Real Masters 6: Alola to Giantesses

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Goomba)

Kanto region
It was business as usual for Cerulean City as Lusamine and her daughter, Lillie, casually walked around. A lot has happened to the two over the past several days. For a long time, the relationship was strained between the two as Lusamine was obsessed with her research at the Aether Foundation. It got to the point where she fused herself with Nihilego, and the Ultra Beast tried to feed off Lusamine's absolute care for injured or hurt Pokémon by fusing the world with Ultra Space, essentially creating their own utopia where Pokémon could no longer be in fear of humans.
Ultimately, this plan failed thanks to the brave courage and fighting spirit of many people, namely a girl named Selene and the eventual champion of the Alola Pokémon League, a boy named Elio, as well as two legendary Pokémon in Solgaleo and Lunala. Although Lusamine has slowly been able to recover, Lillie felt her mother could never truly be cured until she paid a visit to a man named Bill, who also has had to deal with having his body merged with a Pokémon. The only clue she and Lusamine had was that he was somewhere outside of Cerulean City in the Kanto region, which brings us to today.
Lusamine and Lillie were not in any hurry to find Bill as they walked around and admired the city.
"Wow… isn't this such a beautiful city, Mom?" Lillie said.
"Yes, it is. The river looks so clean and pristine. And look at all the water Pokémon swimming around." Lusamine said. She smiled when she saw Pokémon like Horsea and Magikarp jumping in and out of the water.
"You see, Mom? Some Pokémon are living just fine, without any interference from the human population." Lillie said. Lusamine nodded her head.
"It will take some time, sweetie, for me to fully accept that reality. All that time and energy I spent on that research… it's like a cancer. I certainly hope this gentleman named Bill can put what's left of Nihilego behind me and change me for the better." Lusamine said. She then stopped walking and kneeled down, looking at Lillie in her eyes beneath her signature white hat.
"There is nothing I would like more than to spend time with my children once again, especially you, Lillie." Lusamine said.
"Mom… I'm so glad you feel that way." Lillie said as the two shared a quick hug. After they hugged, they looked to the north and saw a bridge that connected Cerulean City with a small mass of land that had a lighthouse at the very end. Of course, this was the infamous Nugget Bridge, as they would soon discover.
"Oh? That's a pretty lighthouse. Why don't we go check it out?" Lillie asked.
"Sure. I'm sure the ocean view will be breathtaking." Lusamine said.
As the two made their way, they were about to set foot on the Nugget Bridge, when they were stopped by five approaching trainers. They consisted of three boys and two lasses, all of whom looked Lillie's age.
"Greetings, travelers! Welcome to the Nugget Bridge!" one of the boys said.
"Beat us 5 trainers and win a fabulous prize!" one of the lasses said.
"Do you have what it takes?" another of the boys said.
"Um… sorry, but we don't have time for any Pokémon battles." Lillie said.
"Nonsense! Nobody crosses this bridge until we've been defeated in battle!" one of the lasses said.
"I'm afraid my daughter speaks the truth. We're looking for somebody important and we really and truly don't have time for battles." Lusamine said.
"Oh, that's no problem. We will help you find this person." one of the boys said.
"You will?" Lusamine asked.
"Yeah… after you take the Nugget Bridge Challenge and defeat all 5 of us!" one of the boys shouted. Lillie and Lusamine both shared frustrated looks on their faces. The 41-year-old Lusamine tried to be like any other mature woman would be and lecture them on the consequences of their actions.
But that wouldn’t be necessary with the audible voice of a girl clearing her throat.
"Are you 5 at it again!?" the female voice shouted. As Lillie and Lusamine turned to see who the voice belonged to, the 5 trainers suddenly gasped to see who it was.
"Oh my! It's Misty!" one of the lasses said. Indeed, the Cerulean City gym leader walked past Lillie and Lusamine and approached the 5 trainers.
"I thought the defeat of that Team Rocket grunt would've taught you all a lesson by now!" Misty shouted.
"We're sorry, Misty! But we just love Pokémon battles! The thrilling nature of them, it's just… WOW! I love it so much!" one of the boys said.
"Look, I love Pokémon battling too, but there are people who legitimately need to pass back and forth over this bridge. We wouldn't want to cause any holdups, do we?" Misty asked. All 5 trainers lowered their heads down on the ground.
"No, Misty. You're right." one of the lasses said.
"Good, now run on home now before I get Officer Jenny down here." Misty said. As soon as Officer Jenny's name was mentioned, the 5 trainers went running off the bridge and back into Cerulean City, presumably for whatever homes they lived in. Misty looked over at Lillie and Lusamine.
"Sorry about that. Almost every day I have to talk them out of their stupid Nugget Bridge challenge thingy." Misty said.
"Oh, it's okay. Thank you. I'm Lillie and this is my mother, Lusamine." Lillie said as she shook hands with Misty.
"It's nice to meet you! I'm Misty, the leader of the Cerulean City Gym." Misty said.
"It's nice to meet you too. Say, Misty, maybe you can help us find somebody? We're looking for a professor named Bill." Lusamine said.
"Ah, yes, Bill. Who doesn't know about him!? You can find him in a little cottage at the base of that lighthouse." Misty said as she pointed towards the lighthouse at the end of Route 25.
"Oh? So he lives outside the city?" Lillie asked.
"Sure does! It makes me kinda jealous, actually. I'd fight tooth and claw to get a beautiful seaside home like that!" Misty said.
"Well, thank you again, Misty." Lusamine said as she was next to shake Misty's hands.
"Sure! If you ever need anything else, don't hesitate to ask!" Misty said. She then turned around and headed back towards her gym.
"What a nice young lady." Lusamine said.
"I agree. But come on, Mom! Now that we know where Bill is, we can't waste any more time!" Lillie said as she gently tugged on her mother's hand.
After crossing the Nugget Bridge and making their way through Routes 24 and 25, the two eventually were at the sea cottage Misty mentioned earlier. They looked at the lighthouse and the beautiful ocean view behind it briefly, but then focused their sights on the front door of the cottage. Lillie eagerly knocked on the door, and about 15 seconds later, it opened. A middle-aged man with short brown hair wearing green shoes, green pants, a light blue work shirt, and a blue tie was inside. Of course, we know this man as Bill.
"Hello?" Bill said.
"Are you… are you Professor Bill?" Lillie asked.
"Well, yes, although please just call me Bill. Professor Bill is a million times too formal for my tastes. Haha!" Bill said with a quick laughter.
"I'm sorry. Bill… my name is Lillie. This is my mother, Lusamine." Lillie said. Bill lightly gasped.
"Wait… THE Lusamine? The president of the Aether Foundation?" Bill said.
"Oh? You've heard of the Aether Foundation even all the way out here?" Lusamine said.
"Yes, indeed. I have admired your organization's commitment to treating wounded Pokémon. Pokémon Centers all over Kanto are talking about you." Bill said.
"Well, thank you. I'm very honored." Lusamine said.
"So what can I do for you two?" Bill asked.
"I was hoping you can help my mother with a problem she once had." Lillie said.
"Oh? Please come in and explain." Bill said as he invited the two ladies inside his cottage.
With everyone sitting down in chairs now, Lillie spent the next few minutes explaining Lusamine's problem to Bill. Bill nodded his head almost the entire time as he processed the information being fed to him.
"Hmmm… I see." Bill said.
"So that's the story, Bill. Can you help us?" Lillie said.
"Well, while you are right that I did have my DNA fused with a Clefairy once upon a time, and I do have that young man named Red to thank for setting things right… my problem is much different from what your mother went through." Bill said, "At least my problem happened as a result of an accident in trying to better my teleportation technology. My mind was fully intact even when my body resembled a Clefairy. Your problem was the result of a Pokémon, you said it's name was Nihilego?"
"Correct." Lusamine said.
"Fascinating… it's amazing to think there are so many more Pokémon out there beyond the Kanto region." Bill said, and he clearly looked like he was in a daze as he looked up at the ceiling.
"Um… Bill?" Lillie said as she waved her hand in front of Bill's face, snapping him back to reality.
"Oh, sorry. Sometimes my mind wanders thanks to sheer curiousity. Anyway, Lusamine merged with Nihilego purely because Nihilego had the power to do so, and it also poisoned Lusamine's mind. The mind and the body are both complicated things, and small traces of that Pokémon's poison may be tough to remove especially given how Lusamine looks perfectly normal from the outside." Bill said.
"Still, Bill. I feel like you're the only one who can cure my mother of Nihilego's poisons. Please… I feel like you're her last hope." Lillie said. Bill then smiled.
"Relax, kiddo. My whole life and career has been based on challenge. My father once told me I could never invent things like the Pokémon Storage System or the Time Capsule. If you'll give me some time, perhaps I can make the right modifications to my teleportation machines." Bill said as he pointed over to two pod like devices.
"Thank you, Bill. My daughter wants nothing more than to have me the way she says I once was." Lusamine said with a faint, but noticeable smile.
"Alright, you two sit tight while I get the system ready." Bill said as he got up from his chair and walked right to his nearby desktop computer. Lillie and Lusamine simply sat back and watched the young man type and work at seemingly lightning speed.
About 15 minutes later, Bill firmly pressed a key on the keyboard.
"There! I think we're ready to go. Lusamine, if you could please step into the rightmost transporter." Bill said.
"Okay…" Lusamine said as she got up from the couch and walked nervously towards the unit.
"There's no need to be afraid. My equipment is 100% safe." Bill said. While Lusamine easily doubted the 100% statistic, she took one look back at Lillie and knew there was no turning back now. She walked into the transporter, and Bill closed the door behind her, then walking over to the computer with Lillie watching behind him.
"Beginning purification sequence Hajiri 2." Bill said as he pressed a few keys. The transporter Lusamine was standing in lit up. The two watched as nothing seemed to be happening.
"Is it working?" Lillie asked.
"I'm going to slowly turn up the intensity." Bill said as he pressed some more keys. Then, Lusamine noticably jumped and clutched her shoulder. Small black spots were rising up out of her clothing and then disappearing out of thin air.
"Oh? What's that?" Lillie asked.
"It must be remnants of the poison. I'm pulling up the scanners." Bill said. He looked at a silhouette of Lusamine on the screen, with her head covered in green and very slowly dropping down her body.
"Oh! It appears to be working, Bill." Lillie said.
"So far so good, but there's still 85% to go." Bill said. The two swapped looks between the monitor and Lusamine herself, watching as more black spots came out and disappeared.
However, the next batch of black spots suddenly raced back through her clothes and into her skin, and suddenly Lusamine began to look very uncomfortable.
"Mom? What's wrong, Mom!?" Lillie said as she ran over to the transporter and pressed her hands against the glass.
"Can't… losing… it… Ack!!!" Lusamine said as she was wrestling with herself, now in extreme discomfort.
"Bill, what's wrong with her!?" Lillie shouted.
"I… I don't know! It's like the poison is fighting back and becoming stronger!" Bill said as he watched the green indicators become bright red on his monitor again. Then he heard beeping sounds and opened up another window on the screen. Lusamine's vitals were dangerously high.
"Her vitals are spiking across the board!" Bill shouted.
"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Lusamine screamed.
"Mommy!!!" Lillie screamed, fearing the worst was happening.
"I'm going to have to shut it down!!!" Bill said as he frantically typed a few commands on the keyboard. Then the transporter came to a slow stop as it audibly whirled down. The door then opened up, and Lusamine first walked and then fell down to all fours, breathing heavily.
"Mom! Mom! Speak to me… are you okay?" Lillie said as Bill approached the two ladies.
As he kneeled down to try and check on Lusamine, the older woman suddenly reached up to Lillie's chest and gave her a good shove, knocking the young girl down on the ground.
"Get away from me, fool!!!" Lusamine shouted. She stood back on her feet and looked down at Lillie with about as angry a face as she could imagine.
"M…Mom?" Lillie said.
"You petulant child! Did you seriously believe I would ever forgive you for your childish acts? You've been nothing but a spoiled brat!" Lusamine said. Lillie gasped in shock.
"Mom! What… what are you saying?" Lillie asked.
"Um… Lusamine… perhaps I should check you over and… ACK!" Bill said, only to have his throat grabbed by one of Lusamine's hands.
"You stay out of this, young man, or I will crush you with my bare hands!" Lusamine shouted as she suddenly threw Bill down on the ground by his computer, leaving him coughing and gasping for air. Lillie gasped as not only Bill was thrown aside, but she could actually see a slightly dark aura forming around her mother's body.
"I should've never made you a part of my life, brat!" Lusamine said.
"N…no! You're not my mother! Let her go, Nihilego! I won't let you take over her again!" Lillie shouted.
"You're so wrong, silly little child. I AM Lusamine, and I've never been more sane in my entire life." Lusamine said. Bill crawled up to the computer screen and looked at it.
"Lillie… she's become fully infected with the poison!" Bill said.
"Can't you do something!?" Lillie shouted.
"I don't know what to do! My program should've worked! My calculations were foolproof!" Bill said.
"Hahaha! Well, they were fitting for a couple fools such as yourself. And now I will finish what I started back in Alola. Until I figure out a way to bring Ultra Space to this world, I will crush every human being under my shoes as punishment for their treatment of Pokémon!" Lusamine said. The 41-year-old then took a couple deep breaths. As she did so, the darkness around her became more intense. Finally, she let out some powerful roars, all in her own voice but deepening the more she yelled.
"Ahhh… ahhhhh… AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Lusamine shouted as she stretched her arms and legs out. That's when Lusamine began to enlarge.
In seconds her head was approaching the ceiling, and she didn't hesitate for even a second when she started to break through as she approached 12 feet tall and let pieces of the ceiling rain down her very long blonde hair. Lillie was in shock watching what was happening.
"M…Mom!?" Lillie said as she was suddenly grabbed by Bill.
"Young lady… I suggest we get out of here!" Bill said as he and Lillie made a breakaway for the front door. The two got out just in time, as a few seconds later, the growing Lusamine broke through the sea cottage and totally destroyed it with a couple kicks from her shoes. And yet she wasn't done. The two turned around and backed away, watching as she quickly grew bigger than even the nearby lighthouse. Eventually, Lusamine finally stopped growing at 300 feet tall. Interestingly, the dark glow was gone from her outer body, but she still put her hands on her hips and had quite the evil smile on her face.
"Ahhhhhh… now this is more like it! My power has greatly intensified thanks to that idiotic professor. Now to punish this entire region with my feet." Lusamine said as she took her first steps as a giantess. As she stepped over Bill and Lillie and towards Cerulean City, Bill looked back at what was left of his cottage and let out a few tears.
"My… my beautiful sea cottage. Years of memories… years of hard work… all gone." Bill said.
"Bill, we can't worry about that now! We have to save my mother! Nihilego is forcing her to do this evil deed!" Lillie said.
"But what can we do? My lab is ruined…" Bill said.
"I'm sorry, Bill, I truly am. But I'm not going to stand here and watch my mother just crush the city!" Lillie said. She straightened out her hat and went running after the giantess, even though she was getting further and further away with each step thanks to the vast size difference.
"Huh? Lillie, wait for me!!" Bill shouted as he turned around and ran after the young girl, not wanting to see herself get thrown into extreme danger… which is what Cerulean City was about to go through.
Given the short distance to Route 25… Cerulean City didn't have to look far to see the giant threat coming. And they didn't have to figure out this giantess was out to kill judging by the evil look on her face. Most people ran as fast as they could for the nearest exit out of the city, while a few brave souls looked up in awe at how big Lusamine was. Lusamine, after crunching the Nugget Bridge with a firm step from her left shoe, stopped and smiled as she looked down at the city.
"Mmmmm… that's right, puny insects! You better run away if you value your life. Otherwise, I will make you pay for preventing Pokémon from having the peace and quiet they deserve!" Lusamine said. And with that warning, Lusamine stepped onto the city grounds, crushing a wide variety of trees underneath her shoes. Then she quickly moved onto buildings, easily crushing a couple houses with just a couple steps. She literally carved a path of destruction as she dragged one of her shoes around. Some people got caught in the destruction spree as they got tripped up. One person crawled on his backside as he looked up at the towering giantess.
"Please, don't hurt me!" the man shouted. But Lusamine didn't say anything back. Instead, she looked coldly down on him and lowered her foot slowly.
"Noooo!" the man screamed until he was completely underneath the shoe. Lusamine put the slightest pressure on her step and then lifted her foot. Although the man was still in one piece, the small pool of blood behind his head and back told her he was crushed to death.
"You brought that fate onto yourself with your cruel treatment of Pokémon." Lusamine commented before she turned around and got back to walking around the city.
Misty came running out of the gym as soon as she heard the thundering boom sounds from inside, not to mention when she felt the ground shake. She gasped as she looked up at Lusamine towering over her city. She of course recognized her from earlier when she and her daughter needed help finding Bill.
"I… I don't believe it! She's grown so huge!" Misty said. She watched as she crushed building after building, and then pinned a couple more people underneath her shoes, putting just enough pressure to crush them to death. Misty almost hurled after running up to these people, one male and one female, and saw them bleeding as well as their bodies deformed and pressed into the ground. As she looked up Lusamine’s towering legs covered by her pants and compared them to structures like the Pokémon Tower, she then looked behind her when she heard a female voice calling out.
“Mom! Mom!!!” Lillie shouted as she ran by Misty. The giant Lusamine then stopped and turned around, looking down by her shoes at Lillie, Misty, and eventually Bill, who finally caught up and was heavily breathing.
“(huff puff huff puff) Goodness… that girl can really run!” Bill said.
“Well, well. If it isn’t a group of little bugs.” Lusamine said.
“HEY! I don’t even like bugs!!!” Misty shouted.
“Mom! Please stop!” Lillie said.
“I am not the mother you once knew, child.” Lusamine said.
“What happened to her? Why is she acting like that!?” Misty said.
“Long story short, Misty… she’s been infected more than ever by Nihilego’s poisons.” Bill said.
“Huh? Whose poisons?” Misty asked.
“Like I said, it’s a long story." Bill said.
“Mom! I know you can hear me in there! You have to fight Nihilego! Only you have the power to regain control of yourself!” Lillie said.
“Hmph! I don’t have time to take advice from insects like you! I shall finally end your unnecessary existance!” Lusamine said as she raised one of her shoes up in the air. Misty knew they didn’t have time to stand around, especially with how much ground that foot covered.
“Run run run run!!!” Misty shouted as the three scrambled and jumped out of the way, just avoiding getting crushed by the huge shoe.
Just as the three got back on their feet, they suddenly got called over to the side by Nurse Joy as she stood in front of the Pokémon Center.
“Everyone, quickly! In here!!” Joy shouted. Misty, Lillie, and Bill all quickly ran over to Nurse Joy and the four ran inside the Pokémon Center. Lusamine of course followed the four and towered right over the Pokémon Center and raised her foot up. But then she stopped in midair, quickly realizing the building she was about to crush. It was a Pokémon Center, and that meant there were injured Pokémon being attended to inside. Crushing those Pokémon would not sit well even with a possessed Lusamine, so she placed her foot back down on the ground. Instead, she got down on her knees and lowered her head to the ground, peeking through the front entrance. The four saw nothing but one of her massive green eyes.
“You four are clever to pick this place to hide in, but that won’t stop me from reshaping the world the way I see fit.” Lusamine said. Then the giantess stood back on her feet and walked away, leaving the four (and a few other people who took shelter inside) to stand by and watch as she continued her ruthless assault on the city.
“This is terrible! How are we going to stop her?” Misty asked.
“I… I’m not sure we can.” Bill said.
“What!? No, Bill! There has to be a way to save my mother! We can’t give up now!” Lillie shouted.
“I understand, young lady… but my knowledge can only go so far!” Bill said.
“Hmmm… I know someone who can possibly help. Nurse Joy, can I borrow your phone?” Misty said.
“Sure, Misty! This way…” Joy said as she took Misty to the back of the Pokémon Center. Bill and Lillie took a look at the two before they looked back at the giant Lusamine.
“Let’s hope whoever she’s calling can help us fast. I fear not just all of Kanto, but the entire world will be at her mercy.” Bill said as he took a deep breath. Lillie, meanwhile, couldn’t stop staring at her Mom, saddened to see her acting like this.
Alola region
Meanwhile, all the way out in the Alola region, four very important people were gathering together at the top of Poni Island. Hala watched as Olivia, Nanu, and Hapu all approached him after emerging from a nearby cave.
“Thank you, fellow Island Kahunas, for coming so quickly.” Hala said.
“No problem, Hala.” Olivia said.
“Hard to say no to a request from my guardian deity.” Nanu said.
“Hala… am I sensing the trouble correctly from a far away region?” Hapu said.
“Hapu… I continue to be proud that you are quickly accepting your duty as an Island Kahuna. Yes… I do believe you are right. One of my darkest fears has come to pass.” Hala said.
“What is it? Speak already, old man!” Nanu said.
“Nihilego has returned stronger than ever. He has regained control of the woman named Lusamine and their power has increased both physically and mentally.” Hala said.
“In short, Lusamine is giant and stomping around the Kanto region. She will surely come here next.” Hapu said.
“What!? How can that possibly happen?” Olivia said.
“You forget, Olivia. Nihilego is an Ultra Beast. They can make practically anything happen, including opening up Ultra Wormholes.” Nanu said.
“Correct, Nanu. Unless we do something, the guardian deities will fall, and Alola will just be the first step towards world domination by the giant woman.” Hala said.
“Oh dear! That sounds serious. So what do we do?” Olivia said.
“I ask that you pray with me, my fellow Island Kahunas. We must seek the guidance of the guardian deities.” Hala said as he got down on one knee and held his hands together. The other three Island Kahunas did the same thing.
Soon, the sky crackled briefly with thunder and lightning, and first Tapu Fini appeared. Then Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, and then Tapu Bulu followed from behind.
“We are the guardian deities of the islands of Alola. We have heard your calls for help and understand your plight.” A mix of male and female voices echoed in the air.
“Will you help us?” Hala asked.
“Of course. The threat you face is of utmost concern and calls for immediate action. Please gather at the base of this island, where I will summon the person who will help protect the islands.” The voices said before the four Pokémon disappeared.
“Well, you heard them! Last one to the bottom of the island is a Slowbro!” Olivia said.
“Ugh… all that hiking for nothing.” Nanu said.
“Oh, stop complaining. You could use the exercise.” Hapu said as the four went through the cave.
Meanwhile, on another island in the Alola region, specifically Melemele Island, a young boy and young girl were walking through Melemele Meadow. We knew this duo as Elio (the boy) and Selene (the girl). Selene playfully jabbed Elio in the shoulder.
“So… how does it feel to be the champ, champ?” Selene said.
“Oh, it’s great. Really great. Sorry you couldn’t be the one.” Elio said.
“Awwwww, come on! Don’t be modest! At least we both tried to be the very best… like no one ever was!” Selene said.
“You’re right. I just can’t help but feel humble. I mean… Pokémon League champion? It’s something I’ve always dreamed of, but never thought would become reality.” Elio said.
“Haha! Let it sink in, my friend. I have a feeling all of Alola will be asking for your autograph soon.” Selene said.
“Yeah… and a Pokémon battle or two.” Elio said as he looked down on the Poké Balls on his waist. Selene then stepped directly in front of Elio’s path.
“Hey, I got an idea! Let’s have a capturing competition! Whoever catches the most Caterpie in 2 minutes wins!” Selene said.
“Huh? Why Caterpie?” Elio said.
“Because they’re a bit harder to find compared to Cottonees, Petilils, Oricorios, and Cuteflies! That makes the game more fun!” Selene said.
“Okay… and what’s the prize for winning?” Elio asked. Selene put her hand to her chin and then snapped her fingers.
“The loser has to buy lunch at Hau’oli City!” Selene said.
“Alright, you’re on!” Elio said as he shook Selene’s hand.
The two spent the next minute or so wandering around the meadow looking for Caterpie. Selene couldn’t help but admire the beautiful bed of yellow flowers, many of which rose up to just below her knees.
“Heeheehee! I love coming here and walking through these flowers. Oh, there’s a Caterpie!” Selene said as she looked and spotted a Caterpie nearby. She reached into her bag and pulled out an Ultra Ball, one of the more powerful Poké Balls one can buy on the market.
“Normally I shouldn’t be wasting this kind of ball on a weak Pokémon like Caterpie, but it will help me capture it without giving it damage!” Selene said. She cocked her arm back like she was ready to throw the ball, but suddenly, a series of blue stars swirled around her body, clouding up her vision too.
“Huh? What the? What’s going…!” Selene said until she and the stars disappeared, with the Ultra Ball she had been holding falling to the ground.
Once two minutes passed, Elio turned around to face Selene.
“Haha! Look, Selene! I caught…” Elio started to say how many Caterpie he caught (just a few), but didn’t see Selene anywhere in sight.
“Huh? Selene? Where did you go?” Elio asked as he quickly looked around the meadow. There was no sign of the girl.
“Come on, Selene! This isn’t funny! Selene!?” Elio said as he ran around the flower bed trying to find where his friend had run off to, unaware of her disappearing act.
Selene saw star after star after star fly around her.
“What’s happened? Have I been teleported into Ultra Space?” Selene said to herself. Before she could wonder anymore, her vision suddenly returned. She suddenly found herself looking at four people and four Pokémon flying above. The four people initially had confused looks on their face.
“Hey, wait a minute. I don’t think this girl was the Pokémon League champion.” Nanu said. Suddenly she remembered who the four were, especially the older man.
“Whoa… Hala! What are you doing here? You’re all Island Kahunas, aren’t you?” Selene said.
“Selene… it is good to see you again. How is Elio?” Hala asked.
“Fine, I guess. He’s probably wondering where I ran off to.” Selene said.
“Maybe the guardian deities grabbed the wrong person by mistake?” Olivia asked.
“It would not be in their nature to do a thing like that.” Hapu said.
But then the deities spoke out once more.
“Greetings, child named Selene.” The deities, again in their mix of male and female voices, said.
“Um… Alola?” Selene said, citing the official word for greetings in the Alola region.
“This region of the world will soon face a terrible crisis, and only you can stop it.” The deities said.
“Huh? What crisis?” Selene asked.
“It is in the best interests of all that we not tell you directly, only that you will see it coming soon. In the meantime, we will bestow part of our power to help you combat this threat.” The deities said.
“Okayyyyyyy…?” Selene said.
“Fear not, child named Selene. You will fully realize the situation in due time. For now, remain still as we transfer some of our power within you.” The deities said. They then glowed brightly in different colors (yellow, pink, green, and purple to be precise) and then shot their energy down at Selene. Selene flinched a bit, but that was all of the movement she made.
“Oh… I’m glad it didn’t hurt.” Selene said as she wondered what kind of new powers she was being granted.
She and the Island Kahunas didn’t have to wait long for the results.
“Look! Something’s happening!” Nanu said.
“Oh my word! She’s growing!” Olivia said. The four watched as Selene was enlarging in size, slowly at first but then the growth accelerated.
“Oh? Why are you all shrinking?” Selene said as she watched the Island Kahunas get smaller and smaller, but then she looked down at the ground.
“No, wait! The ground is getting smaller too. Wow! Am I really getting taller?” Selene said.
A couple minutes later, the process was over. Selene was no longer glowing with energy, and her growing stopped. She stood at exactly 300 feet tall.
“Wow…  I didn’t think anyone could grow that tall.” Nanu said as his eyes worked his way up from bottom to top of Selene’s gigantic body.
“Our services here are no longer required. The rest will be up to you, child named Selene.” The deities said before they faded out of sight once again. Selene, however, didn’t listen to them. She instead looked down and slowly smiled over seeing the shoreline so incredibly tiny compared to before.
“Young lady! Do you understand the responsibility that has been handed to you by the deities!?” Hala shouted, trying to get the giantess’s attention.
“Oh my… this is… this is… this is AWESOME!!!” Selene said as she suddenly stomped the ground in place a few times while giggling and holding her hands under her chin. The Island Kahunas naturally got knocked off their feet from the shockwaves of Selene’s stomps. She then looked out in the distance and could just see Melemele Island.
“Wow… I can see Melemele Island from up here. I should get back there and tell Elio about what has happened. Oh, but first I should see what the rest of this island looks like!” Selene said. That’s when she took her first giant steps and made her way for the mountains, which she was able to step over after raising her legs high in the air. The Island Kahunas simply stood still and watched as the giantess faded into the distance (although she could still be easily seen), the thundering booms of her footsteps getting softer the farther away she was from them.
“Ladies and gentlemen, the defender of the world.” Nanu said as he rolled his eyes, trying not to think of the dangers the rest of the island might face from the mere presence of the giantess.
“It would not be in the guardian deities’ nature to...” Hapu said, only to be interrupted by Nanu.
“Yeah well, everybody makes mistakes at some point! That’s why there’s an international police.” Nanu snapped. Hala then watched as Olivia got down on one knee and started praying.
“Olivia, what are you doing?” Hala asked.
“Praying for Tapu Lele to come back. I’d love for it to make me a giantess too!” Olivia shouted. Hala just sighed and took one more look at the giant Selene.
“The deities have yet to let us down. I can only hope for the entire world’s sake they are right about this.” Hala said to himself.
Down at Seafolk Village on the other side of the island, it was business as usual for the people that lived here, mostly on boats docked at the harbor. But they brought their activity to a halt when they felt the ground trembling and boom sounds echoed in the distance. As they got louder and the shaking got a bit more intense, causing some of the water to crash onshore, some people looked in the direction of where the thunder was coming from. They gasped over what they saw.
“Look! A giant girl!” one of the men shouted.
“Oh my stars! Run for your heavenly lives!” one of the women shouted as she and then everyone else got into a panic. Selene, meanwhile, approached the village and stopped with her giant shoes about 20-30 yards away.
“Heehee! What do you think, everyone? I’m pretty big, aren’t I?” Selene said. She then took notice of the people running and screaming around.
“Hey, don’t worry! I promise I’m not here to hurt you! I’m a friendly giantess who will be very careful!” Selene said. She took a very small step forward from her perspective, but it was enough to send a wave of water splashing onto the village, drenching many of the huts directly in front of her.
“Er… well… I’ll TRY to be careful, anyway!” Selene said as she rubbed her hat. The giantess carefully kneeled down and grabbed a boat. After standing back up, she examined it from every angle as she shifted it around in her hands, noticing there was nobody inside.
"It looks so much like a toy boat! And it's so light too!" Selene said as she casually threw the boat up and down. However, after one of the tosses, the boat slipped out of her hands and crashed into the water.
"Whoops! Sorry! Good thing nobody was on that boat!" Selene said. She then came to a realization.
"I really shouldn't stay here. One false move and I could end up crushing or flooding this whole village. Oooooh… that wouldn't be pretty! But how am I going to get back to Melemele Island? I'm much too big even for a cruise ship…" Selene said.
After a few seconds of standing in place and thinking, she got an idea.
"Ah! I know! Drampa, come out!" Selene said as she pulled one of her Poké Balls out from her purse and threw it in the air (after pushing the button to enlarge it). The ball opened up and Drampa came out, floating alongside Selene. The Normal/Dragon-type Pokémon was also gigantic, enlarged in perfect proportion with Selene as if the two were normal-sized.
"Drampa, we need to fly to Melemele Island. You know where that is, right?" Selene asked. Drampa nodded its head and shouted its name.
"Good! Then let's go!" Selene said as the giantess gently perched herself on Drampa's back (making sure to avoid the spike there!). The Pokémon then flew away from the village and off Poni Island altogether.
It only took a couple minutes thanks to the increase size of both, but Drampa and Selene both landed over Ten Carat Hill. Selene jumped off Drampa, shaking and cracking the ground profoundly in the process, and pulled out the Poké Ball.
"Thanks a lot, Drampa! You've earned a rest." Selene said as she fired the return laser and brought Drampa back inside its Poké Ball. As Selene turned around, she was in awe over how much of the island she could see.
"Wow… it feels like I can see the entire island from coast to coast! Maybe if I were even bigger, I could pick up this whole island! Heehee… that would be super awesome!!!" Selene said. She lifted up one of her shoes and saw the big shoe-sized dent she left in the ground.
"Still, I better be careful where I step." Selene said as she casually brushed her shirt and short green shorts. Then she set her sights on Hau’oli City, which she immediately recognized just from looking at the rooftops of the buildings.
“Heehee! There’s Hau’oli City! Wow… I can’t wait to tower over that place.” Selene said. She followed the roadway that would quickly lead her to that city.
Of course, it didn’t take long for panic to set in on this city too. Most of the people watched as the giantess approached their city, easily towering over it. In fact, she was so big, some feared just one of her shoes was big enough to crush a structure flat! It didn’t make them feel any better when they saw the giantess get down on her hands and knees, taking off her gigantic purse in the process. As Selene’s perhaps-one-size-too-big shirt and its sleeves drooped over the city and brushed the buildings closest to Route 1, she smiled.
“Alola, everyone! Don’t be alarmed, I’ll do my best not to hurt you!” Selene said as she crawled around the city, with several people having to dodge her supersized fingers. Because Hau’Oli was not a very big city, it only took seconds for Selene to crawl around every square inch of the city.
“Wow… it didn’t take long to explore every part of this city. That shows how big I’ve grown!” Selene said. She lifted up her right arm, only to clip a row of palm trees and knock them to the ground.
“Oops! Sorry!!!” Selene said. She carefully tried to stand the palm trees back up, but they had been fully ripped from their roots and just kept falling down.
“Oh well… I’m sure the grass Pokémon around here won’t mind planting new trees!” Selene said.
“Alola, Selene! Down here!” a male voice suddenly shouted from the ground. Selene looked towards the northern exit from the city, and spotted a familiar face.
“Hau! Alola!” Selene said as she crawled her way towards Hau. Hau nervously looked up at Selene’s gigantic face.
“Er… wow… you got really big.” Hau said.
“Heehee! And you’re so teeny tiny. You look so cuuuuuuuuute!!” Selene said as she gently picked up Hau and cradled him against her face.
“Yikes! Not so hard, Selene!” Hau said.
“Heehee… sorry. I’m still getting used to this size.” Selene said.
“So how did you grow?” Hau asked.
“Well, it’s all kinda weird, actually…” Selene said as she shifted to a sitting position, crushing numerous trees and sending various flying Pokémon flocking away to safety. She also came very close to crushing one of the houses in the city as she sat, but she nevertheless focused on Hau in the palm of her hand and told him the story.
“Wow… the guardian deities did that!? I’m curious as to why they called you and not Elio. He IS the Pokémon League champion, after all!” Hau said.
“Yeah, I’ve been wondering that myself.” Selene said.
“And I wonder what this huge threat is they were talking about.” Hau said.
“Yeah, they wouldn’t tell me that either. Maybe they just like seeing a girl grow gigantic!” Selene said as she winked an eye down to Hau.
“Heh… yeah. Maybe that’s it.” Hau said with a quick roll of the eyes. He found it doubtful that it would be for that simple a reason for Selene to grow, but he nevertheless played along.
“Speaking of Elio, I wonder if he’s still at the meadow. He’s probably looking for me right now!” Selene said.
“Why don’t we go check?” Hau said.
“I agree! You can be my extra set of eyes.” Selene said as she got back to her feet. She then placed Hau on her shoulder. He wobbled around at first.
“Whoa… try not to walk too fast, Selene!” Hau said.
“Okay, I’ll do my best.” Selene said as she walked over and picked up her purse (some curious people had to run and jump out of the way to keep from falling inside). Then she walked to the northern exit and left the city behind.
After a few minutes of slow walking around, Selene was a couple footsteps away from standing atop Melemele Meadow, and that drew a loud reaction from Hau.
“Selene, wait!!!” Hau shouted. Selene did just that, coming to an abrupt stop in her walk. The sudden stop caused Hau to fly forward, but he saved himself by clutching onto as much of Selene’s shirt as he could as he climbed back up.
“Huh? What is it, Hau?” Selene asked.
“Selene, you wouldn’t seriously think of stepping onto Melemele Meadow at the size you’re at, would you? Think of how much this location is featured on the ‘welcome tourists’ pamphlet!” Hau said.
“Hmmm… yeah, you’re right. My giant footprint would definitely not look as beautiful!” Selene said.
“Besides, I don’t see Elio anywhere.” Hau said, noting a few people who were running away from the scene, but none of them the boy they were looking for. Selene then took note of the mini mountain she towered over.
“Hey, maybe he went through the Seaward Cave.” Selene said. She got down on her knees and tried reaching inside the cave entrance, but right away there was a problem.
“Oooooh… even one of my fingers is too big to fit inside.” Selene said.
“No sweat, Selene! If you’ll let me, I’ll go inside the cave and see if he’s in there.” Hau said.
“Good idea, Hau!” Selene said. Before Hau could walk inside the cave after being let down, however, Hau heard Selene’s voice again.
“Hau, if you do find him, don’t tell him about how I’ve grown. Just lead him back here and I’ll do the rest.” Selene said.
"Understood!" Hau said as he ran inside the cave.
Hau didn't have to wander around the cave for long, as he heard Elio's voice nearby.
"Selene!? Are you in here!?" Elio shouted.
"Elio! Over here!" Hau said as he ran over towards the champ.
"Oh, Hau!?" Elio said as the two boys met face to face.
"Alola, Elio! So you're looking for Selene?" Hau asked.
"Yeah. We were playing around in Melemele Meadow when suddenly she just disappeared." Elio said.
"Actually, I know where she went!" Hau said.
"Oh, you do?" Elio asked.
"Yeah! Come on… I'll take you to her." Hau said. Elio wondered what Selene could possibly be up to if Hau had a perfect idea on where she went, but he nevertheless followed him out of the cave.
Once the two boys made it out, they took note of the huge shadow that was over the cave entrance and extending seemingly hundreds of feet outward. What they didn't know was that the shadow actually belonged to Selene the giantess.
"Wow… that must be one heck of a cloud above us." Elio said.
"Well, actually, Elio…" Hau said, only to be interrupted by Selene's incredibly loud voice from above.
"Heeheehee!!! Alola, Elio!" Selene shouted. Elio turned around and looked up, and up, and up before finally spotting Selene's smiling face.
"WHAT THE!!?!??" Elio shouted. He then watched as Selene kneeled down and scooped not only he, but also Hau, into her right hand. She moved it up to her face, which was beaming with a smile.
"S-S-S-S-Selene!? What happened to you!?" Elio asked right away.
"Heehee! I really grew up, wouldn't you say?" Selene asked.
"I'll say! How did you grow?" Elio said.
"She told me the whole story. Basically the guardian deities made her this big… says it's important to stop a massive threat from coming." Hau said.
"Wow… what threat is that?" Elio asked.
"I don't know. They wouldn't tell me. Maybe they want me to have some fun first being this big!" Selene said.
"(gulp) Some fun?" Elio said.
"Yeah! I know what we can do!" Selene said. She then sat down in front of the cave entrance and stretched her legs all the way out. With her tips of her shoes pointed upward, she placed Elio on one shoe and Hau on the other.
"Let's have a race! The first one to get to either of my shoulders is the winner and will get a big reward!" Selene said.
"Um… what reward is that, Selene?" Hau asked.
"Teehee! I'll tell you if you win. On your marks… get set… go!" Selene shouted. After trading looks with each other, the two boys got to work climbing down Selene's massive shoes. It was about even as they ran as fast as they could up each of Selene's legs, which brought a smile to her face.
"Teehee… they look like little ants running for a picnic basket!" Selene said to herself as she watched the foot race play out.
Kanto region
Back in the Kanto region, chaos reigned supreme as the giant Lusamine continued her casual but destructive walk. Much of Cerulean City was left in ruins except for a couple lucky buildings (including the Pokémon Center), and Lusamine had decided to move on to the next city… just now arriving in Saffron City. Being a much bigger city, there weren't nearly as many buildings that were small enough to crush underneath her shoes, but still, being taller than even the mighty Silph Company building left everyone paralyzed with either fear or awe.
"Hmph! What are you people staring at!? Haven't you ever seen a giant woman who's going to crush your miserable existance under her shoes!?" Lusamine angrily shouted. That got the stunned people running as fast as they could away from the giantess. Lusamine smiled.
"That's more like it." Lusamine said. As for the few people that didn't get running fast enough, Lusamine lifted up her foot and slammed it down on the road, cracking it in multiple directions and knocking these people off their feet. She reached down and picked them up while they were stunned.
"Now then, I shall give you a more appropriate home, but I doubt you will survive for long!!!" Lusamine said as she tipped her hand towards her open mouth, swallowing the people whole.
After Lusamine gulped these innocent people down, she turned her attention back on the city, specifically the Silph Company building. As she walked right up to it, she kneeled down to get a good look inside the building, where shocked scientists and men dressed in business suits either looked out in shock or ran away as soon as they saw Lusamine's gigantic face.
"Hmmhmmhmm. Get a good look, fools. This is the last beautiful thing you will ever see!" Lusamine said. Then she stood back to her full height and dug her hands into the middle of the building. Once she felt she dug deep enough, she took a deep breath, and with a forceful grunt, she spread her arms out. The Silph Company building split in two, both halves crashing down and flattening a good portion of the east and west sides of the city. Lusamine relished in the incredible destruction, and no doubt high level of human death, that she caused.
"Bwahahahaha!!! All this destruction… I can feel the despair in this part of the region. It's making me stronger!!" Lusamine shouted. She looked around and saw a smaller group of buildings by her shoes.
"And yet… I want more! MORE!!!" Lusamine shouted. Without hesitation, she let herself fall down on this group of buildings, crushing them either beneath her legs or her rear end, and any building that got spared was swept off its foundation when she spread her legs apart.
Next, she saw a group of people trying to run away from her legs as she moved them around. That's when she grabbed her long hair from the back, leaned herself forward, and just plain threw her hair at these people. When she pulled it back, many of these people were trapped in some of her many strands.
"Hahaha! That's quite a catch! Who needs a fishing rod with strong hair like this!?" Lusamine said. She then swept her hands through her hair to knock these people off. All of them were killed either upon being crushed by the giantess's rapidly-moving hand or from the hard fall back down to the ground.
Lusamine took a good look around what was left of Saffron City. Destruction, a little bit of blood, and clouds of smoke covered the once prosperous area. But that wasn't important to her now. She could feel a powerful energy surging through her body. The Nihilego inside of her was telling her something in her mind.
"Yes… it's time. It's time that we finished what we started. But before we can create the perfect utopia, we must eliminate the guardian deities. Only they stand in our way!" Lusamine said. She held her hands up above her head and watched as an Ultra Wormhole suddenly opened up. Only a second passed before Lusamine jumped through and disappeared from Saffron City.
Bill, Lillie, and Misty all finally arrived in Saffron City, only to see they were too late, watching as the giantess jumped through the wormhole.
"We're too late! Arrrrgh! If only Sabrina wasn't on vacation... she could fix up Lusamine with mere thoughts!" Misty said.
"Oh no… this is bad. She still has the power to open up Ultra Wormholes." Lillie said.
"Ultra Wormholes?" Bill asked.
"Portals that connect this world to Ultra Space, where supposedly the Ultra Beasts live." Lillie said.
"Oooookay. Forgive me, young lady, but this research is foreign to me. But then again, so are lots of things from out of this region!" Bill said.
"Huh? What's that?" Misty said as she pointed up to the sky at a helicopter flying in. The trio watched as the helicopter touched down on the ground, and then a young woman jumped out and made a series of signals to the helicopter pilot. The helicopter flew away just as this woman approached our heroes. She had light brown skin, white hair, and wore a gray vest and black semi-legging pants. She also wears green flat shoes and a green headband at the back of her head. Bill and Misty looked confused, but Lillie gasped and ran up to the woman, giving her a hug.
"Lillie! Thank goodness you're alright!" the woman said.
"Professor Burnet! I didn't think I'd see you again so soon!" Lillie said. After the two broke up their hug, the professor looked back at Bill and Misty.
"Oh? I see you're not alone." Burnet said.
"Oh… Bill. Misty. I would like you to meet Professor Burnet from my home region of Alola. She and her husband, Professor Kukai, look out for me whenever I'm away from my mother." Lillie said. Burnet approached Bill and shook his hand, then doing the same to Misty.
"Alola, Bill. And alola to you too, Misty. Professor Juniper told me so much about you." Burnet said.
"Oh, I'm honored! But what about Junpier herself? Is she coming?" Misty said.
"She felt it was better if I came in her place, given what you and Lillie said about Lusamine and Nihilego's poisons when you called her in Cerulean City." Burnet said.
"Professor Burnet is an authority on other dimensions and the Pokémon that live in them." Lillie said.
"Don't worry, Misty. I'm a very good friend of Juniper as well as Professor Fennel. In fact, I borrowed some toys from Juniper that may prove useful." Burnet said as she opened up a bag strapped to her shoulder, showing off various gadgets inside.
"I see." Misty said.
Lillie then gently tapped Professor Burnet on the shoulder.
"Professor Burnet… my mom just went through an Ultra Wormhole. Can we find out where she went?" Lillie asked.
"I can try, young lady! Just let me pull out my specially modified radar…" Burnet said as she reached into her bag and pulled out a device that looked eerily like a Nintendo 3DS. After turning it on, Burnet moved it in every direction she could think of until she pointed it skyward. That's when the device started beeping.
"There it is! There's the wormhole she went through." Burnet said.
"Okay… so how do we open the wormhole?" Misty asked.
"I… don't know. Finding it is one thing, but opening it up… I'm still researching on that!" Burnet said.
Suddenly, there was a loud roar from the sky, and another Ultra Wormhole opened up in front of everyone.
"Oh no… now what!?" Bill shouted. But when Lillie saw what was coming from the other side, she recognized what was coming.
"Oh! That's Lunala!" Lillie said as she ran up to the legendary Pokémon.
"Lunala?" Misty asked.
"I remember reading about this Pokémon in my mother's research. It's the other half of the 'cosmic duo,' the other being Solgaleo, which I nickname Nebby. It was that Pokémon that helped me get into Ultra Space and save my mother." Lillie said.
"Incredible! It's like Raikou, Entei, or Suicune sensing a good-hearted trainer's needs and showing itself up when least expected." Bill said.
"Are… are you here to help us, Lunala?" Lillie asked. Lunala let out a loud cry and then motioned for her and everyone else to follow her into the open wormhole.
"Come on, everyone! Let's go!" Lillie said as she jumped in after the Lunala.
"Ummm… are we sure this is safe?" Misty asked.
"Hey, if little ol' Lillie jumped in without fear, I don't see why we can't!" Burnet shouted as she was the next to jump in. Bill and Misty looked at each other and finally followed suit. The wormhole then closed behind them.
Alola region
Back on Melemele Island, Selene watched with great delight as both Elio and Hau were climbing up her shirt. She made things a little interesting by grabbing the bottom of her shirt and giving it a couple light tugs, forcing the two boys to hold on tight so they wouldn't fall off.
"Hey! Cut it out, Selene!" Hau shouted.
"Heehee! Come on, I don't want to make it too easy!" Selene shouted. Finally, Elio managed to make it to the top of the giantess's right shoulder.
"Ding ding ding! We have a winner, and it's Elio!" Selene shouted.
"Oh, darn…" Hau said.
"But don't worry, Hau. You get a reward for finishing in second place." Selene said. As Elio held on tight, Selene grabbed onto Hau and placed him down on the ground. Then she stood back to her full height, with Hau almost straining his neck as he tried to look all the way up at the giantess's face.
"I get to squash you beneath my shoe!" Selene said as she slowly raised her right foot, giving Hau a close up view of the bottom of her shoe as it came down closer and closer.
"Eeeeek! Selene, please wait!!!!" Hau said with tears coming down his eyes.
Then, with Selene's shoe about a foot away from the boy, who was ducking down and bracing for the worst, Selene took the shoe away and stepped back from Hau.
"Hahahaha! Come on, Hau! I was only kidding! You didn't seriously think I was going to step on you, right?" Selene said. Hau just sighed and pouted, but still watched as Selene kneeled down to get a closer look at him.
"Still, what did you think of the bottom of my shoe? Looks pretty nice, don't you think?" Selene asked.
"Well, yeah, although it was filled with dirt." Hau said.
"That should be no surprise! Elio and I have been walking a lot lately! And speaking of Elio…" Selene said as she picked up Hau and put him on her left shoulder. She stood back up and plucked Elio from her right shoulder, holding him in front of her face once again.
"Now it's time for your reward for winning the foot race against Hau." Selene said.
"And what's that?" Elio asked.
"What else? A big kiss! And I do mean BIG!" Selene said as she puckered her lips and moved Elio closer and closer to them. He was both nervous and excited, anxious to know what it's like to be kissed by a giantess.
But when Elio was inches away from Selene's lips, she stopped moving when a huge Ultra Wormhole suddenly up in front of her.
"Whoa! What's that!?" Selene asked. Elio managed to turn around and recognized what he was looking at.
"Oh my gosh! Don't you remember those, Selene? That's an Ultra Wormhole!" Elio said.
"No way! I thought we had heard the last from Ultra Space!" Hau added. Then everyone watched as another giantess came out from the other side of the wormhole. This giantess, of course, was Lusamine, who looked stunned as she looked ahead and saw the same-sized giantess named Selene in front of her.
"What!? You!?" Lusamine said as she recognized the girl as part of the tag team (the other half being Elio) that ruined her plans in Ultra Space.
"Lusamine!?” Selene shouted, obviously surprised to see Lusamine just as big as her.
“Grrrr… why is it you always have to meddle in my affairs!? No wonder I find children so despicable! I should rid this world of all children… not just the ones who mistreat Pokémon!” Lusamine angrily shouted.
“What!? Why are you acting like this, Lusamine? Don’t tell me you’ve been poisoned by Nihilego again!” Selene said.
“Enough talk! Once I'm rid of you, I will next seek out the guardian deities! I will steal their power… and then NOTHING will stop me from fulfilling my destiny!!!" Lusamine shouted.
"I'll never let that happen!" Selene said. She then remembered she was still holding onto Elio, and Hau was still standing on her shoulder. She grabbed Hau, and then kneeled down and set the two boys on the ground.
"You two wait down here… I'll take care of this!" Selene said. The giantess stood back up and turned her back on the boys, facing Lusamine just as Elio tried to call up to her.
"Selene! Wait! It could be dangerous!" Elio shouted.
Selene then reached into her purse and pulled out one of her Poké Balls.
"I choose you, Drampa!" Selene shouted as she threw the ball in the air. Out once again came Drampa. Selene waited to see what Pokémon Lusamine would draw out.
"Well? Where is your Pokémon?" Selene asked.
"I don't need Pokémon to take you down!" Lusamine shouted angrily. Selene felt awkward with this kind of a battle, but anything to keep the possessed Lusamine from spreading her evil around Alola.
"Drampa! Use Dragon Pulse!" Selene shouted. Drampa opened its mouth wide and shot a turquoise-colored energy ball towards Lusamine. The giantess, however, just smiled.
"Reflect!" Lusamine shouted. An orange-colored barrier went around Lusamine's body and caused the Dragon Pulse to dissipate upon contact.
"What the!?" Selene shouted.
"Venoshock!" Lusamine said. Just then, Nihilego the Ultra Beast itself appeared in translucent form above Lusamine's head. From the Pokémon came a small shower of purple liquid that rained over Drampa. Although Drampa didn't shout its name out in too much pain, there was a noticable cringe in its face. Selene tried to encourage it to continue battling.
"Don't give up, Drampa! You can do it!" Selene said. However, Drampa finally couldn't take the poison that was running through its body, and began to show signs of extreme fatigue. Selene gasped, and she scrambled through her purse, throwing a few random things onto the ground (and almost crushing Hau and Elio with them), trying to find an antidote.
"Your Pokémon is unable to continue." Lusamine said. Selene took a look at Drampa… its eyes had the tell tale sign of defeat.
"Ugh… that poison was super strong… Come back, Drampa, you've earned a rest." Selene said as she returned the fainted Pokémon to its Poké Ball.
Down on the ground, after they caught their breath from almost being crushed by a few random giant things, such as potion bottles and a fishing rod, Hau and Elio watched as their giantess friend, Selene, was struggling against the giant Lusamine.
"Oh man! This is bad! Lusamine is far too powerful!" Hau said.
"Arrrrgh! There's gotta be some way me and my Pokémon can help her!" Elio said. Just then, the two turned around when they heard and then saw another Ultra Wormhole opening up, although this one was nowhere near as big as the one Lusamine came through.
"Now what?" Hau asked. The two watched as four people came running through the wormhole. Bill, Misty, Lillie and Professor Burnet all came running out, with Elio immediately recognizing the latter two.
"Oh! Lillie! Professor Burnet!" Elio shouted.
"But who are those other two?" Hau asked as he pointed to Bill and Misty. As the wormhole closed, Lillie looked back and suddenly had a distraught look on her face.
"Huh? Wait! Where's Lunala!? It was right with us!" Lillie said.
"Lillie, are you okay? What do you mean where's Lunala?" Elio asked.
"Yes… I'm fine. We all came from the Kanto region. Lunala, you know, the other half of the duo that contains Nebby… it led us here but seems to have disappeared." Lillie said.
"Holy macro! Who is that other giantess!?" Burnet shouted as she pointed up to the giantess known as Selene, who was reaching into her purse to pull out another Poké Ball.
“Incineroar! I choose you!” Selene shouted as she threw the ball in the air. Previously the Pokémon she started with (Litten), the cat-like Heel Pokémon came out and looked like it was ready for battle. This did not sit well at all with Lillie, seeing her mother about to be attacked.
"No! Please! Don't hurt Mom!" Lillie shouted.
"It's no good, Lillie! They're just too big! It's like watching a battle between giant PokéGods from millions of years ago." Bill said.
"Wait! I know Professor Juniper has the right invention in here somewhere…" Burnet said as she went digging through her bag trying to find what it was she was looking for.
"What is it, professor?" Misty asked.
"Oh, trust me. It'll get Lusamine's attention in a big way." Burnet said. As Misty wondered what it possibly could be, she looked back up at the two giantesses battling it out, ready to make a move in case something bad happened.
"Incineroar! Use Fury Swipes… maybe that will snap her out of it!" Selene said. Incineroar punched its hands together and went running (stomping on a bunch of trees along the way) towards Lusamine. However, the long blonde-haired giantess was able to swiftly dodge every last swipe from the Pokémon. Incineroar stood confused as to why it couldn't land a blow on Lusamine, who smirked back at the Pokémon.
"If you're quite finished…" Lusamine said as she made a firm push with both her arms and one of her legs against Incineroar's chest. The Pokémon stumbled backwards into Selene.
"Whoa whoa whoa!" Selene shouted as she felt herself falling backwards.
"Look out!!" Misty shouted as she and the other normal-sized people went running out of the way. They made it out before Selene could crush everyone (unknowningly) with her head.
Selene, meanwhile, looked to her left to see Incineroar with the fainted look in its eyes.
"What!? Incineroar? That's impossible!" Selene said. She started to call the Pokémon back to its Poké Ball, but instead found herself pinned to the ground as Lusamine walked up to Selene and planted one of her shoes on top of her chest.
"Ack!" Selene said as she looked helplessly up at Lusamine.
"Now, silly child. You're about to experience a level of pain you never thought was possible at your young age." Lusamine said as she slowly increased the pressure on Selene's chest. Selene tried to fight off the foot with her hands, but it was proving to be too strong.
The situation was getting very tense for the normal-sized people watching. Bill knew whatever the plan was, they had to act fast.
"Professor Burnet… I suggest you hurry up!" Bill said.
"Just another couple minutes…" Burnet said as she hurriedly made a few more tweaks to her invention.
"We don't have another couple minutes! Selene could be suffocated to death!" Elio said. Misty then reached for one of the Poké Balls attached to her waist above her shorts.
"I'll try and buy some time! Gyarados, go!" Misty shouted. The ball opened up and out came the fierce atrocious water/flying Pokémon, Gyarados.
"Gyarados, Hydro Pump on Lusamine!" Misty shouted as she pointed up at the giant Lusamine. Gyarados immediately turned around and shot a powerful stream of water up towards Lusamine. It hit her on the chest, causing her to back away.
"Hey!" Lusamine shouted as she backed away. Selene coughed a few times as she held her chest and turned to look at Incineroar.
"Return, Incineroar!" Selene said as she pointed her Poké Ball at Incineroar and called it back. She tried to get back on her feet, but had to lay back down and hold her chest.
"Ow… my ribs…" Selene said with a painful look on her face.
Meanwhile, Professor Burnet got her gadget up and running and immediately activated it. There were two pieces to the device. One was a circular pod about two feet in diameter, and the other part looked like a projection camera.
"Got it! Lillie, step on this pod." Burnet said.
"What? What will happen?" Lillie said.
"There's no time to explain! Hurry and step on!" Burnet said. Lillie did just that and made her way onto the pod. It took her a few seconds to realize what was happening…
Lusamine, meanwhile, regained her balance and focused her sights on the ground where the blast of water came from. Misty gulped nervously as the gigantic Lusamine stared right at her and Gyarados.
"Soooo… trying to meddle in my plans, are you? I will crush you like the insect you are!!!" Lusamine shouted as she marched towards Misty and the rest of the normal-sized people. But then she had to come to a sudden stop.
Because a giant Lillie was suddenly standing in front of her.
"Mother, STOP!" Lillie shouted.
"What!? Lillie? How did you…" Lusamine shouted.
"Mother… please… listen to me! You can fight Nihilego and its poisons. You can regain control of yourself." Lillie said. Lusamine suddenly found herself taking a couple steps back.
"L…Lillie… I hear you. I… I'm trying, but I can't…" Lusamine said.
"Yes you can, and you will! You did once before, and you can do it again. We're together again, so you can do it…" Lillie said as she held her hands together.
"I… I… Lillie… NO!!!" Lusamine said as she fiercely shook her head, "I won't let you poison my mind with your spoiled brat attitude. I won't, I won't, I WON'T!!!"
The older giantess went charging towards Lillie. She reached out like she was going to strangle her by the neck.
However, when she tried grabbing Lillie, it was like grabbing air. In fact, Lusamine's hands passed directly through Lillie's body, like she were a ghost. Lusamine gasped.
"A hologram!?" Lusamine shouted.
"Yes, Mom. I'm only here in image, but I know you can hear me now that you can see me more easily." Lillie said.
"You fool!!! I will not be tricked by such underhanded kindergarten tactics!!!" Lusamine said.
"Now, Elio!" Lillie said as she looked directly to the right.
From the ground, Elio quickly grabbed the right Poké Ball from his belt and threw it high in the air. Out came Solgaleo, the legendary Sunne Pokémon. Lusamine gasped as she watched Solgaleo stand atop Selene's hat.
"No! Not you again!" Lusamine shouted. Then, at the same time, another Ultra Wormhole opened up. Everyone watched as Lunala came floating out.
"Lunala! There you are!" Lillie shouted (her giant hologram still functioning). Lunala circled around a very agitated Lusamine and then fired an energy beam at her head. Solgaleo did the exact same thing. Lusamine backed away and tried to fight off the energy beam, but it stuck to her like a magnet.
"NOOOO!!! I won't let you take me again!!!" Lusamine angrily shouted.
Then, thunder and lightning crackled throughout the sky, and suddenly appearing were all four of the guardian deities (Tapu Fini, Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, and Tapu Bulu).
"W-w-who are they!?" Bill asked as he and Misty hugged each other in both fear and astonishment. Hau, Elio, and Lillie, on the other hand, smiled.
"They are the guardian deities." Hau commented.
"We will lend our power to assist the Sunne and Moone Pokémon, and finally rid this young woman of her suffering." a collective mix of male and female voices said as they came from the four Pokémon. They all shot different colored energy beams, and Lusamine's entire body became surrounded in a rainbow of energy that she had no chance of beating.
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Lusamine screamed as suddenly Nihilego itself emerged from within the giantess's body. Nihilego flailed about uncontrollably, letting out extremely high pitches of painful cries before finally exploding in a mass of sparkling stars that scattered throughout the region.
As for Lusamine, she quickly shrank back to her normal size and collapsed on her back.
"MOM!!" Lillie screamed, running off the holographic projection pod (and causing her giant image to disappear) and towards her mother. The others, aside from Selene who was still big (her right leg in fact was about two feet away from everyone else), ran alongside Lusamine as well. Bill and Misty both kneeled down and checked on the woman.
"She's got no pulse!" Bill shouted.
"I don't hear any breathing, Bill!" Misty said.
"I'll have to perform CPR!" Bill said as he quickly ran up to Lusamine's chest and pressed his two hands together. Misty backed Lillie away, allowing Bill to do his work.
"Mom! Wake up! Please wake up!!!" Lillie said, tears falling down her eyes as she held on tight to Misty. Bill switched rapidly from pressing his hands on Lusamine's chest to breathing into her mouth while holding her nostrils shut, trying desperately to wake her up.
"Does anyone have an electric-type Pokémon!?" Bill shouted. Elio quickly stepped forward.
"I've got an Alolan Raichu!" Elio said.
"Hurry, call it out!" Bill said. Elio nodded and threw up a Poké Ball, and out came the Alolan Raichu.
"Have Raichu thundershock Lusamine, but not too hard." Bill said. Raichu looked back at Elio, who nodded at the Pokémon.
"Do it, Raichu!" Elio said. Raichu built up electricity in its cheeks and then shot it towards Lusamine. Once the electricity died down, Bill got back to work on CPR.
10 seconds later, Lusamine's eyes suddenly opened wide and she coughed multiple times.
"*COUGH COUGH COUGH!!!*" Lusamine coughed.
"Whew… she's okay." Bill said as he breathed heavily, as did the other people surrounding her.
"Easy, easy." Bill said as he gently helped Lusamine to a sitting position.
"Ugh… where… where am I?" Lusamine asked.
"MOM!" Lillie shouted as she got down on her knees and tightly hugged her mother.
"Oh! Lillie!" Lusamine said as the two girls hugged each other for a good 30 seconds.
"Mom… thank goodness you're okay. I was so worried about you." Lillie said.
"Um… thanks, Lillie. But what happened? How did I get here?" Lusamine asked.
"Oh? You don't remember what happened?" Lillie said.
"The last thing I remember was stepping into some chamber that Bill made. He said it would help remove the rest of Nihilego's poisons from my body." Lusamine said.
"Heh, well, that's kind of a long story, but don't you worry about that. The important thing is that you are safe and sound." Bill said.
He then heard something go beeping in one of his pockets. He took out a small device and pressed a few buttons.
"Oh? What's this? My scanners are showing that you are completely devoid of any poisons!" Bill said.
"Then that means…" Elio said.
"It seems you are finally cured, Lusamine. Congratulations!" Bill said.
"Oh? Well, thank you, but…" Lusamine said.
"What is it, Mom?" Lillie asked.
"I did… I did some terrible things, didn't I?" Lusamine asked.
"What makes you say that?" Burnet asked.
"Well, for one thing, why else would that one girl be gigantic?" Lusamine said as she pointed back to the gigantic Selene, who was now sitting up (and still holding her chest).
"Heh heh… I tried to play the big, strong, giantess hero to stop the evil, giant villainess. It didn't go so well, but that's okay! I'm still having fun being this big!" Selene said.
"Like I said, Lusamine, it's a looooooong story." Bill said.
"Still, I am sorry, everyone… for everything." Lusamine said.
"Lusamine, everyone makes mistakes. We just have to learn to put them behind us and move on." Bill said.
"I know, but I can just feel I've done terrible things. Things that have cost people their lives…" Lusamine said.
"Mom, stop. Everything's going to be okay. You have many friends and family to support you." Lillie said. That's when Lusamine looked in her daughter's green eyes and then up at everyone else surrounding her.
"Thank you, everyone. Your support sincerely means so much to me." Lusamine said.
While all this was going on, the guardian deities suddenly floated in front of the giantess Selene.
"Child named Selene. The guardian deities of Alola thank you for your efforts to save the region." the voices of the Pokémon said.
"It was nothing really." Selene said as she lightly rubbed her head.
"We will now return you to your normal state as we take back the power we lent you." the voices said. Quickly, Selene found herself surrounded by four different colors of light, and that's when she started shrinking. A few seconds later, she and everything she wore (including her purse) were back to their normal size.
"Awwww… I liked being super tall. Oh well." Selene said. She then realizied one more detail that seemed to be the work of the guardian deities.
"Well, at least they fixed up my ribs!" Selene said as she confidently patted her chest. Elio and Hau then joined up with Selene.
"Oh, you're back to normal now. That's good." Elio said.
"Yeah! That was something, seeing you tower over everything on this island!" Hau said.
"Heehee! I agree that was fun! Hey, Professor Burnet, maybe you could invent something that makes me big! Pleeeeeeeease?" Selene said.
"Er… well… I'll have to talk to Professor Juniper in Unova about that." Burnet said with a sweat drop on her face.
"Yay! You do that! I'd love to cuddle Elio against my face again!" Selene said.
"Yeah… maybe you can take your time on that, professor." Elio said, prompting a laugh from everyone on the ground.
A few minutes pass. With the guardian deities disappearing from sight, Lunala going through an Ultra Wormhole to retreat from Melemele Island, and Solgaleo (aka Nebby) returning to Elio's possession, the humans watched as a couple helicopters, all adorning the Aether Foundation logos, came flying towards the coast everyone was now standing at.
"Don't worry, Bill and Misty, these helicopters will take you back to the Kanto region." Lusamine said.
"Thank you, Lusamine. It's been a pleasure to be with you." Misty said as she shook the older woman's hand.
"Just curious, Lusamine… what will you do next?" Bill asked. Lusamine took a good long look at the clear blue sky.
"That remains to be seen. I'll talk with my board of directors and see what the future holds. At the very least I want the Ultra Beasts to not be involved any longer with the core principle of the foundation, which is the rescue and care of injured Pokémon. But that won't be for 30 days." Lusamine said.
"Huh? 30 days, Mom?" Lillie said. Lusamine kneeled down and patted her daughter on the shoulders.
"Because I want to take a vacation with my daughter in the Kanto region, and make up for lost time." Lusamine said. Lillie lightly gasped. This was definitely a far cry from the woman she once knew, who always put work first and family or personal time by the wayside.
"I'd… I'd love that, Mom. Thank you!" Lillie said.
"Good. I'm glad you approve." Lusamine said.
"Wait… in the Kanto region? You think everyone there will forgive you after what happened?" Burnet said.
"I have full confidence they will, especially after I make my pledge to help with the repairs." Lusamine said.
"That's awesome, Lusamine!" Burnet said.
The helicopters finally touched down, with Bill and Misty boarding one copter and Lillie and Burnet boarding the other. Lusamine was about to jump into the second copter, but then looked back at Elio, Selene, and Hua, and walked towards them.
"Would you like to come with us?" Lusamine asked.
"Thanks, but we'll stay here. This region needs a lot of rebuilding and recovery too." Elio said. He and Hua both smirked over at Selene, who blushed and rubber her fingers together.
"Okay, okay, I get it. No need to rub it in!" Selene said.
"Well, in that case, farewell for now. Thank you three for everything you've done for me and Lillie." Lusamine said.
"You're welcome." Elio said as the three kids and Lusamine hugged. Finally, Lusamine turned around and hopped inside the second helicopter. The three watched as both copters took off and flew towards the beautiful sunset in the background. Lusamine smiled as she gazed upon this sunset and then at a smiling Lillie. For the first time in a couple decades… she had clear and concise control over her priorities.
Selene then lightly tapped Elio and Hua in their backs. She had just finished gathering up loose items, like her fishing rod, that had fallen out of her purse during her battle with Lusamine (all of which shrunk back to their normal sizes when she did).
"Hey, I'll race you both to Melemele Meadow!" Selene said as she went into a full on sprint.
"Hey! Come back, Selene! You got a head start again!" Elio said as the three ran away from the shoreline and back for inland of the Alola region, leaving behind what was truly a big adventure for everyone involved.