The Loneliness

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Fez)

Eterna Forest

Our heroes have been traveling through the dense forest that leads up to Eterna City for some time now, though that was because everyone was making stops, taking in the sights and sounds of the area, and maybe even helping some Pokemon along the way. Just ask Dawn. Ash and Brock watched as Dawn was talking with a group of Beautifly. She then reached in her backpack and pulled out a bunch of Oran Berries.
"Here you go! These Oran Berries should give all of you plenty of strength!" Dawn said. The Beautifly, one by one, took a berry from Dawn's hands, and as they ate it, they all had very happy faces.
"Looks like the Beautifly appreciate your gift." Brock said.
"Yeah! I'm glad they're so happy..." Dawn said. Soon, the Beautifly flew off, returning to wherever in the forest it was that came. Dawn waved them off, and her smile tapered off rather quickly. Ash kept his smile, however.
"Y'know, Dawn, that reminds me of a friend of mine from Hoenn, who has a Beautifly of her own." Ash said.
"So I see..." Dawn said.
"What is it, Dawn? Something bothering you? Is it the Beautifly leaving?" Brock asked.
"Well, it's not just that. I just feel like something is missing." Dawn said.
"Are you talking about Zoey?" Ash said.
"Yeah, I guess so. She just lightens me up every time I see her. It's nice to have not just a rival, but a friend like that as well." Dawn said.
"Yeah, it must be hard." Ash said. She then shook her head.
"But hey, she has her own path, right? I just know we'll cross paths again!" Dawn said.
"You're right, that's the spirit!" Brock shouted.
"And speaking of crossing paths, we better keep moving. It's almost dusk, after all." Ash said.
"Yes... I hear Misdreavus and Murkrow like to come out during the night and mess with trainers' minds." Brock said.
"Now that's a scary thought." Dawn said as the three trainers and their Pokemon continued on.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the forest (near the Moss Rock, in fact), Team Rocket was busy putting the finishing touches on another one of their crazy machines. James and Meowth were doing all the dirty work, actually, piecing the machine nut by bolt while Jessie just watched all the action. Of course, that didn't make James and Meowth too pleased.
"Ugh... why is it that Jessie had to make us do all the dirty work? This is exhausting!!!" James shouted.
"What do you expect? You're the gentleman and I'm the cat! The lady is always sitting back and doing nothing." Meowth said. Jessie stared angerily over at Meowth.
"What was that, hairball brain!?" Jessie said.
"Er, uh... I mean, we don't want Jessie's magnificent beauty damaged by all the hard work being done on this contraption!" Meowth said.
"Anyway, are you sure this is gonna work, Jess? I mean... we did steal blueprints from Biff and Cassidy after all." James said.
"Hmph! They may be second-rate compared to us, but you got to admit they have some nifty brains to think of a device like this." Jessie said.
"With a name like 'Humongous Transformer,' I'll believe it when I see it." Meowth said.
"Laugh all you want, you two... but when this machine is activated, I will be the biggest ruler in the history of Sinnoh!" Jessie said. James tightened up one more bolt before getting back on his feet.
"Okay, it's done. I think it is..." James said.
"We should probably test this thing first. I mean, on an inanimate object." Meowth said.
"Who cares about test runs!? Just point that laser at me and commence the enlarging action! Now now NOW!!!" Jessie shouted. James rushed over to the switch as Jessie took her position.
"Whatever you say!" James said.
"One giant Jessie coming right up!" Meowth said, as he and James both pulled the switch forward as hard and fast as they could.

But just as that happened, the machine started vibrating badly and making all sorts of clunking and clanking noises. It was also shooting off bolts of electricity into the sky.
"Uh oh... I think we have a power overload!" James said.
"Give me that switch, you dimwit!" Meowth said. He too fought tooth and nail with the switch, until it broke off completely. As that happened, one of the energy tanks on top of the unit started to expand. It clearly looked like it was about to blow.
"It's about to explode! Hit the dirt!!" Jessie shouted. She, James, and Meowth all ducked to the ground, and shortly afterwards, the machine violently exploded. An orange cloud of dust flew into the air, and there was nothing left in the area but broken parts and gears. Plus, Team Rocket was covered in black dust.
"*cough cough* James, what happened!?" Jessie shouted.
"I guess it gave off too much power... it couldn't contain all that energy!" James said.
"Or to put it more eloquently, we blew it up!" Meowth said.
"Arrrrgh, curses! Why does this always have to happen to us? And we didn't even have those twerps to interfere!" Jessie said.
"I guess it's back to the drawing board, right?" James said.
"At least we didn't blast off again." Meowth said. Not yet, but that'll come later in the story. First, the wind that whistled through the forest was guiding the huge cloud of orange smoke towards the other side of the forest...

Back on the other side, Dawn stopped in front of a large tree and decided to plant some honey on it. With her was a fellow trainer named Cheryl, who was helping her in spreading the honey around.
"Oh, very nice! I'm sure we'll be having some happy Pokemon here in no time." Cheryl said.
"I know, it's so exciting!" Dawn said.
"Dawn, we're running out of daylight! We should get going!" Brock shouted.
"Hmmm... why don't you guys go on ahead? I want to see how well this honey works!" Dawn said.
"Well, okay. We'll be at the Eterna Pokemon Center. C'mon, Brock." Ash said as he and Brock went on their way. A few minutes later when they were out of sight, Dawn and Cheryl kept a close eye on the tree that had been slathered with honey. While they were waiting, Dawn looked up at the sky and saw the orange cloud approaching.
"Huh? What's that?" Dawn said as she pointed up at the cloud.
"Hmmm...? That's the strangest looking cloud I have ever seen." Cheryl said.
"Yeah, and it's heading right for us!" Dawn said.
"I think I better get going. It was nice chatting with you, Dawn. Yikes!" Cheryl said as she saw the cloud closing in and she took off running. The cloud soon consumed all of Dawn as her lungs couldn't take all the smoke.
"*cough cough!* Ugh, what kind of fog is this?" Dawn asked. Strangely enough, after a few seconds, the fog decreased in altitude from Dawn's perspective.
"Huh? What's happening?" Dawn said. She watched as the fog got lower and lower down her body. Then she realized it wasn't just the fog... she could see over much of the tall trees of the Eterna Forest.
"Hey! Is the forest getting smaller?" Dawn said. Of course, she hadn't realized it yet, but Dawn was getting bigger. Dawn just simply watched as the forest continued to shrink, but finally the growing stopped when she was an astounding 300 feet tall. At that size, she could clearly see the entire forest, and some of the towns and cities that surrounded it, including what was her next destination, Eterna City. Looking down from her new perspective, Dawn shouted the only thing that was on her mind.
"HELLLLLLLLP!!!" Dawn shouted.

Ash and Brock had taken quite a few steps away from the forest when they heard the very loud cry from Dawn. Ash shut his ears to try and block some of the sound.
"Ouch! Dawn, not so loud!" Ash shouted. He turned around and didn't see Dawn there. Just Brock.
"Huh? Brock, where's Dawn?" Ash said.
"I don't know. I'm kinda wondering myself." Brock said.
"Yeah, it sounded as if she was right behind us." Ash said. Brock looked backwards, and a huge wall of pink about fifty or so yards into the forest caught his attention. He followed it up and up, until it was replaced with the color of human flesh. As he finally found the face that matched the mysterious object, he let out a gasp.
"Uh... Ash, I think I found Dawn." Brock said. Ash looked up with Brock and was taken aback as well.
"Whoa! I knew Dawn was on the rise as a coordinator, but this is ridiculous!" Ash said.
"Ash! Brock! Where are you? I'm afraid to move!" Dawn said as she looked down to her left and right, frantically searching for her friends. Ash approached the forest and waved his arms and jumped up and down, trying to get the giantess's attention.
"Dawn! Down here! We're down here!" Ash shouted. Luckily, Dawn was able to pick that up and she spotted both Ash and Brock.
"Oh, thank goodness..." Dawn said. She took her first massive step, crushing a bunch of trees with her pink boots. Her next step was only a few yards away from Ash, and the shockwave from the boot coming down almost blew Ash, Brock, and Pikachu away. The next thing all three knew, they were scooped up into Dawn's large hand.

"Dawn! So what happened to you?" Ash said.
"I don't know. I was planting honey on one of the trees when this big orange cloud came blowing down on me. Next thing I knew, the entire forest shrunk!" Dawn said.
"Well, one thing's for sure. We haven't shrunk... you've grown gigantic!" Brock said, with Pikachu confirming that.
"Yeah, I figured that when I saw you guys." Dawn said.
"Maybe you can show us this cloud you're talking about!" Ash said.
"No, it's probably gone by now. I wonder what I'll do now. I'm so big..." Dawn said. She looked out in the distance and saw Eterna City.
"Don't panic, Dawn. We'll think of something!" Brock said.
"I'm sure you will, though I can't stand here forever. Hold on, I'm heading for Eterna City. I'd love to see it from my new height!" Dawn said as she carefully placed her friends on one of her shoulders. Everyone sat down and just held on for the ride.
"Oh boy... this could get nasty." Ash said to himself. Seems like he was about to take part once again in the scene where the people of the city run like heck trying to get away from the giantess. And it wouldn't take them long to reach the city too.

Meanwhile, with the wind changing directions, the orange growth cloud remained stationery, awaiting the next person to walk through it...

Eterna City

As big as Dawn was, it didn't take long for the city to see her coming. Everyone was already running for cover the moment they saw the giantess suddenly appear over the forest. As for Dawn herself, she was simply fascinated with how much smaller the city looked. The closest structure that came to her height was the old Team Galactic building at a measly 60 feet tall. At the same time, she wanted to calm all the panicking citizens of the city.
"Don't worry, everyone. I won't hurt you!" Dawn said. Unfortunately, her next step forward was on one of the buildings, and she crushed half of it with the one step, exposing the inside of the complex to the outside world.
"Well, I'll try not to..." Dawn said.
"Dawn, you gotta be careful!" Ash said.
"Yeah, and it's a long way down too..." Brock said, noting how far away the ground was at Dawn's height.
"Well, you're right, Brock. The ground is very far away..." Dawn said. She looked down by her pink boots and saw Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny shouting up at her.
"Oh, there's Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. I better explain what happened to me." Dawn said. She then slowly got down on her knees, being careful not to crush anyone or anything. The only harm she ended up causing was her huge feet blocking some of the streets that the few people were using to run away.

Joy and Jenny, after they watched the giantess get down on her knees, looked over every inch of her body in amazement. Brock started to climb down Dawn's shoulder to get to Joy and Jenny, but Ash held him back.
"Um... I wouldn't try it, Brock." Ash said.
"Huh? Why not, Ash?" Brock said.
"I think Dawn's big enough to really hurt you if she caught you this time." Ash said.
"Oh, right." Brock said.
"Oh my gosh... you're huge, young lady!" Joy said.
"How is it that you grew so big?" Jenny said.
"Well, there was this orange cloud floating around in the Eterna Forest. I walked right through it, and the next thing I knew, I'm gigantic!" Dawn said.
"Hmmm... definitely sounds suspicious. I'll have to check this out." Jenny said.
"By yourself?" Joy added.
"Yeah. This cloud sounds pretty dangerous. Until I get back, could you please stay here, giant girl?" Jenny said.
"Well, I'll try." Dawn said.
"Thanks, I'll be back!" Jenny said before she hopped on her motorcycle and drove off.

"Nurse Joy! Perhaps you know a cure for my friend's condition?" Ash said.
"Oh, I don't know. I'm a nurse of Pokemon, not... well, not giant girls." Joy said.
"Well, meanwhile, could you heal my Pokemon, Nurse Joy?" Dawn said. She lowered her equally-gigantic Pokeballs down to the ground.
"Eeek! Be careful, the Pokemon in there could crush me!" Joy said. But Dawn didn't hear that, instead focusing on calling her faithful Piplup out.
"Come out, Piplup!" Dawn shouted. The Pokeball opened in a brilliant flash of light, and out came a normal-sized Piplup.
"Piplup?" Piplup said as it looked around searching for its master. Ash and Brock noted what they were seeing.
"Hey, it looks like Piplup stayed at its normal size." Brock said.
"Well, that's nothing new. I still wonder why that is..." Ash said, thinking back to events of the past, specifically the time when Misty and May fought for his love. When Piplup finally turned around and saw nothing but the skin of Dawn's legs, it looked up at the rest of the giantess trainer. That's when Piplup simply freaked out and hid behind Nurse Joy.
"Piplup!!!!" it shouted as it took cover.
"Piplup... don't be scared! It's only me!" Dawn said. Although Piplup came out slightly from hiding, Nurse Joy could tell it was still frightened.
"Oh, don't be scared, little Piplup. I'm sure your trainer will be back to her normal size soon." Joy said. It was that comment, followed by seeing her Pokemon still so scared, that got Dawn thinking.
"Don't worry, your Piplup is in good hands. I'll take inside for healing right away." Joy said. When Dawn didn't respond for a few seconds, Ash jumped in for her, shouting all the way from Dawn's shoulder.
"Okay, Joy. We'll be here!" Ash shouted. Joy and Piplup both went inside the nearby Pokemon Center.

Meanwhile, with nobody around her aside from Ash and Brock, Dawn stood back to her full height. Once again, she looked around the entire city, especially how she was far bigger than any building in the area.
"Dawn, what's wrong?" Ash asked.
"(sigh) The world certainly looks different from up here." Dawn said.
"Don't feel bad, Dawn. You're not the first trainer that's gone through something like this." Brock said.
"It's not that I'm worried about. I just... I feel like I don't know this city anymore. Or this region." Dawn said.
"What do you mean? This is still Sinnoh, your home region. I don't see why you wouldn't know it." Ash said.
"Oh, Ash. That's because you're not like this. Everything. The apartments, the homes, the Pokemon Center... they're all so small. It truly is a different feeling. It's not like I can walk into these places anymore." Dawn said.
"I get it, it's like another plane of existance. It's the same place, and yet it's not." Brock said.
"Yes, that's it. I'm not just different in size, but my point of view has changed too. And what makes it worse?" Dawn said.
"Worse?" Ash asked.
"I'm the only one like this. There's nobody else to share this feeling with. I just feel so... (sigh)... lonely. I mean, I'm glad I have you guys for support. I just wish there was someone else like this. To make me feel a little more... normal." Dawn said. Brock looked over to Ash after he got an idea from what Dawn just said.
"Hey, Ash. Maybe we should go back to the forest and find that orange dust she talked about." Brock said.
"Huh? Why?" Ash asked.
"Well, she did say there wasn't anyone else to share her feelings with. Maybe we can ease her pain by joining her." Brock said. Ash had to think about it for a moment. He pictured such a scenario in his head, but a few seconds later, he shook it off.
"No... we'd only make her feel worse. She'll think we only did it to make her feel better, and she wouldn't like that." Ash said.
"Hmmm... you're right. I didn't consider that." Brock said. Ash raised his voice so Dawn could hear it.
"Don't worry, Dawn! Maybe you'll get lucky!" Ash said.
"I sure hope so. As soon as Nurse Joy is done with my Piplup and Officer Jenny comes back, we should head for another city." Dawn said, looking out at the sun setting in the distance.

Eterna Forest

The forest was pretty much quiet now, although there was still the orange growth cloud created by Team Rocket trio. And not too far from this cloud as it floated further into the forest was Zoey. She had just been through another Pokemon Contest in Jubilife City and was heading for her next destination. She wiped the sweat from her forehead (and sunglasses) and checked down at her boots for any mud stuck to them.
"(sigh) It's been a long trip, and Eterna City is almost there." Zoey said. She then looked around the noted how quiet the forest currently was.
"Sure is quiet here." Zoey said. The longer she looked around, the more her own loneliness hit her.
"(sigh) I wonder how Dawn and her friends are doing." Zoey said to herself. It was no secret that while she and Dawn were always competing hard against each other in Pokemon Contests, the two were very good friends away from the battlefield. In fact, Zoey would occasionally offer good advice to Dawn for her to improve her skills. Of course, she was also good friends with Ash Ketchum. Eventually she brushed her spiky red hair and checked the time on her Poketch.
"Well, I better get moving. It's gonna be dark soon." Zoey said. But when she started to walk forwards, that's when she noticed the orange cloud fast approaching her.
"Huh? What's this?" Zoey said. Soon, she found herself covered from head to toe in the smoke.
"*cough cough cough* What's going on!?" Zoey shouted. Much like with Dawn earlier, Zoey tried to fight the fog off, but it wouldn't matter in the end, as Zoey watched the orange cloud started to lower down her body. But that wasn't all that was lowering.

"What the...?" Zoey said. She watched as the ground she stood on appeared to shrink, along with the rest of the forest. In fact, she bumped her head against one of the large tree branches.
"Ouch!" Zoey said. She stepped backwards from it, checking her hair to make sure no leaves got trapped in it.
"No, it can't be... I must be getting bigger!" Zoey said. Indeed, she watched as she continued to grow well above the Eterna Forest, much like Dawn earlier. She finally stopped growing at exactly the same 300 foot tall height that Dawn was at.
"Well, this is a new wrinkle. I thought stuff like this only happened in the movies!" Zoey said. She then looked out in the distance at Eterna City. Expecting to see just the city, she was surprised to see who was towering over the city.
"Huh? Dawn? How did she get so big?" Zoey said to herself. Indeed, she saw Dawn with her back turned, although she was take little steps around the city for a few seconds. Zoey smiled for a bit.
"Well, at least I'm not the only one like this. I better meet up with her." Zoey said. Stepping out of the Eterna Forest with two big steps, the giant Zoey carefully made her way towards Eterna City.

As for the orange cloud? It would finally dissipate thanks to a combination of strong winds and the density of the forest.

Eterna City

Nurse Joy finally stepped out of the Pokemon Center with Dawn's Piplup in tow.
"Okay... here's your Piplup." Joy said, a bit awkwardly since she was still amazed over Dawn's huge size. Dawn picked up the oversized Pokeball and fired the laser that returned Piplup inside.
"Thank you, Nurse Joy. Have you heard back from Officer Jenny yet?" Dawn said.
"She had to take care of some poachers first, but she should be at the forest by now." Joy said.
"Okay, thanks." Dawn said. Joy then walked back inside the Pokemon Center to continue with her work.
"Well, it shouldn't be long now." Dawn said.
"So, Dawn, where are you going to go next?" Ash asked from Dawn's right shoulder.
"I'm not sure yet. I was thinking of Veilstone City because it's so big... well, used to be anyway when you factor me in. I was also thinking maybe back home to Twinleaf, so I can show Mom how much I've grown up." Dawn said.
"That would be stating the obvious, if you think about it." Brock said.
"Hehe... I know." Dawn said, lightening up her mood for a bit after feeling down from being so lonely. Of course, in just a few seconds, she wouldn't feel lonely anymore.

Zoey walked slowly towards Dawn as she continued to have her back turned. During the sneak-up, Zoey noticed Ash and Brock sitting on Dawn's shoulders, so she would have to be careful with her surprise. Despite that feeling, Zoey just couldn't wait to give Dawn the surprise of her life, so caution was thrown out the window as she finally walked up to her fellow giantess and grabbed her by the elbows. After Dawn reacted with a gasp, Zoey put out a smile and spoke.
"Hey there, girlfriend." Zoey said. Dawn quickly turned her head, and unfortunately in doing so, Ash and Brock lost their footing on her shoulder. Brock was able to latch onto her red scarf and use it to climb back onto the shoulder, but Ash was in a freefall towards the ground. He fell in very close proximity to both Dawn and Zoey's bodies, and looked for somewhere to latch onto.
"I've only got one chance!" Ash said. He made it down to the bottom of her pink dress before grabbing on and holding on tight. At the very same time, Dawn's moving around caused the dress to flutter about, giving Ash the ride of his life for the time being.

Meanwhile, as noted before, Dawn turned her head and was utterly shocked to find herself looking right into Zoey's eyes, as if she were normal-sized.
"Z-Z-Z-Zoey!!! Hi!!!" Dawn said. Zoey finally let go of Dawn's elbows and allowed her to move freely.
"What's up, Dawn? Aside from you, I mean." Zoey said with a smile.
"Oh, Zoey!! It's really you. You're as big as I am, I can't believe it!" Dawn said.
"Hey, I can hardly believe it myself!" Zoey said.
"I'm so glad I could see you again!" Dawn said, and that's when she finally opened her arms and gave Zoey the biggest hug imaginable. Zoey patted her friend on the back.
"Yeah, me too. Life was getting pretty dull without you." Zoey said. Ash saw how close the giant Zoey was to Dawn, and noted how lucky he was not to have been hanging onto Dawn's dress from the front.
"Whoa... good thing I'm to the side of this hugging show!" Ash said.
"So is it just you? Where are Ash and Brock?" Zoey asked.
"Oh, they're right..." Dawn said. She focused her eyes as best she could down at her right shoulder, but could only see Brock climbing back onto safety thanks to Dawn's red scarf.
"Whew... saved by the scarf! There's something to be thankful for!" Brock said.
"Wait, Brock? Where's Ash?" Dawn asked.
"I don't know... we both took a trip downwards and..." Brock said.
"Hey, I'm down here, ladies!!!" Ash shouted. Lucky for him, it was loud enough for the girls to pick up. Zoey got down on her knees and looked straight at Ash hanging onto Dawn's dress.
"Well, well. Hanging around, aren't we, Ash?" Zoey said with a giggle.
"Very funny, Zoey. Now someone get me down from here!" Ash shouted.
"I got this one." Zoey said. She extended a hand underneath Ash and allowed the small trainer to fall onto it. Zoey stood back up to her full height and admired Ash from her new size.

"Oh, you look so cute, Ash. I'm sure Dawn has already told you that." Zoey said.
"Actually, not really..." Ash said.
"Zoey... you have to tell me how you grew!" Dawn said.
"Well, I suspect the same way you did, by walking through that strange orange cloud in Eterna Forest." Zoey said.
"Very strange. Oh dear... I hope Officer Jenny doesn't run into that cloud! She went there several minutes ago to check it out!" Dawn said.
"Hmmm... I guess we'll be having three big girls in a moment." Zoey said. Just as she said that, the two girls could hear a motorcycle pulling into town, and they looked down as Officer Jenny parked her vehicle not too far from both of the giant girls.
"Man, I knew I wasn't hallucinating when I saw the other giant girl step over me!" Jenny said.
"Oh, so I guess you saw me, Officer Jenny?" Zoey said.
"Officer Jenny? Did you find that cloud I was talking about?" Dawn said.
"No... it must've dissipated while I was scanning the entire forest. I did find Team Rocket, but they got away." Jenny said.
"Figures those idiots would be behind this. They were probably inventing something to generate that cloud, and we walked right into it." Zoey said.
"So... what are we going to do now? We won't be stuck like this, will we?" Dawn said. Zoey then patted her on her free shoulder with her own free hand (since she still held onto Ash).
"Hey, don't sweat it, Dawn! I say we make the most of this opportunity. Besides, we're not alone anymore." Zoey said with a smile. Dawn smiled right back.
"You're right... we're not alone anymore now that we have each other!" Dawn said.
"Come on, we should head to another city. And better yet, find some plains to sleep in for tonight." Zoey said.
"Just please be careful, you two!" Jenny said.
"Don't worry, Officer Jenny. I'll see to it Dawn and I don't harm anyone on our gigantic journey." Zoey said.
"Oh, don't forget about Ash!" Dawn said, referring to Ash who still stood on one of Zoey's hands.
"Oh, he'll be safe with me. Won't you, Ash?" Zoey said.
"Well, I guess so... whoa!!!" Ash said, who then found himself dumped into one of Zoey's vest pockets. Dawn didn't mind, for she fully trusted Zoey having gotten to know her personality so well in all the contests they've competed in.

And so the two giant girls left Eterna City, anxious to arrive at their next destination...

Outside Mt. Coronet

Almost as soon as the giantesses left Eterna City, they found themselves at the base of the normally huge Mt. Coronet. But at their size, they were almost at eye level with the peak of the mountain. Of course, both girls were amazed at the different perspective.
"Wow... it's amazing to think we're almost as tall as Mt. Coronet." Dawn said.
"The world looks incredibly different from up here." Zoey said.
"I know, and thank goodness you're here. I have someone I can share that feeling with." Dawn said. Zoey just smiled in return. She was watching down by her boots as a few trainers were running by, trying not to be crushed.
"They're so small..." Zoey said softly as she continued to watch the trainers run by. There were a couple that were sticking around to look up at the two.
"And brave too." Dawn said with a smile as she looked down at these two male trainers. Zoey looked down at the trainers herself, but quickly realized where they were focusing their attention.
"Um... Dawn. They're looking up your skirt." Zoey said, her face slowly fading from a smile to a bit of a frown. Dawn, meanwhile, was freaking out as she quickly covered her underwear with her hands.
"Hey!!! Don't look up there!" Dawn shouted. The two boys tried to get away, but Zoey quickly scooped them up. She held the guys right up at her mean face.

"You dirty perverts! How dare you look at my friend like that!?" Zoey shouted.
"Please don't hurt us!" one of the trainers said.
"We didn't mean to look up, honest!" the other said. Zoey kept the mean face on, clearly not buying their story. But she could see the fear in their eyes. She played it safe, not wanting to let her anger get the best of her.
"Hmmm... I don't believe you little twerps, but I won't kill you. Just promise me you'll never do something like that again." Zoey said. Both trainers just nodded their heads as fast as they could.
"Good enough for me!" Zoey said, lowering her hand down to the ground and releasing her grip on the trainers. The two landed on the ground and immediately took off running, leaving the two giantesses by themselves, aside from Ash, Brock, and the occasional female trainer running by. Dawn looked at Zoey.
"Gee, Zoey. Don't you think you were a little harsh with those boys?" Dawn asked.
"Maybe, but they did look in a place they weren't supposed to look at. You know, I'm surprised you hadn't run into this problem sooner." Zoey said.
"Huh? What do you mean sooner?" Dawn asked.
"Nothing personal, my friend, but don't you think that dress is a little too short?" Zoey said.
"Um, nothing personal for me, either, but I've noticed that at times as well." Brock said.
"Well, that's easy for you to say, mister always flirting with Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny!" Dawn said, poking Brock a little bit with one of her fingernails.
"Actually, I had a large suitcase full of dresses, but Mom made me leave it at home due to its impracticality. So I had to pick one dress for traveling and this was it." Dawn said. Zoey smiled.
"At least you picked a fine dress. You look great in it." Zoey said.
"Gee, thanks!" Dawn said.

Next, a news helicopter suddenly hovered its way just above the two giantesses. Also making its way towards the two ladies, down by their feet at least, was a van. Dawn immediately recognized the van from the Jubilife TV station.
"Surprise, surprise. We must be the hot topic on the evening news." Dawn said.
"And they even brought in aerial coverage this time around." Zoey said, pointing up towards the helicopter that hovered above.
"Hi, Mom!" Dawn said, waving up to the news copter.
Within seconds of the van stopping short of the two giantesses, the cameraman and female news reported stepped out. The lady quickly straightened out her hair and then held her microphone up, looking straight at the camera. The cameraman was counting her down.
"You're on in three... two... one..." the man said before pointing.
"Good evening, Sinnoh. Roxy Natochenny here with breaking news. We are live here outside Mt. Coronet as two giant young women are towering over the mountain. These ladies I'm told came from Eterna City, and there's been minor property damage, but I'm told nobody has been killed thus far. One of the giant women, shockingly enough, is Dawn from Twinleaf Town, the daughter of the world famous coordinator, Johanna. Many of you..." Roxy said. While she was talking, Dawn and Zoey chatted with each other.
"So are we going to talk with them?" Zoey asked.
"Well, I don't see why we shouldn't. Maybe it will help calm all of Sinnoh down when we tell them we mean no harm." Dawn said.
"Good thinking." Zoey said with a smile. Dawn very gently got down on her knees and looked straight down at Roxy.

"It looks... it looks like Dawn has agreed to do an interview with us. Hold on, folks. Dawn! Dawn! Can you hear me!?" Roxy shouted as she and her cameraman slowly approached the giantess.
"Yes, but maybe you're gonna need a bigger microphone!" Dawn said.
"Oh, I think the viewing audience will be able to hear you. Tell me... how did you get so big, and who is that other giantess?" Roxy asked.
"Oh, this is my friend, Zoey. As for how we grew... we were walking through the Eterna Forest when we saw this thick cloud of orange smoke. I walked through it, and the next thing I knew, I was this big! Zoey told me she had the same problem." Dawn said.
"I see. A strange and mysterious event has caused these young women to reach new heights. This is something this reporter will have to investigate further!" Roxy asked.
"Well, you might be too late. Officer Jenny in Eterna City told us the cloud disappeared when she went to investigate." Zoey said.
"What!? Darn! There goes my ticket to a Peabody!" Roxy said.
"Mrs. Natochenny, nobody in Sinnoh has anything to worry about. We promise we won't hurt anyone or anything." Dawn said.
"You heard her, folks, but no doubt city officials will advise everyone to stay inside for their own safety. I'll update throughout the day if anything develops." Roxy said. A few seconds passed.
"Okay, we're clear." the cameraman said.
"Thank you!" Dawn said.
"Sure, it's no problem, Dawn. Anything for the daughter of the world-famous Johanna!" Roxy said.
"Oh, please... you're making me blush!" Dawn said.
"You might want to head back to Jubilife. We're about to make this whole mountain range our bed for tonight." Zoey said.
"Oh, of course!" Roxy said. She and her cameraman jumped back into the van, and it drove away back to Jubilife TV.

"Oh? We're really gonna sleep out here tonight?" Dawn said.
"Yeah, because I don't think they make a Pokemon Center big enough for the two of us!" Zoey said.
"Wait, what about me and Ash? Where are we supposed to sleep?" Brock said.
"Hmmm... I have an idea!" Dawn said. She then plucked Brock off her shoulder and slightly pulled out the white shirt that was underneath her black vest and placed Brock inside, nestling him against her chest.
"Comfy, Brock?" Dawn asked.
"Well, um..." Brock said. Zoey noticed the bashful look on his face.
"Yeah, I'd say he's very much comfortable. How about you, Ash? You comfortable?" Zoey said. Ash stuck his head out of one of Zoey's vest pockets.
"Well, it's better than being on the ground!" Ash said.
"Yes, you're right. (yawn) I'm feeling sleepy already." Dawn said. She sat herself down on the base of the mountain, although Zoey didn't like where she was sitting.
"Um, Dawn... we wouldn't want to trap any trainers inside the mountain, would we?" Zoey said.
"Huh? Oops!" Dawn said. She looked where she was sitting, and it was right on top of the entrance to Mt. Coronet. To make matters worse, the entrance caved in as Dawn lifted herself off the entrance.
"I guess I don't know my own strength!" Dawn said.
"Hey, we could probably lift ten Steelix as big as we are!" Zoey said. Dawn then used her large hands to sweep away the rocks that were blocking the entrance. Now, it was a much bigger entrance inside the caves.
"There! Problem solved!" Dawn said.
"That's good thinking there." Zoey said as she sat down herself, not as close to the mountain but to the point where she used the base as a headrest. Dawn laid down herself.
"Gosh, what are we going to do tomorrow?" Dawn asked.
"Well, just head for the next city like any other giant girl would do." Zoey said.
"Good night, Zoey." Dawn said as she slowly closed her eyes.
"Good night, best friend." Zoey said. Since it takes her longer to fall asleep, Zoey would spend the next hour or so staring up at the night sky.

A few hours later, with both giantesses finally asleep, the Meowth balloon made its way to the ground. Jessie, James, and Meowth all jumped out and observed the two ladies.
"Look at the size of those girls!" James said.
"Meowth! That's what you call reaching for the top." Meowth said.
"Arrrgh! It's so unfair! Why do those twerps have to steal my thunder!?" Jessie said.
"So what are we supposed to do now? That cloud disappeared before we, er... I mean, you could get a piece of it." Meowth said.
"We could've had it had those officers not flood the forest searching for us..." James said.
"Never mind that! The substance has to be flowing through their blood stream. All we have to do it get a sample, take it back to the Team Rocket labs, and maybe then I'll have some kind of growth serum!" Jessie said.
"This sounds like a movie I once saw in my youth..." James said.
"Oh no, not the old movie story again!" Meowth said. Finally, the trio carefully approached one of Dawn's pink boots and began to climb it. As big as Dawn was, it took the group more than a few minutes to finally reach the top of the boot. From there, they all started running up the boot, eventually hitting her black socks.
"Jessie, running across this body is exhausting..." James said.
"But you could use a good workout!" Jessie said.
"Speak for yourself!" Meowth said, having to do a lot of running himself. Eventually, everyone got to the skin of Dawn's legs. James, in particular, because he tripped up over a soft spot near her kneecaps and landed face first on the skin.
"James! This is no time to lay down on the job!" Jessie said.
"Mmmmm..." Dawn moaned as she moved herself around a bit, trying to get more comfortable. Of course, as she did that, her legs moved around, and that sent Team Rocket sliding down the leg they had been standing on.
"Ahhhhh!" they all screamed before coming to a stop on top of the pink color of Dawn's dress.
"Well, that was a thrilling ride." James said.
"Maybe we should do it again!" Meowth said.
"Later, you dummies. Come on, help me get some blood out of this twerp's skin!" Jessie said.
"But how are we going to do that?" James said.
"Yeah, I think we left our hacksaws back at the censorship department." Meowth said.

Unfortunately for our misfits, there would be no more time for cracking out bad jokes, as they didn't realize until they heard a voice that they weren't alone.
"Well, well. Look who the cat dragged out." Zoey said as she stared from above at the tiny trio.
"Ahhhhh!" they all screamed again before they were plucked off Dawn's leg. Zoey held the three villains in the palm of her hand after briefly pinching them between two fingers.
"I should've known you three would turn up sooner or later." Zoey said.
"I think I liked the slide better!" Meowth said.
"How dare you!? Don't you know it's way past your bedtime!?" James shouted.
"I guess I should warn you now. I'm not really that good at sleeping." Zoey said.
"Arrrgh... if only I were as big as the two of you, I'd show you a thing or two!" Jessie said.
"Well, let me show you how good my throwing arm is." Zoey said. She then reached down by Dawn's feet and grabbed the Meowth balloon, squeezing all the air out of it. She kept her grip on it as she placed the evil trio back onboard.
"Have a nice flight!" Zoey said. Flashing a quick smile to the panicking trio, Zoey laid her arm back and then launched Team Rocket out towards the night sky.
"Well, there's another plan foiled by giant women..." Meowth said.
"Maybe we should stay away from situations like this for a while?" James asked.
"Oh, shut up and just brace for impact!" Jessie said.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" they all shouted before disappearing into the night.

Zoey watched as the Meowth balloon flew out in the distance before crashing to the ground as always.
"Now that was mighty impressive." Zoey said.
"*yawn* Um... what's going on out here?" Ash asked as he stuck his head out from one of Zoey's pockets.
"Oh, Ash. I guess I woke you up with all that." Zoey said.
"Yeah, so what happened? I heard you say something about Team Rocket." Ash said.
"Oh, they tried to get up close and personal with me and Dawn. But I sent them blasting off again." Zoey said.
"That wouldn't be surprising as big as you are." Ash said. Zoey then carefully picked up Ash from out of the pocket and held him in her hand as she sat down next to the mountain again.
"So, Ash. How is your training coming along?" Zoey asked.
"Well, it's been great. You know, the usual. Seeing new land and seeing new Pokemon. And helping a lot of people." Ash said.
"Including Dawn, I would imagine." Zoey said.
"Oh, yes. Of course her." Ash said.
"I feel the same way, especially ever since I met the both of you. The passion I've gotten from both of you has only made me strive to be a better coordinator, and to see as much of the world as I can. I'm sure my friend, Candice, feels the same way." Zoey said.
"Well, that's good to know, right?" Ash asked.
"Absolutely." Zoey said. She then looked out in the distance, where she could see a tiny bit of daylight coming up.
"Well, better get some sleep while I still can." Zoey said.
"So it's back into the pocket I go, right?" Ash said.
"Actually, you can sleep with Dawn. I've kept you long enough." Zoey said. She placed Ash carefully on the black part of her dress, near her stomach area. Ash could feel the ground steadily rising and falling from Dawn breathing.
"Gee... this kinda reminds me of a dream I once had with Mom." Ash said.
"Sweet dreams, Ash." Zoey said as she laid back down on as much of the mountain as she could. Ash eventually drifted back to sleep himself.

But a couple hours later, with the sun rising up, Zoey was up again, and this time was on her feet. She looked down as Dawn slowly stirred herself awake. Of course, these sudden movements caused Ash and Brock to wake up, but both held on tight to Dawn's clothing (Brock holding onto the white undershirt and Ash holding onto the black color of her dress). Dawn finally opened her eyes, where she saw Zoey standing above her, but to the side so that the minimal sunlight was beaming into her eyes.
"Morning, big sunshine." Zoey said.
"Hmmm... good morning, Zoey. Did you sleep well?" Dawn said.
"Well, let's just say sleeping's never been one of my strong suits." Zoey said.
"I'm sorry to hear that." Dawn said.
"Hey, we all have our styles." Zoey said. Dawn started to get up, but Zoey held a hand up.
"Careful, you've got someone sleeping like a baby." Zoey said, pointing down on Ash.
"Oh, I see. I've got an idea for a wakeup call." Dawn said, smiling up to her friend. She carefully picked up the sleeping Ash and held him in front of her mouth. Dawn took a deep breath before speaking out...
"Good morning!!!" Dawn shouted. The loud voice caused Ash to jump into a frenzy as he woke up. So much so, he ended up slipping out of Dawn's grip and landed down on her chest, where Brock was startled awake as well.
"Gentlemen, up and at 'em!" Zoey said.
"Man, now that's what I call a wake up call!" Brock said.
"Dawn... you could've blown out my hearing!" Ash said.
"Gee, sorry, Ash. I guess I don't know my own decibel levels." Dawn said.
"Come on, we better get going. If I remember correctly, Hearthome City is not that far from here." Zoey said. After Dawn picked up both Ash and Brock and placed them on her shoulder, she stood up to her full height, looking at Zoey eye-to-eye once more.
"Hmmm... yes. That's normally a big city. But we're bigger!" Dawn said.
"Well, hopefully we won't let that get to our heads." Zoey said. The two giantesses finally left Mt. Coronet, walking alongside it as they made their way into Hearthome City.

Hearthome City

Much like in Eterna City, reaction was mixed upon the arrival of the two giantesses. Some immediately took off running, heeding the warnings being sent out by Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy. Others braved the storm, getting as close a look as they could at the giantesses Dawn and Zoey. The two slowed their walk to an almost complete stop as soon as they entered the city grounds, now watching the many people running around.
"Look at them all running." Dawn said.
"Yeah, I imagine I'd be pretty scared too if I ever saw you at this size." Zoey said.
"Awww... but you know I'd be careful, right?" Dawn said.
"Right. Listen, everyone. Don't be scared! We promise we won't hurt any of you." Zoey said. But right when she said that, Dawn inched one of her feet forward, and ended up knocking over a lamppost.
"Well... we'll try not to, anyway!" Dawn said.
"Hey, what's that large building out there?" Ash said, pointing at the large circular building at the north end of the city.
"Oh, that's the Super Contest Hall, the granddaddy of all contest halls." Zoey said.
"Oh! I think I remember my mom telling me stories about that place. I want to see it up close..." Dawn said. She carefully made her way through the city, causing as minimal damage as she could. Still, it was impressive when she stepped over an entire row of buildings, including the Pokemon Center.

When Dawn was standing just a few yards away from the entrance to the Super Contest Hall, she looked way down and noticed a familiar face down by her pink boots.
"Dawn! Dawn!!" Johanna said.
"Mom!?" Dawn shouted. She slowly got down on her knees, and Johanna backed up to give her gigantic daughter the room she needed.
"Well, fancy meeting you here!" Zoey said as she looked down on Johanna still standing at her full height.
"What are you doing here, Mom? You're probably wondering how I grew so big..." Dawn asked.
"Actually, I saw the news report last evening, and I spent the night racing here from Twinleaf. I had help from a Pokemon Ranger's Dodrio, thank goodness." Johanna said.
"You came all the way out here just to see me?" Dawn said.
"Sure, my little girl! Or I should say my big girl now!" Johanna said.
"Real big!" Zoey added.
"Oh, I see Zoey grew too. How coincidental is that?" Johanna said.
"Well, you know what they say. Best friends have to stick together." Zoey said.
"That's certainly the truth!" Dawn said.

Just then, everyone heard a loud exploding sound in the background. There was also some small puffs of smoke coming from Amity Square, the small Pokemon park that Hearthome was also famous for.
"Whoa! What was that?" Zoey said.
"It looks like it came from Amity Square!" Ash shouted.
"Oh dear! We better investigate right away!" Johanna said.
"Right, we're on it! Let's go, Zoey." Dawn said. As Dawn gently picked up her mother and placed her on her other shoulder, she stood back up to her full height and nodded at Zoey, who followed her into Amity Square.

Amity Square

First off, much of the square had been evacuated even prior to the explosion because of the arrival of Dawn and Zoey. Only three people remained and they were all Pokemon trainers, judging by the Pokemon that accompanied them. Two of the trainers were members of Team Galactic, the criminal organization of the Sinnoh region. Actually, they weren't just any members, they were two of the admins of the group, the ladies Mars and Jupiter. The third trainer was none other than Cynthia, the Sinnoh Pokemon League champion, or the one that every trainer looks up to.
The two Pokemon that accompanied the people on the field were Purugly, which belonged to Mars, and Garchomp, Cynthia's loyal partner. Both Cynthia and Garchomp had to dodge a powerful Shadow Ball attack, which caused a big explosion and ripped up a good chunk of grass.
"Give it up, child of Carolina!" Mars shouted, referring to Cynthia's legendary grandmother.
"Yeah, that orb will belong to us eventually!" Jupiter said.
"Ugh... you creeps will never learn! And I'll never allow you to awaken the spirit of Giratina again!" Cynthia said.
"News flash, old timer! Giratina is going to help change our world, whether you like it or not!" Mars said.
"That's what you think!" Dawn said. Right as she said that, the shadows from both her and Zoey blocked out all sunlight from the battlefield, and the two giantesses stopped walking close to the Team Galactic group.

"Team Galactic! What are they up to this time?" Ash asked.
"Be careful, Dawn!" Johanna said.
"Oh, don't worry, Mom. I think I can handle these insects." Dawn said.
"What... what's going on here!?" Jupiter shouted.
"Arrrgh! Nothing's gonna interfere! Purugly, Shadow Ball!" Mars shouted. Purugly, who never questions its master's orders, fired a Shadow Ball up towards Zoey. But Zoey wasn't fazed. In fact, she swung one of her hands and slapped away the Shadow Ball with a backhand slap.
"Pretty useless attempt to attack us." Zoey said.
"Um, Mars, we better retreat before they throw us out of the solar system!" Jupiter said.
"You don't have to tell me twice!" Mars said. The two villainesses started running away, first for the exit of Amity Square. But before they could leave the area, the exit was quickly blocked off by Officer Jenny and some of her partners.
"Not so fast, crooks!" Jenny shouted.
"Other way! Other way!" Mars and Jupiter shouted to each other. They turned around and started running in the other direction, only to come to a screeching halt when Zoey slammed both her boots in front of them.
"Drat! We're trapped!" Mars said.
"Never fear. We'll just have to do this the hard way." Jupiter said. She then pulled out what appeared to be a small bomb, throwing it to the ground and using it to launch themselves in the air, Team Rocket style.
"You haven't heard the last of Team Galactic!" Jupiter shouted before she and Mars disappeared from sight.
"Seems like every bad group we run into likes to do that." Brock said.
"You can say that again." Ash said.

"Well, that was too easy." Zoey said.
"Everything's easy when you're this big!" Dawn said.
"Well, I must say well done, ladies." Cynthia said as she stood up against Dawn's pink boot, looking up at the giantess.
"Thank you, Cynthia! It's good to see you again!" Dawn said.
"You too, Dawn. And how is the master trainer in training?" Cynthia said, pointing up at Ash.
"Haha... just fine, Cynthia. I've gotten stronger since we've last met!" Ash said.
"Good! I look forward to our next rematch." Cynthia said.
"Um, listen, someone here is going to have to tell me what's going on here." Jenny said.
"Let me down, Dawn. I'll take care of this." Johanna said.
"Okay, Mother." Dawn said, carefully taking not just Johanna but also Ash and Brock off her shoulders and placing them on the ground.

Johanna, with Ash's help since he was basically an eyewitness, explained the whole ordeal to Jenny.
"Ah, very well. I trust you, Johanna, when you say those two won't hurt anything." Jenny said.
"Thank goodness they haven't done much damage, according to all the news reports I've seen." Johanna said. While watching them talk, Dawn suddenly felt the need to hold her head.
"Dawn, what's wrong?" Zoey asked.
"I... I feel so strange." Dawn said. Ash was the first to see what was happening.
"Huh? Dawn's shrinking!" Ash shouted. Dawn looked down, and indeed could see the ground coming closer and closer, along with the formerly normal-sized companions that once sat on her shoulder. What really told her of the shrinkage was when she turned around and was staring eye-to-eye with Zoey's stomach, and she appeared to be getting bigger. Finally, after another minute, Dawn was back to her original size.

At first, there was nothing coming out of anyone's mouths, but Ash finally broke the silence after about ten seconds as he walked towards her.
"Well, welcome back, Dawn." Ash said, patting her on the shoulder.
"Yeah, thanks. Gosh, I thought I'd be gigantic forever." Dawn said.
"Well, nothing lasts forever, right my little girl?" Johanna said.
"Yeah, you're right. But it was a nice experience... especially since I got to share it with... yeah... with Zoey." Dawn said. She turned around and got her first look at the gigantic Zoey.
"You okay, Dawn?" Brock said.
"Oh yes... it's just... Zoey is so big." Dawn said.
"Must be an overwhelming feeling to see the difference." Zoey said with a smile.
"Yes. Zoey... I'm so glad I could share the experience with you." Dawn said.
"Me too, Dawn. I'm glad you were big before me. I'd feel pretty darn lonely if it was just me." Zoey said.
"Well, this has been interesting. But I must be going now. I gotta make sure Team Galactic isn't trying any other sinister plots, like trying to tear this square apart to build another base of operations." Cynthia said.
"You want me to give you a ride, Cynthia, to your next destination?" Jenny said.
"Wait, how about I do it? While I'm still gigantic. If Dawn shrunk, then I'm definitely gonna be next. Probably any minute. And before you ask, I don't care where I end up once I'm back to normal. I'll just resume my journey from there." Zoey said.
"You know what? That's an excellent idea." Cynthia said. In fact, she wasted no time in climbing onto Zoey's hand when she laid it on the ground.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye for now." Zoey said.
"Take care, Zoey!" Dawn shouted.
"You too, my best friend." Zoey said. She took a large step over everybody, as well as Amity Square, and began walking, letting the words of Cynthia guide her to where she would resume her journey the moment she shrunk back to normal. As big as she was, it took a couple minutes before the giantess disappeared from view. Ash wasted no time in getting back to his normal routine.
"So, anyone interested in watching me challenge the gym leader in this city?" Ash asked.
"Yep, I'm in!" Brock said.
"Great idea! How about you, Mom?" Dawn said.
"Oh, you go on ahead. I've gotta get to the Super Contest Hall for today's competition." Johanna said as she looked down and gave her daughter a hug.
"But you take care of yourself, okay?" Johanna said.
"Of course, Mom. I may not be big anymore, but I still have great friends with me." Dawn said.
"That's my girl!" Johanna said.

And so, everyone departed from what was left of Amity Square, with Officer Jenny and her partners staying behind to help with the cleanup. Johanna, as mentioned, went to the Super Contest Hall while Ash and his friends headed for the Hearthome City Gym. Along the way, Dawn thought back to every second she was at a gigantic size, and how great it felt that she wasn't the only one to have that kind of size and power.

Because there was one thing Dawn would not stand, no matter what kind of condition she was in. That was being alone.