Real Masters

(Cubed Cinder)

It was that time of year again. The time when all battles at the Kanto Pokemon Stadium were put on hold for the day in order for the famous locale to host the Kanto Pokemon League Exhibition Event. Basically, it was a chance for people to get up close and personal with the absolute best there was to see in Kanto aside from the reigning champion, Red.

And once the chatting with fellow trainers was over, the gym leaders took the time to communicate with themselves, something that they rarely ever do considering their tough jobs of accepting challenges and handing out badges to the winners. While trainers saw people like Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, Erika, Sabrina, Janine and Blaine as tough and determined-to-win masters of the game, the leaders saw each other as friends.
But then there was Green Oak. The conversation was interrupted as all the gym leaders looked to see Green park his red convertible right smack in the middle of what is normally the battlefield. Out of the car came Green's "fans," which were really his cheerleaders from Pallet Town.
"Green! Green! He's our man! If he can't do it, no one can!" the girls shouted as Green stepped in front of them.
"Thank you, my adoring fans. You've helped me believe I really am the greatest trainer in the entire world! And that's what being a gym leader is all about!" Green said. The other gym leaders just stood in their place, shaking their heads.

"(sigh) Every year it's the same thing. Green Oak comes here to brag about his talent and superiority over everyone." Misty said.
"That little baby... he really thinks just being a gym leader makes him unbeatable." Lt. Surge said.
"I wish he'd get run over by a tow truck. Better yet... I wish a building would fall on him and crush him to pieces." Erika said.
"How about running over him with a steamroller?" Brock suggested.
"Yeah... that too." Erika said.
"Personally I say we burn him at the nearest volcano. But that's just too easy for me to say." Blaine said. Green then approached his fellow gym leaders.
"Well, well. If it isn't the gym leaders in training. Are you all still trying to prove yourselves worthy to me?" Green said.
"For your information, we've already proven ourselves to the Pokemon League." Janine said. She's been the Fuschia City gym leader for a couple years now after Koga was promoted to the Elite Four.
"No duh! But obviously all of you still haven't seen what makes me so great and why I rightfully deserve to be the Viridian City gym leader." Green said. Sabrina then stepped up.
"Green, one day you will understand to treat your fellow trainers, whether or not they are as good as you, with respect. It's not about whether you win or lose, it's about encouraging your opponent to become stronger." Sabrina said.
"Geez... just chill, gal. I hand out badges to the few winners I've had. Isn't that good enough?" Green said. Nobody said anything. They knew Green would just argue right back.
"Whatever, I'm out of here. This event is such a waste of time. Why meet pathetic trainers like the ones here when you can spend your time training your Pokemon to be stronger than ever! So long, losers! Hahaha!" Green said, laughing as he walked back to his ride and drove it out of the stadium.

"Remind me why the league chose him as a gym leader?" Misty asked.
"We couldn't find Red. It's almost as if he had disappeared from the face of the planet." Erika said.
"I know Giovanni was even more mysterious and different from the rest of us, but I already miss him as the gym leader." Janine said.
"I don't. Nobody does since it was discovered he had founded and later disbanded Team Rocket. Just the fact that he's associated with Team Rocket just didn't sit well with me." Brock said.
"I wish someone out there could teach Green just what is really expected out of a Pokemon master." Blaine said. Suddenly, Sabrina raised her eyebrows as if she had an idea.
"Maybe we can." Sabrina said.
"What?" Brock said.
"Uh... guys, if you don't mind, I'd like to discuss something with my fellow female leaders." Sabrina said. The guys nodded, and with that, the four female gym leaders (Misty, Sabrina, Erika, and Janine) all walked far enough from the crowds so that nobody could hear what they were planning.

"What!? You really can do that?" Erika shouted.
"Hey, you'd be surprised what a psychic like me could do." Sabrina said with a smile.
"But don't you think that's going too far? I mean, we may not like the guy, but we wouldn't want to scare his heart out by treating him like that." Erika said.
"Look, Erika, we've all tried talking to him. Even Professor Oak failed at convincing him. This may be our only chance to show him the error of his ways." Sabrina said.
"Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm in for this plan." Misty said.
"Well, okay. But don't be surprised if I be too gentle on him." Erika said.
"I'm in also. There's no way he can possibly resist my beauty on an added scale." Janine said with a smile.
"Then it's settled, ladies. I'll play with him first since I can make the magic work. Then Janine will go next, then Erika, and finally Misty before all four of us team up on him." Sabrina said. She then extended her hand, and the other girls joined with her by placing one hand on top of another.
"Tomorrow, we make it happen." Sabrina said as the other girls nodded. Then they broke up and joined back with the guys to finish the rest of their activities for the event.

Saffron Gym (the next day)

As the morning sun rose in Saffron City, Green walked casually towards the Saffron City Gym, where he was to meet with Sabrina. He didn't know what for, as all she had told him over the phone last night was that he come to the gym first thing in the morning. But he immediately assumed it was because she was challening him to a Pokemon battle, one that he was eager to win.

After navigating his way through the teleportation maze, Green soon found himself at center square, where Sabrina was standing at the other end of the battlefield.
"Welcome, Green. I've been expecting you." Sabrina said.
"Yeah, whatever. Let's just get this over with! I've got more weaklings to pummel at my own gym." Green said.
"Oh, I didn't ask you here for a Pokemon battle. I just wanted to see you." Sabrina said as she walked towards the trainer from Pallet Town.
"What!? What a freakin' waste of time. Why spend your time flirting with me when you can instead work on improving your Pokemon." Green said.
"Well, you are right in that this would be a waste of time. But that's under normal circumstances, because there's something else I need to show you." Sabrina said.
"If it's about some new Pokemon you caught, forget it. Only losers show off their Pokemon." Green said.
"Don't worry, it's not about Pokemon at all. Just follow me and you'll see." Sabrina said. With that, both masters advanced towards the lone door of the entire gym at the corner of the battlefield. Sabrina opened it.

When the two walked inside, it was your typical girly bedroom. Though it was a yellow color on the wall instead of pink. There was the bed, the TV, pictures of herself with her friends and family, and finally... a complete model of Saffron City sitting in the center, with the Saffron Gym replaced with the largest dollhouse anyone had ever seen.
"Where in the name of Dragonite are we?" Green said, looking around.
"This... is my room. Where I can relax." Sabrina said, throwing herself onto her bed.
"Your room? Bleh... who needs rooms!? Again, it's a waste of time and energy to be resting and relaxing when you can be working on improving your Pokemon!" Green said. Sabrina then started to laugh.
"What's so funny?" Green asked.
"Oh, Green. So young and naive. It's so obvious that you eat, breathe, and sleep Pokemon training. Can't you just lighten up and enjoy life itself for a change?" Sabrina said.
"Look, sister. It's none of your business the way I run my life! If I wanted to be like you and live life the way it should, then I'd do that. If I wanted to spend all day becoming the very best Pokemon trainer there ever was, then I'd do that. But it's my decision what I do with my life. Not yours!" Green said.
"Figures you would say that. Why don't you stay and play with me?" Sabrina asked.
"Hah! Fat chance I'll be doing that! Look, if we're not going to battle, then I'm outta here." Green said. But just as he was about to walk out the door, he suddenly felt his body stop moving. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't move. It was almost as if he was frozen!
"I'm afraid you have no choice." Sabrina said. Then, in an instant, her eyes glowed bright blue, as did Green's body. Green soon vanished completely from sight. You might think he had disappeared completely from the face of the planet, but Sabrina knew exactly where he had gone as she got up and approached her dollhouse.

As soon as Green was able to move again, he looked around to see a totally different kind of scenery. It looked as if he was no longer in Sabrina's bedroom, yet he was sitting in a room similar to it. As he walked around the house to find out if there were other guests, he could suddenly feel violent movement from all around as he tried to keep his balance. He looked up to suddenly see the roof coming right off the entire house he was in!

As if that were bad enough, the sight that Green was stuck with was even harder to digest. There was Sabrina, looking down upon little ol' Green. From his perspective, he could only see her head.
"Huh!? Sabrina!" Green shouted.
"Oh look... it's my new dolly." Sabrina said, laughing a bit at that remark. She hadn't done something like this in years when she was incensed on being alone in the world.
"Dolly!? What are you talking about?" Green said.
"Green, look around you. What do you see?" Sabrina said. That's when it hit Green. Sabrina shrunk him, and he was standing at just two inches tall within Sabrina's toy city.
"You! What have you done to me!?!?" Green shouted.
"Temper, temper, Green. You wouldn't want to blow up like that." Sabrina said. She then lowered her hand and tried to pick up the tiny trainer, but he managed to get out of the way as he took off running in the opposite direction. Sabrina didn't flinch, as it was expected he'd run in a panicked fashion. She simply watched as Green continued to run. Finally, when she felt he was far enough into the model city, that's when she jumped onto the table...

Green, meanwhile, was running as quickly as he could. He wanted to bring out his Pokemon as defense, but that was until he realized his Pokemon had shrunken with him. He kept thinking this was all a nightmare, hoping and praying that he would wake up any second now. But, of course, that was just too much to hope for. He couldn't help but look up and see the sky yellow from the color of Sabrina's room instead of natural blue. But that was the least of Green's worries right now...
"Fe Fi Fo Fum! I smell the blood of a tiny Pokemon trainer!" Sabrina said, giggling as she said that. If that was a joke, Green was not laughing. He didn't bother to look back, not wanting to be intimidated by Sabrina's sheer size. But when he finally reached the edge of the city, where a dead end lied in the form of a picture of Sabrina as a young girl with her parents. Finally, Green had no choice but to look behind him.

And there it was. A most fearsome sight. Sabrina towering well over him. Geez... she looked almost 250 feet tall when comparing herself to the toy buildings around him. Sabrina played along with her role by smashing up these houses with her feet in her knee-high boots before she looked down at Green.
"So, Green, what do you think?" Sabrina said.
"I think you need to be a better actress!" Green shouted with anger. Sabrina then placed her boot as close to Green as she could without crushing him.
"My, my. That's big talk for such a little trainer." Sabrina said.
"Look! I'm sorry for what I said earlier! Just return me to normal, won't you!?" Green shouted.
"I'm afraid I can't do that. You have other friends to see." Sabrina said.
"Other friends?" Green asked. Soon, Sabrina held both her hands just above Green as they and her eyes started to glow with psychic energy. At that moment, Green soon started to vanish completely from sight, unaware that he was actually being teleported to his next location. As soon as he was gone, Sabrina looked back and noticed all the damage she had done to her toy city.
"I should try this one day with a real city." Sabrina said to herself as she hopped off the table where the toy city rested.

Celadon Gym

When Green felt the teleportation energy leave his body, he looked around to see a wall of flowers that laid in every direction he looked. It didn't matter if he looked ahead, behind, left, or right. There were flowers towering over him in all directions. What he didn't know yet was whether this was another larger-than-life area of Sabrina's home, or if he was somewhere else. His question would soon be answered as he could hear what sounded like clicking of the heels of shoes.

Very quickly was Green's vision of the tall flowers replaced with that of an even bigger wall. One that was mixed with red and human flesh, with the red coming from the same shoes that he heard earlier. Green's eyes slowly made his way up this body. His fears were coming to pass. Erika stood over Green like the bug he was.
"Well, it seems Sabrina's all done playing with you." Erika said.
"What!? You know about Sabrina shrinking me!?" Green said.
"Let's just say it was all part of the plan. She's had her fun with you, and now you can help me for a change." Erika said.
"Errrgh... you listen up, Erika! I, the great Green Oak, refuse to bow down to even a beautiful lady like you! When I get my hands on you, I'll..." Before Green could finish, Erika got down on her knees and lowered her face as close to Green as she could.
"Hasn't it occured to you by now that you have no say in the matter?" Erika said. Green just stood still, knowing that if he continued to argue, he would surely be crushed on the spot.
"That's better. Now that you're here, you could help me out with my latest gardening project." Erika said, standing back up. She then called out her Vileplume as it stood next to her.
"Vileplume, see to it that Green is not trying any funny stuff." Erika said as she walked away. Vileplume nodded and looked down at Green while he got to work.

Green was given the task of planting seeds into the ground. Erika dropped the seeds down to the ground close to Green as he buried them in the soft soil patches that stood around the edges of the battlefield. Green had always known Erika to be a serious gardener outside of her duty as Celadon Gym leader, but he didn't think she was this mad about it by going as far as having an indoor greenhouse! Nevertheless, after Green would plant the seeds, he wouldn't have enough time to dodge the water that came pouring down from above as Erika lowered the water bucket.
"Well, nice job, Green. You've done a good job helping out with my garden." Erika said.
"Whatever! Can you please just get me the heck out of here!?" Green said.
"No can do, my friend. How about a Pokemon battle?" Erika said. Green soon jumped on that offer, not even bothering to think about his current situation.
"Heck yeah! I'll show you what I can do! Go Gyarados!" Green shouted as he threw his Pokeball. Unfortunately for him, he forgot that his Pokemon had shrunken with him, so while the Gyarados towered over Green, it couldn't even tower past the normal sized Vileplume.
"Hahaha... this is a joke, right? And I thought all this time Green had the oh-so-mighty Pokemon." Erika said. Green just cringed and then hit his head, cursing himself for not thinking properly.
"Vileplume! Knock that little shrimp out with Petal Dance!" Erika said. Vileplume obeyed and let loose a fury of pink petals that struck the shrunken Gyarados each time. And sure enough, by the time the petals were clear of the area, Gyarados was lying flat on its back with eyes shut. It fainted instantly.

Green ran next to his Gyarados to see that it was in real pain. And all this from an oversized Vileplume.
"No! Gyarados!!!" Green shouted.
"I guess you now see what a real Pokemon master can be capable of." Erika said with a smile.
"Why you... you!" Green said. Again, without thinking, he started charging running towards Erika with all his might. But all he succeeded in doing was running into her huge red glass slipper. Erika couldn't help but burst out a laugh.
"Oh... this is sooooo funny! Just seeing the great Green Oak run flat into my foot sure makes you want to laugh!" Erika said, laughing. Finally, she kneeled down and picked him up from the ground.
"Oh well, it doesn't matter, because I've had enough fun and games with you." Erika said. She then carried Green off into another room, where Erika's female assistants were working. For Green, it was just a matter of keeping his composure in a room full of giant girls.
"I need somebody to deliver this boy to the Pokemon Center so that he's transferred to Janine in Fuschia City." Erika said. Green felt a cold shiver go down his bones. He knew Janine was relentless to outsiders of Fuschia City, especially small ones. He then watched as a girl with green hair and a hot pink dress lifted him from Erika's hand and into a small jewelry box.
"You can depend on me, Erika!" the girl said. As soon as she got moving, Green soon passed out from the lack of air inside the jewelry box.

Fuschia Gym

When Green woke up, he looked around to see nothing but the looks of a Japanese temple around him. Everything from the walls to the wooden floors and the lone entrance to the temple that was just ahead of him. There was no mistaking it, this was the gym of Fuschia City. Green started to run as fast as he can, only to crash head-on into something... but what? There wasn't anything in front of him.

Then it hit Green. Janine, along with her brother, Koga, were both masters of illusion. So they created illusionary walls just to throw trainers off. Then, all of a sudden, a thick cloud of smoke covered the entire area. Green coughed and wheezed as the smoke billowed over his body. When he finally got used to the change of air, he looked ahead of him to see that Janine was right there... at his size?

This had to be a trick, but Green approached the same-sized Janine nevertheless. Janine wasn't known much for her looks considering she wore purple all over herself, but she would've been intimidating at her full size compared to Green's.
"Janine?" Green asked.
"Yes, Green. It's me. You seem troubled..." Janine said.
"Yeah... am I ever. Sabrina and Erika have both been acting like they like me better at this size. No matter how much I plead, they won't restore me to normal!" Green said.
"Do you think it's because of bad acts you've committed in the past?" Janine said.
"What? No! I refuse to believe my behavior is what got me into this! I'll never change my belief that Pokemon masters have to pummel their opponents like the trash they are!" Green shouted.
"I see. Then if you believe that, you are surely blind to what's happening around you." Janine said.
"What do you mean?" Green asked. Soon, Janine started to disappear into the smoke.
"Janine?" Green said. He tried to follow, as he had felt the invisible wall disappear. But suddenly, Green had to jump back to avoid the huge purple object that was heading straight at him from above. When Green got up, he realizied this object to be Janine's shoe, and it was much bigger than before! The smoke started to clear...

"Janine!?" Green shouted again. Once the smoke was completely gone, he looked up to see a much bigger Janine looking down on him.
"Hello, Green. Welcome to my home." Janine said.
"But... how?" Green said.
"You forget. I'm a master of illusion. And I have my sister, Iya, to thank." Janine said. Almost on cue, Green looked sharply behind him to see another pair of giant feet approaching him. This time, the feet were encased in two knee-high pink-colored boots. His eyes later revealed this giantess to have hot pink-colored clothing. It was indeed Iya, a ninja in training and close relative to both Koga and Janine. This was all so much for Green as he fell down on the floor in shock, though he knew this would only make them appear bigger from his perspective.
"Good work, Iya. Your illusion creation skills are better than I ever anticipated." Janine said.
"Thank you, honorable sister. There was nothing more flattering for me than to trick this little boy into thinking you had shrunken with him." Iya said.
"How dare you girls trick me like this!? I am not humiliated so easily!" Green shouted.
"That was then, but this is now. Shall we, Iya?" Janine said. Iya nodded as she kneeled down to pick up Green.

And that's when the fun began. The girls played various games with the shrunken Green Oak. They played a game of catch where the two trainers threw Green back and forth. They placed Green on the floor while they raced to see which one would catch him first. They made him balance on their ninja swords. They even held a contest as to how long he would stay gripped on a piece of their clothing.

Basically, they spent 30 minutes playing all sorts of games with the little Green. You would almost think they had become children again.
"Gosh... I haven't had this much fun since I was a little girl!" Iya said, laughing at her own comment.
"Yes, but now it is time we send Green away to his final destination." Janine said. Green breathed a sigh of relief. He began to think that if he could survive whoever it was that was next, then perhaps he could return to normal and go back to pestering the weaker trainers.
"Awww... are you sure, Janine?" Iya said.
"Yep. I agreed with Sabrina's plan, so that's what I'm sticking with. Send him to the Cerulean Gym right away." Janine said.
"At once, sis." Iya said. She then picked up Green and sealed him inside a small box that was to be delivered to Cerulean City.

Cerulean Gym

Green had been sitting inside the box for quite some time now, enduring the shaking and bouncing that came from the box getting tossed around. At first it was by Iya, and then after help from an electronic transfer system got the box quickly from one land to the next, the Three Swimming Sisters soon had the box in their hands. Of course, Green didn't realize this until he could hear their voices from inside.
"Like... what could Misty possibly want that's inside this box?" one sister said.
"Yeah, it's like soooooo tiny. And she says it's very important to her!" another said.
"Oh well... we'll never figure out our little sister." another said. They all entered the Cerulean Gym and made their way to the huge swimming pool room, where they watched Misty practicing their high dives.

"Oh Misty! Like... your package just arrived!" one sister said. As soon as Misty heard this, she quickly climbed out of the pool and ran towards her sisters, not bothering to cover up her slim red-colored two piece bikini that she normally does. She also didn't bother to wrap her hair back into a ponytail like she usually does.
"Thanks, girls. I've been expecting this package for some time now." Misty said.
"Like, what's in it, girl?" one sister said.
"Yeah... what could be sooooo important in that little incy-wincy box?" another said.
"Well, let's just say a life depends on it." Misty said.
"Like whatever... you're so different from us, so it's not like we care." one sister said.
"Yeah, so enjoy your little package... we're going shopping!!!" another said. All three girls cheered loudly at the sound of that and soon ran out of the room, no doubt towards that shopping mall outside of town they always talk about.

Misty breathed a sigh of relief considering her older sisters weren't as picky as they usually are. And it was a good thing too, because there was no question they would claim the little Green as their own and not get one piece of him. With that in mind, Misty slowly opened the box and smiled with delight as she could see the shrunken Green inside.
Green, meanwhile, could only look up in fear as Misty looked down upon him. Green could only pray for the best at this point, but he did feel a silver lining in that Misty was without question one of the sexiest-looking Pokemon masters in the entire Kanto region.
"Hello, Green." Misty said.
"Yeah yeah... just get my punishment with you over with so I can return to normal!" Green shouted. Misty knew this wasn't going to happen, but she played along, knowing that he would be in for quite a surprise later. Misty then carefully took Green from the box, throwing it aside, and placed him on the wet ground, right in front of her massive feet.
"Very well then. You might as well do the honors of drying my feet. I had been in that pool for quite some time." Misty said. With that, Green got to work, walking between her toes and using both his hands and clothes to wipe off the excessive pool water from between her toes. The smell of chlorine was definitely evident as Green endured it along with massive drops of water that were falling from above from Misty's body. At times, Green couldn't resist looking up and seeing the beautiful titaness that was towering above him. He thought that perhaps it wouldn't be too bad to be serving a giant Misty. Misty lifted her other foot from the ground and used it to tap Green on the head.
"You're not working fast enough!" Misty said. That being said, Green picked up the pace dramatically, furiously wiping away at her toes and everything between her toes. It wasn't helping much considering water continued to drip down Misty's legs and onto the toes. After a couple more minutes, Green finally collapsed of exhaustion and was sitting against her smallest toe.
"Good job, Green. You deserve a reward for all that hard work." Misty said. She then reached down and picked up Green, placing him in the upper half of her bikini and close to her right breast. She had it on tight, so despite Misty's small breasts, he would be able to stick in his current position. Green could only wonder what was bound to happen next as Misty walk to the diving board.

The diving board!? As Misty climbed up it, that's when it hit Green. She was going to dive straight off the board and into the pool, and that board had to be at least 70 feet from the ground. As soon as Misty was at the top, she walked as close to the edge as she could, leaving Green to look way down at the water far below.
"Wanna go for a swim, Green?" Misty asked. She could just see him shaking his head wildly.
"No! Please, Misty!!! I'll drown!" Green shouted. Soon, Misty took one leap upwards, landing on the board, before she dived down towards the water in her swan dive motion. Green screamed his lungs out as he scrambled to get inside Misty's bikini. And not a moment too soon, as seconds later, Misty landed in the pool with a resounding splash! Green could feel the strong surge of water enter Misty's tight bikini as he held his breath for dear life. Finally, as he could feel Misty moving back up to the surface of the water, his grip loosened and he was left to float around the water.

Misty took a deep breath, happy to have completed another successful dive. She got a feel of her breasts to make sure that Green was still there, but he wasn't. She immediately thought that he might have perhaps been blown away by the surge of water. But one look behind herself, and there was Green, waving his arms and legs like mad in order to stay afloat. The water was on level with Misty's chest as he watched her approach him again.
"Ha! Wasn't that fun, Green?" Misty asked.
"Whatever!!! Just GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!" Green shouted. Misty could only help but giggle as she watched Green fight to stay afloat in the normally shallow pool. Finally, after a few seconds, Misty picked Green off and placed him on the deck, allowing him to regain his strength while she climbed out. Misty then walked out of the room so she could towel herself and call her fellow Pokemon masters over her nearby cell phone.
"Hey, Sabrina! I think I've had enough fun with Green, so you and the others can come by now." Misty said.

One hour later

As Green continued to sit helplessly on the pool deck, occasionally being forced to clean Misty's feet again, he watched as the other female gym trainers entered the pool area. Sabrina, Erika, and Janine looked down once again upon the small Green as Misty picked him up from the ground.
"So, girls? What was it like to play with the shrunken Green?" Sabrina said.
"Oh, I enjoyed it. Iya and myself played various games with him, even tricking him into beliving I was shrunk too!" Janine said.
"I got him to help me with my gardening. After all, he was the perfect size to plant seeds at just the right place." Erika said.
"I took him for a swim... and a great big dive to boot! And he was useful for wiping the water from my feet." Misty said.
"Well, it sounds like you all had fun with him. I myself allowed him to run freely around my toy city. He really got the feeling that a giantess was absolutely after him!" Sabrina said.
"You mean this was all part of a plan!?" Green said.
"Of course, Green. We all wanted to make sure we got a fair chance at playing with you. You can especially thank Sabrina for making the plan all work out." Misty said.
"Nice... now can I please return to my normal size?" Green asked.
"Well... we could do that... but I think not." Sabrina said with a smile.
"WHAT!?!??" Green shouted in anger. He wasn't liking the sound of this one bit.
"Even if you were going to promise to us that you would change, we don't trust you one bit. No matter what you say, you're a menace to Pokemon trainers everywhere and we cannot allow you to continue your misery." Sabrina said.
"But... but... really!!! I do promise I'll be nicer to weaker trainers such as yourselves! I'll do anything to get back to normal!" Green said.
"Sorry, Green, but our minds have been made up." Janine said.
"And now, it's time to say goodbye." Sabrina said. She then took Green and proceeded to hold him over her own mouth, no doubt to swallow his very life away. Sabrina opened her mouth and very slowly moved Green closer to the opening.

"No! NO! NOOOO!!! Please, I'll serve you girls if I have to!!! Just don't do this to me!!!!!" Green said, screaming. Erika could just hear that, and that's when she got an idea.
"Hey! Sabrina, wait!!!" Erika said. Sabrina heard that, and closed her mouth to look at Erika. Green could be seen breathing a sigh of relief.
"What is it, Erika?" Sabrina said.
"Did you hear what he said? He said he'd be willing to serve each and every one of us. I guess as a slave." Erika said.
"Hey... that's a good idea! Especially since if we killed him now, no doubt Professor Oak would be very suspicious." Misty said.
"That's a good point. And we did say we loved putting him through all that torture." Sabrina said.
"I would love to have him back in my garden!" Erika said with excitement.
"Then it's settled. Each of us will keep him for one day. I'll keep him, then Erika, then Janine, and then Misty. And it'll cycle back to myself when Misty's done, and so on. And just in case he's still stubborn about being so small... that's when one of us crushes him." Sabrina said. The other girls started to nod at the idea.
"I like it." Janine said.
"Works for me." Erika said.
"Oh yeah... I'll take that idea." Misty said. Sabrina then looked down at Green.
"Well, Green, you live. For now. It'll just depend on how willing you are to tend to our needs." Sabrina said.
"Hey, wait a minute! What about the Viridian City gym? It's going to need a new leader now that Green is ours." Erika said.
"Leave that to me. I know someone who can get the job done just as well as Green did. Just give me a few days to find him." Misty said. The other girls nodded, and soon they all left to go back to their respective gyms. Misty was allowed to keep Green for the rest of the day until Sabrina came to take him.

For the next several days, Green had gotten used to living life at such a small size, although he was still uncomfortable having his life on the brink of ending if he didn't do the deeds of the other girls properly. Sabrina basically allowed Green to run amok in her toy city. Erika once again forced Green to help her out with her gardening, especially when she would go off to accept the challenge of a Pokemon trainer.

Janine played illusionary games with Green and also made him interact with Iya. And Misty? Well, it was more high diving acts for her and Green. He was fortunate to be carrying these tasks for as long as he could. In fact, Sabrina even promised to return him to normal size one day if he kept up the good work. Whether or not she was serious... we'll never know.

Meanwhile, after much digging through various phone directories, Misty was finally able to locate the number she was seeking. She did not know the real name of this person, but he was better known to the entire Johto region by his nickname, Gold. As a champion of the Johto Pokemon League and having been defeated during this boy's journey through Kanto, Misty had no doubt this trainer was the perfect one to at least be a temporary replacement as Viridian City Gym Leader.

Misty dialed the number and awaited a response.
"Hello? This is Gold." Gold said from the other end.
"Hi, Gold. This is Misty. Perhaps you remember me from your journey to Cerulean City in Kanto?" Misty said.
"Oh, yes! I remember you. Listen, I still didn't mean to intrude on your private moments with your boyfriend like I did." Gold said.
"Don't worry about that. We've both forgiven you, but there is something I'd like to discuss with you." Misty said.
"What's that?" Gold said.
"Well, the Viridian City Gym Leader, Green Oak... has gone missing. We haven't been able to find him for some time, so we need someone to temporarily replace him." Misty said.
"And let me guess, that would be me, right?" Gold said.
"Yeah. I figured you were the only one out there available that possessed the skills and talent needed to become a gym leader." Misty said.
"Well, that's very thoughtful of you, Misty. Of course I'll take the offer." Gold said.
"You will? That's great! You don't have to start until tomorrow, so take your time packing your things." Misty said.
"Sure thing. Well, gotta go, there's this big water Pokemon out there that I just gotta catch!" Gold said.
"Very well. See you later, Gold." Misty said.
"You too, Misty." Gold said before he hung up. Misty did the same and walked back to her swimming pool to resume practice. She felt good knowing that the Viridian City Gym would be in good hands until Green was ready to return to reality.

New epilogue (one month later)

Green felt life couldn't get more miserable. It's felt like forever since he was at a normal size. He was stuck playing the silly games of his new gigantic masters... Sabrina, Janine, Erika, and Misty. Although the time they spent with him had gone down since they were busy challenging normal Pokemon trainers, it still felt like hell everytime Green was in one of their hands. But he had no choice. Sabrina's threat still echoed throughout his head. If he bored the girls in any way or tried to escape... he would be crushed in a most painful way. The thoughts of being a bloody smear on the bottom of one of the girl's feet scared him the most.

But one day, things would change dramatically for the shrunken trainer. He watched as Misty, who was the one holding onto him today, approached him at the desk.
"Well, guess what, little Green Oak." Misty said.
"I know, I know... it's time to go swimming. Let's just get this over with." Green said.
"Actually, I'm all done swimming with you." Misty said.
"You... you are?" Green said.
"In fact, we're all done with you. We've played with you long enough." Misty said. Green sweated like crazy.
"W-w-w-w-wait! Please don't kill me! I'm too young to die! I'll do anything!! ANYTHING!!!" Green shouted. Misty could only giggle over watching Green behave like he was.
"And a couple months ago you were belitting us like we were the vermin. How ironic is that? Don't worry, we're not going to kill you." Misty said.
"You're not?" Green asked.
"Nope. It seems there are some other gym leaders who would like to play around with you." Misty said.
"Huh? Other leaders?" Green said.
"There's one from Johto who's here now to pick you up, in fact." Misty said.
"No! NOOO!!!" Green shouted. He thought for sure he would be grown back to his normal size as soon as Misty said she wasn't going to kill him.
"Just wait here, Green!" Misty said. She turned around and left the room, seemingly to pick up whoever it was that was here from Johto.
"Where would I go..." Green softly said, trying to hide his frustration with that 'stupid orange head.'

Eventually, Misty returned, and with her was Whitney, the gym leader all the way from Goldenrod City in Johto. The young girl, sporting pink hair and wearing almost all white clothing, including her short shorts, quickly walked up to the tiny Green on the table.
"Awwww... he looks so cute! I thought you were joking, Misty!" Whitney said.
"Well, tiny Green is certainly no joke." Misty said.
"So how did you do it?" Whitney asked.
"Well, that's a secret, actually. Sabrina doesn't want this to get too far out of reach." Misty said.
"I don't know. I heard there were some gym leaders in Hoenn who were curious about shrinking trainers." Whitney said.
"Well, nevertheless, you can have him if you want. I've gotten tired of toying with him, along with the other ladies in Kanto." Misty said.
"Thanks, Misty! You're a real friend!" Whitney said. Green tried to run away, futile an effort as it might be, but ultimately had to let himself be captured by the spunky young lady from Goldenrod.
"Teeheehee, you're going to make a great playmate for me and my Miltank!" Whitney said.
"Gee, I can hardly wait." Green said as he rolled his eyes around. He then could only watch as he would be stuffed inside the right pocket of Whitney's shorts.
"Well, I gotta get back to Goldenrod. Catch you later, Misty!" Whitney said.
"Take care!" Misty said as she watched the gym leader walk out of the Cerulean City Gym. Misty already felt kinda sad watching the tiny Green go, but perhaps there would be another trainer that could be shrunken and be possibly a permanent playmate.