Ursula's Shrinking Revenge

(Rainbow Chameleon)

Chapter 1: Enter Johto Region

After the events of dawn journey with ash, iris, and cilan she was heading towards johto on a plane heading into new bark town as her stopping point to get prepared on her journey to become top coordinator.


“Look piplup we're almost here see there's johto down there!” said dawn as she and piplup look out the window as they saw johto down below unaware to them in first class is the evil rival ursula smirking as she had follow dawn to johto so she can keep her from competing in coordinator match here


“Looks like dee dee will be so surprise to see me as soon as we meet again” ursula claim giggling evilly


Eventually the plane finally arrive in the airport and Dawn step out smelling the breeze before rushing off to find someone who knows where the registration for her to compete in the contest match’s is as she left the plane ursula secretly follow her


As Dawn look around she saw a professor who looks exhausted and tired dawn decided to see if he was alright “hey there uh mister are you alright i’m dawn a coordinator” Dawn look at the professor worry a bit


“I’m fine there miss the name is professor elm nice to you as well” professor elm said “i was just trying to get these bottles of mystery dust on over to mr pokemon as i was hoping he could discover what this mysterious powder does sadly i’m so busy uh so dawn would it be troubling for me to ask you to deliver this stuff of bottles over to him he lives in route 30 take a right path section to his house can you do this for me please?”


Dawn look at the bottles one red and one blue and remember why she's here “well tell you what if you can tell me where i can register for the pokemon contest i’ll be happy to deliver the bottles for you”


“Done” professor elm said as he gave dawn the potions “just be careful of spilling them for me now on your way to route 30 cherrygrove city is where the contest sign ups are you have til tomorrow 10 am before it expires til next year”


Dawn nodded as she carried the potions with her unaware her rival heard everything and got a head start on her smiling evilly “if i can trip that dee dee girl i can ruin her appearance and her chance competing this year” Ursula said evilly as she waited for dawn halfway through the route behind a tree as dawn and piplup enter the route


Chapter 2: Shrinking Beginning

As Dawn and Piplup journey through route 29 they didn’t see ursula behind a tree and as soon as dawn was close she stick her foot out which cause dawn to trip and fall causing the green dust fill bottle to fall into water and wash away to an unknown area while the red fill bottle broke and spill all over dawn and piplup


“Ahahahahah!” Ursula laughed “looks like you are going to miss the sign up having to wash all that off of you dee dee” she replied those last words with a smug on her face as dawn glare angrily at ursula


“You really did it this time ursula that bottle dust was suppose to be deliver to mr pokemon and now you ruin it oh god you make so angry i’ll-” before dawn could continue shouting she began shrinking as well as piplup until they were bite sizes much to ursula's shock as well as both the shrinkies horror


“Ahhhhhh! Piplup we have shrunken down to small size” dawn freaking out after her scream as piplup was scare over how huge everything was as dawn was running around in a panic she bump into ursula's heels looking up to see her rival staring down at her with a neutral look on her face “ursula please help us we may be enemies but please help us find the green dust bottle if this was a shrink one then the green must be a growth one” dawn said hoping ursula will help her. Sadly ursula neutral face turn into her evil face which proves she won’t help


“Awww look at you now dee dee your so small you make small pokemon look big in comparison” she said as she pick dawn up bringing her to her face “time for that so call beauty look to be all muddy like” with all so casual ursula flick dawn right into a mud spot laughing over her tiny rivals misfortune before feeling something pecking her heels which turns out to be an angry piplup whos angry at ursula for doing that to dawn as he shouts at her ursula look unfazed as she calmly pick him up smirking at the penguin starter seeing how small and delicious he look “hmm i’m kinda starving so goodbye you worthless pokemon” ursula said as she open her mouth and drop piplup inside


Dawn got out of the mud pit looking like she was going to cry over how messy she is now as she look up to see ursula was standing in place with something in her mouth swishing it around moaning a bit over the taste before smugly gulping it down to her stomach rubbing it smirking whatever is in her now “where's piplup” dawn ask to herself as she rush over to ursula who notice her “ursula what did you do to piplup?” dawn ask glaring at her rival who casually pick her up


“Heres a hint to where your stupid yummy pokemon went” she place dawn onto her stomach that gurgles over its recent meal as dawn puts the horrified two and two together “you ate him!!??” dawn asked with terror on her face “yes i did he was yummy” ursula said proudly laughing evilly as dawn listens sadly to ursula's stomach hoping to hear piplup inside still alive


Chapter 3: A Deal With The Monster

Due to having eaten on the plane ride piplup manage to land safely on a piece of chew up sandwich to avoid ursula’s stomach acid struggling to avoid falling into the gastric acid below jumping towards the other food not digested food yet


Ursula eventually bring a crying dawn up to her face “geez what a baby you can go catch an even better water type then that small one i ate” ursula said in a taunted tone voice as dawn look at her “please spit him out i’ll do anything for him to be alive” dawn said in a weak voice as this gave ursula a very cruel idea


“I’ll tell you what dawn if you can do whatever i say without protest i’ll let piplup live or whatever left of him if i’m too late though you have to miss this years contest in the progress but if you don’t do what i say or protest non stop i’ll commit to cannibalism once i clean you off” she smirk after saying that as dawn was terrified for what ursula has instore for her and having to miss this years contest as well but if it saves piplup fine


Dawn sigh as she replied sadly “if it saves piplup fine we’ll enter next year” ursula smile “gread decision dawn now time for tons of fun for me that is” she stated dawn onto the ground  as she drop dawn near her heels as she takes them off follow by her white pantyhose as she place her clean feet onto dawns face “now dawn you will rub my feet as they need some relaxing and if you refuse well i’ll say a dawn burger might be good” ursula claim as dawn took a big gulp as she begin to rub ursula's feet hearing the mean girl moan a bit having enjoy this kind of feeling when feet are rub


Eventually ursula stop her and got on her white pantyhoses again as well as her heels before grabbing a napkin and blow snot onto it “alright dawn hold still if you want to live” ursula said with a evil smile on her face as dawn close her eyes crying as ursula cover dawn in her booger cover napkin wrap like a ball before tossing it in the mud pile again laughing evilly as dawn cover in mud and snot crying out of the area again


Dawn had tears pouring out of her face as she spoke “you monster you are a complete monster!” ursula ignore that comment as she flick dawn into a nearby by pond and use a clean napkin to clean off the soaking of the mess she was cover in not long after “now dee dee time for deju fu” she summon two pokeballs evilly “plusle and minun lets go!” both mouse cheerleaders came out though both a little surprise to see how dawn was as she was closing her eyes knowing fully well what ursula has in mind “use spark both of you” the two pokemon squish onto dawn with their sparkling bodies causing her hair to sparkle in disaster before ursula recall the two into their pokeballs again “well diamond dust hows it feel returning to it once again” dawn gave ursula a dreadful glare that didn’t faze her at all


“Now for something more smelly as i ate something meaty which can cause some gas from my rear. I need to let it out so I wonder if you're interested in smelling it?” ursula ask very evilly      


Chapter 4: I Lied

Dawn body turn white as ursula grab her and drop her on the stump she sat on earlier before placing her butt on top of dawn and begin letting out some painful farts she been holding up for a while after a couple of this going on ursula  got up to see dawn vomiting on the grass too disgusted as she struggle to breathe after almost died under there


“Oh god ursula oh ugh it's so disgusting” dawn said very weak “okay ursula what's nexts” as she asked that dawn was flick back into the water before being fish back up “now it's time for a more reasonable snack” ursula said licking her lips “fine i guess that's- whoa whoa wait what!?” she was brought up in the air above ursula’s mouth “but i did everything you said you promised to let piplup out of your stomach if i did everything!!!!!!”


Ursula laugh evilly “i know i had my fingers cross i can’t let you risk telling someone for when i sign up that what i did to you now then say hi to piplup for me dee dee” dropping her made dawn scream as she plop into ursula's mouth that close and begin swishing her around enjoying her taste til she was gulp down her rivals belly “mmm tasty better enjoy it in their dee dee or i should say food” ursula claim evilly as she left the route towards cherrygrove city to register for the pokemon contest


Dawn cried as she entered through ursula’s throat and fell into the stomach acid where it began to burn her skin and clothes “ow ow ow!” dawn yell as she quickly headed near the stomach walls to see piplup trying to climb out only to fall on to dawn's hands “oh piplup your still alive i was afraid she’ll had digested you by now” both she and piplup hug each other as they had lost hope to escape ursula’s stomach “even if die in here at least we have each other” dawn said trying to asure piplup that they’ll be alright


Ursula rub her stomach evilly as she reach the city feeling like she was on top of the world “ahhhh nothing like killing your rival to make sure your the true top coordinator” she smugly enter the city and found the contest sign up and went to talk to the lady in charge “excuse me but i’m here to register for the pokemon contest here” ursula said innocently


“Well you're just in time just sign your name and i’ll get your johto contest pass and your be register to enter in a few days” the lady told ursula


After getting her johto contest pass ursula proudly left the area to see it was getting tired and she was exhausted and needed to fully digest her “snacks” she left to rest at route 30 where she’ll practice her training tomorrow but for now she setted up her tent to enter and lay a bit “well dee dee looks like i’m in and your not oh well too bad so sad” ursula said before proceeding to laugh “goodbye dawn and good riddance” she fell asleep to let her stomach do its job


Meanwhile inside dawn overheard everything and got a second hero wind vowing to escape


Chapter 5: Escaping Ursula

Dawn decided an idea “piplup i want you to use bubble beam in the stomach acid to make it bubbly” piplup nodded and launched bubble beam at the acid causing a bunch of bubbles to form as dawn hop onto one which carry both her and piplup up the throat and into ursula's mouth which pop allowing dawn and piplup to land on ursula's tongue


“Almost there” Dawn muttered as she and piplup carefully exited out of ursula's mouth out of fear of her gulping them down again if she saw them out of her.They reach the entrance of the tent to see the zippers not all the way down which allow the two tinies squeeze them through and enter the outside


Piplup look scare which dawn notice “no need to worry buddy we’ll find a way to grow back we just got to find that bottle quick” the two set off but in about 40 minutes dawn and piplup grew tired that they rested on something that was pick up by someone


“This looks like one of the potions professor Elm said he’ll deliver to me. I better take it and call him about why it's here,” the figure said as he brought the bottle with dawn and piplup on it.


Morning Came as Ursula woke up feeling nothing in her gut which cause her to think she digested her meals “ahhh now those two are part of my beautifulness forever” she laugh evilly as she got out of the tent to prepare herself for the contest tomorrow completely unaware how were revenge was cut off short


In his house mr pokemon got off the phone with professor Elm having been told the whole story he realize dawn was shrunken trying to deliver both bottles to him “i better try to find her hopefully she's not into any real danger” as he prepare himself he was unaware she was pretty close by


“Ugh where am i?” Dawn said as she got up by the bottle to see she was in a house somewhere “what is this place” piplup suddenly tuck her legs to point to her the bottle that was wash away was near them “oh god the growth bottle is here we must be at mr pokemon's house piplup”  dawn said excitedly both were relief to see that the source to growing them was right in there grasp but dawn freak out to see it was 8:00 AM “oh no 2 hours until the contest sign up is expire oh how are we going to get that dust out of that bottle in time we can’t just enter it as we can get nasty cuts once we grow back” but before dawn could come up with any idea mr pokemon burst through the door


“I got to find that little girl at once!”he said in a panic but he accidently bumped into the bottle causing it to roll onto the ground and break as dawn and piplup fell in the dust “oh my bad!” he said as suddenly dawn and piplup suddenly grow back to normal size in front of the guy


Dawn and Mr pokemon look at each other in some massive confusion over what happen


Chapter 6: Growing Back To Normal

Dawn explain everything to Mr Pokemon all about shrinking to Ursula eating them to escaping from her stomach to waking up here


Mr Pokemon was surprise “oh man sorry you went through all that trouble to get the bottles to me”


“Its okay mister i just feel bad you lost both bottles because of me” Dawn said feeling guilty about everything that happen


“Ahhh don’t worry about it dawn professor Elm and i felt we shouldn’t have sent you on a mission that was dangerous plus i prefer a human being alright more than mystery stuff” Mr Pokemon said with a smile


Dawn smile as she and piplup left back to cherrygrove city as they reach pass the river they notice ursula and hide as she talk to her pokemon “now good news we finally got rid of dee dee for good now we get easily win these contest match’s without her ruining us anymore my beloved” Ursula said cheerfully unaware her rival sneaking out of site back to cherrygrove and manage to register for the contest just in time


After exiting the area dawn told piplup this with a smirk “i can’t wait to see ursulas face once she shes we are alive and well and no matter how temping it really is to try getting back at her for that nightmare and committing murder almost two wrongs don’t make a right”


As piplup groan over ursula getting away with a terrible crime it’ll be funny to see her reaction to seeing them alive again as the two look into the sky knowing tomorrow will be a interesting day as the two set off to route 29 to train for dawn's first contest match in johto.