Misty's Jealousy


Ash and Pikachu were on their way towards Cerulean city. Ash had finished travelling around unova and had decided on catching up with old friends before leaving for the Kalos region. He had already been to see Brock, who was very busy at the time but still managed a quick chat, and now he was on his way to see Misty.

"The Cerulean gym" Ash muttered as he headed inside the large building. "I wonder how Misty's doin'" he looked at Pikachu, who was riding his shoulder. He heard what sounded like a Pokemon battle and stood and watched. The trainer was obviously young and just starting out, they easily lost but the young girl made a promise that she'd be back and win the badge. She left and headed to the Pokemon centre and Ash waved at Misty.

"Hey Misty" Ash grinned and headed over to her. Misty looked at Ash and her face went a little red, seeing as she was wearing just a swimming costume and a pair of denim shorts over it.

 "Ash? What are you doing here?" Misty asked him, a little surprised that he was here.

 "I came to see you before I go to Kalos. I've already seen Brock" Ash replied.

 "Oh, your going to another region? So soon?" She asked him and smiled. "Lets go somewhere else to chat, I'll meet you outside, by the grassy field. I just need to do something" she stated with a smile. 'And get changed' she thought.

Ash nodded and gave a small smile. "Alright, me and Pikachu will wait for you there" he stated, Pikachu nodding and saying its name as confirmation. He then walked out of the gym and headed towards the field, bumping into a girl when he got there. "Are you ok?" He asked and then looked at her, his eyes widening and a small grin on his face, Pikachu jumping onto the girls shoulder.

"hey Pikachu, hey Ash, what's up? I thought you were in Unova" The girl asked them. She had long dark brown hair, with electric blue ends and fringe. She had brown eyes and was a little taller than Ash. She wore a black 'My Poison-Type Romance' hoodie, wore a pair of black leggings and a pair of black converse. She was Chloe Ketchum, Ash's half sister who had a secret that only Ash and Team Rocket new about. Walking alongside her was an Umbreon and a Leafeon, her two partners. Midnight and Meadow, they were twin Eevees that had evolved.

"I was in Unova but I've finished travelling around, I'm heading to Kalos soon. I just wanted to speak to a few people here, I thought you were in Sinnoh?" Ash asked her as they both sat down in the shade of a tree.

 "I travelled around, both of my Eevees evolved while I was there" Chloe stated and looked at her Pokemon as they were playing with Pikachu. They both continued to catch up, unaware that Misty was watching them, her hands in tight fists by her sides.

Misty had left the gym dressed in her yellow shirt and denim shorts and headed over to the field. She watched ad Ash and that girl began to talk. She had never seen the girl that was with ash before and it made her blood boil. Ash was acting very friendly around her, maybe a little too friendly. They were laughing and smiled and she swore she saw the girl wink at ash. Misty thought Ash had come to Cerulean to see her and not swan off with some other girl, it annoyed her and made her angry. She had liked ash and here he was, acting all friendly to some random stranger, probably a girl he met in Unova. Misty walked off to clear her head and headed towards a grove of berry bushes and trees. One particular berry caught her attention and she smirked a little. These berries were blue, with little white spots on them, they looked like tiny blue oranges. Micro Berries. 'Maybe I could give these berries to ash and that girl. I could take Ash with me and separate him from that girl' she thought to her self and took a few handfuls of berries, shoving them in her bag. She took a few macro berries, similar to the micro berries only red and more squarish in shape. Shed also have to shrink Pikachu, Umbreon and Leafeon, the girl didn't matter, Ash could always look after the two Eeveelutions as well. Misty headed back towards the gym and began to start her plan.

Misty headed into the kitchen and put the majority of the micro berries in a blender, creating a smoothie. She poured out two small glasses of the smoothie and used the left over juice to make drinks for the Pokemon. She made herself a blueberry smoothie (using a different blender) and put all the drinks, except hers, on a tray and carried it outside. She had her own drink in her hand so she wouldn't get it confused. She headed over to Ash and that girl, a forced smile on her face. "Hi Ash, I made drinks but when I saw you with your friend, I decided to make her one as well" misty stated as she sat down in front of them. "Homemade blueberry smoothies, I made some for Pikachu, Umbreon and leafeon too" she told them and put the tray on the floor, sitting a little ways away from them.

"Oh thanks, you must be Misty, Ash has told me a lot about you. Your one of his best friends" Chloe smiled and picked up a glass. Meadow and Midnight went over to Chloe and drank their smoothies as well. "Wow this is really tasty" she grinned, and downed the rest of the drink.

"Yeah, me and Pikachu loved the drink" Ash grinned, he and Pikachu both holding empty glasses.

"Glad you like them" Misty smiled, sipping some more of her blueberry smoothie, leaving about half the drink.  She watched with a huge smile as the group were now shrinking down before her very eyes, soon they couldn't be seen unless she searched the long blades of grass.

"Misty! What?" Ash frowned at her the moment things felt like they were growing. No, he was shrinking. He grabbed Pikachu and watched as the blades of grass he was sitting on not that long ago, were now stretched over his head. From down on the ground, he could see Misty's gigantic face through the gaps between the blades of grass. He ran over to his sister and her two Pokemon and as expected, she was a lot calmer than him, well she was used to it.

Chloe looked at Ash as he ran over to her. This wasn't the first time she had ever shrunk, part of the secret she shared with Ash and unfortunately Team Rocket as well, but this was the first time someone had forced her to shrink by drinking berries. She looked up, giving the huge face her biggest and angriest glare, making sure she was standing in front of Ash. "Oi, Misty! What on earth is wrong with you!" She shouted at her.

It didn't take long for misty to find the now shrunken group but frowned at the girl. She was tiny, about two inches tall to be exact and yet, she seemed calm. She was obviously protecting Ash, the way she stood in front of him showed that but she had guts standing up to Misty, the giantess to them. She scowled and moved her hand towards the group, about to snatch them up, but the girl pushed Ash out of the way and dived to the opposite side.

Misty scowled and realised the only way she could get Ash, was to get rid of the girl first, the two Eeveelutions were with Ash so Misty didn't have to worry about hurting them. She stood up to her full height and brought her shoe down with so much force, that the girl she stepped on wouldn't be able to survive. "I hate bugs"

"MISTY! STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Ash shouted, looking up at her before looking at her shoe. "WHY?" he shouted, a few tears threatening to fall. Why was misty doing this, it made no sense to the ever oblivious Ash. He jumped as he was tapped on his shoulder but a hand clamped around his mouth before the giant could be alerted.

"Ash" Chloe said in a soft tone and turned him around so they were looking at each other. "your friend is obsessive" she stated and gave her brother a quick hug. "Well be fine" she told him and looked up at Misty. "Just be ready to run"

Misty lifted her foot and shock was visible as she spotted nothing. No girl, no squished mess, nothing. "What?" She looked all around and couldn't spot her, that was until she looked at ash, and saw him with the girl. "How?" She asked and moved her hand towards them, they began running around and she moved her other hand in front of them. She brought her hands closer together and easily trapped the group in her hands. She stood up, a smirk on her face and she dropped the group into her blueberry smoothie. It would be easier to hide them in the the thick drink. She put all the glasses on the tray and headed back inside the gym, planning what to do with her captives. First things first, she needed to find out who that girl was.

Misty headed into the kitchen and poured the contents of the glass into a bowl. She frowned as ash sputtered and looked like he was choking. "Im sorry Ash, are you alright?" She asked, concerns about him but scowled when the girl went over and helped him instead. "Hey!" She shouted, making the shrunken group jump, Ash and the girl covering her ears. Misty picked up the girl by her now soggy hoody and held her at eye height, way above the ground. She put a plate over the bowl, keeping Ash trapped and walking towards the sink. "Who are you? Why is Ash really friendly and close with you?"

Chloe just laughed. "Jealousy? Is that the only reason you shrunk us and then tried to kill me?" She asked and shook her head. "Im Chloe" she told her. She knew Misty was Ash's friend but she couldn't say she was his sister. Ash promised not to tell anyone he had a sister so Misty might not believe her. She had to tell her, she could always explain later. She sighed. "Im Ash's sister. That's why we are close" she stated with a slight frown. 'Your a psycho' she thought, looking into her gigantic green eyes.

Misty scowled as she looked at the tiny girl, Chloe. The girl did look a little like Ash but Ash never told her he had a sister so she didn't believe her. "Dont lie to me, you're the one who'll get hurt if you lie" she stated with a slight smirk and forcefully poked her in her chest. "Im the one Ash should be with so the easiest way to get rid of you should've been crushing you, but now I guess your mine as well now. I can tell you what to do" she told her and then took off one of her shoes, dropping the girl in it before putting the shoe back on. She wouldn't kill the girl this time, just play around with her.

Chloe wanted to hit misty. The orange haired psycho was talking about her and her brother as if they were belongings and it made her feel sick and angry. "We are not your belongings!" She snapped but it appeared Misty either didn't hear her or acknowledge what she said as she was being lowered into one of mistys sneakers. "Oh no! Let go of me" she squirmed a little and misty did let her go, but dropped her into the sneaker. The stench was overwhelming and she looked up as misty stood to her full height. Chloe ran towards the toe of the shoe but she didn't make it in time as misty put her shoe back on, trapping Chloe under her socked foot.

Misty then carefully walked over to the bowl Ash was in, she didn't want to crush the girl. Using her free hand, she lifted the plate that was covering the bowl and grinned at Ash. A huge shadow fell over Ash as misty reached in and picked him up. "Im going to keep you safe, my little Ash." She giggled and lifted Ash towards her face.

Ash scowled at Misty and was about to shout at her but he was taken by surprise as his head was pressed against something soft and a little wet. Misty had kissed him. He was pulled away again and forced to look into her eyes. "Misty, stop! Im not yours. What is wrong with you?" He asked her, frowning. "And where's Chloe? The girl I was with?" He asked her. He looked around and couldn't spot his sister anywhere.

Misty scowled, her face turning dark for a moment. "She doesn't matter anymore. I'll have her treat me like a goddess while me and you will live happily together" she grinned and picked Ash up, holding him against her chest before putting him back down next to the Pokemon. "That girl, Chloe, she'll never be right for you, I'm the only one you should be with Ash" she told him.

"Misty listen just change us all back, please. Chloe's my sister!" Ash yelled up at the giantess, admitting it. "You didn't have to shrink us because you thought we were a couple or whatever." He told her with a frown. A large shadow fell over him not too long later, one of mistys sneakers. "Woah what?.." Before he could finish, Chloe landed on the cabinet surface, next to ash with an 'ooof'. Ash immediately helped his sister up, his sister giving misty the greatest, darkest glare she could muster.

"You are going to regret this Misty!" Chloe shouted angrily at her and looked at Ash. "Are you OK?" She asked him, more worried about her brother than herself. She sighed in relief when he nodded but she looked at her Pokemon, scowling. They were scared, frightened, asking for help and that broke her heart. She sighed and knelt by them. "Ok guys I know you're scared and I know you don't like it but I'm worried and scared for you" she stated and held two pokeballs in her hand. The Pokemon nodded at her and Chloe returned them into their balls. Putting the pokeballs back in her bag, she glared at misty again. "You stupid girl!" She shouted. "You could have hurt my Pokemon, they are terrified of you!" She snapped, balling her hands into fists.

"Well I didn't hurt them, I would never hurt any Pokemon!" Misty scowled, poking Chloe in her abdomen. She walked over to the other counter and chopped up a red coloured fruit, holding the tiniest sliver in her hand. She gave it to Chloe and promised she would give some to ash as well.

"A sliver of a mega berry?" Chloe asked, a little skeptical of it. She popped the piece into her mouth and before anything could happen, misty had grabbed her and placed her in the flower patch outside. Chloe scowled a little but soon she started to grow, returning to normal. She also realised that she left her bag on the counter with ash. She was going to rescue ash and her Pokemon whatever it took.

"Misty what are you doing?" Ash frowned at her, backing up a little as he grabbed Chloe's bag, pikachu still on his shoulder.

"Well you are still my ash" Misty giggled a little and picked him up. She placed him in her shorts pocket as she tidied up the kitchen, forgetting to clean up the mega berry. "What should we do first." She wondered before grinning and placing Ash on the floor.

The moment he was put on the floor, Ash had a bad feeling. He also had a few thoughts cross his mind about what misty was planning, non of them good. "Misty what are you doing?" He shouted up to the giantess.

"Were going to play cat and mouse and your the mouse." Misty stated and gave ash a ten second running start before slowly walking, easily catching up to him. After about twenty minutes she figured she could now catch him and easily scooped him up in two hands, kissing him which he protested against. "I love you ash." She admitted.

Ash gulped and shook his head, trying to get out of her grasp. "Well your my friend." He replied, not matching her feelings though it didn't seem like it mattered as they were on the move again.

Once that was over, Misty began walking towards the pool. She placed ash at the edge and began to undress, luckily she was wearing her red bikini underneath her clothes. She entered the pool and swam over to Ash. "Want to join me for a swim Ash?" She asked. She was going to make him join anyway regardless of what he asked. "Well I'm going to swim a lap and then you can join me kay?"

Ash shook his head. "No." He replied though he doubted misty would listen to him now. He heard faint footsteps and turned, frowning as he spotted an Eevee slowly walking towards him. He relaxed slightly, seeing the familiar look in its eyes but he was still tense with misty nearby. Pikachu, after spotting the Eevee, ran straight towards it, Ash quickly following.

Misty, having just swam a little looked over to see Ash and frowned as she spotted him run towards the Eevee. She quickly got out of the pool and went over, shooing the other Pokemon. The Eevee ignored her and stood in a protective stance in front of Ash, growling a little at Misty. It released a shadow ball but I purposely missed her, as if it was warning her.

Ash quickly climbed onto the Eevee's back with Pikachu and whispered something to the Pokemon that misty wouldn't be able to hear. "Thanks Chlo." He had whispered and the Eevee smiled faintly and ran towards the kitchen, where the mega berries were. The Eevee jumped onto the counter and let Ash and Pikachu off before jumping onto the ground, turning into Chloe. What neither Ash or Chloe realised, was that misty had very quickly followed them and watched this from the doorway.

"What the..?" She asked, frowning deeply as she released her Pokemon, mime jr and watched as ash returned to normal size. "What are you?" She asked Chloe.

Chloe quickly hugged ash and moved a few steps towards misty. "What am I? Well that's easy. Im Ash's sister and I'm half Pokemon, Ditto to be exact" she stated with a scowl, forming a shadow ball in her hand. "Now if I were you I'd leave Ash and me alone and let us go." She stated and made the shadow ball disappear once she saw misty slowly nod "Thanks for understanding." She stated with a small glare aimed in mistys direction and grabbed her bag, picking up Pikachu as well.

Ash walked out of the gym with Chloe, regretting visiting cerulean city in the first place at that current moment. He could see misty trying to follow but she hung back.

Misty scowled as she watched them leave, holding two fingers against her lips. Ash was nearly hers and she couldn't have him because of his freak of a sister. She wouldn't stop trying. She loved ash and that's all the mattered.