Protected Area


After yet another tiring day playing in the World, Kite had finally managed to log out and relax. His previous adventure had consisted of him taking on another data modified monster. In which he had to data drain it to actually have a chance of winning. But with the help of Mistral and BlackRose, his two online friends, he was able to take it down.

Kite had just flopped down on his bed when he heard a confirmation noise from his computer.

"Huh?" he said, getting up. "What's this?"

He walked over to his computer, and immediately noticed that a small envolope was in the corner of the screen.

"An email?"

He opened the file and began to read it:

"Dear Kite, it's Mistral! :-) I had a great time in that dungeon earlier today! Make sure you take me on more of your adventures! I'll be waiting!!
Oh by the way, I had an anonymous email from another user recently. It told me about a 'Protected Area' in the Delta server. The keywords are: Giant Power Incantation Field
I haven't heard from it either, do you want to try it out tomorrow?
Let me know ASAP!!!"


Kite thought to himself for a moment, he hadn't heard of this area before either. But if it was protected, then there must have been something suspicious about it. Thinking for another moment, he replied:

"Sure thing. I'll meet you in Mac Anu in the morning!"


Closing down his computer, he drifted off back to bed.

The following morning, Kite woke up in a somewhat cheerful mood. The bright sun beat in through the window, he could hear the birds singing too. After finishing his breakfast, he headed back to his computer. Booting it up, he opened up the World file, then logged in.

After a few moments, he found himself in the server sity of Mac Anu, ready fo another adventure. Kite looked around. There were quite a few players up already and roaming the city. Sure enough, before long another player was logging in beside him, it was Mistral.

"Hi, Kite!" she said cheerfully. "You ready to go?"

"Yeah..." he replied. "I'll check the Chaos gate."

As he input the keywords, he realised something.

"Wait a sec, shouldn't we call BlackRose?" he said. "We may need more help on this one."

"Nah!" replied Mistral. "Let's just you and me go this time! It'll be fun!"

Reluctantly, Kite agreed, and input the rest of the words. It turned out that the enemy level was quite low, nothing he and Mistral couldn't handle. Now all he needed to do was insert the correct component cores necessary to hack the gate. It required a G core, a T core and a S core. After confirming his location: Giant Power Incantation Field, the two players lept into the Chaos Gate.

Within seconds they found themself standing in a new location. They both looked around them. The field was a pale green with a hint of yellow, its vegetation was that of a farm, possibly a harvest garden. There were a few trees with magic symbols placed upon them, but nothing else of any speciality.

"How boring." said Mistral disappointedly. "I was expected something much cooler!"

"Yeah, me too." said Kite. "I wonder why they protected it?"

Suddenly, they noticed some raging enemies appearing from out of a Dimension gate, two sets of Hellhounds and a Trent. The battle mode switched on.

"Ah, a perfect oppotunity to test my new spell!!" said Mistral excitedly.

"New spell?" asked Kite.

"Watch and learn!" she replied.

Mistral and Kite both ran forward, weapons raised and ready for battle. Kite leapt in first, hacking (bad pun) away at one of the Hellhounds, whilst swiftly avoiding damage from the other. After finishing both of them off, Kite turned to the other hellhounds on his side. The pair were suddenly struck by a bolt of Lightning, it had come from Mistral. All that was left was the trent, and a big monster it was as well.

"Time for my new spell!" cried Mistral. Kite looked on impatiently.

Thrusting her staff into the air, Mistral shouted: Grow Dom!

Instantly, a green light surrounded Mistral, the light became brighter and brighter. Kite squinted his eyes, but managed to re-open them as the light faded. He looked back at Mistral.

Suddenly, Mistral began to grow. An excited look spread across her face. She got taller and taller, by now she was about 15 feet tall... and still growing. Finally, a little burst in height made her expand to about 25 ft tall. She looked down on the now diminuative looking Trent, and an even smaller looking Kite. Kite just looked up at the giant girl, his mouth wide with surprise.

"I'll take it from here!" she said excitedly.

Mistral bent down all the way to her knees, looking the frightened Trent straight in the eye. She giggled at its fear. Effortlessly, she picked it up in her free hand and rose back to her full height. She held it up higher, and raised her hand above her head, the Trent flailed about wildly. Mistral deviantly let it drop from her hand, and it plummeted over 20 ft to the ground. It landed with a loud smash on the floor near Kite, who shielded himself from the impact. Yet, even from the smash, it was still alive, though it data protection wall was obliterated.

"Are you gonna data drain it, Kite?" she said as she looked down on him.

Almost speechless, Kite replied, "Uh.. n... no, you do what you want..."

Mistral, looking a bit disappointedd, shrugged. "Okay then, I'll..." Just as she moved her foot, she had forgotten about the huge rock residing next to her shoe. Tripping over it, she feel forward, towards Kite and the helpless enemy. Kite quickly leapt out of the way, but unfortunately for the enemy, Mistral ended up falling right on top it it. Having been crushed under Mistral's chest, the Trent's experience points were shared out.

After falling to the floor from the impact, Kite got back up and rushed over to the giant Mistral, who was still face first on the floor. He attempted to shake her massive body.

"Mistral! Are you alright?" he called out, desperately trying to wake her up. "Mistral!"

Suddenly, Kite felt something wrapping around him. Before he could do anything, Mistral's hand had completely grasped hold of him. Kite then heard some quiet chuckling coming from Mistral. Before he could speak, Mistral lifted her head from the floor and looked at him, giggling. A gentle yet dominant look was on her face.

Mistral eventually got up and sat at her with her legs crossed, some of the nearby trees were still underneath her and Kite was still clutched in her hand.

"Mistral! Are you okay?" she said, impersonating him, then giggling. Kite couldn't think of anything to say, and couldn't say anything as he was being crushed against Mistral's chest as she hugged him.

"Mistral... I... can't... breathe!" choked Kite.

"So how do you like the spell?" said Mistral cheerfully as she pulled him away from her torso.

"Yeah... it's... great." he managed to say. "Can you... put me down now?"

Gently, Mistral lowered Kite to his feet and out of her hands, Kite still couldn't believe what he was seeing. He looked back up at her.

"So how long does this spell last?" he asked.

Mistral simply shrugged. "I don't actually know, I've only use this spell once..." she stopped abruptly as she was overcome by another curious feeling. With a quick jolt, Mistral became a bit smaller, though it was only by a few feet. Kite looked up as Mistral shrank back to her normal size at such an incredible speed that it left her suspended in mid-air, then she promptly fell towards the floor.

"Catch me, Kite!" she cried out.

Sure enough, Kite made it in time to catch the normal-sized Mistral in his arms.

"Tee-hee! Thanks!" she said as she got to her own feet. Kite blushed slightly.

"With a spell as powerful as that, beating the World will be easy!" said Kite.

"It would, but it does require certain conditions in order for the spell to work." Mistral answered.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, the area would need a certain kind of setup for the spell to take effect. I suppose any area that has 'Giant' in its name would do fine."

"Oh, I see." said Kite. "Anyway, putting that aside, let's go inside the dungeon."

"Okie dokie!" replied Mistral excitedly. "Lead the way!"

With that, the two players made their way to the entrance of the dungeon. In this area, it was just a simple staircase into the ground. The light soon faded away as they went further down the stairs, it was almost too dark to see anything. Luckily, Mistral lit the way with the tip of her staff. Strangely, each corridor and room they ventured into had no enemies. Although at the last room on the first floor had a trap infested treasuer chest, which Kite managed to disarm with a Fortune Wire.

He reached into the chest and felt around, he soon felt something ragged brush against his fingers. Kite grabbed it and pulled it out, and was a bit bewildered by what he found. In his hand was a quarter of a blue stone, it seemed to have been shattered from its other pieces.

"I bet if we put this together with the others, we'll get something ultra rare!" said Mistral excitedly.

"I wonder..." Kite handed it over to Mistral to hold, which she put into the pocket of her robe.

They pressed on deeper into the dungeon, making their way to the second floor. Unfortunately for them, it was just like the first, empty and dark. Yet again, just before the stairway to the next floor, there was another booby trapped treasuer chest which had to be disarmed. Mistral reached in and pulled out another piece of the shattered sphere.

"Hmm, another one..." said Mistral. "Let's keep going!"

She grabbed Kite's wrist and pulled him along down the stairs, as it became darker. Kite decided not to resist. Upon reaching the third floor, it was a simple but incredibly long corridor to the next set of stairs. The two players decided to take it easy and walk it, which took them abot few minutes to do so. At the stairs, they found that there was no treasure chest this time. Instead, they found a creepy looking statue embedded in the wall in front of them. In its hands, the third piece of the orb sat silently, shining dimly.

Kite reached out to grasp it but suddenly recoiled as he noticed its sword raise up in the air. Immediately, he jumped back as it slammed the ground where he had stood. Mistral stood silently beside him and watched as it etched its way out of the wall, losing some bits to it as it became free.

"I don't think it liked us taking away it treasure..." said Mistral.

"No kidding." replied Kite as he unsheathed his twin blades and Mistral readied her staff. The statue turned out to be an Epitaph type, hard as rock.

"Why don't you use that spell again?" said Kite.

"I don't have enough room to grow in here, it's too confined." replied Mistral.

The two jumped to the sides as the sword slammed between them. The Epitaph was surpisingly good at wielding it, he swung it sideways but Kite managed to duck under and counter attack. He struck the Epitaph straight into the torso, near where the heart would be, but his blades hardly scratched its surface.

"Its defence is unreal!" said Kite. "Try casting a spell, Mistral!"

"You got it!" she replied as she charged up a Water spell. She pointed and unleashed its force against the live statue, but it stood firm and rooted to the spot.

"Oh, this isn't good..." sighed Mistral. "And the Chaos gate said that enemies here are weak."

The Epitaph relentlessly continued its attacks, luckily Kite and Mistral were both nimble, so they were able to keep evading, but they soon began to tire. This was the statue's strategy after all.

"Wait a minute..." said Kite as he jumped against the wall to evade. "Mistral, use the Grow Dom spell!"

"But there isn't enough room for me..." Mistral began.

"Target one of my twin blades!" he answered.

Slightly confused, Mistral followed the order and charged up the spell. Kite put one of his blades back into its sheath and held the other with both hands. The Epitaph looked back up and began to run towards Kite, luckily it wasn't very fast.

"Do it now, Mistral!" shouted Kite, as he raised the blade above his head.

"Grow Dom!" cried Mistral.

Instantly, Kite felt his blade enlarging, and getting heavier, which was his plan. He began to struggle to keep it held in the air. At this point, his blade was about the size of a normal Heavyblade, the kind of weapon that BlackRose used. Just at that moment, Kite swung the huge blade round his body with such force that he could feel the air being cut as it traveled. It struck the Epitaph squarely in its side, the impact made it shatter into countless pieces of rubble and debris, but it was finished.

Kite waited as his blade returned to normal size and put it back into its holder. Mistral ran up to him.

"Wow! That was so cool, Kite!!" she said cheerfully.

"Well, at least we beat it. Now, where's that orb fragment?" he replied.

He looked at the rubble. Sure enough, shining from underneath it, was the sphere part that they came for. He removed it from the debris and handed it over to Mistral.

"Now we just need one more!" she exclaimed as she tried to fit them together. "Then we'll have the treasure!"

They continued on down the stairs, leaving the shattered Epitaph to decay. At the fourth and final floor, there was hardly any light at all. Even with Mistral's spell it was hard to make things out. The two kept walking forward, hoping to find something that would give some light. They managed to identify a corner, and then came to a stop in front of an open pathway. However, before it, there was purple mist rising up through the floor, this normally happened when there was an immortal monster awaiting.

"Treasure! Treasure!!" said Mistral. "Treasure!!!"

The two players walked cautiously in through the doorway, past the purple mist, but were struck dumb by what they found. Instead of an immortal monster, there was just a single treasure chest. And both of them could guess what was inside. They opened it carefully and peeked inside, sure enough it was the last piece of the orb.

"That was easier than expected." said Mistral. However, just as she removed it, a loud rumbling sound began to surround them.

"Sounds like its coming from outside." said Kite.

"We should check it out!" replied Mistral.

The two just began to run off towards the exit when a massive pillar smashed through the ceiling and struck the dungeon floor. Bits of concrete and data scattered everywhere at this impact, and it easily knocked the two off their feet. After getting back up, they looked at the pillar, sticking out of the ceiling. It began to move restlessly.

"Whatever this belongs to, it's big!" quoted Mistral.

Just as they got a bit closer, the pillar was pulled hastingly out of the dungeon and back up to the outside area. Moving as quickly as they could, Kite and Mistral made their way back to the entrance of the dungeon, all the way back up to the first floor. The light hurt their eyes as they made it out to the open, but that was the last thing on their minds.

They immediately saw a human shaped monster towering above them. Its head was human, its torso was human, everything about it was human, and it looked just like Aura, the young girl that Kite had met the first day he played the game. It was clad in the same kind of dress as Aura, but there was something not quite right. It was a blackish colour, differing from the white one that the original Aura wore. Her hair was also darker than the original Aura's, but the facial features remained the same. It also turned out that the pillar was a staff that she was holding.

Kite and Mistral were gobsmacked at what they were seeing. Of course, Kite recognised her straight away, but Mistral didn't know who it was. The two just stared up in amazement at the 500ft girl in front of them. The girl looked around her, in which she seemed to wonder where she was. She suddenly noticed the tiny Kite and Mistral at her feet.

"A... Aura? Is that you?" Kite shouted up.

"No..." came a voice very much like Aura's. "I am a program created in Aura's likeness. I am Auria."

"Auria?" said Mistral. "So what are you doing here?"

"I was created in order to destroy Aura." Auria replied. "And now that you've released me, nothing will be able to stop me."

"Why do you want to destroy Aura?" shouted Kite, obviously not impressed with what she had to say.

"I was simply created to do so, it is nothing personal." Auria explained. "All I needed were some dimwitted players to release my seal, and then I could roam free about the World. That is why I brought you here."

Mistral fell silent. "You mean... the one who sent me the email... was you?"

"That is correct. I have been sealed here now for what feels like forever. I knew just any random player would not bother turning up, but you... I knew you wouldn't be able to resist trying out your new spell, and to explore a forbidden area."

"So that's why you needed me too." said Kite. "Because I'm the only one who can hack gates."

"It seems you're not as dumb as I perceived." said Auria, still looking down at them. "Now that I'm free, I will hunt down and destroy Aura... as soon as I've crushed you two!"

And with that, Auria raised her enormous foot to smash the two players. Using all their agility, Kite and Mistral managed to dodge the attack. Large amounts of dust and dirt kicked up into the surrounding air. Using this brief moment of distraction, the two players hid among the scenery, they were going to need to formulate a plan for this one.

Auria looked down again. "Insects. You may have escapaed that time, but you can't hide from me forever." It was true, Auria would only need a certain amount of time to completely wreck the scenery, and take Kite and Mistral along with it. At her size, it would be as simple as snapping a twig. Raising her huge staff, Auria fired off countless fireballs at the surrounding environment. Trees burst into flames and grass set alight, at that point, Kite thought that her dress might catch fire too but it remained unscathed.

Hidden among some tall shrubs, Kite and Mistral were attempting to catch their breath.

"What do we do now!?" said Mistral. "There's no way we can take her on when she's that size!"

"You'll have to use the Grow Dom spell!" suggested Kite.

"That won't do any good!" replied Mistral. "Even if I use it, I won't nearly be big enough to fight her!"

"Wait a minute... the sphere!" Kite remembered. "If this was where she was created, how did she get so big in the first place?"

"You're right! It must've been the orb! Then she probably shattered it to make sure no one else could use it."

"Can you forge the pieces back together?" asked Kite.

"I think so, but I'll need a bit of time to do so. You'll have to distract her!"

"Ugghh... fine. You start on the orb, I'll do what I can!"

Kite got up quietly and made his way silently to some more shrubbery. He watched in awe as the gigantic Auria wrecked the environment and destroyed the area. It all seemed to simple to her. He needed to focus on the task in hand, he needed to distracther somehow. Seeing no other way, he dashed out from behind a tree waving his arms up at Auria.

"Hey! I'm over here!" he shouted. "I'll take you on myself!"

Auria immediately heard Kite's voice and turned around on the spot. The size difference was incomprehensible. Auria was over 500ft tall, her foot was far bigger than his own house. She relentlessly made her way towards him, the tiny speck that he was. Kite quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out a Speed Charm scroll, then used it on himself. Auria raised her foot again, but the Speed Charm enabled Kite to move at blistering speed. He effortlessly dodged it and ran closely around her feet, attempting to conceil himself in her shadow. Although at the time, he had to keep stopping himself from looking up her skirt.

Back at the first hiding place, Mistral was beginning to mold the pieces back together with her magic. She had figured out that each piece was that of a different element, and they would need another type to go together. The first piece was light based, so Mistral charged the second with a darkness spell, enabling the two to forge and cancel each other out. Now that half of it was together, she just needed to complete the next two pieces. The third was charged with fire and wood, so water and earth was needed. Mistral charged them oppositely and they fused. Now she had two pieces, which needed to fuse via thunder. She readied her spell.

Kite was still able to give Auria the run around. At her size, speed wasn't her greatest asset. He leapt over her swinging foot and grabbed the edges of her dress as it swayed side to side. Auria quickly noticed and readied her staff. She fired an incredible blast of air at Kite, causing him to lose his grip and let go. He smashed into the floor with devastating force, Auria still lay in the air pressure at him.

"I have you now. You can't move, Kite, you're defenceless." she said menacingly. She raised her foot once more, Kite closed his eyes and waited for his death.

All of a sudden, Kite heard Mistral's distant voice shout something.

"Alright!! I did it!!" Mistral shouted.

Auria hesitated then turned around, trying to see where her voice had come from. But at her height, it was hard to see. For a few moments, she remained silent, still trying to catch sight of Mistral. Luckily for her, Mistral was hidden under a large pile of shrubbery that Auria had missed. She clutched the completed orb in her hands, waiting to see what happened next. The orb continued to shine brighter in Mistral's hands, and by this point, Auria had noticed from where it was coming from. She advanced towards it, leaving Kite on the floor.

"Come on! If you're gonna work, work now!!" said Mistral worryingly as Auria came closer.

Suddenly, Mistral was overcome by another tingling sensation, similar to the one before. However, this time it was far more potent. It surged through her whole body. Then it began.

Mistral once again began to grow taller, though this time was much faster than last. She had already become as big as the Big Dom spell had made her, but she carried on growing. It wasn't long before Mistral had grown to the heights of the surviving trees. Auria noticed but the light was almost blinding, forcing her to shield her eyes. Mistral continued increasig in size. By now, Mistral was almost up to Auria's waist in height, which made her almost 250ft tall. Still, her growth spurt continued, she reached higher into the sky. Kite hadn't said anything, more over he didn't know what to say.

The light surrounding Mistral began to dim slightly, and Auria was finaly able to re-oopen her eyes, only to be horrified by what she saw.

"That's... that's impossible!" she stuttered. "You actually managed to put the orb back together?"

Mistral eventually reached the height of Auria's chest, which made her about 400ft in size, but still she continued to grow. The tallest of the trees were only up to Mistral's knees in comparison by now. As she enlarged, Mistral was still clutching the the orb close to her, attempting to get as much power as possible. Soon enough, Mistral became eye level with Auria, completing her growth spurt. The light faded away promptly from the orb, and Mistral looked down at her massive body. The trees seemed just like tiny green patches at her feet, and she managed to catch a glimpse of Kite in his red outfit.

Sparing no time, Auria raised her staff and fired a Van Dom spell straight at Mistral, the fire scorched the nearby air as it travelled, but Mistral nimbly jumped to one side and watched the fire fly harmlessly passed before it burned out. She counter attacked by firing a Lightning spell at Auria, the cracking thunder singed the ground as it aimed itself at her. However, Auria simply raised her hand and formed a protective barrier around her, rendering the lightning useless.

However, just as Auria lowered the shiel, Mistral swung her staff and hit her squarely in the jaw. Auria staggered back, rubbing her chin, and crushing any nearby land. Meanwhile, Kite had gotten completely out of harm's way, wanting to let Mistral take care of the rest. Auria launched herself forward, clashing staffs with Mistral, they both strained against each other but their strength was somewhat balanced. The two giantesses looked each straight in the eye as they tried to focus all their strength into beating the other.

After a few moments of equal srength, Mistral amanged to pull herself away and get into a readied stance again. Auria did the same, but she soon doubled over to her knees and began clutching her head, she was obviously in pain. Mistral suddenly noticed the large blue pendant that was indented into Auria's choker, it was shining brightly. Mistral brought her staff up above her head, ready to strike it. But Auria quickly noticed and rose back up, smacking Mistral staff away from her at the same time. Mistral's staff flew for a couple of moments in the air before landing with a hard crash a few hundred yards away.

Mistral looked over to it but was immediately tackled to the floor by Auria, the pair landed with a huge crash, which hurt Mistral more than Auria. Now Auria had the advantage, she managed to pin Mistral's arms to the floor with her legs. Kite realised that Mistral was in trouble and quickly regained his courage. He quickly ran over to where the two girls lay and stopped right beside Auria's foot, which was so many times bigger than himself. Auria raised on of her fists, ready to strike Mistral freely. Mistral closed her eyes and awaited the impact.

Just at that moment, Kite plunged both of his twin blades into the sole of Auria's open foot, which didn't make a big cut but Auria certainly felt it. Her fist dropped as she yelped in pain and she straightened out her back at the feeling of the injury. Auria clutched her wounded foot with her hands, and that's when Mistral took her chance. Now that there was less weight on her arms, she was able to release them from under Auria's legs. Bringing back her right fist, Mistral thrusted a punch straight at Auria's choker. There was a massive smash and the choker split into countless broken pieces, which fell upon Mistral and the surrounding area. Auria fell away from Mistral at the impact and landed on her back, crushing a few more trees. Luckily, Kite had managed to get out of the way in time.

Mistral managed to recover and sit back up, only to observe an unconscious Auria. Suddenly, another light began to surround the two girls, and both of them started to shrink. By the time Mistral and Auria returned to normal size, they were lying back in a huge crater that they had made from their fall, and it turned out that Auria was just a normal young girl. Her growth had obviously made her look older at the same time, but now she looked to be about ten years old. Kite rushed over to the two girls, relieved that it was all over.

"Mistral, are you okay?" he asked.

Rubbing her arms and body, Mistral replied, "Yeah... I'm fine. That fall hurt more than you think, y'know."

The two friends turned to their sides and noticed Auria again.

"What about her?" said Kite.

He went over to Auria and gently shook her. "Are you alright?" he muttered. "Auria?"

After a few moments, Auria's eyes slowly opened. she blinked several times, trying to get thngs back into focus.

"Where... am I?" her voice had also returned to normal, it still sounded just like Aura's but much younger.

Kite rested her body against his and told her the whole story. Auria simply seemed amazed at what she'd been doing.

"I attacked you?" she asked.

"Yeah... luckily, Mistral figured out that orb and managed to stop you." replied Kite.

Auria's eyes welled up with tears, it was the first bit of emotion that Kite and Mistral saw from her.

"I'm so sorry..." she said. "I didn't mean to attack you... but... it was just embedded in my mind at the time."

Mistral thought back to the choker. "That necklace you were wearing... was it controlling you?"

"I... I don't know." replied Auria. "But when I first put it on, all I felt was anger, and willingness to destroy. It must have been controlling my mind pattern."

"So... you're not a program?" asked Kite.

"No, I am. I was created after the original version of Aura, I was simply meant to be a program that would protect users of the World from her. CC corp originally saw her as a threat to the system, so I was created in her likeness in order to cancel her out. However, when I was created, they had originally programed me to destroy. I was more like a Vagrant AI than a program. But the system had a malfunction, and I had no desire to fight or destroy. After that, they exiled me to this area... they saw me as useless."

"Before exiling me, the owners developed that choker in order to control me. In this area, I learned of the GTS orb."

"The GTS orb?" Mistral asked.

"Yes," she replied. "The orb that you used. It's an incredibly rare item, there's only one of them in the whole system. After being influenced, I found it and... well, you know the rest."

"Yeah..." said Kite. "You've been through a lot."

"So, what are you gonna do now?" asked Mistral.

Auria looked up at the sky. "I think... I think I'll stay here. It's safe here and it requires complicated Gate Hacking to access... I believe you are the only one capable of it, Kite." Kite nodded. "I'll be safe here, and I can continue to protect the GTS orb."

"That's cool, Auria!" said Mistral. She and Kite both got up, along with Auria. "Well, we'll be sure to come visit you again."

"But you do realise why it was a protected area?" said Auria, a pondering look spread on her face.

Kite nodded again. "Yeah, we'll keep this area's information to ourselves. Right, Mistral?"

"Sure!" she answered. "But what about the scenery in this area?"

"I can rebuild it, my powers are almost equal to Aura's." Auria explained.

After a few minutes, Kite and Mistral were finally getting ready to Gate Out back to Mac Anu, when Auria spoke up again.

"You go on ahead, Kite. I need to talk to Mistral." she exclaimed.

"Alright, I'll see you later, Mistral!" said Kite as he Gated out.

Mistral turned around. "What is it?"

Auria reached into her dress and pulled out a familiar looking orb. Its light shined brightly, Mistral squinted slightly.

"Is that...?" stuttered Mistral.

"I created a copy of the GTS orb a long time ago." said Auria. "It's always best to have a backup, right?"

"Yeah, that's true! So what are you gonnado with that one?" asked Mistral.

Auria bent up and handed the orb over to Mistral. "It's yours. With it, you'll be able to use its GTS spell in what ever area you want."

"Really!? I can have it?" Auria nodded cheerfully. "This'll be great fun!"

And with that, Mistral Gated out and made her way back to Mac Anu, the GTS orb still held close to her.