Amy's Revenge


Amy Rose was in her house yet again getting ready for a "date" with Sonic The Hedgehog her hero and boyfriend. Well not really her boyfriend but she likes to think that.
Putting on her new pink dress she bought from Station Square.
"Today is the day when. Sonic marries me! I'm so sure of it!" She said running out her door and to Sonic's House.
She knocked on the door and out came Sonic the Hedgehog! 
"Amy what are you doing here?" The blue blur himself said.
 "Sonic remember it's our date?" Amy replied 
worried somewhat. 
"....No?" Sonic said in confusion.
 "WHAT?!?! WELL uh.... I'M LEAVING!" Amy yells with tears running off.
 "What's wrong with her?" Sonic said.
 Amy was running off into the Mystic Ruins crying still. "Why doesn't he love me?! I'm nice! I've saved him a few times! AT LEAST HE COULD TAKE ME ON A DATE!!!"' She cried.
"A WINNER IS YOU!!!!" Said someone in the distance.
 Amy turned her head to see a little green man with a red robe in a fancy little stand. "JACKPOTTINGS!!!"
  "Uh... What?" Amy said approaching the stand.
"Hello to you Pink hedgehog of beauty! You are a winner of amazings! You win" The green man said holding a huge mushroom orange and with red spots.

"Behold a Megamushshroom! With it's power of growing it will make you be loved by your blue friend by having lunch with it!"
"...Really?" Amy said in glee.
"Yes!!! For the price of nothing!!" The green man hands Amy the Megashroom and walks off leaving his stand abandoned.

   In Amy's house later...
The Pink hedgehog was excited with the mushroom she got. "So I eat it?" Amy says before taking a huge bite. She had a disgusted face. "Yuck this is awful! But I must eat it if it'll get Sonic to love me!"
Sometime later...   
 Ugh.... I don't feel that good..." Amy said after finishing that mushroom.
 She felt a odd shaking like feeling in her. Mostly odd was how the floor and everything around her was shrinking... Or wait...
 "OH MY GOD I'M GROWING!!!" She yelled panicking.
 Soon her head reached the wall cracking it and smashing it as she grew in only a few minutes she had destroyed her whole house and was sitting down at 60 feet in height.
 "What?! I'm huge!! Did that mushroom do that? Wait a minute... Maybe I can get Sonic to love me like this..." Amy says now deciding to stand up.
 Looking all over her surroundings the trees only pass her ankles. Her house which is in the forest next to Station Square and even closer to Sonic's house.

 Later with the Blue Blur at his house. 
The hedgehog was relaxing on his sofa. 
"You know I need some action, Also I kinda feel bad for rejecting Amy... Again... For the 80th time." Sonic said to himself signing.

Suddenly Sonic felt rumbling in his house and saw the roof come off with a huge pink hedgehog's face.
 "Hiiiiiii Sonic!" Amy said with a smirk.

   Amy reached her hand out to Sonic grabbing him and pulled him up to her face. "Well well well, Sonic! You better now marry me or I'll crush you!" Amy said.

"No way! I'm outta here!" Sonic yelled biting Amy's finger, making her flinch and let him go, allowing him to run off.

"NO NO NO! SONIC GET BACK HERE!!!" Amy screamed crushing Sonic's house with her foot.

  At Tails's workshop.....
Tails was working on a size ray quite oddly enough with Sally in there. when Sonic ran in looking worried.  "Oh Sonic! Check it out I'm gonna test my Size Ray on Aunt Sally!" Tails said
"Tails! Amy just became giant... Wants to marry me.. " Sonic said
"Calm down Sonic..."  Tails said
"Wait Amy's huge!?" Sally said when  a huge pink hand with a glove came smashing though one of his windows grabbing Sonic and walking away.
"Oh my god! Sally..." Tails said before firing his size ray gun at Sally. In a few minutes the whole workshop was destroyed with a 60 feet tall Sally standing up with Tails on her shoulder.

    Later in Station square a huge Pink hedgehog was dancing around with a hedgehog in her hands uknown to all the cars and people she's crushing. "Finally Sonic will you marry me?"
  "No! Amy please stop! Your hurting and destroying People!"
  "Only if you marry me!" Amy yelled
  " Not so fast Amy!" Said a voice somewhat far away.
"Who was that?" Amy said
" Me!" Said a giant 80 feet tall Sally with Tails on her shoulder.
  "Okay Amy stop what you are doing and there will be no trouble? Okay?" Sally said.

"NO ONLY IF SONIC MARRIES ME!!!"  Amy yelled so loud.
"Well you asked for it..." Sally said before punching Amy in the stomach causing her to fall on top of a building nearby crumbling it to tiny pieces.
Amy got up and took out her piko piko hammer out of nowhere and just hit Sally in the head, dropping her to the floor.
  "C'mon Sally wake up!" Tails said trying to budge her.
  "Now Sonic's mine forever!" Amy says kissing the blue blur with her huge lips.
  Sally got up and pushed Amy so hard that she let go of Sonic flinging him though the sky and in to Sally's hand. "Your save here Sonic! Now Tails shrink her!" Sally said.
  Tails had his Size ray gun and fired a beam at Amy shrinking her down to normal size. Exshasted she falls down and falls asleep. Tails fires a beam at Sally who lets go of Sonic and leaves him on a building. Sally was soon normal sized too. "I still don't know how Amy grew... She didn't touch my size ray then how?"

The Small Green man approaches Rogue the Bat. "Hello to yous! Do you want to have a huge size?" He says.
"Hm.... Maybe..."