The Joy of Legends 2

(Cubed Cinder; idea by gamdann)

A few days have passed since the events that took place just outside Porta Vista. On that day, a mysterious island appeared that was actually home to some gigantic Pokemon, hence it was dubbed the Island of the Giant Pokemon. But perhaps more shocking than the island's presence was the fact that really giant versions of Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, estimated to be at least 1,500 feet tall by those lucky enough to compare themselves to the ladies, were actually the long lost rulers of this island, which disappeared after they were reunited.

Of course, Joy and Jenny weren't their real names, but their real names were so complicated to say, they kept the Joy and Jenny names they had earned after they had lost their memories. They did, however, keep the clothes that any other Joy or Jenny would wear, fooling anyone into believing they had just seen one of Joy or Jenny's oversized cousins.

Today, the two giant ladies are once again living on the Island of the Giant Pokemon, which is once again secluded from the world map. After all, with the Pokemon as big and free-roaming as they are, the island was a dangerous place for normal-sized people to be visiting. Right beside the magic mountain, the power source of the entire island, was a wooden cottage big enough for Joy and Jenny to live in. Living conditions weren't exactly of royalty when you take one step inside, but the two mega giantesses didn't care. All they cared about was the safety and continued survival of the Pokemon. Although that was really Joy's responsibility. Jenny was there to protect Joy from anything that could possibly harm her.

Night was falling, and Joy was sitting at a table with some of the baby Pokemon at her side, like Pichu and Igglybuff. She was reading out of a book that read "The Trainer and the Beanstalk," and on the front cover, it had a picture of an Ash Ketchum lookalike running from a giantess Pokemon trainer that looked eerily similar to Misty.
"And so the trainer had his faithful Pokemon, Scizor, cut down the beanstalk, causing the giantess to plummet down to the ground and knock her unconscious. And while the kingdom celebrated until the end of the night, the trainer would go on to live a life of luxury thanks to the money he made by selling the golden Pokeballs. The end." Joy said. The young Pokemon were cheering over hearing such a great story. Jenny then came out from the cottage.
"Excuse me, my queen, but I need to speak with you for a moment." Jenny said.
"Okay, Jenny. Charizard, I need you to send these Pokemon off to bed now." Joy said to her nearby giant Charizard. It nodded and roared out to the young Pokemon to follow it to where they would sleep for the night. Joy, meanwhile, walked inside the cottage, making her feel normal-sized after sitting outside where the grass was made up of small oak trees.

Joy and Jenny sat down at a nearby table to discuss things.
"So, what is it, my faithful protector?" Joy asked.
"I'm afraid I have bad news to report, my queen. We are running low on vital supplies for each and every one of these Pokemon. We only have enough to keep these Pokemon alive for two days." Jenny said.
"Well, can't we use the island magic like we have before?" Joy asked.
"There's the problem. We spent much of this island's magic on not only getting our memories and size back, but also by hiding the island and creating more suitable living environments for the Pokemon. Not to mention create this wonderful cottage. It'll take a couple weeks for the magic supply to fully recharge." Jenny said.
"Hmmm... yes, that is a problem. What are we going to do?" Joy said.
"I was hoping you would you have a solution, my queen. I've tried speeding up the magic recovery process, but the cost offsets any benefits we might have gained." Jenny said. The two ladies sat in silence for about thirty seconds, until Joy came up with an idea.
"Hey, how about this, Jenny? Remember that land that you and I lived in after we lost our memories and shrunk down to tiny size?" Joy said.
"Yes... Porta Vista I believe it was called. Why?" Jenny asked.
"Well, what if we gathered supplies from there?" Joy asked. Jenny simply snapped.
"WHAT!? My queen, please forgive my attitude, but this is a real bad idea on so many counts. For one thing, you know we can't venture off this island without losing our memories." Jenny said.
"Please, Jenny, try to relax. I've actually been practicing this new spell I've been learning that will allow us to leave this island safely and without losing our memories!" Joy said.
"Well, even if we could leave this island, how are we going to gather enough supplies for the Pokemon to survive for weeks while the island magic is recharged!? And probably most importantly... we're way too big to those little humans of the outside world. Imagine the panic we could cause!" Jenny shouted. Joy remained calm throughout this entire explanation.
"I understand your concerns, Jenny, but this is a risk we'll just have to take." Joy said.
"My queen, please reconsider! Perhaps there is another way of getting the supplies we need without using any magic." Jenny said.
"Perhaps there is another way, but we don't have much time. We're going out to the real world and that's final!" Joy said, slapping the table somewhat with her hand. Jenny then stopped trying to think of excuses to not venture outside of the island, because she knew once Joy said her decision was final, there was no turning back.
"Yes, my queen. But can I at least suggest we do it in the morning, when we can see the little people better?" Jenny said.
"Good enough for me. We'll leave after we have breakfest." Joy said, agreeing with Jenny's suggestion. The two then slipped out of their dresses and into their nightshirts before they both fell asleep for the night.

Next morning

When Joy and Jenny woke up and got back into their dresses that would mistake them for a real Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny, they had their five-minute breakfest before they walked outside of the cottage. They were greeted by many of the baby Pokemon. Joy kneeled down to pat them on the heads as they each cried out their names.
"Awww... how are my little babies today? So adorable as always." Joy said with a smile.
"Now listen, my children. Mommy and my protector are going out on an adventure for a little while. Charizard and Blastoise are gonna take care of you today. I want you to do everything they say, okay?" Joy said. The baby Pokemon nodded. Joy then kneeled back up and looked over to Charizard, who stood nearby. She took the creature's hands in her own hands.
"Take care of these Pokemon, okay?" Joy said to Charizard. Charizard let out a confirmation roar and nodded its head. Joy looked back at Jenny.
"It's time." Joy said. Jenny nodded and followed Joy to the edge of the island. They could see Porta Vista out in the distance, even though the people of this place couldn't see the island. Not yet, anyway.
"You know, my queen, I must commend you for treating those baby Pokemon with utmost care and a loving nature." Jenny said.
"Thank you, Jenny, but it's all part of taking care of all Pokemon on this island. Our world could never revolve without these wonderful creatures." Joy said. Jenny then looked out towards Porta Vista.
"Are you sure this spell will let us keep our memories?" Jenny asked.
"Only for 12 hours, yes, but that should be plenty of time to get the supplies we need." Joy said. She then started to recite some sort of chant that was loosely familiar to Jenny since she understands the kind of spells that are cast on this island, but naturally she's never seen this spell in action. Just then, Jenny looked to see her own body, as well as Joy's, glow a light blue color for a few seconds.
"Did it work?" Jenny asked.
"Let's find out..." Joy said. She then took a few steps off the island and into the ocean. She walked until the water was rising up to her knees, which was about 400 yards away from the foot of the island. Jenny watched with interest as Joy hadn't shrunken yet at this point.
"Amazing..." Jenny said. She followed suit and stepped out towards Joy. She too did not shrink in size, and she could still remember everything.
"Yay, my spell worked!" Joy said, hugging her protector in the process.
"Well, that's great, my queen. However, I would advise that we get on with our supply search since the spell only lasts 12 hours." Jenny said.
"Oh, yes, of course. Onward we go then." Joy said as the two mega giantesses started walking towards Porta Vista, which was at least a couple miles away from where they were standing.

On Porta Vista, people were already starting to gather at the docks. The sight was incredible. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny absolutely towering over the ocean, even if they were still a couple miles away from the docks. But they were quickly approaching with every step they took. Every step was shaking the ground and leaving a booming sound in the air from their feet. The girls were also producing big waves that came up over the deck, drenching some people in ocean water. By the time the girls were about a thousand feet away from coming ashore, that's when people started to run like mad.

Joy and Jenny finally made their way onshore at Porta Vista, and true to Jenny's word, the place looked extremely tiny. No surprise considering they were almost 1,500 feet tall, which was considered normal height from where they came from. There was simply no contest when trying to compare the small shops and caf├ęs with these ladies. The people looked like ants from the giant girls' perspectives. Joy was smiling while Jenny looked down in shock.
"Wow... I never realized how small the outside world was." Jenny said. She put one of her black-heeled shoes forward and noticed how it made the road crack a little bit.
"And look at all the little people. Don't they look so cute?" Joy said.
"Yes, my queen, but remember what we came here for. Now come on, let's..." Before Jenny could start her walk closer through the town, she turned to see Joy kneeling down and trying to talk to two young men who simply froze in their place from seeing such a tremendously huge woman.
"Hi boys! My name is Joy, what are yours?" Joy asked. Jenny walked up to Joy.
"My queen, please! Now is not the time to go boy hunting!" Jenny said.
"Awwww... Jenny!" Joy said.
"I said no! That's an order!" Jenny said. Although Joy was the queen of the entire Island of the Giant Pokemon, her protector Jenny still had a right to give orders as well since even Joy herself knew her mind would wander off from time to time due to her overly generous nature.
"Okay, okay. I'm real sorry, Jenny." Joy said, kneeling back up and letting the tiny boys run away to safety. The streets of Porta Vista were pretty much quiet at this point, with people taking shelter inside beach homes or shops.
"You are forgiven, my queen. Now let's search for the supplies we seek." Jenny said. She bent herself down and ripped the entire roof off the nearby Pokemon Mart. Inside, a lone shopkeeper was screaming at the sight of the two mega giantesses.

"Excuse me, but we'd like to pick up some supplies for our Pokemon." Jenny said. She could hear the shopkeeper shouting something, but he was far too small for her to make out.
"What's that? You're gonna have to speak up!" Jenny shouted, blowing out the eardrums out of this shopkeeper with her loud voice, along with any glass windows nearby. The shopkeeper spoke loud enough for Jenny to hear him this time.
"Just take everything! And please don't hurt me!!!" he shouted before he ran away. Joy was anxious to know what was happening.
"So, what did he say?" Joy said.
"He's letting us take absolutely everything in the store. I think he ran off because he thought we were going to kill him." Jenny said as she started to clean out much of the store and stuff all the items in one of her shirt pockets.
"Well, why didn't you tell him we meant no harm?" Joy asked.
"It does no good, my queen. No matter how gentle we may be from this point forward, these tiny humans are gonna see us as threats because we are so big." Jenny said.
"It truly is a shame, but I did say that's the risk we'll be taking, didn't I?" Joy asked.
"I can see your memories are still holding up, my queen. How come you never told me about this spell to let us keep our memories and size for 12 hours outside the island?" Jenny asked as she closed her shirt pocket with the snap-on button. The snapping sound echoed through the sunlit skies.
"Well, I knew you'd expressly forbid me to leave the island again after what happened last time. I know you already think of me as wreckless, and I was trying to rebuild my image with you..." Joy said.
"Please don't speak of yourself that way, my queen. Yes, there have been times that I have scolded you for your actions, but that doesn't mean you are a bad queen. Sometimes we are what we are." Jenny said.
"Gee, thanks, Jenny. You really are a good friend." Joy said. Jenny just nodded before she scanned the rest of Porta Vista.
"That mart seemed to be the only one in this small town. I suggest we take our search elsewhere." Jenny said.
"So where do you suggest we go?" Joy said.
"Well, I hear there's a much bigger city in the north, my queen." Jenny said.
"Very well, to the North we go." Joy said. The two giantesses then started to walk in the northern direction in search of their next city with a ton of Pokemon supplies. Along the way, little trainers were doing their best not to get crushed by the mega giantesses, although there would sadly be a few casualities along the way. Joy didn't notice this as much as she tended to notice the little boys that were in the path of her soft shoe, but Jenny once again made sure she stayed on course.

Celadon City

In Celadon City, the people could see the giantesses from at least a mile away. After all, being 1,500 feet tall doesn't leave you with much room to hide. And that's just what Joy and Jenny figured when they stopped just on the outskirts of the city and watched as the people screamed and ran for cover.
"They look so cute, don't they?" Joy asked.
"Didn't you already ask that?" Jenny said.
"Oh... sorry, I guess my mind can slip up at times." Joy said. The two giantesses took their first couple steps in the city, doing their best not to crush anyone. Jenny looked down to see one of the more taller buildings in the city, which the citizens of Celadon knew as the Department Store, the largest PokeMart known in Kanto. Then Jenny did the most unthinkable... she lifted the entire building from its foundations and held it up in her face. The people that had run out of the building at this point were now standing on Jenny's massive gloved hand. Some had cowered in fear at the sight of how huge she was, despite not knowing that this Jenny was really from a hidden land, while others simply jumped for their foolish lives. Jenny frowned, as she didn't want for many human lives to get in the way of their mission.
"Please, people, escape while you can. Our mission does not concern you." Jenny said, using her other hand to pick off little people and set them down atop the other smaller buildings. These people either ran for their lives or simply stared up at either the giant Jenny, or the giant Joy who was behind them, crawling on her hands and knees and looking for little boys again. In fact, while Jenny wasn't looking, she would scoop up some guys and place them in her pocket.
Jenny then held the building in one hand and turned it on its side, causing the front windows to open and a horde of supplies, ranging from food to vitamins to Technical Machines. The supplies all piled up in Jenny's hand for the next few seconds before the store was completely empty. She then gently placed the building back on its foundation while she looked at the stack of supplies she gathered.
"Yes, these will do nicely." She then opened one of her shirt pockets and dumped the supplies in there. Soon, Joy came walking back to her guardian's side.

"Hey, Jenny, look what I found! They look just like us, don't they?" Joy said. Jenny looked down on her hand to see she was holding the Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny of Celadon City. And just as Joy said, they looked alike.
"Yes, they sure do. How coincidental." Jenny said.
"Put us down at once, impersonators!" the normal-sized Jenny shouted.
"You're very brave, little one, just like myself. Perhaps us sharing looks is not coincidental from my memory loss." Jenny said, patting the normal-sized Jenny with her pinky finger, which was significantly bigger than the normal Jenny's whole body. The normal-sized Joy was too scared to speak, making the giantess Joy smile since she felt people looked cuter when they're scared.
"Can we keep them, please, Jenny?" Joy asked.
"Well, alright. I suppose I can make an exception. Just promise me you'll take care of them when we get back, my queen." Jenny said.
"Of course. I would never want to hurt little people like these." Joy said. She then dropped the normal-sized Joy and Jenny in her pocket, joining the select few guys she had been secretly capturing. Jenny then looked at the crowd of people that were staring up at the giantesses.
"My queen and myself would like to thank you for allowing us safe passage through this city. We'll be on our way now." Jenny said before she started walking in the eastern direction. Joy followed suit after capturing another couple of young men.

Saffron City

The giantesses' next stop was Saffron City, one of the biggest cities in all of Kanto. But even then, the famous Silph Company Tower could not rise past the girls' knees. Like Celadon, people scrambled to safety, which was tall order considering how huge these girls' feet were. Joy had just noticed the Pokemon that accompanied some of these people.
"I didn't think the Pokemon were so small here too. Why do you suppose that is, Jenny?" Joy said.
"I can't really explain it, my queen. I guess it's the way things are meant to be. Perhaps it would explain why we were born both at this size and as guardians of an island with giant Pokemon." Jenny said. Joy continued to curiously look down, unaware she was heading straight for the Silph building. Jenny tried to warn her.
"My queen, watch out!" Jenny shouted, but it was too late. Joy's knee crashed into the Silph building, causing it to break apart into many pieces that littered the city. And to make matters worse, Joy ended up falling towards the ground, resulting in a real earthshaker upon impact with the ground. Joy recovered quickly enough to see little people, the ones lucky enough to survive the close encounter with the giant Nurse Joy lookalike staring right up at her face.
"Hi!" Joy said happily. The people just stood in their places, looking like they had just seen a ghost. Did this Joy mean no harm at all to people? Their glimmers of hope were dashed when she reached down and picked up some more guys.
"You fellas look so cute. It's like we were destined to meet!" Joy said. She quickly dropped them in her pocket just as Jenny rushed to Joy's side. She was so concerned with the well-being of her friend that she didn't notice she had just barely missed completely crushing the Pokemon Mart with one stomp.
"My queen, are you hurt?" Jenny asked. Joy brushed her dress clean of dust and debris from landing on the Saffron grounds.
"No, Jenny, I'm just fine." Joy said.
"I'm glad, but you really must be more careful. Accidents like that are devastating to this little crowd." Jenny said.
"Really, I'm sorry, Jenny. I guess I was too fascinated with just that, the little crowd." Joy said.
"I would agree, my queen. Now, will you help me find the next Pokemon Mart? It seems most of our supplies will be in these specific places." Jenny said. Joy looked down to see Jenny standing over a building that was clearly marked Pokemon Mart on the top.
"Well, Jenny, I think you're standing over it." Joy said. Jenny looked down and indeed saw she was looking straight down at the Mart.
"Oh... what luck, huh?" Jenny said. With that, she pulled off the roof from the place and gathered as many essential items as she could fit into her pockets, which were quite deep for her size. Right after that, it was time for the girls to exit the city. Jenny decided they head south for the Vermilion Seaport, thinking they could find more vital supplies there. Once again, Joy snuck in a few more boys before she followed her guardian.

Vermilion City

Things weren't too different in Vermilion City as far as the reaction following the giantesses' arrival was concerned. In fact, about the only difference was that instead of hiding inside buildings or running like crazy out of town, the people clamored aboard the S.S. Anne, which would've left for its next cruise within the hour. The sailors tried their best to keep the crowd under control, but anyone watching Titanic would know this was just a bad idea.
As Jenny was clearing her next Pokemon Mart out, Joy was taking an interest in the S.S. Anne.
"Oh... Jenny, can I look at that cruise ship by the harbor?" Joy asked.
"Well, sure, but only if you think there are vital supplies onboard. We can't waste too much time sightseeing, my queen." Jenny said before she got back to picking out the supplies she would need for the giant Pokemon. Joy walked over to the S.S. Anne and right away towered over it as if it were a toy ship. This only brought further panic to the people who were scrambling for safety. Joy then bent herself down and actually picked up the ship from the water!
With the ship nearly 500 feet long, Joy stretched her arm out to see that it was about the same length as the ship itself. In fact, she wanted to play a little game with the people. That's when she placed the ship on her right arm and did her best to balance it on her arm. As Joy giggled to her heart's consent, the people were being thrown all over the ship as it rocked back and forth over her arm. A few seconds later, Jenny kneeled back up and looked at Joy to see her having her fun.
"My queen, we must continue! Put that thing down and let's go!" Jenny said. Joy grabbed the ship with her free hand and nodded at Jenny before she tilted the ship down towards her pocket, dumping every last person and inanimate object inside. She could feel the bottom of her pocket filling with people as this went on. Finally, when the ship was empty, she gently placed the ship back in the water. Jenny had just walked to Joy's side as soon as she put the ship down.
"Did you find some of the important things that we need for our Pokemon?" Jenny asked.
"Well, I didn't have time to really look, but I'm sure I found some good things!" Joy said. Jenny just smiled.
"I trust you, my queen. Now then, do you think we should cross the sea or head back north?" Jenny asked.
"I say we go back north... I don't really feel like getting my dress wet again, and I really think we can find some more people... er, I mean, supplies up there." Joy said, praying at this point that Jenny didn't hear her secret.
"Very well, we go north." Jenny said. Joy breathed a small sigh of relief before she ended up looking down and could see Lt. Surge shouting his lungs out, no doubt at the giantess Joy over what she and Jenny had done to the city. Joy just kneeled down and picked him up.
"Wow... you're such a cute one. But don't think I'll go easy on you when we get back to the island!" Joy said softly to the gym leader before she dropped him in her pocket. She then quickly got back up and caught up with Jenny as they were en route to their next destination.

As the ladies were en route to their next destination, which was Cerulean City, they stopped to notice a group of tanks and jet planes, along with other fighting machines from the military, heading in their direction. Jenny was the first to notice them as she stopped.
"What's wrong, Jenny?" Joy asked.
"We have opposing forces approaching, my queen." Jenny said. In the front tank that has stopped just short of the girls' footwear, the soldier popped his head out and held a megaphone in hand. But even with the megaphone, his voice was very faint to the mega-sized giantesses.
"Freeze, ladies! We have you completely surrounded!" the soldier said. Joy took a couple steps backwards, accidentally stepping on a tank and destroying it completely.
"Oops..." Joy said. For the soldier with the megaphone, just seeing one of his own tanks being crushed was enough to take action.
"All units! Open fire!!!" the soldier shouted. The combat planes and tanks got to work blasting away mostly at Joy. Although the shots didn't hurt, it was as annoying as being in a room full of flies. There were so many shots to take consideration over. Joy stepped close to Jenny and hugged her.

"Jenny... please tell them I didn't mean it. I'm scared they'll shoot me down!" Joy said, trying to brush a tear or two back.
"There, there, my queen. I'll make sure nothing harms you." Jenny said. After hugging Joy and patting her on the back, she put on a mean face and kneeled down, scooping up as many tanks as she could in her hand. As big as she and Joy were, the tanks looked like mere toys. She looked down at the legion of tanks she had picked up, which looked to be about 15 of them. Luckily, the head soldier's tank was one of them. He looked up (as did the other soldiers) at the mega-sized Jenny, who wasn't exactly thrilled with watching her getting blasted.
"If you little insects want to live, you'll stop blasting my queen and leave us alone!" Jenny said, her voice booming through the soldiers' minds.
"Y-Y-Y-Yes, ma'am... can you just let us go first?" the man said.
"Call off the attack first." Jenny said as she started to close her hand up, a sign that she was quickly losing her patience and threatening to end their pathetic lives if her wish wasn't carried out.
"All units... fall back! Fall back!!!" the soldier shouted. Just as he said this, the planes stopped firing at the giantesses and flew away. The tanks also stopped their occasional firing up at Jenny's face. Jenny noticed this and smiled.
"Thank you. But I'm afraid you cannot live to tell this story." Jenny said. She then closed up her hand full of tanks into a fist, crushing everything that she was holding and instantly killing all onboard. She dumped the remains down onto the plain grounds below. Joy had noticed this act and was a bit surprised. She took a couple steps to stand in front of Jenny, giving the gawked-out trainers an incredible sight to behold in the form of two mega giantesses looking and talking with each other.

"Jenny, did you just do that?" Joy asked.
"I had no choice, my queen. You were being fired at, and I swore with all my heart from the day you were born that I would protect you no matter what." Jenny said.
"Yeah, well... those guys did look cute enough to collect." Joy said.
"Huh? What are you saying?" Jenny asked.
"Uh... what I meant was I know you're doing what you have to do. No worries. I'm glad I have someone like you around." Joy said. Jenny just shrugged. There was no getting around Joy's insane interest in collecting miniature men. Of course, little did she realize that Joy had already collected a good number of male trainers throughout their adventure.
"Very well, my queen. But I will refrain from such violent acts for the time being. It's not my nature nor yours to end any kind of moving life." Jenny said. With that in mind, the two giantesses started moving again, this time for Cerulean City...

Cerulean City

On the outskirts of the world famous Cerulean City, Ash Ketchum and his friends, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu, were continuing on their journey home towards Pallet Town. Not much has happened to them since they helped Joy and Jenny regain their memories a few days ago, except of course for the occasional battle with Team Rocket as they continue to unsuccessfully capture Pikachu.
"Boy, things sure have been quiet for the past few days, haven't they?" Ash asked.
"You can say that again. Aside of course from the Team Rocket battles we've been having." Misty said. Togepi shouted out its name in agreement.
"Well, that's one thing that will never change." Brock said. Just as he said that, however, Team Rocket comes flying out from the nearby bushes and lands in front of our group of heroes.
"Team Rocket!?" Misty said.
"Talk about bad timing." Ash said.
"Hahaha! Prepare for trouble now that we have surprised you!" Jessie shouted.
"Make it double, that makes two!" James said. They went on to do their usual motto before announcing their intentions, again as usual.
"We'll be taking Pikachu with us now!" Jessie shouted.
"You'll never succeed!" Ash said.
"Enough talk! Let's get grabbin'!" Meowth shouted.
"Wobbuffet!" Wobbuffet shouted as the battle started.

The battle was so heated that everyone hadn't noticed the mega giantesses just arriving over Cerulean City, again causing a city-wide panic. Jenny was the first to notice Ash, Misty, Brock, and the others.
"My queen, look down there! Aren't those the same children that helped rescue you from the outside world and get your memories back?" Jenny asked. Joy adjusted her eyesight so she could clearly see the kids even from several yards away. They were in the middle of the pass between Cerulean and Pewter Cities, fighting with Team Rocket.
"You're right, Jenny. How about we say hi to them? I've always wanted to thank them more for their efforts of a few days ago." Joy said.
"That's a great idea, my queen. Let us do it." Jenny said, and that's when the two mega giantesses stepped over the city and made their way towards the battle.

Pikachu and Team Rocket's Pokemon, Weezing and Arbok, were putting on a good show as evidenced by the fatigue of all the Pokemon. Ash and Jessie weren't backing down from this challenge, however.
"Yippee! Today's the day we finally capture that little Pikachu!" Jessie said.
"I'll make sure that doesn't happen!" Ash said.
"I don't get it, Jessie. How come we're not using any gadgets or gizmos or disguises like we usually do?" James asked.
"Not now, James, can't you see I'm busy!?" Jessie said.
"It could either be a lack of creative thought on the author's part..." Meowth said. Just as he had finished his sentence, the ground started to shake every second or so. A great big shadow also blocked all sunlight from where everyone was standing. As Meowth looked up, he was the first to notice what was looming over everybody.
"...or maybe it's because we're about to be crushed by a supersized Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy." Meowth said.
"Come on, Meowth, that's crazy talk you're... talkin'?" James was next to see the giantesses. Like everyone else they have met, the trainers looked like ants compared to their massive 1,500-foot-tall bodies. One by one, the rest of the group took notice of the ladies. Misty, in fact, flat out screamed at this sight. Her scream was soon cut off by Jenny putting a foot down near Team Rocket.
"You three have some explaining to do. Why are you attacking our friends!?" Jenny shouted from above, her hands on her hips. Jessie scrambled to come up with a story.
"Uh... well, you see... uh... we were just... um... okay..." Jessie said, struggling to find the words as she called her Pokemon back. Joy then got down on all fours, completely blocking the view of the blue sky with that of her nurse's outfit to Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu.
"Well, any enemy of my friends is an enemy of mine as well." Joy said. That being said, she reaches down with her hand and picks up Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet. They all screamed as they were being lifted in the air.
"Meowth, do something!" James and Jessie shouted together.
"I'm the designated survivor, so both of you better do something!" Meowth said. Their arguing lasted for only a couple more seconds before they could feel themselves falling this time around... they were headed right for Joy's pocket, much like the many men she had already captured for the past several hours.
"Looks like Team Rocket's dropping out again!" they all shouted before they were completely gone from view.

As Joy still kneeled down, Ash, Misty, and Brock looked up in awe at the sight of the giantesses Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. The memories of seeing them were still fresh in their minds considering it was only a few days ago when they brought the island back to its normal self, but it was still surprising just to see them in their gigantic glory.
"Hi, Ash Ketchum. Remember me?" Joy asked.
"Well... sure, how could I forget a big face like that?" Ash said. She then surprised the young trainer big time when she picked him up and held him close to her face.
"Teehee... you're just the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm so happy I could meet you once again, my dear Ash." Joy said, once again kissing Ash's entire body. As big as she was, Ash could only get the lipstick all over Joy's lower lip, but he was still left wiping the red off his clothes.
"Wow... I forgot how powerful your kisses can be!" Ash shouted as he still floated around between Joy's fingers. Brock then ran up against the hem of Joy's dress, touching the ground since she was kneeling down, and started to hug it feverishly.
"Nurse Joy... I've been waiting for this moment all my life!" Brock said, before he was once again slapped by Misty in the back of his head.
"It'll be a long time before you can possibly be big enough to fall in love with her!" Misty said. But Joy just let loose with a smile. She opened up her left hand and dropped Ash onto it and then used her free right hand to pick Brock up off the ground. She dumped him onto her left hand as the two guys stood together.
"Of course, Brock, you're cute as well. I'm so glad the world has cute boys like you in this part of the world. I think I'm the one that has been waiting for such a long time." Joy said. Misty's jaw just dropped... surely this Nurse Joy wasn't being serious! She wasn't just talking like she was crazy for boys like Brock is with girls. She also took steps backward in shock, at least until she bumped into Jenny's huge black slipper. Brock was just as surprised as he looked over at Ash.
"Uh, well... I didn't exactly mean it that way, you know." Brock said. Ash and Pikachu (who had been riding Ash all this time) couldn't help but let loose with a laugh.
"Congratulations, Brock, it sounds like you've finally found your dream date!" Ash said with a grin.
"Gee, thanks, Ash..." Brock said. Meanwhile, Misty, now being held in one of Jenny's gigantic hands, simply looked on in shock. More so that the gigantic Nurse Joy was falling in love with Ash and Brock, let alone seeing how big she is compared to the rest of the world.
"Please don't think too harshly of my queen, Misty. She's become kinda boy crazy ever since she and that Ash Ketchum of yours parted ways." Jenny said.
"Well, I don't blame her. I'd probably be boy crazy too if I were that big, now that I think about it." Misty said. She fell back on her behind just thinking about herself being at Joy or Jenny's size.

"So what brings you ladies back here? We thought the Island of the Giant Pokemon was to be sealed away for good!" Ash shouted to Joy, hoping that she would be able to hear that tiny voice.
"Well, our island's magic was greatly depleted when both Jenny and myself used it to restore our memories and size. We were able to make the most of things for a few days, but soon we even ran out of magic to generate the food and other vital supplies that my precious giant Pokemon need to survive." Joy said.
"That's why we've been going around this land of yours gathering supplies for the Pokemon. We used the last of our magic to be able to keep our memories. Unfortunately, we've kept our giant size, and there have sadly been some casualities, but we're doing our best to avoid a really bad situation." Jenny said.
"You two have been wondering all over Kanto to find supplies for your Pokemon? News sure does travel slow around here." Misty said.
"Either that or we haven't been paying attention." Brock said.
"Hey, Jenny, I just thought of something. How about they come with us and help us gather more supplies?" Joy said.
"I don't know, my queen... they probably have things to do themselves." Jenny said.
"Pleeeeeease, Jenny?" Joy said, begging her protector to make an exception. She then looked down at Ash who looked like he wanted to say something.
"It's alright, ladies. We aren't doing anything right now. We'd be glad to help out." Ash said.
"You will? That's great! Yay!" Joy said, jumping up and down in excitement. Unfortunately, her jumping was causing an earthquake to rip apart bits and pieces of Cerulean City as well as Ash and Brock to become dizzy in her hand. Jenny put a hand on Joy's shoulder, but it was the hand that Misty was on, causing Misty to fall onto Joy's shoulder.
"My queen, please. You're causing a great deal of damage with your excitement." Jenny said. Joy looked down and noticed the many buildings in Cerulean that has collapsed as a result of her earth-shattering excitement, literally.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Please forgive me, Jenny." Joy said. She then took a look inside her pocket, which was probably half full with men of all ages (plus the Team Rocket members), and decided there wouldn't be the best place for Ash and Brock right now. That's when she put them on her right shoulder where Misty already was. After all, she was so huge that sitting atop one of her shoulders was not a problem.
"You three can sit on my shoulder and get a great view of your land. Especially you two cute guys." Joy said winking down at Ash and Brock. Ash and Brock nervously smiled back while Misty just grunted in displeasure. The giantesses then moved on their way towards Pewter City, but not until Jenny had cleared the Pokemon Mart in Cerulean of all its essentials and dumped them in her right shirt pocket, which was halfway full of supplies at this point in time.

Pewter City

The rocky city of Pewter was rather small compared to the other places that Joy and Jenny have traveled through thus far, which made safe navigation a little bit easier. Still, there was no escaping the widespread panic from people running for their lives from the giantesses. Ash, Misty, and Brock could only sit in amazement as they got a perspective on what Joy is seeing through her eyes.
"Look how cute these boys are! I just wanna hug and squeeze them!" Joy said.
"Now now, my queen. We are still on a mission." Jenny said. Brock almost couldn't say anything.
"I don't like this at all! She has my personality!" Brock shouted, holding his head in agony.
"Well, Brock, you always said you wanted a lady that was much like you, right?" Ash said.
"This isn't what I meant!" Brock said.
"I'm just surprised myself it has come down to this." Misty said. The three kids then watched as Jenny stopped her walk over the Pokemon Mart.
"Well, this looks like the Pokemon Mart. Do you think you three can get the supplies for us so that I don't have to rip off another roof?" Jenny asked. Ash and company just nodded as they felt it wouldn't be nice to disagree with a royal giantess that looks like Officer Jenny. She then took the three from Joy's shoulder and gently placed them on the ground, right next to the entrance to the mart.

As Ash and company slowly started to walk inside, they wondered how they were going to get every last item without spending a fortune.
"So how are we going to do this? I don't think clearing the store is something we can afford." Brock said.
"Let alone buy ten of each item. We've spent a good bit of our money during our adventure." Ash said. Misty was looking way up at the giant ladies... well, Jenny anyway since Joy was once again sneaking looks at the boys (and capturing them along the way). That's when she got an idea.
"Unless we introduced the shopkeeper to the ladies. I have an idea." Misty said. They walked in and approached the store clerk.
"Sir, we need everything you have inside this store!" Misty shouted.
"What!? What is this? A holdup? Can you even afford to pay me that much?" the shopkeeper said.
"We don't have much time to explain, this is an emergency! You see... my mom and her friend, the mother of these two guys, are not feeling very well. None of us can figure out her condition!" Misty said. Ash and Brock at first gave funny looks but soon played along with her plan.
"What are you talking about!? This is a Pokemon Mart! We don't sell anything that treats humans!" the shopkeeper said.
"Well... we've already tried human medicine, but that hasn't worked out. We were thinking Pokemon treatment items would do the trick." Ash said.
"Maybe you'd like to meet the ladies and see what kind of condition they're in." Misty said.
"(sigh) Alright... this better not be one of your childish pranks." the shopkeeper said. He then stepped out from behind the counter and followed the trainers outside.

The shopkeeper looked up and was floored by seeing the two giantesses standing well above his store.
"Sir, I'd like you to meet my mother, Joy." Misty said pointing up to Nurse Joy, "And over there is Jenny Ketchum, the mother of Ash and his brother, Brock."
"W-W-W-W-W-WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE!?!?!?!?!?" the shopkeeper screamed. Misty could feel his body really trembling with fear.
"Like I said, they're in a most unusual condition." Misty said.
"HECK YEAH THEY ARE!!! I'M OUTTA HERE!!!! TAKE ANYTHING YOU WANT!!!11!!!11!!! AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" the shopkeeper screamed once again as he started to run like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately, running between Joy's massive feet proved to be a bad idea as Joy reached down and dumped him into her pocket, adding to her impressive collection of tiny men.
For the next several minutes, Ash and friends were unloading baskets full of Pokemon supplies outside of the Pokemon Mart.
"That's everything." Ash said, looking at a checklist that he had found inside the mart. Pikachu shouted its name in excitement.
"Well, that sure went well." Brock said.
"It never fails. People get scared of giant ladies no matter how gentle they might be." Misty said.
"Excellent work, young trainers. I can see why my queen hasn't so easily forgotten about each of you." Jenny said.
"I never could forget such helpful people such as you three, especially since Ash and Brock do look so cute and cuddly." Joy said.
"Please, Nurse Joy! You're making me blush!" Ash shouted.

As Jenny reached down to grab the baskets of supplies and empty them into her shirt pocket, she noticed how much her pocket had been filling up. It was just over halfway full. Just then, an idea came across Jenny's mind, one she probably wished she had thought of before, yet now was a good time considering the amount of supplies she and Joy had gathered. Ash and friends were listening from below.
"My queen, my pocket is half-full of supplies now, but I think this is enough." Jenny said.
"Are you sure, Jenny? We still have a couple hours to go before we'd absolutely have to return in order to preserve our memories." Joy said.
"Yes, I know. But on top of wanting to let this world return to its normal way of life before we disturbed it any further, I just realized that if we used the cloning spell with the little bit of island magic we have left, we could duplicate these supplies and create more. Maybe even enough to allow the Pokemon to survive until the island's magic is fully recharged!" Jenny said. Joy raised an eyebrow upon hearing this idea.
"Hey, you're right. I didn't think of that before!" Joy said.
"No worries, my queen. I just thought of that idea myself." Jenny said.
"So I guess we're heading back now? That's too bad... I really wanted to explore this land some more." Joy said, doing her best not to mention anything about capturing more cute boys as part of her trip.
"I understand your desire to stay, my queen, but you know we have our own home to rule over. One that is in proportion with our current size." Jenny said.
"Yes, I understand." Joy said. Jenny then looked down at Ash, Misty, and Brock, kneeling down so she could get a closer look at them. Her knee actually came close to crushing the entire Pokemon Mart they had just emptied.

"I cannot thank you three enough once again for helping us in a time of need." Jenny said.
"Well... helping people is something we're accustomed to." Misty said.
"Yeah, no matter how big they might be." Brock said.
"Let alone the kind of personality they might share with us." Ash said, referring to Joy's craziness for boys like Brock is to a normal-sized Joy or Jenny.
"Well, we must go now. Come on, my queen, follow me to Porta Vista where we will re-enter the Island of the Giant Pokemon. Farewell, my friends!" Jenny said. She then got back up and started to step away from Pewter and east back towards Cerulean. Joy took a couple steps to follow her, but she soon looked back at Ash and friends who were waving the giantesses off. Joy quickly looked to make sure Jenny wasn't looking, and then she surprised Ash, Misty, and Brock by picking them up off the ground!
"Shhhh.... I'd love it if you three came with me back to the island." Joy said. Ash and friends were pleading their case, but it was of no use. Joy dropped them in her pocket.

Inside Joy's pocket, the three had landed atop a group of young boys that were struggling themselves to find some room in a pocket full of guys that Joy had already captured. That only made Misty feel more sick when she looked around.
"Well, some Nurse Joy this is. Wouldn't you say so, Brock?" Misty said.
"Huh? What are you talking about? I don't go collection women like she does with guys, do I?" Brock said.
"Still, I wonder what will become of us..." Ash said nervously. Pikachu shared in its master's worried feeling. They could all then feel the pocket moving around as Joy was beginning to move again.

Island of the Giant Pokemon

After about a twenty minute walk from Pewter City all the way back to Porta Vista (with Jenny accidentally crushing things and Joy capturing even more guys in the process), Joy and Jenny started to tread across the normally deep ocean back towards their visible Island of the Giant Pokemon. Once they re-emerged back on the island shore, the youngest of the giant Pokemon, accompanied by Charizard who had been guarding the Pokemon since the ladies left, ran up to Joy with cheerfully happy faces.
"Awwww.... did you miss me, babies? Don't worry, Mommy's here for you." Joy said as she hugged the Pokemon. Jenny just smiled knowing that they were back to their regular way of life.
"My queen, we should use the island magic to hide this island from view once again." Jenny said.
"Oh yes, of course." Joy said. They headed for the great mountain, where the island's magic was stored, and used its powers to cause the island to disappear once more, along with everything on it. The people of Porta Vista could only watch as the island as well as the giants on it disappeared from view, just as it had done a few days ago. Jenny then started to pull out from her pocket the various supplies that she and Joy had gathered from Kanto. She held all of them in the palm of her hand while using her left hand to summon more of the island magic, no doubt to do the cloning trick that she had discussed with Joy. Joy, however, was more anxious to put her vast supply of men she had captured in a safe place.
"Jenny, can you handle the item cloning process yourself? I'm feeling a little tired from all that walking around the small land." Joy said.
"Of course. You may rest, my queen. I know you deserve it since we had to be so careful with the little people." Jenny said. Joy then smiled as she walked back to the cabin home that she and Jenny were staying in. Of course, it was big enough to make the girls look normal-sized.

Inside, Joy had walked into the kitchen and grabbed a nearby silver spoon. She then stuck it carefully in her pocket, being careful not to crush any little person she had captured. With one swoop, she was able to get the hundred or so tiny trainers, which included Ash, Misty, Brock, and Team Rocket, out from her pocket as she carried the spoon to the nearby table and then tipped it over, causing everyone to briefly fall down onto the table. As Joy put the spoon away, everyone was already asking where they were, how they got here, and of course, why everything looks so gigantic. Joy walked back over to the table to greet her collection.
"Hello, everyone! My name is Joy. I'm so glad I could get such a cute lineup such as this one into my collection that I am just starting. We're going to have so much fun together! Teeheehee!" Joy said, laughing like a little girl.
"What!? What do you mean, Nurse Joy?" Ash shouted.
"I've got a real bad feeling about this..." Misty grumbled.
"Now I wish I hadn't flirted with all those Nurse Joys a long time ago." Brock said, showing his first signs of worrying. He, much like everyone else that had been captured by the mega giantess, could only wonder what the future of their lives would be like from this point forward. But right now, the daunting girlish laughter from the giantess Joy was all that was ringing in each and every person's head. That and if there was any chance for survival whatsoever.

Personally, if you ask me, being stuck with a 1,500-foot-tall giantess who takes care of some equally giant Pokemon on an island that has once again been isolated from the entire world doesn't leave a lot of room for survival. Or does it?