Love o' War

(Cubed Cinder)

NOTE from author: This story takes place before Season 7 (Pokemon Advanced Challenge), which explains why Misty hadn't been to Hoenn yet.

Slateport City

Ash, May, Max, and Brock were all relaxing and taking it easy from what's been a long, tough journey around the early parts of Hoenn. Ash has two badges and several Pokemon by his side while May had just lost her first Pokemon Contest match, but she would learn later on how things work. Brock and Max were simply along for the ride it seemed. Ash and friends had all decided to go fishing to kill some time from the rest of their day.
"It sure is a great day for fishing, isn't it?" Ash asked.
"You said it... even though I haven't caught anything all day." Max said.
"Yeah. You'll be lucky you don't scare the fish away with that big mouth of yours." May said.
"What the heck is that supposed to mean!?" Max shouted, getting angry over May's comment. Brock was there to settle things down, however.
"Okay, guys, let's settle down. I'm sure something will come up sooner or later." Brock said. May could then suddenly feel her line get pulled into the ocean, like she had grabbed something.
"Hey! I got something!" May shouted as she fought to pull her fishing rod back.
"Excellent, May! Work that Pokemon over!" Ash said. The battle went on for another minute or so before the line snapped loose. May fell backwards, only to be caught in mid-air by Ash.
"You okay, May?" Ash said.
"Yeah... I'm just fine..." May said as she slowly got back on her feet. She looked into Ash's eyes, acting very grateful that he was there to catch her. Max could tell something was going on between the two.
"Oh goodie... Ash and May sitting under a tree! K-i-s-s-i-n-g!" Max shouted before May pounded him in the head.
"It's nothing like that. You're just being lovesick! Isn't he, Ash?" May said. Ash softly nodded.
"Yeah, I suppose." Ash said. He looked up in the sky as he thought about something before he looked back at May.

While all this was going on, several yards away from the scene was Misty, who had arrived in Hoenn two hours ago in search of Ash. She couldn't resist but visiting him one more time before she moved on with her regular life as leader of the Cerulean City Gym.
"I can't wait to see the look on Ash's face when he sees me again! Don't you think, Togepi?" Misty said as she held the young Pokemon in its arms. Togepi spoke out its name to acknowledge it had heard what Misty said. Then when Misty was about 50 yards away from the group, she hid behind a nearby bush and watched as Ash and the others did their fishing.
"Well, I see Brock is still with Ash, but who is that girl he's with?" Misty said to herself. Just then, she watched when May tripped over and was caught by Ash. Then May got back on her feet and looked at Ash in the eyes, almost in a romantic fashion. Misty gasped... she even dropped Togepi because she was so shocked over what she was seeing.
"No... this can't be... how can Ash fall in love with another girl!? He belongs to me!!!" Misty thought to herself. Her eyes filling up with tears, she picked up Togepi and took off in the opposite direction.

Oldale Town

Ten minutes later, when she was just outside of Oldale Town, Misty was so distraught over seeing Ash 'kiss' up to this new girl that he knew as May. In fact, she wasn't even watching where she was going. And that's how she bumped into an old scientist, knocking him and most of his items down on the ground. Misty landed on the ground as well and got a good look at this scientist.
"What in tarnation!? What is going on here!?!?" the scientist shouted.
"I... I'm sorry, sir. I should've watched where I was going." Misty said.
"You darn tootin' better be sorry... now I gotta pick up all this crap I gathered for my bosses. Now where did I drop that can of growth pellets..." the scientist said. This quickly caught Misty's attention. Growth pellets? As in pellets that Pokemon eat to make them bigger? She had read about something like this on the Internet one day back at Cerulean City. She looked down and saw these pellets, which were all shaped like black marbles. There looked to be about twenty of them, including the can that they came in. Misty, without thinking rationally, sealed up the can and sneaked all twenty of the pellets into her shorts. She handed the can to the scientist.
"Here you go, sir." Misty said. The scientist quickly grabbed the can and didn't even bother to look inside before he threw it in his bag. Everything else he had dropped was already inside the bag.
"Grrrrr... thank you, I guess. Now I must be on my way! There is much work to be done!" the scientist said before he took off running away from Misty. Misty just grunted over thinking about that old man's attitude. But then she focused her attention on the growth pellets. Why did she take them from the old guy? For what reason did she have to use them?

It was that last question, combined with getting her mind back to Ash Ketchum, that set her mind spinning. She looked down at her Togepi and then quickly ran into the Pokemon Center.
"Nurse Joy, can you watch over my Togepi for me?" Misty asked.
"Well... sure. Why do you ask?" Joy asked.
"I can't explain... I'm really late for something! Just watch over it! Thanks!!!" Misty shouted before running back out. Joy just shrugged her off and took Togepi to a safe place. Misty, meanwhile, sprinted back for the Slateport City shoreline where she had seen Ash.

Slateport City

Back near Slateport City, Ash and his friends had just finished their fishing vacation and were ready to move on with their adventure.
"Well, that was pure fun, wasn't it everyone?" Ash said.
"You bet! I feel so much better knowing that I have a knack at fishing for Pokemon." May said.
"But you never caught one!" Max said.
"They say it's the thrill of fishing that makes for a better Pokemon trainer, not how many Pokemon from the water you actually catch." Brock said.
"Gee, Brock, since when have you been such an expert on fishing for Pokemon?" Ash said.
"Errrr... since today." Brock said. The others just laughed thinking Brock was just being his funny self. Max, while he wasn't laughing, was the first to look ahead and see that everyone had company.

"Hey... who's that up there?" Max asked. Everyone stopped laughing, and Ash was stunned to see Misty was standing right in their path!
"Wha!? Misty's here in Hoenn!" Ash said.
"Hello, Ash Ketchum." Misty said in a low tone. She clearly looked unhappy as she stood with her arms folded.
"Who's that, Ash?" May asked.
"Um... an old friend of mine." Ash said.
"So that's how it is? An old friend? What happened to your promise that you would never forget me!?" Misty shouted. She then looked to see Brock down on his knees and taking one of Misty's hands in his own.
"I would never forget someone as friendly as you, Misty. Let us celebrate your return in a big way!" Brock said. However, Misty grabbed him by the ear and threw him to the side, knocking him down hard to the ground.
"Wow... that girl's got style!" Max said, amazed at how Misty easily took down Brock.
"Misty! You've got it all wrong! I would never forget about you! May and I are just friends, that's all!" Ash said.
"Friends, eh? Then what was it you two were doing by the ocean!?" Misty shouted. May and Ash just looked at each other like they had no idea what was going on. May then wanted to try and reason with this girl.
"Uh... listen, uh... Misty, is it? If you're Ash's boyfriend, then I can explain what I've been doing with him. I mean it's..." May said.
"You shut your mouth if you don't want to get hurt! This is between Ash and myself." Misty said. She then pulled out the growth pellets from her shorts and looked at them in her hand.

"Huh? What are those, Misty?" Ash said.
"Just some pellets that's going to be the start of something big between you and me." Misty said, smiling. Anxious to become a giantess, she then stuffed her face full of the pellets, causing about half of the pellets to fall to the ground, next to her feet. Misty chomped on the pellets and then gulped them all down.

And just like that... Misty began to grow.

Her clothes were growing with her, but it was still an overwhelming feeling to both Ash and May as they watched Misty get bigger in size. There was no telling how big she was going to get because she was growing at a slow pace. Brock woke up from being unconscious and was awestruck with hearts in his eyes when he saw the large size that Misty was getting up to. In fact, he decided to get up close and personal, diving for her shoelaces and using them to climb atop her growing shoe.
Finally, Misty stopped growing at around 150 feet tall. She looked down sharply at Ash.
"So, Ash, what do you think of the new me?" Misty said. Ash was speechless. He and May started to back away from the giantess, but Misty poked May backwards on the ground with her finger and then used her right hand to pick up Ash.
"May, are you alright?" Max shouted as he ran beside his older sister.
"Yeah... but Ash is in trouble!" May said as she pointed up to the giant Misty. In the meantime, the people of Slateport City were scrambling to get to safety because Misty was big enough to crush the city flat if she ever started moving.
"What do you say we go somewhere private, my little Ash?" Misty said. She then started walking away from Slateport City with Ash in her hands. Brock was being carried away as well as he sat on top of Misty's right shoe.
"Ash! Brock!" May shouted, but the giantess Misty didn't listen as she kept on walking away, crushing a small building or two that stood in her path.

"May, look at this. Misty seemed to have dropped some of those pellets!" Max said, pointing to the other ten pellets that Misty had dropped in her rush to grow to giant size. May walked up to Max to see these pellets on the ground.
"Hey... you're right." May said.
"I wonder if I can examine these further..." Max said, but then May slapped him in the back of the head as she instead picked up the ten remaining pellets.
"We don't have time for your silly examinations, Max. We gotta get Ash and Brock back from that giant girl." May said.
"Well... what are you going to do?" Max said. May took one more look at the pellets.
"Fight fire with fire, what else?" May said as she swallowed the pellets herself and gulped them down.
"Great... just what I needed. A bigger sister." Max muttered to himself. And just as he said that, May began to grow...

Meanwhile, outside Slateport City, Misty was tearing her way through Cycling Road, not caring whatsoever for anyone or anything that stood in the way of her 150-foot-tall self. Misty wouldn't stop smiling either. The Trick Master's house was completely crushed as Misty continued her slow walk through the area. In fact, she looked at Ash, who sat uneasily in her hands, the entire time, although she would occasionally peek ahead to see how much closer they were to the Fallarbor Mountains, which was still several miles away. She still, however, hadn't noticed Brock that was riding atop her right shoe.
"So, Ash, how have you been?" Misty asked.
"Uh... well... I... I just... I mean I..." Ash stumbled to find the words. He was obviously still shocked to see Misty again, and at such a huge size too. Misty simply giggled.
"I can understand your reaction. It's not every day you see your girlfriend at such a huge size, right?" Misty said, lightly patting Ash on the head. Misty then stopped her walk over the tiny Mauville City. The people of Mauville panicked like crazy because something so big had just stepped into their neighborhood.

Misty looked down and noticed a nearby flower lady standing just outside of town. She was in Misty's direct line of sight as she looked down at the woman holding a basket full of flowers.
"Excuse me, but what is your name?" Misty asked.
"R-R-R-Rose..." Rose said, stuttering in fear.
"Well, Rose, are those the famous Fallarbor Mountains ahead of this little town?" Misty asked.
"Yes... I believe so." Rose said.
"Thanks." Misty said. But before she could start to walk away, Rose called out for the giantess.
"Uh... excuse me, miss! But your shoelaces are untied." Rose said. Misty looked down and finally noticed that she had been walking all this time with the shoelaces on her right shoe untied.
"Hmmm... you're right. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Wouldn't want to trip myself up and crush this entire place, would I?" Misty said. She then took a few more steps ahead to the north so she could clear Mauville City and position herself back on open ground. Rose, as well as a few other citizens of Mauville, all breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the giant Misty hadn't caused any damage whatsoever.

"Now don't you go anywhere, my little Ashy. I've got some shoelaces to tie up." Misty said. She then opened up one of her shorts pockets and then dropped Ash inside. Misty then kneeled herself down to tie up the shoelaces on her right shoe. Just as she did that, that's when she saw Brock sitting down on her shoe.
"Brock!?" Misty said.
"Oh... hi, Misty! Fancy meeting you here!" Brock shouted. Misty then picked up Brock and stood up once more.
"How did you get here?" Misty asked.
"I kinda hitched a ride. I hope you don't mind... you look so much prettier when you're that big!" Brock said. What happened next took Brock a little bit by surprise. Misty actually smiled at him.
"Well now, I'm glad you actually think that of me. Perhaps it's time I made your dreams come true." Misty said. Then she pinned Brock between the soft flesh of her chest and the hand that had been holding him. If this were a real Pokemon episode, you'd be seeing a ton of hearts coming out of Brock's head, and that's just what was happening.
"Wow!!! At long last! This is the moment I have been waiting for! My dreams have finally come true!" Brock said, sounding all steamy and full of excitement. Misty couldn't help but giggle. Under normal circumstances, she would've probably slapped the heck out of him for saying such things. But perhaps Misty being so big and having the friends she cares the most for with her was serving to change her mood for the time being.
Misty then knew it was time to get moving once more, so she placed Brock on top of her right shoulder, allowing him to sit on it, before walking forward once more towards the Fallarbor Mountains.

Slateport City

Meanwhile, back in Slateport City, May had just finished growing to the same height that Misty had reached earlier. She stood still, looking around the once-large city. She wasn't thinking about Misty at the moment. She was too captivated over her new size... in fact, she was showing some signs of delusion.
"Wow... Slateport looks so much smaller from up here." May said. Max was pounding away at May's right shoe, trying to get his enlarged sister's attention.
"May! May! Would you look down here already!?" Max shouted. Luckily, he was loud enough to be heard by the giantess. May smiled when she looked beside her right foot to see Max standing there.
"Well hello my very, very little brother!" May said with a smile. She then reached down and astutely grabbed Max with her right hand. May opened her hand up to see her brother sitting in her palm, which was exciting her profoundly.
"Hee hee hee... how does it feel to have a really big sister now, Max?" May said, poking Max in his stomach with her other hand.
"Hey! Would you knock it off!? What would Dad say about this!?" Max shouted.
"That's not important now... what matters is how cute you look from this size. I could almost hug you and squeeze you like the little dolly you are!" May said. True to her word, she pressed Max up against her breasts. Max blushed in embarrassment having to be humiliated in this way. It was one thing to be smushed up against a giant girl's chest area, but to have that girl be your own sister was too much for Max to take. He struggled to free himself from May's mighty grip.

"May, you big crazy sister!!! Please let go of me!" Max shouted. May somehow must've heard that as she pulled Max back out into open air and looked at him like she was very annoyed.
"Big and crazy sister, eh? Perhaps it's time I gave you the respect I wished you would show me. Would baby brother like a nappie inside my mouth?" May asked.
"What!?!? Wait... you can't be serious!" Max shouted. But May didn't listen as she simply moved her brother ever so closer to her open mouth. But then, May decided not to swallow him. Instead, he blasted Max in every direction with her tongue, licking him in every which way you could think of. This lasted for at least a couple minutes, and by the time Max was back to sitting in May's hand, he was dripping with sticky saliva. Max pouted in disgust because never before had he been humiliated this badly.
"There you go. I figured that's punishment enough for you. If you're still bad, maybe I'll crush you like the bug you are!" May said, definitely trying to rattle his nerves some more. May could see the look on his face, and decided maybe he could use some cheering up. She then sat down against a nearby lighthouse that was just slightly taller than May herself, placing Max between her legs that stretched out into the city.
"Go ahead, Max. I want to see how fast you can climb up to my shoulders." May said with a smile as she poked him to the ground again. Max took a deep breath, knowing that something bad could happen if he disobeyed his big sister again, and gripped onto May's clothes. He started climbing upwards. As he approached the breasts that nearly crushed him earlier, a thought entered his mind, one that he felt could save his skin.

"Uh... May, what would Ash think if you did all of this to him?" Max asked.
"Hey, y'know, that's a good point. Where is he anyway?" May asked, looking around the city to find him. Max slapped his head with one of his heads as he found it unbelievable that May had quickly forgotten about what happened to Ash.
"Ugh... May, you're even denser than I thought! Didn't you see what happened to him!?" Max shouted.
"What do you mean, little brother?" May asked.
"He got taken away by that Misty girl, who also grew big with those pellets you ate... remember!?" Max shouted. That's when the reminders hit May. She was so shocked over remembering that she quickly leapt to her feet, causing Max to nearly lose his grip on May's clothes.
"Oh yeah... that's right! Ugh... I can't believe I forgot about that! And I'm even as big as her! Why didn't you tell me, Max!?" May shouted.
"I don't know, May... don't ask." Max said, sweatdropping as he slowly climbed up to her open collar to get himself safe in between May's breasts.
"Well, that doesn't matter. I'll show this girl for kidnapping Ash like she did!" May shouted, suddenly more determined than ever now that she got her focus on Ash back. In fact, she was able to remember that Misty had headed north towards the Fallarbor Mountains, so that's the direction that Misty headed in. Just like with Misty, May didn't even notice she was causing mass destruction around Slateport City. By the time she was out of the city, both giantesses had left the city in total ruins.

Mauville City

Rose, the flower lady, was slowly getting back to picking flowers outside of Mauville City after having to answer to an overgrown Misty just a few minutes ago. However, she soon started hearing those booming footstep sounds again, and she could only drop her jaw in shock when she saw the giantess May now approaching her! May was about to pass by the lonely flower lady when she stopped in her tracks and looked down at her.
"Excuse me, miss, but have you seen another giant girl go by here?" May asked.
"Y-Y-Y-Yes.... she went north to the Fallarbor Mountains." Rose asked.
"Ah, good. That's not that far from here. Thank you!" May said before she walked northwards once more and out of Mauville City. Rose looked down at the flowers she had been holding and then threw them down towards her feet.
"Maybe I've been smelling the roses for too long." Rose said before she slowly backed away from the flower garden and then took off running, no doubt back towards home.

Fallarbor Mountains

The ash-layered mountains of Fallarbor were about to get some company in the form of the gigantic Misty. There weren't many people around the mountains at this time of year, which made it the perfect place for Misty to spend some quiet time with Ash. Misty sat down at the base of the mountain and looked right in Ash's eyes as he sat in her hands, all while Brock continued to salivate over being with a giant Misty as he kept on hugging her shoes.
"So, Ash, how long have you been seeing this new girl of yours?" Misty asked.
"Uh... about eight months. But come on! It's not like May and I are dating or anything! We're just friends. Besides... I broke her bike too." Ash said. Misty couldn't help but laugh when she heard that. Ash had to cover his ears because her laughter was so loud.
"Oh, Ash, I see you haven't lost your way. Always breaking the girl's bike to get her attention." Misty said, smiling and patting Ash on the head.
"Well, yeah, I guess that's me for you." Ash said.
"But what matters most is that we are together again. And there's nothing that can possibly seperate the two of us ever again." Misty said as she brought Ash to her lips and kissed his entire body.

"I wouldn't say that, Misty!" a familiar voice shouted. Misty woke up from her love trance with little Ash and looked ahead to see the similarly-sized May standing about fifty yards away from the base of the mountain. Misty quickly jumped to her feet. So quickly that she ended up dropping Ash, but he was able to grab onto the top of her yellow shirt (where the middle of her chest was) and hang on tight as he looked out to the giant May.
"May!? How did you get as big as me?" Misty asked.
"You dropped some pellets... shows what happens when you get too excited over taking my friend away." May said.
"Your friend!? Now you listen to me! I was traveling with Ash long before you met him! He's mine!" Misty shouted.
"Maybe so... but he's my friend now, so I suggest you let him go!" May shouted. During this shouting match, Max was slowly climbing down May's body so he could get back on real ground. Misty couldn't help but notice him as he had made it down to May's shorts.

"Well, well... what do we have here? Another cute boy for me to play with!" Misty said as she actually walked towards May and tried to reach for Max. May looked down and immediately saw her little brother in danger. That's when she pulled the unthinkable and slapped Misty right in the face! The slap was so hard that the slapping sound echoed throughout the skies for at least 20 seconds. Not to mention the red spot on Misty's face. Soon, all her face turned red as she beamed with anger.
"What was that for, you... you... you..." Misty said.
"I'd say it, but there might be children watching the two of us around these mountains. And besides... nobody picks on my little brother except for me!" May shouted.
"Alright, that's it! You're going down, May!" Misty shouted. She then gave May enough of a shove that she fell down, crushing most of the nearby Fallarbor Town in the process with her behind. Max collapsed down on the ground next to Brock, who was running towards May's shoes, no doubt to admire them this time around. May got back up, brushing the many dusty ash particles that got stuck on her clothes, and charged for Misty. She ended up grabbing the top of her hair! As Misty growled, trying to withstand the pain of having her hair pulled by a fellow giantess, she reached out and this time grabbed a hold of May's hair. The two giantesses were now essentially in a wrestling-like lock on each other.

For Ash, this was no fun at all. He was now smothered between the red fabric of May's clothing that was pressed up against Misty's yellow shirt, trapping him in between the two ladies. He eventually slipped down inside Misty's shirt and sort of dragged down towards the ground. I say dragged because he was still pinned up against Misty's skin. That is, until he made it down to Misty's shorts, which he wisely grabbed onto to stop his descent. May was quick to notice Ash hanging around down there.
"There!" May shouted. She managed to get a grip on Ash as she grabbed him from Misty's shorts. Misty saw this and grabbed May's wrist.
"Oh no you don't!" Misty shouted. The two then started tugging on each other, with both girls getting a hand somewhere on Ash's body. Ash screamed out in pain and started to feel very dizzy as a result of being pulled from left to right by both giantesses. Brock and Max, who had each gotten a hold of themselves and stepped back 100 yards away from the carnage, could only watch what they were witnessing.
"This is just crazy... we gotta do something, Brock. Brock?" Max said, but when he looked over at Brock, he saw him cheering the girls on like he didn't realize Ash was in trouble.
"Yeah! Catfight! Catfight! I just love it when things like this happen!" Brock shouted. Max just sweatdropped and pretended he didn't know Brock whatsoever.
"Oh brother..." Max muttered. Pikachu, standing beside Max, likewise said something.

Ash, through all the pain and suffering he was going through, knew that he couldn't take much more of this punishment. He thought of a way he could get the girls' attention, and knowing how badly each wants to care for him, he came up with a plan.
"Ladies! Please stop!!! You're hurting me!" Ash shouted. May somehow was able to pick this up.
"Hey, did you hear what he said? We're hurting him just by fighting over him!" May shouted. Misty looked down and could see the painful look on Ash's face.
"Oh gosh... you're right! Now see what all your fighting has done to my little Ash!" Misty shouted.
"My Ash!?!? What about you!? You were the one that wanted to keep him all to yourself!" May shouted.
"Misty! May! Can we argue about this some other time!? How about letting me down on the ground for a change!" Ash said, pointing out how long he had been in the air from being held captive by Misty. Misty agreed with Ash's thinking, and she finally pulled him from May's hands and set him down on the ground as ordered. Ash got down on his knees and took several deep breaths, thankful that he was still alive. But then he had to look back up at the two giant girls that were both in love with him. He wondered what was going to happen next.

"Ash... will you please forgive me? I guess I got carried away back there." Misty said.
"Hah! That's the biggest understatement of the day. I could've killed him had it not been for your crazy behavior." May said.
"Just what is that supposed to mean!?" Misty said.
"Girls! Girls! Please, enough of this! Why don't you both explain to me why I am so special to your lives?" Ash asked.
"Oh, that's easy. Because we traveled together for so long... we were starting to develop feelings for each other." Misty said.
"Yeah right... at least he's helped me become a better Pokemon trainer! I'm darn close to winning my first ribbon!" May said.
"Only your first? I'm a Pokemon Gym Leader back home in Cerulean. I believe that's what makes me a better Pokemon trainer!" Misty shouted. May found that hard to top, because a gym leader was almost as good as it got in her eyes. That's when she felt like resorting to different matters in order to win Ash's heart.
"Well... I'm much prettier than you could ever be!" May said, starting to strike some poses that would envy a spokesperson from a modeling magazine.
"Prettier? Where do you get that assumption? You couldn't possibly attract a whole group of boys with both talent and a body like that! Just watch!" Misty said. Just then... she reached down for her shorts and started to pull them down. Ash and Max covered their eyes thinking that Misty was actually going to strip herself clean of her clothes right over the Fallarbor Mountains! They heard the sound of Misty's shorts and then her yellow shirt as they landed down on the ground next to themselves. Just then, Ash peeked up to realize why Misty had done what she had done.

She was just wearing her famed red two-piece swimsuit. She was also in her bare feet having kicked off her shoes. Misty soon struck some poses as well as May stood in astonishment, wishing that her own yellow swimsuit had grown with her much earlier. Brock was getting overly excited over what he was witnessing with his own two eyes.
"Woohoo!!! You go, girl! Yeah!" Brock said, jumping up and down with hearts swirling around his head.
"This is really getting out of hand..." Max said, lowering his head in embarrassment.
"You said it, and I always thought I was the weirdest one of the group." Ash said. Pikachu nodded in agreement.
"Well, Ash, how about me with my swimsuit on?" Misty asked.
"You're crazy, you know that? You'll go to any lengths to get your hands on Ash, won't you?" May said.
"That's right. Whatever it takes. Even if it has to be a Pokemon battle too!" Misty shouted.
"Hey, yeah! That's right! How about we settle this feud that way! I'll show you what I've learned when it comes to Pokemon!" May said.
"You're on! One on one... the winner keeps Ash for herself!" Misty said.
"Okay! Torchic, I choose you!" May shouted, reaching for the Pokeball on her belt and throwing it towards the ground.
"Gyarados, you're on!" Misty shouted as she took one of her Pokeballs from her shorts on the ground and threw it. The Pokeballs opened, but something was different...

The Pokemon hadn't grown with the girls. Torchic was still as small as ever, and compared to May's 150-feet-tall height, Torchic looked downright tiny. Misty's Gyarados could be seen a little better from Misty's eyes as Gyarados was short of reaching Misty's knees, but even then, the water dragon Pokemon still looked small compared to Misty's giant body. May looked way down to see how close her giant feet were to Torchic, and she hurriedly backed away, crushing more of Fallarbor Town in the process.
"Eeeeek! Torchic! I'm sorry I almost crushed you!" May shouted, holding a hand towards her mouth in shock.
"Well now, not only do you care so much for your Pokemon to worry about it, but I have an obvious type advantage!" Misty said, referring to the fact that Gyarados, as a water type, could easily defeat the fire type that was May's Torchic. Ash, watching from far below, knew that Torchic was in deep trouble.
"May! Call Torchic back! This is an unfair fight!" Ash said. May hesitated, wanting so badly to prove herself to Ash, and simply shook her head. Misty smiled, ready to take advantage of the young trainer's mistake.
"Gyarados! Hydro Pump!" Misty shouted. Gyarados charged up its mouth, ready to unleash a furious water attack that could no doubt sweep Torchic away. May finally relented as she got a feeling of the force of the attack.
"Torchic, return!" May shouted as she held out her Pokeball as it zapped Torchic back inside. Gyarados immediately cut off its attack when it saw its opponent disappear.
"Ha! As you can tell... I am the superior Pokemon trainer." Misty said.
"It's no fair! You had a bigger and more experienced Pokemon than I did. I wanted a fair fight!" May said.
"Well, sadly, that's the way this Pokemon world works. Right, Ash?" Misty said as she looked down to see Ash.
"Uh... well... er... I..." Ash stumbled to find the words, knowing that he could upset either giantess by saying the wrong thing.

But just then, some small bombs went off around Ash, Max, Brock, Pikachu, and the giantesses' feet. Ash looked behind the giantesses to see where they came from.
"Oh great... just what we needed." Max said as he pointed behind the girls. They both looked to see the infamous Meowth balloon that belonged to Team Rocket.
"Prepare for trouble!" Jessie said.
"Make it..." Before James could say his line, Meowth slapped both of the evil trainers for he had noticed the girls before they did.
"Forget the motto for today, you nitwits! Look at the size of those two twerps!" Meowth shouted, pointing at Misty and May.
"Hey, you're right! I hadn't noticed that before." James said.
"How are we gonna handle this now? They're so big they make capturing Pikachu so much more difficult!" Meowth said. Jessie was looking at the two giant girls as she was thinking of an idea.

"Hmmm... allow me, my friends. Big girls like those two should be easy to sway." Jessie said. She then stepped in front of James and Meowth, who looked at each other as they wondered what she had in mind.
"Hey, ladies! I see you've reached... well... new heights today!" Jessie shouted.
"Oh please... don't try to sweet talk to us, Jessie." Misty said.
"For once I agree with you, Misty!" May shouted. Misty just rolled her eyes, pretending she didn't hear that.
"Well, listen... I was wondering, why don't we be friends and you two can join Team Rocket? You're so big you can do anything for us!" Jessie said.
"Hmmph... we may be big, but we're not stupid." May said.
"You honestly expect us to join you after all you have done to us?" Misty asked. Jessie started to sweat, knowing that this conversation was not going anywhere.
"James! Can't you do anything about this!?" Jessie shouted.
"Me!? This is worse than dreaming about a giant Jessebelle!" James said.
"And that can't feel good at all." Meowth said.
"Argh! I knew I should've asked the boss to borrow that growth ray!" Jessie said. Suddenly, the three lost their balance and were blown down with hot air as Misty grabbed the Meowth balloon and held it between her fingers.
"This party's over, Team Rocket. Have a nice blast off!" Misty said, smiling as her face took up the entire view of Team Rocket. Then she wound her arm up and threw the balloon as far as she could.
"Team Rocket's blasting off again!!!" all three shouted before they vanished from sight, as they always do in every Pokemon episode.

Misty smiled knowing that she single-handedly took care of Team Rocket without the need of a Pokemon battle. Then she turned her attention back to May.
"Well, that was easy, wasn't it?" Misty asked.
"Yep, I guess so. Now where were we?" May asked.
"We were discussing ways in which I am better than you are. Isn't that right, Ash?" Misty said... but when she looked down by her feet, Ash was not there. Neither were Brock and Max. Misty looked a little further ahead to see the three were running away.
"HEY!!! How dare you run away from me, Ash Ketchum! Come back here!" Misty said as she started to walk (instead of run) towards our three heroes.
"Wait! Don't you hurt my friends!" May said as she followed suit.

Ash and friends were running down the pathway as fast as they could. They all couldn't stop looking behind them to see the giantesses closing in on them.
"Ash, are you sure this was a good idea? To sneak away from the girls while they were talking with Team Rocket?" Max said.
"Of course it's a good idea! They're not gonna stop bickering until one of them gets me!" Ash shouted.
"Forget you... they should be talkin' about me!" Brock said. Ash sighed, but then had to catch his breath when he stopped to see something in front of him and the others.
"A wild Onix!" Ash shouted. Just then, the giantesses had caught up with our three heroes.
"Oh boy... this is gonna get ugly." Max said as he backed up against Ash, trying to pretend he wasn't seeing the giantesses May and Misty right in front of his eyes. Misty then reached down and grabbed... not Ash... but the Onix instead. She lifted the tall and heavy Pokemon like it was as light as a Butterfree.
"Is this Onix giving you trouble, my little Ash?" Misty asked. She then started swinging the Onix around like a baton. Around and around the already-fainted Onix flew through the skies. Misty giggled like a young child because she was having so much fun playing with a Pokemon that once towered over her. May noticed Misty being distracted and saw this as an opportunity. She kneeled down and extended her hand out, letting Brock, Max, and Ash all climb aboard (Pikachu stayed on the ground, hidden from all this).
"Is everyone okay? Let me hide you somewhere while I try to get rid of Misty." May said. She then stretched out her bandana, which she was known for around Slateport City, and placed the tiny trainers inside, trapping them in her hair. At the same time that May stood back up on her feet, Misty finally had gathered enough momentum to throw the Onix several miles out into the distance.

Misty once again smiled over the power she possessed being 150 feet tall. First she easily took out Team Rocket, and now she tosses an Onix like it was nothing.
"Hah! That oughta show that Onix who the boss is. We're all safe thanks to Misty the mighty!" Misty said with hands on her hips.
"You sure are mighty for someone in a swimsuit." May said.
"Oh give it a rest. Now then... where is that little Ash of mine?" Misty asked.
"I don't see them. They must've escaped while you were dealing with that Onix." May said. Misty gave a smug look at May. She could immediately tell she was hiding something.
"Well, what did you do while I handled that Onix? Just stand there and let them get away?" Misty asked.
"No... I was watching you deal with that Onix, what else?" May said.
"Nothing. Except maybe..." Misty said. She then reached up for May's bandana and ripped it right off her head!
"Hey!" May shouted. Misty had pulled it so hard that Ash was blown from the top of May's head and heading down towards the group of trees! By the time Misty had noticed Ash was falling down, she watched as he safely landed on a large spider web.

"Ash! Are you okay!?" Misty shouted, holding her hands against her chest as she held her heart.
"Yeah... I'll be fine as soon as..." Ash stopped short of saying he would be completely alright when he looked up and saw quite a few Ariados slowly crawling towards him.
" soon as these Ariados get away from me!" Ash shouted. He fought to free himself from the web, but it was too strong. As May was reaching down and picking up her bandana to put it back on (with Brock and Max still stuck inside her own hair), Misty saw Ash stuck on the web and just had to help him out.
"Hold on! I'll save you, Ash!" Misty said as she got down on her knees and reached down for the web. At the same time, Pikachu came crawling out of its hiding spot to see its master in trouble.
"Pikachu! Get me out of this mess!" Ash shouted. Right at the same time Misty's fingers had latched onto the web, Pikachu let loose with a powerful thundershock. Although it shocked Ash, it was allowing the web to break loose by the pieces. Misty took back her hand after she too was shocked by it.
"Ouch! Watch where you're thundershocking, Pikachu!" Misty said. Ash fell down to the ground after the web broke apart (and all the Ariados fainted). Pikachu leapt into Ash's arms in happiness.
"Pikachu! Thanks for saving me..." Ash said. The two then looked up at Misty, who continued to rub her hand which had gotten slightly shocked earlier. Just then, Ash was the first to notice something happening.
"Hey... Misty! You're shrinking!" Ash shouted. Misty heard Ash and looked around her to see her surroundings getting bigger, including May.

Misty was soon back to her normal size, and Ash ran up to her.
"You okay, Misty?" Ash asked.
"Yeah, of course I'm fine. It's not like I haven't gotten shocked before. But I wonder what caused me to shrink so suddenly..." Misty said.
"It must've been the electricity. Pikachu's thundershock must've canceled the effects of those growth pills you swallowed earlier." Ash said.
"I guess that would explain that..." Misty said. The ground then started to shake once more... that was because May was still a giantess and was looming tall over Ash, Misty, and Pikachu. She was especially smiling down at Misty.
"Well now... looks like the tables have turned, Misty. Maybe I should do with you what you did to Ash!" May said as she slowly lifted her foot.
"No! Please... I didn't mean all the bad things I did!" Misty shouted as she got behind Ash.
"Pikachu! Thundershock on May!" Ash shouted. And without hesitation, Pikachu sent out an electric blast at May, shocking her completely until she too shrunk back to her normal size. Now there were no more giantesses. Just Ash, May, Misty, and Pikachu, and a lot of destroyed property around the Fallarbor Mountains. May soon regained her consciousness to see she was back to her normal size.
"Huh? What happened? Did the growth pellets wear off?" May said.
"Sort of. Pikachu shocked them out of our systems." Misty said.
"Ugh... did it really have to do that!? I was about to win Ash for myself!" May said.
"What are you talking about!? I had you beat in the modeling and Pokemon competitions!" Misty said.
"Yeah, but you weren't watching Ash when he ran away from Team Rocket and then he got caught in the Ariados web!" May said.
"That was only because you were trying to keep him for yourself!" Misty shouted.
"Ladies, please!!!" Ash shouted. Both girls immediately stopped arguing.

"Gee... now how are we going to resolve this?" May asked.
"Easy. You both can travel with me, just as long as you two get along nicely." Ash said.
"As long as I'm willing to travel with you, Ash, I don't mind." Misty said.
"Well, I guess I can live with that. I mean... it's kinda tough to fight with an old friend of Ash's such as you." May said. Misty just smiled... in fact, the two actually decided to shake hands, happy to make each other's acquaintance. Ash looked around to see just the girls and Pikachu with him... which reminded him of something.
"Hey... where's Brock and Max?" Ash asked.
"I last remember putting them inside my bandana..." May said. That's when it hit her too, "In my bandana?" she finished. That's when she slowly pulled it off again. Misty looked through May's hair to see Brock and Max were there... and shrunken!
"There... I see them!" Misty shouted. She picked them up from her hair as she held the two in her right hand. Everyone, including May who was putting her bandana back on, looked down at their shrunken friends. Ash stood behind Misty's shoulder for the time being.
"Hey, you guys okay?" Ash asked.
"Ugh... never felt better, I guess. How come everyone's so big now?" Max asked.
"It's not us, little brother. You're the ones that shrunk." May said.
"Ack!!! What happened? How come we're so small!?" Max shouted.
"My guess is that since you two were so close with May when she got shocked that you guys shrunk along with her." Ash said. Brock stood up proudly with a smile on his face.
"Well, that's okay! I have the satisfaction of knowing I am of service to these two wonderfully beautiful giant friends of mine!" Brock shouted. Misty just sighed.
"Oy... I should've seen that coming." Misty said.
"Well, what are we going to do now?" Max said.
"I don't know. Maybe we'll find someone that can get you two back to normal size. May, can you protect Max while Misty handles Brock?" Ash asked.
"With pleasure, Ash..." May said with a crafty smirk on her face as she reached for the shrunken Max.
"(gulp) Mommy..." Max mumbled. Max then was dropped into May's bag for safekeeping while Misty was forced to strap Brock between her skin and her swimsuit, having to be stuck wearing that with her clothes still giantess-sized. Brock, of course, had absolutely no problem with this.

"When we get back to the nearest Pokemon Center, remind me to get some new clothes!" Misty said. Ash giggled when he heard Misty shout that.
"Sure, Misty... sure thing." Ash said.
"You certainly are lucky to have us around you, don't you think, Ash?" May said.
"Maybe... I just hope my one-time rival doesn't get jealous." Ash said, referring to Gary's many cheerleaders that he used to borrow from Pallet Town. Ash certainly was lucky, but he was just glad to have things almost back to normal. Okay, maybe normal is not the best word with Misty and May together after their heated battle from earlier that day, but Ash didn't let it bother him for now. There was a Pokemon journey in Hoenn to finish, after all.