Amy's Little Date

(T-on-DA and BehindJK)

"Come on Tails! You HAVE to have something that can bring me and my darling Sonic together!"

A young woman shouted this at one of her close friends. This young woman was Amy Rose; A pink Mobian who was love struck at the hero who saved the world almost daily, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Being a Mobian, one might mistake her for an average human being; However, being a Mobian meant that, whilst they were near identical to humans, their hair colour could be nearly any spectrum of the rainbow, and they featured body parts akin to animals. In Amy's case, she was a pink Hedgehog; Meaning her hair was as spikes as it was pink, and she featured small ears protruding from her hair. In addition, a small, pointed pink tail emerged from her behind.

She was in a heated yet one sided argument with one of her close friends, boy genius and Sonic's side kick, Miles Prower. Everyone referred to him as Tails, and for good reason; The fox Mobian featured not one, but two fluffy, yellow tails. 

Tails sighed, turning his attention away from his current project. The young Fox Mobian twitched his namesakes in annoyance. "Amy, I can't help you! There's no such thing as a 'Love ray' or a 'Happily ever after potion.'" He replied.

Amy huffed in annoyance. The female mobian had been trying for hours to convince her two tailed friend to help her, to no avail. "But he won't see things from my perspective! He can't see that we're MADE to be together! We're like... Romeo and Juliet!"

"Oh, I remember Tails taking me to see that!... Wait, didn't they die in the end...?"

Amy turned her attention to the newcomer in the room, Cosmo. The plant like alien closely resembled Mobians, albeit without the animal like features and instead bearing plant like features, walked over, three glasses of water on a tray, and offered one to all parties. Amy took the water, and with a small "Thank you" drank it down.

Tails took a drink of his own water, sighing. "Look Amy, I know you really like Sonic... And I mean really like Sonic. And by that I mean-"

"Skip to the point!" Amy snapped. Tails rubbed his temple, trying to think of the right words for this situation. Fortunately for him, Cosmo stepped in.

"Amy, maybe you're looking at this the wrong way." She offered.

"Huh?" The confused mobian tilted her head, the animal like ears on her head twitching.

"Maybe you should try a different point of view. A new... Perspective." Cosmo offered a patient smile. Amy, now in deep thought, looked down, her ears now lowered.

"I just... I truly love Sonic. He's my whole world! ...But I have no idea if he feels the same way... I just want him to notice me." She replied, downtrodden.

Cosmo, taking pity on the Hedgehog mobian, let out a soft "Aww" and held her hands to her heart. Turning to Tails, she gave him a pleading smile. "Tails, won't you please at least let her look through the lab?"

"Huh? But there's-"

"TAILS PLEASE!" Amy suddenly reached over and grabbed his hand, shocking the youngest member of Team Sonic. "Just one look around the lab, and I promise I'll never ask again!"

Tails desperately looked back and forth between his love interest and the Sonic crazed girl in front of him, trying to find some way out of the situation. Unfortunately, their pleading gazes melted his heart into mush, and he sighed.

"Alright, alright... You can look around."

"YES!" Amy pumped her fist into the air excitedly, grabbing Tails around the waist, hugging him and bouncing in circles excitedly. "Thank you thank you thank you~!" She chanted, the poor fox mobian taken for a ride.

"Wah! Amy! Put me down!" Tails shouted, as Cosmo merely giggle at the exchange.

After finally settling down, Cosmo lead Tails outside, leaving Amy to inspect the workshop around her. Bouncing on her heels, she inspected the first device she found.

"Let's see... A teleporter? I could hug Sonic by popping out the other side!... No, he's too fast, he'd see that coming from a mile away... Uhh..." Amy looked around, seeing inventions of all shapes and sizes, letting out a sigh. 'This is gonna be tougher than I thought...' She mentally grimaced.

Meanwhile, outside, Tails tighten his gloves, chatting to Cosmo, who held a water can and had been feeding the plants around the workshop.

"Hey Cosmo?" Tails asked.

"Yes Tails?" She replied, lifting the can and facing the young fox kit.

"I was wondering... Why did you side with Amy?" He asked, now trying to keep his twin Tails in prime condition.

"Well... I truly believe that they would be a wonderful couple. That's why I want to give her at least a chance." She said with a patient smile.

Tails smiled in response, albeit far more tired. "Heh, you're so kind Cosmo... But I don't know if there's anything in there she could use." He said, turning his attention back to the lab with a worried expression.

"I'm sure she'll surprise us~" Cosmo grabbed Tails' hands in hers, causing the young mobian to blush, which in turn made Cosmo's smile widen.

Back with Amy, on the other hand...

"UGH! Why's there nothing here?!"

Amy had inspected nearly every device she could, and none of them seemed to be one bit helpful to her cause. However, the Hedgehog Mobian was not deterred by this fact, and continued to search.

"No... No... No... Come on Tails, don't fail me now..." Amy continued to search drawer after drawer in the rather spacious workshop. Suddenly, she stood on a tarp, and fell!

"WAAH!" She screamed, as she fell on her face. Groaning, Amy lifted herself with one hand, whilst holding her head with another. "What happened...?" She mumbled. "Huh?"

Standing, she noticed the tarp had now revealed what appeared to be a large cylinder made out of steel. Amy grabbed the tarp, and gave it a sharp tug, revealing the device underneath.

It appeared to be some kind of ray pointed at a potted plant, although of what kind, Amy had no idea. It had gathered a fair amount of dust to the point it was difficult to make out some words written on the side. Dusting it off, Amy spoke the initials outloud.

"J3N-14Y? What's that supposed to mean?" Amy wondered aloud. Shrugging, she wandered over to the attached lever, and gave it a tug. The device whirred to life, channeling a blue beam and firing on the plant. However, even after the beam died down, nothing happened.

"Huh? Did that even do anything?" The mobian crossed her arms and tilted her head. Shrugging, she prepared the device once again. "It might not do anything, but... Worth a shot!" Throwing the level once more, Amy ran in front of the machine as it once more fired, covering her in a blue glow.

Waiting for a minute, Amy hoped something would change, but nothing appeared to have changed.

"Oh man... I think that was the last one too..." Sighing in defeat, Amy slumped to the door, distraught at the lack of any kind of results.

"Maybe he'd like flowers...? Or a chaos emerald...? Or- Ouch!" Amy let out a sharp yelp, rubbing her head and prepared to take her frustrations on whatever she had run into, consequences be dammed.

Only to be facing the doorframe.

"Huh?!" Amy let out a surprised shout, and looked down. Slowly, but surely, her body was rising upwards and upwards.

"Wh-what's going on?! Am I getting bigger?!... I gotta get outta here!" She quickly got on her hands and knees, and began to squeeze her way out of the door in a desperate bid to reach the front door. Unfortunately, her growth won the battle, and she found herself wedged within the doorframe and still growing.

"Come on! Lemme go! TAILS!" She shouted, her waist trapped by the ever struggling doorframe as she continued to grow.

Outside, Tails heard her cry, causing both Mobian and Seedrian to turn their heads in surprise. "Was that Amy?" Cosmo asked nervously.

"I think so. Stay here!" As soon as Tails finished his statement, he ran towards the workshop, namesakes fluttering behind him as Cosmo watched with concern.

Opening the front door, Tails attempted to rush inside... Only to be smack right into a white wall. "Oof!"

"Tails? Is that you?!"

Tails rubbed his head, looking up in shock. The white wall revealed itself to have fingers and an arm attached, and trailing the arm revealed its owner; Amy, currently caught in a doorway, and outgrowing the workshop at an alarming rate. "A-Amy?! What did you do?!"

"I-I used that big ray gun thingy under the tarp! What on Mobius did you have that thing for?!"

Tails stood, looking around in shock. Amy was currently trapped in the wall, the doorframe having being destroyed by her ever growing body, her arms splayed out in front of her with floorboards torn up.

"I-It was intended to be used with food and crops to stop anybody from ever going hungry! But it didn't work when I tested it!" Tails stuttered.

"Yeah? Well it works now! Now make it STOP working!" Amy ordered, still trying to wiggle out of the wall.

"H-how?! I can't get in there!" He shouted in a panic, as the house began to fall apart around him.

Amy shut an eye as a chunk of rubble fell on top of her, looking around desperately as if some magical escape route would appear. However, she soon felt her leg destroy the wall behind her, as the house was clearly about to be destroyed by her ever growing size.

"Tails, look out!" Amy quickly made a grab for the fox mobian, pulling him away before a chunk of the house nearly landed on him. "Hang on tight!"

Cosmo watched fearfully from the outside, the house seemingly bursting from within. She watched as a leg appeared from inside, with an all too familiar red boot attached. She then watched as the house collapsed in on itself. "Tails, no!" She shouted fearfully, running towards what was now Tail's former workshop.

As the dust settled, a large figure was slowly revealed, clutching something close to her chest. This was of course, Amy, and protruding from inbetween her fingers were a pair of twin tails.

"Amy! Are you alright? Where's Tails?!" Cosmo shouted. Amy slowly opened her eyes, rubbing her head.

"Oww... Stupid house workshop thing..." She grumbled. She slowly began to reposition herself to sit on her knees, opening her hand and revealing Tails within.

"Tails!" Cosmo shouted, holding her hands to her chest with a relieved sigh.

"I-I'm fine... Thanks Amy..." Tails rubbed his head, looking up at the now 50ft and still growing Amy.

"Ough... I don't feel so good..." Amy clutched her stomach, seeming dizzy due to her growth. Suddenly, she doubled over, eyes closed and teeth grit.

"Amy! What's wrong?!" Cosmo shouted, running over to Amy's knee and putting her hands on the giantess' knee.

"I... think I'm gonna... WoooOOOOAAAAAHHHH!" Amy suddenly got hit by a massive growth spurt, shooting up in height rapidly.

"Cosmo, come on!" Tails grabbed Cosmo's wrist, and with a whir of his twin tails, took off into the air, putting as much distance as he could between himself and the rapidly growing Giantess.

Amy, the workshop now decimated under her, kept her eyes shut as she quickly grew, surpassing 100ft in the blink of an eye and swiftly approaching 200ft.

"I... can't stop...!" Amy managed to get out, her height ever increasing... 300ft was now surpassed, and she soon found 400ft in the dust...

Finally, the rapid growth had settled, and Amy took in a sharp breath. Panting, Amy slowly stood up to her full height...

A 500ft tall Giantess.

"Wow... Everything looks so... Small." Amy commented, looking around in awe. "Wait... Tails?! Cosmo?! Where are you?!" She shouted, cupping her hands around her mouth and searching for her friends.

"Amy! Down here!" Amy heard a small voice call, and looked down on one of her boots, spotting both Fox Mobian and Seedrian.

Tails was waving his arms in an attempt to get Amy to notice them, albeit he wasn't looking upwards as to avoid looking at Amy's panties. Cosmo, on the other hand, merely stood there in awe, dumbfounded by her friend's new size.

Leaning down, Amy offered a hand to her friends, who climbed up onto the massive white glove. Lifting them up to her face, Amy began to do what any reasonable person or mobian would do.


"Tails! What do I do?! I-I'm so large now! I can't fit into a house, I couldn't even fit into a building! I'm a literal monster! How am I supposed to marry Sonic like thi-" Amy froze. Her eyes looking distant in revelation.

"U-umm... Amy?" Tails asked nervously.

"Tails... That's it."


"Tails, THANK YOU!"

Before the fox mobian could reply, both he and Cosmo found themselves pressed against Amy's cheek in some form of hug, as she rubbed her face up and down. "This is perfect! At this size, there's no way Sonic can say no!"

"Wh-wha?! Amy, what are you talking about?!" Tails asked, trying to push the large cheeks away from him. Bringing her hand back down so that her friends were chest level, Amy began to rant excitedly.

"Don't you get it? At this size, there's no way Sonic could resist my charms! And he can't run from me anymore either; I'm way too big for that now!" Amy's eyes were filled with stars, as she brought up her other hand and pointed excitedly to Station Square. "Look out, my love, because here comes Amy Rose!"

"Umm... Amy?" Cosmo squeaked, barely audible.

"Yes Cosmo?"

"How do you plan on getting there?"

Silence. Amy's finger lowered, and she looked down nervously.

"Uhh... The tornado...?" She replied nervously, looking sheepishly at her two tiny friends.

Tails face palmed, shaking his head, as Amy offered a nervous giggle.


Munch munch munch...

Sonic leaned back on his chair, happily munching away on his favorite snack, a Chilli Dog. The blue mobian was taking a lazy day, having been all over Station Square due to various small crimes. Finally with a moment to himself, the fastest thing alive had decided to get some time to himself.

Unfortunately, there's never rest for our hero.

Boom, boom, boom...


Elise, princess of Soleana, rested on a nearby beach, bathing in the sunlight. She had decided to leave Soleana for a vacation (Without warning) and decided Station Square was the perfect location.

And why wouldn't it be? Despite being a city, it was actually extremely beautiful, with bright seas, beautiful weather and a relatively low unemployment. It seemed to be absolutely perfect, so naturally, Elise had chosen this for her impromptu vacation spot.

It soon proved otherwise, however, as a large, pink hedgehog mobian rose from the water, stomping onto the beach...

"Huh...?" Elise lowered her sunglasses as it appeared to get dark around her. "What's going... EEP!" Amy's boot was postitioned directly above her, ready to take her next step...

Directly on Elise.


"Ugh, that was way too long..."

Amy, hands on her knees, wiped the sweat and water off her brow, having swum from the Mystic Ruins to Station Square. Reaching into her hair, she pulled out her two passengers with a giggle. "Alright, all heading for Station Square, please prepare to depart~!"

With that said, Tails and Cosmo rested on Amy's white gloved hand, staying surprisingly dry the entire trip. Cosmo, facing Amy, put her hands together on her heart. "Amy, I know you really need to find Sonic, but... Maybe this isn't such a good idea... There's so many innocent people here!"

Amy, placing her other hand on her heart, shut her eyes and began to speak. "I, Amy Rose, swear to not harm anybody in Station Square on purpose!" To emphasize her point, she lifted her foot.


"Ugh... Mommy, I don't wanna go to school today... I wanna stay home and bake cookies with you...~" Elise mumbled incoherently.



Stomping her foot for emphasis, Tails and Cosmo looked at each other, before Tails sighed.

"Alright... Just be careful Amy." He warned.

"You can count on me!" Amy replied gleefully, and began to make her way into the city...


Sonic, watching Amy from afar, could only open and close his mouth, unable to find the words for such a situation. Fortunately, the citizens around him did so instead.


In a rush of panic, citizens all around ran and drove away as fast as they could from the incoming Giantess. Sonic, being the heroic type, grabbed the nearest by civilian and ran with them, taking them as far as he could, before dropping them off a safe distance. Repeating this several times, Sonic was swiftly getting as many people as he could away from Amy, hoping to avoid casualties. As if on cue, GUN forces began to arrive, and the evacuation began.

Unfortunately, all his running seemed to have made things far more difficult for our hero, as his distinctive blue trail was easy to notice.



Amy, grinning excitedly, resisted the urge to clap her hands together for the sake of her passengers, and began to run up to Sonic, crunching some cars along the way under her boots. Tails and Cosmo gripped her glove, the rush of wind from Amy's running making it difficult to hold on.

Sonic, panicking at the sudden turn of events, looks around for an escape. However, with Amy rapidly approaching, Sonic instead begins dashing towards her.

"Oh Sonic~! I knew you loved m-"

Before Amy could finish, Sonic ran under Amy, causing her to bend down (And reveal to anybody behind her just how white her panties were), and straight past her.

Grinding to a halt (And tearing up the street as she did so), Amy turned. "Sonic! Get back here!" She shouted, and began to pursue the blue mobian.


Looking down at her hands, Amy had nearly forgotten about her passengers. "Oh, sorry guys! I just need to find... Sonic?"

Looking around, Amy had lost the blue Blur. "Ooohhh! Shoot!" Stomping her foot in annoyance (And unknowingly trapping yet another tiny on it), Amy huffed in annoyance. Turning to a nearby building, Amy lowered her two friends on top of it.

"I'm sorry guys, but I HAVE to find Sonic. Stay safe, okay~?" She said sweetly.

"Please be careful!" Cosmo replied, looking worried.

Unbeknownst to her, Sonic had ran into a nearby building... The one directly behind her. Reaching the roof in no time at all, Sonic watched her gently put down Tails and Cosmo.

"I can't outrun her... Not with how much damage it'd cause. And I can't go slow either, or she'll catch me..." Tapping his foot, Sonic stroked his chin in thought.

"Maybe... If I hide, Amy might not do much damage... But where?" Looking around, Sonic then noticed Amy stretching, before she went to touch her toes... And gave him a view filled with her panties.

"...I'm gonna regret this, but it's my best shot!" Taking a running start, Sonic dashed right off the building... And gripped Amy's tail.

Watching Amy carefully, Sonic hoped Amy had not noticed. Fortunately, she seemed pre-occupied, and had just finished stretching. Feeling her hiding spot move as Amy returned to a neutral position, Sonic held on for dear life, attempting to avoid looking at the vast white wall that was Amy's panties.

Amy, meanwhile, summoned her famous Piko-Piko hammer, and held it over her shoulders. Marching forward, Amy left with her unexpected stow-away

"Tails... Do you think everything will be okay?" Cosmo asked, sitting on the edge next to the fox mobian.

"Well... The city has recovered from this before. I'm more worried about... Sonic?!"

Tails looked in surprise to see his best friend riding Amy's tail, before the hero rose a finger to his mouth. Amy, having heard Tails' shout, turned with an expectant smile.

"Uhh... He went... That way!" Tails pointed, and Amy gave an excited grin, blushing from the fact she was so close to catching Sonic... Closer than she realized.

"Should we... Tell her?" Cosmo asked uncertainly.

Tails, after a brief moment of thought, shook his head. "Nah. She should try to find him herself... Let's give Sonic all the help we can." Tails replied, holding Cosmo close, who merely giggled in response.

Stepping on some cars, Amy held a hand to her head, shouting;



Amy peered inside a building, believing she saw Sonic hiding there, having bent her knees to get a better look inside. Cupping her hands around her eyes, Amy was tunnel visioned in on the building.

Unbeknownst to her, a car under her had someone who thought to hide instead of flee from the giantess, believing themselves clever.

This was not the case.

"Sonic, come out of there right now!" Amy had grabbed the building, preparing to rip it open in an attempt to get what she believed to be Sonic, only to underestimate her strength, and pulled too hard. This caused her to lose her balance, and fall on her butt...

And directly onto the car.


"Ow..." Amy stood up, rubbing her butt (And thankfully for Sonic, not her tail). "Hope nobody was inside..." She mummered, now able to look inside... And discover it was merely a cardboard cut out of her hero.

"Oh well. SOONIIIC!" Amy continued her search, oblivious to the poor sap she had just turned into a pancake.


Stomping around casually, Amy watched the ground, attempting to find her beloved. Just as she rounded the corner, she saw a flash of blue duck into an alleyway.

Gasping, Amy clasped her hands together. "Sonic! There you are!" Running over with a blush on her face, Amy tried to spot Sonic in the alley... But couldn't see him. Undeterred, Amy got on her hands and knees, and peered into the alley way.

Sonic, meanwhile, gripped onto Amy's tail, watching as the crazed fangirl gave pretty much anybody behind her the pantyshot of a lifetime. (He swears he could hear somebody watching and laughing like "Kufufufu~")

Amy's attempts at finding Sonic were failing, but she refused to give up. "You're not getting away from me! This time, you're mine!" She grabbed the two buildings that sandwhiched the alley, and with a push, shoved them out of the way, causing the foundations to become slanted and create enough room for Amy to lean into the alley.

Now having a closer view, Amy scanned over the dirty alley... Before she found her flash of blue, hiding under the dumpster. "A-Hah! Gotcha now~!'

Throwing the dumpster off without car, Amy grinene excitedly... Only to discover the streak of blue wasn't Sonic.

It was far worse.

"Curses, I've been found! No matter, you can't catch me, the fastest thing alive..."

The human figure in blue stood, and struck a dramatic pose.



Silence filled the air for several moments, as the real Sonic barely held back from laughing like a maniac at Amy's 'Catch'.

Amy then proceeded to drop the dumpster back on Sonic-Man ("THIS PAINS SONIC-MAN"), and walk away without a word...

Until she now heard the laughter Sonic heard before, and promptly destroyed the building they were hiding in with her Piko-Piko hammer.



"Soooniiic... Where are you...?"

Amy had been searching the entire city for roughly 2 hours now, and had all but run out of determination. Her countless failures at finding her beloved Sonic draining her of enthusiasm.

Likewise, Sonic's lack of doing pretty much anything at all had caused the hero to fall asleep on Amy's tail, an arm and leg dangling precariously over the edge. Fortunately, Amy's drop of enthusiasm also led to a lack of desire to go out of her way to look in more extreme places, and thus, give Sonic somewhere comfortable to rest.

"Who am I kidding...? Sonic's probably left the city by now..." Amy said dejectedly, sighing.

Not too far away, Tails and Cosmo watched Amy enter the street, slumped and upset over her lack of success.

"Tails, I truly think we should tell her..." Cosmo said, taking pity on the Giantess.

"I know... But at the same time, I don't feel right ratting out Sonic..." Tails replied, crossing his arms and tilting his head to the side in thought.

Amy, with a sigh, looked to a nearby building, noting it was a flat top building. "Maybe I just need to sit down for a minute..."

With that, Amy swiftly turned around... And flung Sonic off her tail, and onto the building.

Sonic, flicked off her tail without warning, landing on the building, creating a rough wake up call for the blue speedster. "Ow...! What just...-"

Sonic, memories flooding back about his predicament, noticed the large shadow being cast over him... And looked up just in time to see Amy sit down right on top of him.


The building's windows shattered, the foundation creaking and moaning from the immense amount of pressure caused by the 500ft girl using the building as her seat.

Tails and Cosmo watched the event from afar, mouths dropping. "Okay, now we must tell Amy!" Cosmo shouted.

"Right! Let's go!" Tails nodded, taking Cosmo by the wrist and running towards their giant friend, flying from rooftop to rooftop with Cosmo in tow.

Sonic, meanwhile, found himself pinned under Amy's butt, his vision filled with nothing but the sight of her white panties currently smothering him underneath. "Gotta... Get Amy's... Attention somehow...!" He grunted, trying to move as much as he could under the titanic ass.

Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse for Sonic, as all his struggles did was make Amy uncomfortable.

"Great... And now the building is against me too!" She said angrily, growling slightly. In an effort to get more comfortable, Amy shuffled her butt, taking pressure off Sonic for a slight moment... Before it came back full force, as Amy shuffled from cheek to cheek to get more comfortable, the building's protests becoming louder from the shifting weight.

"Ugh... Come on you dumb building!" Amy shouted, bouncing slightly on the building, causing whatever lower windows that remained to shatter, the 'seat' now mere moments from being destroyed.

Sadly, the bounce proved to be too much for Sonic, and he fell back into the unconscious realm from Amy's sheer force.

Tails and Cosmo, panting from running all the way over to Amy, finally began to try and get the Giantess' attention by waving their arms and shouting "Amy! AMY!"

Amy, sitting up straight now, turned her attention to her friends. "Tails? Cosmo? What's wrong?"

"Amy! It's Sonic!" Cosmo shouted.

"SONIC?! WHERE?!" Amy shouted, standing up suddenly. Sadly, the sudden movement proved to be the end of the building, as it finally collapsed.

Tails and Cosmo stood there silently, mouths ajar from the thought of Sonic now being among the rubble. Amy, meanwhile, looked around, trying to find her love. "Where is he?! Did he come here himself? DID HE FINALLY ACCEPT MY LOVE~?!" She asked excitedly. However, as she turned around, Tails and Cosmo's worries were quenched... As they found Sonic stuck in a precarious location.

"Umm... Amy?" Tails said nervously.

Amy quickly leant down to eye level, grabbing the edge of the building and leaning on it, eyes filled with stars. "Yes Tails?!" She said, being right in Tails' face.

"Uhh... Sonic is..." Tails mumbled out something incoherently.

"Sonic is what?" Amy replied in confusion.

"Sonic is... stu.." Again, Tails mumbled the remainder of the sentance.

"Tails, speak up! Where. Is. Sonic?!" She shouted.

"SONIC IS STUCK TO YOUR BUTT!" Tails shouted, face red from anger and embarrassment.

"Wh-WHAT?!" Amy shouted, her face turning a bright pink and reeling. Pulling the hem of her dress up to look at her butt, she noticed... A blue being, stuck to her butt.

"Sonic!" Amy shouted, grabbing the unconscious hedgehog Mobian and holding him up to her face. Unfortunately, the hero was out cold. "Wh-what do I do?!" Amy said nervously.

"Is there some way to wake him...?" Cosmo asked, seeming worried. Amy looked down in thought, before her whole body noticeably perked up, a silly grin plasted with a deep pink blush.

"I know!" Bringing Sonic to her mouth, Amy giggled excitedly. "Princess Charming needs to wake Resting Hunk with a kiss~!"

Whilst Amy giggled excitedly, Tails instead dropped his ears and slumped. "That's... Not how being knocked out works Amy..." He mumbled, completely ignored.

"Pucker up Sonic~!" Amy said, bringing the hero up to her lips. Although her intention was to kiss Sonic's lips, she failed to account for her size... And kissed Sonic's entire front body.

Surprisingly, this actually seemed to work... And Sonic woke up to Amy kissing the front of body. "Mph?!" He attempted to shout, muffled by Amy's lips.

Amy ended the kiss, bringing Sonic away from her lips, and he began gasping for breath. "Sonic~!" She shouted joyously.

"Wha...? But that doesn't..." Tails stuttered, confused. Cosmo giggled, holding Tails and petting his head as if he were a cat. This silenced the genius.

"Amy?! Wh-what was that?!" Sonic shouted, the faintest blush visible on his features.

"Your wake up call, my sweet~" She replied sweetly, eyes half lidded with a grin. This expression vanished into excitement, getting right into Sonic's face. "Now that I finally caught you Sonic, you have no choice but to marry me~!"

"What?!" Sonic shouted in shock, reeling.

As the 'couple' argued on the legitimacy of Amy's reasoning, Cosmo held Tails, watching the argument between the Giantess and her crush. "Tails?" She asked quietly.

"Hmm?" Tails looked at her curiously.

"If I were as big as Amy... Would you still...?" Cosmo never finished her sentance, her face a bright red.

"Would I still what Cosmo?" Tails replied, tilting his head in confusion.

"...Never mind." She said, instead opting to rest her head on Tails' shoulder, the sidekick tensing up before relaxing, a red tinge spreading across his face, as Amy desperately tried to stop Sonic from getting away from her grasp, attempting to hug the miniature hero to her stomach.


"Hmm... Now that's certainly interesting... If I had a chaos emerald, I'd bet it on lil Tails being the reason Lil' Pinkie got as big as she has..." A figure mummered in the shadows, hiding a grin.

"Let's see if I can't get in on that action~" With that, Rouge the Bat fled the scene, making her way to the Mystic Ruins...