for normal human beings to say." Jenny said. The trio of giants then stopped at the base of the mountain she had mentioned earlier.

"Here we are. The open mountain that is really the core of this island and its powers." Jenny said.
"A volcano?" Ash said.
"It may appear to be a volcano. But it really isn't. Think of it as an open mountain. Deep down inside lies the source of this island's power. Only the island guardian or myself can call upon its powers." Jenny said.
"Where is the island guardian now?" Brock said.
"I can feel her presence nearby... it's like she's not too far from where we are. She could even be mere miles away from us." Jenny said.
"In Porta Vista?" Ash asked.
"Yes... but that may be asking for too much. The island guardian has an absolute passion for Pokemon. Nothing else matters in her life except for the fact that the Pokemon here must feel protected at all times." Jenny said.
"Hmmm... Brock. She says this guardian is nearby..." Ash said.
"And the guardian is a lovely female." Brock said, blushing a little bit. Ash didn't seem to notice.
"And she absolutely cares for Pokemon no matter what." Ash said. He was waiting for Brock to say something, but he seemed to captivated. Finally, Misty slapped him on the face.
"Brock!? Are you paying attention?" Misty said.
"Oh, yes... sorry, Ash. So Ash says the guardian cares for Pokemon no matter what." Brock said.
"And there's only one person I can think of that would be absolutely caring for Pokemon..." Misty said. The three then looked at each other directly in the eyes.

"Nurse Joy!!!" They all shouted. Jenny managed to pick this up as she kneeled down to look at the trainers.
"Did you say something?" Jenny said.
"Um... Jenny. We think we may have an idea of where the island guardian is. Maybe we could bring her to you!" Ash said.
"Oh, you think you know where the island guardian might have been reborn?" Jenny said.
"Well, that's what we hope. If you'll give us a chance, maybe you and your Pokemon could look at her." Ash said. Jenny stared at the trainers for a little bit of time, trying to sense whether or not they were telling the truth or not.
"Very well then. You three have been nice enough. You can sail back to Porta Vista and bring me this girl who you sense is the island guardian." Jenny said.
"Great! But where are we going to find a boat?" Misty asked.
"Yeah, Team Rocket kinda took ours, and it was later destroyed by a giant Goldeen." Brock said.
"No problem. I'll have that same Goldeen carry you from this island and back." Jenny said. She then took the three trainers gently from Pikachu's head and carried them back to the beach, where the giant Goldeen was swimming around in circles. Goldeen was called by the giant Jenny as it rested along the sand dunes, allowing the three trainers to climb aboard. Just as they were onboard, Goldeen turned around and slowly swam for Porta Vista. Jenny waved off her new friends just as they were sailing away.
"Good luck, my friends. The future of our lives could very well depend on you." Jenny said.

Goldeen swam low so that the trainers of Porta Vista wouldn't be too shocked and surprised to see such a big Pokemon swimming to their lot. In fact, it submerged underwater completely once Ash, Misty, and Brock were back on the Porta Vista Docks. Already it was beginning to get more crazy around the town, especially since word was starting to spread about giant Pokemon and well as even a giant-sized Officer Jenny being briefly spotted on the 'mysterious island.' Ash and his friends ignored these heated conversations and ran inside the Pokemon Center. Inside, everyone, including Nurse Joy, was watching the continuing news coverage on the island.
"Nurse Joy!" Ash shouted.
"Back already? You three actually survived that mysterious island?" Nurse Joy said.
"Yeah, but we're not here to have our Pokemon healed." Misty said.
"Nurse Joy! Once again, our paths have crossed! Perhaps this could mean the beginning of something!" Brock shouted. Misty then bonked him on the head repeatedly, knocking him out cold temporarily.
"And it starts with you keeping your mouth shut." Misty said. Ash just shook his head before looking back at Nurse Joy.
"Nurse Joy... you need to come along with us. It's urgent!" Ash said.
"What!? Why would I want to leave this desk?" Joy said.
"It's about the mysterious island. We think... we think you may be the key behind its mystery." Misty said.
"No!!! There is no way I want to go on that island... not after all the bad rumors I've heard with people disappearing and giant Pokemon roaming freely." Joy said.
"That might be true, but the giant Pokemon aren't that bad. They just don't have someone to care for them." Ash said.
"But how is anyone supposed to care for those gigantic creatures? There isn't a human on this planet that could possibly reach that size!" Joy said. Ash and Misty quickly looked at each other, deciding mentally whether or not to prove her wrong by telling her about the giant Officer Jenny.
"That's... kinda why we want you to come with us." Misty said.
"Yeah. This mysterious island thing is a lot deeper than any of us can imagine. Trust us, if we could survive, you can too." Ash said. He and Misty put sincere looks on their faces, and Nurse Joy was looking right at them. She was tempted to say no once again, but what if there really was something behind this whole mystery that involved her? After all, she had been getting mysterious vibes from that island ever since it appeared.

"Alright, but I please ask that you three protect me in case something goes horribly wrong." Joy said.
"Oh, we will. Don't worry, you'll understand once we get there." Ash said.
"But how are we going to get there?" Joy asked.
"We have a ride. Come on, let's go!" Misty said. Ash woke up Brock while Misty led Nurse Joy outside to the docks. Eventually everyone was waiting outside.
"Goldeen! We're ready!" Misty shouted. Just then, the group could feel a small shaking effect from beneath their feet, as well as the waves picking up significantly. The giant Goldeen was soon fully visible, looking over our heroes and Nurse Joy. Joy put her hand over her mouth and covered it, since it was wide open from seeing such a shocking sight.
"See what we mean, Nurse Joy?" Ash said.
"So the giant Pokemon stories are true..." Joy said. She then followed the three trainers onto the giant Goldeen as it sailed off towards the mysterious island.

Once the group got there and jumped off from Goldeen, they waited for any giant Pokemon to appear and see the latest person to set foot on the island.
"So, where are the rest of the giant Pokemon?" Joy asked. The ground then started to shake once more, with booming sounds filling the sky. Everyone looked to the side to see the not only the giant Pikachu and giant Charizard, but various other Pokemon that are normally small in real life, but greatly enlarged here as well. Joy stood in awe at all the giant Pokemon that were staring right down at her and the other trainers.
"Uh... Ash? Are you sure this is going to work?" Misty asked.
"Let's hope so... we're either going to be seen as heroes to this island, or we'll all be Pokemon bait." Ash said. The group kept still as the giant Pikachu looked over the group, especially Nurse Joy. Then, to everyone's surprise, Pikachu looked away and stepped backwards, calling out towards the center of the island.
"I wonder what Pikachu is calling for." Brock said. Just then, the shaking and booming returned, and the group looked out from behind the giant Charizard to see that the mega-sized Officer Jenny had returned. Joy gasped in shock.
"What in the world...? How did Jenny survive? And how did she get that huge?" Joy said as she looked up at the mega giantess.
"It's a long story, Nurse Joy, but she means no harm. At least, I hope not anyway..." Ash said.

"Ah... so you have returned, my friends." Jenny said.
"Yes we have. Uh... and we brought Nurse Joy with us." Misty said, stepping aside and letting the giantess get a more clear view of Nurse Joy. Pikachu was also saying something into Jenny's ear. Jenny nodded her head and then smiled.
"Well, I must commend the three of you on your efforts. To retrieve our queen like that with such speed is remarkable." Jenny said.
"Huh? Queen? Me?" Joy asked, confused.
"You mean Nurse Joy is the long lost island guardian?" Ash said.
"That is correct. The Pokemon have not reacted adversely to her presence, which leads me to believe she is the one." Jenny said.
"Uh... you must be mistaking. I'm no guardian of any island! I'm the nurse of the Pokemon Center in Porta Vista!" Joy said.
"I know this may be hard for you to believe right now, Joy, but when your memories are restored, it will all make sense to you. Please allow me." Jenny said. She then kneeled down to pick up Nurse Joy as gently as she could, considering how huge she was. Being nearly a thousand feet tall certainly had its disadvantages when it came to handling smaller people, but then again, this island has never had any normal-sized humans visit before. Charizard had picked up Ash, Misty, and Brock and placed them on top of Pikachu's head again as they and the other giant Pokemon followed Jenny to the open mountain.
Back at the open mountain, Nurse Joy struggled as she was being held in between two of Jenny's fingers. Of course, she had no idea that she wasn't going to be burned to a crisp as this wasn't an ordinary volcano, but there was no way of knowing for sure.
"Please! Let me go! I've done nothing wrong to you!" Joy said.
"Don't struggle, Joy. You'll have your memories back soon. Just trust me on this one." Jenny said. She then held her over the mountain and dropped her inside.
"NOOOO!!!" Joy screamed as she fell. Ash and his friends had just gotten there to see Joy falling inside, fearing for the worst.

Inside, it was pitch black. There was no lava to be found whatsoever. Just an eerie silence to go along with the black background only lit up by the mountain's opening above. Suddenly, Joy could feel her descent slowing down dramatically, until she wasn't falling down at all but rather floating in mid-air. The moment she started to float, images started to fill her mind as the mountain lit up with bright colors of power. The images floated around showing pictures of herself playing with the many Pokemon.
"What is this? What's going on?" Joy asked herself as the images continued coming by. The images varied greatly, from Joy helping a baby Pokemon up from the ground, to telling other Pokemon not to ever leave the island. Images even came up with her talking with Jenny herself, stories like what lies beyond this island and how many Pokemon really do exist in the world. Like clockwork, it was beginning to fill Joy's mind. So much, she had to close her eyes and let it sink in.
And that's when the mountain's power picked up. The images became more clear, and as all that was going on, Joy looked up to notice the mountain opening getting closer and closer to her. She could also slightly feel a bottom to the mountain for her to rest her feet on, but little did she realize that the magic of the mountain was causing that. Closing her eyes again to concentrate, she continued to grow...

Outside, all was quiet. Everyone was watching all the lights go off inside the mountain. Just then, Ash and friends were taken aback by the sight of a growing Nurse Joy. They almost felt scared... there was a real possibility she would grow as big as Jenny and some of the other Pokemon!

And that's just what happened. Joy finally stopped growing, just a few feet short of matching Jenny's height, but still looking absolutely gigantic to the trainers from below.
"I don't think I'll ever get used to this..." Misty said.
"You can say that again." Brock said.
"Wow... even Brock's floored from this series of events!" Ash said, letting out a laugh. From above, Nurse Joy was floating to the ground next to the mountain and was slowly beginning to open her eyes as she looked down onto the ground to compare herself to the smaller things of the island. Then she looked at her fellow giant Pokemon and finally at Jenny herself.
"Joy? How do you feel?" Jenny said.
"I... I remember everything now. It's like I never left this island." Joy said with a smile.
"Oh... thank goodness." Jenny said. She opened up her arms and allowed Joy to jump in as the two hugged each other in happiness.
"I'm so glad you're okay, Joy. All of us were worried greatly." Jenny said.
"Yes. I'm so sorry for leaving you all. I should've been more mindful of my own powers as well as the powers of this island, not to mention the fact that I love you all so much." Joy said. All of the smallest of the giant Pokemon, from Igglybuff to Pichu to Togepi, gathered up at Joy's feet to welcome their protector back.
"Awww... did you miss me, babies?" Joy said. These Pokemon nodded and shouted their names in happiness. The giant Pikachu with our three heroes walked up to the giant Joy.
"Wait... she's actually named Joy?" Misty said.
"No, not really. Joy's just a nickname I use since my real name is so hard to pronounce. Even Jenny, my protector, has a hard time saying my real name." Joy said.
"Heh, at least it's not as bad as my real name, which you never get right!" Jenny said. Joy just smiled at her.

"Well, glad to see everything worked out so well." Ash said.
"Thank you so much, my fellow trainers, for returning Joy to us. We owe you a debt that we will never be able to repay." Ash said.
"Oh... well, it's no problem. We tend to help people in need, no matter how... big, they are." Ash said. Joy kneeled down and held her face close to the three trainers so she could see them better.
"Your efforts truly are appreciated. Without my return, I fear terrible things might have happened to this island. People would've come here to try and capture the giant Pokemon, and the giant Pokemon would do bad things to these people just to defend themselves." Joy said.
"That's why once you three leave us, we will use our magic with the island's to hide this island from view once again." Jenny said.
"You sure? You could probably do a lot of good by making this island a part of the map. Maybe it could make a good tourist attraction." Brock said.
"Perhaps it could. But the safety of the Pokemon is just too important. Even then, the people of the world wouldn't understand without fearing for their own safety." Joy said.
"Especially if they were to see us. Giant Pokemon is nothing new, but giant women like us is something that best remain a secret." Jenny said.
"Well, I can understand that." Ash said.

The three trainers found themselves back on the sands on the edge of the island, looking way up at the giantesses, Joy and Jenny, as well as their batch of now happy giant Pokemon.
"Well, I guess it's time for us to go back now." Ash said.
"Yeah... but how will we get back? Our boat was destroyed, remember?" Misty said.
"Never fear, my friends. I can help with that." Joy said. She then waved her hands around in a pattern before shooting them forward. Blue sparks came from her hands and soon formed a luxury cruise-liner, right in front of our heroes!
"Whoa! Is this for us?" Brock shouted.
"Yes. You can ride this cruise ship back to Porta Vista. The town can also keep it as thanks for putting up with what they've seen." Jenny said. As everyone boarded the cruise ship, Ash took one last look up at the giantesses. That's when Joy kneeled down and got as close as she could to him.
"Ash Ketchum. Good luck on your journey as a master Pokemon trainer." Joy said. Then came the biggest surprise of all. Joy planted her lips on Ash's body and gave him a kiss!
"Hey! How come he gets to be kissed?" Brock said. He soon got whacked again by Misty.
"Because a big kiss would've been too much for you." Misty said. Ash got up from the ground after being kissed by the gigantic Joy. He right away noticed most of his clothes covered in lipstick.
"Whoa... uh, thanks, Joy. I guess." Ash said, stuttering a bit on his words. The girls just laughed, as did some of the other Pokemon. Ash then got onboard as the cruise ship started to sail away.
"Goodbye, my friends!" Joy shouted as the cruise ship sailed away.
"Take care of yourselves!" Misty shouted.
"So long, hopefully we can see you again!" Ash shouted.
"Can I have your address and phone number!?" Brock shouted, before he was slapped again by Misty.

As the two giantesses waved their friends goodbye and watched the cruise ship leave. Joy then looked beside herself to Jenny. To be specific, she was scanning her body from top to bottom, looking over the clothes that she wore as Officer Jenny when she was without her memories.
"Hey, uh... Jenny." Joy said.
"Yes, my queen?" Jenny said.
"I think you should keep that outfit on. It looks really cute on you and looks much more comfortable than the clothes we used to wear." Joy said.
"Hmmm... that's funny. I was just thinking the same thing regarding your outfit!" Jenny said.
"No kidding? Well, I guess leaving the island and losing our memories had its good points." Joy said.
"Yeah, who would've thought there could be a silver lining in all this?" Jenny said.
"Now come on. Let us cloak this island and hide it from view once again." Joy said.
"At once, my queen." Jenny said. With that, the two giantesses walked away and towards the center mountain to call upon the powers of the island.

Just as our group of heroes had arrived back at Porta Vista, they looked just in time to see the Island of the Giant Pokemon disappearing.
"Look! The island is disappearing!" Brock said. They watched as it soon vanished entirely from view.
"Well, there it goes." Ash said.
"Too bad, it would've been nice to see them again. I like to think of those two ladies as someone to look up to." Misty said.
"You can say that again. Come on, guys, we should get home now." Ash said. But just as our heroes turned around to start walking home, they were suddenly swarmed by news reporters who were anxious to know even more about the 'mysterious island.'
"Tell us, what did you see on the island!?"
"Is it true that there were giant Pokemon on that island!?"
"How were you able to survive with all the people disappearing and such!?"
"What happened to Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny? What's with these rumors that they too survived on the island!?"
These were just some of the questions being thrown their way, along with various other voices that really turned up the vocal levels on the normally quiet Porta Vista.
"ARRRGH!!! I can't stand it when the mass media has to get this pushy!" Misty said.
"Hey, it's something we get used to during the Pokemon League Exhibitions." Brock said.
"What now, Ash?" Misty asked.
"Only one thing we can do... just say no comment, and RUN!" Ash shouted. He and the others then fought their way through the mess of reporters and then took off running towards the open field, with several reports trying to follow them.

Ash and the gang were hopeful that they could outrun the group of reporters as young as they were, but there was only one way to know for sure... keep on running towards the sunset. On the bright side of things, at least they would be able to get back to Pallet Town a lot quicker.