Real Masters 4: Mind Blowing

(Cubed Cinder)

NOTE from author: The names of Sabrina's parents, along with Sabrina's last name, are not real. I made them up just for this story.

The double doors opened at the Saffron City gym as the night sky was full of stars. Sabrina and a young girl came walking out of the doors, with Sabrina smiling happily as she walked the girl out.
"Promise me that you'll train your Pokemon harder and come back?" Sabrina asked.
"Of course, Sabrina! Once my Pokemon are stronger, I will come back and win the badge this time!" the girl shouted.
"That's the spirit! It's always important to have confidence in yourself. Not just for your Pokemon." Sabrina said.
"Thank you..." the girl said before she ran off to continue her journey. After Sabrina waved back the little girl, she turned around and re-entered the gym. Her parents, Lisa and Ormond, were standing there to greet her.
"Wasn't that little girl sweet? She kinda reminded me of you when you were that young!" Lisa shouted.
"Mother, please... you say that about every little girl that challenges me." Sabrina said. Just as she said that, she suddenly began to feel a premonition. She had to hold her head, because it felt very powerful.
"Sabrina..." a young female's voice said.
"Sabrina, is something wrong?" Ormond asked. Sabrina picked up the voice of her father and shook her head.
"No, it's nothing. I guess I'm just sleepy after a long day of battling trainers and psychic training." Sabrina said.
"I've always said all that psychic training would get to your head someday. You really ought to find another activity to spend your free time on." Ormond said.
"You know what... maybe you're right. I could always play golf!" Sabrina said. She held her hand out and, using her mind, ripped the golf club that Ormond was holding in his hands. She took it in her own hands and ran off, giggling along the way
"Arrrrgh!!! Not again! Come back here! That's my best 5 Iron!!!" Ormond shouted as he chased after his daughter. Lisa simply laughed it off.

Finally, though, it was time for everyone to go to bed. Sabrina was resting comfortably in her own bed thinking about what the next day would hold. Soon, though, her dream was about to be interrupted.

When Sabrina next opened her eyes, there was nothing. Nothing but a white background with a texture-less ground to stand on. The world looked empty around her and there had to be a reason for it.
"Hello? Hello!?!?" Sabrina shouted, with her voice echoing ahead. There was nothing. Not a single other sound. At least... that's the way it was for a few seconds. Sabrina's sensitive ears picked up the sound of rumbling, and it was getting louder with each passing second. She looked in the direction of where the sound was coming from, and that's when she saw a white-colored boulder rolling right for her!
"Yikes!" Sabrina shouted, but using her telepathy, she was able to scoot out of the way before she could get crushed by the object. She watched as it continued rolling away into the distance.
"Great waves of psybeam! What was that!?" Sabrina shouted.
"Hello, Sabrina." a young female's voice said. Sabrina instantly recognized the voice from earlier in the night, before she went to bed.
"That voice again..." Sabrina said. She looked at where it came from, and sure enough, there was a shadow there. It was shaped like that of another human being, and it was big too... easily making Sabrina mouse-sized. The shadow was approaching her too, and the closer it got, the more she could see. Finally, the shadow revealed its true identity, and Sabrina was floored.

It was that little girl she always carried with her.

For the uninformed, Sabrina was always obsessed with her psychic training, going to the point of pushing away her own parents in favor of improving the power of her own mind. Eventually, she got so obsessed that a clone of herself was formed in the form of a doll, symbolized by what could've been Sabrina's look and feel had she grown up to be a normal girl.
Sabrina always held this girl with her, very rarely talking herself and letting this doll control her twisted thoughts, most particularly when she would shrink losing trainers and keep them in her dollhouse, but of course this was always foiled by Ormond, who disguised himself as a jogger and waited for the day when Sabrina would be defeated and come to her senses. And Sabrina was eventually defeated, almost by accident if you think about it, by a Haunter owned by a future master trainer named Ash Ketchum. Haunter helped free Sabrina's inner self and returned her to the girl she was always meant to be. The little girl simply vanished, and it was always assumed that she had disappeared for good.

Apparently that's not the case, and Sabrina was left speechless. It was coming back to her. She immediately recognized the white boulder she had dodged as the ball she would always 'play catch' with.
"Hi, Sabrina. Remember me?" the little girl said.
"No... this can't be. This is impossible! You disappeared! My father saw it with his own two eyes!!!" Sabrina said.
"Yes, it is true that I vanished from your own world, but I was always a part of you, Sabrina. I simply resided in your mind, waiting for the right time to return once my own psychic strength built up." the little girl said.
"What do you want with me!?" Sabrina asked.
"It's quite simple. I want to play! I wanna play with all those ordinary little people in Saffron City." the little girl said.
"No... I won't allow that! I've made many friends since I changed those many years ago. I've even made up with my family. There's no way I would desert them." Sabrina said.
"Oh, I'm afraid you have no choice in the matter. Let me show you what I mean." the little girl said. She then started stepping towards Sabrina.
"No! You won't catch me!" Sabrina said. She tried using her mind to hold the giant little girl back, but it was having no effect. That's when Sabrina took off running in the other direction, even knowing that there was probably nothing out there but the emptiness of the white scenery. The girl simply giggled.
"Heeheehee! There is no escape, Sabrina!" the little girl said. Just then, her eyes glowed a bright white, and Sabrina suddenly collapsed to the ground, screaming in pain.
"That... that doll is using Confusion to immobilize my body! I can't... I can't move!" Sabrina shouted.
"Don't worry, Sabrina. Soon you will be back to your normal self." the little girl said. Sabrina was able to turn around finally, only to see the skin of that girl's hand taking up her vision.
"No... please don't hurt me! NOOOOOOOOO!!!" Sabrina shouted before everything faded out.

As the morning sun peeked through the windows, Lisa and Ormond were slowly waking up, but things quickly sped up when Ormond suddenly leapt to his feet.
"Ormond! What is it?" Lisa shouted.
"Something's wrong with Sabrina. I can sense it!" Ormond said.
"Oh no... come on! Let's go see!" Lisa shouted. They both soon ran out of their own bedroom and for Sabrina's bedroom.

When they got there, they saw Sabrina standing up, with her back turned. She was still in her white pajamas.
"Sabrina! Sabrina! Are you all right?" Lisa shouted.
"Please, Sabrina. Tell us if you are okay." Ormond said. Sabrina then turned around, and it was not a pretty sight. Sabrina was no longer smiling. She had that same mean look that used to plague her during her intense psychic training days. Not only that, but her eyes were glowing white from time to time.
"Ormond, why does she have that look on her face?" Lisa said.
"I've never felt better, Mom and Dad." Sabrina finally said. Ormond started to approach Sabrina.
"Now, Sabrina. Something has clearly affected your mind. If you'll just let us..." Ormond said.
"NO!!!" Sabrina shouted defiantly. She held her hand out and telepathically shoved her own father back against the wall.
"Sabrina, that's no way to treat your father!!!" Lisa shouted. She too started running towards Sabrina.
"Lisa, no! Stop!" Ormond shouted, but it was too late. Sabrina again summoned her psychic powers, this time as if she was clutching Lisa right in the neck. Lisa choked badly for air.
"Sabrina! Let her go! Take me instead!" Ormond said. Sabrina heard this and released her mental grip on Lisa. She fell to the ground gasping for air.
"Why don't you both stay and play with me?" Sabrina said.
"What!? Play with you?" Lisa shouted.
"That's right. But first, to make sure you don't escape." Sabrina said. Knowing that her father was the only other person who mastered the ways of the psychic and therefore could be able to escape, she cast another spell on Ormond. Ormond held his head in pain.
"Ormond!!!" Lisa shouted.
"She's... she's using Psychic on my mind to try and disable it! I can't use my powers!!!" Ormond said.
"Now you'll play with me." Sabrina said. She cast her next spell, this time focusing on both Lisa and Ormond. The two began to shrink.
"No... not again!" Lisa said as this brought back bad memories of a few years ago. Both parents, with Ormond still fighting the Psychic spell, were eventually reduced to around four inches tall. Sabrina approached both of them, getting her bare feet as close as she could to the two without crushing them.

After picking them up, Sabrina walked over to the small dollhouse stuck in the corner of her bedroom. That's when she opened up the roof and dropped them inside the bedroom of said dollhouse.
"You will remain here while I find some friends for you." Sabrina said before she finally closed the roof. Ormond finally snapped out of his Psychic-induced state.
"Ugh... it's no good. She's totally locked me from my mind. I can't use any of my powers. Where are we?" Ormond said. Lisa began to sob a bit.
"Ormond... she shrunk us. We're in her dollhouse." Lisa said.
"Oh no..." Ormond said as he hugged Lisa to comfort her.
"How could this be happening!? How!? Why our little daughter!?" Lisa shouted.
"We probably never did get rid of that little girl that tormented Sabrina all her childhood." Ormond said.
"What are we going to do!?" Lisa said.
"I don't know... Sabrina planned ahead this time. Without my powers, we're hopeless. We can only hope Sabrina still has some good left in her." Ormond said.

As for Sabrina herself, she had changed out of her pajamas and into her normal outfit.
"Well done, Sabrina. Doesn't it feel good to be like this, collecting little dollies?" the little girl said as her voice echoed inside Sabrina's head.
"Yes. Of course, I want more." Sabrina said.
"I know you do. But there's so many people in this city. It would take too long to shrink them all." the little girl said.
"So what are you suggesting?" Sabrina asked.
"I think we should make this whole city your doll world." the little girl said. Sabrina immediately caught onto what the girl was thinking. Sabrina already knew how to change the size of other people, though she never really experimented with the power on herself. Now would be a good time to do so, especially with the help of the little girl.
"Very well." Sabrina said. So she walked out of her bedroom and in fact out of the gym entirely. She made sure nobody was in close proximity, though that wouldn't matter once she was a giantess.
"Okay. Concentrate, Sabrina. I will be helping you along the way." the little girl said. Sabrina concentrated.

And then she grew.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for the people of Saffron City to notice. Sabrina was clearly visible from all corners of the city, even as she continued to grow. Sabrina finally stopped at around 150 feet tall, feeling that was big enough to induce a lot of fear into the city, yet small enough so that she could easily play with whoever she captured. Sabrina cracked a smile, this time more of an evil and wicked smile. It was obvious she loved this new size of hers. In fact, all it took was three words to send the entire city into widespread panic.
"PLAY WITH ME!!!" Sabrina shouted as loud as she could.

Meanwhile, all was peaceful inside the Pokemon Center as business was just starting for the day. Ash, Misty, and Brock were all sleeping inside for the night, and they all stopped by the counter to greet Nurse Joy.
"Good morning, everyone!" Nurse Joy shouted as cheerfully as she always does.
"Good morning, Nurse Joy. We slept well." Ash said.
"Yeah, I guess you can't beat the service of a Pokemon Center even for humans." Misty said. Brock got close to the counter and held Nurse Joy's hands.
"Nurse Joy! It's a beautiful new day! Let us enjoy it together!!!" Brock shouted. As always, however, Misty grabbed onto him by the ear and pulled him away. Ash and Pikachu just watched the two have their fun and then looked back at his Pokemon.
"Are my Pokemon fully refreshed?" Ash asked.
"Of course. I'll go get them from the back room." Joy said. But just as she was walking back, the entire room started to shake every now and then. Almost everyone inside fell to the floor, although Ash was trying to hold on by clutching onto the counter. He was able to glance outside of the glass doors, although he saw nothing but dark green obscure the view for about a second. At the same time, a deep feminine laugh could be heard as the dark green moved away, revealing a panicked crowd.
"What was that!?" Ash shouted. Shortly afterwards, Officer Jenny came running in.

"Is everyone okay!?" Jenny asked.
"Jenny, what's going on?" Joy asked.
"Okay, I need everyone to move to the back room of the Pokemon Center! Sabrina, the gym leader, somehow is giant-sized and is walking around Saffron City!" Jenny shouted.
"Sabrina!? How can that be?" Misty shouted.
"I don't know, but that's what we're trying to find out." Jenny said. She was about to head outside when Ash ran up towards her.
"Wait, Officer Jenny! Let us help you out! We'll come with you!" Ash said.
"Absolutely not! It's far too dangerous. I'd say Sabrina's at least 150 feet tall out there." Jenny said.
"But there's got to be a reason she's grown this big!" Ash shouted.
"Ash is right! We know Sabrina... we've seen her before." Brock said.
"Heck, we even made her the person she is... or I should say was!" Misty said.
"So we deserve to know what's going on too!" Ash shouted. Jenny knew she couldn't argue with them, not after all the good things she has heard of the three.
"Okay, but please be careful!" Jenny said. After Misty dropped Togepi off with Nurse Joy, Ash and his friends (including Pikachu) ran out with Jenny to follow the giant Sabrina.

And certainly as big as she was, she wasn't too hard to spot no matter where in Saffron you were. Sabrina, meanwhile, walked slowly through the streets of Saffron simply enjoying the view. The thrill of coming so close to crushing a single trainer with her almost leg-high dark green boots was exhilarating to say the least. She kept herself quiet, wanting to hear all those screams that graced her eardrums. She wanted to test her power and did so by stomping her foot hard on the ground. It not only left a small crater where the foot planted, but knocked everyone off their feet as well as topple many of the smaller buildings.
"Doesn't it feel nice, Sabrina? To see all these people before you?" the little girl said.
"It's great." Sabrina said with a sly smile on her face. What drove her excitement to the next level was when she looked over to her right side and saw the Silph Company building. She looked almost as massive as the structure itself. So that's when she walked over to it and wrapped her massive arms around it. Then she pressed her whole body against the building. The scared people inside were getting extreme closeups of her eyes, her breasts, her waist, her legs, her boots... anything you can name because she was just as tall as the building itself. Of course, those on the floors where her breasts were had the most to worry about, because they started to break right through the glass windows and into the structure itself.
"I love you, Silph building. I could hug you and love you and squeeze you to pieces." Sabrina said. That's literally what happened next, as the structure finally couldn't take the pressure of being hugged by a 150-foot-tall woman. The whole building fell down to the ground, taking every life that wasn't able to make it out. Not that this concerned Sabrina. She showed almost no emotion. Maybe a smirk for a brief second or two just from admiring the power she possessed.

Next, she decides to see how much stronger her psychic powers have become. Most people who looked up at the giantess could tell she was activating her powers just by looking at her eyes as they glowed a bright white. These same people suddenly felt themselves being lifted into the air as they were now flying all around Sabrina. They were either revolving around her head or her waist like hula hoops. Sabrina smiled as she watched all these innocent folks going in every which way imaginable.
"Hmm... I'm not even breaking a sweat. These people are as light as feathers." Sabrina said. After she felt they had gotten dizzy enough (some people even threw up a little bit from the spin cycle), she then concentrated and psychically moved these people again. This time, she stacked them up from top to bottom like a house of cards. She lightened up her grip on these people, forcing them to really balance and even juggle each other just to keep their composure. Things didn't get much easier for them when Sabrina used her psychic powers to give out a command.
"Alright, everyone, start cheering!" Sabrina said. Indeed, everyone in the pile started praising Sabrina in every way possible, from 'you are the best trainer ever' to something you might hear out of Gary's cheerleading squad. She seemed to be satisfied.
"Nice." Sabrina said. Finally she broke loose her concentration and watched as all the people in the stack fell down, piling on top of each other. She let out a soft laugh, one that didn't go very far given her current personality.
"You all did a good job. I should keep you for later." Sabrina said. So that's when her eyes glowed again, this time engulfing the entire group of people in that same bright light. That light quickly disappeared, taking everyone with it. The only clue everyone else in the city had as to where they went was when they watched Sabrina rub her stomach up and down.
"You will all be safe in there for the time being." Sabrina said. She then resumed her slow and steady walk through the city.

Among the panicking crowd, Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, and Officer Jenny were all looking way up at the giantess.
"Man, look at the size of her! She looks even bigger the closer you get." Jenny said.
"But what is causing her to act like this? It doesn't make any sense!" Brock said.
"Okay, Ash, how are we going to do this?" Misty asked.
"I don't know... I'm still trying to think." Ash said.
"Well, we can't do this all by ourselves. We're going to need backup." Jenny said. She then pulled out her two-way radio.
"This is Officer Jenny of Saffron City requesting backup immediately!" Jenny shouted. Once she was done, Brock ran up to Jenny and held her hands.
"Does this mean we shall be seeing more of your beautiful cousins!?" Brock shouted, but as always, he got pulled away by his ear by Misty.
"We're here to bring Sabrina back to her senses! Aren't we, Ash?" Misty shouted. But there was no response, and no wonder... Ash and Pikachu were running right for Sabrina.
"Ash, no!!!" Misty shouted.
"He's going to be psycho crushed if we don't save him from that psychic giantess!" Brock shouted as he and the others ran after Ash.

For Ash and Pikachu, they both knew it was probably a long shot, but they had to communicate with Sabrina somehow. Stopping about 30 feet away from her boots, he started shouting up at her.
"Sabrina! Hey, Sabrina! Down here!!!" Ash shouted. No response. But Ash quickly thought of an idea, "Pikachu, give Sabrina a thunderbolt!"
Pikachu looked at Ash confusingly.
"We have no choice, Pikachu! Just do it!" Ash shouted. Pikachu indeed fired off a thunderbolt up at Sabrina, making contact with her legs. It seemed to work as Sabrina looked down in the general area of where Ash and Pikachu were standing.
"Who dares to zap the almighty Sabrina!?" Sabrina shouted. She finally noticed Ash as he was waving frantically up at her. Sabrina let out her widest smile yet. Whether it was through her own mind, the mind of the little girl, or a combination of both, she immediately recognized Ash.
"Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town." Sabrina said.
"Sabrina! Why are you doing this!? What has this city done to you!?" Ash shouted.
"It's not the city's fault. I just feel like playing with everyone in the city." Sabrina said.
"But what about those people in the Silph building?" Ash shouted.
"They were unfortunate victims of my playtime. You'd hug that place too if you were as big as me." Sabrina said.
"Sabrina, please... let us help you! We can talk about this." Ash said. At first, Sabrina didn't say anything. In fact, Ash noticed a little bit of twitching in her eyes.
"Sabrina?" Ash said.
"I... Ugh... Ash... is that you?" Sabrina asked.
"Yes, yes it's me. I'm here, Sabrina! Don't you remember what we helped you get through years back? The day when Haunter helped break you out of your spell?" Ash asked.
"Yes, I remember... Haunter was my first true friend... first... true... play... with..." Sabrina said, and then that's when the childish voice of the little girl in her head boomed louder than ever inside.
"No, Sabrina! Don't listen to this puny little trainer! You have the power now to play with everyone in the entire city! Play with them all!" the little girl shouted.
"No... I... I... Yes... YES!!! No!!! Help... me!!!" Sabrina shouted. She was holding her head and shaking it in every direction. Ash could only look up and wonder what the heck was happening.
"Huh? What's happening?" Ash asked.

But then Sabrina snapped, and had not just a mean look on her face, but a light red glow in her eyes.
"No!!! PLAY WITH ME!!!" Sabrina shouted. She then reached down to pick up Ash and Pikachu.
"Ack! Pikachu! Use Thunderbolt!!!" Ash shouted. Pikachu shot another thunderbolt, this time up at Sabrina's lush green hair. Except for Sabrina's hair being frizzed and fluffed up a tiny bit, Sabrina was not affected by the blast. The two tried to run away, but Sabrina's hand was already blocking the path.
"Ash!!!" Misty shouted as she, Brock, and Jenny suddenly came running in. It seemed they all tried to get Ash out of the way, but they all ended up in her hand as well. They were all bunched together as Sabrina closed her hand into a fist, leaving all of the heads sticking out.
"Ash, what were you thinking!?" Misty shouted.
"Hey, I had to try and reason with her!" Ash said.
"Ugh... don't worry, our backup should be here soon!" Jenny said. Sabrina was able to pick that up and already had a way to keep that help out along with any other forces that may try and interfere. Using her other hand, she pulled out one of her Pok├ęballs.
"I highly doubt it. Alakazam, you are summoned!" Sabrina shouted as she dropped the ball to the ground, cracking the ground just as hard as a foot stomp from Sabrina. The ball opened and out came Alakazam, now standing on top of the second-largest building in the city, the P1 Fighting Dojo (even though it was nowhere near the height of the Silph building). Strangely enough, Alakazam appeared at its normal size, and this baffled our group of heroes.

"Y'know, I've never understood why the Pokemon never grow with the trainers." Misty said.
"We should ask Professor Oak if we ever see him again!" Ash shouted.
"Alakazam, use Protect at maximum power. I will assist you." Sabrina said.
"Alakazam!" it shouted. Using the combined might of Alakazam's and Sabrina's psychic powers, the two were able to create one of the largest forcefields anyone could ever see. It was shaped like a dome as it began to cover all of Saffron City. The protective dome was completed just in time, as before a battalion of tanks, jets, and police cars could enter the city, they all crashed right into the dome.
"Darn it! They couldn't make it in time!" Jenny shouted.
"And now all of Saffron City is sealed in!" Brock shouted.
"Great, now we're in big trouble." Misty muttered under her breath. Just then, Sabrina moved the hand with her prisoners up to the very top of her head. She dropped every last hero into her dark green hair. Then she called back Alakazam and summoned it back into its Pok├ęball. Meanwhile, Sabrina had one more message to give to our group of heroes for now.
"You shall all wait up there while I gather some little people for my next game." Sabrina said. Ash and the others could only wonder what kind of sinister tricks were up her sleeves.

And so with the forcefield in place, Sabrina would now be uncontested in her reign of playful terror as a giantess in Saffron City. She looked all around the city, making sure the forcefield covered every square inch of it. She focused her sights on a water tower that was right at the inner edge of the forcefield. She walked over to this tower and popped the top open, dumping all the water that was inside onto her green hair. Ash and friends had to hold onto several strands of her hair just to keep from getting flushed away. Watching all the water trickle down her hair and down onto the grass gave her an idea.
"Hmmm... it would seem I have yet to clean myself up." Sabrina said out loud. She walked back into the city streets, in fact going back to where she tore apart the Silph building. Noticing plenty of open road, Sabrina got down on the ground, lying flat on her back with her head slightly elevated. She then unleashed her psychic powers, using them to pull as many people towards her as she could towards her like she was a living magnet. Finally, she stopped when actually everyone still in the city was around her.
"Now, everyone. You shall play with me, as I promised. Start by washing my hair and shining my boots!" Sabrina said. She could sense a few people starting already, but as she suspected, many of the captive folks tried to sneak away, thinking that she was too big to notice them running away. But Sabrina simply held her hand up and stopped them in their tracks.
"I can sense your every movement, so escaping is useless." Sabrina said. Using her powers, she moved them back towards her, sticking them to her boots.

Sensing no way out of this, now every single person close to Sabrina got to work doing whatever they could to please her. Rubbing her boots, patting her massive legs, climbing up her red dress to reach her stomach or chest, or trying to wash her hair. Nobody dared to try and reach her face, because up there was her mouth, and falling in there meant certain doom.
So for the next several minutes, it was pure torture trying to please the giant Sabrina. Many times when these people would try to shine her boots, she would move her legs ever so slightly, but because she was so huge, they could easily get crushed by them. Nevertheless, the people used whatever they could to try and shine her boots. In the meantime, Sabrina was smiling as she watched the people gather around on her dress. She used her powers to slightly heat up her stomach, causing everyone to dance all around trying to keep their feet from getting burned.
"You see, Sabrina? Isn't this a lot more fun than being by yourself?" the little girl inside Sabrina's head said.
"Yes, I agree." Sabrina said.
"I can feel it. You are really enjoying this. When we are done here, we shall try and conquer another city." the little girl said.
"Understood." Sabrina said. She continued to watch as everyone danced around. It was even tougher for the people standing on her legs, where the skin was even hotter. These people had no choice but to fall down either outside the legs, or in the worst place imaginable, between the legs where the heat was almost unbearable. Finally, Sabrina felt they had enough as she picked herself up to a sitting position, watching as everyone fell down onto her lap. She swung her head a little, causing her hair to fling forward a bit, with some people still hanging onto it. Sabrina noticed this too and took some of those strands, dangling them in front of her eyes.
"You like my hair, don't you? I'll let you hang on for a little longer. If you can, that is." Sabrina said. That's when she moved her head to the left and right, swinging her hair like crazy. Many people had no chance and they went flying out into the distance. Some were still able to hang on, but were extremely dizzy from the intense ride. Sabrina could see it too in their eyes.
"Wow, I'm very impressed you could hang on. You deserve a reward for that." Sabrina said to these few folks. Her eyes glowed once more, and these people then vanished, no doubt being teleported into Sabrina's belly.

This was good news for Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, and Officer Jenny. They all slid down the hair and climbed down Sabrina's clothing while all this was going on, and they were safe from the giantess since they were out of her sight. At least for now. Now there was the matter of how to save their friend.
"We've got to do something! This is definitely not like Sabrina at all!" Ash shouted. Suddenly, Officer Jenny's two-way radio had a male voice.
"Officer Jenny, do you read me?" the man said. Jenny picked up her radio. It felt good that she was looking down at something for a change.
"Yes, Sergent, what is it?" Jenny asked.
"We've searched all over Sabrina's gym, and there's no sign of her parents, Lisa or Ormond, anywhere!" the man said.
"That's odd, but we can't worry about that now. Clear out and help us with the evacuation." Jenny said.
"But, officer? What about the forcefield?" the man asked.
"I don't care about the forcefield! We have to save as many people as we can from the giant Sabrina, now get your butt over here!" Jenny shouted.
"Yes, ma'am!" the man shouted as Jenny put her radio away. Our heroes were able to pick up on that.
"Wait a minute, did you say Sabrina's parents were not in the gym?" Ash asked.
"We've been trying to find them since we learned of the giant Sabrina, but no response." Jenny said.
"This really doesn't add up now. Sabrina adores her parents nowadays!" Misty shouted.
"She's right. We've seen her admire them so much now. It used to be her psychic training she admired the most." Brock said.
"I say we get over to the gym immediately!" Ash shouted.
"Alright, you go. I have to stay here and watch the giantess." Jenny said.
"I'm coming with you, Ash!" Misty shouted.
"Fine, we can't waste time. Let's move!" Ash shouted as he, Misty, and Pikachu ran for the Saffron City Gym. Brock and Jenny, staying behind to make sure Sabrina didn't leave their sights (not a hard task by any means), waved the trio off and wished them luck.

A couple minutes later, Ash and Misty (along with Pikachu) were both inside the Saffron Gym. It was completely empty, and no surprise. The psychic trainers inside all left at the very moment they saw the giant Sabrina. Ash and Misty were constantly calling out Lisa and Ormond's names as they ran around every room of the gym. Eventually, their search took them to the scene of the crime, Sabrina's bedroom.
"Mr. and Mrs. Teenwich! Where are you!?" Ash shouted with Pikachu calling out as well.
"(sigh) It's no good, Ash. We've searched everywhere and haven't found a trace of them!" Misty said.
"They just gotta be here. Let's keep looking." Ash said. Misty walked close by to the toy city that Sabrina always kept in her room. This made her nervous, remembering the time she and her friends were stuck in there the first time they were here. Even though it wasn't Sabrina herself that caused that moment in time, it still gave her goosebumps just looking at that place.
But something was drawing her to that toy city, specifically to the dollhouse that stood out from the rest of the scenery. The closer she got to it, the more she could hear some tiny voices squealing for help.
"That's strange. It's like there are voices coming from that dollhouse." Misty said to herself. She approached it and listened to what they were saying.
"Please, whoever is out there! Help us! We've been trapped in here by Sabrina!" a woman shouted. Misty did not hesitate any longer as she put a hand on the roof and slowly removed it from the dollhouse.

Inside the dollhouse, Lisa and Ormond, still reeling in pain from Sabrina's Psychic spell, were patiently waiting for any kind of miracle that would save them. Lisa kept on calling out for help, despite the wishes of Ormond. Finally, though, Lisa's spirits were lifted when she could hear footsteps sounding louder and louder. She made one last plea for help.
"Please, whoever is out there! Help us! We've been trapped in here by Sabrina!" Lisa shouted. Then she watched as the roof came right off the house. She was looking right up at the normal-sized Misty.
"Oh thank goodness! Ormond, someone is here to rescue us!" Lisa said.
"Ugh... that's great." Ormond said as he held his head in pain. Misty got a good look down at the shrunken pair and was clearly taken aback, dropping the roof beside the house and clutching her heart.
"Um... Sabrina's parents?" Misty asked.
"That's right! I know this isn't exactly our normal height. It was our daughter who did this. Please, you have to help her!" Lisa shouted. Misty turned around and looked back at Ash, who was searching a corner of the room.
"Ash, I found them!" Misty shouted.
"Huh? Then where are they?" Ash asked.
"You better come see for yourself." Misty said. Indeed, Ash walked over and got his first glimpse of the tiny parents.
"Wow, I didn't know Sabrina had dolls of her own parents." Ash said.
"You silly! They ARE her parents. She shrunk them just like she did us that first time we met her!" Misty shouted.
"Oh... it's nice to meet you again, Mr. Teenwich." Ash said. Ormond remembered Ash well. It was his Haunter, after all, that played a hand in helping Sabrina break out of her first trance with the little girl.
"Ash... I'm... I'm glad to see you too, but there's no time! I need you to go get a spoon from the kitchen!" Ormond said.
"Uh... okay, sure!" Ash said as he ran off to do just that. Misty lowered a hand inside the dollhouse.
"Come on, let's get you two out of this place." Misty said as she allowed Lisa and Ormond to walk onto her hand.

By the time Ash returned with the piece of silverware, Lisa and Ormond were on the floor of Sabrina's bedroom, with Misty right by their side. Ash placed the spoon close by Ormond.
"What do you have in mind?" Ash asked.
"Every psychic trainer's training begins with trying to bend a metal spoon." Ormond said.
"Of course, it's one of the easiest things for a psychic trainer to manipulate." Misty said.
"If I can force my mind to bend even that, it will release it from Sabrina's psychic grip." Ormond said.
"I get it! It will put you back in touch with your own mind, thus giving you a better chance of fighting the spell off." Lisa said.
"Wish me luck, everyone!" Ormond said. Indeed, he set his sights on the spoon and concentrated. Ormond clearly showed signs of a mental struggle, but nobody said anything, not even his wife. It was important that he concentrated. Finally, he collapsed onto the floor.
"Ormond! Ormond! Are you okay?" Lisa asked. Ormond breathed heavily as he got back up on his feet.
"Yes... yes... I broke the hold... I can undo Sabrina's spell now! Hold on tight..." Ormond said. Lisa did just that as Ormond concentrated again. Within seconds, the two were back to their normal size.

"Whew! Thank goodness... I always hate having to look down on parents." Ash said. Ormond smiled as he looked down at Ash, showing a happy face finally that almost brought Lisa to tears.
"Thank you, Ash. It was with your help that has saved us once again." Ormond said.
"Hey, it was nothing really." Ash said, rubbing the back of his head.
"This is great, but what about Sabrina? Please tell me she's okay!" Lisa said.
"Um... well..." Ash said, but Misty decided to tell the story instead.
"Your daughter is over 100 feet tall and playing with everyone in the city. She even created a forcefield to keep people from escaping or reinforcements from stopping her." Misty said.
"Oh my god..." Lisa said.
"It's just as I feared. That little girl is taking her fun and games to the next level. She won't stop until Sabrina's played with the entire world!" Ormond said.
"Little girl?" Ash said.
"Wait... you don't mean..." Misty said.
"Yes, I'm afraid so. It seems we did not rid Sabrina of that little girl permanently. She reawakened inside her this morning, and it's made her the way she is now. We have to stop that little girl if we're going to free Sabrina!" Ormond said.
"But how can we do that?" Misty asked.
"I didn't even see that little girl with Sabrina!" Ash said.
"That's because she is locked in her mind... and that gives me an idea! Lisa, you stay here. Ash, Misty, I need you two to come with me." Ormond said.
"Wait! Where are we going!?" Misty shouted.
"To see my daughter." Ormond said. This made Ash and Misty feel quite uncomfortable knowing they were heading back for the giantess that had captured them earlier, but if Ormond had a plan of action, they had to take it.

As Ash and friends were running outside the gym, Officer Jenny pulled up to the group in her motorcycle. Alarmingly to Ash and Misty, Brock was not with her.
"Officer Jenny, where is Brock?" Ash asked.
"I'm afraid he was caught by Sabrina. He was teleported with a group of people somewhere. I don't know where... but she said everyone tasted good." Jenny said. Indeed, it seemed Brock was magically swallowed along with more innocent citizens of Saffron City.
"No, that can't be!" Misty shouted.
"We can't worry about that now. It may not be too late to save these people." Ormond said.
"Mr. Teenwich, we've been looking all over for you and your wife!" Jenny said.
"It's a long story, but please... you have to take me to Sabrina. I have a plan that just may save her." Ormond said.
"Alright, I hope it's a good one. She's getting way too dangerous!" Jenny shouted. Everyone hopped into the passenger side of the cycle as Jenny drove back towards the giantess. Jenny stopped the motorcycle about a hundred yards away from the giant Sabrina, who was busy fooling around with more innocent civilians. It didn't take long for Ormond to explain his plan.
"Clearly my daughter has been affected by the little girl in her mind. If we can get that girl out of Sabrina's mind, I am certain she will return to normal." Ormond said.
"Wait... how exactly do we get inside her mind?" Ash asked.
"Teleportation." Ormond said.
"Oh, I get it! If we teleport inside Sabrina's mind, surely we will find that girl. Then we can stop her!" Misty said.
"It sounds dangerous if you ask me." Jenny said.
"I know, that's why the four of us should go. By working together, we can free Sabrina." Ormond said.
"It's worth a try." Ash said as Pikachu jumped on top of his trainer's head.
"Now gather around for teleportation." Ormond said. Everyone stood close to each other and held hands while Ormond did his job. Soon, all five were condensed into a bright white light, which flew up at rapid speed and went right through Sabrina's forehead without her even noticing.

And so, our five heroes were now inside Sabrina's mind. What did it look like? Well, you just had to look at the looks on Ash and Misty's faces.
"Whoa... I didn't know Sabrina's mind looked like her toy city." Ash said. Pikachu expressed its name to make a comment.
"I really don't like this, everyone. I'm getting a bad feeling." Misty said. Ormond looked at the giant picture that was behind them, the one with Sabrina in her childhood days standing with Lisa and himself.
"It's just as I suspected. Sabrina always cared for this city, especially the day she first got my wife." Ormond said.
"But there doesn't seem to be any sign of this little girl that you speak of." Jenny said. Unfortunately for her, that's when the silence was broken. Booming sounds could now be heard throughout the area, along with an evil girlish laugh.
"What's that?" Ash asked. Finally, appearing several yards away was the 'little girl.' Of course, I quote that because this girl looked about 50 feet tall, definitely giant-sized in this toy city. She dribbled a white ball as she walked slowly towards our heroes.
"Oh man... this looks bad." Jenny said.
"Just like last time." Misty said as she remembered the past. The little girl laughed once more.
"Hey everyone! I want to play catch!" the little girl shouted as she dropped the ball on the ground and then kicked it, sending it flying towards our heroes!
"Aaaaaah!!! It's gonna crush us... again!!!" Misty said as she clutched tightly onto Ash. Ash had a hard time breathing as hard as Misty was squeezing him.
"Misty, you're hurting me!!!" Ash shouted.
"Quick everyone, let your minds become one with mine!" Ormond said as he began to concentrate.
"What does that mean!?" Ash shouted.
"It means concentrate! Think about Ormond!" Jenny shouted as she too started thinking. Ash, Misty, and Pikachu all quickly joined in. Ormond could feel the energy building up in his head.
"Yes... don't think about the ball! Think about me..." Ormond shouted. Everyone did their best to heed Ormond's advice as they could feel their minds being tapped into, but some of our heroes just had a hard time trying to look away from the giant ball that was rolling their way.

Finally, Ormond's body glowed blue, as did the white ball. It stopped rolling, just a mere inch or two away from crushing our heroes. Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief.
"Good grief, that was cutting it close." Ash said.
"I'll say. You couldn't have planned it any closer, Ormond." Jenny said.
"Yeah, I get accused of that a lot by Sabrina." Ormond said. But the celebration was cut short very quickly. The ball was so close to them, their view of down the street was being blocked, so nobody saw the little girl coming their way. She picked up the ball and instead threw it behind her, looking down instead on our heroes.
"You fools can't stop me. Sabrina deserves much better than what she's getting." the little girl said.
"Now you listen to me, little Sabrina! You have no right to control Sabrina's mind!" Jenny shouted.
"Yeah, Sabrina's our friend! You changed her for no good reason and you deserve to be punished for that!" Ash shouted.
"No... it is you that shall be punished for coming here in the first place. And I know just the punishment." the little girl said. She then reached down with her hands. Everyone scattered to try and get out of the way, but Misty couldn't make it out of the way in time and could feel herself getting wrapped up in the little girl's fingers.
"Ash! Help me!!!" Misty shouted. Ash watched as Misty was helplessly lifted into the air.
"No, Misty!!!" Ash said. He started to run towards the giantess, but Ormond held him back.
"No! Let me go!!! I have to save Misty!!!" Ash shouted as he continued to struggle.
"It's no use, Ash! We're not big enough to take her on." Jenny said.
"That's right, you're not big enough. You should be lucky it's not Sabrina herself that's grabbed your friend here. She'd probably crush her with her fingers already." the little girl said. She squeezed her fingers lightly to put pressure on Misty.
"Aaaaaaah!" Misty screamed out in pain.
"That's enough! You're hurting her!" Ormond shouted.
"I suggest you leave at once, or this girl gets it good! Maybe I can paint her hair yellow for a change." the little girl said.
"What!? You wouldn't dare!!!" Misty shouted. This really riled up Ash as he continued to fight Ormond's grip.
"Arrrrrgh!!! Let me go! I'm gonna teach that little girl some manners! I said let me go!!!" Ash shouted.

What happened next surprised everyone, even the little girl.

"Leave my friends alone!" a familiar voice shouted.
"Sabrina?" Ormond said to himself. Just then, Pikachu started growling its name angerily. In fact, its red cheeks were glowing brighter than ever.
"Huh? Pikachu? What is it?" Ash asked.
"Pi... Ka... CHUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Pikachu shouted, and an absolutely powerful lightning bolt came from all over Pikachu's body. Ash fell back in shock, and the bolt hit the little girl squarely in the chest, knocking her back several feet and into several of the toy houses, in fact. At the same time, she lost her grip on Misty and she was falling downward.
"Eeeeeek! Someone catch me!" Misty shouted. It was Ash who ran underneath Misty and caught him in his arms.
"Are you okay, Misty?" Ash said.
"Whoa... I've felt better. Thank you, Ash." Misty said. They weren't out of the dollhouse yet, however, as the little girl got back up and looked madder than ever. The red glow in her eyes and the now deeper voice was telling the whole story.
"Wretched worms! I will show you the wrath of this little girl! You shall all feel the power of the true Sabrina!" the little girl shouted as waves of psychic energy clearly flowed out of her body, striking dollhouses and the roads like lightning bolts. Ash and his friends were able to dodge these lightning bolts.
"Wow... she's hotter than Blaine on a bad day!" Ash said.
"We have to do something, but what!?" Misty said.
"Huh? What's happening to me?" Jenny asked as her entire body was glowing blue. Then same surprise number two... Jenny started to grow, and I mean in a hurry. It took only two seconds for Jenny to outgrow the 50-foot-tall girl, and yet she continued to increase in size. Ormond watched this happening and let out a big smile. In fact, tears started coming out of his eyes. Ash was the first to notice.
"Huh? What's wrong, Mr. Teenwich?" Ash asked.
"Sabrina. She's breaking the little girl's control over her mind and helping us all. I'm so proud of my daughter!" Ormond said as he kept on crying the tears of joy. Ash decided to comfort him with a hug rather than watch the incredible spectacle that was the growing Officer Jenny.

Finally, she stopped growing, and she was very huge. How big? She looked down at the girl, knowing that she could crush her with just one foot. Jenny snapped back into focus, ready to take advantage of her new height.
"Well, looks like you're not so big now, little girl." Jenny said.
"Arrrrrgh... Sabrina! How dare you defy me! Think of all that I have granted you!" the little girl shouted. Jenny took only two steps to reach the little girl, kneeling down and picking her up. Jenny now understood why she had grown so huge, because all attempts by the girl to psychically attack her were doing no good.
"I'm placing you under arrest for grand theft of the mind, causing a lot of destruction and lost life in our beautiful Saffron City." Jenny said. Then she could hear something in her head. It was like a voice telling her what to do. Feeling a need to heed this voice, Jenny got back on her feet, turned around and dangled the girl up in the air.
"No... stop! What are you doing!?" the little girl shouted.

Back where Ormond, Pikachu, Ash, and Misty were, Ormond was holding his head, like he too was receiving a message. He could read it clearer than anyone else in this dream world, naturally being connected to Sabrina.
"Sabrina, is this your doing?" Ormond asked.
"Yes, father. I have done my part, now it is up to Ash and Misty. Have them strike by alter ego with everything they've got... I will power them up much like I did Pikachu." Sabrina said.
"Yes, I understand!" Ormond shouted. Ash and Misty looked back at him.
"Understand what?" Ash asked.
"Ash, Misty. Call out your strongest Pokemon and attack the girl with everything you've got!" Ormond said.
"Alright then! Pikachu, you're with me! Bulbasaur, I choose you!" Ash said.
"Alright, Corsola and Politoed, I choose you!" Misty said. Although she was able to get Corsola out, Psyduck suddenly teleported in Politoed's place.
"Psyduck!!! What are you doing here!?" Misty shouted.
"Psy?" Psyduck asked.
"Well, alright, you might as well watch and enjoy the show." Misty said.
"Alright! Pikachu, use Thunder attack! Bulbasaur, use Solar Beam!" Ash shouted.
"Corsola, Water Gun!" Misty shouted. All three attacks combined together and went flying towards the little girl.
"Nooooooooo!!!" the girl finally screamed before she was blasted by the three powered-up attacks. By the time the attacks were over, she had fainted.
"I guess we did it..." Jenny said, looking at the fainted girl still in her grip.
"It is over." Ormond said, softly.
"Huh? Are you sure?" Misty asked.
"The girl has been defeated. Sabrina is now free." Ormond said.
"Alright, we did it! Yeah!" Ash shouted as he high-fived Misty.
"Excellent teamwork, Ash!" Misty said.
"Well, yeah... I guess we do get along together." Ash said as he and Misty looked at each other.
"Hey, look!" Ormond shouted. He pointed over at Jenny, who started shrinking in size. Jenny, with the height she still had, walked back over the group before she was finally back at her normal size. Amazingly enough, the little girl that Jenny was holding shrunk with her, making her the shrunken one to the rest of the group.

But that wasn't all. The girl actually continued to shrink. She was easily getting too small for everyone to see.
"Whoa... what's happening with her?" Ash said.
"She's fading out of existance having been defeated by Sabrina's own mind." Ormond said.
"Looks more like she's shrinking out of existance if you ask me." Misty said. Indeed, the girl finally could no longer be seen other than a little dot on Jenny's hand.
"Well, just to make sure..." Jenny said. She closed up the hand she was holding the girl into a fist. When she opened it up, she was gone.
"Now that she is gone, this world will surely vanish." Ormond said.
"Vanish? We've got to get out of here!" Ash said. Indeed, the entire toy city that our group of heroes was in started to fade into a bright white.
"Everyone gather around. I will teleport us out of here." Ormond said. All five heroes held hands once more, and Ormond started up his teleportation once more, and right in the nick of time. At the very moment our heroes vanished, the entire place was gone.

It was such a close call that everyone was knocked out during the trip. Ash very slowly opened up his eyes, hearing a familiar call.
"Ash! Ash! Come on, man, wake up!" a man shouted. Ash opened his eyes and was looking up at Brock.
"Brock! You're okay!" Ash said. He started to get up and hug his friend, but seeing him drenched in saliva caused him to change his mind.
"Yeah, probably not a good idea. You didn't want to be inside that stomach! There were just too many girls for me to choose from!" Brock shouted.
"Right, right. Where's everyone else?" Ash said. Brock pointed back at the group of people that were gathered around and talking with each other.
"They're all there. And there's Sabrina over there. Would you believe she shrunk right after she freed us all?" Brock said.
"Yeah, we kinda helped with that." Ash said.

Over where Ormond was at, Sabrina was down on her knees watching as her father woke back up.
"Father... it's me." Sabrina said.
"Sabrina. Thank goodness you are okay." Ormond said.
"Yes... yes, I am. Thanks to you and my friends." Sabrina said. Everyone else was finally awake and they joined up with Sabrina.
"Sabrina. I'm glad you're back to your normal self." Ash said.
"I am too, Ash. But I still feel lost for words. This is all my fault. If I had seen that little girl from many years ago..." Sabrina said.
"Sabrina, please do not blame yourself. There was no way you could see that coming, not even with several years of psychic training." Ormond said.
"Even so, all those people, the buildings I crushed... all that lost life. I can't get that back, can I?" Sabrina asked.
"I'm afraid not, but there was nothing you could do, Sabrina. Please don't let this destroy your feelings. Everyone here understood what you were going through." Ormond said. Sabrina looked around. Many of the people she endangered during her stint as an evil giantess were gathered around, but not with angry looks. Nearly all of them simply nodded their heads or applauded after hearing Ormond's comment. Sabrina was getting tearful herself just seeing all this support.
"Thank you... thank you everyone." Sabrina said. And then, Sabrina's mother came running in.
"Sabrina!" Lisa shouted.
"Mom!!!" Sabrina said. She and her parents were hugging each other, with Sabrina completely in tears. Ash and his friends watched the reunion take place.
"Awwww... I just love happy endings." Ash said with a smile.
"Me too, Ash. Me too." Misty said. It was clear to Ash that she was very grateful that her life was saved by his heroic catch.