Rockets Away!

(Cubed Cinder)

Somewhere hidden in Hoenn lies one of Team Rocket's hidden and almost underground bases. Where, exactly? Well, that's why it's hidden, you know. But supposedly it lies close to the Johto-Hoenn border line. But that's not important now. What is important is what goes on inside this hidden base. Inside this base is where some of Team Rocket's meticulous inventions are made, such as the Abnormal Ball, which has been responsible for a couple well-known shrinking incidents in Hoenn.
Entering the base at this very instant were Butch and Cassidy, two members of Team Rocket. Butch looked happy to be inside this base while Cassidy, on the other hand, was clearly showing her frustration.
"Arrrrgh... this is ridiculous! Why should we be assigned to watching over this secret laboratory for the day!?" Cassidy shouted.
"Now now, Cassidy, isn't it neat to be exploring the depths of this place and watching to see what the scientists are working on? And besides... boss's orders!" Butch said.
"Bleh! Boss's orders my eye! We should be out there stealing Pokemon and conquering the world instead of those two low lifes, Jessie and James!" Cassidy said. Butch pretended he didn't hear that as he approached one of the scientists.
"Hey, what's going on here?" Butch said. The female scientist, named Kelly, turned around and looked at the two evildoers.
"Oh, I've just finished putting the final touches on our new enlarging potion, MAP. I think." Kelly said.
"MAP? What the heck does that mean?" Butch said.
"It stands for Molecular Amplification Potion... it's supposed to make whoever drinks it much bigger in size." Kelly said. Cassidy picked up on that and suddenly became more intrigued in the potion.
"Bigger you say?" Cassidy said.
"Oh yes! We nicknamed the potion MAP because it makes the person so huge... they can see the world like a map! I think..." Kelly said.
"That's it! Just the thing we need to stand up against Jessie and James!" Cassidy said.
"Cassidy, shouldn't we be focused more on capturing Pokemon instead of trying to best that lousy trio?" Butch said.
"Don't you see? If we can succeed where they have failed, we'll be promoted to top Team Rocket squad! You! Take a five minute break! You deserve it!" Cassidy said to Kelly.
"Um... okay, I think." Kelly said. Thinking she shouldn't be arguing with someone that looked like a supervisor, she picked herself up and left the room. Cassidy stared at the bubbling citrus-colored potion as she picked the glass container up from the desk.

"Oh boy... just think of what I can do not just to Jessie and James, but to the entire world once I'm bigger!" Cassidy said.
"How come you're just saying you? Why can't I have that stuff too?" Butch said.
"Well, you know... this stuff is better suited for a girl, wouldn't you think?" Cassidy said, brushing aside some of her hair.
"Yeah, you have a point there. But that stuff still looks dangerous. How do we know it's safe?" Butch said.
"Well, we test it out, what else!?" Cassidy said. She decided to start with just a couple drops of the potion as she tipped the container towards her tongue. Right when the potion touched her tongue, she could immediately feel its awful taste.
"Yuck! This stuff tastes like mud! Oh well... I'm sure it will be worth it." Cassidy said. After at least a few drops fell down her mouth, Cassidy put the bottle full of potion back on the desk and just stood in her place.
"Nothing's happening..." Cassidy said.
"Heh... I guess you were drinking nothing but a dud." Butch said with a snicker.
"Arrrrgh! Wait until I get my hands on that Kelly. I'll fix her for making me sip something that looks and tastes worse then dew!" Cassidy said. Before she could move, however, Butch was keen enough to notice a change on Cassidy's body.
"Cassidy... your hands!" Butch shouted.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Cassidy said. She looked down at her hands... and indeed they looked bigger, and as the two members of Team Rocket looked, Cassidy watched as her arms were lengthening out too.
"My arms! They're getting bigger!" Cassidy said.
"And that's only the beginning, it seems..." Butch said. Indeed, he watched as Cassidy's clothes started stretching outward. They at first appeared too big for her body but she would soon grow back into them. It looked as though that was one special effect of the potion. The radiation-like activity causes the person's clothing to grow as well. Thank goodness for that, Butch thought.

With each passing second, another body part of Cassidy's grew. Her legs, her head, and of course her chest. Finally, the growing stopped and Cassidy was her proportionate self again, but at about 12 feet tall. This was Butch's best guess judging by the fact that Cassidy's head was brushing up against the ceiling.
"Wow... look at you! Those drops doubled you in size!" Butch said. Cassidy, after looking over her body, just let out an evil-looking smile.
"I know. Ain't it great!?" Cassidy said. She then picked up the bottle of MAP again.
"And just think how big I could get when I drink this entire bottle of goop!" Cassidy said.
"Wait, Cassidy! You probably shouldn't be drinking all of that." Butch said. Cassidy leaned down on her smaller friend, no doubt trying to intimidate him with her height, but Butch stood his ground.
"And why shouldn't I?" Cassidy said.
"Well, think about it! I know you want to be big, but you don't want to get too big, otherwise you won't even be able to see Jessie or James, or anyone else that is an enemy of us for that matter! Not to mention the fact that one step could crush us all for good." Butch said.
"Hmmm... I see where you're going, especially when just those drops could double me in size." Cassidy said.
"Yeah. Maybe we should talk about this with the boss and see if he likes where we're going." Butch said.
"Hah! Forget Giovanni, Butch! He would just use this stuff for his own selfish needs! This is the chance of the lifetime! But since you are my friend and all, I'll take your pretty little advice and just drink half of the potion." Cassidy said.
"Thanks, Cass." Butch said with a smile. With that, he watched as Cassidy gulped down half of the potion remaining in the bottle. She then handed the half-and-half bottle to Butch, who took it in his hands.
"You better take MAP and keep it safe. But if I catch you taking one drop of that potion, you'll be sorry you were ever my partner!" Cassidy said.
"Yeah, sure, no problem! What would I do with it anyway...?" Butch said.
"Never mind, just go! I can feel it starting!" Cassidy said. Indeed, she started to grow once more, but this time her entire body grew all at once instead of limb by limb.
"Don't you still think you'll be growing too much?" Butch said.
"That's the idea, Butch!" Cassidy said. She then pressed her head against the ceiling and could feel it crack. Butch was able to escape from the room with potion in hand. He ran through the corridors of the lab, with a wide variety of sounds ringing through his ears, ranging from booming sounds of walls and ceilings coming down all the way to Cassidy's ever increasing tone of laughing.

Eventually, Butch made it all the way outside the lab, just as the whole building finally caved in and was being replaced by the growing Cassidy. Butch watched in awe as his partner and best friend continued to swell bigger and bigger. It didn't seem as though she would stop growing, he thought to himself. But finally she did stop at around 500 feet tall. She was definitely mega-sized when compared with the city that wasn't too far from the Rocket Hideout. Cassidy took one last look around her to see the world so much smaller than ever before, and finally she let out a laugh that all of Hoenn could probably hear.
"Now I'll be the most terrible tyrant to ever trample a town. The world will feel the wrath of giant Cassidy!" Cassidy said. She kneeled herself down, even that caused a lot more damage in the area, and held out a finger for Butch to climb on. Once he was safely onboard, the 500-foot-tall Cassidy stood up once more and gently placed him on her shoulder, close enough so he could shout up to her humongous ear.
"Giant Cassidy? Can't you be a bit more creative than that!?" Butch shouted.
"Oh come on, it's better than every other cliché for something giant that lives. You would've liked Cassidyzilla?" Cassidy said.
"No, not really. So what are you going to do now?" Butch said.
"What else? Find a city to trash. Surely it'll get Jessie's attention. And when she shows up, she'll be nothing but mush under my feet!" Cassidy said. As she took her first steps after growing to such a huge size, she set her sights on Petalburg City...

Meanwhile, a short time later just outside of Rustboro City, Ash and his friends (May, Max, Brock, and Pikachu) were all walking down the path that would lead them to Petalburg City, the hometown of Max and May. It had been a long time since they had seen their family, so they felt now was a good time to visit especially with Ash's quest to be one of the best trainers in Hoenn just about over.
"Ahhhhh... it's such a wonderful day." May said as she breathed in the fresh air.
"Yeah, for once you're right. It'll be better once we get back home, of course. Mom and Dad must've been worried sick about us!" Max said.
"I'm sure they are. I know my parents miss me too... well, at least my dad." Brock said.
"Why? Is it because your mom might be decorating your gym again?" Ash said.
"Hey! At least she was able to make things right before I left!" Brock said with a smile. Just then, a loud explosion sound could be heard in the background. Also, way out past the Petalburg Woods and even Petalburg City, both of which could be seen from the high ledge the heroes were standing on, a cloud of smoke could be seen shooting up into the sky.
"Whoa... what was that!?" Max shouted.
"It looks like an explosion!" Brock said.
"And that cloud of smoke... it's getting bigger!" May said, pointing out at the cloud of smoke. It quickly broke apart to reveal the 500-foot-tall body of Cassidy. The skies were soon filled with her laughter which could be heard even from where our heroes were standing.
"Holy smokes! Who is that!?" Max said. May quickly noticed the R on the giant Cassidy's shirt.
"If it's Jessie, she's got a dumb new look!" May said.
"That's not Jessie, May. That's Cassidy!" Ash said.
"What is she doing here, and how did she get so big?" Brock said.
"We can ask her when we see her! Come on, let's go!" Ash said.
"Wait a minute, you mean we're gonna go against that really big lady?" May said.
"Sure... you didn't see me back down against Jessie when I was shrunken a while back!" Ash said as he started running.
"Oh... good point." May said as she joined him along with everyone else.

Back at Rustboro City, the members of Team Rocket that we know of (Jessie, James, and Meowth) were slowly walking out of the city to find their Meowth balloon. They had just gotten their butts kicked again by our heroes.
"Ugh... another defeat at the hands of Ash and his friends." Jessie said.
"Yeah. It's certainly a familiar feeling!" James said.
"And one the boss ain't gonna take much longer, you know!" Meowth said.
"What are you talking about? He seems to always stick with us no matter what we do." Jessie said.
"That's true. Maybe deep down inside he's a real nice guy!" James said. Just then, the same explosion and cloud of smoke that Ash and friends had spotted earlier happened with Team Rocket watching the events unfold.
"Jessie, look at that. That cloud of smoke is really blasting off!" James said.
"Wait... that's no cloud of smoke! There's a person behind that smoke!" Meowth said. Finally, the smoke cleared out and the group noticed the giant Cassidy laughing away. The trio had to speak up over her really loud laughter.
"It's Cassidy!" Jessie shouted.
"Whoa... she's really grown up since we last saw her." James said.
"This is no time for jokes, James! How could that bimbo get that big is what I want to know!" Jessie said.
"If you ask me, I think she looks more menacing than Jessie on one of her bad hair days." Meowth said. Finally, Jessie clocked her two partners on the heads.
"Blast it! We have to get to Petalburg and find out what this is all about!" Jessie said as she now began a sprint for the Meowth balloon. James and Meowth would soon follow.

As for Petalburg City, it was pandemonium all over. With no building (and there weren't that many considering Petalburg was more of a town than a city) posing a significant challenge to Cassidy's new height, she certainly appeared extremely huge to these tiny people. Step by step, Cassidy was slamming her foot down on the ground, causing whatever destruction she could. Many of the people inside these buildings could not escape Cassidy's wrath as they were crushed to death.
"Ha ha! You're really showing them, aren't you Cassidy?" Butch shouted.
"You bet! This is the most fun I've ever had in my life!" Cassidy said. She even went as far as pick up a small group of people and ate them up as she dumped them into her mouth. Cassidy then happened to spot the Pokemon Center not too far away. She looked as a wide variety of Pokemon trainers were running like mad for their lives, only for some of them to run straight into Cassidy's feet. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny were doing their best to direct the traffic.
"Go! Run away to safety!" Jenny shouted.
"And don't forget to take your Pokemon!" Joy said. Cassidy's shadow then loomed over the entire center as Joy and Jenny looked up at the mega giantess. Joy shook uneasily, trying to stay brave and not run away, but Jenny ran in front of her like a big sister to protect her.
"You! Put your hands up where I can see them!" Jenny said.
"Yeah, that's right, teeny tiny Jenny. I dare you to arrest me now!" Cassidy said, putting a foot down close to where the two ladies were standing.
"Well, unless of course you want to resist arrest, which is normal for ladies as big as you are." Jenny said. Cassidy then lifted her right foot above the two.
"Jenny, we better run for it ourselves!" Joy shouted.
"You don't have to tell me twice!" Jenny said. The two got away just before they could be crushed flat by Cassidy's feet. She knew she missed them, leaving only a deep crater where she stomped, but she decided to let them go.
"Aren't you going to chase them?" Butch asked.
"Nah... they're powerless to stop me. Let them cower in fear like the entire world soon will!" Cassidy said before she finally crushed the entire Pokemon Center with one swift stomp.

Eventually, only the Petalburg City Gym was still standing, and Cassidy stopped her walk with her feet not too far away from the structure. As the clouds rolled over to cover up the sunlight, she glanced down (with Butch hanging on to her hair for his own life and the potion in hand) and just happened to notice Ash and his friends running in front of the building. May and Max's parents, Norman and Carolyn, had run out of the gym and were standing with the group.
"Mom! Dad! Are you guys okay? We came to make sure you were safe!" Max said.
"Oh yes, Max. We're fine. Thanks the stars this huge girl hasn't crushed our beloved gym." Norman said.
"At least not yet. She's awfully close... and awfully big." Carolyn said, and she certainly was right. Cassidy could easily lift one of her feet up and crush the entire gym flat.
"Oh man... and I thought all those giant Pokemon incidents we've had lately were bad enough!" May said as she looked straight up at the giant Cassidy.
"Cassidy! Stop! There's no reason to do this!" Ash said. Cassidy let out an evil laugh that was sure to bust a lot of eardrums
"Hahahaha!!! Puny little trainer! Who do you think you are trying to give orders to someone that's a hundred times bigger than you!? Come to think of it, you do look a little familiar..." Cassidy said. With each move causing the ground to shake, the mega giantess backed away a couple steps, got down on her knees, and then moved her face ever so closer to the group. Carolyn simply fainted onto her husband as she saw an eyeball bigger than her entire body consume all of her vision. Ash, however, was brave enough to not move an inch from his spot.
"Stay back, or I'll make Pikachu zap that big eye of yours!" Ash shouted as Pikachu growled out its name. Cassidy then suddenly took her head back, yet still was kneeling down on the ground. Unknown to Cassidy, probably because of how huge she was, Butch had finally lost his balance on her shoulder and was sliding down to the ground using her body as a slide. Butch landed on the ground and quickly scrambled to get out of sight while everyone's attention was focused on Cassidy. Amazingly, not a drop of the MAP was lost on his trip downward.
"I knew it! You're that little twerp that Jessie's always losing to! Well, you certainly won't get the best of me!" Cassidy said, now starting to recognize Ash. This is when she moved her right hand towards the group like she was going to pick them up! May quickly reacted and pushed Norman and Carolyn away.
"Mom! Dad! Get away!" May shouted. Ash was not as quick to order Pikachu to give Cassidy a good shock, as the five heroes soon were completely trapped inside Cassidy's hand. All went dark as Cassidy closed up the hand and brought it to her eye level. Then she opened it up and our heroes were standing uneasily on Cassidy's huge hand.
"Well, well... my own little collection of Pokemon trainers, and a little Pikachu to boot!" Cassidy said.
"You'll never get away with this, Cassidy!" Ash shouted.
"Oh really... and just who is going to stop me?" Cassidy said. Suddenly, the mega giantess decided to look straight ahead instead of down for a change, and she smiled over what she was seeing. She saw the Meowth balloon, riding at her eye level, with Jessie, James, and Meowth riding it.

"Ah ha! The 'other' Team Rocket! This just got a lot more interesting!" Cassidy shouted. After the trio did their usual motto, Jessie was the first to speak with the mega-sized Cassidy.
"Cassidy! What is the meaning of this!? Is this the boss's newest plan?" Jessie said.
"Yeah, 'cause if he didn't even tell us, you'll be in for one!" James said.
"How are we supposed to do that, exactly?" Meowth said.
"I don't know... I just felt like saying something." James said.
"Little Jessie... I thought I smelled something up here. Look what I got! I got the ones you always had trouble doing, and I didn't even need a Pokemon!" Cassidy said.
"You let those twerps go this instant! Those are our twerps!" Jessie said.
"Yeah, go find your own little people to capture!" James said.
"Sorry, finders keepers! Besides, if I show these little ones to the boss, he'll finally promote Butch and I to the top! And you three will be history!" Cassidy said. Jessie just growled as she had trouble finding the words.
"In fact, why don't you three just blow off?" Cassidy said. In keeping with her bad line, Cassidy took in a deep breath (almost sucking in the Meowth balloon in the process) and then blew out all that air, causing the Meowth balloon to spiral out of control.
"I always knew Cassidy was full of hot air but this is ridiculous!" James said.
"James, you seriously have to stop the bad jokes! They're so high and dry!" Jessie said.
"Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!" they all said as the balloon finally crashed over by the Petalburg Woods.

Cassidy just laughed evilly as she watched the Meowth balloon crash in the woods. May, along with everyone else watching from Cassidy's hand, just folded her arms.
"Well, at least she can handle Team Rocket easily." May said.
"Yeah, but that's the least of our worries." Brock said.
"What is this lady going to do with us, Ash?" Max asked.
"Well, if I know Cassidy, it's definitely not good." Ash said. Cassidy then looked down at the captured group of heroes.
"Now then, I'll be generous for a little while and let you guys watch as I destroy my next target, Rustboro City!" Cassidy said. She then placed our group of heroes right on the top of her head, trapping them within her orange hair.
"Oh no! What are we going to do!?" May said.
"I'm thinking... I'm thinking already!" Ash said.
"We better think fast! Rustboro's too big a place to destroy!" Brock shouted.

Meanwhile, Butch had retreated to the Petalburg Woods and had planned to stay there for a short while until Cassidy moved on to her next target. He certainly did not want to risk being spotted or the potion, known as MAP, ending up in the wrong hands. But that's just what would soon happen.
"Whew... thank goodness nobody spotted me. Now I just gotta get back to Cassidy and..." Butch started to say, but then the Meowth balloon crashed only yards away from his position, and the trio was thrown out just short of the criminal.
"Uh oh..." Butch said to himself.
"Hey look! It's that other nitwit!" Meowth said. Jessie and James quickly got up and surrounded Butch.
"Alright you... what has Cassidy been eating that made her so huge!?" Jessie said.
"Hah! You think I'm gonna spill the beans on Cassidy drinking half of this motion, called MAP, which made her so big!?" Butch shouted.
"You mean that green and bubbling stuff?" James said.
"Yeah! This green and bubbling... uh oh!" Butch said.
"Quick, Team Rocket! Grab it!" Jessie said. She, James, and Meowth soon gang tackled and a little brawl was on for the bottle of MAP. When it was all said and done, Meowth and James were pinning down an unconscious Butch while Jessie was standing up... with the MAP in hand.
"Great power moves, James. I guess you learned something from that wrestling gig we did last week!" Meowth said.
"Yeah... I guess you're not so bad yourself." James said.
"Never mind him, you dolts! If Butch wasn't kidding, this thing is gonna make me literally stand up to Cassidy!" Jessie said.
"Huh... why does it have to be you?" James said.
"Yeah! Ain't you ever heard of sharing?" Meowth said.
"Are you kidding? This is my only chance to get even with Cassidy for all the things she's done better than me! I'll make her regret the day she ever messed with Ash and his friends!" Jessie said.
"Huh? You're doing this to rescue those twerps?" James said.
"Didn't you hear what I said before? They're MY twerps! Nobody meddles with them other than us!" Jessie said. With that in mind, she finally drank the other half of the potion. When the bottle was empty, she threw it to the ground, shattering it to many pieces.
"If you two want to come with me, you better hang on." Jessie said.
"I won't argue with a free ride!" Meowth said. James and Meowth did just that as they stood close to Jessie.

Shortly afterward, Jessie began to grow. Her head quickly rose past the trees of Petalburg Woods, and so would the rest of her body...

After taking a bit of an alternate route that made her pass Petalburg Woods altogether, Cassidy had finally made it to Rustboro City. The city certainly was much bigger than Petalburg could ever hope to be, with the tallest building (Devon Corporation HQ) able to rise slightly past the giantess's knees. Still though, as the biggest thing in town, she was striking much fear into the hearts of many people in the city. Roxanne was trying her best to direct the students of her class away from the school which was sure to get crushed flat in a minute or two.
"Hurry, everyone! Try to remain in a single-file line!" Roxanne shouted. Naturally, that wasn't doing her any good as it was tough to control a bunch of kids trying to run for their lives from a 500-foot-tall mega giantess. Soon, Roxanne herself had to start running when Cassidy was stepping towards the entire school building at a very fast rate. She simply crushed it without a hint of hesitation.
"Heh... I never was that great at school!" Cassidy said. She could then just hear Ash shouting something out from the top of her head.
"Cassidy, you fiend! You didn't have to crush that school like that!" Ash shouted. Just then, Cassidy reached up and grabbed all our heroes from the confines of her orange hair. Ash and his friends were all standing on Cassidy's huge hand once more. May clearly looked upset as she stared at Ash.
"You and your big mouth!" May said to Ash.
"You're right. That was unfair of me. Maybe I should've let you be near that building before I crushed it!" Cassidy said. That's when another one of her brilliant ideas hit her. She carried our heroes over to the tallest building in the city, the Devon Corporation's headquarters. As she placed them on the roof, the group looked up as the giantess once again stood up straight and then lifted one of her feet high enough to hover it over the entire building.
"Well, guys. I guess it's been great knowing all of you..." Brock said.
"Look at it this way, Brock. At least you're gonna die underneath some pretty girl's boot." Max said, trying his best to cheer Brock up somewhat, but it didn't seem to work.
"Goodbye, little worms!" Cassidy said. But before she could even lower her foot an inch, our group of heroes got a very lucky break.
"Not so fast, beach blanket head!" a loud female voice shouted. Cassidy was the first to look and see who it belonged too.
"What!? It can't be!" Cassidy said. May looked next from the building she was standing on.
"Oh my gosh..." May said to herself.

There, standing just outside the city itself, was Jessie. And she was 500 feet tall too.

Jessie, unknowningly crushing a few trainers on her path to Cassidy (and probably loving it too), kept on smiling as she looked eye-to-eye with her bitter rival.
"Now we're even, little miss Cassidy! This is for all those times you've tried to deface me!" Jessie said.
"Arrrgh... it's so not fair! How come you always have to follow in my footsteps!?" Cassidy said.
"Never mind that, sandy eyes! We have your partner to thank for me getting this big, after all!" Jessie said, lightly patting her right shoulder where James and Meowth were sitting, along with Butch all tied up in rope.
"Cassidy, please forgive me! They took me by surprise!" Butch shouted.
"Butch, you idiot! You're always blowing it at the end of every episode!" Cassidy said.
"And now you'll pay for taking those little twerps away from us!" Jessie said. This comment really took Ash and his friends by surprise.
"Huh? Since when has Jessie ever shown compassion for us?" May asked.
"I don't know... it's like we're witnessing a whole new Jessie!" Brock said.
"I can hardly believe it myself..." Ash said, not really knowing what to say. Cassidy was then reaching for her belt, no doubt to summon one of her Pokemon that she borrowed from Team Rocket, but Jessie would have none of it as she ran up to her rival and gave her a big shove.
"No you don't! I'm making this personal!" Jessie said.
"It's a catfight you want, eh? So be it!" Cassidy shouted. She screamed out as she charged for Jessie and tackled her backwards. James and Meowth (holding onto Butch) all latched onto Jessie's long red hair to keep from falling towards the ground below. But still, as Jessie fell flat on her back and rocked the town hard thanks to the force of impact, the three were shaken off and were forced to run for safety as the mega giantesses battled it out.

Jessie was pinned to the ground, but was able to block a couple swift punches being delivered by Cassidy. In fact, Jessie countered by tilting her leg back enough to just pound Cassidy in the back, stunning her temporarily and allowing Jessie to push her off into one of the buildings, sadly killing everyone inside that had unwisely chosen to stay and watch the spectacle. Jessie quickly hopped to her feet and looked down happily at Cassidy, but she was back on her feet and the two locked hands in combat once more. The two were walking back and forth crushing everything in their path.
"Give up already, Jessie! You know I'll kick your butt like I always do!" Cassidy said.
"Oh yeah? Think again! Try this on for size!" Jessie shouted. She then swung her head around and used her long red hair to slap Cassidy in the face! While rubbing her eyes to shake off the visions of Jessie's red hair, Cassidy was slapped again and also kicked in the gut, causing her to fall back down to the ground. Cassidy would soon get back up and sweep Jessie off her feet. Cassidy grinned as she put a foot on Jessie's chest.
"Ha ha ha! You really think you can get the best of me?" Cassidy said.

Over by the Devon building, Ash and friends were watching as the two giantesses battled it out.
"Gosh, I don't know who to root for. Jessie or Cassidy!" May said.
"Trust me, you wouldn't want either them on your side." Ash said.
"No matter what happens, this city will be leveled by the time they finish their battle!" Brock said.
"Yeah, but what can we do? We're not legal enough to stop them!" Max said. Everyone else in the group just looked at Max like he had just been bonked on the head by a Geodude.
"What? I read that in a book once." Max said. There wasn't much structure left in the city, with the Devon building pretty much all that our group of heroes could safely stand on, and just as it seemed like Cassidy would finish off Jessie once and for all, May was the first to notice something happening.
"Hey, look at Cassidy!" May shouted. Indeed, the group watched as something amazing started to happen.

Cassidy was shrinking.

Indeed, Cassidy watched from her eyes as it wasn't just Jessie, but the entire remains of Rustboro that were getting bigger. Cassidy's foot was no longer strong enough to put pressure on Jessie's chest. Jessie, meanwhile, just watched as her rival was slowly getting smaller. By the time Jessie got back on her feet, Cassidy was half the height she was.
"What the...? No, this can't be! How can I be shrinking!?" Cassidy said. Finally, she was back to her normal height and left to look up at the huge black boots that belonged to Jessie. Jessie, meanwhile, just looked down and could only grin evilly over what she was seeing between her feet.
"Well, well... looks like the tables have turned, little Cassidy! How does it feel to be on the other side of the equation?" Jessie said. Suddenly, running from behind one of the wreckage points of the city, Butch was running away from James and Meowth when he slammed into Cassidy.
"Butch! Watch where you're running!" Cassidy shouted.
"Cassidy? I was coming to help you after I was able to free myself!" Butch said.
"Well, you're a little late for that. What happened to my magnificent size!?" Cassidy said, not only pointing out the fact she was back to normal size, but the fact that a really huge Jessie was standing in front of them. In fact, the group watched as she slowly lifted her left foot into the sky.
"It's about time I squished some bugs like the Diglett you are!" Jessie said.
"Ugh... I think it's time for us to exit!" Cassidy said. She pulled out one of her special bombs and slammed it towards the ground. After a big smoke screen went up and Jessie crushed it all, Butch and Cassidy came flying out of the smoke and they went sailing for the skies.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off!" Butch shouted.
"You may have won this round, but we'll be back!" Cassidy shouted before they both disappeared in a blink.

Once they were gone, Jessie glanced down and picked up James and Meowth, putting them on her right shoulder.
"Wow, you really showed them, Jessie!" James said.
"Yeah! And in prime time too!" Meowth said, pointing out the sun setting in the distance.
"Gee, thanks, but I wonder how Cassidy just shrunk like that all of a sudden. She is right... she is a better fighter than I am." Jessie said.
"Perhaps that potion she drank only lasts for a short while!" Meowth said.
"Hey, good thinking! That's why you're always the smart one, aren't you?" James said.
"Never mind that. I have one more thing to do before we get out of here." Jessie said as she set her sights on the Devon Corporation building and walked towards it.
From the top of the Devon building, Ash and his friends watched as Butch and Cassidy disappeared once again before something could happen to them, like getting arrested by Jenny or even getting crushed flat by Jessie.
"Well, so much for Butch and Cassidy again." Ash said.
"Yeah, hopefully we won't be seeing them for a little while." Brock said.
"Well, I hate to bring about the bad news... but we've got bigger problems than that!" May said as she pointed out the mega-sized Jessie coming their way! She stopped her walk just short of the building itself, which was almost knee-high compared to her massive height. Ash and his friends braced for the worst. Even though this was Jessie of Team Rocket we were talking about, she was definitely huge enough to cause massive damage to the building itself.
"Are you guys okay?" Jessie said. Ash and his friends just looked at each other like they had seen a ghost, but then they all looked up at Jessie.
"Well... sure, if you want to call it okay." Ash said.
"It could be a trap! She'll probably crush us to pieces now!" May said, holding onto Max for 'protection.' Max just grumbled as he was trapped in May's clutches once again. But Jessie just let out a quick smile.
"Save your energy, you little twerps! I'm not gonna mess with you today." Jessie said.
"Huh? You're not?" James said.
"Okay... who are you and what have you done with the real Jessie!?" Meowth shouted in frustration. Jessie lightly tapped her two partners with one of her fingers as she continued to focus on our group of heroes.
"They saved us a long time ago... it's only fair we save them from Cassidy. Besides, don't you think we should be the ones to capture the twerp's Pikachu?" Jessie said.
"Well, you have to admit, that makes sense." Ash said, thinking back to the many times that Jessie has tried to steal his Pikachu.
"Yeah... I'm kinda surprised they actually admit to that." May said.
"But just you remember... we'll be back for your Pikachu, no matter how big or small I am!" Jessie said. She then started walking away from both the Devon building and all of Rustboro City. As big as she was, our heroes could clearly see her body as she walked out into the distance. Each and every step she took left a thundering boom in her wake.
"Well... this'll certainly be one of those days that doesn't happen often." Max said.
"A giant Cassidy nearly capturing us and then a giant Jessie coming in and saving our skins. Yeah... if that's not weird, I don't know what it is!" Brock said.
"Well, we better not get too comfortable. You know she'll be back!" Ash said.
"It's just too bad I couldn't grow as big as her..." May said to herself as our heroes proceeded to leave the Devon building by departing from the roof and walking down the stairs.

A few minutes later, in the Petalburg Woods, Jessie is walking through the mess of trees that surrounded her feet when she noticed the Meowth balloon still deflated.
"Well, might as well use my size to our advantage!" Jessie said. Indeed, as big as she was, the Meowth balloon was able to fit entirely within her hand. She then raised it to her mouth and actually blew the balloon to its full level of air with one blow!
"Wow... now that's a low blow!" James said.
"And you still need work on your puns!" Meowth said. The two were lowered to the ground by Jessie and were now standing next to the balloon.
"Maybe I can knock some sense into him!" Jessie said, but before she could do whatever she was planning, she looked to see the ground getting a lot closer. That's when she realized she was shrinking. Jessie simply frowned knowing that the effects of MAP were wearing out in her body as well.

Finally, Jessie was back to her normal size. James just smiled as he walked up to her friend and partner in crime.
"So, what was it you had in mind for knocking sense into me?" James asked.
"Oh shut up and get in the balloon! We need to think of our next plan to capture Pikachu from those twerps! Oh, and train my Dustox to beat that meddling May's Butterfree!" Jessie said. Everyone boarded the balloon as the flames shot up and allowed it to take off for the night skies.
"Y'know... I'm kinda glad everything is back to normal for Team Rocket." Meowth said.
"Why is that? Didn't you like Jessie being so huge?" James asked.
"Yeah... but I would've hated to be swimming in a sea of her red hair." Meowth said. Jessie just smiled as she reflected back on her experience of being so huge and wondered if it would ever happen to her again...