Pokémon GTS Storybook Tales: Serena the Littlest Giantess

(Cubed Cinder; idea by ChipmunkRaccoonOz)

Thousands of years ago, a strange phenomenon happened that remains one of life’s biggest mysteries… no pun intended. Some people and their Pokémon were growing way bigger than usual, bigger than they could fit into the lodging of the day. As the buildings got bigger, so did the so-called Giants in their size. It eventually became too much for the normal-sized people of this land, so it was agreed upon that from that day forward, there would be two distinct lands. The Land of the Normals, and the Land of the Giants. They would be separated by a magic barrier that was supposed to keep one group away from the other.
And it worked. Peace prospered and both the Normals and the Giants would go on to live their lives without fear of interference from the other side, especially as word spread that there were more nefarious giants, giantesses, and giant Pokémon on the side, wanting to cause mischief in the Land of the Normals. This would lead to bad stories being told about the other side depending on which side of the barrier you were on.

All that would change soon, however… thanks to one late teenaged giantess named Serena. Happily walking around what would normally be a tall forest in her casual outfit, which consisted of a grayish-black tank-top with a white collar, a red skirt, a dark pink hat with a black bow and hatband, black stockings, and black shoes, with a pink backpack to carry her goods, with honey-colored hair that ran halfway down her back. Serena stepped out from the group of trees and sat down on top of an abandoned house that would be sized perfectly for Normals, pulling out a book that, when opened up, revealed a bunch of drawings that had been made by the giantess. Most of them depicted her with a Normal.
“Mmmm… I hope one day the Normals and Giants can come in peace someday. They can be such wonderful companions to have, especially after one has had a bad day!” Serena said. She then felt one of the Poké Balls on her waist wiggling.
“Haha! Aside from you, Braixen, of course!” Serena said. As she was looking back at her book, Serena suddenly heard some booming sounds coming from behind her, not to mention some deep feminine voices that were doing nothing but laugh. Serena turned her head and noticed the source of those voices, and then she sighed.

It was Jessie and Cassidy (in their Team Rocket outfits even though there was no Team Rocket in the Land of the Giants), and both were almost twice Serena’s size as they walked up to her and the cottage.
"Oh lookie here! If it isn't the baby giantess!" Jessie said with a laugh.
"Yeah! She's barely enormous!" Cassidy said, tapping Serena on her head a little harder than usual.
"She's no bigger than a mansion!" Jessie said. Serena clearly looked annoyed by being insulted the way she was, but she just sighed.
“Sigh… Hi, Jessie and Cassidy.” Serena said.
"Hey now... let's not upset the little girl's feelings. Give me a five!" Cassidy said. Serena put her hand out to swat Cassidy’s hand as requested, but at the last second, Cassidy pulled her hand up, causing Serena to swing and miss. Cassidy just laughed over seeing this. She let her hand up higher, leaving Serena to constantly jump up and down to try and reach the hand, but it was doing no good.
"Looks like she's having trouble giving me five. Wanna give her a lift, Jessie?" Cassidy said with a grinning smile.
"Gladly, my friend." Jessie said. She then grabbed Serena’s entire body with her two hands and then casually threw her to the side, causing Serena to eat a whole bunch of trees and drop everything. Still, she landed hard and things couldn't get better when Cassidy just kicked her to the ground as she was getting up, causing her to land face first into the trees again. As Jessie and Cassidy laughed relentlessly like the bullies they were, Serena got back on her feet and brushed her dress full of leaves and microscopic grass blades off.

"What's the big idea!? Why don't you two pick on someone your own size!?" Serena said.
"We would... but you know, it's not nice to be talking back to us bigger giantesses." Jessie said.
"Yeah, let me show you what we do to people like that!" Cassidy said. That’s when she picked up the book that Serena had been holding, and then she ripped it apart page by page.
“NO!” Serena shouted, already tears coming down her eyes watching her drawing work literally fly away with the wind. Jessie did manage to catch one page.
“Hahahaha! I haven’t seen dumb drawings like this since Kindergarten! I can’t believe you still want to be friendly with Normals! When are you going to learn that Normals are meant to be forever slaves to the Giants!” Jessie shouted as she ripped apart the drawing. By the time Cassidy was done messing with Serena’s book, she threw it down next to Serena’s shoes, where there was only one blank page left. With her eyes nearly fully watered, Serena finally couldn't take it anymore and she went running for the mountains. Jessie and Cassidy did nothing but laugh at the departing giantess.
"You'll never have any friends, baby! You're too little to have any friends!" Jessie said. Her and Cassidy's laughter reached its peak as they both high-fived each other and then walked away in the opposite direction, probably to terrorize another not-so-tough giant or giantess.

Once Serena felt she had gained enough distance from Jessie and Cassidy, she sat on a rock at the base of the mountain. She continued to show a long face as she gripped onto what was left of her drawing book. Indeed, she was so sad she couldn’t bring herself to rush back home to where she lived. As she looked into the clear blue sky, she could only think of all the bad times she had gone through with Jessie and Cassidy when they started to see her as different from the other giantesses. Finally deciding that life was simply getting too unbearable with those two around, Serena decided to run away. Looking back at the town (with the castle towering high above it), she couldn't help but get all watery-eyed knowing that she may never visit this place again.
Serena then opened up her book, pulling out a pen that was sitting inside and then at the only blank page left. She then ripped it out, and started to write a heartfelt goodbye message to her fellow giantesses.
“To Jessie and Cassidy, I am running away forever. Your punching bag, the ‘baby’ giantess, Serena.” she wrote.
Serena took one good look at the admittedly weak goodbye letter she wrote... and then just dropped the letter to the ground before crying once more, this time more than ever (we’re talking that one scene from A Showcase Debut here!). Serena tried with all her heart to fight off the waterworks, but the feeling of total sadness was just too strong to overcome. With nothing left to do, Serena slowly picked herself up from the rock, dropped both her now empty book and the letter on the ground, and then crossed over the mountain with a couple mighty steps.

Little did she realize that she was crossing over into an area once thought to be protected by a barrier… the Land of the Normals.

In fact, Serena was walking down a dirt pathway, which really was straightforward and as far away from the Land of the Giants as possible. She continued to have tears in her eyes, still overcome with the emotion of sadness. She would step on a small farmhouse along the way as the people outside of it screamed for their lives and shouted 'giantess' many times. Serena didn't bother to listen to them.
"Yeah, they think I'm big, but wait until they see mean ol' Jessie and Cassidy." Serena said to herself as she just kept on walking alongside a lake now. Basically, it felt like Serena was sleepwalking only without the sleep, but little would she realize that passing the lake would lead right to what you might call destiny.

On a ranch-like property was a young teenaged boy running around chasing his Pikachu with other Pokémon casually watching. Ash made a dive to try and catch Pikachu, only for the electric mouse Pokémon to dive out of the way and laugh.
“Hahaha! You do it every time, Pikachu! Just when I have you, you zip out of the way!” Ash said with a smile on his face.
“Pikachu!” Pikachu shouted as it happily ran into Ash’s open arms with the boy petting the Pokémon on the head.
“That’s okay, though. We’ll always be friends no matter what!” Ash said.
Just then, however, the two heard a series of booming sounds. They looked towards the direction they were coming from, and their jaws dropped when they saw what was towering over the trees in the distance. The giant Serena was still sobbing as they made her way through the forest around her, but she soon felt the need to take a seat to break from what felt like an eternity of walking. Even though her head was barely visible above the trees, her crying still echoed to the sky above.
“Wow, Pikachu! Did you see that!?” Ash said.
“Chuuuuuu…” Pikachu said as it admired the sight of seeing a giantess in the distance.
“Ash!” a female voice shouted nearby Ash, who turned around and saw it was his mother, Delia, running in (with Mr. Mime behind her).
“Oh! Hey, Mom!” Ash shouted.
“I came to make sure you were alright. I saw the news report of the giant girl coming this way!” Delia said.
“Yeah! Pikachu and I just saw her! She took a seat in the forest area of the ranch.” Ash said.
“Oh?” Delia said.
“She looked really upset, though.” Ash said as he continued to stare in that direction.
“You want to go meet her, don’t you?” Delia asked.
“Ummm… yeah. Can I?” Ash asked. Delia sighed and rolled her eyes. Once Ash asked something, it was REALLY hard to say no to him as once he set his mind on something, he wanted to press on with it.
“Okay, but be careful. If she’s from the Land of the Giants, there’s no telling what she’s capable of.” Delia said.
“Don’t worry, Mom. I have Pikachu with me. If Pikachu can save me from an angry flock of Spearow, there’s nothing it can’t do!” Ash said.
“Pika Pika!!” Pikachu said, thrusting its short and stubby arms with confidence. Delia waved Ash and Pikachu off as they dashed towards the forest.

It took a few minutes, but fortunately, Ash and Pikachu were able to make it in with Serena sitting amongst the trees and still crying. Ash figured a couple things just by looking at her. She looked somewhere between 70 and 80 feet tall comparing his own size to her, and she had been crying for a while judging by how soaked her arms and the top of her shirt were.
“Poor girl. I didn’t think giant people could be sad. Should we go say hi?” Ash asked.
“Pika!” Pikachu said. Ash slowly approached the giantess, standing about six feet from one of her legs. But even from that distance, Ash suddenly had to dance around and dodge the larger-than-usual tears that rained down from above, splashing water all over the area as Serena continued to sob and sob.
“Whoa! Excuse me, giant girl! Hey, down here!” Ash shouted. Serena let up on the crying as she looked down next to her leg, where she saw the normal-sized Ash. She lightly gasped upon seeing him.
“Oh! I didn’t see you there. I hope I didn’t almost step on you.” Serena said.
“Nah, I got here a couple minutes ago! Though I had to dance around your tears from getting soaking wet! Hahaha!” Ash said.
“Oh my. I had no idea I cried that much.” Serena said.
“I think it’s because of your size, ma’am! Just one of your drops made water splash everywhere!” Ash said, again with a vibrant smile.

Serena already was finding this young boy very interesting. He had an uplifting spirit and didn’t seem to fear her whatsoever, even as she leaned in to get a closer look. And that’s when she gasped again, finally realizing the reason for Ash being so small.
“Wait a minute… am I in the Land of the Normals?” Serena asked.
“It sure looks that way, given how small I am compared to you!” Ash said.
“That… that can’t be! I thought there was a barrier keeping us Giants from entering the Land of the Normals!” Serena said.
“And yet here you are! I’ve heard of that legend too from my Mom.” Ash said.
“Yes…” Serena said as she looked back where she came from.
“Well, it doesn’t matter. I’m not going back there as long as those two bullies roam the Land of the Giants.” Serena said.
“Two bullies?” Ash asked.
“Never mind that, it’s a long story.” Serena said as she held a hand down on the ground.
“Do you want to climb on?” Serena asked.
“You bet, friend!” Ash shouted as he and Pikachu, without a shred of hesitation, jumped onto the giant hand and settled themselves in her palm.

What Ash finished his sentence with surprised Serena. Did he really just call her a friend?
“Friend? I’m a… friend?” Serena said.
“Yeah! You’re definitely the biggest friend I’ve ever had!” Ash said.
“I… I’ve never had a friend like you before. Ummm… what’s your name?” Serena said.
“Ash Ketchum, from right here in Pallet Town!” Ash said.
“Well, Ash. It is nice to meet you. I’m Serena.” Serena said.
“Serena… wow! That’s a beautiful name.” Ash said.
“Thanks!” Serena said, lightly blushing.
“Oh? Why are you blushing?” Ash asked.
“It’s just… I find you so cute. You’re not like the legends say about the Normals.” Serena said.
“Heh heh… I could say the same thing. I always thought maybe there are nice giants and giantesses out there in the Land of the Giants.” Ash said, prompting Serena to smile.

Then the two heard a female voice in the distance calling Ash’s name.
“Oh! That’s my Mom. We better let her know that I’m alright.” Ash said.
“Okay.” Serena said as she gently stood back up and Ash and Pikachu held on for the ride. Serena slowly walked out from the forest and towered over the grass plains, where she saw Delia Ketchum and walked towards her, stopping several feet short. Once she did that, she kneeled down onto the ground and set Ash down. Ash ran into the waiting arms of his Mom, Delia.
“Hey, Mom! Meet my new friend from the Land of the Giants! Her name is Serena!” Ash said.
“Er… hi.” Serena said as she waved her hand left and right.
“Hi, Serena.” Delia said.
“She ran away from the Land of the Giants to escape two bullies. That’s why she was so sad, but she seems to have cheered up now!” Ash said.
“I see…” Delia said.
“Um… Mrs. Ketchum, if my presence makes you uncomfortable, I can leave and go back to…” Serena said.
“No, no, no! If you’ve become friends with Ash, then I trust you.” Delia said. Serena breathed a sigh of relief knowing she was welcome at least in this part of the Land of the Normals.

And that got Ash thinking. How cool would it be if Serena could see the rest of the Land of the Normals, or at least the portion he resided in (the Kanto region)?
“Hey, Mom! Why don’t I give Serena a guided tour of some other towns and cities?” Ash asked.
“Well, I don’t know… there could be great apprehension from the other Normals, especially given how long the animosity has lasted between us and the Giants.” Delia said.
“Awww… come on, Mom. Pikachu and I are so popular! Everyone will listen to me!” Ash said.
“Alright, alright. But the instant there is trouble involving her, I want you both back here. Understand?” Delia said.
“Yes, Mom.” Ash said.
“Okay, good. Off you both go then.” Delia said.
“Thanks, Mom! You’re the best!” Ash said as he ran back towards Serena, who picked him up again, this time gently holding him with her fist (leaving his upper body sticking out with Pikachu riding Ash’s head) and cradling him against her chest.
“Alright, Serena! Go that way! That’s where you’ll find Viridian City.” Ash said.
“Okay, whatever you say!” Serena said as she marched forward to the north, away from both Pallet Town and the forest. Delia smiled watching Serena stay visible in the distance thanks to her size of 70-80 feet tall.
“Sigh… sometimes I wish I could be that tall so I can always protect Ash.” Delia said, shrugging her shoulders as she went back into her home.

Meanwhile, just outside where the barrier once was in the Land of the Giants, Jessie and Cassidy were following the trail of tears left behind from when Serena was crying. They were trying to find the smaller giantess, albeit not by choice judging by the annoyed looks on their faces.
“Man, the queen really went off on a tangent this time.” Cassidy said.
“It’s not our fault that Serena ran off on her own. That girl’s gotta develop some spine one of these days!” Jessie said. The two then reached the base of the mountain.
“Well, this is where the barrier is between the lands.” Cassidy said.
“And yet there’s no sign of Serena.” Jessie said.
“You don’t suppose she took a shortcut back to the castle grounds?” Cassidy said.
“No, wait… look! The tears… they go beyond this mountain?” Jessie said as she pointed out some of the tears that went beyond the mountain they towered alongside… normally wear the barrier would be.
“You don’t suppose…?” Cassidy said as both ladies reached out expecting to get kicked back by the barrier. But nothing happened.
“Well, I’ll be.” Jessie said.
“She escaped to the Land of the Normals.” Cassidy said.
“But how? That barrier was supposed to be eternal, right?” Jessie said. Cassidy then tapped her partner on the shoulder.
“Who cares how it happened!? The point is we can finally have some fun in the Land of the Teeny Tinys!” Cassidy said.
“Hey, you’re right! Who knows… maybe Serena is having a ball out there stomping around smaller forms of nature AND cities!” Jessie shouted.
“Ooooooh… we’ll show that brat who the top giantesses are on this planet!! Come on, let’s go!” Cassidy said as she and Jessie proudly marched over the mountain range, anxious to find a place worthy of displaying their giant size.

Meanwhile, in Viridian City, life was normal for the people and their Pokémon until they heard booming sounds. At first they thought it was a thunderstorm approaching, but one lady who looked outside of the city summed it up nicely.
“Eeeeeek! Giantess!” the woman shouted as she and everyone else watched the giant Serena approach. As for Serena, she came to a complete stop as she looked down at Viridian City, with various people either looking up in awe or running away. She also took note of how she was twice as tall as the tallest building in the city.
“Oh my… seeing an actual city of Normals feels so surreal…” Serena said.
“You mean you’ve never set foot on a city like this before?” Ash asked.
“No, because there’s nothing like this in the Land of the Giants!” Serena said.
“Oh, right! I forgot!” Ash said.
“Pika pi…” Pikachu said, showing a sweatdrop because Ash was a bit slow to realize Serena’s situation. Ash quickly recovered by encouraging Ash to move forward.
“Go ahead! Walk around! Get a feel for what it’s like to be bigger than everyone else.” Ash said. Serena looked uneasy.
“I… I’m not sure I want to. What if I step on something? There’s already an unease amongst Normals and Giants.” Serena said.
“Awwww… don’t be scared. I know you’ll be very careful, like you are with me!” Ash shouted.
“Well… okay.” Serena said.

The giantess very carefully stepped around the grounds of Viridian City. She stopped her walkaround when she recognized a familiar building.
“Oh! Is that a Pokémon Center?” Serena asked.
“Yes it is! Do you have those in your land?” Ash asked.
“Yes! I wonder if…” Serena started to say, but then she watched as Nurse Joy came running out.
“Wow! Nurse Joy runs the Pokémon Centers here too!” Serena said.
“Um… yes. Yes I do!” Joy said.
“We have Nurse Joys in the Land of the Giants too. Of course, they’re much bigger than you.” Serena said.
“Oh? That’s interesting! I didn’t know I had a giant cousin’s cousin.” Joy said, prompting a laugh from Serena.
“Say, Nurse Joy. I was wondering if you could look over my Pokémon and make sure it’s healthy.” Serena said.
“Sure, why not?” Joy said.
“Great!” Serena said as she gently set Ash on her shoulder (near some of her strands of hair) and then reached down towards her waist, picking up a Poké Ball.
“Come out, Braixen!” Serena said as she threw her Poké Ball up. It opened and out came Braixen, and of course, it was gigantic just like Serena.
“Braix!” Braixen shouted as it went into a full battle pose. Nurse Joy was taken aback by how big Braixen was.
“It’s so big…” Joy said.
“Oh, sorry. I hope I didn’t scare you.” Serena said.
“No, no, it’s alright, but judging by its ready-to-fight nature, I’d say it’s in tip top shape!” Joy said.
“Thank you, Nurse Joy. Return, Braixen!” Serena said as she called her Pokémon back.

After catching her breath from seeing the giant Braixen, Nurse Joy looked up at the giant Serena again.
“You know, you’re not like what the legends say about the Giants. I thought for sure you’d come here and destroy everything.” Joy said.
“Oh, heavens no. I wasn’t raised like that in the castle I reside in.” Serena said.
“Oh? You live in a castle?” Ash asked.
“Yes, Ash. My Mom is an attendant to the royal family, so as she works there, I get to walk around and play and talk with my friends. We’ve all dreamed of someday being among the first to be at peace with the Normals.” Serena said.
“Looks like you beat them to it!” Ash shouted.
“Haha, good point!” Serena said.

Before the two could communicate any further, they both (along with others on the ground like Nurse Joy) looked over and saw a group of people running and screaming into the city. Ash immediately recognized some of these people, including his own mother, Delia.
“Hey, that’s my Mom!” Ash shouted. After Serena gently set Ash down on the ground, Delia ran up to him.
“Ash, Ash! Two more giant women showed up and they’re destroying Pallet Town!” Delia said.
“What!? There’s more of them? What did they look like?” Ash said.
“They both looked older than Serena. One had really long red hair and wore some white outfit with a big red R on her shirt. The other…” Delia said, but was quickly interrupted by Serena.
“Jessie and Cassidy.” Serena said.
“Oh? Are they from the Land of Giants too?” Ash asked.
“Unfortunately, yes. And they’re not afraid to pick on anyone or anything smaller than them. Me included.” Serena said.
“Oh dear! What shall we do? We can’t just let them destroy our home!” Delia said.
“You’re right! I have to talk to them, no matter what they try on me.” Serena said. She started to walk away from Viridian City and head for Pallet Town.
“Wait, Serena! Let us come with you! Maybe Pikachu and I can help!” Ash said.
“No, please! Stay here. I… I lo… I don’t want to see you get hurt.” Serena said as she finally marched away. Ash, however, clenched his fists.
“I can’t just stand here and do nothing.” Ash said as he and Pikachu ran away to try and keep up with the giant Serena.
“Ash, wait!” Delia shouted.

Meanwhile, as advertised by Delia, Jessie and Cassidy were laying waste to Pallet Town, crushing whatever was in their path (mostly houses) and having a good time doing it.
“Hahahaha! Run, little insects! We giantesses have been waiting far too long in the Land of the Giants to have this much fun!” Jessie said.
“Yeah! We’ve been building up this energy, waiting to unleash it on all of you! Bang! Slam! Crash!” Cassidy said as she shouted a different word with each powerful stomp she made. The rampaging continued for another minute or so until the duo heard a familiar female voice.
“Stop, you two!” Serena shouted. Jessie and Cassidy looked back and saw a frustrated looking Serena standing at the edge of the town.
“Ahhhh… there’s the baby giantess.” Jessie said.
“Haha! Look at her. She didn’t even have the nerve to crush this town into crumbs.” Cassidy said. As Serena took a few more steps towards the giantesses, Cassidy looked over Serena’s shoulders and saw Ash coming up the pathway, giving her an idea as she slithered her way around Serena while she talked with Jessie.
“Can’t you see how powerless these little people are against us? It’s not right to crush their homes, let alone their lives!” Serena said.
“Hahaha! Silly child! You should know the Giants' place in this world! We’re meant to roam this planet and shape it the way we see fit.” Jessie said.
“No! That’s what dictators do! The Giants are not dictators! We can live in peace with the Normals!” Serena shouted.
“Bleh… you continue to live in a fantasy world. You’re such an airhead, just like your mother!” Jessie said. Serena clenched her fists and so wanted to punch Jessie in the face.

But before she could even think of that, she heard Cassidy’s voice from behind.
“Hey, Jessie! I think I found her Normal boyfriend! Hahaha!” Cassidy shouted. Serena turned around and loudly gasped as she saw Cassidy holding onto Ash and Pikachu.
“Serena! Help! Ack!” Ash said as Cassidy squeezed her hands together.
“Give him back!!!” Serena shouted as she stomped towards Cassidy.
“You want him? Here, catch!” Cassidy said as she threw Ash and Pikachu over Serena’s head, right into Jessie’s waiting gloved hands. Jessie didn’t waste any time casually tossing Ash up and down.
“Up and down the cute little boy goes. Where he stops, nobody knows!” Jessie said. When Serena got close enough to Jessie, the red-headed taller giantess simply threw him over Serena’s head and into Cassidy’s gloved hands once more.
“Yay! 3 point shot!” Cassidy said.

The cycle repeated a couple more times. Every time Serena got close, Ash would be tossed to the giantess that wasn’t holding her. It was getting on Serena’s nerves, but the icing on the cake was when Jessie tossed Ash and Pikachu over towards Cassidy (backhanded, no less). But instead of catching Ash, Cassidy instead pulled her hand away at the last minute, causing Ash to fall towards the ground.
“Oopsies!” Cassidy said. Serena ran faster than she ever did, leaving footprints on the ground with each firm step she took with her shoes. Serena lunged forward and made a diving catch, saving Ash from crashing to the ground.
“Whew! Nice save, Serena!” Ash shouted.
“Are… are you two alright?” Serena asked.
“We are now, thanks to you! You’re our big, brave heroine!” Ash said, surprisingly back to his jovial personality, as was Pikachu.
“Pika Pika!” Pikachu said.

But for Serena, this was the last straw, especially when she heard Jessie and Cassidy getting back together and laughing away. After setting Ash and Pikachu back down on the ground, next to his mother, Delia, who finally caught up, Serena stood back up and made a firm step.
“That does it! You can make fun of my clothes, my behavior, my everything-fed-with-a-spoon lifestyle, but I will not let you hurt the boy I love!!!” Serena said.
“Awww… baby giantess going to cry now?” Jessie asked.
“I will not cry! No more! I challenge you both to a Pokémon battle!” Serena shouted. This time, Jessie and Cassidy were briefly caught off guard.
“Well now, that’s different.” Jessie said.
“Fine by us! We can take on her Pokémon lickity split, right? They probably don’t even know how to battle!” Cassidy said.
“Whoever wins must leave The Land of Normals and never EVER return!” Serena firmly said. Jessie walked up to Serena, but she held firm, ready to take whatever punishment was dished out. Instead, Jessie offered a hand to shake.
“Deal. I say we do a 2-on-2 battle. My Pokémon and Cassidy’s Pokémon against your two Pokémon.” Jessie said.
“Fine.” Serena said.

The two stopped shaking hands and then each giantess took their places. Serena focused heavily on her two rivals. The fate of possibly the entire Land of the Normals rested on her and her two Pokémon. Jessie and Cassidy finally unsnapped a Poké Ball from their waists.
“Arbok, go!” Jessie said as the ball opened and Arbok came out, shouting out its name and easily towering over what was left of Pallet Town.
“Seviper, I choose you!” Cassidy said as she summoned her Pokémon. Next was Serena as she pulled two Poké Balls off her waist.
“Go, Braixen and Sylveon!” Serena said as the two Pokémon came out.

Luckily (or perhaps unluckily in the case of Jessie and Cassidy) for the giantesses and their Pokémon, there was hardly anyone left in Pallet Town. Everyone had been chased away when Jessie and Cassidy were rampaging around, which left over 90% of the town in ruins, so there was hardly anything left to lose. But still, Ash thrust his arms in the air.
“Wow! Isn’t this awesome, Mom!? It’s like in the movies… giant people and their Pokémon towering over town and battling it out!” Ash said.
“Pikachu!” Pikachu shouted.
“Er… yes. Let’s just hope Serena is the one that wins.” Delia said.
“Yes, me too. I’m beginning to really like her, actually.” Ash said, much to Delia’s surprise.
The trio, meanwhile, watched the fierce battle rage on for a few minutes as the Pokémon traded blows. Sometimes flames would burn on the ground from Braixen’s Flamethrower, but Sylveon would put them out anytime it used Fairy Wind.

But finally came the deciding blow, even after Sylveon took a critical hit from Seviper’s Poison Tail and Braixen got tackled to the ground by Arbok, causing it to go sliding on the ground and bulldoze a lighthouse.
“Come on, guys! We can beat them! Sylveon, use Double Team!” Serena shouted.
“Sylveon!” Sylveon shouted as its eyes glowed briefly. Suddenly clones of itself appeared side-by-side and eventually surrounded Jessie, Cassidy, and their Pokémon.
“Ack! Which one is the real one!?” Jessie shouted.
“I knew I should’ve paid more attention in the Pokémon School for the Land of the Giants! Seviper, bite all of them until you find the real one!” Cassidy said, with Seviper doing just that. Each clone the Pokémon bit, it disappeared, and by the time it closed in on the real one, Braixen jumped in and gave Seviper a good whack on its head with the stick, forcing it to fly backwards and land near Arbok.
“Now, Braixen, finish them with Fire Blast!” Serena shouted.
“Braiiiiiiiiiiixen!!!” Braixen as it charged up its energy and then unleashed a star shaped wall of flame at the two snake Pokémon.

Both never stood a chance. By the time the flames magically disappeared from the area, both Arbok and Seviper were laying on the ground with swirly eyes, signifying their defeat.
“Yes! Both Pokémon are unable to battle! That means I won! Hooray!” Serena said as she jumped up and down, as did Sylveon and Braixen. Their combined landings caused the ground to shake, knocking Ash, Pikachu, and Delia off their feet.
“Whoa! W-w-w-w-w-way t-t-t-t-to go, Serena!” Ash said. Serena eventually stopped jumping and walked towards Ash, kneeling down in front of him.
“Thanks, Ash. I couldn’t have done it without your support.” Serena said as she blew a kiss down at him. Jessie and Cassidy, however, were not done yet. After calling back their Pokémon into their respective Poké Balls, they angrily marched towards Serena.
“Oh my! Behind you, Serena!” Delia said. Serena stood back up and saw her rival giantesses approaching, with her Pokémon running in front to protect her.
“Alright, you little brat! You’re really going to get it this time!” Cassidy shouted.
“We’ll humiliate you so much this time, you won’t have ANY land to go back to!” Jessie said. Serena gulped nervously, wondering how she and her Pokémon were going to settle this.

But she didn’t have to do anything, as everyone heard another female voice from behind. One loud and sounding VERY angry.
“Both of you! That is ENOUGH!!!” the woman shouted. They gasped and turned around. Approaching them was another giantess in the name of Grace, aka Serena’s mother. She wasn’t alone either. Behind her were Shauna and Miette, two friends of Serena who were dressed in their royal outfits.
“Oh! Um… hello, Grace.” Jessie said.
“Heh heh… we were just…” Cassidy said.
“Bullying my daughter like you’ve been warned almost 10,000 times not to do!? This time we caught you red handed!” Grace said.
“And not only that, but you crossed over the barrier and set foot on the Land of the Normals AND tried to destroy it.” Miette said.
“I don’t think the royal family is going to be pleased with the two of you.” Shauna added.
“Heh heh… well, it’s been fun, Cassidy, but we really should get back to the Land of the Giants.” Jessie said.
“Er… right! Have a nice day, everyone, and uh… kinda sorry for smashing up your town!” Cassidy said as they tried to slither away

But Miette wasn’t about to let them escape that easily as she pulled a Poké Ball off her waist.
“Meowstic! Use Psychic on those two to constrain them!” Miette said as she threw the ball into the air. It opened up and revealed the Pokémon known as Meowstic, who followed its master’s command right away by making its eyes glow. Suddenly, Jessie and Cassidy were covered in a white light and frozen solid.
“I… I can’t move!” Jessie and Cassidy both shouted.
“Thank you, Miette. You and Shauna better take them back to the castle right away where they will face judgment.” Grace said.
“Right away!” Shauna said with a quick salute. Then she, Miette, and Meowstic walked away from Pallet Town with their ‘prizes’ in tow.

Grace approached her daughter, Serena.
“Are you alright, Serena?” Grace said.
“Yes, Mom. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.” Serena said, who then watched as Grace wrapped her arms around her to give her a hug.
“It’s okay, Serena. You did what you felt was right. At least you won’t have to worry about those two for a while.” Grace said.
“Thank you, Mom! But one thing I don’t understand… how was it we were all able to break through the barrier that separated our lands?” Serena said. Grace smiled.
“It’s destiny, my daughter. You were meant to cross through the barrier first. Your actions today have helped bring peace between the Normals and the Giants.” Grace said.
“Huh? Really?” Serena asked. Grace nodded.
“Besides, aren’t you going to introduce me to your Normal friend?” Grace asked. Serena turned around and gently picked up Ash.

“Ash, this is my mother, Grace. Mom, this is Ash Ketchum.” Serena said.
“Haha! It’s an honor to meet you!” Ash said. Grace gently patted Ash on his head, knocking him down in Serena’s hand and making Pikachu giggle.
“Anyway, Serena. It’s time we returned home.” Grace said.
“Yes, Mom. I understand.” Serena said. As she looked down at Ash, she could see a little bit of sadness on his face.
“Well, I guess this is goodbye then.” Ash said. Serena then looked at her Mom face-to-face.
“Mom… you said my actions helped bring peace between the Lands of the Normals and the Giants? Why not let Ash stay with me? Because I… I love you, Ash. Ever since I first laid eyes on you. I feel like we’re destined to be more than friends.” Serena said.
“I… wow… um… I kinda feel the same way!” Ash said.
“Of course he can stay with you, Serena, just as long as you take very special care of him. The size difference makes him quite vulnerable, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Plus, he might want to see if his Mom will agree to that.” Grace said.
“I understand.” Serena said as she gently set Ash back down on the ground.

Ash right away walked up to his Mom, Delia.
“Mom, is it okay if…” Ash started to ask, but Delia gave her answer almost immediately.
“Yes, Ash. You can go.” Delia said.
“Huh? Just like that?” Ash said. Delia walked up to her son and patted him on the shoulders.
“Ash, you were destined to go on a big adventure, and I can’t think of anything bigger than this!” Delia said.
“But what about you?” Ash asked.
“Don’t worry about me. Someone has to lead the charge of repairing this town after those two evil giantesses tried to destroy it. You go on and live your new life in the loving care of Serena.” Delia said. Ash was almost brought to tears as he ran up and hugged his mother.
“Thank you, Mom!” Ash said as she and Delia embraced for a few seconds.
“Just remember to come back and visit once in a while!” Delia said. Finally they let go and Ash walked back into the waiting hands of the giant Serena.
“Alright then, ready to go?” Grace asked.
“Actually, Mom, there is one more thing I can’t wait to do.” Serena said as she lowered her lips down onto Ash, kissing his entire body.
“W-w-w-wow! I always wanted to be kissed by a giant girl!” Ash said. Serena giggled as she and Grace began the walk back to the Land of the Giants.

3 months later

Ash and Serena’s love for each only grew stronger as the days and weeks clicked by, despite the size difference between the two. Ash was warmly welcomed by the other giants who lived in the Land of the Giants. She couldn’t help but laugh every time she saw this one giantess named May chase after her Munchlax for stealing her lunch. Finally, Serena couldn’t resist. She posed the question if the two should marry, to which Ash enthusiastically said yes.

Wedding day was upon everyone. Several giants and giantesses were gathered on the wedding grounds, with Ash standing on a pedestal with Shauna and Miette towering behind him. Everyone, including Ash, was dressed up in royal clothing. Even Delia Ketchum dressed nice as she sat comfortably on Miette’s shoulder.
“Nervous?” Miette asked.
“Um… a little.” Ash said.
“No pun intended, right? Hahaha!” Shauna said with Ash finally realizing the pun he just made. Miette next leaned in.
“Relax. You and Serena will make a lovely couple and will help bring peace at long last between the Normals and the Giants.” Miette said. Finally, the music began to play and the ceremony began. Leading the pack was a younger giantess named Bonnie as she threw flower petals in just about every direction. Behind her was both Serena and Grace. Ash’s jaw dropped when she saw the stunning princess-like outfit Serena was wearing… a long orange dress (with some red mixed in, especially with the bows), a red bow tie in her hair, and a crown atop her head. Ash watched his giant soon-to-be bride slowly ascend the steps and join alongside him.
Then, stepping up to the nearby podium was another giantess; this one we knew as Malva.
“Esteemed citizens of the Land of the Giants, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of a boy and girl deeply in love with each other, but not just that. An event we thought we’d never see in our lifetimes. The coming together of a Normal and a Giant as peace finally is shared between our two lands. Ash and Serena kept on smiling at each other as Malva continued with the ceremonies.

There was one slight hiccup with the proceedings…
“Ash, will you kindly slip the ring onto Serena’s finger?” Malva said, with Ash watching as Bonnie stepped up near the podium and placed the giant ring next to Ash.
“Er… well…” Ash said.
“Hmmm… yes. That’s gonna be a problem, isn’t it?” Malva said with a few people snickering in the background. Luckily, the solution was a quick and easy one. Bonnie picked up the ring and was the one who placed it on Serena’s finger.
“Thank you, Bonnie.” Serena said as she patted her on the head.
“Always happy to help!” Bonnie shouted as she darted back down the stairs and back to her assigned seat.
“Now then. Ash, do you take Serena to be your wedded wife, to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her, for as long as you both shall live?” Malva said.
“I do!” Ash excitedly said.
“Serena, do you take Ash to be your wedded husband to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful only to him so long as you both shall live?” Malva said.
“I do.” Serena said.
“Then it is my pleasure to now pronounce you, Ash and Serena, husband and wife. Ash, you may kiss the bride.” Malva said with a smile.

Of course, Ash would need some help in doing just that, so Serena leaned down towards the pedestal that Ash was standing on. Ash stood on the tips of his toes and kissed as much of Serena’s lips as he could. Once the kiss was made, everyone in the audience cheered loudly for the new couple.

The giant Serena, now holding Ash (and Pikachu) firmly against her chest, would walk down the aisle on their way out of the wedding area and return to the castle she resided in. She was anxious to begin her new life of being with the Normal boy of her dreams, and hopefully with no more harassments from evil giantesses like Jessie and Cassidy.