Max's Incredible Journey 2: Whitney the Collector

(Cubed Cinder and GiantessUniverse)

Chapter 1, written by Cubed Cinder

After a fun morning of participating in the popular Bug-Catching Contest and taking in the splendor and beauty of the National Park, May walked through the building that served as the northern gate of the huge Goldenrod City. Already she was impressed with how big and how populated the city appeared to be.
"Wow! This is magnificent. I didn't think the Johto region would have cities like this!" May said to herself.
"Um... May? May!" a faint voice said near May's right ear. The voice, belonging to May's two-inch-tall brother Max, brought May back to reality. Max has been with her sister since she arrived in Johto at least a couple weeks ago, either riding around in her backpack (dodging all sorts of giant-sized items such as potions and Poké Balls) or on one of her shoulders. He's slowly been getting used to his new life as a tiny person, but at least he's living his dream of exploring a new region like Johto.
"Hmmm? What is it, Max?" May asked.
"You think maybe we can get to the Pokémon Center faster? I don't feel comfortable seeing all these giant people around." Max said.
"Hmph! And put you back in the backpack? This morning you told me you didn't want to be in there!" May said.
"Hey, come on! It's hard to decide where I want to be given my size!" Max said.
"(sigh) It doesn't really matter where you are, because we're coming up on the Pokémon Center right now." May said. Indeed, she was fast approaching the Pokémon Center, and wasted no time in walking past the automatic sliding doors.

May walked to the center of the building where, as always, Nurse Joy greeted her.
"Hello! Welcome to the Goldenrod City Pokémon Center!" Nurse Joy said.
"Thank you. I'm May and can you please heal all my Pokémon?" May said as she placed the Poké Balls of her six Pokémon (Skitty, Beautifly, Munchlax, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and most importantly, Blaziken) on the counter.
"No problem, May! We'll have your Pokémon back in top form in just a couple minutes." Joy said as she took the balls and carried them back to the healing station. May took a seat nearby, patiently waiting for her name to be called, signifying her Pokémon were fully healed. While she waited, she took the tiny Max off her shoulder and held him in her gloved hands.
"Seriously, Max. How are you holding up? It can't be easy being that tiny." May said.
"Well, I'm holding up. I'm sure even you would think I'm adapting well to my new environment." Max said.
"Still, we can't keep fooling Mom and Dad forever. There's gotta be some way to make you big again." May said.
"Oh, that's easy. We just have to find MegaBerries!" Max said.
"What? MegaBerries?" May said.
"Of course! In terms of how the MicroBerries work, and in terms of how to reverse the effects, I can explain all of that easily. They are berries, obviously, which grow in bushes throughout all regions. People commonly mistake MicroBerries as grapes or regular berries and simply eat them out of hunger. They are a blue color. How they work is kind of a mystery. They were discovered so recently that their effects and how they work are still being researched. However, it is known that they shrink whoever ingests them. The size that the person will shrink to depends on the number of MicroBerries they eat. The effects are permanent, but can be reversed by eating what are known as MegaBerries, which cause the person to grow. They are red, and are just as common as MicroBerries. The only other difference between MegaBerries and MicroBerries, besides their colors, is that MegaBerries make a person grow instead of shrink. Therefore, the effects of MicroBerries can be reversed by eating the same number of MegaBerries, and vice-versa." Max said, taking a deep breath after saying all that. May just stared at her brother for a few seconds, and then spoke.
"You are such a little geek!" May said. Max simply adjusted his glasses and smiled.
"Well... I have been reading a lot, unlike you." Max said.
"Ugh! If you weren't my brother, I'd crush you like an annoying tick!" May said, frustrated at Max's snarky comment. Fortunately, Max was further saved by the voice of Nurse Joy calling from her desk.
"May! Your Pokémon are fully healed!" Joy said. After placing the tiny Max back on her shoulder, May got up and walked over to the desk to pick up her Poké Balls.
"Thank you, Nurse Joy. Well, I'm off to the Goldenrod City Gym now." May said. Joy suddenly had a concerned look on her face.
"Um... are you sure that's a good idea?" Joy said.
"What do you mean?" May asked.
"Lately some trainers have been disappearing from that gym. I think there have been 12 trainers that came in but never came back out... unlike some other trainers." Joy said.
"Huh? That's strange." May said. Suddenly, Officer Jenny joined in on the conversation as she walked up to May at the counter.
"And the trainers who have come out all say they lost to the gym leader, Whitney, or her four friends. They are Victoria, Samantha, Carrie, and Cathy. And all five ladies say they don't know why those 12 trainers have disappeared." Jenny said.
"Well, I'm sure it's no big deal. Maybe it's just a rumor going around the PokéNav Network." May said. Jenny was gonna comment further, but then noticed the tiny Max on May's shoulder.
"Oh... excuse me, young lady, but I think you have a literally small boy on your shoulder." Jenny said.
"Oh, this is my brother, Max. He ate some MicroBerries." May said.
"I see. If you need MegaBerries, I heard some were growing near the tall grass to the east of Route 35." Jenny said.
"Thanks... but no time! I gotta get to the Goldenrod City Gym! Have a good day, everyone!" May said as she started to walk away and eventually out of the Pokémon Center. Joy looked over at Jenny with a worried look on her face.
"Shouldn't you follow her to the gym and maybe get to the bottom of these disappearing trainers?" Joy said.
"I wish I could, but I'm supposed to be chasing Pokémon Poachers to the south. I'll check the gym later." Jenny said. Joy nodded and got back to work as Jenny walked away and returned to her work as well.

Even as a couple other people warned May about the disappearing trainers, May still smiled happily as she looked at the entrance to the Goldenrod City Gym. But before she could enter, there was one important matter to take care of.
"Well, Max, time for you to go back into hiding... especially since the gym leader sounds like a cute girl." May said as she plucked her brother from her shoulder.
"Wait, what is that supposed to mean!?" Max said.
"Don't worry, I'll keep the bag open so you can sneak a peek." May said with a smile. She then dropped Max inside where he bounced off one of the empty Poké Balls.
"Sometimes I wish these landings were a bit softer." Max muttered to himself. He had to keep himself steady as May made her way inside the gym. Before she could take in the sights and sounds of this particular gym, she was greeted by four different women. Two of them looked pretty glamorous and in their early 20s as far as age went, while there were two other girls who were more the typical teenage school outfit wearing lass. One of the beauties introduced herself as the brown-haired Samantha, and the lasses Carrie and Cathy revealed themselves as twin sisters, both wearing the same clothing and sporting the same short black hair. Victoria, the long blonde-haired one, was the last to introduce herself.
"Welcome, young trainer. I am Victoria, second-ranked trainer of this gym. I take it you are here to challenge our gym leader, Whitney?" Victoria said.
"Yes, I am!" May shouted.
"Follow me, please." Victoria said. May did exactly that, walking behind Victoria (as the other three ladies went off in another direction, saying they couldn't wait to play with something) until they eventually reached the room where Whitney was.

Whitney was caring for her main Pokémon, Miltank, who was in good spirits judging by the wide smile on its face.
"Excuse me, Whitney! You have another victim... er, I mean, challenger!" Victoria said. Whitney turned around and saw Victoria standing alongside her latest victim... er, I mean, challenger, May.
"Ah, wonderful! Thanks, Victoria. You'll be referee as always?" Whitney said.
"Of course! Get her good, Whitney!" Victoria said. As the beauty went over to a raised platform where she'll oversee the upcoming battle, May shook Whitney's hand.
"So, May, where are you from?" Whitney asked.
"I come all the way from the Hoenn region." May said.
"Hoenn? WOW! That's far away! I guess you're here in Johto to see how us gym leaders battle?" Whitney said.
"Yep! Even though I'm more of a coordinator than a trainer, I'm still winning badges to make my little brother back home feel proud." May said.
"Awww... that sounds very nice. Okay, let's battle!" Whitney said. Those last words by May echoed in Max's head as he held on inside the backpack to keep from flying around.
Once May had placed her backpack outside the battle lines and had all her Poké Balls attached to her waist, she stared at Whitney far on the other side of the arena while Victoria explained the ground rules.
"The first player to have their two chosen Pokémon faint will lose the battle. No time limit! Begin!" Victoria said as a bell rang overhead.
"Clefairy, go!" Whitney said as she happily threw the ball near the center of the arena. Out came the first of her Pokémon, Clefairy.
"I choose Blaziken!" May shouted as she threw her ball and out came her #1 Pokémon, Blaziken.

It was an intense battle, but Blaziken managed to come out on top. As Clefairy was recalled, May anxiously awaited who Whitney would send next.
"You're good, May, but let's see you handle my Miltank! Go!" Whitney shouted as she threw her second ball and out came the Miltank she cared for earlier.
"Miltank, use Attract!" Whitney shouted. Miltank winked one of its eyes at Blaziken, and out came a series of pulsing pink hearts that surrounded Blaziken. Suddenly, Blaziken found itself not wanting to battle anymore. Instead, he stared at Miltank and had imaginary hearts coming out of its head.
"Huh? Blaziken! Snap out of it!" May shouted. But Blaziken was non-responsive, stuck in its infatuation with the Miltank.
"Miltank, Rollout now!" Whitney shouted. Miltank rolled itself up into a ball and went charging at high speed towards the stunned Blaziken. Blaziken took a hard hit and flew almost out of the battle arena. The swirly eyes told May that Blaziken had fainted.
"Blaziken is down! The score is tied!" Victoria shouted.
"Oh, Blaziken... return!" May said as she called Blaziken back into its Poké Ball. May thought very carefully about which Pokémon she could send in next, the last one she would be allowed to send.
"Hmmm... if Whitney's Miltank has Attract, and it looks like it's a girl..." May said. Finally she pulled the Poké Ball she was thinking of.
"Go, Bulbasaur!" May said as she released Bulbasaur into the arena.
"Hmmm... a Bulbasaur, I see. Alright, use Attract, Miltank!" Whitney said. Miltank generated its pink hearts and shot them at Bulbasaur. However, unlike with Blaziken... Bulbasaur was just standing there. May smiled knowing why.
"Too bad, Whitney. My Bulbasaur is a female just like your Miltank!" May shouted.
"Uh oh..." Whitney said.
"Bulbasaur, Petal Dance!" May shouted. Bulbasaur shot several pink flower petals out from the bulb on its back, and the petals quickly surrounded Miltank. Miltank looked around the petals until it was struck a few times by these petals. Suddenly, Miltank struggled to stand up straight, an obvious symptom of confusion.
"Oh no!" Whitney said with a worried look on her face.
"Okay, Bulbasaur! Finish this with Razor Leaf!" May shouted.
"Bulba!" Bulbasaur shouted as it fired razor sharp leaves towards Miltank. Miltank kept getting struck leaf after leaf, and it was powerless to do anything to counterattack.

Finally, Miltank collapsed and landed on its front side. The eyes went swirly... Miltank was done. May had won!
"Yay!" May shouted. Victoria, after briefly smiling knowing what was going to happen next, quickly pointed at May.
"Miltank is unable to continue! May is the winner!" Victoria said. As May continued to cheer happily for Bulbasaur, tears started to pour out of Whitney's eyes as the young girl fell down to her knees.
"*sob sob*" Whitney sniffed. May suddenly stopped celebrating when she noticed Whitney start to get upset.
"Umm... are you okay?" May asked. And then...
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! YOU BIG MEANIE! YOU... YOU, CHILD, YOU! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" Whitney shouted as the tears came out almost like two miniature waterfalls.

May was at a loss for words, but before she could say anything, Victoria jumped off her platform where she had officiated the match and walked towards May.
"Awww... you made her cry. Don't worry, she'll feel better shortly." Victoria said.
"Well, okay then. No offense but she's acting like a brat." May said.
"I know, but that's the way she's always been. Wait right here... I have a present for you as proof of you defeating Whitney!" Victoria said. As Victoria ran off, softly shouting to another side of the gym (presumably at the other three ladies) to get ready for another victim, May walked over to her backpack where she saw Max's head just peking out. She could tell he was hanging on by the edge.
"How was that, Max?" May said.
"Oh, great! That was great! No wonder you're one of the best, right?" Max said.
"You're just saying all that so I don't crush you, right?" May said, sticking her tongue out.
"Hey!" Max said.
"Okay, May! Over here!" Victoria shouted. As Max fell back inside the backpack to take cover, May walked back to Victoria. She was expecting her to be holding onto the badge for this gym, but instead it was a glass half-filled with blue-colored juice.
"Huh? What's this?" May asked.
"It's a special drink that can only be found in this gym. All the winners get a free taste compliments of our leader, Whitney." Victoria said.
"Well, okay... since it is a free taste." May said as she took the glass and immediately took a sip of the juice.
"Hey, this is really good! Can I drink more?" May said.
"Absoutely! Please drink the whole glass if you must." Victoria said with a wide smile. And so May downed the entire glass of juice into her mouth, licking her lips as she gulped the last of it down.

At that exact moment, May began to feel dizzy.
"Oh... what's happening? I feel so strange..." May said.
"That's probably from the potency of the drink. It'll wear out soon." Victoria said.
"Ugh... so... tired..." May said. Victoria ran behind May and caught her just as she was falling backwards, dropping the glass onto the floor. May was now laying flat on her back, totally unconscious. Victoria then called over to Whitney.
"Whitney, Whitney! You've got another one!" Victoria said. As Whitney slowly stood back up, wiping away her tears, and made her way over to Victoria, the other girls arrived at the scene as well.
"Oh? It's a girl." Carrie said.
"Yeah! I thought we only shrunk guys." Cathy said.
"Remember, Whitney said to shrink EVERYONE who beat her." Victoria said.
"Look, it's working!" Samantha said. All the girls watched as May was shrinking smaller and smaller. Finally she stopped shrinking at a mere two inches tall. Whitney immediately went back into her happy mood as she reached down and picked up the unconscious May.
"Oh wow! She looks so small... and so cute too! Maybe I should buy an outfit like that one day." Whitney said, wiping away some more tears with her other hand.
"Come on, Whitney. Let's get this girl with the others and get you cleaned up." Victoria said.
"Thanks, Victoria. You're a real friend!" Whitney said.
"I'll get her backpack." Samantha said.

Max wondered what was going on, namely why May wasn't coming back yet what all this talk was of 'her looking so small.' But he quickly had to hide behind one of the potions as he looked up and saw another giantess (Samantha) reaching down and picking up the backpack. Samantha eventually caught up to the other four girls as they all walked into another room in the gym.

Chapter 2, written by GiantessUniverse

May's consciousness was slowly coming back to her. As she opened her eyes, everything was very blurry. That drink had been a little too strong for her.

"Wha...what happened?" She asked herself. "That knocked me out? How strong could it have been to do that?"

As her vision came into focus, May looked up, and saw the face of a gigantic Whitney looking down at her, smiling cheerfully. After screaming for a bit, May scrambled to her feet. She quickly tried to run, but stopped very suddenly, almost running right off of Whitney's hands! Very scared at this point, May looked up at Whitney, who didn't seem at all startled by our tiny hero's predicament.

"Whitney! What's going on?" May asked. Whitney simply giggled.

"Oh, it's quite simple." Whitney replied happily. "That drink that Victoria gave you was a blend of MicroBerries that I grow right here in the Gym! And those little berries did their job and shrunk you down to size! Not so big and mean now, are you?"

"What?! You shrunk me because I beat you in a Gym Battle?" May asked, shocked.

"That's right!" Whitney replied gleefully. "And now you get to be my toy! We're going to have as much fun as when I used to play with dolls as a kid! We can play dress up and-"

"Hang on a minute!" May cut in, outraged. "Whitney, return me to normal and let me go, right now! You had no right to do this!"

"I had every right." Whitney said, scowling at the mini May. "I have a high reputation to hold as a Gym Leader. Now then, why don't I introduce you to the other twelve trainers who have met your fate?"

Whitney then walked over to a cage sitting on her dresser, filled with a crowd of other shrunken trainers.

"Make way, little ones!" She said, opening the cage and dropping May inside. "I hope you all are nice to her. She's lucky number thirteen, after all!"

"Whitney, this isn't right!" May shouted, grabbing the bars of the cage and shaking them in desperation. "Let us go, now!"

Just then, Samantha entered the room.

"Whitney, there's a trainer here who wants to battle you." She said.

"Oh, goodie! Another chance to get a new toy." Whitney said, giggling. "Have fun, little ones! I'll be back very soon."

"Wait!" May shouted, as Whitney exited the room. Sighing, she looked around inside the cage. To her great surprise, she recognized a white-haired boy near her.

"Well, well. Fancy meeting you here." the boy said.

"Brendan!" May said, shocked. "We met in the boat ride to Johto, remember?"

"Yeah, I think so." Brendan replied. "You're May, right? I'm sorry we had to meet up under these circumstances."

"You beat Whitney too, huh?" May asked. Brendan nodded.

"So, how did you end up in Goldenrod City?" He asked

As May told him about her travels in Johto, Max peeked out of the bag, and, noticing that the coast was clear, climbed out and spotted May in a cage on Whitney's nightstand. After running over to it, he climbed the leg of the table (for what felt like ten minutes) and finally reached the cage where May and the other trainers were being held captive.

"Max!" May said, startled. "Its not safe to be in this Gym! You need to get out of here, fast!"

"No way! I'm not going to leave you here, May!" Max said, clenching his fist. "Somehow, some way, I will get you out of here!"

"Please, Max, just-"

"GOTCHA!" Another voice cut in as Max felt a gigantic hand grabbing him. Turning around, he saw Victoria clenching him tightly in her fist.

"Well, well, it seems we have a little escapee." Victoria said, grinning demonically at the young boy. "But you look very young to be a trainer..."

She quickly counted all of the trainers in the cage. All thirteen were there.

"You're not one of them!" She said, shocked. "Who are you? How did you get in here?"

"Just let me and my sister go, or you'll be in big trouble!" Max shouted. Victoria simply giggled.

"I don't think so, little boy. Why don't I go introduce you to Whitney and the other girls?"

"Max! No!" May shouted, as Victoria walked towards the door.

"I'll be fine!" Max called back in reply. "I'll save you, May! Don't worry!"

Victoria then exited the room, and took Max into the main Gym. In the distance, a disappointed trainer (who had lost to a very happy Whitney) was seen exiting the Gym.

"Whitney, we have a little intruder in our midst!" Victoria said, walking over to Whitney and the other girls and showing Max to them (who was very, very unnerved at the sight of all five girls gathered around him.

"An intruder?" Whitney repeated, staring at Max. "He certainly is a little one, isn't he? Victoria, did you give him the drink?"

"No, I have no idea how he got this small. He was like this when I found him." Victoria explained. "He was trying to free the other trainers, though."

"Was he now?" Whitney said, smiling coldly at Max. "Hand him to me, Victoria."

Victoria obliged, and dropped the tiny Max into Whitney's outstretched hand.

"So, little guy, you thought you could shrink yourself down, sneak into my Gym, and free my toys?" Whitney asked. "That wasn't very smart of you. I'm afraid you'll need to be punished for that!"

"What?" Max said, startled. "What are you going to do to me?"

Whitney ignored him, however. With Max held in her hand, she sat down, and slipped off her left shoe. Carefully lifting up her leg and placing it on her right thigh, she looked at Max, smiled cruelly at him, then picked him up with her other hand. Holding him carefully between her fingers, she lowered him to her socked foot. The smell was enough to make Max feel sick.
Then, after a moment or so, she carefully lowered him so that his head was right in front of her socked toes, then, suddenly, slammed him into the space in between them, pressing his face against the soft socks. The smell was awful for our little hero: he could barely breathe! Every time he struggled, Whitney simply pressed harder and harder and harder. Then, just as Max was about to faint, she pulled him away and dropped him back into the palm of her right hand, a cheerful grin back on her face.

"Yuck! What did you do that for?!" Max asked, staring at Whitney, who giggled at his temper.

"That was part of your punishment, remember?" Whitney said happily. "But I'm feeling thirsty, so I'll let my four friends have at you for a bit. But I'll be back soon, don't you worry."

She threw Max (much to his horror) to Carrie, who easily caught the tiny boy. As Whitney left, all four girls stared down at the tiny Max, who was being held in Carrie's right hand.

"Wow, look at him!" Cathy said. "He's as cute as a button!"

"Too true." Carrie said. "Let's make him slide down my leg!"

As all four girls giggled, Carrie lifted her right leg into the air, and dropped the tiny Max onto it.

"Whoa! What a ride!" Max said, clinging to Carrie's leg for his dear life as he slid down her soft skin.

As he reached the neck of her sock, however, he looked down and saw her slipping off her shoe! Unable to stop, Max rolled off of the young girl's foot and straight into her shoe. He could hear giggling outside. Looking up from inside the musty prison, he watched as Carrie began to slip her socked foot back into it, and yelled in horror as the soft soles of her socks slammed upon him (not ending up under her toes this time),and felt Carrie pressing her foot into the insole (and into Max) as hard as she possibly could.
With all his might, Max struggled to keep her gigantic foot far enough off of him to avoid being crushed. His arms were quickly beginning to ache, however, and he was sweating quite a lot from both heat and exhaustion. He knew he couldn't take much more of this.

Luckily, after a few moments, he felt the gigantic soles lifting off of him, and watched with a great sense of relief as the giant foot exited the shoe. His relief was short-lived, however, as he suddenly felt the shoe tilt violently as Samantha picked it up and reached into it to grab Max. Spotting the gigantic fingers closing in on him, Max quickly tried to take refuge in the corner of the shoe, but the titanic girl easily pulled our little hero out.

"Aww, you're even cuter when you're scared!" She said with delight, noticing Max's fearful expression. "Want to go for a ride?"

She then lifted Max up to her hair.

"Grab on, and hold on tight!" She said cheerfully. Knowing he had little choice in the matter, Max reluctantly grabbed hold of a strand of Samantha's brown hair.

"Enjoy the ride!" Samantha said.

Then, quite suddenly, she began flinging her hair around, and caused Max to fly into the air. Still clinging to the girl's hair, it felt almost like being spun around in a circle. If it wasn't for the sweet scent of Samantha's hair, Max probably would have thrown up. Finally, after a few moments, Samantha stopped, and grabbed the tiny boy before he could attempt to escape. Just then, Whitney entered the room, a bottle of Moomoo Milk in her hand.

"Samantha, give our little friend here to me." Whitney said. Samantha obliged, and handed Max to the giant Gym Leader.

"You look so exhausted, little guy!" She commented in a bubbly tone. Did you have fun with my friends while I was away?"

After taking a moment to catch his breath, Max looked at Whitney. He had had enough of this!

"You big bully!" He yelled up at her. "Just because my sister beat you doesn't mean you can shrink her and push both of us around! Instead of acting like a crybaby every time you lose a Pokémon battle, why don't you train harder so that you don't lose all the time?"

In his outrage it appeared that he had pushed Whitney too far. She was now wearing a look of pure offense on her face, an expression that Max quickly cowered under. Wiping a few tears from her eyes, she took the cap off of the bottle of Moomoo Milk.

"Oh, I don't lose. I win." She said, grinning darkly. She dropped Max into the bottle, causing him to swim for his dear life.

"I always win!!" She shouted.

Then, as Max continued struggling to stay above the surface, he knew that this was the end of the line for him. He watched helplessly as Whitney drew the bottle closer to her mouth, hoping against hope that he might survive this nightmare.

Chapter 3, written by Cubed Cinder

Even as Max swam as hard as he could, trying to avoid being a permanent part of Whitney's stomach, he knew the end was nearing as the flow of milk was far too strong. He could only look up through his milk-fogged glasses hoping there would be some miracle waiting to rescue him from his fate.

The miracle happened when Carrie came running towards the other girls.
"Whitney! Officer Jenny is coming!" Carrie shouted. Whitney gasped.
"Shoot! I totally forgot about her! Quick, Victoria, hide everyone!" Whitney said as she quickly gave the milk bottle over to Victoria. Victoria nodded as she made a dash for the back room where the trainers were locked up. Almost immediately after she entered this room, Officer Jenny came walking through the front doors of the gym and walked towards the other girls.

Meanwhile, Victoria approached the table with the caged tiny trainers, but she quickly realized that Max inside the milk bottle would be an easy target to see. And so, at the risk of her hands smelling like fresh milk, Victoria tipped the milk bottle over and allowed Max to fall out (and get clobbered with milk in the process). She opened the cage and hastily threw Max inside with the rest of the trainers. Max coughed up milk as he laid on his hands and knees exhausted. May and Brendan were the first to run to his aid.
"Max! Are you alright?" May asked.
"*cough cough* Ask me again in a few minutes... WHOA!" Max shouted. All the trainers suddenly fell down as Victoria picked up the cage and put it underneath the table. She then took a nearby black towel and covered nearly the whole cage with it, leaving just the milk bottle (and a small puddle where she had dumped Max out) on the table. Victoria then walked out of the room and rejoined her friends.

Everyone watched as Officer Jenny entered the gym and approached.
"Hi Officer Jenny!" all the girls shouted.
"Hello, ladies. Nice to see you as chipper as always." Jenny said.
"So what brings you to the Goldenrod City Gym, home of the Incredibly Pretty Girl, Whitney?" Victoria said. Whitney couldn't help but snicker over that compliment.
"Well, I'm sure you know why I'm back for today. I'm still investigating the reports of trainers disappearing from this gym." Jenny said.
"I'm not sure what you mean by that, Officer Jenny. I mean, I actually just defeated a young trainer not too long ago and he left, promising to get much stronger and return for a rematch." Whitney said.
"Yes, I saw that young man today and he told me of the loss. And that's the curious thing... the only trainers that HAVE been coming out of the gym are ones that have lost." Jenny said. The five girls simply looked at each other.
"Really? How curious..." Whitney said.
"Maybe I'm reading too much into that, but still, it's the only solid lead I have. Would you mind if I took a look around your gym?" Jenny asked.
"Sure! Not at all! Why not start with the back room here..." Victoria said as she led the way to the room she had previously come from. Jenny just shrugged and figured she might as well start her search there.

Inside the room, the shrunken trainers could only wonder what was going on. Many of them were simply frustrated that they had to go through this charade. May and Brendan, meanwhile, were busy drying Max off as best as they could (by scrubbing his clothes with their hands).
"You gotta admit, Max. At least you had a nice cold swim." May said with half a smile on her face.
"May! This is no time for your stupid jokes! I could've been swallowed back there!" Max shouted.
"You're right. I'm sorry. I was only trying to lighten the mood." May said.
"It won't really do much good with this group of people as long as some of them have been trapped." Brendan said. Just then, the two looked from beyond the black towel that wasn't covering the cage all the way. They could see the high-heeled shoes of both Victoria and Officer Jenny (her black high heels were almost unmistakable).
"Hey... look! Aren't those Officer Jenny's shoes?" May said.
"You're right! If we can get Jenny's attention, she'll rescue us!" Brendan said.
"Officer Jenny! Down here!" May shouted. Eventually, Max, Brendan, and then the other trainers joined in on the collective shouting as they watched Jenny's gigantic feet move around.

Meanwhile, Jenny slowly walked around the room, noting the refrigerator and other ordinary appliances around the walls. The one thing that caught her interest, though, was the table in the middle of the room. The first thing she caught in her sight was the Moomoo Milk bottle with small spill at the base.
"Oh? You've got a small spill on the table here." Jenny said as she looked at the table.
"Oh, yeah. Whitney was in the middle of drinking her milk when I kinda startled her with the word that another trainer had arrived." Victoria said. At that moment, she could hear faint screams for help. She moved her head around tracking where those voices were coming from, and that's when she noticed the towel was not all the way down on the cage. After silently swearing at herself for allowing that slip-up, she used her feet to nudge the towel and have the rest of it fall over the cage, completely covering it and muffling all those screams from the shrunken trainers. And she did that just in time, as Jenny was now wondering about those voices too as she turned her attention to Victoria.
"Hey... do you hear that?" Jenny asked.
"Hear what?" Victoria asked.
"It sounds like people screaming, as strange as that sounds. I think it's coming from under the table." Jenny said.
"Oh, that's a birthday present I'm saving for Whitney. A new alarm clock. She'll really like it!" Victoria said. Jenny looked underneath the table and saw the black 'box' that was really the cage with the tiny trainers covered up.
"An alarm clock? Kinda big for an alarm clock, don't you think?" Jenny said.
"Oh, she'll think she's getting a new set of clothes. It'll be a big surprise for sure!" Victoria said.
"Well, okay. If you insist." Jenny said. Seeing nowhere else to look in the room, Jenny finally exited with Victoria following behind her.

A few minutes later, Jenny had finished scanning the entire gym and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary except for that surprise box under the table in that one room, but she had no reason to question that after the story Victoria fed her.
"Well, everything checks out here. But I'll likely be back to ask a few more questions." Jenny said.
"Of course, officer! Come visit anytime!" Whitney said. Jenny started to walk away, but then stopped and turned around to look at the five girls again.
"Listen, ladies. This is a very important investigation. We kinda take disappearing trainers as seriously as Pokémon poaching. If you girls can think of anything, I mean ANYTHING, that will help find those trainers, please let me know. I don't have to remind you of the serious penalties of lying to a police officer." Jenny said.
"No, officer, you don't. We understand. We'll do our own search for those missing trainers. If we find them, you'll be the first to know!" Whitney said with a smile on her face.
"Glad to hear that. Good luck in your gym battles!" Jenny said. She then turned back around and eventually made her way out of the gym. Once she did that, all the girls breathed a sigh of relief.
"Whew... that was too close." Whitney said.
"Whitney, can we really keep doing this forever? Eventually she'll realize what's going on and..." Samantha said, only for Whitney to interrupt.
"Of course we should! Those big mean trainers deserve to be teeny tiny after they humiliated me! Like I said to that little boy, I always win!" Whitney said.
"Anything to make our leader happy, I say." Victoria said as she stood up to her friend. Just then, the front doors opened up again. The girls gasped thinking Officer Jenny was suddenly back again, but instead it was another teenage boy.
"Um... hello, girls. I... I wish to challenge the gym leader for the Plain Badge." the boy said, blushing a bit as he realized he was looking at five ladies, all of them very attractive in his eyes.
"Teeheehee! Welcome to the Goldenrod City Gym, young man! I'm more than happy to accept your challenge if you can defeat my friends in Pokémon battle!" Whitney said.

Before that series of battles happened, Victoria returned to the back room and set the cage back on the table where it formerly was, removing the black towel and tossing it aside before leaving the room again and joining the aforementioned fray. The tiny trainers just watched the giantess leave the room and they all had mixed emotions, mostly either depression or anger.
"So much for your big adventure in Johto, sis." Max said.
"I know, Max. I know." May said.
"Hey, we can't give up now. There has to be some way out of this!" Brendan said.
"Arrrrgh! What are we supposed to do when we're only two inches high!?" one trainer shouted.
"Yeah! It’s all that whiny wench’s fault!" another trainer said as he slammed the bars of the cage in frustration.
"If only there was some way to turn the tables on her. Y’know, give her a taste of her own medicine." another said. That last statement gave Max a crazy idea and made him reach into his shorts pockets. But he had a concerned look when he felt them empty.
"My pockets! They’re empty!" Max said.
"Huh? Did you have something important in them?" Brendan asked.
"Yeah, two extra MicroBerries I had been carrying around." Max said.
"You had MicroBerries in your pockets?" May asked.
"Well, yeah... just in case I needed to shrink more if the two MicroBerries I ate all the way back in Hoenn didn’t make me small enough to be unnoticed by you. But since I shrunk to the perfect size, I guess I forgot about those extra MicroBerries." Max said.
"Where do you suppose you lost them?" May asked. Brendan immediately had an idea in his head and he looked way up at the gigantic milk bottle outside of the cage. He saw a light shade of blue on top of the drink inside the bottle.
"I think I know. Look at the top of the milk." Brendan said.
"Huh? What’s that blue stuff?" May asked.
"That’s... that must be from the MicroBerries! They must be dissolving somehow in the milk." Max said.
"So are you saying that...?" May asked.
"Alright! That little brat will get to feel our pain and misery!" one trainer shouted, already getting an idea on what might happen.
"Well... I don’t know. We won’t know until someone decides to take a sip of that milk. And even then... as small as those berries were, they may not have much effect." Max said, trying not to get too enthusiastic over what he was thinking as well.

Moments later, Whitney patted the young trainer on the head having failed to defeat Whitney or any of her friends. It definitely was a heated battle given the damage to the battlefield.
"Awww... don’t feel too bad. One day you’ll be stronger, although you do have a long way to go before beating me." Whitney said.
"Well, just you wait. I’ll be back!" the trainer said as he tipped his cap and then turned around, no doubt to rush to the Pokémon Center.
"Hey, can you girls clean up for me? I’m gonna check on our little friends." Whitney said.
"Of course, Whitney." Victoria said. She and the other trainers got to work checking up on the battlefield, as well as caring for Whitney’s Miltank still out of its Poké Ball.

Whitney took a deep breath and walked inside the back room.
"Whew... that was a tough battle. How convenient there’s a milk bottle waiting for me on the table. Teehee!" Whitney giggled as she walked towards the table with both the milk bottle and the cage full of her shrunken trainers.
"And how are my little friends doing? Hope you aren’t planning on going anywhere!" Whitney said. She then picked up the milk bottle, unaware of the blue mist coming from Max’s dropped MicroBerries, and started drinking. The trainers kept quiet, as instructed by May, Brendan, and Max, so that Whitney wouldn’t latch onto their crazy plan. But that didn’t stop the trio from continuing to plead for her freedom.
"Whitney! You can’t keep us here forever!" May shouted.
"Yeah! My Mom is probably worried sick about me!" Brendan said. Whitney, after a few gulps of the milk, moved the bottle away from her lips (licking them at the same time) and looked down at the trainers.
"Moomoo Milk is so good for me. It helps make me big and strong... or bigger and stronger to you guys! Heehee!" Whitney said.
"Officer Jenny is one day going to catch onto your plan and..." Max said.
"Oh please. You all should be lucky I’m treating you the way I am. If I were really the whiny loser you claim I am, I would’ve killed you as soon as I shrunk you! As a matter of fact, once I’ve shrunken a few more winning trainers, I’ll build a miniature model of the city... maybe even a model of my family’s Miltank farm out on Route 39! That way you all won’t feel so small... at least until me or my friends are around!" Whitney said. She wanted to say a few more things, but suddenly noticed her entire body glowing blue.
"Huh? What was that?" Whitney said. As soon as her body stopped glowing, she looked down. The table looked to be rising towards her. On top of that, the milk bottle was very quickly becoming too heavy to hold. After setting the bottle down on the table, she noticed something very wrong.
"What... wait! What’s happening?" Whitney said.
"Oh my gosh! It’s working!" May shouted.
"Look at her!" Brendan added. Whitney was already the same height as the table and still shrinking.
"No! I’m shrinking! I can’t be shrinking! WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!" Whitney screamed as she watched the world around her continue to enlarge.

The tiny trainers couldn’t see where Whitney was at this point. They wondered how small Whitney was going to shrink...

Chapter 4, written by GiantessUniverse

As Whitney continued shrinking and shrinking (now out of sight to May and the other shrunken trainers), it finally stopped with her ending up at two inches in height. Upon realizing this, Whitney was furious.

"NO, NO, NO! I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO SHRINK!" Whitney screamed. Then, she saw the cage full of shrunken trainers. Many of them were snickering at Whitney's whining.
"YOU! YOU LITTLE MEANIES! YOU DID THIS!" She yelled angrily.

"So what if we did? You deserved what you got!" A trainer shouted in reply.


Suddenly, Whitney stopped, as they heard footsteps from the hallway. Then, moments later, a gigantic Victoria entered the room.

"Huh? I could have sworn Whitney was in here..." She said to herself, approaching the table. Then, her eyes fell upon the spilled bottle of Moomoo Milk on the floor. Albeit faint, she also heard laughter coming from the cage of shrunken trainers.

"What are you runts laughing about?" She asked, staring at them. Then, she heard a squeaky voice down at her feet.


"Whitney?!" Victoria said, looking down. At her feet was the shrunken Whitney. Even at the Gym Leader's tiny size it was obvious to Victoria that she was having a tantrum. Carefully, she bent down and picked Whitney up. As she did this, all of the shrunken trainers fell silent.

"Whitney, how did YOU shrink?" Victoria asked in shock. "You didn't accidentally drink that MicroBerry blend, did you?"

"No, it's all their fault!" Whitney yelled angrily, pointing angrily at the cage filled with trainers, who immediately fell silent. "Those thirteen little brats found a way to spike my drink! Victoria, quick, find the MegaBerry blend and get me back to normal, NOW! I'm going to teach those trainers a REALLY BIG lesson once I'm my normal size again!"

For a moment, Victoria simply stared at the tiny Whitney, who quickly grew impatient.

"Victoria! Get the MegaBerry blend! Don't just stand there!" Whitney yelled. But Victoria was smiling, as a devilish idea came to her. She looked down at the tiny Whitney once again.

"No." Victoria said. "I think it's time for a change in leadership around here, Whitney."

For a moment, Whitney was silent, staring open-mouthed at Victoria.

"What? Victoria, you can't be serious!"

"You heard me." Victoria said. "Face the facts, you pink-haired prick. You're a snobby little farmgirl, a crybaby, a wimp, and one of the worst Gym Leaders I have ever met. I, on the other hand, am a cool-headed, calm, stylish young beauty! I'm the one who should be running this Gym!"

At that moment, Samantha, Carrie, and Cathy entered the room.

"Victoria, have you seen Whitney?" Samantha asked, as Cathy closed the door. "I wanted to let her know that we're closing the Gym for the night."

"She's right here." Victoria said. The other four girls quickly gathered around Victoria. Carrie gasped.

"What happened to her?" Samantha asked, shocked.

"Who cares? I think she looks kind of cute!" Cathy said (causing Whitney's face to redden).

"Especially when she's mad!" Carrie added, giggling at the sight of the red-faced Whitney.

"That's enough! Get me back to normal, now!" Whitney shouted, beginning to cry again.

"What do you think, ladies?" Victoria said. "I say we play with her!"

"I guess it can't hurt..." Samantha said, as Carrie and Cathy nodded vigorously.

"Then let's get started!" Victoria said. "Any ideas?"

"I know what we can do!" Carrie said suddenly. "I'll be right back!"

She then ran into Whitney's closet, and after a moment or so of searching she returned, holding a pair of slightly worn sneakers in her hand.

"My gym sneakers?" Whitney said, staring at them in shock.

"That's right!" Carrie said with glee. "Let's see if you can dodge them!"

Carelessly she dropped the sneakers onto the floor, forcing Whitney to dive out of the way to avoid being hit.

"Stop it! I'm not in the mood to play a game of dodgeball!" Whitney said, her face soaked in tears. Victoria and the other girls simply laughed.

"Do you think we should try to help her?" Brendan asked, watching as the four girls picked up the sneakers and dropped them from directly above Whitney once again. Both May and Max shook their heads.

"I don't think there's much we can do." Max said. "Besides, even if we did try to help, they'd probably just start toying around with us too."

"Okay, Whitney!" Carrie said. "Time for another test. Be a good little toy and climb into your sneaker."

"What?" Whitney asked, shocked. "No way! This has gone far enough!"

"Shut up!" Victoria said, kicking Whitney. "You'll do as you're told, or else we'll crush every bone in your little tomboy body!"

"Okay, okay, cool it!" Whitney bawled, grabbing hold of the exterior wall of the sneaker. Under the menacing stare of her four friends (or so she thought were her friends), Whitney carefully climbed into the sneaker. Very quickly, however, she had to cover her nose, as the overwhelming smell of her own feet hit her like a slap in the face. She quickly began holding her breath.

"Let's she how long she can stand the smell of her own sneaker!" Carrie said, giggling.

Whitney apparently began to have trouble breathing. She fell to the floor/insole of the shoe, seemingly writhing as she struggled to cope with the horrible stench. She was beginning to turn blue.

"Guys, let's go ahead and let her out, okay?" Samantha said.

"Not yet." Victoria said. "One more minute."

"Yeah, let's wait until she really starts suffering." Cathy agreed.

"Come on, let's get her out. She's had enough." Samantha said, bending down and picking up Whitney, then placing her on the floor.

It seemed the tiny Whitney was conscious, albeit very shaken up. She had quickly turned from blue to a pale white, and was shivering as though she had just experienced her worst nightmare.

"Get up!" Victoria said. However, Whitney seemingly could not bring herself to even move.

"Fine, then." Victoria said, a cruel smile appearing on her face. "Cathy, go get a bottle of Moomoo Milk."

As Cathy exited the room, Victoria carefully pinned a seemingly breathless Whitney down under her left shoe. As Cathy returned, she handed Victoria the bottle of Moomoo Milk.

"Maybe a splash of your favorite drink will wake you up!" Victoria said, uncapping the bottle and pouring it onto the tiny Whitney, who instantly began to struggle with all her might to escape from under Victoria's shoe.

"NO! STOP IT! PLEASE, NO MORE!" Whitney screamed, almost at breaking point by now.

"Knock it off! Can't you see you're hurting her?!" May yelled from the cage.

"This...this is going too far!" Samantha agreed suddenly, stepping back as the other girls laughed. "You're drowning her! Stop!"

"Oh, please." Victoria said, picking up the tiny Whitney and showing her to Samantha. "She's FINE, can't you see that?"

Whitney, on the contrary, was not even remotely fine. While wide awake thanks to the bottle of Moomoo Milk being poured onto her, she was coughing, her eyes were bloodshot, and even being soaked in her favorite drink didn't hide the tears pouring out of her eyes.

"I don't want any part of this! This isn't fun anymore!" Samantha said, backing further away from Victoria. "She's suffering a lot right now!"

"Please! Please just stop, I'm begging you! Please, have mercy!" Whitney said, looking up at Victoria with a solemn expression on her face. "Please, just kno-!"

Suddenly, there was a loud BANG! on the door behind them, and as the door fell to the ground, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, and three Arcanine and four other police officers entered the room. Instinctively, Victoria hid her hand containing Whitney behind her back, using one finger to muffle Whitney's cries for help.

"All right, where is she? Where is Whitney?" Officer Jenny demanded. "I'm placing her under arrest for the kidnapping and...well...unlawful shrinking...of thirteen trainers."

"What?" Carrie said, faking a look of surprise. "Whitney would never do that!"

"Don't play dumb!" Jenny said sternly. "I know everything. Now where is Whitney!?"

Suddenly, she noticed that Victoria had her right hand behind her back. Peeking behind her, she saw a tuft of pink hair sticking out of Victoria's closed hand.

"Give that girl to me right now!" Jenny said. Sighing, Victoria handed the tiny Gym Leader (once again bawling like a baby) to Jenny, who then handed her to Nurse Joy, who simply scowled at Whitney as she cried her eyes out.

"Check under the bed for the kidnapped trainers." Officer Jenny said to Joy, who obliged. As she pulled the cage out from under the bed, holding it in her other hand, all eleven trainers cheered and laughed coldly at the hysterical Whitney. May, Max and Brendan simply looked at her sympathetically.

"I'm sorry!" Whitney begged to Jenny, who turned to her. "I'm really sorry, I am! I swear I'll never do anything like this again! PLEASE don't take me to jail!"

"It's too late for apologies. You are under arrest!" Jenny said to Whitney. "Let's go."

"STOP!" Samantha yelled suddenly, as the army of officers (including Jenny) and Nurse Joy turned to leave. She approached Officer Jenny and looked at her right in the eyes.

"I'm responsible. For everything." She said. Everyone gasped.

Chapter 5, written by Cubed Cinder

Whitney may have been soaked with milk and her own tears, but even she gasped from the palm of Nurse Joy's hand when she heard Samantha suddenly say she was responsible for everything.
"Huh? Sammy? What are you..." Whitney started to say, but Samantha talked over her tiny voice.
"Whitney had NOTHING to do with everything that happened. This was all my plan." Samantha said.
"Oooookay... care to explain what this is about, young lady?" Jenny asked.
"Whitney had lost four straight times, as you'll probably remember from the news a little while ago. After that fourth loss, Whitney was really upset. She almost wanted to give up being a gym leader, but I told her not to give up, telling her I had a way she could get even with any future trainer that beat her." Samantha said.
"I see." Jenny said.
"That's when I picked some MicroBerries a few routes away and planted them on the gym grounds. And then I made the MicroBerry juice that would shrink the trainers, offering the drink to any winning trainer. Whitney begged me to stop, saying this wasn't what she had in mind for getting back at any trainer that beats her, but I forced her to like it because I wasn't going to stop. Ultimately Whitney stopped complaining and was happier than ever, something I had wished would happen and I'm proud of that." Samantha said.
"And you are certain you are telling the truth?" Jenny asked. Samantha profoundly nodded her head.
"100 percent." Samantha said.
"Well then, as the supposed ringleader of this crime, I hereby place you under arrest. Hands behind your back, please. And cuff the other girls, boys." Jenny said to the other police officers. The other girls indeed got handcuffed, just as Samantha was by Jenny herself.
"Wait! What did I do? Why am I bring arrested?" Victoria shouted.
"Endangering the lives of these 13 young and innocent trainers and covering the whole mess up. Take them to the station, I'll join up with you later." Jenny said. The four girls were walked out of the gym, no doubt to be taken to the police station for processing.
"What about Whitney herself, Jenny?" Joy asked. Jenny walked up to Joy and looked down on the tiny Whitney. She clearly looked very scared, wondering what was going to happen.
"Whitney. That was a terrible thing to happen to those men and that one young girl. You should've done something about it as the leader of this gym. You should've reported this activity to either me or Nurse Joy." Jenny said.
"(gulp) Does this mean I'm arrested to?" Whitney said with a few nose sniffs in between words.
"Well, since you are the gym leader, I'm going to leave your fate in the hands of Joy... no pun intended." Jenny said. Joy nodded, knowing exactly what she had in mind.
"Thank you, Jenny. Whitney is such a kind and caring girl. I don't believe she would shrink anyone on purpose, and quite frankly I don't blame her for not reporting any of this. I'd be kinda keen on wanting to keep someone shrunken for a little while and take good care of them." Joy said.
"You do?" Whitney said.
"Still, like Jenny said... something like this needed to be reported immediately, so there has to be some punishment. I'll discuss that with the Johto Pokémon League, but I think they can live with this gym suspending operations for one week." Joy said. Whitney immediately knew what that meant. She couldn't fight anybody in Pokémon battles and aspiring trainers had to wait until the suspension was lifted. Those trainers would undoubtably be frustrated that the problems allegedly happening under Whitney's watch caused them to wait as long as Whitney herself had to... but she was willing to live with that kind of penalty.
"T..t...thank you, Nurse Joy! Thank you, Officer Jenny!" Whitney said, now seemingly crying tears of joy.
"Well, you can thank me once we get you and everyone else back to their normal size!" Joy said.
"And how are we going to do that, Joy?" Jenny said.
"Oh, don't worry about that! I have some MegaBerry juice back at the Pokémon Center. I'll be back in a flash with it." Joy said as she ran out of the gym after placing the tiny Whitney on the floor next to the cage.

Whitney watched as some of the trainers began to approach her, all with mean looks on their faces. One of them even pounded his fists together like he was ready to beat down someone (even though there wasn't much of a chance of that happening with Officer Jenny looming overhead).
"Ummm... no hard feelings, guys? I'm really sorry! Please forgive me for everything!" Whitney said, getting down on her knees and begging for mercy from the trainers. At least they wouldn't trap her under a shoe and spill milk all over her like Victoria did earlier, but she still feared the worst of what might happen.
But Whitney would once again be surprised, this time by the forgiving nature of May, who was the first to stand directly in front of her.
"I forgive you, Whitney. I can totally get why you did what you did, and I'm willing to put that terrible time behind me." May said. Suddenly, Max and Brendan joined up alongside her.
"If May forgives you, then so do I." Brendan said.
"Me too!" Max said.
"Oh, you guys... thank you so much!" Whitney said, actually hugging all three of them with tears of happiness falling down on their shoulders.

It took a couple more minutes, but Nurse Joy returned with a beaker containing what appeared to be a red drink. She explained to everyone that this was the MegaBerry juice that would negate the effects of the MicroBerries. The first male trainer to be captured, a young man named Scott, volunteered to help Joy in calculating how much juice everyone needed to drink in order to be restored to normal. Amazingly enough, Joy got it right on the first try.
After Joy placed three drops of the juice on the floor using a dropper, Scott slurped it all up. When Scott stopped growing and compared himself to Joy and her height, he excitedly claimed he was exactly the right size, especially after Jenny measured him with a tape measure. Scott triumphantly stepped to the side, as instructed by Jenny. Everyone else would have to be restored to normal, including Whitney, before he could receive his long awaited Plain Badge.

One by one, everyone was being returned to their normal size. After 10 more of the previously captured trainers were restored, May was the next to grow back to normal. She looked down on Brendan before he could lick up his share of the drink.
"You look even cuter when you're tiny." May said.
"I guess I'll take that as a compliment." Brendan said with a smile. He licked up his share and began to grow. Brendan was back to his normal size as he looked over at May.
"I'm glad that's over with." Brendan said.
"Yeah, me too." May said.
Joy looked down and noticed two small people left, and they were Whitney and Max.
"Well, young boy, you're next, and then it will be Whitney." Joy said.
"Wait! I...I..." Max said.
"What is it? Is something wrong?" Jenny asked from above. Max at first hesitated because it almost felt like a foreign concept to him. Growing back to his normal size was something he didn't even remotely consider, thinking he would spend the entire Johto journey inside May's backpack, regardless of whether or not he would be discovered by his 'giant' sister. But the reality of the situation became clear to Max, and he was quick to make sure he didn't overdose on MegaBerry juice.
"I only ate two MicroBerries, and that's actual berries and not some juice blend." Max said.
"Ah, okay! Thanks for pointing that out to me. So I'll give you two thirds of the dose." Joy said. Sure enough, she only put two drops of the juice on the floor, which Max wasted no time in scooping up and into his mouth. Once Max was done, his body glowed a bright red like the others and he began to grow. Joy placed the boy down on the floor and Max eventually was back to his original size. He could tell because May ran up to hug him, and his face was half buried on her chest and not somewhere on her face.
"I'm glad you're finally back to normal." May said.
"Huh? You are?" Max asked.
"Well... it's no fun when you're super small and always the wrong move away from crushing you." May said.
"You can say that again..." Max said. Everyone then watched as Whitney was the last to return to her normal size.
"Whew! Thank goodness! I can see why I enjoyed everyone being so small! But... but of course I'm glad everyone's back to normal." Whitney said.

Afterwards, all the victims got their badges from Whitney and the girl wished everyone well on the rest of their journies. Whitney even took the time to tell the town she was taking a break (a lighter way of addressing the suspension) and would be back after a week. She retreated to her family farm on Route 39 in the meantime, caring for the many Miltank that adorned the property. Some trainers were naturally reunited into the loving arms of friends and/or family members, but others simply called home to tell them they were safe.
Not Max, May, or Brendan, however. All three were on their way to their next destination. Once again, May and Brendan were going in seperate directions.
"So, May, where are you headed next?" Brendan asked.
"Well, I'm heading south to challenge the gym in Azalea Town. I think that was the name of it." May said.
"Ah, I see. I'm heading north for wherever lies beyond those gates." Brendan said as he pointed to the building that led people in and out of the city.
"Hmmm... okay." May said. Once again, May and Brendan stared at each other's faces for longer than usual. They even closed in for the kiss... but Max started to push May away.
"Well, it's been real great, but we gotta get going, thanks for everything!" Max said.
"Hey! MAX!!!" May shouted as the two were heading south for the city exit there. Brendan just smiled.
"What a great duo... especially that boy. He'll be a great trainer if he learns well from his sister." Brendan said. He then took off for the north as he said he would do.

By the time May and Max were out of the city and in Route 34, May finally broke free of Max's grip.
"Max! What was that for?" May shouted.
"Don't you think it's kinda early to be kissing up to that boy?" Max said with a grin on his face. May thought briefly about wishing Max would be tiny again, but quickly retracted that thought and for that matter all negative things she had to say about her brother for right now.
"Yeah. You're probably right. Come on, we should get going before it gets too dark to see through the forest." May said.
"At least we won't have to fool Mom and Dad anymore." Max said.
"I'm so glad about that..." May said. The two then started walking into the Ilex Forest, both happy to have things back to normal. Especially Max... now he could cheer on his hero for when he starts Pokémon training.

His older sister, May.

Of course, he won't tell her that right now.