Mirror Mayhem



It was a beautiful Saturday evening. Ash and Dawn strolled through the uncharted woods, both sweating heavily. Dawn sat down on a nearby boulder, breathing heavily. She looked up at Ash.

"Are you sure this is the right route?" she asked exaspiratedly, pulling off her right boot and emptying it of sand.

"Yeah, I think so." Ash said, reconsulting a map of the Sinnoh region. " It's just really long, that's all."

"Well, let's take a break." Dawn sighed, rubbing her sore foot. " I don't think I can handle any more walking for a while."

"I guess we could do that," Ash said, sitting down next to Dawn.

They sat there for a few minutes, taking some time to rest their legs and take a refreshing drink from their water bottles. Suddenly, the ground shuddered, and Dawn almost fell off of the boulder that she was sitting on. Looking up, Ash saw a red flash of light from inside of a nearby cave.

"What was that?" Dawn asked, staring curiously at the cave where the red flash of light had occured.

"I don't know. C'mon!"

Ash jumped up, and ran towards the cave.

"Hey, wait up!" Dawn called after him. Quickly pulling on her right boot and forgetting to strap it, she jumped up and chased after Ash, but her right boot flew off of her foot as she ran, landing in the depths of the woods.

While Dawn searched for her other boot, Ash, who had not realized that Dawn was no longer following him, entered the cave and scanned it for the source of the disturbance. Suddenly he spotted something so strange that he could not believe his eyes. There was a strange, slightly red translucent "spot" in the middle of the cave. It was very big, and there were strange, red, glowing "cracks" in the spot. Ash was astonished at the sight of the strange, window-like spot floating in midair. He began to walk towards it, and as he was inches away from the strange spot, he suddenly tripped and fell headfirst through it, landing on the floor. Looking up, Ash's jaw dropped. He was still in the cave, except it had expanded to incredible size. All of his surroundings were, much, much bigger. Then Ash realized that it wasn't that the cave had gotten bigger, it was that he had gotten smaller. By comparision, he had to have been at least a centimeter big. Suddenly, behind him, someone spoke.

"Ash?" said a voice behind him. Ash turned around, and his heart skipped a beat.

At the entrance to the cave stood Dawn, except she, like the rest of Ash's surroundings, was huge. Also, there was something very strange about this Dawn. Her hair and eyes were blonde, and she was wearing a light blue skirt and boots, which were the same color as the Poke Ball symbol on her hat. Also, her scarf was blue. It was Dawn, but it wasn't the Dawn Ash knew...it couldn't be. And, suddenly, it dawned on Ash...he wasn't in his world anymore.

"Hello?" The other Dawn called into the cave. She began to step foward. Ash panicked

"Uh...DAWN!" Ash yelled up at the other Dawn, unable to think of anything else to call her. "DOWN HERE!"

However, the blonde-haired Dawn was oblivious to Ash's screams. She stepped foward, and the soles of her huge boots hovered right above the tiny Ash, who, in desperation, screamed as loudly as he possibly could.


This last scream drawed the blonde-haired Dawn's attention to the tiny Ash just in time for her to avoid stepping on him. She looked down at Ash in amazement.

"Ash?" She exclaimed in shock. "How-how did you get so small?"

"Um," Ash began hesitantly, "Well, actually, I'm, uh, not Ash. Well, I am- just not the Ash you know. I'm from another universe."

"Are you serious?" The blonde-haired Dawn asked in astonishment.

She noticed the strange weak spot through which Ash had come, and giggled a little.

"So, nobody else knows you're here?" she asked, still giggling.

"I don't think so."

Giggling harder than ever, Dawn bent down and picked up Ash.

"Well, in that case," she said, slipping off her left boot, "I think I'll hang on to you for a while!"

"Wait-what?" Ash said in shock. "But-I've got to get home!"

"Oh, you're not going anywhere," the blonde-haired Dawn said, smiling cruelly at him.

Suddenly, she turned her hand over, and Ash fell into her boot. The smell was horrible. Dawn stared down at Ash, giggling evilly.

"Hey!" Ash yelled up angrily at the other Dawn. "Let me out of here!"

"No," The other Dawn said, giggling very hard now. "I can't pass up an opportunity like this! You're going to be my pet, Ash!"

"What!? That's insane! You can't do that!"

At this point Dawn burst into uncontrollable giggles.

"I can, and I will!" she exclaimed delightedly, and, to Ash's horror, she began to put on the boot in which he was trapped.

"Hey, stop it!" He yelled in fright. "I'm in here!"

"I know. It's the best place to keep you. Nobody will be able to see or hear you, and you can't possibly escape!"

Her toes were now inches away from Ash, who nervously backed into a corner of the boot. Suddenly, Dawn's foot completely entered the boot, covering Ash, and everything went black.

Back in Ash's world, the usual blue-haired Dawn, after retrieving and putting her right boot back on, had finally reached the cave that Ash had entered. Upon entering the cave she stopped, breathing heavily from running so quickly.

"You could at least wait for me next time!" she breathed irritably, and, looking up, she noticed that Ash had vanished. She stared around the dark cave in search of her friend.

"Ash?" she called into the cave, but nobody answered.

Then, suddenly, she spotted the strange, red-tinted "spot" floating in the middle of cave. She walked up to it, hardly believing what she was looking at.

"Is-is that a wormhole?" she stuttered in amazement. "But...that must mean-"

And then it hit her. She had a feeling she knew where Ash had gone to. And she knew what she had to do, even though she didn't know for sure that she would be able to make it back to her own world...but if she was right, Ash was in terrible danger, and she had to save him. So, taking a deep breath, Dawn stepped through the weak spot, and disappeared from the cave, and everything was silent.


Ash suddenly woke up with a start. He opened his eyes, and suddenly noticed a horrible yet familiar smell. He was no longer in the evil Dawn's boot, but instead tucked in between her toes. Looking around, Ash spotted the strange, translucent, slightly red "spot" through which he had come into this nightmarish world. He stared at it, thinking... ..if he could pull himself out from in between the evil Dawn's toes, he might be able to-

"Don't even think about it," said a familiar voice, which shattered Ash's thoughts. Reluctantly he turned his eyes upon the evil Dawn, who, as Ash had expected, was staring at him, wearing that evil smile once again.

"In case you're wondering, your doppelganger and I decided to camp out here for tonight. I told him I wanted to sleep in private, so I've got this whole cave all to myself. I'm not really too tired, though...why don't you and I talk for a little while?"

Ash was furious.

"Okay," he said angrily, "why don't we talk about why you're trying to torture me so much?"

Dawn giggled.

"I'm not TRYING to torture you, Ash," she said cheerfully, "I'm just playing with you. After all, you are my pet."

"I'm not a pet!" Ash yelled furiously "I'm a person, and I'll get out of here eventually! You can't keep me here!"

"How cute!" Dawn said, giggling fiendishly once more.

"What's cute?"

"You actually think you'll be able to escape from me? That wormhole won't stay open forever...as a matter of fact, I'd say it'll close in about 10 minutes or so...face it, you're never getting out of here!"

"PIPLUP! BUBBLEBEAM!" shouted a familiar voice from below Ash. Suddenly, a jet of bubbles shot into the evil Dawn's left eye, which she clapped her hands over, yelling in pain. Ash took advantage of the oppurtunity, and, forcing himself out from in between the evil Dawn's toes, jumped down, landing on the ground hard and almost breaking his right leg.

"You okay?" said another voice, a much more friendly one. Looking up, Ash saw, Dawn, the Dawn he knew, and her Piplup. Oddly enough, she had also shrunken to Ash's height, and she was holding out her hand, looking worried.

"Yeah," Ash said, taking Dawn's hand and pulling himself up. "How did you find me?"

"I think we should wait until we get out of here before we discuss that. Now, c'mon!"

The two sprinted for the wormhole as fast as they could. Meanwhile, the evil Dawn got up, cursing.

"GET BACK HERE!" she yelled furiously, and, quickly forcing on her sky-blue boots, she began to run after the two.

As Ash and the good Dawn ran as fast as they could towards the wormhole, they looked back and saw, to their horrer, that the evil Dawn was now very close behind them, the soles of her gigantic boots coming closer and closer. In desperation they dived for the wormhole, and suddenly found themselves back in their own world, completely normal-sized, and breathing deeply.

"Wow, that was close." Ash said, getting up. "Hey, the wormhole made us grow to normal size again!"

He looked at Dawn, and, upon seeing the look of horror on her face, realized what she was thinking, and both dived out of the way as a gigantic evil Dawn bolted out of the wormhole, obliterating the entire cave and stopping suddenly in the middle of the woods, noticing the oddly small surroundings. As the evil Dawn became aware of her gigantic form, her fiendish smile replaced her look of outrage. She turned to Ash and Dawn, who backed into the depths of the woods.

"If I can't keep you as my pet, Ash, I guess I'll just crush you!"

She raised her boots above the two, who ran for their lives. Meanwhile, back in the other universe, the other Ash had heard the commotion and ran into the cave.

"Hey, Dawn, are you okay?" he said, walking into the cave.

Noticing that Dawn didn't respond, the other Ash looked up, and spotted the mayhem the evil Dawn was causing. He walked up to the portal, staring through it at the havoc that was taking place. He began to enter it. On the other side of the wormhole, Ash(the good one)'s Pikachu spotted the other Ash, and shocked the portal in panic. The other Ash was flung out of the portal at once, landing on the floor, and, oddly enough, shrunken down to a centimeter big.

Meanwhile, Ash and Dawn continued to flee from the Giant(evil) Dawn, who was constantly attempting to stomp both Ash and Dawn.

"YOU CAN'T RUN FOREVER!" she yelled, searching for her doppelganger and Ash, who continued to flee from the evil Dawn's wrath.

Suddenly, Ash and Dawn stopped abruptly at a large boulder that blocked the path ahead. Turning around to go a different direction, they found two gigantic light blue boots blocking their way. They were trapped. The evil Dawn's furious face melted away, replaced once more with that cold, dark smile, fiendishly delighted at her success in trapping our heroes.

"So long!" she said, giggling once again and raising the soles of her gigantic boots above the two. In desperation(or rather instinct) Dawn's Piplup used BubbleBeam and blinded the giantess again as the bubbles hit her right eye. As she attempted to stomp our heroes once more, the soles of her gigantic boots fell upon the rubble, and she fell. Ash and Dawn panicked as the evil Dawn fell, and, the good Dawn scooping up her Piplup, she and Ash dived out of the way. As the evil Dawn hit the ground her head intersected with the portal, there was a flash of light, and both the evil Dawn and the portal into her world vanished.

As the pair stared at the area where the evil Dawn had vanished, still in complete shock at the events of the day, Ash spotted his Pikachu running out of the rubble from the destroyed cave, straight toward Ash.


The two hugged for a moment, then Ash turned to Dawn.

"So, weren't you going to explain what just happened to me?"

Dawn didn't respond. She continued to stare at the area where her evil counterpart had vanished. Ash became slightly irritated.

"Dawn? DAWN!"

"Huh? OH! Oh, right, I'm sorry. What did you say again?"

"You said you were going to explain how this happened. In the mirror universe, when we were escaping, you remember?"

"Oh, right. I'm sorry, Ash, it's just so weird to see another me..."

Ash sighed. He put his hand on Dawn's shoulder.

"Dawn, that girl wasn't you. She was the most horrible woman I've ever known..no offense," he said quickly, spotting the offended look on Dawn's face. "If anything, she was an evil version of you, and you're not evil at all."

"Thanks, Ash."

"Sure. So, can you explain what just happened now?"

Dawn hesitated. "Well, it's a long story...see, once every hundred years or so, a rare star alignment occurs in this galaxy. Since that world you were trapped in was identical to this one, the star alignment occured there too, and at the same time. The star alignment causes weak spots on the surface of the planet, and apparently one of the weak spots on the mirror universe formed at the exact same spot as another weak spot in our world, and it formed a wormhole between the two worlds. It only stays there until the star alignment breaks, though."

"But why did the wormhole make me shrink?" Ash asked her.

"The gravitational density of the wormhole compressed your molecules when you went through it. It expanded my evil self's molecules when she entered our world because the side of the wormhole in our world has the exact opposite amount of gravitational denisity as the side in the mirror universe."

"Wow..." Ash said in shock. "Wait- how do you know about all of this?"

"I read about a similar incident a few hundred years ago."

"Well, we'd better get going." Ash said, dusting himself off. "I don't want to stick around in case she left behind any giant Pokemon."

Dawn giggled, which was much cuter than the evil Dawn's giggles.

"I agree. It's a bit dangerous around here anyway."

As the two set off, the evil Dawn, who was once again normal-sized, got up after being flung out of the portal. As she began to walk foward, she noticed a faint voice calling her name.

"Dawn! Down here!"

Looking down, Dawn saw the shrunken other Ash, and her evil smile lit her face once more.