Misty the Biggest Mermaid

(Cubed Cinder)

Misty sat comfortably at the video phone in her bedroom, smiling back at Ash after hearing him talk about coming back from the Pokémon School in Alola.
“Heh, that sounds amazing, Ash! But I’m glad you’re back in Kanto. Where will you be going next?” Misty asked.
“Oh, I’m gonna travel all over the world! I want to see how every region has changed since I last visited! I bet there’s more new Pokémon than ever in those regions!” Ash said.
“Haha! That’s true. My aquarium is getting big too.” Misty said.
“Awesome! What Pokémon have you added?” Ash asked.
“Why don’t you come visit and see for yourself?” Misty asked.
“Pika pika!” Pikachu said as it jumped onto Ash’s lap suddenly.
“Hahaha! Pikachu thinks that’s a great idea! Since Cerulean City is not far from where I live… heck, I could even borrow one of Professor Oak’s flying Pokémon!” Ash said.
“It’s a date then!” Misty said. She suddenly blushed and covered her mouth.
“Huh? Is something wrong, Misty?” Ash asked.
“Er… um… it’s nothing. I mean, I’m looking forward to having you visit.” Misty said. Ash smiled.

Just then, Misty heard a beep and saw something flash on her screen.
“Oops! Hold on, someone’s on the other line.” Misty said as she tapped the screen. Ash was put in a smaller window and the majority of the screen now showed what looked like a delivery person standing in the lobby of the gym, and he was holding a box that could easily fit in his hands.
“Hi! Can I help you?” Misty said.
“I have a package delivery for Misty.” the man said.
“Ah, yes! That’s me! I’ll be right out.” Misty said. She tapped the screen again and put Ash back on full view.
“Hey, Ash. I gotta go and… well… check on all those Pokémon in the aquarium.” Misty said.
“Ah, okay. In the meantime, I’ll be there in a few hours. Looking forward to seeing you again!” Ash said.
“Me too. Bye, Ash!” Misty said as she hung up. She then got up from her chair and headed out of her bedroom.

Misty finally arrived at the front desk and approached the delivery person.
“Misty at your service, sir!” Misty said.
“Ah… hello, Misty. Here is your order from the Galar region.” the man said.
“Thank you!” Misty said with a smile on her face.
“You’re welcome! Have a nice day.” the man said before he turned around and left. Misty watched the man leave and then she opened up her package. Inside was what she had been eagerly anticipating… a Dynamax Band.
“Yes! I have my own Dynamax Band now! I can’t wait to make one of my water Pokémon big and powerful with this thing.” Misty said. She turned around and ran into her aquarium, where various water Pokémon of all shapes and sizes were swimming around. After pulling out the nearby ladder to let her up to the top of the aquarium, Misty called out the Pokémon she had in mind.
“Horsea! Up here, Horsea!” Misty said as she clapped her hands together. Like an obedient pet, Horsea raced to the top of the water, allowing Misty to pick it up.
“Hey, Horsea! How’d you like to be as big, maybe even bigger, than a Wailord?” Misty asked.
“Horsea!” Horsea said.
“Haha! I figured you’d like that! Come on, let’s go!” Misty said as she climbed down the ladder with Horsea firmly pressed against her chest. Misty’s signature yellow shirt was getting wet from Horsea dripping with water, but when has that ever stopped her?

Over the next 10-15 minutes, Misty was out back behind the Cerulean City Gym, filling up an inflatable pool full of water. Once it was full, Misty picked up Horsea (who was getting hydrated the whole time with the help of Staryu and Starmie) and tossed it into the pool.
“There you go, Horsea! Although… that pool is gonna be too small real quick if this works.” Misty said as she snapped on her Dynamax Band, watching as it quickly lit up with energy.
“Oh! That was quick. I thought I had to do some training and battling and stuck like that to build up its energy.” Misty said. She didn’t doubt the capabilities of the band a second more as she picked up the Poké Ball that Horsea belonged in.
“Alright, Horsea! Let’s go Dynamax!” Misty shouted as she called Horsea into its Poké Ball. Then the band shot its energy onto the ball, instantly enlarging it and giving it a bright red glow. Misty hurled the ball several yards away from where she stood, and when the ball opened back up upon landing, she had to briefly shield her eyes from the bright light. Misty finally opened them up again, and before her was a greatly enlarged Horsea.
“HORSEA!” Horsea shouted, its voice naturally louder thanks to the increased size.
“Oh my… Horsea! Look how big you’ve grown! Do you like it?” Misty said. Horsea hopped up and down on its tail, causing the ground to lightly shake.
“Whoa… I bet you do!” Misty said.

However, the growing was not done with just yet, as unknown to Misty, she was in fact wearing a defective Dynamax Band… one that had an added effect not intended for trainers like Misty to be a part of. Misty then heard static electricity sparking nearby, and she looked down to see it was coming from her Dynamax Band.
“Huh? What’s going… OW!” Misty said as she tried to reach down and touch the band, but got a bit of a shock in the process. At the same time, the band was unleashing its energy again… this time spreading around Misty.
“What… what’s happening? Oooooh… I feel so strange…” Misty said as she felt energy coursing through her body while the Dynamax Band continued doing its thing. Soon, Misty found herself encased in a red energy field, and Horsea watched as its trainer grew and grew and grew.
“Horsea…” Horsea said, watching as Misty grew bigger.

Finally, the energy dissipated and Misty could feel her sense of movement return.
“That was weird. I’m pretty sure I don’t recall seeing Dynamax Bands do…” Misty said as she, after brushing her clothes, felt the need to look down. The ground was a long way down now.
“...that?” Misty finally finished. What made her gasp, finally, was when she looked behind her. She was now twice the height of the once mighty Cerulean City Gym, putting her at approximately 170-180 feet tall.
“I… I’m huge!” Misty said.
“Horsea! Horsea! Horsea!” Horsea said as it happily jumped into Misty’s arms.
“Heh heh… I’m glad you like it, Horsea, but this was definitely not part of the plan!” Misty said. She then looked beyond the gym at the rest of Cerulean City, seeing people stop what they were doing and looking up at the giantess.
“Wow… Cerulean City sure does look small from up here, all of a sudden.” Misty said. And that got her thinking… she didn’t want to stand still until the Dynamax power ran out (she was assuming the power didn’t last forever). She might as well make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime chance. But first, there was the matter of Horsea. She gently set the enlarged Pokémon down on the ground next to the gym.
“Horsea, why don’t you stay here where it’s safe, and so you don’t accidentally hurt anyone?” Misty said as she showed off Horsea’s Poké Ball.
“Horsea!” Horsea happily shouted.
“Good! Then return, Horsea!” Misty said as she called the Pokémon back. Misty then looked in the distance and took a deep breath.
“Well, here we go.” Misty said as she stepped around the gym and approached the main grounds of the city.

Unsurprisingly to the giantess, some people ran for whatever hills they could think of, especially those who were precariously close to her sneakers. Others looked up in awe seeing Misty so gigantic.
“Heh… too bad my sisters are still traveling the world. I’d like to see them call me a runt now!” Misty said. In thinking about her sisters, however, it caused a lapse in concentration for the giant Misty, and she clipped the roof off a small house with one of her shoes. She gasped seeing the roof lay on the ground, and the family inside all screamed their heads off.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to! Ummmm…” Misty said. She kneeled down and picked up the roof, placing it back on the house and watching it wobble around.
“I guess that will have to do until they can repair it for real.” Misty said as she stood back to her full height, “Still, I gotta be careful. I don’t want to end up like those old movies where Pokémon grew big due to radiation poisoning and became power mad city destroyers.”

Misty then saw something else happen that wasn’t unexpected. A small platoon of police cars and bikes came rolling up to her shoes. She watched as Officer Jenny stepped out from one of the vehicles.
“Misty!” Jenny shouted.
“Hi, Officer Jenny! Um… how’s the view?” Misty said.
“Misty, this is no time…” Jenny said.
“I know, I know. No time for jokes. I’m really sorry. It’s this new Dynamax Band I ordered. It for some reason made me grow after it made one of my Horsea big!” Misty said.
“Dynamax Band?” Jenny asked.
“It’s that new thing in the Galar region that makes Pokémon gigantic for a limited time. Haven’t you heard?” Misty asked.
“No, I’m afraid I haven’t. It’s hard for me to keep up with new stuff at my old age.” Jenny said.
“Heh… at least you look very good for your age! Haha… haha…” Misty said, only to see that Jenny wasn’t laughing at all.
“I’m sorry.” Misty said.
“No, no. It’s okay. And I’m not going to ask you to leave either. I trust you’ll be very careful until you return to normal.” Jenny said.
“Of course, Officer Jenny. Heck, you should be lucky it wasn’t my sisters that grew! They’d have a field day with being big.” Misty said.
“True.” Jenny said.

Misty then stood back up and casually walked around her home city, once again admiring the view. She did get a little bit playful by pretending to chase a group of people running away from her sneakers.
“Haha! Run, you little people before I squash you!” Misty said. She then snapped her fingers as she got an idea to cheer up most of the little people, especially the children.
“Horsea, come out!” Misty said as she pulled a Poké Ball from her waist and threw it upward. It opened, and out came the Horsea that she had Dynamaxed earlier. Naturally, the Pokémon was enlarged just like Misty was.
“Horsea, use Bubble in the air!” Misty said.
“Horsea!” Horsea said as it did just that, shooting a stream of bubbles into the air. As Misty expected, gravity took a toll on the bubbles and they popped in the air, but thanks to their size, they sent enough water downward to make people think it was raining. It rained and rained as the bubbles kept coming out and popping, and some people were running for cover while others, especially children, were running around in happiness, jumping into puddles, etc.
“Neat trick, huh?” Misty said, happy to see some people having a good time.
Then Misty turned around and looked out in the distance at the lighthouse, which was a signature part of Route 25 just north of the city.
“Officer Jenny, could you do me a favor? If a young boy named Ash Ketchum shows up, could you let me know and ask him to wait in my gym?” Misty asked.
“Okay, Misty! Where will you be?” Jenny asked.
“At the lighthouse, seeing how small it is compared to me… and maybe having a swim in the ocean.” Misty said, calling back Horsea into its Poké Ball. Jenny nodded, and she, like the rest of the astonished people in the city, watched as the giantess carefully stepped away to the north.

Misty eventually made it to Bill’s Seaside Lab (though he didn’t seem to be home as he didn’t come running out to see the giantess) and, as she mentioned earlier, the lighthouse. As Misty expected, she was a good bit taller than the structure itself, at least twice its height. Misty playfully touched the lighthouse with her hands.
“Hmmm… you sure are tiny for a lighthouse.” Misty said. Before she could comment any further, however, Misty then heard a beeping sound from her wrist. It was coming from her Dynamax Band, which was flashing a message on screen.
“Huh? Gigantamax mode activating? What is giganta… OH!” Misty said as she watched the energy suddenly come out and swirl around herself. MIsty watched as her appearance changed piece by piece.
“What… what’s going on!?” Misty shouted, watching as her yellow shirt changed to a pink bikini top. Then her hair grew significantly longer, stretching halfway down her backside. It magically became decorated with beads. Finally came the most radical change, one that made her briefly shout out in pain as she transformed.
“Ahhhhh!” Misty shouted as her legs suddenly became a mermaid’s tail. The sudden change caused Misty to stumble backwards, crashing on her behind near the seaside lab.

“Ow…” Misty said as she rubbed her behind. Then she took notice of herself and her surroundings. First and foremost, she was still gigantic, but now she looked like the very mermaid she played as in a few shows at the gym back in the day.
“I… I’m my mermaid self? But surely this is just my costume…” Misty said as she tried tugging on the tail trying to take it off, only to wince in pain every time she did so.
“Ow! It’s… it’s real?” Misty said. Then she started sweating considerably.
“So hot… must get in… water…” Misty said as she shuffled her way to the cliff’s edge where the lighthouse was. It wasn’t the most graceful, but the giant Misty nonetheless dove into the water, naturally leaving behind a big splash.

Misty opened her eyes after splashing into the water. Right out of the gate she was surrounded by dozens of water Pokémon, most of which were shocked to see such a big ‘creature’ before their eyes in the form of the enlarged Mermaid Misty. Speaking of Misty, she discovered something else astonishing when she inadvertently tried to breathe in. She expected to be gasping for air by now, but instead…
“I… I can breathe underwater?” Misty said, her words causing bubbles to shoot out of her mouth. Misty looked around a number of times. Her ability to breathe underwater suddenly gave her the time to appreciate her surroundings, especially of the many water Pokémon that were curious about her. That’s when Misty looked at these Pokémon.
“Don’t be afraid. I love all water Pokémon.” Misty said as she gently touched many of the water Pokémon, namely larger ones like Gyarados and Wailord. Some of the Pokémon could immediately sense the good vibes coming from the giantess, and they swam around her, causing her to giggle.
Misty would swim around for the next couple minutes at various depth levels of the ocean. From the sandy bottoms that were littered with Sheldon, Cloyster, Krabby, and others to near the surface watching as Pokémon like Magikarp and Dratini would splash up and down. Even a couple Lapras would swim by and Misty made sure to pat them on the backs.
“Maybe I could give you Lapras rides on my back for a change.” Misty said with a beaming smile.

Just then, Misty heard her Dynamax Band beep again, which startled some of the Pokémon away. She looked at the mini screen once more.
“Uh oh… low energy? Shut down to begin recharging. I guess I better get back to the cliffside.” Misty said as she swam towards the surface. Then she pressed a few buttons on her band. That’s when the transformation occured once more. On top of reverting back to her normal human state (complete with shorter hair), Misty also watched her surroundings get bigger, which told her she was shrinking back to her normal size. As she did so, she clutched onto the rocky stairway that would lead to the top of the cliffside.
“Whew… good thing Bill and his band of Clefairy constructed this stairway to get back up top.” Misty said.
“Misty! Where are you?” a female voice shouted. Misty looked up and saw Officer Jenny walking around topside.
“Down here! I’m coming up!” Misty shouted as she ran up the stairway, making it up in just under a minute.
“Oh? You’re back to normal?” Jenny asked.
“Yeah, for now. I had to shut off the Dynamax Band due to it being low on energy.” Misty said.
“I see. Well, anyway, Ash arrived a couple minutes ago. He’s waiting at your gym like you asked.” Jenny said.
“Oh! Thank you, Officer Jenny.” Misty said.
“You’re probably going to want a lift, I take it?” Jenny asked.
“Yeah, that would be nice.” Misty said as she hopped into the passenger side of Jenny’s motorbike. As the officer revved up her bike and drove down Route 25, Misty was already smiling with glee thinking about Ash.
“Oh man… I can’t wait to show Ash this power.” Misty said, anxious to get back to her gym as she thought about how Ash would react to seeing her as the biggest mermaid.

Meanwhile, at one of Team Rocket’s many secret bases in Kanto (underneath Mt. Moon, to be exact), Jessie was walking down the hall all by herself for a change. James and Meowth were asked to do a mission without Jessie’s assistance, and this seemed to rub Jessie the wrong way.
“Ugh… why didn’t they want me to go with James and Meowth? What kind of mission could it possibly be? Maybe we should’ve stayed with Bewear.” Jessie said.
Before she could complain any further, however, she watched as a group of scientists went running past her. She grabbed one of them by the shoulder.
“Whoa there, geeky! What’s the hurry?” Jessie asked.
“We’re checking to make sure there wasn’t a security breach. Some girl in nearby Cerulean might be using one of the Dynamax Bands to grow big and transform.” the scientist said.
“Huh? What are you talking about!?” Jessie shouted.
“Sigh… you must be new here. Here, watch for yourself.” the scientist said as he pulled out a smartphone-looking device and handed it to Jessie before running away. Jessie looked at the screen and watched the news report replaying footage of the giant Misty stepping around Cerulean City.
“Once again, repeating our top story, the young girl named Misty, who is the gym leader of Cerulean City, was mysteriously transformed into a giantess and stepping around her own city. There are only reports of minor damage, thankfully, and her last known sighting, as you can see here, was on Route 25 where bizarrely she transformed into a mermaid and dove into the ocean…” the news lady said.
Jessie naturally raised her eyebrows upon watching this footage.
“The twerpette going fee fi fo fum in the city… using equipment from this base!? Oooooooh… nobody’s gonna upstage me like that! I have to get one of those bands!” Jessie said as she ran down the hall.

After a few minutes of running around and then tricking a few scientists into revealing the location of these Dynamax Bands. She got inside the lab very easily.
“Heh… where’s the security in this place? They probably spent all their money… fixing the devices… that James and I… blew up. Eh, whatever.” Jessie said as she shook her head. She picked up one of the bands and started to mess around with it. As she did, however, she thought of something.
“Wait… why go waltzing around in this outfit when I’m big? I should wear something… sexy.” Jessie said as she snapped her fingers and ran out of the lab with the band in hand.
A couple minutes later, Jessie made it all the way to the dressing room. She would change out of her traditional Team Rocket outfit… and now into her two piece dark blue bikini. Jessie playfully jiggled her big breasts.
“Hmmm… it’ll be fun seeing how big these things are compared to a building or two… and to that twerpette!” Jessie said.

Suddenly, she watched as a few lower ranking Team Rocket members came bursting into the dressing room, along with a couple male scientists who spoke out.
“Stop, young lady! That band you’re holding is still in development!” he said.
“You don’t know what it’s capable of!” the other scientist said.
“Oh no? Just watch me! Besides, consider me your volunteer to test this device.” Jessie said as she slapped the band on her wrist. Without having to press anything, the band activated itself to Jessie’s surprise, and she found herself glowing with red energy.
“Ooooooh… it’s working!” Jessie said as she felt the energy seep into her body. The young woman, along with everything she wore, slowly grew bigger and bigger and bigger. The grunts and scientists looked up in fear watching Jessie enlarge before their eyes, and they knew they, and for that matter the secret hideout, were in trouble as they watched Jessie press her hands against the ceiling.
“Abandon lab!” the grunt shouted as he and the others ran away, just as Jessie’s head was touching the ceiling that already was crumbling apart. Even as she grew through the many floors that made up the lab, Jessie noted how slow the growth effect from the band was.
“Ugh… Do I really have to grow this slow? Maybe it’s for protection or some other scientific geeky reason. No matter, soon I’ll be the marvelous and magnificent giantess that is Queen Jessie! Hahaha!” Jessie said, smiling as she continued to grow through floor after floor.

Meanwhile, all the way back at the Cerulean City Gym, Ash was waiting patiently in the lobby for Misty to show up.
“Gee, Pikachu, I wonder where Misty ran off to?” Ash asked. Before he and Pikachu could wonder any further, they suddenly saw Misty come running through the doors.
“There you are, Misty. We were just thinking about…” Ash said, only to be interrupted as Misty gave him a quick hug.
“Ash, you have GOT to see this awesome new trick I can do!” Misty shouted.
“Er… okay?” Ash asked.
“Well, not here. The gym doesn’t have enough room. Come on, let’s get to Route 25!” Misty said.
“Route 25? Isn’t that where Bill’s lab and the lighthouse…” Ash said.
“Yes, yes! Now come on!” Misty shouted as she pulled Ash by his arm.
“Whoa! Okay, okay!” Ash said. However, Misty put on the brakes in her run for the front door when she realized something important.
“Oh, wait! Stupid me! You’re gonna need a way to breathe underwater!” Misty said.
“Huh? Breathe under… ack! Don’t pull so hard!” Ash said as he got dragged the other way.
“Pika pi…” Pikachu said as it looked on in confusion before following suit.

A short while later, Ash and Misty were making their way to the cliffside on Route 25 where the lighthouse sat. Both Ash and Misty still had their regular attire on, but Ash was now wearing a diver’s helmet on his head, complete with oxygen tanks attached to the side. Pikachu also had one of those devices in its mouth that allows it to talk and breathe in an underwater environment.
“Hey, Misty, what are we doing here? I thought you said you had a trick to show me that was too big for the gym?” Ash asked. Misty then held both of Ash’s hands.
“I do. Listen, Ash, no matter what happens… don’t panic. Okay?” Misty said.
“Okay…” Ash said, wondering what Misty meant by that. Before he could wonder anymore, he then watched as Misty smiled and then ran to the precipice of the cliff, leaping right off. Ash gasped and ran to that very edge.
“MISTY!!!” Ash shouted. On the way down, Misty made sure to activate her Dynamax Band before making a perfect dive into the water.

Ash collapsed onto his knees, not believing what he just saw.
“Oh my… was that… was that Misty’s trick? Diving all the way off the cliff?” Ash said as he tried to come to grasps with what he just saw, and of course hoping Misty was alright. Pikachu walked up to the edge and looked down, gasping itself as it saw something big coming up.
“Pika! Pikapikapika!!!” Pikachu said.
“Huh? What is it, Pikachu?” Ash asked. He then watched as suddenly Misty reappeared beyond the cliff’s edge, but she looked vastly different. Her hair… her physical appearance to that of a mermaid… and of course, her massive size. It all came at once like a punch to the stomach for Ash, who had to back away to keep from getting pinned underneath Misty’s gigantic arms as she rested them on the cliff.
“So, Ash, what do you think?” Misty asked.
“I… I…” Ash said as he struggled to get the words out through his diving helmet.
“Pikachu!” Pikachu shouted in approval.
“Haha! I’m glad you approve, Pikachu!” Misty said.
“Misty, you’re so…” Ash started to say.
“...the biggest mermaid in all of Kanto, right?” Misty said.
“Er… right!” Ash said.

That’s when Misty showed off her Dynamax Band (enlarged with the rest of her of course).
“Here’s what makes it all possible. I ordered this Dynamax Band from Galar.” Misty said.
“Oh, I’ve heard of that on the news! It’s that thing only in Galar that makes Pokémon really big and strong! I thought it was so cool! But I thought it only worked on Pokémon.” Ash said.
“I did too. In fact, I even made one of the Horsea back at the aquarium big. The next thing I know, the energy suddenly goes into me, and here I am like this now!” Misty said.
“I see…” Ash said.
“But enough about that, Ash. What do you say we go on an underwater date?” Misty said as she winked her eyes and smiled.
“A… a date!?” Ash said. Before he knew it, he was suddenly wrapped up in one of Misty’s hands, with Pikachu jumping onto his shoulder.
“Hold on tight!” Misty said as she leapt backwards from the cliff, diving towards the water.
“Whooooooooa!!!” Ash said, watching as the scenery flew by him while he was clenched tightly by the giant mermaid Misty, who of course left a monstrously huge splash that even got the lighthouse wet.

Even with the diving helmet on, Ash still closed his eyes and didn’t open them again until he felt the dive had ended. He opened his eyes and saw the skin of Misty’s stomach on one side… and what felt like a world of water Pokémon swimming around on the other.
“Isn’t it beautiful, Ash?” Misty asked.
“It sure is. Huh? Wait! Don’t you need a diving helmet too!?” Ash shouted.
“It’s okay, Ash. Somehow this mermaid body is allowing me to breathe underwater.” Misty said.
“Heh… I guess I should’ve figured.” Ash said. Misty then let go of her tiny friend, watching next as he and Pikachu both tried to swim around.
“Haha! You two haven’t swam much, have you?” Misty said.
“Not really…” Ash said.
“Never fear! The queen of the seas, Giant Mermaid Misty, is here to save the day. Lapras!” Misty said as she looked back and waved at a Lapras that was passing by. The Lapras swam over and Misty pointed over at Ash and Pikachu. The Lapras knew exactly what to do, swimming underneath Ash and Pikachu and allowing them to land safely on its back and ride it.
“Wow… that was amazing, Misty!” Ash said.
“Teehee… thanks. It was always a dream of mine to command dozens of water Pokémon with so few words.” Misty said.
“Did part of that dream involve you transforming into a giant mermaid?” Ash asked.
“No, but it’s surely a nice bonus! Come on, let’s see what else we can find together down here.” Misty said as she swam further into the ocean depths, with Lapras (and Ash and Pikachu) following from behind.

Meanwhile, back above ground in Cerulean City, people were slowly getting back to their normal routine after the brief sideshow that was the giant Misty walking around. But their giant woman troubles were not over yet, especially as they heard thundering boom sounds that were getting louder and louder. The people looked around wondering where it was coming from, and that’s when another woman was the first to spot the source.
“Eeeeek! Another giantess!” the woman shouted. And everyone screamed because they knew who was coming. The giant two-piece dark blue bikini wearing Jessie, measuring just a shade over 210 feet tall, proudly walked towards the Cerulean City grounds, laughing over seeing the city literally by her feet.
“Hahahaha! Prepare for trouble! Make it… well, make it biiiiiiig trouble! Wow… I can’t believe how small this city looks now.” Jessie said as she marched around the city, intentionally coming close to stomping people and buildings under her bare feet but not doing so. That is until she saw a group of people evacuate a nearby apartment complex.
“Ahhhh… thanks for clearing the building out. That way I can do THIS!” Jessie said as she raised a foot up and slammed it down on the apartment, crushing it completely under her foot. After rubbing her foot back and forth to cause further damage, Jessie turned around and kneeled down over a group of shocked people.
“Mmmmm… time to clean up the trash!” Jessie said with an evil smile. That’s when she whipped her head around so that her long red hair swept on the ground, sweeping the people away like dust versus a broom. Most of the people were hurt, although not too seriously, and Jessie seemed content with that as she stood back up and moved on.

She next towered over the Pokémon Center. Once again she got down on her knees, watching as various people and Pokémon scrambled away from her giant body. Jessie then leaned forward and dangled her chest above the building, swaying her covered breasts back and forth.
“Hahaha… pretty big, don’t you all think?” Jessie said. She then saw Nurse Joy come running out of the structure. That’s when she reached down and picked her up.
“Nooooo! Put me down! Please put me down!” Joy shouted.
“Mmmmm… I’ve always wondered what Nurse Joy would taste like!” Jessie said.
“Please! Don’t eat me!” Joy said.
“I won’t eat you if you tell me just one thing. Is that twerpette Misty inside her gym?” Jessie asked.
“Um… well…” Joy said, only to suddenly see nothing but one of Jessie’s blue eyes, with her pupil dilated like she was in a foul mood.
“IS SHE!?” Jessie shouted.
“No, no, no! She left with a friend of hers to Route 25! She may have grown and jumped into the sea by now!” Joy shouted with tears in her eyes as she feared for her life. But then, Jessie smiled and gently set the nurse back on the ground.
“Thank you for your cooperation!” Jessie said as she stood up and stepped right over the Pokémon Center. She then took one more look back at the city.
“I’d love to stay and play with you all, given that’s law number one of being an evil giantess… but I’ve got a score to settle with that twerpette, Misty!” Jessie said as she blew a kiss and then turned around and walked away. The people of Cerulean City breathed a collective sigh of relief that their city and all the lives in it had been spared for the most part.

Jessie, thanks to her immense size (due to the manufactured Dynamax Band she was wearing from the Team Rocket secret base), made it to where the lighthouse stood.
“Alright, Misty… I’m guessing Ash is the friend you took with you. You both are gonna be in for a big surprise!” Jessie said as she leapt forward and splashed into the water, once again sending water shooting skyward that splashed onto not just the lighthouse, but Bill’s seaside lab as well. As Jessie swam underwater, she was unaware at the moment of another radical change being done to her body thanks to the Dynamax Band, especially as the screen suddenly flashed the words ‘GIgantamax mode activating.’

Misty continued to explore the vast underwater landscape that laid before her eyes, with Ash and Pikachu in close proximity as they continued to ride Lapras. All three were quite astonished seeing the many water Pokémon around, especially those like Gyarados who swam circles around the happy giant Misty.
“They sure seem to like you, Misty!” Ash said.
“Haha! Of course. I am the water Pokémon master, after all!” Misty said. She giggled as she watched a group of Squirtle shoot bubbles at her face.
Then she looked down at Ash and leaned her head in to the point where Ash could pretty much only see her face.
“But not as much as I like you.” Misty said as she reached in with her fingers.
“Misty, what are you… whoa!” Ash said as Misty plucked him off Lapras with two of her fingers (leaving Pikachu behind on Lapras). Misty then gently pressed Ash against just above her chest (where her pink seashell bra was).
“Ash, do you hear my heart? It calls out for you.” Misty asked. Ash looked very relaxed as he listened to Misty’s heartbeat through her chest.
“Yes… yes, I do.” Ash said. The giantess then held Ash near her face.
“This is… perfect. Just the two of us and a lot of water Pokémon under the sea…” Misty said in a soothing tone. Ash could easily tell Misty was in a romantic mood, and you know what? He started to think that was okay.
“Yeah, Misty.” Ash said.
“So, Ash. Ever been kissed by a giant mermaid?” Misty asked.
“N-n-n-no. But I’d love to.” Ash said. Misty puckered her lips and was about to plant them onto Ash’s entire body.

That is until something red wrapped around him and pulled him away.
“Whoa!!!” Ash yelled.
“Ash!?” Misty said as she looked towards where Ash was being pulled, and she lightly gasped (causing a ton of bubbles to shoot out of her mouth). She was looking at Team Rocket’s Jessie, who was a bit bigger than she was. Jessie was sporting a giant mermaid look very similar to Misty, but the tail was purple instead of cyan and the top half of the bikini was blue instead of Misty’s pink. But there was one other major change for Jessie… her skin looked a bit more pale gray colored and scaly. And that red thing that reeled Ash into her hands was actually her outstretched tongue, double pointed at the end like a snake or serpent would have.
“Hahaha! Now I got you like the sssssnake food you are, Ash Ketchum!” Jessie said as she dangled Ash in front of her face.
“Jessie! You look… different.” Misty said as she swam up to the villainess.
“Haha! All thanks to the same toy you no doubt stole from our lab.” Jessie said as she showed off her Dynamax Band.
“What? But mine was shipped from Galar!” Misty said.
“Bleh, it doesn’t matter. What’s mossssst important is I’m now the queen of the seassssss! And I got your twerp friend too.” Jessie said.
“Arrrrrgh! You give him back this instant, you sea witch!” Misty shouted.
“Why don’t you come and get him?” Jessie said as she stuck her tongue out. This got Misty riled up and she swam towards Jessie’s hand, only for her to pull it away at the last second.

Ash was getting dizzy as the game of chase continued between the two giantesses, and it didn’t help that Jessie continued to taunt Misty the whole time.
“Haha! Finderssssss keeperssssss, losers weepers!” Jessie shouted.
“Oh yeah? Well, maybe it’s time we add a little roughness to the game!” Misty said as she shot forward with the help of her mermaid tail and tackled Jessie right in the midsection.
“Oooooof!” Jessie shouted as the momentum caused her to lose her grip on Ash. Lapras quickly swam over and caught Ash, putting him on its back along with Pikachu. Jessie gripped her stomach and looked angrily at Misty.
“Alright, fine! Let’ssssssss get rough then!” Jessie said as she and Misty grappled with each other, twisting and turning each other in many directions. Sometimes they would swim upwards and splash up and down in the water, with a nearby cruise ship full of people gasping and screaming as they watched the giantesses duke it out.

Eventually the two giant mermaids settled back down underwater, both breathing heavily from their struggling and wrestling and hair pulling.
“Alright! Let’s ssssssee you handle thissssss! Go Seviper!” Jessie said as she pulled a Poké Ball from her waist and threw it forward. Out came Seviper, which was enlarged just like Jessie was. Misty, however, just floated idly and smiled.
“What are you sssssssmiling at!?” Jessie said.
“You do realize where we’re at, right, Jessie?” Misty asked as she snapped her fingers. Suddenly, nearly every Pokémon that was under the sea came floating in behind Misty.
“Um… what?” Jessie asked, suddenly she and Seviper looked worried.
“You’re in MY domain, Jessie. All these Pokémon have shown a willingness to obey me!” Misty said.
“Uh… maybe we can talk…” Jessie started to say, but Misty thrust an arm forward with her hand open.
“Go, my friends! Defeat the sea hag!!!” Misty shouted, watching as every one of these Pokémon stormed ahead. Most of the time they were tackling Jessie and/or her Seviper, but some of the Pokémon would use their special moves such as Surf, Water Pulse, etc. Given the high quantity of Pokémon that were attacking, Jessie and Seviper were taking quite the beating. Misty didn’t make things any better when she decided to slap Jessie repeatedly in the face with her mermaid tail.
“Wow! You go, Misty!” Ash said as he cheered the giantess on, much to her delight.

Jessie called Seviper back into its Poké Ball, clearly not able to take the punishment anymore (especially after getting pounded by a Wailord!). Jessie herself couldn’t take another hit either.
“Alright, alright, I give! I give! Have merccccccccy!” Jessie slithered. Lapras, with Ash and Pikachu, swam up alongside one of Misty’s ears.
“Hey, Misty! Let Pikachu and I have the honor of delivering the final blow!” Ash said. Misty turned her head and smiled (almost hitting the duo with her hair).
“Be my guest!” Misty said.
“Alright! Pikachu, thunderbolt!” Ash said. Pikachu nodded and swam towards the top of Jessie’s chest.
“Pika… CHUUUUUUU!!!” Pikachu shouted, covering itself and Jessie in electricity, with Misty and Lapras swimming back to avoid getting shocked themselves. Of course, we all know how water and electricity mix, and Jessie’s scream would tell you how much it hurt.
“WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Jessie screamed. A few seconds later, there was a big explosion that kicked Pikachu all the way back into Ash’s arms. It was her Dynamax Band exploding and shooting her all the way out of the ocean. As she flew away, Jessie was not only shrinking back to normal size, but losing her transformed serpent state, reverting back to her human look with a charred two-piece bikini and rest of skin.
“Looks like I’m blasting off again!” Jessie shouted before disappearing in a blink.

Misty breathed a sigh of relief now that this charade was over, and she looked around and thanked all the water Pokémon that surrounded her.
“Thank you, everyone. You held firm against the giant evil sea creature and defended your home turf. I’m proud to have fought alongside you.” Misty said. The various water Pokémon all cried out in gratitude before swimming away, leaving the giant Misty and the normal-sized Lapras with Ash and Pikachu.
“What about me? Wasn’t I great?” Ash asked.
“Well… in the end you were. Remember, I DID have to rescue you.” Misty said.
“Heh heh heh… well…” Ash said.
“Come on. Remember all those times you came to my rescue?” Misty said.
“You’re right. I guess we’re even now.” Ash said.

Then, there was a loud beeping sound, which Misty traced down to her Dynamax Band.
“Uh oh… I’m about to run out of energy…” Misty said. Right when she said that, the Dynamax Band suddenly shut off. Almost simultaneously, Misty began to shrink back to her normal size and lose her mermaid look. On top of all that… she was suddenly struggling for air, which Ash picked up on.
“Misty? Misty!? Oh no!” Ash shouted. The Lapras he was riding swam towards Misty and Ash helped her onto its back.
“Lapras! To the surface! Hurry!” Ash shouted. Lapras didn’t waste any more time and swam upwards.

The group eventually made it to the bottom of a rocky stairway on the cliff. Ash set the unconscious Misty down flat on the ground and, after taking off his diving helmet, pumped on her chest.
“Come on, Misty! Come on!!” Ash shouted as he continued performing CPR on his friend. Things looked bleak for a short while, but finally Misty woke up and coughed up water.
“*cough cough cough!!!*” Misty coughed.
“Misty! You’re okay!” Ash said as he hugged Misty while helping her sit up.
“*cough* Ash… you saved me.” Misty said.
“Heh… good thing I came along for the trip, eh?” Ash asked.
“Yes. Thank you…” MIsty said as she hugged back. Then came what took Ash a little by surprise. She gave him a light kiss on the cheek.
“Heh… you’re probably upset you couldn’t do that while you were still a giant mermaid.” Ash said.
“Eh, it’s okay. There will be another time.” Misty said.
“You really think so?” Ash asked. Misty looked down at her now nonfunctional Dynamax Band.
“I guess it can be recharged, right?” Misty asked.
“Don’t look at me! I haven’t used one of those things. Well… yet anyway. Not until I decide to visit this Galar region.” Ash said.
“Well, before you go there, maybe we could spend a little time at the gym? The Pokémon there are probably worried about me.” Misty said.
“Sounds good to me!” Ash said.

A few minutes later, Ash, Misty, and Pikachu all make it back into Cerulean City, where Misty gasps as she sees the city a little bit wrecked, not knowing of course what happened earlier involving Jessie.
“What the!? What happened, Officer Jenny?” Misty said.
“Oh, we had a giant Jessie of Team Rocket problem. Quite frankly, I was surprised she didn’t rampage any more than she did.” Jenny said.
“Granted though, she said she was coming after you. I got really worried about you, Misty.” Nurse Joy added.
“Well, obviously Misty’s fine! The queen of the seas managed to survive!” Ash shouted proudly.
“Huh? Queen of the seas?” Jenny asked.
“Heh… long story, Officer Jenny.” Misty said.
“And I assume it has to do with that band you told me about earlier?” Jenny said.
“Yeah, though it’s dead for now. I gotta figure out how to recharge it.” Misty said.
“Pika!” Pikachu shouted as it shot a few sparks from its red cheeks.
“Er… properly, Pikachu! Anyway, if anyone needs us, we’ll be at the gym checking on the Pokémon in the aquarium.” Misty said.
“Okay, Misty!” Jenny and Joy both shouted as they watched Misty, Ash, and Pikachu all walk back to the gym.

Along the way, Misty glanced down at the disabled Dynamax Band still on her wrist. She hoped beyond hope that she could use it again someday. Being a giant mermaid was so awesome, she thought, especially with little Ash swimming alongside her, and that put a big grin on her face that Ash noticed.
“Huh? Why the big grin, Misty?” Ash asked.
“Oh, it’s just… I miss being a giant mermaid.” Misty said.
“Heh… me too, actually. You were awesome!” Ash said.
“Really?” Misty said, stopping her walk briefly and blushing before getting moving again.