Real Masters 5: Giantesses of Generation 5

(Cubed Cinder)

Five people walked outside the Nimbasa Gym on this beautiful day in Nimbasa City. They were the gym leader herself, Elesa, and the four trainers that had just defeated her to win the Bolt Badge. All hailing from Nuvema Town, the three trainers were Hilda, Hilbert, Bianca, and Cheren. They had all started their journey together and despite running at different paces, they were all able to converge together on Nimbasa City in an effort to win their fourth badge each.
"Congratulations to all of you. A job well done and you earned my Bolt Badge." Elesa said.
"All right! Doesn't it feel awesome, Hilda?" Bianca shouted.
"Yes, yes it does, Bianca." Hilda said.
"And now we are all halfway to challenging the Pokemon League. Although I still insist I have the best chances out of all of us." Cheren said as he adjusted his glasses.
"Ha! Don't underestimate girl power, Cheren! Right, Hilda?" Bianca said as she happily hugged the female trainer.
"Um... yep! You're right about that." Hilda said.
"Regardless, I feel like it's only going to get tougher from here on out. We should train our Pokemon some more before we cross the Charizard Bridge." Hilbert said.
"That sounds like a plan to me." Hilda said with a smile.
"BIANCA!!!" a loud male voice shouted. Everyone looked down the road and saw Bianca's father marching in their direction. And he looked ticked off, much like he did way back in Nuvema Town before they all left with Bianca in tow.
"My... my father!" Bianca said.
"Ah, it's always nice to see the father come to congratulate his daughter on a fine victory." Elesa said.
"Actually, I don't think he's here to congratulate her." Hilbert said.
"What do you mean?" Elesa asked. She was about to find out exactly what that meant.

Right as Bianca's father stopped his storming walk and the others backed away to keep from getting too close to this family matter, Bianca did her best to keep her cool despite his father's face being so red right now.
"Daddy! What are you doing here?" Bianca said.
"I've come to take you back home, of course!" Bianca's Dad shouted. Bianca just gasped. Her beaming smile that she was known for was gone now.
"Your mother told me that you'd made it all the way out here. Haven't you gone far enough!?" Bianca's Dad said. Bianca took a step backwards.
"No way! I'm going to keep traveling with my friends and my Pokemon!" Bianca shouted. Bianca's Dad took two steps forward, and started to look meaner than before.
"Absolutely NOT! Others do things their way! We do things ours!" Bianca's Dad shouted.
"Is that so? Then how about you do things your way, and I'll do things mine!!" Bianca shouted. That pushed Bianca's Dad over the edge. He was not about to be stood up like this.
"DON'T YOU TALK BACK TO ME, YOUNG LADY!!!" Bianca's Dad screamed. He then took a swing with his open hand and flat out slapped Bianca right in the face! As Bianca tilted her head down, holding the side of her face with one of her hands, everyone else (especially Elesa) gasped.
"Bianca!" Hilda shouted. But before she could step forward and check on her friend, Bianca's Dad marched forward and grabbed Bianca's other hand, dragging her with him as he walked in the other direction.
"Now come on! We are going home and you will be grounded for at least a year! Maybe two!!" Bianca's Dad shouted.
"Daddy..." Bianca said, her voice sounding weak. Cheren could tell from her tone she was extremely sad.
"Way to shatter someone's dreams, mister." Cheren said.
"Guys, we've gotta do something! We can't just let him take her way like a prisoner!" Hilda said.
"What can we do, Hilda? This is a family matter and that's something shouldn't try to mess with." Hilbert said.
"I don't care! I'm gonna try and stop him!" Hilda said. She started to walk in the same direction as Bianca and her father, only to have Elesa grab her by the shoulder.
"Wait. Maybe I can talk to them. I admire your heart and the courage to stand up to your friend, but I can reason with them in a calm and collective manner." Elesa said. She then walked after them herself. Hilbert and Cheren, meanwhile, having both decided not to get involved in this, felt the time was right to move on.
"Well... I think it's time we got a move on, Hilbert. The next gym challenge awaits us." Cheren said. He started walking towards the exit that would lead to the Charizard Bridge.
"Oh... right, right." Hilbert said. He slowly started to follow Cheren, but he was worried about Hilda, who still had a look of discontent in her eyes.
"I'm sorry, Hilda, but it's time to move on. I... I guess I'll see you in Driftveil City." Hilbert said.
"Yeah, okay. I'll be there soon." Hilda said. Hilbert then slowly walked away, worried about Hilda a great deal but not wanting to hold up Cheren any longer.

Now that Hilda felt she was all to herself, she backed herself up against a couple buildings and let the depression sink in.
"It's not fair. He didn't even give her a chance to stand up for herself. Why do some parents have to be this protective? My Mom wasn't like that! Sigh... I really wish there was something I could do." Hilda said.
"I was once in that girl's shoes, having my life dictated by what my parents decided was best for me." a soft female voice said.
"Huh? Who's there?" Hilda asked. That's when she looked between the couple of buildings in the alleyway and saw a cloaked figure approaching her. Hilda guessed this person was female judging by her voice, but that's all she could tell. This person was almost completely covered in her dark green robe.
"Forgive me, but I witnessed everything that just happened. It reminded me of my own childhood." the female said.
"Who... who are you?" Hilda asked.
"My name is not important. I'm not even from this region. I have come from very far away to study the Unova region." the female said.
"Ooooookay." Hilda said.
"But most importantly, I can help you save your friend." the female said.
"How? Tell me how!" Hilda said.
"You saw how overpowering that girl's father was, right? Don't you wish you could have more power than him? Not just him, but over anyone else that feels they have the final say over you." the female said.
"Well... yes. Although I just want to put him in his place and make him realize that Bianca is just following her dream. What's not to like about that?" Hilda asked.
"When I've casted my spell on you... he will definitely listen to reason. I will give you new power on one condition." the female said.
"One condition?" Hilda said.
"You must allow your friend to share in the power. Don't worry on how you'll do it... your mind will help you with that. Whatever you do once she shares in your power is up to you." the female said.
"Okay, fine! Anything to help save Bianca." Hilda said.
"Very well. Please allow me to peer deep into your soul." the female said. Her eyes, at least Hilda was guessing they were her eyes, started to glow brightly. Right as that happened, Hilda started to feel a little dizzy.
"Ugh... what's happening? I feel like I'm going to white out..." Hilda said. Indeed, Hilda first collapsed onto her knees, and then she fell to the ground and lost consciousness.
The cloaked figure approached the sleeping Hilda and waved her hands around her. Then she backed away and walked deeper into the alleyway.
"It's done. Now to watch my psychic magic do its work." the female said.

Hilda then began to grow. Everything around her, which included her clothes and red purse, rapidly increased in size. The citizens of the vast Nimbasa City were stopping in their tracks watching as the appearance of the growing girl suddenly dazzled them. Eventually, the unconscious Hilda stopped growing. And right before the people could approach the giantess, they all started to run when they saw Hilda coming to her senses.
"Ohhhh... what happened? I feel so strange." Hilda said. She looked around, and right away sensed something was off.
"H-Huh? Everything is... everything is so... small!" Hilda said. She looked down at where she and the mysterious lady formerly stood, and indeed saw that everything was much smaller.
"There's only one explanation! That lady must've made me grow!" Hilda said. She got up on her feet and fully realized just how big she had grown. She didn't know exactly how big she was, but being almost as tall as the two buildings and seeing the overhead roadway now down by her knees convinced her she grew a lot.
"Is this what she meant by giving me the power to save Bianca?" Hilda said. And that's when it hit her. She could save Bianca and the only thing that mean father could possibly slap were the edges of her boots. Hilda turned to face the road where Bianca and her father were running off, which was towards the south. That was the direction she was going to head in.
"Um... excuse me, everyone!" Hilda said, carefully stepping over the people as they tried to run away from her massive body. Hilda took it nice and slow until she made it to the very southern edge of the city.

Down south, right where Route 4 officially begins from Nimbasa City, Bianca felt like her arm was going to be ripped off if she didn't keep pace with her mad father. But he wasn't slowing down anytime soon. Clearly he wanted to get back to Nuvema Town, and Bianca could only dread what would happen when she got back home.
"Dad! Please! Can't we talk about this!?" Bianca shouted.
"No! You are coming home to your family and that's final!" Bianca's Dad shouted as he tugged again on Bianca's arm.
"DAD!! You're gonna pull my arm off if you don't slow down!" Bianca shouted out of desperation.
"Young lady, that's not all I'm going to pull off if you don't stop your whining and stop fighting! None of this would happen if you didn't set out on this stupid journey!" Bianca's Dad said.
Just then, a huge shadow suddenly took out all sunlight from the two. Bianca was the first to turn around and she gasped over what she saw.
"Oh my gosh!!" Bianca shouted. There was Hilda, but she was huge! And she was coming fast too, able to cover a lot of ground as big as she was. Bianca's Dad did not stop, thinking it was just a big cloud passing by. But finally he would have to as Hilda planted both her boots in his path.
"WHOA!!" Bianca's Dad said as he stopped just a few yards away from the boots.
"Let Bianca go, mister!" Hilda said.
"Okay, okay. Just take it easy, ma'am..." Bianca's Dad said softly. As tough as he was, he knew arguing with a girl several times taller than him was a bad idea. He complied with Hilda's wish and let Bianca go, who rubbed her arm and took a deep breath.
"Listen, lady, I don't care that you're bigger than me and I don't care how you got that way... but Bianca is my daughter and..." Bianca's Dad said.
"Oh, please. What's wrong with having your child follow her dreams and making not just herself, but you proud as well? If my mom is okay with me being all the way out here, then so should you!" Hilda said.
"No! I won't allow it! I... I can't allow it." Bianca's Dad said. In the meantime, Bianca approached the giant Hilda and was mightily impressed with her size.
"Wow! Hilda! How did you get so big?" Bianca shouted. Hilda bent her knees so she could see her friend better.
"Well, it's kind of a long story. This woman, who gave me this power, says I have to give it to you somehow." Hilda said.
"Huh? Really?" Bianca asked.
And so, plain out of thinking randomly, Hilda just pointed a finger down at Bianca and started to think about giving her the power.
"Um... please give my friend the same power that has been granted to me?" Hilda said. She didn't think that was going to work as simple as that method seemed.

But all of a sudden, Bianca began to grow herself.

"What the heck!?" Bianca's Dad shouted as he looked and saw his daughter getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Like Hilda, Bianca's outfit grew right along with her as well as her green purse. Hilda was amazed at what she was seeing... she stood back to her full height as Bianca was half her new size. Bianca eventually stopped growing at exactly the same size as her friend.
"Oh... my... GOSH!!!" Bianca shouted. After looking down at the ground and seeing how much smaller everything was, she looked at her friend right in the eyes.
"Um... welcome to the club, Bianca!" Hilda said.
"Oh, Hilda! I don't know how you did it, but you're the greatest friend ever!!" Bianca said, walking over (nearly stepping on her father in the process) and giving her friend a big hug, almost literally at that.

"Well, I'm glad I could help out, but most important, I'm glad I could save you from your father." Hilda said.
"Yes, I am forever in your debt because of that. And speaking of..." Bianca said. Moving her hands to her hips, she watched as her tiny father tried to slither his way out of the picture.
"Um... okay... I think I get the hint. Enjoy your adventure, my little angel! Um... I mean... big angel! Eeeeeek!" Bianca's Dad said. He tried running away, only to have a yellow shoe slam down in front of him. Of course, that yellow shoe belonged to his now giant-sized daughter.
"Oh no you don't, Dad! I won't let you get away that easily. I think it's time we taught YOU a lesson for a change!" Bianca said with a determined look on her face. Hilda could only smile, that something she could only dream about was becoming a reality, and she had one of her best friends along for the ride.

She wondered just as much as Bianca's Dad what was going to happen now!

Oh, the mysterious lady that helped make Hilda grow to start this whole thing? She peeked out from behind another building and watched as Hilda saved Bianca and eventually made her grow. As she pulled back the hood part of her robe, revealing our mystery girl to be none other than Kanto's Sabrina, she smiled seeing the fruits of her labor.
"Well done, young ladies. Enjoy your new size while you can, since the effects won't last forever. It'll be fun to see how Unova reacts to a couple giantesses like Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh have in the past." Sabrina said. She pulled the hood back over her head and snuck back behind the building.

Elesa wasn't paying much attention to the road in front of her, as she was running all sorts of thoughts in her head on what she was going to say to Bianca's father without agitating him even further. But it was after turning the corner and looking ahead of her that all such thoughts immediately went flying out of her head.
"What the!?" Elesa shouted. Several yards in front of her were Bianca and Hilda, but they were both gigantic! On top of that, it looked like they were beginning to toy around with Bianca's father. Elesa certainly had to get the scoop on this turn of events, so she started running towards the giantesses.

Bianca's dad slowly backed up trying to get away from his now giant-sized daughter, who wasn't looking so sad now given the obvious size advantage. But standing in his way was the giant boot belonging to the oversized Hilda.
"And where do you think you're going? You might want to listen to your little girl." Hilda said.
"You mean BIG girl, right? Teeheehee!" Bianca said as she giggled happily. Finally she reached down and wrapped one of her hands around her father, lifting him up to her face.
"Okay, okay! I'm sorry! Just please don't kill me!" Bianca's Dad shouted.
"Isn't it cute watching him scream and beg for mercy?" Bianca said to Hilda.
"Yep. Such a different tune compared to earlier, I'd say." Hilda said.
"Oh, don't worry, Daddy. I'm not going to kill you, I'd never do that! Maybe I'll hurt you a bit, but I won't be able to help that!" Bianca said.
"But, but, sure you can! All you have to do is let me... ack!" Bianca's Dad said, only for him to be interrupted when Bianca tightened her grip.
"Sorry, Daddy, but I'm giving the orders now because I'm bigger than you!" Bianca said.
"So what are we going to do with him?" Hilda asked.
"Well, for starters, I want him to feel what it's like to have his arm pulled on." Bianca said with a smile.

Wasting no time, Bianca gently took an arm from her Dad between her fingers and lightly tugged on it. It may have been a light tug, but to Bianca's Dad, it was harder than any grip he's ever felt in his entire lifetime.
"OWWWWW!!!" Bianca's Dad shouted. He screamed out a couple more times after Bianca pulled again on his arm.
"How does it feel, Daddy? Does it hurt, because that's what MY arm felt like when you pulled it!" Bianca said. Hilda couldn't resist the urge to lean in and offer her commentary.
"Only it's worse by how much we've both grown bigger! Can I pull on an arm too, Bianca?" Hilda said.
"Sure! You're my best friend, I can't say no to you!" Bianca said. With Bianca's Dad shaking his head wildly, Hilda took his other arm into her fingers. Like with Bianca, she pulled very lightly so she wouldn't rip his arm off, but it still hurt very badly for the old man.
"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Bianca's Dad screamed. Finally both girls released their grip on his arms, and Bianca's Dad clutched onto both arms as much as he could.
"Ow... ugh... young lady... when you're back to normal... I'm..." Bianca's Dad said, only to be interrupted as he once again got a view full of Bianca's face.
"What's that? You'll do what? I don't think you're in position to be making threats to me." Bianca said. And then she did something that surprised Hilda at first.
"Oops!" Bianca shouted as she suddenly released her grip on her tiny father. Bianca's Dad started falling straight down for the road below.
"Eeeeeeeek! Help! Helllllp!!" Bianca's Dad shouted.
"Bianca?" Hilda asked.
"Catch him, Hilda! Quick!" Bianca shouted. Hilda wasted no time, kneeling down and getting a hand underneath Bianca's Dad before he could hit the pavement. Bianca's Dad breathed heavily, thankful to be spared from a painful death even if he was in the hands of another giantess.
"I wonder if that got his heart racing." Bianca said.
"Yep, I'd say it did." Hilda said. Bianca couldn't help but laugh over seeing her father's reactions.

But Bianca suddenly thought back to when her father said what might happen when she got back to normal. There was only so much torturing she could do before he got riled up to the maximum, and who knows what would happen then, even if she were to stay big the rest of her life. On top of that, Bianca wanted to see so much more of Unova, especially at her new size. Castelia City in particular... just thinking about that city got her very excited.
So Bianca took her dad out of Hilda's hands and placed him on the ground between the giantesses' feet.
"Alright, Daddy. We've had our fun, so we're going to let you go home now. But I want you to give a message to Mom." Bianca said.
"What... what's that?" Bianca's Dad said.
"You tell her that I'm not coming home no matter what EITHER of you say. Understood?" Bianca said with her arms folded together. She even showed a quick stomp next to her dad so she could prove a point. This got him shaking again.
"Alright, fine! I'm going! I'm going!" Bianca's Dad as he took off running out of the city and headed back home. After watching him running long enough, Bianca looked at her fellow giantess, Hilda.
"Oh... my... GOSH!!! That felt so good!!!" Bianca shouted as she gave her friend a double high-five. The resulting clapping sound echoed through the skies as loud as it was.
"I agree. Wow... I felt so powerful holding your dad like that." Hilda said.
"Yeah. I just hope this lasts a long time, if not forever!" Bianca said.
"Bianca! Hilda!" a female voice shouted. Hilda looked down on the ground, near Bianca's feet, and saw Elesa jumping up and down and waving her arms.
"Oh! Elesa!" Hilda said. Bianca looked by her shoes and saw Elesa standing there.
"Hi, Elesa! You look so cute from up here!" Bianca said. She crouched down and held a hand near Elesa, allowing the female gym leader to climb aboard. Once she was in the middle of her hand, Bianca stood back up, and Elesa was astonished to see both Bianca and Hilda so big and looking down on her.

"Wow... this is incredible! I've never seen anything like this!" Elesa said.
"I know. Isn't it great?" Bianca said.
"I used to think I was too tall, but obviously I was wrong." Elesa said jokingly.
"Hehehe... sorry I beat you there! Hey! Maybe Hilda can make you big too just like she did me!" Bianca said.
"Really?" Elesa asked.
"Yeah! Come on, Hilda! What do you think?" Bianca said.
"Well, I can try. Um... please make Elesa giant-sized just like us?" Hilda said, using the same unusual requesting method that got Bianca so big.
But after a little over 30 seconds, nothing happened. Elesa was still her regular height.
"Huh? It's not working." Bianca said.
"I guess I could only make one other person grow, and that was you, Bianca." Hilda said.
"Awww... sorry about that, Elesa. I hope you're not mad with us!" Bianca said.
"Oh, don't worry about it. There will be another time and place to be even taller than I already am. I'm just curious how you two grew in the first place." Elesa said. Hilda was a bit worried about giving away that mysterious woman who she assumed made her grow in the first place, so she kinda minced her story up a bit.

"Well, I was walking down this alley and found this strange black pellet. I ate it and suddenly passed out. Next thing I knew, I was this size. And I simply asked Bianca to grow with me, and she did! Strange, isn't it?" Hilda said.
"It sure is. I hope you two aren't stuck like this." Elesa said.
"Well, personally I hope we are! I've always wanted to see Unova from a brand new perspective, and this is it!" Bianca said.
"Well, okay then. Just as long as you two are careful and don't hurt anyone!" Elesa said.
"Don't worry, we'll be careful. In fact, we really should get going, Bianca. We gotta catch up with Hilbert and Cheren." Hilda said.
"Oh yeah! I almost forgot about them! I bet they'll be surprised to see us!" Bianca said. She started to walk fast out of the city, only for Elesa to call up to her from her hands.
"Wait! I still have a gym to run in this city." Elesa said.
"Oops... sorry! There I go, rushing off again before thinking." Bianca said with a smile on her face. She gently placed Elesa back down on the ground.
"Well, good luck you two." Elesa said.
"Thanks, Elesa! Bye bye!" Bianca said.
"Come on, I remember Hilbert saying he and Cheren were going to Driftveil City." Hilda said.
"Then that's where we're going my giant friend!" Bianca said happily. She then took Hilda by her hand and started walking towards the western exit of Nimbasa City, where a small Route 5 was waiting. Many trainers naturally jumped out of the way of the two giantesses.
"Whoa! Slow down, Bianca!" Hilda said as she sped up her pace to keep up with Bianca, especially with the tight grip she had on her hand. But Hilda smiled knowing that Bianca seemed to be extremely happy with her new size, just as she started to feel on her own.

When Hilda finally caught up with her fellow giantess, they were both standing at the beginning of the Driftveil Drawbridge, which connected Nimbasa City with Driftveil City.
"Wow... look how small the drawbridge looks from here!" Bianca said.
"And the river too. I wonder if we can cross it as big as we are." Hilda said.
"Well, only one way to find out!" Bianca said. Without any hesitation, Bianca stepped into the slowly flowing water. And amazingly enough even to her, the water was only up to her knees. Yes, some of her clothes were getting wet, but she didn't seem to care.
"Look at that! The water's not even that deep! Come on, Hilda!" Bianca said.
"Okay, okay!" Hilda said as she too stepped into the shallow river. Unlike Bianca, she only had to worry about her boots and the lower part of her legs getting wet, but the important thing was that after crossing the river, she and her friend would be in Driftveil City.

Of course, there would be a slight delay as Bianca stopped her walk halfway across.
"Why did you stop, Bianca?" Hilda asked.
"Oh, I just can't believe how teeny tiny the bridge looks from up here." Bianca said.
"Yeah, me too." Hilda said. Bianca then turned to look down at the bridge, especially at all the scared people who were brave enough to stop and look up at the giantess.
"Hello, Driftveil Drawbridge. Not so big now, are you? Teehee!" Bianca shouted. She started to walk towards the bridge to get a closer look at it, but her right foot came down in what felt like a gaping hole, and she started to lose balance. The people on the drawbridge took off running in case Bianca had very bad ideas given her current situation.
"Whoa! Whoaaaaa!!" Bianca shouted.
"Bianca?" Hilda said.
"Hilda! I'm falling... eeeeeeeeeek!!!" Bianca said as she finally lost the battle to maintain her balance. She fell down forward, crashing on top of the middle of the bridge and splitting it apart, and then splashing face first into the water.
"Bianca!!" Hilda shouted, gently stepping forward. Fortunately, Bianca looked okay as she rolled onto her backside.
"Ow..." Bianca said.
"Bianca, are you alright?" Hilda asked.
"Sure, sure! I'm all wet, but I'm okay! I wonder what happened..." Bianca said. Hilda moved her boots around where Bianca used to be standing, and soon felt the same hole that Bianca tripped over.
"Ah, there was a hole in the seafloor. You must've stepped into it and therefore you lost balance." Hilda said.
"Oh... how embarrassing. Even when this big I'm still tripping myself over these silly little things." Bianca said.
"Hey, come on! Don't be embarrassed. How could you see that hole? It was underwater!" Hilda said.
"You're right. Hey, how about helping me up?" Bianca said as she held a hand up towards her friend.
"Sure." Hilda said. After Bianca got a firm grip on Hilda's hand... that's when Bianca pulled a fast one literally by pulling Hilda towards her!
"Hey, what!!!" Hilda shouted. The young girl couldn't escape the strong grip and found herself crashing down into the water as well, landing almost on top of Bianca who was laughing away.
"Hahahahahaha!! Got you, didn't I?" Bianca shouted. Hilda slowly got up, trying to brush off as much water as she could from her clothes.
"Yep... you got me." Hilda said. She then took a handful of water and threw it right into Bianca's face.
"Hey!!" Bianca shouted.
"And now I got you back!" Hilda said with a smile on her face.
"Oh, so that's how you want it? Take this!" Bianca said as she splashed water right back at her friend.

The two giantesses kept up this splashing match for a little over a minute. They were both laughing and giggling so much they almost forgot where they were, but they both regained their senses and hugged each other.
"Oh, Hilda. I wish we could stay this big forever." Bianca said.
"Gee, I don't know about forever. I mean, we have to get back to our quest for the Pokemon League sometime!" Hilda said.
"I know, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I want to go on as long as I wish!" Bianca said.
"Me too, Bianca." Hilda said with a smile.
"So now what? Are we gonna play with some ships now and make them like our toy boats?" Bianca said.
"That's a good idea, but we really should get to Driftveil City and see if the boys are still there." Hilda said.
"Oh! You're right. Definitely a better idea. I'd looooooove to see the look on Cheren's face when he sees how big we are!" Bianca said.
"Don't forget Hilbert!" Hilda said.
"Of course not! Maybe you two could even try to kiss." Bianca said.
"Now wait a minute!" Hilda said. Bianca just giggled as she finally helped herself to her feet and started walking towards land. Hilda got up and followed.

With the sun beginning to set in the background, the two giantesses made it to Driftveil City. As the two watched people left and right running and screaming for their lives thinking the two ladies were there to crush their beloved city, both Bianca and Hilda were still trying to wipe themselves of all the water they collected from playing around at the now destroyed drawbridge.
"Too bad they don't make a towel big enough for us." Bianca said.
"Yeah. Maybe we should convince the towel makers to do that. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large... and now Giant!" Hilda said. Bianca just giggled and finally stopped wiping her clothes when she felt she got them as dry as she could.
"Hmmm... now where do you suppose the boys are?" Bianca said.
"Well... where's the first place you would hide if a giantess came into your city?" Hilda said.
"Um... the Pokemon Center?" Bianca said.
"Might as well try it, right?" Hilda said. And so the two giantesses carefully made their way through the city, watching out for pedestrians and making sure not to damage any of the buildings... although Bianca ended up slicing the top of one apartment off with her purse.
"Oops... sorry!" Bianca shouted. Hilda just shrugged it off and looked straight ahead at the Pokemon Center.

Inside the Pokemon Center, everyone had their eyes glued on the big screen TV inside, including of course Hilbert and Cheren. Of course, the reporters on the screen tried their best to remain calm, but they urged everyone to stay inside wherever they were, especially since they were both in Driftveil City. Cheren debated the advice of the reporter.
"I fail to see the logic of staying indoors when those girls can easily destroy a building with just one stomp given their current size." Cheren said.
"I'm just wondering how they grew so big. Maybe we should ask them." Hilbert said.
"We could, but how would we get past the officers guarding the door?" Cheren said. But as Hilbert looked at the two guards at the door, he watched as they both gasped when they looked outside and saw nothing but huge boots (belonging of course to Hilda) coming their way.
"Aaaaaaaah! She's coming! Everyone take cover!!" the officer shouted as he ran away from the doors. As some of the citizens joined up with the guards in the back, Hilbert and Cheren stayed near the middle of the lobby. But they too would soon have to take cover, especially when Cheren looked up and saw the roof trying to come apart.
"Look out!" Cheren shouted. He and Hilbert took cover underneath the desk where Nurse Joy usually works, and they could only listen as bits and pieces of the roof slammed down above them. Eventually, all the crashing and banging slowly died down and all they heard was a powerfully loud voice coming from above.
"Hilbert? Cheren? Are you guys in here?" Hilda said. The two boys slowly crawled out of their hiding place, and looked above to see the roof of the Pokemon Center partially torn off, and the giant face of Hilda blocking all light from above.
"Oh my gosh..." Hilbert said.
"Like they always say, she looks much bigger in person." Cheren said.
"Well, don't just stand there! Come on out, guys!" Hilda said. The two boys wasted no time in jumping over the desk and making their way outside.

When they both were outside the Pokemon Center, they stopped just short of Hilda's huge boots. The two barely had time to admire the giant Hilda from the ground as they looked up and saw her reaching down and grabbing them with one of her hands.
"Easy with the grabbing there, Hilda..." Cheren said.
"Oh come now, I didn't grab you that hard, did I?" Hilda said.
"Nope, not at all. Wow... I can't believe how big you are." Hilbert said. Hilda just smiled and then looked over to Bianca, who was playfully flirting with a crowd of boys down by her knees.
"Bianca! I found them!" Hilda said. Bianca got up and walked over next to Hilda and looked down on her hand.
"Awwww... you two look sooooooo cute! I could just hug you... in fact, I will!" Bianca said.
"Bianca, wait!" Hilda shouted. But Bianca took the two boys into her hand, and she almost carelessly wrapped her hands together and pressed them against her face.
"I'm gonna hug you and squeeze you and love you to pieces!" Bianca said. And needless to say, the boys were showing obvious signs of pain.
"Oww.... oh... okay, Bianca... ouch!" Hilbert shouted.
"And I thought her hugs at normal size were painful!!" Cheren shouted. Hilda took quick action to try and rescue the boys. She slapped Bianca on her behind.
"Ow! Hey, Hilda! What was that for?" Bianca said.
"Well... I don't mean to be rude, but you're literally squeezing the life out of the guys right now." Hilda said. Bianca finally looked between her hands and saw the two guys gasping for air.
"Oh! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Bianca said. She gently set the two boys down on the tallest building nearby, which happened to be the roof of the Driftveil City Gym. So that the boys wouldn't have to look way up in the air, the two giantesses got down on their knees, allowing the guys to see their faces better. It took a few seconds, but Cheren got the first words out.
"So, um... what's up, girls?" Cheren asked. Both Hilda and Bianca giggled a bit.
"Well, nothing much. Other than us!" Bianca said.
"Alright! How did you two grow so big?" Hilbert asked.
"It's kind of a long story. Basically some girl in a robe gives me this power... and she tells me to use it to save Bianca. I get knocked unconscious, and the next thing I know, I'm gigantic! So I confront Bianca's father and manage to save her." Hilda said.
"And all Hilda does is make a wish and that's how I grew too!" Bianca said.
"But what about your Dad? You didn't..." Cheren said.
"No way! He's still alive. We just toyed with him before making him run back to his home." Hilda said.
"Yeah! It was funny watching him fall to the ground and screaming like a little baby!" Bianca said.
"So... what happens now? I mean... you're going to shrink back to normal soon, right?" Hilbert said. Hilda and Bianca both looked at each other.
"Probably, but we're going to enjoy this as long as it takes." Hilda said.
"Yeah! Oh, and too bad... Hilda can't make you two grow because she ran out of growing magic, or something like that!" Bianca said.
"Oh well, I would've liked to see Unova from a new perspective, but at the same time, more power to the female side, I say." Cheren said.
"Awww... how sweet of you, Cheren!" Bianca said as she lightly patted him on the head with her finger, knocking him down to the ground.

"Speaking of new perspectives, we better get going, Bianca. It's almost dark and we still have so much more to see!" Hilda said.
"Okay, but can't we take Hilbert and Cheren with us? I'm sure they want to see more of Unova too!" Bianca said.
"Sure! Why not? In fact, I've got the perfect place for them." Hilda said. She picked up the two boys and stood to her full height, as did Bianca. Hilda opened up one of the pockets of her purse and started to slip both boys in.
"Wait! Why don't I hold onto Cheren? Pleeeeeeeease?" Bianca said. Hilda just smiled.
"Okay, you can have Cheren." Hilda said. She gently handed Cheren over to Bianca.
"Yay!" Bianca said. Both giantesses put their respective guys into their purses where they would be safe for the time being.
"So... I wonder which way we should go next? Mistralton City isn't that far away." Hilda said.
"Yeah, but... I've always wanted to see both Black City and White Forest." Bianca said.
"But aren't they on the other side of Unova?" Hilda said.
"Hey, we're really big! We can reach the other side of Unova in little time with our size!" Bianca said.
"True. Hmmmm..." Hilda said. She carefully thought about which way they were going to go, especially with so little daylight left judging by where the sun was.

After pondering it in short time, Hilda nodded her head and looked over at her fellow giantess, Bianca.
"Alright! We will go see Black City and White Forest." Hilda said.
"YAY! You're the best, Hilda! Oh wow... I wonder what Black City will look like from this height." Bianca said.
"Well, the only way to find out is to get there, pronto!" Hilda said. In fact, Hilda was already walking to the east, heading out of Driftveil City.
"Hey! Wait for me!" Bianca said as she broke into a short jog to try and catch up with her giant-sized friend.

After once again crossing the river and quickly passing by Nimbasa City (giving everyone a scare thinking the two giantesses were going to tear up their city again just as they began rebuilding it), the two giantesses came to a stop when they looked at the Marvelous Bridge ahead of them. It was truly marvelous even at their magnificent size, much bigger than the Driftveil Drawbridge they passed on the way to Driftveil City. As a result, there were much more people on the bridge and the two giantesses noted this as they walked by. At least, Hilda kept walking. Bianca stopped and waved down to the people.
"I bet you wish you were as big as us, right?" Bianca said with a smile.
"Bianca! We're kinda in a hurry here." Hilda shouted.
"Alright, alright. Well, bye everyone!" Bianca said. After she caught up with Hilda, she got patted on the shoulder by her friend.
"Don't worry, there will be plenty of boys to play with in Black City." Hilda said.
"Huh? I wasn't talking to just the boys! Wait up!" Bianca said as she tried to keep up with Hilda who was suddenly walking very fast.

Finally, with the night sky beginning to fully set in, the two giantesses made it to Black City. Even with a little daylight still remaining, both girls looked around and saw almost each and every building (including the Pokemon Center) glowing in bright neon lights. On top of that, many of the buildings were very tall, some of them bigger than the giantesses themselves.
"Wow... what a beautiful city." Hilda said.
"And so big too. But we're big too, right?" Bianca said.
"Yes, of course. Imagine what all those little people must be thinking." Hilda said as she pointed down at the big crowd of people, some running away from the giantesses.
"Hi there, little people! Don't be scared! We won't hurt you!" Bianca said. She took a couple steps forward, and as soon as that happened, every single person in the crowd went running and screaming away.
"No, really! We'll be gentle! Right, Hilda?" Bianca said.
"Yes, but just stepping towards them is of course gonna scare them. I mean... would you run if you saw someone really big coming towards you?" Hilda said.
"Yeah, I guess I would." Bianca said.
"I got an idea. Try to stay behind me." Hilda said. She stepped forward also, but much more gently even if no people or buildings were at risk. Nevertheless, the city was so full of architecture, so it was proving tough for Hilda to find a clear spot for what she had in mind. So Hilda did the only logical thing given her size. She gently pulled one of the smaller buildings off the ground.
"Bianca, here! Put this somewhere else and be careful!" Hilda said.
"Right!" Bianca said. She took the sturdy building in her arms, which was tough enough to stay together even while being held by a giantess. That didn't make the people inside the building feel comfortable as they all struggled to keep their balance. The ones on the front side of the building could only wonder what was going on as Bianca's body was blocking all vision outside. But finally Bianca set the building down on the opposite side of the city.
"There we go, and not a scratch on the building!" Bianca said.
"Bianca, I've got another one!" Hilda shouted. Bianca turned around and noticed Hilda holding another building, this one a little bit taller.
"Oh! Okay, Hilda!" Bianca said as she quickly made her way back towards Hilda. She took the building and, like the last one, moved it to another part of the city.

This went on for four more apartment buildings, and after Bianca returned with a lot of breathing, Hilda (after brushing some of the debris aside with her boots) patted her friend on the back.
"Thanks, Bianca. You're stronger than I thought." Hilda said with a smile.
"*huff huff huff* Are you kidding? Those buildings are heavier than I thought! But what are you going to do with that empty lot?" Bianca asked.
"I'm glad you asked. Watch." Hilda said. That's when she gently sat down on the ground. Despite sitting down gently, the ground still shook and there was a loud booming sound. Still, Hilda then reached into her purse and pulled out Hilbert.
"Whew... thanks, Hilda! It was getting dark in there." Hilbert said.
"You sure it wasn't already dark in there, you kidder? Anyway, hope you don't mind a little ride!" Hilda said. She then placed Hilbert on top of her knee and gently tapped him back, making him sliding down her legs and towards her feet.
"Whoa!!!" Hilbert said as he slid on down Hilda's giant legs. He started to enjoy it the further down he slid. The ride got a little rough as he got down to the boots, but eventually he landed on the ground.
"Wow... that was actually pretty fun." Hilbert said.
"Good, because you get to go again!" Hilda shouted. When Hilbert turned around to look at Hilda, he was suddenly grabbed by her huge hand and put back on top of the knee. He was poked backwards again, causing him to slide down her leg again and towards her boots. As he was sliding down, Hilda looked around her immediate surroundings.
"See, everyone? I guarantee you'll have a good time on the Giant Hilda Slide of Joy!" Hilda said.
"Ah, I get it! Let me contribute!" Bianca said. She reached into her own purse and pulled out the other traveling partner, Cheren.
"Wait... where are we?" Cheren asked.
"Black City, Cheren. And also The Giant Hilda Slide of Joy!" Bianca said.
"Huh? The giant slide of... hey!" Cheren said. He suddenly had to watch as Bianca placed him on top of Hilda's knee. He was placed so close to edge, he lost his balance and slid backwards down Hilda's leg and towards her boots. Bianca and Hilda both couldn't help but laugh.

Despite sending both boys yet again on the slide, everyone still hesitantly watched the two giantesses play things out. Bianca couldn't wait any longer.
"Oh for crying out loud! Come on, everyone! It'll be a riot!" Bianca said. She started picking up pedestrians one by one and placed them on top of Hilda's knees. Both of them as the number of people on her knees climbed up. One by one, these people slid down Hilda's knees. Some went down the same path that Cheren and Hilbert went, but others slid down the other way, stopping their slide when they tumbled down on top of Hilda's oversized shorts. Hilda couldn't help but giggle as little people galore slid down both her legs like children's slides.
"Teeheeheehee! That tickles!" Hilda said.
Eventually all fear was wiped from the tiny people and they were having the time of their lives on Hilda's body. Some even tried to climb up Hilda's shirt, but Hilda foiled these efforts by shifting her upper body ever so slightly and knocking them off balance, sending them down onto her lap. Bianca couldn't help but smile over seeing Hilda having such a good time.

This went on for almost an hour, in fact. It was Bianca looking up at the starry night sky that snapped Hilda out of her living playground stance.
"Hey, Hilda! I'm glad you're having a good time, but we should get going. We've gotta find a place to sleep for tonight!" Bianca said. Hilda looked up at the night sky also.
"Oh gosh! You're right. Sorry, everyone, but it's time for us to go!" Hilda said. She waved her hands around, very gently pushing everyone off her body (but picking up Cheren and Hilbert and putting them on her shoulder) and back onto the ground. Once everyone was off, Hilda stood back up to her full height.
"Good night, everyone! I hope we can do this again tomorrow!" Hilda said as she very carefully stepped her way past the cheering crowd. As Hilda waved the crowd off as they went back into their apartments, she and Bianca began to wonder how they were going to sleep.
"So where are we going to sleep?" Bianca asked.
"Well, we can't sleep here. The city's too small for us!" Hilda said.
"May I make a suggestion, ladies?" Hilbert said.
"Hmmm? What's that, my little Hilbert?" Bianca said.
"The White Forest, right next to this here Black City." Hilbert said.
"Oh, great idea! Come on, Bianca!" Hilda said. The two giantesses then made their way (carefully of course) out of Black City and towards the White Forest.

Like Black City, White Forest was huge... big enough to intimidate novice Pokemon trainers, especially those who had never heard of the forest. But also like in Black City, the beauty and splendor of the vast forest captivated even the two giantesses. They were impressed with being able to see so much of the forest given their size, despite it being almost pitch black because of the night sky. But there was no more time to marvel in the beauty of the forest, for the two giantesses still needed their sleep, as evidenced by the yawn that Hilda let out.
"(YAWN) It's been a long day." Hilda said.
"Yeah... not to mention a BIG day too!" Bianca said.
"I won't argue there." Hilda said.
"Still, are you sure we can't sleep in some wide open plain or something like that? I'm not sure I'll be too comfortable sleeping on top of these trees!" Bianca said.
"It's too far away now, and besides, there's very little people roaming around White Forest at this time of day." Hilda said as she sat down and patted some of said trees in order to get more comfortable when resting.
"Alright, if you insist! I'm just looking forward to tomorrow when we explore more of Unova at this size!" Bianca said.
"Me too, Bianca. Me too. I wouldn't want to walk around being this big without you by my side." Hilda said.
"Awwww... thanks! Oh! What about the boys? Where will they sleep?" Bianca said, suddenly remembering about the two boys (Hilbert and Cheren) sitting on Hilda's shoulder. Hilda looked over and picked them up.
"Oh, they can sleep on top of us. You two won't mind, right?" Hilda said.
"Well, I guess not..." Hilbert said, trying to picture sleeping on top of a gigantic Hilda.
"This'll most certainly be a big experience." Cheren said. He didn't have time to imagine his sleeping picture because Bianca picked him up.
"Great! I got Cheren as always!" Bianca shouted as she brushed the little boy against her face.
"Of course you do, Bianca." Hilda said. She laid down on her back and, just as Hilbert imagined, placed the boy on her white shirt just underneath the chest area. Hilbert wasted no time in laying down himself.
"Good night, Bianca." Hilda said.
"Mmmm... good night, Hilda." Bianca said. Bianca, knowing there was no chance of sleeping outside the White Forest, set aside her purse (as had Hilda earlier) and laid herself down, feeling the trees getting crushed underneath her back, placing Cheren on top of her stomach area. Bianca did her best to cope with it, but eventually got herself settled and was already daydreaming about what she and Hilda would do tomorrow.

Or so they thought.

Bianca was the first to wake up... and when she looked around, the scenery looked different. She remembered not a single one of the trees towering over her in the area where she fell asleep. Now? Some of those trees looked bigger even from a distance. The ground was littered with completely compressed leaves and branches, the same ones she remembered laying on top of the night before. Bianca then heard a suddenly louder voice of Cheren.
"Good morning, oh formerly gigantic Bianca." Cheren said. When Bianca quickly turned her head, she was looking right at Cheren's midsection, having to look up at the boy instead of way down. She first thought for a brief moment that Cheren had somehow grown bigger like she and Hilda did yesterday, but taking into account the altered perspective of the White Forest, it confirmed her initial fear.
"Hi, Cheren. I... I shrunk, didn't I?" Bianca said.
"Yep, I'm afraid so. I woke up falling off your stomach and watching you shrink right before my eyes." Cheren said.
"Darn! But I guess nothing lasts forever, right?" Bianca said.
"I'm afraid so." Cheren said.
"Oh, wait! Where's Hilda? Did she shrink too?" Bianca asked.
"Yep. In fact, here she comes now with Hilbert." Cheren said, pointing farther down the crushed landscape at a normal-sized Hilda who was running towards them with Hilbert by her side. She was also holding two purses. Her own as well as Bianca's, both objects shrunken back to their normal size as well.

"Morning, everyone!" Hilda said.
"Good morning, Hilda. I guess as you can see, our giant time is over." Bianca said.
"I know... I felt kinda bummed when Hilbert told me what happened. I guess the magic from that mystery woman wore out." Hilda said.
"I know! Maybe we can find her and make all of us grow this time! Teeheehee!" Bianca shouted. The other three trainers just laughed.
"She's probably long gone by now. Oh well..." Hilda said. Suddenly, the group looked and saw Officer Jenny approaching them.
"Oh, look... it's Officer Jenny." Hilbert said.
"*gulp* I hope she's not going to arrest us for being big." Bianca said.
"Hey, guys! Is everyone okay?" Jenny asked.
"Well, yes, we're fine, and back to normal too." Hilda said.
"Yes... my aerial team kept an eye on you all night long making sure you two girls didn't make any sudden moves overnight. We were all kinda relieved when the report came back that you shrunk back to normal." Jenny said with a smile on her face.
"I guess all of Unova got a scare as big as the two girls were." Cheren said.
"Yeah... but fortunately there wasn't any intention to cause harm or destroy any property. That's why I'm not going to arrest you." Jenny said with a smile.
"WOW! Thanks, Jenny! You're the best!" Bianca said.
"Well, this time anyway. I should still warn you not to do it again. Fair deal, right?" Jenny said.
"Oh, I agree." Hilda said.
"Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back on patrol duty in Black City. Take care, you four!" Jenny said. She turned around and walked away from our four heroes.

Bianca breathed a sigh of relief that no arrests were made, and that Officer Jenny explained it well why that was the case.
"That was very nice of Officer Jenny, wasn't it?" Bianca said.
"Yeah... but it should show you why a giant or giantess attack doesn't happen more often." Cheren said.
"In any rate, isn't it about time we all got back to our adventure before all this happened?" Hilda said.
"I agree!" Cheren said.
"Yay! Then let us all go! Together to our continuing adventure to be the best Pokemon trainers ever!" Bianca said as she took Cheren's hands and skipped along, forcing him to do the same thing. Hilda and Hilbert just looked at each other, laughed, and did the same exact thing.

And despite the warning that Jenny issued to her, Hilda hoped in the back of her mind that she would be able to grow again... most importantly with Bianca towering alongside her. It was that state of mind that allowed Hilda and Bianca to both join a long line of other prominent female Pokemon trainers (and Gym Leaders) who grew and either secretly or openly admitted they loved every single minute of it.