The Accident


NOTE from author: Before you read this story I should warn you that this story contains Stuffing and Vore. So if you don’t like Stuffing and Vore, or don’t know what they are, well then you probably don’t want read this story.

He stopped for a moment to ponder the next piece of the puzzle. Everything had to work just perfectly, or everything would come to nothing. It wasn’t easy for the child to put together this machine, but no one else would do it. At least not for some time, as this was not something ever built before. But then again, the troubles of creating things were hardly considered troubles to Tails. No he would consider them an art.

It was at this time the final answer came to him: If he wanted to lessen the energy of an object, thus enabling him to lessen the space between atoms, then restructure them accordingly, he could magnetise, then rapidly demagnetise the object, causing the object at hand to loose vast amounts of energy. “Yes!” he cried out in victory. His newest creation, The Matter Attribute Control Unit (M.A.C.U for the sake of my hands) would be able to be fully operational in a few short hours.

* * *

He stood before his wonderful machine with a look of both wonder and pride. If everything went according to plan, he could, not only aid hu(and Mob)manity, but could be looking at a possible Nobel prize. The door opening took him from his thoughts, though.

She closed the door quickly, behind her in hopes that no one had seen her enter. She knew that Tails had a minifridge in his lab, and she was, once again, going to raid it. Unfortunately though, Tails, who seemed a bit startled, met her, not her desired goal. She stopped for a moment before saying “Tails, I-I didn’t know you were in the lab…”

Tails looked over the girl. No only did she have stains of food around her mouth, but she also had an outline on in her dress of a plump belly. A smile crept on to his face once again. He always had a secret crush on Amy, which seemed especially strong after the she would pig out. He loved watching her devour item after item of food. He even seen her once, after a big meal, eat a fly whole, just to help fill her belly, and from that point on had wondered what it would be like to in the fly’s position. “Hi, Amy…uh…what brings you down here?” Tails said with a knowing smile, yet trying to hide his pleasure at the same time.

“Oh, I just came to…uh…say hi.” Was the best the child could come up with. She had always tried to hide her hunger to the rest of the group, in the name of Sonic, even though she caught Tails a few times trying to watch her. She never could prove to her self, or any one else that Tails actually liked to see her do this, but if it was true, well…she didn’t know. She liked Sonic, but it would be nice to have someone who would love her pillages of food.

Tails then broke the silence as he asked “Would you like something to eat?” The smile had just grown a little bigger, as the hungry pre-teen gave in and said “Okay, what have you got.” “What ever you want, just go over to the…” He stopped mid sentence as the hungry child was already diving in to the food.

It was not more than a few second before a half a cake that Tails had been saving was gone into the ravenous child’s stomach. Tails just watched on in amazement as she, with out skipping a beat, reached for more of the contents of the fridge. An idea hit Tails as he watched her devour more of his food. “Hey, I think I got an idea…bring that container of ice cream over here.”

Amy just froze. She had been so set on getting her fill that she forgot that Tails was just a few feet away from her. She closed her eyes trying to hold back from her first urges to continue with her gluttony, and said “ thanks, I’m a quite full actual…” It was at this moment that her belly let out a great rumble, letting them both know that she was lying. Tails just smiled and said “It doesn’t sound like it…bring the container over here.” Amy, defeated, did as she was told. He looked at her and said “It’s alright; if you’re hungry you should eat. Besides some of us like it when you do…” Tails covered his mouth in shock of what he just said. It was now Amy’s turn to where a look of smugness on her face as she asked “Are you one of them?” Tails just looked down turning as red as knuckles. He then looked up and nodded. Amy smiled a bit more and said “You know I’ve been looking for someone who’d like it.” Tails looked at her in shock and said “Y-You are?” Amy nodded, then came over to Tails and whispered in his ear “…And you are far better than any others I’ve seen.” Before Tails had a chance to react, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

He was so caught up in ecstasy that it took a few moments for him to come back down to Mobius. When he did, he found his love digging into the ice cream. “Amy, if you like it that much have I got something to show you.” Tails then took the container over to the M.A.C.U and began to fiddle with the switches. The machine began to hum to life, and it was at this point that the fox realised that something was very wrong with his creation. Amy was in instant horror. She watched as Tails was hit by the ray, and, slowly began to shrink before her eyes.

He could not believe what was happening. It was as though everything around him was getting smaller by the second. Finally, the fox stopped shrinking, and now stood at ½ an inch. He looked up too see Amy Rose looking down at him with the most shocked look on her face. It was quite a while before either of could even fathom words. In fact, the only thing that broke the stillness was Amy huge (To Tails, anyway…) Burp. It was at this time that Tails mind began to formulate an interesting idea, event though he was still scared. “Amy, I think I’m alright…but I want you to do something for me okay.” Amy nodded “Now you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but could please…” Tails continued to look up at Amy, trying to find the right words to use. Instead of that happening, he inadvertently blurted out “Eat me.”

True, genuine, shock covered the chubby child’s face as this request was asked of her. “Y-you want me to-eat you?” was the reply that Amy gave. All Tails could do was to stand in front of her embarrassed. “Wouldn’t I, like, kill you if I did that? Besides aren’t you concerned about what just happened?” Tails then replied “Don’t worry, I know how to work that machine, and as long you don’t chew me, or burp too much I should be alright.” Amy pondered this for a moment. Tails always seemed to know what he was talking about, and he did taste…kinda nice when she kissed him. She leaned over and said “Okay, I’ll make you in to my little snack.” Tails almost leapt up (which would have only, have been about a ¼ of an inch) at her acceptance of his idea. “Okay, so what do I do?” Amy asked. Tails gave her the answer “Put your hand out where I can hop on to it…” She did as was told and Tails, got in to the palm of her hand. “Now, carefully put me in your mouth, swallow, and, well, your body will do the rest.” She again did as she was told and very carefully placed the child in her mouth. She then began to do something she was not told to do: taste him. After a few minutes of this, making sure to get every part of Tails wet, she swallowed.

“This is so cool!!!” was the only thing the fox boy could say as he had fun in Amy Rose’s tummy. He flew he lept, he even landed on some of the food that Amy had eaten. It was at this time though, that Amy yawned, and accidentally burped. She gasped in dreadfulness. ‘Oh No!’ She thought. But it was only when Tails said “It’s okay, Amy. There’s still plenty of room in here.” that she was fully relived of her pain. She looked down at her tummy and said “Thank God! Tails I’m *yawn* kinda sleepy, do you mind if I go to sleep for a bit?” Tails then replied “No. Go ahead if you want.” Amy smiled and said “Thanks, Tails. Just bump my tummy if you wanna get out okay?” The only response she got though was her new love rubbing the insides of her tummy. She smiled as she sat down, leaned her head back, and fell in to a nice sweet sleep.