Leaf's Little Secret

(Bob-omb Guy)


It was a quiet day in the champion room at the Pokemon League. Becoming champion of a Pokemon region seem fun, but not for Red.

 As he find himself mostly waiting everyday for challengers to appear. It been slow days recently. It seem like less and less people are challenging the Elite Four. After being beaten by a trainer named Ethan at the border of Kanto and Johto, Red find himself feeling weak so that led to him agreeing to the Pokemon League associates that he’ll be in position to become champion of the Kanto region. After signing a 1 year contract with the Pokemon League staff, he was ready to battle the toughest trainers in the Kanto region to prove he is STILL the best trainer in the Pokemon World. After all, if a trainer beat the Elite 4, that means they’re strong right?

 For awhile, things were going well. He beaten every single trainer that came to challenged him and learn new techniques. He thought all this training would make a perfect life…..but then things changed.

It hasn’t been a year yet and he started to become bored. Waiting all day in one big room, staring at the sign “Champion Red”, and rarely getting to battle trainers on a slow day every single day.

With Red laying down and putting his feet facing up at the wall, he let out a sigh.


*sigh* “What am I doing with my life?” Red said out loud.

He look around the big champion room he’s in.

*sign” “I wish a trainer would come in and challenge me right now” Red thought to himself.

*Ring* *Ring* Red look at his alarm on his watch.

“It’s my break time” Red thought to himself.

“Maybe I’ll eat something new just to spice up my life right now”


Red walk out of the champion room, walk pass the Elite Four rooms, and then eventually made it to the Pokemon Center at Indigo Plateau.


“Wish they updated the Pokemon League to work like the ones in Unova and Kalos where the Elite Four rooms aren’t just in one straight line together.” Red thought.


He eventually made it outside where he went looking for food.

“I haven’t ate berries in awhile” “Guess I’ll do that” Red thought to himself.

He went to the back of the Pokemon League where there are bushes with tons of berries on them.

He got on his knees and spotted shiny blue berries.

“What are these?” as he pick up the blue berries.

He took a bite out of one and thought it tasted good. Not AMAZING, but good.

“It’s passable.” he thought as he was chewing.

He grab more of those blue berries and even non blue berries and got up and went back into the Pokemon League at his room.

He sat down and felt really dizzy.

“Oh what happening?” “I feel like crap”

Red said as he slowly laid down and eventually….got knockout.



*A few hours pass*



“Oww what happened?” Red said as he got up with his hand on his forehead.

After a few blinks to get his senses together, he finally concentrated and found something felt different. 

“Where am I?” Red shouted.

“Am I in the Pokemon League?”

He IS in the Pokemon League. It just that he shrunk so everything look different. When you’re tiny, everything looks different. Normal surroundings you’re used to now becomes huge new surroundings.


“Wait, who said that?”


Oh crud. He’s not supposed to know I exist.


“Who exist? Is there anyone else in here?”


“Did that person said I shrunk?” Red said as he look up.

“Everything do seem to look big…”


“There’s the “Champion Red” sign. Only it’s bigger than before” Red said as he look up and up at the sign.

“Oh no, this is embarrassing. How can I get back to my real size again?”

“How am I supposed to do my job when I’m this size?”

“I can’t become champion looking like this!”

“And what about my Poke-” Red said as he try to reach for his belt with his Pokemon on it...but it’s not there.

He look further in the distance and see his backpack along with his belt with all his Pokeballs on it.

“Oh come on, how can I use my Pokemon now that I’m this size?!”

“What Pokemon would listen to a 3 inch tall trainer?”

“This is the worst day ever!”

“How would I survive?!”

“What would I eat?!”

“How would I take a bath?!”

“A Youngster is bigger than me!”

“I’m gonna be fire from my job!”

“I’m gonna commit sui-


OH COME ON. Nobody came to this story to see you whine like a baby. They came to see Giantess Leaf. Bring her in *clap* *clap*

“Huh??” Red said as he look WAY UP to the gigantic door and see the door knob turning.

“Oh no, somebody coming”

“Better hide” Red said as he dash towards his backpack laying on the floor.

 Unfortunately, he trip and was unable to make it to shelter.

The door opened and reveal a girl about the same age as Red.


...Pokemon Trainer Leaf appeared into view. She step in.

Red was in awe. Leaf look so...so..powerful. He was surprised to see a girl his age in incredible proportion..

Her athletic shoes and blue puffy socks on their own are already taller than him from his perspective. As he look up more, he sees her towering legs all the way to her skirt.

“Whoa, her legs are long…”


“Hello? Anyone here?” Leaf said.

Red stayed still as best as he could. Hoping Leaf would just assume nobody’s here and go away quick.

“Come on Red. I know you’re here somewhere” Leaf said.

“How did she know my name? No, most importantly, WHAT THE HECK IS SHE DOING HERE?!” Red thought.


It was 1 minute of silence.


“Welp, I guess nobody’s here” Leaf thought. She open the door slightly and was about to leave only to get one last glance at the room before she go.

“Wow, he sure has a messy room for being the champion” Leaf thought as she continued looking..


Then her attention turn to Red backpack on the floor.

“Wait a minute” she said to herself as she shut the door behind her and walk towards Red’s backpack.

Red couldn’t help but think she look really powerful walking so easily with her enormous (to him) size. She is definitely the biggest moving creature he has ever lay eyes on right now. He never seen anything this big walk so easily.

Leaf reach the backpack in only a few steps.

Her shoes was literally only a couple of inches away from Red.

Red stare at her shoes. Thinking she can easily crush him without any effort.


“That’s strange..” Leaf wondered. “If Red not here then why is his backpack and Pokeballs here?” “Did something happened to him?”


Red felt uncomfortable, so he got up and ran.


Unfortunately for him, that means Leaf caught him moving.


“Eeek! What’s that?”

Leaf continued to stare at the little Red running.

“Is that a little battery running Red action figure?”


Leaf move forward towards the little trainer.

She catch up with him even though all she took was little steps while Red had a head start AND ran as fast as he can. Just shows size really do make a difference.


Leaf reach down with her hand towards the little Red and all Red could do was catch his breath and look upon the giant hand coming towards him.

  She cradled him in her hand. She thought the “action figure” felt too lifelike and realistic while Red felt the warm soft skin of Leaf’s hand around his body.


She examine the little “action figure”

She open up her hand.


“So lifelike…”

She gave it a little tickle.

Red couldn’t help, but laugh. He fell onto her palm.


“Haa ha ha ha Whwaaa haaa hhaaaaa”

He laugh uncontrollably.

Hahaa.. STOP IT! Haha”

“Huh?” Leaf said confused. She then stop tickling him.

“Hahaha..” Red breathe after that tickle torture.


“Why you tickled me?” Red ask

“Hm?” Leaf responded still trying to comprehend this.

“I don’t like being tickled. It makes me feel……….weak..”

“Just don’t do that again” Red said

“...Wow.. are you the real Red?” Leaf ask.

“...yes” Red responded.

“How did you get so small?”

“That’s your reaction? You just discovered I’m tiny and real and THAT’S your reaction?” Red said

“What? You want me to overreact over your size and waste 5 minutes of your life? Clearly you’re tiny somehow and not a toy so I might as well roll with it” Leaf said.

“Good point” Red said.

“So how did you get small?” Leaf ask.

“To be honest, I have no idea” Red responded

“Did you ate microberries?”

“What are microberries?”

“Microberries are shiny blue-like berries that could be use to shrink things.”

Red facepalm. “God dang it.. I think I just ate microberries about 3 hours ago”

“Which would explained your size right now.” Leaf said


“Is this permanent or is there a cure? I don’t want to be tiny forever.”

“There are megaberries which are shiny red berries that can increase size instead. You know, the opposite of the microberries effect.”

“How do you know all this crap and I don’t?” Red ask.

Leaf shrug “I dunno? I was just curious to see if there are some items that can shrink people and then I stumble across microberries which then led me to megaberries”

“Why were you looking for items that can shrink people?” Red ask.

“I don’t get into your private life so why are you trying to get into mine?” Leaf said as she make a fist with her hand.

“Nothing nothing nothing you’re right you’re right” Red quickly responded.


“Why did you come here?” Red ask.

“To challenge you duh, silly.” Leaf said as she tap his head with her finger.

“You beat the Elite Four?” Red said.

“Yeah, I blaze through them like they were nothing.” Leaf said happily.

“Well, if you find some megaberries, I can return to normal size and we can battle to see that I’m stronger than you” Red said

“Hey, look at whose hand you’re standing on now. I think it’s pretty clear who the stronger one between us. I can crush you in my hands without any effort” Leaf said.


“Yeah and get in trouble from your mom, my mom, and the Pokemon League Staff for murdering the champion” Red responded.

 “They wouldn’t know because I could easily say you just ran away and hide your body.You really think they would suspect you possibly shrink?” Leaf responded.

“...very funny…” Red said sarcastically.


“But really though, go find some megaberries and make me big again” Red said.

“I don’t know where they’re at” Leaf said.

‘Check the bushes behind the Pokemon League I don’t know just go find them”

“You need to relax. You think I would help you with that attitude?” Leaf replied.

“Relax?! How can I relax when I’m embarrassingly small? This is humiliating. I can’t become champion if I’m this size. How would I talk to the Pokemon League staff? They won’t be able to take me seriously!” Red shouted.

“Pokemon League this Pokemon League that. That’s all I’m hearing. Does your mind think about other things besides Pokemon battling?” Leaf replied.


“I’m Red, the greatest Pokemon master of all time. Why would I stop just because I’m small? What’s your name anyway?” Red ask.

“I’m Leaf.” Leaf says as she put one of her hands on her hips. “I also want to become the Pokemon League champion and become the strongest trainer of them all. Technically I am since I’m literally holding the champion in my hands right now.”

“You need to beat the champion to become champion” Red replied.

“I did beat him.” Leaf makes a fist “I beat him in size, power, speed, intelligence and literally holding him in my hands right now. Plus, I beat the Elite Four. Wouldn’t you say that qualifies as a “champion”?


“Would you just find the dang megaberries already?!” Red shouted obviously trying to change the conversation.

“I told you, I have no idea where they’re at.”

“And I told you that there probably some behind the Pokemon league!”

“What makes you say that?”

“I found the microberries behind there so maybe the biggerberries are there too?!”

“Megaberries” Leaf said trying to correct Red.

“Whatever. Just go find them befor-” Leaf interrupted Red by putting a finger on his lips.


“Shhhhhhh just relax. Come over here..”

Leaf said as she cuddle the tiny trainer on her left shoulder.

“What are you doin-” Red said.

“Shhhhhhhhhhh just hugging you.” Leaf said calmly.

She begin to do something that caught Red by surprise. She closed her eyes and rock right and left as if Red was a baby.

Red felt embarrassed. He was thankful the Pokemon League Staff or any other trainer won’t see him like this.


“How do you feel?” Leaf said to Red smiling.

“Humiliated” Red replied with his face turning red.

 “Oh come on...just be happy. No need to act tough. Just relax for once.” Leaf said trying to relax Red.

“I’m not trying to act tough..I’m..I’m just-” Red said getting interrupted by Leaf again.

“Shhhhhh………here” Leaf said comfortably.

Leaf then patted Red back with her fingers while rocking him back and forth gently.

“It’s okay to be small and tiny.” Leaf said in a calm tone.


“Leaf...what’re you…..” Red then froze and felt a feeling he never felt in awhile…..happy..


Then Red did something that caught Leaf by surprise. He just randomly burst into tears and started crying.

*Snifle* *Snifle* “Life is hard..” Red said while crying.

“Shhhhh Red, it’s okay….it’s okay...” Leaf said trying to comfort Red by gently patting his back.


They both did this for like 10 minutes until they heard a knock on the door.

*Knock Knock*

“That’s one of the Pokemon League Staff. *Snifle* “I can’t talk to them in this condition.”

“Don’t worry. Leave it to me.” Leaf said as she gently cupped Red in her hand and let him slide into her yellow bag.

“You’ll be safe in here. Just hang on tight.” Leaf said as she close her bag.

Red look around and see giant stuff all around him in this dark surrounding. Giant Pokeballs, giant lotion, and all that jazz.

“Wow...I’m really am small..” Red thought to himself.

Leaf also hid his backpack and Pokeballs under the carpet.


*Knock* *knock* *Knock*

Leaf walk in front of the door and took a deep breath before answering it.

*Sigh* “Okay, you can do this.” Leaf said to herself.

She opened the door and what was standing there was a woman who look like she’s in her 40s.


“Hello” Leaf said with a smile.

“...Where’s Champion Red?” the woman ask

“Oh I overpowered him and now I’m the champion” Leaf replied.

“..So he let you..become champion?”

“Yes he did” Leaf said with a smile.

“That kid...always so mysterious.” the staff member said shaking her head.


“Where is Champion Red if you don’t mind me asking?” the staff member ask.

“He said he wanted to go on a relaxing trip so that’s what he did” Leaf said.

“That kid...doing such activities without the staff knowing.”

“Alright, what is your name young lady?” the staff member ask.

“I’m Leaf, a Pokemon trainer trying to become the strongest trainer of them all” Leaf said with confidence.

“Seem like you just now accomplish that if I do say so myself” the staff member said smiling.

“You just beated Red who many said is probably the strongest trainer of the Pokemon world and you said you overpowered him? That’s something all right”

“I guess he was just too weak for me.” Leaf said.


Red heard all of this conversation while laying on the fabric inside Leaf bag. He couldn’t believe what Leaf was saying. He so wish he could return to normal size and prove he’s the better Pokemon trainer.


“Alright Leaf, guess we should change the sign to “Champion Leaf” since you beat Red and all” the staff member said.

“Maybe we should?” Leaf said.

“It’s getting late. You may go home if you wish” the staff member said.

“Alright, thanks.” Leaf said as she did just that. She went out of the Pokemon League with a tiny Red inside her bag that nobody knows except her.

“She beat Red? That’s what I’m talking about! Girl Power!” the woman thought while Leaf left.





Leaf went outside and open up her bag. Peeping down on her little trainer.


“I can’t believe you lie” Red said while looking up at Leaf.

Leaf cupped Red in her hands.

“I didn’t lie. It’s the truth. I am more overpower than you right? I mean, compare our sizes and since you’re in this state, somebody has to take over you as champion am I right?” Leaf replied.

“What about the part that I’m on a “relaxing trip”?”

“Just trust me. You’re going to feel like you’re on a relaxing trip soon.” Leaf said as she place Red onto on her bike.

“Wait, can you check those bushes over there for megaberries please?” Red said pointing behind the Pokemon League building.

“See, you’re slowly feeling relaxed..You said “please” Sure, I’ll look for megaberries for ya.” Leaf said as she walk behind the building.


Red was alone on top of Leaf’s bike. Sitting down with thoughts in his head. He didn’t know what to feel. On one hand, he want to grow back to normal so he continued with his life. On the other hand, he really enjoyed that hug Leaf gave him awhile back. It made him felt something he never really felt in a long time. He couldn’t really explained it.


As Red dozes off in the sunset for a couple minutes, Leaf came back with not really great news.


“Sorry, I couldn’t find them.” Leaf said.

“Hm?” was all Red could say after day dreaming for so long.

“Maybe tomorrow I’ll find the berries? In the meantime, let’s do something fun while the sun is still up.” Leaf said with smile.

“What would you consider “fun”?” Red said.

“Wanna ride my bike?”

“Are you kidding? The bike is 100 times my size.”

“No, I meant with me.”


“Here” Leaf said as she picked Red up and place him in her basket attach to the front of her bike. Leaf then got little cushions and place them under Red.

“Is that comfortable for you?” Leaf said.

“It’s okay I guess..” Red said.

Leaf then got on top of her bike and put her feet onto the pedal.

“Are you ready to ride?”

“I don’t know…” Red said nervously.

“Ready….get set….let’s ride!” Leaf said as she started pedaling.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Red shouted as he see the moving road view in front of him going really fast.

“If you’re scared, you can always face me instead.” Leaf said while pedaling.

Red did just that and turn around to face Leaf.

“How’s that?” Leaf ask.

“Better I guess..” Red responded.

“Hang on tight, we’re going into Victory Road!” Leaf shouted.

Red couldn’t do anything, but watch his point of view of the giant girl riding her bike.

He’s kinda amaze by the proportion of Leaf. Her size, power, and presence is just really outstanding. The fact she have enough power to move this bike that is 100 times his size really astounded him.


He could view the background as the scenery changed from greeny grass to a rocky cave. He could tell he was now in the shaded Victory Road.

He could feel wind breeze blowing at his face as he close his eyes and lay down on his little cushion. He opened his eyes facing upward to see Leaf concentrating on the road. He couldn’t believe this is what his life came to. Being tiny in a girl basket on a bike. He then slowly closed his eyes. He was indeed……...feeling relaxed.


Leaf look down at Red and smiled. He must have had a long day. She went back to concentrating on the road until she finally made it out of Victory Road. The moon was in the sky and stars started to shine.


After exiting the cave, she put her bike to a stop, got up, and went to check on Red. He was asleep.

“I’m glad he’s feeling relaxed.” Leaf thought to herself.

 She scooped him up in her hand, walk towards a tree, lay down next to the tree, and place him on her stomach..

“Goodnight” Leaf said to herself softly before closing her eyes.


As Leaf feel a tiny warmth person on her stomach, Red could feel Leaf slight breathing. It was…calming to him. He could feel her breathing. The fabric of Leaf clothing and her warm blooded body was very comforting to him.


The two just lay there for awhile….and awhile...and awhile...and awhile...and awhile.


“We get it! Can you please stop saying “awhile?!” Leaf said shouting at the narrator.


Okay geez whiz. Just needed some filler to make this story longer. I swear, these characters..

*Ahem* Anyway…




*The next morning*


Leaf woke up with her head on the tree.

*Yawn* ”Did I woke up first?”

She look down at Red who’s all curl up like a ball laying on her stomach.

“Wow..he sure is a heavy sleeper. He went asleep first and I still woke up first?” she thought to herself.

She scooped up the tiny trainer in her hands again and brought him in the basket again.

She got on her bike again and started pedaling again.

She pedal more softly this time to hopefully not wake Red up.

After moments of pedaling, she eventually made it to a Pokemon Center.

She put the bike into a stop and took a view a Red.

*Snoooooore* Red said snoring like a Snorlax.

“Wow..he’s still asleep after all that?” Leaf said to herself.


“He’s definitely a heavy sleeper” she said as she scooped him up again and cuddle him on her shoulder again.


She took a step inside the Pokemon Center while holding Red like a baby.

“Um hey Nurse, I’ll like breakfast please” Leaf said to Nurse Joy requesting breakfast.

“Sure thing. Um….what’s that you’re holding right there?” Joy ask pointing at the tiny Red.

“Ohhh that?….It’s just a tiny Red action figure” Leaf said.

“I thought it was Red since it look like him. For a second, I thought that was the real him. Haha” Joy said laughing.

“Yeah...anyway, can I request a room too?”

“Sure thing. Here’s keys to room number 4.” Joy said handing Leaf the door key.

“Breakfast would be ready in a little bit so just enjoy the room while you’re at it”

“Okie dokie” Leaf said smiling and fast walking to room number 4.


Leaf close the doors behind her and then place Red on the bed.

Red was starting to move a bit.

“Ooh, I think Red is about to wake up”


Red suddenly did wake up.

*yawn* “Where am I?” Red said as he got up adjusting his eyes.

“Was yesterday all a dream?” *yawn*

“Wait a second...where the heck am I?” Red said as he took a look around his surrounding. “Last thing I remember, Leaf was riding her bike.”

“Leaf? Leaf!” Red said shouting.

“Are you here?!LEAF!” Red said shouting and got no response.

“Did I got kidnapped and am now in a stranger’s house?” Red thought to himself.

Red suddenly felt the giant bed shaking.

“Ah! Leaf, please save me!” Red said closing his eyes and being paranoid.

Then suddenly a giant shadow tower over Red.

He slowly open his eyes and look up….WAY up…

“Roar!” scream the giant figure.

“AHHHHHH!” Red scream as he fainted.

“You silly little guy. It’s just me, Leaf”

Red got back up breathing heavily and see Leaf standing beside the bed, leaning towards him.

“It’s okay. You’re okay.” Leaf said calmly.

“Where *huff puff* where are we?” Red said still breathing between words.

“We’re at the Pokemon Center and I figure why not just give you a LITTLE scare?”

“Well, that wasn’t funny at all” Red said crossing his arms.

“Aww I’m sorry. Here let me make it up to you.” Leaf said as she held Red in her arms like a baby and stood to her full height.

Red blush really badly.

“Are you feeling okay?” Leaf said as she started to rock him back and forth.

“..........yes..” Red said quietly.

“What was that “Ah! Leaf, please save me!” all about?” Leaf said smiling.

“Nothing...I was in a panic.” Red said blushing really badly.

“Aww you wanted me to save you?” Leaf said in a teasing voice.

“...Shut uP….” Red said with a voice crack.


*knock knock* The door opened and out came Nurse Joy.

“You’re food is ready.” Joy said holding a tray with Pokeball shaped pancakes, a biscuit, and some hash browns on the side with an orange juice.

“Just put it over there” Leaf said pointing at a small table.

After Joy put the food on the table she said

“Enjoyed” as she left the door.


Leaf with Red still in her arms, went over and pick up the tray with one of her hands and came to the bed to sit down.


“Are you hungry Red?” she said.

“How am I supposed to eat that?” Red said.

“Like this” Leaf said as she grab a plastic fork and poke a piece of pancake and bring it over to Red.

“Open wide. Here comes the Aerodactyl…” Leaf said as Red open his mouth and ate a small bit of the pancake.

“Wow, it’s like you didn’t even took a bite out of this. Just shows how small you are.” Leaf said.

Red started chewing the really really small (at least to Leaf) bite and swallow it.

“Well, I don’t think most people have ever had a pancake that’s about the size of their entire head.” Red said.

“Thirsty?” Leaf said.

“Mm hm” Red said nodding.

Leaf grab the orange juice and bent the straw and face the drink in front of Red.

“Drink up” She said.

“Aren’t you worried about my germs being on the straw?” Red ask.

“Nah, you’re too tiny. I will hardly taste anything.”

“Okay…” Red said as he took a sip of orange juice.

“Ahh..” he said.

“Just tell me when you’re hungry or thirsty and I’ll be happy to serve.” Leaf said.


They did this for awhile...and awhile...until Red gotten full.


“Ahhhhhhhh..” Red said rubbing his belly laying on Leaf’s arm.


“You’re full already?” Leaf said.

“You only took three bites of pancakes and like four sip of orange juice.”

“In this size, it was enough.” Red said smiling.

“See? Being tiny isn’t so bad. At least normal size food becomes mountain of food” Leaf said.

“And we didn’t have to pay for both of us. You paid for one tray and it was enough for both of us” Red said.

“Exactly. All because you’re so tiny” Leaf said giving him a little tickle.

“Hahahaha” Red said laughing.


Leaf place Red on the window stand…thingy.


“You stay here while I finished up my breakfast.” Leaf said.

“Okay.” Red said.


Red just look down while Leaf was eating her breakfast.


He thought it would be creepy for a guy to be all alone in a girl’s room watching her eat so he just face his head down on the ground until she was done eating.


“Ready for our next activity?” Leaf said after finishing eating.

“What is it?” Red said.

“Let’s do something simple..” said Leaf.

“What do you mean by “simple?” ask Red

“Wanna take a stroll around town?” Leaf ask.

“Sure I guess?” Red said.

“Wanna ride on my hat?” Leaf ask.

“Sure” Red replied.


Leaf got up and guess what? Yup, scooped up Red in her hands again. She put him seated on her hat.


“Is it comfortable up there?” Leaf said.

“Whoa I never been this high up before” Red said.

“High? How is this high up?” Leaf said as she raise her right hand up to Red level.

“Well...it feels like I’m high” Red said looking at the sky.

“Hang on tight” Leaf said as she held her hat (probably so Red wouldn’t fall off) and then walked.

Red could feel every step Leaf takes. It truly felt like he was on a ride. Though, he wouldn’t have ever expected his ride to be a girl’s hat…

As he looked down, he could see Leaf legs moving.

“They’re so long…” was what his mind was thinking.


“Hey look over there” Leaf said pointing over to her right.

“Huh?” Red said as he glance over to see Butterfrees flying.

“Isn’t it a nice day out?” Leaf said with a smile.

“I guess it is..” Red said.


It was a perfect day indeed. It was sunny, but windy. The wind felt perfect while balance with the warmth sunlight made the feeling both cool and warm. It was a perfect weather. Red just wonder how many good days he missed while busy being lock up in the Pokemon League.


“Maybe Leaf was right? Maybe I do need to relaxed..” Red thought to himself.


“Do you need some shade Red?” Leaf said.

“I don’t know.” Red responded.

“Come here” Leaf said while picking up Red and placing him on her right shoulder.


Truth is. Red didn’t mind being on her hat, but he knew she was just looking after him. Besides, her shoulders isn’t a bad spot to ride either. At least he got to have a CLOSE UP view of Leaf face.


“Is that good?” Leaf said.

“Yeah it’s fine.” Red said cringing at himself.

“Fine?! It’s PERFECT you rude son of a-” Red thought to himself hating himself for acting like a heartless moron.


“Look over there” Leaf said pointing to her left.


They view a Lapras slowly diving into the water.


“That was a Lapras. Must be my lucky day.” Leaf said smiling.

“Yeah, those are rare…” Red said.


As “they” continued to walked, Red view Leaf expression. She looked very happy. He was happy too. He haven’t felt relaxed in a long time. Most of his days was staying in the Champion room all day long doing nothing else. After being outside with Leaf, he realized life shouldn’t feel samey and boring. It should just feel relaxed and fun. He finally felt energy in his body being used again and not just sitting in one room doing nothing.


After walking some more, the pair eventually made it to an ice cream stand.


“One chocolate ice cream please” Leaf said to the man in charge.

“Sure thing ma’am” the ice cream man said.

“Here you go ma’am” he said while giving Leaf the ice cream she requested.

“Thank you” Leaf said to the man as she walk away.

“No problem. Come again.”


“I’m surprised he didn’t see me” Red said.

“Maybe my hair block your body?” Leaf said.


“Want some?” she said putting the ice cream in front of Red.

“Sure” Red said as he lick some ice cream.


Of course the ice cream looked like it hasn’t even been touch from Leaf point of view. The two enjoyed their ice cream while sitting down on some benches with Red sitting on Leaf’s lap.

Eventually Leaf finished the ice cream (it would take a year for Red to finished it) and threw the cone in a nearby bin.

The two just relaxed for awhile with Leaf giving Red little tickles here and there and Red laying against Leaf’s stomach happy.


“You know...I really enjoyed spending time with you Red” Leaf said looking down at Red who’s in her lap.

“And I enjoyed spending time with you Leaf” Red said looking up blushing.

“I’m surprised you enjoyed it considering how you were acting earlier.” Leaf said.

“Well..” *shrugs* “I guess I was kinda scared at first…” Red said softly.

“Scared of what?” Leaf said.

“You know, you being big and all...”

“I’m not big. You’re just small. HUGE difference.”
“Yeah, you’re right..”

“I still can’t believe I have the legendary Red sitting in my lap right now.”

“Oh come on, I’m not legendary”

“Yes you are. You are known as one of the if not THE strongest trainer in the world”

“I don’t know about that…”

“Yes you are.”

“I do have to say....being tiny wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. At least it given me the chance to step out of my comfort zone and take risk. I should start taking more risks..”

“I agree actually. I agree…”


“You know, I think it’s time…” Leaf said.

“Time for what?...” Red responded.

“Time for you to return to your normal sized.” Leaf said.

“But we need the megaberries first” Red said.

“I have them, here.” Leaf said pulling a megaberry out of her bag.

“Wait, you have them all this time?” Red said.

“I found them when I checked behind the Pokemon League.” Leaf said.

“I KNEW they were behind there.” Red said.

“Are you ready to return to normal?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you had them?” Red said.

“Well…..I wanted to give you a little vacation before you return to normal sized.” Leaf said

“Vacation?” Red ask.
“This did feeled like a vacation didn’t it?” Leaf ask.

“It did a little...I guess..” Red said.

“Welp….now I think it’s time” Leaf said.

“Why now?” Red said.

“I just wanted to show you you don’t have to keep acting tough. It’s okay to be fragile sometimes. Besides, I think my fun time is over now.” Leaf said.

“To be honest…..I don’t mind being tiny. I..I wouldn’t mind being with you…..forever if you don’t mind.” Red said.
“Nah, you should return to normal sized. What about your Pokemon?” Leaf said.

“My Pokemon?” Red said.
“Yeah, they’re all sitting alone in that Champion room for almost 24 hours probably wondering where their master at? Don’t you think that’s important?” Leaf said.

“To be honest, I rarely let them out of their Pokeballs. Only for battling which I rarely do since nobody comes to the Pokemon League anymore.” Red said.
“Well, I think you should let them out more often.” Leaf said.

“Maybe you’re right….I want to become normal sized again if you don’t mind.” Red said.

“Sure thing. How many microberries did y-” Leaf said as she got interrupted.



She heard a voice calling her name from the distance...


“Who’s calling my name?” Leaf said wondering who said that.


It sounded like a female voice..



There’s the voice again.


Leaf scooped up Red in her hands and got up to look behind her to see a woman running towards her.


“Who is that person?”


It was the Pokemon League staff member. The same lady she met yesterday.


“Leaf! What the heck are you doing?!” the staff member yelled catching her breath.

“Doing what?” Leaf replied.

“You’re supposed to be at the Pokemon League!” the staff member said.

“Huh?” Leaf said.

“It’s in the contract!” the woman said.

“I never sign no contract.” Leaf said.

“This isn’t funny Leaf. I’m talking about the contract Red signed and since he gave this position to you, you have to still follow the directions.” the woman said.

“Nobody told me that” Leaf said.

“I thought you said Red let you become champion so I just assume he told you everything?” the woman said.

“Uhhhhh” Leaf said struggling to find what to say next.

“Hang on a second….is that...Rrreeeed?” the woman said looking at the little Red in Leaf hands..

“Uhhhhhh” Leaf said nervously knowing her secret is now out.

“You shrunk Red?! Are you out of your mind?!” the woman said.

“I didn’t shrank him. He was already shrunk when I challenged the Elite Four.” Leaf replied.

“You know...the first time I meet you, I thought you were a little sweetheart. Now though, you’re just being a pain in the as-”

“How about a Pokemon battle?” Leaf said interrupting her sentence.

“What Pokemon battle?” the woman said furiously.

“Let’s have a Pokemon battle to determine what happened next. If I win, Red gets out of the contract. If you win, the contract would still continued on. Deal?” Leaf ask.

“Ooo you don’t know what you’ve done….I’m a POKEMON LEAGUE STAFF for a reason you know? I’ve been battling for 30 years and have more experience than you.” the woman said.

“And I just beaten the Elite Four even though I’m young.” Leaf said.

“Very well, this will be a battle between youth and wise.” the woman said.


“Uhhh Leaf, are you sure this is a good idea?” Red said still in Leaf hands.

“Don’t worry Red. Now you’ll be able to see what a great Pokemon trainer I am” Leaf said to the little trainer in her hands.

“Enough you two! Let’s get this battle started!” the woman said.

“Wow...she sure is acting different today…” Red said.


Leaf then put Red on a bench.

“You can watch from here Red. Don’t worry, I guaranteed I’m going to win.” Leaf said softly.

Red look above at the towering Leaf and trust her. Hoping she would get him out this situation.


“Are you guys done kissing each other there or what?” the woman said a couple of feet away.

“Yes, I’m coming! Jeez, calm down.” Leaf said going to the battlefield.


 Red breathe in and out slowly. There’s nothing he could do but watch.


The two trainers got in their position with a team of six Pokemon ready to duke it out.


“Just so you know girl, back in school, I was known as the Pokequeen! I was called that for a reason you know?”

“Come out Gyarados!” the woman said revealing Gyarados as her first Pokemon.


“Come out Vaporeon.” Leaf said as she threw out her Pokeball revealing Vaporeon.

With two Water type Pokemon on the battlefield, this could be an interesting fight.


“Gyarados, use Thunder Wave!” the woman said.

Gyarados used Thunder Wave onto the Vaporeon. Vaporeon is now paralyze.


“Vaporeon, use Charm!” Leaf said.

Vaporeon use Charm on the Gyarados.


“Ha! What’s that gonna do? Gyarados, use Thunder!” The woman said.

Gyarados launch a powerful Thunder onto the Vaporeon.


“Really? Thunder? Thunder Wave? Since when was Gyarados an electric type?” Leaf said.

“I can’t have just physical moves on my Gyarados or else I could be in trouble.” the woman said.

“Whatever. Use Wish Vaporeon!” Leaf said.

Vaporeon look up at the sky and closes his eyes using Wish.


“I’ll tell what I wish! I wish your dang Vaporeon would be paralyze already! Gyarados, use another Thunder!” The woman said.

Gyarados unleashes another Thunder. Vaporeon taking the hit.


“Alright Vaporeon, use Shadow Ball” Leaf said.

Vaporeon was paralyzed and couldn’t move.


“Bingo! That’s what I’m talkin’ about baby!” said the woman excitedly.

“Gyarados, use Thunder!”

Gyarados uses Thunder on the Vaporeon and…..Vaporeon fainted…


“Vaporeon!” scream Leaf.


“Hahahahahahahaha! Ooo I can’t stop laughing. Hahahahah!” The woman said couldn’t control her laughter.


“Vaporeon return!” Leaf said as she placed him back into it Pokeball.


“Come out Vileplume!” Leaf said tossing her second Pokemon.


“Vileplume” Vileplume said.


“A grass type eh? I planned for this!” The woman said with a grin.

“Gyarados, use Ice Fang!”

The Gyarados uses a powerful Ice Fang onto the Vileplume and unfortunately…...Vileplume also fainted..


“Oh no, Vileplume return!” Leaf said returning her Vileplume into its Pokeball.


“HAhahahahaha! You gotta be kidding me right now. YOU’RE the girl who “overpowered Red”? Hahahahaha” the woman said laughing out loud again.


BUT SUDDENLY...Gyarados fell asleep.


“What the heck?” the woman said.


“Ah ha! My Vileplume has the Effect Spore ability and now your Gyarados has the sleep status condition from touching my Vileplume.” Leaf said.


“Come out Clefable!” Leaf said sending out her next Pokemon.


“Clefable” the Clefable said after landing.


“Come on Gyarados, wake up!!” The woman said trying to wake Gyarados up.


“Clefable, use Reflect!” Leaf said.

The Clefable set up Reflect.


“Make momma proud Gyarados!” the woman said STILL trying to wake gyarados up.


“Clefable use Calm Mind!” Leaf said.

Clefable touch it two hands together and closes it eyes using Calm Mind.


“Gyarados, wake up!” yelled the woman.


“Keep using Calm Mind Clefable!” Leaf said.


“Gyarados, WAKE UP!” yelled the woman.


“Keep using Calm Mind”




“Keep on using Calm Mind!”




“Keep spamming that Calm Mind”




“One last Calm Mind!”


After moments of yelling, Gyarados finally woke up.


“That’s my girl Gyarados. Now finish this Clefable off with an Ice Fang!” Said the woman.


Gyarados attack that Clefable with an Ice Fang, but it barely did anything (If you’re a smart hardcore Pokemon fan, you’ll know why)


“Clefable, use THUNDERBOLT!” Leaf shouted.


And with that, Gyarados got KO in one shot.


“Pfffbbbbtth that was my first Pokemon. You’re on your third Pokemon. Return Gyarados.”

Gyarados returned to its Pokeball.

“Let’s see you take on this girly! Come out my darling, Aerodactyl!” the woman said as an Aerodactyl came out of the Pokeball.


“Aerodactyl, use Rock Slide!” the woman said.

Unfortunately for her...the Rock Slide missed.

“Slap me in the face and call me sally, you gotta be kidding me!” the woman said.


“Clefable, use Moonblast.” Leaf said.

Clefable uses Moonblast and one shot the Aerodactyl.


“Oh darling.” said the woman in despair as she returned Aerodactyl to its pokeball

“You haven’t won this time. Come out Dragonite!” the woman said.

Out came Dragonite.


“DragoNITE” said the Dragonite.


“Dragonite, use Steel Wing!” shouted the woman.


Dragonite uses Steel Wing on the Clefable and it was super effective.

However, a shooting star then came and heal Clefable all the way back up.


“What in tarnation?!” shouted the woman in confused.


“Remember my Vaporeon used Wish awhile back? The wish came true.” Leaf said.


“Clefable, use another Moonblast!” shouted Leaf.


And of course, it kills the Dragonite in one hit.


“Alright, THAT IS IT! I’m done!” The woman said as she return the Dragonite and ran away furiously.


“Alright, we did it Clefable!” Leaf said with excitement. 

“Clefable” said the happy Pokemon who can only say its name.

“Returned!” Leaf said as she returned the Pokemon back to its ball obviously.


Red was in shocked Leaf actually won that. He was at first thought she was going to lose that battle. He forgot how fun Pokemon battles were. He was excited about returning to normal sized again. He watched as Leaf who was a distance away from him became bigger and bigger as she came closer to him.


“Well, what did you think?” Leaf said smiling looking down at Red.

“You did great! You have skills.” Red said looking up at Leaf.

“Let’s get you back to normal” Leaf said as she took a megaberry out of her bag and gave it to Red.

“How many microberries did you ate?” Leaf said.

“Only one.” Red responded.

“So eat up. This should return you to normal” Leaf said.

“Okay…..here goes nothing…” Red said as he started biting the megaberry.


Leaf stood back and watched as he grew and grew and GREW until he was GIANT SIZE! Nah, we can’t have a “GIANT” in a “GIANTESS” story. That’ll be ridiculous.

Anywho, Red returned back to his normal sized feeling fine. He was at eye level with Leaf.


“Wow...it feels weird seeing you my height after being small for so long…” Red said trying to get used to being big again.

“Hehe Great to have you back” Leaf said giving him a regular plain old hug.



“Soooo now what?” Leaf said.

“Now that I’m out of the contract, I think I’ll explore another region and start training my Pokemon again.” Red said,

“WAIT! Before you do that, I do believe I have a battle I need to complete after beating the Elite Four now hm?”

“Yeah, let’s battle away then” Red said.

“Alright!” Leaf said.


Welp, that’s the end of this story. Red and Leaf continued their long awaited battle and who won? That’s up to you….

Now’s that the story over...maybe it’s time to focus on other lives? Maybe a boy in a gold hat with a girl in red and blue at Johto?

Depends if the creator has motivation or not.

Anywho, that’s the end of this story.

So long I guess?

...this is awkward..

How do you end stories? I guess I’ll just end it here.