Staying Hidden

(Cubed Cinder)

WARNING: This story contains more-bloody-than-usual scenes as well as slight sexual references (and why not with the size of Ivy's boobs?) that may not be suitable for people aged 17 and under.

Transcending history and the world... A tale of souls and swords, eternally retold...

The sun was beginning to set after a long day, but it felt longer for both Cassandra and Sophitia. For good reason, though. The two were making their way through the Enchanted Forest, swords and shields with them already soaked in a little bit of blood from having to defeat stray thieves. Sophitia, stepping on a cricket that couldn't escape her sandaled foot in time, was the first to notice how late it was getting.
"Darkness will soon cover this forest. We'll need to find a safe place to rest." Sophitia said. Cassandra finally caught up with her older sister, breathing heavily.
"Yeah, just like every other night we've been walking through this forest. It's probably been almost a week now!" Cassandra said.
"Exhausted as always, aren't you, Cassie?" Sophitia said.
"Oh come on, Sophie! Seriously, how are you able to survive in this environment? I felt like I was dying back there." Cassandra said.
"It's important that we both stay strong. Our battle with Ivy will not be easy." Sophitia said.
"I still wonder why Ivy is after you. You said it wasn't you who killed that Cervantes creep." Cassandra said.
"Taki only saved me from death's door. Ivy probably feels in her soul that it was indeed I who challenged Cervantes to destroy the Soul Edge." Sophitia said.
"Sophie... one day you have to tell me how you do that." Cassandra said.
"Do what?" Sophitia said.
"You know, getting your strength from the gods." Cassandra said. Sophitia looked down at both her Omega Sword and Shield.
"Clearly, Hephaestus feels it is I who must do the final bidding of Olympus in this world. As long as Soul Edge still lives, my family and I cannot rest. Now come, we must continue forward. Here is not a safe resting point." Sophitia said. As she started walking again, Cassandra sighed heavily and wiped the sweat off her forehead.
"Of course, sis." Cassandra said as she followed behind. A few minutes later, Sophitia stopped and sharply looked around after hearing the rustling of leaves overhead.
"What is it?" Cassandra asked.
"We are not alone." Sophitia said. And almost right on cue, a group of five laughing thieves, all cloaked in dirty black, came storming down from the treetops, surrounding the two ladies.
"Surrender, ladies, and we may just spare your lives!" one of the men shouted. Of course, this didn't deter the spirits of either woman. They both armed their swords.
"Yeah, time to take some thieving butt!" Cassandra said. Sophitia, however, just sighed.
"Gods... please forgive me." Sophitia said as the two women charged into battle. One of the thieves, unknown to the women, had already escaped.

Meanwhile, far away from the fight scene in another corner of the forest, Ivy Valentine used her Snake Sword to slash away at the many hedges that were in her path. Of course, it didn't help much when her overly huge breasts (that some of the thieves with her kept gawking at) kept her from walking in between two trees. She simply chopped the two trees down with the power of her sword.
"Useless forms of nature." Ivy snarled. Eventually, she looked to the side to see one of the thieves she hired returning.
"Excuse me, Miss Valentine, but we found the two servants of Hephaestus!" the cloaked man said.
"Good. How far away are they?" Ivy said.
"Well, considering it took me ten minutes to get back here, they are a ways away. They've probably already defeated those other thieves by now." the thief said.
"That's the way I want it. Recall the other thieves scouting the area. I will deal with the ladies myself." Ivy said.
"Right away!" the thief shouted before he ran off again. Ivy looked down (past her boobs) at the ground.
"Damn you, Sophitia. It was supposed to be me that destroyed my father and Soul Edge, and now Soul Edge still lives on thanks to your foolish acts of bravery. I swear I will make you pay!" Ivy said, not knowing that it was the superior willpower of Soul Edge's evil that was driving Ivy towards such a mission. She started walking in the same direction that thief had come from.

Back at the fight scene, it had just ended. One thief had already bled to death, and two were bleeding severely as they ran away. The last one had no scars, and didn't dare to stay and wait for one.
"I'm... I'm outta here!!!" he shouted. He ran away so quickly, a small pouch that was attached to his waist fell down to the ground.
"Hah! That'll teach you to mess with the name of Alexandra!" Cassandra shouted. Sophitia kicked the lifeless and bloody body one last time. It was her sword thrust that ended the sad thief's life so quickly.
"It did not have to be this way. This path was of their choosing." Sophitia said softly.
"Hey, Sophie! Look at this little bag one of the thieves left behind!" Cassandra said.
"Forget it, Cass. We've already taken more from these men than we should have." Sophitia said.
"But there could be something important in here, like food or..." Cassandra said.
"I said leave it!!!" Sophitia shouted as Cassandra walked away from the bag.
"I'm going to scout ahead and make sure there are no more thieves around. You stay here and guard this area." Sophitia said.
"As you wish, sister." Cassandra said as Sophitia walked off.
"Sometimes I wish Sophitia wouldn't be so hard on herself. Death is inevitable for all of us, after all..." Cassandra said. She focused her attention back on the bag.
"I can't leave this bag sitting here! At least I should look inside and see what that thief was carrying." Cassandra said. She dug her way through the pouch, and there really wasn't much. A small piece of fruit that looked like it hadn't been touched for weeks, a few gold coins, mostly useless junk. But it was the last item that got her attention. A glowing green rock.
"Hmmm...? What's this thing, and why is it glowing so brightly?" Cassandra asked. Just as she asked that, the rock glowed even brighter, and before Cassandra could wonder what was happening, the light became too bright for her to handle.
"Arrrrgh! Son of a..." Cassandra shouted before she dropped the rock to shield her eyes.

When the light finally died down, Cassandra opened up her eyes and was immediately taken aback by the scenery. The blades of grass that she had towered over once before? They were now just her height. The rock she once held in her hands? It looked more like a boulder now. The pouch the rock came from? As big as a small cave. Something didn't add up at first, but then it hit her, and she was scared.
"Damn it! That thing shrunk me! I must be only an inch tall if the grass is as tall as I am." Cassandra said, gulping nervously over her predicament.
"Now how is Sophie supposed to find me now!?" Cassandra shouted. Just as she heard that, Sophitia was calling.
"Cassie!" Sophitia shouted. Cassandra gasped. She looked and could see Sophitia, a lot larger than life, heading towards her spot.
"Oh crap..." Cassandra said. She was tempted to run for cover, but knew she had to act now to get her older sister's attention. She ducked behind the green rock (no longer glowing, by the way), and watched as the giant Sophitia approached her. At only one inch tall, Cassandra felt Sophitia was insanely huge... probably the size of a goddess straight from Olympus! Sophitia's sandaled feet stopped only a few yards away from the rock and the pouch.
"Huh? Now where could Cassie have gone to?" Sophitia said. Cassandra ran towards the sandal and banged it as hard as she could with her fists.
"Sophie! Down here! HEY, SOPHITIA!!!" Cassandra said. Her voice was already worn out from shouting that loudly, and as she expected, there was no reaction from her sister.
"Ugh... I'm just too small. How can she possibly hear me?" Cassandra said.
"Well, she's probably scanning the rest of the area. She'll catch up with me." Sophitia said. She turned around and walked away from the treasures on the ground.
"No! Wait, Sophie!!! Don't leave me here!!!" Cassandra shouted. She ran after the giantess, and amazingly enough, she was able to keep up with her. In fact, she could feel a strong amount of wind flying in her face. She had to stop and think about that.
"Whoa... I'm so small, and yet I was able to keep up with her." Cassandra said. She looked one last time at the green rock.
"Maybe that thing gives me super speed too. Well, whatever! At least I can keep with Sophie!" Cassandra said as she took off running at high speed once more. She made sure not to get too close to Sophitia, thinking one sudden step backwards could crush her. While she was running, Cassandra wondered just how a tiny soul like herself could get the attention of Sophitia, her older sister...

Moments later, back where the shrinking took place, Ivy arrived with a band of the thieves she had hired, including the two that got their butts beaten by the two women of the Alexandra family. They all stopped their walking when Ivy was the first to notice the bag of goodies that one of the thieves had dropped. The item that caught Ivy's attention the most was, of course, the green stone. The very one that had shrunken Cassandra. The rock was not glowing at all, even as Ivy reached down and picked it up. The other thieves simply noticed the blood spilled on the ground, and the blood that continued to leak from one of the dead corpses.
"Hmmm... there's something about this rock that I can feel. It has a great power locked inside." Ivy said. One of the thieves walked up and saw the bag, getting down on his knees and collecting everything that was outside the bag, all next to Ivy's feet.
"My stolen bag!" the thief shouted. By the time he had gathered everything, he noticed the green rock was missing. That's when he saw Ivy admiring it.
"Um... excuse me, but that is my rock! I stole it fair and square." the thief said.
"Then you won't mind if I take it from your hands." Ivy said.
"What!?" the thief said.
"You failed in the task I assigned you, which was to annihilate those wretched women of the gods. You low-life thieves can always find something more valuable to steal." Ivy said.
"You bitch!!! I'll make you..." the thief said. He was about to pull out one of his weapons, but drawing a weapon on Ivy is never ever a good idea. Ivy simply clutched onto the rock and then grabbed her sword. She thrusted it right square into the thief's chest, causing him to scream out in pain with blood squirting out everywhere, especially on Ivy's skin. Soon, the thief collapsed right to his death, and Ivy pulled the sword out. She looked back at the other three thieves that had trailed her. They all had stunned looks on their faces, and why not? They just watched a human life being taken.
"I have no more use for any of you. Leave now if you wish to live." Ivy said as low as she could with her voice. The three thieves didn't think twice. They scrambled away to find the closest exit possible out of the forest. Ivy, now all alone with no more hired help, looked once more at the green rock.
"Perhaps this will come in handy. For now, I shall continue my search. Their souls are near. I can feel them." Ivy said as she kept on walking, storing the rock away. Little did she realize that the rock was started to glow ever so slightly...

Several yards away, Cassandra continued running, with her new high speed, after Sophitia. She was chasing her for so long, all sorts of random thoughts started to enter her mind about how she was going to explain her shrinking to her older sister.
"Hmmm... what am I going to say to her when she does see me? Um... Sophie, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. I should've left that rock alone! No... she won't buy that. How about I'm sooooo sorry! I just got entranced by the treasure!" Cassandra said to herself. She thought of a few more things she could say, but she was thinking so hard, she didn't notice Sophitia stopping right in front of her. And so, bang! Cassandra runs right into the back of Sophitia's sandal, knocking her down to the ground.
"Ow! That hurt! I should've paid more attention!" Cassandra said. Sophitia, meanwhile, called out once again for her sister.
"Cassie! Cassandra!!! She should've been back by now." Sophitia said. Cassandra had to cover her ears from Sophitia shouting out so loud. But of course she was going to do that. How could Sophitia possibly see her at the height she was at, especially with the sun rapidly going down. Sophitia thought about going back to find her sister, as evidenced by the fact she took one step in the other direction, causing Cassandra to take evasive action.
"No... she's grown up. She'll be fine. I should just let my dreams alleviate my worries." Sophitia said. She then walked back in the other direction and then sat down next to a nearby oak tree.
"This oak tree should protect us for the night, just as the other trees have during our journey." Sophitia said. After disarming her weapons and laying them to the side, Sophitia brushed much of the grass aside to make herself comfortable, not that there was much comfort to be found sleeping away from the sanctuary of Athens, she thought. Eventually, though, the grass did help her drift off to sleep.

As she was going to sleep, Cassandra watched as her sister crashed for the night. Only the moonlight that peeked through the dense forest helped her keep her sights on Sophitia.
"Oh good. She's finally going to sleep. Now I can get myself closer so she can see me in the morning." Cassandra said. She carefully approached her gigantic sister, and immediately got the impression of how tough climbing her was going to be. With Cassandra only one inch tall, Sophitia looked massive. If you did the math, Sophitia looked a little over 400 feet tall from Cassandra's perspective. But Cassandra didn't waste another minute admiring the size of her older sister.
She decided to start with Sophitia's hand. She first tried to get her attention by shoving and kicking on her large index finger, but that wasn't helping matters any. In fact, Cassandra quickly realized that she was quite vulnerable to even the slightest movements from her sister.
"How dumb can I possibly get!? I'm so small... all it would take is a fingernail for her to crush me." Cassandra said to herself. So she had to resort to the more dangerous method, and that was climbing up her sister. She jumped up and grabbed onto her index finger, climbing on top of it and walking towards the middle of her hand. She still had a long way to go to reach her face.
"(sigh) Oh boy, it's gonna be like climbing Olympus, as Sophie would say." Cassandra said. But she kept moving, walking over her wrist guard and back over her smooth skin. She now had to do some more climbing past her elbow, with her arm slightly elevated above the ground. Cassandra walked slowly as she fought to keep her balance. Even some of the slightest movements from Sophitia were proving to be land-shifting to the one-inch-high Cassandra. Eventually, she made it past Sophie's arm and was now standing on her shoulder. She tried once more to call out to her goddess-sized sister.
"Sophie! Sophie!!!" Cassandra shouted. But no response. Cassie pulled out her sword, thinking that perhaps some physical activity will get her attention, but not too much of course. She tapped the handle of her sword against Sophitia's skin, first lightly and then as hard as she could. Nothing but a soft moan from Sophitia. In fact, Cassandra had to grab onto a nearby piece of Sophitia's clothing to keep from falling off as she readjusted herself.
"Mmmm... Patroklos, Pyrrha." Sophitia softly said. Cassandra knew immediately what Sophitia was dreaming about.
"Her children. She cares so deeply for them. That's why she goes on these long missions." Cassandra said. She smiled knowing that she cared so much for her family, a luxury that she did not have herself.

Cassandra continued her mission to climb Mt. Sophitia. She eventually made it to her face and climbed up the right side, eventually making it all the way to her face. From here, things got incredibly noisy, as the snoring from Sophitia was almost too much for Cassandra to take.
"Damn! And I thought Sophitia's snore wasn't so loud at normal size!" Cassandra said. Obviously, her mouth was not an option, unless of course she wanted to be Sophitia's breakfest. So instead, she climbed up her nose. Reaching the top of it, Cassandra once again called out Sophitia's name, several times in fact. But again, no dice. In fact, Cassie looked to see a huge hand approaching the nose.
"Whoa, look out!" Cassandra said as she made a daring leap away from the nose as Sophie was reaching up to scratch it. Cassie landed down near Sophie's chest, on top of her medallion, in fact. She could tell because she looked behind her and saw her mountainous boobs rising high into the air.
"Ugh... I was almost afraid I'd come here." Cassandra said. She's always been jealous of how her older sister could grow up with a chest that huge... but then again, it wasn't as bad as their arch-rival Ivy's chest. Cassie would sometimes wonder how that woman could fight with a chest like that! Anyway, knowing that whatever she tried simply hasn't worked, Cassie decided to get some sleep herself.
"Well, I might as well get some sleep myself. Sophitia will surely spend tomorrow looking for me when she realizes I'm missing." Cassandra said to herself. Knowing that Sophitia was sound asleep and almost never moves around once she is asleep, Cassandra prayed to herself she would be forgiven for her actions... and then she crawled in between Sophitia's boobs and let the slow rising and falling of them (because of Sophitia's breathing) put her to sleep.

The next morning, as the sun began to rise, Sophitia was still asleep while Cassandra slowly stirred awake. The smell of sweat from being in between Sophie's boobs stung her nose from the moment she woke up.
"Ugh... yuck! I warned Sophie this is what happens when you spend too many nights on the grass!" Cassie shouted. But that was the least of her concerns. Cassandra could hear the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer. She came out from between Sophie's boobs, jumped down from her right shoulder, and hid behind the giantess's beautiful golden hair. What Cassie saw coming almost took her heart out.
"Oh no... she found us." Cassandra said. Indeed, she was Ivy. Cassandra concealed herself with Sophitia's hair as much as she could to keep from being seen. Cassie looked up at the massive woman as she towered above her older sister, her long purple boots coming very close to her. Cassie tried desperately one more time to wake up her sister, but once again, no luck.
"It's a sin to be only one inch tall." Cassandra said. Ivy let out a soft evil laugh seeing her enemy sleeping right in front of her.
"Hmm hmm hmm. Sleeping like a baby. Fitting that is the way you die, scum of Olympus!" Ivy said as she raised her sword up in the air.
"No, stop!!!" Cassandra shouted. Seemingly as if the gods were listening to her pleas, Ivy looked down as a part of her outfit was glowing. She pulled out the very same green rock that had shrunken Cassandra earlier, and Cassandra knew that too. Ivy backed away from Sophitia as the light from the green rock grew in intensity.
"What... what is this!?" Ivy shouted. Much like with Cassandra, the light became too bright for Ivy to handle, and she had to drop the rock to shield her eyes. When the light died down... Ivy was just as tiny as Cassandra was.

Ivy now had to look way up at Sophitia, who was slowly stirring awake as a result of the bright light.
"Mmmmm... morning already. It always happens when I get to the best part with Rothion." Sophitia said. She stood up, gathering her sword and shield and brushing off the grass and dirt from her outfit. She looked around and noticed nobody around her, not even Cassandra.
"Cassandra's still not back!? Something had to have happened. I better go back and find her." Sophitia said. Ivy stepped out of the way as Sophitia walked right past her.
"Curses! Not only did I lose her, but I'm stuck at this primitive size!" Ivy shouted.
"No, Sophie! Wait, come back!!! I'm still down here!" Cassandra shouted. Ivy looked back and indeed saw Sophitia's sister, just as tiny as she was.
"You!!" Ivy shouted. Cassandra focused her attention on Ivy next, especially considering she had seen her shrink with her own two eyes.
"You did this to me, didn't you!?" Ivy shouted, angerily clutching her sword and whipping it around.
"What? Now wait, you've got me wrong! I discovered that rock on accident!" Cassandra shouted.
"Bah! No matter! You and your sister are responsible for the suffering I have endured these past few years! Killing you will just be the beginning." Ivy said.
"Alright, fine then. Here I come!" Cassandra said. The two held onto their swords and began their duel, seemingly granted by the almighty ones who watch over this world.

Even though the two were both one inch tall, they still fought hard like they were normal size. Cassandra did her best to dodge the whiplashing of Ivy's sword, while Ivy made swift movements to keep from getting stricken by Cassandra's sword and shield. Both girls lost a lot of sweat, and a little blood, during the course of the battle, which seemed to last a long time but was really around the neighborhood of half an hour. Finally, both combatants were fighting right in front of the large green rock that shrunk them both, with Cassandra closer to the thing. Both were breathing heavily and holding wounds to keep the blood loss down to a trickle.
"You... you are... a worthy... worthy adversary." Ivy said in between breaths.
"You're not so bad yourself... *cough*" Cassandra said.
"But I ultimately hold the keys to success, and you have lost! Arrrrrgh!!!" Ivy shouted as she charged head-on towards Cassandra, who easily jumped out of the way, bumping her head into a thick blade of grass. Ivy couldn't stop charging and ended up running right into the rock itself, piercing into it with her sword, in fact. The rock instantly started to glow again.
"What? What now?" Ivy said as she watched the energy pulse into her sword and then her body, even as she pulled the sword out.
"Oh boy... I hope we don't shrink again..." Cassandra thought to herself. But what happened next surprised both ladies. Ivy grew instead. She kept on increasing in size until she was back to her normal height. Ivy wound up relieved that the shrinking experience was over.
Cassandra, however, was scared stiff to once again be the bug underneath someone's heel. And Ivy didn't seem to have any trouble spotting the tiny Cassandra.
"Well, well... guess you're back to square one, aren't you? You've had this dilemma since yesterday, haven't you?" Ivy said.
"Don't think I'm afraid of you just because you're bigger than me! The Alexandra family has slain far bigger than you!" Cassandra shouted, but Ivy didn't seem to pick up on that. She instead just laughed.
"What's that!? You're going to have to speak up, little bug!!!" Ivy shouted.

"Ivy Valentine!" a familar voice shouted. Ivy turned and noticed it was Sophitia, standing there with sword and shield in hand.
"So at last... I meet the face behind my father's death." Ivy said.
"And I meet the one that has tormented my soul for the last few days. You've picked a bad day to mess with me... I will do this for the fate of my sister!" Sophitia said. This perked up Ivy's eyebrows.
"Interesting... she does not seem to know of the plight her sister has fallen to." Ivy said. Cassandra gulped nervously as she looked up at the giant Ivy. And then, Ivy reached down and grabbed Cassie with lightning speed.
"Eeeeek!!!" Cassandra shouted.
"You truly are blind, young one! I suggest you keep your eyes on the ground more often!" Ivy said as she dangled the tiny Cassandra above the ground with her golden armored hand. Sophitia, confused, stepped slowly towards Ivy, and finally got her first look at her shrunken sister.
"C...Cassie? Is that you?" Sophitia said.
"Sophie! Help me!" Cassandra shouted.
"You monster! What have you done with my sister!?" Sophitia shouted.
"As I said, you should keep a better eye on her. If you want your precious little sister back, I suggest you follow me!" Ivy shouted. With speed that almost matched that of Taki, she jumped to the trees and away from Sophitia.
"Nooooo, Sophitia!" Cassandra shouted as she watched her fade away from Ivy making a run for it.
"Coward! Stand and fight!" Sophitia said. But Ivy didn't listen, and Sophitia knew that Cassandra was in grave danger, especially at the height she saw her at.
"By the gods... I will rescue you, Cassandra. I swear by it!" Sophitia said as she charged after Ivy. The green rock, the same one that shrunk Cassandra and Ivy but later restored Ivy to her normal height, was once again left behind without anyone else touching it.

Once Ivy felt she was far enough away from her adversary, she took the time to further admire the tiny stature of Cassandra, particularly against her own.
"My my, aren't you the cutie? I bet every little girl wants to get their hands on you now." Ivy said, almost in a sarcastic tone. She really annoyed Cassandra when she actually petted her miniscule breasts.
"Damn you! My sister will rescue me!" Cassandra shouted.
"I'm sure she will, but not before I've gotten you good! There's only so much charm you can take from me at that height, you know." Ivy said.
"What do you mean?" Cassandra said. And with that, Ivy took one hand to hold her right breast outward a bit and used her other hand to casually drop Cassandra inside, quickly closing up her breasts as she went in. Cassandra, being only one inch high, was pounded every which way Ivy shifted her breasts, especially when she closed them together. There was no way for her to draw her weapons.
"Now I know how the middle of a sandwich feels..." Cassandra said to herself in between shouts of pain and discomfort. Ivy was quite the opposite, moaning in excitement as she continued to press those two mountains of hers together. In between presses, Cassandra fought to navigate her way out of the fleshy prison. She crawled her way downward, rather than upward as she could easily be spotted that way. She also figured that by getting underneath these huge breasts, she could better hide herself until Sophitia showed up. So she very slowly climbed down, slipping sometimes on the sweat.
"Whoaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" Cassandra shouted, as she totally lost her grip, but at least was free of the fleshy prison. She grabbed onto some of the leather clothing that went down Ivy's body and then climbed back up towards the breasts (covered by those same leather straps, just so you know). Her plan seemed to work for now. Ivy finally opened up her breasts and noticed that the tiny Cassandra was gone, and with those breasts so enormous, it was hard to look underneath them.
"Hmmm... you are clever, little one. But you will not be safe forever." Ivy said. She then took her golden armored hand and gently reached underneath the right breast. Cassandra quickly moved around the leather, trying to dodge this huge hand as it pinched its fingers together trying to grab the one inch girl. Finally, the hand was getting so close that she had to make a leap of faith onto another strap of leather. Such a leap proved difficult as Cassandra actually bumped her head against Ivy's breasts, but she was able to clutch onto the leather with a lucky stab of her sword. But still, the hand was within her grasp, and Cassandra had no choice but to climb down, hoping that those big breasts of Ivy's would keep her from seeing too far down.

As Cassandra neared Ivy's navel, she could pick up the intense smell eminating from the hole. But at this point, she felt that would be her only chance of surviving until Sophitia arrived. Turns out to be a mistake, and Cassandra didn't realize it until it was too late. As soon as Cassandra landed in the hole, Ivy actually could feel it. With a smile, she tilted her upper body downward, holding her left hand out to catch the tiny Cassandra. Cassandra simply cursed herself as her view was filled with Ivy's gigantic face.
"Damn it... what in god's name was I thinking..." Cassandra muttered to herself.
"Mighty impressive. I would probably tremble if the roles were reversed." Ivy said.
"You'll never get away with this!" Cassandra shouted.
"I'm afraid your time is up, little one. If you like exploring the unknown so much, I can happily arrange that." Ivy said. She then opened her mouth wide and moved her hand towards it. Cassandra quickly got the hint that Ivy was going to swallow her alive.
"Oh great, now what do I do!? Sophitia, where are you!?" Cassandra shouted.
"Cassie!!!" Sophitia shouted from the distance. Cassandra's ears perked up from hearing that call. It was in the middle, not too faint but not too loud either. It didn't matter, as she felt Sophitia had to be close. Of course, Ivy could hear that too, closing up her mouth and looking around for the source of that call. Cassandra's spirits were lifted high once more, and she just had to distract Ivy long enough for Sophitia to come to the rescue.
"Alright, hit the mark!" Cassandra shouted as she simply threw her Digamma Sword hard (we're talking fastball speeds here) and upwards towards Ivy's face. Cassandra didn't know where it would hit, but hopefully it would cause Ivy to lose her balace and free her. Turns out Cassandra couldn't have asked for a better throw.

It struck Ivy... right in the eye.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Ivy screamed out in pain. Cassandra made a leap of faith into the air just as Ivy backed away in pain and raised both her hands to cover the eye. It was a leap right into thin air, and she knew it too. She wasn't out of danger just yet.
"I'm gonna have to be lucky with my landing here!" Cassandra said. With that, she focused her sights on the many tall blades of grass down below, the ones she had to walk through when she first shrunk. She grabbed onto the tallest blade, and actually used it to greatly slow down her fall. Cassandra let go of the blade and landed safely on the soil, allowing the blade to fling itself back to an upright position. Cassandra took the opportunity to look back and notice the damage done to Ivy from her lucky sword thrust. When Ivy finally took her hand away for a split second, Cassandra could see the blood seeping out from the left eye. It made her cringe a bit... she hadn't seen something this bloody in all the years she's traveled the roads of Greece!
"Cassie!" Sophitia shouted once again, her cry much louder than before. Indeed, she was now on the scene, because Cassandra turned around and noticed Sophitia about to step on her!
"Eeeeeek!!!" Cassandra said as she dove out of the way, crashing against Sophitia's other foot and trapping herself in between the sandals as Sophitia stopped her running, looking at Ivy who continued to nurse her injured eye.
"By the gods... what happened here?" Sophitia said. Cassandra knew it was now or never. She screamed with all the volume her vocal chords could handle.
"SOPHITIA!!!!!" Cassandra screamed. It worked. Sophitia slowly moved her feet backwards. Cassandra ducked to dodge the objects above her, still a bit scared being between the two monstrous feet of her sister. Sophitia bent down to get a better view.

"Oh my god! It's you, Cassie!" Sophitia said.
"Of course it's me! I can't believe you almost didn't recognize me, and crushed me too!", said Cassandra. She runned towards the left sandal and kicked it's big toe only for her to hold her foot in pain. Sophitia giggled. This was just like Cassie whenever she was throwing a temper tantrum. But then she apologized and placed her right palm on the ground, next to Cassandra.
"C'mon, hop on." Sophitia finished. Cassandra jumped over her sister's hand, as Sophitia lifted it to eye-level.
"Wow... you are really tiny. The kids would probably get a kick out of seeing this." Sophitia said.
"Sheesh... if they don't tear me up doing it. Pyrrha especially." Cassandra said.
"Seriously though, we have to find a way to get you back to normal." Sophitia said.
"There should be a green stone back where Ivy captured me. It's the same stone that shrunk me to this size, but Ivy was able to strike it with her sword to return to her normal size. Maybe that's... oh shoot." Cassandra said.
"What is it?" Sophitia said.
"I threw my sword at Ivy's eye to distract her..." Cassandra said.
"Well, do you still have your shield? Perhaps you can use that instead." Sophitia said.
"Hey, good thinking! I keep forgetting the shield can be just as much of an offensive weapon as a defensive one." Cassandra said.
"I guess that's why I have the battle experience." Sophitia said with a smile. Finally, speaking of Ivy, she recovered from most of the pain, even though it remained from the little bit of blood still dripping from the eye, and she approached the normal-sized Grecian, breathing heavily and lashing her sword about.
"Damn... I underestimated that tiny speck of yours! But I won't underestimate you! I will send you to hell to join my father!!!" Ivy shouted. Sophitia put her battle face on, and then quickly figured out a place to hide her tiny sister.
"Um... Cassandra, I know it's going to be uncomfortable, but I'm gonna hide you between my breasts." Sophitia said. But Cassandra didn't complain, knowing what the experience was like from being stuck between Ivy's boobs. So she just nodded.
"Fine. I'll hold on tight!" Cassandra said. Sophitia, getting the nod of approval she needed, dropped her sister into her cleavage. Once she was snugly inside, Sophitia drew her own sword and began the clash with Ivy.

It was a long battle, but Sophitia clearly had the upper hand, with Ivy unable to concentrate due to the pain in her left eye. She would get many more scrapes and sword slash marks by the time the battle ended. Sophitia had her share of strikes as well, but she made absolutely sure her chest wasn't attacked, as that was the only untouched part of her battle-worn body. Cassandra had a hard time keeping her grip in between Sophitia's boobs because of all the sweat coming down her sister, much like with Ivy's body, but at least there was some clothing at the bottom waiting to catch her, unlike with Ivy where her breasts stuck out so far, there was nothing to latch onto.
Finally, Ivy took one more kick to the face and fell to the ground, beaten and bleeding. Sophitia looked down at her enemy for a few seconds before turning away.
"C...Coward...come...back...*cough*...and face me!" Ivy shouted, clearly too weak to talk and also too weak to keep the blood from dripping out of her mouth. Sophitia shook her head, keeping it turned away from Ivy.
"I have already angered the gods today. I only hope they will forgive the both of us for our reckless actions." Sophitia said as she walked completely away from the scene, leaving Ivy supposedly to die there. But like all who seek either Soul Calibur or Soul Edge and have the strong enough soul to do it... Ivy would live another day.

Walking back to where Cassandra was captured, Cassandra looked down and noticed the green stone that had originally shrunken her.
"There! There it is, Sophie!" Cassandra shouted. Sophitia picked up on it and approached the stone.
"Careful! It will shrink you if you touch it!" Cassandra shouted.
"Don't worry, I'm well aware of the danger it possesses." Sophitia said. She gently plucked Cassandra out from between her breasts and placed her down next to the stone.
"Alright, I hope your theory works." Sophitia said.
"Me too, sis." Cassandra said to herself. Taking the advice given by her older sister earlier, Cassandra lunged the shield right into the stone, cracking it much like Ivy's sword had done earlier. The energy that came out of the rock swirled around Cassandra, and she began to grow. Sophitia stood back and watched with delight as her younger sister returned to her normal height.

"Oh, Cassie!" Sophitia said as she ran up to Cassandra and gave her a great big hug.
"Feels good to get a hug again!" Cassandra said. After the hug was broken up, Cassandra looked down at the ground full of grass.
"Wow... I'll never look at grass the same way again." Cassandra said.
"It's so good that you are back to normal." Sophitia said.
"Yes, but what are we going to do about that rock? It's pretty dangerous, if you think about it." Cassandra said.
"I agree. That's why we need to destroy it." Sophitia said.
"But how, Sophie?" Cassandra asked. She didn't have to wait long for the answer. Sophitia pulled out her Omega Sword and held it in the air.
"Gods, give me your strength! Soul Charge!!" Sophitia shouted. Thunderclouds suddenly formed in the air and in fact threw a bolt of lightning that at Sophitia's sword. Sophitia then fired the lightning down on the rock, shattering it completely. The clouds soon parted, giving way back to the sunshine that still tried to peek through the dense trees of the forest.
"Seriously, sis, you have got to teach me how to do that." Cassandra said.
"Sure. How many years can you spare?" Sophitia said.
"Ha ha... very funny!"
Cassandra said. Sophitia just smiled and put a hand on Cassandra's shoulder.
"Come on, we should return home for a little rest, and then we continue our search for Soul Edge." Sophitia said.
"Yeah. There's no place like home, right?" Cassandra said. The two ladies walked away towards the nearest exit in the forest, leaving behind what was left of the rock that started this huge adventure to begin with...

Meanwhile, Ivy was slowly able to get back up on her feet, despite still bleeding from the intense battle with Sophitia, which she lost. And yet, she no longer felt the emotion of bitterness. Rather, she felt something different, like a certain weight had been lifted off her shoulders.
"Hmmm... I feel different. For some reason, I feel like I need to refocus my efforts." Ivy said. She looked down at the grass, now rustling thanks to the wind. A wind that seemed to be telling something to Ivy.
"Yes, if I am to seek vengeance, I must cleanse my soul. My search is for Soul Edge itself." Ivy said. Slowly but surely fighting off the pain she was forced to endure, Ivy walked away from the battle scene, anxious to return back to her secret hideout in London in order to get back to her true mission.

Unknown to her... Ivy was about two, maybe three inches taller than her normal height. Lingering effects from striking the rock to grow back to normal size? She wouldn't know. Not for quite some time anyway...