Shauna Mega Evolves

(Cubed Cinder and Nodqfan)

Chapter 1, written by Cubed Cinder

It’s another busy day in Lumiose City as people came and went throughout the huge city. One of the few people that kinda stayed put inside where they worked was Professor Sycamore. With his assistant out on vacation today, he was flying solo in his lab. On the table he was standing over were two different stones. One was a rainbow-colored stone with a glowing white center, and next to it was a ring, also with a rainbow-colored stone albeit with no glowing center and much smaller than the bigger stone. Sycamore was carefully examining the stones from every angle with his magnifying glass, checking to make sure they were to his liking. Finally he put the glass down.
"Okay… everything looks in order. Time to see if the Universal Mega Stone will work this time." Sycamore said as he picked up the stones and walked out of the current room. He made it two rooms down the hallway and walked into the room where he saw a wall full of Poké Balls. He picked up the two he was looking for.
"Medicham! Alakazam! Come out!" Sycamore shouted as he threw the balls into the air. They opened up and revealed the two aforementioned Pokémon, both of whom stood still in front of the professor.
“Okay, you two, hold still. I promise this experiment won’t hurt.” Sycamore said. He then slipped the ring with the Key Stone on one of his fingers and then attached the Mega Stone to a lanyard, which he placed around Medicham’s neck. Sycamore took a deep breath.
“Okay, here we go. Mega Evolve, Medicham!” Sycamore said as he touched the Key Stone with another finger. Medicham suddenly glowed a bright white. Its body gradually changed over the next few seconds before finally the light died down, and standing in front of the professor now was Mega Medicham. Sycamore simply nodded.
“Good, good. That was to be expected considering this was once a Medichamite." Sycamore said to himself. He then took the stone away from Medicham, who immediately reverted back to its normal self. The next test was on Alakazam. Like with Medicham, Sycamore placed the stone around the Pokémon's neck.
"Mega Evolve, Alakazam!" Sycamore shouted as he activated the Key Stone once more. Alakazam this time glowed a bright red, and it looked like it was going to be a success once more… but this time it was not meant to be. Alakazam quickly changed back to its regular self.
"(sigh) Didn't work." Sycamore said. He took the Mega Stone back from Alakazam and this time picked up the two Poké Balls from the nearby table.
"Thanks for your help, you two. You may return to your Poké Balls now." Sycamore said as he returned the Pokémon back into the balls. After storing the balls away, Sycamore retrieved his Universal Mega Stone and walked out of the room.
As Sycamore walked down the hallway towards another part of his lab, he ran thoughts through his head on what went wrong.
"Well now, it looked like Alakazam was this close to mega evolving, but he instantly reverted back. I wonder why? Maybe the Medichamite was too strong? And yet when I had the proportion of Medichamite and Alakazite at 50-50, there was no response. Perhaps if I can pull off a 51-49 ratio, maybe that will get a close enough to equal reaction between the Pokémon and Mega Stone. But there's also the matter of keeping the transformation even after removing the Mega Stone and… OOOOOOOOF!!!" Sycamore said until he was quickly interrupted by the feeling of bumping into something. He thought for a moment he crashed into a table like his assistants, Sophie and Cosette, are always teasing him about. But instead, he looked to see he had bumped into a young girl, who was laying flat on her back.
"Ow! That smarts!" the girl said.
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, young lady! Allow me." Sycamore said as he lowered his free hand (because the other was holding the Mega Stone) and helped the girl back on her feet. The girl looked short with a dark skin tone. She has long brown hair which she keeps in pigtails and she has dark green eyes. She's wearing a dark pink T-shirt decorated by three large black bows plus short denim shorts. On her wrist she has a matching dark pink wristband and a black frilly bobble. Finally, on her feet she wears dark pink ballet type shoes with short heels. She also has a white and pink purse strapped on her shoulder.
"It's okay. It looked like you were deep in thought so I braced for impact!" the girl said.
"A wise decision, young lady. What is your name?" Sycamore said.
"I'm Shauna. I'm here to pick up a Pokémon so I can begin my showcasing career!" Shauna said with a wink from one of her eyes and a V sign coming from her hand.
"Well, congratulations, Shauna! It's always exciting when a young boy or girl comes to my lab to pick up their first Pokémon and begin their adventure." Sycamore said with a smile.
"Oh? Is that a Mega Stone?" Shauna said as she looked down at Sycamore's hand and noticed the rainbow-colored stone.
"Oh, yes. It is… actually it's a prototype I'm working on. I'm not ready to even talk about it just yet. Besides, what's more important is that we get you a Pokémon to start with!" Sycamore said.
"Yes! I can't wait! I actually would've been here earlier, but I overslept. My two friends, Tierno and Trevor, both already have a head start on me!" Shauna said.
"Ah… I see. I remember those two. I gave one a Squirtle and the other a Charmander because I was out of my regular three starters. Since you're friends with those two, I think I have the perfect starter for you. Wait here, please!" Sycamore said. After setting the Mega Stone and Key Ring down on the nearby table, the professor darted for another part of the lab, no doubt to pick up Shauna's starting Pokémon.
Shauna, meanwhile, just paced around for the next couple of minutes as she anxiously awaited the arrival of her starter Pokémon, whatever that may be. Eventually, though, she started to become curious about the Mega Stone and Key Stone that were sitting on the nearby table. Walking up to it, she placed the ring that held the Key Stone on one of her fingers and then picked up the so-called Universal Mega Stone.
"Wow… it certainly is pretty, but I wonder why the professor was so secretive…" Shauna said. As she studied the circular object every way she could, she couldn't help but put her imagination to work.
"Heh heh… imagine if this thing could mega evolve me. I'd be a million times prettier than Miss Pokémon Universe!" Shauna said. That's when she put the stone on herself, leaving it to dangle in front of the middle bow on her shirt. She once again put her imagination to work.
"Okay, Shauna! Time to mega evolve now!" Shauna shouted as she did a super hero type pose before smacking the Key Stone with her other hand, causing it to glow brightly. Very quickly, the Mega Stone itself glowed brightly as well.
"Huh? What's this?" Shauna asked as she looked down at the Mega Stone with great curiousity.
That's when Shauna could feel her body tingling.
"Oooooh… I feel so strange." Shauna said. She looked down as she watched the floor suddenly getting smaller.
"*gasp* What the…?" Shauna said. At the same time, Professor Sycamore finally returned, holding a Poké Ball in one of his hands.
"Okey dokey, Shauna! Here's the starter Pokémon I've specially chosen for…" Sycamore said, only to come to a dead stop as he watched Shauna ever so slowly grow bigger. She was already the same height as he was, and the glowing Mega Stone in front of her shirt told him more was coming.
"Professor… what's happening to me!?" Shauna said worringly. Sycamore dropped the Poké Ball and ran towards Shauna.
"Quick, Shauna, let's get out of here!" Sycamore shouted.
"But…" Shauna said as she suddenly had to get moving with the professor (now a full head shorter than she was) pushing her along.
"No time, let's go before you destroy my lab!" Sycamore shouted. The two quickly ran through a couple corridors before finally making it to the front doors. Shauna was quickly running out of room, having to lean forward a bit to keep her head from striking the ceiling.
"Ugh! It's getting crowded in here!" Shauna shouted.
But luckily the two were able to make it outside, and right in the nick of time. Shauna's growth accelerated and she watched her surroundings continue to shrink. She noticed people stopping in their tracks and watching as she grew bigger and bigger. Nobody was running yet, but it was only a matter of time before panic set in because a giantess was in the city. Once Shauna hit 150 feet tall, that's when both the Mega and Key Stones dimmed in brightness and her growing finally stopped. Shauna looked up, down, left, and right at how different the city looked.
"Wow… I'm so huge!" Shauna commented.
"Shauna, down here!" Professor Sycamore shouted as he waved his arms trying to get the giant girl's attention.
"Oh! Hi, professor! I was hoping I didn't crush you…" Shauna said as she gently kneeled down and picked up the professor, standing back up and holding him in her two hands.
"Shauna, are you alright?" Sycamore asked.
"Yeah… aside from being super tall, I don't feel any different." Shauna said.
"Shauna… what happened? Did you activate the Universal Mega Stone?" Sycamore said.
"I… Yes, I did! I'm so sorry! I was just playing around thinking those things were for Pokémon only." Shauna said.
"It's alright, Shauna. I did not expect anything like this to happen either. In fact, this whole thing may be my fault. I may have caused some side effects from tampering with the internal structure of that stone too much. I'm sure if you take off that stone, you'll be back to your normal size." Sycamore said.
"Well… okay." Shauna said. She did just as she was told, using one of her hands to grab the lanyard attached to the Mega Stone. She took it off and placed it on the ground in front of the professor's lab.
But nothing happened.
"Huh? I'm still big?" Shauna said.
"Huh? That's strange… when I take the stone away from a Pokémon, it reverts back to normal immediately. Maybe it's different with a human subject…" Sycamore said.
"Oooooh… I kinda like a good mystery." Shauna said.
"Don't worry, Shauna. I will study the Mega Stone, despite its enlarged state, and get to the bottom of this." Sycamore said.
"Thanks, Professor Sycamore. Although…" Shauna said as she suddenly looked around the ground once more.
"What is it, Shauna?" Sycamore asked.
"Do you think maybe you could take your time in finding a cure for my condition? I… I'm kinda starting to like being this big." Shauna said with a smile.
"Oh?" Sycamore said.
"In fact, I really would like to walk around the city and see how small it looks now!" Shauna said.
"Oh no… don't do that, Shauna! You'll cause incredible panic throughout the city!" Sycamore said.
"Relax, Professor! I'll be very careful… I promise!" Shauna said as she instinctively crossed her fingers. She then set the professor back down on the ground. As she did so, she looked to her left and locked her sights on the Prism Tower, the staple skyscraper of the city.
"Ooooh… the Prism Tower! I wonder how big it looks now from this height!" Shauna said as she started walking towards the tower in the distance. THAT finally got the crowd into a frenzy as they scrambled to keep their distance from the giantess.
"Shauna, wait!!!" Sycamore shouted as he took off running after the giantess, leaving the supersized Universal Mega Stone behind.
All this did not go unnoticed aside from the citizens who witnessed Shauna's growth spurt. A woman standing atop a tall building directly across from Professor Sycamore's lab watched the whole thing unfold from her binoculars. The woman had slightly tanned skin and pink hair with a pony-tail and curls on her shoulders. Her eyes are hidden behind a pair of red-shaded sunglasses. She wears a black turtleneck that cuts off at the navel and red and black jeans with several diamond shaped cut outs at the front revealing some parts of her legs, as well as high-heeled shoes. Most of the world knows this woman as Malva, a news reporter for Holo Caster but secretly also a member of the evil organization, Team Flare.
"Hmmm… Interesting. Most interesting. I wonder if the professor has other Mega Stones like that in his lab." Malva said as she walked towards the nearby stairway that would eventually take her off this building's rooftop.
Meanwhile, deep inside the Prism Tower, it was business as usual for the gym leader and eccentric inventor, Clemont. Well, almost. Instead of inventing something that was sure to blow up a few minutes later, Clemont was busy with a different kind of invention. He very slowly set the candle down and…
"Haha! Success! This double chocolate fudge birthday cake will be the perfect compliment for Bonnie's birthday party next week. My gifted mind has once again pulled through." Clemont said as his glasses shined a bright white.
But before he could gloat for another second over his creation on the table in front of him, he suddenly felt the ground shaking every second or two, accompanied by a loud booming sound with each shake.
"Huh? What the!? What's this shaking… whoa!!" Clemont said before he lost his balance and fell on his back with his multi-purpose backpack breaking his fall. With each shake of the ground, the cake bounced further and further forward on the table until the plate finally tipped over. A resounding splat made sure Clemont's upper body was covered in cake.
Soon after, the shaking and booming stopped. At the same time, Clemont's lovable younger sister, Bonnie, came running into the battle room where Clemont was.
"Clemont! What did you blow up this time!? Huh?" Bonnie shouted as she sounded angry at first but then noticed Clemont covered in cake.
"Oh… nothing, Bonnie. Just this cake I was making for your birthday next week." Clemont said.
"Awwww… and it was double chocolate fudge too!" Bonnie said as she folded her arms in disappointment.
"But never mind that! I swear I wasn't inventing anything and yet the ground shakes and there's loud booms." Clemont said.
"Wow… do you think it was an earthquake?" Bonnie asked.
"Only one way to find out. Let's head outside… I mean… just as soon as I activate the security system and wash all this cake off." Clemont said as he got up and ran out of the battle room, taking a bunch of cake with him.
"Right behind you, big brother!" Bonnie said as she ran behind Clemont and offered to help any way she could.

Chapter 2, written by Nodqfan

Shauna continued to make her way down the street on her way towards the Prism Tower. Meanwhile, down below the giantess the panicked citizens were still scrambling to get out of the way of the giantess as she got closer and closer to them, there were a few near misses as her sandals came closer to some of them. Thankfully, however, her steps were high enough to step over the people, there were no serious injuries, and Shauna continued towards the tower without a care in the world.
Prism Tower stood right in the middle of the city’s Centrico Plaza to serve as a marvel to the city and many people would come from all around Kalos to visit Lumiose City just to see the tower and marvel at its elegance and beauty. The tower and the surrounding plaza had just finished being evacuated by the time that the giant Shauna had approached so that no one had been around the tower would be in any danger from whatever the giantess was going to at the tower. Shauna marveled at the tower and bright and beautiful it was.
“Wow! The tower is so pretty from far away but it’s even more beautiful up close and it’s taller than me too!” Shauna exclaimed in excitement.
The tower was 984 feet tall; certainly taller than Shauna was Even at her current height of 150 feet tall she only came up to the lower end of the tower. Then Shauna had an idea, she carefully placed her index finger and thumb together and then gave the tower a very light flick with her index finger, which to her felt like nothing. Meanwhile on the inside of the tower Bonnie and Clemont (now wearing a clean version of his usual outfit) were in an elevator heading down to the first floor to head outside and find out what exactly had caused the shaking earlier. Suddenly the two felt shaking once again.
“Clemont what is going on?” Bonnie asked as she tried to remain steady.
“I don’t know but when we get outside we will find out what is going on,” Clemont said.
Back outside Shauna was trying to figure out what to do next at the tower.
“Hmm what else can I do while I am here?” she wondered
After a few moments of thinking an idea came to into heard, this made her smile even brighter than before.
“Oh the tower just looks so bright and huggable, I know! I will give the tower a hug!” Shauna exclaimed.
Then Shauna walked right up to the tower, and then wrapped her arms around the much of the tower as she could and finally began to squeeze the building, giving the building a hug.
Back inside the tower Bonnie and Clemont suddenly felt the tower shake again this time with more intensity than before this caused both of them to fall on their behinds.
“Ouch!” Bonnie cried out in pain as she then rubbed her behind for a few moments before standing up once again, Clemont had to do this as well. Finally, the elevator reached the first floor, both Bonnie and Clemont exited the elevator, and both headed towards the front door.
“Alright time to see just what has been causing this entire ruckus,” Clemont said.
The two then opened the door and headed outside to see what was going on.
Meanwhile Shauna continued to hug the building for a few moments before letting go of it and standing back up to her full height.
“Well that was fun, but it’s time to see what the rest of the city has to offer me at my current size,” Shauna said.
She then turned around and started to walk back down the street at that moment Clemont, Bonnie had just made it outside, and both were shocked as they saw the giant Shauna walking away from the tower.
“Look big brother a giant girl” Bonnie said.
“I see it but I don’t believe it,” Clemont said.
“How do you think she got so big? “ Bonnie asked.
“I don’t know” Clemont replied.
“Well I am going to find out” Bonnie said.
Bonnie then took off running towards the direction of the giantess in the distance.
“Bonnie please wait up!” Clemont shouted with worry and he then took off running after Bonnie to make sure that his little sister was safe.
“I hate running,” he said.

Shauna walked around the city she was surprised at how much different it looked from her new perspective.
“Wow this is amazing! Everything looks so small from this size,” she said and she was right some of the buildings only came up to her ankles while others came all the way up to her denim shorts.
As she continued to walk around she suddenly felt a loud “Crunch sound” and felt her foot hit something.
“Woah, what did I hit?” She wondered.
She then looked down at the building and look of shock crossed her face as she recognized the building that she had hit was a Pokémon Center.
“Oh no I hit the Pokémon Center!” Shauna shouted with worry.
The damage that she had accidentally caused a dent of minor damage to the building, she had made the roof crooked so that people inside could see her they looked up at her with a mix fear and anxiousness on their faces. Shauna smiled at them.
“Don’t worry everyone I won’t hurt you I am here to help,” she said.
She then placed her hands on each side of the roof and carefully lifted it up, then she carefully placed it back on the on the building like a lid being placed on a plastic container. Then Shauna stood up to her full height and carefully made her way around to the side of the building where there was a small hole in the building from when she had it earlier with her foot. She then got down on her knees to examine the hole.
“Hmm there must something I can do to fix this,” Shauna said.
“Oh you don’t need to worry about that,” Nurse Joy said walking up to the giantess with no fear whatsoever.
“Nurse Joy you aren’t afraid of me?” Shauna said
“Well, my family from other regions has told me about their experiences with giantesses, one in Porta Vista told me about how she and a group of people were taken by a gigantic Nurse Joy to an island filled with giant Pokémon as well as a giant Officer Jenny, and how they were eventually let go by the giantess. I have been fascinated with meeting a giantess.” Nurse Joy said.
“Oh wow” Shauna said in amazement.
However, she quickly turned her attention back to the hole that she had created.
“Please let me try to fix the center, it is my fault it was damaged, and I want to repair the damage that I caused.” Shauna begged.
“Alright we can do it together,” Nurse Joy said.
“Thank you so much you won’t regret my help! Shauna said.
“Alright let me see if I have any tools,” Nurse Joy said. She then walked back into the building to look for some tools if she had any she had also put the closed sign on the front door. Meanwhile Shauna waited patiently. After a few moments, Nurse Joy came back with various tools and wood.
“Let’s get started” Nurse Joy said.
Shauna began helping by picking up the broken pieces of the center and tried her best to put them back together like pieces of a puzzle and Shauna loved her puzzles, putting them together, taking them apart, it was all part of the fun of them for her. Meanwhile on the inside Nurse Joy was hammering the nails into the pieces that the giant Shauna put up for her. After a short while, the two had completed the patch job. Nurse Joy then returned the tools to their place, then she walked out the front the door and over to the side of the building where Shauna was at.
“Thank you for help I forgot to ask your name,” Nurse Joy said.
“You’re welcome and It’s Shauna” Shauna replied.
“Well Shauna it is nice to meet you what are going to do now?” Nurse Joy asked.
“Honestly I don’t know I might check out the rest of the city” Shauna replied
“Alright then be careful with the people,” Nurse Joy said.
“Oh don’t worry I will!" Shauna said.
With that Shauna stood up to her full height and then carefully moved away from the Pokémon Center and back onto the street walking through the city once again, as she walked she thought about what to do next.    

“Hmm what should I do now? Should I act a giant monster and terrorize the city? Or maybe threaten to step on them?” she wondered. Then she shook her head to get those thoughts out of her head.
“No that would be mean,” she said.
After a few more moments of thought, an idea came to her head.
“Oh I know I could pick up people and Pokémon at random and compare their size to mine,” she thought to herself.
She then began to look for people and Pokémon to compare them to her size, after some time searching, she found a small group of people both girls and boys and their Pokémon that included Joltik, Flabebe, Shinx, Tailow, Togepi, and Eevee. Shauna then reached down and gently picked up the people and their Pokémon and lifted them up to her massive face.
“Hello everyone I am sure you are all wondering why I picked you and your Pokémon like that.” Shauna said. She could see all of them nodding their heads in response.
“Well you see I would like to play a little game with you people,” she said.
The people in her hand looked confused game. What kind of game did she want to play? They wondered.
“Oh it’s simple really half of you will be set on my leg and will climb up it while the other half will have to hang on to the bows of my shirt” Shauna said.
Of course, the people in her hand did not like the idea of being on the giantess’s body. However, Shauna ignored them and set them in their places on her leg and shirt.
“Ready, set, go!” Shauna shouted. The people then started climbing while Shauna kept her hand at waist level to catch anyone should they have fallen there were a few narrow escapes but no one fell off.
As all of that was going on Shauna looked up and saw a wild Pidgeot coming towards her.
“Oh it is a wild Pidgeot!” Shauna said.
She then held out her free hand in an attempt to welcome the Bird Pokémon. However, it had different ideas in mind, and used Gust to summon a powerful wind by flapping its wings.
“Woah, what is going on- Ahhh!” Shauna said as the Pidgeot’s Gust was powerful was enough to cause Shauna to stumble, then trip over herself, causing her to fall backwards landing on her behind. This allowed the people that were on both her shirt and legs to escape the giantess by hopping off her body and running away as fast as they could. Shauna then sat up and began to rub her behind in an effort to ease the pain.
“Ow! That Pidgeot knows how to pack a wallop,” Shauna said.
As she continued to rub her behind and was about to get up she suddenly heard a female voice call out to her.
“Hey!” the voice shouted.
“Huh? What was that? I thought I heard a voice.” Shauna said.
“Down here!” the voice exclaimed.
Shauna then looked down and saw a little girl with short blonde hair that sticks out on the end, the girl wore dark brown blouse with a white skirt, as well as a black ribbon on the chest area, black shorts, and pink flat style shoes. Shauna could also see that the girl had a yellow satchel around her shoulder. She then reached down and gently picked up the girl and brought her all the way up to her face.
“Are you lost little girl? “ Shauna asked.
“Nope I’ve found what I am looking for,” the girl said.
“Huh? You were looking for me?” Shauna said questioningly.
“Yep my name is Bonnie,” Bonnie said.
“It is nice to meet you Bonnie my name is Shauna” Shauna replied.
“If you don’t mind me asking how did you get so big?” Bonnie asked.
“Well I went to Professor Sycamore’s Lab in order to get my first ever Pokémon and I ended up finding a Universal Mega Stone, and my curiosity got the better of me so I grabbed it, put it on and I started growing until I reached my current size. Then Professor Sycamore asked me to take the stone off, which I did but it did not make me go back to normal so the professor is trying to find a way to fix this and I have been walking around the city trying to enjoy my size.” Shauna said.
“Wow that is so awesome that a stone caused you to grow like that, maybe I could have my big brother invent something to make me grow. Hey want to be friends?” Bonnie asked.
“Sure!” Shauna replied.

The two continued to chat about various things for a short while before a male voice suddenly interrupted them.
“Bonnie! Are you okay?” the male voice asked in a concerned tone.
Both of them looked down at the street to see Bonnie’s older brother Clemont standing there with his hands on his knees, panting from being out of breath after running for so long.
“Geez Big Brother you are always so slow!” Bonnie berated.
“I know I just don’t like running is all!” Clemont replied
As Shauna heard, the two siblings go back and forth with each other when an idea came to her head.
“Excuse me Clemont is it? Can I ask you something?” Shauna asked.
“Yes?” Clemont wondered.
“How fast can you run?” Shauna asked.
“What?” Clemont asked.
“Because you had better run if you don’t I will step on you!” Shauna said. She placed Bonnie on her shoulder, and then she raised her left foot over Clemont casting him in its shadow. Then she started to bring it down towards the inventor, Clemont managed to barely move out of the way as the foot came crashing down to the ground near Clemont. That was enough to send him into a sprint in an effort to get away from the giantess.
“Today is just not my day,” Clemont said.
Each of Shauna’s steps came close to the inventor but they were never intending to crush him, finally Clemont stopped running and had his on knees, out of breath from running, Shauna then caught up to the tired inventor, picked him up into her hand and brought him up to her face.
“Please no more running” Clemont said.
“Alright Clemont I see you’re tired I will stop chasing you now” Shauna said.
“Thank you” Clemont said.
Shauna then placed Clemont on her shoulder next to Bonnie who was laughing so hard after having watched her big brother trying to run away from Shauna.
“Hahaha that was so funny Clemont you looked like an ant trying to run from Shauna,” Bonnie said.
“Now I know what an ant feels like too” Clemont replied.
With both of her new friends on her shoulder, Shauna resumed walking around the city.
Meanwhile, Malva had finally reached the Sycamore Pokémon Lab she quickly looked around to make sure that no one was watching her. After seeing that everyone was too focused on either enjoying the city or watching the giant Shauna, she smiled and walked right into the lab, heading up the foyer stairs to one of the lab rooms, went inside where she saw a Universal Mega Stone and a Key Stone on the table in front of her, she walked up to it to examine the stones.
“These will be a great help to Team Flare,” Malva said.
She took the ring that held the Key Stone, placed it on her finger, and then grabbed the Universal Mega Stone. Suddenly the stone started to glow brightly.
“What is this?” Malva wondered.
She could feel the power of the stone start to course through her body, she could also see the floor start to get smaller and smaller and that’s when she realize that the floor was not getting smaller she was getting bigger! Quickly she had sprouted up to the roof and the growth showed no signs of slowing down as the roof of the lab suddenly broke apart, shocking people who went past the lab as they saw the growing Malva come out of the building. Finally, the growing stopped and Malva found herself at 150 feet tall. She then looked around, saw what the city looked like from her new perspective, and smiled.
“Now this is a view I could get used to,” she said.
She looked down to see a few people staring up at her in surprise, that is when an idea came to her, and she reached down to pick up some people between her fingers, lifting them all the way up to her face as they now had full view of her it, including her red shades. She then moved the group towards her bellybutton as if to tease them about putting them in there. However, at the last moment she pulled them away from it and back to her face.
“None of you are worth my time,” Malva said.
She then bent down to let the people go as the people ran away from her. Malva stood back up to her full height, saw Shauna in the distance, and decided to start walking towards the other giantess in the distance.
Shauna was casually walking around the city while her two friends Clemont and Bonnie were on her left shoulder.
“Wow the view up here is amazing! Isn’t it big brother?” Bonnie said
“Indeed the view is quite exhilarating from this perspective I do wonder how it feels from other end of the spectrum,” Clemont said.
“You mean being shrunken?” Bonnie asked.
“Yes, perhaps I could make a machine that changes the size of things” Clemont replied.
“That does sound like an interesting idea for an invention” Bonnie said.
The three were then interrupted by an older female voice.
“Hey!” the female voice exclaimed.
Shauna then turned around to see an older woman standing there and much to everyone’s surprise, she was the same size as Shauna.
“Huh? Who are you, and how did you get as big as me?” Shauna asked.
“My name is Malva and I represent Team Flare” Malva replied.
“Team Flare?” Bonnie asked.
“I have never heard of this group” Clemont replied.
“I have heard some bad things about them,” Shauna said.
Shauna then gently grabbed both Bonnie and Clemont, then she bent down to set them down on the street, and the two looked back up at her.
“Shauna what are you doing?” Bonnie asked.
“Look I don’t want you guys to get hurt just get to somewhere safe please,” Shauna said.
“Bu-“ Bonnie started to say but was interrupted by Clemont.
“Alright just be careful, come on Bonnie” Clemont said.
Bonnie reluctantly followed Clemont as the two tried to get as far away from the giantesses as possible.
“What are we doing Clemont, we should be helping Shauna,” Bonnie said.
“Bonnie, we would only be in the way so we are better off doing as she says." Clemont said. Bonnie wanted to say something but could not find the words to say it.
Meanwhile back with Shauna and Malva the two were staring at each waiting for one of them to make move. Shauna then spoke up.
“What do you want Malva?” Shauna asked.
“What I want is for you to join Team Flare,” Malva said.
“Join you?” Shauna asked.
“Yes, with our sizes we could bring about the destruction of the Kalos region” Malva replied.
The thought of joining Team Flare and destroying her home region made her sick and made her answer more easy to say..
“No I refuse to join Team Flare! I refuse to help you destroy my home region and hurt many innocent people and Pokémon!" Shauna exclaimed defiantly.
Malva sighed and shook her head.
“You know I am disappointed in your answer, with the right guidance you could have been an exceptional member of Team Flare,” she said.
Then she pulled out a Poke Ball, which had grown along with her increased it to normal size, and threw it up into the air.
“Go Houndoom!" Malva shouted.
The Poke Ball popped open and out came a canine Pokémon that is mainly black with a long orange snout and an orange underbelly. It has small, red eyes and a black nose. Around its neck is a white band with a small skull-shaped pendant on its throat. There are two white bands on each of its ankles, as well as three rib-like ridges on its back and has a long, skinny tail with a triangular tip and three clawed toes on each paw. On top of its head is a pair of long, curved gray horns. Houndoom had also grown in size alongside its master and roared fiercely.
Shauna was very intimidated by the giant Dark Pokémon as it stared at her angrily waiting for its master to command it to attack Shauna. To make matters worse, Shauna looked down at her waist and noticed something very important missing.
“Gulp… I don’t have a Pokémon on me, so I can’t fight that Houndoom” Shauna thought to herself.
“Houndoom use Flamethrower!” Malva commanded.
Houndoom shot a line of fire from its mouth towards Shauna.
“Yikes!” Shauna exclaimed as she ran out of the way of the Flamethrower attack while also trying her best to avoid crushing the innocent people below her as she began to pant lightly.
“Whew that was a close one,” Shauna said.
Malvia smirked, knowing that she had Shauna on the ropes, she and her Houndoom walked closer and closer to Shauna as people below scrambled to get out of the way of the giantess and her giant Pokémon.
“Houndoom use Dark Pulse!” Malva commanded.
The Pokémon fired a stream of dark circle shaped energy towards Shauna hitting her right in the chest.
“Ahhhhhh!” Shauna shouted as she then fell backwards onto a group of buildings that were behind her, crushing them flat underneath her body, she started to move. Then a look of horror had crossed her face as she looked around at the damage that her fall had caused.
“Oh no! I crushed all of these buildings! That means that tha- I…” she started to say before her sadness overwhelmed her, tears started to fall down her face, and she started to cry thinking that she had crushed many innocent people to death.

Chapter 3, written by Cubed Cinder

How quickly things changed for Shauna. Just a few minutes ago she was having fun walking around the city, seeing buildings as tall as her (except the Prism Tower), and playing around gently with the tiny people and their Pokémon. Now, she sat atop a destroyed group of buildings that she had crushed beneath herself. She kept asking herself how many people were in those buildings. 10? 20? 30? 50? 100? More? The higher she counted, the more upset she felt. Tears ran down her face as she sobbed over the innocent lives she thoroughly believed to have crushed even though there wasn't even a speck of blood to be seen anywhere.
"I… I'm so sorry… Please forgive me! (sniff sniff)" Shauna said as she rubbed her eyes trying to dry them out.
Shauna was so distraught that she didn't see both Malva and her Houndoom inching closer and closer. By the time she finally looked ahead, Houndoom was looking right at her face and snorting out steam from its nostrils.
"Awww… poor silly girl. Did you realistically believe nobody would get hurt because of how big you are?" Malva said with an evil smile on her face.
"It's… it's not my fault!" Shauna said as she tried to counter amongst her crying.
"You're too weak. You don't deserve to yield the power of size if you're going to cry over a measly group of buildings. It's too bad… you would've been true Team Flare material." Malva said. Shauna was not happy as she snarled at both Malva and her Pokémon, but was too distraught over the buildings crushed to do anything. Malva felt the time was now to end this silliness and get on with something like conquering the region with her new size.
"Houndoom, Flamethrower!" Malva shouted. As Houndoom opened its mouth wide to shoot out flames towards Shauna, the giantess shut her eyes tight and covered her face even though it wouldn't do much good.
But just then, several small balls of mud suddenly went flying into Houndoom's mouth, causing it to lose the flames and hack and cough. Then some more shots of mud came up, this time hitting Houndoom in the eyes, forcing the Pokémon to shut them.
"What!?" Malva shouted with a shocked look on her face. She looked down to see where the mud came from.
It was Clemont, with Bonnie standing behind him. In front of the two was Clemont's faithful bunny Pokémon, Bunnelby.
"Nice shot, Bunnelby!" Clemont said as he pumped his fist. When Shauna realized there was no Flamethrower hitting her, she looked and saw Houndoom trying to shake off the mud in both its mouth and eyes. Then she looked down and lightly gasped when she saw Clemont and Bonnie.
"Clemont! Bonnie! What are you two doing here!?" Shauna shouted.
"There's no way we're going to stand idly by and watch that other giant woman and her Pokémon bully you!" Bonnie said.
"Heh, Bonnie's right, and it's hard to say no to her when she begs at you." Clemont said. Bonnie giggled even though Clemont was bragging about her begging 'skills.' Still, their presence was unsettling to Shauna, especially after what she did with the buildings behind her and seeing how close to her legs the two were.
"Thank you, but you must get out of here! It's much too dangerous!" Shauna said.
"No way! You're our new friend and we're going to help no matter what!" Clemont said.
"Uh oh… look, brother! That Pokémon is regaining its sight!" Bonnie said as she pointed up at the giant Houndoom.
"Quickly, Bunnelby, use Double Team!" Clemont shouted. Bunnelby nodded and charged for the giant Houndoom. Several holographic clones of Bunnelby suddenly appeared, causing a look of confusion for Houndoom at first.
"Don't just stand there, Houndoom! Crush them!" Malva shouted as Houndoom crushed one clone after another. The clones simply disappeared, immediately telling Houndoom that it wasn't the real Bunnelby. As for the real Bunnelby, Clemont was watching it carefully, even adjusting his glasses to make sure he didn't lose sight of the real one as it ran towards one of Houndoom's feet.
"Now, Bunnelby, Dig!" Clemont shouted. Bunnelby leaped up and dug a hole in the ground (despite it being on solid tile), and then made a circular track around the foot. As Houndoom's foot sunk into the newly made hole, Bunnelby quickly did the same move at the other back foot.
By the time all the Double Team clones of Bunnelby were gone, Houndoom was too late to catch onto what the real Bunnelby was doing. After digging one more hole underneath Houndoom's front left foot, the giant Pokémon's four legs sunk halfway into the ground, and it barked its name feverishly trying to escape. Bunnelby shouted its own name triumphantly as it sped back towards Clemont.
"Great work, Bunnelby!" Clemont said.
"Wow! That was awesome, Bunnelby! And great thinking too, big brother." Bonnie said.
"While those holes won't hold the giant Houndoom, it will definitely tire out the Pokémon by the time it manages to escape. I find it brilliant myself, and I didn't even need to invent anything either!" Clemont said as his glasses shone bright.
Malva, on the other hand, was furious. How could this itty bitty Pokémon best her giant-sized Houndoom!?
"Arrrrrgh! Insolent pests! I will deal with you personally!" Malva said as she walked towards both Clemont and Bonnie. Bonnie gasped as she watched the other giantess step towards them.
"Um… big brother? Do you have anything to deal with that?" Bonnie said as she pointed up to Malva, who raised one of her legs up and lowered it towards the two.
"Run, Bonnie and Clemont!" Shauna shouted.
Even as Bonnie, Clemont, and Bunnelby took off running to avoid being crushed by the giant Malva, she stopped when she noticed some green vines wrapping around her ankle.
"What? WHOA!" Malva shouted as the vines suddenly pulled her backwards, causing her to lose her balance and land back first on the ground, shaking it incredibly. At the same exact time, the Universal Mega Stone that the giantess possessed broke loose from Malva's chest.
Bonnie and Clemont looked to see where the vines came from.
"Oh! Look, big brother! Isn't that a Bulbasaur?" Bonnie said as she was the first to notice the Pokémon. Clemont took note of the person standing with the Bulbasaur.
"Professor Sycamore!" Clemont commented as he and Bonnie ran towards the professor.
"Whew… I made it just in time. Are you two alright?" Sycamore said.
"We are now, thanks to you and Bulbasaur!" Clemont said. Suddenly the three were met by Shauna, who finally stood back on her feet and stepped in front of the trio.
"Professor! I was wondering what happened to you." Shauna said.
"Heh… yeah, it was tough to keep up with you given how big you've grown. On top of that, I was helping Officer Jenny with…" Sycamore said, only to be interrupted by a panicked Bonnie.
"Uh oh… she's getting back up! And Houndoom is almost loose!" Bonnie said. The Pokémon was three quarters free from the makeshift ground trap created by Clemont's Bunnelby, while Malva ripped the vines created by Bulbasaur off her ankles and was getting back on her feet.
"If only there were some way to cancel the effects of that stone…" Clemont commented as he wondered what kind of trouble they would be in once the giantess and giant Pokémon towered over them.
But it was quick and incredibly instinctive thinking by the giant Shauna that would get everyone out of this jam. She stepped over the group of tiny people and Pokémon and walked towards Malva, setting her sights on the Universal Mega Stone that she stole. Malva didn't realize she had lost her Mega Stone until she saw Shauna backing away with it in her hands.
"What!? What are you doing?" Malva asked.
"I won't allow you to hurt anyone else in this region any longer!" Shauna said.
"Foolish child… I suggest you think long and hard before you do anything with that Mega Stone." Malva said.
"Oh, I've already thought what I'm going to do with it." Shauna said. That's when she held the stone high in the air… and then slammed it to the ground. The stone bounced a couple times before landing squarely at Malva's feet, eventually rotating to reveal a significant crack in the stone. The stone blinked white rapidly instead of its usual rainbow color scheme, and a few seconds later, it was devoid of any color whatsoever. It looked more like a glass ball that a fortune teller would use.
And that's when Malva, Houndoom, and what was left of her Universal Mega Stone began to shrink.
"Oh! They're shrinking!" Sycamore commented. Immediately despair set into the older woman as she watched the world grow around her, including Shauna herself.
"Noooooo!!!" Malva shouted as she watched herself shrink smaller and smaller until she was back to her normal size.
"Curses! Team Flare has never been defeated like this!" Malva said as she stomped on the ground in frustration. Houndoom growled angrily too, but both looked up nervously as Shauna took a couple steps towards the two, towering over them with her hands on her hips.
"Now then, how does it feel to not be big anymore?" Shauna said.
"Grrrr… you'll pay for this! I will have my revenge on you one day!" Malva said. But Shauna was unfazed. In fact, she raised one of her feet in the air, giving Malva and Houndoom a good look at the bottom of the giantess's pink sandals.
"This is for all those people I crushed!" Shauna said as she lowered her sandal towards the two. But Malva wasn't the least bit intimidated. She pressed a couple buttons on the wristwatch she wore.
"Teleport!" Malva shouted as she and Houndoom suddenly disappeared in flashes of light… just as Shauna planted a hole in the ground shaped like her sandal thanks to how hard she stomped the ground.
Bonnie, Clemont, Professor Sycamore, and the two Pokémon (Bulbasaur and Bunnelby) watched everything unfold.
"Awwww… looks like they got away!" Bonnie said.
"Yes, and with teleportation too! How did she accomplish that? This would be the greatest breakthrough of my young scientific life!" Clemont said.
"Team Flare is always full of surprises. I'm sure we'll be seeing them, and perhaps Malva herself, again in the near future." Sycamore said. The three then watched as Shauna turned around and walked towards them, getting down on her knees to get a better view of everyone.
"Are you all okay?" Shauna asked.
"Yes, Shauna! That was absolutely brilliant! You're very smart to figure out that cracking that Universal Mega Stone would take away its power." Sycamore said.
"Heh heh… thanks, Professor Sycamore! I kinda used basic logic, and I'm glad it worked out. I'm curious… where did you get the Bulbasaur?" Shauna said.
"This Pokémon was in my lab. In fact, I was about to give it to you before all this growing business happened!" Sycamore said.
"Oh? That Bulbasaur is for me? Thank you, Professor! Bulbasaur is one of my favorite Pokémon!" Shauna said. She reached down to try and pet it with her finger, but Bulbasaur ended up taking cover behind Professor Sycamore's legs.
"Hmmm… Bulbasaur's scared because of how big you are." Professor Sycamore said.
"It's a natural reaction, especially when you looked over all the people that ran around scared while you were walking around in the city." Clemont said.
That's when Shauna had quite the sad face once again as her mind shifted back to the buildings she crushed earlier during her encounter with Malva.
"I… I'll never forgive myself for that. I feel so bad for those people who couldn't escape in time." Shauna said.
"Oh, you don't have to worry about that, Shauna. Those buildings were among the first to be evacuated. In fact, Officer Jenny asked for my help to clear out many of the buildings here in Lumiose City. That's one reason I fell behind in catching up with you." Sycamore said.
"You… you mean?" Shauna said.
"That's right! Those buildings were empty when you crushed them. In fact, it's a miracle that nobody got injured or killed during this whole ordeal!" Sycamore said. Shauna had a wide open smile on her face and then breathed a sigh of relief. It felt like a huge weight being lifted off her shoulders.
"Oh… what a relief. I'm so glad to hear that! But you know…" Shauna said.
"What is it, Shauna?" Sycamore said.
"I'm also thankful for my new friends, Bonnie and Clemont. Without their courage and bravery, I surely would've been finished by Houndoom!" Shauna said.
"Teeheehee! Think nothing of it, Shauna! You'd do the same if it were me!" Bonnie said.
"Bonnie's right. Anything to help our new friend, no matter what size she's at." Clemont said.
"Awwww… thank you, guys!" Shauna said as she reached down and picked both her new friends up and cuddled them against her face. Bonnie was giggling over being hugged by the giant girl while Clemont was not so comfortable.
"Ack! Don't squeeze too hard, Shauna!" Clemont shouted.
"Oops… sorry!" Shauna said as she gently set the two back down on the ground.
It was that brief moment of squeezing Clemont a bit too hard that made her look squarely at the professor.
"Professor, I'm ready to return to my normal size now." Shauna said. Sycamore nodded.
"I understand, and luckily you figured out how we can do it. Come, let us return back to my lab where your Universal Mega Stone should still be." Sycamore said. With him and the other normal-sized people and Pokémon leading the way, Shauna made her way through Lumiose City and eventually back to Professor Sycamore's laboratory.
When they arrived, the good news was that Shauna's enlarged Universal Mega Stone was still there in front of the lab. Shauna reached down and grabbed the stone, but before she could slam it to the ground, Professor Sycamore had a suggestion.
"You know, Shauna, you don't have to necessarily slam it to the ground. Just give it firm taps on the ground like you're cracking an egg.” Sycamore said.
“Got it, Professor!” Shauna said with a wink. And so she did just that, gently beating the stone against the ground until she finally heard one side crack. Exactly like with Malva’s Universal Mega Stone (which Professor Sycamore held in his hands), the stone flickered in a white light for a few seconds before dissipating into no color at all, making it resemble a glass ball. The stone, along with Shauna herself, began to shrink in size.
It only took a minute for Shauna to be returned to her normal size, and she again breathed a sigh of relief.
“Whew! I never thought I'd be so happy to be at my normal size.” Shauna said.
“Yay! Now I can properly give you my new friend welcome!” Bonnie said as she ran up to Shauna and wrapped her arms around the slightly older girl, giving her a firm hug.
“Oh! You're right, Bonnie! Thanks… You're such a nice friend to have. I can't wait to tell my other friends, Trevor and Tierno, about this experience.” Shauna said as she gently patted Bonnie on the head. That's when Professor Sycamore suddenly had a serious look on his face.
“Actually, Shauna, I must deeply insist that we keep this a secret from EVERYONE in the Kalos region. That goes for you too, Bonnie and Clemont.” Sycamore said.
“Huh? Why?” Shauna said.
“I get it… We don't want Team Flare to be coming after these Mega Stones again.” Clemont said.
“Plus I'm going to be abandoning the experiment of the Universal Mega Stone anyway. Clearly if used in evil or not so careful hands, the results to cities like this one could literally be disastrous. That's why what happened today should stay between the three of us.” Sycamore said. He obviously didn't account for Malva as another person who would know about the Universal Mega Stone and its power, but that was a quandary to be solved for another day, he thought to himself. But for Shauna, Bonnie, and Clemont, their assurances of secrecy were guaranteed.
“I understand, Professor. I promise I won't tell anyone else in Kalos about this day.” Shauna said.
“That goes for us, too.” Clemont said with a smile. Bonnie nodded in agreement.
“Good!” Sycamore said. Just then, Bulbasaur jumped into Shauna’s arms.
“Oh! Hello there, Bulbasaur! I'm looking forward to starting our Pokémon journey together!” Shauna said as Bulbasaur happily mentioned its name, signifying its friendship with its trainer.
Clemont then looked up at the sky as the sun was about to set.
“Well now, it's getting late. Bonnie and I better be heading back to my gym.” Clemont said.
“Wait! I just have one more question for Shauna before we go.” Bonnie said.
“What is it, Bonnie? Oh?” Shauna said, only to suddenly have her left hand grabbed as the younger girl got down on one knee.
“Will you please take my big brother’s hand in marriage and pledge to take care of him the rest of your lives?” Bonnie said as her eyes suddenly sparkled and she smiled happily. Clemont, on the other hand, was sweating bullets as he rushed to activate the robotic arm from his backpack.
“Ack! Not again, Bonnie! How many times do I have to tell you not to ask that!?” Clemont said as the arm grabbed Bonnie by the back of her shirt and dragged her along the ground as Clemont raced back for the Prism Tower, where his gym was located.
“Hope to see you again soon, Shauna!” Bonnie shouted, still smiling even as she was being dragged away. Shauna and Bulbasaur couldn't help but laugh.
“Heh… Such a charming young girl. I have a feeling I'll be seeing her and her brother again soon.” Shauna said.
“I firmly believe that, Shauna.” Sycamore said.
With that, the big adventure that Shauna had was over. The memories of the day forever trapped in her mind thanks to the promise she made with Professor Sycamore, the young girl spent the rest of the day in the Pokémon Center before departing the next day with Bulbasaur to catch up with her other friends and begin her adventure (specifically in contests!). She didn't know yet that it would be over 6 months before she would see Bonnie and Clemont again, along with some other noteworthy traveling trainers…