Love o' War 4: Serena's Jealousy

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Skull13)

Ash Ketchum thrust his arms into the air as he looked around and saw the many houses on the hills and the windmill on top.
"Woohoo! We finally made it!" Ash shouted, with Pikachu shouting its name in agreement. Serena and Bonnie were the next to catch up to Ash.
"Wow! So this is Dendemille Town?" Serena asked.
"Sure is! I heard this town was famous for its many old houses as well as that big windmill up there." Bonnie said as she pointed up at the windmill.
"Heh, wouldn't it be fun to give that thing a spin?" Serena said.
"What do you mean, Serena? You'd have to be giant-sized like you and Bonnie were a few days ago to do that." Ash said.
"Precisely!" Serena said.
"Wow… I guess you liked being tall, huh? Good for you, I guess." Bonnie said.
"Oh, I'm sorry, Bonnie. I forgot of the hard times you went through while you were big." Serena said.
"It's okay, Serena. At least I'm my good ol' normal size again, and you're back to being my big sister!" Bonnie said as she held and then patted one of Serena's hands.
"Hey, wait a minute! Where's Clemont?" Ash said, suddenly realizing that there was an important member of the group missing. Everyone looked back at the town entrance and sighed.

There was Clemont, huffing and puffing as he was limping his way towards the group. He finally collapsed onto his knees, directly in front of Bonnie.
"*huff puff huff huff* Here… I… am…" Clemont said.
"(sigh) Seriously, big brother. One of these days you need to get into shape." Bonnie said.
"I'm… sorry… Bonnie. I'm doing my best, especially with all my inventions lugged onto my back. Especially my Grow Big/Shrink Small Ray." Clemont said.
"You're still carrying that thing around? I thought you would've destroyed it by now!" Serena said.
"Hoho! Other inventors might, but not me! I still feel like this machine has potential. Just think… I could grow food, just one item of food, big enough to feed us for weeks! I could make carrying heavy machinery a breeze by shrinking it to a managable size!" Clemont said, who stood back on his feet to think of the good possibilities of his machine. Though not everyone seemed to share in that joy, particularly judging by the dirty look on Bonnie's face.
"Er… provided I work out all the kinks in this thing. Which I fully intend to do for the rest of the day!" Clemont said.
"Well, while you're doing that, I'm gonna go find my next gym challenge and win my next badge!" Ash shouted.
"Ummm… that might be a problem, Ash. You see, there's no gym in this town. Remember what we heard? The next gym is all the way out in Anistar City." Bonnie said.
"And besides, there's this Pokémon Showcase that's supposed to be going on in a couple of days." Serena said as she was looking over a digital calendar on her Pokédex.
"And the sun's going to be setting in about an hour or so…" Clemont said.
"Okay, okay, I get your point, everyone! We'll stay here until after the Pokémon Showcase." Ash said with a smile.
"Thanks, Ash!" Serena said as she ran up to her friend and gave him a hug.
“This time, I’ll win it for sure!” Serena shouted as she was hugging Ash.
“I know you’ll do great!” Ash said with confidence.
“Braixen and Pancham will look great!” Bonnie said.
"Come on, everyone! We better check into the Pokémon Center!" Ash said as he led the way.

The group finally made it inside the Dendemille Town Pokémon Center, and no sooner than when Ash walked inside that Nurse Joy walked towards him and the others.
"Hi! You must be Ash Ketchum!" Nurse Joy said.
"Yes, I am." Ash said with a quick nod.
"Ah… you came just in time, you've got a video phone call from someone." Joy said.
"Oh? Who is it?" Ash asked.
"She asked me to keep it a surprise. You can take it at my desk. I gotta pick up another trainer's Pokémon from the healing room." Joy said.
"Okay, thanks!" Ash said. While the others stayed behind, he walked towards the video phone screen and tapped it to take it out of standby mode. Ash made a quick gasp when he saw who it was on the other line.
"Whoa! Misty!?" Ash shouted.
"Hi there, Ash!" Misty said as she waved back.
"Wow! I didn't expect to hear from you again so soon." Ash said.
"Heh heh, I knew you'd be surprised as soon as I called. Where are you anyway?" Misty asked.
"Well, I just got to Dendemille Town. How about you? Wait… you're in the Kalos region, aren't you?" Ash said.
"Heh, you guessed right! It'd be quite the long distance call if I were to make it from Kanto. Anyway, I'm all the way down in Vaniville Town, which is all the way across the region, right?" Misty asked.
"Yeah, I think so." Ash said.
"Oh well. It would've been nice to have a reunion, but as it is, I figured I'd call just to say hi." Misty said.
"Well, that you did." Ash said.
"Well, I gotta run now, Ash. I hope to see you again soon!" Misty said.
"I hope so too. Bye, Misty!" Ash said. Misty snickered right before the video call was cut off, although Ash didn't seem to catch that. After walking away from Nurse Joy's desk, he caught back up with Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont.
"So who was that, Ash?" Serena asked.
"Oh, just an old friend from the Kanto region. She wanted to say hi." Ash said.
"Kanto? Wow! Isn't that really far away!?" Bonnie asked.
"It sure is, Bonnie. Anyway, we should hurry up and rent our room for the night." Clemont said.
"Agreed, Clemont!" Ash said. The group waited for Nurse Joy to return to the desk, which was only a couple minutes. Afterwards, everyone had their Pokémon healed and rented a room to sleep in for the night.

That night, everyone was all dressed up in their pajamas inside the spacious guest room. Well… almost everyone.
"Come on, Clemont! Come to bed! You've been tinkering with that machine for the past three hours!" Bonnie said.
"Oh? It's been that long!? Sorry, Bonnie. I'm just determined to finally work out all the bugs in this Grow Big/Shrink Small Ray. It may be my most favorite invention yet!" Clemont said.
"Well, just as long it doesn't blow up and turn any of us into giants." Serena said.
"Rest assured, this machine will be exploding and accident proof by the time I'm done! But Bonnie's right, it is getting late so I should be getting some sleep." Clemont said. After Clemont put the machine away, he tucked himself into bed, which he shared with Ash while Serena and Bonnie shared their own bed (while of course the Pokémon, like Pikachu and Dedenne, slept on the floor). Ash reached over to turn out the light.
"Good night, everyone." Ash said.
"Good night!" the other three shouted. Once Ash flipped off the light, he tucked himself in and drifted to sleep.

The next time Ash opened his eyes… things looked wildly different. First of all, he looked around and saw he wasn't in Dendemille Town, but rather all the way back in Lumiose City.
"Huh? Lumiose City? What am I doing here?" Ash asked. The next thing he wondered was where everyone was at. There wasn't a single person or Pokémon to be found in the big city. Not his friends and not even Pikachu were around.
"Pikachu! Serena! Clemont! Bonnie! Where did… where did everyone go?" Ash said.
Suddenly, there was a booming thunder-like sound that rang through the sky every second or so, and it was slowly getting louder and louder. On top of that, the ground started to shake in rhythm with each boom.
"What the…? An earthquake?" Ash said. The sounds seemed to be coming from behind a large group of buildings, so Ash set his sights towards them. What happened next took him by surprise. Stepping out from behind one of these buildings was a giant girl. And Ash immediately recognized the giantess judging by her voice.
"Hi there, Ash!" the girl shouted.
"S..S…Serena!?" Ash shouted. Indeed, it was Serena, and she looked radically different. First off, she had her long hair again which she had previously cut off to coincide with a wardrobe change. Second, she was wearing one of her swimsuits. A dark pink bikini with a light pink bow tied to the frontside of the skirt. And of course there was the most obvious difference… her increased size to 150 feet tall.
"There you are, Ash! I've been looking everywhere for you." Serena said as she casually stepped in front of Ash, leaving her bare feet a few yards away from where he was standing.
"You… you have?" Ash said. He could only watch as Serena kneeled down and wrapped one of her hands around the boy, picking him up and holding him up close to her face.
"And now that you're safely in my hands, I'll make sure that nothing ever happens to you and that we can be together forever." Serena said.
"Um… okay…" Ash said, confused as to why Serena was acting like this.

But before he could wonder any further, Ash and Serena suddenly looked over to the right when they heard another female voice.
"Hey! You let go of Ash, right this instant!" the female shouted. Ash gasped when he recognized the very long dark purple hair of this giantess.
"Iris!?" Ash shouted. Like with Serena, Iris was also 150 feet tall and wearing a swimsuit. This one a light pink colored one-piece suit with a dark pink bow tied at chest level. Perhaps most surprising to Ash was how Iris was charging at full speed towards Serena. Serena, on the other hand, didn't look fazed. In fact, she stuck one of her feet forward and tripped up Iris.
"Whoa whoa whoa!!!" Iris shouted as she tumbled forward and finally crashed head first onto the ground, crushing many smaller things, including some cars, underneath her supersized body.
"Hahahaha! Take that, jungle girl!" Serena shouted.
"Huh? Serena? I didn't know you met Iris before?" Ash asked.
"Pffft… don't be silly, Ash. I know ALL of your previous girlfriends, including that orange head from all the way out in Kanto." Serena said with a somewhat evil smirk on her face.
"What!? What the…" Ash said, now really wondering what was going on here.

And then came another familiar female voice.
"You! Hold it right there!" the voice said. Serena turned around, allowing her and Ash to see another 150 foot tall girl walking her way towards the two.
"Dawn!" Ash shouted as, again, he recognized a girl from her hair. In this case, Dawn had dark blue hair, which was not covered by a hat for a change. She too wore a swimsuit, a two-piece bikini that was colored green with dark green vertical stripes on both halves.
"What? I suppose you want Ash too?" Serena said.
"It's not just that… I'm coming to rescue because I feel like you're kidnapping him." Dawn said.
"Pffft… don’t be silly. I'm just protecting him from love crazy girls like you." Serena said.
"But why? What do you have that makes him better than the rest of us?" Dawn said.
"Simple… because I've known him since we were kids. I've never forgotten him ever since that day at Professor Oak's Pokémon Camp." Serena said.
"Still, there's no reason to keep him like that!" Dawn said.
"Oh shut up! You can't boss me around!" Serena shouted. That's when she used her free hand to give Dawn a good shove in the chest. Dawn did not expect this at all and stumbled backwards.
"Whoops… eeeeeek!" Dawn shouted as she finally lost her balance and went crashing backwards against a building that was just her size, crumbling it apart as she landed on top of what was left.

Ash wasn't liking what he was seeing out of the giant Serena. First Iris and now Dawn had been taken down. It reminded him of those rough times when Misty went overboard and grew big and picked a fight with any other girl, like May, Dawn, or Iris, that tried to reason with her or stand up for Ash.
"Serena, please! There's no reason to act like this!" Ash said.
"Why not, Ash? Don't you have feelings for me?" Serena asked.
"Well… um… that is…" Ash said.
"No matter. I'll make sure nothing happens to you and… ACK!" Serena said, only to be cut off as another giant girl snuck up from behind and wrapped an arm around her neck. Serena was not able to see who was strangling her, but Ash could see.
"May!" Ash shouted. May was also 150 feet tall, and she wore a two piece light green bikini with hearts on her hips (it's the suit she wore in 'Brave the Wave').
"Ha, I got you now! Now release Ash right this instant!" May shouted.
"N…n…never! I'll never let him go!" Serena said as she tried to fight tooth and nail against May's rather tight grip. It didn't make Ash feel comfortable as he felt himself squeezed in Serena's right hand.
"ACCK! Serena… you're squeezing me!" Ash said.

But things would get much worse for Ash. Serena ended up losing her grip on Ash as she tried to combat against May, and Ash went flying backwards in the air, unknown at the moment to the two fighting ladies.
"Whoa! Somebody hellllllllllp!!!" Ash shouted. He went flying for a couple seconds before he suddenly felt his descent stop.
"Whew… that was close!" a female voice said. When Ash turned around and saw nothing but a girl's chest covered in a red bikini, he gasped yet again.
"Oh no… not you too, Misty!" Ash said as he looked up at the 150-foot-tall Misty, wearing a two-piece solid red bikini, as he collapsed on his knees and rested in the palm of Misty's hand.
"It's okay, Ash. I'm the one who loves you most. I will protect you from these careless girls." Misty said. Ash just gulped nervously, and then he turned around when he heard numerous booming noises. May, Dawn, Iris, and Serena were all back on their feet and making direct eye contact with Misty, who clutched the tiny Ash tightly against her chest.
"Hey you! Give us back Ash!" May shouted.
"Yeah! I'm the one destined for his love, not you!" Serena shouted.
"NEVER! You're going to have to pry him from my grip!" Misty shouted.
"Come on! Hand him over! Ash should belong to me!" Iris shouted.
"What are you talking about!? I'll take care of Ash!" Dawn shouted.
"No, Ash is mine!" May shouted. As the other four swimsuit clad giantesses went charging towards Misty, who was standing her ground, Ash pleaded for the fighting to stop.
"No, please! I don't want to be a part of this anymore! Stop! STOP!!!" Ash shouted. He closed his eyes thinking he was going to get smushed between Misty and one of the other girls.

But then Ash opened his eyes and saw he was back in an indoor environment. The sudden change in scenery made him lean up and gasp for air.
"*gasp* *huff puff huff puff*" Ash said. The young boy looked around and realized he was back inside the Pokémon Center, more importantly in bed next to Clemont. Amazingly, it was Serena who heard Ash jump up in his bed as she leaned up a bit.
"Huh? Ash? Are you alright?" Serena said. Ash took a couple more deep breaths, especially as he looked over and saw Serena at her normal size (and with her shortened hair).
"I… I'm fine, Serena. Just a nightmare." Ash said.
"Oh, I see. Sorry about that." Serena said.
"No, it's okay. I'm gonna try and get back to sleep." Ash said.
"Okay, good night." Serena said as the two laid back in their respective beds.

A couple hours pass, and the sunlight shining through the nearby windows meant it was time to get up for real. Clemont was resting peacefully, doing all sorts of calculations in his own science-themed dream when he was suddenly pounced on by his younger sister, Bonnie, the only one changed into her normal clothes for now.
"Wake up, big brother!" Bonnie shouted.
"Ack! Okay, okay, I'm up! I'm awake now!" Clemont said as he leapt out of bed.
"Teehee! I just loooooove doing that." Bonnie said as she landed back on the floor. Ash giggled as he made his way out of bed.
"Heh… I'm so glad you still have a bundle of energy, Bonnie." Ash said.
"Of course! Who would I be without it?" Bonnie said.
"So, Ash, did you get enough sleep?" Serena said.
"Well, all things considering, yes." Ash said.
"What do you mean, Serena?" Clemont asked.
"Ash woke up in the middle of the night after having a nightmare. I'm just curious, Ash, what was that nightmare about?" Serena asked.
"Well, I'm not sure I should tell. It's kinda… well…" Ash said, trying to think of a good reason not to publicly disclose the nightmare he just went through. He also hoped in the back of his head that it didn't serve as any kind of prophetic statement of a future moment in time.
But before Ash could answer, the group suddenly heard a knock on the door, along with some whispering voices on the other side.
"Oh? I wonder who that could be." Serena asked.
"Probably just Nurse Joy asking if we had a good night's rest." Clemont said as he walked towards his mechanical backpack.
"And free breakfast on the way out!" Bonnie said as she licked her lips at the salivating thought of delicious food to eat before they hit the road.
"Well, only one way to find out." Ash said. He walked towards the door and slowly opened it up.


"Whoa!!" Ash shouted as the door swung wide open and Ash tumbled backwards onto the floor. Walking inside the guest quarters were not one, not two, not even three… but FOUR of his past traveling companions. Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris. All of them wore their usual clothing, especially Misty with her yellow crop top and jean shorts held up with red suspenders. She wore red, yellow and white sneakers with it.
"Happy Birthday, Ash!!" all four girls shouted.
"Oh… t…t-t-t-t-thanks!" Ash said.
"Wow, Ash! Who are all these girls? And why didn't you tell us today was your birthday?" Bonnie asked.
"I… well… I forgot! I don't even remember how old I am… to be honest." Ash said.
"Hahaha! Don't feel too bad, Ash. Sometimes I can't remember my own age myself. I wonder why that is…" May said.
"But never mind me! Where did you all come from? I mean… it IS so great to see you all again." Ash said.
"Forgive me, Ash… I lied. I was really calling you from Anistar City. We all took boats or planes from our separate home regions and then made our way down here to good ol' Dendemille Town." Misty said with a smile.
"Amazingly, Misty called all of us one-by-one, asking if we could all go see you and surprise you for your birthday." Dawn said.
"Wow… you went through all that just to see me?" Ash said.
"Of course! We're all friends, aren't we?" Iris said.
"We sure are! Sadly, Brock and Tracey couldn't join us." Misty said.
"And Mom and Dad were worried about Max going so far away from Hoenn, so he had to stay behind." May said.
"Oh, and Cilan couldn't make it either… though I've heard interesting stories of his travels!" Iris shouted.
"But at least we're here. So who are your new friends?" Misty asked.
"Oh! I'd like to introduce you all to Bonnie, Clemont, and Serena. Guys, we have here Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris. They've all traveled with me when I was in other regions." Ash said.
"Hello…!" Bonnie said as her eyes were sparkling.

Suddenly, she ran forward and grabbed Misty and May's hands and then got down on one knee.
"Oh, you all look so lovely! Would one of you please have the honor of becoming my brother Clemont's wife!?" Bonnie shouted.
"ACK!!! BONNIE!!!" Clemont shouted as he activated the mechanical arm on his backpack and drag Bonnie backwards by the ear.
"OW! Come on, big brother! Seriously, this is the time of your life to have an attractive girl by your side! Owowow!!" Bonnie shouted.
"Heh heh, you'll have to excuse Bonnie. She's just looking out for her brother." Ash said.
"Oh, I know the feeling all too well. Remember with Brock? He flirted with practically every girl… including Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny! Hahaha!" Misty shouted.
"While Bonnie is too young to be a Pokémon trainer, she loves to take care of them." Clemont added.
"Really? Just like Max, my younger brother… probably the same age as you, Bonnie. I think you two would get along nicely!" May said. Bonnie just stood there with sweatdrops coming down her forehead.
"Yeah, Bonnie! Maybe you and this Max guy are meant for each other. Hahaha!" Clemont said.
"Ho ho, very funny, big brother! Anyway, as I'm sure you just noticed, my brother also happens to be a Gym Leader and an inventor." Bonnie said.
"That's awesome. What kind of stuff have you invented?" Dawn asked.
"Oh, just about everything, such as my latest invention…" Clemont said. He was about to brag about the Grow Big/Shrink Small Ray, but Ash felt, given past events revolving around the girls standing in front of him, that such details would best be kept a secret.
"Listen, you girls have come a very long way! Maybe Bonnie, Clemont, and Serena can give you a tour of this town!" Ash shouted.
"Oh, that's a great idea! Nothing like a little tour to start up a long conversation." Bonnie said.
"Cool! I can’t wait to show you guys our stories as well." Dawn said.
"Alright then, let's change our clothes and go!" Clemont said. Leaving behind his backpack full of inventions, he and almost all the others eventually left the room they were staying in after changing into their regular clothes. I say almost because Serena was left behind, thinking about something.
"Ash has traveled with a lot of girls on his journey. Does that mean… I’m not good enough?" Serena said to herself. She couldn't help but take a long look at the Grow Big/Shrink Small Ray that Clemont was about to talk about, but soon heard Ash calling out to her.
"Serena, are you coming?" Ash asked.
"Yeah, sure!" Serena said.

Once everyone got outside the Pokémon Center, the tour of the city for Ash's four traveling friends was about to begin, but already there were some that wanted to pursue their own agenda.
"Hey, how about you guys go ahead? I have some catching up to do with Ash. Don't worry, we'll catch up later." Misty said.
"Sure, we don't mind. Right, Bonnie?" Clemont said.
"Yeah, we still have a decent audience in the form of these other three girls." Bonnie said.
"Not to mention it's three on three with Serena as one of the tour guides." Clemont said.
"Actually, how about I stay behind? I… um… that is… Braixen and I should prepare ourselves for the Pokémon Showcase coming up in a couple days." Serena said.
"Well, you do bring up a good point. Okay, then it'll be just Bonnie and I as the tour guides for Dendemille Town." Clemont said. Serena nodded and walked away from the group, seemingly back inside the Pokémon Center but really walking around to the side of the building.
"Make sure you show us all the really nice hot spots!" Iris shouted.
"Oh, of course! As a gym leader of this region, I've traveled far and wide from city to town, both below and above sea level." Clemont said with his glasses shining brightly.
"Heh, even when he's not inventing something, he's still got that enthusiastic spirit." Bonnie said with a smile.

As the group finally walked away, Ash (with Pikachu by his side) and Misty both sat down at a nearby bench.
"So how have you been, Ash?" Misty said.
"Oh, the usual. What about you?" Ash said.
"Yeah, nothing really exciting. Unfortunately, my stupid sisters won another around-the-world trip and left me in charge of the Cerulean City Gym." Misty said.
"Ouch… that's rough." Ash said.
"Oh well… at least I get to spend a lot of time in the aquarium. I'm sure Gyarados misses me." Misty said.
"I don't doubt it." Ash said with a smile.
"So, your new friend, Serena. She seems nice." Misty said.
"Um… yeah… listen, Misty, I promise you we're not dating or anything like that!" Ash said as he waved his hands at his friend from Kanto.
"Hahaha! It's okay, Ash. I understand." Misty said.
"Really? You do?" Ash asked. Misty nodded and had a smile on her face.
"I deeply regret acting the way I did in the past, Ash. I'll admit… all that time together did cause me to have feelings for you. It took me a long time to realize that nothing should hold you back from your dreams… not even me. I've learned to let go." Misty said.
"Well… I'm glad… I mean, really glad you feel that way. Still, we can forever be friends, right?" Ash asked.
"Always." Misty said as she rested her head on one of Ash's shoulders.
"(sigh) I'm lucky to have friends like you… and May, and Dawn, and Iris, and Brock, and all the rest." Misty said.
"Yeah. Me too." Ash said with a smile as he gently patted Misty on one of her knees.

Serena was secretly watching from behind the Pokémon Center… watching uncomfortably as Ash and Misty sat close to each other.
"Ohhhh… why is it bothering me so much that they're sitting so close to one another?" Serena said. And then, when Misty rested her head on Ash's shoulder… like a light switch she flipped from deeply concerned to deeply entrenched in anger.
"WHAT THE!?!? Arrrrgh! I knew it! I knew Ash had feelings for someone else!!" Serena shouted. She quickly ran inside the Pokémon Center and went storming into the room she and her friends had been sleeping in. Right away she buried her head in one of the nearby pillows.
"*sob* No! This can't be happening! How could Ash fall in love with another girl? He should belong to me!" Serena said. When she took her head away from the pillow, the next object she laid eyes on was Clemont's unattended Grow Big/Shrink Small Ray.
"Of course! It's the perfect way to get Ash away from that girl! I'll just grow gigantic and he'll be all mine!" Serena said to herself.
Serena ran towards the machine and started pushing buttons, remembering the ones that she watched Clemont push to make her grow three days ago to stop an out-of-control giant Bonnie. When she heard the machine powering up, she quickly ran in front of the machine and waited for the laser to fire. Serena became engulfed in a bright light, and eventually the laser dissipated. As soon as that happened, Serena began to grow… but as she looked up, there was one very important detail she neglected in her rush to grow gigantic.
"Whoops… I should've dragged the machine outside and THEN shoot myself." Serena said, ducking down briefly to keep her head from hitting the ceiling. Eventually she realized how futile an effort this would be, and she thrust her arms upward as she grew her way through the ceiling.

As Misty and Ash continued to sit comfortably on the bench, they were both suddenly alerted to a large crashing sound coming from the Pokémon Center.
"Huh? What was that?" Misty asked.
"I don't know… it sounded like it came from the Pokémon Center." Ash said. The two got up from the bench and started to walk towards the Pokémon Center, but they both gasped when they saw what was emerging from inside.
"*gasp* Oh my!" Misty said.
"Serena! Why is she growing!?" Ash shouted, with the two watching as the Kalos girl continued to grow bigger and bigger.

Meanwhile, people were running like crazy away from the Pokémon Center even as Serena kept growing. In fact, she wondered how big she would get when the front of her boots started to tear through the side of the center. But she wondered no more as she felt the growing stop. Serena now stood at 150 feet tall.
"Wow! Look how small everything is! Again, that is." Serena said, remembering the time she towered over Laverre City three days ago. But she stopped admiring her new height when she looked down and locked her sights straight on Ash and Misty.
"Now then… the fun begins." Serena said as she lifted her feet, still covered in her brown boots, out of the Pokémon Center. It only took her a couple steps to tower over Ash and Misty.
"S…Serena!? What's happened to you!?" Ash shouted.
"Well, as you might guess, I used Clemont's invention to grow gigantic." Serena said.
"But why?" Ash asked.
"Why else? So I can have you all to myself!" Serena said with a somewhat angry look on her face and her hands on her hips.
"Serena, listen… it's not what you think!" Misty said as she tried to reason with Serena.
"Silence! I don't want to hear a peep out of you!" Serena said. That's when she gently nudged one of her boots forward. It may have been a small movement, but it was enough to knock Misty down on her behind.
"Misty! Are you alright!?" Ash shouted. Before he could run over and check on Misty, a dark shadow blocked out all sunlight from above. Ash turned around and saw why… Serena was reaching down to grab Ash (with Pikachu now holding on for dear life on top of Ash's hat).
"Eeeeek!" Ash shouted, only to have Serena wrap her fingers around Ash and render him totally motionless. Ash gulped nervously as he was lifted up in the air and saw nothing but her giant face.
"What do you say we go somewhere private, my little Ash?" Serena said. The giantess then turned around and quickly walked out of Dendemille Town. She decided to head down the path that would take her back to Laverre City.

"Stop! Come back, Serena! You can't do this!!" Misty shouted as she got back to her two feet, but Serena either didn't hear or didn't listen.
Despite the size difference, Misty took off running as she tried her best to keep up with the giant Serena.

Meanwhile, the tour continued for the rest of the visitors. May, Dawn, and Iris all followed behind Clemont and Bonnie as they walked around as much of Dendemille Town as they could.
"And right over here is the Move Deleter's house. He has the uncanny ability to make a Pokémon forget a certain move so that it can better learn a brand new move." Clemont said.
"Indeed… because a Pokémon can only know four moves. Otherwise it'd be a tough chore for a battle OR a contest!" May said.
"Oh, you do Pokémon Contests, May?" Bonnie asked.
"Yeah. I'm not much for battling, to be honest. I prefer the glitz and glamour that comes from participating in contests!" May said.
"Yeah, me too! What about you, Iris?" Dawn asked.
"Oh, I'm more of the battling type. In fact, I'm studying to be a Dragon Master much like my idol, Clair from the Johto region." Iris said.
"That's so cool! I hope I'm the master of something someday." Bonnie said.
"Awwww… with your noble enthusiasm, I'm sure you will, Bonnie!" May said, patting the young girl on the head.
"Thanks!" Bonnie shouted.
Before the tour could move to another part of town, however, Iris looked over to the right where she saw something.
"Hey, what's that!?" Iris said as she pointed. Everyone looked to see it was Serena, slowly growing in size until she was 150 feet tall.
"Oh my! That's Serena!" Bonnie shouted.
"Wow… how did she grow so big!?" May asked.
"Oh no… I have a bad feeling…" Clemont said. The group watched as Serena was looking down, saying things like 'So I can have you all to myself!' and 'Silence! I don't want to hear a peep out of you!' Then she reached down and grabbed Ash, holding him in her fingers before turning and walking away.
"Oh dear! She's got Ash!" Dawn shouted.
"Hey, look! The Pokémon Center looks damaged." May said, noticing the hole in a part of the Pokémon Center's roof.
"Come on! We better go see what happened!" Clemont said.

Eventually, the group made it into the Pokémon Center despite several people evacuating the building. They were able to finally make it to the guest room, where Nurse Joy was standing.
"Nurse Joy! Are you alright?" Clemont asked.
"Yes, I'm fine, but there's this big hole in the ceiling of the guest room. I'm guessing that now giant girl used that piece of machinery to enlarge herself." Joy said. The group walked inside and surrounded themselves around the machine.
"Oh dear… it's just as I feared. Serena used my Grow Big / Shrink Small Ray to grow big again." Clemont said.
"Wait… that's both an enlarging and shrinking machine?" Dawn asked.
"It sure is. My brother likes to invent things, as I said earlier… sometimes by accident!" Bonnie said.
"It's kind of a long story, but why would Serena want to enlarge herself?" Clemont asked.
"I wonder if it has to do with Ash. She did grab him just before she walked away." May said.
"Wait a minute… I don't see Misty around!" Dawn said.
"Uh oh! Maybe she got captured too!" Bonnie said.
"Perhaps Bonnie, but I fear we may have a most dangerous situation on our hands." Clemont said.
"No kidding… a girl growing to 150 feet tall will certainly cause chaos. We all should know!" May said as she pointed over at Dawn and Iris.
"It's much worse than that. It's an enlargement out of jealousy. Women like Serena will go to great lengths to protect the ones they love most!" Clemont said as his glasses shone brightly after adjusting them.
"I think you're being a big over dramatic. Serena and Ash are just friends… right?" Bonnie said with sweatdrops and an awkward smile on her face.
"Even so… Misty once made the same error in judgment, thinking Ash had left her for someone else." May said.
"Still, we've gotta save them!" Dawn said.
"Agreed! I saw them walking towards Laverre City. That's where we should go." Clemont said as he started dragging the Grow Big / Shrink Small Ray out of the Pokémon Center, with help from the other girls.

But no sooner than when they got out of the Pokémon Center when May had an idea.
"Wait! We're not really going to drag this thing all the way to the next city, are we?" May said.
"Well, of course we are… why?" Clemont said.
"I'm way ahead of you, May. It's going to take too long, and Serena already has a head start on all of us." Dawn said.
"Yeah, I agree too. I say one of us grows and carries everyone else to the next city. Then whoever it is talks to Serena and tries to convince her to let go of Ash and Misty…" Iris said.
"What!? That's a crazy idea! I mean… seriously!" Clemont shouted.
"Huh? Come on, big brother! They bring up a good point. Who knows what Serena will do to poor little Ash…" Bonnie said.
"Well, if we must. But the question is… who do we enlarge?" Clemont said.
"Oh, of course it should be me!" May said.
"Huh? Wait, it should be me!" Dawn shouted.
"No, me!" Iris shouted. Soon, all three girls were shouting over each other, trying to make their own cases on why they should be enlarged. The arguing went on for almost a minute before finally Clemont let out a loud whistle.
"Ladies, ladies! How about I just grow all three of you? It's the fair thing to do… plus we'll have a better chance of reasoning with Serena if it's 3 on 1." Clemont said. May, Dawn, and Iris all looked at each other before finally nodding their heads.
"Yeah, that sounds reasonable to me." May said.
"Okay, just hold still while I get the machine fired up." Clemont said. He got down on his knees and started pressing buttons while May, Dawn, and Iris all stood close together and held their collective breath. As Clemont was punching in buttons, Bonnie chimed in with her thoughts.
"Are you sure this is a good idea, Clemont? Why not make me bigger as well while we're doing this?" Bonnie said.
"Er… I think Kalos has had enough giant Bonnie action for a while." Clemont said with a smile.
"Teehee… yeah, good point!" Bonnie said. Still, Clemont just sighed.
"I know I'm going to regret this…" Clemont muttered under his breath.

The machine made all sorts of humming sounds and beeps and bloops, and Clemont looked over at the other three girls.
"Okay, ladies… ready?" Clemont said.
"Ready as we'll ever be." May said.
"Just remember, we all agree… this is only to talk Serena into releasing Ash." Dawn said as she held a hand forward. May and Iris placed their palms on top of Dawn's.
"Agreed." Iris said. With that agreement settled on (whether it would hold was another matter entirely), the girls watched as Clemont pushed a button and a blue laser emitted out of the machine. Within seconds, May, Dawn, and Iris all slowly grew bigger and bigger.
"Wow… look at them growing!" Bonnie said with sparkles in her eyes. However, the sparkles quickly went away as Bonnie quickly realized a bit of a problem with Dawn. Let's just say it had to do with the white underwear underneath Dawn's pink skirt. That's when she ran over and covered Clemont's glasses.
"Whoops! A little too much to see!" Bonnie said.
"Hey! Bonnie!" Clemont said as he tried to fight off his younger sister.

Finally, all three girls were now 150 feet tall. They all admired how much smaller the town looked from their new height.
"Wow… the town looks so much smaller from up here." May said.
"You're talking like you've never grown big before." Iris said.
"What!? No… I just… it's just an overwhelming sensation every time!" May said.
"Okay, okay. Let's not get into it now. Besides, we can't waste another moment in time." Dawn said.
"But first we better pick up our new friends." Iris said. Dawn nodded and quickly volunteered as she gently got down on her knees and lowered a hand down towards Bonnie and Clemont.
"Go ahead, climb aboard!" Dawn said. Bonnie finally uncovered Clemont's eyes, giving him his first look at the three newly created giantesses. He didn't look for long as he had to lift up his Grow Big / Shrink Small Ray and carry it onto the palm of Dawn's hand. With the two people and the machine firmly onboard, Dawn stood back to her full height.
"Alright, you two, hold on tight." Dawn said.
"Heh… sure. Like we have any choice." Clemont said.
"Wow! Look how small the town looks from up here, Clemont!" Bonnie said as she looked past Dawn's hand and saw Dendemille Town from the raised perspective. May, Dawn, and Iris all couldn't help but chuckle when she heard Bonnie make that remark, but finally it was time for the three to catch up to Serena, and after Clemont pointed the direction to walk in, the three giantesses were on their way to Laverre City.

In Laverre City, Valerie was standing just outside her gym along with a few Furisode Girls. The Furisode Girls were walking around like they were in a fashion show while Valerie watched, although she turned her head when she heard Officer Jenny pull up in her motorcycle.
"Hello, Valerie!" Jenny said.
"Oh! Greetings, Officer Jenny." Valerie said.
"Practicing as always, I see." Jenny said.
"Indeed. Gotta keep the girls warm for the next fashion show. I have a feeling this one will be the biggest one yet." Valerie said.
"Hoho… I don't think anything can get bigger than your fashion shows." Jenny said.
"Well, except for those two girls three days ago. That was something, wasn't it?" Valerie said.
"Yeah, for sure, though I was talking to one of my cousins visiting from Kanto. She says she's seen something like this before." Jenny said.
"Oh, really?" Valerie asked.
"Yeah. Two girls were fighting over the love of one little boy. It might've been Ash Ketchum, actually." Jenny said.
"Well, how about that? Still, I still consider my show the biggest in all of Kalos." Valerie said.
"Eeeeek! Look, Valerie!" one of the Furisode Girls shouted. Everyone looked where she was pointing, and they saw the 150-foot-tall Serena walking almost right towards them. Fortunately, her long stride meant she stepped over everyone and walked right past the city gym. The group watched the giantess walk away and stood with different emotions.
"I stand corrected." Valerie said.
"Oh no! Serena grew again? Don't tell me Clemont messed up again! I better help with the city evacuation." Jenny said as she ran off after the giantess.
"Be careful, Officer Jenny!" Valerie shouted as she went back into the gym along with the Furisode Girls.

Meanwhile, it seemed like life in Laverre City was returning to normal after the crazy events that happened three days ago. But it wasn't meant to be, as people ran like crazy the instant they took a look and saw the giant Serena approaching. Of course, they had no idea what the giantess's intentions were, despite the fact she helped save the city from the giant Bonnie who was out of her mind at the time. Serena, though, was being as careful as she could, stepping over people and buildings and making sure nothing was crushed. Ash of course felt uneasy seeing Serena tower over the city.
"Serena, be careful! Don't crush anyone down there!" Ash said.
"Don't worry, Ash. I've got everything under control, including you." Serena said. Eventually, the giantess made it to the outskirts of the city where she spotted a hill and sat down on top of it.
"Well, here we are, Ash. Just the two of us." Serena said.
"Errr…. that's nice, I guess." Ash said.
"Don't be scared, Ash. Even though I'm bigger, I'm still the same Serena." Serena said.
"Well… no argument here." Ash said. He was choosing his words extremely carefully. He knew saying the wrong thing would make Serena snap and she could possibly crush him right on the spot.
"Still, Ash? What do you think of me? Do I look even prettier being so huge?" Serena asked.
"Ummm… yes! Yes, of course! You're not only the biggest, but also the prettiest in all of Kalos." Ash said with a grin on his face.

Serena smiled right back.
"Oh, Ash, I'm so glad to hear that. But now, it's time I told you something I've been wanting to tell you all this time." Serena said.
"What's that?" Ash asked.
"Ever since we met at Professor Oak's Pokémon Camp. I've… well…" Serena said. She was now starting to blush red in the face, a sight that wasn't lost on Ash.
"What is it, Serena?" Ash asked.
"I've had a crush on you." Serena said.
"W-What!?" Ash shouted.
"I've been wishing we could see each other again ever since we parted ways. I feel like you and I… we're meant for each other." Serena said.
"Y-Y-You don't say…" Ash said, feeling very nervous about what was going on.
"I've been dying to say that forever. Even though it took growing big to do so, I waited until we were finally alone… just the two of us." Serena said. She then moved her hand that was holding Ash even closer to her face.
"S-Serena?" Ash asked.
"And now that we're together, nothing can ever take us apart." Serena said. She puckered her lips and moved Ash in closer and closer. Ash didn't say anything, just preparing to take one of the biggest kisses of his life.

But a familiar female voice halted those plans.
"Serena, stop!" the voice shouted. Ash and the giant Serena looked down and saw Misty standing in front of one of her boots.
"Oh… it's you." Serena said.
"Misty, no! Get away!" Ash shouted, but Misty was fixated on talking with the giantess in front of her.
"Serena… please, there's no reason for you to do this. In fact, you've got it all wrong about Ash and I." Misty said.
"Pffffft… don't try to sweet talk your way out of this one. I saw the way you rested your head on his shoulder!" Serena said.
"What!? Don't be silly. We're just friends! That's all!" Misty said.
"Enough! I shouldn't put this new size to waste. Maybe I'll just crush you like the bug you are!" Serena said as she suddenly stood to her full height.
"But I don't even like bugs!!!" Misty shouted. But Serena didn't seem to listen. In fact, she raised one of her boots into the air.
"Eeeep… and I'd rather not become one!" Misty said as she turned around and ran, just as Serena brought her boot down with a resounding thud that shook the ground. Serena slowly gave chase after Misty as she ran into the heart of the city.
"Oh no! Run, Misty!" Ash shouted from Serena's hand.
"Ha! I knew it! You do have loving and caring feelings for that girl!" Serena said. Ash just sighed.
"What is it with me and these girls, Pikachu?" Ash said, with Pikachu sighing as well.
The chase lasted almost a few minutes through every square inch of the city. There were a few people still evacuating the city, but it was mostly empty now, leaving Misty of room to run around and try and avoid the agitated giantess behind her that was Serena. Misty knew she meant business when Serena crushed a smaller building with one step.

Eventually, though, because she ran all the way from Dendemille Town to Laverre City on foot to chase down the giantess, Misty was out of breath. She clutched her chest and wiped her forehead, but knew she couldn't stop for long.
"Gotta keep going… ack!" Misty said. Before she could take another step, though, her path was cut off by Serena slamming her boot down in front of her. Misty tried to turn around, only to find the other boot being slammed down as well.
"Ha! Got you now!" Serena said. That's when the giantess reached down and grabbed Misty with her other free hand. Serena raised Misty up to her face as the little girl tried to fight her way out from Serena's fist.
"Now then, Misty, ready to admit that I'm the girl for Ash?" Serena asked.
"Serena, please… listen to me. You're not thinking clearly. Ash and I are just friends… no more than that." Misty said.
"Oh please, you can't fool me! I know true love when I see it!" Serena shouted. Suddenly, a couple tears started to come down from Misty's eyes.
"I thought I did too, Serena. In fact, I made the same mistake as you're making now. I once thought Ash had dumped me for another girl, when he was really just being a good friend… just like he was for me at times when we traveled together. Sure we had our moments, but in the end, I let my emotions get carried away and acted selfish by doing exactly what you're doing." Misty said.
"Huh? What are you saying?" Serena said, suddenly not having such a mean look on her face.
"Don't make the same mistake I did, Serena… I assure you, there's nothing but a simple friendship between myself and Ash. If you truly have feelings for Ash… I… I won't stand in the way. *sniff*" Misty said as she tried to shake off the tears from her eyes. Ash couldn't help but smile. He was very impressed by her demeanor; it was a show of emotion that he never would've seen coming in a million years.
"Well…" Serena said.
"Misty's right, Serena. There was no reason for all this. Come on, what do you say we head back to Dendemille Town and have Clemont get you back to normal with his ray?" Ash said. It looked like she was going to back off and come back to her senses.

But suddenly Serena was about to have some big company, and literally at that.
"Hey, Serena!" a voice shouted. Serena took her focus off Ash and Misty and looked ahead to see Ash's three other former traveling companions: May, Dawn, and Iris (who the voice belonged to). And they were as big as she was right now.
"W-What?" Serena shouted.
"Serena, let our friends go right this instant!" May shouted.
"But… but how did you grow so big?" Serena asked.
"We asked that Clemont boy to use his invention to make us grow after we figured out you used it to capture Ash and Misty." Dawn said.
"Oh… um… yeah… about that. You see…" Serena said.
"Oh no… you're not talking your way out of this one! Hand them over right now." Iris said.
"We won't let you bring any harm to them any more!" May said. This was becoming too much for Serena to process. She didn't have any intentions to hurt Ash. She only wanted to scare off Misty. But that was because she had such intense feelings for Ash at the time. And those intense feelings were starting to bubble up again, especially seeing THREE of his old friends all grown in size. With a couple tears coming down her own eyes, suddenly Serena was back on the defensive as she clutched both Ash and Misty against her chest.
"NO! I'll never hand Ash over to you three! NEVER! In fact…" Serena shouted. That's when the girl threw Ash and Misty into one of her vest pockets.
"…if you want Ash, you'll have to catch me and take him from me!" Serena said as she swiftly turned around, causing part of her vest to swing wide and clip a couple buildings (but they still stood).
"Oh no you don’t!” Iris shouted as she suddenly made a huge leap (no easy feat given her huge size) and flipped right over Serena, landing in front of her. Serena gasped, taken by surprise over Iris’s acrobatics. And that gave May the perfect opportunity to strike as she hooked her arms underneath Serena’s.
“I got her! I got her!” May shouted.
“Hey! Let me go! I said let me go!!” Serena shouted.
“Gang tackle!” Dawn shouted as she piled on as did Iris. All four giantesses went crashing down to the ground, causing the ground to violent shake and crack, toppling over a few nearby structures.
More importantly, Serena’s vest was about a few yards up off the ground, allowing Misty and Ash (and Pikachu) a chance to escape.
“Come on, Ash! Let’s get out of here!” Misty said as she crawled her way outside to daylight. Ash tried to follow from behind, but Serena had managed to fight off the other giantesses and was picking herself back up to her feet.
“Yikes! Hold on, Pikachu!” Ash shouted as he fell backwards and found himself back on ground level of the vest pocket.

Misty, on the other hand, gasped when she turned around and didn’t see Ash behind her. She let out another gasp as Serena took a couple steps backwards and almost got crushed under the giantess’s brown boots. As Misty ran away to get some distance, she bumped into Clemont and Bonnie.
“Oooof!” Clemont shouted as he fell on his behind.
“Oops… I’m sorry! I didn’t see you.” Misty said.
“No worries. You were making sure to get as much distance as you could from those giant girls.” Clemont said.
“Uh oh… this isn’t looking good.” Bonnie said as she pointed up at the giantesses and saw them arguing with each other. Their voices were so loud, they could probably be heard all the way across the other side of the Kalos region.
“HEY! Don’t you realize what you’re doing!? I could’ve crushed Ash with you girls piling on like that!” Serena said.
“All the more reason why you shouldn’t be holding onto him.” May said.
“She’s right! It’s quite dangerous what you’ve done… trapping him in your pocket!” Dawn said.
“And you’re pretty klutzy too. You are such a little kid.” Iris said as she folded her arms. Steam was figuratively coming out of Serena’s ears.
“Ooooooooh! Nobody calls me a little kid! NOBODY! Okay, you and your big hair are really asking for it!” Serena said as she and Iris quickly grappled with each other.

Back down on ground level, with May, Dawn, Iris, and Serena tussling with each other… Misty was thinking one thing and one thing only.
“This is serious! Ash is still up there in that girl’s vest pocket! He could get seriously hurt up there!” Misty said.
“Not to mention the rest of the city when they really start fighting!” Bonnie said.
“If only we could get Ash somehow out of Serena’s vest pocket. That’s the only thing stopping me from shrinking the girls back to normal.” Clemont said. Misty, on the other hand, had Ash fully on her mind… and then she turned around and looked at the Grow Big / Shrink Small Ray.
“No… no! I promised myself I would never go to those kinds of lengths again for Ash… but it may be my only way to save him.” Misty said to herself. That’s when she put on a mean face and grabbed Clemont by his blue and yellow jumpsuit.
“You! I need you to make me as big as those girls, pronto!” Misty said.
“What!? I can’t do that… this city’s already under great peril from FOUR giant girls, and…” Clemont said.
“NOW!” Misty shouted at her loudest.
“Well… since you put it that way.” Clemont said.
“Wow! She’s so bossy! I think I can rule her out as a potential wife for my brother.” Bonnie said to herself as she watched the two argue. Once Misty released her grip on Clemont, the boy straightened out his jumpsuit and pushed buttons galore on the machine.
“Okay… all set? Ready to grow big, Misty?” Clemont said. Misty took a deep breath.
“Yep… again.” Misty said. Clemont pushed the button and the beam shot out towards Misty. It didn’t take long for the Cerulean City gym leader to grow bigger and bigger. When Misty was at 50 feet tall and still growing, she suddenly blurted out some words that made Clemont and even Bonnie gulp nervously.
“Ash Ketchum, I’ll make you committed to me once and for all!” Misty said.

The fighting between May, Dawn, Iris, and Serena was kinda tame for the moment. The giantesses were resorting to grappling with each other like they were watching sumo wrestling or something similar. That would soon change after May looked over and saw there was now a fifth giantess in the mix.
“What the!? Misty!?” May said.
“Alright, ladies. Enough is enough. None of you are qualified to take care of Ash like me. You will hand him over, pronto!” Misty shouted.
“Qualified!? Excuse me, missy, but I’ve known him for far longer than you!” Serena said.
“Yeah? Well, I’m the one he taught how to win at double battles!” May shouted.
“Man, he wouldn’t be half the trainer he is now without my help and support!” Iris said.
“Ummm… don’t you think maybe we should…” Dawn said.
“NO!” the other four girls shouted.
“And I’m most certainly not handing over Ash! He belongs to me!” Serena said as she suddenly gave a two-handed shove towards Misty.
“Ack!” Misty shouted as she found herself falling down towards the ground… right towards Clemont, Bonnie, and the Grow Big / Shrink Small Ray.
“Look out, Bonnie!” Clemont shouted as they both managed to get out of the way just before they could be crushed underneath Misty’s head.

By the time Bonnie and Clemont felt they were out of danger, they turned around to see the five giantesses all getting ready to have a fierce battle… and I’m not talking a Pokémon battle either. It was girl on girl on a factor of five.
“Big brother, this is getting out of hand! Can’t you shrink them now and worry about Ash later!?” Bonnie shouted.
“Way ahead of you, Bonnie!” Clemont said. He started pushing buttons to activate the shrinking part of the machine, but there was one major problem. He didn’t hear any of the usual sound effects associated with the machine.
“Oh no! Something must’ve gotten knocked loose when we were running to get out of the way. I’ll have to begin emergency repairs on this machine right away!” Clemont said as he pulled all sorts of tools out of both his jumpsuit and backpack and got down on his knees. Bonnie every few seconds would switch between watching his brother hard at work and watching the five giantesses duking it out.
“Hurry, Clemont!” Bonnie said.

As for Ash, he and Pikachu finally poked their heads out from one of Serena’s vest pockets, and when their vision kept getting cut off by the different waists of the four other giantesses colliding with Serena as they battled it out… Ash looked at Pikachu with a long face.
“Pikachu… it’s my worst nightmare… come to life.” Ash said.
“Chuuuuuu…” Pikachu said with its ears no longer pointing upward.

Things started out simple for the five battling giantesses, relatively speaking. Serena grabbed two hands full of Iris's hair.
"Ow! Not the hair! Anything but the hair!" Iris shouted as she slapped Serena's arms trying to get her to let go. Serena then flung Iris in the opposite direction, causing her to tumble around and smash into a group of empty buildings.
"Ha! Take that… hey!" Serena said, but before she could gloat about taking down a fellow giantess, she suddenly felt immobilized as Dawn wrapped her arms around Serena's upper body.
"Gotcha! You got distracted!" Dawn said. That's when May reached into Serena's vest pocket and retrieved Ash and Pikachu, holding the tiny duo in her gloved hand.
"I got you, Ash. You're safe now." May said.
"Um… thanks, I guess." Ash said.
"Oh no you don't!" Misty shouted as she stood back on her two feet. She quickly snatched Ash (with Pikachu now holding on for the ride on top of Ash's head) and was now holding onto him.
"Ash is mine, girls!" Misty shouted.
"What!? I thought you said you were done playing hard-to-get!" Dawn said.
"Have you been lying to us, Misty?" May asked.
"No, of course not… I just… I just don't want to see Ash get hurt, that's all." Misty said.
"Geronimo!" Iris suddenly shouted. Misty looked over and was shocked to see the long-haired Unova girl make a bold leap into the air (an amazing feat given her massive size). Misty moved her arms away just as Iris tackled her to the ground, causing it to shake violently. With Misty losing her grip on Ash, it gave him and Pikachu the opportunity to hop off Misty's hand and run away.
"Hey! Ash is getting away!" May said. She and Dawn went stepping after Ash, and their size allowed them to catch up easily as Dawn stepped in Ash's path and almost went crashing into Dawn's huge pink boots. Ash could only gulp nervously as Dawn reached down and picked up the boy.
"Don't worry, Ash. I'll make sure those other girls don't hurt you." Dawn said.
"Yeah, right! Not even you could protect him! I should be the one to hold him." May said as she grabbed a hold of Dawn's fist (which she closed with Ash inside).
"No, me!" Dawn shouted.
"Me me me me!!" May shouted. The tussling went back and forth until finally Dawn's hand was forced open, but it was in the middle of a pull from May, causing Ash to go flying out of Dawn's hand.
"Eeeeeek!" Ash shouted as he and Pikachu went flying through the air. Eventually he grabbed the first piece of fabric that he could lay hands on, and that was the very top of Iris's cream colored shirt, something that was not lost on the giant girl.
"Teehee… you're always ending up in the strangest places, Ash." Iris said as she gently grabbed Ash and held him in her hand.
"At least thank goodness Bianca hasn't grown too. She'd really wreck the town with her klutziness!" Iris said.
"Um… Iris. Where is Axew?" Ash asked.
"Oh, I left Axew back at the Village of Dragons. Too bad… it probably would've loved growing big like I did!" Iris said.
"Iris, this is serious! You girls can't be fighting over me… the whole region could get destroyed at this rate!" Ash said.
"HEY! That's my Ash you're holding onto!" May shouted as she was next to rush over and reach for Ash. But Iris, thanks to her athletic ability was able to leap over May, and her momentum caused her to go splashing headfirst into the nearby lake.
But just as Iris landed on her two feet, she felt herself grappled by both Serena and Misty.
"You're not getting away that easy!" Serena shouted, just as Misty used one of her hands to retake possession of Ash.
"Girls, please! I can't take this anymore!" Ash shouted, but it was in vain as the five giantesses continued to fight with each other over who deserved to fall in love with Ash. Misty, May, and Dawn even renewed their battle from ancient times... almost right down to the events of Love o' War 2. May (after getting up from the lake) kicks Misty in the face.  Misty manages to grab both May and Dawn’s legs and have them fall to the ground, causing the entire ground to shake and causing a lot of Pokemon, within the area, to fall down and then, run away.  Then, Dawn grabs May’s hair, Misty grabs Dawn’s hair, & May grabs Misty’s hair.  They all start pulling each other’s hair.  All three of them have their teeth clenched and are in pain.  May manages to kick Dawn away from her and Dawn loses her grip.  Misty pushes May away from her and also loses her grip.  Misty also loses her grip on Dawn’s hair, but the tussling got back going again when Iris and Serena were now a part of the mix.
Surprisingly enough, the five girls didn't show any severe signs of wearing or backing down, all while Ash continued bouncing around, relatively speaking, from one giantess to another. But down on ground level, Clemont continued to rush on the repairs of his Grow Big / Shrink Small Ray, all while Bonnie and later Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy watched.
"Hurry, big brother! There won't be much left of the city at this rate!" Bonnie shouted.
"This is terrible… I can't believe five girls would go to such huge lengths just for one boy." Joy said.
"Never mind that! I just hope we can get those girls back to normal size and never have to go through this giantess thing again." Jenny said as she stared over at Clemont while he was hard at work. Just then, the usual sound effects rang out from the machine and Clemont thrust his arms in the air.
"Yes! I got it working!! At least… for now." Clemont said.
"What do you mean for now!?" Jenny asked.
"This machine took heavy damage from when Misty almost crushed it. I have a feeling this thing's only got a couple shots left before it either blows up or I have to shut it down for major repairs… which could take a couple days!" Clemont said.
"A couple days!? Ooooof…  I don't think all of Kalos could take even another minute of those five being so big!" Joy said.
"I agree! So we have to make our shot count, right, big brother?" Bonnie said.
"Right… but first we have to get them to let go of Ash so that I don't accidentally shrink him again." Clemont said. He started to walk towards the heart of the city where the giantesses were fighting, but Officer Jenny grabbed him by the shoulder.
"Hold it, mister! It's way too dangerous to be walking into that mess. You get crushed and how are we going to use that machine?" Jenny said.
"Yeah, Officer Jenny does have a point." Bonnie said.
"We'll just have to wait until they stop fighting." Jenny said.
"But who knows how long that could take? The whole city could be in ruins by the time they finish… and maybe even the next city." Joy said.
Bonnie, meanwhile, put a hand to her chin and then snapped her fingers.
"Wait a minute! I've got an idea… even though it's kinda crazy." Bonnie said.
"Okay, Bonnie? What is it?" Clemont said.
"You told me Serena had to grow big just so she could get my attention long enough to allow you to shrink me back to normal, right?" Bonnie said.
"Yeah?" Clemont said.
"Why don't we try something like that? Use the ray to make me gigantic again, and I'll convince all the girls to stop fighting and give back Ash… then after I've gotten him and Pikachu, you can shrink us all back to normal size." Bonnie said.
"Wait a minute, make you grow again, are you sure that's a wise idea?" Joy said.
"Besides… maybe it would be best if either myself or Nurse Joy did the growing." Jenny said.
"No… I think it should be me. Serena started this whole thing and we're like sisters… she'll listen to me. And even then, big brother could make me even bigger than they are. They'll all definitely listen to me then!" Bonnie said.
"How dare you!? HE BELONGS TO ME! WE'VE KNOWN EACH OTHER SINCE WE WERE KIDS!!!" Serena screamed out as she slapped Misty right in the face, which seemed to ring out for many miles.
"I say we do it before things really get out of hand…" Clemont said.
"Alright, fine. Do it!" Jenny said. She and Nurse Joy got behind Clemont and the machine, leaving Bonnie to stand directly in front of the machine. The younger sister of the inventor took a deep breath as she handed her purse (along with Dedenne) over to Clemont.
"Okay… here we go again, hopefully for the last time!" Bonnie said.
"Just remember, Bonnie… you're going to be bigger than you were the last time. Try to remain focused." Clemont said.
"I will. Just make sure that machine doesn't blow up early!" Bonnie said. After pressing a few buttons, the machine fired off its growth laser, and Bonnie watched as the area around her quickly shrank smaller and smaller…
Meanwhile… Misty, May, Dawn, Iris, and Serena all continued to argue and wrangle with each other as they each took turns in grabbing a hold of Ash.
"Ugh… what did you dye your hair with? Carrot juice?" Serena asked.
"Hey! You take that back! I don't even like carrots!" Misty shouted.
"I think I'm the prettiest looking out of all of us!" May said.
"What!? Don't be silly. Lots of boys like to oogle over the outfit I'm wearing." Dawn said.
"You're both wrong! You're looking at the most beautiful girl in all of Unova." Iris said.
"Pffft… with that hair? I'm amazed you haven't even tripped over it!" Serena shouted. Ash, now in Serena's tight clutches just sighed.
"You know, Pikachu. Sometimes I wish I weren't such a girl magnet." Ash said.
"Chuuuu…" Pikachu commented.
But the arguing soon came to a stop, especially after Misty looked over and was the first to spot a younger, and yet even bigger, giantess walking towards them.
"Oh my gosh… look!" Misty shouted.
"B-B-Bonnie!?!?" Serena shouted as she looked up at the even bigger Bonnie that was approaching them. Even though the five teenage girls were 150 feet tall, Bonnie easily towered above all of them at twice that size… 300 feet tall to be exact. Bonnie walked confidently towards the girls… with Laverre City almost totally evacuated by now, she didn't have to worry about accidentally stepping on anyone.
"Alright, girls. Enough is enough! You've gone way out of control in regards to my friend, Ash Ketchum." Bonnie said. Serena gulped nervously as she was the first to speak up.
"I… I'm so sorry, Bonnie. This is all my fault. I started this whole thing by using your brother's invention to grow this big." Serena said.
"It's okay, big sis. Or maybe I should say little sis again." Bonnie said, prompting a laugh from both girls.
"Still, I acted selfish and I'm so embarrassed. *sniff sniff* Ash… can you find it in your heart to forgive me?" Serena said as she started to shed a couple tears from her eyes.
"Of course, Serena. It's all good. I get where you were coming from." Ash said.
"Thank you, Ash. Thank you." Serena said as she cuddled the boy (and Pikachu) against her face.
"Awwww…." the other four giantesses said.
"Now then, there is one very important question I need to ask you, Ash." Bonnie said as she leaned in and got as good a look as safely possible on the tiny Ash.
"Er… what's that?" Ash asked, nervous over seeing Bonnie loom over him and take up almost his entire vision.
"Which one of us do you think makes the best looking giantess? Obviously that would be me, right? Hahahaha!!" Bonnie said as she winked one of her eyes and let out that famous smile of hers.
"BONNIE!!!" both Serena and Ash shouted. The other giantesses just laughed.
In fact, they seemed to come back to their senses themselves, as evidenced by Misty apologizing to the other girls.
"May, Dawn, Iris… I'm sorry I acted the way I did again. I promise, I was just trying to save Ash. We're nothing more than good friends." Misty said. The other giantesses smiled.
"The feeling's quite mutual, Misty. We're even again." May said as she offered her hand. The two giantesses shook hands, and the four giantesses made up with each other.
Down on the ground, Clemont wheeled his Grow Big / Shrink Small Ray towards Bonnie's massive pink shoes.
"Bonnie, did you get Ash yet!?" Clemont said.
"Oh, not yet! Serena, can you place Ash down on the ground? We wouldn't want to shrink him to tiny size again." Bonnie said.
"Awww… do we have to? I kinda like him when he's tiny and…" Serena said, only to get menacing glares not just from Ash, but also the other giantesses, including the bigger Bonnie.
"Okay, okay." Serena said as she kneeled down and gently placed Ash on the ground, with he and Pikachu running behind Clemont and his invention.
"Okay, Bonnie. You first." Clemont said as he aimed his machine over at his enlarged sister. After pressing a few buttons, the machine fired off one of its lasers, and as soon as it made contact with Bonnie, that's when the young girl shrank in size until she was all the way back to normal size.
"Whew… thank goodness! Still, that was kinda fun." Bonnie said.
Suddenly, the machine began to spark and smoke.
"Uh oh… I think this is the last shot! Girls, stand together so I can zap you all together! Quickly!" Clemont shouted up to the five giantesses. Misty, May, Dawn, Iris, and Serena all stood together and held hands.
"Here goes…" Clemont said. He pressed some buttons and fired the laser once more. It took a couple seconds to cover itself around all five girls… and then they all began to shrink. It didn't take too long for all five girls to return to their normal sizes, not to mention the machine very clearly looked like it was ready to blow.
"Take cover!!!" Clemont shouted as he and everyone else (including Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny) went into hiding behind nearby trees. Once that was done…
There was nothing left of the machine. Just a black charred mark on the grass where the machine once stood. Amazingly enough, nobody was hurt. Not even a scratch on anyone's skin. And the reaction from Clemont was very un-Clemont like.
"Woohoo! YES! Finally! Good riddance Grow Big / Shrink Small Ray!" Clemont said.
"Clemont… CELEBRATING the destruction of an invention?" Bonnie said.
"I know… what kind of backwards world are we living in?" Ash said.
"I can't say I really blame him. That invention has been causing enough havoc to make four short stories, if you ask me." Jenny said with a smile.
"You're exactly right, Officer Jenny! Never again will I be inventing something like this. I'll make sure it's virtual reality the next time I want to make something that makes things, living or not, bigger or smaller!" Clemont said.
"Yay! That's my big brother!" Bonnie said as she ran towards Clemont and gave him a hug.
"At least it's good that nobody was hurt… just property destruction from the giant girls fighting, that's all!" Joy added.
Ash then looked back at his five traveling companions.
"Sooooo… I guess we're all traveling together back to Dendemille Town, right?" Ash asked.
"Sure, why not?" May said.
"I don't mind. I'd like to get to know Serena more, to be honest." Dawn said.
"Sounds good to me!" Iris said.
"Yep, I agree too. At least until we all get back to Anistar City. I gotta be getting back to Kanto soon." Misty said.
"Yeah, I'm sure Max misses me back in Hoenn. I'll tag along until it's time to hit that boat." May said. Ash then looked over at Serena, whose jealousy over Ash having so many travel companions beforehand started this whole mess.
"Serena, is that okay with you?" Ash asked.
"Sure. I don't mind at all. Dawn has a good point… I suddenly have four more friends to mingle with!" Serena said with a smile on her face.
And with that, with Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny staying behind to bring everyone back to Laverre City and survey the damage, Ash and his suddenly large travel group (Misty, May, Dawn, Iris, Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont along with all their Pokémon) were on their merry way back to Dendemille Town. Clemont took a breath of fresh air, glad that he doesn't have to worry about accidentally shrinking or enlarging someone again for hopefully a long while.
Eventually Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris all went ahead to Anistar City to catch the boats back to their respective home regions. Ash, Serena, and company wished them all goodbye and hoped they could see each other again under much friendlier terms.