Lights! Camera! Shrink! Hide! Seek! Action!

(Cubed Cinder)

As the two Pikachu, with one of them sporting a heart-shaped tail, walked into the sunset and held hands, the words THE END suddenly shot up in the sky, and the credits rolled. Applause naturally came next, and the movie screen eventually shut off with Professor Kukui walking in front of it and looking out at his students, which as always comprised of Ash Ketchum, Mallow, Lillie, Lana, Sophocles, Kiawe, and some of their Pokémon.
"Awww… I just love romantic Pokémon movies! I just knew those Pikachu were meant for each other!" Mallow shouted.
"The way they held hands and wrapped tails and made all that electricity... Ahhhhhh… I wish I could have a love life like that." Lillie said.
"I'm glad you all liked that film. It's just one more example of Pokémon helping make movies even better. Can anyone remember a film they watched starring Pokémon?" Kukui said.
"I remember this one named Moby Wailord, which was about a man who fought against a giant Wailord almost his entire life. It was quite a Shakespearian tale that I've seen like a billion times now." Lana said.
"Oh! Oh! Oh! I got one! I forgot the title but it had a Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Hitmontop all wearing sunglasses at all times, and any time something would be shot towards them, the film would go in ultra slow motion and show the Pokémon dodging the fireballs! It was soooooo cool!" Sophocles said.
"Wow! That sounds so awesome! Rotom Dex, you wouldn't happen to know the title of that movie, would you?" Ash asked.
"Beep beep beep… Sorry, Ash, my database does not include any information on movies. I specialize in gathering data on Pokémon!" Rotom Dex said.
"You know, what I like is all the special effects you see in these movies, like this one about a runaway Magmar causing forest fires. The fires looked so real, and yet I was amazed to see it was all done with computer graphics." Kiawe said.
"Haha! I bet Sophocles would have a field day with something like that!" Mallow joked, prompting a laugh from everyone in the room.
Professor Kukui then smiled and nodded his head.
"Wouldn't it be great if we could truly go behind the scenes and see how the magic all happens?" Kukui asked.
"Yes!" all the students shouted. Then, stepping into the classroom magically on cue, was Kukui's wife, Professor Burnet.
"We can, everyone!" Burnet said.
"Oh! Professor Burnet!" Ash shouted.
"Thanks to Aether Paradise, we're going to be taking a field trip to Virbank City in the Unova region, one of the epicenters of film making!" Burnet said.
"Oh? Aether Paradise? I should've guessed Mom would foot the bill." Lillie said.
"Ash, I believe you've been to the Unova region in the past." Kukui said.
"Haha! You bet! It feels like it's been a while, but I do remember Virbank City!" Ash said.
"Wow! That's awesome! I can't wait to see how some of our favorite movies were made!" Mallow said.
"I'm glad you're excited, Mallow, but unfortunately you'll have to wait… because our flight isn't until tomorrow morning!" Kukui said.
"Awwww." all the students said.
"So make sure you wake up nice and early tomorrow and meet us at the airport!" Kukui said.
"No problem, professor!" all the students shouted. Kukui and Burnet smiled, happy to see the students so enthusiastic about another trip to a faraway region.
The next day, at the airport, everyone gathered one by one outside the designated gate. Almost everyone, as there was one more person missing.
"Huh? Where's Lillie?" Ash asked.
"I called her this morning, she said she was on her way." Kukui said.
"She's cutting it close, though. Our flight leaves in 5 minutes!" Kiawe said.
"Hey everyone! Sorry I'm late!" Lillie's voice shouted in the distance. Everyone looked to see her turning the corner and approach them. She looked a little different, having dressed herself in her alternate athletic appearance. Lillie wore a short, white, pleated miniskirt with a blue line; a white hoodie; a pink backpack; white socks; and tennis shoes. She also changed her hairstyle to a large ponytail.
"Lillie! Where have you been?" Lana asked.
"I'm sorry. It's just that Hobbes said it's warm in Virbank City at this time of year and he insisted I go like this." Lillie said.
"That's no surprise. Hobbes really looks out for you, doesn't he, Lillie?" Ash said, prompting a nod and smile from Lillie.
"Alright, we're all here now! Let's board our flight!" Burnet said as she and the others all got onboard the plane, which would soon take off for the Unova region.
A few hours later, after the plane landed in Castelia City, the group took a boat to arrive in beautiful Virbank City. Even before our heroes got off the boat, they were surprised to see so much activity going on in the city.
"Wow! Virbank City sure looks busy!" Mallow said.
"That should be no surprise. It is one of the entertainment capitals of the world!" Kukui said. Rotom Dex was already taking snapshots of all the Pokémon that were walking around, especially those unique to the Unova region.
"Wow! Look at all these Pokémon rare or unseen in Alola! This will fill my data banks big time!" Rotom Dex said.
"Come on, everyone! We better check in at the Pokémon Center, especially so our Pokémon can recover from that long flight." Kukui said.
"Especially Snowy, though at least she didn't get airsick this time!" Lillie said.
"Vul!" Snowy commented from Lillie's arms.
The group eventually made their way inside the Pokémon Center where, one by one, everyone had their Pokémon healed and they booked a room to stay for the night if necessary.
"Thank you! Your Pokémon are fully healed!" Nurse Joy said.
"Wow! There's even a Nurse Joy in Unova!?" Sophocles asked.
"Er… yes. I take it none of you are from around here?" Joy said.
"We're visiting from the Alola region!" Ash shouted.
"Oh, Alola!? I have some sisters and cousins there as well." Joy said.
"Haha, of course! Is there any region where there's NOT a Nurse Joy around?" Mallow asked.
"Well, funny you should ask. I don't think…" Joy said.
However, she was soon interrupted by the loud sound of an electric guitar riff on the second floor. Everyone looked up to see a girl sporting white hair and clothing mixed in colors of aqua blue and purple.
"Thank you! Rock on, ladies and gents!!!" the girl shouted.
"Whoa! Who is that!?" Burnet asked.
"Heh… that's Roxie, the gym leader of this city and part of the band, Koffing and the Toxics." Joy said.
"Oh, I remember her! I challenged her and won a badge!" Ash said.
The group watched as Roxie came sliding down the stairs and she approached the front desk.
"Yo, Nurse Joy. Thanks for letting me chill while they cleared out the stinkfest in the gym." Roxie said.
"Heh heh, it's no problem. I've actually heard some people like waking up to the sound of your riffs." Joy said.
"Well then, I'm glad to hear that! Wait… do you mean the ones I just now played or the ones on the radio?" Roxie said.
"Hey, Roxie!" Ash said as he suddenly ran up towards Roxie.
"Oh! You're Ash Ketchum, right?" Roxie asked.
"Sure am! It's good to see you again!" Ash shouted.
"Ditto! Wow… you sure have a lot of friends, all of a sudden! Iris and Cilan weren't enough for you?" Roxie said.
"Er… um… no! It's just…!" Ash said as his face blushed a bright red.
"Actually, we're part of the Pokémon School in Alola. I'm Professor Kukui. This is my wife, Professor Burnet, and these are my students… Ash, Mallow, Lillie, Lana, Kiawe, and Sophocles. Roxie let out a whistle.
"*whistles* Alola? Talk about a looooooooong road trip, though I've gone on a couple tours myself. So what brings you all the way to good ol' Virbank?" Roxie asked.
"We're here as part of a field trip to learn what brings Pokémon and movie making together!" Mallow shouted.
"Heh, I see. I was never really into movies. Music's always been my passion. My father thinks I'm wasting my talent by belting out words and guitar riffs at 100 decibels." Roxie said.
While the students of the Pokémon School all traded looks with each other, they then noticed Roxie smile.
"But… I can get you all into PokéStar Studios. I still have connections there!" Roxie said.
"Oh, would you do that, Roxie? Thank you so much!" Kukui said.
"Heh, it's no sweat, and certainly no poison gas, either!" Roxie said.
"PokéStar Studios? Is that the big studio we hear so much about?" Lana asked.
"You betcha, but why stand around here any longer? You guys want to see it, right?" Roxie said.
"Yes!" everyone shouted.
"Alright then! Let's rock! And ride!!!" Roxie said as she went into a heroic type pose before clearing her throat and walked out of the Pokémon Center with everyone following from behind.
A few minutes later, thanks indeed to Roxie, everyone was on the grounds of PokéStar Studios. Already the group looked at a series of giant posters comprising of previously filmed movies, which elicited a mix of reactions.
"Ooooh! Brycen-Man! I forgot how action packed that series was!" Kiawe shouted.
"WOW! Detective Laki: The Movie is coming soon!? Where do I preorder my ticket!?" Rotom Dex said.
"Queen Bellelba's Revenge? Oh my, she looks mean!" Lillie shouted.
"There's Moby Wailord! It's my all time favorite…" Lana said.
"The Giant Office Woman? What kind of science fiction is that!?" Burnet asked.
"Oooooh… I remember the Red Fog of Terror. So scary!" Sophocles said.
"Hey, Pikachu! Remember Timegate Traveler 3?" Ash asked.
"Pika Pika!" Pikachu commented.
"Wow… it looks amazing, Roxie!" Mallow said.
"Heh, didn't I tell you? Just wait until you see an actual movie set. Let's see what's inside this stage… Just remember, everyone. BE QUIET or they'll throw us all out!" Roxie said as she led the group towards one of the sound stages.
When the group went inside, they briefly had to cover themselves from the blast of air conditioning that went through the area. Then they focused center stage where they saw something being filmed.
"Oh? What are they filming here?" Lillie whispered as she and the rest looked through the crowd of people, where they saw a miniature city and two figures towering over it. One was a Groudon, though it clearly was not a real Groudon and just a guy inside a suit. The other 'towering' figure was a real person though. Part of her face was covered by a helmet, though the rest of the group knew it was a woman judging by her long green hair as well as the feminine voice. Nobody would know it just yet, but this woman was actually Sabrina, a girl best known for being the Saffron City gym leader in Kanto.
"Giant rampaging Groudon! I am the Ultimate Trainer, and in the name of people and Pokémon everywhere, I won't let you destroy this city!" Sabrina shouted.
"Rooooooooooar!" the man inside the Groudon suit shouted as the eyes blinked red rapidly. Sabrina dove out of the way, not caring that several buildings were being destroyed beneath her legs. Flames suddenly sprouted all of a sudden from where Sabrina was standing. She then looked down at a small laser gun prop with a Poké Ball taped to the top.
"Trap Laser! Full power!" Sabrina shouted as a toy-like laser fire sound came from the gun.
"Oooooooooh…" the man inside the Groudon suit said as he clutched the creature's chest, wobbled around, and then fell on his back. Sabrina quickly walked up to the Groudon and put a boot on its chest.
"Once again, justice has been served by the Ultimate Trainer. And just in time too before my growing power wore out…" Sabrina said.
"And CUT! Alright, let's get those flames out!" a man shouted from off set. Many people from off set scrambled around, with a few shooting the flames with fire extinguishers. Sabrina, meanwhile, helped the 'Groudon' up, who was taking the head off to reveal a male face.
"Nice work, though you could've fallen down faster." Sabrina said.
"Sorry. I'll do better in the next take." the man said. Sabrina patted the man on the shoulder and walked off the tiny city set, right into the face of the director.
"Sabrina, you were great! As always, of course." the director said. Sabrina then looked over the director's shoulder and saw Roxie along with the visitors from Alola.
"Thank you. Maybe it helped that we had a small audience." Sabrina said. The director turned around and saw the same group and threw his arms up.
"Roxie, how many times do I have to remind you of the studio tour hours!?" the director said.
"Hey, come on! I kept them so quiet, you could hear a pin drop!" Roxie said.
"Sigh… you're right." the director said as he walked away to talk with another group of people. As for Sabrina herself, she walked towards Roxie and the tour group.
"I should've guessed you'd bring some faces here to see my work." Sabrina said.
"Hey, come on! You're like THE rising star here at PokéStar Studios! Well, aside from those two kids, Nate and Rosa." Roxie said. Sabrina then removed the helmet she was wearing for the shoot, allowing everyone to see her face. Ash gasped as he immediately recognized Sabrina, moving up to the front of the group.
"Hey, Sabrina!" Ash shouted.
"Ash!? Oh my! Ash Ketchum, it's been so long!" Sabrina said as she walked up to Ash and the two hugged.
"Huh? Don't tell us you know her too, Ash!" Mallow said.
"Sure do! This is Sabrina! She's the gym leader of Saffron City in Kanto! What are you doing here in Unova, Sabrina?" Ash asked.
"Well, part time gym leader now, as I've been pursuing an acting career recently. I mean, it gets boring after a while waiting in the gym for someone to challenge. My father stands in while I'm away." Sabrina said.
"Sabrina, I'd like you to meet my friends from the Pokémon School in Alola!" Ash said, with everyone introducing themselves one by one to Sabrina.
"Nice to meet you all." Sabrina said.
Suddenly, everyone heard a loud beeping noise, and they tracked the noise to Roxie.
"Whoops! Look at the time! I need to check back at my gym and see if the poison gas has been cleared. Dang, I sure hope it has! I need to practice my jams! Catch ya'll later!" Roxie said.
"Bye, Roxie!" everyone said as Roxie ran off the set and away from the group. Everyone refocused their sights on Sabrina.
"Sabrina, can you tell us what that monster battle was about?" Mallow asked.
"Oh, just some silly TV series I'm working on for the kids. It's about Pokémon who have grown big due to radiation. It's rampaging around the city until a woman trainer gets the same radiation and becomes the Ultimate Trainer." Sabrina said.
"That sounds so cool!" Ash, Sophocles, and Kiawe all suddenly shouted with gleaming looks in their eyes.
"Heh… why am I not surprised?" Mallow said as she, Lillie, and Lana all had sweatdrops coming out of their head.
"Oh well. Everybody has their tastes when it comes to movies." Kukui said.
"Still, it's impressive that the city looks so real on the big or small screen, and yet looks like this in real life." Burnet said.
"Heh, I know. Hey, I've got about an hour of free time to spare, why don't I finish the tour Roxie started to give you?" Sabrina asked.
"We'd like that, Sabrina!" Kukui said.
Over the next 30 minutes, Sabrina (still in part of her 'Ultimate Trainer' outfit) took everyone around the rest of PokéStar Studios. Obviously everyone was in awe over some of the other parts of the studios. As the group approached the soundstage they previously emerged from, Ash took another look at the model city in the distance.
"Man, I can't wait to see you shoot some more scenes over that city! The Ultimate Trainer sounds like it will be an action packed show!" Ash shouted.
"I'm actually curious what it feels like to walk around a model city like that, feeling like you're hundreds of feet tall." Burnet said. Sabrina then smiled.
"You know what? Why don't some of you experience it for yourself?" Sabrina said.
"Huh?" they all said.
"Follow me. We have another city waiting backstage." Sabrina said as she guided everyone to the back of the massive sound stage.
Once they made it back there, everyone ooooohed and aaaaaahed as they saw another model city resting on the floor. Obviously it was in perfect condition compared to the one from earlier when it got destroyed by Sabrina and the costumed Groudon.
"Wow… look how small those buildings are, Steenee!" Mallow said as she approached the outer edge of the model city.
"Steeneeeeeee!" Steenee said as she jumped up and down happily.
"Heh, it kinda reminds me of Castelia City!" Ash said.
"Hey, I've got an even better idea. Ladies, could you close your eyes and ears for a moment?" Sabrina asked.
"Ooooookay." Mallow said as she and the other girls, including Professor Burnet, all covered their ears while closing their eyes.
"Huh? What about us?" Kiawe said. He and the other guys, including Professor Kukui, then watched as Sabrina held a hand out towards them and it glowed brightly, along with her eyes.
"Uhhh… Sabrina, what's going on?" Sophocles said.
"Oh no… I know that look, Pikachu!" Ash said.
"Pika…!" Pikachu said as its pointed ears dropped down. He and Ash knew what was coming next.
"Time to play, boys." Sabrina said. Soon the guys had to cover their eyes from the ensuing bright light.
When they could finally open their eyes, things looked radically different. The floor was much closer than before and the ceiling seemed much farther away.
"Huh? What happened? Where are we?" Sophocles asked.
"Ash! I am detecting a 95% reduction of our mass!" Rotom Dex said as he flew around frantically.
"Huh? Reduction of mass? 95 percent!? What does that mean?" Kiawe asked.
"It means…" Kukui started to say, but he was interrupted by soft booming sounds that were getting louder and louder. It also made everyone uneasy when they saw a giant shadow cut off the shining spotlights from above. Finally, everyone looked up and saw Sabrina towering above.
"Whew… glad I still got it. I haven't used that spell in seemingly forever." Sabrina said.
"Waaaaaaah! Sabrina's a giantess!" Sophocles shouted.
"Er, actually, she shrunk us, Sophocles. It's kinda one of her psychic powers." Ash said.
"Glad you still remembered, Ash." Sabrina said with a smile.
"How could I forget!? Your doll counterpart almost flattened me with a ball!" Ash squeaked.
"Yeah, she was quite cruel and nasty, but anyway…" Sabrina said as she concentrated. Ash, Sophocles, Kiawe, Kukui, Rotom Dex, and the Pokémon of the students were all somewhere between 1-2 inches tall and surrounded in a blue glow. They found themselves being lifted up in the air and then suddenly dropped into the palm of one of Sabrina's hands.
"Sabrina… why are you doing this?" Kukui asked.
"It's all part of the 'movie.' Someone has to play the people running around in fear of getting crushed while the giant women go strolling around." Sabrina said.
"And that someone is us, right?" Kiawe asked.
"You catch on real fast, young man. I'm impressed!" Sabrina said as she winked one of her gigantic eyes down at him.
"Waaaaaah! I hate being teeny tiny!" Sophocles said as he tightly clutched his Pokémon companion, Togedemaru.
"Toge!" the Roly-Poly Pokémon said.
"But, Sabrina, what if they really do step on us!?" Ash shouted.
"You have good friends, right, Ash?" Sabrina asked.
"Well, yes." Ash said.
"Then trust them. And even then, don't worry, I'll be off set playing director, so to speak." Sabrina said. Professor Kukui then placed his arms on the shoulders of his three male students.
"Come on, everyone. Let's play along. Maybe it will be fun… like jump roping in the courtyard!" Kukui said.
"Whatever you say, professor!" Ash said.
"Pika pika!" Pikachu said.
"Alright, hold still everyone. I'm going to teleport you to different sections of the city." Sabrina said. Her eyes glowed blue and everyone except for Rotom Dex disappeared in the blink of an eye. Rotom Dex was the only one left behind to float around.
"Hey, what about me!?" Rotom Dex asked as he flew inches away from Sabrina's right eye. He had to back up a bit to avoid being batted by Sabrina's incoming eyelashes during one of her blinks.
"You can be the dynamic camera. I'm sure the final cut of this 'movie' will be a big hit on Alola. Er… no pun intended." Sabrina said as she walked towards the ladies who were still unaware of what was going on.
"Aye aye, director!" Rotom Dex said as he happily accepted his duty despite being tiny himself.
Sabrina tapped on the shoulders of the ladies (Lillie, Mallow, Lana, and Burnet) one by one.
"Okay, you can look now!" Sabrina shouted. The ladies opened their eyes and uncovered their ears.
"Huh? Where did the boys and Professor Kukui go?" Mallow asked.
"They're in the city." Sabrina said.
"Huh? I don't see them." Lillie said.
"No really, they're in the city. They playing a few of the tiny people trying to avoid getting stepped on by the four of you." Sabrina said.
"Huh? The four… wait, we're playing the evil giantesses?" Burnet asked.
"Well, not necessarily evil. Please, do whatever you want with the city. Destroy it, be gentle, focus on finding your friends. Just remember it's only a model city. You're not actually killing anyone!" Sabrina said.
"That's very true! Wow… wouldn't it be cool to be like a giant monster, Steenee, and just rampage around?" Mallow asked.
"Stee!" Steenee shouted in happiness.
"Haha! I can see it now… the giant Popplio that rose from the lagoon!" Lana said.
"Pop pop pop!" Popplio said.
"Oh, I just hope everyone doesn't get scared of seeing us so big…" Lillie said.
"Nah, don't worry about that, Lillie. I bet Kukui's gonna have a field day when I find him." Burnet said.
"So what are we waiting for!? Let's go!" Mallow said as she ran towards the model city. Lana, Lillie, and Burnet all ran towards different starting points outside the model city.
"Now then… to make things more realistic…" Sabrina said as she snapped her fingers and a little spark came out. It flew towards a nearby set of speakers, which suddenly let out the sounds of people screaming for their lives.
"And… action! I always wanted to say that." Sabrina boldly shouted.
We first turn our attention to Kiawe, who walked around admiring how real the model city looked.
"Heh… you gotta admit, Turtonator, the city looks very well built." Kiawe said.
"Turt!" Turtonator said. Just then, the two felt the ground thump every couple of seconds with booming sounds in the distance. They peeked their heads around the building they were standing against and gasped when they saw Mallow and Steenee both easily towering over the city.
"Eeeeep! Why didn't Sabrina shrink those two with us!?" Kiawe shouted.
"Hahaha! Fee fi fo fum! I smell the blood of itty bitty Alolans!" Mallow shouted with her hands on her hips.
"Steeeeeeeeeenee!" Steenee shouted as she tried to let out a Godzilla-type roar. Mallow just laughed and patted her Pokémon on the head.
"Heh heh! Nice try, Steenee. But let's let our feet do the talking! Like this!" Mallow shouted as she raised one of her legs high and slammed her shoe down, crushing a few model buildings underneath.
"Yikes! She means business! We should probably lay low until they tire out, Turtonator." Kiawe said. Turtonator nodded and the two crept away from where they were hiding, keeping a close watch on Mallow and Steenee overhead at all times.
Mallow and Steenee were happily rampaging around the model city with great pride, though Mallow was also mindful of those that Sabrina had shrunken.
"Ash? Sophocles? Kiawe? Professor Kukui? Where are yooooooou?" Mallow asked.
"Stee! Stee! Steenee!!!" Steenee shouted as she profoundly stepped on one building after another, sometimes kicking a structure off its foundation.
"Wow, Steenee! You're really liking this whole giantess thing, aren't you? Well, me too!" Mallow said as she crushed another set of buildings under one of her shoes. She couldn't help but lift it up and look underneath to see the many fragments underneath.
"Heh, at least I'm not leaving too gory a mess behind!" Mallow said. She then saw another group of buildings and kneeled down and looked down every street she could see.
"Hmmm… nobody here. So there's only one thing to do!" Mallow said as she stood back up and turned around.
"Timber!!!" Mallow said as she fell flat on her behind, flattening everything underneath it. She got up and surveyed the damage she caused.
"Haha! I crushed that block flatter than an Alolan pancake! Mmmmm… now it's gotten me hungry." Mallow said.
It got her wondering right then and there. Could she possibly eat the model buildings? She remembered hearing rumors during Sabrina's tour that in some movies they were made out of candy so they would smush easier or something of that nature. There was no better time than now to test that theory as she kneeled down and picked up one of the buildings. She clamped down on it with her teeth after sticking it inside her mouth… and immediately could feel the hard plastic resisting.
"Ptooey! So much for that theory!" Mallow shouted as she spat the building out of her mouth.
Kiawe had to do a double take when one of the toy buildings suddenly came flying overhead, covered from top to bottom in saliva. That's when he looked to his left and saw the giant Mallow a few yards away.
"Mallow! Down here, Mallow!!! Eeeeep!" Kiawe said. He and Turtonator, however, had to duck when Mallow took a big step overhead, with the back of one of her shoes just inches away from crushing him.
"Ugh… we're never going to get anywhere down here." Kiawe said. But just then, a light bulb went off inside his head.
"Hey, wait a sec! Turtonator, return!" Kiawe said as he pulled out one of his Poké Balls and returned Turtonator inside it. He then swapped it for another Poké Ball.
"Charizard, come out!" Kiawe shouted. After throwing the Poké Ball in the air, Charizard came out and roared. Kiawe wasted no time in hopping on the Pokémon's back.
"Let's go, Charizard! Fly circles around Mallow's head!" Kiawe said. Charizard took to the air and flew up close to Mallow's gigantic body. It took over a minute because of their miniscule size, but Kiawe and Charizard flew around her hair and eventually in front of Mallow's eyes. At first, Mallow didn't recognize the duo, thinking it was a firefly instead as she took a couple of swats and misses.
"Ugh! Shoo, fly! I'm busy destroying a fake city and finding my friends." Mallow said.
"Mallow! Mallow!" Kiawe repeatedly shouted. He and Charizard flew closer and closer towards one of Mallow's eyes.
This finally got Mallow's attention as she blinked a couple times and finally saw Kiawe.
"Kiawe!" Mallow shouted. The tiny trainer immediately covered his ears.
"Yeouch! Not so loud, Mallow!" Kiawe said.
"Oops… sorry!" Mallow said as she held a hand out and allowed the two to rest in her palm.
"Are you two alright? I didn't endanger you during my little stomping spree, did I?" Mallow said.
"N-n-n-no! Of course not!" Kiawe said.
"Heehee… I couldn't help it. There's just something about knocking down buildings that I enjoy for some reason. Maybe it was from when I was a baby and knocking down building blocks like that!" Mallow said.
"You don't say." Kiawe said.
"Anyway, I'll put you two somewhere safe for the time being." Mallow said as she opened up her upper shirt pocket and effortlessly dropped Kiawe and Charizard inside.
"Haha! You two can get a Rowlet's eye view of my continuing destructo-spree! Hey, Steenee!" Mallow said as she got walking again, with Kiawe and Charizard sticking their heads out of the pocket. Steenee eventually arrived, standing inches away from Mallow's legs.
"I found Kiawe and Charizard! Now we just gotta find the others! And have evil giantesses destroying the city type fun while doing it!" Mallow shouted.
"Steeeeeeee!" Steenee shouted as the two got back to rampaging around the block.
She actually didn't have to worry about that, as the next closest shrunken hero, Sophocles, was several yards away. Still, because of her 'giant size,' she wasn't hard to miss.
"Whoa… Mallow and Steenee sure are big, aren't they, Togedemaru? According to my calculations given our size, the size of the buildings, and comparing everything with her height, Mallow is the equivalent of…" Sophocles said. Before he could give the answer, however, Togedemaru suddenly went berserk and jumped up and down, pointing its miniscule arms behind its master.
"Huh? What is it? Whooooooa!!!" Sophocles said. He and Togedemaru were looking at a gigantic Lana and Popplio several feet away.
"They're too close! They're too dang close! Let's get out of here!!!" Sophocles said as he and his Pokémon took off running.
Lana and Popplio, meanwhile, admired the sight of many tiny buildings in front of them.
"Wow… look how small the city is, Popplio! Just the bottom of my sandal is half the size of some of these buildings!" Lana said as she took note of the smallest buildings in the immediate area next to her footwear.
"Popplio!!!" Popplio said as it clapped its hands together like a seal.
"Oh? Are you saying you like being this big? Yeah, like I said before, it'd make a great black and white monster movie. Though… now that I think about it… I could probably catch a hundred Wailord with my hands if I were this big for real!" Lana said. Popplio giggled.
"Yeah, that'd be funny, wouldn't it? Come on, Popplio, let's see if we can find someone." Lana said as she and her Pokémon casually strolled around the model city.
Like with Mallow, it made Lana feel good as she felt several buildings crunch underneath her sandals. She also imagined, thanks to the background noise provided by Sabrina, several people running away in fear from those giant sandals as well as her giant feet. It actually made her skin tingle.
"Ooooooh… this is such a power rush even though it's not real." Lana said. She was becoming so entranced, she started to drag her sandals on the ground, and that would eventually prove to be costly. One of Lana's sandals eventually tried to dig into the solid ground, and this caused the blue-haired water Pokémon trainer to lose her balance.
"Whoawhoawhoawhoa!!!" Lana said as she flailed her arms around trying to maintain her balance, but it eventually wasn't enough and she tumbled forward, landing face first onto a group of buildings.
"Ugh… that was rather embarrassing. Luckily there are no real tiny people to witness that. Then again, they'd be crushed flat underneath… *gasp*" Lana said, only to gasp when she realized she could've crushed any of the guys that Sabrina had shrunken earlier. She got up and quickly scanned the area.
"I hope I didn't crush Ash or the others." Lana said.
"Pop Popplio!" Popplio said.
"You're right, Popplio. They're smart and courageous. They should be fine. We should just think about the city beneath us and how we'll have fun over it." Lana said with a smile as she brushed some of the loose buildings off her clothes.
As she stood back to her full height, she then got an idea after looking at Popplio and seeing it trying to balance a model building on its nose.
"Hey, Popplio! See how many buildings you can trap in one of your bubbles!" Lana said.
"Popplio! Popppppp!!!" Popplio said as it formed a water bubble from its nose. Lana smiled as she watched the bubble grow bigger and bigger. Finally, Popplio lowered the bubble down and trapped almost a whole block worth of buildings inside. What made things even better was when Lana watched all these buildings get ripped off their foundations when Popplio lifted the bubble up.
"Great skill, Popplio!" Lana said as she clapped her hands. Soon, Popplio released its nose hold on the bubble and allowed it to float in the air.
"Wow… look at the bubble floating with all those buildings inside. Oh!" Lana said as she suddenly watched the bubble pop in mid air and model buildings rained down, over half of them hitting Lana on her head of blue hair.
"Ooooof! Just like when my little sisters sometimes throw their toys on my head!" Lana shouted.
The 'giantess' continued to walk around the city, still with none of her shrunken friends (and teacher) in sight.
"Any sign of anyone, Popplio?" Lana said, only to see her Pokémon shaking her head.
"Hmmm… there's gotta be a faster way of finding someone without stomping all these buildings flat… not that I'm not having any fun of course! Let's see… think, Lana… what would a Lapras do in a situation like this?" Lana said. Popplio snuggled itself against Lana's pants to think itself, but seconds later, Lana snapped her fingers and came up with something.
"I know! Popplio! Use a sprinkling of Water Gun on the streets around me. We'll flush someone out!" Lana said.
"Popplio!" Popplio shouted.
"But remember, just a sprinkle. At our size, we'd cause a great flood and destroy everything!" Lana said. Popplio then shot a very minimally powered Water Gun. At the 'size' the two were at, the streets were still getting ravaged with water which Lana watched spread all around the block.
"Water sure can be a very powerful thing." Lana said as she watched a toy car getting swept away between her sandals.
But there was another thing getting swept towards her… something much more important. She could hear the cries of Sophocles and Togedemaru, looking ahead a bit and watching them trying to fight the current.
"Waaaaaah! I knew I should've learned how to swim better sooner than later!" Sophocles said. He and Togedemaru went sailing with the water until finally they felt themselves bump against something.
"Whew… safe at last. Yikes!!!" Sophocles said, only to look up and see Lana towering over him. He quickly realized the wall that was keeping him from getting swept by the water was one of Lana's sandals.
"Oh! Hey there, Sophocles!" Lana said as she reached down and picked up the boy and his Pokémon. Sophocles gulped nervously as he looked straight at Lana's gigantic face.
"Er… hey, Lana! I'm kinda glad it was you who found me." Sophocles said.
"Oh? Why is that? And why are you so nervous?" Lana asked.
"Well… um… gulp… waaaaaaah! It's because I felt short enough before all this!" Sophocles said.
"Awwww… it's okay. I'll make you feel better." Lana said. She started to move the hand that was holding the two towards her chest. However, Sophocles and Togedemaru were both taken aback by the sudden move and found themselves rolling off the hand.
"Waaaaaaaah!!!" Sophocles screamed as he fell and fell. He suddenly found himself falling right into Lana's pants, and the 'giantess' knew it too as she felt the two sliding down her leg.
"HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Lana said as she clutched the top of her leg and tried to resist the tickling while Sophocles and Togedemaru slid down her leg. They eventually could be seen again landing on top of her left foot.
"Pop pop pop pop pop!!!" Popplio said as it clapped its hands together. Sophocles was deeply breathing.
"*huff puff huff puff* I'm… I'm alive." Sophocles said. He and Togedemaru couldn't relax for long… as they felt themselves being lifted up in the air again. This time, they were immediately tucked against Lana's chest. Despite the two layers of clothing she had on up there (her swimsuit underneath her usual white shirt), Sophocles relaxed fast thanks to hearing Lana's soft heartbeat.
"Shhhhh… it's okay, Sophocles. I'm sure you'll be back to normal very soon." Lana said.
"Mmmm… so soft… I think I'll just sleep like this." Sophocles said as he suddenly had a very relaxed look on his face.
"Hmmm… I wonder if I should wake him up by having him smell my feet?" Lana asked.
"POP!" Popplio shouted in disagreement.
"You're right, Popplio, that's too mean. Let's just slowly walk around some more and allow Sophocles and Togedemaru to relax." Lana said as the two got back to rampaging around the city, this time in a more quiet fashion.
Professor Burnet slowly walked around with her hands on her hips (covered by her jacket wrapped around). She whistled as she felt a model building disintegrate beneath her shoe.
"I can see why Professors Fennel, Amanita, Juniper, and Ivy had a ball with being this big." Burnet said, referring to the time when four women professors really did go gigantic a little while ago in the Unova region. She especially remembered the first two from sharing research on Pokémon Dreams. But she quickly refocused her mind on the here and now, in particular…
"Kukui? Kukui, darling? Where are you?" Burnet said. She took a step over the tallest building immediately around (which rose up to her knees) and crushed it with her back foot.
"Whoops… surely he wasn't hiding in there." Burnet said. That's when the professor decided to get down on her hands and knees and crawl around the city. She peeked inside one building after another.
"Not in there." Burnet said. She rested on her knees and picked up a toy bus, peeking inside and not finding anyone in there.
"Not in there." Burnet said as she casually tossed the bus over her shoulder. As soon as the bus landed on the ground, an explosion sound suddenly went off from the nearby speaker, which briefly stunned the professor. She looked off set towards the speaker where she saw Sabrina give a thumb up, like she was saying, "You're doing great!"
Burnet smiled as she got back on her feet and walked around again, until…
"Burnet! Down here, sweetheart!" Kukui's familiar voice shouted. Burnet turned around where she saw Kukui jumping up and down and waving his arms around. The 'giantess' smiled as she slowly walked towards him, planting her shoes a couple feet away.
"Well, hello there, handsome." Burnet said.
"Haha… I know Sabrina said to hide for as long as possible, but I couldn't bear the thought of being separated from you in this fashion." Kukui said.
"Oh? Are you saying you like me this big?" Burnet said.
"Er… um… I'm saying I love you no matter what size you're at!" Kukui said as he adjusted his glasses. Burnet smiled.
"A very, very sensible answer as always." Burnet said as she reached down and gently picked her shrunken husband up. Kukui smiled as he looked up at his giant wife's face, and also her head of white hair.
"Ahhhhh… you know, I wouldn't mind staying like this forever." Kukui said.
"Oh really? So you can massage my feet every time I come home from a long week at Aether Paradise?" Burnet asked.
"Er… um… of course!" Kukui said. Burnet smiled and then shifted her feet out of her shoes.
"Prove it to me." Burnet said. She gently sat down, crushing several model buildings underneath her behind, and then spread her bare feet apart by about 18 inches, dropping the shrunken Kukui in between them.
The professor wasted no time, jumping right towards Burnet's right foot and rubbing as much of its bottom as his tiny arms would allow.
"Well now, I didn't expect you to jump right in." Burnet said.
"Heh, well… I do make breakfast for you first thing in the morning, right?" Kukui asked.
"True. Still, you said you'd stay that tiny even for me?" Burnet said.
"Of course! What could go wrong?" Kukui said as he kept rubbing.
"Well, how would you be able to teach your students?" Burnet asked.
"Well…" Kukui started to say.
"And how would you be able to reach the blackboard?" Burnet asked.
"Um…" Kukui started to say. He then gasped a bit when he saw Burnet slowly closing her feet together.
"And most importantly, how would you be able to make breakfast for when I'm home?" Burnet asked.
"Eeeeek! Please don't crush me!" Kukui said as he held his arms out trying to keep his wife's giant feet apart.
Burnet then stopped moving her feet and laughed.
"Hahahaha! You should see the look on your face! Come on, sweetie, did you really think I was going to crush you flat?" Burnet said.
"N-n-n-n-no… but the sheer size of your feet was intimidating." Kukui said.
"Haha… understandably so. I'll have to make a note of this for my research." Burnet said as she leaned forward and finally picked up the tiny Kukui. She then laid flat on her back and rested her shrunken husband on her chest, smiling as she looked at him.
"Sooooo… aren't you going to rampage around the city like the others are doing?" Kukui asked.
"Nah, let them have their fun. All I'm interested in is little you." Burnet said.
"Heh heh… thanks." Kukui said.
"Go ahead, walk around. See what it's like to explore a giantess." Burnet said. Kukui could tell Burnet was enjoying this thoroughly, so he didn't argue and walked around the clothing of his onlooking gigantic wife.
In contrast to Mallow and Lana, Lillie was definitely the least rampaging of the three. She was instead looking on with great curiousity, using her imagination in combination with the nearby sound effects of screaming people to pretend hundreds of people were running away from her sneakers, as well as the paws of her faithful Alolan Vulpix, Snowy.
"Wow… Snowy. Look how small everything is. Imagine if we were this big for real." Lillie said.
"Vulpix!" Snowy shouted. Lillie slowly walked around, occasionally gasping anytime she crushed something under her shoes. She saw a toy car inches away from her shoes, kneeling down and picking it up, examining it from all angles.
"What a fancy looking car. It's probably something Mom would drive. Right, Snowy?" Lillie asked. She then got down on her knees and set the car down, but before she could let go, she suddenly felt the urge to drive the car around the street.
"Wheeeee!" Lillie said as she navigated the car around the roads, crushing whatever structures were in her way as she crawled around. She saw another toy car in the distance.
"Oh no! Look out!" Lillie shouted as she slammed the red car she was holding into the blue car, tipping it on its side.
"Oops… an accident." Lillie said. Snowy finally caught up to Lillie, who patted her Pokémon on the head.
"Heh heh… I don't know what came over me, Snowy. It's probably from playing with toy cars and blocks when I was a little girl. I mean… a younger girl!" Lillie said.
"Vul!" Snowy shouted with a smile.
"I agree. That was kinda fun!" Lillie said.
She looked to the side and saw a building that would be half her size if she were standing, so she took the opportunity to crawl up to this building and peek inside it.
"Wow… the inside of this building is so real. They did a good job building this set." Lillie said.
"Vul! Vulpix, Vul!" Snowy said as he hopped up and down a few times and swung its fluffy tail, causing destruction of its own underneath its paws.
"Huh? Are you saying I should destroy this building, Snowy?" Lillie said, once again prompting a cheer from the Pokémon.
"Really? Well, okay… since it's not real." Lillie said. She stood to her full height and took a deep breath, and then she dug her hands into the building.
"Rawr!" Lillie shouted as she let out a weak monster-like roar, separating the model building into two halves and watching them both fall on top of smaller buildings and vehicles on both sides.
"Oh my… I've never felt so powerful like that. I know this is all fake, but maybe I should be more careful?" Lillie asked to Snowy.
"Vulllll!" Snowy said as it feverishly shook its head.
"Really? Well, okay then! If it makes you happy, Snowy!" Snowy said with a smile. She then got to walking further into the city block, this time not being as careful as when she first started.
Just then, however, after firmly stepping on a group of buildings, she heard a familiar voice down below.
"Hey, Lillie! Over here!!" Ash shouted. Lillie looked around for a bit until she finally spotted the shrunken Ash and Pikachu on the ground a few feet away.
"Oh! There you are, Ash!" Lillie said. She stepped up closer to them, forcing them to look a long ways up… at least until Lillie lowered her hand and allowed the two to step on. Once they were snugly in the palm of her hand, Lillie stood back up.
"Are you two alright? I didn't come close to stepping on you, did I?" Lillie said.
"Nah, we're good. In fact, it was awesome watching you walk around!" Ash said.
"Oh! Really?" Lillie asked, blushing a bit.
"Yeah! You and Snowy were putting on quite a show, just like Mallow, Lana, and Professor Burnet!" Ash said.
"Well then… I'm happy to hear that. But… maybe it's because I'm a bit more gentle compared to them?" Lillie said as she glaced over at Mallow and watched her laugh hysterically while kicking a model building right off the set.
"Maybe, but still, it must be so cool to be towering over a city like this one!" Ash said.
"Yeah, I guess it is. But you know what I like most, Ash?" Lillie asked.
"What's that?" Ash asked. Suddenly Lillie had a big smile on her face.
"That you're still so incredibly enthusiastic despite being so tiny. Your excitement is something I think all of Alola can appreciate." Lillie said. Then she cuddled the two against her face.
"Ooooof! Thanks, Lillie, but not so hard on the squeezing!" Ash shouted.
"Oops… I'm sorry. I'm sorry…" Lillie said as she bowed her head repeatedly.
Just then, however, she heard a faint buzzing noise in the distance. That's when she looked ahead and saw more than a few toy helicopters flying towards her head.
"Uh oh… I guess this is the part where military forces come in and try to shoot us down." Lillie said. She watched as one of the copters fired a 'missile,' and by missile, I mean a small piece of red plastic. Even though it was just plastic, Lillie still felt it hit her face.
"Ow!" Lillie said.
"Wow! Those toys sure pack a punch! Whoa!" Ash said as he dodged an erroneously shot missile. More 'missiles' shot towards Lillie, and although they didn't hurt as much, she still covered her face as she couldn't stand the onslaught of projectiles.
"Make them stop!" Lillie shouted as she tried to get a good look at the toy helicopters. Snowy, on the other hand, couldn't stand seeing its master come under fire for another second, and so it opened its mouth wide and…
"Vullllllllllllllllll!!!!" Snowy shouted as snow came shooting out of its mouth. Immediately the helicopters were covered from every angle in snow and ice, causing their propellers to freeze up. The copters crashed to the ground, some of them breaking apart in pieces like a cheap toy (which they were to begin with!).
"Whew… thanks, Snowy!" Lillie said.
"Vulpix!" Snowy shouted.
The two then watched another group of copters come flying in. As Lillie put Ash and Pikachu on top of her right shoulder for safekeeping, Lillie clutched her fists.
"We can't let them attack again! Snowy, use Powder Snow!" Lillie said as she held a hand out.
"Vullllllllllllllllll!!!!" Snowy shouted as more snow came shooting out of its mouth, once again freezing the copters and causing them to crash. Another group came flying in, and this time Lillie was compelled to fight back herself. She dodged 'missiles' left and right as she walked towards one of the copters.
"Hold on, Ash! Haaaaah!" Lillie shouted as she suddenly twirled in a full circle.
"Whoa!" Ash shouted as he and Pikachu kept a tight grip on the giantess's dress. The helicopter, meanwhile, couldn't fly away from Lillie's hair in time, and in burst into several Lego-like pieces as soon as the back of Lillie's tied up hair made contact. Lillie watched the pieces land in front of her shoes.
"Wow… I don't know what compelled me to make that move, but it felt so good!" Lillie said.
"Haha! Way to fight back, Lillie! I knew you had it in you!" Ash shouted.
"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted in approval.
Lillie and Snowy couldn't celebrate for long though. The two saw yet another group of toy helicopters come flying in.
"Ugh… don't these things ever get tired? Snowy, use Powder…" Lillie said. She started to order Snowy to attack again, but suddenly…
"Leave my friends alone, you creeeeeeeeps!!!" an angry female voice suddenly sounded. Lillie looked and lightly gasped as Mallow suddenly came charging in with a frying pan in one of her hands. She took a swing and totally destroyed the copters that were in front of Lillie's face.
"Oh my! Thanks, Mallow!" Lillie said.
"Heh, anytime." Mallow said.
"But where did you get the frying pan? Did you bring it all the way from your restaurant?" Lillie asked.
"Nah, not this one. I found it in the prop box offstage." Mallow said as she pointed off set at the box marked PROPS.
"Oh." Lillie said.
Suddenly the other 'giantesses' came in and joined Mallow and Lillie.
"So these helicopters are bothering you too?" Lana asked.
"They've got some nerve disturbing my little nap with Kukui tucked to my chest under my hands." Burnet said.
"Best bed ever!" Kukui commented from one of Burnet's shoulders. As for Kiawe and Sophocles (and their Pokémon), Kiawe was still in Mallow's shirt pocket and Sophocles was riding inside Lana's shirt.
"It looks like this is the last of them, though." Lillie said as she looked beyond the copters and didn't see any more flying in from off stage.
"Then what's say we finish them off together… like we're the Ultra Guardians!" Mallow shouted.
"Haha! Wouldn't that be cool if we were this big in our Ultra Guardians outfits?" Lana said.
"Heh… even I have to admit that'd be fun to see." Sophocles said.
"Yeah! You'd be like those old school giant heroes on TV!" Ash said. After Burnet felt a 'missile' hit her in the back of the head, she clenched a fist in one hand and slammed it to her other hand.
"Less chatting and more destroying, girls!" Burnet said.
"Right! Steenee, give them Magical Leaf!" Mallow shouted.
"Popplio, Bubblebeam!" Lana shouted.
"Snowy, Powder Snow!" Lillie said as the three Pokémon all commenced their attacks and shot the copters out of the sky. Some broke apart in mid-air while others fell to the ground.
There was one helicopter that got destroyed through different means, though, thanks to Professor Burnet. She marched up to the copter despite 'missiles' flying at her from head to toe, reaching out and grabbing the copter. She looked inside the cockpit even though nobody was inside.
"Back OFF!!!" Burnet shouted as she suddenly squeezed her bare hand and crushed the copter, causing pieces to rain down to the ground.
"*whistles* Remind me not to get you mad." Kukui said.
"Especially when I'm gigantic, right?" Burnet said as she looked on her shoulder and winked down at Kukui.
For the few copters that managed not to blow apart upon landing on the ground, they were easily disposed of. Lillie reared one of her shoes back and flat out kicked the copter off the stage. Lana raised one her sandals and slammed it down over the copter, with Steenee doing the same thing with her own feet.
"Steeeeeeeeeeenee!" Steenee shouted as she stomped down on her own copter.
"Wow, Steenee! You've got quite a stomp!" Mallow shouted.
"Stee!" Steenee said as she stood with an unusually high amount of confidence (a sign of her upcoming evolution, perhaps?).
Finally, there were no more copters. The model city was littered with crushed buildings and pieces of toy copters.
"Wow… what a mess! You ladies really did a number on this model city!" Ash said.
"Yeah, I guess we did!" Mallow said.  The group then looked over and saw Sabrina coming in (stepping into the model city herself) and clapping her hands.
"Bravo, bravo! As my director would say, that was magnifique!" Sabrina said.
"Thank you, Sabrina!" Mallow shouted.
"So… what did you think? Even though it was all an act, how did seeing buildings at your feet make you feel?" Sabrina asked.
"We probably wouldn't go this far in reality." Lana said.
"Or would we? The rush of power I felt was… remarkable, to say the least. I wonder what Mom would think!" Lillie said.
"I'm glad to hear that. You all should be proud of your own performances despite no acting lessons. I made sure Rotom Dex captured every moment." Sabrina said as she pointed and suddenly Rotom Dex was returned to its normal size.
"Indeed! Actually, being small increased my photography proficiency by 98%! I can't wait to self edit these clips and show you all the final movie when we get back to Alola!" Rotom Dex said.
"That's great, Rotom Dex!" Ash shouted from Lillie's shoulder.
"But you know… what you girls went through was only the tip of the iceberg." Sabrina said with a smile on her face.
"Huh?" all the ladies said. Suddenly, Sabrina held her hands out and they, along with her eyes, glowed a bright blue. Everyone, including the shrunken ones, had to shield their eyes from the bright light.
Once the light finally died down, everyone looked around. Nothing seemed different. The men were still tiny and in the loving care of the normal-sized women, who still towered over the model city like they were a couple hundred feet tall.
"Huh? What just happened?" Mallow asked.
"Eeeeep! Look!" Lana said as she looked up and pointed in that direction.
Everyone gasped… Sabrina towered over them AND the model city.
"So, girls. How does it feel to be the smaller ones? To have someone even bigger towering over you and your city?" Sabrina said. She had shrunken the model city and everyone inside it, leaving the girls just a couple inches tall (and the guys even smaller!).
"She's so big…" Lillie said as she stared up.
"Do you now get a sense of what it was like for those imaginary tiny people?" Sabrina asked.
"Errrr… okay, Sabrina. You've made your point! Could you maybe grow us all back? You're scaring the children and most especially my husband!" Burnet shouted. Indeed, Kukui had a lump in his throat seeing how unimaginably huge Sabrina was compared to Burnet.
"Sure, but after I give you all probably the scariest sight of them all." Sabrina said as she suddenly lifted up one of her white boots (part of her superheroine costume).
"Eeeeeeeek! She's gonna step on us! Waaaaaaah!" Mallow shouted as everyone screamed the living daylights out from seeing the bottom of one of Sabrina's boots.
Sabrina then pulled the boot away and broke into laughter.
"Hahahaha! That was wonderful acting, again!" Sabrina said. The 'giantess' then pointed a finger at her tiny tourist friends, encasing them all in a white light.
Sabrina moved that finger behind her and then snapped. The white light grew and suddenly changed into everyone in the group. This included Ash, Sophocles, Kiawe, and Professor Kukui all returned to their normal size (along with of course the Pokémon that were near them).
"Oh, hey! We're back to normal!" Ash said.
"Whew… I'll never take my size for granted again!" Kiawe said.
"Me neither!" Sophocles said.
"You sure? You're still the shortest and stubbiest of all of us!" Lana said as she playfully rubbed Sophocles' head of hair.
"Hey! Stop it!" Sophocles said, with Togedemaru bursting into laughter.
"Sorry about that little micro shrinking stunt. I always wanted to do something like that." Sabrina said.
"Haha, it's okay, Sabrina! We forgive you!" Ash said.
"Good, so you won't mind watching this." Sabrina said. Everyone lightly gasped thinking something else size-changing related was going to happen, but instead, the group watched as Sabrina turned around and finally slammed her boot down on the model city, completely demolishing it.
"*whistles* Glad I wasn't on the receiving end of that!" Sophocles said.
"Still… imagine if someone really did grow that huge and wiped out the entire city with one stomp. It's almost… *shivers* like the power of an Ultra Beast." Lillie said.
"Vulpix…" Snowy commented.
Then there was a nearby beeping sound. Sabrina looked at her watch.
"Oops… break's over. I gotta get back on set. Er… my set, that is. I hope you all had fun and learned a lot from your tour." Sabrina said.
"We sure did! Everybody say thank you to Sabrina!" Kukui said.
"Thank you, Sabrina!" all the students said. Sabrina nodded and walked away to head out of the sound stage, but before she could.
"Hey, Sabrina! On your next break, let's have a Pokémon battle! I want to show you how much stronger I've become!" Ash said. Sabrina smiled.
"You're on, Ash! And if I win, I'll turn you all into dolls!" Sabrina said. Everyone gasped, but then Sabrina laughed again.
"Hahahaha! I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" Sabrina said as she finally walked away.
"Come on, everyone, let's get back to the Pokémon Center for now so we can discuss what we've learned." Kukui said. All the students nodded and walked away, with only Professors Kukui and Burnet left behind.
"Too bad that's over. I kinda liked having you tucked against my chest listening to my heartbeat." Burnet said.
"Y'know, you do work at Aether Paradise, where you and Lusamine make just about anything." Kukui said with a wink and a smile.
"True!" Burnet said as they held hands and finally walked away themselves.