The Spice of Gigantamax

(Cubed Cinder; idea by DuskyBlade2018)

The Pokémon Bonder known as Maxwell smiled as he walked up to the entrance of Aina’s Kitchen, located on Alola’s Melemele Island. He was glad to see it hadn’t changed much since he last came here, which was over a few years ago. He walked inside and saw the place was bustling, with people seated at almost every table inside the restaurant. He smiled when he saw his good friend, Mallow, running around trying to keep up with orders. He saw she was about to lose her balance trying to carry a couple plates, and that’s when he ran up to her backside and caught her.
“Need a hand, miss?” Maxwell asked. Mallow gasped upon seeing who caught her.
“Maxwell!? Oh my gosh! It’s been how long?” Mallow asked.
“A few years since I left Alola. How have you been?” Maxwell asked.
“Fine! Listen… I’m really busy, but my shift ends in about 20 minutes. Can you wait until then?” Mallow asked.
“Sure. What’s another 20 minutes?” Maxwell said, prompting a laugh from Mallow as she got back to work while Maxwell stepped outside and sat at one of the outdoor seats.

Sure enough, 20 minutes passed, and out came Mallow, breathing heavily as she sat down next to Maxwell.
“Still working as hard as ever I see.” Maxwell said.
“Heh… you were kinda a workaholic yourself back when you were employed here.” Mallow said.
“True, but I knew the restaurant life wasn’t always for me.” Maxwell said.
“Right, you said you wanted to travel the world in search of the finest cooking ingredients.” Mallow said.
“And I think I succeeded.” Maxwell said as he pulled a bag out from under the table, opening it up and revealing several bottles full of spices.
“Oh? That’s quite the collection, Maxwell.” Mallow said.
“Thanks! There’s this one I found in a region called Galar that I think is interesting.” Maxwell said as he lifted up a bottle full of a bright red colored spice.
“Oh? What’s that?” Mallow asked.
“It’s called Gigantamix. I managed to extract it from a Gigantamax Pikachu while some friends there battled it.” Maxwell said.
“Wait… Gigantamax? Isn’t that the phenomena only in Galar where a Pokémon grows super strong and, most important, super big?” Mallow asked. Maxwell nodded.
“The same. But, after several taste tests with some of the Pokémon I’ve bonded with since I started my travels, I’ve discovered it makes one heck of a spice. Sweet if only a little is used, but sizzlin’ if more is used.” Maxwell said.
“I see…” Mallow said.

She sat back in her chair and could clearly be seen pondering by Maxwell.
“What is it, Mallow?” Maxwell said.
“You know, I was planning on having a cookout tonight with my classmates. Maybe they’d like to try a little bit of Gigantamix!” Mallow said.
“That sounds wonderful!” Maxwell said.
“Then we better get cooking! There will be plenty of guests tonight!” Mallow said as she gently grabbed Maxwell by the arm and the two ran inside the kitchen.

For the next hour, Maxwell did most of the cooking as he threw ingredient after ingredient into the pot, whipping up some curry he learned to make while in Galar. Mallow took one sniff of the boiling concoction and was already impressed.
“Oh my… Maxwell, you’ve certainly come a long way in your cooking.” Mallow said.
“Heh… I try. Anyway, now it’s time to add the Gigantamix space.” Maxwell said. Mallow walked over and picked up the bottle of said spice.
“This one?” Mallow asked.
“Yep. Just sprinkle a little bit in there. I kinda want to start slow.” Maxwell said.
“Understood.” Mallow said as she slowly tipped the bottle towards the pot.
“While you’re doing that, I’m gonna need a stronger mixing ladle.” Maxwell said as he walked towards his bag full of cooking utensils. As Mallow watched Maxwell do his thing, she wasn’t keeping her eyes on the bottle of Gigantamix spice. By the time she focused on the bottle again, the top had fallen off and the entire contents of the bottle spilled their way into the pot. Mallow gasped as she tried to put the top back on, but by the time she did, the entire spice was in the pot and already mixing in with the rest of the ingredients. Mallow’s heart raced. She was given one simple task and she failed at it. She tried to brush it off as she put the now empty bottle back into Maxwell’s bag, just as Maxwell was returning to the pot.
“Now to stir it up. I really appreciate your help, Mallow.” Maxwell said.
“Er… you bet!” Mallow said, sweating a little bit as she helped Maxwell stir things up.
“You okay, Mallow?” Maxwell said.
“Oh, I’m fine. It’s probably just the heat coming from the Gigantamix spice.” Mallow said.
“Yeah. Even a little bit of uncooked spice packs a potent amount of heat that would make a Heatran jealous!” Maxwell said.

A few minutes later, the recipe was ready, and right on time too.
“We’re here!” a familiar female voice said. Mallow ran outside the kitchen and saw Lana coming inside the restaurant. Behind her were her family (her mother and her two younger sisters, Harper and Sarah), Lillie, Professor Burnet, and curiously enough, Olivia from Akala Island.
“Welcome everyone! Oh? Olivia?” Mallow said.
“Hey there, Mallow! I’m here in place of Kiawe. He had to rush back to the farm because Mimo apparently was playing a little rough.” Olivia said.
“Haha… typical Mimo!” Mallow said.
“But he asked me to share a bowl with him on my way out, if that’s okay!” Olivia said.
“Of course, Olivia. We made more than enough for seconds.” Mallow said.
“Huh? We?” Lillie asked, and she and the others didn’t have to wait long on who the other person was.
“Curry is served!” Maxwell said as he rolled the pot full of spicy Gigantamix curry out onto the main dining area. All the guests oooohed and aaaaahed over what they were about to eat.
“Everyone, this is an old friend of mine, Maxwell. He came up with this recipe.” Mallow said.
“I touched it up with a little something called Gigantamix spice.” Maxwell added.
“GIgantamix?” all the guests said.
“One taste of this curry and you’ll feel like the fiery lava inside the Akala volcano!” Maxwell said. This immediately raised Olivia’s eyebrows.
“Oooooh… you have my interest already! Gimmie a bowl! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!” Olivia said as she stepped in front of the group and jumped up and down.

With that, Maxwell served bowls of the curry one by one to everyone, including Mallow. Mallow was very nervous wondering how the curry would taste after her goofup from earlier, but the taste of the curry made the worry melt away. Everyone spent the next 10 minutes eating the curry and conversing with each other, after of course they waved away the heat wave inside their mouths from how spicy the curry was. As Lillie finished her bowl, she looked over at Maxwell.
“Um… excuse me, Maxwell, but can you make me another bowl for me to take home to my mother back at Aether Paradise?” Lillie said.
“My pleasure, Lillie!” Maxwell said as he did just that. Olivia got her second bowl as well that was intended for Kiawe. One by one, everyone left to go back home, although along the way, Olivia couldn’t resist eating that second bowl of curry herself.
“I’ll just tell Kiawe some wild Pokemon ambushed me and stole it.” Olivia said as she took a few more bites.

Finally, it was just Mallow and Maxwell left at Aina’s Kitchen.
“Well, I’m glad everyone had a good time and enjoyed that curry!” Maxwell said.
“Yeah…” Mallow said, who looked kinda sad at that point.
“Huh? What’s the matter, Mallow?” Maxwell asked.
“I… I’m sorry… Maxwell…” Mallow said.
“Huh? What are you sorry for…” Maxwell said, only for Mallow to sharply turn her head and look at Maxwell right in his face with tears in her eyes.
“I was too scared to tell you earlier, but remember when you asked me to sprinkle a little Gigantamix spice into that curry?” Mallow said.
“Yeah?” Maxwell said.
“Well… I goofed and ended up spilling the whole thing in there! I’m so sorry… please forgive me!” Mallow said as she wiped away the tears in her eyes. Maxwell, however, just smiled.
“Heh… funny, I never would’ve known had you not told me.” Maxwell said.
“Huh?” Mallow said.
“It looked like everyone really liked it and they weren’t burned too much.” Maxwell said.
“Yeah, true, but…” Mallow said. Maxwell put his hands on her shoulders before she could say anymore.
“Mallow, it’s okay. I forgive you. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes.” Maxwell said.
“Thank you, Maxwell.” Mallow said.

Maxwell nodded and the two briefly hugged.
“Now then, I better get going.” Maxwell said.
“Huh? Going where? Don’t you want to sleep here with me? We have plenty of extra beds!” Mallow said.
“I appreciate the offer, but I already rented a cottage on the beach. I hear the ocean view is awesome!” Maxwell said.
“Ah, makes sense.” Mallow said.
“Well then, Mallow. Good night! See you in the morning!” Maxwell said as he walked away from the restaurant.
“Good night!” Mallow said as she walked back inside to get ready for bed.

Little did she and the other girls who ate the curry knew they would be in for a BIG surprise the next morning.

Just as the sun rises the next day, the true effects of the Gigantamix spice begin to do its work on those who ate it. Inside Lana’s home, her mother was the first to wake up and get dressed into her normal clothes. She walked over to the large bed where her youngest daughters, Harper and Sarah, both slept. She saw their bare feet sticking out along with the pants they always wore.
“Did you two fall asleep in your everyday clothes again?” Lana’s Mom said as she pulled the covers off them. She lightly gasped, however, when she saw something different about them, and it was not in the way they dressed either. Lana’s Mom backed up as she watched Harper and Sarah roll out of bed and stand up… towering a full head over her. And it looked like they were still growing too!
“Good morning, Mom! Wow… you look so small all of a sudden.” Harper and Sarah said together.

At precisely the same time, Lana’s Mom felt the need to clutch her stomach suddenly.
“Oooooh… I feel so strange suddenly…” Lana’s Mom said. Then Lana herself ran into the bedroom, and she too towered over her mother.
“Mom! I’m growing! Oh?” Lana said, only to watch her mother suddenly enlarging as well.
“Wow! We’re all getting bigger! This is so cool!” Harper said.
“Yeah! Just like in the movies!” Sarah said. The four ladies continued to grow and grow, and considering there were four ladies in an already small house, they were running out of room fast. Lana looked out of the corner of her right eye at a very curious Primarina.
“Primarina! Get out of here before this place comes down!” Lana shouted. Primarina nodded and ran out of the house, turning around as it did so and watching as the house burst apart, leaving nothing left except the four growing girls.

Finally, the growth spurts stopped for all four ladies. They stood up, seeing the remains of their house at their bare (Harper and Sarah) or sandaled (Lana and her Mom) feet. Lana’s younger twin sisters, Harper and Sarah, were a tad over 100 feet tall, with Lana bigger than them and Lana’s Mom the biggest of them all. It seems they grew proportionally so it was as if they were all normal-sized. Still, given how the youngest of the group were over 100 feet tall, they were all quite big.
“Mom? What happened?” Lana asked.
“I… I don’t know. Obviously something made us grow into giantesses.” Lana’s Mom said.
“Wheeeee! This is so cool!” Harper and Sarah said as they jumped up and down in giddiness.
“Well, I’m glad you two like it, but what about our home? Where will we live now? How will we eat?” Lana’s Mom asked.
“Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll get to the bottom of this. I’ll go talk with Mallow and Lillie. Maybe they know something.” Lana said.
“Okay, Lana, but be careful! The rest of the population on Melemele Island are like bugs now. One wrong step and you could…” Lana’s Mom said.
“I know, Mom. I’ll be careful.” Lana said as she took a deep breath and walked away. It made her cringe at first hearing each of her footsteps leave behind a thundering boom.
Meanwhile, as for Harper and Sarah, they were not about to stand still and be giant statues over their former home.
“Hey, Sarah! Let’s go into the city and see how tiny everything is!” Harper shouted.
“Oooooh, okay! Maybe we can find some cute toys to play with too!” Sarah said as the two ran away from the remains of their home. Lana’s Mom gasped as her two youngest daughters slipped from her reach.
“Huh? No, Harper and Sarah! Come back!” Lana’s Mom said as she was forced to give chase after her fellow giantesses.

Meanwhile, it was the same story at the Hau’oli Mansion, home of Lillie. She put the finishing touches of her regular everyday outfit by putting on her hat.
“Hmmhmm… well, Snowy? Are you ready for another exciting day?” Lillie asked.
“Vul!” the white-colored Vulpix better known as Snowy said. Just then, the doors to her bedroom opened wide. On the other side was the butler of the estate, Hobbes.
“Lillie, have you seen the news today?” Hobbes asked.
“No, why?” Lillie said.
“Oh dear. May you please accompany me downstairs to the living room?” Hobbes said as he left. Lillie and Snowy quickly followed from behind. Once the two made it downstairs, they approached Hobbes.
“What is it, Hobbes?” Lillie asked.
“See for yourself…” Hobbes said. They both looked at the TV, and Lillie gasped.

She was looking at helicopter footage of a live news report from above Aether Paradise. There were Lillie’s mother, Lusamine, and one of her assistants, Professor Burnet, both towering alongside the signature island lab.
“Professor Burnet? M-M-Mom? They’re huge!” Lillie shouted.
“News reports say they were close to 160-170 feet tall.” Hobbes said.
“Oh my. I wonder what caused them to grow like that?” Lillie asked. Just then, Snowy started shouting out.
“Huh? What is it, Sno…” Lillie said, but she had to stop when she saw Snowy getting smaller for some reason, and the floor was fading away as well.
“Oh! Master Lillie, it appears you are growing now!” Hobbes shouted.
“Huh? What are you… OW!” Lillie said as she felt her head bump against the ceiling. Her growth had accelerated now, forcing her to get down on her knees and duck down to avoid touching the ceiling again, which proved to be a fool’s errand. Lillie then immediately thought of Snowy.
“Hobbes! Get Snowy out now!” Lillie shouted.
“Right away, Master Lillie!” Hobbes said as he picked up Snowy and the two dashed for the nearest set of doors outside, just as Lillie was knocking things over with her growing body and struggling to stay contained in the mansion.
“Can’t… hold… out… any… longer…” Lillie said between grunts as she finally pressed her hands against the ceiling and broke it loose.

Just as Hobbes and Snowy got a safe distance away from the mansion, they watched as a now giant Lillie burst her way out of the structure. She stood to her full height of about 140-150 feet tall and surveyed the landscape.
“Oh my… I’m so big now. Then again, I suppose it’s better than being shrunken.” Lillie said. Then she looked out in the distance and lightly gasped. She wasn’t the only giantess on Melemele Island.
“Huh? Lana? She grew too? And it looks like she’s heading for Aina’s Kitchen. Maybe she or Mallow knows what’s going on.” Lillie said. Before she could take her next step, she looked down and saw both Hobbes and Snowy looking way up at her.
“Hobbes! Oh, thank goodness you and Snowy were able to get out.” Lillie said.
“Yes? But how will we explain what happened to the mansion to your mother?” Hobbes said.
“Oh, I think she’ll understand given the news report. Listen, can you look after Snowy until further notice?” Lillie said.
“Of course, Lillie.” Hobbes said.
“Thank you. I’ll be back… hopefully with some answers on how I grew.” Lillie said as she finally stepped off the mansion grounds and headed for the city. Hobbes watched the teenage giantess walk off into the distance, carefully with each step.
“It warms my heart to see Lillie grown up before my eyes.” Hobbes casually said.

Lana was a few giant steps away from towering over Aina’s Kitchen… only to suddenly watch as Mallow’s main Pokémon, Tsareena, came running out.
“Huh? What’s wrong, Tsareena?” Lana said. Only seconds later, Lana watched as the kitchen suddenly began to burst apart. It was slowly being replaced by a quickly growing Mallow. By the time Mallow stood up to her full height, her growth had stopped, placing her a bit taller than Lana was (which was the same as when they were normal-sized).
“Mallow!” Lana shouted. Mallow turned around after brushing the debris of the leftovers of Aina’s Kitchen off her outfit.
“Oh, Lana!” Mallow said as the two giantesses shared a quick hug.
“Thank goodness you grew too. I didn’t want to feel lonely as a giantess.” Mallow said.
“I could say the same thing, but then again, the rest of my family became giantesses too.” Lana said.
“Including your younger sisters!?” Mallow said, prompting a nod from Lana.
“Hoo boy… they’re already a handful even at normal size!” Mallow said.
“Hopefully my Mom will be up to the challenge.” Lana said.

The two would then be joined by another female voice.
“Hey, you two!” Lillie shouted as she towered alongside her two fellow classmates.
“Oh my! You too, Lillie!?” Mallow asked.
“Yes! And my Mom and Professor Burnet too. I was watching TV showing them grown when the same thing happened to me.” Lillie said.
“This is strange… so many of us are growing gigantic all at once? What phenomenon would cause that?” Lana asked. Mallow then snapped her fingers.
“It must be that Gigantamax spice we all had last night.” Mallow said.
“Huh? You mean that spice that made the curry really hot?” Lana said.
“Yes. I think this whole thing may be my fault because I used too much of the spice by accident…” Mallow said as she hung her head down, noticing a few screaming people navigating around her giant shoes.
“It’s okay, Mallow. We can fix it, right?” Lillie asked.
“Only Maxwell knows for sure. He said he was staying in one of the beach cottages, but I don’t remember which one though.” Mallow said.
“Then we’ll just have to search through all of them. Let’s go!” Lana said as she turned around to walk towards the beach, only for her next step to kick a parked car onto its side with one of her sandals.
“Er… carefully, of course.” Lana said with a sweatdrop on her face. Lana, Mallow, and Lillie walked slowly down the road and eventually for the beach, making sure not to crush anyone or anything innocent. Along the way, they heard familiar voices down on the ground.
“Tsa! Tsa!” Tsareena shouted.
“Prima!” Primarina shouted.
“Oh! Tsareena! I almost forgot about you.” Mallow said as she reached down and picked her leading Pokémon up. Lana did the same with Primarina, and noticed one particular Pokémon missing.
“Hey! Where’s Snowy, Lillie?” Lana asked.
“I left it back at the mansion with Hobbes… or what’s left of it anyway!” Lillie said.
“Heh… join the club.” Mallow said as she pointed down to what was left of Aina’s Kitchen.

As for Maxwell, he was already awake and doing his morning routine. He had yet to turn the TV on, so he had no clue whatsoever of the many giantesses that were frolicking around Melemele Island. He eventually stood at the window that gave him a perfect view of the beach.
“Ahhhh… nothing like a beachside cottage to rent for the weekend. The glow of the sun rising from the sea, the waves spilling onshore, the giant blue eye suddenly obscuring the view…” Maxwell said, taking a sip of water as he watched a giant blue eye suddenly block all view of the outside. He finally realized what he was looking at and spit out his water in shock, just as the blue eye suddenly disappeared and a loud female voice echoed through the roof.
“I found him!” the female voice said. As Maxwell reeled from the shock, he suddenly heard something knock on the front door. Maxwell gulped nervously and opened the door, seeing nothing but a giant white shoe that actually belonged to Lillie.
“Here he comes.” the loud female voice said again. That’s when Maxwell finally stepped outside and looked up and up and up at three giant girls he recognized from last night. They were of course Mallow, Lana, and Lillie. Two of the girls weren’t alone either, as Tsareena rode atop Mallow’s head (near the flower adorned to it in fact) while Primarina rode happily in one of the pockets on Lana’s pants.
“Maxwell! Thank goodness we found you!” Mallow said.
“Holy Exeggutor! How did you three get so big!?” Maxwell shouted.
“We can’t hear you from up here, Maxwell. Hold on.” Mallow said as she gently got down on her knees, causing sand to go flying in every direction. Maxwell watched as the green-haired giantess lowered her hand towards him, allowing him to step on.

Once Maxwell was in Mallow’s palm, she stood back up.
“My oh my… you three really grew up since last night!” Maxwell said. Lillie next leaned in with a suddenly serious look on her face.
“Maxwell! This is serious! Being giant has its challenges!” Lillie said.
“She’s right, Maxwell. We need your help.” Mallow said.
“Okay, okay. Just let me think…” Maxwell said.
“You don’t suppose my mishap with the Gigantamax spice has something to do with this, do you?” Mallow said. Maxwell thought back to what Mallow had told him regarding the entire bottle of Gigantamax spice, and he snapped his fingers.
“That’s it! That’s the only explanation. Because the entire bottle was used, the curry must’ve gained the same energy properties as the Gigantamax power itself, thus making you all grow like a Pokémon would using either Dynamax or Gigantamax.” Maxwell said.
“It’s just as you thought, Mallow!” Lana said.

“Thank you for explaining that, Maxwell, but the big question is… no pun intended… can this be fixed?” Mallow asked.
“Yes, yes, of course. I just need to whip up something super cold to neutralize the effects of the curry. Though I’ll need to make a lot because of how big you three have grown.” Maxwell said. The three giantesses then quickly traded worried looks with each other.
“Er… well… it’s not just us that grew.” Lillie said.
“Huh? What do you mean?” Maxwell said.
“See for yourself.” Mallow said as she slowly spun Maxwell around, giving him a view of the rest of the island. That’s when he saw Lana’s two younger sisters and her mother marching around.
“Oh.” Maxwell said. Lillie then looked at the opposite end of the beach in the distance.
“Oh! Look, here comes my mother and Professor Burnet.” Lillie said, watching as those two giantesses came on shore after the bottom halves of their bodies (and clothes) were submerged in water. Lana then glanced towards Akala Island way out in the distance, and even from afar, she could see yet another familiar face grown in size.
“*gasp!* And look on Akala Island!” Lana said. That’s when all three saw Olivia casually walking around as a giantess… and looking like she was having a good time too judging by the laughter.
“Eeep… I have a loooooooot of cooking to do, obviously.” Maxwell said.
“Maxwell, I will help you. Whatever ingredients you need me to fetch, I will.” Mallow said.
“Awwww… thanks, Mallow!” Maxwell said.
“While you two are working on the antidote, I better make sure my sisters and even my Mom don’t stir up too much trouble.” Lana said.
“And I’ll go hang out with my Mom.” Lillie said.
“Okay, girls. Be careful!” Mallow said, watching as Lana headed back into the city while Lillie trekked towards the other end of the beach. As they left, however, Maxwell snapped his fingers as he remembered something important.
“We have to work fast, because there’s one thing I just remembered about the Gigantamax power.” Maxwell said.
“Huh? What’s that, Maxwell?” Mallow said.
“Eventually the subject becomes so consumed by their new power and size… it drives them mad and makes them want to destroy.” Maxwell said.
“Oh.” Mallow said, trying not to think of going into that state of mind.

Professor Burnet and Lusamine brushed off as much water off their clothes as they could. Despite their increased size, it was still a somewhat long journey from Aether Paradise to Melemele Island.
“Whew… good thing that water was so warm.” Burnet said.
“I thought you didn’t mind the cold water.” Lusamine said.
“Well, that’s because most of the time I have my scuba gear on.” Burnet said. Lusamine looked out in the distance at the city that stood before her.
“Wow… already there’s a big difference.” Lusamine said.
“It kinda makes me wonder how an Ultra Beast would look.” Burnet said.
“Mom!” a female voice shouted. Both Burnet and Lusamine looked to see a similarly giant-sized Lillie approaching the two of them.
“Oh, Lillie!” Lusamine said as she welcomed her daughter into her arms as the two hugged.
“So you grew too, Lillie?” Lusamine said.
“Yes. I think everyone who ate that Gigantamax spiced curry last night has grown.” Lillie said as she pointed at some of the other giantesses walking around, such as Lana and her family.
“I see…” Lusamine said.
“Hey, at least you don’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on your daughter now.” Burnet said.
“True, but what about Snowy? I don’t see it around, Lillie.” Lusamine said.
“Snowy’s back at the mansion with Hobbes… or at least what’s left of it.” Lillie said.
“What’s left of it?” Lusamine asked.
“I… well… my growth happened while I was inside it.” Lillie said.
“Awwww… it’s okay, Lillie. We can always rebuild that place. What’s important is that we are together.” Lusamine said.
“I agree, Mom! Thanks!” Lillie said.
“So, how about the three of us go walking around the city and see how much smaller it looks from up here?” Lusamine asked.
“I would like that, Mom.” Lillie said. Lusamine nodded and the three giantesses walked off the shoreline and stepped onto the city grounds.

Needless to say, but the people still in this part of the city (if they didn’t leave already after hearing the news) ran around trying to dodge the giant footsteps of the three giantesses. Some, however, were interested in getting quite the view of Lillie’s undergarments, something that the young giantess picked up on as she looked down.
“Eeeek! Don’t look up there!” Lillie shouted with a blush on her face. Lusamine and Burnet first looked at Lillie covering underneath her dress, and then they looked angrily at the group of men who were now fleeing for their lives.
“Oh no… you dirty peeping toms won’t escape that easily!” Burnet said as she reached down and scooped up the three not so wise men.
“What do you jerks have to say for yourselves!?” Burnet said as she held the men up to her face. They all could hear the guys squealing they were sorry, but for Lusamine, she didn’t feel that was enough.
“Give them to me, Professor Burnet.” Lusamine said. Burnet complied, and Lusamine now held the trio of men in her hand, this time squeezing them much harder and causing them to shout in pain.
“Do you shrimps feel that? That’s the same amount of pain I feel emotionally for the way you just treated my daughter! You’re going to have to be sorrier than that if you want to live!!!” Lusamine shouted.
“We’re sorry, we’re sorry! Ack!!” the guys shouted. Lillie then gently grabbed one of her mother’s arms.
“Mom, it’s okay. It’s no big deal… really.” Lillie said. Lusamine looked angrily over at Lillie, causing her to gasp and step back a bit, crushing a smaller house in her path.

But then, Lusamine loosened her grip and placed the men back on the ground.
“Get out of our sight and don’t ever let me see you again!” Lusamine said, prompting the guys to run away.
“Lusamine… was that really necessary?” Burnet asked.
“I… I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it was just my instincts as a protective mother.” Lusamine said.
“I can understand, Mom.” Lillie said.
“Anyway, let’s just keep walking around and have some fun… er… I mean, curious exploration fun.” Lusamine said.
“Heh… that’s a good way to put it.” Burnet said with a smile as the three giantesses got walking around again.

Meanwhile, all the way out on Akala Island, it was the same doomsday scenario. The people in the city ran and screamed for their lives as they dodged the giant high heeled sandals belonging to the giant Olivia, who was having the time of her life as a giantess.
“Hahaha! You all look so cute! This reminds me of my younger days when I would pretend to be as tall as this.” Olivia said. She casually stepped around, at first pretending to step on certain things, but finally one of her steps crushed an entire rack of bicycles.
“Oops! Sorry about that… and yet… it felt so good.” Olivia said. Suddenly, she decided to plant her next giant step on an empty marketplace, crushing all sorts of tents and splattering their food contents everywhere.
“Mmmm… this is making me feel so powerful. I don’t ever want it to end…” Olivia said.
Her next step, however, would be far from graceful. Anyone who’s ever spent any amount of time with Olivia knows she’s not perfect in walking in her high heels. And so when her next step ended up crooked and she lost her balance, Olivia flailed around trying to correct it.
“Whoa whoa whoa WHOA!!!” Olivia said before finally losing it and falling towards the ground. Only a second later…


Olivia landed smack on her frontside, leaving behind a mini crater where she landed as she lifted up her face.
“Ooooooh… that had to hurt. And it did… especially for all those people.” Olivia said as she got back up on her knees and dusted herself off. Just then, she heard a familiar male voice.
“Olivia!” the voice shouted. Olivia looked up and immediately recognized who it came from. It was from Kiawe, flying in the air on the back of his Charizard.
“Ahhhh… there you are, Kiawe.” Olivia said.
“Olivia, what happened to you!?” Kiawe shouted.
“I don’t know. As soon as I woke up this morning, I found myself growing this big! Isn’t it awesome!?” Olivia said.
“It has to be that Gigantamax curry you had… and forgot to share… last night!” Kiawe said.
“Probably, but who cares? I’m loving being this big!” Olivia said.
“Yeah, you might be having fun, but what about all those people down there!?” Kiawe said. Olivia looked down at the destruction she had caused to the town she was trampling over.
“Oh… well, it’s the island’s fault for building a town there! They should’ve thought there’d one day be a beautiful giantess like me walking around.” Olivia said. Kiawe looked stunned. Something was definitely up with Olivia aside from towering so high in the sky.
“Olivia, are you even listening to what you’re saying!?” Kiawe said.
“Silence, little man! I won’t have you or anyone else take this power away from me! In fact, you and I should spend some quality time together.” Olivia said.

Just as Kiawe wondered what Olivia could possibly have meant by that, he and Charizard suddenly watched as Olivia tried to reach out and grab him.
“Yikes! Fly away, Charizard!” Kiawe said with his Charizard dodging one of Olivia’s giant hands. The Pokémon flew circles around the giantess, dodging numerous attempts to grab it.
“Hold still, you little shrimp!” Olivia said, clearly getting frustrated as she moved around trying to grab them. Finally she let out a loud grunt.
“Ugh… fine. I tried to be nice with you, but you leave me no choice.” Olivia said. That’s when she reared her hand back and timed her swipe just right. Charizard tried flying out of the way, but it got hit and knocked Kiawe right off the saddle.
“Waaaaah!!!” Kiawe screamed as he watched the ground get closer and closer. While Charizard was able to recover and flap its wings again, Kiawe landed firmly onto the palm of Olivia’s hand. Kiawe quivered with fear as he watched Olivia’s huge face come into view.
“Hmmhmmhmm… you put up a good fight, Kiawe, but I win this round.” Olivia said.
“Eeep… please don’t eat me, Olivia! Or… whoever you are.” Kiawe said.
“Eat you!? Pfffft… come on, I’m not THAT cruel! Besides, you’d miss out on the fun I’m about to have on some other towns of this island, including near the volcano.” Olivia said.
“What… what kind of fun!?” Kiawe shouted.
“You’ll see!” Olivia said as she next stretched out one of the bands up her leg, trapping Kiawe between that and her dark skin.
“Now then, where was I? Still going Fee Fi Fo Fum in this town, I imagine.” Olivia said as she got back to casually stepping around the town and flattening it beneath her high heeled sandals.

Back on Melemele Island, the giant Lana had caught back up with the rest of her giant family, watching as her two younger sisters, Harper and Sarah, happily stepped around, either crushing or kicking buildings with their bare feet while their mother just stood idly by and watched.
“Huh, Mom? What are you doing just standing there?” Lana asked.
“Watching your younger sisters have fun, what else?” Lana’s Mom said.
“But… all those people…” Lana said.
“Shhhh… just look, Lana. They’re having so much fun. Why stop them?” Lana’s Mom said. Harper then picked up a parked car.
“Look, Mommy! I just invented a flying car! Wheeee!” Harper said as she flew the car around in her hand like an airplane. A few seconds later, she bonked Sarah on the head with that car.
“Oops! Accident in the air!” Harper said.
“Hey! Watch where you’re flying that thing!” Sarah said.
“Well, you shouldn’t have stood on the aerial road!” Harper said. Sarah then grabbed the front half of the car Harper was holding.
“Give me that! I’ll show you the proper way to drive that thing!” Sarah said.
“No, it’s mine!” Harper said.
“MINE!” Sarah said as the two went back and forth over who had the better grip of the car. Lana sighed and then planted a foot forward.
“You two are making me really angry…” Lana said. When Harper and Sarah looked at their older sister, she had a dark blue glow around her and it looked like an angry spirit was fighting to escape her body and claim them.

That’s all was needed for Harper and Sarah to drop the car they were holding and repeatedly bow their heads towards Lana.
“S-s-s-s-sorry.” Harper and Sarah both said. Lana’s Mom then stepped in between the three.
“I have a better idea, girls. Why don’t you two compete to see who can stomp on the most things over the next five minutes?” Lana’s Mom said.
“Really, Mommy?” both girls said up to their mother.
“Mmmhmm! The winner gets ice cream… the whole store even!” Lana’s Mom said.
“Wow! Then let’s give it our all, sis!” Harper and Sarah both said to each other. They didn’t waste any time jogging away from Lana and her Mom to step on as much as they could with their bare feet.
“But what about me, Mom?” Lana asked. Her Mom patted her on the head.
“You know I always get ice cream for you, but for now, how about we cool off by the beach?” Lana’s Mom said.
“Sounds good to me!” Lana said as the two giantesses left the town grounds and headed for the coastline.

When they got there, nearly crushing a few beachgoers underneath her sandaled feet, Lana’s Mom didn’t waste any time removing articles of her clothing one by one. Naturally, she was already wearing her one piece swimsuit underneath.
“Oh, Mom? You want to go swimming?” Lana asked.
“Of course! Care to join me, my oldest daughter?” Lana’s Mom said.
“Always!” Lana said as she too undid her regular outfit. Both ladies were now wearing their dark blue swimsuits. Lana looked down and noticed her main Pokémon making its way out of Lana’s giant pants pocket.
“Primarina, you stay here and let us know if any trouble is brewing.” Lana said.
“Prima!” Primarina shouted at its giantess master. It also watched as Lana and Lana’s Mom waded their way into the water. Thanks to their size and how close to the coast they stayed, the water was only knee deep to them.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, the people here were about to get their own dose of a giantess visit in the form of Mallow. It looked like she was in search of something.
“Let’s see. Maxwell said he needed plenty of ice, and this, and that. Oooooh… I hope my memorization skills don’t fail me. I would think my brain capacity would expand to go along with the size of my actual brain. Right, Tsareena?” Mallow said.
“Tsa!” Tsareena said from atop Mallow’s head. Finally, Mallow came across one of the grocery stores she recognized. Of course, right out of the gate there was one literally big problem.
“Sigh… I’m far too big to enter. I guess there’s only one course of action to take.” Mallow said. Without thinking much (not realizing the Gigantamax spice was beginning to take its toll on her way of thinking), Mallow gripped the roof of the building with both her hands and lifted upward. Naturally, the people inside screamed and looked up in shock seeing the giantess who held the roof of the structure up like it was a piece of cardboard.
“Um, excuse me… but I’m looking for a few ingredients for a friend of mine to make…” Mallow started to say, only to watch everyone inside, including the employees, run for the closest exit. The ones near the front ran around Mallow’s giant shoes hoping they wouldn’t budge an inch. Mallow dropped the roof back to where it was and clearly looked frustrated, especially as she reached up and gently picked up Tsareena.
“Ugh… I so hate these downsides of being a giantess. I guess it’s up to you, Tsareena. You remember what Maxwell said to get?” Mallow said.
“Tsareena!” Tsareena shouted.
“Good! Luckily you don’t have to worry about paying anything.” Mallow said as she set Tsareena down and watched as the Pokémon walked inside. Mallow stood back to her full height and gently paced around, somewhat impatiently waiting for her Pokémon to return.

About 10 minutes later, Maxwell watched as Mallow (with Tsareena back atop her head) returned, holding a couple bags full of ingredients. The pot was already bubbling with whatever ingredients were already thrown in.
“Mallow! Did you get everything!?” Maxwell shouted.
“I believe so. Here you go.” Mallow said as she gently set the bags down. Maxwell quickly looked through both bags, and when he finished, he initially had a dissatisfied look on his face, something the giantess caught from above.
“What is it, Maxwell?” Mallow asked.
“Hmmm… I don’t think I have enough of some of these ingredients, but that’s okay! I can add up on other ingredients to compensate.” Maxwell said.
“It better be okay…” Mallow muttered.
“Huh? What was that, Mallow?” Maxwell said. Mallow already looked frustrated, but now she looked like she was ready to explode, especially as she stepped her left foot in place, shaking the ground a good bit.
“I said it better be okay! Do you realize how hard it is to get even a bag of ice at this size!?” Mallow shouted.
“Whoa… Mallow! Chill out! I said I could compensate with the other ingredients. It’s no big deal!” Maxwell said. Not realizing the pun he just made, this only made Mallow even more incensed.
“No big deal!? I’M A BIG DEAL, MISTER!!!” Mallow said as she stomped a foot in place. Maxwell fought to hold onto the pot to keep it from tipping over as a result of the ground shaking from Mallow’s stomp.

Mallow, meanwhile, clenched her fists and then pointed down at Maxwell.
“I’ve had it with you always trying to upstage me! You were always like that when we both attended cooking lessons!!!” Mallow shouted. Maxwell finally realized what was going on with his giant friend.
“Mallow… please listen! That’s the Gigantamax power inside you… you’re not acting like your normal self!” Maxwell said.
“Enough! I’ll crush you like the insignificant insect you now are!” Mallow said as she lifted up one of her legs.
“Yipe!” Maxwell said as he went running away from the grounds of his rental house, just avoiding being stepped on by the giantess. Maxwell kept running on the beach coastline, the giant Mallow staying close behind.
“Stand still so I can crush you nice and slow!” Mallow shouted as she once again missed with one of her stomps. Maxwell then did a U-turn, running in between Mallow’s shoes and back towards the house, not wanting to get too far away from it.

Tsareena, meanwhile, knew Mallow was not acting like herself, but she could only do so much at her current size. That’s when Tsareena made a bold leap off Mallow’s head and in front of her face.
“Tsaree...NA!” Tsareena shouted as she released a nearly clear pink powder towards the giantess.
“Tsareena, what are you… ooooooh…” Mallow said as she suddenly struggled to keep her eyes open.
“Sweet Scent… I… ooooooh… getting… so… sleepy.” Mallow said. The giantess soon collapsed to her knees and then fell forward, almost flattening Maxwell underneath but he was able to miraculously survive the fall, watching as Tsareena landed next to him from the air.
“Did… did you put her to sleep?” Maxwell said.
“Tsa!” Tsareena said.
“Whew… thank you. That should buy us enough time to finish the recipe. I sure hope it works. If Mallow could be that destructive when the Gigantamax is at full power… think of what the other girls will go through.” Maxwell said as he rushed back to the pot to continue working on the antidote.

Sure enough, the other giantesses were starting to feel the full effects of the Gigantamax spice as well as they took actions that would normally be way out of character for all of them. For Professor Burnet, Lusamine, and Lillie, that meant walking towards the Pokémon School. The three took delight in seeing the school smaller than they were.
“Mmmm… what a beautiful sight, seeing the school so small.” Burnet said.
“And of course everyone at it. Right, Lillie?” Lusamine said.
“Yes, Mom.” Lillie said as she watched a few kids try to run away from her giant white shoes, one of which she lifted up in the air. She watched as one kid screamed as Lillie slowly brought her foot down on the kid. After lightly feeling him underneath, she then pulled away. All the giantesses saw the kid had fainted.
“Looks like he whited out. Naturally since I’m wearing white!” Lillie said.
“Indeed, Lillie, but why didn’t you step on him?” Lusamine asked.
“He… he’s just a kid, Mom.” Lillie said. Lusamine nodded her head.
“I understand, Lillie.” Lusamine said. Lillie’s mother wasn’t quite as forgiving. She saw a couple random adults (presumably teachers) try to run by her shoes, and she quickly stepped on them. The two adults were barely moving on the ground.
“Oooooh… I think she broke… everything.” the adult male said.
“I can’t… feel… my legs…” the adult female said, with tears clearly in her eyes.
“Hmmhmm… you two should be lucky we’re at a school. Don’t need the kids to be seeing blood.” Lusamine said as she and Lillie walked to another section of the school grounds, specifically the playground area that they had no problems smashing and crashing with their footwear. Although, Lusamine turned around and fell down, leaving a massive crater where her bum landed.
“Ooooh! Nice shot, Mom!” Lillie said.
“Hahaha! Thanks, Lillie.” Lusamine said as she was helped up by Lillie.

As for Professor Burnet, she was walking around the main school building itself, looking for one person in particular.
“Kukui? Kukui, darling? Where are you?" Burnet said. She peeked inside the many open windows and balconies trying to find Kukui, but there was no sign of him, which was easily frustrating her.
“Professor Kukui, if you don’t come out within the next 5 seconds, I start tearing up this school!” Burnet shouted. Sure enough, 5 seconds went by and nobody came out.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you! HA!” Burnet shouted as she literally scratched and clawed the side of the building off. Students, teachers, and Pokémon alike all ran away, hoping the giantess wouldn’t reach in and grab someone. Eventually she put her hand inside the structure and pulled someone out… Samson Oak.
“Waaaah! Please, Professor Burnet, whatever I did to anger you and make you grow, I will make up to you!” Samson said.
“That’s very kind of you, Samson, but I just want to know one thing. Where is my husband, Kukui?” Burnet asked.
“I’m afraid he’s not here today! I believe he went on an exploration around Ula’ula Island!” Samson said.
“Rats. Well, thanks anyway.” Burnet said as she dropped Samson Oak back inside. She finally stepped away from the school and approached her fellow giantesses, Lusamine and Lillie, to see what they were doing.

Back in the city, it was still a field day for the youngest of the giantesses, Harper and Sarah. They were playing games that involved innocent normal-sized citizens.
“Hey, Sarah! I’ve got an idea for a new game we can play!” Harper said.
“What is it, Harper?” Sarah asked. She watched as Harper scooped up about a dozen people.
“How about something like basketball, except the balls are these people and your mouth is the hoop!” Harper said.
“Oooooh! I like that!” Sarah said.
“Whoever scores the most people is the winner. Ready?” Harper said, listening to the people scream for their lives while watching her twin sister step back, crushing a few structures under her bare feet.
“Okay, ready!” Sarah said as she opened her mouth wide. Harper underhandedly threw one person up in the air, and Sarah moved left and right and leaned forward a bit until the person was solidly in her mouth. Then, just as she gulped this person down, Harper tossed another civilian into Sarah’s mouth. When Harper had half her stock of captured people left, she waved at Sarah.
“Okay, Sarah! It’s my turn!” Harper said as she walked towards Sarah and handed her the rest of the screaming people. Once Harper had backed far enough away, Sarah was the one doing the tossing next, watching as these people all fell into Harper’s mouth.
The two girls laughed once they both ran out of people.
“Haha! That was fun!” Harper said.
“Yeah! I wonder what else we can do.” Sarah said.
“Hmmm… I have an idea. Tag, you’re it!” Harper said as she slapped Sarah on her arm and then quickly ran away, bulldozing over all sorts of people and property with her bare feet.
“Hey! Come back here! Hahaha!” Sarah shouted as the two girls chased each other.

As for Lana and her mother, they continued to waltz around in the ocean, delighting in seeing the water only rise past their knees. Lana then saw a cruise ship that was sailing by.
“Oh! Look, Mom! Look how small that cruise ship now is.” Lana said.
“Haha! You’re right! What do you say we go say hello to everyone?” Lana’s Mom said. Lana nodded and the two giantesses approached the ship. The waves they made thanks to their moving through the water caused the ship to rock back and forth, knocking down several of the people onboard. Those that did manage to hold on got quite the closeup view of the swimsuit wearing giantesses, especially as Lana tilted her head down.
“Sorry, little people, but it’s kind of a law for us giant girls to have fun with things smaller than them. Right, Mom?” Lana said.
“Oooooh… for sure!” Lana’s Mom said. She walked around until the ship was between both her legs.
“Got room for one more passenger, everyone?” Lana’s Mom said as she slowly lowered herself down towards the ship, causing everyone to scramble for whatever cover they could find. However, when Lana’s Mom felt her butt was only inches away from the highest point of the ship, she stood back up.
“Oh? Why did you stop, Mom?” Lana asked.
“Well… that ship would sink if I sat down, and the fun would be over already!” Lana’s Mom said.
“Good point. I’ve got an idea, though!” Lana said as she was next to walk closer to the ship. She leaned down and dragged her stomach region across the ship, sending all sorts of objects and people across the decks or even off the ships entirely. Lana’s Mom scooped these people out of the water, but just as some of these people were saving the giantess from drowning…
“Whoops! People overboard! That means you have to live in a new home.” Lana’s Mom said as she popped the people into her open mouth and gulped them down.
“How did they taste, Mom?” Lana asked.
“Hmmm… okay. They felt more like cookie crumbs though.” Lana’s Mom said.
“Haha, I see! Save some for me then!” Lana said as she lifted herself off the ship and grabbed a dozen or so people, stuffing them into her mouth as well as she gulped them down.

Lana then had another fun idea for the ship. She dipped her hands into the water and placed them directly underneath the ship. With a solid grunt, she lifted the ship up above her head and gently placed it atop. Lana moved her hands slowly away as the ship precariously balanced from left to right on Lana’s head. Some people couldn’t stand the tension anymore and jumped off the ship. All these people eventually landed in the water as some of them bounced off Lana’s body.
“Look, Mom! No hands!” Lana shouted with a smile.
“Haha! Wonderful, my daughter!” Lana’s Mom shouted as she clapped her hands together. Finally, the ship tilted one side too far and started to tip over, but Lana’s Mom was right there to catch the ship. When she did and looked on its decks, she saw there were hardly any people left.
“Hmmm… I don’t see a lot of people left. Either they abandoned the ship…” Lana’s Mom said.
“Or we ate most of them.” Lana said.
“Haha, true!” Lana’s Mom said as she set the ship back onto the water, watching as it slowly sailed away.
“Come on, we should get back to dry land, especially since we’re both wearing our sandals!” Lana’s Mom said.
“Okay, Mom.” Lana said as the two giantesses made their way back onshore, unknowingly stepping on a couple surfers along the way who tried to escape from underneath their sandals.

Just as Lana and her Mom made it back onshore and were changing back into their regular clothes (not caring they were getting wet), the two watched as Harper and Sarah rejoined them.
“Hey, Harper and Sarah. Did you have fun?” Lana’s Mom asked.
“We sure did! We juggled people into our mouths!” Sarah said.
“And then we played tag with each other!” Harper said. Lana and her Mom looked over the shoulders of the youngest daughters and saw the mass amount of destruction left behind in the city.
“Yes… I can see that. I’m so proud of you two girls!” Lana’s Mom said as she kneeled down and hugged Harper and Sarah.
“Can we please destroy the school next? Pretty please?” Sarah and Harper both asked. Lana then smiled.
“Sure, my little sisters! Why not?” Lana said with a smile.
“Yay!” Harper and Sarah both shouted as they led the way towards the Pokémon School.

Meanwhile, Maxwell breathed a sigh of relief as he scooped out some of his icy cold soup and poured it into a bowl.
“Aaaaah… perfect! This will surely get everyone back to their normal sizes… and tempers.” Maxwell said. Then he looked over at the giant Mallow, who was still sleeping flat on her back.
“Now the fun part… getting this thing into Mallow’s mouth.” Maxwell said as he approached the giantess, standing just shy of one of her legs.
“Ummm… Tsareena? A little help?” Maxwell asked as he looked at Mallow’s Pokémon.
“Tsa!” Tsareena said as she suddenly summoned a tornado worth of leaves. She was actually using her Magical Leaf move, and the leaves lifted Maxwell off his feet and literally threw him atop Mallow’s stomach area.
“Er… thanks!” Maxwell said, stunned at first that Magical Leaf could be used in such a manner, but then again, this was one of Mallow’s Pokémon. There was probably nothing it couldn’t do.
But Maxwell couldn’t be amazed anymore, especially as he saw one of Mallow’s fingers twitch.
“Oh… Mallow might be waking up soon. I’ve got to hurry!” Maxwell said as he sprinted up Mallow’s gray outfit. When he made it just a few yards away from her neck, that’s when she started squirming around, which felt like an earthquake to Maxwell given the size difference.
“Mmmmm…” Mallow moaned. Maxwell looked down at the bowl of cold soup he had made and took a deep breath.
“It’s now or never.” Maxwell said as he hurled the bowl upward, watching as it successfully fell into Mallow’s open mouth.

It took roughly 10 seconds, but Mallow began to shrink. Maxwell could tell watching her body get smaller underneath his feet.
“It’s working!” Maxwell said as he waited until Mallow was small enough for him to safely jump off and land onto the sand. Finally, Mallow was back to her normal size. Maxwell ran up to her as she sat up feeling a bit groggy.
“Ooooooh… I feel like I’ve lost a trillion pounds all of a sudden.” Mallow said.
“Technically you just did, my friend.” Maxwell said.
“Oh, Maxwell? Wait… what happened? The last thing I remember was me and Tsareena gathering the ingredients you needed to make the Gigantamax spice antidote.” Mallow said.
“Yeah, then the power of Gigantamax took control of your mind.” Maxwell said. Mallow gasped as it suddenly came back to her what she was seeing through her own eyes. Tears once again flowed down her eyes.
“Maxwell… I…” Mallow said.
“Shhhh… you’re back to normal and that’s all that matters.” Maxwell said as the two shared a quick hug. Tsareena then joined in the group and hugged Mallow next, happy to have her trainer back to normal as well.
“Oh? What about the others?” Mallow asked.
“I made more than enough to get them back to normal. It won’t be easy, though. At least you were asleep.” Maxwell said.
“Hmmm… yeah.” Mallow said. She then snapped her fingers.
“Of course, I almost forgot!” Mallow said as she reached into her shorts pocket and pulled out some kind of wristwatch.
“Huh? What’s that?” Maxwell said.
“Something I hope works because it hasn’t been tested yet. Ultra Guardian… transform!!!” Mallow said as she slapped the ‘watch’ on and then pressed hard on a couple buttons.

Maxwell stepped away, watching as energy suddenly flowed around Mallow. After about 30 seconds, the energy dissipated and Mallow was suddenly wearing her Ultra Guardians outfit. Having never seen it before today, Maxwell looked stunned.
“What the…?” Maxwell asked.
“Long story, I’ll tell you later. I’m just glad this portable transformer works and I don’t have to rush for the secret entrance anymore!” Mallow said.
“Okay, that’s all well and good, but how will this help with our mission?” Maxwell asked. Right on cue, the two heard a distinct Pokémon cry from the air. Mallow looked up and smiled. Her Flygon that she only uses for Ultra Guardian business came soaring into view.
“That’s how!” Mallow said. Maxwell smiled.
“Makes perfect sense.” Maxwell said. Mallow then looked out in the distance at Akala Island, where the giant Olivia could clearly be seen rampaging around.
“Maxwell, get more bowls of that antidote ready!” Mallow shouted.
“Aye, captain!” Maxwell said as he rushed back to the pot full of his cold soup that would get everyone else back to normal.

Meanwhile, Olivia continued to crush and crush and crush with her high heels. Although she didn’t always let her footwear do the talking. Occasionally she would kneel down and shake her behind over a section of the town, taunting them.
“I bet you older people like what you see. You can have it… for a price, of course. Hahahaha!” Olivia said.
“Olivia, please stop this madness!” Kiawe shouted, still tied to her leg.
“Pfffft… you’re far too small to be bossing me around.” Olivia said as she stood back up and got back to stomping around.
While she was doing that, Flygon came flying in with Mallow, Maxwell, and Tsareena all riding on its back. Maxwell had a few plastic containers tucked in his lap full of the cold soup that would shrink everyone back to normal. But he was the first to notice Kiawe tied to Olivia’s leg.
“Hey, look! On her leg! Who is that?” Maxwell asked. Mallow gasped as she looked where Maxwell was pointing.
“Oh my gosh! Kiawe! We’ve got to break him free, but how?” Mallow asked.
“Have your Tsareena cut him loose. I’ll have one of my flying Pokémon catch him.” Maxwell said as he pulled loose a Poké Ball from his waist. Mallow nodded and directed Flygon to fly close to Olivia’s leg where Kiawe was tied.

“Kiawe! We’re here to save you! Tsareena, use Magical Leaf!” Mallow shouted.
“Tsa!” Tsareena said as she sent a group of leaves flying again. They gradually cut loose the rope around Olivia’s leg that was holding onto Kiawe.
“Er… great! But who’s going to catch meeeeeee!?” Kiawe said as the rope broke off and Kiawe went falling towards the ground. Maxwell threw his Poké Ball in the air.
“Corviknight, catch him!” Maxwell shouted. Corviknight came soaring out of its ball and swooped down, allowing Kiawe to land on its back.
“Whew… thank you… whatever you are. You’re not from this region, are you?” Kiawe said as Corviknight flew up and alongside Flygon.
“Good work, Corviknight!” Maxwell said.

Of course, this action did not go unnoticed by the giantess. Olivia looked down and then ahead to see Kiawe was no longer in her possession. And given her state of mind thanks to the Gigantamax spice, she was MAD.
“You insolent fools! How dare you defy your goddess of Akala!?” Olivia shouted. She then spread her hands apart like she was going to clap them together.
“Up!” Mallow and Maxwell both shouted as both their Pokémon flew up, avoiding being crushed in between the hands, although their ears were ringing a bit as loud as the clapping sound was. Still, Flygon flew up towards Olivia’s giant face, with Maxwell holding onto a cold bowl.
“Open wide!” Maxwell said as he hurled the bowl into Olivia’s mouth, forcing her to swallow it. Flygon flew backwards as Olivia tried to make a move, but that’s when the soup took effect and Olivia began to shrink.
“Oh no! I’m shrinking!” Olivia said. Our heroes watched as Olivia gradually returned to her normal size. Once that happened, they landed near her, with Kiawe hopping off Maxwell’s Corviknight and running towards Olivia.

“Olivia, are you alright!?” Kiawe asked.
“Kiawe? I… I think so. I had this weird dream where I grew a couple hundred feet tall and I was rampaging around Akala Island like I was an evil goddess. Sounds strange, right?” Olivia asked.
“Um… not really. I’ve had dreams where my Mom was the same way.” Kiawe said.
“No way! I find that hard to believe.” Olivia said.
“You’d be surprised what we all can dream of.” Maxwell commented. Olivia then looked around at the wreckage she had caused.
“W-what happened to the town!?” Olivia said. The other humans bite their lips knowing they couldn’t come up with a logical explanation for what happened. That’s when Kiawe wrapped an arm around the young woman.
“Olivia, perhaps you should come back to my home with me. This is gonna require a little explaining.” Kiawe said.
“I look forward to it.” Olivia said as the two walked into the distance. Mallow looked over at Maxwell, meanwhile.
“Kiawe’s got it under control. We better get back to Melemele and shrink the rest.” Mallow said.
“Right!” Maxwell said as he hopped aboard his Corviknight while Ultra Guardian Mallow was back to flying solo on her Flygon.

By the time the duo arrived near the Pokémon School, just about everywhere else on the grounds aside from the school itself was in ruins and still getting ravaged as Lana, Lillie, and their respective families (plus Professor Burnet) continued to play around. The two flew high enough to make sure they were out of reach of Harper and Sarah, and they approached the giant Lillie first.
“Lillie!” Mallow shouted. Lillie turned around, almost whacking Mallow and Maxwell with her long blonde hair.
“Huh? Mallow? You’re not big anymore?” Lillie asked.
“Maxwell made the cure! We can get you and everyone else back to normal!” Mallow said. Lillie, however, had a mean look on her face.
“Good for you, but I’d rather stay this big.” Lillie said.
“What!?” Mallow shouted.
“Never before have I felt so good being so big and powerful. No longer can anyone tease me for any reason!” Lillie said.
“Lillie, that’s the Gigantamax spice making you say that stuff! Trust me, sooner than later you’re gonna be wishing you’ll be back to normal.” Maxwell said.
“Enough! You can’t boss me around!” Lillie said.

Lillie shouting out was enough to get her mother’s attention as Lusamine stepped over towards her.
“What’s wrong, Lillie?” Lusamine asked.
“It’s nothing, Mom. Just some people telling me being a giantess is no fun.” Lillie said.
“Hmmmm… it’s such a shame there are people who think that way, isn’t it, Lillie? Maybe we should smash them like the insects they are.” Lusamine said.
“Ooooh… I would love that, Mom. I’m so glad to be sharing this experience with you.” Lillie said as the two wound up their hands and tried to swat the two away, but they flew to a safe distance.
“Whew… this is not going to be easy.” Mallow said as she looked down and watched all the giantesses continue to stomp around.
“That’s for sure.” Maxwell said. Mallow then looked rather grimly over at Maxwell.
“Maxwell, I have an idea… although one of us is going to have to be the guinea pig.” Mallow said.
“And let me guess… it’s me, right?” Maxwell asked.
“I really appreciate it! Here’s the plan…” Mallow said as she flew towards Maxwell and discussed her plan.

A couple minutes later, Mallow and Maxwell executed their plan. Maxwell flew towards Lana first.
“Now, Corviknight! Steel Wing!” Maxwell shouted as Corviknight shot glowing wings down at Lana’s head. They made contact and Lana felt them as she turned around and faced Maxwell.
“OW!” Lana shouted.
“Hey, Lana! Bet you can’t catch me!” Maxwell said.
“Ooooooh! We’ll see about that!” Lana shouted as she reached up and tried to grab Maxwell, but he escaped. Her attempt to catch him did not go unnoticed by the rest of her giant family.
“Huh? What’s going on, Lana?” Lana’s Mom asked.
“Somebody’s Pokémon got their wings at my head!” Lana said.
“Ooooooh… nobody picks on our big sister like that!” Harper and Sarah shouted together.
“You two are right. Let us catch him as a family!” Lana’s Mom said as they chased after Maxwell and Corviknight. Maxwell then flew circles around Lusamine’s head.
“Hey, Lusamine! I don’t think the work you do at Aether Paradise is so great!” Maxwell shouted.
“Arrrrgh! You’re either very brave or very stupid to be condemning my research! Let’s get him, Lillie!” Lusamine said.
“Right behind you, Mom!” Lillie said.

And finally for Maxwell, there was Burnet.
“Professor Burnet! Aren’t you mad that Professor Kukui is not here to see this? Maybe he’s not into giant women!” Maxwell said. Burnet looked furious.
“How dare you!!!” Burnet said, obviously not taking Maxwell’s criticism of her husband well, even though he didn’t really mean it.
The important thing for Maxwell was that all seven giantesses were coming after him as he led them away from the Pokémon School, past a bit of the ravaged city, and towards the shoreline. Sometimes he and Corviknight would have to dodge a few projectiles, such as cars, that the giantesses were throwing. Maxwell looked back to make sure they were all still there, and when that proved to be true, it was showtime, he thought to himself.
“Okay, Corviknight. Time to execute as much as you may not like it.” Maxwell said. Corviknight let out a squawk and slowly descended towards the sand.
“Oh no, Corviknight! That last car must’ve clipped one of your wings! Don’t tire out on me now!” Maxwell said in a rather dramatic tone. Once Corviknight ‘slammed’ into the ground, Maxwell leapt off and rolled around a few times.
“Whew… thank goodness that didn’t hurt. Maybe I should give up my career as a Pokémon Bonder and do stuntwork.” Maxwell said.

Just as he stood back on his feet, he watched as he was suddenly surrounded by seven gigantic women.
“Hahaha! He’s got nowhere to go, Mom!” Lana said.
“Yes, Lana. Let’s all take turns in crushing him nice and slow.” Lana’s Mom said.
“Oh! How about me first? I want to know what it feels like to crush someone.” Lillie said as she started to raise her foot.
“WAIT!” Maxwell shouted. Amazingly enough, Lillie did stop raising her foot.
“Um… before you all crush me like a pulp, I just have one request.” Maxwell said.
“What’s that?” Burnet asked.
“Can you all open your mouths real wide, like you’re going to eat me instead?” Maxwell said, crossing his fingers the giantesses would comply with this wish. The giantesses, meanwhile, looked at each other.
“Well, alright. He does deserve that one last request before we kill him.” Lusamine said.
“You heard her, girls. Open wide like he’s a scoop of ice cream!” Lana’s Mom said.
“Hahaha! When you put it that way!” Harper and Sarah both said.

Maxwell breathed a sigh of relief as he watched all seven giantesses comply and open their mouths wide… although Burnet was slowly kneeling down like she was going to pick him up.
“Now, Mallow!” Maxwell shouted. At that exact moment, Mallow and Flygon flew across the giantesses’ faces, throwing a bowl of cold soup into their mouths one by one. Some of the giantesses were caught by surprise but ultimately were forced to gulp the soups down their respective throats. As Mallow and Flygon landed on the ground, they watched as one by one the giantesses shrunk.

A couple minutes later, they were all back to their normal sizes… and their senses.
“Whew! Thank goodness you’re all back to normal.” Mallow said. Everyone ran up and hugged each other.
“Maxwell, I hope you can forgive me for the things I said and did to you.” Lillie said.
“Hey, it’s cool. At least I learned a valuable lesson about using Gigantamix spice in my recipe.” Maxwell said.
“Still, young man. Could you provide me with a sample of that spice at your leisure? I assure you it’s only for research purposes and to see what makes a person grow big like we just did.” Lusamine said.
“Sure. I’ll see what I can do.” Maxwell said.

Just then, Mallow, Lana, and Lillie all watched as their Pokémon ran up to them. Tsareena in the case of Mallow, Primarina in the case of Lana, and Snowy in the case of Lillie as it jumped out of Hobbes’ arms.
“Snowy!” Lillie said, catching Snowy into her arms.
“Forgive me, Master Lillie, but Snowy could not fathom the thought of being seperated from you, even though you towered high in the sky.” Hobbes said.
“It’s okay, Hobbes. I’m sure Snowy is very happy that I can hold her safely and snugly again! Although...” Lillie said.
“What is it, Lillie?” Lusamine asked.
“I don’t remember Snowy being this heavy…” Lillie said as she looked at her Pokémon with curiosity.
“Tsaaaa…” Tsareena moaned, which prompted Mallow to turn around and look at her Pokémon. She was a little over a full head taller than her trainer now.
“Huh? Tsareena? I don’t remember you being this tall…” Mallow said.
“Primarina! You’re growing!” Lana shouted, this time seeing with her own eyes what Primarina was going through.
“Primaaaa…” Primarina shouted, watching not just Lana, but everyone and everywhere else getting smaller as well.

Yep, the growing problems were not over yet for everyone. Tsareena, Primarina, and Snowy quickly grew bigger and bigger until they were somewhere in the neighborhood of 150-170 feet tall each.
“Tsa!” Tsareena said.
“Vul!” Snowy said.
“Prima!” Primarina shouted.
“Oh my! Now our Pokémon have gone through that Gigantamax thing!” Lana said.
“Gulp… I guess they too had that Gigantamix spice last night.” Maxwell said.
“And it took extra time for it to take effect on the Pokémon.” Lusamine said. Everyone watched as the three giant Pokémon strolled off towards the city.
“Wait, Tsareena! Come back!” Mallow said.
“Well, here we go again, it seems.” Burnet said.
“I’ll go back and get more bowls of that cold soup!” Maxwell said as he darted down the coastline back for where his cooking pot was while everyone else chased after the giant Pokémon, hoping they wouldn’t be as quick to go on a destructive rampage like they were just a few minutes ago.

As the journey continues!