Love o' War 3: Heartbroken Again

(Cubed Cinder)

Misty (wearing her normal outfit of a yellow crop top and short jean shorts held up with red suspenders, plus red and white sneakers) sat on her bed with a picture of herself, Ash, Pikachu, and Brock all smiling for the camera on her lap. The memories flowed through her mind like a river. Despite their differences, they were the best of friends. But as far as Ash was concerned, it was like a knot that she has waited seemingly for years to tie. She tries not to think about the embarrassing last two times she tried to win back Ash's heart. She felt like a fool thinking May and Dawn were out to get Ash during his travels. She smiled thinking about those two, thankful she is good friends with those two.

And yet despite all those emotions... Misty still yearned for Ash's heart. And that made her break down everytime she thought about it. Misty hugged the picture close to her chest.
"Ash Ketchum... why can't you come home and settle down? Why can't we start a life together? I feel like you're the only one who's there for me." Misty said.
"Yo, Misty!" a familiar voice shouted from outside Misty's room. Misty put the picture down (facing up) and looked to see Daisy peeking her head inside.
"Yes, Daisy?" Misty said.
"Um... could you come help us out with pool cleaning?" Daisy asked. Misty didn't like where this was going. Lately she's had to do almost meaningless tasks while Daisy and her other sisters either just laid around like lazy celebrities on vacation or went off and did other things that were more their style. But Misty got up and followed Daisy out of the room.
"Okay, sure." Misty said.

And just as she predicted... her other two sisters Violet and Lily were just laying around in lounge chairs by the big swimming pool. They both smiled when they saw Misty walking in.
"Oh, Misty! Like, right on time!" Violet said.
"Yeah, could you totally help clean the pool for us?" Lily asked. Misty just gave a snarling look at her two sisters.
"Don't worry, Misty! I'll help you out!" Daisy said.
"Yeah, sure. And then you'll complain you're too tired in five seconds and go lay down and work on your tan like the others." Misty said.
"No, really, Misty... I can help out and..." Daisy said, only for Misty to loudly interrupt her.
"NO! Don't you freaking lie to me, Daisy! You three have been either too lazy or too tired to do ANYTHING ever since you got back from your vacation! Do you really think I'm stupid!? Why else did you want to invite me back to this stupid gym!?" Misty shouted. At first, Violet and Lily didn't say anything and just looked at each other, but then they just smirked back at Misty.
"Gosh, you're such a whiny little brat!" Lily said.
"Why don't you call your little boy toy to help you out? Oh, wait... like he's probably on another land by now!" Violet said.
"Maybe even another planet! Hahahaha!!" Lily said as she and Lily both laughed out loud. Daisy couldn't help but laugh herself even though it was a cruel joke, she thought in the back of her mind.
Of course, Misty wasn't laughing at all. In fact, she was downright steamed at having Ash being referred to as her 'boy toy.'
"For your information, he is my BOYFRIEND!!! That does it... you three find someone else to run this gym!!" Misty said as she turned around and stormed off. Violet and Lily just giggled once again. Daisy on the other hand kept looking back in the direction Misty walked off to, worried about her younger sister.

Misty wasted no time in wanting to get out of there. She grabbed her red backpack and started filling it up with essential items like food, water, money, clothes, and Poké Balls. Most importantly, she packed in that picture she was staring at earlier with Ash Ketchum. If her sisters were going to treat her this way, she might as well go to the one person she cared for the most. One way or the other, she was going to be with Ash, hopefully for the rest of her life. As she zipped up her backpack and put it on, she started to walk out of the room, only to bump into Daisy.
"Misty... where are?" Daisy said.
"I told you. I quit as the Cerulean City Gym leader. You're not going to change my mind." Misty said.
"Well... okay, sure, but where will you go?" Daisy said.
"I don't know. But far far away, that's for sure." Misty said.
"Misty... you don't have to do this. I'm sure my sisters didn't mean all those nasty things they said." Daisy said.
"It doesn't matter. They'll just do it again tomorrow, like they did yesterday, and the day before that." Misty said. She started to walk by Daisy, but she grabbed her by the shoulder.
"Misty, please don't do this!" Daisy said. Misty, however, quickly wrestled herself free and pushed her in the chest.
"Let me go!! And don't you try to follow me either! You and me, we're through!!" Misty shouted. Those words hit Daisy like a punch in the stomach. Daisy always respected Misty the most of the trio, especially after hearing of all the adventures she went through while she, Violet, and Lily were on their world tour. By the time she regained her full composure, Misty was already gone.

She wanted so badly to follow her, but couldn't. Not when Misty made it clear she didn't want to be followed.

And Misty took one last look at the Cerulean City Gym. Her former life appeared to be over. It was now a life with Ash Ketchum or nothing at all.


Misty made it to the nearest airport in the Kanto region and called up Delia Ketchum, Ash's mother who she was good friends with. Misty made the call quick, simply asking where Ash was if he had already left home. Once she got her answer of the Unova region, she quickly bought a plane ticket to the Unova region, joining up with a few other people that were planning on taking a trip to Unova as well. During almost the entire trip, she just stared out the window at the blue sky, thinking so much about Ash that it almost brought her to tears.

After a flight that took almost a few hours, Misty got off the plane and reacquired her backpack from the plane's storage tank. She didn't realize yet that she had landed in Nuvema Town, the starting point for many trainers in the Unova region. Obviously, having read very little about Unova (because it was so far away, there were no tour guides on the region like there were those for Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh), she didn't have much of an idea on where to go. She decided to start at the big lab that stood out over the entire town.

Professor Juniper was busy as always, between conducting her usual batch of experiments and awarding a couple of young trainers their first Pokemon (a choice between Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawatt). She looked to see the front doors sliding open, and walking through was Misty.
"Hi! Welcome to the Nuvema Town Laboratory. My name is Professor Juniper." Juniper said as she walked towards Misty and offered to shake her hand.
"Oh? A female professor? I don't see those often. The last one I remember was Professor Ivy from Valencia Island." Misty said.
"Ivy? As in Felina Ivy? Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. I wonder how she is doing..." Juniper said.
"Um... listen, Professor Juniper, this might sound kind of strange, but I'm looking for a specific trainer that I think has traveled to this region." Misty said.
"Oh? Do you know his or her name? Or what they look like?" Juniper said.
"His name is Ash Ketchum. He's from Kanto just like I am. He's... well, we have a special bonding, let's just say." Misty said.
"Most interesting. Well, I do happen to know Ash. I met him when he first came to Nuvema as well." Juniper said.
"Is he still here!?" Misty shouted excitedly. Juniper was almost taken aback by her excited reaction, but quickly pulled herself together.
"! I'm afraid he left yesterday. He's probably in Striaton City by now. But it's not far from here, I think." Juniper said.
"I see..." Misty said.
"Hey, if your friend is at the Pokemon Center there, perhaps we can reach him via the video phone. Want to try?" Juniper said.
"Yes, I would love to!" Misty said.
"Alright, just follow me." Juniper said. She then walked towards the back room where most of her experiments were being done, as well as her computers and video phone. Misty of course followed behind.

As Misty walked into the lab room, she looked down at the nearby table and saw a group of small black pellets. These pellets almost quickly rang a bell as she looked down on them.
"Huh? What are those pellets?" Misty asked.
"Oh, these little things? They're special pellets that Professor Oak asked me to study. Supposedly they make anything that eats them grow in size and strength." Juniper said. Misty's eyes opened up when she heard those words. That's exactly what happened the last two times she popped a few of those black pellets into her mouth.
"(I knew it! It's those pellets again...)" Misty thought to herself.
"Yeah, he wanted me to see how exactly they worked, and how it is that electricity can cancel out the effects of those pellets." Juniper said.
"Fascinating, I must say." Misty said. She was tempted to swipe a few of the pellets in case there ever had to be a time where she had to grow to giant size again, but after thinking about the mishaps of the last two times she was involved with those pellets, she thought better of it.
"Anyway, here's the phone. Just let me dial in the Pokemon Center there and then you can take over." Juniper said.
"Thanks." Misty said. After Juniper punched in the right phone number, she turned around and walked into another room.
"I'll be right back." Juniper said.

Meanwhile, all the way out at the Striaton City Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy had been talking with Misty, who of course asked to speak with Ash. Joy nodded as she put the phone down and looked over at Ash Ketchum, who was sitting at the seats waiting to get his Pokemon back from the healing room. Sitting next to him was Iris.
"Nurse Joy, are my Pokemon done healing yet?" Ash asked.
"Almost, Ash! They should be done any minute now. Oh, there's a call for you on video phone number two." Joy said.
"A call? From who?" Ash asked.
"A young girl all the way from Kanto. Her name was Misty, I think." Joy said. Ash's eyes opened up wide.
"Huh? Misty?" Ash said.
"So do you know her?" Iris asked.
"Well, yes. She's an old friend from where I lived." Ash said.
"Wow! Must be a really good friend if she's calling long distance!" Iris said.
"Yeah, I guess." Ash said as he jumped out from his seat and headed for the video phones.
"Hey! Wait up! I wanna see what she looks like!" Iris said as she hopped up from her seat as well.

As soon as Ash picked up the phone, the screen turned on and Misty's face was on screen.
"Hi, Misty!" Ash said.
"Hey there, Ash! I bet you're glad to see me again." Misty said.
"Always, Misty. Always. I'm sorry I didn't see you before I left for Unova." Ash said.
"Well, it's okay. Like your mom said, there's no keeping you from a big adventure." Misty said.
"So how is it you're able to call me all the way from Kanto?" Ash said.
"Well... it's because I'm not in Kanto. I'm actually here in Unova!" Misty said with a smile.
"WHAT!?" Ash shouted.
"Yeah... in Nuvema Town, to be exact. I'm in Professor Juniper's lab. She was nice enough to let me use her phone." Misty said.
"So I see." Ash said. Finally, Iris showed up and was standing behind Ash, looking over his shoulder.
"Ah, so that's your old friend right there?" Iris asked.
"Huh? Who's that with you, Ash?" Misty asked.
"Oh, um... this is Iris, another friend I met as soon as I got here." Ash said.
"Hello, Misty! Ash is such a little kid, isn't he? Hahaha!" Iris said with a friendly laugh. Misty only softly giggled.
"Um... right. Right." Misty said. Inside her mind, she felt like she was being eaten up. Not only did Iris make fun of her beloved Ash... but she was standing way too close for comfort to him. She just had to ask the important question to Ash.
"Um... Ash. Is she...?" Misty said, but before she could finish, Ash looked behind and heard Nurse Joy calling for him.
"Ash! Your Pokemon are done healing!" Joy shouted.
"Okay, Nurse Joy! Well, I gotta go challenge my first gym, Misty. Let's stay in touch, okay?" Ash said.
"Yeah... okay." Misty said.
"Okay! See you, Misty!" Ash shouted. Then the screen disappeared as the call ended.

Misty hung up the phone and slumped back in the chair she was sitting in. Did she really see what she saw? Ash kissing up with another girl (even though that never came close to happening during the call) who practically insulted him (even though it was only one little barb, and the one she would do much more often as Ash's journey continued). Not only that, but he was still in a mad rush to challenge gym leaders instead of open up and share feelings with each other. Misty didn't know what to feel. A part of her wanted to cry. A part of her wanted to lash out in anger. A part of her wanted to give up and just go back to Cerulean City and forever be some lowly slave to her idiotic sisters. A part of her wanted to unleash the fury of all the water Pokemon in the world and wash Ash to his senses.

A part of her wanted to grow big enough to scare Ash to do what SHE wished for him to do. As much as she didn't want to, those powerful thoughts once again clouded her judgment. And what pushed her over the edge was when she took one more look at those pellets.

She looked away. She took another look. She looked away. She took another look. And finally, she snapped.
"Ahhhhh! Alright, Ash Ketchum! You're going to get what's coming to you!!!" Misty shouted. She leapt out of the chair and reached towards the table and grabbed all the pellets on the table, which were about twenty of them. Right as she started stuffing her mouth with these pellets, Professor Juniper came back into the room and gasped.
"(gasp) Hey! What are you doing with those pellets!?" Juniper shouted. Misty quickly gulped all of them down and felt them sliding down into her stomach.
"Forgive me, Professor Juniper. I'm just taking care of unfinished business." Misty said. She then rushed out of the room and ran past the professor, leaving behind her backpack. She ran out of the sliding front doors just in the nick of time, because she was beginning to grow and grow fast.
Juniper and some of her assistants ran out of the lab to watch as Misty (and her outfit) grew bigger and bigger. Misty watched with great delight as Nuvema Town shrunk around her. She was especially happy when she felt she was bigger than the last time she took those pellets. Certainly, swallowing more pellets was the cause of that.

Finally, Misty stopped growing at a massive 400 feet tall. She looked out in the distance at the tiny routes in front of her.
"Alright, if I follow these routes, I'll be in Striaton City in no time. You'll be mine forever when I find you, Ash!!" Misty said. She took her first steps forward, not caring what she was stepping on (which was mostly trees as big as her shoes were). Juniper started to run back into her lab with her assistants behind her.
"Everyone! Contact all the cities and tell them a really big girl may be headed their way. And make sure you tell them she's REALLY big!" Juniper shouted.


Moments later, Ash stepped out of the Pokemon Center with Pikachu and Iris behind him. He looked down at the Poke Balls filled with the few Pokemon he had caught in his short time in the Unova region.
"Alright! Now where's that Striaton City Gym? I'll show whoever's in charge just how good a Kanto Pokemon trainer can be!" Ash said.
"Huh!? Can't we stop and get a bite to eat first? I'm starving after that long walk through Route 2? Man, you are such a little kid!" Iris said.
"Oh, fine. But you go on. Gym matches can't wait!" Ash said.
"Eeeeeek!! It's a giantess!" a young woman shouted as she went running by along with a few other panicking folks.
"Huh? A giantess? Where? I hope it's not Jessiezilla." Ash said.
"Ash! Look!" Iris said as she pointed towards the southern exit of Striaton City, where Route 2 started. Coming towards them was the gigantic Misty, and at 400 feet tall, she looked massive even from about a mile away from the city. Iris obviously couldn't believe it.
"I had no idea your old friend was so huge!" Iris said.
"Um... she isn't." Ash said. All he knew was he was in big trouble judging by the angry look in Misty's eyes.

Misty knew she was really big, but it wasn't until she got to Striaton City and noticed how she was more than twice the height of the tallest buildings that gave her the clearest sign of her new size advantage. The power immediately rushed through her veins as she looked down at the panicking crowd running around her sneakers. Of course, she was really scanning the ground for Ash, but she had no idea Ash and Iris had both taken shelter behind one of the buildings.
"Yes, you little bugs better run before I crush you... because this time I'm NOT watching my step!" Misty shouted. Indeed, Misty was angrier than ever before. She wasn't about to cut corners with her new size. If it meant trashing the city to find the jerk known as Ash Ketchum, then she would do just that. Misty took a couple steps forward, crushing a few unlucky trainers who couldn't possibly dodge her gigantic shoes in time. The first building she inspected as she got down on her knees was an apartment complex. She peeked inside as best as she could, watching as various people, mostly couples, all screamed in terror when they saw the giantess outside their windows. But Misty just ignored them, not seeing Ash in any of them.

She then looked over the nearby apartment. Once again all she saw were panicking people, all of whom eventually ran past her body. But there was one room where she saw a young kid sitting in front of a TV, his back turned to the window. The thing that got her attention? The kid was wearing similar clothes and a similarly colored hat to Ash. This got Misty's blood going. Even though the kid was not Ash himself, Misty's eyes were fooled just enough. Misty suddenly slammed her hand through the apartment, stunning the kid who suddenly turned around and saw a huge hand reaching for him.
"Eeeeek! Help! Help!!!" the boy shouted, unable to move much with Misty's fingers completely immobilizing him.
"Ugh... you're not Ash." Misty said. After carefully looking over the young man and realizing he wasn't Ash, Misty just dropped the boy down to the ground (causing him to land painfully on his legs) without the slightest bit of care. Misty meanwhile stood back to her full height and scanned the city, trying to pick out another building that Ash might be hiding in. She set her sights on the Pokemon Center.
"That must be the Pokemon Center. Ash has to be in there." Misty said. She took a few steps towards the center and was already towering over it. Some people were running out of the center and past Misty's huge sneakers. But then the giantess sat down, crushing one of the apartments completely under her shorts. With the Pokemon Center surrounded by her legs, Misty took one of her hands and ripped off the roof of the center, sending everyone inside into a real frenzy. As Misty threw the roof to the side, she stared point blank inside at the people that tried hard to find cover.
"Where is Ash Ketchum!?" Misty shouted. Everyone covered their ears from the loud voice. Misty eventually found Nurse Joy taking cover behind one of the counters, and she plucked her out from there by picking her up with her hand. Joy was almost paralyzed by the angry look on Misty's incredibly huge face.
"I'm not going to ask you again. Where... is... Ash Ketchum!?" Misty said. Joy knew who she was talking about, having told Ash earlier about the video phone call from Misty.
"I don't know, I don't know! He left a few minutes ago! I swear!! Please don't hurt me!" Joy shouted.
"You didn't see which way he went?" Misty asked. Joy feverishly shook her head.
"Hmph... fine." Misty said. She then placed Joy several feet away on top of another building, and Misty got up and, again without thinking of the destruction at her feet, crushed the Pokemon Center with a couple steps.
"He's probably in the next city by now... maybe even that bigger city." Misty said. Indeed, as she looked out in the distance, she could see a perfect metropolis that we know as Castelia City, preceded by the Skyarrow Bridge. As she started walking again, she decided that was her next target. No matter how long it took or how much she crushed in her path, she was going to search all of Unova for her beloved Ash.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city (near the gym in fact), Ash and Iris were taking cover and watching as the mass destruction played out. Smoke and flames from the destroyed properties couldn't obscure all 400 feet of the massive Misty. And they could only watch as she stomped in their direction, only to turn to the right and head for the next route. The two came out of their hiding place and could only watch as the mega giantess stayed in view the whole time, each of her steps leaving behind a thundering boom. Iris shifted both their attention to the intense destruction of Striaton City. Buildings were either destroyed or burning up, and bodies of those crushed by the giantess laid around, especially near what little was left of the Pokemon Center.
"Oh man, look at this mess!" Iris said.
"This is terrible... I need to show myself to her so she doesn't destroy any more cities." Ash said.
"Are you kidding!? She'll just crush you like a teeny tiny bug! That's some girlfriend you once had." Iris said.
"Hey, come on! It's not like that at all. We're just good friends." Ash said.
"Well, not right now you are! I hope the army or something teaches her a lesson." Iris said. Ash just sighed. He couldn't believe this was happening again. He would've thought Misty would've learned her lesson by now, but apparently she didn't.

Then, Officer Jenny came rolling up to Ash and Iris on her motorcycle.
"Are you two okay?" Jenny asked.
"Yes, we're fine. We've been hiding all this time." Ash said.
"It's terrible what that giant girl has done! We should do something about this!" Iris said.
"Yes, I agree, but it's way too dangerous for me. We'll have to let the armies handle this situation as big as that girl is." Jenny said.
"I hope they don't hurt her... she's just, well, misguided right now." Ash said.
"Hmph! I wouldn't call anyone on a city-destroying rampage misguided." Iris said.
"Look, I'm on my way to Nuvema Town to see if I can get some backup to help with the cleanup." Jenny said.
"Wait... Nuvema Town? That's where Professor Juniper is, right?" Iris asked.
"Yes." Jenny nodded.
"Maybe we can find out from her what happened to Misty!" Iris said.
"You really think so?" Ash asked.
"Officer Jenny, can you take us with you to Nuvema?" Iris asked.
"Well, sure! Hop in!" Jenny said. Both Ash and Iris hopped into the passanger seat next to the motorcycle.
"Hold on tight! We're going to be speeding down Route 2!" Jenny said. She revved up her motorcycle and turned it towards Route 2, going at a high rate of speed to quickly reach Nuvema Town.

Away from the destroyed Striaton City and after stomping around the smaller Nacrene City (she almost never saw it being so focused on Castelia City), Misty came to a stop when she noticed a huge river standing in front of her. Stretching across this river was the Skyarrow Bridge, a massive bridge that she could see many cars and people crossing.
"I guess I'm taking the bridge." Misty said. Of course, she wasn't going to be stepping on the bridge, that would be devilish of her. Besides, she had to scan it carefully to see if Ash was on it, even though he was nowhere to be found. We of course know he was heading in the opposite direction of where Misty was going. But that wasn't going to stop the angry mega giantess. Despite wearing her clothes, Misty dipped her shoes into the water, sending water splashing violently in every direction. She carefully continued forward and felt herself sinking deeper into the ocean. When her shorts were almost completely submerged, she could feel the surface of the ocean flattening out, like she was at its deepest point. That put her at eye level with the top of the bridge, high enough that she could still see much of it.
"Alright, Ash... where are you and that new girlfriend you don't deserve to be with..." Misty said to herself as she slowly walked across the water. She scanned every point of the bridge, from the cars driving by to the people biking down the middle path. Many of these people or cars crashed into something as they were in awe of looking up at the mega giantess. But Misty didn't care about that. She wanted to find Ash and find him now.
But Misty was so focused on the bridge, she wasn't watching where she was going, and that caused her to bump into something. She felt something press against her skin underneath her yellow shirt.
"Huh?" Misty said. She looked down and saw a large cruise ship that was close to tipping on its side. The ship was known around the region as the Royal Unova, but right now it was losing its ill-timed battle to the giant Misty, but she wasn't about to show the ship any mercy.
"Ugh... get out of my way!" Misty shouted. She took as much of the ship with both her hands as she could and thrust it forward and underneath the bridge. The force of the shove naturally caused some passangers to fall off the ship and into the water, some unknowingly in front of Misty. But the giantess just watched as the boat sailed off into the distance.
"One of these days I'd like to shrink one of those cruise ships and make it a part of my show... of course, the sisters would probably steal it before then." Misty said. She then resumed her walk along the bridge.

After a couple minutes of walking, Misty made it back on shore and was standing just outside of Castelia City. As she brushed the dripping sea water off her legs and shorts, Misty was impressed. She may have been 400 feet tall, but Castelia City looked really big. Much bigger than any city she had ever seen before. Some of the buildings even towered above her! And of course, being a bustling metropolis meant there was a lot more people in this city, and she could see several of them already glancing up at her. It was a lot of people to scan over just to find one young boy by the name of Ash Ketchum, so Misty had to offer an ultimatum.
"Alright, people of this big city, listen to this bigger girl who is now in charge! I'm looking for a boy about my age. He's wearing a Pokemon League cap, black jeans, and a blue and white zipped up shirt. Have any of you seen him?" Misty said. She could see the confused looks on their faces, and that only made her more frustrated. She put her hands on her hips.
"I'm going to give you 60 seconds to find him, or I'll tear this whole city apart and look for him myself!" Misty said. Most of the crowd finally took off running knowing she wasn't going to get what she was looking for and that she would be tearing up their beloved city.

Meanwhile, back in Nuvema Town, Ash and Iris had made it to Professor Juniper's lab with the help of Officer Jenny. Juniper watched as Ash and Iris came running into her lab. Then she looked back at the computer monitor she was using to watch the news coverage of Misty and her rampage.
"Oh, Ash! Iris! I'm so glad the two of you are safe." Juniper said.
"Professor Juniper! What's going on here?" Iris asked.
"Yeah... how did Misty get so big!?" Ash ashed.
"It's all my fault. I should've kept a closer eye on those pellets." Juniper said.
"Huh? Pellets?" Ash asked. Juniper got up from her desk and walked over towards the table. Juniper picked up a few of them and showed them to the kids. Obviously she had time to gather more pellets over the ones Misty had eaten earlier.
"Huh? Those little black things made Misty that big?" Iris asked.
"Oh no... not those again." Ash said.
"Wait, you're familiar with these pellets?" Juniper asked. Ash simply nodded his head.
"I've had a history with those growing pellets. First in Hoenn, and then in Sinnoh... both times Misty was involved." Ash said.
"Wow... even then Misty was jealous of you. Wait, does that mean you have other girlfriends out there? You are a lucky little kid, Ash!!" Iris shouted.
"How did you get those pellets, if I may ask, professor?" Ash asked.
"Well, Professor Oak sent them to me a while back. And these are the original pellets too... the ones found in Hoenn. We never could find the upgraded pellets used in Sinnoh... the ones Team Rocket made. Apparently they were all devoured, and so were the white pellets that cured the effects of those pellets." Juniper said.
"That's quite fascinating. Those little black balls can make anyone bigger by eating them?" Iris said.
"That's about the... well, size... of it." Juniper said, embarrassed by the pun she just made.
"But if they're the original pellets... that means a blast of electricity can shrink them, right?" Ash asked.
"Yes! That's why I had these pellets, actually. Professor Oak wanted me to find out why it was that electricity caused these pellets to lose their effect. As I said, though, I should've been more watchful of them." Juniper said.
"Don't worry, Professor Juniper. I thought Misty would've learned her lesson by now, to be honest." Ash said.

The three then looked at the computer monitor where they saw a military general being interviewed. Basically, he was babbling about how they were going to throw everything and the kitchen sink at the giant girl. This didn't sit well with Ash, obviously, as the view shifted back to Misty tearing apart some of the taller buildings in Castelia City.
"We've gotta stop them! Misty doesn't mean any harm! She's just looking for me, that's all." Ash said.
"She's been destroying things left and right and killing innocent people, Ash... of course the military is going to want to stop them." Juniper said.
"Sigh... I just want to talk to her... clear up the air." Ash said. Soon, Iris interjected with her own crazy idea.
"What good will the military do!? Look at her... she's so big! She can stomp anyone and anything she wants without effort! I say it's going to take someone on equal footing to stop her." Iris said.
"What are you suggesting, Iris?" Juniper asked. Iris looked behind Juniper and saw twenty more pellets sitting on the table. That's when she made her move and quickly snatched up these pellets. Obviously Juniper couldn't react in time.
"Iris, NO!" Juniper shouted.
"Iris, wait! Don't be a hero!" Ash shouted.
"It's too late, Ash. I've made up my mind. I love Unova with all my heart and no orange-haired mad girl is going to take this beautiful region away from me, especially a serene place like Castelia City!" Iris said as she stuffed her mouth full of these pellets.
"*gulp*" Ash said.
"Oooohh... I can feel my body changing..." Iris said. She watched as she began to enlarge, much like Misty had earlier. But unlike Misty, Iris was making no effort to escape the lab. She was going to grow inside it.
"Take cover!" Juniper said. She and Ash took cover underneath a desk as they watched Iris's shoes get bigger and bigger (because that's all they could see). They knew Iris was growing past the ceiling when they could hear some of it coming apart and chunks falling onto the floor. Eventually Iris made a leap out of the lab and was now standing outside as she continued to grow.

By the time Ash and Juniper finally made it outside, fortunate that the lab wasn't destroyed too much, they both almost crashed into the white and pink wall that was Iris's shoes.
"Oh wow... I'm so huge! I can see why Misty seems to like being so big." Iris said. She brushed some of the dust off her clothes.
"Iris!" Ash shouted. But of course there was no response.
"But I can't worry about that now. I have to stop her, for the fate of all of Unova!" Iris said. She finally started running, not walking, away from Nuvema Town, taking the best path she could towards Castelia City.
Ash and Juniper could only watch as the massive Iris faded from view.
"Maybe Misty's right. Maybe I should open up my feelings more to these girls." Ash said.
"We can't worry about that now. Come on, let's get back inside so I can warn the other cities of the now giant Iris!" Juniper said as she and Ash made their way back into the lab.

Iris would occasionally stop whenever she came across one of the cities just to compare her new gigantic self with the buildings that once towered above her. But these stops were only brief, as she wanted to stay focused on her primary goal, which was to reach Castelia City and stop Misty from continuing her rampage. Of course, along the way, Iris was crushing many innocent trainers and destroying a lot of property, which couldn't be helped given her massive size.
But after many minutes of walking, Iris stopped at the beginning of the Skyarrow Bridge. She looked out in the distance to see a little bit of damage to the bridge, where obviously Misty had messed with it. But it was when she looked out in the city and could just see Misty herself walking between a couple large buildings.
"There you are, Misty. It's time you face justice from Iris, the giant protector of Unova!" Iris shouted as she pumped a fist into the air. Iris then took her first steps into the river and waded her way across.

Misty naturally was busy trashing whatever she could in Castelia City, thinking Ash was hiding somewhere in this big city. The people of Castelia City could only run away in fear, and the more Misty destroyed, the more frustrated she seemed to be.
"Arrrrgh! Ash Ketchum! You can't hide from me forever! I'll find you and that miserable excuse of a girlfriend!!" Misty said. Only a few seconds later, Misty heard a voice almost as loud as her own from behind.
"For your information, I am not his girlfriend!" Iris shouted. Misty quickly turned around and gasped. There was Iris, the girl she saw behind Ash during the video call. But she was the same size as her. Misty quickly put back a tough face as she looked at Iris right into the irises of her eyes.
"So, you decide to show your face. And you being as big as me shows how much you care for Ash." Misty said. Iris tried to remain calm, not wanting to put up a fight with Misty, especially in this city.
"Misty, you have to listen to me. You've got it all wrong between Ash and myself. We're just... well, we're just traveling together. But no way are we in love with each other! I mean... he's such a little kid!" Iris said.
"Then where's Ash? I want to hear those words straight from him! And for your information he is NOT a little kid!" Misty shouted.
"He's not here! He stayed behind, afraid he was going to get hurt by you." Iris said.
"Hurt by me? You must think I'm really stupid, you stupid girl! I just want to talk and reason with him, that's all." Misty said.
"Okay, then why are you going around stomping over my beloved cities? I love Unova with all my heart, and I've only grown to stop you from your treachery!" Iris shouted.
"Hah! The only thing that's going to stop you is your hair. I mean... seriously... who has long and crazy hair like that. I can see why you've wrapped it up. You'd probably trip yourself ten times over!" Misty shouted.
"Alright, I've had enough! Nobody makes fun of my hair! Haaaa!!!" Iris said as she suddenly stormed towards the other giantess, not taking at all into consideration what she was stepping on. Misty didn't move because Iris's charge was so sudden, and Iris tackled her down to the ground, leveling a few buildings behind her and shaking the ground tremendously.

The battle started out simple between the two giantesses. They were simply grappling hands with Misty on the ground and Iris kneeling on top of her, grunting loudly as they both tried to get a superior grip on the other. As Misty was kicking her legs around, more structures got knocked off their foundations, causing mass destruction in the middle of the large city.
"Ugh! Seriously, why don't you get a haircut!?" Misty shouted.
"Yeah? Why not change your hair color? You're such an orange head!" Iris countered. Finally, Misty managed to gather enough strength to push Iris to her right side, causing her to roll there and flatten everything caught beneath her back. Misty got up and tried to kick Iris while she was down, but Iris quickly rolled to the side and dodged the attack, springing back to her own two feet. Iris and Misty then grabbed each other, trying to pin one another back to the ground. Misty quickly reached behind and grabbed as much of Iris's hair as she could.
"Hey!" Iris shouted. Misty then simply flung Iris by her hair to the left, and Iris suddenly was running forward without any way to stop. She finally did stop... after crashing face first into one of the taller buildings.
"OW!!!" Iris shouted. She pulled her face out from the building and brushed off the debris plus whatever people that unfortunately got stuck to her face. She also felt for any cuts or bleeding, but fortunately no problems there. Misty couldn't help but gloat over this minor victory.
"Ha! That's what happens when you tangle with Misty the mighty!" Misty said. After spitting out some pieces of building, Iris had an angry face on.
"So that's how you want to play, huh?" Iris said.

The giant Iris then made a leap high into the air. This took Misty by surprise... no girl could jump that high into the air, especially not a giant girl! Of course, Misty had no idea of Iris's tremendous athletic abilities thanks to her many years of swinging from tree to tree. As Iris came back down, she thrust her right shoe forward and planted it right into Misty's face.
"Ouch!!" Misty shouted. The hit knocked Misty off balance, and she ended up tripping over some rubble and fell down to the ground, the front of her shorts flat out pancaking the fountain in the city. Misty rolled on her back as she was holding her head from getting kicked by Iris. This gave Iris the chance to attack as she picked up a building with a spiked top, barely reaching up to her knee in height.
"Let's see how you like it!" Iris said. She flipped the building upside down with the spike facing downward. Iris started to thrust it down, only for Misty to grab the building with her bare hands. The combination of Iris and Misty both squeezing their hands was too much for the building to take and it disintegrated, with only a few people lucky enough to survive the fall, leaving them stranded on Misty's legs. At least until Misty pushed Iris away and jumped back to her feet.
"You're lucky I don't have my Pokemon with me. I bet my water Pokemon would clobber whatever creatures you have!" Misty said.
"I don't need Pokemon to beat that orange head of yours!" Iris said.
"Whatever! I'll beat you and make Ash mine forever!" Misty shouted. The two went back to grappling each other, with a little hair pulling in between.


Ash (with Pikachu laying on top of his hat) and Professor Juniper could only watch as Misty and Iris duked it out over the rapidly falling apart Castelia City. It was getting hard to watch for both, not just because the smoke and flames from the city's destruction were obscuring some of the view, but also because of how high up the chart the violence level of this catfight was turning out to be. Juniper couldn't begin to imagine how many lives had surely been lost in all this. Ash could only think about Misty and why she was doing this again.
"I can't believe this is happening... how much of the city will be left by the time those two stop fighting?" Ash said.
"You can't blame yourself, Ash. I doubt any of us could see something like this happening." Juniper said.
"No, I know I could've prevented this by seeing Misty before I left. If only I could tell her how sorry I am..." Ash said.

Hearing Ash's words gave Juniper an idea, and she looked back in the container where the remaining pellets had been moved. She counted them up and got a final total of 30 pellets remaining.
"Well, my father once told me to fight fire with fire, and I think that's what we'll have to do." Juniper said.
"Huh? What?" Ash said as he looked back at Juniper.
"These are all the pellets that are left. Once these are gone, there will be no more. Obviously we've seen the dangerous effects these pellets have if they fall into the wrong hands. We need the right person to confront those two young ladies." Juniper said.
"Wait, professor. Are you... are you suggesting that I eat those pellets?" Ash said. Juniper very quickly shook her head.
"No. Those two girls will likely go crazier than they already are if they were to see you no matter what size you're at. I think it's best if I eat these pellets." Juniper said.
"But... but what are you going to do?" Ash said.
"What we're going to do, actually. Ash, as soon as I eat these pellets, I need you and Pikachu to hold on tight to one of the pockets on my lab coat. Once I'm big enough, climb in. I'll need Pikachu's help to shock all three of us back to normal." Juniper said.
"Oh, I get it! You'll meet up with Misty and Iris and get them to cooperate so we can shrink them back to normal." Ash said.
"Exactly. And then you can straighten everything out with your two friends." Juniper said.

And so, with the plan all straightened out, Juniper took all 30 pellets into both her hands and walked towards the ceiling opening that Iris had made when she grew. Ash, as instructed by the smart professor, stayed close and waited for her to take the pellets.
"Um... professor, it looks like you have more pellets than what Iris took. Won't that make you grow maybe a little too big?" Ash asked.
"Maybe, but if that's the case, then it will be easy to get their attention." Juniper said. She then took a deep breath and then threw all the pellets into her mouth. After chewing for a little bit, she gulped them all down.
"Oh... it's starting already..." Juniper said. Indeed, the young woman (and all her clothes) were growing bigger. Ash put one hand into the growing woman's coat pocket and simply held on for the ride, watching as she grew bigger and bigger.
Professor Juniper simply watched with great admiration as not just her lab, but Nuvema Town was rapidly shrinking from view. She wondered just like Ash how big she was going to get.


Misty and Iris just continued fighting, with the handful of nearby survivors wondering if the carnage would ever conclude. It looked like that chance was soon coming, as after much strangling and slapping, Misty grabbed Iris by her neck and slammed her against a building as tall as both of them. The building cracked up as Iris was slammed against it, but still stood. Iris was gasping a little for air and struggling to break free from Misty's grip.
"I must admit, you put up a pretty good fight. But you're standing in my way of finding Ash." Misty said.
"You... you can't... you'll kill..." Iris said.
"Don't worry, I won't hurt Ash Ketchum. I'll be gentle, I'll be caring, and unlike you, I'll be NICE to him!" Misty shouted.

But before Misty could put more of a choke hold on Iris, the ground started to shake every second or so, following by a booming sound. It was like the booming sounds Misty and Iris were making earlier, but these booms were louder. Finally, a shadow covered up the sunlight beaming down on both giantesses. Misty was the first to look at what was casting this shadow, and she was stunned. Enough that she loosened her grip on Iris, allowing the girl to escape. But Iris was also completely stunned by what she saw.
"What the..." Misty said.
"Oh my goodness!" Iris said.

The two were looking up at Professor Juniper, who was much bigger than both of them.

Professor Juniper knew she had grown really big based on a few observations. One of her shoes almost covered all of Nuvema Town and a couple other places along the way. And the river was hardly a challenge to cross, almost like walking through a kiddie pool. But it wasn't until she made it to Castelia City and towered over everything, even the tallest of buildings, that told her how big she was. The final telling of her new size was seeing Misty and Iris only reaching up to her knees despite their own gigantic size.
Despite adding to the destruction given her own massive size, Juniper focused all her attention down on Misty and Iris.
"Misty. Iris. That's enough, both of you." Juniper said as her voice came out booming. Misty and Iris were almost completely speechless, but Iris was the first to finally speak.
"P...Professor Juniper. I'm so sorry! I tried to talk some sense into Misty but..." Iris said.
"It's okay, Iris. How the fight escalated is irrelevant to me. All I care about is getting both of you back to normal size so you both don't step on Ash." Juniper said.
"Step on Ash? Wait... is he with you!?" Misty shouted.
"Yes, Misty. He is in my pocket, along with Pikachu, who will help get us all back to normal size." Juniper said.
"Huh? How? Aren't the pills immune to electricity now?" Misty asked.
"Not the ones you and I ate. Okay, Ash and Pikachu, come on out. Don't worry, I will help you down." Juniper said.

Ash gulped nervously as he heard Juniper call for him from outside the massive pocket. He didn't think anyone could grow as big as Professor Juniper currently was, but then again, we were dealing with the wonders of science, he thought.
Nevertheless, he used all his strength to latch himself onto the fabric of Juniper's lab coat, climbing out of the pocket. When he turned around, wondering how he was going to climb down, he got a glimpse of the biggest fingernail he would ever see.
"It's okay, Ash. Just jump on. You'll be fine." Juniper said. Ash simply took the mega giantess's word and leapt backwards, landing right in the middle of the huge fingernail. Once he was there, Juniper started to kneel and lowered her finger down to the ground with the slowest speed possible. Amazingly enough, Ash and Pikachu were able to make it safely, leaving the two to look way up at three giantesses looking down on him. Juniper especially floored him; he couldn't see her whole body as big as she was.
But Ash turned his attention to Misty, especially as she kneeled down to get a closer look at Ash.
"Hello, Ash." Misty said with a smile on her face.
"Um... hi. Hi, Misty. What's... what's up?" Ash said nervously.
"Well, I would say you, but that'd be inaccurate, wouldn't it?" Misty said. Iris just folded her arms together as she watched Misty talk with the tiny Ash.
"Pffft... and on the television set a few minutes ago, I heard you say you were going to teach him a lesson." Iris said. Misty either didn't hear that or just ignored the statement altogether as she kept looking down on Ash.
"Alright, let's get this over with. Thunderbolt, Pikachu!" Ash said. Pikachu charged itself up and let loose a powerful stream of electricity. Where did it hit, you ask? Right on Misty's nose.
"Ow! Hey, watch where you're thundershocking, Pikachu!" Misty said. Pikachu couldn't help but giggle.

But most importantly, everyone watched as Misty started to shrink.
"Oh, I'm shrinking!" Misty said. The formerly giant girl from Kanto's Cerulean City watched as her surroundings were getting bigger rather than herself. Misty was finally back to her normal size where she stared at Ash Ketchum right in his eyes.
"Misty..." Ash said.
"Ash... I've missed you." Misty said. And before any more could be said, Iris sorta surprised the two by kneeling down in front of them, her knees coming within a few yards of the tiny two.
"Awww... you two look cute together! Maybe you two should date." Iris said with a smile on her face.
"Wait, you mean..." Misty said.
"Iris is right, Misty. We're not dating, we're not even close! In fact, we only just met a few days ago. She's been guiding me around the Unova region." Ash said.
"You mean... just like May in Hoenn and Dawn in Sinnoh?" Misty asked.
"Exactly." Ash said as he nodded.
"Oh..." Misty said. She suddenly looked away, holding a hand above her head. This is when it hit Misty that she overreacted yet again. For the third time in her life, she thought only of herself and of Ash, and it not only resulted in her growing big when she didn't need to, but also a lot of innocent life being lost in the resulting battle.
"I'm... I'm so sorry, Ash..." Misty said. Ash just stood where he was at, but suddenly felt himself being pushed by one of Iris's oversized fingers.
"Go on, kiss and make up!" Iris said. Ash then simply wrapped his arms around Misty and kissed her.
"I just love watching romance." Juniper said. Iris could see the smile on her face, happy to see this kind of ending between Ash and Misty. But Juniper knew she and Iris couldn't stay big any longer.
"Ash, it's time to shrink us too." Juniper said.
"Awww... does he have to? I kinda like being big! It makes me think I'm the queen of Unova, here to serve everyone!" Iris said.
"Yes, I agree it's fun being giant-sized, Iris, but our region... no, our world, was not built revolving around people of this size. Perhaps one day it will be, but until then, we must live our lives the way they were intended." Juniper said.
"Okay, okay, I understand." Iris said.

Eventually, Iris and Juniper were also returned to their normal sizes as well. Juniper actually had to get a couple extra shocks because she was so incredibly huge. The four stood together, looking at each other and then looking at the almost completely ruined Castelia City.
"I'm sorry... everyone. I hope you can one day understand where I was coming from." Misty said.
"Hey, if another girl was trying to steal my boyfriend, I'd probably grow really big too! No hard feelings, right?" Iris said.
"Right. I'm glad we could clear the air. I wish you the best of luck on your journey, Iris." Misty said. She then looked over at Ash.
"I'm... I'm not going to get you to come back with me to Kanto just yet, am I?" Misty said. Ash had a half smile on his face.
"Sorry, Misty. You know I have dreams to follow... just like you, and Brock, and your sisters. You know how it is." Ash said.
"Yes, I do now. But I promise you I will be waiting for your return, and I'll try my hardest to get you to stay with me." Misty said.
"I look forward to that." Ash said as the two hugged each other once more.
"Well, I guess we'll be stuck here in Castelia City for a while... helping clean this place up I mean." Iris said.
"Don't worry, Iris. If I know the people of Castelia City, they will be back on their feet in short time." Juniper said.
"Really? Are you sure, Professor Juniper?" Ash asked. Juniper nodded without hesitation.
"It may be a big city, but the people here have big hearts." Juniper said.

Later that day, after helping at least get the cleanup efforts started, Ash, Iris, and Misty were all free to leave Castelia City as Professor Juniper stayed behind to help coordinate the process. Officer Jenny was even kind enough to give the three a ride back to Nuvema Town, where Misty could board the next plane for the Kanto region. Misty and Iris became good friends after they both talked more with and about Ash Ketchum, an amazing turnaround from the mudslinging the two had done while in Castelia City.

But that night, Misty was forced to say goodbye to the both of them as she boarded the flight to the Kanto region, wanting to get back to Cerulean City Gym and hopefully apologize to her sisters. Misty made Ash promise one more time to see her the moment he set foot back in Kanto. If he didn't keep that promise... well, she made sure she wouldn't succumb to growth pellets again when going into a temper tantrum.

Not that it was going to be an issue anymore. As Professor Juniper said to Professor Oak when calling him that night, the growth pellets are officially extinct. No more of them that they knew of existed anywhere.