Revenge Rampage

(Cubed Cinder and Nodqfan)

Chapter 1, written by Cubed Cinder

Johto: Cherrygrove City

Moments after the boat tooted its horn just off the port of Cherrygrove City, many people made their way off the cruise ship and walked their way towards land. One of those people was Iris, who took a deep breath as she admired the sights and sounds of the city. She wore her usual attire of a cream top that has long loose sleeves with pink cuffs and a pink collar, a pink skirt with a large pink Ribbon on the side, the pink ribbon is tied around her waist just like a normal cardigan would be also there is white and yellow leggings going over her knees, a pink backpack, pink and white shoes with yellow stripes and a yellow hair Ribbon.
"Well, Axew, here we are! The Johto region." Iris said.
"Axew! Axew!" Axew happily shouted as it stuck its head out of Iris's huge head of hair. Some people were even staring at it briefly as they walked by the girl.
"I better get to the Pokémon Center and make sure you and my other Pokémon are in tip top shape!" Iris said. Wasting no time, Iris left behind the ship she traveled on from the Unova region and made her way to the Pokémon Center.

Inside the Pokémon Center, Iris walked up to the counter where Nurse Joy was waiting.
"Hi! Welcome to the Cherrygrove City Pokémon Center!" Joy said.
"Hi, Nurse Joy. Can you please check my Pokémon?" Iris said as she placed her set of Pokéballs, plus Axew, on the counter.
"Of course, young lady." Joy said.
"Please… call me Iris. I come all the way from Unova." Iris said with a smile.
"Oh my! The Unova region? That is very far away." Joy said.
"Yeah, I know." Iris said.
"Well, wait right here. I will heal up your Pokémon." Joy said as she got up and took the Pokémon backwards to the healing station. As Iris stood patiently at the counter, Officer Jenny walked up towards the young girl.
"Hello there, Iris! Forgive me, but I overheard your conversation. You're really all the way from Unova?" Jenny asked.
"Yeah! I came here to see Clair, the Dragon Master of this region. I'm hoping to become her apprentice and become a Dragon Master myself!" Iris said.
"I see. Well, good luck to you." Jenny said.
"Thanks. There's only so much I can do in the Unova region… and it's a chance to get away from there for a change. I traveled throughout the entire region with Ash Ketchum and Cilan up until two weeks ago." Iris said.
"Oh? Ash was in Unova? Last I heard, he's on his way to the Kalos region." Jenny said.
"Oh? The Kalos region? I don't think I've heard of that one." Iris said.
"And what about Cilan? I take it he's from Unova as well?" Jenny said.
"Yes, but he's not with me now. He said he wanted to go to Hoenn and get some ideas for some new recipes." Iris said.
"I see. Well, I better get back on duty. Good luck again, Iris!" Jenny said.
"Thank you, Officer Jenny!" Iris said as she waved off the familiar officer.

Soon, the familiar bells went off, and Nurse Joy returned with Iris's Pokémon, including a very happy Axew.
"Here you are, Iris! Your Pokémon are fully healed." Joy said.
"Thank you, Nurse Joy. Say, can you tell me where I can find Iris, the Dragon Master of Johto?" Iris said.
"Oh, she's all the way to the north, in the mountain regions. Blackthorn City to be exact. It's going to be a long walk, especially from this city." Joy said.
"Oh, don't worry. One of my Pokémon is Dragonite. We'll be flying to that city." Iris said.
"Ah, very good. I would still take this map, though, of the Johto region. It's easy to get lost in this region, even in the sky!" Joy said as she handed Iris a pamphlet that mapped out the entire region. She made sure to circle Cherrygrove City and then Blackthorn City with a red marker.
"Okay, I'll keep that on mind. Thanks!" Iris said as she turned around and walked out of the Pokémon Center. As she did so, however, Nurse Joy remembered one important detail that she forgot to mention to Iris.
"Oh, I forgot to tell her there was this girl who asked the same thing about finding Blackthorn City. I hope they don’t meet up… this other girl looked like a nasty rival!" Joy said to herself as she eventually brushed it off and got back to work inside the Pokémon Center.
Iris wasted no time in pulling Dragonite's Pokéball out of her backpack.
"Dragonite, come on out!" Iris shouted as she threw the ball into the air, releasing Dragonite. Some people in the city were oooooooh and aaaaaaahing, as even in Johto, Dragonite were very hard to come by. Iris, meanwhile, didn't pay attention to the crowd and was instead showing off the map to Dragonite.
"Dragonite… we're here and I need to get to this city. Can you do that?" Iris said. Dragonite roared and nodded its head.
"Great! Let's get to it!" Iris shouted as it hopped onto Dragonite's back. Once Dragonite felt Iris was firmly on its back, the dragon Pokémon flapped its wings and soared into the clear blue sky, proceeding to fly its way to Blackthorn City.

Hoenn: Slateport City

Meanwhile, all the way out in the Hoenn region, it was busy as always in Slateport City, especially for the Slateport Market. A familiar green-haired gentleman was oogling over one of the many food booths that were set up in the market.
"Wow! Raspberries, Oran Berries, Cranberries, Loganberries, Strawberries, Peach Berries, Apricot Berries, even Cherry Berries! I could make quite the berry power drink with this collection." Cilan said.
"Oh, I take it you are a chef?" the man behind the counter said.
"Cilan, aspiring Pokémon Connoisseur of the Unova region, at your service! You name it and I can make it, guaranteed to be delicious or your time and energy back." Cilan said with a smile.
"Whoa… from the Unova region? That's far, far away! So you might want to pick up as many as you can!" the man said.
"Oh, you bet! Let's see…" Cilan said as he looked over the berries one more time and also kept in mind how much money he had on hand.

As he was doing this, unknown to him was that several yards away, Cilan was being spied on. Peeking her head out from behind the Pokémon Center was Burgundy, another Pokémon Connoisseur from the Unova region who had a sharp dislike of Cilan (at least in the public eye, although she would watch him closely whenever he gave a lecture of some kind).
"Arrrrgh… Gosse stupide! That Cilan, he's gonna concoct some kind of magic berry juice and become S-class Pokémon Connoisseur, I just know it! Well, I'll show him… even though he's no longer small enough to eat." Burgundy said. Suddenly, she heard a loud rumbling sound coming from her stomach.
"Yeah… after I fill up my stomach. That WAS a long flight from the Unova region." Burgundy said. She turned around and saw the Pokémon Mart nearby, although she knew Pokémon Marts had a small supply of food and beverages for humans to consume. She was hoping the Slateport City one was no different as she walked inside, making sure Cilan wasn't looking in her direction.

Burgundy made it inside, but immediately didn't see anything that interested her. There were a lot of choices, but Burgundy was always thinking of her health, avoiding anything that would add even one pound to her waistline. And so Burgundy picked up a water bottle and walked towards the counter where a young man was waiting for her.
"Just this please." Burgundy said as she handed the man the water bottle and the cash to pay for it.
"Okay, thanks!" the man said. After the man scanned the water bottle, suddenly the cash register let off a few beeping noises.
"Huh? What's that?" Burgundy asked.
"Oh! Congratulations, young lady, you've been randomly chosen to receive a free gift." the man said. He reached behind the counter and pulled out a square-shaped piece of candy with all seven colors of the rainbow on the surface. The man handed it to Burgundy who looked quizzically at the candy.
"What the heck is this?" Burgundy said.
"I hear it's called Mega Candy. It was invented by some scientist in Kalos, forgot his name. Both humans and Pokémon can eat it, and it makes them feel very strong for a short time. You can even throw it in water and get a cool looking rainbow colored drink. It's not yet being sold to the public because it's still being tested out; at least that's what my manager told me to say." the man said.
"Pffft… probably because it's got some unhealthy junk inside of it. But thanks anyway." Burgundy said as she slipped the candy into her pants pocket and then walked out of the Pokémon Mart with water bottle in hand.

Just then, curiousity got the better of the young purple-haired girl. She reached into her pocket and pulled back out the rainbow colored 'Mega Candy.' Then she opened the water bottle (placing the cap in her pocket) and then dropped the Mega Candy inside the bottle. As the man behind the counter promised, Burgundy watched as the water suddenly went from crystal clear to seven different shades of color as the candy dissolved in the water.
"De jolies couleurs… and yet it takes all the health benefits of this water bottle away, no doubt." Burgundy said, only to suddenly hear her stomach rumbling again.
"(sigh) And yet my stomach yearns for some kind of nourishment. Oh well, one gulp can't hurt." Burgundy said. She took a deep breath and finally took a sip of the rainbow colored water. To her great surprise, a smile went on Burgundy's lips. The drink tasted REALLY good with no signs of chemical or salty aftertaste.
"Oh… délicieux!" Burgundy said. She then tilted the bottle all the way towards her mouth, chugging the water down in a series of gulps. 15 seconds later, the bottle was completely empty.
"Wow… that was better than I expected. Too bad I can't order seconds, not that I should be doing that anyway." Burgundy said as she walked over to the nearby recycle bin and threw the water bottle inside.
"But I don't feel any different. That Mega Candy is probably no better than ordinary Rare Candy. Oh well." Burgundy said.

She started to walk back behind the Pokémon Center, but she suddenly found herself clutching her stomach.
"Oooooh… what's going on? I feel so strange…" Burgundy said as she felt now herself scratching whatever part of her body was next to tingle. Meanwhile, people were stopping in their tracks raising their voices (with some of them screaming) when they saw what Burgundy had not yet realized… the young lady was growing bigger. Bigger and bigger she grew, everyone wondered when or even if she was going to stop growing.
Finally she did, however. Burgundy could feel the tingling stop as well as the stomach cramps. She gasped when she saw what she was seeing.
"*gasp* Sacre bleu! The city… it's smaller! No… I'm the one that's grown! Je suis plus grand!" Burgundy said, cranking out the French once more. Burgundy didn't know it, but she had grown to 150 feet tall, which made her stand out over the smaller buildings in the city.

But Burgundy disregarded how it was that she was able to grow gigantic (the Mega Candy, of course!). She realized she had one advantage over her arch rival.
"Hahaha! I'm coming for you, Cilan!" Burgundy shouted as she stepped her way towards the tents that made up the Slateport Market. As people fled left and right, trying to avoid being stepped on by the giantess, Burgundy got down on her knees and ripped the tents right off the ground one by one, causing the merchants to flee and product to scatter all over the place. There were 8 tents that Burgundy could see, but when she lifted up every single one of them, Cilan was nowhere to be found.
"Arrrrgh! Zut!" Burgundy said, utterly disappointed that she missed her chance at catching Cilan in the marketplace. She picked up a young man that was running by her hand and held him up against her face.
"You! Did you see a green-haired man wearing a waiter's outfit?" Burgundy said.
"Y-y-y-y-yes, ma'am! He bought a whole bunch of my berries!" the man shouted.
"Where did he go!?" Burgundy said.
"He rushed off to the north, he said he was in a hurry! Honest!" the man shouted.
"Thank you, sir." Burgundy said as she casually let go of the man and let him fall to the ground. Luckily, he bounced off a couple of the tents and was able to get up and run away safely. Burgundy, meanwhile, stood back to her full height and looked out to the north, which was Route 110 and led to Mauville City.
"Alright, Cilan. Ready or not, here I come. I once again wonder how he tastes now." Burgundy said as she licked her lips together and briefly imagined herself eating her bitter rival like he were a croissant. With that evil thought in mind, Burgundy marched off to the north, occasionally looking down and making sure she didn't crush anyone or anything flat.

Johto: Blackthorn City

Iris was still a ways away from Blackthorn City even though she was riding on her faithful Dragonite. Still, there was one very important person that beat Iris to arriving in Blackthorn City. Georgia straightened out her hat as she walked around the city.
"Grrrr! Where is that little kid, Iris!? I sooooo want to get back at her, especially after that time she played with me like a toy." Georgia said. As she walked past the Blackthorn City Gym, she suddenly took notice of a large cave.
"Hmmm? I wonder what's in that cave? Maybe Iris is hiding in that cave like the little kid she always is!" Georgia said. Curiosity getting the better of the girl, Georgia proceeded to make her way into the cave that the citizens of this city knew as Dragon's Den.

Inside Dragon's Den, it was almost too quiet. Georgia just wandered around, climbing down further into the depths of the den. She couldn't progress any further when she came across some water, but that wasn't going to slow her down.
"Beartic! Use Ice Beam!" Georgia shouted as she threw into the air the Pokéball that contained one of her Ice Pokémon. Beartic immediately got a powerful beam of ice towards the water, freezing it solid. Beartic led the way and continued to make an ice path for Georgia as she walked slowly but steadily on the ice.
"Heh, I should do this more often; it's like I'm one of those ice goddesses from the movies." Georgia said to herself. Georgia kept walking down Beartic's ice path, trying to find anything of use inside the deep caverns. Eventually, she came across a shrine that was faintly lit by candles.
"What's this?" Georgia asked as she stepped onto land and recalled Beartic. Georgia slowly entered the shrine and almost didn't find anything until she looked front and center.
"Oh? There's something here." Georgia said as she approached the center pedestal, where she finally caught a glimpse of a glowing black jewel. It looked nice, clean, and terrifying all at the same time.
"Hmmm… I wonder what kind of magic this jewel has. Maybe the kind that will freeze Iris's Pokémon with fear." Georgia said. She started to pick the jewel up…

"STOP!" a female voice suddenly shouted. Georgia gasped as she turned around and saw another woman standing at the entrance of the shrine.
"Who are you!?" Georgia shouted.
"I am Clair… Dragon Master and leader of the Blackthorn City Gym. I also protect this shrine from trespassers." Clair said as she gave her cape a quick flap.
"Oh, I should've known. Dragon Masters are everywhere in the world, I guess." Georgia said.
"Do you have a disdain for Dragon Masters, young lady?" Clair asked.
"You bet I do! I hate them so much! I'm a Dragon Buster… it is my destiny to defeat Dragon Masters the world over, especially Dragon Masters in training!" Georgia said.
"Yes, I've heard of your kind. Ordinarily I'd ask if you'd like to battle, but this is not the place to do it." Clair said.
"Let me guess, because of this little black jewel?" Georgia said as she walked towards the jewel again.
"I warn you, young lady. I made the mistake once of trying to control the power of that jewel, but it will control you. You'd be wise to leave it alone." Clair said.
"Pffft… and what are you going to do? Send a Dragonair after me? Now you've gotten me even more intrigued." Georgia said.

Finally, with lightning like speed, Georgia swiped the black jewel from the pedestal and held it in her hands. Clair knew that big trouble was coming, literally, so she turned around and ran her way out of Dragon's Den. At the same time, the jewel let out a bright light and disappeared from Georgia's hands.
"Huh? Where did the jewel go? Did that lady take it from me or… OW!" Georgia said, suddenly feeling something bump against her head. When she looked up, she saw it was the ceiling.
"Huh? The ceiling?" Georgia said as she suddenly felt herself having to get down on her knees. Even then, she was quickly running out of room again as her growing body filled more and more of the shrine.
"Why… why is the shrine shrinking!?" Georgia said in a brief state of panic. Eventually not just the shrine, but the entire cavern was becoming too small for Georgia, and the Dragon Buster had no choice but to bust right out…
Life in Blackthorn City came to an abrupt halt as everyone saw an explosion of rocks and smoke from the Dragon's Den. When the smoke cleared, everyone screamed as they saw the giant Georgia emerged from where the Dragon's Den once stood. Georgia stepped out onto city ground, standing over 150 feet tall.
"Wow… I'm a giantess! This is so cool!" Georgia said as she smiled and put her hands on her hips, admiring the many people running and screaming to get away from her emerald colored boots.

Meanwhile, several miles away from the city, Iris was thinking about how she was going to greet herself in front of Clair… when suddenly her Dragonite roared out in a panic.
"Huh? Dragonite? What is it?" Iris asked. She finally looked out ahead and got her first glimpse at the gigantic Georgia.
"G-G-G-Georgia!? What's she doing here and how did she get so huge!?" Iris shouted. She and her Dragonite quickly flew low towards the ocean, hoping that Georgia wouldn't spot them.

Chapter 2, written by Nodqfan

Hoenn: Mauville City


Cilan was now in Mauville City at the Mauville Food Court enjoying a meal and drink along with all of his Pokémon.
“Ah the food here is exquisite, wouldn’t you agree everyone?” Cilan asked
All of his  Pokémon replied happily, agreeing with their Trainer. Cilan smiled at his Pokémon, and after a few more of eating he then he finished his food, as did his Pokémon. Then he got up to take his Pokémon’s food dishes and put them in small bag that had been in a chair beside him. Next he took out all of the Poke Balls from his pocket expanded them and one by one and returned them to their Poke Ball. After putting the Poke Balls in his pocket, he then took his plate and utensils, got up to go over  to a trashcan and threw his plate and utensils away before walking back to his table, sat down in his chair and took a sip of his drink that he intended to finish before check out more of Mauville City.
“This drink has a wonderful blend of flavors,” Cilan said.
Just then, he and everyone else in the food court suddenly felt the ground shake.
“Huh? What is that an earthquake?” a male patron asked.
Then the shaking came more quickly and was more intense than the first time, it caused some of the food courts patrons to fall out of their chairs while Cilan and some others hid underneath the tables while the quakes were going on.
“What is going on?” Cilan wondered.
He would not have to wait long to find his answer as a giant shadow suddenly covered the food court, people looked up to see something that shocked them the being that the shadow was none other than a giant Burgundy! She was about 150 feet tall Cilan could not believe what he was seeing.
“What is Burgundy doing here, and how did she so huge?” Cilan wondered
As if to answer his thought, Burgundy then spoke.
“Citizens of the city, my name is Burgundy I do not wish to harm any of you I simply wish to ask if any of you have seen a boy with green hair wearing a waiter’s outfit?” Burgundy said.
“He’s under that table right over there,” a female patron said, pointing over to a table.
Burgundy then looked over to the table that the woman was pointing at and smiled.
“Thank you for your cooperation, you are all free to go” Burgundy said.
Many of the patrons wasted no time in running out of the food court to get away from the giantess. Now with the food court empty and not having to worry about hurting anyone Burgundy bent down over the table with her left index finger and thumb and flicked the table clear across the food court. Realizing he was now exposed Cilan then got up and tried to run, but was grabbed up immediately by Burgundy’s other hand. The giantess then stood up to her full height and lifted up Cilan to her face where he then had to stare at the giant lilac colored eyes of Burgundy.
“Je vous ai maintenant Cilan” Burgundy said as an evil smile crossed her face.
Cilan gulped nervously as he wondered what the giantess had in store for him.
Johto: Dragon’s Den
Iris was still flying low to the ocean away from the giantess Georgia on Dragonite thankfully; they had not been spotted by the huge Dragon Buster yet, but she did not want to risk the chance of being discovered. Then the ocean ended, forcing Dragonite to go a little higher while still remaining out of sight of the giantess. The two were coming up on Blackthorn City, which gave Iris an idea.
“Dragonite, land in the city” Iris said.
Dragonite gave a confused grunt at its master’s command. Nevertheless, it followed the order and as soon they were above Blackthorn City, the Dragon Type Pokémon began its descent going down, further, and further until it reached the ground, then Iris hopped off Dragonite and then took out a Poke Ball and pointed it at the Dragon Pokémon.
“Thanks Dragonite you go ahead and take a nice long rest” Iris said. The laser then fired from the Poke Ball that returned Dragonite to its Poke Ball, which she then placed in a pocket and then took off running and found an abandoned building, went inside to hide from the giantess.
Meanwhile, back at the Dragon’s Den outside the city Georgia was finally ready to find Iris.
“Alright, time to go find that wannabe Dragon Trainer and make her pay” Georgia said
She then turned around so that she faced southward towards a city and walked all the way to the ocean where she then stopped to figure out a way past the large body of water and then mentally slapped herself for her mental mistake.
“Wait I’m a giant now, so I should be able to just walk through the water” she said.
Then, she took off her socks and boots and then walked into the water.
The water rose only past her shins, then she took her steps in the water, which caused large ripples in the water while also shaking the ground underneath the water. All of the of the Water type Pokémon that lived in the water some were lucky enough to get away from the giantess, while some others were not so lucky and were stepped on by the giant Dragon Buster. After the long walk through the ocean Georgia finally stepped onto dry land, stopping to shake her gigantic bare feet to dry them, which drenched everything in the surrounding area in water, then she put her socks and boots back on before continuing her stride until finally coming up on a city.
“Whoa all of the buildings are small,” she said in amazement while comparing herself to many of the buildings of Blackthorn City.
She then took her first steps into the city, which shook the ground and many of the buildings as well.
“Oh 'Iris, where are yoooooooooou?' Georgia said aloud.
She began her search with an apartment building, kneeling down she checked the various levels of the building but found no trace of Iris, she simply stood up to her full height and walked away crushing cars, mailboxes, and street posts in the process. She then checked various other buildings from restaurants to marts houses, plants office buildings, cafes etc. With each building she checked and not finding Iris in any of them, she began to get frustrated until finally after checking the last building and still not finding any trace of her rival, she could not hold in her anger any longer.
“That’s it I’ve had enough!” Georgia shouted her voice loud enough to shatter windows of many buildings.
In a rage she kicked a cafe, her foot driving her foot right through the center of it causing it to collapse into a pile of rubble, then she clenched her fist and punched a house into the ground. Then she went to an office building raised her left foot over it and planted it on the structure destroying it instantly, Georgia then took several deep breaths to calm down.
Man, that felt really good” Georgia said.
Then she began to walk around to resume her search for Iris. Iris meanwhile was still in the warehouse she heard Georgia’s shout and immediately was afraid for her safety.
“She is so angry what did I ever do to her?” she wondered
Then she looked out a window and saw that Georgia was not too far away from her current hiding place and that caused her to question just how long can she remain hidden from the giantess Georgia.

Chapter 3, written by Cubed Cinder

Hoenn: Mauville City

Cilan knew he was in a most uncomfortable position… being held in the air by his 150-foot-tall bitter rival. He tried his best to lighten up the mood.
"Heh heh heh… hi, Burgundy! Wow… you've certainly grown up since we last met!" Cilan said with an innocent smile. Burgundy smiled as well, knowing Cilan was trying to act brave and lighten the mood.
"Peu ridicule Cilan! It's so annoying how you try to act brave when I clearly have the advantage." Burgundy said.
"Yes… yes you do, Burgundy. But at least tell me how you grew so big!" Cilan said.
"Yes, I might as well given you're in my comfortably big hands now. I won this thing called Mega Candy at a Pokémon Mart. Mixed it with my water and here I am. Burgundy la géante!" Burgundy said. Cilan's eyes went wide open as soon as he heard the words 'Mega Candy.'
"Mega Candy!? Burgundy, you can't be serious! That stuff is dangerous! I've heard people are being asked to stay far away from it ever since it made its way out of the Kalos region!" Cilan said.
"Well, pardon me! I've been on the road and in the air chasing you down that news travels slow through my ear. But no matter, now that you're literally in my grasp, I get to have sooooooo much fun with you." Burgundy said.
"(gulp) Such as?" Cilan asked.
"Hmmmm… there's one thing I wish I did back when you were teeny tiny." Burgundy said.

That's when she set Cilan down on the ground, only a couple yards away from her massive shoes. Cilan didn't have long to look all the way up at the giant Burgundy, for the giantess was ready for her first game.
"Let's play Stomp the Roach! I'm the Master Pokémon Connoisseur of the kitchen, and you're the pesky roach who's trying to steal my food! And unfortunately, I don't have a trusty broom to sweep you away, so you know what I'll have to do?" Burgundy said.
"Um… what's that?" Cilan asked nervously.
"Vous écraser comme un ravageur!" Burgundy said as she lifted one of her shoes up in the air.
"Eeeeep!" Cilan said as he took off running just as Burgundy softly set her foot down on the ground.
"Heeheehee! Run, my little Cilan! Run like the chicken that tried to escape the frying pan!" Burgundy said as she slowly walked right behind the running Cilan. What Burgundy didn't know was that her antics were passing her off throughout all of Mauville City as an evil giantess, and they started running too thinking they were going to get crushed as well. But Burgundy was fixated fully on Cilan, bringing much joy to her face seeing her rival running from her shoes.

Cilan was about to leave Mauville City entirely and head for one of the routes, but that's as far as Burgundy would allow him to go. With a mighty step, she blocked Cilan's path with one of her shoes, and he skidded to a halt to keep from crashing into the shoe. Cilan tried turning around, but there was Burgundy's other shoe to block the other path. He was left looking up at the twin towers that were Burgundy's legs (covered by her pants).
"Haha! I caught you! I win!" Burgundy said as she kneeled down and wrapped her hand around Cilan, trapping him in her grip once more.
"Yes, yes… it was hardly a fair game, though! You're, what? 145 feet taller than me?" Cilan said.
"Pffft… excuses, excuses. That's what you've always used to be a better Connoisseur than me!" Burgundy said.
"Burgundy, you're seriously quite mistaken. It's taken years of practice… I firmly believe you can be just as good as me!" Cilan said.
"C'est assez! I'm the one that's holding onto you. I'll decide who the Master Pokémon Connoisseur is! In fact, I've got a new recipe I want to try." Burgundy said.
"Huh? What's that?" Cilan asked.
"I call it Cilan-tro Exquisite!" Burgundy said. Cilan already didn't like where this was going.
"Um… sounds tasty. What's in it?" Cilan asked.
"You'll find out soon enough." Burgundy said as she opened up one of her pants pockets and dropped Cilan inside, trapping him there for the time being.

Once that was done, Burgundy looked down and saw a man trying to run in between her giant shoes. She put one of the shoes in the man's path as he looked up and shook in fear.
"Hey, you! Where's the supermarket in this city?" Burgundy said.
"O-o-over there! Right across from the Pokémon Center!" the man said as Burgundy looked over towards where he was pointing.
"Ah, pratique! Merci, monsieur." Burgundy said as she walked over towards this market, with the guy standing still as he wondered what 'alien' language the giantess was speaking (French of course). When Burgundy got to the market, she was a bit disappointed at first as she got down on her knees to better see the building.
"This looks like any other ordinary Pokémon Mart. Surely they have stuff for human consumption as well!" Burgundy said to herself. Without thinking much for the sake of safety and only for the Cilan-included recipe she wanted to make, Burgundy grabbed both sides of the structure's roof and ripped it clean off. A couple elderly people ducked to avoid getting crushed by falling debris, but then bolted out of the building after they took one look at the giantess towering above them. Burgundy, meanwhile, looked inside and cracked a smile.
"Ahhhhh… c'est plus comme ça! Salt, pepper, lettuce, tomatoes, berries… just what I need!" Burgundy said. She scooped up as much of the aforementioned ingredients as she could; not an easy task with her huge hands (especially the salt & pepper shakers). But once she was done, she stood back to her full height and walked away from the mart. After taking Cilan out of her pocket, she sat down near a group of trees on the outskirts of the city, crossing her legs and setting the ingredients down next to her right knee.
"Now then, for the perfect Cilan-tro Exquisite, all I need to do is add plenty of salt…" Burgundy said as she pinched the salt shakers between her fingers, shaking them until a pile of salt came raining down on top of Cilan.
"(cough cough!)" Cilan coughed as the salt overwhelmed his sense of smell, not to mention covering him and his clothes from head to toe in the white mix… even though it wasn't as bad as the time when he was shrunken and the salt looked more like white boulders.
"Next I'll throw in just a pinch of pepper…" Burgundy said as she picked up the near microscopic from her perspective pepper shaker. Somehow she was able to tap the shaker and send a small dose of pepper down towards Cilan. Naturally, the pepper sent Cilan into a sneezing spree for about 15-20 seconds.
"Ahhhhhhchoooooo!!" Cilan shouted. By the time he recovered, he watched as Burgundy was about to dump more toppings onto him.
"And then as much lettuce, tomato, and berries as the stomach will allow, which in my case is très massive!" Burgundy said. She grabbed the lettuce, tomatoes, and berries and simply dropped them all onto her hand. It didn't look like much from Burgundy's perspective, but Cilan found himself nearly buried underneath all those toppings.
"Hahahaha! Guess I overdid the toppings! Mes excuses." Burgundy said.

As soon as Cilan managed to fight his way through the toppings and have his upper body on display, he watched as Burgundy moved her hand closer and closer towards her mouth. Cilan had to cover his ears as Burgundy's voice boomed out incredibly loud thanks to being at close range.
"And now, it's time for the most important part of being a Connoisseur… the taste test!" Burgundy said with a grin on her face. Cilan made one last plea for mercy despite the shining white teeth being almost right in his face.
"Burgundy! Please… don't do this! Digestion is a one way street most of the time, as you know!" Cilan said.
"Pfffft… chill out already, you'll be just fine. Bon appetit!" Burgundy said.
"Not again!" Cilan shouted, who could only watch as once again the world around him went almost completely dark, the only light coming from outside Burgundy's gaping jaw until that was closed.
This time, Cilan not only had a slippery and saliva-drenched tongue to worry about, but also the many pieces of lettuce, tomato, and berries that looked incredibly miniscule compared to the giantess's tongue. It was proving to be tough for Cilan, and it didn't get any better when he saw Burgundy's white teeth coming down and chomping up some of the lettuce and tomatoes.
"No way! She's really trying to eat me!" Cilan said as he feared the worst. It didn't make him feel any better when he felt himself sliding backwards as Burgundy tilted her tongue back, trying to get the other food down her throat. Cilan clung to the tongue as best as he could, but he finally lost his grip and felt himself falling into the black void that would eventually be her stomach.
"Noooooooo!" Cilan shouted.

Meanwhile, Burgundy felt the need to gulp down some of the toppings she had thrown into her mouth. It seemed she was focused more on the actual food than on Cilan himself…
"Ahhhh… Magnifique! Nothing beats that salad like taste of the combination of lettuce, tomato, and even some berries. Even at this size too!" Burgundy said. As she licked her lips, she suddenly remembered the most important part of that meal.
"Oh, Cilan! I almost forgot!" Burgundy said. She stuck her tongue out and gently rubbed a finger all over the saliva-covered surface. All she got on her finger was enough saliva to drench an entire building's roof, but no Cilan.
"Huh? Cilan? Where did…? *GASP!*" Burgundy said… and that's when it hit the giantess. After she pushed all those tomatoes, berries, and lettuce down her throat with her tongue, and after she went gulp…
"I… I just swallowed him." Burgundy said. The purple haired giantess slowly got back to her feet, her mind slowly processing what she had just done. She swallowed her bitter rival… and the look on her face told anyone watching that this was not at all part of the plan.

Johto: Blackthorn City

Iris could feel herself quivering with fear, and for good reason. Georgia was not only 150 feet tall, but showed a range of emotions she didn't think were possible from her before. First she looked really ticked off… scratching and clawing her way through buildings like a little kid knocking over alphabet building blocks (at least that's what Iris herself thought!). Then Georgia seemed quite pleased with what she was doing, like it made her feel so good to be crushing her way through the city without total regard for public safety in mind.
But Iris had to put all those thoughts away when she looked out the warehouse window and saw Georgia's emerald colored boot not too far away.
"Eeeeps! I better scoot before I'm flatter than a pancake!" Iris said to herself as she turned around and got to running out of the warehouse. And it was right on time too… as just as soon as Iris cleared the structure, Georgia slammed her boot down repeatedly as she crushed the warehouse into many pieces. Iris took cover behind another nearby building, hoping that Georgia didn't see her escape.
That turned out to be the case, as Georgia got down on her knees and shuffled around whatever was left of the warehouse. There was no sign of Iris anywhere, and she threw down to the ground the building piece she was holding.
"Ugggggh!!! I know you're here, Iris! Show yourself! I'll tear apart this entire city until I find you!" Georgia said. To prove her point, Georgia walked over towards a building that was just as tall as she was… and she started slamming on it with her fists. Eventually the building crumbled apart, unable to take any more abuse from the giantess. When Georgia looked at the damage she caused and then saw the many people trying to run away from her, it once again brought a smile to her face… the black jewel she absorbed earlier was certainly doing its job.
"Mmmmmm… at the same time, this power feels so good! I feel like nothing can stop me!" Georgia said. She took some more steps, crushing a parked car and a rack of bikes along the way.

Just then, there was a loud rumble coming from her stomach. It made Georgia remember that she skipped out on lunch so she could catch the flight to the Johto region. She knew she had to rectify that situation now in order to keep searching for Iris.
"People of this wretched city! I demand to be fed at once! Bring me all the food you have or I'll crush this city like cookie crumbs!" Georgia shouted, stomping her foot from where she was standing. Georgia stood still almost like a statue, watching as people were running around gathering as much food as they possibly could. A few minutes would pass, and eventually wheelbarrows full of food were being pushed towards the giantess's feet. It was enough food to feed the entire city from a normal person's perspective, and Georgia knew that would have to be enough given her massive size. She reached down (almost picking up a tiny man who was wheeling the last of the food) and grabbed a couple wheelbarrows into her gloved hand. She tipped them over and swallowed every last bit of food. She did the same thing for the rest of the wheelbarrows until they were all empty.
"Ahhhh… that was good. Thank you everyone." Georgia said.
"Now can you please leave us alone and maybe go terrorize another city?" an older man shouted up to the giantess.
"Sorry, but I can't do that. I'm not leaving until that stupid little girl Iris is in my hands. In fact, that food gave me the strength to go tearing through this city once more! Hahahaha!" Georgia shouted as she got back into rampaging mode, kicking a couple bystanders out of her way and seriously injuring them. Soon, it was back to full scale panic mode as Georgia got back to destroying one building after another. Iris and Axew both looked on with horrific looks on their faces.
"How can this be happening, Axew? I know Georgia hates my guts, but this is too much! Something must be possessing her… yeah, maybe whatever it is has caused her to grow that big too!" Iris said.
"Axew…" Axew said.

Before Georgia could demolish another structure, which would bring nearly three quarters of Blackthorn City to rubble, she turned around when she heard a group of sirens that increasingly got louder and louder. It was a squad of both police cars and bikes, with several officers as well as Officer Jenny herself (as always) jumping out already with a few Pokémon such as Growlithe, Arcanine, and Jumpluff all ready for battle.
"Stop right there, giant girl!" Officer Jenny shouted through a megaphone.
"You must be Officer Jenny. You look way different from the ones in Unova." Georgia said, noting the drastically different uniform as well as the longer hair that this Officer Jenny sported.
"We're only giving you one chance! Surrender now or we will have our Pokémon attack you!" Jenny shouted.
"Oooooooh… I'm soooooo scared! Give it your best shot!" Georgia said as she folded her arms and grinned down at the tiny heroes.
"Officers and Pokémon, go!" Jenny shouted. While the human officers tried shooting the giantess down with harpoon guns and paintball shooters (which was kinda standard fare for them and other officers worldwide), the Pokémon tried different moves of their own. Jumpluff tried flying up to the giant Georgia's face and shooting both Stun Spore and Sleeping Powder, but Georgia smacked the Pokémon back down to the ground before the moves could have any effect. Growlithe and Arcanine's fire attacks only made Georgia flinch a bit to keep from getting burned, but their moves had no effect.

"Nice tricks, but I want you to meet my Pokémon! Go, Beartic!" Georgia shouted as she pulled one of the Poké Balls off her clothes and threw it in the air. Out came one of Georgia's main Pokémon, the Ice-type Beartic… although there was something about it that made Georgia look confused.
"Huh? Beartic stayed the same size?" Georgia said out loud, surprised that her Pokémon didn't grow with her. More important than that though was the resulting commentary coming from Officer Jenny.
"Huh? I've never seen this Pokémon before… but it looks like an Ice type. We have the advantage!" Jenny said, knowing full well Fire always beat out Ice. But that didn't make Georgia sweat. She grinned knowing Beartic had a secret weapon or two.
"Hohoho! You'd be surprised to know Beartic is much more than Ice-type. Beartic, use Hidden Power!" Georgia said. Beartic crouched down and quickly sent a series of shockwaves towards both Growlithe and Arcanine. Amazingly, the damage seemed quite high and both Fire-type Pokémon got knocked back several yards. But Georgia wanted to kick them both while they were down, and she felt the next move would be just the ticket.
"Now use Surf!" Georgia shouted. A tidal wave of water formed underneath Beartic's feet, and Beartic jumped on top of the wave and rode it out until it came crashing down on an unsuspecting Growlithe and Arcanine. The water dissipated and both Fire-type Pokémon had swirly marks in their eyes, which signaled defeat.
"Oh no! Arcanine! Growlithe!" Jenny shouted. She then pulled out some Poké Balls.
"It's okay, you two. You did your best. Now return and get some rest." Jenny said as she fired the return lasers and brought the two Pokémon back.

One of the other officers quickly approached Jenny.
"Officer Jenny! We're losing Pokémon left and right, both to the giant girl and that Ice-type Pokémon of hers!" the male officer said.
"Everyone retreat! We're getting out of here right away!" Jenny said. She watched as all the other officers recalled their Pokémon and then jumped into their cars or onto their bikes and drove away knowing that they couldn't beat the giantess this time. Georgia smiled as she watched the officers get away. That's when she aimed her Poké Ball down at Beartic.
"Well done, Beartic. You've earned a good rest." Georgia said as she shot the return laser and brought back Beartic. But as soon as she was done with that task, she walked up towards Officer Jenny (who was the last officer on scene) and scooped her up off the ground before she could jump on her bike.
"Now then, Officer Jenny. Since I beat you, you're going to help me with something. I'm looking for a girl named Iris. Where is she!?" Georgia shouted as she held the officer right up to her face.
"I don't know who or where she is, I swear!" Jenny shouted.
"Don't lie to me! I said WHERE IS SHE!?!?" Georgia shouted, her loud voice echoing through the sky. She also tightened her grip on Jenny, causing her to scream out in pain.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Jenny screamed.

This was finally too much for Iris to take. Continuing to hide behind a building even as the Pokémon battle took place between Georgia and the officers, Iris shivered as she heard both Georgia lash out in anger and Jenny scream in pain.
"Axew… I can't let this go on any further! If I keep hiding, she'll destroy the entire city… maybe even the entire region! Worst of all, somebody could get killed." Iris said.
"Axew! Axew!" Axew shouted, like it was trying to tell Iris that there has to be a better way. Iris patted its faithful Dragon-type Pokémon on the head.
"I know, Axew… but I don't have a choice anymore. Just hold on for the ride and hope for the best." Iris said as she took a deep breath and walked out from behind the structure.
Georgia was very quickly losing patience as she continued to keep a tight grip on Jenny, who was now crying… unable to take the pain of being squeezed much longer. The black crystal Georgia absorbed earlier to make her grow continued to evolve Georgia's new personality at the same time. What came next out of Georgia's mouth was definitely unlike her.
"I'm gonna give you ten seconds to tell me where Iris is, or the next place you're going is inside my stomach." Georgia said.
"Please… don't… I don't… I'll tell you…" Jenny said.
"One… two… three… four…" Georgia said as she started counting, but she stopped when she heard a familiar voice come from ground level.
"Georgia!" the female voice said.

When Georgia looked down, there was Iris standing still and looking up at her. A big grin immediately went on her face.
"Well, well, well… the little kid finally comes out of hiding." Georgia said.
"I'm here, Georgia! Don't destroy the city anymore or hurt Officer Jenny! I'm the one you want, right?" Iris said.
"You're so right!" Georgia said. After setting Officer Jenny down, on top of the Pokémon Center no less, Georgia walked up towards Iris and stopped her boots a mere couple of yards away from Iris, leaving her gulping nervously as she looked up and up and up at her giant-sized rival.
"It's payback time, little Iris." Georgia calmly said as she finally kneeled down and picked up Iris. Iris just braced herself both physically and mentally as she felt Georgia's gloved hand wrap around her body.

Chapter 4, written by Nodqfan

Johto: Blackthorn City

The giant hand of Georgia was none too comfortable for Iris as wrapped itself around her body, and constrict her in its grip. Then she felt the giantess stand up to her full height and her hand rise like an elevator. Finally, after a few moments she felt the motion stop, the hand open up, and found herself starting at the gigantic face of Georgia with the biggest blue eyes that she would ever see, then she saw a smirk form on the face of the giant Dragon Buster.
“Well, well, look at what I have here in my hand, a little Dragon Master in training, and she looks like such a little kid” Georgia said chuckling after finishing that statement.
“Alright, now that you have me Georgia, you can leave these people alone now” Iris said.
Georgia however continued to smirk completely unphased by Iris’s words.
“Of course I will leave these people alone, you were the one I really wanted anyway, and I was only using these people to get you to come out of hiding,” Georgia said.
“What is this all about Georgia?” Iris asked
Georgia’s expression instantly changed to anger.
“It’s about revenge,” Georgia said.
“Revenge for what?” Iris asked
“For the time that you played with me while I was shrunken” Georgia replied.
Iris was shocked that Georgia remembered that incident where she, Ash, Cilan, and Pikachu had all been shrunken thanks to a strange, grey colored liquid.
“So that what this about revenge for playing with you while shrunken. Listen Georgia I am really sorry” Iris apologized.
Georgia looked at Iris with look of disbelief on her face, which quickly changed to anger.
“Sorry? You nearly ruined my life! Playing with me as though I was a mere toy for your amusement, and the only thing that you have to say is sorry?” Georgia said angrily.
Furious, Georgia then closed her hand around Iris and then began to squeeze Iris body.
“Ow!” Iris cried out in pain before Georgia released her grip on her and opened her hand once again to stare at her rival before smiling evilly.

“Well then it’s time to begin your punishment Iris,” Georgia said.
The giantess then took two fingers from her other hand, brought them towards Iris and began rummaging through the hair, being none to gentle as she pulled hairs as hard as she could.
“Ouch, will you cut that out!” Iris cried out. Iris would try to wiggle out of the giantess’s grasp, but it was no use as the grip that Georgia had on her was to firm and tight, so she just had to endure the pain as best as she could. Finally it seemed as though Georgia found what she was looking for when she felt something with her fingers, she then pulled out the object that she was feeling in her rivals hair and pulled it out. Iris was horrified to find out that the object the giant Dragon Buster pulled out was none other than Axew.
“No Axew!” Iris shouted horrified.
“Axew, Axew Axew!” Axew shouted scared out of its mind
Iris then tried to reach out to Axew while it also tried to reach its paw out to her. The two managed to touch her hand with her hand and its paw before Axew was raised up in the air far out of her reach to the giant face of Georgia, who smiled at the Dragon Pokémon flailing about between her fingers.
“Look at how small this Dragon Pokémon is I could easily defeat you with my current size” Georgia said.
Iris got angry and stamped her foot on the giant palm of the Dragon Buster, which the giantess barley felt.
“Let Axew go right now Georgia, it has nothing to do with this!” Iris yelled at the giantess.
Georgia simply tapped Iris on the head with one of her fingers of the hand that held her.
“Hey!” Iris shouted angrily.
“Calm down Iris I won’t hurt your precious Axew, in fact holding it like this has given me an idea for the first of my “Revenge Games” Georgia said.
“Revenge Games, what are those?” Iris asked.
Georgia simply smiled at her rival in her hand.
“Oh you will find out, just you wait” Georgia said.
Then the giantess did something that surprised Iris, she began to lower her hand back to the ground, forcing Iris to jump off the hand. Iris then watched as Georgia got down her knees and then onto her stomach, while still holding Axew between two fingers.
“Remember when you took my hat from me Iris, and forced me to jump up to try and grab it?” Georgia said.
“Yeah” Iris said, wondering what the giant Dragon Buster had in mind for her.
“Well that’s exactly what you have do Iris if you want your Axew back” Georgia said.
“Alright this should be no problem for me,” Iris said.
Georgia would then hold Axew as low as possible; Iris would then jump up, however Georgia was not going make it easy for her rival. Iris would jump and get the tips of fingers even close to touching Axew Georgia would lift Axew higher, far out of Iris’s reach, causing Iris to fall on her butt when she came down to the ground.

“Ow! Hey, that is not fair!" Iris shouted angrily at the giantess.
However, Georgia simply smirked as Iris threw her tantrum.
“You almost had it that time, keep trying” Georgia said.
Iris jumped up again trying to get Axew from Georgia’s clutches, but again Georgia would lift Axew up out of Iris’s reach. Repeatedly Iris would jump up to try and get Axew, but Georgia would once again lift her fingers out of her rivals reach. Finally, after seven tries Iris was exhausted with her hands on her knees and panting heavily, as she then looked up at the giantess who continued to smirk down at her.
“What’s wrong Iris, are you giving up already? That’s not like you I was hoping you were a little more resilient, being a Dragon Master in training and all,” Georgia said.
“You…You’re…You’re such a kid!” Iris shouted in frustration
Georgia chuckled at Iris frustration, however she quickly refocused as the next task that she would have Iris came to mind.
“As amusing as it is to watch you fail over and over again. I was starting to get bored, so that means that we’re going to move on to the next activity but first things first,” Georgia said.
She then proceeded to release Axew from the grip of her fingers, causing it to start falling towards the ground at a rapid rate.
“Oh no Axew I’m coming!” Iris shouted horrified at the sight of the falling Dragon Pokémon. Quickly she ran forward, dove and managed to catch Axew in her hands, she then got up while still holding Axew.
“Axew are you alright?” Iris asked as the two hugged.
“Axew, Axew, Axew” Axew replied.
They then looked up at the giantess angrily.
“Georgia, Axew could have been seriously hurt from that fall!” Iris shouted angrily.
“Axew, Axew, Axew!” Axew shouted angrily as well.
However, Georgia just shrugged off their anger.
“So?” Georgia said.
Georgia’s response only further infuriated Iris who had to resists the urge to march right up to the giantess and punch her foot, which would have had no effect on the giantess at all. Then Georgia got up onto her knees and sat down, which caused a few buildings to shake; she then stretched out her legs, so that her boots were right in front of Iris. Then she leaned forward, took off her shoes and socks, and tossed them aside casually crushing pieces of the road, leaving her enormous bare feet in front of Iris.

“Since I spent a long time walking around looking for you Iris, my feet are tired and sore and they could use a massage,” Georgia said.
“No, no way am I rubbing your feet Georgia!” Iris said.
“If you don’t rub my feet, I will crush this city into rubble and its people beneath my boots into smears. Do you think you could live with the death and destruction that you help caused that could have been avoided?" Georgia said.
Iris hated to admit it but Georgia had a point, she could not risk endangering the lives of the city’s residents with the way Georgia was acting, with no other choice she sighed.
“Alright, Georgia you win I will rub your feet” Iris said.
Georgia smiled at hearing those words come from her rival.
“Glad you see things my way, now get rubbing!” Georgia commanded.
Georgia then leaned back with her head in her hands as she waited for Iris or begin rubbing. With no other choice Iris walked up to the left foot, grabbed as much skin as she could and rubbed as hard as possible. She rubbed the foot in sections staring with the heel, the moving onto the sole, and finally the toes. As she rubbed each toe, she began to think of a plan to escape from the giantess. The odor of sweat was evident as she rubbed the foot.
“Man this so gross but I’ve got to somehow get away from Georgia and figure out how in the world she got so big” she wondered to herself.
Then Iris finished with the left foot, ran over to the right foot of the gigantic Dragon Buster to repeat the process of rubbing that she had done on the right foot, just then Georgia spoke.
“You know Iris I could really get used to this being gigantic thing” Georgia said.
“I’m sure you can because it your size matches your ego” Iris muttered to herself.
Iris continued to rub the right foot of Georgia where she was now on the toes, although she was about to execute her escape plan. She then climbed to the top of the foot and ran all the way up the leg pat the ankle, shin, knee until finally she reached the skirt part of Georgia. Meanwhile, the giant Dragon Buster was disturbed from relaxation by feeling that something was crawling on her body. Lifting up her head, she looked down at her body and saw something that made her eyes go wide with shock at what she saw that Iris was climbing her body!

Iris meanwhile had made her way up to the side of Georgia’s body; she was exhausted from rubbing her huge rival’s feet, but pushed herself forward and continued to climb. Suddenly a shadow came over Iris, causing her to look up to see the huge gloved hand of Georgia coming right at her!
“Yikes! I have been spotted" Iris shouted as the hand grew closer and closer until a loud Smack! Sounded like thunder when Georgia’s hand hit her own body.
“Ouch that hurt!” the giantess shouted.
Luckily, Iris had managed to dodge the smack by the hand of Georgia by moving a few feet to the left when the hand had come down.
“Wow that was too close for comfort,” Iris said.
When she saw the hand resting close to her, it gave her an idea; she walked over to the hand, got up on the top of it, and waited for it to lift up. She did not have wait long as the Dragon Buster lifted up as if it were an elevator towards the face of her gigantic rival, when the hand stopped rising Iris found herself staring at the gigantic face of Georgia once again. Georgia was in shock that Iris had somehow survived attempting to be smacked by her hand.
“Huh? How did I miss her?” Georgia wondered.
Quickly, putting that out of her mind, she then took her right hand and tried to smack Iris who was on her left hand. However Iris dodged by diving to her left causing Georgia to smack her own hand.
“Ow, why you little” Georgia growled angrily.
Iris then stood up and bent her knees.
“Here goes everything” she she said.
Iris then jumped forward off the left wrist, towards the gigantic face of Georgia, and grabbed a strain of Georgia‘s dark red hair that hung down from her forehead causing the giantess to feel the sensation.
“Huh? What the heck is she doing?” she wondered.
Iris then pulled on the hair to test its sturdiness causing the giantess to flinch from pain.
“Ow that’s it!” Georgia shouted.

The giantess then stared using her hands to try to swat Iris from her head. Iris meanwhile dodged on the oncoming hands of the enormous Dragon Buster by using Georgia’s own dark red hair as a vine to swing away from the hands, as they swatted close to her position. However, her luck was about to run out as Georgia’s next swat managed to strike Iris directly, causing her to fall from the hair.
“Ahhhhhh!” Iris shouted before landing with a loud thud on Georgia’s body. Because of the angle of her rival’s giant body she started to roll down over and and over as if she were going down a hill until finally she landed on the ground between Georgia legs.
“Ow that hurts!” Iris said rubbing her side that was sore from the fall.
Then a shadow came over her, she looked up to see that Georgia had stood up to her full height with an angry look her face. Iris tried to get up to run but suddenly felt a sharp pain and fell to her knees.
“Ow what the heck” Iris said.
She looked at her ankle and saw a big purple colored bruise, and her eyes went wide with fear.
“Oh no I must have twisted my ankle when I rolled down Georgia’s body!” Iris thought to herself before Georgia spoke.
“You know Iris I was planning on letting you live and be my slave for the rest of your life. However, since you want to try to run away from the punishment that you so richly deserve. I am going to crush you slowly so that you can feel every amount of pain that I felt while shrunken at your mercy,” Georgia said.
Georgia put her socks and shoes back on then raised her right foot, hovered it over Iris, casting her in its ominous shadow. Georgia then started to bring the foot down slowly letting Iris see the bottom of the emerald colored boot. Iris could not move to her injury and looked up in fear at the boot.
“Goodbye Iris” Georgia said with glee as she continued to bring the foot down towards her injured rival.
“Druddigon, use Flamethrower!” a female voice suddenly rang out. A stream of fire suddenly appeared going towards Georgia who had to turn to see the flame coming towards her.
“Huh? What the-?” Georgia asked.
The flames then struck her arm, which burned part of Georgia’s arm.
“Ow! What in the world was that?” Georgia wondered.
She then looked straight ahead and saw someone coming towards her on a Dragonite along with some other Dragon Type Pokémon flying beside her.
“Aerodactyl, use Rock Slide now!” The mysterious female trainer commanded.
The Fossil Pokémon summoned rocks and sent them towards Georgia where they struck the gigantic Dragon Buster. Then the trainer commanded her Charizard and other Dragonite to use Dragon Claw and Dragon Rush respectively the two fired their attacks and struck Georgia’s body. Georgia had had enough and began to swat at the Pokémon with her hands unsuccessfully as the Pokémon kept dodging her swinging hands. Meanwhile, the mysterious female trainer landed on the ground before Iris where she dismounted from the Dragonite and went to check on Iris.

“Are you alright? She asked.
“My ankle is twisted” Iris replied.
The trainer then helped Iris over to her Dragonite as well as on it. Then she remounted the Dragonite in front of Iris and took to the air once more.
“Alright my Pokémon fall back!” the trainer commanded.
Her Pokémon heard the order and immediately flew away from Georgia and towards her; the group then took off southward out of the city, once they were far enough away from the city Iris spoke up.
“Thank you for saving me, but who are you?” Iris said.
“Firstly, you’re welcome and secondly my name is Clair. I am Blackthorn City’s Gym Leader,” Clair said.
Iris’s eyes went wide with shock as she processed who her savior was.
“Wait your Clair?” Iris said in surprise.
“Yes” Clair replied.
“Wow this is awesome! My name is Iris” At that moment Axew, decided to pop out from its spot in Iris’s hair.
“Axew, Axew” Axew said. Iris smiled at the Pokémon and patted it on the head.
“And this is Axew” Iris added.
“While it is nice to meet both of you we have a bigger issue on our hands to deal with at the moment,” Clair said.
“Yeah emphasis on big” Iris replied.
“Now if may ask why does that girl have a particular disdain for you?” Clair asked.
“It’s a long story, now do you mind if I ask you a question?” Iris said.
“Not at all” Clair said.
“How did she get so big?” Iris asked
“That is also a long story” Clair replied.
The two continued to fly south away from the city to wherever Clair was going, the two had not exactly gotten away unnoticed as Georgia watched the two become smaller and smaller the further they flew into the distance. However, the giant Dragon Buster just smiled evilly.
“If those two think that they have gotten away from me, they better think again,” she said.

Hoenn: Outside of Mauville City

Burgundy was now in panic mode as she paced back and forth several times. She had only intended to see how Cilan tasted, but she never imaged that she would actually swallow him whole.
“Zut! I can’t believe that I actually ate Cilan!” She cried out before continuing to lament about her actions.
“I did not want this, I only wanted to see how he tasted, but I never intended to swallow him!” She said.
She then forced herself to stop to take a deep breath to calm herself down and assess the situation with a clear mind.
“Cilan’s smart he’ll figure something out, at least I hope” Burgundy said.
She then turned towards Mauville City, and began to walk towards it.

Meanwhile, Cilan was dealing with an interesting problem of his own to say the least. He had just been accidentally swallowed by Burgundy as a part of her plan to “see how he tasted now” and had just entered the stomach through the esophagus where he was now falling towards the sea of stomach acid.
“I have to find a way to avoid the stomach acid!” Cilan said.
Luckily, he saw bits and pieces of the food that was swallowed along with him, using this to his advantage. He then jumped from piece to piece of food before they hit the stomach acid. Finally landing on a small patch of skin and watched as the pieces of food fell into the stomach acid where it was instantly digested and turned into energy to for the giantess Cilan then sat down to think about how to get out of current predicament.
“I know Burgundy hates me but would she really want to do this? To find out I’ll have to find a way out of here,” Cilan thought to himself.
Then he noticed a piece of multi colored piece of candy next to him that had been munched up by the teeth of Burgundy.
“Huh? What is this stuff?” he wondered.
He then touched the candy and found that it was sticky, which gave him an idea.
“If I could use this gum stickiness to climb up the walls, I can find a way out of here,” Cilan said.
With his plan in place, Cilan ran over to the wall, placed the gum on his hands and feet, and began to climb the wall.

Meanwhile Burgundy had entered the city, which naturally caused the city to go into chaos once again as people began to flee away from the giant Connaisseuse Burgundy then spoke up.
“Everyone please wait I do not mean any harm I am a good giantess” Burgundy said.
However, it was no use as people continued to run away in fear from the giantess.
“(Sigh) I guess I will have to try and earn the peoples trust through my actions and not my words” Burgundy said.
She began to look around to see what she could do to try to earn their trust until she saw the food court that she had found Cilan in earlier and decided to taste the food. Carefully she walked into the food court taking great caution not to step on anything although sometimes it could not be helped as some tables were crushed by her shoes. Then she stopped at one of the booths and kneeled down to get a better look at the vender behind the counter.
“Excuse me s'il vous plaît may I try some of your food?” Burgundy asked.
The vendor was obviously very afraid for his life staring into the huge lilac eyes of the giantess.
“Here you can have whatever you want, just please do not hurt me!” he exclaimed in fear.
“Calm down I don’t want to hurt you I just want to taste the food that you have” Burgundy said.
“It’s all in the boxes behind me,” the vendor said.
Burgundy then reached behind the vendor with a finger and thumb, rummaged through the boxes, picking one out, bringing out from behind the vendor, and up to her face. Then she took her other finger to easily tare through the box, dumping the contents of it into the palm of her left hand before setting the box down, put the food into her mouth, chewing it for a few seconds before tilting her head back and swallowing. Then she looked down at the vendor once again.
“That was really good,” Burgundy said.
The vendor stopped cowering and looked up at the giantess.
“Really?” the vendor asked.
“Yes although if you could add some seasoning and spice to your food you could possibly have some great recipes here,” Burgundy said.
“That is some great advice that I will use in the future, thank you,” the vendor said.
“You’re welcome,” Burgundy said.
Burgundy then stood up to her full height and walked towards the next vendor where she repeated the process that she had done with with the first vendor as well as the third.
Then she exited the food court with a smile and a newfound resolve.
“Well it’s a start but I still have a long way to go” Burgundy said

As she began to walk amongst the city, she took note of how small some of the buildings were in comparison to her size.
“, C'est étonnant some of the buildings look like they belong in a model city, not an actual city” Burgundy said.
As she continued to walk around the city, trying to be careful not to step on anyone or anything, she then came upon the Pokémon Center.
“Oh a Pokémon Center, I can definitely help out people there!” Burgundy said.
She went over the Pokémon Center, got down on her knees in front of the building, and looked for a way to see inside the building.
“Looks like I have no choice but to tear the roof off the building to see inside” Burgundy said.
She then placed a hand on each side of the roof and pulled the roof off with ease! Naturally the people that were inside were wondering what was going on as they felt the building shake, then they saw that the roof was being torn off the Pokémon Center like it was a dollhouse and soon found themselves staring into the gigantic face of Burgundy. People than began running in every direction they could to try to get away from the giantess.
“Everyone please don’t run I only want to help” Burgundy said.
However, her words were ignored as people ran out of the Pokémon Center away from the giantess. Eventually only Nurse Joy was the only person left besides the Pokémon, Burgundy then reached down with a massive hand towards her, wrapped it around her body, and lifted it off the ground until she was staring in to the eyes of the giantess.
“Please don’t hurt me!” Nurse Joy pleaded fearfully to the giantess.
“I don’t want to hurt you, in fact I want to help you Nurse Joy,” Burgundy said.
"H-Help m-me with what?” Nurse Joy stammered questioningly in fear.
“Caring for the Pokémon of course” Burgundy replied.
“Okay you can help me, just please put me down?" Nurse Joy asked
“Oh of course” Burgundy said.
Then Burgundy lowered her hand back to the ground, allowing Nurse Joy to get off the hand Nurse Joy then turned around to look up at Burgundy.
“First things first, what is your name?” Nurse Joy asked.
“Burgundy” Burgundy said
“Okay Burgundy follow me as best as you can” Nurse Joy said.
“Yes ma’am” Burgundy said.
Nurse Joy then walked to the back of the Pokémon Center along with Chansey following her through the automatic door. Burgundy meanwhile got up, moved to the side of the building, before getting down on her knees and peered into the Pokémon Center once more where she saw all of the Pokémon that were either ill or in the process of being healed. Nurse Joy then told Burgundy what to do, show her how to do it, and then Burgundy would try to do the tasks given to the best of her ability especially given her size. She would carefully lift an injured Pokémon to put bandages on it, heal from a status inflictions, and watch Pokémon be healed by Nurse Joy, who then looked up at the giantess.
“Thanks for your help, all the Pokémon should heal nicely” Nurse Joy said.
“You’re welcome I was glad to help as much as I could” Burgundy said.
Burgundy then went back around to the front of the building, picked up the roof, and placed it back on the building as best as she could. Then she stood up to her full height and began to walk around the city once again to find something to do to earn the trust of the people.

Meanwhile, Cilan had finally climbed out of the stomach through the esophagus, made it through the throat up to the tongue of the giantess where he saw the uvula hanging above him like a rope then he had idea.
“Perhaps I could use this to make Burgundy cough me out” Cilan said.
He then jumped up to grab the uvula, and hung on for dear life, hoping that his plan would work. Meanwhile, Burgundy was walking around the city thinking about what to do next in the city. Suddenly she felt something in her throat it felt like something was choking her, quickly started coughing.
“(Cough, cough), what is going on?” Burgundy wondered.
She then quickly made her towards the nearest exit, people and Pokémon managed to get out of the way of the running giantess while some object were not so lucky. Finally, outside the city Burgundy sat down to continue coughing.
"(Cough, Cough, what is happening?” Burgundy wondered once more.
Meanwhile, inside the mouth Cilan was still hanging on to the uvula as tight as he could amid all the shaking that was happening within the mouth.
“This is more powerful than an Earthquake by a Rock or Ground type Pokémon!” Cilan shouted.
Finally, he could not hold on any longer as he lost his grip on the uvula.
“Ahhhhhhh!” Cilan screamed as he flew out of the mouth.
Meanwhile, Burgundy continued to cough so hard that something ended up flying out of her mouth and fell towards the ground Burgundy then stopped coughing and took several deep breaths to recover from her coughing fit. Then she leaned forward to see what flew out of her mouth and her eyes went wide with surprise.
“Zut is that?” She said in surprise.
Cilan meanwhile sat up to recover from the fall.
“I hope that I have to never go on that ride again,” he said.
“Cilan!” a loud female voice shouted.
Suddenly he felt a hand wrap around his saliva-drenched body and felt himself being lifted up in the air until he was at Burgundy’s chest, and then felt himself pressed against it very firmly, it appeared that Burgundy was hugging him!
“Oh, Cilan I’m glad you’re alright I was so worried about you I thought that I had digested you” Burgundy said. Cilan even felt tears drop on him she was crying
Then Burgundy’s expression changed, Cilan then felt himself pulled away from the chest and lifted into the air once again until he was staring at the gigantic face of his rival.
“However, Cilan you’re still a second rate Connoisseur compared to me, you look like a wet Herdier” Burgundy said.
Burgundy continued to insult Cilan who just sighed.
“Maybe I should have just stayed in the stomach at least it was peaceful and quiet in there” he said.

Chapter 5, written by Cubed Cinder

Burgundy seemed to have forgotten what happened over the past 10 or so minutes, as she was once again licking her lips while holding Cilan in between her fingers and thinking of ways she could make him a tasty treat.
“Hmmm… let’s see. What could I drip on your pretty little body to make it taste that much more scrumptious? Ketchup? Mustard? Ohhhh… maybe hollandaise sauce!” Burgundy said.
"Please, Burgundy! You just a few seconds ago said you were worried you digested me!" Cilan said.
"Stupide petit garçon! I made the mistake of swallowing you the first time… a mistake I don't intend on making again!" Burgundy said.

However, a few seconds later, things would be different for Burgundy. She found herself clutching her stomach again when she felt a slight bit of pain coming from it.
"Oooooh… there goes my stomach again. This feeling is familiar…" Burgundy said. Cilan, even from the tight grip of Burgundy's fingers, could see what was happening.
"Hey, Burgundy, you're shrinking!" Cilan shouted. Burgundy looked down and saw the ground slowly getting closer and closer.
"Oh! You're right! Dommage!" Burgundy said as she gradually shrank smaller and smaller. When she was down to about 50 feet tall, Cilan got a little too big for Burgundy to securely hold, and he fell down and rolled onto the ground. Finally, Burgundy was back to her normal size.
"(sigh) I guess there was a time limit on that Mega Candy." Burgundy said. Cilan found himself smiling.
"Heh, thank goodness. You know, Burgundy, I'm glad you're now back to your normal size. I think you look best that way." Cilan said.
"Oh… um… well…" Burgundy said as she found herself blushing. There was no question that even though she hated being ranked second to him, deep down she did find him attractive and perhaps a nice guy. But that's when the praising stopped and she shook her head.
"Hah! Ne vous flattez pas, Cilan! One of these days, I will dethrone you as the world's best Pokémon Connoisseur!" Burgundy said.
"Heh, that's my girl! I look forward to our next cooking challenge." Cilan said. Burgundy couldn't help but smile back.
"Me too… but this is where we part ways for now. Until we meet again, Cilan… Au revoir!" Burgundy said as she waved at the green-haired young man and then turned around to head for her next destination. Cilan wiped his forehead and was relieved that crazy adventure was over.
"Whew… I'm glad that's over. Maybe I can think of an exquisite recipe to remember all this by!" Cilan said as he turned around and walked in his own path.

Johto: Mahogany Town

Meanwhile, Iris and Clair had flown to the west of Blackthorne City to the small Mahogany Town. With Iris hobbling on one foot with one of her arms resting on Clair's shoulders, the two ladies walked up to the gates of the Mahogany Gym. Clair pressed the button on the speaker, and a few seconds later, a male voice could be heard coming from the other side.
"Who is it?" the man asked.
"Pryce, it's me." Clair said.
"Oh, okay. Come on in." the man said. The gates swung open and the two ladies walked towards the entrance of the gym. Once they were inside, an old man holding a cane was there to greet them. This was Pryce, the gym leader of the Mahogany Town Gym.
"Clair, I am glad you are safe." Pryce said.
"Thank you, Pryce, but this woman needs medical attention." Clair said as she pointed down towards the big lump on Iris that was her bruised ankle.
"Mmmm… yes indeed. Please make yourselves comfortable. I will get the med kit." Pryce said.
"Pryce, thank you for doing this. You know we could be risking your life and…" Clair said.
"Say no more, Clair. Anything for a good friend and fellow member of the Johto Pokémon League." Pryce said. As he left to get the first aid kit, Clair and Iris took their seats on different chairs in the battle arena. Iris couldn't help but shiver as she looked around and saw almost nothing but ice around the gym.

"Brrrrr… did you have to bring us to a place so cold?" Iris said.
"My apologies. This was the closest shelter I could think of in the short time we have." Clair said.
"Short time?" Iris asked.
"You know we could only stun that giant girl for so long. She will surely come after us at her full fury with that jewel that's become a part of her body." Clair said.
"Huh? Jewel? Clair… please tell me everything." Iris asked.
"I shall. Thousands of years ago, as you probably know from your studies, the world was ravaged by Dragon Pokémon. Dragon Pokémon and the trainers that once commanded them felt they had the right to rule the world. It's a classic case of wielding so much power and thinking of no better way to utilize it than to bully the world." Clair said.
"Hmmm… yes, I read about those days. My teacher was quick to emphasize that such terror could happen again if we, the next generation of Dragon Pokémon trainers, were to train irresponsibly." Iris said. Axew stuck its head out and shouted its name in agreement. Clair smiled.
"Your professor has taught you well. I can see you're going to be a fine Dragon Pokémon trainer. But anyway… a group of warriors and sorcerers felt the best way to contain the darkness coming from the hearts of these Dragon Pokémon was to seal their life energy away in a jewel. By trapping this dark energy, it would ensure that Dragon Pokémon in the years to come would behave more responsibly, whether they were with a trainer or not." Clair said.
"I see…" Iris said, fascinated with the story so far. She didn't even notice Pryce re-entering the room and giving the girl's ankle the medical attention it needed (which of course included LOTS of ice).
"My family for many generations has been entrusted with the protection of this jewel, for you have seen exactly what it can do to anyone who steals it and summons its power. The longer that jewel is inside your friend's body, the worse things are going to get." Clair said.
"Well… she's not exactly my friend. Georgia's a Dragon Buster… she wants nothing more than to beat me and other Dragon Masters around the world. But you say it's going to get worse?" Iris said. Clair nodded her head slowly.
"The dark energy is quickly spreading throughout her body. It's probably taken full effect now and she's completely embraced the dark and evil nature of those Dragon Pokémon and their trainers from generations ago. She won't stop when she catches you. She will kill you and then try and take over the world." Clair said. Such a grim statement made Iris gulp nervously.
"*gulp* Sooooo… how do we stop her?" Iris said.
"It won't be easy, but her mind is not completely lost. She can be talked back to her senses, and once that's done, she will shrink back to normal and the dark power will return to Dragon's Den. But you'll have to be the one that snaps her back to reality." Clair said.
"T-t-t-talk to her? How am I supposed to do that? She won't even listen to me when she's normal-sized!" Iris said.
"Like I said, it won't be easy. But I have faith you can do it." Clair said.

Pryce was finished applying the ice and was now wrapping the bruise on Iris's ankle up with numerous bandages.
"There you are, child. You should be able to at the very least walk again… eventually." Pryce said. Iris stood up, and despite some sharp pain shooting up her leg, she was able to indeed at least stand up on her own feet.
"Ow… it still hurts bad, but thank you." Iris said. Just then, the two could hear some loud booming sounds coming from outside. The inside of the gym was also shaking very slightly.
"Oh, what's that?" Pryce asked.
"The giantess approaches. Come, Iris, we don't have much time." Clair said. The three walked their way outside of the gym… where even from a distance, they could see the giant Georgia approaching. In fact, Iris noticed something different about Georgia.
"Wait… I don't remember her being that big before!" Iris said. Indeed, Georgia had somehow managed to grow even bigger. Before she was 150 feet tall, but now she stood over twice that height at 350 feet tall. Clair immediately knew the cause behind this additional growth spurt.
"It's the power of the jewel becoming stronger. Each time the evil becomes stronger, it eventually includes increases in size. It's only a matter of time before she grows big enough to crush all of Johto with just a few steps." Clair said.
"Clair… forgive me but you seem to know a lot about the powers of this jewel." Iris said.
"Years ago I broke my vow to protect the jewel out of desperation to grow stronger as a trainer. It was a mistake I had to learn to live with, but thankfully was able to survive thanks to my cousin Lance not giving up on me. It will take that kind of effort to save Georgia." Clair said.
"Yes, I understand." Iris said, now knowing that Georgia was eventually going to become one of those evil giantesses if she didn't save the day. Clair, meanwhile, summoned Dragonite.
"Dragonite, take good care of Iris as she tries to save Georgia." Clair said.
"Oh? You're going to let me ride your Dragonite?" Iris asked.
"Why not? You're going to need the fastest Dragon Pokémon I have if you're going to avoid being swatted out of the air." Clair said.
"Thank you, Clair. I'll do my best!" Iris said.

As Clair and Pryce watched Iris take off for the skies on the back of Clair's Dragonite, Pryce looked over at Clair.
"Are you sure we should be pinning our hopes on that young girl, Clair?" Pryce asked.
"She will make a valiant effort, but probably come up short. That's why I have a backup plan." Clair said as she reached behind her cape and pulled out a white jewel, similar to the black one that Georgia had absorbed earlier.
"Oh? The other jewel you told me but not that young girl about." Pryce said.
"Correct." Clair said.
"But didn't you say you have been sworn not to use that jewel, no matter how dire the situation may be?" Pryce said.
"It's a chance we're going to have to take. Just get down to the shelter for now." Clair said.
"As you wish, but be careful, Clair." Pryce said as he turned around and walked back into his gym. Clair stayed outside, watching as the giant Georgia was now towering well over the town and Iris and the Dragonite continued to fly upwards.

Georgia, meanwhile, had an evil smile on her face as she looked down on Mahogany Town. Even though she saw herself grow bigger just after she left Blackthorne City, it still delighted her to see entire houses in the town smaller than just one of her shoes. In fact, she raised her leg up and brought it straight down, crushing the house entirely. A few people were running around trying to get away from the giantess.
"Hahahaha! Run you feeble midgets! I hate to say it, but I'm starting to love being this big. It makes me feel so… powerful!" Georgia said as she got back to walking around and casually crushing a few more structures. Just then, though, she had to stop when she saw something flying all around in front of her eyes. She didn't know it because of how big she was yet, but this was Iris flying around on top of Clair's Dragonite.
"Pfffft! Go away, you pesky insect." Georgia said as she brought both her hands up and then moved them closer together. Iris knew exactly what Georgia's intent was.
"Eeeek! Up, Dragonite! UP!!" Iris shouted. Dragonite flew straight up and was just able to escape from Georgia's deadly clap, although the loud clapping sound still gave Iris's ears a ringing. Nevertheless, she tried calling out to Georgia.
"Georgia! It's me, Iris!" Iris shouted. But Georgia didn't seem to pay any attention. In fact, Dragonite once again had to make a quick dodge downward as Georgia took another swing with her yellow-gloved right hand. When Iris looked and saw she was now flying in front of the yellow buttons on Georgia's shirt, it gave her a good idea of how small she was compared to Georgia.
"Wow… she's really big…" Iris said as she shook her head. Georgia took a couple more shots at Iris and the Dragonite, first using her hands again and then raising a foot into the air and trying to stomp them when they were at waist level. But both times they missed, and Dragonite flew up directly in front of one of Georgia's huge blue eyes. This is when Iris made her move and waved her arms.

"Georgia! Please stop!" Iris shouted.
"Well, well, well. You're either very brave or very stupid to come flying up in front of my eye. And for a little kid no less!" Georgia said with an evil smile.
"Georgia… listen to me! I know how you grew so big. That jewel you absorbed! You have to fight it! It's the reason you've gone mad with power!" Iris shouted.
"HA! Why should I fight it? You know, I actually thought very briefly about letting you share in the power back when you were rubbing my feet. Then we could have the biggest and most epic Pokémon battles this region has ever seen! But nooooooooo! You had to go running around me like I was some dumb colossus or something." Georgia said as she tipped her familiar yellow hat.
"Georgia! Our battle is between the two of us! There's no reason to involve the entire Johto region!" Iris said.
"Listen to me, you shrimp! I've never amounted to anything in my entire life outside of being a Dragon Buster, but those people can only enjoy so much fame. But I've been given such incredible power and the incredible size to go along with it. For once I can be worshipped by an entire region! Maybe even the entire world by the time I finally get bored!" Georgia said.
"Ugh! You're so stupid, Georgia! I can't believe you're letting this power get to your head! The Georgia I know and… well, hate… would never act so selfish and seek such power!" Iris shouted.
"Well, now that I have it, how about I show you just what I can do!?" Georgia said. That's when the giantess tilted her head back and took a deep breath.
"Oh no… look out, Dragonite!" Iris shouted as the Pokémon tried to fly away, but Georgia let out the incredibly powerful gust, and Dragonite struggled to stay afloat as it flailed back and forth.
"Hold on, Dragonite!" Iris shouted. Then, with a large shadow blocking out the sunlight, she turned around and saw one of Georgia's gloved hands coming in fast.


Georgia hit the Dragonite and sent it spiraling down towards the ground alongside the giantess's legs.
"May day! May day! We're going down!" Iris shouted as she kept as firm a grip on Dragonite as she could, with Axew doing the same with Iris's long flowing hair. 30 seconds later, Dragonite crash landed on the ground with Iris being thrown off. Ordinarily she would be able to stick the landing, but her bruised ankle meant she took a tumble as she rolled around, stopping inconveniently in front of one of Georgia's shoes. To make matters worse, she reinjured that ankle and the intense pain prevented her from moving once more.
"Owww… my ankle again." Iris said to herself. She looked up and could just barely see Georgia's evil smiling face in the sky as the giantess looked down on her.
"I'll miss you, Iris, I truly will. But it's time I got a move on and got on with my new hobby… destroying the Johto region and becoming queen of the world! Farewell." Georgia said as she slowly raised her foot up and then down onto Iris, who just turned around and closed her eyes to prepare for the worst.

Suddenly, a brilliant flash of white light appeared in front of Georgia. It was so bright that Georgia had to shield her eyes and take a couple steps backwards. The back of her shoes caught the river bank and caused her to lose her footing.
"Whoa, whoa!!" Georgia said as she went crashing down behind first onto the ground, shaking it violently and leaving behind a loud booming sound. As Georgia got back onto her feet, the light died down, and in front of Georgia was a wall of blue. Georgia looked down and noticed the bottom of the wall actually resembled someone wearing a pair of blue boots. That's when Georgia worked her eyes up… and up… and up… and up… and up still…
"W-w-w-what the?" Georgia said as she was suddenly overcome with fear. Standing in front of her was the woman who tried to stop her in the first place, Clair… but she was MASSIVE. The 'walls' really were Clair's boots, and a 1,000-foot-tall Clair easily towered over the giant Georgia as she stood firmly with her hands on her hips. Of course, Iris was surprised too. She couldn't even see Clair's upper body from where she laid.
"What in the world…!?" Iris said.
"Georgia, I'm afraid your fun & games end here." Clair said, her voice echoing in the skies for about 10 seconds.
"What… what are you going to do? Are you going to step on me?" Georgia said, not feeling so big herself as she stared up at Clair.
"No. Merely return things to the way they were." Clair said. The mega giantess from Blackthorne City kneeled down and placed a hand on top of Georgia's head. Seconds later, there was another brilliant flash of light.

When Iris unshielded her eyes from the brilliant light that came from Clair, she looked up to see her idol as well as Georgia both back to their normal sizes.
"Oh! You're back to normal. But how…?" Iris said as she sat up on her knees.
"There was another jewel… one that I have kept in my secret possession ever since I was a little girl." Clair said.
"You mean… wait, you told me the only way I could save Georgia was by talking with her!" Iris said.
"That is correct, but there's always a Plan B, and this was it." Clair said.
"Ummmm… excuse me, but can someone tell me what the heck's going on!?" Georgia said.
"Oh, nothing, Georgia. I'm just glad you're back to normal." Clair said.
"Huh? What do you mean back to normal? I could've sworn I was dreaming! I dreamed I found this black jewel and then I grew really REALLY tall and played with you just like you played with me… wait. Did I do all that?" Georgia said.
"No, you were dreaming. I'm sure of it." Clair said.
"Yeah… maybe I was. I mean, jewels that make people grow really big? Come on, that's as dumb as… well… Dragon Pokémon themselves!" Georgia shouted.
"(sigh) Yep, Georgia's back to normal." Iris said.
"But what about you? What happened to your ankle?" Georgia asked as she pointed down at Iris's bandaged ankle.
"Well, it's kind of a long story." Iris said.
"And one that can wait for another day. We better get you back to my gym and get that looked at." Clair said.
"Oh? We're heading back to Blackthorne City? What about…?" Iris said. She was about to inquire on the status of Clair's Dragonite, but stopped when she saw the Pokémon happily fly back and stand behind its master.
"My Dragonite is one tough cookie. It's been through much worse, trust me." Clair said.
"Heh… no wonder you're considered a legend where I come from, Clair." Iris said.

As Clair and then Iris climbed on the Dragonite's back, Iris looked back at Georgia.
"You wanna come with us, Georgia?" Iris said.
"Thanks, but no thanks. Can you imagine what it'd do to my reputation as a Dragon Buster being near you two? Besides, I need to get back home to the Unova region anyway." Georgia said.
"Well, alright then. Until we meet again!" Iris said.
"Pffft, whatever you say, little kid!" Georgia said with that signature smirk on her face. Iris just rolled her eyes and chalked it up to typical banter between rivals.
With that, Georgia walked away on her own path while Iris and Clair took to the skies thanks to Dragonite and flew back towards Blackthorne City.

Clair, meanwhile, thought back to what she just went through.
"Unfortunately, that white jewel was a one time use only. I hope its power was strong enough to eradicate the power of the black jewel once and for all, but such incredible darkness cannot be overcome so easily. I shall check the Dragon's Den when we get home…" Clair said to herself.
"Clair, is something wrong?" Iris asked.
"Nothing, my friend. Just thinking about today's big adventure." Clair said.
"Heh, emphasis on big, that's for sure! I kinda wish I could've grown that big." Iris said.
"Perhaps one day we will explore such a possibility… after you've had years of training and become a full-fledged Dragon Master like me." Clair said.
"Haha! I accept your challenge!" Iris shouted, with Axew shouting its name happily from Iris's hair. Clair simply nodded as she looked out and saw Blackthorne City in the distance… or at least what was left of it after the giant Georgia's destruction spree.

But Clair looked forward to helping rebuild the city as well as teaching Iris all she could teach… hopefully bringing her one step closer to becoming a master of Dragon Pokémon.