Lyra's Shrunken Friend

(Bob-omb Guy)


It was a cloudy day in New Bark Town. With leaves falling down here and there in the evening..
Both Ethan and Lyra are lying down in the center of New Bark Town enjoying the decent weather.
“So what you wanna do?” Ethan ask Lyra.
“I don’t know” Lyra replied.
“Wanna play charades?” Ethan ask.
“Sure I guess” Lyra replied.
“Who’s first?” Ethan said.
“I don’t know” Lyra said.
“I guess you can go first” Ethan said.
“Alright” Lyra said as she got up ready to act out a scene.
Ethan got up as well and sat down on a nearby log ready to guess Lyra’s act.
Charades is a favorite childhood game among Ethan and Lyra where one of them act out a scene and the other guess. Every time the pair are bored, they’ll play it to pass the time.

“What should I do this time…” Lyra thought to herself trying to think of an act to act out.
While Ethan thought the same thing ready for what he can do when it’s his turn.
“Got it!” Lyra thought to herself.

Lyra then act out a scene. She put her hands in a formation that appears like she is using a shovel.
“Digging?” Ethan said.
“Yup” Lyra said surprise he guess it quickly.
“That was too easy” Ethan said as he got up and switches place with Lyra. Now Lyra is the guesser while Ethan is the actor.

Ethan begins to act out a scene. He face REALLY up and wave his hands pretending like he’s shouting something to the sky.

“Uh...a screaming lunatic?” Lyra guess.
Ethan rock his head back and forth indicating Lyra guessed wrong.

Ethan then pretend like he was on a stealth mission or something and avoiding something while still looking up.

Then Lyra think she may have got it.
“Oh? You’re shrunken and trying to avoid getting stepped on?” Lyra said.
“Got it!” Ethan said pointing at Lyra.

“Really? Shrinking again? You always do something about shrinking when we play charades.” Lyra said as she got up from the log ready for her turn.
“Well, I can’t help it. If I could have any superpowers, it’ll be shrinking. If only it was possible..” Ethan said.
“Why?” Lyra ask.
“It’s just like how you have an obsession with flying. I know how much you wish you can fly.” Ethan said.
“No I don’t, but anyway. Why would you want yourself to be shrunk? You’ll be too weak.” Lyra said.
“Because, you’ll get to see the world in a whole new perspective. Everything normal becomes huge. Sinks become free swimming pools, regular food becomes endless of food, and staircase handles become free slides.” Ethan said.
“I mean, I get having a shrink ray to shrink other people down so you become stronger than them, but shrinking yourself?” Lyra said.
“Oh? So you would like to shrink someone down hm..?” Ethan said.
“Don’t go there. I’m just saying what’s obvious. So don’t get any ideas.” Lyra said.
“I was just messing around Lyra. I just wish I could shrink..” Ethan said.
Lyra was about to reply only to get interrupted by her mom.
“Are you guys hungry? Food’s ready.” Lyra’s mom said.
“Oh boy, I’m hungry.” Ethan said.
“You don’t have to announce you’re hungry to be hungry.” Lyra said.

Both of them went inside Lyra’s house to eat dinner.
On the kitchen table there were steak and mash potatoes with corn on the side... Yeeeaaahhhh a pretty cliched dinner.
“I heard that” said Lyra’s mom.
“Who’re you talking to mom?” Lyra told her mother.
“Oh never mind, just eat your dinner.” Lyra’s mom said.
“This food looks good.” Ethan said.
“Why thank you.” Lyra’s mother replied with a smile.

The two kids dig in their meal and ate up..

*20 minutes pass*

“Boy, am I stuffed” Ethan said rubbing his belly after finishing the food.
“I was already stuffed after four bites that I couldn’t finished it all.” Lyra said.
“How can you not finished it?” Ethan said,
“Hey, I’m not a Snorlax like you.” Lyra said.
“Oh, you guys…” Lyra’s mom said as she picks up the dishes.

“It’s getting late. You should be going.” Lyra’s mom said to Ethan.
“Alright. Thanks for the food.” Ethan said to Lyra’s mom.
“Anytime” Lyra’s mother responded back.
“Bye” Ethan said to Lyra as he exist the house.
“Bye Ethan” Lyra said before Ethan left.

Lyra went up to her bedroom and jump into bed.
Same with Ethan as he went to his room and slept with his window wide open.

At like I dunno 2am? An Xatu came and flew around New Bark Town minding its own business. It landed on Ethan’s house roof as it closes its eyes and started concentrating. It turns out it was focusing on an Ariados on the roof of Lyra’s house. Highlighting the Ariados with a pink aura around its body. The Ariados panics as it began to shrink...and shrink...and shrink until it was small. Suddenly there was a 3 inch Ariados sitting on a roof. The Ariados stops panicking and was like “whatever” and just move on with its small body like nothing happened. The Xatu open it eyes and begins flying again. This time, it noticed it next target… opened window..
It flew there and landed. It spots it next victim. A young boy sleeping which of course is Ethan..
The Xatu closes its eyes again and surrounded Ethan’s body in a pink aura like it did with the Ariados and begins to shrink his body smaller...smaller...and smaller…
Until he was only a couple of inches tall. Ethan of course was still sleeping and is unaware of what just happened.
The Xatu stops and flew out of New Bark Town probably finding what else it can shrink?

*The next morning*

Ethan woke up unaware of what just happened last night.
*Yawn* “That was a weird nightmare I had last night” Ethan thought to himself.
“I imagine I was shrunken and Lyra was playing with me like a toy. Good thing that’s just a dre-” Ethan said as he couldn’t finish his thoughts because he realize he’s in a new surrounding.
“Where am I?” Ethan said to himself as he view this unusual surrounding.
It was all brownish and soft. Like some sort of cave.
“Am I still dreaming?” Ethan said.
“Mom!” Ethan shouted, but no answer came..
Ethan panic a little and ran forward hoping he’ll get out of whatever he’s in.
He escapes the soft brownish cave and came out to another soft surface. This time, it was a blue soft surface. He can now view the sky. Only...there were no sky. Instead, it looks to be a roof..but a thousand times higher than it should be.
This could only mean one thing….

“I’M TINY!” Ethan shouted excitedly.
The blue surface he’s standing on is actually his bed and the brownish cave was actually just under his blanket.
He jumps up and down on his pillow, slide down his blanket to reach the ground, and ran towards his plant to compare his current size.
Yes…the plant was bigger than him.
“Look at that plant. It looks like a tree from my angle!” Ethan said to himself.
“Oh man, can’t wait for Lyra to see this. I gotta tell her.” Ethan said.
“Only….how can I reach her house in this size?” Ethan said.

Ethan tried running, but about the time he came up to his door, he was tired out.
“Whew Lyra was right...the only problem with the shrinking effect is that you become too weak…” Ethan said catching his breath.
“Oh man, what can I do?”
Then he realize...he has his Pokemon with him. (Guess he was too lazy to take off his backpack when he jumped into bed… or it could just be lazy writing? Both works)

“Come out Noctowl!” Ethan said tossing Noctowl out of its Pokeball.
Of course, his Pokemon shrunk with him.
Noctowl looks confused at first, but it didn’t really bother with that. It seen tough situations all the time when traveling with Ethan, so it just just focus on listening to his master orders instead.
“Fly me out of this house.” Ethan said as he got on Noctowl’s back.
Noctowl flew out of Ethan’s room into the living room with Ethan’s mother in view.
“There’s my mother.” Ethan thought after seeing his gigantic mother, awake, drinking coffee acting like it’s a normal day.

The duo made it out of the house and into the great outdoors. Ethan was in awe looking at the grand front yard.
“Everything’s huge…” Ethan said enjoying the New Bark Town giant breeze and seeing humongous flowers.
To any normal person, this may not seem like that big of a deal, but for Ethan, it was beautiful. He finally has the fantasy he always wanted.

‘Alright Noctowl, fly me to Lyra’s house. It’s that house over there” Ethan said pointing to Lyra’s house.
Noctowl obey the instructions and flew there as instructed.
The living room window was slightly open. (not as wide opened as Ethan’s room window was)

Noctowl flew over there and pass by Lyra’s mother watching TV in the living room.
“To think yesterday, I seen her at normal height.” Ethan thought while seeing the enormous woman.
The duo slide under Lyra’s door and into her room.

“Heh heh with this new size, I could sneak into Lyra’s room all the time without her knowing and spy on her. This is going to be good.” Ethan thought to himself.
They see Lyra still asleep with her body facing forward. With her blanket only covering her bottom. She was still in her normal clothes.
“I guess Lyra sleeps exactly like me” Ethan thought.
“Take me over there by her.” Ethan said.
Noctowl flew over the guardian Lyra and over her head.
“Drop me here” Ethan said.
Noctowl did just that and landed on top of Lyra’s forehead and Ethan got off its back.
“Returned Noctowl.” Ethan said quietly hoping not to wake her up as he returns Noctowl to its Pokeball.

“Wow, she’s huge…” Ethan said as he watches the giant girl sleeping.
Lyra was slightly moving with her breathing here and there.

“She’s big” Ethan said as he walk towards her nose.
He just slightly taps it, but no reaction came out of her.
“Guess I’m too tiny to be noticed by her” Ethan thought while walking on Lyra’s chin and jumping onto her neck.

He was now at her collarbone area.
He got on his knees and gently rub her black underneath shirt.
“Yup, I’m tiny alright” Ethan said still examining how big she is compared to him.
He then lie down with arms and legs spread.
“Look at how tiny I am compared to her” Ethan said lying down looking up at Lyra who’s still sleeping unaware her best friend is on her body.
“Heehee giant angle” Ethan said as he does the “snow angel” on the giant girl.

He stops and then decides to take it further.
He got up and went towards her chest. He tuck himself into her red shirt as if the black shirt is a bed and the red clothing was a warm blanket. He got into a cozy position with his arms on top of the red clothing.
“Wow….this is actually really warm and cozy..” Ethan said surprise by how comfortable this situation is.

“I have to thank Lyra for wearing comfortable clothes..” Ethan said as he close his eyes.
He could feel her heart beating.
“*Yawn* I’ll only be in here for like 30 seconds and then leave..” Ethan said as he doesn’t want Lyra to wake up.
Unfortunately for him..he got too comfortable and fell asleep..

27 minutes pass as Lyra open her eyes.
*Yawn* “That was a weird dream I had. I imagine Ethan was small. I’ve been hanging out with him too long I guess.” Lyra thought to herself.
She stretch and got up to go to the bathroom.

Ethan was still hanging on Lyra’s shirt as he woke up from her movement.
“Huh?” Ethan said out loud after his little nap.
He blink a few times to get used to where he’s at.
He sees a first person view of Lyra walking towards the bathroom.
“Oh crud..this wasn’t supposed to happen..” Ethan thought.

Lyra got her toothbrush and toothpaste and stops for a bit…, but then started to brush her teeth.
Ethan didn’t know what to do next. He could either just stay put and see what happens next or he could shout and possibly freak Lyra out. Either way, he’s creating an awkward situation. In other words, he’s screw.

Lyra finished brushing her teeth and then she said something surprising.

“Comfey down there Ethan?” Lyra said looking down at the tiny boy hanging in her shirt.
“Uhhhhh” Ethan said not knowing how to respond.
“Are you comfy down there?” Lyra said.
“Wait, you knew I was down here?” Ethan said.
“I could see you in the reflexion in the mirror right there” Lyra said pointing to the mirror in front of her.
“ come you’re not shock I’m right here? Forget that, why aren’t you shock I’M TINY right now?” Ethan said.
“Because, this is simply a dream. I’ll wake up sooner or later.” Lyra said.
“Uhhh hate to break it to you, but this isn’t a dream.” Ethan said.
“Yes it is. I thought I woke up, but clearly the dream is still going on.” Lyra said.
“Oh come on. It’s easy to tell when something is real and when something is a dream. You have to be stupid to confused both.”
“You’re right..this does feel real…” Lyra said.

*1 minute of awkward silence later*

“Ahhhh This is real!” Lyra said as she picks Ethan up and place him on her bed. She sat on the bed as well. Ethan felt the pressure of her fingers picking him up.

“How the heck did you get so small?” Lyra said.
“I honestly have no idea. I just woke up this morning and the next thing I knew BAM, I was small.” Ethan said.
“Are you sure I’m not dreaming?” Lyra said.
“You’re not dreaming. We already been through this. If this was a dream, it wouldn’t feel real.” Ethan said.
“So how did you get small?” Lyra said.
“Like I said, I have no idea.” Ethan said.
“Oh this is ridiculous. I have to tell my mom.” Lyra said.
“No!” Ethan shouted.
“Why?” Lyra ask.
“Because… I like being tiny..” Ethan said.
“So you shrunk yourself?” Lyra said.
“No. Again, I was like this the moment I woke up today.” Ethan said.
“I find it hard to believe you always wanted to be tiny and now here you are, tiny. Also, how the heck did you even get into my room?” Lyra said.
“Oh, I flew on my Noctowl over here” Etan said.

Lyra just pause for a second and then got up and grab Ethan.

“What are you doing?” Ethan said.
“What do you mean what I’m doing? I’m going to tell my mom about this.” Lyra said.
“No don’t.” Ethan said.
“Good idea. Maybe I should tell your mom first?” Lyra said as she opens her door.
“No no no don’t tell her.” Ethan said

Ethan have no say in this. Lyra just ignore him and went anyway.
She went downstairs with Ethan in her hands.
“Uhhh mom, I got something to tell you.” Lyra said to her mother who is watching tv.
“What is it honey?” her mother said as her eyes are still concentrating on the tv.
“Well, how should I say this… Ethan is..” Lyra said as she look down at Ethan.
Ethan was in a begging pose as he look up at Lyra with a puppy look on his face.
“Please don’t tell her please don’t tell her” Ethan said quietly to Lyra.
“Ethan is what honey?” Lyra mother ask still facing the tv.
“Ethan is well….” Lyra said.

“Maybe it’s better if I show you instead.” Lyra said as she walk in front of the tv.
“*Gasp* OH MY GOSH!” Lyra’s mother shouted.
“Mm hm so you see..” Lyra replied with her eyes closed.
“That zombie almost ate her. Thank goodness!” Lyra mother said obviously still paying attention to the TV, oblivious to what is happening in the real world.
“Um mom, I think this is more important. Look” Lyra said as she put Ethan in front of her mother face.
“Hey honey, you’re blocking the tv.” Lyra’s mom said moving left and right to view the tv.
“Ouch, that’s going to leave a mark” Lyra’s mom said still oblivious to what’s happening and only caring about the tv show.
“Oh my Arceus! Ethan has been shrunk by some unknown force, could possibly be stuck this way forever, and you’re busy watching tv! LOOK!” Lyra said finally getting her mother attention.
Her mother stood there silently for a couple seconds staring at the tiny boy in her daughter hands.

“Oh wow. How you’re doing Ethan? Enjoy being small?” Lyra’s mom said as she turn her attention back to the tv.
“Well, I mean it’s...” Ethan said troubling to put words together only to get interrupted by Lyra.
“That’s it? Ethan could possibly be stuck this way forever and THAT’S your reaction?” Lyra said to her mother wanting her to take this seriously.
“Eh, I seen weirder stuff. After all, we do live in a world where Pokemon and technology like Pokeballs exist. Now quiet. Shhh This is possibly the last time I’ll see this episode.” Lyra’s mom said of course, still focusing on the tv.
“Fine. Come here Ethan.” Lyra said as she walks outside with Ethan in hands.
“Oh great, commercials.. The one time Lyra DOESN’T interrupts me *sigh* I probably missed some important story elements…” Lyra mom said as she place her elbows on the living room table.

“You sure accomplish something alright.” Ethan said sarcastically.
“Shut up. I’m going to tell your mom now.” Lyra said.
“Please don’t. My mom isn’t as laid back as your mom. She probably going to treat this like some sort of disease or something and really overprotect me.” Ethan said.
“What if this is a disease? After all, we still don’t know why you shrunk.” Lyra said.
“Maybe we can find out why I shrunk on our own? No need to get our mothers involve.” Ethan said.
“It’s better to ask an adult first rather than just jumping in hoping some random miracle will happen.” Lyra said as she approach Ethan’s house front door.

Lyra knock on the front door. “Knock” “Knock” “Knock”
“Please don’t tell my mom” Ethan said.
Lyra try to ignore him and just knock again. “Knock” “Knock” “Knock”
They waited for a minute and no response until they heard to what sound like growling.
“Was that you Ethan?” Lyra said looking down at Ethan.
“ stomach is hungry. How did you know that was me?” Ethan said.
“I guess we hang out with each other too long” Lyra said.
“That’s a surprising loud rumble since I can hear it from up here despite our size difference” Lyra said.
“Can we get something to eat?” Ethan said.
“Are you just trying to stall?” Lyra ask.
“No, I’m just really hungry.” Ethan said.
“Well, nobody is answering the door. Plus, we haven’t ate breakfast so I guess we can eat. I’m getting pretty hungry myself” Lyra said.
“Heck yeah! Let’s go then!” Ethan said.

The pair went back to Lyra’s place with perhaps unsurprisingly at this point, Lyra’s mom still watching tv in the living room..

“Since my mom much rather watch tv instead of making breakfast, I guess we're making microwave Igglypuff pancakes.” Lyra said as she walks into the kitchen.
“You mean “Igglybuff” right?” Ethan said.
“Igglybuff Igglypuff, they’re both the same thing. You know what I meant.” Lyra said.
“I’m starving. Can we make this already?” Ethan said looking up.

Lyra place Ethan on the kitchen counter and open the cabinets to find the Igglybuff mini pancakes. She found the box and pull two packets of them out.
“What’re you doing?” Ethan ask.
“What?” Lyra said.
“We only need one right? I think we can share that. I mean, I’m small and all…” Ethan said.
“Oh right.. I’m used to you being you know, normal sized.” Lyra said as she place one of the packets back in the box.
She then got a plate and open the packet with all the mini pancakes falling down onto the plate.
She then place the plate into the microwave and start to heat it up.
“We need syrup” Lyra said as she open the cabinets to find the syrup.
Ethan just sit and watch Lyra do all the work. He don’t really like having other people doing all the work for him. Still though, he couldn’t believe he was tiny. It’s the one superpower he always wanted and now he has it.
“Everything is so big…” He thought as he look around the kitchen.
He saw Lyra pick up the syrup and walk towards his spot and place the syrup next to him. He still is amazed at Lyra’s size. He couldn’t believe she is gigantic compare to him.
“We need drinks don’t we? You want Moomoo Milk?” Lyra said.
“Heck yeah I do” Ethan said.
Lyra open the fridge and got the Moomoo Milk.
*Beep beep beep*
“Looks like the microwave is beeping” Ethan said.
“You think?” Lyra said.

She got the food out of the microwave, pour syrup on the pancakes, and got the Moomoo Milk in her other hand.

“Alright, let’s go eat in my room” Lyra said only to realize one “small” problem.
“..How can I carry you to my room?” Lyra said noticing her hands are full.
“Maybe I could ride in your red shirt again?” Ethan suggest.
“Definitely not” Lyra replied fast as she got close to Ethan and pull out her elbow close to him.
‘Well?” Lyra said.
“Hm?” was all Ethan could say.
“Climb my arm to my shoulder. My hands are full.” Lyra said.
“Alright. Hold still.” Ethan said kinda sounded a little excited?
He took a leap in the air and hold tightly onto Lyra’s arm with his arms wrapping around her arm.

“Woah I made it..” Ethan said noticing his interesting surrounding. He still can’t take he being tiny seriously. He closely examines Lyra’s arm and compare it to his.
“Since when do you work out Lyra? You grown a lot of muscle since yesterday.” Ethan said as he squeeze her arm. Obviously Lyra doesn’t feel it.
“Never..?” Lyra responded.
“Heh you look a lot stronger from down here Lyra.” Ethan said.
“Yeah yeah I get it. You’re small and I’m big. Can you just get on my dang shoulder already?” Lyra said.
“Fine fine” Ethan said as he begins climbing up Lyra’s arm.
“I’m climbing Mt. Lyra right now” Ethan said as he’s climbing.
*Sigh* “Ethan Ethan Ethan..” Lyra said shooking her head back and forth.
“Sorry” Ethan said as he continued climbing silently.

A few seconds later of climbing the “red soft mountain”, Ethan finally made it to Lyra’s right shoulder. He took a seat down on her shoulder.

Lyra then proceeded to walk. Ethan felt every movement the giant girl makes.
“Woah we’re only walking towards her room, but I could already feel a powerful presence from her. Size really do make a difference.” Ethan thought to himself.

The pair well.., I guess Lyra made it to her room.
She sat down on her bed and place the food on her bed along with the Moomoo Milk. She was about to grab Ethan, but he instead slide down her body onto her lap.
“I always wanted to know what it’s like to slide down a giant.. and now I did” Ethan said.
“Right…” Lyra reply.
She then got her fork and took a piece of pancake and ate it.
“Mm mm This is good” Lyra said chewing.
“Hey don’t forget me.” Ethan said.
“I don’t get how this is gonna work? Am I just going to eat this while you eat the crumbs?” Lyra said.
“Come on, think creatively. No need to always go boring. There’s always a creative way to a solution in life” Ethan said.
‘Well, while you busy telling force morals, I’ll go back to eating cause I’m hungry.” Lyra said as she takes another bite.
“I wasn’t- Never mind. I’m hungry too.” Ethan said.
“Well, you the one wanted to be tiny am I right?” Lyra replied as she takes ANOTHER bite.
“Hey, I got an idea. Why don’t you just feed me a tiny piece? A tiny piece to you must look like a GIANT piece to me.” Ethan suggest.
“Alright. Here.” Lyra said as she use her fork to poke a tiny piece of pancake and slowly drop it in her lap where Ethan is sitting.
“Is that good enough?” Lyra said.
“Are you kidding? This is great! One of my fantasies is eating giant food and here I am eating giant food!” Ethan said as he rushes to the food to nibble on it. Not caring if his face gets covered in syrup.
Lyra just smiled and shook her head as she watches Ethan eat his piece. She grab a bottle of Moomoo Milk and gulp it down.
“That’s a weird fantasy Ethan” Lyra said after gulping a sip of Moomoo Milk.
Ethan was too focusing on eating the pancake. Lyra just continued to focus on her meal as well.

13 minutes pass as both Ethan and Lyra ate their pancakes while chatting about minor things.

“Boy am I stuffed” Ethan sad rubbing his belly after eating the piece of pancake.
“One good thing about this whole shrinking thing is we just save more food by you being small” Lyra said
“Yeah one little piece of pancake fill me up.” Ethan said.
“Shocking too because you are a little Snorlax” Lyra said.
“Hey!” Ethan shouted.
“You wanted Moomoo milk too?” Lyra ask while holding a Moomoo milk bottle with half of milk inside.
“Yes please” Ethan replied.
“How can this work?” Lyra said.
“Think creatively Lyra” Ethan said.
“Got it! Why don’t you just drop me in there and I can drink it from inside?” Ethan said.
“What now?” Lyra said.
“Never mind. Just drop me in the milk. It’s time for a swim.” Ethan said.
“Okay, but if you start to drown, I’m taking you out” Lyra said.
“Come on, it’ll be fine. Be laid back Lyra” Ethan said.
“Alright” Lyra said.

She took the bottle of Moomoo milk and took the lid off. Then she put her next attention on Ethan and pull him up with her fingers.

“Ready?” Lyra said.
“Of course” Ethan said.
Lyra dropped Ethan into the milk bottle.

Ethan surrounding was now suddenly completely fill with the milk chemicals. It was like he was in a swimming pool. He drank and drank, but his face quickly turn blue. He didn’t have any air for him to safely swallow or breathe.

Lyra quickly pull him out.

“Are you okay Ethan?” Lyra ask the shrunken boy in her hands.
*Huff* *puff* “Yeah..yeah..”Ethan said breathing between words.
“Oh my” Lyra said as she picks up half of her blanket and wrap Ethan into it to dry him off.
“I told you that was a bad idea” Lyra ask Ethan as she try to dry him off.
“Hey, it wasn’t that bad. Living a little isn’t bad once in a while” Ethan said still shivering.
“How the heck was that “living a little”?” Lyra said.
“It was like diving in a big pool...except with milk. Plus, I got to take two big gulps of milk that I never had in my entire life.” Ethan said.
“Sure..” Lyra said as she roll her eyes and stops drying Ethan off.
She placed the blanket down and Ethan onto the bed as she got up and stood to her full height.
“Where you going?” Ethan said.
Lyra picks up the plate and milk and then said “Going to put all of this away. Just stay put and don’t do anything stupid”
“I won’t” Ethan said.
Lyra left her room and went downstairs.

Ethan was now alone..several thoughts went into his head..

“Everything sure is big” Ethan thought to himself as he look around Lyra’s room.
“I could easily fit in that dollhouse Lyra had when she was little” Ethan said as he gaze at the closet where Lyra’s old dollhouse is located.
He then closed his eyes and look down.
*Sigh* “Should I tell Lyra the truth?” Ethan thought.

What is this “truth”? None know, but Ethan himself.
He just stood in that position for a minute and then decides to open his eyes and jump down from Lyra’ bed.

I guess Ethan adventure loving self can’t sit still for so long.

Ethan went towards Lyra’s closet.
He slips under the closet door.
“I wonder if Lyra still has that dollhouse of hers in here?” Ethan thought to himself.
He look around and finally spotted it to his left. It was in an awkward position. It was facing upward with the front door being on top and the roof on the ground. He climb on top and went inside of it.
“It sure is old” Ethan thought to himself while being inside the dollhouse.
“Me and Lyra could do a “tiny village” roleplay with me being a villager living in this house and she being a giant coming to visit.” Ethan thought.

Just then, he heard a sound. Not sure where it’s coming from.
“Lyra?” Ethan said out loud getting no answer.
He then heard a hiss sound and started to freak out a little.
He climb out of the dollhouse, but then he went back down into the dollhouse screaming.
“Ahhhh!” Ethan shouted.
There was an Ariados on top of the dollhouse looking down at Ethan.
“Back up!” Ethan shouted.
The Ariados just kept crawling towards Ethan not taking no for an answer.
It made it into the dollhouse crawling towards Ethan.
Ethan backup and backup until he reach a wall. He then got into a bending position and hold his legs with his head down.
“Please don’t eat me please don’t eat me..” Ethan said over and over again hoping he would get out of this situation.
The Ariados kept crawling and crawling until it was close to Ethan.
Ethan could hear its hissing sound coming louder and louder refusing to look at the horrifying Pokemon coming towards him.
“What doesn’t make sense is this Ariados is my size” Ethan thought to himself in this frightening moment.
Just then the whole dollhouse shake which made Ethan look up and see the Ariados was literally at his face level. That made Ethan scream.
“Ahhhhh!” Ethan yelled.
Just then, a giant hand grab the Ariados and toss it away.
“Hiiiiisssssssss” Scream the Ariados that got toss away.
The hand then grab Ethan.

“Are you okay Ethan?” Lyra said to Ethan holding him in her hand.
*Huff* *Puff* “Yeah.. thanks Lyra. I needed you there..” Ethan said relieve to see Lyra come through.
“What did I just said? Don’t do anything stupid.” Lyra said.
“Can we just get out of this closet?” Ethan ask.
Lyra carried Ethan out of the closet and put him on her desk.

“Where that Ariados went?” Lyra ask.
“I don’t know, but I do know I don’t want to see it again.” Ethan said.
“I’ll go check by the closet. It probably could still be crawling in here somewhere” Lyra said.
“Hmmmm Something doesn’t make sense. I don’t get how that Ariados is my size. Usually an Ariados is a lot bigger than that.. Do you think-” Ethan said only to get interrupted by Lyra.
“Found it!” Lyra shouted as she sees a tiny Ariados on her floor facing on its back moving its legs.

She grab a nearby jar and open the lid to trap the Ariados inside.
She then scooped up the Ariados and now it was in the jar.

She placed the jar next to Ethan on her desk.
“Ew I don’t want to see it up close.” Ethan said as he gaze on his left to see the Ariados in the jar.
“Hey, this is serious. This poor Pokemon is small somehow. It could be in related with how you got so small.” Lyra said.
“Maybe whoever this Ariados bites, it shrinks that victim?” Ethan said.
“So you didn’t shrink yourself then?” Lyra said.
“We already been through this yesterday. When I woke up, I was automatically small. It seems doubtful, but that’s the truth.” Ethan said.
“I doubt this Ariados has magic shrinking powers” Lyra said.
“Who knows? Maybe it does? How else can you explain it being this size as well?” Ethan ask.
“Only one way to find out..” Lyra said as she opens the jar Ariados was in and gently pulls the Ariados out.
“Hey what ar- what are you doing..?” Ethan ask Lyra.
“Trying to see if your theory is correct. Let’s see what happens when this Ariados bites me? Would I become small too?” Lyra question while holding the Ariados.
“No don’t!” Ethan shouted.
“Why?” Lyra ask.
“Uhhhhh… Because... if both of us become tiny…. Who- How would we survive?” Ethan said.
“You survived being small.” Lyra said.
“That’s only because you were giant size and could protect me. How can we defend ourselves if both of us are tiny?” Ethan said.
“Remember those shows where tiny people lived in a big world? They somehow survived. We could survive like them with little weapons and stuff like the borrowers or something. Plus we both would have each other backs. We don’t need a boring giant.” Lyra said.
Ethan seem hesitant about the idea. His body kinda started to shake a little.
“But…” Ethan said softly.
“It’ll be fine Ethan” Lyra said as she placed her finger next to the Ariados mouth trying to get it to bite her.
Ethan just sigh a little and seem disappointed for some reason.

For what seem like hours of fail attempts, Lyra finally felt a bite from the Ariados.
“Ouch! For being so tiny, that bite still sting. Lyra said.
Ethan just nodded.
“Let’s see if I become your size.” Lyra said.
Ethan nodded again.

After waiting for some time, nothing happens.
“Was that not it?” Lyra said.

Ethan seem kinda relieve.
“I guess not” Ethan said.
“Did you see yourself shrink when you went to sleep or were you already small when you woke up that one day?” Lyra ask.
“I was already small like I kept saying.” Ethan said.
“So if this isn’t how you got tiny, then why is this Ariados tiny?” Lyra said as she placed the Ariados back into the jar.
“I dunno. Anyway, let’s do something fun.” Ethan said.
“No, this is serious. There could be like a rare disease floating around turning people and Pokemon small and you’re here wanting to play games? You can’t be small forever.” Lyra said.
“Well…technically I can..” Ethan said.
“Come on Ethan. I know you’re trying to stall so you can keep being tiny, but we have to bring you back to normal.” Lyra said.
“Who says we have to?” Ethan ask.
“It’s unhealthy to live like this.” Lyra said.
“I’m fine with this” Ethan said.

Lyra then bring her face closer to Ethan eye level with her hands place under her chin on her desk.
“Listen Ethan, I know you enjoy being small and all. I get that. I really do, but what if something like that Ariados situation happen again where I’m not around to protect you?” Lyra ask,
“You did protect me. That’s all that matters. I enjoy being tiny. I don’t see why I have to go back to a life where I’m not happy. You and I are closer like this. You could feed me food, bathe me, and we could sleep together. It’s like... we’re together forever..” Ethan said looking down.
“We both are still friends even when we were normal. I don’t see a difference.” Lyra said.
“I do..” Ethan said.
*Sigh* “I can’t keep looking after you forever. You already conquer Mt. Silver and we both completed the entire Johto region. Someday one day, we’ll go our separate ways and have kids of our own. You’re saying I’m still going to feed you while we’re adults? I don’t think so. So hop aboard and come with me. We have to find out what made you small so we can reverse it” Lyra ask while holding her hand out.
Ethan pause for a moment and then look down and said.
“See….. the funny thing about that is-” Ethan said as he jump off of Lyra’s desk and ran under her door.
“Ethan!” Lyra shouted as she open her door and look downstairs. She couldn’t see him.
“Ethan!” Lyra shouted, but no answer came.

She then ran downstairs.

“Your little legs couldn’t have gotten you further” Lyra said as she block her living room door looking around trying to find Ethan.
“Hopefully I didn’t step on him while running downstairs” Lyra thought as she look at the bottom of her shoes trying to see if she accidentally step on him. Thankfully she didn't.

“What are you doing honey?” Lyra’s mother ask sitting on the living room couch.
“Trying to find Ethan. Remember he’s small, so be careful where you step.” Lyra said.
“That sounds fun and all, but I’m trying to focus on the show and don’t need all this yelling.” Lyra mother said with her eyes on the tv.
“Well, this is serious sooooo” Lyra said still blocking the living room door.
“If you really want to stay down here and play hide & seek, find me the remote so I can turn this tv louder.” Her mother responded.
“I’m in the middle of something now.” Lyra said.
“You can continue after you give me the remote, now go.” Her mother responded.

Lyra went to a far table and found the tv remote and gave it to her mother.

“Thanks honey” Lyra mother said.
Unknowingly to Lyra and her mother, Ethan slide under the living room door right that moment. Lyra caught him sliding under the door and open the living room door to follow him.
It seem obvious Lyra was about to catch him outside, until Ethan hang onto a floating Hoppip tail and floated along with it.
“Ethan! Please come back down! I’ll catch you!” Lyra yelled as Ethan floated up in the air hanging onto the Hoppip not responding to her.
“Uh Ethan, what the heck is going on with you?” Lyra said to herself.

Meanwhile, up in the skies..

An hour pass as Ethan was still holding onto Hoppip’s tail. He still feel pretty depressed about what had happened between him and Lyra.

*Sigh* “Is there even a point anymore? I really don’t want to go back to normal, but now I’m tiny and don’t even know where I’m at. I feel like I already did what I wanted in life. I beat a powerful trainer at Mt. Silver and don’t know what’s next. It’s clear Lyra doesn’t like me. I should just let go now..” Ethan said as he let go of Hoppip and was now falling down and down and down…
So many thoughts rush through his head with one tear falling down his cheek and him closing his eyes…….

On the ground was a lovely gym leader named Jasmine who was taking a walk when she face up and see a little thing coming her way.
“Oh my, what’s that?” Jasmine said to herself looking up.
She thought about getting out of the way, but after seeing that thing size she decides to cupped her hands attempting to catch it. That thing eventually landed in her palms safety. She was astonished at what she saw.
“A tiny human? Oh my?” Jasmine said.
“Huh? I’m alive?” Ethan said as he try to get used to his surrounding and eventually saw a giant face looming over him.
“Uhhhh hi?” Ethan said to the giant being who hands he is on.
“Ethan? Is that you?” Jasmine said.
“Jasmine? It’s been awhile since I last challenge your gym.” Ethan said.
“So you too?” Jasmine said.
“Huh? What do you mean?” Ethan said.
“You got shrunk by Xatu too?” Jasmine said.
“Xatu?” Ethan said.
“An Xatu is going around the Johto region shrinking things here and there. It shrunk a gem of mine and took off with it. I seen some people and even Pokemon getting shrunk as well. Obviously explaining your predicament here” Jasmine said.
“So that’s how I got shrunk..” Ethan said.
“He probably shrunk you when you were sleeping probably.” Jasmine said.
“My window was wide opened...Huh? You know where this bird went?” Ethan ask.
“Hopefully. I just got a call from Whitney saying she knew where Xatu went. I was going over to her gym now actually. That’s where she told me to go meet her.”
“Where are we now?” Ethan ask.
“Route 35” Jasmine replied.
“So we’re literally close.” Ethan said.
“Yeah, so just relax a bit while we get there” Jasmine said as she place Ethan on her left shoulder.
“Oh trust me, I could relax here all day long” Ethan replied.
“Hm, off we go then” Jasmine said as she took off towards Goldenrod City.

Ethan really enjoy the view he got. Not just of Route 35, but of his giant ride Jasmine herself. He couldn’t help but notice Jasmine look like a graceful goddess from his point of view. Still though, he was kinda disappointed his shrinking adventure might come to an end soon. He want to get as much view of giant Jasmine as much as he can, so he just stared at her as she was running. Unfortunately for him, it couldn’t last long, because Jasmine had already reach Goldenrod City obviously because route 35 is literally right next to Goldenrod City.
“We’re here” Jasmine said.
Ethan was going to react sarcastically, but he knew how kind hearted Jasmine was so he didn’t want to come off as rude. It moments like this that makes him missed Lyra.
“Great” was all Ethan replied with.

Jasmine walk towards Goldenrod City gym where Whitney was waiting in front of the doorway.

“So Whitney, you claim you know where Xatu went?” Jasmine ask.
“Yup, in those trees up there” Whitney said as she pointed into the trees upward.
“Are you positive?” Jasmine said.
“Yes, you bet I’m positive. Wait, what is this?” Whitney ask as she took Ethan off of Jasmine’s shoulders.
“Oh my gosh, so cute!~” Whitney said as she hug the tiny trainer next to her cheek.
Ethan felt pressure being smothered by her hands and cheek.
“He’s like a little living breathing trainer” Whitney said.
“He is a living breathing trainer Whitney and I think you should give him to me now.” Jasmine said holding out her hand.
“I know I know. I just never seen a trainer so tiny. I know Xatu was shrinking Pokemon and things, but tiny boys? That’s so cute~” Whitney said as she stop hugging him and gave him to Jasmine.
Truth is, Ethan secretly like being hug by a girl like that. He wish Lyra would give him a big hug in his tiny size.
“So how can we re-” Jasmine said only to be interrupted by shouting from the distance.
“ETHAN!” a voice could be heard from behind Jasmine.
Huh?” All Ethan, Jasmine, and Whitney ask as all of them look behind them.

They could see a girl trainer with a red and blue shirt running towards them.

“Who’s that?” Whitney ask.
“Lyra!” Ethan said.
“Lyra? Is that your girlfriend?” Whitney said.
“No no no She is just my friend.” Ethan said.
“Lyra. She was one of my challengers awhile back. I didn’t knew you guys knew each other.” Jasmine said.
“Well, we do” Ethan said.
*Huff* *Puff* “Ethan listen, *huff* *puff* I want to tell you something. *Huff puff* If I hurt you in some way, I didn’t mean too. I say we can clear some things up. Come here!” Lyra said as she took Ethan from Jasmine hands and hug Ethan close to her heart.
Ethan blush really badly and didn’t know what to think. He could feel Lyra heart beating and just feel very warm right now.
He thought Lyra would stop now, but she just kept going.
“Don’t scared me like that again. I thought you were gone.” Lyra said closing her eyes and hugging Ethan tighter.
Ethan started to cry a little and close his eyes next to Lyra’s chest.
“Hey, how come she gets to hug him and I don’t?!” Whitney said.
“Shhhh just let them be” Jasmine said to Whitney obviously feeling awkward not understanding what’s going on along with Whitney.
The hug continued and continued.
“I’m sorry” Lyra said.
“No, I’m the one who should be sorry.” Ethan said.
“I for some reason was depressed when I have no reason to be depressed. You were just doing what’s right and I guess I was only thinking of myself.” Ethan said.
“Don’t want to break whatever this is, but what the heck is going on here?” Whitney ask.
“Well, long story short… Ethan got shrunk by Xatu and wants to be tiny forever. I told him that can’t really happened and I guess he sorta look at it in a way that I’m forcing him to grow back to normal sized. He took off after I said I’ll find a way to return him to normal and then I told his mom what happen. She said there’s apparently an Xatu running around this region shrinking everything and maybe that’s what shrunk Ethan. I told her where Ethan went and she said it looks like the Hoppip Ethan was on was heading towards Goldenrod City and here I am. Sorry if I kinda rush the explanation. I’m not good at explaining things.” Lyra said.
“Nah, it’s okay. Long details bored me to death.” Whitney said.

Ethan felt embarrassed that Lyra told them the truth of his secret fascination with shrinking. He hop into Lyra’s red shirt like before to hide from the embarrassment.
“What’s he doing?” Whitney ask looking down at Ethan hopping into Lyra’s red shirt.
“He for some reason likes being in there. I guess it’s comfy for him. Like I said, he doesn't want to grow back to normal so I don’t know what to do.” Lyra said.
“Hmmmm from the story you told, it seem to me like he is afraid of growing up.” Jasmine said.
“Huh?” Lyra ask.
“Pardon me if I’m wrong, but maybe he’s afraid of losing you and all his childhood assets?” Jasmine said.
“What does that got to do with him being tiny?” Lyra question.
“Maybe he wants to be your tiny man so he can be with you always? That way, he would always be in your life and he won’t ever lose you? Ever thought of it like that?” Jasmine said.
Lyra was speechless for a second, but then she look down at her chest where Ethan is located.
“Is that what’s wrong Ethan?” Lyra said looking down.
Ethan just look up and then went back to cuddling in Lyra chest again.
“Well, what do I do then?” Lyra ask.
“Hmmmm” Jasmine said. “Maybe you could do this?” she said as she whispers something in Lyra’s ear.
“You think that’ll work?” Lyra said.
“You should consider trying it.” Jasmine said.
“Alright. ..Comfey down there Ethan?” Lyra said looking down at Ethan.
Ethan look up at three girls looking down at him and just nodded.
“Hey, I got an idea that probably would make you happy, but first you need to help me lure Xatu out from the trees. You think you could do it?” Lyra said.
“Why me?” Ethan ask.
“Because you’re the only one tiny enough to fit into the tree branches to reach Xatu. Just run back to us if danger comes. Okay?” Lyra said.
“Fine..I’ll do it.” Ethan said.
“Okay. Come here” Lyra said as she grabs the little Ethan and place him onto the tree branch.
“You sure this is where the Xatu is hiding Whitney?” Jasmine ask.
“Yes I guarantee it.” Whitney replied.
“Just go and try to lure the Xatu back to us. Lyra said.
“Alright.., but if I get eaten, that’s on you.” Ethan said as he took a deep breath and dashes into the depth trees.

The leaves from the tree branches to Ethan seem like a forest of its own. Ethan wasn’t so sure about this. First off it’s creepy here, but most importantly he was doing something he didn’t even want to do. He knew once he find this bird, he’ll return to normal somehow, but he was willing to do this for Lyra.
“Look at the bright side, at least I can travel to another region and catch more Pokemon” Ethan thought to himself trying to think of positives for returning to normal.
As he was daydreaming, he didn’t pay attention to where he was walking so he bump into something. Turns out it was a Natu.
“Oh shoot” Ethan said.
The Natu begin to shout a signal or something. It woke up an entire tribe of Natus and eventually there was one Xatu shadow that towers over Ethan.
“Oh crud, I better run” Ethan said.
He knew this was it. He knew this was the one and only Xatu that shrank him. He ran and ran, but unfortunately his tiny body couldn’t outrun the giant bird.
Xatu hold tight onto Ethan.
“Ah!!! Help! Help!” Ethan shouted.
The Xatu flew out of the trees and into Goldenrod City unaware there were three ladies waiting for him outside.
“Oh no, Xatu got Ethan.” Lyra said after seeing the tiny helpless Ethan being carried by the giant bird.
“Remember the plan Lyra?” Jasmine said to Lyra.
‘Well, this was fun and all, but I think I’ll be going inside my gym now. Bye” Whitney said as she went inside her gym hiding from Xatu.

The Xatu flew high in the air and close its eyes highlighting Lyra with a pink aura around her body.
“Oh my, it’s going to shrink you Lyra” Jasmine said to Lyra.
“Meganium, use Body Slam!” Lyra said as she toss a Pokeball revealing Meganium as it uses Body Slam onto the Xatu damaging it. The pink aura around Lyra was gone now.
“Alright, now go Ultra Ball!” Lyra said as she toss an Ultra Ball and caught the Xatu inside of the Pokeball. Unfortunately this also cause Ethan to fall. Lyra quickly rushes to catch the falling Ethan.
“Ahhhhh!!!!” Ethan yelled while falling.
“Gotcha!” Lyra said as she caught her shrunken friend.
“Thank you Lyra. You’re the best” Ethan said hugging one of her fingers.
Lyra smile down “No problem Ethan. No problem.” she said as she rub his head with her finger.
“Great job Lyra. Looks like you successfully caught the Xatu. You’re ready to return Ethan back to normal?” Jasmine said.
“Oh yeah. Come on out Xatu!” Lyra said tossing the Pokeball and out came Xatu. Of course Lyra plan was to have her now Xatu to use its psychic powers to grow Ethan.
“Ready Ethan?” Lyra ask her shrunken friend who’s in her right hand.
“Umm I guess.” Ethan said sounding hesitant.
“You know what, before we do that..” Lyra said as she did something totally surprising. She grab Ethan and put her arms in a cradling position and drop Ethan onto her right arm. She then begins to rock him gently back and forth.
“You like this Ethan?” She said to her little friend who’s close to her heart.
“Lyra…” Ethan said softly admiring how comfy Lyra’s arm is.
“Shhhh it’s okay. Let’s make your last moment of being small a great moment..” Lyra said gently.
“Okay, I think I’ll be going now. I better tell everyone that there’s no need to fear of that wild Xatu now. Bye Ethan and Lyra” Jasmine said.
“Bye Jasmine” Both Lyra and Ethan said together waving goodbye to Jasmine.

Lyra continued to rock Ethan back and forth.
“If you ever need to shrink again, I could just use Xatu to shrink you anytime you want. That way, it’s a compromise. You could be big and small at the same time. That way, everyone’s happy.” Lyra said.
“Compromise rules!” Ethan said.
“It sure does Ethan. It sure does..” Lyra said still rocking Ethan in her arms.

Welp, this story is over now. Guess Lyra and Ethan are both happy? Maybe next time we’ll focus on a girl in a bandanna and a boy in a beanie? Until next time...