Amy Rose Grows, Part 2: Chaos Attacks


Sonic knew he didn’t have much time. He raced inside the building and took the staircase to get to the rooftop of the 35-story building. It took him exactly 6.57 seconds to race up the stairs. Once he reached the top he kicked open the door leading to the roof. He looked around... nobody in sight. He started to walk slowly, watching his back carefully. He made his way to one of the edges of the rooftop.

The view over Station Square was amazing. The sun was setting at the horizon, making the whole sky fill with a dark, golden glow. After taking a moment looking over the city, Sonic looked behind him. He saw a table with two chairs, all set. The white tablecloth looked nice, with glasses, plates and candles on top of it. Sonic took a seat on one of the chairs.

Not long after he sat, he heard deep, earthquake-like sounds in the distance. *BOOM*... *BOOM*...

The glasses, forks and knives on the table started to vibrate, and the whole building started to shake with every *BOOM* Sonic heard. The sounds were getting louder. He knew she was getting closer. *BOOM*... *BOOM*

Amy appeared behind one of many skyscrapers of Station Square. Sonic sat back and relaxed on his chair, looking at the giant pink hedgehog. Her enormous appearance made her look powerful. She waved at Sonic and carefully walked over to the skyscraper where he was sitting. While crossing the big, crowded street and making sure she didn’t step on any vehicle or pedestrian, she reached the rooftop. With her 200 feet height, Amy’s head rose above the rooftop of the 35-story building, meaning she had to look down at Sonic. Her mouth was at Sonic’s eye level.

‘HI SWEETY!’ Amy said softly (in terms of a giantess). Sonic looked at the giant smile that appeared before him. He then looked up at her eyes.

‘Hey Ames! I’m afraid they didn’t have a chair in your size.’ He gave a big wink. Amy started to giggle.

She rested her giant arms on the edge of the rooftop and looked dreamily at the blue hedgehog, her eyes half lidded. She finally had a date with Sonic, as was promised by him after he was ‘convinced’ by her when she grew to a giantess (author’s note: read Amy Grows, the first story).

She lifted her giant hand and reached over to a radio, which was conveniently placed near the table. With her giant finger she managed to switch it on. The song Natsu no Hi by OFF COURSE was playing on the radio. The synthesizer sounds echoed throughout the area while the Japanese voice sang about love.

‘THAT’S OUR SONG SONIC!’ Amy excitingly said. Sonic smiled at her.

They stared in each other eyes for a while. Sonic really started to love those cute but giant eyes of Amy. She reached her hand over to Sonic and used her giant finger to play with his quills. She purred softly.


‘You should wait and see what they have done with your dinner!’ Sonic smiled at her. ‘Tails is using the X-Tornado to transport that heavy plate over here. He even got help from the military, who are using helicopters to support him.’

Amy giggled again. He could say these things in such a serious tone, when in fact he just wanted to make her laugh. She loved that about him. After she stopped giggling there was a short moment of silence.

‘SONIC… YOU ARE EVERYTHING TO ME. THIS PROBABLY WILL BE THIS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.’ She brought her lips closer to the tiny Sonic, ready to give him a giant kiss (literally). Sonic embraced himself and was ready to kiss those giant lips. He started to speak: ‘Amy… I lo...’


Amy opened her eyes, looking at the alarm clock next to her bed, feeling annoyed. She used her fist to smack the big snooze button, using such force that she broke the device. She rolled on her back and decided to stay in bed for a little while. She stared at the ceiling, looking sad. She realized her dream had abruptly ended.

‘Aaaaw….’ She said, clearly sounding disappointed.

Amy had rented an apartment for quite some time now, located near the center of Station Square. It was small but she had everything she wanted. Amy really missed her house back on her own planet since she and her friends appeared on Earth and she needed her own place.

Another reason why she decided to quickly rent an apartment was Sonic. He didn't keep his promise in dating her after her giantess adventure, and that made her angry for quite some time. With her not being around the Thorndyke mansion all the time, she thought she could make Sonic miss her. Unbeknownst to her she in fact succeeded, but Sonic would never admit it.  Even though she had her own place, Amy visited the Thorndyke mansion regularly, keeping Cream and Cheese company and helping Tails and Chuck with their new inventions. She also perfected her cooking skills with Ella’s help.

It had been quiet on Earth the last couple of months. Dr. Eggman was thrown into space by giantess Amy. They didn't know what happened to him, but he probably was floating somewhere inside the Egg Carrier (or what was left of it after Amy ripped the huge aircraft open like a tin can). They were expecting him to return one day, as he always did.

With Eggman out of the way, Sonic, Amy and their friends managed to collect all seven emeralds, still scattered around Earth. Tails and Chuck wisely decided to keep the emeralds away from Amy when she was around Sonic, especially when he managed to make her mad. They knew she could unleash the powers from the emeralds to grow again and they didn't want Sonic get hurt badly by an angry giantess. Amy giggled at the thought of this. Oh you bad girl... Such thoughts!

Chuck and Tails had built a device together that would create a portal, which was supposed to bring Sonic, Amy and their friends back to their planet. They had to use the energy from the seven emeralds, which Tails placed on the device. Chuck tried to activate and create the portal, but the device malfunctioned and a ball of energy appeared all over Station Square. Instead of creating a portal, two islands from Sonic’s home planet appeared on Earth, including Angel Island.

That 'accident' happened last week. Today was just another day. Amy finally decided to get out of bed. While she was making tea, she turned on her little portable TV to watch (or rather listen) to the news. A female reporter was standing at the beach of Station Square, with Angel Island clearly seen floating behind her. The reporter talked about how the mysterious island suddenly had appeared last week and that local authorities were trying to keep tourists away.

Amy walked over to the window while she was sipping her tea. She looked at the sky. It was a beautiful morning, with the sun shining brightly and the sky looking azure blue. She was thinking about the adventures she had with Sonic and her friends the last couple of months. They took a trip to Japan, rescued a movie set from scary ghosts (Amy got so pissed she smashed the ghosts with her Piko Piko hammer and scared them away) and they went scuba diving to find one of the last emeralds. She loved the adventures, but she also was disappointed. The experiences didn't give her the opportunity to use her new powers, for she needed the emeralds and her anger to make herself grow. She finally had a special power and it frustrated her that she couldn't use it all the time.

I really miss our adventures. It was so exciting. I… I wish I could be a giantess again. It felt great, using my powers to stop evil and make Sonic look up to me… literally.

Meanwhile, on Angel Island, Knuckles was lying relaxed on the top of the shrine, protecting the Master Emerald. He had been overjoyed when he heard that Angel Island had appeared on Earth last week. He had been lying before the big stone the whole week now, continuing his life mission to protect the Master Emerald. He felt relaxed. The only thing that interrupted his relaxation was chasing away tourists from time to time, who managed to get on the floating island even though the government had ordered them not to trespass.

All of this changed today. Knuckles had noticed the blue sky was disappearing and it was getting darker. In a split second, grey clouds began to form around Angel Island. A huge thunderstorm began to wreak havoc. Thunderous sounds echoed around the island. Knuckles got up, getting worried he might get hurt by the weather phenomenon. Suddenly a big lightning bolt came from the sky, hitting the Master Emerald. It caused the big stone to break in pieces.

Knuckles looked up, noticing his lifework was destroyed. He cursed and was mad as hell. But that was not all: he noticed something moving near the broken pieces of the Master Emerald. It was a weird looking creature which seemed to have no skin. Instead it appeared to be transparent with a watery substance. Its brain was visible and it had green eyes that were glowing. It seemed to provoke Knuckles by waving its arms.

‘What do you want? What have you done to the Master Emerald?!’ Knuckles yelled loudly at the creature.

He jumped up on the shrine, ready to attack the monster. But just as he was about to swing his big fists, he got headbutted by the strange creature. Knuckles fell down the stairs, painfully landing on the ground. After recovering from the fall, he noticed the creature was gone.

‘What the…?’

Then he noticed the world around him started to change, almost as if he was being transported to another world. Did he start… dreaming? He noticed he was still on Angel island, but it was sunny and warm. The shrine was visible in the background, but it looked less old, almost new. A female echidna appeared before his eyes, wearing clothes that appeared quite out of fashion.

‘Hey, what's going on?’ Knuckles said to her.

The female echidna started talking. ‘Listen carefully. A creature by the name of Chaos has been brought to your world. It was trapped inside the Master Emerald and it is full of hatred. Chaos must not collect the seven emeralds, or else the planet is doomed.’

Knuckles stared at her, thinking he was getting crazy.

'Who are you and where the heck am I?’ He asked.

‘My name is Tikal. I have brought you to the past... but that isn't important right now. Please listen to me carefully. You should go and prevent Chaos from destroying the planet.’

Knuckles was quiet for a while, not buying her story. ‘Er… right...’

Tikal looked at him, realizing she wasn't convincing Knuckles. 'Please listen! You must prevent Chaos from collecting the seven emeralds. If you fail, the creature will transform and become invincible. It will be fueled by hatred.'

'And this Chaos creature... is that the same ugly thing that just gave me a huge headache?' Knuckles asked.

'I see you've met Chaos before. You should go and stop it before it's too late'.

Before Knuckles could reply, he noticed the bright sky and sun disappeared and he found himself back on Earth, present time. Pondering about what he just had witnessed, he decided to leave the shrine and head over to the Thorndyke mansion. He should warn Sonic and his friends, hoping the vision wasn't a stupid dream.

Over at the Thorndyke mansion, Sonic and his friends were enjoying the quiet and sunny day. Tails and Chuck were tinkering on the portal device in the garage. It had malfunctioned and was damaged during the huge energy ball, and they had to repair the damage. Fortunately, the seven emeralds had remained intact, still installed in the portal device.

Inside the mansion, Chris, Cream and Cheese were watching television while Sonic was lying on the rooftop, just as he always did when he was at the Thorndyke's. He was watching the clouds that had formed around Angel Island, wondering why the weather had changed suddenly. Then he thought shortly about Amy, realizing he hadn't seen her for a whole week now.

Back in the garage, Tails and Chuck were in for a surprise. A watery substance appeared from the drainage and flowed on the floor. The substance formed itself into the creature which slowly turned out to be Chaos, and it stood behind the little fox and the professor. It scanned the garage, looking for the emeralds. It finally noticed the shining objects, which were on top of the portal device. Tails and Chuck noticed strange sounds behind their backs and decided to look over their shoulder. They got frightened when they saw the watery creature standing before them.

'Aaaaaaah!' They both screamed.

Tails tried to attack the creature by throwing tools, but failed hopelessly. Chaos absorbed the tools in its body and threw them right back. Chuck and Tails now had to dodge the heavy tools. Chuck took cover behind a large, wooden box. Tails tried another attack by flying towards the creature really fast, but Chaos punched the poor fox. The impact caused Tails to get thrown back and hit the nearby wall. Chaos then took its chance to grab all the seven emeralds from the portal device and absorbed them in its body. Chuck ran over to Tails to help him on his feet again.


Sonic got up from the roof of the mansion, hearing Chuck's yelling, and raced towards the garage. It took him a full second to get there. He stood in front of a strange and transparent looking creature, which held the emeralds inside its body.

‘Hey! Leave those emeralds where they belong!’ Sonic yelled at Chaos.

Sonic was about to spin dash towards Chaos when it suddenly melted into water and flowed towards the small openings of the drainage, taking the emeralds with it. Sonic could not believe his eyes.

‘W-what the...?’

He knew he couldn’t chase the creature down in the sewer, the openings just big enough for the emeralds to fit through it

Amy went out shopping. She enjoyed getting out and buying stuff, even though she was being watched all the time. Living between humans felt weird since she had moved into her apartment, particularly because her neighbors were constantly staring at her. She knew she looked different as a Mobian, but her self-confidence kept her going. Some citizens recognized her as the giantess that saved Station Square, which made the situation even more awkward for her.

Another thing she hated was being treated like a child. She had that same feeling back at the Thorndyke mansion, where Ella and Tanaka were constantly calling her and her friends 'kids'. She couldn't explain why humans were treating the Mobian visitors like this. Maybe it was because they were smaller than humans? These humans are weird. Even though I'm smaller doesn't mean that I'm not an adult and can't take care of myself. Not long ago, I was biggest person on Earth!

Amy gave this a lot of thought. People probably didn't realize Mobians mature much faster than humans; that makes them different. They're in their adolescence quite fast and get independent, as Amy was for a couple of years. She knew Sonic had the same feeling over at the Thorndyke's, but he had the advantage of taking fast runs from time to time.

Amy was walking on the sidewalk of one of the busiest streets of Station Square. She had walked the same street when she had to save the city as a giantess. Her large footprints still were visible on the main road, which underwent heavy repairing. She felt guilty for causing the damage, but she also felt powerful to see how large she actually was. It still felt weird every time she saw the giant footprints, and the comparison gave her a strange but powerful feeling. I... made those. Those were my feet!

A couple of road workers were busy repairing the asphalt. They noticed something out of the ordinary between the people walking on the sidewalk. It was pink and small. They had watched the Mobian creatures on the news, but they never had seen them for real. The road workers kept staring at Amy as she was walking by.

‘Ey! Isn't that the giant pink hedgehog?’ One of the road workers asked his buddy.

‘Yeah, you're right!’

‘Hey freak! Didn't you forget your giant boots? Look at the size of this mess! Hahahaha!’

Amy ignored the comments. She felt insulted and embarrassed and started walking faster. She had encountered these same moments several times. Sometimes people were nice, thanking her for saving Station Square and being a heroine, but others were rude, blaming her for destroying the buildings and streets. I did save the city when I was huge and they are so ungrateful, she always thought when she experienced this.

As Amy was walking faster, wondering if she should throw her hammer towards those rude idiots, she felt a small earthquake swelling up under the ground.

That's strange, she thought. They didn't say anything about an earthquake in the forecast.

The earthquake became heavier. Soon the whole street was trembling and people started panicking. The road workers noticed fountains of water were pouring out of the sewers. Within minutes the whole city started getting flooded, with water appearing everywhere. Building were caught by waves of water and streets turned into rivers, getting ripped open while more earthquakes appeared. People were screaming all over the city.

'What's happening?!' Amy yelled.

She got scared. Huge amounts of water started to get together around her and they were rising towards the sky. The water started to form and she noticed it was turning into some sort of creature, almost resembling a dragon.

‘What the heck... is that... thing?!’

Amy witnessed how the creature did in fact turn into a huge, dragon-like creature. Chaos was forming into Perfect Chaos. It had absorbed all the powers from the emeralds and what Tikal had warned about now became true: Chaos was indestructible. With its transformation complete, it started destroying buildings, clearly enjoying the rampage.

Amy became angry and frustrated as she knew was unable to defeat this monster without her powers. Look at the size of that thing! I need the emeralds to get huge again!

A large crowd came running towards her, fleeing from the monster. Amy embraced herself. The crowd flew by and were running into a nearby building that had been flooded but offered shelter from Perfect Chaos. Feeling powerless, Amy decided to follow the crowd into the building where she found more people hiding. She stood in front of them as if she was protecting them, looking through a window and keeping guard. Amy had summoned her Piko Piko hammer to protect herself and the others around her. She watched as the city was being destroyed by the monstrous actions of Perfect Chaos. Dark clouds were forming in the sky, making the scene even more dramatic. Soon the whole city turned into a dark apocalypse scene, making Station Square an unlivable place.

Knuckles went running into the garage of the Thorndyke mansion. He bumped into Sonic, Tails, Chris, Cream and Cheese. They looked defeated.

‘What happened?’ Knuckles yelled.

‘Some sort of creature attacked us and stole the emeralds... all seven of them.’ Tails replied, his voice sounding worried.

Knuckles groaned. ‘Did this creature look transparent, like it was made of water?'

'Uh... yes... did you encounter it before?' Sonic asked.

Knuckles was lost in thoughts. 'Then... she really told me the truth!'

Sonic looked at him. 'What are you talking about?’

‘I was guarding the Master Emerald, but this thunderstorm came out of nowhere and a lightning bolt destroyed the Master Emerald!'

Everyone in the room gasped. Knuckles continued.

'Then this strange creature appeared from inside the emerald. I tried to fight it but it fled. And all of sudden I had this weird... vision. Some sort of girl said she was from the past and warned me about that creature named Chaos. If it collected all seven emeralds it would drain them and turn indestructible, using its hatred to destroy the planet.’

‘What?! No way! It now HAS the seven emeralds.’ Sonic yelled at him.

‘Sonic, if what Knuckles describes is true, we are too late. Unless…’ Tails pondered.

‘Unless what Tails?’ Sonic asked him.

‘If you could get the seven emeralds back you can turn into Super Sonic and destroy him!’

Sonic liked that idea, but he had to find a way to get the emeralds back. Chuck ended the silence by running into the garage.

‘I just saw the news! Some sort of giant dragon is terrorizing Station Square. The whole city is flooded with water!’

‘Sonic, we have to...’ *SWOOOSH*

Before Chris could finish his sentence, Sonic had disappeared.

‘Guys, we have to get to the X-Tornado and help him!’ Tails said.

Amy watched as Perfect Chaos was flooding the city and destroyed more buildings. The military had arrived with a large number of helicopters. They attacked Perfect Chaos with missiles but they failed miserably. The missiles were absorbed by the body of Perfect Chaos and were shot back at the pilots, destroying their helicopters instantly.

Amy couldn't do much but watch, feeling sorry for the poor pilots. The frustration and anger could be seen on her face. She had examined Perfect Chaos but she couldn't find any weak spots where she could smash her hammer.

She was disturbed by the people behind her. One of them started talking as she still was looking outside, keeping her eyes on Perfect Chaos.

‘Hey. Aren't you Amy? W-why aren't you helping us? That thing will destroy us all!’

Another person started to interfere. ‘Can't you turn back into a giantess?’

‘Wait! Is she the giantess who saved us? No way!’

‘Do something before it's too late!’

'Why are you just standing there?'

More people had started to interfere, making Amy feel pressurized by the comments they made. She couldn't concentrate, and started getting annoyed and angry to the point she couldn't take it anymore. She turned around and yelled at the crowd.


The crowd immediately stopped their interference and they were dead silent. Some even got scared by Amy's yelling, not expecting such a loud voice from the 2'11" tall hedgehog. They quickly backed off from the angry looking Amy.

Unfortunately, her yelling had caught Perfect Chaos' attention. The monster started to swim over to the building where Amy and the people were hiding. Noticing Perfect Chaos was getting nearer, the crowd started to panic and scream.

Amy had to think fast. She decided to jump out of the building and try to lure Perfect Chaos away from the innocent people. She made a couple of high jumps and eventually flew towards Perfect Chaos, ready to attack with her hammer.


She smashed her Piko Piko hammer into the creature's giant head, but it was no good. Her hammer didn't hurt it at all. Amy jumped away and landed on the rooftop of a car that was floating in the water. She looked up at the monster.

I REALLY need those emeralds!

She jumped again for another attack...

Sonic was racing towards Station Square. He noticed the dark clouds that formed above the city and the destruction caused by Perfect Chaos. He ran up on the highway that was pushed above the water due to the earthquakes. He then noticed Amy. She was jumping around the monster, trying to dodge its attacks.

'Amy!' He yelled.

He didn't except her to be there. He feared that she would get hurt badly by Perfect Chaos so he didn't waste any time. Sonic started spin dashing towards the creature, making sure it would stop attacking Amy.

Amy landed on another car and was about to make another jump when she noticed a blue ball spinning through Perfect Chaos. Sonic!

But Sonic's attack wasn't very successful. He went straight through the creature. He spun back towards the road that was above water level, looking annoyed. Amy took the opportunity to attack Perfect Chaos again, giving Sonic some time in preparing his next move.

Knuckles came running into the scene, stopping next to Sonic. Above them Tails and Chris were flying in the X-Tornado, having arrived as well and giving backup to the pilots of the helicopters.

'Is it though?' Knuckles asked Sonic.

Sonic nodded. Knuckles watched how Amy was attacking the monster.

'Amy's here? Well, what are were waiting for? Let's take out that thing before she gets hurt!' Knuckles said to Sonic.

Sonic nodded. The echidna and the blue hedgehog raced toward Perfect Chaos. They jumped together, creating a duo spinning attack to boost their powers. The blue and red balls were spinning like crazy toward Perfect Chaos, penetrating its watery body. They failed again, spinning right through it and not hurting the creature in any way. They jumped back on one of the destroyed streets. Citizens from Station Square were watching from their hiding places, looking defeated.

Amy changed tactic and threw her hammer towards Perfect Chaos. She failed as well. Her hammer was swallowed by the monstrosity. She summoned more hammers and threw them, but still she didn't succeed, as all the hammers were swallowed inside the creature's body. Sonic and Knuckles attacked again, distracting Perfect Chaos from Amy. They had to dodge many Piko Piko hammers which were shot out of Perfect Chaos. Amy took this opportunity to start spin hammering towards Perfect Chaos with an enormous speed and managed to hit its jaw. The hit caused Chaos to spit out the emeralds from its beak, which were flying through the sky. Motivated by the hit, Amy tried to attack the monster once more and spin hammered like a fast tornado towards it, but she was hit by one of Perfect Chaos' claws. She lost her hammer and was thrown back in the air. She yelled.

Fortunately, Sonic jumped after her and caught her just in time, holding Amy in his arms. She looked at him, surprised but slightly relieved.

‘Sonic!’ She yelled.

‘Hi Ames. Still mad at me?’ Sonic replied.

‘You bet!’ She gave him a daring look which made Sonic smile a bit.

Sonic and Amy landed on the same destroyed road that was bend and pushed above water level. Knuckles jumped after them. Sonic let Amy go as she landed on her feet. They kept their eyes on Perfect Chaos. It stopped attacking them and continued to destroy the city. They noticed that Tails was flying directly above them.

'Sonic, we need you to take the seven emeralds and turn into Super Sonic!' Tails yelled from the X-Tornado.

Amy, Sonic and Knuckles looked around. They found the seven emeralds lying on the destroyed road, which had fallen over there after been spit out by Perfect Chaos. Picking up the emeralds, Amy noticed something odd about them.

‘It's no use Sonic. The emeralds have been drained. Look! There’s no power left in them.’

Amy handed over an emerald to Sonic. He looked at the 'dead' emerald, feeling frustrated.

They all looked at Perfect Chaos, the creature that couldn't be defeated. The situation felt hopeless. Sonic looked up to the huge monster, wondering what he was going to do. Amy looked at him, thinking the same about herself. I can't be giant and super strong with drained emeralds. Isn’t there some way…

A thought crossed her mind. She remembered what Tails had said when he turned her back to her normal size after her giantess experience: … Amy, you are able to summon these powers back from the emeralds. But you need at least two emeralds and… your buttons need to be pushed at the right time.

'That's it!' Amy yelled.

Amy needed to get angry, really angry. This way she could unleash her special powers, even from drained emeralds. But she had to find a way to feel that strong emotion. She looked at Sonic.

‘Sonic! Quick! You need to make me angry!’ She yelled at him.

‘W-what?’ Sonic looked surprised.

‘You heard me! Say something that makes me really mad!’ She sounded serious.

‘Not now Amy, we have to find a way to get these powers back in the emeralds.’

‘JUST DO IT, ALRIGHT?’ Her eyes were wide open and she looked angry.

Now Sonic didn't know what scared him more: his self-proclaimed girlfriend yelling at him or Perfect Chaos attacking Station Square.

Amy calmed down a bit, looking serious. 'My powers Sonic... remember?'

Sonic nodded. Now he knew what she meant.

‘O-okay.’ he said. What should I say to her? ‘You… you... er... smell weird?’ Sonic had no clue.

‘WHAT?!’ She looked at him in a threatening way.

‘Whoa... Whoa...! You told me to make you angry.’ Sonic held his hands up, afraid he was about to get slapped.

‘Yes, angry. Not insult me, you idiot!’ Amy yelled.

Sonic realized his remarks were making Amy angry already. She looked pissed off. This gave him an idea and he started insulting here more.

‘Well, okay. You really suck at fighting! And you’re slow!' Sonic started.

It worked. Amy's blood started boiling inside her.

'And that pathetic hammer of yours...’ He smiled with an evil look, knowing his tactic was working.

'NNNNNNHHHH!' Amy gritted her teeth.

'And your cooking skills... uh... suck!'

‘Sooooooonic…..!’ Amy yelled. Her body was trembling, her face almost turning red.

‘And I don't ever want to date you.’ Sonic quickly said.


That gave Sonic a bit of a shock too, his eyes opening wide. You could tell by his face that he didn't want to make that last remark, but somehow he blurted it out.

Amy didn't except to get hurt deeply, but her plan worked. The drained emeralds started to glow slowly. Knuckles noticed this.

'Look! Something's happening!'

As Amy’s anger started to increase, the emeralds were glowing brighter. Sonic and Knuckles' jaw dropped, hypnotized by the bright emeralds. Then, just as her previous growth, the emeralds started to float in the sky, flying over to Amy. Her anger was still present but her face changed, looking relieved, as she held out her arms and waited for the burst of energy from the emeralds to hit her body.

The energy burst hit Amy and she made a little yelp. Then she felt the short but familiar pain and the tingling sensation rushing through her body. Her body started making the stretching noises again. She felt herself getting larger and larger. Amy couldn't describe the feeling, but it felt powerful and rewarding, knowing that she would grow to a giantess. Her body was trembling and stretching outwards as she started to expand, with every body part increasing in size. Amy looked at her hands and arms getting bigger and stronger. Her legs where getting longer. The growing spurt happened fast and soon she was 6 feet tall, still growing. Sonic and Knuckles’ eyes were wide open, almost popping out of their sockets as they moved their head upwards, watching Amy tower above them. She looked down at Sonic and Knuckles as she went to 10 feet tall.

‘THANKS SONIC!’ She gave him a smile and a big wink while she was getting larger. Sonic and Knuckles' jaw dropped even more, almost dislocating, as Amy was rising above them. Her face and upper body were shooting towards the sky as the rest of her body kept increasing in size, getting close to the size of 20 feet. All Sonic and Knuckles could see were her giant, long legs and Amy's giant head looking down. She looked at them as she watched everything getting smaller. Amy was relieved to know she could draw her powers from the drained emeralds and that she would become strong and big enough to stop Perfect Chaos. She knew Sonic had to make her mad, but she didn’t expect that last remark of him, which did hurt her feelings. She forgave him for now, because she had to save the city.

Amy’s red boots and feet were growing rapidly too, getting larger around Sonic and Knuckles, almost hitting them. Amy noticed this and, sweet as she was, moved her boots away from them, making sure they wouldn't crush her friends.

Amy's body was now rising above the tall buildings. Her giant appearance was noticed by everybody in the surrounding area as her head and upper body was clearly visible by everyone on the ground. 50 feet tall… Her body felt strong and powerful as she was growing even faster. 100 feet tall… She had hoped to grow bigger than Perfect Chaos and she now was almost double its size and still growing. She felt invincible. Then her growth spurt slowly stopped and she was bigger than her first giantess experience, standing at 150 feet, probably due to her strong emotions. Tails was flying around Amy's head in his X-Tornado. She noticed this and gave him a smile. Tails gave a smile back and waved his hand. Then she looked down at the tiny echidna and the tiny hedgehog she loved, still standing in front of her.


‘No way Amy. I'm not going to give up a fight.’ Sonic yelled while he still was looking up at his giant ‘girlfriend’.

‘I’m in too!’ Knuckles yelled.

Amy nodded. She knew she could not argue with Sonic and Knuckles about this.


She knelt and lowered her hand, giving Sonic and Knuckles the opportunity to jump on. She lifted her hand and allowed her friends to get on her shoulder.

Amy started walking towards Perfect Chaos. The citizens of Station Square were looking up and watched the giantess walking by. They started to cheer, remembering the previous time she had rescued the city (twice) from Dr. Eggman’s evildoing. They knew she was going to save the day.

Big splashes of water were created due to the giant footsteps of Amy. Her feet and boots were so big that the water level only reached about half the height of them. She quickly reached the big monster. It couldn't be described as giant anymore; Amy was the giant.

Perfect Chaos looked at her. One could tell by its eyes it was scared, for it had never thought a Mobian could get more powerful then it. Amy kept her eyes on the evil creature, angry for all the pain and suffering it had made.

'READY GUYS?' She said to Sonic and Knuckles.

'Ready!' They both yelled. Sonic started spin dashing, shooting over to the creature. Knuckles started jumping around. They were distracting the creature while their giant friend was getting ready for her attack.

Amy summoned her giant Piko Piko hammer, which appeared in her hands, and swung it behind her.


Amy now swung her giant hammer forwards while Sonic and Knuckles jumped away. Her hammer hit Perfect Chaos hard on its head. It started to realize how dangerous Amy actually was. The creature vanished quickly in the water, fleeing the scene. For a moment, Amy thought she had beaten Perfect Chaos. Sonic and Knuckles jumped on the rooftop of a nearby building. They looked around, searching for the monster. Amy looked around as well, realizing it was gone.

But suddenly Perfect Chaos started to rise out of the water.

'Amy, behind you!' Sonic and Knuckles both yelled.

Amy calmly looked over her shoulder. She noticed Perfect Chaos and she quickly made a 180-degree spin hammer attack. Her giant Piko Piko hammer made a huge hit on the Perfect Chaos’ jaw. It screamed in pain.

Using this moment, the remaining helicopters flying over the city started to shoot missiles again. Tails joined them and started shooting as well. But unfortunately, the missiles were once again absorbed in the body of Perfect Chaos. It opened its jaw and fired the missiles back at the helicopters.

‘NO!!!’ Amy yelled as she realized Tails and Chris and the helicopters were in danger. She quickly jumped over Perfect Chaos with an enormous leap and smacked the missiles away with her hammer, which changed course and hit the water. She made a quick look at the pilots, making sure they were safe. In a split second she noticed the pilots were cheering at her. Amy landed with a huge *BOOM* back on the flooded ground, causing a huge earthquake. She turned towards Perfect Chaos again.

As Amy was ready for another attack, a bright light suddenly appeared from the sky, blinding everyone in the surrounding area. It almost looked like a portal opening in the clouds. A female echidna then appeared from the skies and floated downwards, stopping before Amy. Amy couldn’t believe her eyes.

‘WHO… ARE YOU?’ Amy asked at the tiny echidna floating before her giant face.

Knuckles looked up, recognizing the female echidna. ‘Hey, it’s Tikal!’ Sonic nodded at him but he clearly looked confused.

‘Listen to me!' Tikal started to Amy. 'This monster is full of hatred and sadness. Using hatred will only make it worse. You have to defeat it with other means than your anger’.

‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN?’ Amy asked Tikal.

‘Use your other emotions to defeat this creature. Chaos can be defeated with your strongest emotion. You are using that power right now! It’s inside you!’

Amy looked confused for a while, but she then realized what this female echidna meant. Her anger but also her love for Sonic made her use the emeralds in a way no one else could. Even the thought of losing Sonic forever, thus her love for him, made her grow even bigger and stronger during her last battle with the giant Mech.

‘I can tell you now, please use this feeling! There’s no other way you can defeat it. This planet will be doomed forever if you fail.’ Tikal said, looking worried.

Perfect Chaos started to scream and was ready to attack, not waiting for the emotional show that Tikal was giving. Tikal's presence vanished as Amy was caught by surprise, being hit hard by Perfect Chaos in the stomach. She lost her Piko Piko hammer and fell on her back. Her giant body made a huge impact on the ground, creating an enormous earthquake and huge waves of water. Everyone on the ground fell over as the earthquake caused by the giant body of Amy spread across the city.

Unfortunately, the huge waves of water created a tsunami and flooded a nearby building, where hundreds of people were hiding from the danger. They saw the huge wall of water coming near them, knowing they were going to get drowned. The tsunami hit the building hard, making every room fill with water.

Amy quickly recovered. Sonic and Knuckles helplessly looked at the giant waves of water hitting the building.

‘Amy!’ Sonic yelled at her.  Amy stood up and noticed the flooded building behind her.

‘NO NO NO!!’ She yelled, (turning to Perfect Chaos) ‘LOOK WHAT YOU DID, YOU MONSTER!’. Amy was furious. If she possessed the power the angry look on her face would have killed Perfect Chaos instantly. She wanted to destroy it so bad, but she knew she had to save the people in the building first.

‘Go Amy! We'll distract it!’ Sonic yelled at her. Amy nodded and started running towards the flooded building, her giant boots creating big splashes of water. Sonic and Knuckles joined forces again, jumping around Perfect Chaos with enormous speed, confusing the monster.

Amy, in the meantime, had reached the huge, 30-story tall and rectangular shaped building. She looked inside it and noticed water was everywhere. People were trying to find air as they slowly were drowning. Amy's first thought was smashing the large building to let the water out, but she realized she could hurt the people inside. Amy didn’t know what to do and she had to act fast.

‘Amy, please do something!’ Tails yelled from the X-Tornado.

‘I’M TRYING! I’M TRYING!’ The giant pink hedgehog yelled back at him.

Without any hesitation, Amy did something amazing... She held out her arms wide and grabbed the building with both her hands like she was holding a giant, concrete box. Sonic and Knuckles noticed her actions while they were jumping around Perfect Chaos.

‘A-Amy? What are you... doing?’ Sonic said.

'No..... she can't... can she?' Knuckles replied to him.

Amy couldn't hear them as she was focusing on using all her strength.

‘HOLD ON GUYS! I’M SAVING YOU!’ She yelled at the drowning people inside the building.

Using the strength and force from her giant legs, she started to… lift the building! Frightening and deep, rumbling sounds came from the building as it started to get ripped from its foundation while Amy was lifting it. The earth was trembling. Amy gritted her teeth and she used all her strength from her arms and legs to lift the enormous and heavy building.

'NNNNNNHHHHHH!' She groaned.

Everyone in the near distance were looking in awe. Sonic and Knuckles’ jaw dropped (again), almost hitting each other as they jumped around Perfect Chaos. Tails and Chris couldn’t believe their eyes from inside the X-Tornado as they witnessed Amy's strength.

‘She’s… she’s even stronger than the last time!’ Tails remarked.

Sonic and Knuckles jumped safely on the rooftop of a nearby building, away from Perfect Chaos, both looking at what Amy was doing.

‘I think you really did it by telling her you won’t ever date her…’ Knuckles said to Sonic. Sonic didn’t reply and just stared at his self-proclaimed girlfriend with total disbelief. He now knew he never had to make Amy pissed off again.

Amy held the enormous 30-story building in her hands, close to her body, and slowly started walking towards higher ground. The water that filled the building was now flowing away from underneath, clearing every floor and saving the people from drowning. The building felt heavy but she knew she could hold it for a while. She carefully walked step by step, making sure the people didn’t get hurt by the heavy vibrations. When giant Amy reached higher ground she carefully placed the huge building on some free land, safe from water. She peeked inside and looked worried. People were recovering from the water, gasping for air.


Amy waved to some military helicopters that still flew around, who gave a signal and started flying towards the saved building. Amy took another look inside, making sure everyone was safe. Several people had recovered quickly and where helping others who were in bad shape. Some were looking confused at the sad looking giant eyes of Amy.

‘I’LL MAKE IT PAY FOR WHAT IT DID!’ She then made a quick 180 degree turn and ran back towards Perfect Chaos, which was being distracted by Sonic and Knuckles again.

Perfect Chaos noticed the pink giantess was coming back. It used its body and tail to slap the water, creating another huge, tsunami-like wave that was coming towards Amy. She braced herself for impact, but her giant body could withstand the enormous force from the water. Then Perfect Chaos witnessed something it didn't expect: Amy was a perfect swimmer. She jumped under the huge waves of water and the giantess took a short swim towards the monster.

Amy reached Perfect Chaos and jumped out of the water, grabbing its long neck with her giant hands. Her death grip was so tight the water monster couldn’t move. Perfect Chaos tried to free himself, making choking sounds in the progress. Amy looked at it and was fueled with hatred. She wanted the creature to die on the spot, knowing what could have happened to the people inside the flooded building if she hadn't acted fast. Amy squeezed her giants fists tighter and tighter, but the creature still was moving. She then remembered what Tikal had said to her. She couldn’t defeat this monster like this.

She then noticed Sonic was looking at her from the rooftop. Sonic gazed back at Amy. She instantly realized what had made her stronger.

‘SONIC! I CAN'T DESTROY THIS THING!’ She yelled at him.

‘What? A-amy? Finish it once and for all!’ Sonic yelled back at her, being surprised.

‘I… I CAN’T! NOT LIKE THIS.’ Amy looked deep in Sonic’s eyes. She had a worried look on her face. With her strength, she managed to keep Perfect Chaos in her death grip.

‘What are you saying? You need your anger to be Super Amy!’ Sonic now REALLY was confused, and he wondered why Amy just didn't destroy Perfect Chaos, just as she had done with the giant Mech.

‘NOT ANGER… I… NEED… LOVE…’ Amy said. Tears appeared in her eyes.

Perfect Chaos was trying to escape from Amy’s grip again. She pulled it back as it tried to free itself, but she knew she couldn't hold it forever.

‘Amy…?’ Sonic sounded confused.


‘Say what?’

‘YOUR FEELINGS FOR ME OF COURSE, YOU IDIOT!’ Amy's grip became so tight Perfect Chaos thought it was done for sure.

‘Okay, okay, chill out!' Sonic held up his hands.

Perfect Chaos tried to free itself again, but Amy managed to pull it back once more, her grip getting tighter around its neck.

'DON’T TRY TO DISTURB ME WHEN I’M TALKING TO MY SONIC!’ she yelled at Perfect Chaos. She then turned back to Sonic. ‘NOW SONIC! SAY IT!' She yelled.

'Amy… I… I really care for you, like nothing else!’

For Amy, that’s all she wanted to hear. Her eternal love for him started boiling inside her, which burst into a warm feeling through her whole body. A bright light started to glow from her hands while her death grip was getting stronger and stronger.

‘SOOOOONIC! I LOVE YOU!!’ Her scream was so loud it was almost deafening to everyone in the surrounding area.

The bright light expanded around her and blinded everyone as Amy crushed Perfect Chaos with her bare hands. A loud scream came from the creature while it started dissolving. Then there was a short silence as the bright light had vanished. Perfect Chaos had disappeared into thin air. Amy stood there, empty handed, knowing she had defeated the creature by using her strongest emotion. She looked around, checking if everyone was safe. The dark clouds above her were disappearing and rays of sunlight were shining on Station Square again.

A splash of water appeared on a nearby road next to Amy. The water transformed into Chaos, but back in its original size and form. Amy knelt to take a closer look. Sonic and Knuckles were gazing down from the rooftop.

‘It’s still alive!’ Sonic said.’

Then something amazing happened. Several Chao creatures appeared from the water. They all flew toward Chaos, looking curious. Chaos looked back but it didn´t hurt the Chao.

‘It no longer has the urge to destroy everything around it?’ Knuckles asked to Sonic.

‘Super Amy’s power probably destroyed it.’ Sonic replied with a broad smile on his face. Amy heard Sonic saying this and a cute smile appeared on her face as well.


Then a bright light appeared next to Chaos. Tikal was suddenly standing next to it. She looked relieved, her eyes filled with tears of joy. Chaos looked at the Chao creatures, then to Tikal.

‘They are the Chao you protected.’ She explained.

‘The Chao are coming to this world now. The Chao will live in peace, and you will be in peace too.’

Then Tikal looked up at the giant face of Amy.

'Thank you for saving Chaos... there's no anger in him anymore. Your love inside you is strong. Whoever is in your heart will be a lucky soul. Be safe...'

Amy felt a lump in her throat. She, Sonic and Knuckles witnessed how Tikal and Chaos were flying upwards to the sky, eventually disappearing. More dark clouds disappeared as they made way for blue sky.

People that were hiding in the buildings were getting out and started to cheer at the giant pink hedgehog.  Amy smiled as she looked around to make sure everything was safe. She stood up and looked at Sonic, who was at eye level of her, still standing on the rooftop of the nearby skyscraper. Her moist eyes were glowing as the sun reflected and twinkled on them. Sonic was staring at those giant eyes, his mouth half-opened. He suddenly remembered the remark he made to Amy before she started growing and he didn’t know how she was going to react.

Amy walked over to him, her face close to the tiny blue hedgehog, almost intimidating him. All Sonic could see was the white of her eyes and two green irises staring at him.


A smile appeared on Sonic's face, almost relieved, and he chuckled a bit. He liked the humor Amy was developing.

'Hey, who told me to make you angry?' Sonic replied.


'Yeah, uh… Amy, funny you should mention that…' Sonic started to sweat.

Amy grabbed Sonic by his quills with her thumb and index finger and lifted him from the rooftop.



Sonic knew he probably got crushed by Amy’s giant hands if he said no.

‘Alright, alright! Guilty as charged. Now put me down Ames!’

Knuckles couldn't stop laughing. He was rolling on the floor. Amy smiled and she carefully placed Sonic back on the rooftop. Sonic looked at her.

‘Great job in destroying that monster!’


She gave him a cheek hug, but the force of her giant cheek almost made Sonic fall over.

They turned as they looked over the city. Everyone was coming back on the streets, cheering that the danger had gone away. The water was slowly disappearing, apparently floating towards the sea. Helicopters were flying around, trying to give help to those in need.

Amy offered her shoulder to Sonic and Knuckles and they jumped on her, using Amy to take a ride across Station Square.

Amy walked through Station Square with Sonic and Knuckles holding her hair. They offered their help to everyone who needed it, with Amy using her giantess size and strength to remove debris or picking up people standing on rooftops. She made her way to the building she had saved before and carefully picked up injured people and placed them in ambulances or helicopters that were rescuing the injured. She was given thumbs up by the pilots and medics.

Amy continued to give help the rest of the day. She came across some road workers who were caught by the flood and were trapped inside an unfinished building. They looked familiar, and she instantly remembered them from her walk earlier that day when they made fun of her.

‘Hey there, giant hedgehog! Please save us!’ One of them yelled.

‘We’re trapped!’

Amy towered above them with her 150 feet height, looking down at the tiny people.


Sonic and Knuckles were standing on her shoulder, looking at her face.

‘Amy, what’s going on?’ Sonic asked her.


She looked intimidating to the distressed road workers, and she teased them even more by leaning over, bringing her giant face extremely close to the tiny humans.

‘Uh wait, what are you doing? You're supposed to save us!’ One of the road workers yelled.

‘OH? AM I?’ She replied.

‘Amy, what are you doi…’ Sonic asked Amy but she quickly shushed him.

The road workers started to get scared and realized their comments earlier that day had made Amy really pissed off.


‘Y-y-y-yes miss, w-w-we will.’

Amy decided she had teased them enough and that they’d learned their lesson. She picked them up like tiny toys and put them on the ground. The road workers screamed like babies. They didn't enjoy the experience and quickly ran off.

‘HOW RUDE! THEY DIDN’T EVEN THANK ME… HMPF!’ Amy said while folding her arms. Sonic and Knuckles laughed hard, clearly enjoying Amy’s hotheaded nature. She looked annoyed at her tiny friends.

After these events and making sure she had offered her help where she could, Amy was once again brought back to her normal size by Tails’ reverser, who quickly had picked it up from the Thorndyke mansion.

Sonic and his friends had the emeralds back, which were charged with energy again. Station Square was once again saved by Amy, but they didn't know something else was waiting for them… out in space.