Not Staying Hidden: Ivy's Revenge Rampage

(Cubed Cinder and Discipline)

WARNING: This story contains violent crushing scenes, slight sexual references, and crude language that may not be suitable for people aged 17 and under.

Chapter 1, written by Cubed Cinder

Ivy, now standing at nearly 200 feet tall, smiled devilishly as she saw the city of Athens get closer and closer while she walked towards it. Although it was miles away, she could see it as clearly as day along with her 15-day journey coming almost full circle.
"Sophitia, child of the gods... you will soon be serving me, a goddess walking amongst this entire world." Ivy said as she kicked a well wide open and water sprayed all over the ground. While she was walking towards the city, she thought back to some of the key events of the past two weeks that got her to this point...

15 days ago

Ivy, still bruised and battered from her losing battle to Sophitia (who was determined to rescue her shrunken sister), just walked past the naysayers who continued to argue that the Valentine Mansion had no business being around with her being the only occupant of the huge structure. Normally she would threaten them with her weaponry that the mansion is there to stay and if they didn't like it, they could move on to another village. But Ivy walked into her home, locking the doors behind her and leaving behind the sounds of angry peasents.

Ivy was so out of it, she didn't even bother to change out of her tight-fitting clothes or unequip her snake-like Valentine Sword. She simply took those with her to her bed and found herself drifting off to sleep.

14 days ago

The next morning, things were radically different. Yes, she was still inside Valentine Mansion, but it looked like she was suddenly sleeping on a kid-sized bed. Her legs were hanging right out past the edge of the bed. She thought no wonder I was suddenly so uncomfortable in the middle of the night. But as she got up, the room looked a lot smaller as well. Her hair was brushing along the ceiling as she moved slowly around the room, even looking at herself in the mirror. At first she didn't suspect much... after all, she still had her clothes on and her weapon attached. Unless...
"Strange, it would appear my clothes and weapon have grown along with me." Ivy said. That's when she realized she had somehow grown in size. How she did so, she was clueless on, but as we all know from the end of the last story, it appeared there was a lingering effect from using that magic stone to grow back to her normal size after a brief period of time being literally bug-sized.

But as Ivy walked further around the mansion (giving herself more breathing room with some of the higher ceilings), she was suddenly drawn to the front door by the sounds of more peasents arguing on how the Valentine Mansion should not exist anymore. That's when Ivy realized the power that was suddenly handed to her at her new size of almost 12 feet tall.
"Those filthy maggots want to pick on me? I'll give them their wish and then turn the tables." Ivy said. She walked towards the front doors and opened them both all the way, ducking her head beneath the frame. The gasps she saw from the small crowd were priceless.

The crowd suddenly went from angry mob-like to one of shock and disbelief. Ivy towered high above them, more than twice their height, especially as she stepped out and stood to her full height.
"So, my little friends, do you still wish to argue against the might of the Valentine name?" Ivy said. One man was brave enough to step up to the mini-giantess and continue to argue his points.
"Yeah, that goddamn house of black magic needs to go! We need structures for our future generations! Ack!!!!" the man shouted, but before he could make any more arguments, he was suddenly grabbed by the throat by Ivy. She effortlessly lifted him off the ground, listening as he was choking and gasping for air. Watching his puny hands wrap around her massive arm was also gratifying to watch. The power was almost becoming too much for her.
"You might want to watch what you say to this big woman, little toad!" Ivy said. She then threw the man backwards several yards, injuring him as he landed on the hard grounds. Suddenly, the crowd wasn't so fearless towards Ivy. They were full of fear as they looked up at her.
"So, does anyone else have a beef with my presence here?" Ivy said. That's when the crowd slowly walked away and left Ivy alone.
"Yes... I think I like this. Hopefully I'll even grow bigger than this." Ivy said.

Little did she know at the time that she would get her wish as the days went ahead.

8 days ago

Ivy guessed she was growing at a pace of 15 to 23 centimeters per hour, especially by the time she got to the size where she couldn't even get back inside her own home. That didn't drain her spirits, however, as the bigger she grew, the more commanding she got towards the other peasents in the village. By now, Ivy had grown to close to 90 feet tall. She was ordering everyone in town to feed her as much food as they could, and when food was in short supply, she instead snacked on a few of the lowly peasents, especially the ones that used to hound her day in and day out to get rid of that once towering mansion. Ivy laughed at that thought, for it was herself that was now the towering one.

Still, she grew restless staying in this one spot day in and day out. She had to go elsewhere, show her newly gigantic body to other villages.
"Well, I shall be on my merry way, little bugs. It's time the rest of the world knew the might of Valentine." Ivy said. She got up after sitting against a row of houses for so long and then stomped away, with everyone looking in awe at the giantess as she stepped away.

As the day wore on, Ivy stomped around many of the smaller villages that had surrounded her home town. Impaling many of the people and buildings in these villages with her high heels, Ivy smiled at the destruction she was causing, especially as the blood stained her normally clean boots.
"Hmmhmm, soon all will learn the might of the name of Valentine." Ivy said. She really showed her mischievousness when she plowed her oversized breasts on top of one home, crushing it almost completely.

Basically, this routine would go on for the next five days. She would find a new village to single-handedly destroy, and then force its peasents to feed her and allow her to sleep in that village for that night, leaving the villagers to watch overnight as the giantess slowly grew bigger and bigger.

On the sixth day, Ivy felt she was big enough to tackle her next challenge.

2 days ago

The next village Ivy, now at just over 160 feet tall, decided to tackle was more than just a village. In the middle of this town was a castle. A full-fledged castle that looked like one the Wolfkrone would populate if they had a much smaller army. She walked towards this castle, navigating her way over the castle walls along the way (brushing her legs on top of the walls and crushing many of the knights there). Finally she stood right in front of the castle, her massive breasts at level with the tallest of towers.
"Surrender now and I may just let your castle stand!" Ivy shouted. Although some soldiers came out and threw themselves to the ground, bowing before the mighty giantess, she wasn't about to show a lick of mercy to her enemies.
"Very good. Now you little insects get to witness the destruction of your grounds. Haaaaa!!!" Ivy said. She then took her sword out and sliced and diced every tower of the castle in many different directions, mostly horizontally or vertically. The castle slowly crumbled to pieces right at Ivy's feet, killing many of the soldiers and knights before they could escape. The ones that did survive? Ivy merely ended their lives by squishing them beneath her boots.


Bringing us to today. The power Ivy held with her slowly growing body was too much to hold inside, and when she turned her thoughts to her humiliating defeat to Sophitia over two weeks ago, the perfect opportunity presented itself.
"Athens... a mighty cathedral to the gods. You're about to meet the biggest one of them all. Prepare yourself, Sophitia!" Ivy said as she continued her walk to the city.

Meanwhile, in a beautiful town inside of Athens, life was pretty normal for everyone, especially for Sophitia and her family. She was watching as her husband, Rothion, was running around with her two children, son Patroklos and daughter Pyrrha. Also watching was Sophitia's younger sister, Cassandra.
"I got you, Papa!" Pyrrha said as she 'tackled' Rothion and he fell down on his back.
"Awwww! Yes you did, my children! I am no match for your fighting spirit!" Rothion said. Sophitia and Cassandra giggled over watching the kids play.
"They look so happy, don't they?" Cassandra said.
"Yes, Cassie. I'm glad for them. These journies to give them peace have been long and painful." Sophitia said.
"But I wonder what's next? What more is there to do?" Cassandra said.
"The Soul swords still live, unfortunately, but we will leave that for another day. Bigger adventures will no doubt await us." Sophitia said.

Just then, the ground started to shake every second or so. It was enough to make everyone wobble as they tried to maintain their balance.
"Whoa... an earthquake!?" Cassandra said.
"Not possible... but what could it be?" Sophitia said. Cassandra looked in the opposite direction, and found the source of the shaking.
"*gasp* Sophie... look!" Cassandra said. When Sophitia looked, she too couldn't believe what she saw.
"By the gods..." Sophitia said. There, approaching their humble town, was the gigantic Ivy Valentine.
"Fee fi fo fum! I smell the blood of the itty bitty Greek!" Ivy said, taunting the tiny townspeople that were already running like mad away from her boots. Ivy raised one of her boots high in the air and crushed one of the rock structures that signified the entrance of the town. As massive as Ivy looked, Sophitia knew this was a dangerous situation, and she immediately thought of her kids.
"I guess we spoke too soon about a bigger adventure. But how did Ivy get so big?" Cassandra said.
"Cass, get my kids to the underground shelter." Sophitia said.
"But, Sophie, what about..." Cassandra said.
"Now, Cassie!" Sophitia said. She drew out her sword and shield and ran towards the giantess, even as she kicked up a storm of debris with her boots. As Cassandra watched Sophitia run off, she was suddenly greeted by Rothion.
"Go, Cassandra! I will take the children with me to the shelter." Rothion said.
"Much thanks, Rothion." Cassandra said. With Rothion taking good care of Sophitia's much treasured children, Cassandra rushed after Sophitia to take on the gigantic Ivy by her side.

Chapter 2, written by Discipline

Cassandra hadn’t even made it to Sophitia’s side when Ivy took notice of her. She gave one last hard push before sliding to a halt some five paces behind Sophitia. Cassandra wasn’t a coward by any means, but Ivy had been a big enough threat when she was her size, let alone as big as she was now. Without taking her gaze off of Ivy, Cassandra measured her to the buildings in Athens. It was safe enough to say that she was somewhere in the range of 200 feet tall.


Sophitia couldn’t understand, but memories of her past run in with Ivy while Cassandra was only an inch or so tall still shook her. Ivy had stopped her advance to look at the two of them on the ground. Cassandra gripped her sword and shield tighter, preparing herself for what was likely to be the biggest battle of her life.

“Ivy Valentine, why do you disrupt the city of the gods?” Sophitia asked, her stare travelling upwards to Ivy’s huge face.

Ivy smirked before answering, “It should be self-evident why I stand here before you today. You think that you and that insect beside you can drag my name and reputation through the mud and simply walk away?

“If you have a score to settle with me, then let us settle it. There is neither point nor honor in dragging these civilians into an engagement.” Sophitia replied. Though Cassandra was unable to see her entire face, she could tell her expression was true.

Ivy’s smirk turned into a devilish smile. Swiftly, she launched a thrust kick into a tall tower, causing its stones to fall to the ground, throwing Cassandra and Sophitia off balance.

Usually, it was Cassandra who jumped into the action with Sophitia asking the gods for forgiveness before joining her. However, Sophitia didn’t spend the time. She started a sprint towards Ivy, sword at the ready.

“Gods…give us strength.” Cassandra whispered to herself before readying her weapon and going in after Sophitia.

Ivy laughed before stomping the ground in front of them, sending both of the heroines to the ground. Cassandra’s mind was so full at the moment, thinking of how Ivy grew to such a height, how they could defeat her, what would happen if they were to fall, and so forth. This caused her to be slower than Sophitia in getting back up to combat Ivy.

Cassandra watched her sister run at Ivy. It happened in slow motion and left her crying, “Sophitia!”


Ivy watched Sophitia charge forward, sword raised and ready to strike, not that it would make any difference. With a quick swipe, Ivy captured Sophitia off of the ground and held her in her hand. She watched Cassandra from the ground, backing up slowly. Ivy had known all along that it was only a matter of time before they realized how hopeless it was to fight her, but the impression was definitely felt now.

“Sophitia!” Cassandra screamed from the ground.

Ivy laughed before answering, “Oh my, it seems I’ve captured the tiny Sophitia Alexandra!

“Let her go!” Cassandra yelled at Ivy, taking a small step forward.

After I’ve come all this way to take revenge upon this woman, you honestly think I’m about to let her roam free again? And what do you think gives you the right to order me around, worm?” Ivy shot back, launching her foot at the ground before Cassandra, creating a localized earthquake and sending the warrior rolling backwards.

Fortunately for you, I’ve obtained my prize piece, so I think I’ll let you live for now. Don’t fret though, little girl, I’ll be back for you later.Now, if you’ll be so kind, your sister and I have some unfinished business to attend to.” Ivy said to her, narrowing her eyes with a grin. With her last remark said, Ivy walked out of the town of Athens, Sophitia squirming to escape her grasp.

She was just about to leave when she felt like she was missing something.

Hm…oh, yes; how foolish of me not to finish what I’ve started.” Ivy said, ending in a malevolent laugh. Grasping her sword, she flicked her wrist, sending it into whip form.

Burn, people of Athens! Burn knowing that the gods you foolishly worship will bow down to Ivy Valentine!” She yelled across the city. Ivy then used her whip to cut and destroy the city, building by building. When the screaming and fires started to pick up, she retracted her sword back into its sword form and sheathed it.

Now, let us find some place to begin, shall we?” Ivy asked the small girl in her hand, walking through the entrance arch to Athens, destroying them.


Bruised and dirty, it was all Cassandra could do to lie flat on the ground and cover her head while Ivy’s whip cut through Athens, her home. As much as she wanted to break into tears, Cassandra would not allow herself. If Sophitia was in this situation, Cassandra knew that she would stay strong and come to her rescue.

Quickly rolling to the right, she avoided a falling pillar. She didn’t know how long she could keep this up before she’d be crushed under the heavy stone that composed Athens. It was a godsend when Ivy retracted her sword, said something she couldn’t hear over the commotion, and walked away.

Groaning, Cassandra lifted herself to her feet and leaned again a nearby stone. In a daze, she watched the white-haired giantess fade into the distance, Sophitia in hand. She hated herself for doing so. She knew that, given the same situation with reversed roles, Sophitia would chase Ivy to her dying breath.

“I…just can’t chase her. I’d only be killed…” Cassandra panted, looking at the ground. She needed a way to fight against Ivy, somehow, someway. But how could she possibly match herself to Ivy? Putting other things aside, Cassandra knew of no way to make herself grow.

After pacing back and forth, she sighed and looked into the ruins of Athens. It was now obvious to her that she did not have the perspective this fight required. She’d need an outside opinion. A fresh view.

“Taki…she’s a ninja. She’ll know a way!” Cassandra said to herself. Without regard to her surroundings or her own health, she started off to see Taki at a jog.


Meanwhile, Sophitia found herself in a situation without nearly as much freedom. Ivy, growing ever taller still, much to Sophitia’s dismay, had found and eliminated the members of an unfortunate mercenary band. This left their now abandoned castle all to Ivy.

Child of the gods, it’s time we got to business!” Ivy said to Sophitia, still balled up in her fist. She dropped Sophitia on top of the tallest tower of the castle. Even though it was the tallest, it only rose to Ivy’s upper stomach. As Sophitia gazed up at Ivy, Ivy cast a shadow over her.

Sophitia Alexandra, you humiliated me. You destroyed my pride and left me with nothing but anger and rage. Are you ready to feel the wrath of a new goddess?” She asked Sophitia, staring down at her with a look of mild aggravation.

“If you have a score to settle with me, settle it with me alone. There is no need for the innocent bloodshed!” Sophitia shouted at her, standing up.

Oh, but there is! You’ll find that I enjoy this power. I will rule this realm, and all of you…

“I will not allow it!” Sophitia yelled, readying her sword and shield. Ivy flicked her index finger at Sophitia, sending her flying back into the stone wall of the tower.

You cannot defeat me! How do you plan on destroying me? Do you believe that your gods will give you the strength to prevail? If so, consider that I destroyed the so-called city of the gods. They have cast you aside! They are fleeing from my power!” Ivy pronounced, laughing.

Though she didn’t say it, Sophitia was worried. Ivy hadn’t even broken a sweat and was quite instrumental in showing off her destructive potential. There had to be something that she could do. The gods could not truly have forsaken the people. Was this some sort of punishment upon her?

Come here, little girl! Let us have some fun!” Ivy said, grinning cattily. Sophitia did not even get the chance to react when Ivy’s golden-armored hand pinched her arm, picking her up off the tower. Sophitia, though she tried to keep her calm, couldn’t help but be unnerved by the giantess’s power and the considerable fall beneath her.

Most would struggle against her grasp instinctively given the same situation, but Sophitia knew that in the unlikely event her struggle worked, there wasn’t much in the way of redemption from Ivy dropping her.

It’s time we ceased our little conversation and accomplished what I came here for.” Ivy said, less playfully.

Sophitia almost didn’t want to respond, but curiosity overtook her. What exactly was the purpose of this destructive tour of the Earth? “And that is?”

Ivy looked amused for only a second as she replied, “Why, to unleash every bit of rage I have pent up inside of me upon you.

Chapter 3, written by Cubed Cinder

Cassandra had been running along the plain grassy path for what seemed like a long time, but in between breaths, she would look back at her ravaged home town as a reminder of why she was on the move. The giant Ivy Valentine had not only destroyed her home, but captured her sister in the process. Yet, as Cassandra kept running, she began to question her own motives. She looked down on the ground, sweeping aside some dirt that rested on her boots.
"Wait a minute... I gotta think this through. Will Taki even be able to help me? Is she even here in Greece?" Cassandra said. She remembered why she had thought Taki was still in Greece... the simple fact that she chose her as her random opponent for her training exercises. Cassie knew she had no other choice. Who else could she possibly turn to? Ivy was far too big, far too powerful. Maybe she should turn around and surrender herself to Ivy... just so she could perhaps spare Sophitia's life.

All doubts were erased in literally a blow of the wind.
"What the...?" Cassandra said as she looked around after feeling the gust of wind blow her hair. Soon, there was another gust. Cassandra turned her head towards the gust and didn't see anything. This happened a couple more times before finally she started to get the hint. Instead of turning her head, she stood still, only looking from the corners of her eyes. When she could hear another gust coming... she drew her sword, held it up against her own face, and turned around. Her sword immediately afterwards met up with another sword, that belonging to the Kunoichi herself, Taki.

After the two women dragged swords towards each other, the two made a couple swings that clanged with each other before backing away a few steps.
"You seek my presence, don't you? I remember you as Cassandra." Taki said.
"You are as sharp as the legends say, Taki." Cassandra said. The two traded sword blows once more as they continued their conversation.
"You would not go through the trouble of finding me unless it is for a reason." Taki said.
"I... I need your help..." Cassandra said.
"In defeating the giant woman." Taki said.
"But, how do you know that?" Cassandra asked.
"Nothing gets by the way of the ninja. You'd be surprised what I know." Taki said. Finally, the two stopped swinging swords after Cassie got down on one knee, signifying she was conceding the battle.
"Taki... you must help me. Surely you have dealt with situations like the one I am going through." Cassandra said.
"You are mistaken. I may have traveled the world searching for souls and the blades that control them, but nothing can prepare anyone for the trials and tribulations that you describe." Taki said. Cassandra sighed. She started to feel this was a complete waste of time.
"That said, I know of a tactic that may be of assistance. You may rise to your feet." Taki said. Cassandra did that and looked at Taki right in the eyes.
"Please... tell me!" Cassandra said.
"My child. Through the power of illusion, you can make your opponent seem like only five feet tall." Taki said.
"What? The power of illusion?" Cassandra said.
"Forgive me." Taki said. She then walked forward and suddenly grabbed the greek girl lightly by the neck. Nowhere near the strength to choke her, but enough to keep her from moving a lot.
"Hey! What..." Cassandra said. But before she could say anymore, Taki then placed her other hand against Cassandra's head. Soon, Cassandra was no longer struggling to break out of Taki's grip, and instead her eyes closed and she found herself falling into a trance...

Unknown location

When Cassandra opened her eyes again, it looked worse than a wasteland. The ground was completely devoid of grass, the cracks showing how dry it was. There was nothing else. No trees... she couldn't even see a sky. There was nothing but gray clouds hovering over her. And it was like this for miles and miles.
"Hello!? Hello!!!" Cassandra shouted, trying to find some other person that might be in the area. But there was no response. Just the echoing of her voice throughout the empty area.

But that quickly changed.

Cassandra could suddenly feel a huge burst of wind. It was similar to the gust she felt when Taki arrived, but this felt like a much stronger gust. She almost lost her footing as she felt the wind slapping her face. But when the gust of wind suddenly blew from the top... that's when she looked up and saw a boulder-like object coming down towards her!
"Eeeeeek!" Cassandra shouted as she quickly jumped several feet in front of her, narrowly avoiding being crushed by whatever the huge object was. She gasped when she saw the object to be a giant foot, and gasped again as she looked up into the sky and saw the foot belonging to Taki. It appeared Taki had grown to gigantic size as well.
"No! No way!" Cassandra shouted.
"Prepare yourself, tiny warrior." Taki said, her voice echoing throughout the area. She lifted her foot again over Cassandra, but the greek girl just turned around and ran, hearing nothing but the loud boom from Taki's foot slamming down on the ground. Cassandra just kept running, and Taki played along by always stepping short of the tiny panicking girl.

After a couple minutes of endless running, Taki finally spoke out.
"If you continue to run, you will not be able to save your sister... or your family." Taki said. Those words hit Cassandra like a brick wall. She finally stopped running, and in turn the giant Taki stopped walking and simply looked down at the little girl. Cassandra breathed heavily from all that running and plain looked up at the giantess.
"I know... I know... but how can I possibly save her when my opponent is some 50 times bigger than I am!?" Cassandra said, pounding her foot out of frustration. Taki, despite being so "big," could sense Cassandra's frustration, and decided to come right to the point.
"Sometimes opponents are not always as they appear." Taki said.
"What!? What in the name of Tartarus does that even mean!!?" Cassandra shouted.
"I may be big, but I am not invulnerable. Everyone and everything has a weak point." Taki said. Cassandra almost wanted to argue back with the giantess, but realized she was right. Even powerful opponents like Cervantes could be defeated, she thought. Taki once again sensed she was getting it.
"See your opponent not as a person, but as an object that can be conquered one piece at a time with your natural skills. Now defeat me, little one!" Taki said. She once again raised a foot over the greek girl, but instead of jumping forward or backward, Cassandra leaped to the side to dodge Taki's stomp. Ignoring the ground shaking beneath her from the booming step, Cassandra quickly ran towards the same foot, armed with her sword and shield, and she jumped up and made a quick slash, striking as much of Taki's ankle as she could before landing on top of the foot. Although there were no blood marks, the tight clothing Taki was known to wear did tear as the sword struck through. Taki smiled. Now her little friend was starting to get the hint.
"Good, but you must always be aware of the full capabilities of your opponent." Taki said. Having said that, Cassandra looked up and noticed Taki's huge hand coming down towards her. Thinking fast, Cassandra made her next move by jumping up and clinging onto the back of Taki's foot. She climbed up the clothing as fast as she could.

Eventually, she reached the back of Taki's knee, and she took her sword and pierced the back of the knee. Again there was no blood, but Taki still felt the blade breaking through her skin.
"Oh..." Taki said. Being behind her leg, Taki had a hard time trying to reach down and grab the little Cassandra. Though once Cassandra climbed up and made it to her behind, that's when Taki could feel the girl, and she reached behind and grabbed her with her gloved hand. She opened up her hand and saw Cassandra standing in the middle of it. Cassandra was almost intimidated by seeing Taki's face so big and standing on a hand so large, but she stayed strong.
"Do you see now, Cassandra? It's not size that makes a man or woman big. But the self-confidence... the inner size of the heart that gives one true strength." Taki said. It would be easy to believe that the lesson was over, but Cassandra knew Taki, and her ways of the ninja..
"Maybe, but I also know how cunning you can be, as a ninja. But I've got smarts too!" Cassandra said. She then raised her sword and stabbed Taki in the hand before quickly running. And good thing too... because Taki took her other hand and threw it down on top of the hand that Cassandra had been standing on. As Taki was nursing her hand, Cassandra was doing her best to keep her balance as she charged up Taki's arm, jumping or climbing over the armor pieces that stood in her way.

She eventually reached the top of Taki's shoulder, where she thrust her sword right into Taki's neck, or at least as much of it as she could.
"Well done, child of Olympia." Taki said. Before Cassandra's view faded to a bright white, she could just barely see a smile crack on the giantess's face.

Outside Athens

When Cassandra opened her eyes again, she was back in the grassy plains. And most importantly, Taki was her normal size again. Cassandra looked right at Taki after checking herself, remembering that Taki almost choked her while submitting her into her trance.
"How?" Cassandra said.
"This is the power of illusion. It's what has allowed my ninja clan to survive for many years in the past, and many years into the future." Taki said.
"Well... is it really that easy? Can I really use the moves I used against you? How do I know you were taking it easy on me?" Cassandra said.
"Taking it easy is not in my soul. If your opponent fights with no less an amount of vigor as I did in the illusionary world, you will be victorious." Taki said.
"But still... I think I understand what you've been teaching me. Just because my opponent is gigantic, that doesn't automatically give him or her the advantage. I have to think back to when Sophitia fought against Hephaestus." Cassandra said, suddenly thinking back to that epic battle between Sophitia and the mighty God.
"Only you can tap into the full potential of your soul." Taki said.
"Taki... thank you. I may just owe the life of my sister and her family to you." Cassandra said. Suddenly beaming with confidence, and the moves she learned against the giant Taki fresh in Taki's mind, Cassandra suddenly ran back towards the nearly destroyed village, anxious to confront the giant Ivy Valentine head-on this time.

As Taki watched the girl rush back towards the village, she had a bit of a frown on her face.
"Despite teaching her the art of illusion, I feel she will still require my assistance. I owe her sister..." Taki said. Finally, she threw a smoke bomb towards the ground. When the smoke dissipated, Taki was nowhere to be found.

Chapter 4, written by Discipline

Crash! The sound echoed throughout the otherwise desolate area as Sophitia slammed against a brick wall. Now panting to stop herself from screaming in agony, Sophitia lied on the ground. Her mind simply blasted contradictions at itself. Her body accustomed to steeling itself against enemies and standing strong. Her brain told her that this was the stupidest thing she could do.

What have I done wrong to deserve this? Surely I have not upset the gods this much… She thought to herself, tears falling down her face as she laid on the ground.

“What’s wrong, girl? Don’t tell me you’re finished already! That just won’t do!” Her torturer, Ivy, taunted. Ivy pinched the back of Sophitia’s clothes, dangling her ever-so-slightly off the ground before flicking her right back against the wall.

“I-Isa…bella…there’s no…need for all this. P-please…let’s talk…” Sophitia offered like she had done so many times before. Ivy looked at her playfully.

“Talk? You think I want to talk? I told you, girl. You’re going to feel my wrath. By the time I’m done, you’ll wish you were dead. I’d wager you aren’t too far off!” Ivy said, rolling Sophitia onto her back with her index finger.

“Oh, watch out!” Ivy called to her, smiling malevolently. Before Sophitia’s broken and bruised body could reach, Ivy swiped her nail across Sophitia’s stomach, cutting her, though not nearly enough to endanger her life. This didn’t change the fact that it hurt. It hurt enough to give Ivy the fuel she wanted to keep going: Sophitia’s scream of pain.

Cassandra slid to a halt, now within visible distance of Ivy and the fortress she had taken her sister to. She hadn’t stopped from the sight of Ivy, but rather at the sight of a hair-raising scream.

“Sophie is tough…for her to scream…” Cassandra mumbled to herself, gripping her sword and shield tighter. She wasn’t lying to herself. From the time Cassandra was born, Sophitia was always there watching over her, all while balancing her own plate of problems. Sophitia had taken on many a mission that would make the mightiest of warriors cower. For her to audibly display her pain, Cassandra thought, she must really be suffering. With not a second more to rest, Cassandra took off towards Ivy at a full sprint.

“Play with me, girl! You can’t be done yet!” Ivy cackled as Sophitia dodged a swipe from her hand by a fraction of an inch. Sophitia’s body was screaming in protest as she did her best to defend herself. Her mind was now in full doubt, something that hadn’t happened for a long, long time. How much longer do you think you can fight her like this? You are delaying the inevitable. No one is coming to save you. Accept your death.

Distracted by this negative train of thought, Ivy jabbed her with her finger, rolling her back against the wall she had slammed in to enough times today to make a vague indent with her share. Going against her best interests, she attempted to get up, only to find that her body was failing her. Her arms simply could not muster the energy to pick herself off of the ground. Sophitia knew that this meant defeat.

“How adorable! You make every effort to amuse me yet you can finally go no farther. I think I have made my point clear, don’t you?” Ivy asked her, the grin ever so slowly vanishing from her gigantic face.

“And now, child of the…” Ivy began maliciously when a voice interrupted her. A voice Sophitia knew very well.

“Ivy Valentine, leave my sister alone!” Cassandra screamed. Ivy frowned before turning to face her sister, which, judging from her eyes, was somewhere outside of the castle.

“My, my, I thought I taught you a lesson back in Athens. It seems you have saved me the trouble of tracking you down, very kind of you. It must run in the family!” Ivy said, her voice escalating to a yell as she stomped down hard enough to shake a few bricks loose in Sophitia’s makeshift prison.

“Feisty little one, aren’t you! Emphasis on the word little, of course!” Ivy said, stepping outside of the castle completely.

 “You know of the tale of David and Goliath, yes?” Cassandra asked her, preparing herself.

“You waste my time with old folklore? You think your stories will aid you, little sister mouse?”

“Not aid, but form a prediction, absolutely. Goliath, I am David…and I will see to it that you die!” Cassandra screamed, bolting at her. Up in the tower, it was all Sophitia could do to cry and pray to the gods that they watched over Cassandra. Not for her sake, but that of the world.

Ivy took this opportunity to aim a stomp at the ground. She launched it downwards, forcing Cassandra to narrowly roll out of the way. I may be big, but I am not invulnerable. Everyone and everything has a weak point. Taki’s voice filled her mind. At once, Cassandra matched this scenario to the training she went through with Taki.

Cassandra took this opportunity to jump on to Ivy foot and make a dash for her ankle. Thanks to the size of Ivy’s breasts, she was now in a blind spot. With a powerful slash, she attacked her slightly below the ankles. There wasn’t a scream of pain that she had desperately been hoping for, but it drew blood. Though it may be a high number, all enemies go down in time. And so, Cassandra gripped her sword and shield tightly climbing Ivy’s stockings up her legs and slashing.

Of course, it wasn’t as if Ivy was immune to pain. She could feel it, and with every slash Cassandra made on the giantess, the dismal sensation grew.

“Get off of my body, you worm!” Ivy said, blindly slapping the area she felt Cassandra would be heading up to next. Though she climbing, Cassandra took notice of Ivy armored hand racing towards her position. With less than a half a second to spare, she made a bold and dangerous leap up the back of her leg and took a hold of Ivy stocking on the back of her knee. With Ivy’s chest, it was impossible to know if she got her or not so she bent over, doing her best to look for Cassandra on her leg.

Cassandra drew back her blade and with all her might, drove it into the back of Ivy’s knee.

Ivy immediately felt that. Cassandra had hit something, and something painful. Her left leg felt limp, though she did not allow herself to fall. She had missed Cassandra, which was clear. Cassandra, having just freed her blade, now dripping with Ivy’s blood, knew that Ivy knew exactly where she was.

“Enough, girl!” Ivy said, bending over so she could send her armored palm racing towards the back of her knee. Cassandra bent her knees, gripping onto Ivy’s stocking and launched herself upwards, grabbing a hold of the string that tied off Ivy’s stockings. Her mind raced as she thought of where she should strike next. Time to think…what I wouldn’t give for it…just a moment to think… Cassandra thought to herself, as she made another leap of faith up to a leather strap, right below Ivy’s navel.

Ivy checked her palm, which had blood on it. No Cassandra, though, meaning the blood was hers. Suppressing her distant desire to show fear, she checked the ground to see if she had possibly fallen. It was a quick check, but enough to let Ivy know she had missed Cassandra…again. Fear faded from her mind, replaced by anger. I’m nothing short of a towering goddess. How can I let this insect overtake me?! Ivy thought, gritting her teeth.

Cassandra pressed herself against the strap and began to shimmy her way up the straps that made up Ivy’s clothing. “Everyone and everything has a weak point.” Taki’s voice came again. She looked up but couldn’t see Ivy’s face as her considerable chest blocked her view. Cassandra looked at her own chest before grinning and thinking, Smaller is better! Gripping her sword tightly, she leaped up and launched an assault on Ivy’s upper stomach under the cover of Ivy’s breasts.

It was infuriating. Ivy couldn’t even see Cassandra with the size of her chest and was reduced to blindly hitting the spot she felt pain at. It didn’t help that the pain didn’t start right as Cassandra struck, but later in the form of a stinging sensation. I need to get her…for my own honor…I can’t lose…

Ivy was hitting spots right next to her. Cassandra wagered if she was any slower at jumping from position to position that she’d be dead. Blood was running down the whole front of her torso now, though Cassandra knew Ivy couldn’t see any of it. She made another deep incision in right below her breast. Just as she looked behind her, she saw Ivy’s palm heading straight towards her. Cassandra didn’t even have time to react when it impacted her and pinned her against Ivy’s body. Though she didn’t want to, the pain was instrumental in producing a yelp from the tiny heroine.

She felt something that time. Something beneath her palm. Did I get her? Ivy thought to herself, excited by the thought of removing the only obstacle between her and everything she wanted. She balled her fist up and opened it in front of her face. Sure enough, Cassandra was lying in her palm trying to reorient herself.

“You remind me of a tick. A disgusting, blood-sucking parasite, with no way to better itself without leeching off the success of others. Too bad for you that I don’t need special tools to remove you!” Ivy taunted Cassandra, her smirk resurfacing across her face. Cassandra got up and started dashing across her hand to try and jump on to her face.

It happened so quickly that all Ivy could do was naturally react by dropping her hand to try and make Cassandra fall, which she was successful in. Cassandra braced herself for impact as she watched herself fall. Luck was on her side as she fell into a bush, which, though it hurt, saved most of her bones. She attempted to get back on her feet but fell right back down. The fall had cost her a twisted ankle. Was a simple injury really going to be the downfall of her fight? This never happens to Sophie…

Ivy saw where she fell and wasted no time in approaching the tiny girl. She raised a foot right over the bush and laughed.

“Looks like big sis will have to see you in heaven!” Ivy shouted, filled with a crazed happiness. Cassandra, looked up at Ivy with wide, terrified eyes.

In less than two seconds, explosions and shuriken embedded themselves all over Ivy’s torso, some in her face. Surprised herself, Cassandra looked up at Ivy, who was out cold and now falling backwards. A massive tremor shook the ground and castle as Ivy hit the ground. W-What? Was all Cassandra could think as she looked at the girl who was mere seconds away from killing her.

Chapter 5/Epilogue, written by Cubed Cinder

Cassandra watched as the unconscious and bleeding Ivy Valentine shrunk smaller and smaller. She was no longer the intimidating giantess who only a short time ago came into her home town and stomped right through it and then captured her sister. She was still about 40 feet tall, but dwindling fast. Before she could watch another second of Ivy's shrinking, she was suddenly caught in a hug by her sister, Sophitia.
"Oh, Cassie!" Sophitia shouted as she hugged her sister who rested on her two knees.
"Ow, ow! Okay, Sophie! I'm a little battle worn, you know!" Cassie said. As she was hugging back Sophitia, Cassandra looked over Sophitia's shoulder where she just noticed Taki jumping off one of the stone columns and disappeared into the distance.
"Thank you, Taki…" Cassandra whispered.
"Cassie, how did you do that? I thought you were dead for sure…" Sophitia said.
"Well, just like you, I had help from the mighty Gods!" Cassandra said with a smile on her face.
"No, seriously… I didn't do it alone. I had help… from an old friend." Cassandra said.
"Well, I look forward to hearing the story when we return home." Sophitia said.
"Home? Home's a mess right now! We're gonna be spending days cleaning it up." Cassandra said.
"Well, it won't take as long if the good citizens are willing to help." Sophitia said.
"Mommy!!" a young female voice said. Sophitia turned around and saw her daughter, Pyrrha, running up fast towards her. Behind Pyrrha was Sophitia's son, Patroklos, and her loving husband, Rothion. Despite her outfit torn up and soaked in blood, Pyrrha still ran up into her mother's open arms.
"Pyrrha! Oh, Pyrrha. Are you and your brother okay?" Sophitia said.
"Yeah! We were in the underground shelter having a pretend sword battle with Daddy!" Pyrrha said.
"Hahaha! Oh that's wonderful. I'm glad everyone is safe." Sophitia said.
"I knew you had it in you to beat that crazy giant woman." Rothion said.
"Actually, it's all thanks to Cassie right here. She's the one that saved me." Sophitia said.
"Yay for Aunt Cassie!" Pyrrha shouted.
"Oh stop it, really! Huh?" Cassandra said. When she turned around to look at where Ivy used to be… she was no longer there. Not a trace of her, it would appear.

"What is it, Cassie?" Sophitia said.
"Ivy… she's gone!" Cassandra said.
"Hmmm? That can't be… hold on." Sophitia said. She got up, allowing the children to hug Cassandra next, and she slowly approached the half-destroyed column where Ivy had been resting. She had remembered her shrinking after her defeat to her younger sister, but as Sophitia walked closer, she focused at the very bottom of the column and fully realized why they couldn't see Ivy. Sophitia walked right to the column… and down by her sandals? A tiny Ivy Valentine.
"By the gods…" Sophitia said. She previously couldn't believe Ivy could grow so big, and now, laying at her feet was the smallest Ivy she ever saw. The very woman that tried to kill her and destroy Athens not too long ago was no bigger than a six-inch-tall doll. Sophitia reached down and picked up the tiny, but still unconscious, Ivy. She walked back to Cassandra and the others holding the doll-sized Ivy.
"Here's why you couldn't see Ivy, sister." Sophitia said, showing off the tiny Ivy to Cassandra.
"Oh my gosh… how did she shrink THAT small?" Cassandra said.
"It must have been a side effect of how she grew. That's all I can really figure out." Sophitia said. Pyrrha suddenly looked down on the tiny Ivy.
"Wow… what a pretty doll. Can I keep her, Mommy? Can I?" Pyrrha said. Sophitia had an uneasy look on her face. Many things were running through her head, most notably if this tiny size by Ivy was permanent. But at the same time, she didn't want to upset Pyrrha.
"Okay, but as long as you share her with me." Sophitia said.
"Huh? Okay, but aren't you a little too old to be playing with dolls, Mommy?" Pyrrha asked.
"You're never too old to play with dolls, sweetie!" Cassandra shouted, jumping in with her answer before Sophitia could say anything. Sophitia eventually laughed as she gave the shrunken Ivy to her daughter, who hugged her for dear life.
"Well, I think it's time to go home." Sophitia said. Everyone started to walk away from the ruins, well… except for Cassandra, whose ankles would not allow her to move one bit.
"Um… a little help, someone! I can't exactly walk here!" Cassandra said. Luckily, Rothion was there for the rescue, walking up to the girl.
"My dear, help is on the way. Haaaaa!" Rothion said. He then reached down and picked up Cassandra, holding her by the back with one hand and the back of her knees with the other.
"Hahaha! Unhand me, you brute! Sophie! Tell this hunky husband of yours to put me down!" Cassandra said, jokingly of course, and luckily for her, Sophitia caught the joke.
"Nah, I think you're doing just fine." Sophitia said.

As the days passed on and much of Athens was repaired following the attack with the help of everyone involved, Ivy would wake up and find herself feeling like she was in a dungeon, as she was played with (gently for the most part) by Pyrrha. She wanted to fight back, but was thwarted every single time by a gigantic Sophitia, most of the time when she slammed her sandals next to the shrunken woman.

Ivy just bided her time, dealing with her punishment until the day she would find a way to return to her normal size. Whether or not that meant continuing her revenge against the Alexandra family… that she was no longer sure of.

Far, far away

Taki smiled as she looked down at her shuriken in the palm of her hand.
"They worked perfectly." Taki said. It seemed, and only she would know this for the time being, the exploding shuriken were responsible for shrinking Ivy to her tiny size. As Taki stored the shuriken away, she wondered what other uses she could put such powerful weaponry to use, knowing to be careful as she had a very limited supply...