SoulCalibur VGGTS Stories

Staying Hidden
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 10
- Sophitia and Cassandra have been traveling for days in a dense forest, looking to strengthen each other's souls before they face off against Ivy, who is on a mad quest for revenge ever since the supposed death of her father, Cervantes, to Sophitia's Omega Sword. Cassandra stumbles upon a magical glowing rock and keeps it with her despite the wishes of her older sister. Cassandra indeed pays the price as the rock suddenly shrinks her down to only one inch tall! So now Cassandra has to find a way to get Sophitia's attention, and that certainly won't be easy. Things only look to go downhill when Ivy and her band of stray thieves manage to catch up with the ladies... Completed May 23, 2008.

Not Staying Hidden: Ivy's Revenge Rampage
(Cubed Cinder and Discipline)
Approx. pages: 15
- Ivy Valentine was supposed to be free of her revenge against Sophitia and Cassandra, but big changes both emotionally and, literally, physically have put Ivy back on the track for cold-blooded killing. Two weeks have passed since the events of Staying Hidden, and lingering effects from a strange size-altering rock have made Ivy larger than life. After conquering many small villages around England thanks to her slowly-growing self, Ivy decides to make the long trip to Athens and pick a bone with Sophitia and Cassandra. She succeeds, eventually capturing Sophitia and beginning the trek back to London to no doubt torture her. Cassandra barely escapes the mega-sized Ivy's attack, and finds herself joining forces with an unlikely ally as she tries to think of a way to both rescue Sophitia and somehow bring the growing titaness down... Completed February 11, 2011.

The Tormented Soul
Approx. pages: 20
- Soul Edge is still hungry, and feeding on souls constantly. It's loyal (Even with a split personality) servant, Tira, has been making every effort to keep it happy, but she could use a bit of a helping hand. So, she decides it's time to find an assistant. Gathering the entire female cast and taking place between Soul Calibur 3 and 4, Tira decides she'll be having some "fun" with those who do not wish to join her cause. Completed July 9, 2010.