Shrink & Switch: Sonic in Kanto


(Sonic’s Dimension)

It was quiet as usual for Sonic in his dimension. Unless you add in the noise that Amy Rose was causing by yelling and screaming at Sonic The Hedgehog, it was quiet as usual. Anyway, Sonic was running away from Amy to many different high trees and roofs, just to get away from his so-called girlfriend.

Amy: Sonic The Hedgehog, you get down here, this instant!

Sonic is whistling a tune, ignoring her as he lays back on top of a tree.

Amy: Alright then. You want to play hard ball? I'm game!

Sonic looks down to see Amy wielding her hammer, and he quickly figured that she was in the mood to let him have it. Amy then smashes the hammer against the tree, leaving a mark where she laid the hammer. This shakes up Sonic, but he was able to leap off and run away at the speed of light.

Amy: Arrrrrgh!!! GET BACK HERE NOW!!!!

They take off. The others notice this and acted as if nothing was going on.

Tails: Are they at it, again?

Knuckles: It seems that way.

Tails: I wonder what Sonic did, this time?

Knuckles: Who cares?

They all watched as Sonic was speeding towards the forest. Amy, despite being nearly out of breath, followed behind.

Cream: Don’t you think that we should do something?

Knuckles: Nah. These things always have a way of working themselves out. Eventually, Amy will get tired of chasing Sonic and forget the whole thing.

They all continue enjoying themselves. In the meantime, Sonic had rushed all the way to the mountain tops. He managed to keep a good distance between him and Amy. He was able to see Tails’s Workshop in the distance.

Sonic: Whew, I just can't catch a break. Hopefully, Amy will settle down, in a little while.

Then, just when he finished catching his breath, he notices a portal nearby. Sonic approached it, cautiously.

Sonic: Huh? What's this thing? A portal?

Before he had the chance to examine it further, Amy manages to catch up with him. She’s only a few yards away.


Sonic: *gulps* Well, I’d rather take my chances with this than with her!

Sonic wastes no time in jumping through the portal. The portal closes up.

Sonic is flying through the vastness of time and space. During this journey, he is able to see Ash and Link flying right past him. During the three seconds or so, that the three are together, they look at each other amazingly like as if they had seen a piece of history. Their time together was short-lived, however, as the three go flying off in different directions. At the same time, they are all blinded by a bright white light as they are transported to their new destinations.......

(Pokemon Dimension)

Pikachu is sulking in the corner of the bathroom about Ash’s disappearance. Just then, the portal opens up. Pikachu gets excited and hopes that it’s Ash, but it turns out to be a tiny hedgehog. The portal closes.

Pikachu: Pikachu?

Sonic shakes his head after the rough landing he took from riding through the void of time and space.

Sonic: *groans* What happened? Well, as long as I don’t have to deal with Amy, I’ll be fine.

Little did he know that Amy was only the beginning of his problems. He looks around at his new surroundings, which is a fairly large bathroom.

Sonic: Where am I?

He looks and sees a large yellow rodent standing right behind him, staring right in his green eyes. Naturally, this was Pikachu, and since Pikachu was eight inches tall compared to Sonic being only three inches tall, there was a respectable amount of size difference.

Sonic: Well, I see that I’ve either gone into another dimension where everything is gigantic, or the portal shrunk me.

Pikachu: Pikachu. Pika-Pikachu?

Sonic: Hmm? A kid?

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Note, that Sonic, being an animal, is able to understand Pokemon language, just like Meowth is.

Sonic: Well, I did see two other people go through the portal, but only for a brief moment.

Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu. Pika-Pi, Pikachu-Pika?

Sonic: Sure, why not? Since you and I are in the same dilemma, we might as well become partners and try and help each other figure this mess out.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Pikachu becomes happy with the news, and the fact that it’s made a new friend.

Pikachu: Pikachu-Pi. Pikachu. Pikachu-Pi?

Sonic: Sonic The Hedgehog. It’s nice to meet you, Pikachu. I’m also glad to know that it was me that was affected in the portal.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Before they manage to start investigating, they see the large bathroom door, starting to open. Sonic gasps, wondering what to expect. The door opens and Sonic looks up to see what the Pokemon world knows as Officer Jenny.

Sonic: It’s official. I’ve shrunk.

Jenny, in the meantime, looked to see Pikachu all by its lonesome. She didn’t even bother to notice the three-inch hedgehog standing right next to Pikachu.

Officer Jenny: I can't understand what all that rumbling was about, and what's this lonely Pikachu doing here by itself?

As Jenny walked over to pick up the Pikachu, Sonic decided to hitch a ride on her right foot. Jenny didn't seem to notice Sonic both inside the bathroom or outside the lobby.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Pikachu is trying to wriggle free from Officer Jenny’s grip, but to no avail. Jenny has a strong hold on the yellow Pokemon.

Officer Jenny: What’s gotten into you?

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Meanwhile, there were lots of other giant people to be found in the Pokemon Center. As Sonic jumped off Jenny’s foot, which Jenny started to use to walk again, this time, for Nurse Joy, what really got Sonic’s attention was seeing the many different creatures that accompanied these people. He shakes his head, thinking he was dreaming, but everything was still there.

Sonic: Interesting place. I might be able to blend in. Well, for now, I might as well stick with Pikachu.

Sonic followed Officer Jenny to Nurse Joy. He had zipped his way to the two ladies, without any trouble. Both of them looked gigantic, from his three-inch-tall perspective. Meanwhile, Joy was talking with Jenny.

Officer Jenny: Excuse me, Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy: Yes, what is it, Officer?

Officer Jenny: I found this Pikachu all by itself in the men's restroom.

Nurse Joy: What was it doing there? Where’s its trainer?

Officer Jenny: I don't know. I didn't see anyone inside. Do you think that you could look after this Pokemon until its trainer comes back?

Nurse Joy: Sure thing. What about that rumbling earlier?

Officer Jenny: Still looking into it. It sure is strange though. Speaking of strange, this Pikachu’s been acting rather feisty.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Pikachu is still trying to wriggle free. It sees Sonic, and manages to break free and land on the desk, surprising both ladies.

Sonic: I can’t allow myself to be seen by them, yet. If Pikachu doesn’t trust them, then I don’t want to take my chances.

Before Sonic can attempt to run away, Pikachu jumps off the table and Sonic becomes surprised.

Sonic: Oh, no!

Pikachu lands right on top of Sonic. Almost making it look like a pounce.


Pikachu: Pikachu.

This was loud enough to get the ladies’ attention. Sonic becomes unconscious.

Officer Jenny: What was that?

Nurse Joy: Now, Pikachu.

Joy grabs Pikachu.

Nurse Joy: I know that you miss your trainer, but that’s no excuse to cause trouble.

Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu!

Pikachu points to the floor at Sonic. Officer Jenny gets on her knees and picks up Sonic.

Officer Jenny: Is this what’s gotten you so excited?

Pikachu: Pika.

Pikachu nods with a smile.

Nurse Joy: What is that thing?

Sonic wakes up slowly.

Sonic: *groans* My head.

Both ladies are shocked.

Officer Jenny: No way!

Nurse Joy: It can talk?!

Sonic looks at Pikachu.

Sonic: So, this was your idea, huh?

Pikachu: Pika-Pika.

Pikachu has a smile on its face. Sonic stands up and realizes that he’s standing on top of a hand. Officer Jenny’s hand.

Officer Jenny: What are you?

Sonic: A hedgehog.

Nurse Joy: Hedgehog? Never heard of it.

Jenny brushes Sonic's head with one of her fingers.

Officer Jenny: *giggles* Interesting creature.

Officer Jenny hands Sonic over to Nurse Joy, who starts poking him with her index finger.

Nurse Joy: Amazing! *giggles*

Sonic: Hey, hey! No personal touching, please.

Nurse Joy brings him up to her face.

Nurse Joy: Sorry. It’s just that in all my years of dealing with Pokemon, I’ve never seen anything like you before.

Officer Jenny comes close to Sonic, as well.

Sonic: Uh.......yeah. Anyway, I'm not really from around here. Where is here, anyway?

Nurse Joy: This is Cerulean City in the Kanto region.

Jenny thinks and asks Sonic a question.

Officer Jenny: Say, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about the rumbling incident, would you?

Sonic: You mean the portal?

Officer Jenny: Portal?

Nurse Joy: What do you mean?

Sonic: Well, from my own dimension, I went through the portal, saw two other people, then landed in that bathroom. Now, here I am, three inches tall, and stranded.

Nurse Joy: Are you saying that this isn’t your natural height?

Sonic: Far from it. Anyway, I need to find a way to get back home. By the way, this Pikachu says that its trainer also went through the portal. We believe that its trainer is one of the two people that I saw through my trip.

This catches Officer Jenny’s & Nurse Joy’s full attention.

Officer Jenny: I’ll look into this and see what I can find.

Sonic: Thanks, officer.

Officer Jenny: The name’s Jenny, and thanks for the information. *giggles*

Nurse Joy: *giggles* And I’m Joy. It’s nice to meet you.

Sonic: Well, you two can call me Sonic. Bye.

Sonic jumps off of Joy’s hand and onto the floor.

Nurse Joy: Where are you going?

Sonic: I figured since I’m here, I might as well make the best of things.

Officer Jenny: But, you're so tiny.

Nurse Joy: You could easily get crushed.

Sonic: Ladies, I saved entire planets from robots ten times your sizes. I can take care of myself. Besides, I’ll have Pikachu be my guide through this land. I’m flattered that you care, though.

Officer Jenny & Nurse Joy: *giggles* Thanks.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Sonic zooms his way towards the front door. In fact, he spin-dashes his way through the glass, cutting through it rather smoothly before he’s back in the outside world. Joy & Jenny just watch with an amazed look at what they had just seen. Pikachu follows him.

Officer Jenny: Wow! That was fast!

Nurse Joy: What a strong, and humble, little Pokemon.

Both ladies giggle.

Nurse Joy: I wonder if Professor Oak has discovered it?

Officer Jenny: Don’t know. Anyway, I’ve got work to do. A trainer is lost and we need to find out what happened. Nurse, were there any trainers that came with a Pikachu?

Nurse Joy: Just one, and the Pikachu wasn’t in its Pokeball. According to this computer, his name was Ash Ketchum.

Officer Jenny: For now, let’s keep this information to ourselves. I don’t want to get the public involved. Plus, I don’t think that anyone else would take this story seriously.

Nurse Joy nods.

Nurse Joy: I understand.

Sonic and Pikachu look around outside.

Sonic: So, where do we go, first?

Pikachu: Pikachu! Pikachu-Pi!

Sonic: Huh? Who? Where?

Pikachu mentions that Misty is near the Pokemon Center.

Misty: What’s taking Ash, so long? It shouldn’t take this long, just for a check-up.

She has no clue that Ash has vanished. Even so, Misty felt that something was wrong for him to be taking this long inside a Pokemon Center. She looks around and finds Pikachu.

Misty: Oh, Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pikachu! Pikachu-Pi!

Pikachu runs up to Misty.

Misty: It’s nice to see that you’re okay.

She looks over to Sonic.

Misty: What are you suppose to be? Well, whatever you are, I’m going to catch you.

Sonic and Pikachu become startled. Sonic starts to creep away before he charges with a full-on sprint away from the center.

Misty: Oh, no, you don’t! Go, Staryu!

She pulls out one of her Pokeballs and throws it ahead of Sonic. Sonic stops in his tracks to keep him from colliding with the Pokeball and the creature that came out of it, Staryu.

Sonic: Uh, what the heck's going on here?!

Misty ran up to the battle scene, but didn't get too close to Sonic. Pikachu tries to protest against this.

Misty: Not now, Pikachu. Staryu, use Water Gun!

Sonic: Did she just say WATER gun?!

As we all know, Sonic fears the water tremendously. Before he gets a chance to think of a way out of this, a huge stream of water blasts Sonic several feet, almost back to Misty's feet. Sonic, pounded by the water, struggles to get back up. Pikachu tries to get Misty’s attention and waves its arms and shakes its head, attempting to tell her not to capture Sonic.

Misty: Not now, Pikachu! Pokeball, go!

Pikachu: PIKACHU!!!!

Misty drops the Pokeball at her feet. Sonic tries his best to recover, but he couldn't evade the Pokeball as it fell down on top of him and trapped him inside. He fights with all his might inside the Pokeball, but he was eventually too tired to do anything and fainted. Pikachu is in panic, thinking that this is going to cause problems for Ash to get back home. Misty, calling back Staryu, picked up her Pokeball to celebrate over her newest acquisition.

Misty: All right!!! I caught.......well, whatever this thing was, I caught it!

Pikachu, out of anger, does a Thundershock on Misty.

Misty: What did you do that for?!

Pikachu snatches the Pokeball that she used to capture Sonic and lets him out, curious to know if he’s okay.

Misty: What, is he your friend? Well, why didn’t you say anything, before I captured it?

Pikachu’s sweat drops and it threatens to do another Thundershock on Misty. She could clearly see this from the electricity building up around Pikachu's red cheeks.

Misty: Whoa, okay! Okay! Okay, I’m sorry. By the way, where’s Ash? Do you know?

Pikachu made a frowning expression to, basically, say no.

Misty: Hmmm.......this doesn't sound good. We better check and make sure he's alright.

Pikachu shakes its head.

Misty: Why not?

Pikachu takes looks at Sonic. Misty walks up to him and wonders.

Misty: What does this creature have to do with it?

Daisy: Hey, Misty!

Misty sees that her three sisters have arrived.

Misty: Daisy? Violet? Lily?

Daisy: I swear, you’re, like, such a worry wart.

Violet: You acted as if, like, the kid had died, when you left.

Lily: Relax. You say that he’s been able to, like, take care of himself, numerous times. I’m sure that he’s doing okay.

Misty: I don’t know. Pikachu seems rather sad. Something must’ve happened.

All the girls look at Pikachu’s sorrowful face.

Daisy: Whoa.

Violet: Pikachu does look totally sad.

Lily: I’m sorry, little guy.

Sonic wakes up. All the girls and Pikachu look on.

Sonic: *groans* Man, I feel like I just went through Niagara Falls.

The girls are shocked.

Misty: It talks?! I’ve managed to capture a talking Pokemon?!

Violet: Like, no way!

Daisy: This is totally unreal!

Lily: And it’s so tiny. It’s totally cute.

Sonic is still feeling a little dizzy from the Water Gun. Nonetheless, he stands up and looks at his surroundings.

Sonic: Well, I see that nothing’s changed.

Sonic looks at his surroundings and sees that Pikachu’s still with him.

Sonic: Hello, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Sonic: So, shall we get going?

Before they could take off, all four girls encircle Sonic & Pikachu. They get on their knees and get as close as possible. Sonic is surprised.

Sonic: What’s going on?

All four girls start giggling.

Daisy: You’re like, so adorable at that height.

Sonic gets angry.

Sonic: Pikachu! Did you tell more people about me?!

Pikachu: Pika-Pi-Pikachu!

Pikachu shakes its head, denying it.

Misty: You can blame me for this. I accused you of being a wild and rare Pokemon. I got carried away and captured you. I apologize for that.

Sonic: No problem. Just please don’t do that again.

Misty: Sure thing.

Daisy: Hey, Misty.

Misty: What?

Daisy: What about Ash?

Misty: Oh, I almost forgot.

Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu. Chu-Pi. Pi-Pikachu. Pi-Pi-Pika-Pika.

Sonic: Are you sure that we can trust them?

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Sonic: Very well.

Lily: You can understand him?

Sonic: Yeah. Pikachu wanted me tell you about the situation at hand. Your friend, Ash had traveled through a strange portal in the men’s restroom. Pikachu was so distraught until he met me. I came through that portal from another dimension. To my surprise, I made it out of there, only three inches tall. The portals are gone, now. Nurse Joy & Officer Jenny are already working on how to find your friend and find out how this happened.

All the girls are shocked.

Sonic: Look, I know it seems like a crazy story, but after seeing me talk and explain all of this to you, what’s not to believe?

Misty: Good point. If what you say is true, then there may be a good chance that Ash is going through the same thing.

Sonic: Well, I only saw your friend and some other guy for about five seconds before I ended up here. So, I’m guessing that may be the case. (To himself) I just feel sorry for whoever went into my dimension. Oy.

Misty: What was that?

Sonic: Nothing.

Daisy: So, like, what should we do, now?

Sonic: Well, since I’m stuck here, I figured that I’d go with Pikachu and take a tour of this town.

Violet: Well, like in that case, we’ll be glad to join you.

Misty: But what about Ash?

Lily: We can’t do anything at the moment, and besides, I say that it’s like, best to make the most out of this situation.

Misty has a smile on her face.

Misty: Yes, you’re right.

Misty grabs Sonic. All the girls stand at their full height.

Misty: We’ll be glad to show you around the town.

All the girls giggle. Pikachu climbs on Daisy’s right shoulder.

Misty: I’m Misty, and these are my sisters.

Daisy: Hi, I’m Daisy.

Violet: My name is Violet.

Lily: And mine’s is Lily.

Sonic: I’m Sonic The Hedgehog.

Misty: Okay then, Sonic. Welcome to the town of Cerulean!

They all walk off.

In the distance, Team Rocket is spying on them. As always, they’re after Ash’s Pikachu. At this moment, they strongly believe that this is their golden opportunity.

Jessie: Wow. Who would’ve thought that twerp would leave his Pikachu behind?

James: Or that any of that was actually possible? I mean all that still sounds like a science fiction tale.

Meowth: Nonetheless, dis is da poifect chance for us to score big! We’ll take Pikachu and dat blue creature! With it’s ability to talk to Pokemon like me, it has to have some value for da boss.

Jessie: This is just too perfect!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

James: Well, then, let’s go!

Mime Jr.: Mime, mime, mime, mime!

Meowth: And I’ve got da poifect plan for dis operation.

That evening, at the Pokemon Center, Officer Jenny decides to take another look inside the men’s restroom.

Officer Jenny: Hmm. This is where I found Pikachu. If what Sonic says is true, than there should be some type of clue that caused this.

Jenny manages to find some black powder around the wall where Ash took off and Sonic came through.

Officer Jenny: What’s this?

Jenny picks up some of the stuff and rubs it between her fingers.

Officer Jenny: Hmm. This stuff looks like it was mixed with some sort of chemicals that may have created the portal. There’s no way that this black powder would exist by itself unless someone was behind it, and only a scientist could possibly know how it works. But who would want to do something like this, and why?

Officer Jenny grabs some of the black powder and puts it in a bag. Meanwhile, at the front desk, Nurse Joy is in deep thought.

Nurse Joy: It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Officer Jenny: Nurse Joy?

Officer Jenny appears at the front desk, but Nurse Joy is too focused in thought to notice her.

Officer Jenny: Nurse Joy?

Still no response.

Officer Jenny: NURSE JOY?!

Joy is startled.

Nurse Joy: Oh, hi, Jenny. Sorry for not responding.

Officer Jenny: No problem. Mind telling me what’s on your mind?

Nurse Joy: After you tell me what you wanted.

Officer Jenny: Sure. Look at this.

She shows the bag to Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy: What’s this?

Officer Jenny: I found this stuff inside the restroom. It looks like something that was used to create the portal.

Nurse Joy: Hmm. I can’t understand the motive behind this. Who would do this in a bathroom, inside the Pokemon Center, where just about anyone could’ve been sucked in that portal?

Officer Jenny: So you’re saying that you also believe that someone was behind it?

Nurse Joy: Not only that, but that there were also specific targets for this. Take a look at this security footage.

Nurse Joy shows the security footage on the computer.

Nurse Joy: These were all the men that went into that restroom in the past couple of days. As you notice, none of those men were effected until Ash came in with his Pikachu. That’s when the rumbling started.

Officer Jenny: So, you believe that both Ash Ketchum and Sonic The Hedgehog were targets in this?

Nurse Joy: Yes.

Officer Jenny: Then that means that Ash is probably going through the same events that Sonic is going through.

Nurse Joy: Exactly. Sonic is in this dimension and Ash is in Sonic’s dimension.

Officer Jenny: Hmm, that may be, but remember what Sonic said?

(Flashback to a few moments ago.)

Sonic: Well, from my own dimension, I went through the portal, saw two other people, then landed in that bathroom. Now, here I am, three inches tall, and stranded.

(End flashback.)

Nurse Joy: So, Ash could be in another dimension?

Officer Jenny: Let’s backtrack a little bit. Three people, or two people and a hedgehog, from three different dimensions, were sucked into a portal and sent to different dimensions. Sonic came from his dimension to this one and was shrunk to three inches in height. It’s my guess that Ash and the other victim were shrunk as well.

Nurse Joy: So, we know of Sonic’s Dimension and the Pokemon Dimension. We also know that Sonic The Hedgehog and Ash Ketchum are involved in this. That just leaves the third person and third dimension. Who else was involved in this, and from where?

Officer Jenny: We’ll figure that out later. Right now, I need to find out who would know about this type of technology.

Nurse Joy: Well, Team Rocket may be the easiest ones to pin the blame on, but I don’t think that even they’re capable of making something like a dimensional portal.

Officer Jenny: Hmm. Yeah. And even if they were, I don’t believe that they would do something this crazy. Well, for now, I’m going to find Sonic. Maybe he knows someone who’s capable of this type of technology.

Nurse Joy: Are you sure? He’s small and fast.

Officer Jenny: No worries. I’ll just find Pikachu, and then, I’ll find him.

Nurse Joy: Good luck. I’ll continue to look around the center and see if I can find anything else.

Officer Jenny: I’ll be back.

Jenny leaves the center.

Meanwhile, Misty, her sisters, Sonic, & Pikachu are all finished with the tour. Daisy, Violet, & Lily all have bags of clothes and accessories from all the shopping that they did during the tour.

Sonic: Nice place. It seems just like a normal town.

Misty: I’m glad you think so. Now, it’s time to head home. You can stay with us until things get better.

Sonic: I guess so.

Pikachu: Pika, Pi-Pikachu?

Sonic: No, I don’t have a problem with it at all. I don’t mind staying with your friends.

Pikachu: Pika.

Misty and the others head to the gym. They all get inside.

Daisy: Welcome to the Cerulean Gym!

Sonic is confused.

Sonic: Gym? It looks more like an aquarium. I thought that you girls were heading home.

Misty: This is our home.

Sonic: Oh.......I see.

He notices all the water Pokemon and glass windows showing the tanks where the water Pokemon are in.

Lily: Well, this gym specialized in water Pokemon.

Violet: In fact, check out our battle arena.

They walk over to the battle arena and it turns out to be one huge pool. Sonic speaks calmly.

Sonic: Oh. So it’s a pool. And this whole place is full of water.

Misty: That’s what makes this a water Pokemon gym. I’m sure that you’ll be able to get along with everyone in here.

Sonic, even though he looks calm, faints and falls off of Misty’s hand.

Misty: *gasps* Sonic!

Pikachu jumps off of Daisy.

Daisy: Hey! Like, watch it! You almost messed up my hair!

Pikachu manages to use it’s body as a cushion for Sonic’s landing.

Lily: Excellent timing, Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Violet: Misty, you need to, like, be more careful!

Misty: It’s not my fault! He fell off!

Daisy picks up Sonic.

Daisy: I’ll hold on to him for a while.

Misty: I told you, it wasn’t my fault!!

Daisy: Relax. I’m not blaming anyone.

She notices that Sonic is unconscious and smiles.

Daisy: (Thinking) So, that’s the reason.

Lily: So Daisy. Like, what’s the situation?

Violet: Is he okay?

Daisy: He’s fine. He just needs some rest. Misty, give me a hand. Violet, Lily, why don’t bring the stuff that we bought to our rooms?

Violet and Lily head to the bedrooms with the bags.

Misty: Are you sure that we’re able to afford all of that?

Daisy: We’ve been saving. Now, help me out.

Misty: Uh, okay. What do you want me to do?

Daisy: Let’s find a bed for this thing. I’m sure that we have, like, a bed in one our dollhouses, or something.

Misty: I’ll look.

Misty leaves. At the same time, Sonic wakes up.

Sonic: *groans* Ah, man.

Daisy: *giggles* How are you feeling, now?

Sonic turns around to see the huge face of Daisy.

Sonic: Much better, thanks.

Daisy: So, I see that you have a fear of water. *giggles*

Sonic is stunned.

Daisy: *laughs* Don’t be so surprised, Sonic. The moment you fainted, I knew.

Sonic: *sighs* Well, water seems to be the only thing that I have a disadvantage at. Cups of water, showers, and baths, I can handle. Pools, oceans, and any big bodies of water like that, I can’t stand.

Daisy: *giggles* I totally understand.

Daisy pats Sonic on the head.

Daisy: Just take it easy, okay?

Daisy pets his head and Sonic enjoys it.

Daisy: You have my word that my sisters and I will make sure that nothing bad happens to you.

Sonic: Mmmmm. Thanks. That feels good.

Daisy couldn’t help but enjoy Sonic acting like this. Misty appears.

Misty: Daisy, I’ve got the bed from the dollhouse that you asked for.

Sonic: Huh?

Daisy: Oh. Well, that’s, like, totally unnecessary, right now. Sonic’s awake.

Misty: Are you okay?

Sonic: I’m fine.

Daisy: Well, I’d better get the gym closed up. Misty, why don’t you look after him for a while?

Misty: Okay.

Daisy hands Sonic over to Misty and leaves. Misty smiles and giggles, anxious to get some real time with the little hedgehog. Sonic, however, is feeling blue.

Sonic: (Thinking) I hope that Jenny has managed to figure out how I can get home. I’m getting sick of this.

Misty looks at Sonic and notices his attitude.

Misty: Let’s go someplace else.

Sonic: *sighs* I suppose that I don’t have a choice about this......

Misty: Well, I’m sure that you’d rather be around somewhere where there is no water, due to your hydrophobia.

Sonic: Good point. You also know about my fear, I see.

Misty: It was obvious. First, the Water Gun from Staryu. Then, the Cerulean Gym.

Sonic: That’s also a pretty fancy word to be using for someone your age.

Misty: *giggles* When you live your life around water, you tend to know these terms.

Sonic changes the subject.

Sonic: So, where to?

Misty: Well, since you still seem to be feeling blue, we’ll head outside.

Sonic looks up at her with a blank expression about her joke on his skin.

Sonic: Heh. Very funny.

Misty: *giggles* Coming, Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika.

They all head outside, somewhere behind the gym. In the sky, stars and clouds are everywhere, yet a full moon is clearly visible.

Misty: So, how do you feel, now?

Sonic: I’m fine. It’s just that, at first glance of water, I get paranoid, sometimes. After a while, the fear dies down. I wouldn’t call what I have as hydrophobia. I just can’t swim, that’s all.

Misty: So, how are things from where you live?

Sonic: Well, there aren’t many humans, although creatures like the ones on this planet are very common, and can talk, like myself.

Misty: Really?!

Sonic: Well, maybe not all the creatures, but it’s very common. (Thinking) I just hope that my friends are doing okay without me and that Amy has calmed down.

Pikachu: Pikachu-Pi! Pika-Pika.

Misty: Huh? What is it, Pikachu?

Sonic: Fruits in a tree? Well, I am getting hungry. I’ll get some for us.

Sonic jumps off of Misty’s hand and lands next to her right foot. He zooms to the tree and surprises Misty.

Misty: (To herself) Wow! That was fast!

Sonic makes up to the top and lands on a tree branch. He sees the giant fruit in front of him. It’s apples.

Sonic: (To himself) I may be small, but with enough speed, I should still be able to get them down.

Misty and Pikachu run up to the tree.

Misty: Sonic?

Pikachu: Pika?

Sonic: Catch the apples that fall.

Sonic does a Spin Dash Jump toward the fruit and uses a Homing Attack to cut the fruit from the tree.

Sonic: Here it comes.

Three apples fall down and are caught by Misty and Pikachu. Two by Misty and one by Pikachu.

Misty: I’m impressed.

Sonic jumps off the tree and lands on Misty’s head.

Misty: Ow!

Sonic: Sorry about that, Misty.

Misty: No real harm done, Sonic.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Just then, Misty sees a Caterpie and freaks out.


She runs off and Sonic falls off her head. Pikachu manages to catch him, right before he landed in the grass. Caterpie crawls away.

Sonic: Thanks for the save, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pi-Pika.

Sonic: So, I take it that Misty has a fear of bugs?

Pikachu nods.

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Just then, a claw grabs Pikachu, and Sonic falls to the grass.

Pikachu: PIKA!!!

Sonic: *groans* Pikachu?! What’s going on?

Before he could get an answer, a pair of giant black feet stomp right behind him. He falls down and gets pinned on his back by one of the feet. Actually, these feet were long boots. Just then, a giant black hand grabs him. Actually, the black hand was a really long glove. Sonic shakes his head and sees another figure with blue eyes, red lipstick, a white, long-sleeved top with a giant red “R” on it and purple hair. In the Pokemon universe, this figure is known as Jessie from Team Rocket. She has Sonic in her right hand.

Jessie: *laughs* At last, the talking Pokemon is in my hands.

Sonic: *groans* Who are you?

Jessie: Prepare for trouble! Jessie’s the name! As for you and Pikachu, make it double, because there’s no escape!

Sonic didn’t take her threat too seriously and just acted like she didn’t say anything important.

Sonic: Are you from around here?

Jessie: *giggles* You could say that.

Sonic looks around.

Sonic: Hey, what happened to--

Jessie: (Overlapping “to--”) You don’t need to worry about Pikachu. It’s perfectly safe, in our custody.

Sonic: What do you mean?

Jessie: It’s simple. We plan on taking both of you with us.

Sonic: Oh, really? And just what do you plan to do with us?

Jessie: That’s our business. Just know that there’s nothing that you can do about it as long as I have you in my grasp, Sonic The Hedgehog.

Sonic raises an eyebrow.

Sonic: So, you know my name as well, huh?

Sonic starts laughing.

Jessie: What’s so funny?

Sonic: Do you honestly think it’ll be that easy?

Jessie brings him close to her face.

Jessie: You’re in no position to threaten me. In fact, I could crush you, right now.

Sonic: (Thinking) Perfect. Just what I wanted her to do.

Sonic hawks up and spits in her left eye. Jessie accidentally throws Sonic into the air and rubs her eye. He rolls himself up.

Jessie: *groans* I can’t believe that thing spat in my eye. Where did it go?

Before she even noticed it, Sonic was zooming down on her hair, cutting through it like a saw-blade. It took her about a few seconds before she noticed that her hair was lying on the floor. She was in shock.

Jessie: Is.......that........

Jessie tried to feel something in the back of her head, but there was nothing.

Jessie: THAT’S MY HAIR!!

Jessie starts crying. Sonic comes out from under the hair that he cut off.

Sonic: *sniffs* Mmm. It smells really nice.

Just then, Jessie stops right in front of Sonic. He looks up and notices that she is steaming mad at the tiny hedgehog. Her face is red, her teeth are clenched, and tears are flowing down her face.

Jessie: YOU RUINED MY HAIR!!!!!!!!

The teardrops fall around Sonic like bombs.

Sonic: Whoa! I think it’s time I made my getaway!

Jessie: I’LL KILL YOU!!!

Jessie jumps for Sonic, but Sonic zooms out of the way.

Sonic: (To himself) I’d better find Pikachu and the girls.

Jessie: I’LL GET YOU!!!

Jessie makes another attempt at tackling Sonic, but Sonic zooms away and leaves the area.


Jessie runs after Sonic and the scene instantly becomes like a game of cat and mouse.

Meanwhile, Misty has managed to keep a distance between her and the Caterpie.

Misty: Man, I hate bugs.

She realizes that she’s alone.

Misty: Uh-oh. Where’s Sonic and Pikachu?

Pikachu: PIKACHU!!!

Pikachu tries to break free from its prison, which is inside a electric proof glass cage, but it’s of no use.

Meowth: Ha! Don’t botha wastin ya time tryin to escape. Once again, it’s electric proof.

James: I wonder what’s taking Jessie so long? She should’ve gotten the blue creature by now.

Misty: Team Rocket?!

Meowth and James are shocked.

Meowth: It’s da twerpette.

Misty: It figures that you’d be around here causing trouble. Everywhere Ash goes, you’re always right behind him! Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys-- Say, where’s Jessie?

Meowth and James are unable to answer.

Misty: (To herself) Oh, no. Sonic!

Sonic is busy zipping around the forests of Cerulean City, constantly trying to avoid the damage that Jessie is making during her rampage.

Sonic: Dang! If it wasn’t for all these branches on the floor, this would be a lot easier.


Sonic: Yikes! I’d better find Misty and her sisters, fast. I didn’t think that she’d catch up so quickly.


Jessie jumps and tries to tackle Sonic. Sonic jumps out of the way and manages to zoom away.

Jessie: HOLD STILL!!!

Jessie continues to give chase.


Jessie stops and grabs her Pokeballs.


All three Pokemon come out of their Pokeballs.


Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

The three Pokemon move out.

Jessie: *laughs maniacally* YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE!!

Jessie runs after her Pokemon.

Misty: Release Pikachu, now!

Meowth: Prepare for trouble! We’ll do no such ting!

James: Make it double! Because very soon, we’ll be kings!

Meowth: As evil as old as da galaxy!

James: Sent here to fulfill our destiny!

Mime Jr.: Mime, Mime, Mime, Mime!

Meowth: To denounce da evils of truth and love!

James: To send our reach to the stars above!

Meowth: Meowth!

James: James!

Meowth: Wheneva dere’s peace in da universe,--

James: --Team Rocket--

Meowth: --will be dere--

James & Meowth: --to make everything worse!

Mime Jr.: Mime, Mime!

James: This doesn’t feel right without Jessie.

Meowth: Whataya expect? It’s not our fault dat dis twerp came before Jessie did.

Misty: I guess we’ll have to do this the old fashion way! Misty calls Gyarados!

Gyarados appears.

James: That’s just fine with me! Go, Cacnea!

Cacnea comes out and hugs James.

James: Will you stop doing that?!

Misty: Gyarados, use Flamethrower!

James: Cacnea, use Pin Missile!

Cacnea uses Pin Missile, but the attack is easily burned to ashes from the Flamethrower and Cacnea is burned.

Meowth: Where is Jessie?! Because of her absense, dis plan ain’t gonna woik!

James: So what do we do?

Meowth: Plan B. We grab Pikachu and run! We’ll worry about Jessie, later.

James grabs the case and they run.

Misty: I don’t think so! Gyarados, Hyper Beam!

Gyarados’s Hyper Beam manages to blast them all. Pikachu is free from its prison and Misty catches it. James and Meowth fly off.

James: Meowth, this perfect plan of yours was nothing but another perfect failure!

Mime Jr.: Mime, Mime!

Meowth: Dis is all Jessie’s fault! If she was around, den our plan would’ve woiked!

James & Meowth: Curse you, Jessie!

Mime: Mime!

They fly off.

Misty: Pikachu, are you okay?

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Misty: *giggles* Good to know.

Lily: Hey, Misty?

Lily and Violet appear.

Misty: Hey, sis. What’s up?

Violet: Okay, here’s the thing. Officer Jenny was at the front of the gym and wanted to see Sonic.

Misty: Pikachu, where’s Sonic?

Pikachu lowers it’s head.

Pikachu: Pika.

Misty: (To herself) I’m sure that Jessie’s after him.

Misty looks around.

Misty: Say, where’s Daisy?

Lily: Like, I don’t know.

Violet: She said that she was stepping out for some air.

Misty: Well, right now, we need to find Sonic.

Lily: Were you, like, careless, again?

Misty: Never mind that! Let’s go!

Sonic continues to run from Jessie and her Pokemon. He stops for a brief rest.

Sonic: I think I lost her.

He finds a nearby tree and rests on it.

Sonic: *sighs* Man, this has been one crazy adventure. I mean, I’ve gone on crazier adventures than this, but one’s been the most--How should I say this?--difficult. Heck, if it wasn’t for my speed, I’d be dead, already. Still, it’s been fun, so far. I mean, there’s no reason to think negatively about the situation.

He looks at the sky. It’s a full moon with some clouds. Sonic looks at the clouds and some of them take the shapes of his friends.

Sonic: Tails. Knuckles. Cream. Amy. I hope they’re all doing okay without me.

Just them a huge amount of rumbling starts. Sonic is on his feet.

Sonic: She’s here!

Before he can take off, a huge moth-like creature. It’s Dustox.

Sonic: What the heck is that?!

Dustox: DUSTOX!!

Without hesitating, Dustox uses Gust and manages to blow Sonic up into the air.

Sonic: Oh, you like to play games, huh? Fine, I’ll play.

Sonic uses a Homing Attack and strikes Dustox. Although the damage done is minor, Sonic manages to push the Pokemon into the ground.

Sonic: Man, it’s no good. I’m too small, and that thing has some pretty tough skin.

Dustox: Dustox. Dustox!

Sonic: Well, I had fun, but I’m in a hurry. Bye.

Sonic zooms away. Dustox manages to recover and give chase. Sonic looks back.

Sonic: Man, I wonder if that thing is still chasing me.

Without even knowing it, Wobbuffet appears and uses Counter. Sonic looks at the large blue figure and bounces off of it.

Sonic: Ow! What was that?

Wobbuffet: WOBBUFFET!

Wobbuffet jumps and tries to tackle Sonic. Sonic jumps high in the air and Wobbuffet misses. Sonic lands on it’s back.

Sonic: Another one of these creatures. Well, I’d better keep going.

Sonic runs off. Wobbuffet gets up. Dustox appears and continues to go after Sonic. Wobbuffet follows it. Meanwhile, in a matter of minutes, Sonic has kept a huge distance from the other Pokemon.

Sonic: Sheesh! I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. I don’t even know where I am, now! Where are the girls? Without them, I’m lost.

Just then, he hears hissing.

Sonic: Now, what?!

A large mouth is breathing on his back. He turns around and is shocked, yet again.

Sonic: Oh, no.

Seviper: SEVIPER!

Seviper stares at Sonic and he backs up slowly. Seviper gets ready to strike.

Seviper: Seviper!

Seviper launches at Sonic and tries to use Bite.

Sonic: Whoa!

Sonic jumps out of the way. Seviper tries to smack Sonic with Poison Tail. Sonic manages to dodge it, and the tail hits the ground. The force of the attack pushes Sonic on Seviper’s tail. Seviper launches at Sonic with a Crunch attack. It manages to grab Sonic in its mouth, but it also bites its own tail. Seviper releases Sonic from its mouth and is screaming in pain.

Seviper: SEVIPER!!!

Sonic: Man, that was close.

Just then, he hears footsteps.

Sonic: It’s her, again. I’d better scram.

Sonic zooms away. At the same time, Jessie, Wobbuffet, and Dustox see Seviper in pain.

Jessie: Seviper! What did that thing do to you?!

Seviper: Sev....i....per.......

Jessie: Can you still fight?

Seviper is angry with tears, but it shows Jessie and her other Pokemon that it’s really determined to find Sonic.

Seviper: SEVIPER!!!

Jessie: GRRRRRRR!!!! First, he destroys my hair. Now, he hurts my poor Seviper! I’LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS, IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO!!!

Seviper: SEVIPER!!!

Wobbuffet: WOBBUFFET!!!

Dustox: DUSTOX!!!

Jessie: LET’S GO!!!

Jessie and her Pokemon give chase. Meanwhile, Sonic continues to run away.

Sonic: Come on! That crazy lady and three of those creatures chasing after me, who’s clueless about where he is, now! Where are those girls?!

He eventually comes to a river. Easily crossable, but at his current height, it’s impossible.

Sonic: Oh, great. A river. Just what I needed.

Before he can turn around, he’s stopped by Dustox. He turns around and is stopped by Wobbuffet. He tries to go backwards, but is stopped by Seviper, who has a very angry look on its face.

Sonic: Crud, I’m surrounded!

Seviper uses Glare and Sonic becomes paralyzed.

Sonic: I....can’t.....move! What.....happened?

Jessie appears.

Jessie: *laughs* Now, I’ve got you trapped. Seviper, Dustox, and Wobbuffet. You all did a good job.

Sonic: These creatures belong to you?!

Jessie: That’s right! I figured since I couldn’t catch you by myself, I’d use assistance. Dustox, String Shot!

Dustox uses String Shot and Sonic becomes entangled in the string. His arms and the lower part of his body are tied up within the string.

Jessie: You should’ve known better than to mess with me and my hair. Now, I’m going to squash you like the lowly bug you are! Then, you’ll be Seviper’s dinner!

Seviper: Seviper!

Seviper is licking its lips and drooling.

Sonic knows that this could be the end.

Jessie: Farewell, Sonic The Hedgehog!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

?????: Luverin, Ice Beam!

A Luvdisc shoots an Ice Beam and the attack freezes Dustox in solid ice!


Sonic, Jessie, and her Pokemon turn around.

Daisy: You causing trouble around here, again? I swear, you Team Rocket freaks never learn.

Jessie and Sonic are surprised to see Daisy!

Sonic: Daisy?!

Daisy: Hi, Sonic.

Jessie: How dare you disturb me in my moment of triumph!

Daisy: You leave that poor, adorable, cute, little creature alone!

Sonic: Do you have to call me all those things?

Daisy: *giggles* Well, you are.

Jessie: *groans* Seviper, Poison Sting!

Seviper launches into the air.

Daisy: Luverin, use Sweet Kiss!

Luverin’s Sweet Kiss hits Seviper and Seviper becomes confused and hits Wobbuffet by surprise. Wobbuffet gets knocked out.


Sonic runs over to Daisy and stands behind her blue slippers.

Daisy: Now, use Tackle!

Luverin uses Tackle and takes down Seviper on top of Jessie.

Jessie: No! No! No! This wasn’t suppose to happen!

Daisy: Now, finish them off with Water Pulse!

Luverin uses Water Pulse and it causes an explosion. Jessie and her Pokemon are flying in the air.


Seviper: SEVIPER!!!

They fly off.

Daisy: *gasps* Oh, no! I totally forgot about Sonic!

Sonic: HEY, DAISY!!

Daisy: Sonic?! Where are you?

Daisy turns around and lifts her feet, unaware that Sonic is right below her.

Sonic: WHOA, LOOK OUT!!!

Sonic was quick enough to avoid getting squashed.

Daisy: Huh?

Daisy looks down and sees Sonic.

Daisy: Sonic!

Daisy picks up Sonic.

Sonic: You have to be more careful. You almost stepped on me.

Daisy: Sorry, but you shouldn’t have been so close, either. I mean, I couldn’t, like, tell that you were right below me. Okay?

Sonic: In that case, I’m sorry, too.

Daisy giggles and kisses Sonic on the side of his face. Sonic’s face turns red.

Daisy: Just be more careful, next time, okay? *giggles*

Sonic’s face turns back to normal.

Sonic: Okay.

Misty: Sonic!!

Pikachu, Misty, Lily, & Violet appear.

Misty: Daisy? What are you doing here?

Daisy: Hi, girls. I just stepped out for some air. I didn’t think that I’d run into Team Rocket.

Lily & Violet: Team Rocket?

Daisy: Don’t worry about it. I took care of it.

Misty: What about Sonic.

Daisy: He’s right here.

She shows them Sonic in her hand.

Sonic: Hey, ladies.

Misty: Sonic, Officer Jenny wanted to see you at the front of the gym.

Sonic: I just hope that it’s good news.

Sonic jumps off and lands on the ground, right in front of Daisy’s blue shoes. He is about to zoom away.

Misty: Hold on!

Pikachu stands in Sonic’s way and he stops.

Sonic: What’s wrong?

Violet: Well, like, you’re about to run off, again.

Lily: And, like, you don’t even know where you are!

Sonic scratches the back of his head and laughs.

Sonic: Oh, yeah. I forgot.

Misty picks him up. The girls start walking over to the gym.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is arguing.

James: OUR FAULT?!

Jessie: Yes! That little imp managed to destroy my hair and you two were nowhere around!

Meowth: You bein’ gone was da reason my plan was a failure!

James: Besides, the orange-haired twerp got to us before you did! If you had shown up sooner, this wouldn’t have happened!

Jessie: Well, excuse me! That little creature was a lot tougher than I expected! Believe it or not, it’s extremely fast! I could hardly keep up with it!

Meowth: Well, let’s put dis behind us. We still can still unleash our scheme, since it neva really happened.

Jessie: Huh?

James: You mean it’s still possible?!

Meowth: We can capture both Pokemon and get revenge!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

The girls arrive in the Cerulean Gym. Officer Jenny is resting around the entrance.

Misty: Officer?

Officer Jenny: Oh, good. You’ve come back.

She looks down at Sonic, who’s standing on Misty’s hand.

Officer Jenny: Hello again, Sonic.

Sonic: Hey there, Jenny. How are things?

Officer Jenny: We’ve managed to find a clue about the portal’s appearance, but right now, we’re stuck on finding out who’s responsible for this. I wanted to ask you some questions, but I’ll wait until morning for those. Meet me at the Pokemon Center at 9:00 AM. You ladies can join us, if you want to. For now, get some sleep.

Sonic: Sure thing.

Officer Jenny leaves.

It’s morning. Sonic is the first one up.

Sonic: 7:00 AM. I know that I was told to be there at 9, but I figure that if I get there early, I won’t have to worry about all those people.

Misty: Leaving, already?

Sonic is surprised to see Misty and Pikachu.

Misty: Surprised to see me?

Sonic: I’m surprised to see you up this early.

Daisy: We could say the same thing about you.

Sonic turns around and is surprised to see Daisy, Violet, & Lily up as well. All four girls are all dressed and ready to start their day.

Sonic: I never thought that you girls were early birds.

Misty: Well, we’re not entirely ready. We’ve still got to open the gym. Misty, come with me.

Misty and Daisy leave the room. Violet and Lily move over to Sonic. Violet picks him up.

Sonic: Aren’t you two going to work?

Lily: We decided to get some more time with you before you leave.

Violet: Misty will be taking you to the Pokemon Center by herself. Before you leave, we’d like to ask you if you’ll ever come back.

Lily: Yeah! I mean, it would be, like, totally uncool if you never came back.

Sonic: Well, unless I can find out how that portal was made, I can’t say that it’ll happen. If it does happen, I hope that I’ll be at my normal size. That way, you girls can see what I really look like. I hope that it does become possible. I don’t want to be forgotten or forget about you girls.

Lily: We feel the same way.

Violet: Totally!

Both girls give Sonic a kiss on both sides of his face.

Lily: Here’s hoping that you get home.

Violet: And that you are able to come back and visit us.

Both girls giggle.

Sonic: (Thinking) *sighs* Good thing Amy’s not here. She’d flip.

Daisy: Girls, we’re finished!

Violet & Lily: Okay!

Misty: I’ll take him.

Violet gives Sonic to Misty.

Sonic: That was fast.

Daisy: Like, good luck, Sonic. I hope that you find your way home.

Sonic: Thanks, ladies. I’ll never forget you three.

Violet: Misty, you take good care of him.

Misty: You can depend on me.

Misty leaves out the door with Sonic. Pikachu follows them.

Daisy, Violet, & Lily: BYE, SONIC!!!

After the last good-byes, Misty and Sonic make it to the Pokemon Center. Misty gets inside and looks at the clock.

Misty: 8:30? We’re still early.

Sonic: Let’s see Nurse Joy.

Misty: Okay.

Misty goes over to Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy: Hello, Misty. How can I help you?

Misty shows Sonic to Joy.

Sonic: Hello, Nurse! It’s been a while.

Nurse Joy: Sonic! It’s nice to see you. So, I take it that you made friends with the Cerulean gym leader. You’re early, though.

Misty: He thought that we could make it before the crowds came.

Nurse Joy: Well, you shouldn’t worry about that. Until things have been fixed, I’ve relocated business for the Pokemon Center.

Sonic: That’s good to know.

Nurse Joy: So, how did you two run into each other?

Sonic: Well, do you remember seeing me and Pikachu run out of this place?

Nurse Joy: Yes.

Sonic: Well, shortly afterward, Pikachu ran into Misty. Then, she saw me.

Misty: I got caught up in thinking that Sonic was a rare Pokemon and caught it.

Sonic: If it wasn’t for Pikachu, then I’d probably be trapped forever.

Misty: Ah, come on! You know that I would never treat you like that.

Sonic: Not when you caught me.

Misty: Still, eventually, I would’ve known about you and this situation.

Sonic: .........True.

Pikachu: Pikachu. Pika-Pika-Pi-Pikachu.

Sonic: Yes, I was just getting to that.

Misty: What did Pikachu say?

Sonic: Pikachu wanted me to mention your sisters’ and Team Rocket’s involvement in this.

Nurse Joy: What happened?

Sonic: They all couldn’t get enough of me.

Misty: *giggles* Can you blame us? Anyway, Team Rocket got involved, but we managed to take care of them.

Nurse Joy: Well, it seems like you two had quite an adventure.

Nurse Joy looks at the clock. It’s 8:55 AM.

Nurse Joy: Well, I might as well get going. Officer Jenny should be with you, shortly.

Nurse Joy leaves the Pokemon Center. Misty takes a seat around the front desk. She places Sonic right next to her.

Sonic: I hope that she has good news for me.

Misty: So do I.

Sonic: Huh?

Misty: Well, I’m sure that you have a family and friends who are probably worried about you. As much as I’d love for you to stay with us, some things are more important than personal needs.

Sonic smiles.

Sonic: I’m glad you think so.

Misty giggles. Officer Jenny comes through the front door.

Misty: Hello, officer.

Officer Jenny: Hello, Misty. Where’s Sonic?

Sonic: Right here.

Officer Jenny sits on the other side of Sonic. She picks him up.

Sonic: I hope that you have some good news.

Officer Jenny: Well, I don’t know about that. First, let me ask you some questions.

Sonic: Okay.

Officer Jenny: Well, do you know anyone from your dimension who would attempt something like this?

Sonic: Why?

Officer Jenny: We’ve tried to narrow down the suspects, but there seems to be no clear motive to these portal appearances.

Sonic: Hmmmm........ I only know of one person from my world. An evil genius by the name of Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. He’s been trying to take over my world and destroy me. There’s no mistake about it. It has to be one of Eggman’s devices. That guy will try anything to kill me.

Misty: But why do you think that Ash was involved in this?

Sonic: That part, I haven’t figured out yet.

Officer Jenny: Okay, here’s what we’ve figured out. We know that three different people from three different dimensions were sent to other dimensions, three inches tall. Sonic wound up in this dimension and Ash wound up in another dimension. We must also note that a third person was involved, but we don’t know where he went, who he was, or where he came from.

Misty: So, you’re telling me that Ash could be in Sonic’s Dimension?

Officer Jenny: Either there, or in the unknown dimension. I’m calling it “unknown” because we don’t know what it is. We also believe that three specific people were chosen.

Misty: What makes you believe that?

Officer Jenny: Nurse Joy showed me security footage, and it was proven that Ash was the only one that didn’t come out of the bathroom. Plus, all that rumbling occurred, and when I went to check it out, Pikachu was the only thing I found.

Sonic: Interesting. Things are beginning to make sense.

Officer Jenny: I also found this.

Jenny shows them the bag of black powder.

Misty: What is it?

Officer Jenny: This was found in the bathroom that you came out of, Sonic. Only a scientist would be able to make something like this to appear.

Misty: So, it probably was this Eggman that caused this.

Sonic: Hmm......

Misty: What’s wrong?

Sonic: I don’t know. Could Eggman really be capable of creating something like a dimensional portal? I mean the guy’s a true genius, but to use it to shrink me and send me here at once, and have two other specific people go through the same thing.......

Officer Jenny & Misty: Yes?

Sonic: I don’t think that he was alone when he did this.

Officer Jenny: You think so?

Sonic: I’m sure of it. I know that Eggman would want me gone, but there’s no way that he’d choose two other guys for this since he doesn’t know anything about them.

Misty: So you’re saying that two other people were behind this?

Sonic: Exactly! Eggman was one of them, but who were the other two?

Misty: Well, except for Jessie, James, & Meowth of Team Rocket, I don’t know anyone else who would want to do this to Ash.

Officer Jenny: So what do we do, now?

Just then, an explosion happens. The roof of the Pokemon Center is broken. Laughter can be heard. Just then, wind blows and Sonic and Pikachu are flown out of the center. When the smoke clears, both Sonic and Pikachu are seen in a box. Three figures are covered in the smoke.

Misty: You three, again?!

Jessie: Prepare for trouble! Sonic is mine!

James: Make it double! This time, it’s do or die!

Jessie: An evil as old as the galaxy!

James: Sent here to fulfill our destiny!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Meowth: And Meowth are da names!

Jessie: Whenever there’s peace in the universe,--

James: --Team Rocket--

Meowth: --will be dere--

Team Rocket: --to make everything worse!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Mime Jr.: Mime, mime!

It turns out that their Hot-Air balloon has a vacuum installed on its underside. The box is the center of the vacuum.

Officer Jenny: Team Rocket!

Misty: Look, we don’t have time for you three!

Jessie: Well, tough toenails! That blue freak ruined my hair! I’m sure that you both know very well that a girl’s hair is her life!

James: And as an added bonus, we’ll be taking Pikachu.

Meowth: And now, we’re through!

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and it does nothing but shock Sonic.

Pikachu: Pikachu.......

Sonic: That’s okay. I didn’t think that this would happen.

Sonic shakes it off.

Jessie: Don’t waste your time. It’s an electric powered vacuum and able to absorb electric attacks.

Sonic: (Thinking) Crud. And at my current size, I doubt that I could do much.

Misty: (Thinking) Electric, huh?

Team Rocket: Good bye!

Misty: Not so fast! Staryu, Corsola, Water Gun!

Both Pokemon come out of their Pokeballs and attack. The vacuum underneath short-circuits and explodes. Pikachu and Sonic are seen flying in the air. Officer Jenny manages to catch Pikachu, and Misty rescues Sonic.

Officer Jenny: Are you okay, little guy?

Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu.

Misty: What about you, Sonic?

Sonic: Just fine. Thanks for the save.

The smoke clears from the explosion and Jessie is steaming mad.


Seviper comes out of its Pokeball.

Misty: Staryu, use Psychic!

The Psychic attack overpowers Seviper.

James: Cacnea, Needle Arm!

Cacnea comes out of its Pokeball and hugs James.

James: Will you stop doing that?! Attack them!

Cacnea uses Needle Arm.

Misty: Corsola, use Spike Cannon!

Corsola uses the attack and knocks both Seviper and Cacnea into Jessie and James.

Sonic: (Thinking) Wow! She’s amazing! *sighs* Man, I’ve never felt so helpless.

Pikachu: Pika-CHU!!!

Pikachu shocks Team Rocket with Thunder and they go flying off.

James: So, Meowth. Is this part of your perfect plan?

Meowth: No. Dis was da backup plan. Because Jessie wasn’t dere to back us up, dis is all I could come up with.

Jessie: Well, isn’t this is just perfect?!

Team Rocket: Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again!!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

They fly off. All of a sudden, a portal appears. Everyone is shocked.

Sonic: Another portal?!

Misty: But how?!

Officer Jenny: Amazing!!

Sonic: (Thinking) Tails must’ve found Eggman’s blueprints and figured out how these portals work. Way to go!

Sonic is about to enter the portal.

Misty: Wait!

Sonic: What’s wrong? If I jump through here, then I’ll be back home.

Misty: That may be true, but how do you know that it won’t do the opposite? I mean, the portal could send you to another dimension, even smaller than you already are.

Sonic: Dang! You have a good point.

Just then a figure appears from the portal. It’s Ash, back to normal!

Misty: ASH!!

Pikachu: PIKA-PI!!


Ash and Pikachu hug each other.

Misty: How did you make it?

Ash: It’s a long story.

Ash looks down and sees Sonic.

Ash: Hey, you’re the creature that I saw in my travel through the portal. Sonic The Hedgehog, am I right?

Sonic: Then you must be Ash Ketchum.

Ash: Yep.

Sonic: Tell me, did you end up in my dimension?

Ash: No, I ended up in another dimension.

Sonic: But then how did you know my name?

Ash: Some people, or creatures, from another dimension managed to contact the dimension that I was in. Those guys were asking about you. It turns out that your enemy--I think his name was Dr. Egghead?

Sonic: Eggman?

Ash: That’s it. He, with this guy named Ganondorf, who broke free from some sort of magic prison, was able to combine their abilities, magic and science, to create the portals. As of now, those two were already taken care of. Now, we’ve managed to remake the portals.

Misty: How?

Ash: I’ll explain it later. Sonic, I’m sure that your friends will explain it to you when you get home.

Sonic: But won’t this portal send me to the dimension that you were in?

Ash: No, this will send you back home. Like I said, we’ve managed to reverse the process.

Misty walks over to Sonic and picks him up. She looks sad and starts getting teary-eyed.

Misty: I hope that you won’t forget about us.

Sonic: Definitely not. Even though I’ve had to deal with areas that I never expected, I still enjoyed myself. I don’t think that I’ll ever forget you or your sisters. That also includes you, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Ash: Huh? What happened?

Misty: I’ll explain it to you, later.

She turns to Sonic.

Misty: Even if we never see each other again, just know that you’ll always be in our hearts.

Misty gives Sonic a kiss on his forehead. Sonic blushes a little.

Sonic: Well, I’ve got to go.

Sonic jumps off of Misty’s hand and dashes for the portal. He jumps in. Misty runs close and yells.


Pikachu: PIKACHU!!!

The portal closes.

Inside the portal, Sonic is once again, flying through the vastness of time and space. Thoughts are going through his mind. The stories of what his friends might have for him, and how they managed to solve this mess. He sees the light and is heading for the end of the portal.

(Sonic’s Dimension)

Sonic makes it through the portal and he finds himself on the mountains, again. Knuckles, Amy, Cream, and Tails are there to greet him. By looking at them, he knows that he’s back to normal.

Amy: SONIC!!!

Amy jumps and hugs Sonic.

Knuckles: Nice to know that you made it back.

Tails: (To himself) Thanks, Zelda. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Sonic: Nice to see you all again.

Knuckles: So, how was your adventure?

Amy: Aw, can I go first?

Sonic: What do you mean, “go first”?

Cream: Like what you went through, she also had someone who was shrunk to three inches tall.

Amy: *giggle* I actually had a lot of fun with this little man.

Sonic: (Thinking) I can only imagine what she really means by “fun”.

Amy: Right now, I’m just glad to have you back.

Sonic: So am I. Anyway, I knew that much, but what I’m more curious to know is how you managed to fix this mess? I was dealing with other issues, not aware of anything until someone else, who was involved in this mess, told me what happened.

Cream: Well, why don’t we discuss this over lunch?

Sonic: Good idea. I’m starving.

With this crazy adventure behind them, they all walk back to Cream’s house, anxious to hear each other stories. For Ash and Link, this may have been one of the craziest adventures that they’ve ever been on. As for Sonic, it’s just another day in life.