Love o' War 2: Ash's Triple Trouble

(Skull13; written with Cubed Cinder's permission)

It’s been years since the Love Battle incident with Misty & May.  Ash & Brock have never really looked back into that incident, since they’ve traveled through the rest of the Hoenn and Kanto regions.  Now, they’re both in the Sinnoh region with a new friend, Dawn.  She’s entered a Pokemon Contest and we find out that she’s won.  She accepts the ribbon and meets Ash & Brock outside.

Ash: That was incredible work, Dawn.  You seem to be getting better, every time I see you battle, and I mean that in a big way.

Dawn: Thanks, Ash.  That really means a lot.

Ash: Don’t mention it.

Brock: The way you and your Pokemon are in synch with one another, it’s as if you were one and the same.

Dawn’s face turns red.

Dawn: Come on, guys.  You give me too much credit.

Ash: But you deserve it.

Ash & Brock start getting ready to leave.  Dawn’s face is still red.


Off in the distance, Misty is anxious to see Ash.

Misty: It’s been a couple of years since he’s last seen me.  I hope that he still remembers.  I figured that my oldest outfit would be good to use for this.


Off in another distance, May walks over to the stadium where the contest was held, also ready and willing to see Ash.

May: It’s been a couple of months since we’ve seen each other.  Boy, won’t he be impressed when he sees me with my collection of ribbons.


Misty & May find Ash, but hide when they see Dawn.


Dawn: (To herself) That Ash sure has a nice way with compliments.  Ever since I found his Pikachu, it’s like, everyday has been an amazing adventure for us.  Maybe it’s because of Team Rocket.  Anyways, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Ash: Hey, Dawn!  Let’s go.

Dawn snaps out of it.

Dawn: Coming!

She smiles and walks over to join Ash & Brock.


Dawn’s words and actions cause tension to rise in May & Misty.

Misty: No way!  I can’t believe this is happening, again!

Misty runs off with tears in her eyes.
May: This can’t be true!  Ash has a girlfriend?!

May’s face turns red, but then, decides to play it cool.

May: Well, I suppose that I should act like I don’t know anything and be nice about it.  Who knows?  Maybe things aren’t what they seem.

May goes up to the others.

May: Brock!  Ash!

Ash: May!  It’s nice to see you.  How are things?!

May: Check out my ribbons.

May shows them her ribbons.

Brock: Nice collection.

Ash: That’s awesome.

Dawn: So, I see that you’re a Pokemon coordinator, too.

May: And who might you be?
Dawn: My name is Dawn.  It’s nice to meet you, May.

Ash: Let’s head to the Pokemon Center.  You two can get the chance to know each other, since you’re both coordinators.

May: Good idea.

They all take off.


Meanwhile, Misty, who’s still sulking from seeing Ash with Dawn, is in a park.

Misty: I don’t believe this!  First, May.  Now, her?!  Is there no room for me, anymore?!

While she’s walking around, a Scientist walks up to a garbage can.

Scientist: I can’t believe that our attempts at perfecting this were a waste of time.  *groans* We should be working with machines instead of pills.

The scientist throws a can into the garbage can and leaves.  About a moment later, Misty passes by and sees the can.  She recognizes the can as the same can that had the growth pellets that she had used, last time.  She smiles, mischievously.

Misty: Perfect.  Now, I think it’s time for a reunion.

Misty rushes over to where Ash and the others are.


After some time, the four trainers leave the center and head up towards the mountains.

Dawn: Wow!  So, you basically ended up having three different rivals on your journey through Kanto?!

May: Yep.  All of them are tough in their own ways.  It’s been a tough journey through Johto, too.  Having to face them, every now and then.  Nonetheless, we all plan on meeting up at the Johto Grand Festival.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to win the trophy, this time.

Dawn: Well, I wish you the best of luck.

May: Thanks.  I wish you the same thing with your contests.  (Thinking) This girl’s all right.  I had her pictured very differently, but this girl is just like me, only richer.  I mean, who would’ve guessed that her mother was a Grand Festival Champion?

Somewhere along the path towards the mountains, a familiar face with a familiar body attempts a familiar..........attempt at capturing a familiar friend.

Misty: Hello, Ash.

May: Misty?  What are you doing here?
Dawn: Who is she?
Ash: An old friend of mine, just like May.

Misty: Once again, you instantly label me as nothing more than an old friend.  And I see that May came to try and win him back, again.

May: Hold on, Misty.  Let’s not get carried away, again.  I can guarantee you that--

Misty: (Overlapping “guarantee you that--”) Zip it, May!  I told you before, Ash is mine!  Let that be known to you too, blue!

May’s face turns red with anger.  Dawn becomes confused.

Dawn: What are you talking about?
Misty: Don’t play dumb with me.  I saw you blushing at Ash and talking about him.  No one is taking him away from me!  Not even you!

Dawn is shocked and angry.

Dawn: That private moment was none of your business!  I was just expressing myself on how things were--

Misty: With Ash?

Dawn stood silent with her face turned red.
Misty: *chuckles* Well, I’ve got news for both you and May.

Misty takes out a can of pellets.  May, Ash, & Brock are all shocked.

Brock: ARE THOSE--?!

Ash: NO WAY!!


Dawn: What’s going on?

Misty: Round 2 begins, now!

Misty eats up a handful of those pellets and begins to grow.  Just like before, she stops at 150ft.

Brock: I can’t believe that she’s doing this, again!

May: I can’t believe that you’re actually acting mature about this.

Brock: Times change, and so do people.  You honestly think that I’m an exception?

Dawn: Sh-Sh-She’s gigantic!  W-What just happened?!

Before anyone can answer her question, Misty pushes back Dawn & May with her left fingers (index & middle) and used her right hand to grab Ash.  Her voice echoes when she speaks.

Misty: Once again, it’s time for us to go someplace private, Ash.

Ash: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: PIKACHU!

Misty: WHAT?!

Pikachu strikes Misty with Thunderbolt, but nothing happens.

Ash: Nothing happened?!

Brock: But she was supposed to have shrunk back down to normal size!  That’s what happened, last time!

Misty: Well, how fortunate for me.  Now Ash, let’s be on our way.

Just like that, Misty and Ash were gone within a couple of steps, done by Misty.  Each step causes the ground to shake.

May: I can’t believe this!

Dawn: Can someone tell me what’s going on?!

May: I wish I had time, but I’ve got to save Ash!

May finds out that Misty left pellets lying on the floor.

May: Just like last time.  Misty, you’re going down!

May scoops up and swallows a handful and begins to grow to Misty’s height.  Her voice also echoes when she speaks.

May: I’m coming, Ash!

May leaves in search of Misty and Ash, with the ground shaking at each step she takes.

Brock: Something tells me that May’s also after Ash’s heart, even though she refuses to admit it.  I could be wrong.  Nonetheless, those two won’t stop until Ash is in one of their possessions, or in pieces.

Dawn: Brock, could you please tell me what this is all about?

Brock: Gladly.  Years ago, those pellets were used to cause those two girls to grow to colossal size.  It was then, that they both fought for Ash’s heart, or at least that’s what many people believe.  Misty admitted it, but May denied it, despite her actions.  If it wasn’t for Pikachu, then those two wouldn’t have known when to stop.  This time, however, I don’t know what will fix this.

Dawn scoops up the remaining pellets.

Brock: Weren’t you listening to a word I said?!

Dawn: So, if I eat these pellets.......

Brock: What are you up to, Dawn?
Dawn: I’m going to save Ash from those two.  May is nice, but if she’s after Ash’s heart, then those two won’t stop until they tear each other apart.  That could cause massive amounts of destruction to the planet.  Plus, Ash is in the middle of all of this.  Imagine what he’s going through, right now.

Dawn sheds a tear.

Brock: Dawn, are you okay?
Dawn: I won’t allow that to happen!  I’ll save Ash and prevent this mess from starting!

Dawn eats up the last of the pellets and grows to the same height.  Just like Misty & May, her voice echoes when she speaks.

Dawn: Don’t worry, Brock.  I’ll save Ash and make sure that nothing bad happens.

Dawn leaves, shaking the ground with each step taken.  Brock is alone.

Brock: What should I do, now?

Just then, someone comes up to Brock.

?????: Was that the Team Rocket Power Pellets in effect?

Brock: Those were Team Rocket’s pellets?!

?????: Yes.  Let me explain.  Years ago, Team Rocket leader, Giovanni, wanted something that could enhance a Pokemon’s abilities tenfold.  That caused the development of the Power Pellets.  It became a surprise when it was discovered that the pellets enlarged the Pokemon, but that didn’t bother him too much.  Unfortunately, once the overgrown Pokemon got in contact with electricity, the effects would wear off.

Brock: Yeah, we already know about that.

?????: Well, the second version was far more dangerous.  The positive side was that, despite the fact that they still enlarged the Pokemon, the pellets were able to do more than what Giovanni had imagined.  The negative side was that it gradually created problems in the user’s heart, leading to serious problems, like a heart attack or a stroke.

Brock gasps.

?????: After finding this out, Giovanni, who became tired of the constant failure, decided to abandon the entire project.  My advice to you, my friend, is to find a cure before you go after those three giantesses.

Brock: That’s what I plan to do.

The stranger gives Brock a few pellets.

?????: Examine them, and see if there’s anything that can reverse the process.  Do NOT eat them.  Good luck.

The stranger turns around and starts walking away.

Brock: Wait a minute.  Why are you telling me this?  Who are you?

?????: I’m just someone that wants this nightmare to end.

The stranger leaves.

Brock: There’s only one person that I know that can help me.  Professor Oak.  Good thing that I’m near a Pokemon Center.  Come on, Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

They both head for the Center.


Meanwhile, Misty has managed to find an isolated place, where she and Ash can be alone.  She places Ash on the ground and sits next to him.

Misty: So, Ash.  How have things been, since we last met?

Ash: Same old stuff.  Collecting badges, and making it to the top.

Misty: *giggles* Same old Ash.  Always determined to be the greatest.  Okay.  Now, for another question.  How long have you known the blue-haired girl?

Ash: Dawn?  For about a couple of months.  Pikachu was the first one to meet her, by trashing her bike, again.  Since then, we’ve been traveling together.  She’s recently been making great progress in her contests.

Misty shakes her head and laughs.

Misty: Once again, you trash a girl’s bike, just to get her attention.  Typical.  *giggles* Well, I’m just glad that we’re alone together, again.

Ash chooses to play things calmly.

Ash: I don’t know.  I have a strong feeling that we may see May, soon.

Misty: I’m not worried.  This time, I’ll make sure that there’s nothing that can take you away from me.

May: I see that you haven’t changed a bit.

Misty is shocked.

Ash: Right on schedule, and as a giantess.

Misty: NO WAY!!

Misty stands up to her full height and grabs Ash.  She and the 150ft. May stare each other off for a few seconds before they start talking.

Misty: Let me guess.  I left some pellets behind and you ate them.

May: Yep.  Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll be taking Ash back.  Now!

May opens her hand out to Misty, but Misty becomes protective.

Misty: Not a chance!  He’s mine!

Ash: Couldn’t you two discuss this AFTER you put me down?

Misty: Sure thing.  I don’t want another repeat of what happened last time.  I’ll handle this nuisance, and then, we’ll be alone together, again.

Misty places Ash on the ground and then, moves toward May.

May: You’re nuts if you think that you can defeat me, this time!

Misty: You hardly showed any real progress, last time!  This time, I’ll make sure that you never bother us, again!

May: Just give it up and leave Ash alone!

Misty: Never!  Ash is mine!

May: That is really getting annoying.......  I’ll be glad to shut you up!

While this argument is going on, Ash takes the opportunity to run away.  After a few seconds, the girls notice Ash getting away.

Misty: HEY!!  Don’t you even think about running away from me, Ash!

May: Oh, no, you don’t!

Misty goes after Ash, but May manages to grab and tackle her to the ground, crushing a bunch of tress in the process.

May: Here I come, Ash!

May goes after Ash, determined to get him away from Misty.  Misty gets up and her face turns red.  She runs up to May and manages to trip her up.  May falls down, leaving a huge body mark on the ground.  Misty goes after Ash.

Misty: Come back here, Ash!

May: I’m not done with you, yet!

May gets up and chases after Misty.  May grabs Misty’s straps.  Then, she pulls and releases them, making them snap.  Misty screams and falls down.  May runs after Ash, but Misty grabs May’s right foot and May falls.  May manages to kick Misty in the head and Misty lets go of May’s leg.  They both get up and chase after Ash.  Ash is so focused on what’s behind him that he doesn’t notice the huge pink boots in front of him, until the last second.  He runs into the right foot and becomes a little dizzy.  A giant hand grabs him.  Both Misty and May stop in their tracks and are shocked at what they see.

May: No way!

Misty: I don’t believe this!!

Ash regains consciousness and is now completely surprised at what he sees.  He’s realizes that he’s inside a hand, but it isn’t Misty’s or May’s.  He turns his head around and is even more surprised at what he sees.  It’s another 150ft. giantess.

Ash: Dawn?!  You ate those pellets, too?!

Dawn: I came here to save you and stop this madness between you two girls.  If it continues to escalate, untold damage could be done to the planet, and all because of you two, fighting over one boy.  So, I’m going to hold on to Ash and prevent this madness from continuing.

May: How dare you accuse me of stooping to Misty’s level!

Dawn: I’m disappointed in you, May.  I though of you to be much better than this.

Misty has a teeth-clenched, red-faced, angry expression on her face, while staring at Dawn and May.

May: Look, just put Ash down.  He’s had enough excitement for one day.

Dawn: No.

May: No?!

Dawn: I’m going to protect him from you two.

Ash: Dawn, please put me down.

Dawn: Sorry, Ash, but the moment I place you on the floor, these two love-struck fools will attempt to grab you for themselves.

May’s face turn red in anger.  Misty explodes.

Misty: ASH IS MINE!!

Misty jumps at Dawn and tackles her to the floor.  Ash is flying through the air and is caught by May.  Dawn kicks Misty off her and goes for May by tugging on her hair.  She drops Ash.  Misty makes a dive for Ash and manages to catch him as he falls.  Both May and Dawn stomp on Misty’s hand and her hand opens.  Ash takes this chance to run away.

Misty: Ash, you come back here, right now!

May: Shut up!

May kicks Misty in the face.  Misty manages to grab both May and Dawn’s legs and have them fall to the ground, causing the entire ground to shake and causing a lot of Pokemon, within the area, to fall down and then, run away.  Then, Dawn grabs May’s hair, Misty grabs Dawn’s hair, & May grabs Misty’s hair.  They all start pulling each other’s hair.  All three of them have their teeth clenched and are in pain.  May manages to kick Dawn away from her and Dawn loses her grip.  Misty pushes May away from her and also loses her grip.  Misty also loses her grip on Dawn’s hair.  All three of them lie down on the ground and start breathing heavily.

Misty: What’s.......going on?

May: Why do I.......feel tired all of a sudden?

Dawn: My....chest hurts.

Ash, who could’ve run away, stayed with the titanic trio and becomes concerned.

Ash: Are you girls okay?
The girls slowly get up to their knees.  Their strength returns.

Misty: I’m fine.

May: Yeah.  So am I.

Dawn: Must’ve been a fainting spell or something.  Nonetheless, I’m okay.

The girls all move closer to Ash, so their faces were just about a few inches from Ash.

Dawn: How about you, Ash?

Ash: I’m good.  For a minute, you girls had me worried.

Misty: I’m fine.  I’m just glad that you’re okay.

May & Dawn turn their attention towards Misty.

May: It was your fault that this happened in the first place!

Dawn: Yeah, acting really immature and taking action before getting to know who I am!

Ash: Enough!  We’ve gone through this once before, and I strongly refuse to go through this, again.

Misty, May, & Dawn: Sorry.

Misty reaches down for Ash.

Misty: Now, it’s time for me to take you--

May and Dawn grab her arm.

May: (Overlapping “take you--”) No, you don’t.

Dawn: Can’t you give it a rest?

Misty shakes them off.

Misty: No!  Not until I win Ash’s love!  I’m not going to let anything or anyone get in my way!  Not you, May, & not you,.....uh--

Dawn: My name is Dawn.

Misty: Sorry, I’m still trying to remember it.

Dawn: Well, like May, I’m a Pokemon Coordinator.

Misty: Well, I’m a gym leader in Cerulean City.

Dawn: Really?  That’s amazing.

Misty: I’m glad you think so.

All the girls stand up to their full height.

Dawn: Hey, Ash.

Ash: Yeah?

Dawn: Why don’t you check on Brock?  He’s been gone for some time and I’m curious to know what he’s up to.

May: Yeah, it’s not like him to be absent for something like this, even if he has changed.

Dawn: I’d go get him myself, but I’m too big, and I don’t want to cause a commotion.

May: Me, neither.

Ash: I understand.

Misty: Oh, no, you don’t!  You’re staying with me!

Misty makes another attempt to grab Ash.  Dawn grabs her arm and another fight starts.  Misty punches Dawn in the face and Dawn grabs Misty’s shirt, and they start rolling around on the ground, trying to pin one another.  This fighting continues to cause untold damage in the mountains.  Meanwhile, May moves next to Ash and picks him up.  She also covers his body with both hands, so that he can’t scream.

May: (To herself) Now’s my chance.

She runs away from the other two.  Misty & Dawn are too focused fighting each other to notice that May has run away with Ash.  After a while, Misty & Dawn realize that May and Ash are gone.

Misty: Where’s May & Ash?

Dawn: They must’ve gotten away while we were fighting.

Misty: Let’s go find them.

Misty & Dawn take off to find May & Ash.


Brock is at the Pokemon Center.  His eyes become hearts, the moment he lays eyes on Nurse Joy.

Brock: Nurse Joy, I’ve traveled miles and miles just to find you and ask for--

Just then, Brock’s mind talks to him.

Brock: (Thinking) As much as we want to propose, we don’t have time.  The girls’ lives are at stake.

Brock clears his throat and acts normal.

Brock: What I meant to say is, do you know where I could find a phone?

Nurse Joy: Uh, sure.  They should be booths, near the restrooms.

Brock: Thanks.  Also, could you take care of my Pokemon?

Nurse Joy: Sure.

Brock gives Nurse Joy his Pokemon and Pikachu.  Then, he heads to the restroom to find the phone.

Brock: I just hope that Professor Oak is in the lab.

Professor Oak: Hello?
Brock: Ah, Professor Oak.

Professor Oak: Oh, hello, Brock.  Where’s Ash?

Brock: He’s busy at the moment.  I have a question for you.

Brock takes out the pellets.

Brock: Do you know what these are?
Professor Oak is shocked when he sees the pellets and gets a very serious look on his face.

Professor Oak: Where did you get those pellets?

Brock: Don’t worry.  I haven’t used them.  I need to know if we can create an antidote with these pellets.  Let’s just say that we have a situation going on here.

Professor Oak: Is that what you meant by Ash being busy?

Brock: You could say that.

Professor Oak: Very well.  Give them to Nurse Joy and have her send them to me.  I’ll try and come up with an antidote as quickly as possible.  I just hope that Team Rocket really isn’t involved in this, especially after being told that they’ve quit the project.

Brock: Thanks.

Brock goes over to Nurse Joy and hands her the pellets.  Nurse Joy is shocked and gets a serious look on her face.

Nurse Joy: These are Team Rocket Power Pellets!  Where did you get these?!
Brock: Send them to Professor Oak!  He needs them to make an antidote!

Nurse Joy: Did you use these?
Brock: No, I didn’t!  I’m just doing him an errand!

Nurse Joy: Oh.  Well, I’ll send them over to him, A.S.A.P.

Brock: Thanks.

Nurse Joy: By the way, here are your Pokemon.  They’re all better, now.

Brock: Thanks.

Pikachu: Pika-Pika.

Brock: Hey there, Pikachu.  Now, all we can do is wait for the Professor.  So, in the meantime, why don’t you go and check on Ash and the girls?  I’m sure that he needs your help more than I do.

Pikachu: Pika.

Pikachu leaves the Pokemon Center.


May has managed to keep a distance between her and the other giant girls.  She places Ash down.

May: Sorry about that, Ash.

Ash: Why did you do that?!
May: I wanted us to be alone for a while.  Don’t worry.  I won’t act like Misty about this.

May sits down next to Ash.

Ash: So, how’s Max?
May: My brother has been doing okay.  He calls me, every now and then.  I don’t know much.  All I know is that he’s finally become a trainer and is now traveling by himself.

Ash: That’s great!

May: Don’t forget, Ash.  You have a promise to keep.

Ash: Yeah, I know.  I’ll battle him whenever he’s ready.

May: *giggles* I see that nothing’s changed with you.  Anyway, how long have you known Dawn?

Ash: For about a couple of months, I think.  Team Rocket attempted to kidnap Pikachu, during my travel into Sinnoh, but then, Dawn saved Pikachu and afterward, decided to travel with us.

May: Well, I wish her the best of luck in her upcoming contests.  She’d better hope that she never runs into me, though.

Dawn: You mean like right now?

May is surprised to see Dawn.

Dawn: I can’t believe that you decided to spend some time with Ash, by yourself.  This, basically, tells me that you wanted to win his heart, just like Misty.

May stands up to her full height.

May: Don’t accuse me of doing that!  I just wanted to spend some time with him, alone!  That’s all!

Dawn: Uh-huh.  I’m sure that there was more to it than that!

May: Will you stop it with that accusing attitude!

Dawn: Why should I?!  You took Ash as if he was literally a boy toy!  Well, he’s not yours to toy with!

Misty: That’s right!  He’s mine!

Misty appears.  She tackles Dawn and May at the same time.  They both manage to kick her off.  May goes for Ash, but Dawn grabs May’s leg and she falls down.  Dawn gets up, but Misty grabs her and slaps her across the face, leaving a mark.  Dawn jumps on Misty, Misty falls, and Dawn gets up and starts kicking her stomach like crazy.  May gets up and tackles Dawn to the ground.  Ash makes sure to keep his distance away from these three.  Misty gets up and sees Ash by himself.  She runs up to him, but May gets up and pushes her.  Misty falls near Ash.  Ash turns around to run, but May is standing right in front of him.  Ash turns around, again, and Misty gets up and stands in front of him.  Ash runs into another direction, but Dawn gets up and is in his way, too.  They all surround him in a triangle.

Misty: Ash, come with me!  I won’t let them hurt you!

May: Ash, come on!  Let’s get out of here, now!

Dawn: Ash, come here!  I’ll make sure that you’re safe!

Ash is devastated with the fact that he’s in the middle of all this.

Ash: AAAAUUGGGHH!!  Why me?!

It turns into a stare off with the girls.  All three of them give each other ice-cold stares.  Then, they start breathing heavily.  At first, it appears that they’re all either tired or very angry, but just then, they place their hands over their hearts.  Ash becomes concerned.

Ash: Are you all okay?  That’s the second time this has happened.

Misty: I don’t.....know what’ me.

May: What’s.......wrong body?

Dawn: I thought......that this was........just a fainting.......spell.

They all drop to their knees with their hands still covering their hearts.  This causes a massive tremor to happen.

Ash: May!  Misty!  Dawn!

They all fall on their backs.  After about one minute, Dawn becomes the first one to recover.  She stands up to her full height.

Ash: Dawn, how are you feeling?

Dawn: I’m fine, now.  Thanks for asking.

She notices that Misty and May are still in pain.  She smiles and picks up Ash.

Ash: What are you doing?!

Dawn: Well, since those two managed to get some quality time with you, I might as well get my fair share, too.

She starts walking away.

Misty: No.......he’s.......mine!

May: Why are.......we pain?

After a few seconds, Dawn has managed to get away from the other girls.  Four minutes later, Misty & May recover.

Misty: I’m glad that I’ve recovered.  For a minute, I thought I was going to die.

May: Why do you think this happened, again?  Last time, we had no problems.  Is it because Dawn is with us this time?  Or maybe it’s because we’ve been doing more fighting.

Misty: That doesn’t matter, right now!  I’m going to find Ash.

May: Come on, Misty!  Don’t you find it strange that we’ve had these chest pains or that we almost died just now?!  We may have been lucky, so far, but who knows what could happen next time?!

Misty: So, what are you saying?

May: I’m saying that we should think this through and--

Misty: (Overlapping “through and--”) In that case, you do the thinking and I’ll do the searching.

Misty leaves to go and search for Dawn and Ash.

May: *groans* Why must she be so stubborn?!

May follows Misty.  Pikachu, who’s not too far behind, sees May and catches up with her.  It chooses to become discreet, and the girls, being 150ft. tall, don’t notice the yellow mouse following them.


Brock is still sitting in the Pokemon Center, waiting for results from Professor Oak.  Just then, Team Rocket comes through the door.

James: Nurse!  Emergency!

Nurse Joy: What’s wrong?

James: It’s my Mime Jr.!  It has a really bad fever!

Nurse Joy: I’ll see to it, right away!

James: Oh, thank you!

Jessie: Poor creature.

Meowth: I still remember when your Chimecho was in dis condition.

James sheds a few tears.

James: My poor Chimecho.  I miss it.

Brock: Team Rocket!

They’re surprised to see Brock by himself.

Meowth: It’s one of da twoips!

Jessie: Where are the other two?
Brock: I’m by myself, today.

James: Well, fortunately for you, we’re not planning on kidnapping your friend’s Pikachu.  My Mime Jr. fell ill, and I’m not going anywhere until it gets better.

Brock: Well, I hope that it does get better.

Nurse Joy: Excuse me, Brock?

Brock: Yes, nurse?
Nurse Joy: Professor Oak just called.  Here’s the package that you wanted.

Brock takes the package.

Brock: Is this the antidote?
Nurse Joy: Yes.  Professor Oak would’ve told you more about this, himself, but he had another situation to deal with.

Brock: I understand.  Thanks, Nurse Joy.

Brock sprints out of the Pokemon Center.

Meowth: I wonda why he’s in a hurry?  And what’s in dat package?

Jessie: Who cares?  It has nothing to do with us, and I’m not in the mood to deal with those twerps today, whether they were together or not.  We’ll finish things here and focus on Pikachu, tomorrow.


Dawn has managed to lose the other two young giantesses and now, has her portion of time alone with Ash.  She places Ash on the floor and sits down next to him.

Ash: I still can’t believe that you did that.

Dawn: Sorry, but I had to get you away from those two.

Ash: Just so that you can have me for yourself, right?

Dawn: *giggles* You could say that.  Anyway, how long have you known those two?
Ash: Well, I’ve known Misty since the first day I became a Pokemon Trainer.  As for May, the day I came into the Hoenn region, we became friends.  At first, she used the excuse of becoming a Pokemon Trainer just to be able to travel.  Then, I ran into her brother, named Max, who was a big help in my travels through Hoenn and Kanto, where I was traveling to battle the Frontier Brains.

Dawn: You mean that you’ve also taken the Battle Frontier Challenge?!

Ash: Yep.  I ended up becoming the Battle Frontier Champion.

Dawn: Amazing!

Ash: Anyway, during the beginning of my Hoenn journey, while I was traveling with May, she decided to become a Pokemon Coordinator.  And the rest is history.

Dawn: Interesting.  With the way things sound, it seems that you’ve influenced them both.  Misty, being able to run a gym, and May, having such a high reputation as a Pokemon Coordinator.

Ash: We can’t count you out, Dawn.  You’ve had quite a winning streak, lately.

Dawn blushes.

Dawn: Come on.  You give me too much credit.

Ash: But you deserve it.

Dawn: Thanks. *giggles*

Misty: Well, now.  Isn’t this romantic?

The two are shocked to see Misty appear.  Dawn stands up at her full height.

Ash: *sighs* Here we go again.

Dawn: Why don’t you just give up?  As long as I’m around, you and May will not be allowed to hurt or torture him with your selfish attitudes!

May: Will you stop calling me selfish?!  It’s really annoying!!

They’re all shocked to see May.  Right behind her large yellow & red shoes, is Pikachu, who runs up to Ash.

Pikachu: Pika-Pi!

Ash: Pikachu!

All the girls look down to see the small Pokemon running towards Ash.

May: How come I didn’t notice that?

Ash and Pikachu hug each other and rejoice.  The girls all kneel down to enjoy this scene.

Ash: Is Brock with you?

Pikachu shakes its head.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

May: I wouldn’t worry.  Brock can take care of himself.

Dawn: Knowing him, he’s probably flirting with Nurse Joy at the Pokemon Center or something like that.

Misty: Most likely.

May: Just like you are with Ash.

Ash: I have to admit, Misty.  It wasn’t until after we stopped traveling together that you started acting differently.  You’ve changed.  This isn’t like you at all.

Misty: Can I help it if I missed you and Brock that much?

Misty reaches over to touch Ash.  May grabs her wrist.

May: Back off, Misty!  I think that he’s had enough excitement for one day!

Misty: Don’t tell me what to do!

Dawn scoops up Ash & Pikachu in her hands.

Dawn: Ash, stick with me.  I’ll protect you.

Ash: Not again!

May & Misty: Oh, no, you don’t!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Both girls jump on Dawn.  Dawn has her hands cupped over Ash and Pikachu.  They tackle her to the ground.  Dawn’s hands open and Ash runs away with Pikachu.  Dawn punches both girls in the face and they fall off of her.  All three girls get up.  May grabs Dawn’s beanie and throws it.  It lands on top of Ash & Pikachu, covering them.  May grabs Misty’s straps.  She pulls, releases, and snaps them.  Misty gets on her knees and screams in pain.  Dawn grabs May, but May pushes her off before anything can happen.  Misty gets up.  Dawn grabs her beanie.  She’s unaware that she also grabbed Ash & Pikachu when she placed it on her head.  May & Dawn get up.


Ash and Pikachu are within blue strands of hair.  The strands reach up to Ash’s waste.

Ash: Pikachu, where are you?

Pikachu: Pika-Pi!

Ash finds Pikachu tangled within the hair.  The poor Pokemon is only one-half the size of the blue strands.  Ash picks it up and Pikachu climbs up on his right shoulder.

Ash: I’m glad that you’re okay.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Ash looks around and realizes where his is when he sees the white roof, the pink Pokeball symbol in one area, and the blue strands of hair beneath him.

Ash: (Sarcastically) This is great.  Now, we’re stuck inside Dawn’s beanie!  *sniffs* Say, it smells like blueberries in here.  I’m surprised, especially after all that fighting.

Pikachu: *sniffs* Pika-Pikachu.

Pikachu smiles.


Meanwhile, the three girls maintain their distances, and Dawn decides to try something different.

Dawn: I’m getting sick of this!  It’s time to use other methods!

Dawn grabs one of her Pokeballs.

Dawn: Go, Piplup!

Dawn throws her Pokeball.  Out comes Piplup, normal sized.  Dawn is surprised.

Dawn: That’s strange.  I expected you to be a lot larger.

Piplup turns around and only sees pink boots.  It takes one look up at the giant girl, becomes scared, and hides behind a broken tree.

Dawn: Piplup, it’s me!

Dawn moves in closer to the Pokemon so that she can be recognized.  Piplup is surprised when it realizes who she is.  May and Misty laugh under their breaths.

May: You honestly expect that little imp to defeat us?

Misty: Well, since you want to use Pokemon, I might as well play fair!

May: This won’t be like last time, Misty!  Go, Blaziken!

May grabs and throws her Pokeball and out comes Blaziken, normal sized as well.

Misty: So, I see that little featherbrain has evolved into its final form.

May: I’ve raised it as best as I could, after our last encounter!

Misty: I’m impressed.  However, it still doesn’t compare with what I have!

Dawn is confused.

Misty: Let me show you two a REAL Pokemon!  Go, Gyarados!

Like with Piplup and Blaziken, Gyarados is its original size.  Both Blaziken and Gyarados turn to look at their trainers and only see orange shoes and yellow & red shoes.  They both become nervous when they look up at their trainers.

Misty: You shouldn’t be nervous, Gyarados.  We’ve been through this before.

Gyarados recognizes Misty and gets into battle position.

May: She’s right, Blaziken.  You were a Torchic when this occurred, but this isn’t much different from then.

Blaziken realizes that May speaks the truth and gets into battle position.  They’re all ready to go for a triple threat match.


Meanwhile, Ash & Pikachu try to communicate with Dawn.

Ash: Pikachu, try using Thunderbolt.

Pikachu: Pi-Pika-Pikachu.  Pikachu!

Ash: Maybe by using these attacks, we’ll get her attention.

Pikachu does a Thunderbolt.  All that does is cause hair to fly and stick to the two beings.

Ash: Just what I needed, a static cling!

Pikachu: Pika!


Dawn feels an itch in her head and starts to scratch it.


The “ceiling” starts to fall down and press the ground.

Ash: AAHH!!  She must’ve felt Pikachu’s Thunderbolt and thought it was an itch!

Pikachu: PIKA!

The “ceiling” pressing the ground moves back and forth.  It manages to grab and move Ash and Pikachu around for a while.  Then, the “ceiling” moves back to its normal area.

Ash: That was NUTS!

Pikachu: Pika-CHU!


Dawn: That felt weird.   Now, back to the battle.  Use Bubblebeam on Blaziken!

Piplup uses Bubblebeam at Blaziken.

Misty: Gyarados, use Hydro Pump on Blaziken!

Gyarados uses Hydro Pump on Blaziken.  Both attacks land at the same time and do damage to the Fire-type Pokemon.  May smiles, confusing Dawn & Misty.

May: I may be at a disadvantage, but you shouldn’t be underestimating me, this time.  Blaziken, Overheat!

Blaziken uses Overheat.  It blasts both attacks and hits both Gyarados and Piplup.  Both Pokemon get burned.  This surprises both Dawn & Misty.

Dawn: I don’t believe this!

Misty: So, you HAVE gotten a little stronger since we last met.

May: Quick Attack!  The target is Piplup!

Blaziken wastes no time in using the attack on Piplup.  The Pokemon takes the damage.

May: Now, use Sky Uppercut on Gyarados!

Blaziken attacks Gyarados and does damage!  Both Piplup and Gyarados are still shaking it off.

Dawn: Big deal.  Your Pokemon is still a Fire-type.  It’ll only be a matter of time!

Misty: For once, she’s right.  You can’t possibly expect your Blaziken to defeat two water-type Pokemon, especially when they’re at such high levels.

May: *giggles* You’re forgetting one thing.

May looks at the sky.

May: The sun is rather bright, today.

Both Dawn & Misty look at the sky and are confused.

Misty: Yeah, so?

Dawn: What’s that got to do with the battle?

May: Blaziken, SOLARBEAM!

Misty & Dawn: WHAT?!

Blaziken starts to absorb the sunlight.

Misty: Gyarados, use Double Team, then Hydro Pump on Blaziken!

Dawn: Piplup, use Double Team, then Water Pulse on Blaziken!

Gyarados and Piplup start multiplying then unleash their attacks.  A split-second before they land, Blaziken is done absorbing the beam.  May smiles.  The attacks land.

May: FIRE!

The Solarbeam is used and manages to push back the water attacks and hit every mirage.  Then, it hits both Piplup and Gyarados.  Both Pokemon are knocked out.

Dawn: Piplup, return!

Misty: Gyarados, return!

Both Pokemon are zapped into their Pokeballs.

Dawn: Okay, how’s this?  Buneary, I chose you!

She throws the Pokeball and the Pokemon comes out.  It’s also normal sized.

Dawn: Aw, Come on!  I honestly thought that since the Pokeballs grew with the outfit, the Pokemon would be giants.

Misty: Well, as we can see, that’s not the case.  Anyway, go, Staryu!

She throws the Pokeball and the Pokemon comes out.  It’s also normal sized.  Misty doesn’t make a big deal out of it.


Ash: Okay, Pikachu!  Try using Thunderbolt, again!

Pikachu: Pi-ka-CHU!!

Ash: I know that we might get hurt again, but we need to get Dawn’s attention.

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt.


Dawn feels the Thunderbolt and scratches her head again.


Once again, the “ceiling” starts to fall down and press the ground.

Ash: Not again!!

Pikachu: CHU!!

The “ceiling” pressing the ground moves back and forth.  It manages to grab and move Ash and Pikachu around for a while.  Then, the “ceiling” moves back to its normal area.

Ash: We can’t give up, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pikachu.


Dawn: Darn itch.


Brock appears with the antidote.  He’s surprised with what he’s surrounded by.  Nothing but walls of pink, orange, and yellow & red that happens to be Dawn’s, Misty’s, & May’s shoes.  He also notices that the Pokemon are battling.

Brock: What are they doing?!  HEY, MISTY!  MAY!  DAWN!

His voice is no good.  Not because they can’t hear him, but because they’re so focused on the battle.


May: Blaziken, use Overheat!

Misty: Staryu, Water Gun!

Both Blaziken’s Overheat attack and Staryu’s Water Gun attack are evenly matched.  Dawn takes advantage of this.

Dawn: Buneary, use Thunder Wave on both Pokemon!

Buneary’s Thunder Wave manages to paralyze both Pokemon.  Both Misty and May are shocked.

Dawn: Did you two forget about me?

Misty: (Thinking) I didn’t think that she’d be able to use that.

May: (Thinking) Very clever.  Waiting for an opening, and using it while Misty and I were focused on each other.

Dawn smiles.

Dawn: Now, use Quick Attack!

Buneary starts speeding up and knocks into both Staryu and Blaziken.

Misty: Staryu!

May: Blaziken!

Misty: Grrrr......  Staryu, use Thunder!

Staryu’s Thunder does heavy damage to Buneary and Blaziken.

May: Blaziken!

Dawn: Buneary!

All three Pokemon are almost ready to kiss the ground.

The three giantesses start breathing heavily, but they don’t make a big deal out of it.

Misty: (Thinking) Staryu looks like it’s about to pass out.  I might as well use my best move to finish this, now!

May: (Thinking) Blaziken doesn’t look like it’s going to last much longer.  I might as well use Blaziken’s strongest attack.  Hopefully, it hasn’t gotten too weak.

Dawn: (Thinking) This has gone far enough!  I need to put a stop to this, now!  But how?  Getting these two to stop is like Officer Jenny constantly saying, “Freeze!” , to a thief that won’t stop running.

Dawn gets an idea.

Dawn: (Thinking) That’s it!  This has to work!


While this is going on, Brock continues trying to get their attention, but to no avail.

Brock: *groans* It’s no use.  I need to find another way of getting their attention.  This senseless Pokemon battle is unnecessary, and time is running out.

Just then, he notices the girls breathing heavily.

Brock: Oh, no.  It’s starting!  But what can I do?!


All three girls are ready to attack, again.

Misty: Staryu......use....Hydro Pump!

Staryu launches a Hydro Pump.

May: Blaziken use.......Overheat!

Blaziken uses Flamethrower.

Dawn: Buneary.......Ice Beam!

Buneary attacks with Ice Beam.


Brock has a determined look on his face and decides to use his own Pokemon.

Brock: I’ve got to stop this!  Sudowoodo, use Rock Slide!  Croagunk, Mud Slap!  Go!

Sudowoodo uses Rock Slide and attacks both Staryu and Blaziken.  Croagunk uses Mud Slap on Buneary.  The girls wonder what happened.  Then, they see Brock.

Misty, May, & Dawn: Brock?

Brock: What are you three doing?!

Misty, May, & Dawn: I’m fighting.....for Ash!

Brock: And where IS Ash?

All the girls are shocked.

Misty: Oh, my....gosh!

May: We’ve been so busy......battling, we didn’t even notice....that he was missing.

Dawn feels that same itch in her head again.

Dawn: Man, I’ve been scratching that.....area and that itch still won’t stop.

Dawn takes of her beanie.  Misty and May see Ash.  Dawn’s about to scratch her head, again.

Misty & May: WAIT!

Dawn: What’s.......wrong?

Misty: Ash is of your head.

Dawn is surprised.  She gently grabs him and Pikachu.

Dawn: So, THAT’S what’s.....been bothering me.

Ash: Sorry, Dawn, but I had to find a way to get your attention.

Pikachu: Pika, Pika.

Dawn: Please.  I should be who apologizes.  With all that......scratching, I’m surprised two are alive.  Are you hurt?

Ash: Not at all.  I’ve been through much worse.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Dawn: *giggles* That’s...a relief.

May & Misty giggle.  Dawn places Ash & Pikachu near Brock.  She, the other two girls, and Brock grab their Pokeballs.

Dawn: Buneary, return!

Misty: Staryu, return!

May: Blaziken, return!

Brock: Croagunk, Sudowoodo, return!

The Pokemon return to their Pokeballs.  Just then, the girls feel a very sharp pain in their hearts.  They put their hands over their hearts and get on their knees.  They all start breathing heavily.

May: Not............again...........

Misty: What’

Dawn: Why are........we hard?

Ash: What’s going on?

Brock: Just as I was told.

Ash: Huh?  What are you talking about?

Brock: I was told that these pellets were not like the ones that were used last time.

Ash: What do you mean?
Brock: Let me start from the beginning.  Ladies, I know that all of you are very tired, but please try to stay focused.  Misty, where did you find the pellets, last time this happened?
Misty: Uh....... Well, I........remember........running into........a scientist.......

Brock: Was it a Team Rocket scientist?
Misty: I.......don’t remember..........  He such a.....hurry.......

Brock: Then it must’ve been a Team Rocket scientist.  Their boss wanted something that could enhance a Pokemon’s abilities, tenfold.  That caused the development of the power pellets.  As we already know, the first time Misty and May used these, it took an electric attack to bring them back to normal size.

Ash: Yeah, it was Pikachu’s Thundershock.  But what makes these pellets different?

Brock: Team Rocket made a second attempt to perfect these pellets without the size effect of an electric attack.  The problem, this time, was that the pellets gradually created problems in the user’s heart, leading to fatal results, like a heart attack or a stroke.

Ash, Pikachu, and the girls are all shocked.

Misty: So that’s.......what those sharp.....pains were.......

May: I......told you.........that........something.......was.......wrong!

Dawn: Don’t blame.......her..........  She couldn’t..........have known........about those...........pellets Team........Rocket.

Misty sheds a tear.  The tear causes a huge splash of water to hit the ground.

Brock: After finding this out, Team Rocket decided to drop the project.  They just got tired of failing.

Misty: I’m......sorry,.......May!  I caught my obsession for..........Ash, I didn’t..........even realize..........the truth about.........those pellets.  And to.......get you.......and Dawn involved....... This is.......all my fault!

Misty continues to cry.  May and Dawn both feel sorry for Misty and also start crying.  To Ash, Pikachu, & Brock, these are like bombs dropping.  They run away from the three girls and move to a safe distance.

May: Don’t blame.......yourself for.......this.  We chose those........pellets, too.

Dawn: Hey,.......Misty.

Misty: Yeah?

Dawn: After........this, how’s about..............the three get to know.........each other..........better, head.......back to Cerulean?

Misty: .......................Sure,........if we.......make it...........


The girls smile.

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

The girls look down and notice that the area around them is somewhat flooded.

Misty, May, & Dawn: *sniff* Sorry.

The girls wipe their eyes.


Brock: You’ve been giantesses for quite a while.  I don’t know how much longer until the effects become fatal.  Don’t worry.  I have the cure.

Ash: A cure?!

Misty, May, & Dawn: A cure?!

Pikachu: Pika?!

Brock: I made a call to Professor Oak and he knew about this experiment.  I read the package and it says, “White Pellets”.  I’m guessing that these are just like the black pellets.

Brock opens the package and it’s full of white pellets.  Before he can take them out to hand to the girls, they collapse to the floor, on their backs, causing a huge seismic wave, causing the two boys and Pikachu to fall.  Brock accidentally drops the package of pellets and the pellets spill out and scatter.

Ash: MISTY!!!  MAY!!!!!  DAWN!!!!!!!

Brock: I dropped the package!

Pellets are scattered everywhere!

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!!

Dawn: H.....e.......l.....p.......

May: F......o......r......g......i....v.....e.....u.......s,.........A.......s......h.....

Misty: W......e........c.....a.....n’......t......m.......o......v.......e........

Misty, May, & Dawn: S.....a........v.....e.............u.......s..................

Brock: They’re getting worse!

Ash: We can’t afford to waste any more time!!  Come out, everyone!

Ash releases all of his Pokemon.  Turtwig, Staravia, and Aipom are beside Pikachu.

Brock: Sudowoodo & Croagunk, we need your help!

Both Pokemon are released.

Ash: Help me collect all those pellets, and DON’T eat any of them!

Brock: That goes for you two, as well!

All the Pokemon understand and go after the white pellets.

Ash: Hurry!  The girls don’t have much time left!

Pellets continue to roll in many areas.  Luckily, due to the girls’ constant fighting, there were hardly any Pokemon within the area, making this search a lot easier.

Staravia manages to snatch about two pellets in a pile of bushes.  Turtwig manages to snatch a few others by a tree.  Croagunk manages to snatch a whole bunch by a log.  Aipom manages to snatch a whole bunch by a hill.  Overall, they managed to regain a whole bunch.

Ash: I’ve got a bunch.

Brock: So do I.

Ash: Good.  That’s just about all of them.

Sudowoodo: SUDOWOODO!!

Brock: What is it, Sudowoodo?

Sudowoodo is pointing at the final pellets rolling toward a nearby river.

Brock: Those pellets are going for the river.

Ash runs after Pikachu who runs after the pellets and manages to catch them all, right before they fell into the water.  Ash takes the pellets.

Ash: Thanks, Pikachu.

Just then, a claw grabs Pikachu.  Laughter can be heard.

Ash: Team Rocket?!

Brock: I thought you guys said that you wouldn’t bug us today!

Jessie: Prepare for trouble!  We didn’t lie!  We just changed our minds!

James: Make it double!  Mime Jr.’s fine, so now, we’re after your hides!

Jessie: An evil as old as the galaxy!

James: Sent here to fulfill our destiny!

Meowth: With Meowth!  Dat’s Me!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Meowth: And Meowth are da names!

Jessie: Whenever there’s peace in the universe,--

James: --Team Rocket--

Meowth: --will be dere--

Team Rocket: --to make everything worse!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Mime Jr.: Mime, Mime!

Brock: I should’ve known better than to believe you three.

Jessie: En contraire!  James said that we wouldn’t go anywhere until his Mime Jr. was better.

Mime Jr.: Mime, mime.

James: Mime Jr.’s now better, and we’re back to work.

Meowth: And now dat we got Pikachu, our woik is done for today!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Pikachu makes an attempt at using an electric attack to break free, but to no avail.  Meowth laughs.

James: You think that you’d have learned by now.

Jessie: It’s electric-proof, so don’t bother wasting your energy.

Brock: Allow me.  Croagunk, Mud Slap!

Croagunk’s mud hits Team Rocket’s balloon and puts holes in it.  This causes turbulence for Team Rocket, and Pikachu to get itself free and in Ash’s hands.  The balloon falls to the floor.

Jessie: Okay, we might as well do this the hard way!

Before they get the chance to start a battle, the whole ground shakes like crazy.

Jessie: W-W-What is this?!

Brock: No way!

Ash: It couldn’t be!

Just then, three colossal figures, on all fours, overshadow them.  Team Rocket is shocked at what they see.

Meowth: NOT AGAIN!!

James: Is this the result of Team Rocket’s Power Pellets?!

Jessie: I thought the project was abandoned after the second failure!

Those three colossal figures happen to be none other than the three girls.

James: It’s you two, again?!

Meowth: And da blue-haired twerpette, too?!

Jessie: What do we do, now?!

The three giantesses are still in very bad shape.

Misty: I........should’ve known..........that you three........would be around........

May: Good thing that.........we came when.........we did.......

Dawn: You’ll pay.......for a this.......

Team Rocket has a grin on their faces.

Jessie: So, I see that the negative effects of the second version of our pellets have taken effect.

Wobbuffet: Wobba, Wobba!

James: How fortunate that the scales have tipped in our favor.

Mime Jr.: Mime, Mime,  Mime.

Just then, the three girls lift their giant hands in the air.

Meowth: Uh, da scales may toin into a catapult in a matter of minutes.

James: Huh?
Jessie: And why is that?
Meowth points in the air.

Meowth: DAT’S WHY!

The three hands fall down and cause the ground to shake.  Just then, in a cloud of smoke, Team Rocket is flying in the air.

James: *sighs* Who didn’t see this coming?

Meowth: What?  Us, blastin’ off, or dose three bein’ responsible for it?
Jessie: What difference does it make?!  As always, we wind up with nothing!  (Fades) IT’S NOT FAIR!!

Mime Jr.: MIME!

Wobbuffet: WOBBUFFET!

They all fly off into the sky.

Ash: Wow!  I’m surprised that you three had the strength to do that.


Ash: Oh, right.

Ash gives Misty, May, and Dawn a handful of pellets each.  The girls manage to take them and swallow them in one gulp.

Brock: I hope this works.

All the girls fall face down to the floor.  The boys and Pikachu are shocked.

Ash: NO!

Brock: This can’t be.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Before any more drama can occur, the girls start shrinking.

Ash: YES!

Brock: *sighs* That’s a relief.

Pikachu: PIKACHU!!

The girls are back to their original sizes.  They’re all sleeping on the floor.


In the distance the man who helped Brock earlier is watching.

?????: At last.  The nightmare is finally over.  Hopefully, I’ll learn from my mistake and try to invent something that isn’t as dangerous.  Things should go a lot smoother, now that I’m out of Team Rocket.

The man leaves.


Ash & Brock are trying to get the girls to wake up.

Ash: Misty?  May?  Dawn?  Are you all okay?

The girls groan and get up.

Misty: Man.  What an adventure.

May: Well, at least we’re back to normal.

Dawn: I’ll admit this much.  Being a giantess was incredibly amazing, but that heart attack really took the joy out of it.

Ash: Not to mention that you girls had to get me in the middle of all this, again.

Misty: Okay, I apologize for that.  I was immature, and I finally realize that my crush on Ash wasn’t a crush.  It was lust.  I let that get the better of me, and it caused all these problems, twice.

May: Don’t beat yourself up over it.  What’s done is done.

Dawn: I’m just glad that no one else got hurt, and that this event didn’t go worldwide.  Oy!  That would’ve been crazy.

Ash: Let’s not discuss this anymore.

Misty: I just want to say that I’m changing my ways and going back to my old attitude.  This new one has caused too many problems, and I’m tired of it.

Ash: *chuckles* In that case, welcome back, Misty.

May: So does that mean that you don’t have a crush on Ash, anymore?

Misty doesn’t answer.

Misty: Come on.  Let’s get something to eat.

Misty leaves.

May: Wait a minute.  You never answered my question!

May leaves.

Brock: We might as well have some real fun, now.  Misty and May came from such far places, and I think that we all deserve a break from all the craziness.  I’m not just talking about Ash’s Triple Trouble when I say this, either.

Dawn: I agree.  With all the tough contests and non-stop traveling, I deserve a break.

Ash: In that case, where do we start?
Brock: Let’s head back to the Pokemon Center and grab a bite to eat, before we decide what to do, first.

Ash, Brock, Pikachu, and Dawn all leave.  After a crazy adventure like that, the three girls have decided to become friends.  Brock is actually surprised with himself, being as he’s not the one to normally act very mature around women.  He didn’t even swoon over the three giantesses like he did last time with just Misty and May.  As for Ash?  Well, he’s just hoping that he never has to deal with this type of situation, ever again.  For now, they plan on enjoying themselves before they continue on their journey, Misty leaves for the Cerulean Gym, and May leaves to continue her journey in Johto.