Lost in Little City

(Cubed Cinder; idea by whitebearboy)

NOTE from author: This episode takes place sometime between XY064, when Serena is in her second design and her Fennekin evolves into Braixen, and XY094, when Bonnie befriends Squishy. You can decide when exactly, given I didn't use any forest in particular.

In a dense forest, Serena and Bonnie looked around trying to find Ash and Clemont. The group had to separate after a group of wild Tauros tried to chase them out (not even Ash could tame them despite being somewhat experienced with Tauros). Fortunately the Pokémon in this part of the forest didn't seem to be hostile, but they still looked over at Serena and Bonnie whenever the two called out.
"Ash! Where are you!?" Serena shouted.
"Clemont! Big brother!" Bonnie shouted.
"Sigh… I can't hear or see them anywhere. This forest is like a maze!" Serena said as she wiped the sweat off her forehead and lightly brushed the back of her now short hair which she cut recently (to go along with her new outfit).
"Well… we did run for what felt like forever from those Tauros." Bonnie said.
"I hope we can find them before it gets dark. Heck, I hope we can get out of here by dark!" Serena said. Bonnie very clearly shivered when she heard Serena make such a statement.
"Gulp…" Bonnie said.
"Oh! I'm sorry, Bonnie. You know I have a big mouth sometimes…" Serena said.
"It's okay, Serena! Still…" Bonnie said as she cuddled herself against one of Serena's arms, holding onto her hand.
"Oh?" Serena said.
"I won't lie… I am a little scared." Bonnie said.
"Denne…" Dedenne, Bonnie's loyal Pokémon, shouted as it poked its head out of Bonnie's bag. Serena couldn't help but kneel down and wrap her arms around Bonnie.
"It's okay to be scared, Bonnie. Just stay close to me and you'll be fine. I'm still your 'big sister,' right?" Serena said as she winked one of her eyes.
"Teehee… of course!" Bonnie said.
"Denneden!" Dedenne said.
"You're right, Dedenne! As long as we're both brave, we'll find a way out of this forest!" Bonnie said as the two walked deeper into the forest.

They soon came upon a fork in the road, with one path going left and the other going right.
"Oh? Now where do we go? Ash!!!" Serena shouted.
"Clemont!" Bonnie shouted. Again, there was no response.
"Maybe we should go left first?" Serena asked.
"But what if we get lost again?" Bonnie asked.
"Technically we're already lost. Besides… maybe we'll be just as lucky and it'll be the way out." Serena said. Bonnie then looked down at Dedenne, who looked like something flew up its nose and it let out a light sneeze. That's when Bonnie snapped her fingers.
"Hey! I got an idea!" Bonnie said as she took the bag (with Dedenne in it) off her shoulder and handed it over to Serena.
"Huh? What's going on, Bonnie?" Serena asked.
"Remember this morning when I made Dedenne smell the new perfume you got me? That perfume should still be good on me. Maybe you can go that way, and then have Dedenne follow my scent to lead you back to me!" Bonnie said as she pointed in the opposite direction from where she was standing.
"Great idea, Bonnie! I guess all that time with your brother has made you think scientifically!" Serena said.
"Thanks, I guess! It's simple logic, really." Bonnie said with a smile.
"Right. Anyway, even with your plan, I say we keep an internal clock of 5-10 minutes and then return to this spot, telling each other what we found." Serena said.
"Okay, Serena. Be careful!" Bonnie said.
"You too!" Serena said. As she nestled Bonnie's bag around her own shoulder, Dedenne waved back at Bonnie.
"Dedenne!" Dedenne shouted.
"Don't worry, Dedenne! You're in good hands with Serena!" Bonnie shouted as the two went their separate ways.

Bonnie walked slowly down her path for the next couple minutes, looking in every direction possible, including upward not only to see how much daylight was left (plenty judging by the many rays of sunshine peeking through the trees) as well as any flying Pokémon overhead. It was when she looked to the right at a very tall set of bushes (almost three times her height) that stood way out from the patches of grass.
"Huh? These bushes are BIG! I wonder if there's anything on the other side…" Bonnie said. She looked back and forth between the path and the bushes and finally pumped her fists.
"Nah, a little bushwhacking never hurt anyone or anything!" Bonnie said as she gently pushed aside the bushes and carefully made her way through them. When she came out the other side, she gasped over what she saw.
"Oh my! Is that… a city?" Bonnie said as she saw the tiny city spread out before her.

Meanwhile, in said city which we know as Little City, life was busy as usual for the many tiny people that inhabited this place. The buildings were quite tall, stretching high into the sky even with the trees high above acting as the sky. One child, along with his mother, were out window shopping.
"Oh wow! Look, Mom! LeafBall 2 just came out! Can I buy it, please?" the boy said.
"Do you have enough money?" the mother asked.
"Awwww… I'm 60 coins short. But I just gotta have that game before it sells out!" the boy said. The mother stared at the little toy for a few seconds before finally sighing.
"Okay, okay. You can have the game." the mother said.
"Yay!" the boy said, but before he could go running into the store…
"If you promise from the bottom of your heart to do your homework on time!" the mother said.
"I promise from the bottom of my heart, Mom." the boy said.
"Okay, good." the mother said.

Before the two could run inside the store, however, they and everyone else looked out in the distance at the 'giant green doors' and saw them rustling around.
"Huh? The giant green doors are moving?" one man said.
"That's not possible! The mayor said nobody could see those doors!" another woman said. Everyone gasped when they saw something coming out from the doors… and they really gasped when they saw the giant 8-year-old girl that we know as Bonnie come through, who was gasping just like they were.
"Oh my! Is that… a city?" Bonnie said as she looked over the tiny city spread out before her eyes. The people of this city looked very tiny for sure… 2 inches tall from Bonnie's perspective, in fact. The people of Little City didn't care… there was a giant girl suddenly towering over their city, no doubt from the 'outside world.'
"A giant outsider! She will destroy us all!" a man shouted.
"That girl? No way! She looks very sweet… I can't believe how big she appears…" a woman said. Finally, though, those who were curious could no longer stand idle as they watched the 'giant' Bonnie walk onto the city grounds.
"Here she comes! Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!" the man shouted as men, women, and children alike all ran as fast as they could away from the giantess.

This of course was not lost on Bonnie as she slowly walked around the city, being careful not to cause too much mayhem. Although she towered over many of the structures, there were a few buildings that still towered over her, though she didn't seem to mind, even as her fluffy white skirt brushed against these particular buildings.
"Don't be afraid, everyone! I won't hurt you… honest!" Bonnie said as she tried to calm everyone down. She figured everyone was running because she was moving around, so she got down on her knees and smiled.
"It's okay, people. I'd be scared too if I were your size!" Bonnie said. She then watched someone on a bicycle fell off trying to screech to a halt. Bonnie cringed a bit before gently lifting the person up off the ground with her fingers.
"Are you okay, mister? That looked like a nasty fall!" Bonnie said.
"Ow… yeah, I'll be fine." the man said. However, Bonnie noticed a rather significant gash on one of the guy's arms. It wasn’t bleeding, but she still felt it needed attention.
"Hmmm… you should still get that looked at. Do you know where the hospital is?" Bonnie asked.
"A couple blocks that way." the man said as he pointed outward.
"Never fear! I'll get you there in no time!" Bonnie said as she slowly stood back up and got back to walking around. She kept her walk still, but asked everyone to step out of the way.
"Move over, everyone! This man needs medical attention!" Bonnie said as she gasped a little bit from having one of her pink shoes come very close to crushing a young woman trying to get out of the way.
"These people are incredibly tiny… smaller than even a Flabebe! I really need to be careful…" Bonnie said to herself as she continued to walk in the direction the injured man was pointing.

Eventually she finally came across a building with a red cross at its entrance.
"Oh? That certainly looks like the hospital. Am I right, young man?" Bonnie said, prompting a nod from the man. A few nurses came running out and looked up in shock over the giantess who was approaching their building. Bonnie stopped a few feet away from the entrance and gently kneeled down, placing the man at the feet of the nurses.
"This man fell off his bike trying to dodge my shoes! Can you please take care of him?" Bonnie asked.
"Er… we'll be happy too, miss. Thank you…" one of the nurses said. Bonnie then looked around and saw one of the nurses bore a very strong resemblance to Nurse Joy.
"Oh! There's even a Nurse Joy here!?" Bonnie shouted.
"Um… yes. How do you know my name?" Joy asked.
"Teehee… I've met a LOT of your cousins in other cities. Of course, they're all way bigger than you are." Bonnie said.
"I see. I didn't realize I had cousins…" Joy said.
"Oh? Is it because you've never ventured out of this city?" Bonnie asked.
"Yes. There's a reason for that…" Joy said.

She started to explain more, which probably would've answered some questions Bonnie had about this place, but she then heard a faint female voice behind her.
"Daddy! Is Daddy okay!?" a young 6-year-old girl said, with a much older woman (presumably her grandmother), trying to keep up behind her.
"Oh! Hi there, little girl! Was that your father I brought into the hospital?" Bonnie asked.
"I saw on the news while walking home from school that you had picked him up after he fell from his bike…" the girl said.
"I see! Don't worry, he should be okay." Bonnie said. The girl then walked up towards Bonnie's gigantic kneecaps (given she was still down on her knees).
"Wow… you're very big! Can we compare hand sizes like I do often with Daddy?" the girl said.
"Sure! Why not?" Bonnie asked. She held her hand above the little girl, who did her best to press her palm up against that belonging to the giantess.
"Teehee! Like I said, you're so big!" the girl said as she giggled endlessly until finally being gently pulled back by her grandmother.
"Awww… thanks! You're so sweet. You remind me of me a couple years ago, especially at my brother's gym!" Bonnie said.
"Oh? So you work out and lift weights and stuff like that?" the girl asked.
"No no, it's not that kind of gym…" Bonnie said.

But before she could explain more, she watched as another two older looking gentlemen came walking through the suddenly growing curious crowd.
"So this is the giant girl who has discovered our city?" the younger of the two men said.
"It would appear so, Mayor Littleton." the much older man to his side said.
"She looks very sweet, I must say, Chief Wizard Spellman." Mayor Littleton said. As Bonnie slowly stood back to her feet, she focused her sights on the two older men as they approached her shoes.
"Young lady, what is your name?" Mayor Littleton said.
"I'm Bonnie from Lumiose City." Bonnie said.
"Nice to meet you, Bonnie. I am the mayor of Little City, Mayor Littleton. This here is my assistant… Chief Wizard Spellman." Mayor Littleton said. Bonnie waved down at the two people as well as everyone else looking up at her, which included the curious patients in the hospital looking at the giantess's backside from their windows.
"Little City? Is that where I am? Seems fitting! Teehee! I had no idea a place like this ever existed." Bonnie said. The much older man, Spellman, had a solemn look on his face.
"And one that should've never been found by anyone in the outside world. No offense, young lady." Spellman said.
"Oh?" Bonnie asked as she folded her arms. As she did this, some citizens murmured over how 'powerful' she looked in such a pose.
"It's a really long story, Miss Bonnie. This city has actually been around for, I don't know, hundreds and hundreds of years." Mayor Littleton said.
"Wow!" Bonnie said.
"And there's a multitude of reasons we've been hiding it from everyone." Mayor Littleton said.

The young man started to explain why it is the city was not discovered by anyone else after all these years… however, Bonnie heard a familiar voice calling out to her.
"Bonnie!" the female voice screamed faintly.
"Oh, that's Serena!" Bonnie said.
"Who is Serena?" Mayor Littleton asked.
"My best friend and one of my traveling companions. I need to let her know that I'm here. Will you all excuse me?" Bonnie said as she made a big step over the group of people and walked away, with everyone watching as the giantess walked further into the city.
"Mayor Littleton, are you sure we should be bringing more people into this city while it is exposed?" Wizard Spellman said.
"Chief… you said we needed the right three people or living beings to reactivate the Concealment Crystal, right?" Mayor Littleton said.
"Yes I did." Spellman said.
"Then we'll have to take our chances. Besides… Bonnie is nice enough. Maybe this Serena girl will be the same." Mayor Littleton said.

Meanwhile, at the split path where Serena and Bonnie were last together, Serena was very worried that Bonnie had not yet returned.
"Oh, Dedenne… I hope we didn't lose Bonnie too. I'd feel so lost without her to cheer me up." Serena said.
"Denne…" Dedenne said.
"Serena! Over here!" Bonnie shouted as Serena looked and saw the young girl running up towards her.
"Oh! Bonnie! There you are. Where did you go!? I told you to come back here after a few minutes." Serena said.
"I know, I'm sorry, but you have to see what I found!" Bonnie said.
"Huh? What is it?" Serena asked as Bonnie took back her bag and put it on her shoulder, much to Dedenne's delight.
"It's a city, but it's tiny! I mean REALLY tiny!" Bonnie said.
"Huh? Seriously? Maybe the heat from this forest is finally getting to you, Bonnie…" Serena said.
"No! I know it sounds strange, but it's really real! Come see for yourself!" Bonnie said as she gently grabbed Serena by one of her hands and pulled.
"Okay, okay!" Serena said as she finally got walking behind Bonnie.

The people of Little City, meanwhile, wondered where Bonnie had run off to, and they also wondered what was taking her so long. They would wonder no more when they saw the 'giant green doors' rustling again.
"Oh? Is the giant girl coming back?" one man asked.
"I hope it's her…" the woman next to him said. Everyone then watched as Bonnie did indeed return, and with her was another giantess. This girl looked older and therefore appeared much taller than Bonnie. In fact, she matched the size of the tallest building inch for inch. Of course, we knew this other giantess as Serena.
"Teehee… I told you all I'd be back! I'd like you all to meet my friend, Serena." Bonnie said. Serena, meanwhile, wanted to drop her jaw to the ground as she gazed upon the tiny city spread before her eyes.
"I… I don't believe it…" Serena said.
"Haha! I couldn't believe it either at first! Don't worry, they won't be afraid of you if you're super gentle with them." Bonnie said.
"Okay…" Serena said as she slowly walked around Little City. The 2-inch-tall citizens all got out of the way as they watched the gigantic Serena explore around, especially at one building as tall as her. She leaned in towards the glass windows.
"Er… hi, everyone!" Serena said.
"Oh, there's the mayor down there!" Bonnie said as she pointed down towards Mayor Littleton.
"Welcome to Little City, Serena!" Mayor Littleton shouted.
"Thank you! It's a pleasure to meet you!" Serena said as she bowed her head.

Of course, Dedenne wanted to get a peek at what Little City was all about as well. So it stuck its head out of Bonnie's bag, and already people were gasping loudly. As Serena and Bonnie were about to find out, this was horrifying news to them, but in the meantime, Bonnie saw Dedenne peeking its head out.
"Oh? What do you think, Dedenne? I bet you never thought you'd see people smaller than you!" Bonnie said.
"Dedenneden!" Dedenne shouted happily.
"Is that… a Pokémon!?" Mayor Littleton shouted, suddenly looking viciously angry.
"Go ahead! Take a closer look!" Bonnie said as she lifted Dedenne out of the bag, placing it in front of her feet on the ground.
"Denne!" Dedenne shouted like it was saying hello. But the tiny people of the city, except for Mayor Littleton, all went running for the literal hills. Dedenne looked concerned while Bonnie once again tried to calm everyone down.
"Huh? No! Dedenne won't hurt anyone, honest!" Bonnie shouted. Most of the people ran away and shut their doors and windows left and right, but others were shaking their fists in anger and suddenly throwing various fruits and vegetables not just at Dedenne, but the two giantesses as well. Mayor Littleton clenched both his fists and looked like he was ready to explode like a powder keg.
"I will not have giant Pokémon desecrate my city! Get out!" Mayor Littleton shouted. Even as Bonnie and Serena were getting splatted from the upper floors of the taller buildings with tomatoes (to no effect other than miniscule spots of tomato juice on their faces), they looked down at the mayor trying to plead their case.
"But Mayor Littleton…" Bonnie said while she picked up Dedenne and placed it back in her bag.
"I SAID GET OUT!!!!!!" Mayor Littleton screamed with all his might… and his rage seemed to fuel those who were just as angry as he was.
"Come on, Bonnie… let's not make this worse." Serena said.
"But…" Bonnie said as Serena gently led her and herself out of the city, although in their rush to get out, a smaller building with nobody inside got crushed underneath one of Serena's boots.

The two made it to the outskirts of the city, just inches away from the tall bushes (or the giant green doors as the people of Little City called them). They looked back as the people who stuck around, including Mayor Littleton, continued to boo and jeer loudly.
"I don't understand… why is it they hate Pokémon so much?" Serena said.
"I really don't know! They were so welcoming of me when I was walking around." Bonnie said. She then saw the sad expression on Dedenne's face.
"Awww… it's okay, Dedenne. Some places are like that, I guess. I wish there was something we could do to convince them not all Pokémon are bad!" Bonnie said.
"Dedenne!" Dedenne shouted, suddenly pointing towards one of the pockets on Serena's long red vest. The girls looked in that direction, where they saw the head of a tiny person peeking out. This was actually Chief Wizard Spellman.
"Whew… I must say, young lady… you have DEEP pockets!" Spellman said.
"Oh! Mr. Spellman!" Bonnie said.
"Eeeeek! How did you get inside my vest!?" Serena shouted.
"Hohoho! I have LOTS of spells in my repertoire." Spellman said.
"Mr. Spellman is the chief wizard of Little City. He probably teleported in there while we were still in the city." Bonnie said. Serena gently picked up the 2-inch-tall old wizard and held him in the palm of her hand.
"That makes sense. You're not gonna drag us back there, are you?" Serena asked.
"Heavens no. In fact, if you want to leave because of how the city feels about you and Pokémon, I will fully understand. But… perhaps you should hear the whole story before you go." Spellman said.
"The whole story?" Bonnie asked.
"Please. Let us talk beyond the giant green doors." Spellman said as he pointed towards the tall bush wall.
"Ooooooookay…" Serena said as she and Bonnie made their way through. The citizens of Little City breathed a sigh of relief thinking that was the last they would see of the two giantesses.

Back outside in the forest path, Serena and Bonnie sat down on the ground so their legs wouldn't tire out from standing and listening to Spellman's story at the same time. Bonnie was nice enough to sit in a reclined position, holding the lower half of her legs and allowing Chief Wizard Spellman to stand atop one of her kneecaps.
"Now then, ladies. Let me tell you a little more about Little City, and for that matter about us in general." Spellman said.
"You? As in why you're so tiny?" Serena asked.
"Correct. We are descendents of an ancient people known as the Minish… from a distant kingdom known as Hyrule. Like us, they were incredibly tiny and had their own world to live and play in… far away from the dangers and complexities of your world." Spellman said.
"Wow… fascinating!" Bonnie shouted.
"We were once welcoming of Pokémon from your world… at least ones that weren't too massive in scale. I mean… no way a Charizard would fit within our society!" Spellman said.
"Not to mention even the smallest breath could burn the whole city down." Serena commented.
"But it was after a series of incidents more than a hundred years ago that led us to hide our presence from the outside world, namely the last one where a Pichu played a little too rough… by accident of course, and almost destroyed our city. The mayor of the city at the time had a daughter, and…" Spellman said. Bonnie could immediately sense what went wrong, and almost shivered herself thinking of a giant Pichu's foot coming down on her.
"Oh… I'm sorry." Bonnie said.
"The people chased the Pichu away. I'll never forget those tearful eyes as it left the grounds. Anyway, it was then that I and the other wizards were asked to think of a way to hide the city from the outside world. Thus, this was created." Spellman said.

He reached inside his gray robe and pulled out a gold-colored crystal, which was devoid of any light whatsoever.
"This is the Concealment Crystal. It's what allows Little City to stay hidden from the outside world, and a powerful protective barrier tricks the outside world into thinking it's nothing more than a field of grass." Spellman said.
"Magic is so cool!" Serena said with glowing eyes, similar to how Ash's eyes would glow whenever Clemont showed off something science or technology related.
"Normally this crystal would be glowing with fantastic energy. But unfortunately, after 150 years, the energy runs out." Spellman said.
"So how do you recharge it?" Bonnie asked.
"All it takes is a very small energy contribution from three living beings. One who is wise beyond their years. One who shows maximum bravery against all odds. One who thrives upon a sense of power. Wisdom. Courage. Power. The three elements that made up a powerful relic also from the Hyrule kingdom… the Triforce." Spellman said.
"Ooooooooooh…" Serena and Bonnie both were impressed with what they just heard.
"And this is why I implore the two of you to return. I can sense a great deal of wisdom and courage between the two of you. If we could find someone who wielded a true sense of power, I'd have the energy needed to recharge the Concealment Crystal and hide Little City from the rest of the world." Spellman said.
"Awww… do you really have to hide again?" Bonnie said. Serena quickly jumped in.
"I think it's for the best, Bonnie. Think of how much trouble the city would go through if people like us were able to easily find it." Serena said.
"Yeah, you're right." Bonnie said.
"We'll help you, but the only question is who do we know that thinks of nothing but power?" Serena said.
"Hmmmm… who indeed…" Bonnie said as the two thought long and hard about the chief wizard's quandary. However, the wizard snapped his fingers.
"The answer has come to us, literally. I sense someone with a great sense of power approaching the city from the opposite side." Spellman said.
"Oh, that didn't take long!" Bonnie said as she and Serena both got back on their feet, with Bonnie carefully holding Mr. Spellman in her hands.
"Oh boy… I hope it isn't Team Rocket. They're always up to no good and thinking of power! The power to capture Pokémon, that is!" Serena shouted.
"We better find out!" Bonnie said as the two ladies made their way through the tall bushes to re-enter the city.

Meanwhile, back in Little City, people were slowly populating the streets again now that the giantesses and the giant Dedenne had departed. One of the citizens walked side-by-side with Mayor Littleton.
"Mayor Littleton, maybe we were a bit hasty with the giantesses named Serena and Bonnie…" the man said, only to be quickly interrupted by the mayor.
"This city has already been through one tragedy involving a giant Pokémon. I won't let that happen again even today." Mayor Littleton said.
"Sir… that tragedy was over 100 years ago. Maybe things have changed?" the man asked. Suddenly, the group looked at the other set of 'giant green doors' that was opposite where Bonnie and Serena had come from.
"What? Now those doors?" the man said.
"Arrrrrgh! Where is Chief Wizard Spellman when I need him? Our city grows more visible and will soon undoubtedly attract a crowd of giant visitors, thus ending our way of life…" Mayor Littleton said.
"Maybe it's Bonnie or Serena coming back?" the man said.
"Or maybe it's another one of her friends?" a nearby woman said.

Finally, someone stepped through the tall bushes, and it was none of the above. It was another giant girl. This elegent-looking girl looked as old and tall as Serena was, sporting brown eyes and blue hair, wearing an orange-bluish headwear, a simple orange tie, a teal shirt with light blue sleeves and cyan shorts. She also wore long, white socks going almost up to her knees and orange shoes. We know this girl as Miette, Serena's top rival in the world of Pokémon Performing. Like Bonnie and Serena earlier, Miette was shocked to see the tiny city spread out before her.
"Oooooooh… what a tiny city! I didn't think cities this small were real… just in fairy tales!" Miette said. Right away she stepped onto the grounds of Little City, watching as people left and right ran away from her gigantic shoes. This was music to Miette's ears… in fact, she started laughing.
"Hahahaha! Wow… I feel so powerful standing amongst these buildings and seeing all these people running from my shoes! I've always wanted to play an evil giantess…" Miette said. And with that, the giantess threw caution to the wind as she got into a more rampaging type mood. She raised one leg high and pancaked a smaller building underneath her shoe, taking great delight in the power she felt causing mass destruction. She didn't stop with buildings, though. She would come insanely close to stepping on a group of panicking people, although she didn't seem to want to actually crush them judging by a couple times she paused whenever somebody was underneath her shoe. Still, she sure acted like she was the big bad girl in town.
"Fee fi fo fum! Hahaha!" Miette said as she laughed away from trampling over another row of smaller buildings.
"Doomsday has come…" Mayor Littleton softly said as he watched almost in slow motion Miette crush another building and let out a low-pitched laugh.

When Bonnie and Serena made their way through the bushes again, that's when they both gasped when they saw Miette rampaging around and sending big plumes of smoke into the air from the buildings she was destroying.
"Hey! Isn't that Miette?" Bonnie said.
"Yeah… what is she doing!?" Serena said.
"Letting the power of seeing a city at her feet get to her head." Spellman said.
"Y'know, I never would've figured Miette to be the power hungry type." Bonnie said.
"Either way, we have to stop her before she destroys the city!" Serena said.
"And convince her to help us with re-energizing the Concealment Crystal. As I told you before, she's the source of power that I am detecting to combine with the wisdom and courage the two of you share." Spellman said. Serena thought to herself how strange that Miette would carry that sense of power with her, but she shook the thought off and marched firmly onto the Little City grounds with Bonnie behind her.

Miette was now down on her hands and knees, crawling after a group of people who looked frantically behind themselves to see how close she was. When several of these people weren't looking, Miette swooped one of her hands down and scooped up more than a few of these people. She licked her lips as she stared at the group of them in the palm of her hand.
"Mmmmm… I wonder what little people taste like. Hopefully like sprinkles on a cupcake!" Miette said. She opened her mouth wide to drop the people inside, when suddenly…
"Stop, Miette!!" Serena shouted loudly. This scared Miette and caused her to drop the people down onto her legs. As these people scrambled to get off, Miette looked forward and saw her angry looking rival in front of her. Miette stood up quickly, causing those who were still on her legs to slide down and land on the ground, giving them a chance to escape as the two giantesses faced each other.
"Serena! What are you doing here!?" Miette shouted.
"I could ask you the same thing!" Serena said.
"Heh… well, I was on my way out of the forest and then found these really tall bushes. Out of curiousity, I walked through, and here I was standing tall in this little city." Miette said.
"Miette! Why are you crushing Little City? Those were innocent people and buildings!" Serena said.
"Huh? Are you saying you've been here already?" Miette asked.
"Yeah! We both got lost and found our way here." Bonnie said.
"I see. Isn't it neat though? Seeing buildings as tall as we are and people as small as ants? It…" Miette said.
"It what?" Serena said, again with an annoyed look on her face.
"Well, okay, yes, it's a power rush. But a darn fun one at that!" Miette said. Bonnie and Serena both sighed, finding it hard to believe Miette would stoop to that low a level.

But it's not like Miette didn't have a heart or good conscience, as she would soon reveal.
"I tell you what. Let's decide who gets to take command of this city. Let's have a Pokémon battle!" Miette said.
"A Pokémon battle?" Serena asked, with several tiny people gasping and already taking cover fearing what was going to happen next.
"If I win, I get to do with the city as I please, but if you win, I'll leave it alone and never bother it again. Deal?" Miette said. Serena nodded.
"You're on. We'll each use two Pokémon!" Serena shouted.
"Oh boy! I get to be the referee this time!" Bonnie said.

A couple minutes pass, and Serena and Miette take their places at different ends of the city, with Bonnie standing proudly in the middle.
"This Pokémon battle will involve two Pokémon from both challengers. The first to make both their opponent's Pokémon unable to battle will be declared the winner. Let's begin!" Bonnie shouted. Both ladies drew out a Poké Ball.
"Pancham! I choose you!" Serena shouted.
"Go, Meowstic!" Miette shouted. Both Pokémon came out looking like they were ready to battle.
"Meowstic, use Psychic!" Miette said. Meowstic's eyes glowed white and Pancham became surrounded in a white glow.
"Don't give in, Pancham! Use Stone Edge!" Serena shouted. Pancham indeed thought hard and was eventually able to break free of Meowstic's psychic grip. Pancham lightly pounded the ground and caused several glowing blue stones to come out of the ground. Meowstic did its best to dodge the stones, which miraculously did not destroy the city despite coming up from the ground.
"Now use Dark Pulse!" Serena shouted. Pancham shot several waves of dark energy at Meowstic, who could not dodge in time and found itself crashing against a taller building, bending it and sending debris down to the ground but not bringing it down. Meowstic already had swirly eyes, which meant…
"Meowstic is unable to battle! Serena wins!" Bonnie shouted.
"Ugh! No way!" Miette said with a look of despair in her eyes.
"Dark type moves are super effective against Psychic-type Pokémon!" Serena said.
"Sigh… yes, you're right. Alright, Meowstic, return and get some rest." Miette said as she returned Meowstic to its Poké Ball.

Miette then reached behind her skirt for her other Poké Ball.
"Alright, it's time for the star of the show. Come out, Slurpuff!" Miette shouted as she threw her other ball up, releasing Slurpuff. Serena then called back Pancham.
"Pancham, you did great. Get some rest!" Serena said.
"Since you're going with your number one pick, so shall I! Go, Braixen!" Serena said as she threw her other ball out. Braixen came out looking ready to fight, holding a branch that was lit up with a flame.
"Slurpuff, Energy Ball!" Miette shouted as Slurpuff shot an energy ball towards Braixen.
"Send it right back at them, Braixen!" Serena shouted. Indeed, Braixen hit the ball back towards both Slurpuff and Miette like a baseball.
"Yipes!" Miette shouted as she and Slurpuff both dove out of the way, taking a group of buildings down beneath their bodies. The ball ended up hitting the same building that was dented in the battle between Pancham and Meowstic, and the top half of the structure looked like it was ready to tip over literally any second… and there were a lot of objects both living and non-living underneath that building.
"Oh no! Braixen! Don't let that building fall down!" Serena shouted. Braixen, being careful not to step on any innocent people, ran over towards the building and used all her strength to keep it propped up. She soon would not be alone as both Slurpuff and Miette both gasped over seeing what was happening.

"Slurpuff! We need to help Braixen!" Miette said. With Slurpuff running behind Braixen and keeping her up by pushing against her tail, Miette helped Braixen herself by pushing on the building as well. After Serena and Bonnie finally ran up to help as well, the group finally managed to get the building stabilized.
"Whew… that was close!" Serena said.
"Yeah… but how long is that going to hold? Won't it just fall again when the fireworks of our battle get going again?" Miette said. Braixen then stepped forward with a smile on her face, then she took a deep breath and shot a steady stream of flames where the building was dented.
"Huh? Braixen?" Serena asked.
"Why is she using Flamethrower?" Bonnie asked. The group wondered what the Fox Pokémon was up to, as did the tiny people down below. Mayor Littleton, meanwhile, had his jaw dropped as low as it would go. What he was seeing unfold before his eyes was a revelation.
"I get it…" Mayor Littleton quietly said.

About a minute later, Braixen stopped shooting flames. Where the building once had a big dent was now covered in hardened ash.
"Oh! Now I understand! Braixen was welding the building back together!" Serena said, prompting a nod and a smile from Braixen.
"I gotta admit, that's smart thinking! That would earn big points from the judges! No pun intended…" Miette said.
"I'm proud of you, Braixen. Thanks so much for helping out." Serena said as she got down on her knees and gave Braixen a quick hug.
"Uh oh… I think we're in trouble again." Bonnie said as she looked down and pointed at the crowd of people gathering around the giantesses and their giant Pokémon. Miette was the first to bow her head.
"We're sooooo sorry for almost destroying this tall building!" Miette said.
"Never mind that. It is I who should be apologizing to all of you." Mayor Littleton said.
"Huh?" all the girls said. Chief Wizard Spellman, meanwhile, was floating down back alongside the mayor after riding Bonnie's shoulder.
"You've showed me just how much the bond between humans and Pokémon have grown over the years. I used to think they resented humans for the way they were treated, but…" Mayor Littleton said, with the wizard coming in to finish.
"The world was changing around us, and our mayor was too stuck in the tragic events of the past to realize that." Spellman said.
"Guilty as charged. And I tried to blame you two when there was no reason to at all. Please accept our apologies from all of us." Mayor Littleton said.
"Heh, no worries. We understand." Serena said.
"We're just glad you see Pokémon in a more positive light. Maybe you'll invite them to your city!" Bonnie shouted. All the people were murmuring with each other.
"Well… one step at a time, Bonnie." Mayor Littleton said.
"You gotta remember, Bonnie. A Flabebe would still look pretty big compared to these people." Serena said.
"Not as big as my shoes, though!" Miette said as she playfully dangled one of her shoes high in the air.
"Miette!!" Serena shouted.
"Kidding, kidding." Miette said as she set her foot back down.

The wizard then looked over at the mayor.
"Mayor Littleton… now that we have the right people with wisdom, courage, AND power… it's time we re-energized the Concealment Crystal." Spellman said.
"Ah, yes! Please make it so!" Mayor Littleton said.
"Please hold still, ladies. You may feel like you're being poked with a needle, but I assure you the process won't be too painful." Spellman said.
"Ooooookay." all three ladies said.

The process was very fast and, indeed, carried the absolute minimum of pain. The three ladies watched as tiny balls of light came flying out of each of them. Bonnie had a green light, Serena had a blue light, and Miette's was red. The three ladies watched as the lights flew into a crystal that the wizard was holding. Once all three lights were inside, the crystal glowed bright and then shot a golden light outwards that eventually hit every corner of the city.
"It's done. Once you ladies leave, it will appear as if nothing is in this part of the forest." Spellman said.
"And it will be that way for another 150 years." Mayor Littleton said.
"We're glad we were able to help. Right, Miette?" Serena said.
"Of course, of course!" Miette said.
"I guess that's our cue to leave then." Serena said.
"Awwww… can't we stay a little bit longer? It's sooooooo much fun being as tall as these buildings!" Bonnie said.
"I agree, but dangerous for those little people. I mean, look at the mess Serena and I almost caused!" Miette said.
"She's right. And besides… Ash and Clemont are still looking for us!" Serena said. The three girls (and their Pokémon) turned around and started to head for the 'giant green doors.'
"Um, ladies… we ask for one more request before you go!" Mayor Littleton said.
"Yes?" all three said.
"Please… don't tell anyone about your visit with us. Number one, for obvious reasons, is because nobody else will find us for another few generations thanks to the Concealment Crystal. And second… we prefer to remain low key regardless. We're a different species of people…" Mayor Littleton said.
"You have our word, Mayor Littleton. But can we at least never forget about you?" Serena said. The mayor and some of the other citizens smiled.
"If we won't forget about the three of you and your Pokémon, then neither should you." Mayor Littleton said.
"Thanks!" Serena said.
"Bye bye, everyone!" Bonnie shouted. The three girls and the tiny people of Little City waved at each other before the ladies finally walked through the bushes and vanished forever.

When the girls reappeared from the other side, the bushes were gone. It was nothing more than an empty patch of grass. Bonnie couldn't help but step on this grass, and she didn't feel anything.
"They're really gone." Bonnie said.
"That crystal sure is powerful." Serena said. Serena's eyes then lit up.
"Hey, wait! We never finished our battle, Miette!" Serena said.
"You know what? Let's just call it a draw this time. Besides…" Miette said as she pointed behind Serena, where two familiar faces were coming fast.
"Hey! Serena! Bonnie!" two male voices suddenly shouted. All three girls let out a sigh of relief when they saw who those voices belonged to.
"Ash!" Serena shouted.
"Big brother!" Bonnie said as she ran up and gave Clemont a hug while Serena did the same to Ash.
"Whew! Thank goodness we found you! We were so worried we lost you forever!" Ash said.
"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted from atop Ash's head.
"Are you two alright? You didn't get into any trouble while we were apart, did you?" Clemont said. Serena and Bonnie quickly looked at each other, but remembered the promise they made to the people of Little City.
"No, of course not! We were just walking around in circles trying to find you." Serena said.
"But thankfully we had Miette as company!" Bonnie said.
"Oh, hey Miette!" Ash said.
"Hey there, Ash! So… you and Serena, y'know…" Miette said with a sly smile on her face, only to be loudly interrupted by Serena.
"Okay, Miette! Don't make any funny guesses!!!" Serena said as her face blushed and she waved her arms frantically. Bonnie couldn't help but snicker.

"Well, anyway, Clemont and I found a way out of this forest." Ash said.
"And for once I didn't need to rely on something that would blow up 5 seconds later." Clemont said as he smiled and his glasses reflected a little sunlight peeking through the overhead trees.
"So let's go! I'm starving after all this forest exploration!" Ash said.
"Alright! Next town or city, here we come!" Bonnie shouted.
"Are you coming, Miette?" Serena asked.
"You guys go ahead. I'm taking a different path out of this forest. But Serena… promise me this." Miette said.
"Y-y-y-yes?" Serena said, nervous about what Miette was going to ask.
"That you'll be your absolute best next time we're both on stage!" Miette shouted.
"You can count on it!" Serena said as she and Miette shook hands.
"Well, until next time, everyone!" Miette said as she and Slurpuff waved at the group and then both walked in the opposite direction.

Ash, Clemont, Serena, and Bonnie (and their Pokémon like Braixen and Dedenne) soon got walking themselves. Serena and Bonnie took one last look at the empty patch of grass where Little City once stood.
"I hope Little City makes it out okay, big sis Serena." Bonnie whispered as she gently hugged one of Serena's arms and also part of her long red vest.
"I hope so too, Bonnie. I miss them already." Serena whispered.
"Huh? What are you two whispering about?" Ash asked.
"Nothing! Just girl talk!" Serena and Bonnie both shouted. Ash just shrugged as the group continued to make their way out of the forest.