Real Masters 3: Misty Life

(Cubed Cinder; idea by gamdann)

With the sun setting on this day, one of his last in Kanto before he sails off for Hoenn, Ash and Pikachu looked with confidence at the sunset out in the distance. It was just himself and Pikachu looking at it, which made things all the more bittersweet.
"Well, Pikachu, a brand new day and a brand new journey starts tomorrow." Ash said. Pikachu voiced out its approval afterwards. The view was bittersweet for a good reason. For the first time in a couple years, Misty and Brock were not accompanying Ash on his journey. The trio had to go their seperate ways to attend to their own personal business as Pokemon gym leaders.

Or at least that's what Ash thought.

Ash stopped his walk when he heard something. He had been walking along a sandy pathway to use as a shortcut to get back to Pallet Town. And naturally, every step was a noisy one with piles of sand being driven into the ground with each step a human takes. Ash was hearing another set of footsteps grinding through the sand. He slowly took a few steps, listened for breathing, and then some more steps before stopping and looking behind him.

There was Misty. She had been following Ash this entire time and not biking her way back to Cerulean City like she said she would. She was breathing a lot, as if she had to cover a lot of ground just to reach her secret loved one.
"Misty?" Ash asked.
"Well... I guess you caught me." Misty said.
"What are you doing following me? I thought you said you would go home." Ash said.
"Ash... we've been through so much together these past three years. From the moment you wrecked my bike, it's been... well, it's been..." Misty said, twiddling her foot across the sand while trying to think of something to say.
"It's been what, Misty?" Ash asked. Misty then did what was once thought to be unthinkable. She threw herself onto Ash and hugged him with all her might. Ash could hear her breathing a lot as well as the tears drifting down her eyes.
"Ash! I love you! I want to spend the rest of my life with you! Please take me with you to Hoenn!" Misty shouted. As Ash continued to hug Misty, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Did Misty really just say that? It felt like yesterday when he wished she would be gone the moment she got her bike fixed. Now Misty is essentially selling her heart to Ash's. Ash tried to say yes to help her feel better, but he really wanted to go it alone for his next adventure. That and he didn't want to be dragged into the mess that the Cerulean City Gym was no doubt in.

"Misty... I can't." Ash said, loosening his grip on Misty. She took a couple steps back and tried to look through her tears and into Ash's eyes.
"What!? What do you mean?" Misty said. She could see Ash trying to avoid direct eye contact.
"It's just... we have our own lives to continue with. I have mine for when I start my next journey in Hoenn. And you have yours with your sisters in Cerulean City." Ash said.
"It's okay, Ash, they can wait! You could use a good travel companion when you venture off to this new land!" Misty said. Ash shook her head.
"Please, Misty, go back to where you belong. Cerulean City probably misses you." Ash said.
"Who cares about Cerulean City!? All that matter to me is you, Ash! Please just tell me you'll have me along for your journey." Misty said. Ash knew that if he talked to her anymore, she would just get even more emotionally distraught. He had to get away now.
"Misty... I'm sorry. Let's go, Pikachu." Ash said as he started to run as fast as he could in the opposite direction. Pikachu switched looking between the two trainers before finally, and hesitantly, settled with following Ash.
"Ash, wait!!!" Misty shouted as she gave chase, but she was too worn out from trying to catch Ash earlier, yet she sprinted on. Eventually, however, she began to tire out. She then collapsed down to her knees and could only watch as her beloved Ash faded from view.
"Ash Ketchum!!! Don't leave me!!!" Misty cried before she completely burst into tears with her face buried in the sandy pathway. Ash had stopped briefly to see Misty curled up like she was.
"Please forgive me, Misty." Ash said to himself before he continued on his journey home.

Cerulean City

Several minutes later, Misty was back on her feet, but she was moving at a sluggish pace. Who could blame her? After all, she had felt like she was rejected by Ash. What Misty was doing would've seemed outrageous a couple years ago when she had first met Ash, but now she wished she could spend the rest of her life with him. Alas, that was not meant to me. Misty tried to bring her spirits up, but there was no shaking the tears of sadness.

The shopkeeper of the Cerulean City Pokemon Mart had noticed Misty in her sad state of affairs, and he gently approached the young girl.
"Yo Misty! Things alright with you?" he asked.
"Well... kinda." Misty said.
"Awwww... come on, Misty. We've been friends ever since you were a twinkle in your mother's eye. You can tell me." he said.
"Alright. My best friend is going on a trip in a far away land, and he's insisting that I stay behind when I really want to go with him." Misty said.
"Well, ain't that a cryin' shame. But maybe you'll get to see him again soon." he said.
"That's the problem. His adventures take forever. It makes me wonder if I'll ever see him again..." Misty said, once again fighting back tears.
"Well, listen, I think I may have something to cheer you up. Could you come inside for a short moment?" he said.
"Yeah, sure." Misty said. She and the shopkeeper then went inside the Pokemon Mart.

Inside, the man handed Misty what appeared to be a bottle with gold dust inside.
"What's this?" Misty said.
"My delivery boy says it's some kind of shrinking dust that he got from Professor Oak. He was about to throw it away because the stuff worked a little better than he anticipated, I guess. My delivery boy just happened to be at Oak's lab when he offered to sell it." the man said.
"I see. You say it's shrinking dust?" Misty said.
"That's what he told me. It's probably only good for reducing plants or clothes or something like that. I've never used it or even sold it thinking the effects would be dangerous." the man said. Misty stared at this gold dust for a little while longer, letting thoughts and imaginations run into her head. Could this dust really shrink anything as the shopkeeper learned from Professor Oak? Only one way to find out.
"How much for this bottle?" Misty asked.
"Well, just for you, Misty, it's on the house." he said.
"Really? You're so kind. Thank you very much!" Misty shouted with delight as she ran out of the shop. The guy was simply happy to see Misty smiling again and bursting with energy, but of course, little did he know the real plans Misty had for the shrinking dust.

Cerulean City Gym

To confirm her suspicions, Misty raced inside the gym and walked around to find one of her sister's rooms. The sisters were out shopping again instead of Pokemon training, so Misty figured she would have no problem conducting this experiment. She ran into Violet's room and pulls out one of her older swimsuits that she had used in years' past for the swimming shows the gym puts on.

Misty laid the suit on the floor and then opened the bottle filled with gold dust. She sprinkled a small amount of it on top of the swimsuit before sealing the bottle once more. Misty sat for about three minutes as the dust yielded no results, but she then watched as the dust magically faded from view. Misty was about to think of the dust as useless when she saw the swimsuit start to shrink!

She didn't know how small the suit would get, but the smaller it got, the more fascinated Misty appeared to be. Finally, the suit stopped shrinking. Misty looked at the shrunken piece of swimwear and estimated that someone three to four inches tall would have no problem wearing this thing.
"This stuff really works! I'll have to thank the shopkeeper later on if this stuff will work on Ash." Misty said to herself. That thought alone sent her mind on a spiral. She would just love to have a tiny Ash Ketchum by her side for as long as she lived! Not only to spread her undying affections onto him, but maybe even as payback for all the silly little things they have done over the years. Taking the shrunken swimsuit and stuffing it in her back shorts pocket, Misty clutched the gold shrinking dust bottle and then threw it in the basket of her bicycle (where Togepi would normally sit). She raced out of the gym and into the moonlit skies, hoping to death that Ash hadn't left already.

Pallet Town

About an hour after leaving Cerulean City, Misty arrived in quiet Pallet Town. She parked her bike next to Professor Oak's lab and took the gold dust bottle before slowly approaching the Ketchum residence. She looked inside one of the open windows and saw Ash sleeping, with Pikachu on the floor.
"Perfect... I can catch Ash by surprise with this stuff." Misty said to herself as she looked at the bottle of shrinking dust. Then Misty wondered how she would get inside the house at this time of night. She wasn't too comfortable with actually breaking into a house just to shrink the one she loves the most.
However, Misty soon caught a stroke of luck when she just now noticed that the window was actually cracked open, likely so Ash could get some midnight air for sleeping help. So much for breaking into the house, Misty thought. She could practically just walk right in!

With that in mind, Misty very slowly opened the window and worked her way into Ash's room. She had to be as quiet as possible so that she doesn't wake up Pikachu, who tends to be susceptible to even the slightest of noises. Misty pulled back the bed covers to see Ash still dressed in his familiar blue jeans and black t-shirt. Misty looked at Ash and immediately felt he was born for adventures since he wears his regular clothes even in bedtime!
Misty didn't want to dwell on Ash any longer. She pops open the bottle and starts to sprinkle the dust all over Ash's body and clothes. Luckily, he didn't wake up from this stuff, which told Misty that he was in a deep sleep. Hopefully his sleeping was deep enough to allow him to shrink without noticing it until the next morning. Misty very much wanted this to be a total surprise.

Misty watched Ash for the next minute or so, waiting for the shrinking dust to take effect. And then, it began. Ash started to shrink. And shrink. And shrink some more. Finally, he was laying in the middle of the bed and looked to be only three inches tall, which was just the right size, Misty thought. Misty, with extreme care, lifted the tiny sleeping Ash from the bed and slowly made her way out the window again, leaving Pikachu all to itself.

Once Misty got to her bike, however, there was a problem. She didn't have anywhere safe to store the sleeping Ash she held with her two hands. Misty wanted to be absolutely sure that Ash didn't wake up until she got back home to Cerulean City Gym, and putting him somewhere on her bike certainly wasn't a good idea, not with the sandy and rocky roads that lead from Pallet Town to Cerulean City. But then Misty had an idea. She took a good look at Ash's tiny body and then opened her mouth wide open. She gently placed the tiny Ash right on her tongue.
"Now there's no way he can be distracted when he's sleeping inside me." Misty thought to herself. And she's right. She was good at keeping her tongue still even through her most active of times, plus she was good at controlling when and when not to swallow. There was no way she would let herself eat Ash alive. At least... not yet, if Ash decided not to cooperate with his new lifestyle.

With the moon still shining above, Misty hopped on her bike and rode off towards Cerulean City once more, now showing a smile instead of the sadness that overcame her earlier.

Cerulean City Gym

The next morning, Ash slowly opened his eyes thinking he would be in his room and ready to go for a brand new Pokemon adventure. But his mind was thrown for a loop when he saw where he was at.
"Huh? What's this?" Ash said to himself. The ceiling seemed to be miles higher than what he's accustomed to seeing. Plus, it was a blue color, almost as if he was underwater. Nowhere in sight were his other personal belongings. He quickly came to the impression he was in another room of some sort.

The 'bed' was what Ash focused his attention on next. It was yellow all around, and he didn't have any covers. The yellow sheets seemed to bump up a bit on the left and right sides, and as he looked forward, the color changed. They looked almost peachy now, then blue, and then peachy again with a split in the middle. Ash started to put two and two together. This couldn't possibly be a bed he had been sleeping on!
"What's going on here? Where am I?" Ash said, starting to shake a little out of fear. He then turned around, and was quickly taken aback at what he saw.

He had been laying on a giant Misty!

She definitely looked huge in Ash's eyes. She had to be at least a hundred feet tall by his best guess. But what place could possibly hold someone that large? That's when Ash figured that maybe it was he that had done some size-changing and not Misty. Still, he had every reason to be afraid of the girl that he now had to look way up to. Misty smiled after watching Ash go through his state of shock and then finally spoke down to her shrunken friend. Ash clutched onto her yellow shirt in case she made any sudden moves.

"Hello, Ash. Welcome to my home." Misty said.
"Misty! What have you done to me!?" Ash shouted, his voice just barely audible to Misty's ears.
"Well, what else? I shrunk you so you can always be with me." Misty said.
"But why, Misty!? Why me?" Ash said.
"Ugh... shouldn't it be obvious, Ash? We're in love with each other, aren't we? So we're supposed to stick together." Misty said. Slowly her smile was fading away and being replaced with that of a mean look. Misty clearly was still not happy with being deserted by Ash the night before. She then started to move her right hand towards the tiny Ash to try and pick him up. Ash looked up to see the hand and he immediately took off running away from Misty's face. Ash dived out of the way of Misty's hand as it landed right behind him and then started running again.

But Misty would have no part in this. She lifted her upper body off the bed, causing Ash to tumble down and land on Misty's own bed. Both her legs surrounded him in every direction. Ash had no choice but to let himself be grabbed by Misty's two fingers. Ash could feel the wind coming from being lifted up into the air blowing around his body before it stopped with Misty's face taking up his entire view.
"Ash Ketchum! You are forever mine and you are destined to be with me for as long as you live!" Misty said with authority. She certainly looked serious. Ash felt he could be killed by this giantess if he didn't do a thing she said properly. He began to realize two things. This was not a dream. He would've awaken by now if he were dreaming. And he also realized that deserting Misty like he did last night may have been the biggest mistake he ever committed. Forget the times he was big-headed in trying to be a Pokemon master before learning all the secrets to a successful trainer, what he did to Misty now seemed 10 times worse given the situation he was in.
"Misty, please! I'm sorry! I won't ever leave you again!" Ash shouted. Misty then wiped off the mean look off her face and replaced at least part of it with a smirk.
"I know you won't, my friend." Misty said. What came next surprised Ash the most. Misty gave him a big kiss, surrounding his entire body with her lips.
"Now then, you can relax for a little bit while I tidy things up in here. Then we'll think of what we can do next." Misty said, now smiling completely. Ignoring what Ash was trying to plead, Misty hovered him over her shorts pocket and then dropped him inside. Ash then sat back and could only wonder what Misty was doing based on her body movements.

The first thing Misty did was make her bed. She was so excited to have Ash sleep on her body that she didn't think about making her bed before breakfest. Ash, inside one of her shorts pockets, could only guess what Misty was doing judging by the sound effects from outside. Ash was finally pulled out of the pocket and he looked around to see that he and the giant Misty were in what looked like a kitchen. Ash was looking around at all the various water Pokemon posters that were tacked up from wall to wall.
"What do you think, Ash? A nice looking kitchen, isn't it?" Misty asked.
"Yeah, I guess, but do you have to have tons of water Pokemon posters?" Ash said.
"Yeah. What's wrong with that?" Misty asked. Ash didn't say anything. Arguing over water Pokemon was a battle Ash was certainly not going to win. Ash then watched as Misty pulled what appeared to be a bottle of water out of the refrigerator, and then she reached for a nearby empty glass. Ash was getting a good look of Misty's upper body as close as she was standing to the counter. Misty then turned around and opened the freezer and scooped (with a spoon) some ice into the glass. Once the glass was full of ice, Misty then proceeded to fill this glass with the bottled water. Misty looked at her glass of iced water as she set it down next to Ash.
"Y'know... something's missing." Misty said as she stared at her glass.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Ash asked, nervously. Misty then looked straight at the shrunken Ash with her eyes.
"A very tiny Ash Ketchum..." Misty said.
"What!?!?! Misty, you can't mean that!!!" Ash shouted as he felt himself picked up by Misty. Ash shook as hard as he could trying to get loose from Misty's grip, but that wasn't working too well.
"Misty!!! Please don't drink me!!! I don't taste very good!!!" Ash shouted.
"Sorry, my little Ash, but this is for ditching me on the road like you did the night before." Misty said. She then dropped him right into the drink. Ash right away started to swim for his life, but every time he gripped onto one of the ice cubes, he had to let go because of the extreme cold temperatures of the ice cubes. And cold indeed... the water itself was cold enough to make any expert swimmer shiver, and it showed as Ash both pedaled his feet to stay afloat and gripped onto his shoulders to stay warm... not to mention his teeth were chattering as well.

But Ash's problems were about to get a lot worse. Watching what was happening through the clear glass, Ash watched Misty started to pick up the glass and lean it towards her mouth. She only slightly opened her lips so that the water and not the ice would get inside her mouth. Even so, Ash was small enough to fit through this opening if he didn't do something! Ash started swimming frantically as the water and ice shifted towards the edge of the glass and flowed towards Misty's mouth.
But luckily for Ash, the first sip was only a minor one, and he was able to stay safe while the water resided back to a flat level. Unfortunately, an ice cube slammed into his body on the way down, serving only to further cause his body to shake and rattle from trying to stay warm. Another tip towards Misty's mouth, and Ash once again mustered the strength to swim against the current that was moving towards the opening. Twice he was safe. Again he fought to keep his body warm in certainly some sub-zero temperatures. The glass tipped over a third time, and Ash was struggling to survive this time... he was almost near Misty's lips before the glass teetered back to a flat level once more.
Finally, after one last gasp and just barely being able to save himself from drowning, Misty released the grip she had around her glass and took in a breath of fresh air. Ash could only think... was she done? Had she had her fill of ice cold water? Because if he didn't get out of there now, he would no question freeze to death.

Luckily, it wouldn't come to that. Misty reached with her fingers inside the glass and picked Ash out from the water and laid him to rest on the counter once more. Ash coughed as he collapsed onto his knees, slowly wiping himself from all the water that had pounded his body limb from limb.
"Now I know how it feels to be stuck in a Hydro Pump attack." Ash thought to himself. Ash looked up at Misty, who was smiling down on his tiny figure. He tried to find the strength to object to what Misty had been doing, but he was too tired. And too thankful to himself that he was still alive.
"Well now, I bet that felt good, didn't it, Ash?" Misty asked.
"Are you kidding? (cough) (cough) You tried to wash me down your throat!" Ash said in between breaths.
"Awww, Ash... did you really think I was going to swallow you like that? I'll say it again... you're mine for as long as you can live." Misty said.
"Great... just great. As long as I can live are the key words." Ash said.
"Relax, my little Ash. I promise you'll live as long as I'm around. Now then, to sneak you back in my room without my sisters noticing." Misty said.
"How?" Ash asked. Perhaps he shouldn't have as Misty scooped up the shrunken trainer from Pallet Town and held him squarely in the palm of her left hand. Ash looked to see what Misty was doing with her right hand... only to see she was taking one of her shoes off.
"Don't worry... you'll warm up nicely inside my shoe." Misty said. Once again, Ash resorted to screaming and pleading for his life, but Misty paid no attention as she carefully dumped Ash inside the shoe and tilted it so that he was standing at the very end of the shoe where the toes meet. Any light that Ash had inside the shoe was quickly dissipated as Misty's socked foot began to fill up the shoe. And right away, the combined smell of Misty's sock and foot was beginning to overcome Ash, who was already dying for some air after swimming around Misty's drink. But he couldn't stay still for long as Misty began to move.

About a few minutes later, Ash was darn close to passing out from both the lack of air and the putrid smell of Misty's socked foot. On top of that, he was getting tossed in every direction from Misty walking around. Eventually, though, the foot had finally been taken out of the shoe, and Ash was finding himself being dropped out of the shoe as Misty turned it upside-down. Ash once again landed on Misty's hand, coughing and gasping for air.
"Well? How was the ride, my little Ashy boy?" Misty said, giggling.
"Ashy boy!? Well, first and foremost, I prefer for you to call me Ash, and second... the ride was terrible. I could hardly breathe in there!" Ash shouted.
"Well, sorry about that, but I didn't want to risk you being spotted by my older sisters. You'd be surprised how much they get into the little things." Misty said. Ash just shrugged to himself.
"That's great... now when will you get me back to my normal size so I can go on my journey to Hoenn?" Ash asked.
"And leave you to do all the fun work? Sorry, but I gotta keep you like this until you learn to realize how dull life will be without me by your side." Misty said.
"But Misty..." Ash said.
"No arguments, buster. I wouldn't want to argue you because you're so cute-looking at that size. Oh yes you are. Look at how cute you are... you're just the cutest thing anyone in the whole world can ever have. Yes you are! You are so cute when you are so itty-bitty like that. Yes you are! That's my three-inch-tall Ash Ketchum, as cute as ever! I liked you at normal size... but I LOVE you much much more at this size!" Misty said, talking in a cute yet demeaning tone. She poked the shrunken Ash in the chest with the fingers from her other hand. Ash was clearly getting frustrated... it was almost as if his mom was nagging him again just like in his earlier days of life.
"Misty! Please... I'm not that young!!!" Ash shouted.
"Oh, you're right. My bad." Misty said, giggling, "Say, how about we play another game?"
"What? You're not going to freeze me or burn me up to death again, are you?" Ash asked.
"Nah, something much better than that." Misty said. Then, without much warning, Misty shot her right hand up into the air, causing Ash to go flying up towards the ceiling.

Ash went up a ways and then started to fall back down to the ground. He ended up landing back in Misty's two hands. But just before he could catch his breath from the wild ride, Misty threw him up in the air again. Again he was caught by Misty. One more throw upwards... she threw him so high that he actually did hit the ceiling. But Misty was again there to catch him. Ash rolled over from his body shaking so wildly. He gripped hard onto Misty's pinky finger as he pleaded her to stop.
"Misty... stop... I'm... I'm gonna... I'm gonna puke..." Ash said in between breaths. Misty couldn't help but giggle once again.
"Awww... isn't that cute? I think you're even cuter when you struggle like that!" Misty said with a smile. Just then, Misty heard a knocking sound on her door. Must be one of her sisters, she thought, and there was no way she was going to let them have fun with Ash. Without careful thinking, Misty slipped Ash into her left shorts pocket. Ash fell in with a rough landing as he nearly got impaled by the many Cascade Badges that Misty kept in this pocket. Just as he landed, the door opened. Misty looked to see it was Violet, the blue-haired one of the three sisters.
"Misty, like what's going on here? I heard you talking a lot." Violet asked.
"Oh, nothing much. I was just talking to one of the gym leaders over the phone." Misty said.
"Whatever... listen, there's a young boy that wants to challenge you for a Cascade Badge. He only gave me his nickname, Gamdann the Idea Man. Like, he's soooooo totally dull if he's not gonna share his real name." Violet said. Misty folded her arms underneath her small chest.
"Well... what about that Kamaria girl last week that you said got testy from not wanting to reveal her real name? I guess some people just like having nicknames." Misty said.
"Yeah, right... are you gonna, like, totally challenge him or not?" Violet asked.
"I will. Tell this Gamdann fellow I'll be right out." Misty said.
"Like, totally. Daisy, Lily, and I are going shopping. We'll catch you later, shorty!" Violet said before she closed the door. Misty growled after the door shut... she didn't like being called shorty, but it couldn't be helped since she was the shortest of the four swimming sisters of Cerulean City. Ah well, at least the shrunken Ash didn't make her feel short. Just as she thought of Ash, she remembered him and pulled him out from the pocket she stored her Cascade Badges.

"Ash, are you alright? I'm sorry, I forgot my Cascade Badges were there." Misty said.
"Yeah... I'm just swell. Just going through more punishment for not loving you more." Ash said. Misty smiled upon hearing Ash say the word love.
"Don't worry, my love. I promise all this pain and suffering will end soon. No matter what, I will take good care of you. I will make sure nothing happens to you for the rest of your life." Misty said.
"Well, that's reassuring to know, I guess. How do I know you're not going to torture me any more than you already have?" Ash said.
"Because I'm gonna give you a good seat for my battle with this Gamdann trainer. I'll show you a real Pokemon master at work." Misty said. She then moved Ash to up where her orange hair was, and then Misty dropped him, leaving him on top of Misty's head. No doubt this would give him a finer perspective on Misty's way of life around the Cerulean City Gym. But what really got him was her last comment before she moved him.
"Wait... a real Pokemon master!? What the heck is that supposed to mean?" Ash asked, but Misty didn't hear him as she walked over and gathered her Pokeballs before walking out of her room.

Inside where the swimming pool was, Misty walked out to see the young trainer nicknamed Gamdann the Idea Man standing by patiently. He was standing by the side of the pool, and across the room, he got a look at Misty walking out. Both trainers were about the same age, at least 13-14 years old (think of the time that has passed between the beginning of Ash's adventure and his supposed journey to Hoenn), and Gamdann was looking very casual, sporting nothing but blue shorts, a Pikachu T-shirt, and an official Pokemon League cap much like the one Ash used to wear. In many ways, this boy reminded Misty of Ash, but she didn't think much of that.
"So, you must be Gamdann the Idea Man." Misty said.
"Yes, and I'm here to win the Cascade Badge." gamdann said. Misty nodded and smiled.
"A good fighting spirit, I like that. Alright, let's get to it. There aren't very many trainers that are persistent enough to challenge me on an off-day." Misty said. She then walked over to a nearby switchboard and flipped some switches. A few platforms started to rise from the bottom of the swimming pool, and they went up until they were at water level. A couple of bridges also formed which connected the platforms to the concrete edges of the swimming pool. Misty signaled gamdann to take his place on the leftmost platform, just as Misty was walking to the rightmost platform, where she fights most of the time.
"We'll each use two Pokemon, one on one. If you can beat both of my water Pokemon, the Cascade Badge is yours." Misty said.
"That's cool. I hope you're ready because I've been training my Pokemon a lot lately." gamdann said.
"We'll see." Misty said. She then pulled one of the Pokeballs from her pocket and threw it out towards the big middle platform.

"Staryu! I choose you!" Misty shouted, and out came Staryu. Gamdann reached for one of the Pokeballs on his belt and threw it out towards the same platform.
"Eevee, go!" Gamdann shouted. Out came Eevee, complete with its cute growl that it usually does when it comes out of a Pokeball.
"Staryu! Tackle attack!" Misty shouted. Staryu thrusted its entire body forward and struck down Eevee, who quickly shook off the attack and lunged for the Staryu, but Staryu flew out of the way.
"Oh man... come on, Eevee, you can do it!" Gamdann shouted, rooting his best for his little Eevee, but it wasn't looking too good.
"Staryu! Water Gun!" Misty shouted. Staryu then shot a steady stream of water from its head, blasting Eevee and knocking it into the pool. Gamdann quickly called back his Eevee into his Pokeball before it could drown.

"Well, alright, I guess my warmup strategy didn't work out. But now you'll see my best Pokemon in action!" Gamdann said. Ash, still sitting atop Misty's head of hair, was secretly rooting for this young trainer to beat Misty.
"Alright, I choose Bulbasaur!" Gamdann shouted as Bulbasaur appeared out of its Pokeball.
"Bulbasaur, go with a Razor Leaf attack!" Gamdann shouted. Bulbasaur followed its command as a series of leaves came flying out of its back. Staryu was swiftly dodging all of these leaves as best as it could.
"That's a very fine attack, but Staryu has much greater speed than your Bulbasaur." Misty said.
"Well, not when it's distracted... Vine Whip, Bulbasaur!" Gamdann shouted. And Misty was right... Staryu would be so preoccupied with dodging the Razor Leaves that it wouldn't see the Vine Whip coming. And that's exactly what happened. Staryu soon got wrapped up in Bulbasaur's vines as Bulbasaur brought the vines careening down towards the platform, slamming Staryu head first into the platform! Bulbasaur then released Staryu as it lay motionless on the platform.
"Staryu!" Misty shouted. She was so surprised that Ash nearly fell off her head from her sudden movements. Luckily, he grabbed a hold of the ponytail of her hair to pull himself to safety.
"Yes! That's one down!" Gamdann said as he jumped up in excitement. Misty then called back Staryu with her Pokeball and then looked at Gamdann.

"You're not bad, Gamdann. You remind me of a close friend of mine." Misty said.
"Gee, thanks. I was only doing what I could." Gamdann said.
"Yes, that's true. But now let's see how well your Bulbasaur can stand up to my Starmie!" Misty shouted, as she threw the Pokeball containing Starmie towards the platform. Out came Starmie as it looked like it was ready for action.
"Alright! Bulbasaur, Vine Whip!" Gamdann said.
"Starmie, Rapid Spin!" Misty said. She was more prepared this time in calling the correct counterattack. Starmie started to spin so fast that the whip couldn't latch onto its body.
"Now, go with a Tackle attack!" Misty shouted. Starmie, after spinning its way to safety, dived down onto Bulbasaur, striking it head on.
"Bulbasaur! Razor Leaf!" Gamdann shouted. Bulbasaur rebounded its balance and fired its leaves once more, but once again Starmie dodged them as if nothing had been fired its way.
"Alright, now finish it with Psychic!" Misty shouted. The red jewel on Starmie's body started to glow bright red, and Bulbasaur was beginning to feel very dizzy. In fact, Bulbasaur had no chance to dodge the ensuing Tackle attack, knocking it into the water.
"No! Bulbasaur!" Gamdann shouted, crying out for its beloved grass Pokemon. He reluctantly called Bulbasaur back, handing the match to Misty.

Both trainers walked off the platforms and back onto the concrete flooring outside of the swimming pool. The two trainers shook hands.
"Nice match, Gamdann, and I'm sorry you couldn't prove yourself worthy of the Cascade Badge." Misty said.
"Thanks... but I don't understand. I always read that grass-type Pokemon were better to use against water-type Pokemon." Gamdann said.
"Well, experience has everything to do with a Pokemon's power as well. The more you've trained it, the more battle ready it will be. In time, your Pokemon could dodge attacks as good as my Pokemon would." Misty said. Gamdann simply nodded.
"Listen, as I said, you remind me of a good friend of mine. He never gave up despite his Pokemon training being a little underwhelming, and neither should you. I can see you one day as a Pokemon master." Misty said.
"Thank you, Misty. I promise I'll come back when I'm a stronger trainer." Gamdann said.
"I know you will. Good luck, Gamdann." Misty said, patting Gamdann on the shoulder before he walked out of the gym, smiling once more knowing that one of the best in the Pokemon League just gave him some very encouraging advice. Misty smiled as well, then reached up for her hair to grab Ash, who had been sitting there the entire time. Ash once again sat in Misty's right hand as he looked up at the giantess.

"Nice guy, isn't he?" Misty said.
"Yeah, I suppose. I hope he gets the experience he needs." Ash said.
"Now then, it's back to you. Want to have lunch together?" Misty asked. Ash looked at her nervously, and why not? She had nearly tried to eat him alive only a couple hours ago.
"Don't worry, I promise I won't eat you this time. I'll feed you well." Misty said as she started to walk for the kitchen.

Misty walked into the kitchen and pulled out a couple items of food. She pulled out two slices of bread and made herself a sandwich just to be easy on the stomach. She went to the pantry and pulled out a large cracker and placed it next to Ash, whom she had placed on the counter. The same counter that he had been standing on before when Misty wanted to eat him alive. As Misty poured another glass of water, she looked to see Ash nervously staring at the cracker she left for him.
"Well, aren't you gonna eat it?" Misty asked. Ash once again stared up at Misty.
"You didn't poison this thing, did you?" Ash said.
"Of course not. What makes you think I would do something like that?" Misty said. Ash started to frown even more.
"Because you've been trying to kill me, right?" Ash asked. Misty put down her glass of water and then leaned down towards Ash, kissing his entire body once more!
"Oh, Ash, that was just payback for what you had done last night. I only wanted to freighten you, not kill you. Not when I love you so much that I already missed you the moment you left me." Misty said.
"You mean this is all about leaving you behind on that dirt path last night?" Ash asked.
"The moment you left me was when I felt my heart shatter to pieces, at least for a few minutes. I was very lucky to find that shrinking dust afterwards." Misty said.
"Shrinking dust? There is such a thing?" Ash asked.
"Yeah. I was surprised myself someone in Cerulean City had that stuff. Luckily he didn't sell it because things like this would've happened, but he couldn't help but give it to me when he heard of my problems." Misty said.
"And then you shrink me while I'm asleep. Real clever..." Ash said, folding his arms.
"Well, what did you expect me to do? If I had waked you up, you would've said no anyway, and Pikachu wouldn't have liked it much either." Misty said.
"Pikachu... What about Pikachu!? What did you do if anything? I swear, Misty..." Ash shouted.
"Don't worry, my little Ash, I didn't touch Pikachu. Pikachu will be here eventually. It can be fine by itself for a little while." Misty said.
"No... you don't know Pikachu as much as I do. It needs to be with its travel companion no matter what! And that's what I need to be! A travel companion!" Ash said.
"Excuse me... but did you just say I don't know Pikachu as much as you? I traveled with you for three years, buster, and this is how you continue to behave to me!?" Misty shouted as she started to get a little tense over Ash's attitude. Then again, this was nothing unusual as the two used to argue a lot during their adventures.
"Listen, Misty, I like you. I really do. But what you're doing is wrong! Isn't there a way you can unshrink me!?" Ash shouted.

Misty finally couldn't take it. She slammed both her hands down on both sides of the shrunken Ash, startling him as he fell to the ground. But then Misty took a couple deep breaths and stepped back, now holding a hand to her head.
"I... I'm sorry. I promised myself I would take care of you, and I nearly broke that promise." Misty said, fighting to hold back tears.
"Misty, please..." Ash said as he walked to the edge of the counter. Misty saw him walking, and decided to kneel down so she didn't have to look down on him. Maybe that would help him feel a little better.
"Ash, I hope you understand... I can't live well without you either. That's why I did this. I said I missed you from the moment you left me, and I want you to be with me." Misty said. Ash wanted to object once more, but that didn't really seem like a good idea as heartbroken as Misty looked to be. He couldn't forget it was his mistake that forced Misty to lay that shrinking dust all over his body the night before. In fact, he had just remembered that.
"You know what... you're right. It's my fault. I shouldn't have left you like that. I was so anxious to begin my new adventure alone, because that's how new adventures ought to be. I didn't even think about properly saying goodbye to you. You had a normal life too, and I had really wanted you to get back to it. I had no idea I was a part of that life." Ash said.
"Yeah... I know the feeling. Before we met, I couldn't stop wishing I could move out of this dump and start my own swimming show and Pokemon Gym. That way I didn't always have to be in the shadows of my sisters." Misty said. Ash tried to think of something to say afterwards, but it wasn't coming to him. Misty had trouble finding words as well, laughing to Ash as she noticed he was struggling as well.
"I guess we both did what we thought was right, and we're both sorry for a few things." Ash said.
"And hopefully for the best. Now go on, eat that cracker. I wouldn't want to see you on an empty stomach." Misty said. This time, Ash was willing to take this order as he started biting away, as did Misty with her lunch.

A few minutes later, both were done, and Misty was ready for the next thing to do in her day.
"Well, you ready for the next thing I'd like to do?" Misty said.
"Well... okay, but you promise not to hurt me?" Ash said.
"I promise, my love. Don't even panic if you see me look like I want to hurt you. I've said it before... those things I did earlier was for payback, but now that you've apologized, I think you deserve a bit of kindness from me." Misty said.
"Now there's a surprise. When have you ever been 'nice' to me?" Ash said. Misty laughed as what he said.
"Well, how about this?" Misty asked as she took a couple steps back. Ash then watched as Misty was... pulling for her shirt!? She was acting like she was going to take it off right in front of his eyes! Ash, being a modest kind of guy, was naturally concerned.
"Uh... Misty? What are you doing?" Ash asked. He quickly turned around thinking Misty was about to get naked and she would go crazy over him seeing her this way. About a minute later, the sound effects of Misty taking her clothes and shoes off had subsided.
"What are you looking at, Ash Ketchum? Don't be afraid..." Misty said. Ash heard these words and very slowly looked back towards the giantess. To his surprise, she was not naked at all. She was in her two-piece red swimsuit, which made her look quite sexy (looks like this, but red instead of green) to anyone that would notice her.
"What? You thought I was going to undress completely?" Misty said.
"Uh... well... I think..." Ash said, blushing as he tried to find the right words. Misty couldn't help but laugh. Ash stopped his train of thought when he saw the gigantic beauty walk towards him at the counter. To get a view of nothing but smooth skin and a two-piece red swimsuit was proving quite interesting for Ash. Maybe this was reward for surviving Misty's trials of punishment for ditching her?
"I just wore this underneath so it would save me time in changing clothes." Misty said.
"Oh, well, that's a relief." Ash said.
"Come on, we'll go to the swimming pool now." Misty said as she picked up Ash again.
"The swimming pool!? But isn't the water going to be way too deep for someone as small as myself?" Ash said.
"Don't worry, my love, I've got that covered." Misty said. She took one of her Pokeballs before leaving the kitchen completely.

When Misty arrived at the swimming pool, she took her Pokeball and threw it into the pool. The ball opened up to reveal Horsea.
"Horsea, you'll be in charge of giving Ash a ride while I do my swimming exercises." Misty said. She then walked to the edge of the pool and gently lowered Ash onto Horsea's back. Ash hopped on and grabbed a hold of Horsea's skin in order to hang on.
"Well, I guess this is what you call horse-back riding!" Ash said. Misty smiled knowing that Ash was getting back to his normal cheery self and that he hadn't lost his sense of humor, no matter how bad it sometimes seemed.
"Now don't worry about falling off. I've made sure Horsea will catch you the moment it senses you've hit the water." Misty said. Ash nodded knowing that he appeared to be in great shape based on Misty's changed mood. Misty then ran off and climbed up towards the diving board. Ash watched from Horsea's back at Misty climbed up the 70-foot-tall ladder and then approached the edge of the diving board. Ash knew from Misty's previous life that she was a great diver, but he never really got a chance to witness first-hand her incredible diving skills.
Misty then took one leap upwards, landing on the board, before she dived down towards the water in her swan dive motion. She hit the water with a resounding splash, causing a few small waves to flow around the pool. To someone as small as Ash, these waves looked pretty big, so he had to grip onto Horsea to avoid being rocked around by these waves. He watched as Misty came up to the surface of the water and swam towards Ash.
"Well, Ash, how was that?" Misty said.
"That was great... this is the first time I've seen you dive so well." Ash said.
"Well, I can believe that, because it's been a while since both of us have been home." Misty said, "Horsea, go ahead and swim around. It'll remind Ash of the good ol' days."

Misty then dived underwater and swam away from both the shrunken Ash and her friendly Pokemon. Ash knew what Misty was talking about. Among the many things Misty enjoyed about Ash's journey to the Orange Islands a couple years ago was sailing from island to island on top of a Lapras. That was the first time Misty started to have secretive romantic feelings for Ash compared to seeing him as the snob that broke her bike just months earlier. Ash started to remember these days as well as Horsea swam peacefully around the pool.
Ash then looked to see Misty was slowly following them. Why was she following them? And how come only her hair was sticking out of the water? Ash wasn't concerned for Misty because she had a knack for holding her breath underwater for a long time, but he still wondered what the heck the giantess was up to. But then Ash was thrown for a loop when Misty suddenly leapt up... and with her mouth wide open! Not letting the water that splashed all over his body bother him, Ash looked at the back of Horsea's head.
"Horsea! Giddy up!" Ash shouted. Amazingly, Horsea heard this command and it sped up in forward-moving speed, just as Misty's head splashed back down underwater, once again soaking Ash in pool water. Ash quickly got the idea of what Misty was doing after he saw her hair sticking above the water once more.
"Oh great... what a time to play the part of Jaws." Ash muttered to himself. Ash motioned for Horsea to swim faster, but Misty stuck right on its tail. And once again, when she felt she was close enough, she made the leap up and tried to 'bite' Ash. I quote bite because she was truthfully aiming her landing for at least a foot away from Ash and Horsea. It took a few more Jaws jumps for Ash to realize that Misty was missing him on purpose. She probably wanted to rattle his feelings one more time, but this time Ash was prepared. He stood proudly on top of Horsea's back.

"Alright, Misty, I know what you're trying to do! You can't scare a master trainer like me this time!" Ash shouted. Just then, Ash could hear Horsea shout something out. He looked ahead of Horsea's head to see Misty was standing right there! She must be standing at the utmost shallow end of the pool because her waist was level with the water. As Horsea happily swam for its owner's open arms, Ash was so startled that he fell into the water! After Misty gave its Horsea a hug and kiss, she giggled when she saw the three-inch-tall Ash fighting to stay afloat in the pool.
"Well, you're almost there. You couldn't see that coming, could you?" Misty said.
"Very funny... now can you help me out here!?!?" Ash shouted. Misty right away lowered her left hand and let Ash swim onto it before she raised it up to eye level. She then dropped her Horsea into the pool and then climbed out of the pool, retrieving the Pokeball that Horsea was in and calling it back with her open hand. Once Horsea was back in its Pokeball, she placed it down on the ground and then grabbed a nearby towel before walking to the center of the concrete ground. Misty lowered Ash right next to her feet as she began to wipe herself off with the towel. Ash noticed that she had not been trying to dry her legs or feet, which were dripping with water drops that looked big enough to soak Ash at his size.
"Ash, could you do me a favor and help dry my feet?" Misty asked.
"Huh? How can I do that? With my body?" Ash said.
"Pleeeeeease?" Misty said, putting on her best begging voice. There was no resisting this voice, and Ash knew it as well.
"Well, alright." Ash said. Very quickly he got to work at throwing his body against Misty's large feet, covering his already drenched body and clothes with more pool water that had clung to Misty's feet for a long period of time. Ash endured as best as he could, especially with the smell of chlorine all over not only Misty's body, but his own as well. This process continued for at least a few minutes before Misty was about 90% dry. She then picked up Ash and patted him on the head.
"Thanks, Ash. It's been a joy to have you in my gym the past 12 hours." Misty said.
"Well, I guess it's good as long as it makes you happy." Ash said, clearly getting adjusted to living life at only three inches tall and having Misty to both protect and play games with him. Misty just smiled knowing just that.

Just then, a doorbell sound was ringing all throughout the gym. Misty's heart jumped a beat upon hearing that sound.
"What is it, Misty?" Ash asked.
"Dang it... my sisters must be home already." Misty said. She had to quickly find a place to hide Ash. So without thinking too much, she stretches out the top piece of her swimsuit and drops him inside, leaving him stuck in between her breasts. Although because of Misty's small breasts, he only had to worry about staying as still as he could between her skin and the fabric of her swimsuit.
Misty wrapped the towel she had been using around the bottom part of her swimsuit, hiding her legs. She then approached the front door of the gym. Amazingly, at the door was not any of Misty's sisters.

There was Delia Ketchum, Ash's mother, holding Pikachu in her arms. Pikachu had tears running down its eyes and a very sad face. It struck a chord in Misty's heart to see such a normally cheerful Pokemon be so sad like this. She had a feeling on what was going on, but she opened the door first.
"Mrs. Ketchum?" Misty asked.
"Yes... hello, Misty. I'm sorry to bother you like this. Have you by any chance seen Ash anywhere?" Delia asked. Misty of course didn't want Delia to know that her son had been shrunken by her the night before.
"No... he hasn't even called or anything. Why?" Misty asked.
"Well, I woke up this morning to see he had already left the house, probably for this Hoenn place like he said he would do last night. But he didn't bring Pikachu with him... Pikachu was so heartbroken I almost cried myself." Delia said. Misty looked down at Pikachu, who was still crying from seeing his trainer gone missing. Misty tried to keep her own emotions in check... just seeing Pikachu as painfully sad as it was enough to make her want to cry as well.
"Listen, I was hoping you would take care of Pikachu for me since you're one of Ash's close friends." Delia said. Right away, Misty held out her hands and took Pikachu in them.
"Don't worry, Mrs. Ketchum. I'll take care of Pikachu, and if I see or hear from Ash, I'll let you know." Misty said.
"Thank you, Misty. You've been so kind. I can't imagine why Ash would want to leave as briskly as he did. He could've at least said goodbye to me like any other son would do to his mother." Delia said.
"I understand." Misty said, nodding with Delia.
"Well, see ya, Misty. And good luck." Delia said before she walked away.

Once Delia was gone from sight, Misty looked down at Pikachu and gently patted its head, trying to cheer it up from what has been a traumatizing day for the yellow electric Pokemon.
"It's gonna be okay, Pikachu. I'm gonna let you see Ash now." Misty said. Immediately Pikachu perked up upon hearing the name Ash. She then put Pikachu on the ground and took a deep breath before pulling Ash out of her swimsuit. Ash regained his vision to see Pikachu, at least twice his size, looking down at him.
"Pikachu? Is that you?" Ash asked. Suddenly Pikachu's tears transformed into those of happiness as it ran up to its owner. Pikachu didn't even realize until the two started hugging that Ash was shrunken, but it didn't seem to care as it was overjoyed to be back with its owner once more. Misty smiled behind the two and was happy to seem the two overcome with happiness. Misty hadn't realized up until now just how important Ash was to Pikachu's life, and vice versa. Just then, the two stopped hugging and Ash looked up at Misty.
"Uh... thank you, I guess." Ash said.
"Think nothing of it. It's my fault for forgetting how close the two of you are." Misty said. For the first time all day, Ash and Misty stared at each other for half a minute, like they were trying to read each other's minds. Misty was the first to shake it off.

"Hey, you want something to eat, Pikachu? You must be starving because you didn't have Ash to feed you." Misty said. Pikachu nodded.
"Come to think of it... it is almost dinner time." Ash said.
"Alright, come with me to the kitchen you two... I even have Brock's recipe!" Misty said, "Oh, and Ash, I'll bring you some clean clothes on the way back." Misty said.
"Clean clothes?" Ash asked.
"From my sister's dollhouse collection." Misty said as she started walking back to the kitchen.
"Great..." Ash said sarcastically. Ash then climbed up onto the top of Pikachu's head as he rode the Pokemon back into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Pikachu was digging into the food that Misty, having gotten the recipe from Brock, prepared for it. Ash, now wearing a red T-shirt and black jeans that matched his small size, was biting off the crackers that Misty had left for him while Misty ate her own dinner. Misty was still in her swimsuit, which made her quite pretty to look at, and she knew it judging from the way Ash tried not to look at her when she was looking away. Misty just smiled.
"C'mon, Ash. You can look at me if you'd like." Misty said.
"Well... you're not wearing much, and you always yell at me when I look at you while you're just in a swimsuit." Ash said.
"Don't forget... you're mine forever. You're entitled to look at me as often as you like." Misty said. In fact, she moved her hand next to Ash and his crackers and slowly swept them closer to her body, where the waist above was visible from above the counter. Misty then patted Ash on his head with one of her fingers.
"There. How's that?" Misty said.
"Uh... better." Ash said as he blushed. Misty couldn't help but giggle from watching Ash blush like he did. She hadn't seen him blush very often during their adventures together, and that's what was making this moment so special.
"But don't get used to it. We'll be going out after dinner time." Misty said.
"Going out? Where are we going?" Ash asked.
"There's this Pokemon-themed carnival that's visiting Viridian City tonight. I think we should all spend some time together there since we've been in here almost all day." Misty said.
"To a carnival? But won't there be a lot of people there?" Ash said.
"Yes, that's true. But I've got that covered." Misty said as she reached for some very thin rope sitting on the end of the counter. Misty told Ash to raise his arms up while she swung the rope around his body. Once it was around, Misty tied it up enough so that Ash was safe and secure in the rope, yet it wasn't tight enough to make him feel uncomfortable. Then Misty slowly lifted up the rope and placed it around her neck, effectively making the rope look like a necklace. Ash dangled over open air before he was settled in between Misty's breasts.
"Comfortable, my love?" Misty asked. Ash just nodded while he continued to blush badly. Misty was just happy that Ash was feeling better compared to earlier when she tortured him for leaving her behind. She then took him off and let him finish his 'dinner.' Misty, meanwhile, went to her room to change into regular clothes.

About a half-hour later, Ash watched as Misty came walking back into the kitchen in her regular clothes. Ash was kinda disappointed that she didn't stay in her swimsuit... wait, Ash was disappointed? Ash once again blushed to himself. He was supposed to be feeling upset over being shrunken and having to be stuck in Misty's hands for potentially the rest of his life, but he suddenly wasn't seeing her like that. He started to see Misty more as a guardian angel of sorts. Ash held on as Misty once again put the necklace on, leaving Ash to rest against her yellow shirt.
"Ready to go, everyone?" Misty asked. Pikachu happily voiced its approval. Ash, riding with Misty as a result of being tied to the necklace, gave her a thumb up. Misty nodded and walked out. Just as she did, however, her three sisters greeted her.
"Hey, little sister! Did you like totally miss us like you usually do?" Daisy said.
"Kinda. Listen, girls, I gotta go. Watch Togepi for me." Misty said.
"Like where are you going?" Daisy asked.
"Yeah, and like what's that thing hanging around your chest?" Lily said, pointing to the shrunken Ash.
"And what are you totally doing with a Pikachu?" Violet asked.
"I'll explain later, girls. I really gotta go." Misty said as she walked past her sisters and out of the gym. Misty, as soon as she was outside and hopping onto her bike (with Pikachu jumping in the basket seat where Togepi would normally sit), she breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she had dodged a bullet.
"Whew... hopefully my sisters didn't get too suspicious over you." Misty said.
"Why? You don't want them to know about what you did to me?" Ash said.
"Trust me... with Daisy especially, you'd be nothing but a doll to them." Misty said. Just then, she started pedaling her way towards Viridian City, just as the sun was beginning to set on what had been a long day for everyone.

Viridian City

About an hour later, having to take the long road with Mt. Moon closed because of some kind of Clefairy outbreak a couple weeks ago, Misty arrived in Viridian City, which was illuminated under the night sky with the Pokemon Festival in town for the night. The crowd wasn't too large, so manuevering around the grounds wouldn't be a problem. Misty then parked her bike behind the abandoned Viridian City Gym as Pikachu jumped out and stood by Misty's side.
"Are you sure it's okay for me to be out here like this, Misty?" Ash said.
"What, are you kidding? Lots of women have their men in some way hanging around their neck. Besides, I could use the company. Nobody's gonna notice." Misty said.
"I hope you're right..." Ash said. Misty could tell Ash was getting nervous, and she had to calm him down once more. She grabbed him with one hand and then gave him a kiss.
"Hey? What did I say before? I said I would protect you no matter what." Misty said. Ash nodded.
"Good." Misty said. She then dropped him back to his normal place... until the rope broke off! Misty gasped when she felt the rope broke off from her neck.

"ASH!!!" She shouted, grabbing her chest. But then she looked down to see Ash had grabbed onto the bottom of her yellow shirt as he dangled above open air. Misty let loose with a deep breath before she held out her hand and let Ash drop onto it.
"Oh my god... Ash, are you okay?" Misty said.
"Yeah... listen to you, now. You thought I was nervous!" Ash said. Misty cracked a smile, knowing that he was right in that the fortunes had been reversed. Misty had never been so scared in her life to think that her loved one could've been in life-threatening danger.
"You're right, but I think it should show how much I care for you now." Misty said.
"So... now what? I guess riding on you is out of the question, right?" Ash said.
"For now. You can ride Pikachu." Misty said, setting Ash down on Pikachu's head.
"There. This way you can still look way up to me." Misty said before she started walking towards the carnival grounds. Ash leaned over Pikachu's head to look at his favorite Pokemon in the eyes.
"(sigh) Y'know, Pikachu, who would've thought that this is how Misty feels for getting her bike back." Ash said. Pikachu just said its name softly like it had no comment. It then started walking as well, slowly so Ash wouldn't fall off, towards the grounds where Misty was wandering around.

Misty and Pikachu (with Ash riding on it) had spent the next few minutes just admiring the scenery. The beautiful background music almost made the place feel romantic despite the carnival nature. Misty couldn't help but look at Ash and want to blow him another kiss because of this romantic feeling, but she agreed to herself that they would do some more hugging and kissing when they got home.

Misty walked and looked around before something finally caught her attention. She saw what appeared to be a ring shop. She walked up to it and looked at the gallery of rings that were resting on the table. She especially paid attention to the silver one with a sapphire jewel.
"Well hello there, pretty lady. How can I help you?" the shopkeeper said.
"Oh, I'm just looking. I can't afford any of these rings." Misty said.
"Ah, bummer. These rings are popular with the ladies. That's what all the boys tell me anyway." the shopkeeper said.
"I'm guessing that. I wish my boyfriend would buy me a ring instead of always going out and training his Pokemon." Misty said.
"Well, have you reminded him how much you love him? Usually that's bound to get his attention." the shopkeeper said.
"You think so?" Misty said.
"I know so. That's how I've been married for eight years." the shopkeeper said with a smile, looking at the ring he bought for himself to remind him of his happy marriage.
"Gee, thanks. I'll try that next time I see him." Misty said.
"You do that. And good luck." the shopkeeper said.
"Thanks... see ya." Misty said as she walked away from the shop.

After another thirty minutes of walking around the carnival grounds and even riding on some of the rides (complete with shrunken Ash by her side), Misty walked back to where she had parked her bike. Ash, back sitting on Pikachu's head, couldn't stop thinking about what Misty said to the ring guy.
"Uh... Misty. Do you really love me?" Ash asked.
"Of course, Ash. Perhaps more than life itself. Why else do you think I shrunk you?" Misty said.
"Well... it's just that... well, I mean..." Ash said as he stuttered trying to find the right words. Misty immediately sensed what Ash was trying to say, and she then reached down to pick him up from Pikachu's head.
"Oh Ash, surely you've noticed I'm not the same Misty you met three years ago. A lot has happened in that time that has caused me to change my mind over you." Misty said.
"You really mean it?" Ash said.
"Ash Ketchum, I'll say it again. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Nothing else matters to me anymore." Misty said. Ash was speechless... Misty was telling the truth all this time. She really did love him. Ash was certainly nervous having never had a girlfriend up until now.
"Come on... let's get back home." Misty said before she put Ash back on top of Pikachu's head, who hopped into the basket on Misty's bike. Misty then began the long journey back home to Cerulean City.

Cerulean City Gym

It was just under two hours to midnight by the time Misty came home to the Cerulean City Gym. Misty carefully picked up Pikachu and carried it inside. First, she had to put Ash in a safe position, so she walked into the kitchen and placed him on the counter. Pikachu, still awake but showing signs of tiredness, was placed on the floor.
"I'll be right back... I need to use the bathroom." Misty said. Ash just nodded as Misty walked off. A couple minutes passed by with nothing happening. But Ash still felt something was wrong. He couldn't help but feel some other big person was watching him. When he turned around, that's what he saw. Another big hand reaching down to grab him.
Ash tried to say something, but this time he was completely covered up with no chance to speak out at all. Basically, Ash's body was entirely covered by this hand, and it was like this for the next minute until Ash finally regained his vision. He looked to see who it was that had taken him, and his heart almost stopped when he saw who it was. Or rather... who they are.

Misty's sisters. Daisy, Violet, and Lily.

"Ooooohhh... he's so like teeny tiny!" Lily said.
"You mean this is what Misty has been hiding from us this entire time?" Violet said.
"Like what else would she hide? She's so much shorter than the rest of us... and look! This little dude's totally wearing Ralph's clothes!" Daisy shouted, referring to the doll that Misty took the clothes from.
"And he looks totally cute!" Lily said, poking on Ash's chest. Ash, however, swiped the finger away, or at least tried to.
"Hey! Cut it out!!!" Ash said.
"Yeah, Lily, like we don't want to make him angry. Misty totally wouldn't like that!" Violet said.
"Say, aren't you like the guy that beat Misty for the Cascade Badge and later became her boyfriend?" Daisy asked.
"Well... yes." Ash said.
"I totally knew it! You two go so perfect together. So, like, why did she shrink you?" Daisy said.
"Dang it, Daisy! Do you have to ask the little squirt so many questions? Why don't we play with him too!?" Violet said.
"Yeah, totally! We're Misty's sisters, so we should get tiny boys too!" Lily said.
"And he's so small... he's almost like... a toy!" Daisy said.
"Oh no..." Ash muttered to himself. He could immediately get a feeling on what the girls were planning to do. That's when Daisy threw Ash up into the air. She let him fall back down onto her hands before she threw him again, this time towards Violet. Violet then tossed him to Lily, Lily tossed him to Daisy, and so on. This tossing and turning game went on for at least another minute before Daisy put a firm grip on the shrunken Ash once more.

"That was, like, totally fun!" Daisy said.
"What else could we like do with him?" Violet said.
"Oh oh oh! Make him kiss our bare feet." Lily shouted.
"I soooooooooo love that! You heard him, little boy, start kissing!" Daisy said as she lowered Ash to the ground and next to her bare feet. The other girls giggled as they watched Ash kiss Daisy's toes one by one. He even rubbed some of them for good measure.
"My turn!" Violet shouted as she walked up to Ash and tapped him with her own bare foot, forcing him to work on Violet now. Lily did the same exact thing. Once Ash was done with Lily's foot, Daisy picked him up once more.
"You're such a good little boy! I just love it when little guys kiss our feet!" Daisy said.
"You girls will be sorry when Misty finds out I'm missing!" Ash shouted.
"Oh... like Shorty's totally gonna discover us with you? How do you figure that?" Violet asked.
"Because she's here." Ash said. The girls turned around, and indeed...

Misty was standing right there. Ash had somehow seen her enter the room.

She had an unhappy look on her face and she had folded her arms underneath her chest. Pikachu was standing by Misty's feet, also unhappy. Perhaps it was Pikachu's perception skills that allowed it to sense Ash was in trouble and Misty needed his help.
"Well what do you know? Misty is totally here!" Lily said.
"Daisy, Violet, and Lily. Just be nice sisters for once and give me back Ash." Misty said.
"Ash, huh? Did you give him that name because he was so small?" Daisy said as the other girls laughed. Misty took a deep breath and ran for her sisters to grab Ash, but Daisy held him up in the air and out of reach.
"Yeah... did you shrink him because you're so short compared to the rest of us?" Violet asked.
"That wasn't the reason!" Misty said.
"Then how did you, like, shrink him?" Lily asked. Misty started to open her mouth, but chose not to say anything.
"That's secret information." Misty said.
"Well, whatever. I don't see why you have to have your boyfriend all to yourself. Why not share his little body with us?" Daisy asked.
"Don't you have your own guys to chase after?" Misty said. She reached once again for Ash, but Daisy instead threw him over to Lily.
"Oops... I almost dropped him." Daisy said.
"You better be careful... you could've squashed him flat!" Violet said as all the girls laughed again. Misty was getting ticked now...
"GIVE ME BACK ASH THIS INSTANT!!!" Misty screamed out.

"Yo like, chill out, little sister... we're just teasing you like we always do." Lily said.
"Go ahead, Lily... give her the boy. We wouldn't want her to have a temper tantrum, would we?" Daisy said.
"Like, totally." Lily said. She then threw Ash high into the air and away from the three girls. Misty gasped as she backtracked with her hands wide open until she was able to catch him. Misty looked sharply at Ash as she watched her sisters walk off in laughter. Misty grunted and then ran off towards her room.

Misty's room

Misty hurriedly ran into her room and slammed the door behind her shut. She then carefully laid Ash to rest on the edge of her bed as she kneeled down to get a good up-close-and-personal look at him.
"Ash... Ash... are you alright? Did my sisters hurt you in any way?" Misty said, sounding panicked.
"I'm alright, Misty... just a little dizzy from your sisters throwing me around, but I'm okay." Ash said.
"Oh thank god... thank goodness they didn't do worse to you." Misty said. Ash suddenly could see Misty trying to fight back tears.
"Misty, what's wrong? Are you okay?" Misty said.
"Oh, Ash... I can't believe I nearly lost you. I could've so easily lost you in that moment of time. I should've been there... I should've been more watchful." Misty said.
"Hey hey, calm down. There wasn't anything you could've done differently." Ash said.
"Yeah? Like what!? You don't understand, Ash! I promised myself I would be there for you every step of the way. I said I would protect you no matter what happens... but look what happens! If you were killed, I could never forgive myself... I'm such a fool! All because of me... you could've been killed!" Misty said, finally breaking down into tears as she buried her head in her arms and bed. Ash backed away before the head could crush him, and he could only watch as the giantess cried away all because of one little miscue.

Ash looked around Misty's room and then spotted a glass vase full of beautiful red roses. He immediately thought of a way to cheer Misty up as he looked down at Pikachu who was standing on the floor next to the bed.
"Pikachu! Get me one of those roses over there!" Ash shouted. Pikachu nodded and climbed atop the dresser the roses were located. Pikachu bit onto one of the stems, pulled the connecting rose out of the vase and then jumped onto the bed. Pikachu dropped the rose next to the shrunken Ash before it jumped off the bed. Ash meanwhile used all his strength to drag the rose across the bed and towards Misty's enclosed face.
"Uh... Misty?" Ash said, tapping on Misty's hand. She slowly lifted her head up to see Ash holding onto the rose. She wiped the tears away from her face and looked in astonishment at the kindness and warmth of Ash's heart.
"I... I love you. I always want to be with you too." Ash said.
"Oh, Ash... (sniff) I love you too." Misty said. She then grabbed onto both Ash and the rose and hugged them as close to her heart as she could.

Later that night, with Misty feeling a lot better knowing that Ash was not only safe but was fully committed now to her instead of his training, at least for a little while, Misty jumped into her bed as she held onto Ash with a firm grip.
"And so ends our first day together." Misty said, smiling. Ash smiled back at the giantess.
"Yeah... I'd say it's been one heck of an adventure. But do you really think I can adapt to this kind of lifestyle?" Ash asked.
"You're Ash Ketchum, silly. You can do anything if you put your mind to it." Misty said.
"You're right... I forgot. By the way, where am I sleeping?" Ash said.
"Hmmm... how about..." Misty thought before she moved Ash towards her mouth again!
"What!?!? Misty!!! You promised me you wouldn't do this again!!!!!" Ash shouted as he panicked greatly in Misty's hands. But she stopped the movement and moved him back away from the mouth.
"Hehehe... just kidding, Ash! I've got a better place for you to sleep." Misty said. She then picked herself up off the bed and opened up her dresser. She pulled out a rather large empty jar. The jar was easily a foot high, plenty of room for someone three inches tall like Ash Ketchum. She placed the jar on the nightstand next to her bed.

"You can sleep inside this jar, and I'll even keep the lid off so you can breathe." Misty said.
"Gee... thanks, Misty." Ash said.
"Whatever makes you comfortable, my love." Misty said. She kissed him one more time before dropping him inside. She even dropped in a shred of her bed covers that she had cut off for Ash to use as both covers and a pillow (considering the original material is kinda heavy). Once Misty saw Ash was comfortable inside the jar, she got into her own bed and reached for the light.
"Good night, Ash Ketchum." Misty said.
"Good night, Misty!" Ash shouted from inside the jar. That's when the lights went out on what had been a long day for both trainers.

Two months later

Just as the morning sun was rising, Misty was gathering all her most important things, especially her water Pokemon and Togepi. She was also wearing a different outfit from her normal yellow shirt and blue shorts. That's what had Ash, still three inches tall and living with Misty, concerned for her. They had also been staying in a different place, staying with an old woman in Hoenn's Oldale Town who was generous enough to provide Misty shelter for a little while.
"Misty, are you sure you want to do this? Hoenn's a completely different land with new kinds of Pokemon." Ash said.
"It's okay, Ash. I think we both could experience a new adventure together. My sisters can take care of things at the Cerulean City Gym." Misty said. Indeed, the two (along with Pikachu) had been staying in a Pokemon Center in Oldale Town of Hoenn. Misty had decided to go on the Hoenn adventure for Ash so that not only can she learn new things about Pokemon, but she can remain with Ash the entire time as well. Misty put the 'Ash necklace' on (this time she had a much stronger rope to support Ash)

Misty then walked outside and, without thinking much, bumped into another female trainer who was heading inside. This trainer was wearing a red shirt with black shorts. She had a bigger chest than Misty did and she was wearing a bandana.
"Oh! I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going." Misty said.
"Oh, it's okay. I'm just worried about getting my Pokemon back to normal health." the female trainer said.
"Is it okay?" Misty said.
"Nope... it got beaten badly by a Poochyena. Shows what I know about being a trainer." the trainer said.
"So you're a new trainer? Oh, don't worry, I promise you things will get better." Misty said.
"I hope so... hey, what's that on your chest?" the trainer said, pointing to the shrunken Ash that was hanging around.
"I'm her boyfriend!" Ash shouted. The trainer gasped when she heard Ash speak for the first time.
"Well... it's kind of a long story." Misty said.
"I'll bet it is... I'd like to hear it if you don't mind after I get my Pokemon healed." the trainer said.
"That's fine. You think you can come with me to Petalburg City as well? I could use some company." Misty said. Again, the female trainer's eyes lit up.
"You bet I will! My dad is the gym leader there. You're gonna need all the help you can get." the trainer said.
"Thanks... go ahead and heal your Pokemon. What's your name, by the way?" Misty said.
"My name's May. It's nice to meet you." May said before she went inside the Pokemon Center. Misty smiled happily, as did Ash. They both felt May would make a nice travel companion based on her attitude and aspirations to be a master Pokemon trainer...

New epilogue

As Misty walked inside the Oldale Town Pokemon Center, she watched as May placed the badly injured Torchic on the counter for Nurse Joy to heal.
"Please, heal my Torchic, Nurse Joy!" May said.
"Don't worry, ma'am. Your Torchic will be back to full health very soon." Joy said as she placed the Torchic on the tray and took it back to the healing area. Misty approached the counter.
"So that was your Pokemon?" Misty said.
"Well, yes. What was left of it, anyway." May said.
"Awww... don't get discouraged. We all have to start slow. Don't we, Ash?" Misty said as she looked down to Ash who was still trapped in her 'necklace.'
"Hey! What's that supposed to mean!?" Ash shouted. He tried to move around, but could only barely do so because of how tied up he was, and he was beginning to show a little fatigue as a result of feeling stiff and being so high in the air. There was some other tingling in his body that he couldn't put a finger on.
"What's wrong, Ash?" Misty asked.
"Well... it's getting kinda uncomfortable in here." Ash said.
"Alright, I'll let you loose. But you gotta promise me you won't run away!" Misty said.
"Sure, but where would I go... especially at this size?" Ash said.
"He's got a point." May said with a smile on her face. Misty then undid the knot and gently placed Ash down on the counter.

Suddenly, Nurse Joy came walking out from the healing area.
"Oh? Which one of you is Misty?" Joy asked.
"That would be me." Misty said.
"There's a video call for you on Screen One. I think it was your sisters. They said it was urgent." Joy said. Ordinarily Misty would likely refuse a call from them, but Joy did say it was urgent. There was no way she could ignore that.
"Alright, I'll take it." Misty said. She walked away from the counter and headed towards the video phones, leaving Ash with the gigantic May. May took this opportunity to get to know Ash more. She approached the tiny boy, leaving Ash to look up at her.
"So... um, where are you from, Ash?" May asked.
"I'm from Pallet Town... in Kanto, that is." Ash said.
"Wow! That's so far away. What brings you and Misty to Hoenn?" May asked.
"Well, we're just looking for a new big adventure." Ash said.
"I don't know, it looks like your adventure is already big! Hahaha!" May said.
"That is so not funny." Ash said.
"Okay, okay. I'm sorry. My brother's right, I do make a lot of bad puns." May said. Ash suddenly found himself holding different ends of his body, trying to keep bits of pain in check.
"Ash? What's wrong? Are you okay?" May asked.
"I don't know... I'm experiencing a lot of discomfort all of a sudden." Ash said. Pikachu, standing on the same counter as Ash, was the first to notice a change going on with Ash.
"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted, pointing at Ash.
"Huh? Ash... you're... you're growing!" May shouted.
"I am!?" Ash shouted. Indeed, Ash was suddenly getting bigger. No longer was he the tiny three inches tall that he's been for two months now. He was slowly returning to his normal size, and luckily so were his clothes.

A few seconds later, Ash was standing on the counter, back to his normal size. After seeing a few trainers staring at him, he quickly jumped off the counter. Pikachu happily jumped into Ash's arms, seemingly relieved to see his master back at his normal size at long last. May was a bit confused at first.
"Well... um... nice to talk to you at a more normal size now." May said.
"Yeah, I guess so." Ash said.
"Huh? Ash? What happened?" Misty said. Ash turned around and saw Misty standing there with a surprised look on her face.
"Hey! Don't look at me! I had nothing to do with this!" May shouted.
"Misty... I don't know what happened! I just... grew, all of a sudden." Ash said.
"I guess the shrinking dust finally wore out. It lasted much longer than I had planned." Misty said.
"Misty, I'm..." Ash said.
"Don't worry about it. I have to go back to Cerulean City anyway. Togepi and the water Pokemon are very upset ever since I left so abruptly, and my sisters are only making it worse." Misty said.
"Why not ignore them? They're your sisters... surely they can handle things right?" May asked. Misty just shook her head.
"They're so incompetent..." Misty said.
"Don't worry, Misty... I'll go with you!" Ash shouted.
"It's okay, Ash. As much as I love you... my sisters and my Pokemon have to come first. I should've realized that before I left..." Misty said.
"Misty, I'm sorry..." Ash said.
"Hey, come on! Don't be sad for me! We WILL see each other again. I guarantee it!" Misty said.

Ash felt this was an abrupt change in behavior for Misty... but she was right. Her Pokemon and her family did come first. At least right now they did. He decided not to argue with this decision, but before Misty turned to leave the Pokemon Center, she placed a hand on May's shoulder.
"It was nice to meet you, May, but just you remember... Ash belongs to me." Misty said with a smile on her face.
"Um... sure. No problem! I can take a hint!" May said. Misty then looked over at Ash.
"Until we meet again, Ash Ketchum." Misty said. She leaned forward and gave Ash a kiss on the cheek.
"Yes, until we meet again." Ash said as he smiled. Both he and May watched as Misty strolled out of the Pokemon Center, on her way to catch a ride all the way back to Cerulean City in Kanto.

May looked over at Ash as he was rubbing his face where Misty had kissed him.
"That's quite a girl." May said.
"Um... yeah... yeah." Ash said.
"Ah... a loss for words?" May asked.
"Well, yeah. Listen, you still want to tag along? I could use a tour guide for Hoenn." Ash said.
"You bet. As I said before, you're going to need my support when challenging my father." May said as she winked over at Ash.

Ash smiled, knowing he had met another friendly companion. He would eventually be reunited with Brock (who took care of his little family problem) and also join up with May's younger brother, Max. The four of them would set out for a grand adventure throughout the Hoenn region.

But Misty would return one day, unknowingly to say goodbye to her Togepi...