The Joy of Legends 3: Escape!

(Cubed Cinder; idea by gamdann)

NOTE from author: I strongly recommend reading the first two stories of this series in order for the entire plot of this story to make sense!


Many years ago, outside the peaceful city of what is known today as Porta Vista, lied an island filled with all the magic you could ever dream of. On this island were giant-sized versions of many popular Pokemon, but the biggest attraction one could ever find on this island were its two guardians. The two women, having lived in this world for just as many years after their ancestors discovered it, strongly resemble Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny as they both are able to touch the sky by standing hundreds of feet tall, although life wasn't always like this.

For both ladies, their real names are insanely hard to pronounce, one of them can't even say the other name right. The ladies just call each other by the names they adopted while living in the real world, Joy and Jenny. The way this happened is that Joy, the rightful ruler of this island which has been surrounded with a protective mist to keep normal people from ever discovering the place, was walking around the edge of the island, wondering what life was like outside of the island. Curiousity got the best of Joy, and despite all sorts of warnings from her protector, Jenny, Joy left the island and was never to be seen again. She was too far off from the island for its magic to sustain her power.

Joy was eventually reborn as the Nurse Joy of Porta Vista, with all her memories lost. Jenny soon followed and suffered the same fate, and the island soon was revealed to the public. Many people started to visit this island thinking it was the next big vacation spot, but very few ever came back, with most of the people being captured by the giant Pokemon, which had all become angry and defensive ever since the two guardians disappeared.

Finally, after weeks of investigations going nowhere, our familiar group of heroes (Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu), who were on their way home to Pallet Town after a long journey in Johto coming to an end, somehow through sheer luck managed to find the Joy and Jenny from Porta Vista, and the giant Pokemon managed to restore their powers, thus bringing peace to the island once more.

The island once again disappeared from sight, but the two giantesses would have to return a few days later, this time gathering essential supplies for their giant Pokemon. As cautious as Jenny was and as playful as Joy turned out to be (due to her excessive love for tiny boys like Ash and Brock), it was news all over Kanto that there was a Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny that were bigger than anything imaginable on this planet.

Nevertheless, their stay was short as they gathered all the supplies they needed thanks to help from Ash and his friends. Joy was so grateful (and still so enamored with little Ash) that she took Ash and his friends with her back to the island, along with Team Rocket and another Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny as one of almost a hundred innocent victims.

Now, six weeks have passed, and most of the tiny people are still being held captive by the mega-sized Joy, who simply couldn't be happier to be playing with so many 'toys' as she called them (that little girl kind of laugh was just brutal to their ears). Some people sadly lost their lives, mainly to the giant Pokemon, in a desperate attempt to escape from the island, but that hasn't bothered Joy yet.

The only thing that is bothering her, in fact, is what would happen if Jenny ever found out the truth. We pick up the telling of the legend six weeks after the conclusion of the previous story, where Ash and his friends learn they may be guests on the Island of the Giant Pokemon for a long time...

Six weeks later

The 80 people that the mega-sized Joy still had in her collection were all standing around on the wooden dresser, waiting for the goddess to return. Most were staring out at the night sky with the moonlight shining through the window while Ash and his friends were doing the most contemplating.
"(sigh) You know, tomorrow will mark the sixth week we have lived on this island." Ash said. Pikachu just shouted its name as it rested on Ash's head.
"Oh that's right... mark an anniversary for each week we've been stuck on this huge island. I would just love to find a way out of here!" Misty said.
"For once I agree. The way she's been treating all the boys like I treat all the girls... it's been driving me crazy!" Brock said, holding his head in frustration. Normal-sized Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny came over to join the trio of heroes. (Author's note: To make things less confusing, the mega-sized Joy and Jenny will just be called Joy and Jenny, while normal-sized Joy and Jenny will be referred to as Normal Joy and Normal Jenny.)
"Now now, it can't be all that bad. This giant lady has been feeding us well." Normal Joy said.
"Not to mention keeping us all clean with her sink for a shower. I'd rather be stuck with a giant Joy lookalike that took great care of us over one that would just torture us until we all died." Normal Jenny said.
"I'm sorry. I guess I've just been getting used to this routine." Ash said. Suddenly, the group heard those all-too-familiar stomping sounds of bare feet walking along the carpet floor. They looked to see Joy emerge from the bathroom as she was now wearing her orange pajamas that covered her from neck to toe. She had also taken her nurse's outfit off and her hair was untied as well, allowing it to hang down to her back. She walked over to the group of tiny people that were standing on her wooden nightstand.
"Well, everyone, it's time for bed now!" Joy shouted. Mostly everyone grunted as they knew it was time to go back to that same creepy sleeping location they had been sleeping in for six weeks now. Ash stepped in front of the gang and tried to offer a piece of mind with the mega giantess, a brave task when you consider Ash is literally ant-sized compared to this Joy.
"Um... Nurse Joy! Are you ever going to allow all of us to go home soon? You know that a lot of us have family and friends waiting for us!" Ash said.
"Well, that's very thoughtful of you, Ash, but I'm afraid I'm just not ready to let you all go. You're all just too cute! Teeheehee!" Joy said as she let out a giggle in delight.

A short while later, Joy could hear a knocking sound coming from the other side of the bedroom door. Joy quickly realized the voice belonged to her guardian, Jenny.
"My queen... are you ready for bed?" Jenny said. Joy let out a quick gasp as she had been keeping all her little people a secret from Jenny. She had to hide them quick.
"Uh... just a moment! I'm brushing my teeth!" Joy shouted, her loud voice sounding insanely loud to the ears of the little people. Joy then quickly scooped up all the little people, using only one hand as big as she was compared to these people, and then opened up one of the pants' pockets. She carefully dumped all the people inside this pocket. Once Joy noticed they were all safely inside, she then walked over to the door and opened it to see Jenny, who was holding a glass of water. Joy pretended to wipe her mouth to get toothpaste off in an effort to convince Jenny that she really was in the bathroom. In the meantime, many of the little people were trying to call out this Jenny's name to get her attention, but it was doing no good because she was simply way too big.
"Okay, I'm ready." Joy said.
"My queen, usually you are already ready to be tucked in by this time. What held you in the bathroom?" Jenny asked.
"I'm sorry. I guess I was thinking too much about the Pokemon." Joy said.
"Hmmm... now that makes sense. Oh well, it's time I tucked you in." Jenny said. As both giantesses walked over to the lone bed of the room, Jenny pulled back the covers and Joy carefully climbed into her bed, laying flat on her back. Jenny tucked the covers back up to Joy's neck.
"You know, my queen, I can't help but wonder about something. Have you been hearing any strange voices lately?" Jenny said.
"Strange voices, Jenny?" Joy said.
"Yes... they were all very faint, and they sounded like people screaming and crying for help. Have you heard anything like that?" Jenny said. Joy looked a little nervous thinking that Jenny might have been onto something, but she quickly shrugged it off so that she wouldn't raise any suspicions.
"Well, no. I haven't heard anything like that, Jenny." Joy said.
"Yeah, I didn't think so. Maybe I should check my ears using the mountain magic, or maybe I'm thinking too hard over wondering still why you request a glass of water for bedtime." Jenny said.
"Come on, Jenny, everything's fine! I'm sure of it!" Joy said enthusiastically. Jenny just smiled down at Joy as she then lowered her head and kissed Joy on her head.
"Good night, my queen. Pleasant dreams as always." Jenny said as she left the glass of water on the nearby nightstand and then turned off the lamp that was on that same table. She then left the room and closed the door behind her. Joy listened to the sounds of Jenny walking through the cabin (and towards her own room) before the sounds of footsteps got too faint to hear. That's when she sat up and then got back on her feet, turning on her lamp in the process. She then activated a little bit of magic as her hand glowed a light blue. Then she held this hand over her pocket and watched as all the little people became attached to her hand like paper clips to a magnet. Once all the people were there, she deactivated the spell and looked at all her little people.

"Well, good night everyone. See you in the morning!" Joy said.
"Oh no! Not sleeping in the stomach again!" James, of Team Rocket, shouted.
"Even if we've been through this for many days, it's still just as disgusting as ever!" Jessie said.
"Yeah... and I can bet my nine lives on that!" Meowth said.
"Oh, pipe down! At least she'll keep us protected as she always does." Misty said. Just then, everyone held on for dear life as Joy tossed her head back and then tilted her hand as everyone fell inside her mouth. Joy then took the glass of water and used it to wash everyone down the esophagus. It seemed like everyone was falling for a long time until they all finally landed inside her stomach. Just then, everyone watched as the walls of Joy's stomach glowed a bright blue color for a few seconds.
"Well, we're safe. She's keeping the stomach acids from digesting us, as usual." Misty said.
"At least the ride's starting to get fun." Ash said.
"I hate to admit it, but Ash is right. That 'slide' is starting to get fun!" Brock said.
"Okay, everyone. Now that we're stuck here for another night, we might as well get some sleep." Normal Joy said. Everyone nodded, and they soon picked any soft spot they could find in her stomach to lay down on so they could go to sleep, waiting to wake up the next day and wonder what the overly huge Joy will do to them next.

In the meantime, Joy breathed easy knowing that her little people were being protected once more by her magic. She then turned her lamp off and got back into bed, falling asleep as well.

The next day

Everyone inside Joy's stomach woke up feeling like they were flying through the air... in fact, they were! Ash and friends watched as many of the people went flying up Joy's esophagus instead of down it like they did last night.
"Well, time to get up again." Ash said.
"And ride back up to the real world." Misty added as she and the others all flew up and out of Joy's mouth, landing on her incredibly large hand. Everyone had to regain their vision having been trapped for hours inside Joy's stomach, but when they did, they could see Joy once more, still dressed up in her orange pajamas.
"Good morning, everyone! We're going to have so much fun today!" Joy shouted.
"Man, come on, lady! You are always saying that to us! Can't you think of something else to say for a change!?" a young black man shouted.
"Gee... I don't know. Maybe you're right, I should say something else. But first, I have to brush my teeth and change into my clothes. I'll be back everyone!" Joy said as she let the group down on the wooden nightstand once more before walking back into the bathroom.

While everyone was waiting for Joy, many started to share their frustrations with the living conditions they've had to go through for six weeks now.
"Geez... this is so humiliating to be held captive by a Nurse Joy with the mind of a 10-year-old! What right does she have to think we are her toys?" one man said.
"Yeah, you're right! I wish we could find a way to escape this island." another man said.
"Get over it, guys. We must be miles away from the nearest piece of land. Who could possibly find us around here especially when that lady said the island is invisible?" another man said.
"That's true. She did say this is an invisible island." Normal Joy said.
"Now now, I'm sure if there is a will, there will be a way." Normal Jenny said.
"Oh sure, if only it were that easy..." another guy said. Finally, Brock ran up to the lamp and climbed up on the base of the object.
"We can't give up, everyone! Most of us are Pokemon trainers, and the #1 rule of being a trainer is to never give up on your dreams!" Brock said. Misty and Ash looked on in amazement that Brock was trying to rally everyone together.
"Brock? Rallying everyone together?" Misty asked.
"Hey, he did say this is the one Joy he didn't want to hang around with." Ash said.
"We will find a way off this island. I can promise you all that. Now who wants to stay here... or who wants to come with me!?" Brock shouted. Virtually everyone in the group started cheering for Brock.
"Now that's one brave twerp up there." Jessie said.
"Not bad for someone not named Ash, eh?" Meowth said. Just then, the cheering stopped when everyone looked to see Joy, now in her nurse's outfit and looking exactly like any Nurse Joy, walking towards the group.
"Teeheehee... so I wonder what we can play next? Maybe Dollhouse again." Joy said. Just then, the bedroom door opened up and Jenny walked through. Joy gasped and quickly turned around to face Jenny, leaving the group of tiny people to face the mega giantess's back.

"My queen... good morning. I have breakfast ready for you outside." Jenny said.
"Oh, that's great, Jenny. I'll be out in a moment." Joy said. Jenny raised an eyebrow... Joy rarely is ever late for her breakfast, and she's been acting like this for weeks now! She finally had to know what was going on.
"My queen, I apologize for asking, but are you feeling okay? You've been delaying breakfast for the last couple of weeks." Jenny said. She walked over to Joy's bed to smooth the covers out, while Joy was moving her whole body around to keep Jenny from seeing her little people.
"Oh, well... it's just I'm taking extra time to get ready for the day. Raising our young Pokemon isn't easy, you know!" Joy said. Jenny gave a confused look on her face.
"You're not hiding anything from me, are you? And what are those faint voices I'm hearing again?" Jenny asked.
"No, of course not! Why would I hide anything from you, my favorite guardian?" Joy said. Jenny, walking over to face Joy eye-to-eye, knew she was up to something and she thought of a reason to get Joy away from what she was protecting.
"Joy... you must hurry and help me feed the youngest Pichu!" Jenny said.
"The youngest Pichu? Oh my! It can't survive without our help... we must hurry!" Joy said. Thinking totally about this Pichu, Joy ran away from her nightstand and the group of little people was revealed. Jenny's eyes widened as she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Ash waved to make sure she was getting the attention of the group.
"Um... hi, Jenny! Nice to see you again!" Ash said. Jenny quickly turned over to Joy and called her out.

"My queen! What is the meaning of all this!?" Jenny shouted. Joy stopped in her tracks before she could walk out the door, and that's when she realized she had fallen for Jenny's trap.
"Jenny! How could you trick me like that!?" Joy shouted.
"Never mind that... how did all these little people get here?" Jenny said. Joy was silent for a few seconds, knowing there was no way she could trick Jenny out of this one. Jenny caught on and immediately gave Joy a piece of her mind.
"My queen... you didn't capture all these people six weeks ago when we had to travel to that land to find supplies for the Pokemon, did you?" Jenny said.
"Alright, alright... you caught me. Yes, I did that." Joy said, finally admitting to her crime. As she put a frown on her face, Jenny definitely looked like she was about to have steam come out of her ears.
"My queen, don't you realize that these are not our people!? On top of that, we mustn't allow anyone to discover our island... EVER! It's simply too dangerous for the outside world to know about us!" Jenny said.
"Come on, Jenny! I never got any toys to play with as a kid... always having to learn how to be royal like my ancestors!" Joy said.
"That's no excuse. I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to keep these people any longer than you already have. We must make preparations to return them to their proper world as soon as possible." Jenny said. Joy was having to fight back a tear or two from potentially losing her little friends. The group of people was thankful those tears weren't coming down on them as the drops looked as big as boulders.
"It's not fair... I'm a queen, so why can't I have things for myself? It's just not fair!" Joy shouted. Jenny once again felt sorrow for her friend seeing her cry the way she did. She looked back at the group of people and suddenly found herself focusing her attention on Ash, Misty, Brock, normal-sized Nurse Joy, normal-sized Officer Jenny, and even Team Rocket.
"I see you've caught some familiar characters. There's a few I recognize from our adventure." Jenny said.
"Well... yes. I couldn't resist taking them back... especially the two named Ash and Brock." Joy said.
"Oh brother..." Brock said, slapping his head.
"I second that." Ash said. Misty, regardless of how those two were reacting, just folded her arms and looked rather smug. Jenny then let out a smile as she thought of something that she hoped would cheer up Joy nicely. She picked up Ash, Misty, Brock, normal-sized Nurse Joy, normal-sized Officer Jenny, Jessie, and James and held them in her hand as she walked over to Joy.

"My queen, I tell you what... you can keep these people for a little while longer if you agree to let me send everyone else back home." Jenny said. Joy took a good look at these people, whom she recognized very well during her adventure in Kanto six weeks ago.
"Oh, Jenny. I still don't like the fact that I have to send my new toys back to where I found them... but if it means keeping these people, who I feel are the best of the bunch... then so be it!" Joy said.
"I knew you would like that, my queen. I'm sure you will have just as good a time with just these people." Jenny said. She held out her hand and allowed Joy to take them into her own hands.
"Oh... we're going to have a lot of fun now, everyone! I could just hug you with all my love!" Joy shouted. She then surprised everyone by planting both her hands against her chest area, smushing the group between the skin of her hand and the strong fabric of her dress.
"Ouch! Talk about being smothered with affection!" Ash shouted.
"Tell me about it! I've never been this close to a Nurse Joy in all my life!" Misty shouted.
"This is terrible! Jessie, we've got to do something!" James shouted.
"Later, James... I'm rather tied up right now!" Jessie said.
"I hope nothing ever seperates all of us from this day forward!" Joy said.

A few minutes later, Jenny was standing at the beachside of the island, holding the rest of the men that Joy had captured six weeks ago. By allowing Joy to just keep the ones she loved most (kinda weird that Team Rocket is part of that bunch, but she probably hadn't noticed), at least for a couple more weeks, she allowed every one else to escape safely off the island.
"Lapras!" Jenny shouted. Soon, the biggest Lapras anyone would ever see, even bigger than Jenny herself, emerged from the ocean. This Lapras was huge. It looked half a mile tall to say the least. Jenny placed the large group of men on the back of Lapras.
"Lapras, take these people back to the place known as Porta Vista. Try not to stay too long. We wouldn't want to draw attention to this island even though it is invisible." Jenny said. The Lapras nodded down at Jenny before it turned around and sailed off for Porta Vista to deliver the captured people back to Kanto so they could all find their own way home. Jenny then walked back towards where the cabin was so she could be with Joy again.

Joy had been fiddling with her remaining captured people inside her cabin for the next couple of hours before she decided to finally walk outside and join up with her Pokemon. She balanced between caring for Ash and the others (who were sitting on Joy's shoulder) as well as helping out the young Pokemon that can't possibly fend for themselves without her around. Watching Joy take care of all these Pokemon certainly caught the attention of Brock, who is of course studying to be a world class Pokemon breeder.
"Say... um, Nurse Joy, you certainly are caring so much for the Pokemon." Brock said. Being so close to Joy's right ear, Joy was able to pick up that.
"Well, yes I am. Pokemon is something I hold so close to my heart. Many of these creatures simply aren't brave enough to live by themselves, and that's why it is my responsibility to care for these young ones." Joy said as she fed some fruit to one of the Pichus.
"Don't you find it repetitive to be caring for these same Pokemon day and night?" Ash asked.
"Not at all, my sweet Ash. These Pokemon need someone like me so they can have a bright spot in their day." Joy said. Misty just sighed upon hearing Joy call Ash her sweet one.
"What's wrong, Misty?" Ash asked.
"Oh nothing... I guess I can't get used to her calling you and Brock the sweet ones. What about me!?" Misty shouted.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Misty. You're a special one too, don't forget that!" Joy said.
"Yeah, sure. You're just saying that to make me feel better." Misty said.
"No, really! I mean it! Anyway, would you guys like to go swimming in my pool here?" Joy said, pointing to the Great Lakes-sized pool that wasn't too far from her cabin.
"Um... are you sure it's safe? That water's probably hundreds of feet deep!" Ash shouted.
"Yeah, and we don't even have our swimsuits!" Brock shouted.
"Oh, that's no problem on this island. Watch!" Joy said. She once again summoned the island's magic powers from the mountain out in the distance. A wave of magic energy swirled around Ash, Brock, and Misty, and they were all soon in swimsuits and also wearing life vests to keep them floating on the water surface.
"Wow... thanks, Nurse Joy! This is even my regular swimsuit... how did you know?" Ash asked. Joy just giggled.
"I know many things about you, my little Ash. It's like we were destined to meet!" Joy said.
"Ahem... can you just let us into the pool please!?" Misty shouted. Joy happily obliged with Misty's request as she took the three and set them into the pool. Indeed, the vests were helping keep all of them afloat.
As the group was swimming around, Misty suddenly felt herself rising out of the water. She looked to see she was laying on top of the head of a really big Horsea!
"Oh, sorry about that... I guess I forgot about little Horsea being down there." Joy said with a smile as she watched everyone swim around from land.
"Yeah, I guess you did. Oh well, at least it's Horsea!" Misty said as she patted Horsea from the top of its head, although it really couldn't feel that as big as it was.

Meanwhile, while normal-sized Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny were away helping the mega-sized Jenny with small tasks of her own, Jessie and James of Team Rocket were just standing around the poolside looking miserable. As they watched Meowth get chased off by a giant-sized version of Meowth (along with a giant Chansey), James was getting bad memories of the team's excursion to the Island of the Giant Pokemon theme park of many years back.
"Ugh... Jessie. I want to get off this island! I can't take much more of seeing all these giants!" James shouted.
"Relax, James! I'll think of a plan, eventually..." Jessie said. She was watching out in the distance as the two giant Pokemon were chasing Meowth all around the swimming pool.
"James... do you by any chance still have that pocket-sized mind control device we got from the boss earlier this year?" Jessie said.
"Well, yes... although I think it's been beaten up from all the times we got beat!" James shouted as he reached in one of his pockets and pulled this device out.
"Perfect! We can use this device to take control of all these giant Pokemon... and not only that, we can use them when we get back to Kanto to take over the world!" Jessie said.
"Oh, Jessie, you've really hit the big time now!" James said, before he got pounded on the head for another one of his bad puns.
"Honestly, James... you and your puns are getting on my nerves!" Jessie said.
"Ouch..." James said as he rubbed his head.
"Meowth! Quit fooling around and get over here! James and I have a plan to get off this wretched island!" Jessie shouted.
"Hey! I'd love too, but I got my nine lives on the line here!" Meowth shouted. Eventually the giant Pokemon stopped chasing Meowth when they got called away by Jenny. The three members of Team Rocket huddled to discuss how they were going to execute their plan.

A few minutes passed, and Misty was still riding on top of Horsea while Ash and Brock continued to swim around in the pool, just so they could make Joy happy who was watching from above.
"Teeheehee... you all look so cute when swimming around, especially you, my little Brock." Joy said as she watched Brock swim around. Brock could feel one of Joy's fingernails brushing against his back.
"Ack! Hey... watch where you're touching!" Brock shouted.
"Well, Brock, aren't you glad you found a woman that really likes you?" Ash asked. Pikachu was giggling as it tried to balance itself on top of Ash's head.
"Are you kidding me, she's got my syndrome! I'm going crazy just seeing her drool over me!" Brock shouted.
"But of course, nobody's a better swimmer than you, Ash Ketchum." Joy said.
"Well... gee, thanks, but I don't know if I am that good of a swimmer. My specialty is in being a Pokemon master!" Ash said.
"Oh please..." Misty said as she rolled her eyes. Just then, the Horsea that Misty was sitting on was starting to act funny as it wobbled its head back and forth. Misty tried her best to hang on but she would soon be thrown off. She landed in the deep water, but luckily close enough to the land that she could swim her way to safety. Ash and Brock joined her to make sure she was okay.
"Oh... Horsea! What's wrong?" Joy shouted, feeling concerned for her Pokemon. Of course, she couldn't jump in to save her as she was in her nurse's outfit. Horsea then started shooting water out of its mouth uncontrollably. Our heroes were dodging the shots left and right, but Pikachu was the first to realize what was going on as it pointed in the direction away from the pool.
"What is it, Pikachu?" Ash asked. The group saw it was Team Rocket trying to fiddle with some kind of gadget in their hands, and not doing a real good job it appeared.
"Team Rocket! I should've known they'd be up to their dirty tricks!" Misty shouted as she and the other heroes ran towards them.

Team Rocket, meanwhile, appeared to be struggling to get the device the way they want it to work. Horsea's reaction was definitely not what they expected.
"James! That Horsea is supposed to be working for us, not trying to give us an oversized shower!" Jessie shouted.
"I told you it might have some glitches from all the times we've blasted off!" James shouted in protest.
"Bleh... leave it to James to mess something up as usual!" Meowth said.
"Hold your tongue, you little furball!" Jessie shouted.
"Yes, or there won't be any catnip for the rest of your nine lives!" James shouted. Meowth then looked to see Ash and friends approaching them.
"Hey, the twerps are here to challenge us!" Meowth shouted.
"Team Rocket! What have you done to that Horsea!?" Ash shouted. Jessie flashed her trademark evil smile.
"Just trying to win it over to our side so that we can use it to escape this dreadful island." Jessie said.
"And on top of that, give the boss the raise of his life. Get it... raise!?" James shouted. He was clobbered in the head by Jessie again.
"What he means is we intend to use all the giant Pokemon of this island and use them to crush every known city in Kanto!" Meowth said.
"That's insane! The Pokemon here aren't meant to cause destruction!" Misty shouted.
"And besides... how can you even get off here without Joy or Jenny noticing?" Brock said.
"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. Because we're Team Rocket, blasting off at the speed of light!" Jessie said.
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!" James said.
"Hey... what happened to the rest of the motto!?" Meowth said.
"Oh stop it, Meowth. The author of this story said we didn't have to do it because most of his readers know it by now!" Jessie said.
"Okay... it's time to call our Pokemon to battle!" James said. Just before he could fiddle with the device once more, the group could suddenly hear some more loud stomping sounds. Brock looked to see what was coming.

"Uh oh... here comes the other big lady of this island, Jenny." Brock said.
"And she's certainly in a hurry!" Misty said, noticing how Jenny was literally running to the scene. Jenny stood alongside Joy as she continued to helplessly watch the eerily mind-controlled Horsea spraying water in every direction.
"My queen! Are you okay?" Jenny shouted.
"Yes, I'm okay, but something is wrong with Horsea." Joy said.
"And what of the little children? The ones you call Ash, Misty, and Brock?" Jenny said.
"Well, they were in the pool..." Joy said as she looked around the ground for the trio.
"Ugh... we have to get rid of those two ladies! Hurry, James.... give that thing some more power!" Jessie shouted.
"Oh no you don't! Pikachu... thundershock them!" Ash shouted. Pikachu hopped off Ash's head and instantly let out a powerful thunderbolt that shocked Team Rocket with tons of volts of electricity. In the process, the device that James was holding shattered to pieces since it was unable to take that much power. At the same time, Joy watched as the Horsea suddenly regained its senses and happily swam over to Joy, who picked it up and hugged it close to her heart.

"Oh, Horsea... I'm so glad you're okay! I wonder what caused you to space out like that?" Joy said.
"Look, my queen, perhaps that is the reason." Jenny said as she pointed out to the spot on the ground where Pikachu was shocking the living daylights out of Team Rocket. Finally Pikachu stopped and Team Rocket collapsed on the ground in pain. Jenny and Joy joined the scene and towered over everyone.
"What is going on here?" Jenny asked. Ash ran over and picked up the pieces of the device, holding them up as high as he could for the two mega giantesses to see.
"It's Team Rocket, Jenny. I guess they were trying to hypnotize Horsea and the rest of the giant Pokemon to use them to escape the island and ultimately take over our land!" Ash said.
"Luckily we stopped them from carrying out that plan!" Misty shouted.
"Hmmm... that is a most horrible crime indeed. These people need to be punished for such reprehensible acts!" Jenny said. Joy was especially taking this thing hard knowing that their plan involved her loving and caring giant Pokemon.
"I agree, Jenny. I remember these are the same people that attacked our little friends here!" Joy said.
"What do you suggest we do to them, my queen?" Jenny asked. Joy picked up Jessie, James, and Meowth and held them in front of her angry face.
"I cannot tolerate having dangerous people on this island. They wanted to escape... I can gladly help them out!" Joy said. She then moved her hand back and then flicked it forward, releasing Team Rocket and causing them to go flying right off the island! The trio watched as they were flying away from the mysterious island.
"Well, look on the bright side, at least we were able to get off the island!" James said.
"Yeah, sure... but the boss is gonna have our heads that we came away empty-handed!" Jessie shouted.
"Well, you know what we always say..." Meowth said.
"Team Rocket's blasting off again!!!" They all shouted before they disappeared totally out of sight from the island and into the skies beyond.

Back on the island, Ash and friends watched as Team Rocket disappeared once again. Ash and friends were all back in their regular clothes, seemingly because of the swimsuit magic from Joy wearing out.
"Well, that's the end of them for today." Brock said.
"Yeah... at least they were able to escape from this island." Misty said.
"Don't worry, Misty. I'm sure we'll find a way off this island ourselves soon." Ash said. Just then, Joy picked up Ash and Brock from the ground.
"Oh... thank you guys sooooo much for saving all my giant Pokemon. You deserve a lovely reward for your hard work!" Joy said as she suddenly planted both guys. As big as she was, the two could only get the lipstick all over Joy's lower lip, but they were still left wiping the red off their skin.
"Man... I've dreamed of getting kissed by a girl all my life, but never quite like this!" Brock shouted.
"At least I know the feeling well with this Nurse Joy." Ash said. Jenny just smiled to see Joy thanking the two guys like she was, but then she looked by her feet to see Misty pouting once more. She kneeled down next to her to get a closer look at her.

"Is something troubling you by any chance, Misty?" Jenny said. Misty looked up at the giantess and just sighed.
"I'm not sure this Joy even remotely cares for me... she keeps kissing up with Ash and Brock." Misty said.
"Well, I once again ask you feel no sorrow for the queen. She's been wanting to have cute boys like Ash and Brock for years, which fully explains why she captured all those people while we were in Kanto six months ago." Jenny said.
"I know, but the least she could do is show some compassion for myself! Sometimes it's like I don't even exist in her eyes." Misty said. Jenny could understand where Misty was coming from, having seen Joy go through a time like that long before she became queen of the island. She then got an idea as she gently picked Misty up from the ground.
"My queen, perhaps we need to help this Misty girl get a feel for what you go through day by day, or at least let her see what things are like from your perspective." Jenny said.
"My perspective? What do you mean by that?" Joy asked. Jenny then leaned close to Joy and whispered something into her ear. Joy then smiled once Jenny moved away.
"Oh, that is a wonderful idea! Could you do it for me, though? I gotta make sure the Pokemon are okay." Joy said.
"Of course, my queen. You can watch over our smaller counterparts for me in the meantime." Jenny said. She opened up her shirt pocket and pulled out the normal-sized Joy and Jenny, handing them over to Joy. Jenny then walked off towards the magic mountain near the center of the island.

At the mountain, which was basically the island's source of magic, Jenny placed the tiny Misty at the base of this mountain.
"So what's all this about, Jenny?" Misty said.
"You will see. Consider this my gift to you as thanks for being so patient with us." Jenny said. Memories started to flood back into Misty's mind of that day six weeks ago when they took the Nurse Joy of Porta Vista to this mountain. When Joy was thrown into this mountain, she regained her 'normal size' as well as her memories of being queen of this island. Only this time, Jenny was oddly asking for Misty to stand outside this unique mountain and volcano hybrid. Jenny closed her eyes and concentrated, and soon a powerful wave of purple energy began to surround Misty in every direction as it enveloped her entire body. Then the magic barrier began to grow bigger. And bigger. And bigger. And bigger. Finally, it was as big as Jenny herself, all 1,500 feet in her height. Once that happened, the barrier suddenly broke apart and the magic energy dispersed. Standing in its place was none other than...

Yep, a 1,500 foot tall Misty.

As Misty regained her vision from the magic energy, she took a couple steps back in shock, almost tripping down onto the mountain. But Jenny quickly grabbed her hands and helped her regain her balance.
"O... Officer Jenny. You didn't just..." Misty started to say.
"Yes, Misty. Although it's only a temporary spell, I wanted to let you see what's it like for us to be so big compared to the people of the real world." Jenny said.
"But why?" Misty asked.
"Well, like I said, I don't want you to feel any ill will towards my queen. I figured this would make you feel better at least for a little while." Jenny said with a smile. Misty looked over herself some more, seeing how much smaller the island looked now from this height. She then started to smile.
"I like this. It's only for a few minutes, you say?" Misty said.
"Yes it is." Jenny said.
"Well, I might as well make the most of it." Misty said.
"That's good. Now come. We must rejoin the others back at the cabin." Jenny said as the two giantesses walked their way back to the cabin.

Back near the cabin, while Joy was feeding the younger Pokemon on the land, Ash and Brock were just standing by the lake watching her.
"Well, Brock, you have to admit... she knows how to care for her Pokemon." Ash said.
"Yeah, and that's what worries me too." Brock said. Just then, the two could hear more stomping sounds coming from the background. They quickly figured that Jenny was coming back, but they were really surprised to see Misty towering alongside her.
"Hey! What's Misty doing that big!?" Ash shouted.
"I... uh... I think I hear Onix calling. I'll be right back!" Brock said as he ran off, probably to be with Joy since she would be more caring than perhaps a giant Misty would ever be. Jenny went over to talk with Joy while Misty looked at her surroundings.
"My queen, here is Misty at our size. I only made the spell a temporary one so she'll be back to normal in a few minutes." Jenny said.
"Oh that's wonderful! What do you think, Misty?" Joy asked, but Misty didn't answer. Instead, Misty was walking slowly towards little Ash, who was trying to back away from the giantess. Finally he was scared stiff when the mega giantess put her foot down just inches away from his body.
"So... how about flirting with me now, Ash, instead of Joy?" Misty said. Then Misty could feel a hand being placed on her shoulder. She looked to see it was Joy.
"Uh... Misty, I asked what do you think of your new size?" Joy asked.
"Oh, I think it's a nice thing to have. I definitely can get a feel for what you and Jenny go through." Misty said.
"That's good. I was hoping you'd like it. Say, want to help me feed the water Pokemon?" Joy asked. Brock was riding on top of Joy's left foot looking up at the two mega giantesses, particularly Misty.
"I would love to!" Misty said, sounding excited because anything to do with water Pokemon was always a plus for her. As the two walked over to the lake, Ash breather a major sigh of relief.
"Saved by Nurse Joy, as always." Ash said to himself. Pikachu giggled from behind Ash.

As Misty and Joy kneeled down next to the lake for the next few minutes, not wanting to get wet again since they were both in their regular clothes, Joy was clapping her hands and calling for some of the water Pokemon. A few of the creatures' heads popped out from under the water, including the Horsea that Misty once rode on top of. She looked at this Horsea, marveling at the tremendous size difference.
"Wow... it's amazing that a short while ago I was riding on top of that thing." Misty said.
"I know the feeling. I couldn't believe at first how tiny your world was when Jenny and I visited it six weeks ago." Joy said. Misty reached out and picked up the Horsea in the lake and then hugged it against her chest.
"You're such a cute Horsea... you remind me of the one I used to have!" Misty said. Joy smiled over at Misty, but then looked back at the lake and noticed a rather somber-looking Totodile staring up at her.
"Oh? What's wrong, Totodile?" Joy asked. She could hear a faint rumbling sound coming from Totodile's belly as the Pokemon spoke its name just as softly. Joy then ran inside her cabin and quickly came out holding a rice ball in her hand.
"Here you go... this always cheers you up." Joy said, holding the ball over the water. Immediately, Totodile got excited and starting swimming for the piece of food. The Pokemon then opened its mouth wide open and then closed it on the rice ball... taking Joy's hand with it. Joy was quickly able to wrestle the hand out of Totodile's mouth.
"OUCH!!!!!!!" Joy screamed in pain. She looked on her hand to see a couple scratch marks around her fingers, and one of them was even bleeding. Joy held the bleeding spot up against her mouth as Jenny ran to her side.
"My queen, what happened!?" Jenny asked.
"I guess Totodile was a little too hungry and it almost bit my fingers off!" Joy shouted, trying her best to kiss her bleeding finger and make it better.
"You're not bleeding, are you?" Misty asked, concerned for her new friend.
"Just a little having scratched my fingers against its teeth, but I'm okay." Joy said.
"No no no, my queen. If you're bleeding this calls for immediate attention!" Jenny said. The normal-sized Joy and Jenny were watching all of this unfold from where they were standing, and Normal Joy just felt compelled to help even though her counterpart was over 300 times bigger than she was.

But what could she possibly do?

Normal Joy finally couldn't stand seeing her giant-sized counterpart the way she was now. That's when she started running for the mega giantess.
"Nurse Joy, where are you going!?" Normal Jenny shouted, showing concern for her friend.
"I have to make sure she's okay!" Normal Joy shouted. A couple minutes later, Normal Joy was as close as she could get to Joy.
"Let me look at your finger, Joy!" Normal Joy shouted. Joy could hear the little one shouting out, and then she looked up at Jenny.
"Go ahead, my queen. Let her look at it." Jenny said. Joy nodded (and smiled in good spirits) and then lowered her finger next to the tiny Joy. Normal Joy looked nervously as she watched the blood slowly trickle down her finger. She then reached into her pocket and pulled out some duct tape.
"Well, it's no bandage, but it'll have to do for a girl that big." Normal Joy said to herself. She ran up to the finger and placed the tape just below the cut. Then she looked up and realized that her finger was way too big for her to easily wrap the tape around the cut.
"Ugh... I should've known that her finger was so incredibly huge." Normal Joy said.
"I can help wrap it around." Misty said from above. She gently took the roll of tape and started to swing it all around Joy's finger, eventually sealing the cut. As Misty ripped the roll of tape off and dropped it next to Normal Joy, the mega-sized Joy was looking at the tape that was covering her cut.
"Wow... this really works! It's not bleeding anymore!" Joy said.
"Well, we only stopped the cut from bleeding. You might want to leave that roll on for a day or two to allow that cut to heal." Normal Joy said from below.
"Oh... thank you to my little self! You're such a life saver!" Joy said as she picked her up and hugged her against her chest. Joy then looked over at the similar-sized Misty.
"And thank you, Misty, for being such a big help!" Joy said.
"Well, anything to help out, I guess." Misty said. Just then, Misty looked to see Joy and Jenny were suddenly getting bigger again! Then again, so was everything else around her. Jenny knew what was happening.

"Hmmm... it seems the spell has worn out and you are reverting back to your normal size." Jenny said.
"Awww... that's too bad. I think Misty would look so cute being as big as us!" Joy said.
"That is true, my queen, although I don't think the real world would be so accepting if we sent her back like that." Jenny said. Right when Misty was back to her normal size, Joy picked her up and held her against her face.
"Gee, sorry you couldn't stay this big, Misty!" Joy said.
"Oh, it's alright. At least I got an idea of what you two go through on a day-by-day basis." Misty said.
"That's wonderful!" Joy said as she lowered Misty back to the ground next to Ash (and Pikachu), Brock, Normal Joy, and Normal Jenny.
"Oh, Jenny, can you please watch over my little friends while I go take the Pichus for their walk?" Joy asked.
"Sure thing, my queen. I will watch over them with all my heart." Jenny said. Joy just giggled as she got up and started to walk away.
"Oh I doubt that will be necessary, but suit yourself!" Joy said.

Jenny then kneeled down next to the tiny five and wondered what she could do with them. The longer she looked at them, the more she could feel for them. It wasn't too long ago when Jenny was chewing out Joy for capturing all those people from Kanto six weeks ago, but now she was starting to see just how cute they looked to Joy's eyes. She decided to pick up all five characters as she looked at them more carefully.
"You know, maybe my queen is right after all, you all are too cute to give up." Jenny said. She was lightly poking some of the characters with her fingernail, causing her to giggle somewhat as they fell back on her hand.
"Oh great! Just what I need! Now Jenny is just ga-ga over me!" Brock said, shaking his head in frustration.
"Well, at least you're not the only one." Ash said.
"And at least I don't feel as bad hanging with these giant ladies." Misty said, thinking back to her short time when she was as big as the two ladies were. As high as the group was in the air, Normal Jenny was looking around admiring the scenery around her. But when she looked to her right, something caught her eye...

She was able to see Porta Vista out in the distance.

While with Jenny earlier in the day, she had learned from her mega-sized counterpart that because the island is invisible, she cannot see anything beyond the island except for the ocean. If the island were to ever become visible once more, she would be able to see the lands of Kanto from afar. Normal Jenny quickly thought of an idea.
"Um... excuse me, my giant self, but could you please let me down on the ground? Being this high is giving me vertigo..." Normal Jenny said, pretending to feel dizzy. Jenny naturally complied with the request.
"As you wish, Jenny." Jenny said as she lowered her hand to the ground and allowed Jenny to step off.
"Thank you... if you don't mind, I want to take a walk to the beach. It helps me feel better." Normal Jenny said.
"Very well, but don't wonder off too long. We wouldn't want to upset the queen when she gets back and sees one person missing." Jenny said. Normal Jenny nodded and then ran off for the beach. Jenny watched Normal Jenny run off for a little bit before focusing her attention back on the other four characters.
"Hmmm... how about a race? The first one to make it across my entire body is the winner." Jenny said. The other four just looked at each other for a little while before they all nodded up at Jenny.
"Okay then! This should be fun!" Jenny said. She then put the others back on the ground and then laid down flat on her back before placing the four characters at her feet. Ash was the one most curious about Jenny's sudden change in behavior.
"Gosh, I wonder why Jenny's so nice with us now." Ash said.
"Yeah... usually it's Joy that plays these kinds of games." Misty said.

Meanwhile, at the beach, Normal Jenny had made it to the wide open sands where she was looking out at Porta Vista.
"I really hope this works..." she said as she pulled out her handheld two-way radio. She pressed some buttons on it and held it to her face afterwards.
"This is Officer Jenny of Celadon City, calling the Porta Vista Station. I repeat, Officer Jenny of Celadon City calling Porta Vista Station. Does anyone copy!? Over." Normal Jenny shouted. There was no sound at first. She tried again, and a few seconds later...
"Porta Vista Station responding, over." a male voice said from the speaker. Normal Jenny held out her fist in victory as she activated the radio once more.
"Porta Vista Station... this is Officer Jenny of Celadon City sending out an SOS. Myself and four other people are trapped on this deserted island just outside of your location. We need a cruise ship here immediately, over!" Normal Jenny said.
"Copy that, Officer Jenny. We'll dispatch one of our seaside cruisers to pick you and the other passengers up. Help is on the way, over." the man said.
"There are Pokemon on this island. Do not engage them. I repeat... do NOT engage these Pokemon. I only want you to pick us up, over!" Normal Jenny said.
"Copy that, Officer Jenny. We're on our way, over!" the man said.
"10-4." Normal Jenny said, signifying the end of the conversation between the two. Normal Jenny smiled as she walked back to near the cabin where the others were, knowing that she and the others would be off this island very soon.

Meanwhile, a few minutes later, the foot race was close between Ash, Misty, Brock, and normal-sized Nurse Joy as they ran up Jenny's massive leg. Even at her massive height, Jenny could feel the many feet tapping against her skin, and she giggled as a result. Just then, Joy came back and noticed what was going on.
"Jenny! What's going on here?" Joy said. Jenny was surprised to see Joy there and she suddenly stood up, causing Ash and the others to fall back down to the ground. Luckily they weren't that high up from the ground, causing the landing to be painless, although they did nearly get crushed by Jenny's black high-heeled slipper when she stood back up to her full height.
"Ahem.... well you see, my queen, I was simply..." Jenny said.
"Playing with them, weren't you?" Joy said, smirking.
"My queen, I was just... you must forgive me." Jenny said as she struggled to find the words.
"Oh, Jenny, I'm so proud of you! You're finally opening yourself up!" Joy said.
"Come again, my queen?" Jenny asked.
"You're always acting so stiff and cold, like you're always protecting me day and night. You never seem to try and have any fun for yourself." Joy said. Jenny didn't say anything for a few seconds.
"Come on, Jenny! You should be proud of yourself! You're opening your heart!" Joy said.
"Maybe you're right, my queen. Maybe I have been limiting myself to my duties. I must admit... for the first time in a long time, I felt happy. Happy to be playing with such nice people as those four down below us." Jenny said.
"That's the spirit, Jenny!" Joy said as she gave her guardian a hug. Jenny of course hugged her right back.

Ash and friends were watching the two giantesses talk to each other when they looked and saw Normal Jenny running back with them.
"Officer Jenny? Where have you been?" Ash asked.
"At the beach... I just signaled Porta Vista for help." Normal Jenny said.
"You what!? How did you do that?" Misty shouted.
"I think the big Jenny's been playing with us so much that she forget to keep the island invisible. I could see Porta Vista as clear as day, so I signaled for help. One of their cruise ships will be here any..." Normal Jenny said. Before she could finish, a very loud honking sound could be heard in the distance. It was so loud... even the mega giantesses could hear it.
"Hey! What was that noise?" Joy said. Jenny was looking around as well, and then she happened to notice where the sound came from. She spotted one of the cruise ships from Porta Vista way out in the background. She also noticed Porta Vista itself.
"Oh my..." Jenny whispered to herself.
"What? What is it, Jenny?" Joy asked.
"It... It must've been the Geodude trying to swim again. You better go check on it!" Jenny said.
"Geodude? Oh no! You're right! Water is dangerous to that little thing! I have to save it!" Joy said as she stomped off away from the cabin to find Geodude. Once she was gone, Jenny then looked down at our group of heroes. Ash gulped as he looked up at Jenny, thinking that she was gonna seriously lay one down on the group.
"I think we're in trouble." Ash said.
"Makes me wish I were still giant." Misty said. But Jenny then picked up the five little ones and held them to her face.

"I take it one of you realized my mistake and summoned that rescue boat." Jenny said. The normal-sized Jenny stepped in front of the group.
"It was me... please forgive me, Jenny, but I did it in case any of these people wanted to get out." Normal Jenny said.
"You do not have to apologize, little one. In fact... I knew I was doing something wrong by having my fun with all of you. It seems I have failed in my duty as one of the guardians of this island." Jenny said.
"Well, don't feel too bad. We all make these mistakes. We're only human... no matter how big or small we may be." Misty said.
"Yes, you are correct, Misty. You have learned much from your experience in being as big as us." Jenny said.
"And hopefully it'll be the last time. I don't think I could deal with a giant Misty." Ash said.
"What's that supposed to mean!?" Misty shouted. Brock, for the first time in a while, actually let out a small laugh.
"What about the queen? Or myself if you want to call her that." Normal Joy said.
"Well, she definitely will not take this well, but she will hopefully understand that we simply cannot control the fate of those we do not know." Jenny said. The five in Jenny's hand just looked at each other.
"Okay, anything you say, Jenny." Ash said.
"Now come on... I'll help you all get onboard your cruise ship." Jenny said.
"Are you sure? What will happen if the guys onboard see you?" Misty asked.
"It won't matter once you are gone. This island will probably disappear once more." Jenny said. She then started walking towards the beach with the five characters in hand.

As the cruise ship stopped right at the sands of the beach, a few soldiers armed with guns and Pokeballs alike came running out from the ship. Normal-sized Officer Jenny, who was on the ground along with the others.
"Stand down! This giant lady is our friend!" Normal Jenny said. The soldiers followed her orders and holstered their weapons. They were all instead helping everyone onboard the big cruise ship. Brock was the first one to get on.
"Woohoo!!! Alright! Free at last!!!" Brock said. Normal-sized Nurse Joy and Misty were next in line.
"I guess he's really excited to be off this island." Normal Joy said.
"You can say that again. At least I know his limit now when it comes to flirting with other girls." Misty said.
"So what did that feel like being as big as them?" Normal Joy said.
"Well... I'll wait until we set sail before I tell my story to everyone." Misty said with a smile. Ash let the normal-sized Officer Jenny go onboard next as he wanted to say something to the mega-sized Jenny before he left. But just then, the mega-sized Joy came running into the picture. She stood next to Jenny.
"Jenny! That Geodude is fine... I didn't seem him anywhere near that water!" Joy said.
"Oh, my apologies, my queen. I guess I presumed too much." Jenny said.
"Yeah... hey, what's going on here?" Joy asked.
"My queen... I apologize, but I accidentally exposed our island to the world, and a rescue ship has come to pick up our five remaining guests." Jenny said.
"You mean... you mean they're leaving!?" Joy said.
"Yes, my queen." Jenny said.
"But... but they can't! They just can't! It's only been six weeks since I brought them here! That's not enough time!" Joy shouted, clearly getting frustrated.
"Uh... Queen Joy... you have to understand we have our own homes to go to! Our own families that have been worried about us for so long!" Ash shouted, trying to plead with the mega-sized Nurse Joy, which was a brave feat considering she could get so mad and end up stomping on him in frustration.

"No... it's not fair! It's just not fair! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!" Joy shouted as she started crying. Her whining sound was a beatdown to the ears of those standing at her feet, but Jenny was able to stop them.
"My queen, please stop crying!" Jenny said. Like magic, Joy stopped crying and instead began to hug Jenny once more.
"My queen, I know it's hard for you to say goodbye to your new friends, but the little one known as Ash has a point. They have their own families to go home to. They have their own lives to live just as we do. We shouldn't have to predetermine their fate when you have those factors to consider." Jenny said. After about a minute or so, Joy's sombering seemed to stop completely. As she wiped the tears away from her face, she looked down at Ash.
"You're absolutely right. I'm sorry... I'm not acting the way I should be, especially since I am the queen of this island. I didn't think of the rest of you at all. I only thought of myself." Joy said.
"Now now, my queen. We all make mistakes." Jenny said. She winked down to Misty reminding her of the lesson that she herself had just remembered. Joy then kneeled down so she could get a closer look at Ash.
"Oh Ash... you're just the sweetest young boy I have ever laid eyes on. I wish I could've spent more time with you." Joy said.
"Well... yeah. I guess I wish the same thing. You're pretty nice too, I'll admit that. You have been very caring for us these past six weeks." Ash said. Joy just smiled as she picked up Ash.
"Oh come here you!" Joy said as she planted her lips once again all over his little body. Ash was once again covered in Joy's lipstick from head to toe.
"Wow... I think I'm actually going to miss that!" Ash said as he was lowered back towards the cruise ship.
"Ahem... Ash, we really should get going!" Misty said with her arms folded in frustration.
"Oh right. Coming, Misty!" Ash said as he got onboard. Once he was on, the ship started to slow sail away from the island. Ash waved goodbye to the giantesses for the final time. Misty and the others couldn't help but join.
"Goodbye, my friends! I'll never forget you!" Joy shouted.
"Take care, all of you!" Jenny shouted.
"Goodbye, Joy! Goodbye, Jenny!" Ash shouted as he waved at them until they were too far away from the island.

Midway through the trip back to Porta Vista, Ash actually began to wonder if they made the right decision.
"Hmmm... you know, Joy seemed pretty sad at first. I wonder if we should've stayed with her at least another week." Ash said.
"Are you crazy, Ash!? It was boring staying on that island for so long, even though those ladies did take care of us." Misty said.
"Yeah! Too crazy for me..." Brock said.
"Seriously, though, it's for the best. They have their lives and we have ours." Misty said.
"Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry. I guess I miss them already." Ash said.
"Hey, we're coming up on Porta Vista right now!" Jenny said.
"Yeah, and it looks like the welcome wagon has been brought out." Joy said, pointing out the throng of people that were cheering over the safe return of everyone coming back from the mysterious island.

The boat soon parked by the dockside and everyone made their way off. As Joy and Jenny went on ahead so they could get back to their jobs in Celadon City as quickly as possible, Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock were all greeted by a very familiar group of people.
"Ash!!! You're back!" The lady shouted as she made it through the crowd of people along with a few others.
"Mom!? Professor Oak?" Ash said.
"Daisy? Violet? Lily?" Misty said, noticing her sisters nearby.
"Dad?" Brock said, seeing his father standing behind the group. Delia Ketchum ran for her son (with Professor Oak behind) while the three sisters ran for Misty. Brock just walked up to his father, Flint.
"Oh, Ash! I was so worried about you!!! Don't you ever disappear on me like that again, you hear!?" Delia shouted as she continued to hug the living daylights out of Ash.
"Okay, okay! I get the hint, Mom! Now can you let go so I can breathe?" Ash said.
"Oh... sorry." Delia said as she finally let go.
"It's good to see you are safe, Ash. Your mother really was worried sick. She kept coming back to the lab for the past six weeks wondering where you were." Professor Oak said.
"I'm sorry. We just had no way of contacting you on that island." Ash said.
"Oh? What was on that island, by the way?" Delia asked. Ash just shook his head.
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Ash said as he looked for one final time at the island before looking back at Delia and hugging her.

Back on the island, Joy was slowly walking back for the cabin with Jenny right beside her. She tried her best to keep her spirits up despite the departure of all the people she had collected over the past six weeks.
"Are you okay, my queen?" Jenny said.
"Well, I guess. I already miss those cute little people. It was so much fun to take care of all of them." Joy said.
"Yes, I agree, I thought they were cute too, but this is for the best." Jenny said. Just then... the most unusual thing happened. Well, it'd be unusual for a normal person, but this was natural for Joy and Jenny.

The biggest alien ship you can ever imagine suddenly appeared and hovered over the entire island.

A bright yellow light was shining down from the center of the ship on Joy and Jenny.
"Well, well... it seems our tribe has finally returned for us." Jenny said.
"Oh... it has been so long, I almost forgot about them." Joy said. Suddenly, a female-like robotic voice was heard from the ship.
"It is time you returned with us to our home planet." the voice said.
"Yes, honorable ones. We are ready to go home now after years of observing this planet." Jenny said.
"Oh yeah... that's right, we were only sent here to see what life was like." Joy said.
"What did you learn if anything, my queen?" the voice said.
"Well, the people here are so nice even if they are so incredibly tiny. I think they were all so cute!" Joy shouted.
"Agreed, yet they are all very curious too. The myth you had us come up with... you know, the vacation spot... had them all coming here and the giant Pokemon you gave us weren't as welcoming." Jenny said.
"Hmmm... I see. This concludes our study of Earth, ladies... please wait while we beam you onboard." the voice said.
"Wait! Don't forget to pick up the giant Pokemon you gave us! And I want to keep these clothes on... same with Jenny!" Joy said.
"As you wish, my queen..." the voice said. Jenny just rolled her eyes and laughed a little.
"My queen, I guess we've finally found a setting to your liking." Jenny said.
"Well, yeah... I hope the next planet we visit is just as small!" Joy said.

Soon, the yellow light became brighter and brighter until it covered the entire island. When the light was gone, so was the island and everyone and everything on it. The alien ship, which by the way was invisible to the human eye, then ascended up into the atmosphere before leaving our planet entirely, taking the entire legacy of the island that Porta Vista would once know as the Island of the Giant Pokemon. With it went memories of the biggest Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, and Pokemon that mankind will probably ever see.