Street Fighter VGGTS stories

Big Bad Viper
(Cubed Cinder and EmmaGear)
Approx. pages: 19
- Months after the events of Street Fighter 4, Crimson Viper returns to what's left of the S.I.N. headquarters, dismantled after the destruction of Seth. While exploring the ruins for any sort of evidence she can find on the shady events of that organization, she discovers a small gray box. When activating the box... Viper eventually finds herself quickly enlarging in size, as she shoots up to a huge 500 feet tall. Viper decides to have some fun in the nearby city, and in the meantime, Cammy and Chun-Li get wind of what's happening and try to find a way to stop her... Completed February 18, 2011.

Chun-Li in Wonderland
(Cubed Cinder; idea by Allogagan)
Approx. pages: 15
- Another VG version of a popular GTS classic. This one has Chun-Li heading home after a long day at work, but Vega suddenly rushes by her. While being puzzled that the masked man didn't attack her, Chun-Li begins to give chase after the villain. She is eventually led into a manhole that transports her to a parallel world, where the characters are much different than their real-life counterparts, the worlds are drastically different compared to Chun-Li's confined corridors at Interpol, and most important of all: Size-changing is one of the keys to survival. Humor rules all in this crossover between Alice in Wonderland and the Street Fighter series! Completed December 31, 2003.

Giant Impact
Approx. pages: 24
- Ibuki, Elena, and Makoto are out passing time until Ibuki has to get ready for a ninja test. She finds a certain mystical artifact that should make the test easier, but it backfires as these things tend to do. Completed May 24, 2014.

Go for Broke!
Approx. pages: 25
- Juri Han gets ahold of a magical little box of stolen technology that has the amazing power to make people grow. She intends to use the powers of growth to get rid of a few thorns in her side, including her longtime rival Chun-Li... Completed March 23, 2013.

Growing Nightmare
Approx. pages: 14
- Immediately following the events of Sakura's growth spurt, Ibuki finds the infamous device in a pile of leaves. Her friend Sarai interrupts when she is told that she's skipping class. Disregarding Sarai's warning, she pushes the button anyway. She realizes she's made a mistake when she sees Sarai as a mere doll. Completed November 13, 2016.

Growing Rivalry
Approx. pages: 7
- Karin challenges Sakura to a growing contest, Sakura accepts and the two begin. But will things get out of hand for these two as they start fighting more aggressively? Will the city be in rubble by the time they've worn each other out? This is based on the cartoon King Size Canery. Completed August 30, 2014.

GS Tale of the Desert City: Episode Blue
Approx. pages: 36
- Chun-Li has been to many places around the world as she tries to bring in the last of Shadaloo's lackies once and for all. But no place has reeked of strangeness until now when she transfers to Vetrandi City, a city as dark as its name. Chun-Li ends up running into a trap set up by her arch nemesis, Vega (known as Bison here; read the story to find out why he is being called Vega). Just as quickly as she is knocked unconscious, she released to the outside world, but she finds herself growing in size. Also growing is the desire to destroy all in her wake, even if one survivor of the city are determined to change that. Completed May 27, 2005.

Psycho Crushers
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 22
- Bison has successfully captured Ryu to use him as a power source for the Psycho Drive statue, but an anomoly in the psycho power has forced him to change his plans. Later, Bison decides to transfer the power of the Psycho Drive statue to three of his most loyal soldiers: Cammy, Juli, and Juni. The power transforms these three women into 300-foot-tall giantesses, and they are sent to demolish the world under their feet. With the giantesses causing destruction, the Street Fighters are gathered by Chun-Li (Bison's worst enemy) to try and stop the madness. Completed February 1, 2003.

Sakura's Growth Spurt
Approx. pages: 10
- Six months after the incident with Crimson Viper, Sakura Kasugano finds the infamous growth device in the ruins. She takes it home and locks it away so it cannot fall into the wrong hands. Sometime however... Sakura begins having ideas and fantasies about what it could be like to be that big... Completed July 10, 2015.