May in Wonderland

(GiantessUniverse; idea by Sean)

The Viridian Forest was peacefully silent. May sat by a nearby lake, nursing her feet in the water, which were sore from her long stroll through the woods. Darkness crept over the trees as the sun set, replaced by nightfall. Wild Hoothoots could be heard nestling themselves in the shadows of the trees, their red eyes scanning the woods for a sign of a wild Caterpie or Ratatta to feed upon. May didn't really seem to notice that nightfall had come. She simply sat by the lake, deep in thought, when, suddenly, a loud nearby rustling sound brought May back to her senses.


She stared around in search of the cause of the rustling. Then, suddenly, she spotted a shadowed figure descending into the depths of the trees. Curious, May followed the figure, and she managed to make out what it was despite the darkness. It was a Pikachu, except there was something clearly different about it-it was wearing a small red bow tie, a black overcoat, and a top hat. May had to supress a giggle at the sight of a Pokemon wearing such ridiculuous clothing.

"It must belong to someone," May whispered to herself. "I'd better make sure it's returning to it's owner."

So May continued to follow the oddly dressed Pikachu, thinking to herself that any Pokemon that was forced to wear such a humiliating outfit probably would want to run away. May kept her distance from the Pikachu so as to not scare it. Several times, May accidently stepped on a branch or twig, and the Pikachu would look behind it in search of the disturbance. As May continued to follow the Pikachu into a cave, she noticed something else. It sounded as though it was muttering something to itself, as though it knew English. Assuming it was just in her head, May continued to persue the Pikachu, and, suddenly, she stopped dead at the incredible sight before her.

She had just reached a beautiful section of the cave, which was made entirely out of an ice-blue crystal. Several doors of all sizes lined the walls of the cave. Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceilings, which were as high as church ceilings. A large, crystal fountain stood in the middle of the room, filled with clear, natural water. It was more like a hallway than a cave. May's astonishment at the amazingly beautiful room was disrupted as she heard a door open, and she spotted the clothed Pikachu entering a very small door. May walked up to the door. It was far too small for anyone more than a foot big to go through. May considered trying to squeeze herself through the tiny door, but it was much too small for that even. May sighed.

"I wish I were smaller." she said to herself glumly.

Turning around to leave, May spotted a red Cheri Berry sitting on the floor at her feet. May picked it up, and noticed tiny lettering carved into the berry. She managed to make out the microscopic words "Eat me to shrink" carved into the berry. May stared at the lettering in amazement. She didn't see how a berry would make her shrink, but it couldn't really hurt her to eat it and see what happened, could it? Besides, it was her only hope of being able to continue persueing the Pikachu. So, May inserted the berry into her mouth, and swallowed it in one gulp.

Instantly, everything around May expanded to incredible size. She was shrinking, and at a very rapid pace, and then, suddenly, it stopped. May stared at her gigantic surroundings in shock.

"Wow!" she exclaimed. "I didn't really think that would work!"

Then, May realized something. She had achieved her goal of getting smaller, but not THIS small. Judging by the size of her surroundings, May estimated that she had to be at least an inch big, and at that size it was far too dangerous to attempt to persue the Pikachu. She could be easily stepped on at such a microscopic size. Then, suddenly, May realized something else, something that made her heart drop a few inches. She hadn't actually expected the cheri berry to make her shrink, so she never took the time to consider how she was going to return to normal size. Then, suddenly, May noticed another berry, a green Lum Berry. Coincidentally enough, it was scaled down to her size, so it seemed big enough for May to eat. She picked up the lum berry, and was able to make out the words "Eat me to grow" carved into it. May stared at the lettering, thinking...the cheri berry had made her shrink, but to incredibly tiny sizes. So, maybe the lum berry would make May grow back to her normal size. But what if it made her grow too big? Despite that thought, May knew she couldn't stay so small, it was too dangerous. This berry was her only hope. So, hesitating, May ate the lum berry.

Instantly, May's surroundings began to shrink. May was growing, much bigger than her normal size, then, suddenly, May's head slammed into the ceiling, and began throbbing in pain.

"Ow!" May screamed, rubbing her bruised head.

In her irritation she kicked the fountain, which shattered to pieces. Water began spraying from the broken pipes, filling the cave with at least five feet of water. Suddenly, a hole grew where the fountain had been- a big one, big enough even for May to fit through. The hole continued expanding, draining all of the water out of the room. May forced herself into a corner of the room, but it was no use. The hole expanded to a point where there was no more floor to stand on, and May fell through the hole into the dark room below.

With a loud SPLASH! May landed in the room below, which shook slightly. Rubbing her bruised head, May stared around at the room she had landed in. It looked like the interior of a sewer, except much bigger. It was flooded with water, which barely reached the top of May's shirt. Water poured out of the hundreds of pipes that lined every inch of the room. Large, glowing crystals stuck of the walls in between the pipes, filling the room with light. The walls were exactly like those of the room above. May stared at the room in amazement, when a loud, squeaky voice interrupted her thoughts.


May turned, and saw a Ratatta standing on a nearby platform, looking up at May angrily.

"I can't help it!" May cried miserably, and she began to sob. The Ratatta panicked.


But May continued to cry hysterically, and as her tears filled the room, the Ratatta was washed off of the platform and into the water. As the water level raised up to her chest, May began to shrink, and, suddenly, she was normal-sized again. As May stared at herself, amazed at her reduction in size, she spotted the Ratatta, who was drowning in the water.

"Help!" It screamed, sinking into the water.

"Don't worry!" May yelled desperately. She swam over to the Ratatta, pulled it onto her arm, and managed to pull herself onto a platform. The Ratatta pulled himself up, and stared furiously at May.


"Wait- I know!" May said, and she took out a Poke Ball. "Go, Glaceon!"

Glaceon emerged from the Poke Ball. May looked down at it.

"Glaceon, use Ice Beam to freeze that stream!" May said to the Pokemon sharply. Glaceon nodded, and shot a ray of icy wind out of it's tail, freezing the lake solid.

"Good work," May said, sending the Pokemon back into the Poke Ball.

She turned, and found the Ratatta staring at her in shock.

"What?" May snapped.

"Where did that Pokemon come from?" It asked.

"From this Poke Ball." May said, holding up the device.

"Do you have more of those with you?" The Ratatta asked curiously.

"Sure!" May said, "I've got a Skitty, a-"

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" The Ratatta interrupted furiously, apparently looking offended.

"What's wrong?"

"You can't talk about those wretched Skitties around other Pokemon! Where are your manners?!"

May was a little offended at the Ratatta's words.

"What's wrong with Skitties?" she asked defensively.

"What's wrong with them?" The Ratatta stared coldly at May. "Their ancestors attempted to take over this world!"

"But mine doesn't know any better!" May pointed out furiously, offended by the Ratatta's prejudice. "It's just a Pokemon-"

"HOW DARE YOU!" The Ratatta yelled. "You have no respect for the inhabitants of this world!"

And with that, the Ratatta scurried away, slipping slightly on the ice. May sighed. This place was very strange...Pokemon could talk, berries made you grow and/or shrink, and Pokemon took offense at the slightest mention of a Skitty. Wherever May was, she wasn't in her world any more, and she wanted to go home.

May stared after the Rattata in shock, when suddenly a loud CRACK! brought her back to her senses. Looking down, May's stomach dropped. The frozen stream that she was standing on was cracking at an alarming rate. Before she could get back onto the platform, the ice shattered, and May fell into the stream once again. She struggled against the current, trying to pull herself back onto the platform, but suddenly a bunch of tentacles wrapped around May, binding her tightly. She felt a powerful sting on her back, and everything went black.

May opened her eyes. She got up, and looked around. She appeared to be in a forest. Wild Pidgeys sat in the trees, staring intently at May.

"Are you okay, lady?" said a nearby voice. Turning around, May spotted a Tentacruel sitting in the lake, staring at her. She jumped up, horrified.

"Get- get back!" she yelled at the Tentacruel. "I mean it! Don't come any closer!"

The Tentacruel looked a little offended.

"What's your problem? I just saved your life! You were drowning!"

"You stung me! Get back!"

"You would have fought back if I hadn't knocked you out! I was helping you!"

The Tentacruel's words didn't calm May down at all.

"Please, just get back!" she screamed hysterically, "Get away!"

The Tentacruel now looked very offended.

"Fine, then. Don't come crying to me the next time you start drowning!"

And with that, the Tentacruel squirted water into May's face, turned away, and left.

"You really should work on your manners, dear." a nearby Butterfree said, frowning at May.

"I'm sorry." May said, rubbing the water out of her eyes. "I just don't like Tentacools or their evolved forms. I'd rather not say why."

"Don't mind her rudeness." said a familiar voice. "That girl has no respect for our kind!"

The Ratatta was back, and his look of disgust was back on his face as he stared coldly at May, who sighed exaspiratedly.

"Look," May said calmly, "I'm sorry if I offended you, but I don't know anything about this place. I'm not from here."




"Stop this madness!" shouted a nearby Pidgeot. "You'll wake up my babies!"

The Pidgeot stared warmly at the three Pidgeys who slept peacefully in her nest, then stared menacingly at May and the Ratatta, who stared back at the Pidgeot as though the bird Pokemon had tried to eat him.

"Stay out of this!" he yelled at the Pidgeot. "This is a personal matter, and it is none of your business!"

"She has a point, rodent." The Butterfree pointed out. "The girl just said that she is not from here. She doesn't know the history of Skitties."

The Ratatta looked a little embarressed. He turned to May, his furious look replaced with a guilty look.

"My apologies, young lady. I suppose that I shouldn't yell at you, seeing as you aren't from here."

"Thanks," May said, her anger dying away. "Um- are there any towels around here? I'm still wet from that stream."

"I'll get you dry!" The Pidgeot said eagerly, and it flew out of the tree and flapped it's wings powerfully, creating a gust of wind that knocked May over, but drying her off instantly. Her bag flew high into the sky, and one of the Poke Balls flew out of the bag and landed on the ground, releasing May's Skitty from the Poke Ball.

"Thanks, I guess." May muttered, getting up. Suddenly she noticed her Skitty approaching the horrified Ratatta, who yelled and dashed off into the woods. The other Pokemon fled the area as well, leaving May alone in the woods. The Skitty turned to May. It looked a little upset.

"It's not your fault," May sighed, sending the Skitty back into it's Poke Ball. She stared around at the deserted forest.

"This world is very weird." May said to herself. "Still, it is kind of exciting!"

May stood alone in the deserted woods. Her excitement was quickly fading away. How was she going to get out of this forest? There was no one around to give her directions, and these woods were so thick that she doubted that anyone could guide her out of the forest.

"Need help, kid?" said a voice from behind May, who jumped in shock. Turning around, May saw no sign of the speaker. Peering more closly up at the trees, May spotted a black Meowth grinning down at her.

May let out a sigh of relief. "You scared me. I thought every Pokemon in these woods ran off when they saw my Skitty."

The Meowth's grin grew wider. "Yeah, well they're not so scary to me. I like them, actually. They're very pleasant creatures."

"Well, it's good to know there's one creature in here who doesn't treat a Skitty like some kind of monster." May said, smiling a little. "Anyway, can you help me out? I'm sort of lost."

"Yeah, there's a greenhouse up ahead. Just go straight. There should be some footprints from those Pokemon that fled, just follow them and you'll reach the greenhouse in no time."

"Thanks!" said May happily.

"No problem!" said the Meowth. It then jumped out of the tree, and, incredibly, it's grin remained floating up in the tree for about a second, then it flew after it's owner.

"Wow" May said, dumbstruck. " I've seen Pokemon without a grin, but I've never seen a grin without a Pokemon! This place goes way beyond's like a dream turned real...well, I'd better get going."

May headed straight into the depths of the woods, following the footprints of the other Pokemon, just as the Meowth had instructed her. After about 10 minutes, she exited the woods at long last, and, looking up, spotted the greenhouse. She went inside, and looked around. Several exotic plants sat on the neatly aligned tables. There were plants of all sizes; some were the size of a marble, and some were so tall that their trunks heat the ceiling of the greenhouse. May even spotted a flower that was completely gold. One of the larger plants had a large, circular head, which looked down at May with a fiendish grin that revealed several pointed teeth.

Suddenly, May heard a loud cough from behind her. Turning around, she saw an average-sized plant coughing very violently. As May bent down to get a better look, a replusive gas spewed from the plant's head, almost making May sick. Straightening up, coughing, May began to feel very strange. Then, to her horrer, she began to shrink at a rapid rate, and, a few seconds later, she was once again a mere inch in size. May stared up at the gigantic room, and sighed exaspiratedly.

"Great." she muttered to herself, sitting down on a pebble." What am I supposed to do now?"

"Well, isn't it obvious?" said a voice from behind her. Turning around, May saw a blue Caterpie sitting on a red mushroom, half of which was green. Interestingly, it was smoking a pipe.

"Not really." May said. "Can you help me?"

"But of course." said the Caterpie. "You see the mushroom I'm sitting on? Eat a piece of it. One side of the mushroom will make you shrink, the other side will make you grow."

May stared at the mushroom. "But-which side does which?"

"I'm afraid I don't know. The choice is yours. Good luck!"

The Caterpie then crawled down from the mushroom and left. May stood alone, still staring at the mushroom. Which half of it would make her grow? And what if she ate the half that made her shrink? Suddenly, May had an idea. She climbed up the mushroom, and pulled off a red piece and a green piece. If one of the pieces made her shrink even more, she could just eat the other piece and grow back to her previous size. May did not want to do this- the last food she had ate in this world had caused a horrifying growth spurt, and before that, the food she had ingested had shrunk her. Still, she couldn't stay like this. May hesitated, and took a bite of the green piece of the mushroom. Suddenly, she shot up into the air, growing faster than ever, and, before she could do anything, she shot out of the greenhouse, which instantly shattered into pieces. May, who was paralyzed with shock, stared dumbstruck at the disastrous damage she had just done. Suddenly, she heard a chirping sound. Feeling the top of her head, May found a small nest. She picked it up, and held it in her hand. Three baby Pidgeys chirped madly up at her. Suddenly, a Pidgeot appeared.

"Get your garguantin hands off of my children!"

She attacked May, pecking her furiously. As May shielded her face, the Pidgeot picked up her children in her wings, and walked off, muttering "lunatics!". May lowered her hands and spotted the clothed Pikachu once again, who was panting furiously.

"What in the world is going on here?" It squeaked loudly.

Suddenly, the Pokemon's eyes fell upon the shattered remains of the greenhouse, and a look of pure shock dawned on the Pikachu's face. It stared at the rubble for about a minute; then, without warning, it fainted. Overwhelmed by what had just happened, May fainted as well.

May’s consciousness was slowly coming back to her. She noticed that whatever she was laying on felt very hard, almost like wood. It was also very cold in this place, almost like a freezer. She opened her eyes.

She could barely see in this place. It was lit, but dimly. A flickering, greenish light danced on the ceiling. May stared at the light. Judging by it’s constant flickering, it seemed almost like the light was coming from a fire. But the light was green…that didn’t make any sense. May sat up, and stared around the room in search of the source of the light. Suddenly she spotted where the light was coming from, and almost fainted again.

She had guessed correctly…the light was indeed coming from a fire, which danced wildly in a big, black, rusted pot. What was weird about the fire was that it was a GREEN fire. May stared at it, dumbstruck. It seemed that once again, she was in a very weird place.

Suddenly, a loud cough came from behind May, causing her to jump and turn around. There, laying on the wooden surface, was the clothed Pikachu that she had encountered earlier. It got up, still coughing, and dusted itself off. May walked over to it, and bent down so that she was face-to-face with the mouse Pokemon, who was still coughing.

“Are you okay?” she asked, reaching out to touch the clothed Pikachu. Lifting it’s head, the Pokemon spotted May, and yelped, jumping backward in fright.

“My god, you nearly scared me to death!” it shouted angrily at May. “Don’t you know it’s rude to get so close to people?!”

“I’m sorry.” May said quickly, backing away from the Pokemon. “I just wanted to make sure that you were okay, that’s all. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

The clothed Pikachu stared at May for a moment, then sighed.

“It’s quite all right, my dear, just don’t get so close to me next time. Who are you, anyway?”

“Oh, I’m May. I’m a Pokemon Trainer from the Hoenn region.”

“From the Hoon region?” The clothed Pikachu looked confused. “I’ve never heard of it.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. I’m not really too familiar with this place myself. Speaking of which, where are we?”

May stared around at the gigantic room they were in. It seemed to be fit for a giant, or maybe some kind of evil giant. The place was filled with repulsive objects; dusty jars of all shapes, filled with glutinous liquids of all colors, stood on the many rotting, wooden shelves that lined the dark, stone walls. A dust-coved cabinet filled with even dustier books stood opposite of a big, empty fireplace made of coal-black stone. May shivered.

“Well, wherever we are, I don’t like this place at all!” May said.

“Better get used to it, tiny, seeing as you’re here to stay.” Said a voice from a shadowy corner of the room. May jumped.

“Who’s there?” she shouted nervously, trying to sound brave.

Suddenly, three women stepped out of the shadows. One of the women had red, curly hair; the other had long, blue hair. In front of the other two was another girl who had long, blonde hair and green eyes. All three women wore pitch-black, pointed hats and long, black robes. Each of them wore a wicked grin. The clothed Pikachu gasped.

“Oh no! It can’t be!”

“Oh, but it is, tiny!” said the blonde-haired girl.

“What in the world is going on?” May asked.

“We’re in the witch’s manor!” the clothed Pikachu shouted in horror. “That was their greenhouse that you destroyed!”

“Witch’s manor?” May repeated, frowning.

“That’s right!” said the red-haired witch. “You destroyed our greenhouse by growing big, acting like you were the one in charge! Well, guess who’s in charge now?”

“I’m sorry!” May yelled up at the witches. “It was an accident, I swear!”

“Who cares?” said the blue-haired witch. “You destroyed our greenhouse, and you need to pay!”

“Well, why in the devil did you shrink me?” the clothed Pikachu yelled. “I didn’t have anything to do with this!”

“Yeah, but you would have seen us shrink this girl and gotten us thrown in the cellars!” The blonde-haired witch pointed out. “We can’t have a witness running around! Besides, I’ve always wanted my own ‘little’ Pikachu to play with.”

The clothed Pikachu stood silent for a moment, dumbstruck. Then, it turned red.


There was a moment of silence. Then, all three witches went red in the face. They bent down over the clothed Pikachu, wearing a look of pure anger.




Under the menacing stare of all three witches, the clothed Pikachu quickly fell silent. He then began to back away from the three witches nervously.

“I’m-I’m sorry!” It shouted quickly, still under the penetrating stare of all three witches. “I didn’t mean it, I-“

“WE’LL SHOW YOU WHO’S UGLY!” all three of them shouted in unison. The blonde haired witch quickly reached out and scooped up May and the clothed Pikachu, and threw them into the air. Both landed painfully on the floor, at the feet of the three witches. As May sat up, rubbing her aching back, she heard the clothed Pikachu scream.


Looking up, May began to scream as well. The blonde-haired witch was lifting her boot up, so that it hovered right above the two. With a jolt of horror, May realized what was coming next. It looked as though her journey, both in this strange world and as a Pokémon Coordinator, was about to come to a very messy end.

Suddenly, there was a loud BANG! that echoed off of the stone walls. Also, May noticed that she wasn't being crushed. What was going on? Turning around, May spotted a fourth witch who bore a remarkable resemblence to Misty, the Cerulean City Gym Leader. She looked angry.

"What are you three doing in here?" she shouted, glaring at all three of the witches.

"Get out of here, Misty! We're busy!" The blue-haired witch shouted. May couldn't believe her ears: This girl not only looked like Misty, but HER name was Misty too?

"Yeah, leave us alone!" The red-haired witch shouted.

"Not until I know who you've been shouting at!" Misty said stubbornly, walking into the room. Her eyes fell upon May and the clothed Pikachu. She stared angrily at all three of her sisters.

"So, you're holding innocent people captive again?" she asked angrily.

"So what if we are?" The blonde-haired witch retorted. "These little pricks deserve to suffer! They destroyed our greenhouse, Misty!"

"For the last time, I had nothing to do with that!" The clothed Pikachu shouted angrily. "It was all an accident, anyway! May didn't mean to destroy it!"

"You hear that?" Misty said, turning to her sisters. "They didn't do it intentionally, so you can't punish them for it!"

"GOOD witches." The blonde-haired witch said, sneering at Misty and bowing her head in shame. "Why were we cursed with a GOOD witch for a sister?"

"Look," Misty said stubbornly, "These two are staying with me until I finish a Spell Reversal potion and return them to normal size."

"No way!" The blue-haired witch yelled angrily.

"You can't do that!" The red-haired witch added furiously.

"Watch me." Misty said with a tone of finality in her voice. She bent down, carefully scooped up May and the clothed Pikachu, glared at her sisters for a moment, and then left.

As May sat in Misty's hands, she noticed that Misty's clothes, unlike her sister's clothes, were a very bright blue rather than black. Noticing May staring at her, Misty looked down at May, who jumped back in fright.

"It's okay," Misty said, smiling. "You heard my sisters- I'm a good witch. I won't hurt you."

"Sorry." May said, sighing. "I'm just not used to everyone and everything around me being so big!"

"Well, don't worry." Misty said. "We'll have you back to your normal size in no time!"

"Thanks a lot." May said happily.

Eventually, they reached Misty's bedroom. It was a very nice bedroom. A large, queen bed complete with sparkling white tapestries which hung on the gold bedrailings lay against the bright blue walls. Opposite of the bed was a large, marble fireplace, although currently it wasn't lit. In a small section of the room was a dollhouse, which Misty carefully placed May and the clothed Pikachu inside of.

"There you go." she said, smiling down at the two of them. "I'll start working on a Spell Reversal Potion as soon as I can. It should be ready in about 2 or 3 days, and I can use it to return you to normal size. I hope you two will be comfortable in there until then."

"Well, it's certainly....cosy." May said, staring around at the inside of the dollhouse. "Thanks a lot, by the way."

"No problem." Misty said happily. "I should probably be apologizing to both of you, actually. My sisters have done this before: they can get a little carried away sometimes."

"I'm just glad that we're finally away from those lunatics." The clothed Pikachu said exaspiratedly, jumping onto the plastic couch and curling up comfortably on it. May sat down next to it, and began petting it. As strange as it may have seen, she was really starting to like this world.

As May sat in one of the plastic seats, watching Misty stir together several ingredients inside of a white marble cauldron, she began thinking about her friends. She hadn't seen them in days, and she was starting to miss them a lot. She couldn't help but wonder what the others were doing without her. This world, although exciting in many ways, wasn't much fun without her friends. Suddenly, May noticed the clothed Pikachu staring at her.

"Is something wrong?" It asked.

May sighed. "'s just that I'm starting to miss my friends. I haven't seen them in days, and they're probably worried sick about me. I really wish I knew how to get home...."

"Well, ask Misty." The clothed Pikachu suggested. "She's a witch, and witches know a lot about ancient magic. Maybe she knows a spell that can send you back home."

"I guess it's worth a shot." May said, getting up. She walked over to a nearby window, pushed it open, stuck her head out the window, and yelled over to Misty.


Her calls were cut short as she suddenly fell out of the window, and landed hard on the wooden floor. As she struggled to get up, May heard a sickening crack, and felt a terrible pain in her leg. Misty turned around, and spotted May laying helplessly on the ground. Gasping, she quickly walked over to her.

"Are you okay?" Misty asked, picking May up and holding her in the palm of her hand.

"Yeah, but I think my leg is broken." May said, sitting up and staring nervously at her leg, which had twisted into a weird angle from the blow of the fall.

"I can fix that." Misty said, smiling. She pointed one of her fingers at May's broken leg, and suddenly, it glowed a bright blue. At that moment, the pain instantly faded away.

"Wow, that's so cool!" May said in amazement. "Thanks so much, Misty!"

"It's fine, it's the least I can do to make up for what my sisters did to you. By the way, did you want to ask me something?"

"Yeah, I did, actually. I was wondering if you-"

But May's words were cut off as, quite suddenly, the door barged open, and all three of Misty's sisters stormed into Misty's bedroom. They all looked quite upset.

"Look, Misty." The blonde-haired witch said sternly "We've been thinking and we've decided that we're not letting you take our little slaves away from us."

"Yeah, they need to pay for what they did!" The red-haired witch added angrily.

"So, are you going to hand them over?" The blue-haired witch asked. "Or do we need to take them from you by force?"

For a moment Misty stared at her sisters. Then, she spoke.

"No. I'm not going to let you torture these two. What they did to our greenhouse was an accident, and you know it. You can't punish them for that."

"Oh, really?" The blonde-haired witch said, staring angrily at Misty. "And you think you can stop us, do you?"

"It's three against one, Misty. You don't have a chance of stopping us!" The blue haired witch pointed out.

"Yeah, you can't stop us!" The red-haired witch said, laughing demoniacally.

"I don't care!" Misty said stubbornly. "I'll fight all three of you if I have to!"

"All right, if you insist!" The blonde-haired witch said, stepping forward.

"Wait!" The clothed Pikachu shouted. "There must be a better way to settle this?"

"Oh, really, tiny?" The blue haired witch said, staring down at the clothed Pikachu. "What do you suggest?"

"What about a Pokemon battle?" May suggested. Everyone stared at her.

"A Pokemon battle? What is that?" The red-haired witch asked.

"Oh, that's right. None of you have heard of Pokemon battles." May said. "They're basically just a fight in which two people battle each other using Pokemon."

"Oh! Like a duel?" The blue-haired witch asked.

"You want to fight us?" The red-haired witch asked, laughing with fiendish delight. "Do you actually think you stand a chance against us at your size?"

"No!" May shouted quickly. "Not a fight! I meant a fight between our Poke-"

"All right, it's a deal, tiny. If you can defeat all three of us, we'll let you go. But if you lose, you have to be our slaves- forever."

"You don't understand!" May shouted hysterically. "A Pokemon battle is a fight between two Pokem-"

"Save it, tiny." The blonde-haired witch said darkly. "Either you fight us, or you become our slaves."

May gulped. She didn't seem to have much of a choice. But how could she possibly defeat all three women when her Pokemon were just as small as her? May was beginning to fear that she might never see her friends again...

May sat in Misty's bedroom, nervously awaiting the moment when she would have to fight the three witches. Misty, noticing May's fear, walked over to her, picked her up, and held her in the palm of her hand.

"Don't worry." Misty said reassuringly. "I'm sure you'll win- you've got your Pokemon to help you!"

May sighed. "I just don't know how I'm supposed to beat three witches at the same time. I mean, my Pokemon are really strong, but witches are strong, too."

"Let me give you some advice." Misty said. "Evil witches are cold-blooded, meaning that they're really weak against fire. So, it would be smart to use a Fire-Type Pokemon if you have one."

"Wow, really?" May asked. "That's going to be useful..."

Misty looked at the clock on the wall. It was 2:00PM.

"It's time." Misty said. Getting up, she left the room with May, and went into a rather large room. She then set May down on the floor, in front of Misty's three sisters, all of whom were grinning wickedly.

"Ready to die, tiny?" The blonde-haired witch asked May fiendishly.

"You're the ones who are going down!" May shouted in response. All three witches laughed upon hearing May's words.

"Is everyone ready?" Misty asked. May and the witches nodded.

"Okay, begin!" Misty said.

"Go, Glaceon and Combuskin!" May shouted, releasing the two Pokemon from their Poke Balls.

"This is going to be too easy." The blonde-haired witch said, raising her foot above May.

"Glaceon, use "Shadow Ball" on that foot!" May ordered. Glaceon quickly shot a "Shadow Ball" at the blonde-haired witch's foot, causing her to lose her balance and fall, knocking the other two down as well. May quickly got out of the way.

"Now, Combuskin, use "Fire Spin" on that blonde-haired girl's face!" May ordered. Combuskin nodded, and quickly shot a "Fire Spin" into the face of the blonde-haired witch, who screamed in agony. All three witches quickly got up, the blonde-haired witch looking quite angry.

"You'll pay for that!" The blonde-haired witch yelled, pointing a finger at May and shooting a purple beam at her. May quickly dodged the beam.

"Another "Shadow Ball", Glaceon!" May ordered. Glaceon then shot another "Shadow Ball" at the blonde-haired witch, who shot another purple beam right into the "Shadow Ball". The collision of the attacks caused an explosion that knocked the blonde-haired witch out cold.

"One down, two to go!" May said, much more confident now that she had successfully knocked out one of the witches.

"You little prick!" The red-haired witch shouted. "I'll make you pay for hurting my sister!"

She began to run torwards May.

"Glaceon, use "Ice Beam" on the ground!" May ordered. Glaceon then froze the floor, causing the red-haired witch to slip and fall onto the ground.

"Combuskin, use "Fire Spin" on the red-haired girl's face!" May said. Combuskin nodded, then shot a powerful "Fire Spin" into the face of the red-haired witch, who screamed in pain, then fainted.

"Only one more left!" May said confidently.

"You're not going to beat me!" The blue haired witch yelled, running forward and shooting a purple beam at May, who quickly dodged it.

"Glaceon, use "Ice Shard"!" May said. Glaceon then shot an "Ice Shard" at the blue-haired witch, who tripped, hit the wall, and fainted. May couldn't believe it- she had won!

"Well done, May!" Misty said, walking over to May and picking her up, holding her and her Pokemon in the palm of her hand. "I knew you could do it!"

"I can't believe I won!" May said happily. "Now I can be returned to my normal size!"

"Well, the Spell Reversal potion won't be finished until tomorrow morning." Misty pointed out. "But once it's finished, and you and that Pikachu are back to your normal size, then you can leave."

"I don't think so." said a voice from behind them. Turning around, May saw that all three witches were back on their feet. All of them looked very angry.

"A deal's a deal, you three." Misty said sternly to her sisters. "May won, and I'm returning her and the Pikachu back to their normal sizes and letting them leave tomorrow."

"We don't care. Those two are going to be our slaves, Misty, and you can't stop us."

"I'm afraid not." said a voice from behind them. Everyone turned around. Standing in the doorway were two Machoke.

"Who are you?" May asked.

"We're with the local Law Enforcement agency. You three are under arrest for kidnapping." One of the Machoke said.

"You called the police?" The blonde-haired witch asked Misty in shock.

"Yes, I did. I knew you three wouldn't own up to our agreement, so I contacted the local Law Enforcement agency."

"We're your sisters!" The blue-haired witch shouted. "You can't do this!"

"Sorry, but I can't let you three get away with this." Misty said sternly.

"You'll pay for this, Misty!" All three witches yelled as the two Machoke escorted all three witches out of the room. Misty sighed.

"I wish it hadn't come to this." she said, going back into her bedroom with May and sitting down on her bed. "Still, they need to learn their lesson."

"I'm sorry, Misty. I'm sure that must have been really hard for you." May said.

"Oh, it's okay." Misty said. "They'll be out of prison in a few weeks. For now, let's focus on getting you and the Pikachu back to your normal sizes!"

"Sounds good to me!" May said happily. At long last, she was going to be returned to her normal size.

It was a bright, sunny morning as a normal-sized May and clothed Pikachu stood outside of the Witch's Castle, bidding farewell to Misty.

"It was nice meeting you, Misty." May said, shaking hands with her. "I can't thank you enough for your help!"

"Oh, it was nothing." Misty said, blushing slightly.

"Umm, May?" The clothed Pikachu said, poking her in the back. "Wasn't there something that you wanted to ask Misty?"

"Oh, yeah, that's right!" May said, her question coming back to her. "Misty, I was wondering if you had any idea how I could get back to my own world?"

Misty thought for a moment. "Well, yes, there is a way." She said, looking up. "If you visit the Queen of Hearts, she can hold a trial to decide whether or not to send you back home, and if you win, she'll return you to your world."

"They hold trials for these sort of things?" May asked, shocked. "I didn't know people have come to this world by accident before..."

"Oh, yes, people wander into Wonderland at least once a month." Misty said.

"Wonderland? So that's what this place is called..." May said. "So, how do I find the Queen of Hearts?"

"When you leave here, just keep going right, and you'll find the Queen's castle eventually." Misty said.

"Great! We should probably get going now, then." May said. (Note that May said "we" because the clothed Pikachu had decided to travel with her.)

"Goodbye, then!" Misty said, as May and the clothed Pikachu made their way away from the Witch's Castle. "Have a safe trip!"

"Hey, Pikachu?" May asked the clothed Pokemon as they turned right at a fork in the path. "I wanted to ask you something too, if that's okay."

"Go right ahead." The clothed Pikachu responded, looking a little startled.

"Back in the Witch's Castle, you said that you were a high-ranking government official, right?"

"Yes, that is correct. Why do you ask?"

"Well, if the highest form of government in this world is the Queen of Hearts, and you're a high-ranking government official, doesn't that mean that you work for her?"

"Yes, I do." The clothed Pikachu responded proudly. "I am the Queen's advisor."

"But wouldn't that mean that you already knew about those trials Misty mentioned? Why didn't you tell me about them?" May asked.

The clothed Pikachu sighed. "In all honesty, my dear girl, I was hoping we wouldn't have to resort to a trial."

"Huh? Why not?" May asked.

"Well, you see, the Queen of Hearts is a very cruel woman." The clothed Pikachu explained. "She doesn't like foreigners at all, and they hardly ever win in court. She usually just imprisons them."

"Oh, really?" May asked. She was starting to feel a little nervous. What if she didn't win? What if she was doomed to be stuck here forever?

Many hours passed as May and the clothed Pikachu made their way along the path. After a while, May was starting to get very hungry. In fact, she felt like she was smelling food nearby...wait, she was!

"Hey, do you smell something?" May asked the clothed Pikachu, who nodded.

Suddenly, the silhoutte of a castle became visible. May became very excited.

"All right, we're here!" May shouted excitedly, running torwards the castle as fast as she could. "I bet someone's cooking something good up there!"

"Hey, wait up!" The clothed Pikachu yelled, running after May. But May couldn't stop: the delicious smell of cooking food coming from the castle was just too much for her to resist. She ran as fast as she could, following the smell of cooking food, and eventually, she reached a wooden door. She opened the door, and stepped inside.

She was inside of a kitchen: a relatively small one. A delicious smell was wafting through the air. It seemed to be coming from a nearby stove, in front of which the chef(who looked oddly familiar to May) was cooking.

"Wow, it smells great in here!" May exclaimed.

Suddenly, there was a loud POP!, and May's Munchlax came bursting out of it's Poke Ball. Noticing all of the surrounding food, it instantly dived at the oven knocking over the chef and climbing onto the oven to eat the food that was cooking.

"Hey! Munchlax, stop it! Stop!" May yelled, running over and attempting to restrain the Pokemon. But she couldn't: right after it had finished eating what was cooking on the stove, it jumped over to another table, and devoured everything on it within minutes. May hadn't noticed, but the chef had recently fled the kitchen.

"Hey! What's going on here?!" Yelled a voice from behind May. Turning around, both May and Munchlax saw that the chef had returned, with two security guards(two Machamp wearing armor).

"Okay, you're coming with us!" Yelled one of the Machamp, walking torwards May. All May could do was gulp, petrified with fear.

Today was not a very good day for our hero at all. It day been a week since May was imprisoned within the Queen’s castle, and that week had been filled with horrified worrying for May. She could not help but wonder if she would ever she her friends and her brother again. Would she ever return home? Or would she be imprisoned within the Queen’s castle forever? Well, today was the day when that would all be decided. Today was the day of the trial that would decide May’s fate.

As May sat in the defendant’s stand in the courtroom, shaking slightly in her nervousness, she turned to the Machamp guard who was keeping an eye on her.

“Excuse me.” she asked. The Machamp turned to her. “Do many people ever win these trials?”

“Are you kidding?” the Machamp said, chuckling. “Nobody’s ever won in court for 16 years!”

“Thanks, that’s really calmed me down…” May said miserably, looking down at her lap.

“Don’t worry, May. You forget that I play a strong part in the ruling of these trials.” The clothed Pikachu said, from his seat next to the judge’s stand. “I promise you, I won’t let the Queen send you back into the cellars. You haven’t really done anything wrong, you know.”

“I just hope the court realizes that…” May said, sighing.

The courtroom was slowly filling up with people, or rather, people and Pokemon. Both species seemed to have equal intelligence in this world. After about 10 or 15 minutes, the courtroom was filled completely. Only the judge’s stand remained empty. A few more minutes passed. Then, suddenly, the doors opened once again, and a man stepped into the courtroom.

This man had a rather comical physical build, his head was perfectly round, with small, beady eyes and a large, white mustache protruding from a rather small, rounded nose. The man was also very short.(he pretty much looked exactly like the guy from the Monopoly board games, except without the top hat and different clothes). He wore long, black robes. Judging by his appearance, this man was undoubtedly the judge. He took his seat in the judge’s stand, coughed, and banged his hammer once for silence.

“All rise!” said a nearby guard. Everyone stood up.

“Thank you. You may be seated.” The judge said. Everyone sat back down. May was a little confused.

“Pardon me,” May said to the judge. He turned to May, a look of slight offense on his face. “Isn’t the Queen supposed to be here before the trial can start?”

“Dear girl, the Queen is far too important and too busy to attend to these trials herself. The Queen’s advisor(he nodded at the clothed Pikachu) is a representative for the Queen. Now please, do not speak unless you are granted permission to do so.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know..” May said, leaning back in her seat. The judge turned back to the stands.

“This girl, May, is on trial for trespassing and causing a disturbance in the Queen’s kitchen. Now, would the first witness kindly come up to the stand?”

At that moment, the chef from the kitchen stood up, went over to the witness stand, and took a seat.

“Sir, would you please explain what happened?” The judge asked.

“Well,” the man began, “I was cooking as usual, when suddenly I heard a noise behind me, and I saw this girl’s Munchlax attack me and eat all of the food that I had prepared!”

Everyone gasped. The judge stared at May, a horrified glint in his tiny eyes.

“YOUR Munchlax? So it was your servant, your personal slave?! My God, forcing a Pokemon to be a slave to a human is even more horrendous than the crime that you are being trialed for!”

“Hey, hang on!” May said. “Munchlax isn’t my slave, it’s my friend!”

“I remember seeing her trapping the poor thing in a weird red and white ball…” the chef said.

“Outragous!” The judge said. “You hold your so-called ‘friend’ prisoner in some wicked electronic ball?!”

“I’m not holding Munchlax prisoner, that’s stupid!” May said. “Sometimes he even comes out of the Poke Ball on his own!”

“Your excuses will not sway my decision, you foolish girl. I know you are not from this world, but the things you have done are inexcusible!”

“YOU PEOPLE AREN’T BEING FAIR AT ALL!” May shouted angrily. Then quite suddenly, she began to grow, and her rage quickly turned into horror.

“Oh, no! Not here! Not now!” she said desperately, staring at her constantly growing form in horror.

“What are you doing, you foolish girl? You have no right to grow in this courtroom! Where are your manners?”

“I can’t help it!” May shouted desperately.

“We cannot have a constantly growing girl in this world, your honor.” The clothed Pikachu pointed out.

The judge stared at May, then at the clothed Pikachu, then at May again. He didn’t know what to do!

“Oh, very well!” he shouted, giving in at last. “I hereby return you to your world. Now be gone!”

Then, the judge slammed his hammer, and everything around May went black.

As everything came back to May, she noticed that her surroundings were different. She kept her eyes shut. She felt as though she was laying in a sleeping bag. The air around her was soft and cool, comforting. May then opened her eyes. She was outside, and she was in a sleeping bag. She sat up, and looked around. There they were- Ash, Brock, and Max, all sleeping peacefully in their sleeping bags. May couldn’t believe it- she was home! But then, something else came to her mind.

“…Was it all just a dream?” she asked herself. There was only one way to find out.

After about 30 to 45 minutes of walking, May came across exactly what she was looking for- the cave where she had first entered that other strange world. She went inside, and followed the path that she had taken before. But she didn’t see a crystal hallway, with doors of all sizes and a huge fountain.

“So it was all just a dream…” May said sadly.

She was happy to be out of that wacky world, but she had had some fun there. And none of it was real…and that meant that the clothed Pikachu, one of her few friends in that world, wasn’t real either.

May stood in the cave in silence for a while. Eventually, sunlight began filling the cave. After about an hour or so, she heard her friends calling her name.

“May? Where are you? May!”

May sighed. She turned to leave the cave. Then, she heard something…an echo coming from inside the cave.

“I won’t forget you, May.”

May turned around. At the back of the cave was a figure, covered by shadow. May recognized the figure instantly. She then smiled.

“I won’t forget you either, old friend.” She said softly. She then turned around, and left the cave. She didn’t know how she had entered that strange world, but she knew two things…that it was real, and that she would return there again…some day.