Tsareena Immensely Cares

(Cubed Cinder)

NOTE from author: Ash will undoubtedly learn about Dynamax and the Galar region in a more 'normal' fashion at the end of the Pokemon Sun/Moon anime, and Dynamax may work a bit differently in the anime compared to the Sword/Shield games, so please consider this story non-canon from the get go.

The students of Professor Kukui's classroom (Ash, Mallow, Lana, Lillie, Sophocles, and Kiawe) as well as some of their Pokémon were all standing around chatting about the events of the past few days when they all looked and saw the professor walking in. Thus they all took their seats.
"Alola, class!" Kukui shouted.
"Alola, Professor Kukui!" all the students shouted.
"Alright, professor! What are we going to do today?" Ash asked excitedly.
"I'm glad you asked, Ash. Today is a very special day for the entire Alolan Pokémon School. With help from Principal Samson Oak, we have invited one of the world's greatest trainers to come visit us!" Kukui said, prompting all the students to oooooh and aaaaah.
"So who is it?" Mallow asked.
"I wonder if it's Cynthia. I hear she's very legendary in the Sinnoh region." Lillie said.
"Please let it be Bruno, please let it be Bruno, please let it be Bruno…" Kiawe said.
"Huh? Who's Bruno?" Sophocles asked.
"He's from the Elite Four of Kanto. He and his Pokémon are known for their brute strength!" Ash said.
"Haha! All good guesses, but I instead present you a gentleman who's made a name for himself in the Galar region!" Kukui said.
"Huh? The Galar region? I've never heard of it!" Ash said as the other students, and even their Pokémon, nodded.
"I can't say I'm surprised. This region has been coming on strong as far as national attention in the past month. But for now, please give a warm welcome for… Leon!" Kukui said as he waved his arm towards the open door.
Very quickly stepping inside the classroom afterwards was Leon. Immediately the other students were in awe of his appearance… especially Mallow, Lana, and Lillie as they got up from their seats and had hearts in their eyes.
"He looks like a prince!!!" all three shouted. Ash, Kiawe, and Sophocles, on the other hand, sat back in their seats with glum looks.
"Well, that reduced my stature in a hurry." Kiawe said.
"Something tells me we're gonna need to be bowing to this guy." Ash said.
"Thank you! Thank you, Professor Kukui. Greetings, everyone! Or I should say… Alola!" Leon said.
"Alola!" all the students shouted.
"Here we have Ash Ketchum, Mallow, Lana, Lillie, Kiawe, and Sophocles… along with some of their Pokémon." Kukui said as he pointed to the students one by one.
"So… the professor tells us you're one of the world's greatest trainers?" Sophocles said.
"You might say that, young man. I am the champion of the Galar Pokémon League!" Leon said.
"He's the cutest champion ever!!!" Mallow, Lana, and Lillie all shouted together.
"Wow! You're an actual Pokémon League Champion!? That's so cool! My dream is to be a Pokémon Master!" Ash shouted.
"That's wonderful, Ash! I hope you succeed and earn a loyal following like I have." Leon said.
That's when the three girls snapped back to reality.
"Oh? You mean you have other girls… er… people who follow you?" Lana asked.
"So this is what heartbreak feels like…" Lillie said.
"Indeed I do. It can sometimes be difficult to get around as much as they follow me, but I suppose it's inevitable given by superb battling record." Leon said as he casually brushed his cape.
"He's undefeated, in fact!" Kukui shouted.
"Undefeated!?!?" all the students shouted.
"Oh man! That's even better! Please teach me some of your battling skills and strategies, Leon!" Ash shouted.
"Haha… now now, Ash. Leon probably has other things to talk about first…" Kukui said.
"No no, it's okay, professor! I admire Ash's willingness to learn fast. I was like that once upon a time. I accept your request, Ash!" Leon said.
"Alright! Yes!" Ash shouted.
"But it might be best if we go somewhere more wide open. My fierce battle style may be too much for this little classroom." Leon said.
"I say we go to the beach! Is that okay with everyone?" Kukui asked.
"Alright!" all the students shouted.
Several minutes pass, and everyone has arrived at the beach. Leon whistled over seeing how crystal clear the water was and how gorgeous the sands looked.
"I must say… I'm in awe over how beautiful this beach looks!" Leon shouted.
"It's a testament to the tropical environment that Alola is known for!" Kukui said.
"And how well we take care of it!" Lillie added.
"Alright! Come on, Leon! Show us some of your battle tricks!" Ash said.
"My pleasure, but I'm going to need a challenger! Let's see… how about you!?" Leon said as he suddenly pointed towards Kiawe.
"Huh? Me?" Kiawe asked.
"You look like you have the spirit of a strong warrior. You should be able to put up a good fight." Leon said.
"Er… um…" Kiawe said as he was suddenly nudged by Mallow from behind.
"Yeah, Kiawe! Go for it!" Mallow said.
"Okay, okay!" Kiawe said as he and Leon walked further down the beach and separated from each other by a few yards.
"Alright, young man named Kiawe. Don't hold back!" Leon said.
"In that case, I'll send out my leader of the pack. Go Turtonator!" Kiawe said as he pulled out a Poké Ball from his waist and threw it up in the air. The ball opened up to reveal Turtonator.
"Turto!" Turtonator shouted.
"As shall I, my friend. Charizard, I choose you!" Leon said as he threw his own Poké Ball in the air. It opened up to reveal Charizard.
"Whoa! You have a Charizard too? So do I!" Kiawe shouted.
"Charizard and I have been all over Galar several times over. When I'm on the brink of defeat, he pulls me back out!" Leon said.
"So this will be a tough battle!" Kiawe said.
"You betcha! Let's go, Charizard!" Leon said.
The two trainers battled it out for the next few minutes in what did indeed prove to be an intense battle. The guys in the group (which included Professor Kiawe) all cheered for Kiawe while the three girls couldn't help but root for Leon for some reason. Both trainers and their Pokémon were lightly sweating as they backed away from each other.
"Not bad, Kiawe. You've got some fighting spirit." Leon said.
"Thanks, but I'm just warming up. It's time I show you our full power! Let's do it, Turtonator!" Kiawe said as he proudly showed off his Z-Crystal and went into a familiar pose, which Turtonator matched move for move.
"Ahhhh, that's…" Leon started to say.
"A Z-Move!" the rest of the students shouted.
"The zenith… of my mind… of body… and spirit… like the great mountain of Akala! Become a raging fire and burn!" Kiawe shouted as the Z-Crystal transferred energy from him to Turtonator.
"Inferno Overdrive!!!" Kiawe screamed as Turtonator charged up a huge ball of fire and then launched it towards Leon's Charizard. Leon wasn't panicked, however. He smiled and simply said…
"Charizard, fly up and dodge!" Leon shouted. Charizard launched itself high in the air and dodged the gigantic fireball as it exploded in the distance.
"Whoa! He dodged it!" Ash shouted.
"That's impossible!" Mallow shouted.
"It takes an incredible trainer and incredible Pokémon to be able to dodge a Z-Move…" Lana said.
Leon watched Charizard land back on the ground and looked towards Kiawe and Turtonator, who were obviously in shock.
"Very impressive, Kiawe. It's my first time seeing a Z-Move in person!" Leon said.
"Uh, thanks?" Kiawe asked.
"But now it's my turn to show you true power. Charizard, it's time for Dynamax!" Leon said as Charizard confidently roared.
"Dynamax?" all the students and Professor Kiawe asked.
"Return!" Leon said as he called Charizard back to its Poké Ball. Then, everyone watched as a light shone bright on the wrist band Leon was wearing. Everyone didn't know it yet, but he was activating his Dynamax Band. The energy flowed into and around the Poké Ball, surrounding it with bright red energy and increasing its size to that similar to a beach ball, which made everyone watching gasp. Leon was forced to hold the ball with both his hands now.
"Charizard! Dynamax! Unleash!!!" Leon shouted as he wound his arms back and threw the enlarged Poké Ball upward. It opened up, and Charizard reemerged with an almost ear-piercing roar as he was now surrounded in a red aura and well over 150 feet tall (maybe even bigger than that!). Obviously, this floored every single person watching.
"Oh my gosh! Charizard is huge!!!" Mallow shouted. Lillie ducked behind Mallow, actually a bit terrified over what she was seeing.
"This is so awesome!" Ash and Sophocles both shouted with hearts in their eyes, much like the girls did with Leon himself earlier.
"It's… It's… It's King Charizilla Supreme from outer space!" Lana shouted out of pure randomness. As the students and their Pokémon looked up in awe, what they didn't watch was a small wick of the red energy that was surrounding the supersized Charizard. It flew around like a piece of paper in the wind until it finally got absorbed into Mallow's faithful Pokémon, Tsareena. This went unnoticed to everyone. Not even Tsareena felt anything at that moment.
Kiawe and Turtonator, naturally, backed away as they saw the Charizard towering over both of them.
"Eeep." Kiawe said.
"Max Flamethrower, Charizard!" Leon shouted. Charizard took a deep breath, and that was all Kiawe needed to see.
"Run away, Turtonator!" Kiawe said as he and Turtonator. Everyone else gasped thinking the two were going to get burned to a crisp by the giant Charizard, but instead, Charizard shot its flames far to the left of Kiawe and Turtonator. They were unharmed, but the ground took a massive beating as sand shot everyone and flames burned tall as a leftover from the blast. Kiawe looked in shock at the flames, and then watched Leon walk towards him.
"What do you think? Pretty amazing, isn't it?" Leon said.
"Er… um… well… um…" Kiawe said. He was even more confused when he saw Leon offer a hand towards him like he was going to shake it.
"Let's call it a draw. That wasn't fair of me to not tell you ahead of time about Dynamax." Leon said. Kiawe slowly extended his own hand until he finally shook with Leon.
"Deal." Kiawe said. Leon finally looked back at Charizard and held its supersized Poké Ball up.
"Great work, Charizard! Return and get a good rest." Leon said as Charizard got called back into the ball, obviously shrinking back to normal as it got pulled in. Once Charizard was back inside, the ball itself shrunk back to its normal size.
As Leon tucked the ball against his waist, the other students ran up towards him and Kiawe, who was in the process of recalling his Turtonator.
"Leon… that was a most incredible display. I've never seen anything like that!" Kukui said.
"Hmmmm… yes. I have to keep reminding myself. Galar is so far away from Alola… it's not possible for you guys to watch a Pokémon League match where that kind of thing happens often!" Leon said.
"Man, Leon! You gotta tell me what we just saw… and how I can get Pikachu to do that!" Ash shouted.
"Hahaha, my pleasure! It's called Dynamax. When you and your Pokémon that's out with you share the strongest bond of friendship humanly possible, you use the power of this wristband to unlock the power of Dynamax within that Pokémon! Not only does the Pokémon greatly increase in size, their stats and the power of their moves also go up as well. Of course, the power can only last a very short while, so you've got to make the most of it!" Leon said.
"I get it! Kind of like the Mega Evolutions in Kalos and the Z-Moves here!" Ash said.
"Wow… you've been to Kalos too, Ash? You've certainly traveled around." Leon said.
"I sure have! And I definitely want to come to Galar! I'm so psyched after seeing that Dynamax in action!" Ash said.
"Haha! Well, if you do indeed come to Galar, be sure to first visit Professor Magnolia. She's done a lot of research on Dynamax along with her granddaughter, Sonia. They may know more than even I do!" Leon said.
"Great! Once I've learned everything there is to learn here at the Pokémon School and beaten all the island trials, Galar will be my next stop!" Ash shouted.
Kukui then stepped in between the two.
"Speaking of school, I think we should all give our special guest more of a tour of Melemele Island. Is that alright with you, Leon?" Kukui asked.
"You bet! I'm anxious to sample every last square inch of this entire island." Leon said.
"Great! Let's go, everyone!" Kukui said with all the students nodding. As everyone departed the beach, Tsareena felt the need to hold her head and stumble around a bit.
"Huh? Tsareena? Are you okay?" Mallow asked.
"Tsa!" Tsareena quickly shouted like she was her usual self.
"I guess you were taken aback by how big that Charizard grew. That Dynamax thing is something, isn't it?" Mallow asked.
"Tsareena." Tsareena replied.
"Anyway, come on! Let's catch up with the others!" Mallow said as she ran after the others. Tsareena got to running as well, but along the way, she couldn't help but think how much easier it would be to protect her master if she were that tall. Her body very faintly glowed red at the same time she thought these thoughts.
Several hours pass and it's time for everyone to go to bed. Mallow was dressed up in her pajamas and tucking herself into bed as Tsareena laid down on the floor on her pair of bean bag chairs.
"Well, Tsareena, today was certainly a big day, wouldn't you agree?" Mallow said.
"Tsa!" Tsareena replied.
"Wasn't that Dynamax so cool from Leon? Now that I think about it, how awesome would it be if I made you grow that big. You'd be super mega powerful… and you could always protect me too!" Mallow said.
"Tsa…" Tsareena said as she looked up like she was using her imagination.
"Anyway… good night, Tsareena!" Mallow said as she turned out the light and she and her Pokémon drifted to sleep.
Overnight, while the two were deep asleep, a big change began to undergo Tsareena. Her body glowed faintly red as she slowly grew taller and taller.
The next morning, Mallow sat up and stretched her arms in the air, letting out a big yawn.
"*yaaawwwwwnnnn* Well, here we are with another beautiful day…" Mallow said. She then looked down at Tsareena who was still sleeping, not yet realizing what happened to the Pokémon overnight.
"Rise and shine, Tsareena!" Mallow said.
"Tsaaaaaaa…" Tsareena said as she rolled off her bean bag chairs and then stood up… which prompted Mallow to gasp.
"What the…!?" Mallow exclaimed. Instead of being a full head shorter, Tsareena was now a full head TALLER than Mallow. The Pokémon was a bit surprised as well.
"Tsareena?" Tsareena asked.
"Tsareena… you've gotten so much taller! This is amazing! Did you use the move Growth last night?" Mallow asked.
"Tsa?" Tsareena asked, like it didn't know what Mallow was talking about.
"Yeah, I would've remembered teaching you Growth. And even then, it couldn't make you grow that much! I mean… not that I'm complaining or anything!" Mallow said as she walked up and gave her taller Pokémon a hug.
"Tsa!" Tsareena shouted as she hugged back.
"Come on. We don't want to be late for school today!" Mallow said as she ran away to get herself ready for school. Tsareena, meanwhile, looked around herself and showed a high confidence look despite her increased size.
Minutes later, the two were making their way onto the Pokémon School grounds. Obviously, students from other classrooms were looking with slightly stunned looks seeing Tsareena taller than Mallow.
"Tsareena? You're not bothered that everyone's giving you funny looks?" Mallow asked.
"Tsa!" Tsareena said as she shook her head.
"Oh, good! Still, I do wonder what caused you to grow like this. Maybe Professor Kukui will have the answer." Mallow said.
Eventually, she made it up to the classroom where she and her friends go to. Mallow walked inside first.
"Alola, Mallow!" Ash shouted.
"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted.
"Alola, everyone! Hey… wait until you see what happened to Tsareena last night. Okay, come in!" Mallow said. Tsareena soon walked inside in all her tall glory.
"Whoooooa!" the other students shouted.
"Tsareena's so much taller now!" Kiawe said.
"She's been mutated by radiation!" Lana said, prompting everyone to look funny at Lana.
"I think maybe you've been watching too much of my sci-fi movie collection." Sophocles said.
"Wow… how did that happen, Mallow!?" Lillie said.
"I don't know, but it's amazing, isn't it?" Mallow asked.
Shortly thereafter, the students were joined by Professor Kukui.
"Alola, class! How is everyone… whoa!" Kukui said.
"Alola, Professor Kukui! Yeah, check out Tsareena!" Ash shouted.
"Hmmm… most fascinating." Kukui said.
"I don't know how it happened! We went to bed, and when I woke up, she was this size." Mallow said.
"Hmmm… very curious. I wonder if there's a connection with yesterday. Remember when Leon activated the Dynamax power in his Charizard?" Kukui asked.
"Do you think that's what triggered her growth spurt?" Kiawe asked.
"Of course, I'm just speculating, especially since it's only affected Tsareena and no other Pokémon." Kukui said as he looked over the rest of the Pokémon in the room like Ash's Pikachu, Lana's Primarina, and Lillie's Alolan Vulpix.
"Hey! Why not ask your wife, Professor Burnet?" Ash asked.
"Good idea, Ash! I should be able to contact her at Aether Paradise." Kukui said.
He then pressed a couple buttons underneath the teacher's desk, and soon part of the chalkboard was covered up by a large LCD monitor. The monitor soon lit up with a picture of Lusamine sitting behind a desk. To her sides were two of her assistants, Burnet and Wicke.
"Alola, Professor Kukui! Alola, Lillie, my sweet!" Lusamine said.
"Alola, Mom!" Lillie said. Burnet then blew a kiss towards Kukui.
"I miss you, honey! I hope to be home soon after I finish my latest research project." Burnet said.
"It's okay, Burnet. Take your time. I'm glad you're all here. Please take a look at this. Mallow, would you and Tsareena step forward?" Kukui said with the two doing just that. The three women all lightly gasped as they saw Mallow approach and Tsareena being taller than her.
"Oh my! A Tsareena is normally not that tall!" Wicke shouted.
"Remember yesterday when I told you about Leon visiting our class and showing off the Dynamax power?" Kukui asked.
"Ah, yes… the news caught a short bit of when that Charizard towered over the beach." Lusamine said.
"I have reason to believe Mallow's Tsareena may have caught some of that energy during the demonstration." Kukui said.
"Hmmm… it's a plausible theory, but without any data on this Dynamax, we can't know for certain." Burnet said.
"Leon should still be on Melemele Island. Perhaps I can have him come visit again and we can compare energy between Tsareena and his Charizard and send you the results." Kukui said.
"Good idea, Professor. But I will come personally to collect the results." Lusamine said.
"Oh? You're coming here, Mom?" Lillie asked.
"Sure, why not? I would LOVE to see something new like this up close and personal. I should be there in a couple hours via helicopter." Lusamine said.
"Okay, great! We'll see you then!" Kukui said.
The viewscreen soon shut off and the monitor went back behind the chalkboard.
"What about Leon, professor?" Ash asked.
"I'll contact him during our lunch break. For now, we still have some learning to do! Everyone take your seats, please!" Kukui said. All the students nodded and took their seats with the Pokémon nearby.
About 3 hours later, it's time for everyone to not only break for lunch, but walk around the campus as well to ideally stretch their legs. Mallow and Tsareena were casually walking around by themselves.
"Y'know, Tsareena. You can easily reach the top shelf with your increased height back in the kitchen. Wouldn't that be fun to help out more at Aina's Kitchen?" Mallow asked.
"Tsareena!" Tsareena replied. However, before the two could talk any further, they heard the sounds of motorcycles quickly getting louder.
"Oh no… I know that sound." Mallow said. Indeed, she watched as coming up the hill and stopping a few yards away from herself and Tsareena were the familiar trio of Team Skull… Tupp, Zipp, and Rapp.
"Not so fast, jolly green girlie!" Tupp shouted.
"Yeah! Don't you know you gotta pay the toll to pass this road!?" Rapp shouted.
"For your information, this road has been open to everyone since before you jokers were born!" Mallow shouted.
"Yeah, well, we're making you pay now!" Zipp said.
"Alright, everyone! Let's bring out our fiercest Pokémon!" Tupp shouted.
"Hey, Tupp… look how tall that one Pokémon is." Zipp said as he pointed over towards Tsareena.
"Who cares!? We can still take it! Let's go!" Tupp shouted as he threw a Poké Ball up in the air.
"Come on out!" both Zipp and Rapp shouted as they threw balls upward as well. Coming out were Zubat, Yungoos, and Salandit (the usual trio of Pokémon). Mallow clenched her teeth, not wanting to have an unnecessary battle, but she felt she didn't have a choice.
"Alright, Tsareena! Let's show them we mean business!" Mallow shouted.
However, what happened next took everyone by surprise. Tsareena looked down and breathed heavily, slowly becoming encased in a bright red glow.
"Huh? Tsareena?" Mallow asked.
"Tsaaaaareeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" Tsareena screamed as she thrusted her arms upward. Mallow backed away quickly as Tsareena suddenly grew even bigger than before. Team Skull and their Pokémon obviously looked up stunned.
"What… what's happening!?" Tupp shouted. Mallow backed away as her beloved Tsareena took up more and more space the bigger she grew.
Finally, Tsareena's growth stopped, and she was over 150 feet tall much like Leon's Charizard was yesterday. The red glow around her body, however, did not fade away. Once Tsareena felt the growth stop, she looked down with a very angry look in her eyes at Team Skull and their Pokémon.
"Well… um… that's a new one." Tupp said.
"She's so big…" Rapp said. Tsareena raised one of her legs up and slammed her foot down next to the Pokémon, who all scampered away and ran behind their trainers.
"Hey! What are you weaklings doing!? Get in there and fight her!" Tupp shouted.
"Na!!" Tsareena said as she raised her other leg and stomped her foot down again, this one just a yard or two away from Team Skull.
"I think maybe the Pokémon have the right idea, bro!" Zipp said.
"Run away!!!" all three finally shouted as they watched Tsareena raised her leg up again. They all jumped on their motorcycles (with their Pokémon on or near their trainers' backs) and drove away just as the giant Pokémon slammed her foot down with authority. Tsareena watched them drive away and wasn't about to let them escape as she walked after them off the Pokémon School grounds.
Mallow, meanwhile, could only watch as her now gigantic Tsareena was walking away. Even as the booming sounds of Tsareena's footsteps overpowered Mallow's voice, she still called out to her.
"Tsareena! Wait! Come back!" Mallow shouted.
"Mallow!" the voice of Ash Ketchum shouted from behind. Mallow turned around where she saw the other students, Professor Kukui, and finally Leon from Galar all running up towards Mallow.
"Guys! Tsareena grew even bigger!" Mallow said.
"Yeah… we can see that!" Kiawe said.
"Team Skull tried to fight us, and all of a sudden, Tsareena screamed out, glowed red, and grew to that size! Then she chased them out of here." Mallow said.
"My gosh! It's the rampage of…" Lana said.
"I think we better keep it to ourselves." Sophocles said.
"Good idea." Lana said. Leon, meanwhile, took notice of the red glow around the giant Tsareena in the distance.
"That red glow! That's a sign she's using Dynamax power! But… you don't have a Dynamax Band, do you?" Leon asked. Mallow shook her head.
"Leon… when you showed off the power of Dynamax using your Charizard, some of that energy must've gotten into Tsareena somehow." Leon said.
"But how!?" Ash shouted.
"I… I'm ashamed to admit this, but I don't know. There's still so much of Dynamax that even I don't understand! It makes me wish Professor Magnolia was here!" Leon said.
"We can't worry about that now, Leon. Tsareena is heading for Hau'oli City!" Kukui said.
"Which is REALLY bad news for that city! A Pokémon not trained to manage the power of Dynamax can get consumed by anger and rage… blindly crushing anything it deems even the smallest threat to its trainer!" Leon said.
"Are… are you saying Tsareena might crush the city… just to protect me?" Mallow said. Leon nodded with a grim frown on his face.
"But… as champion of the Galar Pokémon League and lover of all living things… I won't let that happen! Charizard and I will put a stop to this! Everyone else stay here where it's safe." Leon said as he went running into the distance after the giant Tsareena (even though the distance separating them was tremendous).
"That's not a smart idea. Hau'oli City can barely handle one giant Pokémon, let alone two… especially when powered by Dynamax!" Kukui said.
"Come on, everyone! We gotta catch up to Tsareena and work together talking her back to her normal senses! And size!" Ash said as he and Pikachu ran off before it could be debated any further. The other students and Professor Kukui were left with little choice but to follow Ash.
The peaceful nature of Hau'oli City would be broken real quickly by two loud groups of sounds. One was from the motorcycles belonging to Team Skull (with their Pokémon now recalled into their Poké Balls) as they tried to drive through the crowded streets. The other was the booming sounds that made people scream as they watched the giant Tsareena come into view. Hau'oli City, while covering a lot of real estate, did not have the tallest of buildings, so Tsareena towered over the city like a child over a 'city' of building blocks. The red glow around her body and the angry look on her eyes didn't make them feel any better as she stomped onto the city grounds.
Meanwhile, Team Skull had a hard time making their way through the crowd. Even as cruel as they were, the last thing they wanted to do was run over and injure anyone or any other Pokémon.
"Come on, come on! Get out of the way!" Tupp shouted.
But Tsareena was having no more of this chase.
"Tsa… reena!!!" Tsareena said as she closed her eyes and summoned a series of shining white leaves, shooting them down at Team Skull. She was obviously using her Magical Leaf attack, and it took one strike to make the motorcycles explode and send the trio of Team Skull members flying. They crash landed on the ground and could only gulp nervously as they looked up and saw Tsareena towering above them.
"Tsareena!" Tsareena said as she reached down and scooped up the nasty trio in her hand.
"Waaaaah! Please don't eat us!" all three shouted.
"I'm too pretty to be eaten!" Rapp added. Tsareena squinted at the trio until she wound her arm up and threw the three into the distance.
"Looks like we're rocketing away this time!" Tupp shouted before he and the others disappeared in a blink of light.
But Tsareena wasn't breathing a sigh of relief. She was still charged with anger as she looked down and saw herself surrounded by smaller buildings.
"Tsa!!!" Tsareena shouted as she lifted up one of her legs and stomped down on one of the buildings. If anyone wasn't running and screaming for cover, they surely would now as the Pokémon rampaged around.
"Tsa! Ree! Na!" Tsareena shouted with each stomp. One by one, buildings crumbled apart, whether because they were being stepped on or couldn't survive the shockwave of Tsareena's powerful stomp.
Leon and his Charizard soon made it to the city, where they watched Tsareena continue her rampage even as people ran around them.
"Okay, Charizard. Remember to make it quick because of the timed nature of Dynamax." Leon said, with Charizard nodding and roaring at the same time.
"Return!" Leon said as he called Charizard back to its Poké Ball. Then, everyone watched as a light shone bright on the wrist band Leon was wearing. Everyone didn't know it yet, but he was activating his Dynamax Band. The energy flowed into and around the Poké Ball, surrounding it with bright red energy and increasing its size to that similar to a beach ball, which made everyone watching gasp. Leon was forced to hold the ball with both his hands now.
"Charizard! Dynamax! Unleash!!!" Leon shouted as he wound his arms back and threw the enlarged Poké Ball upward. It opened up, and Charizard reemerged with an almost ear-piercing roar as he was now surrounded in a red aura and, more importantly, was a little bit taller than Tsareena. Tsareena took notice and got into a battle stance, showing no fear even as Charizard looked ready and primed for attack.
Needless to say, but the city would take a beating as the two Dynamaxed Pokémon charged for each other, grappling each other at first. When Charizard opened its mouth to shoot flames outward, Tsareena ducked underneath these flames, standing back up and swinging her 'hair' right into Charizard's face, causing him to stumble backwards and crush a few buildings underneath its feet.
"Come on, Charizard! You can do it!" Leon cheered from below as Charizard prepared its Max Flamethrower. Tsareena jumped high into the air to dodge the attack, kicking Charizard right in the face and backflipping back to the ground.
Charizard shook off the attack and tried a different attack by swinging his tail towards Tsareena's face. Tsareena dodged the fiery part of the tail, but still got whacked by the tail itself, sending her crashing down over the Pokémon Center but not crushing it as she planted her arms on both sides (crushing a few other buildings instead). With a scrape on her face, Tsareena charged towards Charizard again.
By the time the students arrived outside the edge of Hau'oli City, they saw almost half of the city in ruins as Tsareena and Charizard continued their tussle.
"Oh no! We're too late!" Ash shouted.
"Even if Charizard saves the city, there won't be any city left!" Sophocles said.
"This is like watching a bad monster movie!" Kiawe shouted.
"Tsareena…" Mallow said, obviously deeply worried about her Pokémon.
Then everyone looked up where they saw a helicopter coming down from the sky.
"Hey, look! I recognize that helicopter…" Lillie said.
"It looks like the one from Aether Paradise." Professor Kukui said. Everyone watched as the helicopter touched down, and coming out almost immediately was Lillie's mother, Lusamine.
"Mom!" Lillie shouted. Lusamine ran towards the group holding some device under her shoulder.
"Hey everyone! I've been watching the news and got on a chopper as soon as I could." Lusamine said.
"Is this a job for the Ultra Guardians?" Ash said.
"It could be, but a situation like this calls for extreme measures." Lusamine said as she set the device down.
Sophocles immediately recognized the box that Lusamine had put down.
"Hey, wait! Isn't that the machine Faba brought to the school that shrunk me, Ash, and Lillie down to size!?" Sophocles said.
"Correct, Sophocles, but fortunately I've had an engineering team fix this thing to perfection, including in the growth setting." Lusamine said.
"Huh? The growth setting, Mom?" Lillie said.
"Mallow, with your permission, I want to use this machine to enlarge you. You're the only one that can snap Tsareena back to her senses." Lusamine said.
"M-m-m-me?" Mallow asked.
"Mallow, please. We don't have time to debate! Hau'oli City could be completely destroyed by the time Tsareena and Charizard finish fighting and shrink down naturally." Lusamine said. Professor Kukui gently placed a hand on Mallow's shoulder.
"Listen to her brilliant mind, Mallow. You may be the only hope not just for the city, but for Tsareena." Kukui said as Mallow looked back towards her giant Pokémon.
"I understand. I'll do it." Mallow said.
"Okay. Stand over there while I get everything set." Lusamine said.
A couple minutes later, Lusamine turned the machine towards Mallow as everyone heard it firing up.
"Mallow, you'll have to act fast. You'll only stay big for a few minutes due to the power limitations I've placed on this thing." Lusamine said. Mallow nodded as Lusamine made a few final button presses. Soon, a white laser shot out and surrounded Mallow, with everyone watching as the green-haired girl grew bigger and bigger.
"Yay! You grow, Mallow!" Lana shouted.
"Wow… look at her grow so big, Snowy!" Lillie shouted.
"Vul!" Snowy said.
Finally, Mallow's body stopped growing, and she found herself over 150 feet tall just like Tsareena and Charizard. Obviously, everyone in front of her looked very small and she was in awe of this.
"Wow… you're all so teeny tiny. I could probably fit all of you in my pocket!" Mallow said.
"Mallow, you must hurry!" Lusamine shouted.
"Right, sorry. Wish me luck!" Mallow said as the giantess turned around and walked towards the city. Already she towered over many of the buildings still standing in the city, and that of course included the tiny people still evacuating the city. Mallow tiptoed her way around these people and structures, trying hard not to accidentally crush anything.
"Whoops! Excuse me! Sorry! Coming through!" Mallow said. One of her next steps was a bit twisted, and she ended up tripping herself and falling to the ground on her behind, thankfully with no buildings underneath. Still, the ground shook violently.
"Ugh… being a giantess for real is harder than I thought!" Mallow said as she helped herself back up and walked right for the Pokémon battle, especially as Tsareena looked like she was taking a beating.
Tsareena had put up a good fight, but ultimately Charizard would prove to be too much. Charizard blocked a kick attempt by Tsareena and then pushed Tsareena down to the ground, crushing a couple empty buildings underneath her. Charizard quickly stood near Tsareena to prevent her from getting up easily, and she could only shield her face as Charizard prepared to unleash another Max Flamethrower. Until…
"STOOOOOOP!!!" Mallow screamed as she went charging between Charizard and Tsareena and stood firm between the two giant Pokémon, spreading her arms out.
"Please! There's no need for this senseless fighting!" Mallow shouted. Charizard let out a loud roar, like he was ordering Mallow to get out of the way so he could finish Tsareena.
"If you want to burn my Tsareena, you'll have to go through me!" Mallow said.
"Tsa!?" Tsareena shouted in a shocked expression. She couldn't believe Mallow was not only this big, but going to this great a length to protect her.
Meanwhile, down on the ground, Leon had been watching his Charizard powered up in Dynamax form. He quickly went from rooting for Charizard to succeed to suddenly fearing for the life of the giant girl he knew as Mallow. As he watched Charizard build up fire within his mouth (and steam shot out of his nostrils), he shouted up to his Pokémon.
"Charizard, stand down! I said stand down!!!" Leon shouted. Charizard heard his master's words from below and did not attack, even backing up a few steps to give Mallow and Tsareena some space.
Meanwhile, after Mallow breathed a sigh of relief that Charizard didn't attack, she turned around and looked down at her Pokémon.
"Tsareena. Yes… it's me, Mallow. Being a giantess is something else, isn't it?" Mallow said with a smile.
"Tsa?" Tsareena said.
"But that doesn't mean you have to go rampaging around just to protect me. You know I'm capable of taking care of myself, right?" Mallow said.
"Tsaree…" Tsareena said as she watched Mallow lend a hand out. Mallow helped her Pokémon up to her feet, and she looked up at her trainer's head like they were normal-sized again. More importantly, Tsareena was quickly coming back to her senses. She looked around and saw the damage she had caused to Hau'oli City.
"It's over now, Tsareena. Nobody else will get hurt." Mallow said.
It was suddenly becoming too much for Tsareena. That she went to such lengths just to make sure Mallow was safe… it was bringing tears to her eyes. On top of all that was the fact she couldn't stop herself due to the powerful nature of the Dynamax. Having processed all that info at once, she finally wailed.
"TSAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Tsareena said as the tears came flying out. Mallow quickly hugged her Pokémon, snuggling her head against her chest.
"Shhhhh… it's okay, Tsareena. It's okay. I know you didn't mean any of this." Mallow said, feeling Tsareena's tears soak the top of her outfit a little bit. It made her crack half a smile, knowing Tsareena was capable of feeling sadness.
Down on the surface, everyone watched the touching event play out.
"Awwww… look at that!" Ash said.
"Wow… I've never seen Tsareena upset like that. It's like a Mommy hugging her child after he or she has done a bad thing." Lana said.
"That's so touching… it's making me cry too!" Lillie said as she wiped her eyes with one of her arms, with Kiawe walking by to provide support for his classmate. Leon smiled as well.
"Granted, it's not the heroic way I wanted things to end, but it's still a happy ending through and through." Leon said. He then watched as…
"Oh, look! They're shrinking! The Dynamax energy is wearing off." Leon said, watching as Charizard, Tsareena, and even Mallow were shrinking back to their normal sizes.
"Oh? We're returning to normal size?" Mallow asked, watching as the ground got closer and closer.
As soon as everyone was back to their normal sizes, they watched as the rest of the group caught up.
"Mallow, you did it!" Sophocles said.
"That was wicked cool the way you calmed Tsareena down! Your bond together is fantastic, just like with me and Pikachu!" Ash shouted.
"Pika Pika!" Pikachu shouted.
"Heh, thanks everyone. I guess I saved the day just in time!" Mallow said. She then watched as Leon walked up to her.
"Mallow, I hope you will forgive me and Charizard for attacking your Tsareena and for the damage the two caused during their Dynamax battle." Leon said.
"It's okay, Leon. We probably would've done the same thing!" Mallow said.
"Still… how was it that YOU were able to grow next?" Leon said.
"Oh, I take full responsibility for that. You know, this Dynamax thing you've been talking about is not the only way for living things to grow." Lusamine said as she patted her device.
"Heh, yes. I'm well aware there have long been artifical ways for people and Pokémon to grow." Leon said.
"Still, I would LOVE to learn more about Dynamax as a whole! Please share with me all you know!" Lusamine shouted.
"Mom!" Lillie shouted, prompting a laugh from the other students.
Soon, there was a beeping noise coming from Leon. He looked down at a portable screen and saw a message on it.
"Whoops! I wish I could stay and tell you all more, but my flight back to the Galar region leaves in about 15 minutes. Charizard and I need to get back and resume our training." Leon said.
"Thank you so much for coming, Leon, even though things didn't go as planned." Kukui said.
"Haha! They hardly do in Galar as well!" Leon shouted. Ash quickly walked up to Leon and shook his hand.
"Leon, someday I'm going to come to Galar and continue my journey to become a Pokémon Master there!" Ash shouted.
"Haha! That's the spirit, Ash! I look forward to challenging you there! Until then, farewell!" Leon shouted as he and Charizard ran off to the waves of all the students and the two adults (Professor Kukui and Lusamine).
"Professor, why don't you take everyone back to the school? I'll stay here and see if anyone needs any assistance in building repairs. It should be well within Aether Paradise's disaster relief budget!" Lusamine said.
"Thanks, Lusamine… and for your scientific help too! Alright, everyone, let's head back!" Kukui said.
"Okay!" all the students shouted. On the way back to the school, Mallow gave Tsareena a quick pat on her head.
"Tsareena… thanks for always being there for me." Mallow said.
"Tsareena!" Tsareena shouted in happiness.
Later that day, Ash was sitting outside Professor Kukui's house looking out at the sunset in the distance over the ocean.
"Pikachu… we've learned and been through so much here in Alola." Ash said.
"Pika!" Pikachu commented.
"And now to think there's another region out there, with great trainers like Leon, and exciting new powers like Dynamax… I can't wait until my time here at the Pokémon School comes to an end. Then you and I can run wild around Galar together! You agree with me, right?" Ash asked.
"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted, happily jumping on Ash's head of hair.
"Haha! I thought so!" Ash shouted as he and his faithful Pikachu got back to looking out at the sunset and thinking about the future.