Real Masters Gaiden: Slave in Johto

(Cubed Cinder)

Whitney took her seat inside the Magnet Train that would take her back to Goldenrod City in Johto. She then looked inside one of her shorts pockets and poked a finger at the tiny Green's head.
"Now don't you go making any noises until we get back. I doubt anyone here would think I'm telling fibs when they hear my side of the story." Whitney said with a smile.
"(sigh) As you command…" Green said. For those of you just joining in on the fun, Green was formerly the leader of the Viridian City Gym back in Kanto. His cocky attitude made him pretty unpopular outside of Professor Oak and others members of the Oak family tree. His brash behavior was always getting on the nerves of other trainers and especially other gym leaders. Finally, Sabrina of the Saffron City Gym decided to do something about it. Using her psychic powers, she shrunk Green down to a measly two inches tall. As the day went on, it wasn't just Sabrina, but other high profile female trainers in the Kanto region, such as Misty, Erika, and Janine, who toyed with the shrunken egomaniac. A month passed with the ladies taking turns playing with Green. Although the boy apologized almost every day for his rash behavior, the girls felt keeping him tiny for as long as possible was the best way to go forward. On top of that, word spread throughout other regions on what happened to Green, and ladies from those other regions all requested at least a chance to play with the shrunken Green.

The first of those ladies was Whitney. She was looking out at the scenery, waiting for the train to get moving back to Johto, thinking of what kind of things she could do with Green once she arrived back home. She was so deep in thought, she didn’t notice someone walking up to her and tapping her on the shoulder.
“Hello! Earth to Whitney!” a female voice said. Whitney gasped as she looked to her left and saw a familiar face standing overhead.
“Oh! Lyra… whew!” Whitney said.
“You okay? You looked pretty spaced out there!” Lyra said.
“Yes, yes. I’m fine. I was just deep in thought, that’s all.” Whitney said.
“About what, if I may ask?” Lyra asked.
“Well, it’s kinda personal. I hope you understand.” Whitney said.
“Sure, I gotcha.” Lyra said.
“What about you? Have you been in Kanto this whole time?” Whitney asked.
“Yeah! I was actually able to beat Sabrina in the Saffron City Gym recently.” Lyra said.
“Wow! Congratulations! She’s no easy opponent, that’s for sure.” Whitney said.
“Yeah! You know, while I was in Saffron, I heard rumors that she has the power to change someone’s size, including her own!” Lyra said.
“Really? Imagine that…” Whitney said. Of course, she didn’t want to let Lyra in on the secret of the shrunken Green. She even placed a hand against her pocket just in case Green got any ideas.
“Yeah… it’s probably true, but she keeps those powers a deep secret. You know, like a superhero protecting his secret identity?” Lyra said.
Just then, there were a couple beeps over the speakers on the roof of the train, followed by a female voice.
“Ladies and gentlemen, the Magnet Train departing for Goldenrod City will depart in 5 minutes. Please take your seats at this time.” The female voice said.
“Well, time to take my seat. It’s good to talk to you again, Whitney!” Lyra said as she shook Whitney’s hand.
“Yeah! You too… stop by anytime you want a rematch!” Whitney shouted.
“Of course! See you later!” Lyra said as she walked to the back of the train to take her seat.

A short time later, the Magnet Train arrived in Goldenrod City. Whitney made her way off the train and walked her way around the city until she made it back to the Goldenrod City Gym, where she was immediately greeted by one of her fellow trainers.
“Whitney! Welcome back!” The blonde female said.
“Thanks, Victoria! It's good to be home again.” Whitney said as she gave Victoria a quick hug.
“So now are you gonna tell me why you had to leave for Kanto?” Victoria said. That's when Whitney smiled.
“Yep! I had to pick up something… or rather, someone.” Whitney said.
“Ooooooh… is it a cute boy? So where is he? I want to have time to put my makeup on!” Victoria said.
“That's the thing, Victoria. He's right here.” Whitney said. That's when the young gym leader reached into one of her shorts pockets and pulled out the two inch tall Green, who looked to be unconscious for the moment.
“What the!?” Victoria said as she leaned in and got a closer look on the shrunken boy.
“Yeah! Look how teeny tiny he is! Doesn’t he look cute?” Whitney said.
“Yeah, but how did that happen?” Victoria said.
“You know that gym leader named Sabrina all the way out in Kanto’s Saffron City, right? Well, she got tired of this guy acting like a jerk and she used her psychic powers to shrink him.” Whitney said.
“Wow… I wish I had that power. That’d be cool if I could shrink a couple ex-boyfriends just by thinking about it.” Victoria said with a smile.
“Anyway, the Kanto girls said they played with him long enough, but they feel he still hasn’t learned his lesson, so they want us Johto lady gym leaders to pass him around.” Whitney said.
“I see… so Jasmine and Clair will be expecting him no doubt.” Victoria said.
“Yep! I think we better play with him while we can.” Whitney said.

The two girls then got to poking and prodding on Green until he was finally awake once again.
“Where am I?” Green said.
“Teehee! Hello, little Green! Welcome to the Goldenrod City Gym!” Whitney said.
“Ugh… and I thought this was all a bad dream.” Green said.
“It’s not, boy toy. We’re going to have so much fun playing with you.” Victoria said.
“Gah! You can't do this to me! This is kidnapping!!! When I get big again, I'll…" Green said, only to stop when Victoria put her face just inches away from the shrunken boy.
"Or what, you little brat!? You'll run to your grandpa?" Victoria said.
"Teehee! Wouldn't that be funny if Professor Oak saw his grandson at just two inches tall?" Whitney said. Green just sighed, knowing his threatening words weren't having any impact on the giantesses.
"But he's busy with his radio show, so you're stuck with us, you little brat." Victoria said.
"Who are you calling a brat!? You're the brat as far as I'm concerned!" Green said.
"What did you say!?" Whitney shouted.
"Don't think I don't know about your history as a gym leader in this region! I've heard people talking about you. You're a crybaby… you always wail and hide behind others when you don't get what you want! You've got no spine whatsoever in a gym leader! And what's up with using normal-type Pokémon!? No gym leader in their right mind would go with weakling Pokémon like Chansey or Miltank! And another thing…!" Green said. But before the boy could rant on any further, he had to cover his ears as Whitney suddenly let loose.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! YOU BIG MEANIE! YOU... YOU, CHILD, YOU! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" Whitney shouted as the tears came out almost like two miniature waterfalls. Despite that, Green still stood firmly in the palm of Whitney's hand.
"Ha! See!? See what I'm talking about!? It's attitude like that…" Green said, but was once again interrupted. This time by Victoria who swiped Green from Whitney's hand and trapped him in her fist with only his head poking out.
"Oh shut up, you little twit! You have no right to talk to us like that!" Victoria said as she then squeezed her fist tightly.
"ACK! You're squeezing too tight!" Green said as he felt the pressure building from the walls of the skin on Victoria's fingers coming together.
Whitney managed to wipe away the tears from her eyes and looked over and saw Victoria with Green in her hand.
"Oh? Victoria? What are you doing?" Whitney asked.
"What else? Punishing him for those nasty words he shot at you." Victoria said.
"Oh, I see. Thank you, Victoria, but I'm feeling fine now." Whitney said.
"Very good, Whitney. Still, you shouldn't let this little pipsqueak try and talk you down." Victoria said.
"I know. I'm trying my best to be strong, honest. In fact, I've got an idea." Whitney said. She then walked to one of the back rooms of the gym, and Victoria followed behind.

Once they were in, Whitney opened the nearby refrigerator and pulled a bottle of her famous Moomoo Milk out, along with an empty glass. Whitney opened the bottle and poured the glass full of the milk.
"Oooooh… you're gonna swallow him?" Victoria said.
"No, Victoria, just watch. Go ahead and drop him in." Whitney said as she winked an eye towards her friend. Victoria did just that, loosening her grip on Green and letting him fall towards the glass of milk.
"Ahhhhhh!!!" Green shouted as he flapped his arms and legs helplessly before going SPLASH!!! into the milk. The two girls watched as Green swam around like crazy in the white liquid.
"This is surprisingly fun to watch!" Whitney said.
"Yeah, I agree! Torture like this… I can't look away!" Victoria said.
"C-c-c-c-cold…" Green said as his teeth started to chatter. He watched helplessly as Whitney took the glass into her hand and held it up against her face.
"Teeheehee! I hope you're a good swimmer, Greeny!" Whitney said. That's when she tilted the glass towards her mouth and sipped the milk inside, watching as Green swam as hard as he could against the current.
"No! Please!!!" Green shouted. Whitney controlled her sips very carefully. When she felt Green had gotten just enough distance between the edge of the glass and her lips, she tilted the glass back more to make it harder for Green to swim against the current. Whitney then took a break and set the glass down on the table so she could gulp the milk down, all while Green was begging for mercy.
"Please… you'll kill me!" Green shouted.
"Pfffft! Then swim for your life! Not that hard to figure out, if you think about it." Victoria said, with Whitney laughing a bit. She then picked up the glass and was back to sipping the milk and watching Green swim for his life.

This time, Whitney managed to clear the entire glass with this latest series of sips, leaving just Green and a sliver of milk inside. Green thought the torture was over with, but Whitney's next words made him gasp.
"Victoria, go get another bottle. I'm still thirsty!" Whitney said.
"As you wish!" Victoria said as she ran to the fridge and got another bottle of Moomoo Milk, handing it quickly to Whitney.
"Teehee! Hope you brought an umbrella! It's about to rain very hard for the next few seconds!" Whitney said as she opened up the bottle and tilted it towards the glass… the very glass that Green was still inside.
"Noooooooooo!!!" Green yelled before he braced himself for the torrent of cold liquid that was about to rain down on him. Green coughed and sputtered as he got pelted by the milk from above, driving him underneath the liquid at times while he swam and swam trying to stay afloat. It felt like an eternity, but it was really only a few seconds that the pouring went on. Finally, the glass was full of milk again. Green looked very exhausted, and this didn't surprise Whitney. The coldness of the milk, plus getting slammed with it like it were a waterfall, surely had to take its toll on his miniscule body, she thought. Still, she didn't feel the slightest bit guilty. Whatever it took to punish him for his bad behavior from earlier.
"Awwww… don't worry, little Greeny. This will all be over soon." Whitney said. And with that, she was once again back to taking small sips of the milk, and yet Green found himself swimming for his dear life, except there were times when the tired Green came within centimeters of being swallowed by the giantess.

A couple minutes later, the glass was empty again, and Green once again breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn't even paying attention to what the giantesses were saying… not that he could as he felt his ears somewhat clogged with milk. He was busy shaking his head loose and wiping his drenched clothes off.
"Ahhhh… that really hit the spot!" Whitney said.
"It always does, Whitney! That's why your milk sells so well around Johto!" Victoria said.
"Teehee! I know!" Whitney said.
"Meanwhile, look at our little boy toy. He looks exhausted… and he's shivering too!" Victoria said.
"He sure does. There's gotta be some way we can perk him back up quickly." Whitney said. Seconds later, Victoria snapped her fingers.
"I've got an idea." Victoria said. That's when the beauty queen walked over to the nearby stove. She set a frying pan on top of one of the burners and then set one of the dials.
"May I, Whitney?" Victoria asked.
"Sure, absolutely!" Whitney said. That's when Victoria reached inside the empty glass of milk and plucked Green out with her fingers. Green saw the fingers coming but was too weak to even move a millimeter from where he was sitting, not that he could escape from the giantess anyway. Whitney watched as Victoria took over towards the pan.
"Oh? Victoria? You know what you're doing?" Whitney asked.
"Of course! What better way to cure freezing cold with high heat?" Victoria said.
"Okay, just be careful he doesn't get burned!" Whitney said.
"Don't worry, he can handle it!" Victoria said.
"N…n…no! No I can't! You can't do this! This is illegal!!!" Green pleaded, but his words didn't get through to Victoria, who casually tossed the shrunken boy into the pan.
Immediately the heat was too much for Green to take, and he found himself running in place with his legs going up and down as he tried to keep his feet from burning up.
"Look at that! He's as nimble as a Natu now!" Victoria said.
"I'll say! You were right, Victoria!" Whitney said as she and Victoria watched as Green was now visibly sweating and looking exhausted once again.
"No more! Please, no more!!!" Green shouted.
"Okay, I think he's had enough." Whitney said as she walked over and shut the stove down. She reached down into the pan and picked up Green.

"Teehee! You looked so cute running around in that pan. I could hug and kiss you for your bravery!" Whitney said as she cradled Green up against her face. While this was going on, she and Victoria finally stepped out of the back room and reappeared in the main battling area of the gym.
"Ack! STOP! You're crushing me!" Green shouted.
"Pffft… what a baby, whining about being crushed by one of Whitney's GENTLE hugs! Oh, I've got an idea!" Victoria said.
"What's that, Victoria?" Whitney asked.
"Let's smush him between our chests!" Victoria said.
"Oh, that's a great idea!" Whitney said. She moved her hand holding Green away from her face and then lowered it towards her chest, which looked like two mountains from Green's perspective. After casually dropping Green on top of her chest (which was unusually big to begin with), she poked him a bit so that he was sliding forward.
"Ready… SMUSH!" Whitney said as she and Victoria timed their hug together. They were successful, and Green found himself trapped between the clothed chests of both Victoria and Whitney. Because of the size of both ladies' chests, Green found it hard to breathe or even speak.
"Mmmphmhmhphphmhphph!!!" Green muffled.
"Hahaha! You can't even hear him!" Victoria said.

The squeezing went on for a couple more minutes. The duo were having so much fun, they didn't notice another girl coming in and walking towards them. She was Jasmine, the kind-hearted and gentle gym leader of Olivine City.
"Huh? What's going on here?" Jasmine asked. Whitney quickly turned around, causing Green to fall down towards the ground. Luckily, Victoria was there to catch him as he landed in the palm of her hand.
"Jasmine!" Whitney shouted.
"Hi, Whitney… what was that all about?" Jasmine said.
"Oh… we were just playing with a new toy we got." Whitney said.
"Yeah… we were giving it the chest test to see if it would survive being pinned between our chests." Victoria said.
"I see. I take it the 'new toy' is the shrunken boy from Viridian City?" Jasmine asked.
"Yes, actually! How did you know?" Whitney asked.
"Did you forget, Whitney? News travels pretty fast around Johto. Clair especially wants to get her hands on him." Jasmine said with a smile.
"Oooooooh… is he going to be in for a world of hurt." Victoria said.
"Pffft… don't be silly! I'm not afraid of some chick trainer named Clair! She's probably like all the others!" Green said, back to his cocky ways already.
"Wow… you're back to being a jerk already? No wonder Sabrina shrunk you!" Whitney said.
"Anyway, you think maybe you could hand him over now? Like I said, Clair is going to want to have him sooner than later." Jasmine said.
"Sure thing, Jasmine." Whitney said. She then took Green from Victoria's hands and handed her to Jasmine. Jasmine immediately opened up the purse on her shoulder and dropped Green inside.
"Hey! What are you…!" Green said before he fell right in.
"Thanks, Whitney. I hope I get to have as much fun with him as you did." Jasmine said.
"Trust me, Jasmine! You won't be disappointed! It kinda makes me wonder why we can't just shrink any trainer who loses to us!" Whitney said.
"Yeah, but then Officer Jenny would be investigating a LOT of kidnappings!" Victoria added.
"Well, I gotta get going. Bye everyone!" Jasmine said as she turned around and walked out of the gym. As the gym leader headed for the nearby forest which acted as a shortcut to her home of Olivine City, Green could only mutter a few angry words and phrases as he bounced up and down inside Jasmine's purse.

Before Jasmine walked inside of her gym, she suddenly looked over at the lighthouse, another one of the signature locations of Olivine City.
“Hmmm… I better check up on Ampharos while I’m out.” Jasmine said to herself. That’s when she walked over to the lighthouse and went inside. After climbing up several flights of stairs (much to Green’s dismay as that only added to the bumpy ride he was going through inside her purse), Jasmine made it up to the top floor, where there was not only Ampharos, but also Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy.
"Hey, Jasmine!" Nurse Joy said.
"Oh? Officer Jenny? Nurse Joy? Is everything okay?" Jasmine asked.
"Yes, everything's fine. We just felt like paying Ampharos a visit while you were away." Jenny said.
"That's very kind of you. I'm so glad others in this city care so much, much like that kid named Gold." Jasmine said.

Despite the risk he was about to take, Green felt his only way out of this nightmare was calling for either Joy or Jenny's help.
"HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!" Green shouted as loud as he could.
"Huh? What was that?" Joy said.
"What was what?" Jasmine asked.
"I heard it too, it sounded like someone calling for help." Jenny said.
"Call me crazy, but I could've sworn it came from your purse, Jasmine." Joy said.
"Huh? My purse? Whatever makes you think that?" Jasmine said with a sweatdrop on the side of her head.
"Jasmine… can I please inspect your purse? You know how Nurse Joy in this city gets when something is bothering her." Jenny said. Jasmine knew she was right. Nurse Joy was not one to let any cry for help go unanswered, and it would bother her for all eternity if she didn't get to the bottom of the mystery.
"Sure, I understand. I'll just take it out." Jasmine said. Despite feeling offended by being called 'it,' Green felt himself being grabbed by Jasmine's huge bare hand. He looked up at not just Jasmine, but also Jenny and Joy as they approached Jasmine to get a closer look.
"Oh my! It's a small man!" Joy said.
"Wait a minute! I recognize this guy… isn't he Green from the Kanto Pokémon League?" Jenny asked.
"He is. Sabrina shrunk him with her psychic powers as punishment for being mean to all of us." Jasmine said.
"Yes… I do recall him having that reputation." Jenny said.
"Of course I do! Now don’t just stand there! Arrest this girl for kidnapping me!" Green shouted. Obviously, Jasmine was worried that because the secret was out, and holding onto shrunken people was not at all a commodity. But both she and Green would be surprised with Jenny's response.
"Well, just as long as you don't hurt him, I don't see any crime being committed where I stand." Jenny said.
"WHAT!?" Green shouted angerily.
"Really, Officer Jenny?" Joy said.
"Well, look, to be honest, I think he deserves it. I've heard nothing but bad things regarding his behavior." Jenny said.
"Are you sure you're not mixing him up with that Silver kid? He was the worst." Joy said, thinking back to the red-haired boy who's been on the run for stealing a Pokémon from Professor Elm.
"Oh, trust me, Nurse Joy. Green has been nothing but unsportsmanlike, even to the other members of the Kanto Pokémon League. I tell you what, Jasmine." Jenny said.
"Yes, officer?" Jasmine asked.
"I will let you do whatever you want with this boy if you let me play with him for just a few minutes. That's all, no more." Jenny said.
"Okay, sure! I don't mind that at all." Jasmine said.
"Great! Take me back to your gym and I'll get started. I'll see you later, Nurse Joy." Jenny said.
"Bye, Officer Jenny!" Joy said. Jenny and Jasmine turned around and walked down the stairs, leaving Joy and Ampharos all to themselves for the time being.

A couple minutes later, Jasmine and Officer Jenny were both inside the Olivine City Gym. They both sat down at the waiting seats near the entrance.
"If I may ask, Officer Jenny, what do you plan on doing with Green?" Jasmine asked.
"Well, I've been on my feet all day. I think he'd make the perfect foot massager." Jenny said.
"I see. I hear it's one of the oldest tricks in the book." Jasmine said with a smile. With that, Jenny kicked off her black high heeled shoes, leaving her in her bare feet. Jasmine right away placed Green on the floor next to the feet.
"Okay, little man, give me a good massage on the double!" Jenny shouted.
"Are you kidding!? There's no way I'd do that!" Green said, only to get knocked onto his back with a jab from Jenny's big toe.
"You will get to rubbing my feet NOW, or I will arrest you for harrassing a police officer!" Jenny said with a suddenly stern tone in her voice.
"As you wish…" Green meekly said. Seeing no other alternative, Green put his hands on the top of Officer Jenny's foot and got to rubbing. Unfortunately for Green, it wouldn't be smooth sailing even for such a simple task. Jenny would at times bounce the foot that Green was on up and down, knocking him off balance. He glared angerily upwards, but because both girls were sitting back in their chairs, he couldn't see their faces. Still, he grumbled and kept on rubbing.
"Don't forget between the toes!" Jenny shouted from above.
"Arrrrrrgh… stupid…" Green said as he reached his hands in between said toes, something that he visibly cringed at. Although Jenny's feet didn't have any serious kind of odor, Green was still overcome with exhaustion trying to give such large feet the massaging it deserved.

Jasmine looked to see Officer Jenny was enjoying herself judging by the smile on her face.
"I take it you're enjoying this, officer?" Jasmine said.
"You bet I am! I don't know how my sisters and cousins would feel, but to me, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing a tiny man giving my hard working feet a massage." Jenny said.
"Maybe I could get my feet massaged too?" Jasmine said.
"Of course! You'll love it, trust me! Go ahead, kick off those sandals." Jenny said. Jasmine did just that, slipping her feet out of her sandals and leaving her in her bare feet just like with Jenny. Jenny tilted her feet towards Jasmine's, and Green found himself toppling over towards the top of Jasmine's feet.
"WHOA! Ooof!" Green shouted as he landed face first. He couldn't lay down for long as he felt his backside tapped on by one of Jenny's toes.
"Well, go on, tiny! Give Olivine City's finest trainer the foot massage she deserves!" Jenny said. With more grumbling from Green, he got to rubbing Jasmine's feet. Unlike with Jenny, however, Jasmine seemed to feel every bit of movement from Green's hands.
"Oooooh… I can feel him touching the skin of my feet." Jasmine said.
"Really? I guess you're a bit more sensitive." Jenny said.
"Heeheehee… that kinda tickles actually!" Jasmine said as she ever so slightly moved her feet around. It may not have been much, but it was like an earthquake to the shrunken Green the way the 'ground' swayed back and forth.
"Oh, let's not forget the bottom of our feet. They need the most massaging." Jenny said.
"Of course, I couldn't agree more." Jasmine said.

That's when she tilted her foot down, causing Green to slide to the ground and see nothing but 20 giant toes dangling in front of him left and right. He watched as Jasmine lifted up one of her feet, resting the heel on the ground.
"Go ahead, young man. Start massaging!" Jasmine said with a smile.
"Arrrrgh! You're going to regret this!" Green shouted, only to get pushed up to Jasmine's heel by one of Jenny's huge fingernails.
"Less chatting and more massaging, you little brat!" Jenny shouted.
"Oh my… be careful, Jenny! We don't want to hurt him." Jasmine said.
"Sorry, Jasmine. I just can't stand people that have an attitude like that." Jenny said. And with that, Green got to rubbing the bottom of Jasmine's feet as best as he could. Jasmine once again giggled from being lightly tickled by Green's touches.
"Heeheehee… that tickles a little." Jasmine said.
"Doesn't it feel good, Jasmine? Do you feel like you're in control?" Jenny asked.
"Well, yeah, it's hard not to be. And come to think of it… the longer this goes on, the more I like it. Something like this doesn't make me feel so small." Jasmine said.
"Yes, I think I understand. You look so tiny compared to your Steelix when in battle." Jenny said.
"Heh heh, yes, not that I mind one bit. That kind of size difference kinda makes me feel more human, to be honest. This, though, is such a different sensation. I don't know I can adequately describe it." Jasmine said.
"Well, enjoy it while you can, just like I am." Jenny said as she patted the gym leader on the back. Eventually Jenny herself joined in on showing the bottom of her feet to Green. He switched back and forth between Jasmine and Jenny's feet, trying hard not to disappoint or anger them. Eventually, though, Jasmine got tired of sitting and felt she had gotten enough of a massage on her feet anyway. That's when she stood up and towered over Green.
"What do you think, my little friend? Am I as tall as a Steelix? Even bigger?" Jasmine asked.
"What… what are you going to do!?" Green said.
"Look at that! Now you've got him scared!" Jenny said.
"I guess I do. Maybe I should stop and pick him up." Jasmine said.
"Oh no, heavens no! Go ahead, chase him around the gym. You're going to have a blast!" Jenny said.
"Well, alright." Jasmine said. She then raised one of her bare feet up and then lowered it towards Green.
"You… you're not going to crush me! You know better than that!!" Green shouted.
"Well, if she won't then maybe I will!" Jenny said as she got up on her feet. She raised her own foot and lowered it a bit faster than Jasmine did.
"Eeeek!" Green shouted as he took off running, with Jenny slamming her foot down inches away from the boy.
"Hahaha! Go get him, Jasmine!" Jenny said. Jasmine giggled lightly and followed the shrunken Green around. He was mostly running straight, only turning when he was about to crash into a wall inside the gym, and Jasmine kept a respectable distance from the panicking boy.
"Heehee… this is quite fun, actually. I wish we had a camera from Green's perspective." Jasmine said.

The 'chase' went on for a few more minutes. It came to a stop when Jasmine heard a female voice coming from near the entrance of the gym.
"Having fun with our new toy, I see." the female voice said. Jasmine looked to see the voice came from the unmistakable face of Lorelei. Dressed in her usual attire of a black-and-purple dress, long red ponytailed hair, and black high heels, Lorelei was not alone. Standing alongside her was Karen, one of the Elite Four. She too was wearing her usual outfit consisting of white pants that go down to her knees, yellow cut-up tank top (with her midriff showing), very long blue hair that almost goes past her back, and yellow high heels.
"Lorelei! Karen!" Jasmine shouted.
"Ah, it's a pleasure to meet you ladies." Officer Jenny said.
"Same here. Sorry for barging in like this, Jasmine, but you haven't returned our calls in the past 10 minutes." Lorelei said.
"Though it's very easy to see why." Karen said with a smile on her face. After Jasmine reached down to pick up Green and hold him in her hands, she bowed her head at both women.
"My sincerest apologies, you two. It seems holding this young man's life literally in my hands has gotten the better of me." Jasmine said.
"Pfffft… don't be shy, Jasmine. It's a natural reaction. Heck, you were probably very gentle with him." Karen said.
"Of course!" Jasmine said.
"Don't worry, we'll be gentle with him too. Or at least we'll try to be." Lorelei said with a wink in her eye.
"Oh, is it time to hand him off already? Are you sure you want to go next? Does Clair mind?" Jasmine asked.
"Don't worry about Clair, she'll get her chance." Lorelei said as Jasmine handed the shrunken Green over to her hands.
"And besides, we're doing little Greeny a favor by delaying the inevitable. If I know Clair, she'll treat him like the bug he's been resized to be." Karen said.
"GREENY!? Hey, you take that back! I may be the size of a bug, but I'm still as tough as any trainer on this entire planet!" Green shouted. Both Karen and Lorelei laughed out loud.
"Hahahahaha! That's a lot of spunk for a shrunken kid." Lorelei said.
"Come on, Lorelei, let's not waste any more of his time and get to games of our own." Karen said.
"Take care!" Jasmine shouted as she watched Lorelei and Karen walk out of the Olivine City Gym. Officer Jenny started to do the same thing, first slipping her feet back into her black high heeled shoes.
"Well, I better get back on duty. See ya, Jasmine!" Jenny said as she saluted the gym leader and then walked out herself.

Meanwhile, both Lorelei and Karen had departed Olivine City and were walking on the paths that were Routes 39 and 38. They were on their way to Ecruteak City where Clair would likely meet up with them. Still, they took their sweet time in making sure Green was adequately played with. They started off with Green sitting on Karen's shoulder and making him hold onto whatever he could (clothing, hair, etc.) to keep him from falling to the ground. Lorelei was watching him battle the whole way.
"I have to admit, he's very persistent." Lorelei said.
"He's still holding on, eh? Can't blame him. That's a looooooong drop from up here to down there." Karen said.
"Please! Can't you women just stop this!? How dare you treat me like this!?" Green shouted.
"Don't you get it, teeny tiny? It was your idiotic attitude towards my friends in Kanto that caused this to happen." Lorelei said.
"Think fast, Green!" Karen shouted. That's when she tilted her shoulder back and caused Green to fall off.
"Ahhhhhh!!!" Green shouted, watching as his view was changing rapidly between Karen's body and the ground below him. With a glimmer of hope, Green reached out, hoping to grab something that would save him from falling to the ground. That something was the very end of Karen's long blue hair.
"Oh! Nice catch!" Lorelei said.
"I was counting on him grabbing on for the ride." Karen said.
"Indeed you were. He looks pretty cute hanging from down there." Lorelei said.
"Hey! I got a fun idea! Watch this…" Karen said. That's when she started fast walking forward down the path, bobbing her head back and forth along the way. Lorelei followed behind as best as she could, and she watched as Green was being swung back and forth on Karen's hair. Even more humiliating for the shrunken boy, he was being smacked up against Karen's behind.
"Hahahaha! That's cool!" Lorelei said.
"Ow! Oooooof! Ugh!!!" Green said as he tried hard to keep his grip on Karen's hair while getting swung around and smacked at the same time. It was not making him feel good and he could feel his grip loosening…

But luckily, before he could fall more than an inch, Lorelei was there to catch him.
"Whoa, Karen! Our little friend lost his ride." Lorelei said as she brought Green up to her face. She could easily tell he was dizzy, yet still was as bossy as usual.
"Ugh… you… stupid… ladies… I oughta…" Green said.
"Hahahaha! That was pretty fun. I think I could feel him hitting my backside." Karen said.
"I bet it was fun! Of course… it wasn't so fun for our little friend here. We better make him feel a little better." Lorelei said.
"Oh? How do we do that?" Karen said.
"Let me hold some of your hair." Lorelei said. Karen reached behind and brought some of her backside hair to the front, which Lorelei gently grabbed a hold of with her other free hand. That's when she dangled the hair down on top of Green and plopped it down all over him.
"Hey! What the…!?" Green shouted as he tried to fight off all that hair that was getting all over himself, but this fight was in vain as the quantity was simply too much to fight off.
"Hahaha! That's funny watching him trying to fight like that." Karen said.
"Yeah! He looks like he's swatting a million Yanma or something like that!" Lorelei said.
"It almost makes me want to do this to a whole city if I drew giant." Karen said.
"Oooooooh… you've had those dreams too?" Lorelei said.

After a couple minutes, Lorelei dropped her handful of Karen's hair. Then she smiled as she thought of the next thing she could do to Green.
"Don't worry, Green. We're almost done with you since we're almost at Ecruteak City. Let me kiss you and make you feel better." Lorelei said. That's when she planted her lips all over Green's body, smearing him from head to toe in lipstick.
"Ewwww! Gross! I hate lipstick!" Green shouted.
"Then maybe you'll like this instead. There are a lot of boys that have dreamed of going where you're going now." Lorelei said.
"What are you talking… eeeeeeep!" Green shouted. That's when Lorelei tipped her hand and made Green fall again, this time landing right smack in between her large breasts. They were large even for a normal-sized trainer to look at, but at Green's size, it was like falling in the range between two giant mountains.
"Oh! Lorelei, you rascally damsel, you!" Karen said with a grin on her face.
"Heehee! I've always wanted to do that! And it's about to get even tighter for our little friend." Lorelei said as she grabbed the top of her dress and squeezed her 'mountains' together.

Green had never felt so claustrophobic in his entire life. His hearing fell to practically nothing as both his ears were covered up completely by what felt like fifteen layers of skin. Of course, his movement was restricted as well, as he could only squirm when Lorelei shifted her breasts around.
"I can't breathe…" Green said to himself as he tried looking up to gasp for air. That was pretty much his only way of staying conscious.
"Hahaha! He looks like he's about to pass out!" Lorelei said.
"With that big a chest, I'm not surprised!" Karen said.
"Help me get him out." Lorelei said. Karen walked up towards Lorelei and was about to reach inside her chest to get Green back. But then she smiled.
"Actually, let's smosh him even more!" Karen said as she wrapped her arms around Lorelei and pressed herself against her friend.
"Oh my goodness!" Lorelei shouted, laughing as she hugged her friend back. Green now had to deal with pressure from the front side as a result of the two giantesses hugging each other, compressing him even more and almost cutting off all light from outside.
After about 10-20 seconds of hugging, that's when Karen finally pulled the nearly unconscious Green out from between Lorelei's breasts.
"Wow… that was fun. We should do that again!" Karen said.
"I agree, but Clair's waiting for us at Ecruteak. We better get going." Lorelei said. The two ladies sped up their walk until they finally arrived at Ecruteak City.

The girls didn't have time to admire the sights and sounds of the city, namely the legendary Tin Tower, as standing in front of them at the city's entrance were Clair and one of her flying dragon Pokémon, Dragonite.
"Greetings, ladies." Clair said.
"Hello, Clair! It's been a while." Lorelei said.
"Indeed. How goes your training on the Sevii Islands?" Clair asked.
"Oh, fine. Still hoping to have a rematch with Red someday!" Lorelei said.
"I take it you have a delivery for me?" Clair said.
"Sure do! He's kinda out of it because we played quite a bit with him." Karen said.
"Well, I'm not surprised. I heard Jasmine and Whitney played around with him too. Typical of us women to be playing with such a tiny boy, wouldn't you say?" Clair said.
"But we all have Sabrina back in Saffron City to thank for all of this." Lorelei said.
"Yep, that's for sure. In fact, I've been practicing a little magic in the Dragon's Den. I plan on testing it on Green here." Clair said.
"Oh? What kind of magic?" Karen asked.
"I'm afraid I can't tell you. That's a secret that only travels amongst us dragon masters." Clair said.
"It's okay, Clair. We understand." Lorelei said.
"In fact, I better get back to Blackthorn City now. Take care, ladies!" Clair said. She took Green into one of her gloved hands and got a tight, firm grip on him as she hopped on the back of her Dragonite, who started flapping its wings to head back to Clair's hometown.

The fast speed that Dragonite was flying at, on top of the oxygen-sapping grip that Clair had him in, finally caused Green to slip into unconsciousness.

It was easy for Clair to bring Green back from unconsciousness. All it took was pouring a glass of water on top of him.
"*COUGH COUGH!!!*" Green said as he sprung to life and tried coughing the water out.
"Rise and shine, my little pet." Clair said. That's when Green looked around and saw he was surrounded by two giant blue boots, which unmistakenly belonged to Clair. It didn't make him feel any better with her legs spread apart and her arms folded, and so he backed away, instinctively running away to try and get away from the giantess. But he would not get far, as he had to come to a screeching halt when he was a couple big steps away from falling into a pool of lava.
“Hahaha! There is no escape from me or this gym, Green. You'll suffer a most painful burning death if you try and run from me.” Clair said, with Green watching as she walked her way towards him. Green had no choice but to let Clair reach down and pick him up, holding him in her gloved hands.
“Look, can we just get this over with? You're the last one, right? You'll help grow me back to normal when this is done?” Green asked.
“Perhaps… if you're willing to play by my rules. What the other ladies have done will seem like child's play by the time I am through with you.” Clair said, causing Green to gulp nervously. Just then, Clair reached down and worked her right foot out of its long boot. Once it was out, that's when Clair hovered Green over the boot and dropped him inside.
“Ack! Ooooooof!” Green said as he landed with a thud. He quickly looked up and saw nothing but the ceiling and Clair’s face.
“Make yourself comfortable, little man. Your first test begins now.” Clair said.
“No! Wait! Waiiiiiiit!!” Green shouted as he saw nothing but Clair’s bare foot coming down on him. Green backed away to where the toes would normally rest, watching as the foot came closer and closer.

Once again Green felt his heart racing as he found himself in a very much trapped place. Clair was right… he suddenly wishes he was stuck between Lorelei’s breasts again. And unlike Jasmine or a Officer Jenny’s feet, Clair’s feet and boots clearly had the smell of a hard day’s work with them.
“Ugh… this is what I get for saying smell you later to everyone a hundred times a week!” Green said as he covered up his nose trying to fight off the stench. And of course, to make matters worse, he had to also deal with Clair's toes that were seemingly inches away from him. The way they were wiggling in front of him, Green clearly took such movement from the giant toes as a taunt from the giantess. Green weaved his way from left to right as much as the cramped space inside the boot would allow, trying to avoid getting crushed by the toes.
"Arrrrgh! When I get my hands on that woman…!" Green said to himself. Eventually, though, he found it hard to move not just from lack of running room, but also the heat between being inside the shoe and also from the lava outside was making Green sweat like crazy.
"Can't… hold out… much longer…" Green said in between breaths.

But seemingly as if Clair knew the tiny boy was reaching his limits, she pulled her foot back out of her boot. Then she picked it up and tilted it upside down, causing Green to fall out and land on the palm of her hand. Clair then walked through a set of nearby double doors into a medium-sized room. This room was actually Clair's private quarters, and she placed Green on a nearby desk while she slipped her foot back into her boot. One article of clothing she did remove, however, was her gloves, throwing those to the bed nearby. Once that was done, she walked up to the desk, which was less than half the height of Clair herself, and looked down on Green.
"So how was your mini vacation inside my boot?" Clair asked with a smile.
"How was it!? For crying out loud, you could've killed me!" Green said.
"Pffft… but I didn't. There's no reason for you to get bent out of shape over it." Clair said.
"Like heck there isn't, you wench! You and the other ladies have kidnapped me! You've assaulted me! I should report you all to the police for what you've done to me! You babes think you're so tough when you're bigger than me! I've seen Rattata with more spine than…" Green said, but before he could go on with his rant, he was subject to a very loud thunder-like boom, along with having to instinctively duck for cover, when Clair slammed her bare hand down on the table.
"SILENCE, TOAD!!!" Clair shouted as loud as she could. Green looked up and saw a stone cold serious look on the giantess's face.
"Clearly you still do not understand the predicament you are in. Your selfish, greedy behavior that has made you believe you're the greatest trainer of all has blinded you to the truth around you." Clair said.
"What… what's your damn point?" Green said.
"My point, young man, is that you need to see just how weak and pathetic you really are." Clair said. Just then, she started rubbing the jewel wrapped around her neck. Green couldn't help but be fascinated by how big the jewel looked even from his shrunken size. As he wondered what was going on, that's when the jewel started to glow a bright light. The glow was brief, and Clair smiled as she looked down on Green.

Green suddenly felt a tingling sensation around his body.
"What's happening?" Green asked.
"Just look down." Clair said. Green did just that… and he saw the surface of the table coming closer and closer with each passing second. Green was shrinking even smaller.
"What… what are you doing!?" Green shouted.
"Since you didn't feel small enough before, I'm rectifying the situation by shrinking you some more. I have some size changing magic of my own, you see, thanks to a little power from the Dragon's Den." Clair said.
"You… you can't do this to me!!!" Green said with a very much worried look now on his face. Green was down to one inch tall and still shrinking. It didn't make him feel better to see Clair leaning in and having her face right on top of him.
"What's wrong, little one? Feeling a little inadequate?" Clair said with a smile. She then took a quick breath and exhaled, the force of the wind causing Green to fly backwards and crash up against the wall. Clair grabbed the now half-inch-tall Green by his waist and brought him right up to one of her blue eyes.
"Now you will learn who the boss is around here. You will finally be consumed with the one emotion you've never fully grasped… fear." Clair said. She then dropped Green onto her other bare hand, landing on the rapidly growing palm. Green got up and ran, but at his diminutive size (now less than a quarter inch tall), it would take him an hour just to make it to the edge of the hand. With tears in his eyes, he turned around and looked at the looming face of Clair, who towered over him like a mighty goddess. In fact, she had to squint a little bit just so she could still see his shrinking body.
"Please! Stop this! I'm begging for mercy!!" Green shouted.
"So long, little Green. It was nice knowing you." Clair said as the jewel on her neck quickly glowed once more.
"Help meeeeeeeeee!!!" Green said as he seemingly vanished from Clair's view.

But in reality, he was simply too small for the naked eye to see. The edges of Clair's palm looked like the horizon of a great desert to him now. The landscape was a rough surface of cracks spread out beneath him. It was the only thing he could see from his viewpoint; everything else, including Clair herself, was a blurry mess. He found it hard to believe he was merely standing on the palm of a giant woman's hand rather than being lost in some desert. And the worst part? These cracks were still getting bigger, which told him that he was still shrinking. He figured he was probably too small to measure on a ruler.
"How long is this going to go on? Is she going to shrink me until I'm no bigger than an atom? Arrrrrrgh!!! That stupid…" Green said to himself. He started to curse out Clair again, but seemed to finally come to a realization.
"No… how can I be so self-centered? I brought this on myself." Green said to himself. He kept on walking slowly in despair until he felt himself falling into a small hole in the ground. It turned out the normally microscopic cracks in Clair's skin became so large, Green's feet fell into them and they were almost up to his waist now. A few minutes later, even these seemed like the walls of a great cavern. He was trapped in a sea of flesh with no possible hope of escape, especially not when he was STILL shrinking.
"(sigh) I should've listened to the other ladies. I should've changed when they first shrunk me." Green said. He even began to wonder what was worse… being this incredibly tiny or being this incredibly tiny and trapped inside a human hand like it were Mt. Moon.

But just then, before the walls could look any more ominous, something different was happening. The ground suddenly seemed to be getting smaller. Was he growing again? Green took this chance to climb out of the fleshy prison, and he watched as the rest of the hand seemed to be getting smaller. Did Clair finally come to her senses, he thought?
"Ah ha! There you are. Enjoy your trip, little one?" Clair boomed from above. Green looked up and saw her face was becoming less and less of a blur even though it was still astronomically huge, but it looked to be getting smaller as well. Clair was squinting less and less with each passing second too.
Finally, Green's growing stopped and he was back to his original shrunken height of two inches tall. Clair looked down on the boy with a smile.
"So, Green? Do you see who is in charge now?" Clair said.
"Yes… you are. You and the other ladies who have held onto me." Green said.
"Ahhhhh… that's more like it. Not so tough now, are you?" Clair said.
"Look, I'm sorry for being a jerk. I really am. I just want a chance, that's all! Okay, just one more chance to prove myself." Green said.
"Hmmmm… you have shown great progress, but I don't believe you have fully come around just yet." Clair said.
"What?" Green asked.
"There is one more test I will put you through, then we will see if you are truly remorseful for your behavior that caused you to shrink to this size in the first place." Clair said. With that, she wrapped the hand she was holding Green with into a fist and walked through the double doors and out of her private quarters.

Clair was back on the battlefield of her gym, complete with the boiling and steaming lava surrounding it. She walked towards the edge of the platform and opened up her fist. She let Green walk to the edge of her hand and, after looking between her fingers, he gulped nervously when he saw the hot molten lava several feet from his perspective down.
"You know, Green, it's been a very long time since someone got burned by the lava in my gym." Clair said.
"What… what are you doing? I said I was sorry!" Green said.
"Maybe it's time that I broke that streak, just to make me feel good. And with your size, the Johto Pokémon League will never know what happened." Clair said. With that, Clair plucked Green from the palm of her hand, clutching the back of his shirt with her fingernails. Clair kneeled down and held this hand over the lava, dangling Green precariously over the lava. Unsurprisingly, Green furiously shook his arms and legs.
"No!!! STOP! I DON'T WANNA DIE!!!" Green said.
"Good, Green! Show me your fear! Show me how much you value your life!" Clair said.
"PLEASE, DON'T DO THIS! I WANT TO LIVE! I'LL CHANGE! I PROMISE, I PROMISE!!! I'LL BE A KINDER, GENTLER TRAINER! HONEST!!!" Green shouted in a high pitch. Clair could easily tell the fear in his voice, which brought a smile to her face.

That was when Clair felt Green had gotten the message. She stood back to her full height and cradled Green up against her chest. She could easily see the tears flowing down his face.
"Congratulations, Green. You passed the tests with flying colors." Clair said.
"T..t…t..t…tests?" Green meekly said.
"And with that, your time here in Johto has come to an end." Clair said. Green managed to wipe away the tears from his eyes despite being pressed lightly against Clair's upper body.
"*sniff* Are you going to grow me back to normal?" Green said.
"Well, I could, but I think I will leave that decision up to Sabrina and the others back in Kanto. Surely you understand." Clair said. Normally this is where Green would bite back and retort somehow, but the past few minutes have clearly taken its psychological toll on the boy.
"Yes… I understand. Whatever you feel is best for me." Green softly said.
"I'm glad to hear it." Clair said. That's when she walked back into her private quarters and reached towards one of the shelves. It was a small box, similar to the ones the Kanto girls used to transport him from one city to another.
"It won't be the most comfortable of rides, but at least you're being shipped overnight." Clair said with a smile. She dropped Green inside the box and was about to put the lid on, but she gave one final stern look at the shrunken boy.
"Just remember what you've gone through today, Green. If you do stay tiny, just remember what dangers your behavior almost got you in." Clair said.
"Alright, alright, I get it. Just… let's just get this over with." Green said.
"Pleasant journeys, Green." Clair said as she finally closed the box, leaving only a small hole on the top to allow air to come in. Still, Green endured the bumping and shaking for several hours as the box got shipped back to somewhere in Kanto.

And where was that in Kanto? He would learn soon that it was not to Saffron City (where Sabrina would use her psychic powers to grow him back to normal) as he had thought.

Pallet Town

In the small but prolific Pallet Town in the Kanto region, a young girl with brown hair that went down just past her neck and wearing a green dress and brown shoes, came walking out of her house. This girl actually was Daisy Oak, Green's older sister and a research assistant back at her grandfather's Pallet Town lab. Of course, that grandfather was the famous Professor Oak. On the porch, she saw a small box with an address from Johto sitting on the porch.
"Oh? This must be the package I was expecting from Clair, which in turn is the gift from Sabrina." Daisy Oak said. She picked up the package and took it inside. After placing the box on a table in the kitchen, she undid the tape along the top edges and gently lifted the lid. There, she saw her younger brother, Green, sleeping inside.
"Oh! Little brother? Sabrina was right, she did shrink him. Well, I suppose it shouldn't be a shock given her powers." Daisy Oak said to herself. She gently poked her tiny brother until finally he woke up.
"Ugh… where am I?" Green said as he rubbed his eyes trying to get them quickly adjusted to the light. When he could finally see again, he gasped when he saw who was towering above him.
"Hey there, little brother! In more ways than one!" Daisy Oak said.
"S…s….s…SIS!?!?" Green shouted. Daisy Oak reached inside the box and scooped up Green, holding him in her bare hands.
"It's nice to finally see you again!" Daisy Oak said.
"What… what are YOU doing here!? Where am I!?" Green said.
"Silly little brother, you're home in Pallet Town! I hear from my friends like Misty and Sabrina that you've been a very naughty boy." Daisy Oak said.
"Y…yeah, so?" Green asked.
"So I feel like I should hold onto you and teach you some manners. We're going to have so much fun!" Daisy Oak said.

Green just gulped nervously. Even his own sister wanted to toy with him as punishment for the bad behavior he promised Clair and others to abolish as soon as he grew back to normal size. He had no idea what to expect next, and could only wonder when his 'teeny tiny torment' would ever come to an end.