Queen May

(DJYellow22; idea by tomsaia)

          A Ferry was floating in the Ocean, the destination this Ferry was heading for was Sinnoh. Many of the trainers inside of the Ferry were either chatting, battling or eating.

      Though, only one trainer was at the sides of the Ferry looking at the very beautiful ocean and the close nearby region of Sinnoh. That trainer was May.

      "Wow! I'm so excited to see Ash and all of his friends soon! I can't wait!" The Young Trainer shouted out, May had just gotten her last Johto Pokémon Contest Ribbon.

    In a month is the Grande Festival, the Ultimate challenge for Pokémon coordinator's like herself. Though, a month is a long time for her, and she explored all of Johto already. So, to kill some time, she bought a Ferry ticket to Sinnoh to see her friends!

          The Ferry stopped at the bay. The trainers started to walk out of the Ferry and then onto Sinnoh Soil. One of the last to walk out was May herself. "Oh how great is it to be here again!" She said, gleefully.  "I better find some Pokémon Center to call Ash!"


        "Here you go! Good as new!" A Nurse Joy handed a young Pokémon Trainer known as Dawn her Penguin Pokémon known as Piplup back to her.

    "Great thanks!" Dawn said as she held her Piplup In her arms. "So Piplup, how was it? Are you okay now?" She asked. The little Piplup just nodded his head.

          Dawn and her Piplup walked over to a table where two of her other friends, Ash and Brock were sitting down at as well. "Oh hey there Dawn!" Ash said. His Pikachu waved at her while giving out a "Pika!" cry

        "Hey Ash! Hey Brock!" Dawn said. Her Piplup did a small "Piplup!" cry while waving at Pikachu. "So I guess we're going to leave now?" Dawn asked.

      "Probably." Brock said. "Besides, we're in no hurry because Ash already got his final badge." Brock continued. "And there are some nice looking Joys..." Brock said as he looked at a Nurse Joy.

    A Nurse Joy walked to the trio's  "Uh excuse me, is one of you Ash Ketchem?" She asked.

    "The one and only!" Ash shouted as he stood up with his Pikachu on his shoulder. "Pika!" The Pikachu cried.

          " There's a Phone Call waiting for you Ash." The Nurse Joy said.

      "Really? I wonder who it is!" Ash and his friends walked to the Pokémon Center's Telephone inside of it,(In the Pokémon World there are Tv screens on the Telephones...) Ash then picked up the receiver, the screen then turned on and May was on it. "Hi there Ash!"  May said while waving.

        "Oh hey there May!" Ash said, waving at May along with Pikachu. "So how's it going?" Asked Ash.

    May pulled out her Johto Ribbon Case. "Oh well... I just got my fifth and final Johto Ribbon!"

    "Oh wow!" Dawn said. "That's so cool! I hope soon I'll get all of them..."

    "So I presume your going to enter the Grande Festival again May?" Brock asked.

        "Of course I am! And this time I'm gonna win for sure!" May shouted with a thumbs up."But, The Grand Festival is a month away from now. So... To spend some time while I wait, I'm visiting you guys at Sinnoh!"

    "Wow really May!" Ash yelled out, Pikachu gave a small cry as well. "So when are you coming?" Ash asked.

    "Oh I'm already here! I'm in the Sandgem Town Pokémon Center! Where are you?" May asks.

    "Oh, were in Jubilife City as of right now." Brock replied.

      "Oh cool! That's just north! Ill be there soon Okay?" May said, feeling excited as she could ever be.

      "Okay then! We'll meet you at the Pokémon Center! Got it?" Ash asked.

    "Okay then Ash! Bye!" May hanged up the phone and the screen turned blank.

        "Oh wow!" Dawn shouted. "I can't believe May's coming again!" She shouted. Her Piplup gave out a "Piplup!" with joy.

    Ash hanged up the phone after the screen turned dark. "I wonder how long it'll take her to get to Jubilife.." He said.

    "Well, since that It's so clpse nearby, I'm assuming it'll take her about 15 or so minutes." Brock said.

  Meanwhile again with May, she had just left the nearby Pokémon Center she was just in. "Well, I guess I'll be on my way to Jubilife City, the most famous and modern City in all of Sinnoh!" She said. "And maybe a few restaurants there! I am kinda hungry..." She says.

      As May was walking to the Route that would lead her to Jubilife, the ever so sneaky Team Rocket watches her from a close distance. "Well Well! Looks as if that Twerp from Hoenn is here again!" Jesse, the loudmouth member of Team Rocket says.

      "And It looks like she's heading to where those other Twerps were heading to a while ago!" Meowth the talking Pokémon of the group said.

    "Well Well, I suppose we have some sort of plan?  James, the blue haired one who was a rich young boy asked.

      Jesse stood up. "Of course we do! All we have to do is somehow capture the Twerp and tell the other twerps that if they give us Pikachu, we'll let her go!"

        "Sounds decent." Meowth said. "But how the heck do you think that's gonna work? Those Twerps always somehow win!"

      "Just shut up Meowth!" Jesse hit Meowth with a bonk on the head. "Now just listen to what I say and we'll get Pikachu this time!"

        "Whatever you say.." James and Meowth said.

        While Team Rocket was talking about their scheme, May had already made it halfway though the route to Jubilife City. "Sure is peaceful here!" She says, looking at the sightings.

      May looked around, she could see a few Starly flying in groups above her. "How cute! I'd love to catch one!" She says. She then takes off her backpack and looks into it and notices that she has no extra Pokéballs left. "Oh well.." She says.

      After she put her backpack back on, her stomach started to grumble. "Gee.. I sure am hungry I guess..." She says to herself.

          It was at this moment she noticed a small bush with strange looking berries on it. "Oh what's this?" May said.

        She ran over to the bush to look a little closer at the bush. She notices the berries were a oval shape along with a rainbow of colors around them."Wow! This is so cool! I wonder what these berries are called..." She says as she plucks a few of the strange looking berries off of the bush.

      "I can make Pokéblocks with this! Or maybe those Poffin things they make here in Sinnoh!" May said as she put all of the berries she was holding except for one of them, which she held in her hand.

    May looked closely at the strange berry."Well, I guess I'll just eat one. Just to see if they taste good." She then threw the berry into her mouth she had just opened wide. She munches on the rainbow colored berry. "Yummy! Tastes a little sour!" She says.

    Suddenly, May felt a strange, warm and painful sensation inside of her body. “Uh.... I don’t feel so good.” She whispered to herself as she held her stomach. She also instantly felt like she was gonna faint!

    “*Sigh* well, I’m only about a few routes away until I make it to Jubilife City, I guess I’ll have to deal with this until I get there...” May said, still walking the route even though she still feels the strange pain inside of her body.

    May looked around her surroundings while walking, many of the small Bidoofs and Starlys and various other Pokémon along with the trees and objects around her looked like they were getting smaller to her.. “Weird..” Se said, though she just shrugged it off, thinking her sickness was causing this.

    Though, as strange as everything else that was going on at this moment, May suddenly felt some sort of strange power flowing through her body, her previous strange pain across her whole entire body was suddenly gone. Though before she could respond to the strange energy, she froze up instantly!

    May’s body started to increase rapidly, everything around her was getting smaller and smaller and she was getting bigger and bigger! The Energy inside her body continued to flow though her body until it suddenly stopped.

    May’s body unfroze, now she finally knew what was going on. She looked down, all of the trees that once towered over her were now about the size of her.“Oh my... I’m Huge!” May screamed out loud, many of the tiny Pokémon nearby started to run off in fear from the giant Pokémon Trainer.

    May couldn’t believe it, Everything around the Pokémon trainer looked about the size of little dolls and toys! “Wow...” May’s shocked face had turned into a smirk. “Wow.. This is so freaking cool! I can’t wait to show Ash and his friends the new me!” The Giant sized May ran towards to where Jubilife City is, not knowing her two gigantic feet were almost crushing Pokémon and causing minor earthquakes.

    Nearby, Jesse of Team Rocket was relaxing in the sun with sunglasses on while James and Meowth were digging a rather large hole. “Oh this is so tiring!” James whined. “Yeah! Also We’re hungry!” Meowth yelled, James nodded in agreement.

    “Just be quiet you morons and finish up the hole so we could trap that twerp!” Jesse yelled at the two other members of Team Rocket. Suddenly, large earthquake like shakes started to suddenly happen. “UH... What’s going on?” James said. “It probably was a earthquake or something like that.” Meowth said. “JUST BE QUIET AND FINISH THE HOLE YOU DIMWITS!!!” Jesse yelled at James and Meowth.

    Suddenly, James and Meowth saw something close nearby, it looked like a giant foot or something! James and Meowth ducked inside of the hole they are digging up.

    Jesse seems to have noticed that James and Meowth have stopped digging. “Hey! Why the heck did you two idiots stop digging?! The Twerp should be getting here by now!!” Jesse yelled as she walked up to the large hole. Meowth jumped out of the hole. “Uh Jesse! Look behind you!” Meowth said.

    Jesse turned her head, Suddenly she noticed a gigantic pair of feet and one of them was almost ready to stomp her! “AH!!!” Jesse shouted as she and Meowth jumped into the large hole right before the foot was able to stomp her and Meowth. All of Team Rocket jumped out of the hole after the giant foot walked oer the hole. “What was that?!” James shouted. “Wait a minute...” Meowth looked the way the giant foot went, he could see a giant sized May walking towards Jubilife City. “Hey Guys! It was the Twerp we were trying to get! And she’s supersized!”

    In Jubilife City, many of the citizens of the city were enjoying a rather quiet day in the small City, most thought nothing interesting was gonna happen that day, they were all wrong. Cause little did they know was that a 50 foot Ten year old girl was gonna accidently ruin the peace.

    It all started when suddenly minor earthquakes in the city started to happen, they all ignored it until it continued and started to become much stronger. Many of the people started to panic as the earthquakes continued, most of them even started believing these weren't natural disasters at all!

    It was then the citizens of the small city found out the cause of the Earthquakes, a Giant sized May stomping her way into the City. “Hi everyone!” She said as she waved to the tiny people. The people in the city reacted differently, infact most of them started to run and scream away from the Giant Sized May.

    “Aw! How Cute!” The giant sized 50 foot May giggled as she walked towards the local Pokémon Center...

    Meanwhile at the Pokémon center in Jubilife City, Ash and his friends were still in the Pokémon Center chatting about May. “So when do you think she is coming?” Dawn asked while holding her Piplup. “Well, it's been a few hours or so..” Brock said. “O I guess It should be ny moment now...” He added.

    “Well, I can't wait to see May after all this time!” Ash said cheerfully. His Pikachu gave out a little “Pika!”.

    Suddenly, large earthquake like shakes started to happen inside of the Pokémon center. “Woah!” Ash fell down to the floor as the shakes continued. “What was that?” He said as he tried to get up from the floor. “It seems like a earthquake!” Brock said.

    After what seemed to be a few seconds of a “earthquake.” It all suddenly stopped. “Is everyone alright?” A Nurse Joy inside the Pokémon Center asked. Ash and all of his friends nodded. “Are you alright Pikachu?” Ash asked his electric mouse Pokémon. Pikachu nodded.

    As it nearly looked liked it was all over, Everyone inside of the Pokémon Center heard a loud Female voice say”Hey Everyone! I made it!”

    Ash and his friends were shocked when they heard the voice. “Oh my gosh.... That sounded like May!” Ash said. “ I think your right Ash!” Brock said.

    Ash and his friends ran out the entrance door to the Pokémon Center to see what was going on., they all saw smething they didn”t expect right in front of them, a giant sized foot! “What the heck is this doing here?” Ash asked.

    Ash and his friends looked up at the sky, to find a 50 feet tall May staring down at them!” Hi Ash! Hi Brock! Hi Dawn!” She said while waving her giant hand down at her tiny friends. “So how's it going? Aren't you glad to see me?” May asked.

    “Uh.... well....” Ash didn't know what to say to the giant May, all he was thinking about is how the heck did May get so freaking big. “Uh.. May? How did you get bigger then a Pokémon center?” He asked.

    “Oh... Well, you know... I really don;t know how this happened! I just kinda started to grow while I was coming over here!” May said. 'So anyway, how do you like my new size? “Don't I look more beautiful like this? Hmm?”

    “Uh... yeah sure!” Ash said, he knew if he would have said something else then May would have gotten mad and try to squish him with her foot or something like that.

    “Oh really? Thank you Ash!” May said, she leaned down and grabbed the bug sized Ash. “Ah Let me go!” He yelled as he was trying to forcefully get himself out of May's giant hand. “Oh teehee Ash! Your so cute like this! Alright, I'll let you go!” May put a angered Ash back on the ground.

    Brock and Dawn looked up at the giant May. “UH.. wow...” Dawn quietly said to herself. “You are kinda more beautiful like this...” She said while putting her head down. (Sigh.) I wish I was as big as you...” Her Piplup hugged her, hoping that it will cheer her up. “Well...” Brock said as he walked up to her giant foot. “You do seem to be a pretty big sight if you know what I mean.” He said.

    “Oh well... All of you guys are sweet!” May said as she picked up her three tiny friends with her right hand and held them in her palm while she looked at them. “So what's interesting and fun here?” She asked.

    “Well, there was the Radio Tower here but you a little too big to go inside...” Ash jokingly said. “Oh... well that kinda sucks then...”May said. “Oh well, besides it's getting pretty dark right now. “ May said as she looked at the sun, it was setting.


    Later that night, it was about 8:00 PM in Jubilife City and most of the citizens of the small city were already fast asleep. (After all, earlier that day a 50 Foot Pokémon Trainer suddenly invaded...) For Ash and his Friends, they were sleeping inside of the local Pokémon center, the 50 foot giantess who came to the city was sleeping nearby the small city, a few routes away from it in the middle of the forest.

    But, could something go wrong at this moment? Maybe so.

As said in the last chapter, May was sleeping nearby Jubilife City, in the middle of the forest nearby, the giantess was already fast asleep, making loud snoring noises and rolling back and forth, crushing a few things when she does so.

Of course, something wrong is expected to happen right now... “Alright now, What's the plan?” A sneaky Meowth said as he hid behind a bush nearby the Giant May. “Yeah Jesse,” A slighty scared James said. “How are we gonna capture her? She almost crushed us a few hours ago!” He whined.

“Well just stop being annoying and I'll think of something!” Jesse bonked james and Meowth in the head. “Now, how the heck can we, the ever so beautiful Team Rocket be able to destroy such a mega sized Twerp?” Jesse started to think inside of her head, suddenly a dark smirk appeared on her face. “Oh James Meowth!” She called out.

“Yeah?” James and Meowth said as they scratched their heads, still sore aftercbeing bonked on by Jesse. “I'm gonna need a megaphone, maybe some rope and...” Jesse continued to discuss her latest plan. “Are you sure that's gonna work?!” Meowth asked.

“Oh I'm sure...”


It was the next mourning, May's eyes were still closed at the moment, she still hadn't woken up at all yet, so she has no idea of what Team Rocket had done the night before.

Her eyes opened up.” Huh where am I?” She wondered, where looked Extremely dark, when she tried to move any part of her body,(Her legs, arms... etc.) it felt like she was all tied up somehow. “Uh where am I?!” The giant girl panicked as she started to shake, after all, it was very cold where ever the heck she was at.

“heheh! I gotta admit Jesse, I'd never thought we could somehow get her in that there Cage!” May heard from a strange voice nearby, that sounded something like Meowth from Team Rocket. “Of course! Only I could somehow capture that giant Twerp!” Jesse said.

“Hey!” May suddenly yelled out loud, Meowth and Jesse, (Who where nearby for some reason May did not know.) They both covered their ears. “OW!!” Jesse yelled. “Meowth! PULL DOWN THE COVERS!!!”.

“Alright! Alright!” Meowth yelled out. Suddenly, May saw a bright flash, she covered her eyes for about a couple of seconds and then, she finally knew(Or at least could see...) where the heck she was at. She found herelf inside a giant cage of some sort. “Ha! Jesse, I never thought that giant cage thing would have worked!”

May looked around her surroundings, she was in a giant cage for some reason, and Jesse and Meowth were nearby the giant cage and they all seemed to be in the forest! May felt a tiny bit angry at this point, she looked at her arms and legs, which were tied up for some unknown and strange reason, truly May did not know what was going on, though she was getting pretty angry.

“LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!” May screamed out loud angrily, All Jesse could do was laugh at the Giant May. “Ha ha Ha! I'm sorry you little Twerp... or should I say Giant twerp! The only way you're getting out of here is if you little Twerp friends give up Pikachu. Which might happen pretty soon! We just sent James out to tell your Twerp friends about this. Hahaha!”

May could only grit her teeth at the two Team Rocket Gang Members.


Later on that day, back at Jubilife City, the people of the large City had just woken up and were all hoping for a peaceful day, unlike yesterday... Anyway, at the local Pokémon Center, Ash and his friends had just woken up.

Ash and Dawn were sitting down in the Pokémon Center chatting about something with their Pokémon. “So Ash?” Dawn quietly asked to Ash while holding her Piplup in her arms. “SO.. Uh, What do you think of May and her..... size?”

“Oh uh.... well, I guess she's okay like that. “Ash said.” But I just know somehow something wrong is gonna happen soon enough!” He continued. Dawn looked at Ash. “Well, I guess so... but I do have to say she does look a lot more prettier like this...”

Suddenly, the doors to the Pokémon Center were suddenly opened, Ash and Dawn looked over to the opened door to find a panicking Brock and a Officier Jenny running towards them. “Guys! Guys!” He yelled. “Something has happened to May!”

“What?!” Dawn and Ash both yelled together. “What happened to her?!” ash and Dawn asked. Pikachu and Piplup looked alarmed. “She's Missing!!!”

“But how the heck could someone as big as her suddenly dissappear?” Ash asked. “We do not know.” The Officier Jenny said. “All I know is that last night she was sleeping nearby the forest and then today she's gone!”

“Great! Now were gonna have to look for her! Where the heck could she have gone?” Ash said.

“Hmph, I think I could help....” A Tall man in a coat and a top hat said, (He also for some reason had blue hair...) Ash walked up to the strange looking man. “Really? How?”

The man in the coat and top hat gave Ash a strange paper. “Here... read this...” The man then walked out the doors to the Pokémon Center and left the building. Ash didn't know who the heck was the man(Even though it was obvious to us...) or why the heck did he give him the strange paper..

Ash starte to read the paper out loud to his friends.. “Dear Twerps, we know were you fellow Big Twerp is, if you ever want to see her again, please come to the Route South to Jublilfe City and We'll discuss what to do....”

“I think I know who's behind all of this...” Brock said. “Yeah! It's Team Rocket!” Dawn shouted out loud. Her Piplup made a angry “Pip!” sound while Pikachu made a angry “Pika!” sound.

“Well, we better do something about this!” Ash and his friends ran out the doors of the Pokémon Center....


Meanwhile, back with the giant May who was in a cage and Jesse and Meowth nearby watching her. “Well Well, James should be returning anytime soon and then the Twerps will be here!” Jesse said.

“Sorry I'm late!” James's voice said as he ran towards the group. “I gave those twerps that letter! They didn't seem to expect a thing at all!” James said.

“Perfect then! Sooner or later those Twerps will come by and then they'll give us that Pikachu in exchange for the Giant Twerp!” Meowth said, looking up at the Giant May.

May looked down at the Team Rocket Members. “oh! You guys down there are so gonna get it!” She yelled at them, the anger inside of her body was building up somehow...

Nearby, Ash and his friends were walking the south route, looking for any signs of Team Rocket or The giant May. “You seen her yet?” Dawn asked. “Hmm.... No, not yet.” Ash replied.

The Trio looked around more, suddenly, Ash's Pikachu noticed something! “Pika Pika!” He said while pointing at a Giant Cage nearby and inside of it was May! “There she is!” Dawn yelled out. “Come on! Let's go!” Ash said.

The trip ran towards the huge cage. “May? What the heck are you doing in there?” Ash asked.

“TEAM ROCKET PUT ME IN HERE SOMEHOW! YOU GUYS GOTTA HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE!!” May yelled as loud as she could, Ash and his friends covered their ears. “Don't worry! We'll find some way to get you outta there!” Ash said.

“hahaha! We have a way!” A voice that sounded like Jesse's voice said, James and Jesse begun doing their Team Rocket Motto Ash and friends turned their heads around to find Team Rocket! “Team Rocket! I knew you were behind This!”

“Well Well Twerps, you are correct!” James said. “And the only way we'll let your Big Friend go if you Twerps give us that Pikachu of yours!” Meowth explained.

“No way! Not at all Team Rocket!” Ash yelled at them. “Just let May out of there or else!”

“Hmph!” Jesse said.Very well then, GO-” Jesse was then suddenly cut off by angry yelling of some sort, Everyone looked at the Cage May was trapped in, She broke free from the Tied Rope, snapping it and was now bending the Bars of the Cage!

May walked out of the cage after bending the bars enough that she could walk out, Everyone nearby was shocked, May looked down at Team Rocket and her tiny friends, she looked down at Ash, having a smirk on her face for some reason. “Uh... may? Why are you looking at me like that?” Ash asked nervously. May GRABBED Ash with her right hand and started running towards Jubilife City....





In The City of Jubilife, everything was going by normally like it was the day before,(well... Before the Giant May invaded yesterday...) the citizens of the city were relaxing and doing their work, just like yesterday.

Suddenly, lots of strange shaking suddenly started to happen just like the day before, most of the citizens already thought they knew what was going to happen, the Giant Girl was gonna return to the city, well they were right...

Suddenly, the shakes continued to grow larger, what was going on in fact was The 50 Foot May has returned into the City, but she was holding her little friend Ash.

The Giant Sized May was stomping in the City, destroying many of the Cars parked in the streets and using her other fist to destroy most of the buildings nearby. “May! You got to stop this!” Ash yelled out to May as she continued her rampage. May just ignored her tiny captive.

May continued to destroy much of the small city when a Officer Jenny appeared in front of her with a mega phone. “PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW!” The Officer Jenny yelled at the rampaging Giant May. May just walked right over the Officer Jenny. Officer Jenny pulled out a Walkie Talkie. “Alright now, we're gonna need the planes...”

May was soon in front of the TV Station in the Middle of the City, the Building was one of the few buildings in the City that was taller then her at the moment. May put her tiny captive Ash on her shoulder and grabbed hold of the building, and slowly, but surely began to climb atop the tall TV Station. “May! Stop this!” Ash said, he began holding onto her shoulder, mostly because May was over 50 feet tall and if he fell, that would mean doom for him.

As May continued Climbing up the huge Tower, Airplanes suddenly started to fly around her, she continued to try to swat them like little flys. At this point, the 50 Foot May started to growl. Ash was waving while on may's shoulder. “Someone help me!” He cried out.

May was finally at the top of the TV Station, She grabbed Ash from her Shoulder and placed him on top of the building. Many of the planes started to fire bullets at the Giant Pokémon Trainer, she continued to growl at them and swat them, she started to back off as they got closer and closer to her.

Soon, as she was backing off from the airplanes, she suddenly tripped off th side of the building, Ash ran over to the side she tripped on. “MAYYYY!” He yelled outas his giant friend fell off the side of the TV Station

The large Pokémon Trainer continued to fall and fall, many people nearby ran off from the TV Station and as the Giant May continued to fall from the TV Station, finally May hit the ground, causing a large thud that lasted for a few seconds.

May fell unconscious on the streets of the city, many people soon formed a group around the Giant Pokémon Trainer, and then, May started to slowly, but surely shrink. After only a few minutes, she had returned back to her normal size. She suddenly woke up and looked around. “What happened?


A few Hours have passed ever since May had returned back to normal size, she had left Jubilife City. She was were the Ferry's leave. she was about to enter her Ferry to return back on her adventure in Johto. “Well, It's time to go...”

“Wait May!” May heard a voice like Ash's, she turned her head to see Ash, Dawn and brock running towards her. “Guys? What are you doing here?” She asked. “We just wanted to say goodbye.” Dawn said.

“Oh.... well, I'm sorry for what happened earlier...” May said, looking down at the ground.

“It's okay May.” Brock said. “We forgive you!”

“Well Then, I guess I have to go now...” May gave each of her friends a hug. “Goodbye for now, I suppose.” She said. She ran up into the Ferry and then it took off. As it did, Her friends waved goodbye to her. She looked inside her backpack, she picked out a few of those strange berries. :You know... I am hungry....”