Universal Champion


WARNING: This story contains violent crushing scenes and sexual references/teases that may not be appropriate for people aged 17 and under.

Cynthia brushed her usual black outfit (aside from the new open-toed platform shoes instead of kitten heels) with one hand and kept her flashlight steady with the other. Despite the eerie silence, it brought a smile to her face. After weeks of traveling from one region to another representing the Sinnoh region as its Pokémon League champion, which included giving lectures to young, aspiring trainers on how to one day be the very best like no one ever was, Cynthia finally found some time off and is using it to do her first love. She always loved exploring ancient ruins as a kid with her parents and grandparents. There were two ruins, in particular, that she always wanted to find every last one of its secrets. One was the Celestic Ruins in Sinnoh, and the other was the Sinjoh Ruins somewhere between the regions of Sinnoh and Johto.
"Ahhhh… it's so nice to get away from the commotion that comes with being a league champion." Cynthia commented as she walked around looking at the many inscriptions from wall to wall inside the Sinjoh Ruins. She stopped when she shone her flashlight up at the drawings depicting one of the Mythical Pokémon, Arceus.
"It would be an honor to meet that Pokémon someday, much like the Creation Trio." Cynthia added.

She got back to walking further into the ruins, but came to a stop when she saw an open room to her right.
"Hmmmm? I don't think that room was there before." Cynthia said as she approached the room. She looked down by her shoes and saw a couple dozen stones and pebbles on the ground, like this part of the ruins had recently been broken open. She hoped no evil organization like Team Galactic was responsible for that.
"Ugh… evil teams like Galactic, Magma, Aqua, Rocket, and others… they are the scourge of this entire world. They all deserve to be crushed like bugs." Cynthia said, pausing her walk for a moment.
"Did I really just say that? Whoa…" Cynthia said as she shook her head a couple times and got back to walking around the new room. After a couple more minutes of walking, she came across a faint glow to the left that she ran towards. In front of her eyes was a round-shaped jewel colored yellow and black but glittering like it was totally made of diamonds.
"What's this?" Cynthia said as she circled around the pedestal this jewel was resting on, trying to study it from every angle. She reached out to touch it, but pulled her hand back.
"No… if I remove this jewel, something bad might happen to these ruins." Cynthia said.

Just then, there was a very slight tremor in the ground… enough to make Cynthia gasp. She turned around wondering where the quake was coming from and if any part of the ruins was going to come down on her. In doing so, however, her long hair whipped around and made contact with the jewel, knocking it off the pedestal. As it landed on the ground, Cynthia looked down and saw the jewel rolling around.
"Shoot!" Cynthia shouted. She reached down and picked up the jewel, looking at it from every angle.
"Whew… good thing it's not damaged." Cynthia said, breathing a sigh of relief that the yellow and black jewel wasn't cracked. Before she could put the jewel back, however, she watched as it glowed even brighter than before.
"What the…!?" Cynthia said. As the young woman wondered what the jewel was doing, she was so focused on it… she didn't see what was happening to her own body. Cynthia was growing bigger and bigger, and it would soon literally hit her as her head crashed against the ceiling.
"Ouch!" Cynthia shouted. She looked up and saw she was staring right at the ceiling. As she ducked down trying to get more room in the rapidly shrinking room, she looked down and saw not only her clothes, but also the jewel she was holding, were growing with her.
"This… this jewel? Is this what's shrinking the ruins?" Cynthia said. She grunted as she continued to grow and grow, feeling the strain of her growing body pressing against the crumbling walls and ceiling.
"Can't… hold out… any longer…" Cynthia said. She tucked the jewel inside her coat and pushed her backside up against the ceiling, feeling many pieces rain down around her and watching the light from outside light up what was once a dark room.

Cynthia stood up and watched not just the ruins, but the scenery around her getting smaller.
"The rest of the world is shrinking too? No… it's gotta be me. I'm the one that's getting bigger!" Cynthia said. She wondered how big she was going to grow, especially with the ground diminishing rapidly, until finally she stopped at over 1,000 feet tall.
“Wow… I’m incredibly big.” Cynthia said. She focused on the many cities of the Johto region that were out in the distance.
“Well, I might as well make the most of this time. Should be interesting seeing cities from this perspective.” Cynthia said as she took her first steps towards these cities as a mega giantess.

Cynthia crushed a lot of trees, and even whole forests if they were small enough, along the way towards the first city she came across. Unsurprising to her, the city was as tiny as can be. As she kneeled down to get a closer look, she could hear dozens of citizens screaming their heads off, especially as some strands of her long hair landed within the city and crushed a few buildings.
“Oops! Sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Cynthia said. As she continued to inspect the city, she could feel herself continuing to grow.
“Hmmm… these extra growth spurts don’t feel so bad.” Cynthia said. She lowered one of her fingers down on the city and brushed a path from one end of the city to the other. She marveled over the destructive trail her finger was leaving behind.
“Such incredible power. I guess it’s a good thing nobody evil claimed that jewel before I did.” Cynthia said. That’s when she stood up and thought of something.
“Didn’t Team Rocket try to conquer this region? I wonder where they are now… probably in the Kanto region. I could just walk there given my massive size.” Cynthia said as she turned around and walked away from the city. The people looked in awe both at how Cynthia was still visible despite being miles away and how much damage she caused to the city just by dragging a finger.

Cynthia eventually came upon a mountain range that we all know as Mt. Silver. The mountain was normally intimidatingly large to normal-sized people, but Cynthia was of course far from normal-sized. In fact, a few hikers watched as the mega giantess lifted one of her legs high above the top of the mountain and stepped over it. The hikers whistled as they watched the giantess walk away.
“*whistles* I’d love to go on that ride someday!” one hiker said.
“Save room for me, brother!” another hiker commented.

Cynthia eventually had to step over another mountain, but she didn’t see there was another city (Cerulean City, in fact) on the other side. She would find out very quickly when she felt a lot of things go crunch underneath one of her platform shoes. By the time she cleared the mountains and looked down, she saw over half of Cerulean City crunches underneath one of her shoes.
“Oops… Sigh… it’s unavoidable given my size. And I’m still growing.” Cynthia said as she approached over 1,500 feet tall now. She kneeled down, seeing if anyone was still alive in the city, and finally saw one couple who ducked down thinking they were going to get eaten alive. Cynthia whispered so she wouldn’t blow out this couple’s eardrums.
“Excuse me, but do you know where the base for Team Rocket is?” Cynthia asked.
“Huh? Team Rocket? They disbanded three years ago!” the man said.
“Oh, I see.” Cynthia said.
“But we’ve heard rumors of this other team called Team Galactic wanting to take their place.” the woman said.
“They said they vowed to finish what Cyrus started.” the man said.
“Team Galactic. I should’ve known they’d still be up to no good. Thank you for your cooperation.” Cynthia said as she stood back to her full height. The couple fell back in awe over how massive Cynthia looked from head to toe.
“Hopefully they are still in the Sinnoh region. If I’ve studied my world map correctly, I should go this way...” Cynthia said as she marched out of Cerulean City.

The ground violently shook as Cynthia took step after step and her shoes left behind city-sized footprints. She was bound and determined to get to Sinnoh… so much so that entire cities were leveled under her shoes and she didn’t even realize it. She eventually came up to a massive body of water and sighed.
“Well, if getting to Sinnoh by way of Kanto means getting a little wet, then so be it.” Cynthia said as, without hesitation, she stepped into the water. Being over 3,000 feet tall, the deep ocean felt more like the shallow end of the swimming pool as she waded her way through the water, with swimmers and jet skiers getting swept into her pants at knee level.

A short time later, the mega giantess towered over the Sinnoh region. She could see from her perspective it was a short walk to Veilstone City, and once there, she saw the familiar Team Galactic HQ building, and already various Team Galactic agents stopped in their tracks from seeing the massive giantess. As for Cynthia herself, she put her hands on her hips and looked down.
“I’ll see to it that your organization never harms anyone or any Pokémon… ever again!!!" Cynthia shouted as her voice boomed and echoed for many miles (and for many seconds too!). Cynthia then took many by surprise when she next slipped her feet out of her platform shoes, fully exposing her bare feet. She lifted one of these feet and slammed it down with full force, not only crushing Team Galactic's entire base of operations, but also spreading destruction for a couple miles outward in all directions.
Cynthia looked down and saw a lucky few ant-sized Team Galactic members who survived and ran as fast as they could, but the mega giantess made sure they weren't forgotten. That's when she dragged the tops of her toes across the ground, uprooting much of it in the process. Most of the Team Galactic members got fatally injured by the terrain they got swept by like a tidal wave, but a few others instead found themselves on top of the black nail polish that decorated those same toes. In a few spots where the nail polish wasn't fully dried up, these Team Galactic pleaded for mercy as they sunk into the nail polish like it was quicksand, only to be fully submerged and eventually drown. The last few minions were simply shaken off the toes as Cynthia wiggled her foot around, and she squeezed these same toes together and crushed them within.

Cynthia made sure there was absolutely no trace left of the Team Galactic HQ, grinding her bare foot back and forth the deep crater her powerful stomp left behind. Once she saw there was nothing left, Cynthia took a deep breath and then, much to the surprise of anyone still in the area, softly moaned.
"Mmmmmm… that felt incredibly satisfying. I'll have to give this much effort when subduing the next evil organization." Cynthia said. After slipping her feet back into her platform shoes, she looked out in the distance, using her right hand to shield her eyes from the sunlight, and recognized the Kalos region.
"Oh, the Kalos region. I think that's where Team Flare is headquartered." Cynthia said. She then looked down and saw the many cities that were in her path.
"Oh well. It's unavoidable at this point." Cynthia said, realizing she was probably going to crush some of these cities in one single stomp. And yet, that brought a smile to her face as she got to walking and listening to the thundering booms each of her steps were leaving behind (as well as the faint screams of hundreds if not thousands of people).

Several minutes later, Cynthia arrived in the Kalos region after easily stepping over a series of mountains. Now at 6,000 feet tall, the region was really looking like if she were looking down on a map. As she approached Lumiose City, there was one attraction that still caught her eye even at the size she was at.
"There you are, Prism Tower." Cynthia said as she walked towards the tower and sat down behind it, leveling almost the entire city underneath either her behind or her legs as she spread them apart. Obviously being that huge, the normally hundreds of feet tall Prism Tower looked quite small to Cynthia's visible eye, especially as she playfully rubbed one of her hands, rather suggestively I might add, up and down the structure.
"You're a lot smaller than I last remember seeing you." Cynthia said. She then easily ripped the tower off its foundation and held it up to her eye. She squinted trying to see who was inside, but people were hard to make out at the size she was fast approaching. She then moaned as she gave the tower a few licks with her tongue… again in a rather suggestive manner. If anyone didn't figure out what Cynthia was trying to do, her next words did.
"So sorry, Prism Tower, but you're just not big enough for me. My high school sweetheart, on the other hand… well, that's a different story!" Cynthia said as she placed the tower back on the ground as best as she could. She then stood up to her full height and brushed off the various chunks of debris that were much of Lumiose City, watching as they rained down on the ground. She also noticed the area already looked much smaller than before.
"My growth must be accelerating. Am I ever going to stop? Meanwhile, I better go find where Team Flare is hiding." Cynthia said. Now over 3 miles tall, the mega giantess left behind Lumiose City and walked towards the west.

Cynthia soon arrived in Geosenge Town, which she felt she could easily crush with just her big toe at the rate she had grown. But more importantly, she saw a pile of rubble to the northwest of the town.
"Hmmm? I could've sworn this was where Team Flare kept their ultimate weapon." Cynthia said. But then she snapped her fingers.
"That's right… it was in the news. Two brave trainers named Calem and Serena were responsible for defeating Team Flare and tearing the team apart." Cynthia said. She then stared longingly at the pile of rocks and rubble.
"Still, that doesn't mean I can't use my imagination." Cynthia said. That's when the mega giantess sat down atop the mess and bounced up and down, rubbing her behind in every direction around the area.
"Mmmmm… Ooooooh…" Cynthia moaned as she kept up her antics for another minute or two. The whole town, and several acres beyond it, couldn't take much more of Cynthia's act and it viciously cracked apart… fissures appearing in every direction and magma spewing out from beneath the surface.
"Oops… sorry! I guess I'm too hot to handle." Cynthia said as she helped herself back to her feet. Once again she looked out in the distance beyond the ocean.
"Oh? Those islands grouped together? Is that the Alola region? Only one way to find out…" Cynthia said as the supremely massive giantess dipped her shoes into the normally deep ocean water… heck, the water couldn't even reach her toes! Along the way, thanks to more and more fissures in the planet, more magma shot out from beneath the watery surface.

By the time Cynthia had reached the Alolan Islands and found herself surrounded by them, unknowningly crushing the floating Aether Paradise underneath one of her shoes as she took center stage so to speak, Cynthia had ballooned all the way up to 10 miles tall and was still rapidly growing. She could actually see the planet curving out in the distance, and so the giantess felt she didn't have much time to interact with the islands… let alone see them! She picked up the island best known as Melemele Island and examined it from every angle.
"Hmmm… I wonder what an entire island tastes like." Cynthia wondered as she opened her mouth wide and chewed on the entire island like it was a sandwich. After three or four bites and multiple chews, the entire island was down her throat, and undoubtedly everyone who lived on it. However, it was no longer bothering her. The power was just too much for her to overcome.
"I guess it's true… being a Pokémon League Champion really has made me the most powerful human being on the planet. Although…" Cynthia said as she watched the remaining islands of Alola almost vanish due to the clouds that once towered above Cynthia obscuring her view. She looked up and saw the sky gradually fading to black, which told her she was almost past the atmosphere.
"How am I going to be able to breathe?" Cynthia said in a somewhat nervous tone as she ducked down trying to keep her head at an atmospheric level. By now, as the miles piled up on how tall she was (25, 30, 40, 50…), every region was getting crushed under some part of the giantess, whether it was her feet, knees, hands, or even her hair. If the size of the giantess didn't destroy these regions, the hot magma that rose from the planet's core sure would. She then saw her body glow a bright yellow for a few seconds.
"Huh?" Cynthia asked.

Finally, gravity could no longer hold the growing woman down and Cynthia felt herself being pulled away from the planet. She saw nothing but glittering stars in the distance now, with the entire planet shrinking before her eyes. Smaller and smaller and smaller it got… until finally the 'shrinking' seemed to come to a stop. Cynthia was looking at the entire planet between her eyes, no bigger than a marble.
"Whoa… I really did a number on the planet." Cynthia said as she looked at the massive damage she left behind from stomping around, as well as the magma that came up and melted away some of the regions.
"I guess I'll finish the job. If anyone somehow survived, they don't need to suffer anymore." Cynthia said. And so without much hesitation, the giantess unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her cleavage. She took the planet and moved it with her fingers to in between her breasts. And then? Yep, you guessed it! She grasped her chest from both sides and smushed her breasts together, disintegreating the planet in just one second. As she felt the planet's energy shoot across her skin, she deeply moaned.
"MMMMMM!!!" Cynthia said.
As she released her grip on her breasts and buttoned her shirt back up. She looked at the floating debris that was left behind.
"That's it. I just killed billions of people just like that. I hope a world full of giant beings like myself was watching and was proud." Cynthia said.

Just as she said that, there was a sudden flash of yellow light behind Cynthia. She tried to face it but had to shield her eyes. At first she thought it was the Sun getting stronger, or maybe it was those giant aliens that she joked about, but when the light finally died down and the goddess could see again, she gasped over what she was looking at. It was a Pokémon, but not just any Pokémon. She disregarded the fact this Pokémon was as big as she was.
"You're… you're…!" Cynthia shouted.
"My name is Arceus. I have come from another time and place to reclaim what was once mine." Arceus, the Alpha Pokémon said. Cynthia floated towards Arceus, her hair brushing and eventually pushing away one of the planet's moons.
"I… I've been searching for you since the day I was born." Cynthia said.
"I am very honored to meet you too, female being. No mere mortal has ever been able to harness my power in this manner before." Arceus said.
"Huh? You mean…" Cynthia said as she reached into her coat and pulled out the yellow and black jewel… the same one that caused her massive growth spurt.
"One of my sacred jewels. I have waited for over a thousand years for its energy to ring once again." Arceus said.
"Arceus, tell me. Is this the Jewel of Life I have read so much about in history books?" Cynthia asked. Arceus shook its head.
"You are holding a different jewel, one that cannot be named for, as you say, the history books, due to the fear of it falling into the hands of someone with an impure heart." Arceus said.
"I see." Cynthia said.
"I detect a range of emotions within you, female being." Arceus said.
"Well, yes. On one hand, I finally get the chance to meet you in person. But… it took destroying my home world and the billions who live on it to do so. I am… ashamed of my actions. Now I wish I never found this jewel." Cynthia said as she looked down at the jewel and cringed her teeth.

Arceus remained calm judging by the tone of its voice, not that Cynthia could tell by the lack of facial expressions on the Pokémon.
"May I propose a trade, female being? Return the jewel to me and I will return you to the time before you found it." Arceus said.
"Oh? It will be as if nothing ever happened? Including my encounter with you?" Cynthia said.
"Not exactly. I will allow you to keep your memories of the events that led to this encounter, but only on the promise you do not tell anyone else of my presence." Arceus said. For Cynthia, the decision was a no brainer. Yes, it meant keeping her encounter with Arceus to herself until the day she died (she couldn't even tell her family!), but if that meant returning the entire world to normal and being her good ol' normal size again, then so be it.
"Deal." Cynthia said as she extended her hand holding the jewel outward. Arceus took one of its arms and moved it towards the jewel. As the Pokémon touched it, an intense light slowly grew.
"Farewell, Cynthia." Arceus suddenly said. Cynthia gasped as she heard the Pokémon speak out her name and tried to return the favor.
"Goodbye, Arceus! I will never forget you…" Cynthia said before finally the light got too bright and she had to shield her eyes again.

The next time Cynthia opened her eyes, she was back inside the ruins. In fact, she was standing in front of the very pedestal she found Arceus's jewel on. But there were key differences. The jewel, for one, was gone, but most importantly, the ruins were back together and not destroyed underneath one of Cynthia's platform shoes.
"Whew… back home. Or am I?" Cynthia asked. She wondered if it was just the ruins and not anywhere, or more importantly, anyone else that was revived. Cynthia dashed outside the ruins and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw vast, wide open scenery in front of her eyes buzzing with activity from people and Pokémon alike. On top of all that, the images of Cynthia growing that big were still fresh in her mind. Arceus stayed true to its word and kept her memories intact.

In more ways than one, in fact. Because Cynthia looked down and saw her black outfit was still littered with debris from all the things she crushed from her rapid growing adventure.
"Okay. First thing I'm doing when I get back home is washing these clothes! And shoes!" Cynthia said with a bit of a laugh, especially as she looked down and saw the debris underneath her shoes, which included blood stains. As the young woman walked away from the Sinjoh Ruins, she looked up at the bright blue sky and smiled. She hoped one day she could meet Arceus face-to-face once again.

Minus the growing bigger than the entire planet part of course! ^______^