Team Big Kids

(Cubed Cinder; idea by DARNT00TIN)

Clemont and Bonnie set foot on the grounds of Coumarine City, and as Clemont wheeled his wagon full of gear and other machinery, Bonnie looked around and admired the looks of the city, including the vast lake that separated the two halves of the city.
"Wow, big brother! It still takes my breath away seeing all this ocean water in the city!" Bonnie said.
"I know! Isn't it picturesque? Too bad I'll be too busy to sit on a bench and stare at the sunset." Clemont said, prompting a giggle from his little sister (and her Pokémon, Dedenne).
"So remind me again why we're all the way out here?" Bonnie asked.
"Well, there's been a couple reports of mechanical failures here lately, including at the Pokémon Center. And you know me, I'm mister fix it!" Clemont said.
"And sometimes mister blow it up…" Bonnie muttered under her breath down at Dedenne.
"What did you say?" Clemont asked.
"Oh, nothing. I was just clearing my throat! *cough cough*" Bonnie said. Clemont was sure she said something else, but brushed it aside as the two walked inside the Pokémon Center.
As soon as the two entered, Nurse Joy walked out from behind the desk.
"Oh! You must be Clemont!" Nurse Joy said.
"Yes! How did you know it was me?" Clemont said.
"Who else in the Kalos region, aside maybe from a professor or two, carries that much scientific equipment with him?" Joy said with a smile.
"Heh heh… have I really gained that much of a reputation?" Clemont said. Bonnie suddenly ran past her brother and stood in front of Nurse Joy.
"Nurse Joy, it's great to see you again! I have an important question to ask you." Bonnie said.
"Yes, Bonnie? Oh?" Joy asked, only to watch as Bonnie gently held one of Nurse Joy's hands with both of her own.
"Will you please kindly take my brother's hand in marriage so that he may be taken care of the rest of his young and aspiring life?" Bonnie asked.
"BONNIE!!!!!!" Clemont shouted as he activated the mechanical arm on his back and grabbed Bonnie with it.
"Er…" Joy said as she watched Bonnie get dragged back behind Clemont.
"Please forgive my sister, Nurse Joy. I keep telling her not to drag any women into this, but she never seems to listen." Clemont said.
"It's okay. Little kids DO say the silliest things." Joy said with a giggle. Clemont breathed a sigh of relief.
"Whew… anyway. Could you please tell me what's wrong here inside the Pokémon Center?" Clemont said.
"Ah… yes. The teleporter in our PC, the one that allows a Pokémon trainer to transport Pokémon from their party to online storage boxes, has been losing power from time to time. It's making the transportation of Pokémon like a coin flip. It's either going to work or it won't!" Joy said.
"Hmmm… sounds like some kind of power fluctuation. Never fear, Clemont is here to save the day!" Clemont said as he went digging through his wagon, eventually pulling out a series of wrenches buried within the pile of equipment. He then looked back at Bonnie.
"Bonnie, you stay here for now and guard the wagon. And don't touch anything!" Clemont said.
"No problem, big brother!" Bonnie said as she dragged the wagon to one of the nearby chairs, eventually sitting down in it.
A few minutes pass and Bonnie is fidgeting around in the chair, watching the wagon and also impatiently waiting for Clemont to return from the back room.
"Denne?" Dedenne asked as it watched Bonnie squirm around in the chair from her travel bag.
"Oh! Sorry, Dedenne. I'm just not used to sitting for this long a time. I wonder what's keeping Clemont? Maybe there's more damage than he or Nurse Joy think… or maybe they're secretly tying the knot!" Bonnie said, causing a sweatdrop to appear on Dedenne's head.
"Bonnie? Is that you?" a female voice suddenly said not far from Bonnie. Bonnie looked in the direction of the voice and gasped seeing a familiar face running up towards her.
"Oh! Hi, Lyn!" Bonnie shouted as she got up from her chair and gave Lyn a quick hug once she was close enough. The two stopped hugging just as Lyn's older sister, Lena, joined the group.
"Oh! It's Bonnie again! What a small world we live in, huh?" Lena asked.
"Haha! You're right, Lena! How are you and Dedenne?" Lyn asked.
"Great! Dedenne's happy to see you and Pichu as well!" Bonnie said.
"Dedenne!" Dedenne shouted from Bonnie's bag.
"Pichu!" Pichu shouted from Lyn's bag.
"Why don't you two stay here and chat while I go heal my Pokémon and set up our room for tonight." Lena said.
"Okay!" Lyn said with Lena nodding and walking away towards the front desk.
Before Lyn and Bonnie could sit down and start talking, however, the two heard another young female voice.
"Well, well. If it isn't the once honorary member of Lapras Defense Force, Bonnie!" the female said. Bonnie looked and saw it was Heidi, another girl she became friends with when they briefly met in the past.
"Oh! Hey, Heidi!" Bonnie said as the two girls hugged each other.
"What are you doing all the way out here? And where are Jay and Kye?" Bonnie asked.
"Oh, they stayed back at the lake with all the Lapras to watch over them. I'm only here because my Mom is on a business trip." Heidi said as she adjusted the shades on her head. Bonnie then saw the confused look on Lyn's face.
"Oh! Heidi, this is another of my friends I've met on my travels, Lyn." Bonnie said. Lyn and Heidi shook hands.
"Ummm… it's a pleasure to meet you." Lyn said.
"Yeah, likewise." Heidi said with a smirk on her face.
"She seems kinda tough." Lyn said.
"Yeah, there's a reason for that. In fact, why don't we all sit down and talk about what we've all been up to?" Bonnie said. The three girls sat back down on the chairs.
For the next 10-15 minutes, the three girls all talked about what they've been doing since they last crossed paths.
"Wow! So you've been nursing a Mantine back to life?" Bonnie asked.
"Yep! It's almost like the Lapras knew it could trust me and my friends, and Nurse Joy, in helping other Pokémon in that lake. Still…" Heidi said. Bonnie watched as Heidi clutched her fists over the bottom of her pink dress.
"What is it, Heidi?" Bonnie asked.
"I just know some mean adults caused those injuries to Mantine. Sigh… I know you and your friends, like that Ash guy, said to give grownups a chance, but it makes me mad there are still people who do bad things to them!" Heidi said.
"I agree, that's bad. That's why I'm looking forward to being a grownup, that way I can do whatever I set my heart on. That's what my older sister always tells me!" Lyn said.
"Haha! Still, I believe in you, Heidi. You'll do what's right for all the Pokémon by that lake." Bonnie said.
Just then, Heidi looked over at the wagon full of parts and machinery that was next to Bonnie. She kept peeking at it during the three-way conversation between her, Lyn, and Bonnie, and finally couldn't resist wanting to know more about it.
"Say, Bonnie, what's all that heap of junk behind you?" Heidi asked.
"Oh? Well, it's a bunch of inventions made by my brother, Clemont. He likes to build and fix things." Bonnie said.
"Oh? Your brother is an inventor? Neato! What kind of inventions has he made?" Lyn shouted.
"Well, let's see… the No-Hard-Feelings-Fair-and-Square Lottery Device. The Precisely-Even-Cut-o-Matic…" Bonnie said. Already Heidi and Lyn gave Bonnie funny looks.
"Wow… those are some weird invention names." Heidi said.
"I agree." Lyn said. Bonnie then put her hands on one of the devices.
"This mini tower thingy can enlarge or shrink things…" Bonnie said.
"Whoa whoa whoa! Wait a minute! Did you say that thing enlarges or shrinks things?" Heidi said.
"Yeah! You know, makes them bigger or smaller depending on what kind of laser comes out. My brother says he came up with it after studying the laser technology of a Poké Ball." Bonnie said. Heidi's eyes and mouth opened wide as she started to use her imagination.
It only took her a couple seconds to air out what she was thinking.
"Does it work on people?" Heidi asked.
"Well… yes! Remember Serena? I saw her use it to grow gigantic because she got real mad at a girl named Misty…" Bonnie started to say, only to watch as Heidi jumped up from the chair she was sitting on.
"I say we use it! I want to get a feel for what it's like to be big… and I mean biiiiiiig!" Heidi said as she spread her arms out.
"What!?" Bonnie and Lyn both shouted.
"Come on! It'll be fun seeing grownups running around my boots. They won't be able to yell or scream at us anymore!" Heidi said as she wiggled her pink knee-high boots around. Bonnie rapidly moved her head between looking at the size changing machine as well as Heidi, and then around the inside lobby of the Pokémon Center.
"Well… I suppose we could use it for just a little bit. I've often had dreams of walking around Kalos as a giantess." Bonnie said. Lyn, on the other hand, was shaking her head and had a worried look on her face.
"I don't know… we might get in trouble. I remember this one movie about a giant Meowth constantly getting shot at…" Lyn said.
"Speaking of trouble, I'd really be in it if my brother found out I was tinkering with ANY of his machines." Bonnie said.
"Pfffft… you two are being wimps. Besides, I'm the only one wearing shades, so my decision stands!" Heidi said as she walked towards the machine and started pushing a series of buttons. Bonnie got up and tried to pull Heidi away.
"Hey, wait! You might blow it up!" Bonnie shouted.
"Then why don't you push the right buttons!?" Heidi shouted.
"Er… well… I don't know how to use it correctly. Maybe we should find the instruction manual or something." Bonnie said.
"No time, and besides, I think I know what I'm doing!" Heidi said as she got back to pushing buttons.
About a minute later, the machine began to vibrate, smoke, and spark all profoundly.
"Heh heh. At least… I THOUGHT I knew what I was doing." Heidi said as she stared point blank at the machine as it looked like it could blow at any minute. Bonnie quickly took her bag with Dedenne off her shoulder, with Lyn doing the same with her bag carrying Pichu. After the two girls put their bags underneath the chairs, Bonnie reached out towards Heidi and grabbed her by the arms.
"Hit the deck!" Bonnie said as she, Heidi, and Lyn all dove for the ground, right as the machine went…
What was once a wagon full of parts and machinery was now nothing but a pile of smoldering debris and smoke. The people inside the Pokémon Center all obviously gasped and caught their collective breath, although they all gasped again when they looked and saw what had happened to the three girls (Bonnie, Lyn, and Heidi) as they slowly stirred awake after getting knocked unconscious briefly following the explosion.
Nurse Joy, meanwhile, came rushing out wondering what had happened. She, as well as Lyn's older sister, Lena, rushed towards the three girls.
"Oh my gosh! Are you three alright?" Joy asked.
"Ooooooh… a little sore, but we're fine. Right, girls?" Bonnie asked.
"Yeah. That's strange, I don't feel any pain." Lyn said.
"Uh… Nurse Joy. What's happened to my sister?" Lena asked.
"Huh? What are you talking…" Bonnie started to say until she, Heidi, and Lyn all stood back to their full height.
Which was now 11-12 feet tall. They didn't realize it yet, but the machine blowing apart caused its energy to be released and make the trio more than double their normal sizes. Obviously, they were surprised too to see they were looking down on Nurse Joy instead of up.
"Whoa… it worked! It really worked!" Heidi shouted.
"I… I guess so." Bonnie said.
"What? What worked!?" Joy shouted.
"One of my brother's inventions. It makes things bigger or smaller depending on the settings." Bonnie said.
"Ummm… hi, Lena. Wow, you look so small all of a sudden." Lyn said with both an awkward wave and smile.
"That's well and good, Lyn, but how are you going to shrink back to normal?" Lena asked.
"Who cares!? We're bigger than grownups now! We can do whatever we want now!" Heidi said as she tugged on her vest and walked towards the entrance of the Pokémon Center.
"Hey, Heidi! Wait for me!" Bonnie shouted as she followed Heidi. Lyn rapidly looked at Lena and her fellow giantesses and finally couldn't stand still any longer, following Heidi and Bonnie out the automatic doors as they all ducked underneath.
"Lyn, come back here!" Lena said as she tried to follow the amazoness trio, only to get held back by Nurse Joy.
"Wait! It's better that we get the inventor of that machine to fix it. If anyone can shrink those girls back to normal, he can." Joy said.
"Okay…" Lena said as she worriedly looked back at the automatic doors before finally following Nurse Joy to the back. The Pokémon belonging to Bonnie and Lyn, Dedenne and Pichu respectively, would follow the two ladies from behind.
Meanwhile, any people walking within sight of the Pokémon Center stopped and gasped as they watched the three amazon-sized girls walk outside. Heidi grinned as she put her hands on her hips and got giddy over seeing everyone smaller than her, especially the grownups.
"Hey everyone! What do you think? We're Team Big Kids!" Heidi said as she gave Bonnie and Lyn hugs.
"Heh… I like that name, actually!" Bonnie said.
"It has a nice ring to it." Lyn said. The three walked down the roads, watching as more and more people stopped and stared at the three. And why not? It wasn't every day you saw three girls under the age of 10 at 11 to 12 feet tall. Pokémon would also be surprised along the way by the heights of the ladies. In fact, the girls were about to turn the corner when they almost bumped into a Tyranitar. The Tyranitar roared loudly up at the three girls despite them being twice as tall as it was.
"Whoa! That looks like a Tyranitar!" Bonnie said.
"It's so scary…" Lyn said as she took cover behind Bonnie and Heidi.
"Awwww… what's there to be scared of? Watch! RAWWWWWR!!!" Heidi said as she did a roar of her own. Amazingly enough, Tyranitar had a sweatdrop on his head and then turned around and ran. A young man followed him.
"Wait, Tyranitar! Come back!" the man shouted, which told the three mini giantesses that this Tyranitar wasn't wild. Still, they couldn't help but giggle or laugh over what they saw.
"Hahaha! That was kinda fun. Being this tall makes me feel kinda powerful. Wouldn't you agree, Bonnie?" Heidi asked.
"Sure! Why not?" Bonnie said.
"Heh… it almost makes me want to wrestle a Beartic!" Heidi said.
"*gulp* That'd be scary…" Lyn said.
"Are you okay, Lyn?" Bonnie asked.
"Y-y-y-yeah! I just… I'm just not used to being this tall." Lyn said.
"Don't worry. Maybe over time you'll adjust." Bonnie said.
"Yeah! I know I have! Ooooh… look at that car over there!" Heidi shouted.
The mini giantess was pointing over at a car that was parked on one of the curbs.
"Oh, it looks like that car is parked on the curb." Bonnie said.
"Someone should let Officer Jenny know about it!" Lyn said.
"Or we could fix the problem ourselves. Come on!" Heidi said as she walked over towards the car, with Bonnie and Lyn following from behind.
“Wait, should we really do this? I mean, don’t most of these vehicles have some kind of alarm system?” Lyn asked.
“Maybe, but it will be fun picking up a normally heavy object like this! Ready? On the count of three.” Heidi said. The three tall girls all put their hands on the vehicle.
"1… 2… 3!" Heidi shouted as she and the others started to lift up the car. But of course, that was more than enough movement for the alarm to sound, and even at their increased size, the alarm was loud enough to force the girls to drop the car and cover their ears.
"Ow! That alarm is loud!" Lyn commented. Bonnie then looked over at the nearby building and saw an adult-aged man running out.
"Hey, he must be the owner of the car!" Bonnie said.
The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a remote, using it to deactivate the alarm on the car. Despite being much shorter than the three ladies, he ran up to Heidi in a very agitated state.
"Hey! What are you three giant brats doing to my car!?" the man shouted.
"Moving it off the curb before Officer Jenny or someone else towed it away! We were doing you a favor, mister!" Heidi said.
"Who cares!? You still touched my car! Now I have to get it repainted…" the man said as he hugged the back of the vehicle.
"Look, we're sorry. We'll just be on our way and…" Bonnie shouted.
"No! I demand restitution for what you did to my car!" the man said.
"Uhhhh… what does that mean?" Lyn asked. Heidi folded her arms and looked bluntly down at the man.
"Who cares what it means, Lyn! We're bigger than this guy… we don't have to do a thing he says." Heidi said.
"What!? But… but… you're children! You're supposed to always follow orders from those older than you!" the man said. This only made Heidi more agitated.
"Ugh! It's always the same with grownups! They think they're always right and everyone else is wrong." Heidi said.
"Even if we're bigger than him!" Bonnie said.
The man, however, then had to back away as he looked around and saw a big change happening with all three ladies. Lyn was the first to notice.
"Huh? Look! Is he shrinking?" Lyn asked. Bonnie looked down at her pink shoes and saw the ground quickly fading away.
"No! We're growing again!" Bonnie shouted.
"Whoa… awesome!" Heidi shouted as the three ladies grew and grew some more. 30 feet, then 50, 70, 80… finally they reached 120 feet tall before the growing ended. Obviously, this made the man look bug-sized next to the footwear of the three giantesses.
"Wow! Now we're talking!" Heidi said.
"Heh heh… I guess we are!" Bonnie said.
"Oh dear… everything's so small." Lyn said as she walked towards Bonnie and lightly hugged her by the arm.
"What's wrong, Lyn? Afraid we've grown too big?" Bonnie said.
"Yeah, kinda. I'm worried about hurting someone." Lyn said.
"Don't worry, we just gotta be extra careful." Bonnie said.
"Well… not with everyone." Heidi said as she looked down at the adult man. She smirked and put her hands on her hips.
The young man, meanwhile, slowly walked towards the driver's door of his car.
"Heh heh heh… now, now, ladies. I'm sure there's no hard feelings. I'll just drive my way out of your hair and…" the man said.
"Oh no. You're not getting off the hook that easily. If you don't move your car in the next few seconds, I'll just crush it beneath my boot!" Heidi said as she lifted one of her legs up in the air.
"Yipe!" the man said as he quickly hopped in the car and fired it up, driving off right before Heidi could smush it underneath one of her boots.
"Teehee! Come here, you itty bitty grownup!" Heidi said as she slowly walked after the car.
"Whoa! Wait for us, Heidi!" Bonnie shouted as she and Lyn followed Heidi from behind.
The man inside the car, meanwhile, weaved his way around the traffic, trying not to get crushed underneath any of the giantesses. Of course, other people stared up in awe over how big the three were, and most of them ran away when they stepped too close to them. Eventually the man came up to a roadblock where traffic wasn't going anywhere, and he looked in the rear view mirror to see the giantesses closing in fast.
"Eeeeeek!" he screamed as he finally jumped out of his car and ran away, just as Heidi's next step was on top of the car, crushing it flat like it had been through a junkyard.
"Ooooooh! That felt so good!" Heidi said.
"Aren't you going to chase after him?" Bonnie asked.
"Nah… I think he gets the point." Heidi said.
"So what do we do now? How will we return to normal size?" Lyn asked.
"Pffffft… I say we not worry about that for now. This is too fun! In fact, I don't want to stand still… I want to do so much more in this city. Maybe scare a few more people like that one grownup!" Heidi said.
"How about we split up? You know? Divide and conquer?" Bonnie asked. Heidi walked over and gave Bonnie a hug.
"Haha! Good thinking, Bonnie! That's why you were the second smartest member of the Lapras Defense Force… behind me of course." Heidi said with a smile.
"Okay… I guess it will be fun to walk around as a giantess." Lyn said.
"You bet it will, Lyn!" Heidi said as she, Bonnie, and Lyn went their separate ways around Coumarine City.
Lyn, being the kindest and gentlest of the trio, took her stride nice and slow, stepping high over crowds of people and vehicles so she wouldn't crush them underneath her red dress shoes.
"I still can't believe everything is so small…" Lyn said. She came across a building just as tall as she was and peeked inside the glass windows, seeing some people crowded against them.
"Don't be scared, little ones. I think you look kinda cute!" Lyn said as she looked from window to window. She saw her reflection in some of these windows and couldn't resist adjusting the red bow atop her head. And then…
"I've always wanted to hug an entire building." Lyn said as she did just that, gently wrapping her arms around the structure and making sure not to squeeze too hard. The hugging lasted about 10 seconds before Lyn finally let go.
"Well, bye for now! I'm off to explore more of this city." Lyn said as she stepped away from the building. In doing so, however, she felt something go CRUNCH underneath her right shoe. Lyn gasped as she looked down at her shoe and slowly lifted it upward. That's when she saw she stepped on a row of bicycles, splintering them into many pieces. Fortunately, there was nobody around the bikes.
"Oops! Sorry!" Lyn said as she gracefully bowed down at the bicycles. She carefully tiptoed away from the bikes and moved onto another part of the city.
After navigating her way around more taller buildings and crowded roads full of evacuating people and vehicles, Lyn eventually came across a park with a number of tall trees. As she walked towards this park, she saw a wide variety of Pokémon come out from these trees and look up in awe at the giantess.
"Oh! Lots of Pokémon! Hello down there." Lyn said as she gently stepped onto the grassy part of the park and got down on her knees, examining all the creatures. Some of them immediately sensed Lyn's kind hearted nature and approached the giantess. Lyn gently petted some of these tiny Pokémon.
"Teehee! You all look so cute. I could catch every single one of you with just one Poké Ball." Lyn said.
"Lyn! Down here!" a female voice suddenly shouted. Lyn looked down next to her left knee where she saw a familiar looking older girl jumping up and down. Lyn leaned in to get a closer look and then recognized who was calling up to her.
"Oh! Lena!" Lyn said. She lowered a hand down and allowed Lena to climb onto the palm of her giant sister's hand.
"Lyn! Are you alright? You haven't been hurt, have you?" Lena asked.
"No, no. I'm fine. I've just been walking around looking at the city from a new view." Lyn said.
"I'm glad to hear that. Don't worry. We're working on a way to shrink you back to normal soon." Lena said.
"Okay, though I kinda hope they take their time. It feels nice to be this big." Lyn said.
"Oh?" Lena said.
"Yeah… because that makes me the big sister now." Lyn said with a big smile on her face.
"Heh heh… you can say that again." Lena said.
Lena then got a pat on the head by one of Lyn's giant fingers.
"Oh, but don't worry. I would never tease you for that." Lyn said.
"I know you won't, Lyn. That's what I love about you. You bring a smile to anyone's face because of how charming you are." Lena said.
"Can I… can I hug you, Lena?" Lyn asked.
"Of course! Just not too hard!" Lena said. Lyn gently cradled her smaller sister up against her chest, with Lena smiling as she heard Lyn's gentle heartbeat. The hug lasted about 30 seconds before Lyn pulled Lena away.
"Hey, Lena. Would you like a ride?" Lyn asked.
"Well, I don't know, Lyn. I should help out Clemont and Nurse Joy and WHOA!" Lena said, only to suddenly get moved towards the giantess's shoulder. Lyn gently set Lena down on her shoulder, with the smaller girl holding on tight to Lyn's clothing underneath her.
"Teehee! Enjoy the ride, Lena! I'm gonna go see what's happening over there." Lyn said as she pointed towards a group of buildings away from the park. Lena had no choice but to hold on as her giant younger sister got walking again.
Bonnie, like Lyn, was casually walking around her city block as well, watching people scramble away from her giant pink shoes.
"Teehee! What do you all think? I bet you've never seen a giant kid like me before!" Bonnie said as she continued to step around the block. As she walked by, however, she heard a grinding-like noise that gradually got louder and louder. Bonnie then looked where the noise was coming from. It was from the monorail that allowed quick transport between the two halves of the city. It looked like it was trying to slam the brakes and stay away from the giantess, but it was not to be as Bonnie reached down and grabbed as much of the front of the car as her giant hand would allow. Using all her strength, she picked up the blue monorail and watched as a shower of sparks rained down on the ground and tracks. While the car dangled in the air like a loose noodle, Bonnie peeked inside at the group of passangers holding onto their seats while they screamed at the sight of her gigantic eyeball.
"Teehee! I feel so strong picking this up!" Bonnie shouted as she examined the monorail car from every angle. Then she wrapped it around the back of her neck, letting it hang down like a necklace. She turned around and did a couple poses like she was in a fashion show.
"What do you think, everyone? Could I set a new fashion trend? Sigh… I miss my big sister, Serena." Bonnie said as she looked down and thought about Serena, even briefly imagining her applauding from ground level. Then Bonnie took off the monorail car 'necklace' and set the car back down on the tracks.
"Bye everyone!" Bonnie shouted as she blew the car a kiss and then walked away.
After her fluffy white skirt came in close contact with a few skyscrapers, Bonnie eventually set her sights out at the vast ocean that basically split the city into two sections. She watched a few water Pokémon go splashing in and out of the water.
"Haha! That water looks so crystal clear, and probably full of water Pokémon! I should see how many different species are in there. I didn't bring my swimsuit with me, but whatever." Bonnie said as she dipped her feet into the water. Normally it would be deep, but of course it was anything but given how big Bonnie has grown. As she walked further into the water, which was now knee high to her, she watched many different water Pokémon swim away.
"Don't be afraid, Pokémon! I won't hurt you!" Bonnie said. She then dipped her hands into the water and scooped it up, bringing up many Pokémon with her.
"Hi there! I'm Bonnie, and I… HEY!" Bonnie shouted, only to suddenly get shot in the face by the Water Guns and Hydro Pumps of most of the water Pokémon. The splash took the giantess by surprise, and she not only dropped the Pokémon back into the water, but she backpedaled and ended up tripping over one of the docks, eventually landing on her behind with a firm thud and a slight quake that shook up this part of the city.
"Ow… never underestimate the power of water Pokémon, I guess." Bonnie said as she rubbed her backside. She eventually got back up and saw she had crushed numerous objects underneath her behind, namely a couple parked boats.
"Whoops… I hope nobody was on those boats. Oh well. I can't worry about that now. I wonder what Heidi and Lyn have been up to…" Bonnie said as the giantess walked back on land and towards another section of the city.
Heidi wasn't so tender with her footsteps. With a cute laugh to accompany almost every footstep, Heidi made sure she came darn close to crushing a group of adults.
"Heh heh heh! That's right, you bug-sized grownups! You can't boss me around anymore because I'm bigger than you! And I can do whatever I want! Like, of course, stomp you!" Heidi said as made another close stomp at the group of people. Eventually, though, she let them escape when she looked down and saw a tour bus trying to drive its way around her giant boots. But of course, Heidi was having none of that as she reached down and picked up the bus with both her hands. Heidi peeked inside the bus and moved it around her hands, delighted to see all the screaming people inside.
"Oooooh… I just love the sounds of screaming people! If only I had some mustard…" Heidi said as she licked her lips and pretended she was holding a hot dog. She casually tossed the bus up and down, throwing people out of their seats and even out some windows, leaving them to fall without the giantess knowing it. Some landed on the ground to their eventual deaths, while a few others reached out and held onto the bottom of the giant Heidi's dress. As for Heidi herself, she moved the bus towards her mouth like she was going to bite down and eat it, causing the screams to become louder, but she moved the bus away.
"Hahahaha! You little peeps should hear yourselves! Don't worry, I wasn't going to eat you. You probably taste awful anyways!" Heidi said. She then got down on her knees and gently set the bus back down on the road.
"Go on! Get out of here before I change my mind and flatten you like a pancake!" Heidi shouted as the bus quickly drove away. As Heidi looked down and saw a few people hanging onto her dress, she swept them up into one of her hands and held them inches away from her face.
"You grownups were lucky to hang onto my dress like that! I'll let you live for that." Heidi said as she set them down next to her boots, with these same people staring upward as Heidi stood back to her full height.
"Well, what are you waiting for? Are you just begging to be stepped on?" Heidi said as she slowly raised one of her boots up. The people ran away before Heidi could crush them.
"Hee hee… I could do this all day." Heidi said as she got back to walking around.
After taking just a few more steps, Heidi eventually found herself joined by the other giantesses, Bonnie and Lyn.
"Hey, Heidi! Are you having fun?" Bonnie asked.
"Haha! You bet! I've been scaring grownups out of their wits!" Heidi said.
"Yeah, me too, no matter how gentle I've been." Lyn said.
"Oh well, it can't be helped, Lyn. We're waaaaaay bigger than they are." Bonnie said. Heidi soon had to clutch her stomach as she felt her skin tingle.
"Oooooooh… I feel strange." Heidi said. Bonnie and Lyn gasped and backed away… as they were the first to see what was happening.
"Ummm… Heidi. You're growing again!" Lyn said. By the time Heidi felt the skin tingling go down, allowing her to focus and look around again… she saw Bonnie and Lyn were fading downward, along with the rest of Coumarine City.
"Huh? Oh wow!" Heidi shouted as she watched herself grow even bigger. Already she was twice the size of both Bonnie and Lyn and still growing. Bonnie and Lyn didn't feel so big anymore as Heidi continued ascending into the air.
Finally, the growth spurt stopped, and Heidi was now a whopping 900 feet tall. She was so massive… Bonnie and Lyn felt like the humans they had been chasing around at their current size.
"Oh my! Talk about hitting the big time!" Heidi said as she looked down at Bonnie and Lyn and rested her hands on her hips.
"Hahaha! Look how small you two are now! If you're giantesses, I wonder what that makes me." Heidi said. Bonnie and Lyn looked at each other confusingly at first, and then they looked back up at Heidi.
"Er… a titaness?" Lyn commented.
"Oooooh… I like that, Lyn!" Heidi said as she reached down and wrapped a hand around Lyn, causing her to gasp lightly. Heidi cuddled Lyn against her face, admiring her like a doll.
"Just for that, Lyn… you get to sit on my shoulder and enjoy watching the game!" Heidi said as she gently set Lyn on one of her shoulders.
"Huh? What game?" Lyn asked. Heidi then looked down at the 'smaller' Bonnie.
"It's called Make the Smaller Giantess Run Like Heck!" Heidi said as she slowly lifted up one of her boots.
"Uh… okay, Heidi. Real funny… maybe you could just…" Bonnie started to say, but no matter what amount of pleading she did, the boot was still coming down on her.
"Yipe!" Bonnie said as she finally turned around and ran, and the boot slammed down just as she got out from underneath it. The ground shook as violently as it could get and there was a boom loud enough to blow out any normal-sized person's eardrums. In fact, cracks formed in every direction of the earth like an earthquake had just hit dead center on the city. And that was just from one stomp. Heidi quickly followed suit with another devastating step as she slowly chased down the smaller giantess in front of her. She also took note of the destruction being left behind in Coumarine City.
"Ooooooh… a lot of grownups probably got smushed, but whatever. It's their fault for not escaping in time." Heidi said as she continued to follow Bonnie.
"Uh… Heidi." Lyn said as she had a worried look on her face.
The 'chase' went on for a couple minutes as Bonnie kept looking back and watched where the mega-sized Heidi would step next. In the back of her mind, Bonnie felt Heidi was just toying with her. Still, it didn't make her feel any better to have an even bigger giantess chase after her.
"I wish there was some way I could grow that big." Bonnie said out loud. Astonishingly, she would get her wish as Bonnie immediately felt her skin tingle.
"Oooooh… what's happening to me?" Bonnie asked. Then she watched the ground fade away and her growing feet (covered by her pink shoes) bulldozed over several buildings as well as the monorail tracks. This of course was not lost on Heidi, who had to back away as Bonnie quickly reached her height… and beyond.
"Oh boy…" Heidi said as she watched Bonnie continue to grow and grow. Bonnie eventually stopped until she was just under 2,000 feet tall, a little over twice the size of Heidi. Bonnie put her hands on her skirt and smiled.
"Soooooo… you were saying something about chasing the 'little' giantess?" Bonnie asked.
"Errrr… yeah. No hard feelings, right?" Heidi said.
"Nope. I forgive you. Or at least I will once I've done one thing." Bonnie said.
"What's that?" Heidi asked. She then watched as Bonnie thrust her arms down.
"Tag! You're it!" Bonnie said as she gave the smaller Heidi a good shove.
"WHOA!" Heidi said, obviously caught off guard by the shove and forced to fall down towards the ground. As she did so, Lyn lost her footing on Heidi's shoulder.
"Eeeeek!" Lyn said as she fell, eventually landing on Heidi's chest just as the bigger giantess landed on her backside with a deafening thud.
Of course, a great deal of Coumarine City was destroyed underneath Heidi, and this destruction was not lost on her.
"Oooooh… that's going to leave a mark." Heidi said. As she helped herself back to her feet, she watched as the area got smaller and smaller again, telling her she was going through another growth spurt. Soon, she was the same 2,000 feet tall as Bonnie was.
"Heh, looks like we're even now." Heidi said.
"Sure looks that way. Gulp… I hope my big brother wasn't down there. He's the only way we're going to return to normal." Bonnie said.
"Eh… who cares!? We're bigger than anything here in Kalos… maybe this entire planet! I say we make it our playground!" Heidi said.
"Um… okay, sure!" Bonnie shouted.
"Tag! You're it! Hahaha!" Heidi said as she tapped Bonnie on her shoulder and then ran away.
"Hey! No fair on the head start!" Bonnie said as the two crushed nearly half of the eastern side of Coumarine City between their footsteps.
Meanwhile, for 'little' Lyn still at only 120 feet tall, she had managed to slide down Heidi's massive body while she was talking with Bonnie. She looked up as her super mega sized friends ran off, undoubtedably crushing another city under their footwear, and then down at what was left of Coumarine City, which wasn't much.
"This is getting out of hand. There must be something I can do to stop those two from crushing more innocent people and buildings." Lyn said. She then felt the same tingling that Bonnie and Heidi felt earlier.
"Oh? Does this mean I'm going to grow bigger?" Lyn said, watching as she too was enlarging even more. And she was growing at a very rapid pace…
As for Bonnie and Heidi, the two giantesses continued to chase one or the other in their massive game of tag. They trampled much of the Kalos landscape underneath their feet, causing unimaginable amounts of damage. It wasn't until the duo made it to Lumiose City that they realized how big they were when the Prism Tower was less than half the size of the girls.
"Oh, hey! I live here… it used to tower well over me…" Bonnie said.
"Heh heh! Not anymore!" Heidi said as she bent her knees down and grabbed the tower halfway down, grunting hard as she tried to lift it off its foundation, only for Bonnie to run over and tackle her.
"No, wait! Don't do that!" Bonnie said as the two giantesses rolled around and flattened structure after structure (as well as people).
"Ugh!" Heidi grunted as she tried to shake loose from Bonnie, who eventually did roll off as they approached the next city. Before Bonnie could get back up, Heidi climbed on top of her friend and pinned her to the ground.
"Heh heh, you've got a little fight in you, Bonnie! I like that!" Heidi shouted.
"You're not so bad yourself!" Bonnie said.
Before the two giantesses could do anything more, however, they felt the ground rumble severely, and then the sunlight from above got blocked by something very, VERY big. Much bigger than both of them! They both adjusted their eyes to see what it was.
"Lyn!?" they both shouted. They scrambled back to their feet and found themselves looking up at an even bigger Lyn, who was four times the size of both Bonnie and Heidi. Lyn folded her arms as she looked down at the smaller giantesses.
"Girls, I think we need to stop. We're getting way too big now." Lyn said.
"You're not kidding, Lyn!" Heidi shouted.
However, Bonnie and Heidi wouldn't upstaged for long. They suddenly felt themselves growing again.
"Oh! Here we grow again!" Bonnie shouted, with Lyn backing away (and crushing nearly all of Lumiose City) as she watched Bonnie and Heidi approach her height. Unknown to her, she was growing bigger as well. All three girls were mega to the point where they were now being measured in miles rather than feet.
"I guess we're never going to stop growing! And look, Lyn! I think you just smushed all of Lumiose City!" Heidi said.
"Gulp…" Lyn said as she lifted up one of her red dress shoes and saw what was left of the city underneath. All three girls then hugged each other with Heidi in the middle as they watched just about all of Kalos come into their view.
"You know what? Why don't we just crush all of Kalos? We've already ruined, like, a quarter of the region." Heidi said. Bonnie shrugged her shoulders.
"Sure, why not?" Bonnie said. Lyn looked like she wanted to object, but ultimately didn't say anything as the three giantesses each raised a foot up.
"On the count of three…" Heidi said.
"Bonnie! Wake up!" a male voice suddenly shouted. Bonnie's eyebrows raised up as she recognized the voice belonging to her brother, Clemont.
"Clemont? Big brother? Where are you?" Bonnie said. The next time she blinked her eyes, however, everything faded to white.
"Huh?" Bonnie said.
After blinking her eyes again, Bonnie quickly sat up and saw where she was at. Inside the Pokémon Center. Heidi and Lyn were there too, and all three were their normal sizes. The trio were looking up at Clemont, Nurse Joy, and Lyn's older sister, Lena. Also there were owned Pokémon like Dedenne and Pichu.
"Big brother? What happened?" Bonnie asked.
"I came running out when I heard an explosion. Are you alright? You three were knocked unconscious." Clemont said.
"I think so. I guess we were dreaming." Bonnie said.
"Oh? What were you dreaming about?" Clemont said.
"Well… I guess you've figured by now that it was your size-changing machine that blew up. Heidi, Lyn, and myself were all growing bigger and bigger… first as big as the buildings here in Coumarine City, then bigger than city, then bigger than that, and bigger still…" Bonnie said.
"Whoa! I had the exact same dream!" Heidi said.
"Me too! That’s weird…" Lyn said. Bonnie then gasped.
"Oh no! We're going to grow for real this time!" Bonnie said.
"Hahaha! Don't worry about that!" Clemont said.
"Huh?" all three girls said.
Clemont got up and stood near the remains of what the three thought was his size-changing machine, but instead…
"This machine may have looked like a size-changing machine, but on the inside, it was a portable ice cream maker… complete with isolated liquid nitrogen chamber! That's probably what caused the explosion… due to the instability of the minimal amount of liquid nitrogen that was inside. It's a good thing it wasn't fully loaded, otherwise this whole place would've turned into an igloo!" Clemont said.
"Ooooooooh…" all three girls said.
"Wait! It really was a size-changing machine once upon a time!?" Heidi shouted, only to have her mouth quickly covered by Bonnie.
"It's a long story." Bonnie said.
"Well, darn. I think it'd be cool to be a giantess. Imagine all the Wailord I could look after… and all the grownups I could play with like dolls!" Heidi said, prompting a laugh from everyone in the room.
"Anyway, I'll clean up here and finish up the repairs in the back. Then we can go home, Bonnie!" Clemont said.
"Okay, big brother!" Bonnie said as she, Heidi, and Lyn took their seats again.
While they waited for the others to finish, Heidi and Lyn prodded Bonnie once more for the history of what was once the size-changing machine.
"So, Bonnie. Could you tell us that long story about the growing machine?" Lyn asked.
"Yeah, pretty please? Maybe our imaginations will run wild!" Heidi said.
"Well, okay. It all started like this…" Bonnie said as she told the story of the time she was 'blown up.' (wink wink!)