Amy's Growth

(Cubed Cinder)

One cold morning in Station Square, Amy Rose was out taking a walk, as well as doing some window shopping. As she was looking at all the high priced clothes and jewelry, she saw a large and unusual Chaos Emerald set in the middle of a series of necklaces and rings. What made this emerald unusual was that there wasn't much glow to it, even if it was the sunniest of days in Station Square. Amy entered the store and approached the clerk.
“May I help you, miss?” the clerk asked Amy.
“Yes, I would like to see that emerald.” Amy said, pointing at the large dark green crystal sitting on the stand. She watched as the guy pulled it out and handed it to her.
"It's actually the lowest priced of all our gems, yet I'm surprised nobody is buying it. I don't see anything unusual with this emerald." the clerk said.
“But it is very pretty. How much is it?” Amy asked.
"It'll cost you 200 rings." the clerk said. Luckily for Amy, she hadn't bought anything for a week and had managed to save up that many rings. After the clerk received the 200 rings, he placed the emerald in a hardwood box and handed it to Amy. Amy walked out of the store and sat down on a nearby bench. She opened the box, pulled off her small white gloves and sat them down next to her. She reached down and picked up the Chaos Emerald to look at it for awhile.
She then sees something weird happening as the stone slowly starts to sink into Amy’s hand. Panicking, she tried to pull it out but it only got sucked in to her hand more.

“What’s happening!?” Amy cried out. She then saw that the Chaos Emerald had totally disappeared into her hand. She got up and walked home not knowing that she was slowly growing in size until she slammed her head on the door frame of her house. Once Amy got inside, she shut the door. When she tried to lock it, she noticed that the door was shrinking. Looking around the rest of her house, she then realized that she was growing. (Her clothes and shoes grew with her)
When her head had hit the ceiling, she heard a cracking noise, which gave her the idea she was about to outgrow her house. Then it happened, her growth sped up making her body quickly grow through the roof and well beyond. Then her growth stopped, and Amy was estimated to have grown to 100 feet tall.
She felt something hit her in the back so she turned around and saw a small army of tanks rolling up to her. She then felt one of the shells hit her in the chest but it just got sucked into her dress. Then another shell had struck her before a parade of them started flying towards her. It was making her angry.
"Annoying pests!" Amy said as she reached down and picked up a tank. She started to slowly crush it with her two gloved hands. She could hear the guys screaming in it before the screams stopped. When she got to a certain crush spot, she saw some blue liquid drip out of the tank. Amy dropped the tank and after watching the other tanks roll away, she turned around and looked at Station Square beyond the horizon.
"Hmmm... maybe I can have a lot more fun in the city than in Twinkle Park!" Amy said, with a smile on her face. She started to slowly walk towards the city, leaving a small boom behind with every large step she took.

Sonic and Tails were running up to see what all the commotion was about. When they saw the destroyed tank, they saw Amy at 100 feet tall, heading straight for Station Square. When Tails flew over to the tank and saw blood pouring out of it, he passed out at the disgusting sight. Sonic tried getting Amy's attention.
"AMY!!!" Sonic shouted. Much to Sonic's amazement, Amy turned around to see her tiny love interest.
"Hi Sonic! Well, what do you think?" Amy asked.
"Uh, impressive..." Sonic said. He could have said more but he was just so stunned at not only Amy's size, but how much more beautiful she was at 100 feet tall, even though she was wearing the same outfit. Amy then reached down and grabbed both Sonic and Tails (who was still out of it) and set them onto her shoulder as she continued on her way to Station Square.

Dr. Robotnik was watching the scene carefully from his view monitor. He was quite astonished that the little girl who couldn't do much, Amy Rose, was now a giantess heading for Station Square. But suddenly, he felt that if he could capture the girl, and force her to the evil side, not even Sonic would be able to stop the menace! Unfortunately, since his mind control ray was under repair, he had to get Amy the hard way and that was to capture her. Luckily, he had finished building a growth ray just a few days ago, and he decided to enlarge one of his troops to capture the giantess. Rouge the Bat, who just a few short hours ago teamed with Robotnik to seek the Chaos Emeralds, volunteered to be zapped.
“Rouge, the growth ray is already set. Are you ready?” Robotnik said with an evil grin on his face. Rouge nodded and walked over to the growth ray. As she stood in front of it, Robotnik reached down and pushed the button, making the laser hit her.
Rouge could feel the power surging through her body. She could only ask for more.
“Full power, Robotnik!” Rouge said to Robotnik, who nods and moves the knob to full power. Feeling his job is gone, he then turns around to see when it happens.
Rouge starts to grow, but he sees that her growth had blocked the only exit in the room. With no escape, Robotnik screams as her growing boot crushes the life out of him. Rouge could feel the growth still going even after the laser beam had dissipated. She then looked down and saw that her feet destroyed Robotnik's entire base. She then looked ahead and saw Amy at the same size. That’s when Rouge's growth stopped at 100 feet tall.

Amy had reached Station Square and kept on walking, admiring all the buildings and people, who were scrambling for their lives. She softly picked up Sonic and Tails from her shoulders and then sat them onto a building next to her.
“I'll be right back, guys.” Amy said and started walking.
She then heard a train’s horn but ignored it until it had crashed into her foot, making her fall and crush a few buildings in the process. Just then, she felt a building touch her lips. After feeling its cold steel, she got up and saw that the building slowly started to turned green. Then the shape of it started to change from square to a long stem with a small green bud at the top. She then saw it open showing its beautiful red color. With Amy's kiss, the building had turned into a beautiful flower. Amy was soon filled with joy.
"Oh wow! That building became a flower!" She then walked over to Sonic and picked him up.
"Now I'll turn you into a flower!" Amy said, smiling at his tiny boyfriend who was struggling to escape the grip of her huge fingers.
"Uh oh! Big bat girl at 12 o'clock!" Sonic said. Just as she was about to kiss him, she looked up and saw the same thing Sonic saw. They could see Rouge standing over the tower where Robotnik once had his base at. Rouge walked to the city and stood with Amy face-to-face.
"There you are, Amy Rose. I've got you where I want you now!" Rouge said.
"Rouge! What are you doing here!?” Amy said.
"I've come for you. You'd make a perfect experiment for Dr. Robotnik at your size. Why don't you be a good girl and follow me back to his lab?" Rouge said, extending her hand towards Amy. She backed away from it, accidentally knocking down a building that stood behind her.
"Huh? No way! I'd rather get a facelift instead of working for that fatso!" Amy shouted. Rouge's smile didn't sweep off her face.
"Then I'll just have to make you. You'd be lucky to defeat me in combat!" Rouge said. Then she started dashing towards Amy at incredible speed. Amy jumped out of the way just before Rouge could grab her. She ended up crashing into a building, but she was able to get up, dusting the debris off her boots and wings.

The people of Station Square watch from below as Rouge starts flapping her wings at high speed. She jumps into the air and then delivers a kick to Amy's stomach, knocking her back as well. Her lips had also gotten planted onto some of the buildings, turning them into flowers. While all this was going on, Sonic and Tails watched nervously from atop the buildings' rooftops.
Amy gets up and charges towards Rouge. She then shoved her foot into the giant batgirl's face, making her fly back and land into the huge lake. Amy ran to Rouge again and started to do a combo until Rouge splashed water into Amy's eyes, blinding her temporarily.
Rouge saw this moment as a chance to strike. She picked up Amy by the throat and threw her to the remains of Robotnik's lab. She got up very slowly, and pulled her mallet out, which astonishingly grew with her earlier.
As Rouge charged once more towards Amy, she somehow missed Amy's hammer flying towards her stomach. Rouge is hit hard, and finds herself clutching her stomach. As she looked back up towards Amy, she could see her rising for the sky. Rouge continued to shrink smaller and smaller, until she was back to her normal size and Amy was the only giantess left in Station Square. Rouge fell in fear as Amy's gigantic boot came crashing down next to her.

"Awww... too bad for Rouge. But I could use you for something." Amy said down to Rouge. She raises her foot to crush her, but then, all of the sudden, Amy reacts as if she had gotten stung by something from behind. Rouge escapes while Amy looks behind her.
"What was that? Who dares to shoot at the great Amy Rose!?" Amy shouted, making the glass from the bulidings around her shatter from her high volume voice. Sonic and Tails jumped onto Amy's left shoulder as they see what she sees. They see Robotnik commanding his large army of swatbots on the ground. There were so many, there had to be at least a hundred of them. But Amy was able to make quick work of them by stomping on all of them. The lasers they shot seemed to have no effect on her.

What used to be lines of swatbots was now a huge pile of scrap metal. Robotnik lowers his ship to get a closer look of the damage that had been done by Amy. When Robotnik sees a shadow blocking the sunlight from hitting him, he turns around, but all he could see was the great wall of red that belonged to Amy's dress.
"Gee, I wonder if he'll try to capture me again!" Amy said sarcastically with her hands on her hips. She then raised her fingers and flicked Robotnik away as if he was a little bug. His ship exploded upon contact while the evil villain could be seen flying all the way across Station Square. Amy turns around and starts to kiss most of the buildings around her, until she was standing in a gigantic flower field. When she looked over her shoulder to try and find Sonic and Tails, they weren't there. She figured they must've gotten absorbed into her body.
"Awww... too bad for Sonic. Oh well, at least I can still have fun at this size!" Amy said. Then she started walking towards another part of Station Square.

While Amy was busy dealing with Eggman's swatbots, Sally and Rotor watched the situation carefully from Rotor's computer room. After learning from Sonic how Amy was able to grow, Rotor was working on a device that would be able to pull that emerald out of her body and undo the growth effects. Well, actually it wasn't much of a device. It was really a CPU-controlled large magnet, but Rotor figured it would be enough to pull the emerald out. Both characters headed outside to mount the magnet to the bottom of their plane, where Bunnie waited.
"Are y'all sure this gizmo will help Amy?" Bunnie said, while helping Rotor place the magnet to the plane.
"If Rotor's right, this magnet will be attracted to Amy's emerald, and it should be enough to pull it out safely and return Amy to normal." Sally said. Rotor than climbed down from his ladder and faced Sally.
"Okay, Sally. The magnet is in place." Rotor said.
"Excellent, Rotor. We should prepare for takeoff." Sally said. Sally, Rotor, and Bunnie all jumped in the place and took off for Station Square.

As Amy continued her spree of crushing/kissing buildings, she looked out of the corner of her eye to see a plane flying towards her. The plane veers by Amy and lands within a few feet of the giantess. Amy immediately recognized the plane's three passangers: Sally, Bunnie, and Rotor. Bunnie was the first to hop out, followed by Rotor. However, as Sally was jumping out of the plane, she failed to see Amy quickly swinging her right hand down and catching the princess. Sally sat nervously on Amy's right hand as she stared at Amy's gigantic face with the emerald-colored eyes, but luckily Sally had a parachute backpack with her just in case Amy were to do something bad.
"Gee, princess, you don't look so tough." Amy said to Sally.
"Amy, please stop! Let us help restore you to normal!" Sally shouted to the giantess. Amy gave a look of dejection on her face.
"Huh! I'd rather stay like this, after all the times you refused to take me on your adventures! It's time I lived my own life, and this is the way to do it!" Amy said. Bunnie grinned her teeth as she charged for the giantess.
"Not if I can help it, sugar!" Bunnie said. Her attempt to save Sally proved to be futile, however, as Amy picked her up with her other hand. Amy simply threw her aside as Bunnie landed on the hard pavement below. Although she was able to take most of the pain as a half-robot, she was still hurt pretty bad, as Rotor could tell from the painful expression on her face. Rotor ran by her side.
"Bunnie! Are you OK?" Rotor said.
"Owww... I'm fine, Rotor, if I didn't have any wires crossed in that messup..." Bunnie said, softly.
"Just stay down and rest. I'll handle this." Rotor said.
"Rotor! Watch out!!!" Sally shouted from above. Indeed, Rotor looked up and saw Amy's gigantic boot coming down on him. Luckily, he jumped out of the way, with Bunnie in his arms. Rotor quickly ran beside the magnet and started to frantically press buttons on the control panel. Unfortunately, before he could activate the magnet, his sight was covered by a gigantic white glove. The glove wrapped itself around Rotor, and then lifted him into the air. Rotor could see Sally and Bunnie also on the hand.
"Gosh, I don't see why you guys don't like it when I'm big. Maybe you should join Sonic and Tails inside of me!" Amy said. As soon as that was said, the group looked to see Amy's hand rippling, much like water waves. Then, they started to slowly sink inside Amy's body. No matter how hard they struggled, they couldn't save themselves from being overtaken by Amy. By the time they were gone, Amy smiled.
"Well, that takes care of that. Now, what else should I do? Maybe I'll get free shopping at this size!" Amy said, with a smile on her face.

There was nothing but pink around them, which was no surprise considering Amy's skin color. Sally, Rotor, and Bunnie could only look around in awe as they were trapped inside the boneless hand of Amy Rose. They had a feeling that she was moving again, since there were slight vibrations from the area around them. As Sally looked down one end, she could see a most unbelieveable sight. A large chaos emerald! It was filled from top to bottom of Amy's hand.
"Guys! This must be the emerald!" Amy said. Rotor and Bunnie could only stare in awe at the size of the emerald
"Gosh! I know regular chaos emeralds aren't supposed to get that big!" Rotor said.
"How in the heck are we supposed to get this thing out of here?" Bunnie said. Just then, the group could hear a voice calling for them.
"Yo, Sal! Guys! I'm coming!" the voice said.
"I know that voice..." Sally said to herself. Then, emerging from the shadows was Sonic and Tails.
"Sonic!!! Tails!!!" Sally shouted.
"Yeah! Here we are. I guess Amy captured you guys also." Sonic said.
"No questioning about that. This is too weird, Sonic. If we're inside Amy, where are all her bones?" Sally said.
"That's a good question, because when she absorbed us into her shoulder, all we could see was some long, dark hallway. Tails and I were too scared to move, but we did it anyway, and found you guys." Sonic said.
"I tried to use a magnet to pull the emerald out, but she caught me before I could activate it." Rotor said.
"Well, at least we found the emerald!" Sonic said, referring to the large emerald standing behind Sally, Bunnie, and Rotor.
"You know, if we can somehow get this emerald out of Amy, her growth spell will be broken!" Sally said.
"But how can we get it out?" Bunnie asked.
"Well, remember how we sunk into Amy's hand? If this emerald doesn't give her any bones, then it must be easy to get this emerald out." Rotor said.
"Good point, Rotor. Come on, guys. Push with me!" Sally said. The group started to push the emerald upwards towards the opening of Amy's hand. As it went up, the hole was opening wider.

In addition to handling with the buildings, Amy was fighting off other forces that tried to attack her. She crushed tanks like they were bugs, and jets like they were flies. While doing all of this, Amy didn't realize that the emerald was slowly emerging from her hand. Finally, when Amy turned her hand in an upside down matter, the emerald's descent speed quickened, before the emerald came popping out. It let out a bright glow before it shattered onto the ground. By the time Amy realized that her emerald had been shattered, she started to get a weird feeling, almost like the one she got when she grew.
While Sonic escaped with Tails, the other three characters (Bunnie, Sally, and Rotor) all used their parachutes to float safely towards the ground. When they all landed, they looked back to see Amy slowly shrinking.
"NOOO!!! I'm shrinking!" Amy said. There was also a momentary white flash around the area, and by the time it was gone, Amy was standing there at her normal size. The group ran towards Amy, who didn't have a particularly happy face.
"Amy! I'm so glad you're OK!" Sonic said. Tears started to flow down Amy's face. They were clearly visible even with the hands in her face.
"(sniffle) It's not fair! Why do you guys have to ruin my fun!?" Amy shouted, while breathing heavily from her emotions. Sally came up to Amy and hugged her.
"Awww.... Amy. We're sorry. We just didn't want the city to think you were a threat." Sally said.
"Yeah, like, you were about to turn the city into a giant flower garden!" Bunnie said. Unknown to them, all of the buildings that had been turned into flowers were transformed back to their original state.
"Come on, we should go home. Rest for a little bit." Sally said. Then the group started to load up on the plane. Sonic ran beside Amy.
"Hey Amy, no hard feelings?" Sonic asked.
"Well... nah. I'll get over it. I thought it was fun." Amy said, with a smile on her face. The others laughed as they started the plane and took off for Knothole Village.

Somewhere in the city, Rouge was walking down the streets when she noticed a glowing green object sticking out of the sidewalk. The moment she got up next to it, she began to pick up a strange feeling.
"Hmmm... I wonder if there are more of these?" Rouge said to herself, before she continued her walk down the streets.