Amy Rose Grows, Part 3: Space Colony ARK Battle



The evil doctor was typing quickly on his keyboard. Although the Egg Carrier was heavily damaged when it got ripped into two pieces, his main computer still worked.

“Bypassing this firewall...yes...yes. Now I just have to type in...the...proper password...”

His robot minions Decoe and Bocoe were looking over his shoulder as he tried to hack into the Space Colony ARK mainframe.

They had been floating in space for days. The ship wasn't able to fly on its own, which meant it took them some time to reach the abandoned space station after they were thrown into space by the pink hedgehog giantess.

Dr. Eggman laughed. "Well, that was a very easy password. I'm surprised my grandfather didn't come up with a more sophisticated one."

“So, you're in the mainframe, Dr. Eggman?” Decoe asked.

“Silence! Let me think. Hmm...where to look?” He pushed a couple of keys on the keyboard, scrolling through the text on the monitor. “What? This...this can't be!”


Dr. Eggman had discovered his grandfather, Gerald Robotnik, built the Space Colony ARK and had lived on this Earth; meaning that he actually was from this dimension, rather than from Sonic's world. The Space Colony ARK was built more than fifty years ago to research immortality, and they made something that was called 'Project Shadow'.


“Project Shadow, eh? Let's find out what that's all about,” the evil doctor laughed. He started typing on the keyboard like a mad man.

He was able to hack deeper into the mainframe and discovered a live video link to a hidden research lab of GUN, the law enforcement organization, back on Earth. It showed some sort of hibernation device.


“Well, what’s this? Hehehe...” Dr. Eggman became excited, cracked his knuckles and started typing different passwords. After several attempts he finally got in. “Activated!”

As the evil doctor and his robots witnessed through the video link, the hibernation device started producing noises and damp, filling the entire room of the hidden research lab. Then the device opened slowly, and a dark figure appeared.

Dr. Eggman laughed. “I think I have found a way to collect all seven Chaos Emeralds.”



It was night and all seemed quiet around the Station Square National Museum. The guards were doing their hourly rounds and looked around in the dark hallway. The Chaos Emerald they were guarding lay secured in its bulletproof glass container. One of the guards took a good look before they left to get some coffee.


After a couple of minutes, a black blur appeared around the glass container. It stopped and took a swing with its arm, breaking the bulletproof glass like it was nothing. The alarms immediately went off, but the shadowy figure didn't mind. It took the Chaos Emerald and examined it closely. One of the security cameras could capture the face of the unidentified creature. It looked like Sonic, but instead the hedgehog had black fur.

The black figure shot away through one of the glass walls and was outside within seconds. The alarm still echoed around the perimeter and several searchlights lit up. The black hedgehog stopped and stood in the middle of the spotlights. Robot guards flew around the perimeter and surrounded the hedgehog thief.


“Surrender yourself or we will open fire,” the robot guards yelled.


The black hedgehog just stood there with a stern scowl etched onto his face. The guard robots didn't hesitate and started firing their automatic rifles at him. He immediately dodged the bullets and shot around the scene at the speed of sound. The guard robots were then destroyed one by one, cut into pieces like a knife through butter. The black hedgehog took one last look and then left the scene.




The black GUN helicopter flew over Station Square as the sun was setting. The city looked surprisingly clean after the mayhem that was caused by Perfect Chaos weeks ago. The evening sky was gold and Station Square looked peaceful from up the pilots' view, although they were busy communicating with GUN headquarters. In the middle section of the helicopter were several armed officers. Between them sat Sonic...handcuffed.


“So what did that blue rodent do?” one of the GUN officers asked.

“Apparently he stole the emerald from that museum.”

Sonic remained silence. One of the guards turned to Sonic.

“I heard you caused a lot of chaos at the museum last night.”

“I don't know what you're talking about,” Sonic replied.

“If you keep that attitude just because you're famous, you will be sorry you've met us.”

Sonic ignored the threats that were made by the GUN officer, but he noticed the keys of his handcuffs hanging on the officers’ belt.


The pilots were still busy communicating with GUN headquarters, but were interrupted brutally by loud groans and shouting from behind them.

“Are you guys OK?” one of the pilots asked. He didn't get any response. “Hey, answer me! Is the prisoner still there?”

Sonic opened the helicopter's huge crew door and jumped out of it.

“Where is the prisoner?” Sonic could hear behind him while he was gliding in the sky. Sonic grabbed a metal plate that came loose from the helicopter and decided to use it as a snowboard.


The blue hero fell down on the busy streets of Station Square and slid down the street with his metal 'snowboard', feeling like a top athlete. He couldn't enjoy the experience for very long, as he had the feeling he was being chased.



Amy looked out of the window from the apartment she was renting in Station Square. She thought the evening sky looked very romantic. She used this moment to relax and think about the events that happened a couple of weeks ago, when she had to grow again to her giant form and save the city from Perfect Chaos. The city recovered quickly from the flooding and everyone’s day-to-day life seemed to be normal again. Her love confession to Sonic made him more affectionate and he even came to visit her several times. Amy loved that things were getting better and having Sonic around her. Being trapped in this dimension didn’t seem so bad anymore. She loved to cook for Sonic and knew he was craving for her special cakes.

One time she even teased him to have grown bigger spontaneously by standing on a chest behind him when he was eating one of her cakes. That look on his face when he turned around! Amy giggled every time she thought about her prank.


She wondered what would happen with the Chaos Emeralds. Some of them were secured by the government and safely placed in different locations, having discovered that Amy could use them for her super powers. They allowed Tails to keep one for his research. Sonic, Amy and their friends were still waiting for him to build the teleporter that would bring them home, but the damage of the flooding caused by Chaos meant more months of repair. In the meantime, Sonic and Amy enjoyed each others company.


Amy thought about Sonic; he’d left off this morning for another adventure and Amy did some shopping in Station Square. Right now she was feeling bored.

I wonder when Sonic will pay me a visit?

Amy walked away from her little balcony, turned on her little television and walked towards the kitchen.


'… and we have reason to believe that Sonic has stolen the emerald from the Station Square National Museum.'


“Sonic?!” Amy rushed back to her television and watched the report about the stolen emerald from the museum. It also showed footage of a dark figure that resembled Sonic.

But Amy knew better. “That isn't Sonic!”

She noticed the darker fur and the white chest hair. She knew how Sonic looked even from miles away, and the figure on the camera footage clearly wasn't him.


“… our latest report is that Sonic has been captured by GUN and is taken to Prison Island to await his trial.”


“No! Not my Sonic! This is a mistake!”

Amy was about to leave her apartment when she heard commotion outside. She opened her window and looked outside towards the busy street. A blue figure on a metal plate was 'snowboarding' between the cars. The pedestrians on the street looked surprised when they saw Sonic shooting by.

“Sonic! How did he get over here?” Amy looked up and noticed a helicopter flying over her apartment, using their searchlights.

“He...escaped? I have to help him right away and tell everybody they have the wrong hedgehog!”


Amy ran towards her door and went outside her apartment. She started running, holding her arms straight out behind her back. Hopefully she could get to Sonic soon before GUN did.



Sonic was snowboarding down the next street, wondering where he should look for the imposter that had stolen the emerald from the National Museum.

While Sonic was thinking things through, several floating robots were appearing behind him and started their pursuit. It appeared to be GUN robots and were armed with laser weapons.

“Now where did you guys come from?” Sonic asked them with a teasing smile, looking over his shoulder.

Sonic snowboarded between the cars on the street and tried to shake off the robots. Unfortunately, they were quicker than he thought and stayed on his tail. He noticed an opening to the Station Square sewers in the middle of the street, and decided to dodge the robots and opened the lid leading to the sewers. He jumped in and made a free fall down, landing gracefully on his feet.

He’d managed to lose the robots and walked alone in the sewers. “It stinks here,” he remarked. “Anyway, how did I end up in this mess?”

He wasn’t alone for long. The opening to the sewers appeared to be big enough and soon enough the robots were behind him. “C’mon! You guys again?”

Sonic started running again, trying to think of a new way to get rid of them.



It was getting darker outside. Amy was still been running through the city, looking for the blue hero she loved so much. But Sonic was nowhere to be seen. She was getting worried and frustrated at the same time.


I wish I had a couple of Chaos Emeralds so I could grow. With my 100-foot size I could easily spot my sweetie.


Amy thought about the first time she became a giantess and fought the huge mech, protecting Station Square from being destroyed. If it weren’t for her size and strength, she wouldn’t be able to save Sonic from that collapsed building. That moment she found her man alive and kicking and kept him between her giant hands was something she will never forget. She looked at her hands. They were so…normal. She sighed. “Sonic. I’ll find you!”

She looked around and decided to head further in the city.



Sonic was getting impatient. Those metallic goons were still chasing him and he had to change tactics. While running through the sewers he looked up and found another lid, leading up to the streets. He ran faster and faster and made an enormous jump, breaking the heavy, metallic lid. Dust clouds formed from outside the sewers and the blue hedgehog flew into the air with super speeds that were impossible for any human being.

Unfortunately, the robot guards kept chasing him. Sonic decided he had enough and landed on the street, turning around to face the robots. They formed a line and were ready to capture the blue hedgehog.


Suddenly, a fast light appeared and destroyed all of the robots in just one blink. A black blur shot around Sonic and stopped in front of him. Sonic couldn't believe his eyes. Before him was a hedgehog that resembled his liking.


“What...who are you?”

“It's true what they say. We do look similar,” the black hedgehog said with a dark voice. “It's like looking into a mirror.”

“So you are the one pretending to be me and creating chaos everywhere!” Sonic responded.

“You must be Sonic. Dr. Eggman told me all about you.” Shadow gave him an evil smirk.

“What do you want with the emeralds anyway?”

“That's all part of a greater plan, faker. And one that involves ending you. But first, I want to see if you’re a worthy opponent.”

“Well, if you want to play it that way. Bring it on!” Sonic replied.


The blue hedgehog started to run, showing off his skills in super speed. Shadow quickly followed and ‘floated’ next to him, using his shoes as hover skates.


Amy climbed up on the roof of a tall building, getting a better view of the city. She heard commotion a couple of streets from her position. The pink hedgehog used her acrobatic skills and ran faster to jump from one roof to the other, sometimes using her Piko Piko hammer to give her a boost and jump higher than any human being ever could. When she landed on the roof of another tall building she could get a great view of what was happening. Amy looked down and couldn't believe her eyes. She saw Sonic...and a black hedgehog just like him, running together!


Back on the streets, the two hedgehogs were running at full speed. “Not bad faker. But I think I'm done for today. Let's see if you’re strong enough.”

Without any warning, Shadow tried to punch Sonic, but the blue hero dodged his attack just in time.

“That's not a fair fight!” Sonic shouted.

He decided to run up to the building next to him, vertically, speeding up towards the roof. When he reached the roof, he stopped and looked around, trying to find Shadow. He was nowhere in sight; the black hedgehog had disappeared.


Amy spotted Sonic on the rooftop. She called his name but he was just too far away. Amy decided to run and jump over more rooftops to get closer to him.


Shadow suddenly appeared out of nowhere behind Sonic and kicked him in the back. The blue hedgehog was caught by surprise and knocked off the roof, falling down about 20 feet. He fell on the street, painfully, creating dust clouds around him.


Amy stopped running and was shocked to see her man lying on the street.



Sonic was able to get up, feeling a little beat up. “Well, that was unfair. And how did you just appear before me?”

Shadow decided to give him another show and teleported right before him. He started fighting with Sonic, who returned a couple of fair punches. Still, Shadow appeared to be stronger than Sonic. The black hedgehog warped several times around Sonic and kicked him hard. Sonic felt the pain rushing through his body and started to get disorientated. Then Shadow dealt him a huge blow to the head and Sonic fell on the street once more, almost unconscious.

“I'm Shadow, the ultimate life form. Professor Gerald gave me the power of Chaos Control.”

“You fight dirty,” Sonic groaned.

“Consider yourself lucky. If it weren't for these limiters...time to finish you off!” Shadow yelled.


Amy was dashing on the rooftops, trying to get closer to the fight scene as soon as possible. She looked down and saw how Sonic was lying on the street, helpless.

“Don't hurt him!” Amy’s blood started boiling inside her and she started to growl. "Nobody hurts my boyfriend!”

A glow started to appear around her. Amy's body was trembling when her anger started to grow inside her. Her arms appeared to get thicker and her body started to swell. She ran towards the edge of the roof and made an enormous jump. While airborne, she felt her body expanding.


Shadow was about to give Sonic one final blow when something caught his attention. He grabbed the two emeralds he had been carrying and noticed how they were glowing all of a sudden. “What's this?”




A loud noise interrupted his thought and the shockwave blew him away, causing Shadow to land on his back. He could feel the ground shaking heavily under his body. He quickly recovered and looked up. A giant wall of red and white blocked his way between him and Sonic. Blinking his eyes a couple of times, he realized he was looking at two giant, red boots. He looked up and followed two long and giant pink legs, an enormous skirt and then a pink hedgehog face that was 80 feet above him...female? She looked angry, staring down at the black hedgehog.


“What’s…who...?” Shadow stumbled.

“STOP HURTING SONIC OR YOU’LL BE SORRY YOU’VE EVER MET ME!” The giant pink hedgehog yelled down at him.

Her voice was ear-piercing. Shadow was flabbergasted. He hadn’t seen anything like Amy before. To him, she was a female version of Sonic, but ginormous.

Sonic recovered from his unconsciousness and slowly stood up. He blinked his eyes, looked up and realized Amy was standing before him. She had grown back to a 100-foot sized heroine. “Amy!”

The pink heroine turned her head. “ARE YOU OKAY, SWEETIE?” Amy then kept her focus on the tiny, black hedgehog.

“I'm fine!” Sonic yelled up to Amy.

“What…what are you?” Shadow stumbled even more.

“I'M A DELICATE FLOWER BUT YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE IF YOU TRY TO HURT MY BOYFRIEND,” Amy roared with her loud voice. Sonic couldn't help but feel a bit embarrassed when she made that remark to a character like Shadow.

“Hmppff…” Shadow replied. “I’m done here. Chaos Control!” He vanished unexpectedly.


“He’s using a power that enables him to teleport,” Sonic said to Amy, still looking up at his giant girlfriend.


“I'm not sure Ames, but I think he's up to no good. We should stop him right away. But wait…how did you know?”



Amy bent over and lowered her hand, allowing Sonic to jump on it. She lifted her hand 80 feet in the air and brought Sonic close to her face, smiling.

“Man, I think I'm getting used to this.” Sonic grinned.

Amy giggled and looked into his tiny eyes. She felt so strong and powerful again, knowing her size would protect her lover forever.


“Yeah, Shadow’s his name.”


“Ya think, Amy? I saw you throwing him into space with your…enormous strength!”

Amy giggled briefly, squeezing her eyes. She loved the attention from Sonic like that.



The blue hedgehog and his giant girlfriend were interrupted by a noise behind them: citizens of Station Square were freaking out by the sudden appearance of Amy, but they also spotted a colony of police cars, GUN vans and helicopters, using searchlights to brighten the area around Amy, almost blinding her. She used her hand to block the lights, getting slightly irritated.

The colony got closer and ultimately stopped some distance before Amy’s giant boots. A police officer nervously stepped out of the first vehicle. He walked slowly towards Amy’s boots, looking up and seeing a giant, irritated-looking face. He started to speak through his megaphone, his voice clearly trembling.

“Uuuh…giant hedgehog. G…give us Sonic. W-we have to arrest him for stealing the emerald.”


Amy wrapped her fingers gently around Sonic, holding him like a tiny toy and pulling her hand closer to her chest in a protective gesture. Once she made sure they couldn’t possibly take him from her grip, she exploded at the police force; her forceful yells causing them to immediately cover their ears.



Every police and GUN officer started trembling in their cars, hoping the giantess wouldn’t crush and obliterate them.

Sonic covered his ears as well. He knew Amy could be fierce, especially when she'd grown to her giant form; though he wondered what the government would do with her after she was back to her normal size.


Amy decided to 'persuade' the police force even more and took one step closer to them. Her giant boot landed just before them, creating a huge earthquake. The cars and vans were almost flying in the air. It scared the living daylights out of every GUN and police officer. They started their vehicles and turned around fast.

One of the helicopters decided to open fire and give the giantess some warning shots, but Amy wasn’t impressed. She grabbed the helicopter out of the sky and pulled it closer to her face, looking even more irritated.




The pilots in the helicopter started screaming. They were afraid they might get eaten by the giantess, but Amy loosened her grip and let them go. Within seconds every helicopter had fled the scene.

“Well, that seemed to persuade them.” Sonic laughed.

Amy lifted her hand in front of her muzzle. She made an open hand and let Sonic stand up. Her face changed, looking romantic. She used her giant muzzle to give Sonic a little nudge in a cute away.



They were interrupted by a famous sound. Amy looked behind her shoulder and saw Tails flying into the scene with his X-Tornado.

“Hey guys! I heard about Amy on the news and I wanted to help.” Tails yelled through the megaphone.

“HI TAILS!” Amy excitingly said. “WE'RE OKAY! I SAVED SONIC FROM THAT BLACK HEDGEHOG.” Sonic folded his arms and gave a groan.

“OH, DON'T BE MAD SWEETIE. SOMETIMES YOU NEED SOME HELP FROM LITTLE OL' ME.” Amy gave Sonic another nudge with her muzzle.

“Black hedgehog? What about him?” Tails asked.


“Yes, please. Hold on guys. I've got a distress call from Knuckles.” Tails was listening for a couple of seconds, while Amy and Sonic patiently waited, wondering if Knuckles was in any danger. “He says the Master Emerald was stolen by Rouge and he followed her down into the desert!”


Tails continued. “He thinks he found a secret base of Dr. Eggman over there.”

“The Master Emerald stolen by Rouge? That seems odd. Why would she want that huge gem?” Sonic said out loudly.


“Hang on guys! I'm getting reports from the media that the remaining Chaos Emeralds, which were guarded by GUN, have been stolen as well!”

“No way! It’s Shadow! He's using that chaos thing to teleport himself to the emeralds.” Sonic became agitated and had to find his balance on Amy's hand. She lovingly raised her hand and helped Sonic keep his balance, stroking his quills with her finger.


Sonic ignored what Amy said. “Tails, can you find the location of the nearest emerald? Maybe we can catch Shadow!”

“Hang on...okay guys, found it! The government has one sealed away in the President's House. It's a few blocks from here.”

“Okay, let's go!”

Amy placed Sonic on her shoulder. “HANG ON SONIC!”


Amy started to run slowly, safely stepping on free spots on the city road. Her giant body moved gracefully between the buildings while the city experienced heavy tremors with every footstep. Sonic kept his grip by holding some quills of his gigantic girlfriend.


“Uh…sure thing, Amy!”



Tails flew above Amy while they were headed to their destination. Tails was the first to arrive and kept flying circles over the President's house, scanning the area and looking for anything out of the ordinary. He noticed the alarms were going off and several guards were running around the perimeter.

The guards experienced some short but heavy earthquakes when Amy arrived, feeling completely intimidated by her grand appearance. After they found their balance again, they looked up to her as she was slowing down her pace.

Amy looked down and noticed the chaos. “ARE WE TOO LATE?”

Tails checked his monitors in the X-Tornado. “I’m afraid we are! That Shadow person you talked about just took the last Chaos Emerald. He now has six of them; but we have the seventh, so we still call the shots!”


Across the street, several huge billboards that showed commercial ads suddenly went black, and after a few seconds the face of Dr. Eggman appeared on all of them. Amy and Sonic looked around and noticed how the entire city changed to one, huge broadcast. Every television and computer all across Station Square, in every household or in a store’s display, and soon the entire planet, showed the same footage of Dr. Eggman inside the Space Colony.

“WHAT’S HAPPENING?” Amy slowly walked to one of the huge billboards, allowing her and Sonic to get a better look.


“People from around the world! Listen to me! I'm broadcasting live from outer space. I have discovered a big secret that was kept by your government. Yes, the government that you all trust but keep dirty secrets like this. My grandfather, Dr. Gerald Robotnik, build a weapon, called the Eclipse Cannon, that can destroy an entire planet, and now I will use it to rule the Earth! Witness the power of the Eggman Empire!”


Back in space, the entire Space Colony ARK came to life. Rocks that covered the space station came loose and a huge weapon was starting up. After a couple of seconds, the weapon started shooting a blue-colored laser beam towards the moon. On impact, half of the moon was destroyed instantly and pieces of it were floating around in space.

A long silence followed, with everyone on Earth in shock, never thinking they would have witnessed a cruel act like this. Nobody in Station Square minded Amy's huge appearance anymore as they looked up in the sky.


Amy, with Sonic on her shoulder, kept looking up while their jaws dropped. They couldn't believe Dr. Eggman was capable of doing such a thing.


“The Master Emerald, Amy. That's why Rouge stole it from Knuckles.” Sonic almost whispered in his girlfriend's ears.



Dr. Eggman continued his broadcast. “Now that you all know what I'm capable of, I'm expecting you to surrender yourself and bow for me and the Eggman Empire. I'll give the Earth leaders 24 hours to surrender themselves and deactivate their weapons. If not, I will use the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Earth. I'm waiting! Bye-bye!”


The broadcast stopped and the billboards in the streets of Station Square were blank. For a couple of seconds there was silence, but then everyone in the city started to panic.

Amy’s anger grew inside her and her blood started to boil. “THAT BLOATED BABOON!” She growled with a loud voice. Sonic could feel her heart beating faster and her body trembling of anger. Before she could get any angrier, the two of them noticed something horrific: everyone in the city witnessed how, far above the clouds, a huge rock piece of the moon was heading towards the city. The rock was acting like a meteorite and accelerated to an enormous speed. It was the size of a huge spaceship and on a collision course.


A huge panic started in the city. Men, women and children were screaming and running around, trying to find safety. Amy looked down and saw all the tiny humans running amok while the city prepared to face their doom.


But as she suspected, nobody listened to the 100-feet tall hedgehog. She had enough. Amy couldn't bear to see how everyone would die a gruesome death if she didn't act fast. She embraced herself and held up her giant hands; keeping a straight, but angry, face.

“Amy! What are you doing?” Sonic yelled at her from her shoulder.

“SAVING THE CITY!” She turned her head towards the huge crowds of people. “EVERYONE, LISTEN TO ME! GET INTO SAFETY AND DON'T HURT EACH OTHER! DON’T PANIC!” Amy yelled down towards the panicked crowds. Most of the people seemed to listen to the giantess.

About 30 seconds had passed and the piece of the moon had entered the atmosphere. Fire ignited around the huge rock as its speed kept increasing. Now was the time for Amy to act.

“Amy, you aren't serious!” Sonic yelled towards his giant girl as he tried to pull her quills, in a failed attempt to stop her.


“No, I'm not going! I'll keep you company! We're in this together,” Sonic responded.



Then the moment came. The huge moon piece was now about 3,000 feet away. Amy still kept her hands high in the air. The giant moon piece was just above them. Within seconds, it was about to pulverize Station Square; but just above the huge skyscrapers, Amy was able to catch it with her hands like a giant volleyball. On impact, her shoes made enormous footprints deep in the ground. Gritting her teeth, she held the giant moon piece above the city, preventing it from causing any damage.


“GET BACK EVERYONE!” Amy roared over the entire city.


People started panicking when an enormous shadow appeared over the entire city. They were screaming and crying. The pink heroine started to spin around with her body like a strong athlete performing hammer throw, and with some force she threw away the moon piece, back into space.

People of Station Square couldn't believe their eyes. Everyone in the city witnessed how the gigantic hedgehog just threw away an enormous meteorite as if it was nothing. Although still in shock, they were relieved that the sudden danger was gone. They started cheering instantly while Amy bent down and held her hands on her knees, trying to catch some breath.


“Amy, that was amazing! You saved the city and everyone!” Sonic said.

Amy was still panting, wiping the sweat of her forehead with her left arm. She looked down and noticed how the people of Station Square started cheering for her heroic actions. Amy placed her right hand onto a huge skyscraper, leaning and using it as a support to recover her energy.


Sonic used Amy's quills to climb up and get near her left ear. He softly whispered: “You’re alright there, Ames?”


“I can't believe how strong you are. With that kind of power, we can stop that Eggman from destroying the planet!”



Amy moved her head a little and raised her left hand to her ear, picking Sonic up gently, and bringing him over to her gigantic lips. She softly kissed him, her lips completely covering his body.


Sonic couldn't respond as he was recovering from her warm, giant kiss.


The sun started to rise slowly on the horizon, which meant a new day was dawning. Tails was still flying with his X-Tornado at a high altitude. He used his megaphone to communicate with his friends.

“Amy, that…that was incredible! But we can’t celebrate for long. Don't forget about Knuckles! We should go to the desert outside the city. I think that secret base he found is our next clue to get to Dr. Eggman!”


“You sure about that, Amy? Don't you want me to join you?” Sonic looked up towards Amy's giant eyes, which looked down at him in a cute way.


“Great idea, Amy. Could you give me a hand?” Sonic asked.

Amy nodded. “READY, TAILS?”


The gigantic pink, hedgehog reached out her right arm and held up an open hand, allowing her fox friend to safely land the X-Tornado.

“I'm still not getting used to this!” Tails yelled.


Tails turned off the engine of the X-Tornado. Amy gently picked up Sonic with her left hand. Before she helped him into the X-Tornado, she moved Sonic towards her lips, giving him another kiss. Again, the blue hero was totally covered with her giant, peach-colored lips.


“I will,” he softly replied to her.

Tails opened the cockpit windows of the X-Tornado and Amy moved Sonic over the aircraft, letting him jump into it. Tails started the engine and, with a little help from Amy swinging her hand, flew up into the sky.


Amy watched how her lover and best friend flew away. Then she looked around, trying to find the best route to start running; but before she could move, she looked down. Thousands of citizens were looking up and cheering at the giant heroine.


Amy turned her head, looking down and noticing a group of male citizens cheering a little too excited. “AND YOU GUYS, STOP STARING AT MY PANTIES OR I’LL GET THE HAMMER!”



Knuckles sighed as he was running around in the desert. He was able to chase Rouge all the way to this place, still not believing he had run for so long. He was still mad as hell when he caught the female bat stealing the Master Emerald on Angel Island and making him look like a fool.

“Where are you, you thieving bat?” He shouted to himself.

Frustrated by not finding her, he dug around the earth and slammed his fists into the ground. He then was interrupted by a low, but loud sound. It came from behind the sand dunes.


“What the...?”


Knuckles climbed on one of the dunes and noticed a large pyramid, which he had never seen before in this area; but it didn't appear to be a normal pyramid. Instead, it looked like it was made of metal and there was smoke coming out of the top. If Knuckles didn't know better, he would have sworn it was some kind of base or launch platform.

Knuckles decided to contact Tails with his communicator.



Sonic and Tails flew around the pyramid with their X-Tornado.

“I think this is the one Knuckles talked about,” Tails remarked to Sonic.

“Yes, buddy; and there's Knuckles!”

Sonic pointed down to one of the dunes and they saw Knuckles waving his big hands.

Tails landed the X-Tornado safely in front of the pyramid. They jumped out of the aircraft and met with Knuckles.


“What took ya so long?” Knuckles grinned with a teasing smile on his face. “And didn't you forget someone?”

“You mean Amy?” Sonic replied. “Well, uh, funny thing. She got a little mad and...”

“No! Don't tell me you made her turn into a giantess again!”

“Hey! It's not my fault! She got mad at Shadow, not me!”

“Who's Shadow?”

“Long story, I'll tell you later. Amy is taking the long and 'discrete' route to avoid scaring the living daylights out of everyone outside Station Square. She'll be here soon.”

Sonic turned around. “So, this is the pyramid you were talking about?”

“Yeah, I was chasing Rouge when I noticed it. I believe it's a sort of secret base made by...Eggman? He must've built it before Amy got rid of him.”

“Alright, let's check it out guys!” Tails excitingly yelled.


Sonic, Tails and Knuckles walked up the giant stairway to the huge entrance of the pyramid.

“I wonder why Eggman made this so big?” Tails remarked.

Once inside, they walked through a huge hallway. It was dark and resembled the inside of an ancient pyramid. The walls were made of huge stones with a yellowish color. The three heroes took a long walk and finally ended up at a giant door, which seemed to be locked. Knuckles gave the door a couple of punches and kicks, but it wouldn't budge.


Their fox friend spun his two tails and flew around the door. He noticed there was a keyhole. “I think we have to find a key,” Tails said.

“A key? Sounds like a real challenge in the huge, dark place,” Sonic said. He and Tails looked at each other and then turned around, giving Knuckles a long look.

“Why are you guys looking at me?” The red echidna responded.

“Well, you are the famous treasure hunter, aren't you?” Sonic grinned.

“Yeah, that's right; or aren't you living up to the name?” Tails joined the teasing.

“All right, all right! I'll go and find that stupid key!” Knuckles replied with annoyance. He turned around and walked back the way they came, while Sonic and Tails chuckled.


Knuckles walked back to the giant hallway, looking into small, dark spots.

“They really think they're funny,” Knuckles grumbled to himself.

He was interrupted by a small, black creature that appeared before him. Knuckles gave him a long look and realized it was Bokkun, the annoying little sidekick of Dr. Eggman. He was carrying a bag with him. “Bokkun? What...”

“Hey Knuckles, running errands for someone?” the little sidekick sarcastically asked.

“What did you say? How dare you! I'll make your little face-wait...! What are you doing here?”

“Well, it's none of your business, but if you must know; I'm protecting this base when Dr. Eggman gets back.”

Knuckles started laughing loudly.

“Why are you laughing?” Dr. Eggman's little sidekick had a temper and it started showing.

“Well, if you're waiting for Eggman you can wait for eternity. Now get lost you little wimp!”

Knuckles walked away. Bokkun could still hear his laughter echoing throughout the entire pyramid, and he gritted his teeth.

“You think you’re funny and can insult me? Idiot! I'll get you for that!”


Bokkun opened his bag and grabbed a remote control. It was a simple device with a big, red button, which clearly showed it was Eggman technology. He slammed the red button and the earth started to tremble. “Get him, Egg Golem!”




Sonic and Tails were still waiting in front of the giant door, wondering if Knuckles was up to the task of finding the key. While examining the door, they were interrupted by multiple, large earthquakes.

“Wow! What was that?” Sonic looked at his buddy.

They turned around and saw Knuckles running towards them, looking scared. His face was covered with sweat. Behind Knuckles they could see a giant, 30 foot statue that appeared to be moving. It was a robotic golem, made of stone, running towards them and looking very dangerous.

“You tell him to find a key and he returns with a monster!” Sonic sarcastically remarked to Tails.

Knuckles ran as fast as he could. When Knuckles reached his friends, the golem started stretching out his right arm and gave a powerful punch, trying to hit the red echidna. The three heroes jumped out of the way and the golem accidentally punched open the giant door. Sonic and Knuckles landed on the ground and looked at each other.

 “Well, you asked me to open the door, right?” Knuckles remarked.

“Guys, look out!” Tails yelled while flying above them.

The Egg Golem started to spin its arms around while its upper body rotated around its z-axis. Its arms and hands acted like two dangerous flails. Knuckles jumped up and started to attack the golem, but got whacked by the spinning hands. He was slammed into the wall with his back and passed out for a couple of seconds.

“I'll get you for that!” the blue hedgehog yelled at the golem.

Sonic started spin dashing and shot towards the golem’s head. It instantly responded to his attack by giving Sonic a huge headbutt, resulting in Sonic falling to the ground. He was knocked out as well.

Bokkun looked at their defeat from a distance, bursting into laughter. “Now who's laughing?”

Sonic and Knuckles looked up in pain and saw the giant golem closing in on them, ready to crush and pulverize them. “I…I can’t move,” Sonic moaned.


Out of the dark, a huge, gloved hand suddenly appeared behind the Egg Golem. Sonic instantly recognized the white fabric and the pretty, golden bracelet. The giant hand grabbed the golem’s head and pulled it out of its torso with little effort.

 “PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!” The familiar voice echoed through the hallway. Sonic and Knuckles looked up and saw Amy appear from out of the shadows. She was twice the size of the golem and had to bend over to fit in the hallway, crawling on her knees. She balled her hand into a fist and pulverized the golem's head to tiny rocks. With her other hand she pulled away the golem’s body, making sure it couldn't hurt Sonic and Knuckles anymore. She grabbed the body with both hands and snapped it in two like a pencil.


Sonic and Knuckles looked at each other and were relieved to have Amy with them. They slowly got up and watched how she pulverized the rest of the Egg Golem.


Bokkun looked up, realizing the enormous size of Amy could crush him easily, and her started trembling with fear. He looked around and tried to walk away quietly behind the giantess, but Amy turned around on her knees and looked down at the pathetic little sidekick. Her giant body loomed over him.


Bokkun screamed like a baby. He noticed Amy was hovering her hand over him, ready to crush the little man like a bug. Then Amy made a fist and stomped with it on the ground, right next to him, resulting in a huge earthquake. Bokkun fell on the ground. He crawled back up and started running away from the pink giantess.

“Idiot! You’re such a freak!” He yelled while running.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?” Amy screamed even louder with a deeper voice.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles looked at each other, knowing this meant the end of Bokkun.

Amy started throwing several parts of the now broken Egg Golem towards the little, black creature. Bokkun screamed even harder while he ran outside the pyramid, dodging the huge parts that were flying over him.

 “Mommy!” Bokkun cried while he ran into the desert.


Back inside the pyramid, Amy turned around on her knees. She rested her hands on the ground, looking down at her friends and making sure not to crush them. She then shifted her legs a little, allowing her to sit on her hips while she stretched her legs gracefully.

Sonic, Knuckles and Tails looked up to Amy, her giant head towering over them.


“Yes, thanks Amy! You’ve got great timing!” Sonic said to her.

She smiled. “AAW, ANYTIME SONIC!”

“Aren’t we forgetting someone?” Knuckles grumbled.

Amy turned to Knuckles and checked if he was okay. “OH YES, SORRY! HI KNUCKLES. YOU KNOW I’LL NEVER FORGET YOU. OR ARE YOU A BIT JEALOUS?” She raised her right hand and used her index finger to rub the red echidna in a cute way. “Hey! Cut it out!” he yelled.

Amy ignored Knuckles’ comment and looked around, examining the place from her point of view. “SO THIS IS THE SECRET BASE OF DR. EGGMAN?”

“Yes, and it looks like there’s a spacecraft over there. Look!” Tails exclaimed.


Everyone looked through the door opening and noticed how a spacecraft was standing on a huge platform in the middle of the pyramid. It resembled the space shuttles they had seen in the media, with a white-colored top and a black-colored base. It was attached to a large rocket, which obviously was meant to help the aircraft get in outer space.

Amy had to lower her head near the ground to see what everybody else was seeing.


“Let’s find out,” Tails replied to her. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles walked over to the space shuttle, but Amy had to crawl behind them.


Her three friends turned around and noticed how Amy was struggling to fit through the hallway, her back and head rubbing against the ceiling.


“Yes, I did, Amy!” Tails responded. “It’s permanently installed on the X-Tornado!”


“Right! Hold on a second, I'll get the X-Tornado.”


Tails ran outside and flew his aircraft at the top of the pyramid, where an opening was created for the space shuttle. He descended the X-Tornado and landed right next to the spacecraft on the huge platform. Once there, Tails activated his energy reverser and used it on Amy, who slowly began to shrink back to her normal size.

Amy felt her body getting smaller and the hallway began to get bigger from her point of view. After she reached her normal size, she stood up and walked towards her friends.

“Now this is more comfortable,” she jokingly remarked to them.

“At least you don't look so intimidating anymore,” Knuckles laughed.

“Are you saying I'm a freak?” Amy annoyingly said.

“No, no! I mean…” Knuckles stumbled.

“Well, what DO you mean?” Amy gritted her teeth.

Tails interrupted the two. “Relax Amy! Knuckles, stop making her angry, or I'll have to use the energy reverser again; and I don't want to drain too much power on the Chaos Emerald replica I made.”

“You made a duplicate?” Sonic asked.

“Not a duplicate, a replica. It isn't as strong as a real Chaos Emerald but it's got almost the same wavelength. See?” Tails showed the real, yellow-colored Chaos Emerald and then the replica.

“You couldn't tell the difference!” Amy remarked.

“Yes, and I just used its power together with the real emerald to charge my energy reverser, since the rest of the emeralds have been taken by Eggman. It was a long shot, because the replica is weaker.”

“Well, what's the worst that could happen?” Knuckles asked.

“I don't know; but my guess is that Amy wouldn't have shrunken to her own size that much, and she would have stayed bigger than us.”

Amy giggled a bit and placed her hands on her back, swinging her hips a bit.

“Well guys, let's not sit around any longer. We have to get to that space station and stop Dr. Eggman.” Sonic said.

“I think we can use his space shuttle. It's big enough to carry my X-Tornado and four of us,” Tails remarked.

Sonic liked hearing this. “Okay, let's go!”



The four heroes had prepared the space shuttle and Tails managed to board the X-Tornado in a compact way. Within the next hour, the team had started the spacecraft and not long after that they’d taken off. Smoke appeared all around the pyramid and they were shot into the sky, ready to get into space. While looking out of the window, they noticed how the surface began to get farther away. They had never been in space before and the four Mobians felt slightly nervous. Within a couple of minutes, they had passed Earth’s atmosphere. “This is amazing,” Tails exclaimed.

“It’s so beautiful out here,” Amy said while she looked out of the windows in the flight deck.


An hour had passed and the four friends were preparing themselves to confront the evil doctor. Tails was killing time by researching Dr. Gerald Robotnik's past and how he became involved in the Shadow Project. He managed to hack into some GUN government databases and found some useful information.

“Get this, guys. The space station, called the Space Colony ARK, was a secret project run by GUN. Dr. Eggman's grandfather was working on the Shadow project, so he basically created Shadow. He was supposed to be 'The Ultimate Lifeform'.”

“Yeah, yeah, we got it. He’s supposed to be a tough dude,” Sonic said with a sarcastic tone.

“But he couldn’t handle the tougher rose,” Amy said while she gave Sonic a nudge and a big wink. This made Sonic mumble something and he folded his arms.

“There's more,” Tails continued. “Dr. Gerald Robotnik also created the Eclipse Cannon and he had a granddaughter called Maria. She was born on the Space Colony.”

“Wait. So Maria is Eggman's...”

“Cousin according to the records,” Tails replied to Amy. “But she suffered from a terminal illness. By working on the Shadow Project he hoped to find a cure for her.”

“And did he manage to find one?” Amy asked.

“I’m afraid not. According to these secret documents, GUN wanted to end the Shadow Project because they felt Shadow was getting too dangerous. They infiltrated the Space Colony ARK and wanted to capture Shadow, but somehow she died. According to a witness, a soldier I guess, her last words were: ‘Shadow, bring hope to humanity’.”

“Oh no…” Amy gave Tails a sad look and turned her head towards the window, gazing into space. She took a long look at the Space Colony ARK that was getting nearer. “Now I feel depressed.”


Sonic sat next to Amy and put his arm around her shoulder. She responded to this by holding his hand. “So what happened to Shadow and Gerald?” Sonic asked.

“He eventually was captured and placed into hibernation. Dr. Robotnik was captured and transferred to Prison Island. The records aren’t very clear on this, but somehow they blamed him for everything that happened on the Space Colony ARK and he was executed.”

“Man…” Knuckles said while he looked at Earth. “These humans are very brutal. I can’t wait to get back to our dimension.”

Amy squeezed Sonic’s hand a bit tighter.


Another hour had passed when they finally got closer to the huge Space Colony ARK. The four heroes couldn't believe their eyes when they realized how big it actually was, about 300 feet in height and 1000 feet in width. They couldn’t enjoy the view for very long; laser weapons that protected the Space Colony ARK were suddenly activated and began to shoot at their space shuttle. Tails had to dodge the attacks while he rigorously moved the controls around. When they were out of range of the lasers, they managed to find a supply door on the space station, leading to a landing platform. Tails hacked the security codes and managed to open it, gracefully flying in the space shuttle. He activated the landing gear and landed on the platform inside the ARK.


“Isn't this going a little too easy?” Knuckles asked when they stepped out of the spacecraft and set foot on the large hallway of the space station.

“You've got a point Knuckles. I think we should split up so we can increase our changes,” Sonic suggested.

“Okay, I'm going to find that thief bat and get the Master Emerald back. You guys look for Dr. Eggman!” Before anyone could respond, Knuckles ran off.



Knuckles was walking down the corridor, heading closer to an open space that seemed to look like a machine room. While he slowly approached it, he noticed a familiar green glow emitting from a large metal door. Using his huge fists, he knocked down the door and gave him a clear view of the enormous room.


The Master Emerald!


The center of the room contained a large bridge, and above the bridge Knuckles saw the Master Emerald, hanging on several cables and machinery. He started running faster and came closer to the huge crystal.

What is that? Are they drawing energy from it?

As Knuckles approached the Master Emerald, he was surprised by a sexy-looking bat that came shooting from the sky, landing before him.

“Rouge, you thief!” He yelled.

“I won't let you take that gem,” Rouge responded as she gave Knuckles a serious look.

“You shouldn't have stolen it in the first place! It belongs to Angel Island.”

“My my, you really are cute when you're angry. But sorry, I made a promise to Dr. Eggman,” the white bat said calmly.

Knuckles had enough of this and decided that fighting could make Rouge change her mind. He started swinging his right fist towards her, but the sleek bat was way too fast and dodged his attack. She flapped her wings and landed behind Knuckles, giving him a kick in the back.

Knuckles took the beating but he responded quickly by giving her another punch, which had more success. Rouge didn’t except the comeback and lost her balance. She fell on the bridge and then rolled off it, facing a deep fall down into the space station.


Just when she saw her death coming near, something strong grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

“Are you alright?” Knuckles yelled. He pulled Rouge up and carefully placed her on the bridge. After a small moment of recovery, Rouge pulled away her hand from Knuckles, which he held a little too long.

“Get your hands off me!” She said, sounding annoyed.

“That's some way of thanking me!”

Rouge stood up and straightened her clothes. 'You just wanted to hold my hand, you pervert!'

“What the..?” Knuckles’ blood started boiling. He couldn’t believe this girl was acting this way, unless she was playing some sort of game.

Rouge then began to walk away towards the exit.

“Hey,” Knuckles shouted, “aren't you going to stop me from taking the Master Emerald?”

“You can have it,” Rouge said while she continued walking, “It smells like echidnas anyway.”

“Why you! All this trouble getting up into space!” Knuckles took a small moment while he looked at Rouge walking away.

“I'm sorry I treated you so rough,” he said to himself. Then he turned around and grabbed the Master Emerald, pulling it off the different cables and machinery. He started running towards the exit while he held the heavy gem above his head.

Rouge stopped for a bit and looked over her shoulder, taking a good look at the red echidna.



A couple of minutes had passed as Sonic, Amy and Tails were exploring the enormous maze of hallways inside the Space Colony ARK. The three were sitting in the X-Tornado, which had transformed to its mech mode and walked on the metal floor.

“It's really quiet and dark in here,” Amy remarked.

“This place has been shut down for about 50 years when Shadow was captured and Maria Robotnik died,” Tails said.

“I wonder where Eggman is. This place doesn’t really look like he’s operating it, but I have the feeling he’s watching us,” Sonic said.


They entered a large room which was poorly lit but had several control units and other equipment placed around. On the walls of the room were very large windows, which gave a clear and magnificent view of Earth.

Amy was watching the monitors on the X-Tornado’s controls when suddenly a huge shadow appeared above her. She gave a short yelp and then started screaming. Tails immediately looked behind him and noticed the large hole in the glass that sealed off the X-Tornado’s cockpit. Sonic looked up as well. A huge, robotic arm had smashed through the glass of the cockpit and grabbed Amy like a little doll. It pulled her out the X-Tornado and held her high in the air. The pressure of its grip caused Amy to suffer a lot of pain.

“Sonic!” She yelled.

“Amy!” Sonic opened the cockpit door and jumped out of the X-Tornado to save Amy, but was interrupted by someone.


“Looks like we’ve caught your ‘little’ girlfriend.”


Everyone looked in the direction of the familiar voice. The lights in the room turned bright and Dr. Eggman floated in his Eggmobile towards the three heroes, with Decoe and Bocoe standing behind him.


“And I say little because you don't look so freakishly oversized anymore since our last confrontation.” Dr. Eggman laughed at Amy.

“Come over here and I’ll show you otherwise! Let me go!” Amy screamed at the evil doctor.

“Eggman, you better listen to her! You really don’t want to make her angry.”

“You know what I want, Sonic. Hand over the last Chaos Emerald and I'll release that annoying girl of yours.”

“Sonic! Don't do it!” Amy shouted. “If you can get a second emerald, I can use my super powers to get us out of here!”

“You sure Amy? If you grow too much the ARK will-“ Tails wanted to finish what he was saying but was rudely interrupted by Dr. Eggman.

“Two emeralds to become a huge freak, you say? Well, luckily for me I kept the emeralds somewhere safe and far away from here. You're not going anywhere!” Dr. Eggman was controlling the huge, robotic arm and made it squeeze its grip on Amy even harder.

She screamed in pain. “Ooooow! It hurts!”

“Stop it!” Sonic yelled. “You win! Here's the emerald. Now let Amy go!”


Sonic pulled the yellow Chaos Emerald out of Hammerspace and showed it to Dr. Eggman.

“Finally, you're doing the smart thing. Walk over there and leave the emerald.”

Sonic obeyed Dr. Eggman, much against his will. He placed the replica Chaos Emerald in the center; but when Sonic was backing off, a glass container suddenly shot down from the ceiling and caught Sonic like a bug in a jar.

“Sonic!” Amy yelled. “Eggman! Let him go!”

“And why should I do that? I finally caught that annoying blue ball of fur so I can eliminate him once and for all!” Dr. Eggman laughed.

Amy managed to move her head closer to Dr. Eggman. “You're forgetting I'm still here!” Her screaming was so loud that his eardrums were hurting him.

“Silence!” He yelled back. “You can’t use the emeralds so you’re no threat to me.”

Tails interrupted them. “Let Sonic go and we'll give you the real emerald!”

“What!?” Dr. Eggman couldn’t even sound more surprised. “You mean that emerald was a fake? How dare you! That’s low, even for my standards. Now hand it over!”


Tails showed the real emerald from his X-Tornado mech.

“I want you to release Sonic and Amy first. Then you are getting your precious emerald.”

“Aaw, isn’t that cute. The little fox thinks he can bargain with me. Fortunately I’m way smarter than you.”

What Tails didn’t know was that Decoe had sneaked up behind him and carried a little grabber that could be extended. The robot used the reaching aid and managed to grab the Chaos Emerald out of Tails’ hand.

The fox genius was completely caught by surprise. “Hey!”

Decoe pulled the grabber back and threw the Chaos Emerald to Dr. Eggman, who caught it.

“Thanks Decoe, you finally showed your usefulness.”

“Hey, no fair! Eggman, release Sonic and Amy as you promised!” Tails demanded.

“I didn't promise anything!” Dr. Eggman said. “I have a high standard to maintain as an evil genius. Now Sonic, prepare to be blasted in space!”

“What? No! NOOO! Let him go! Now!” Amy screamed at the top of her lungs.

Dr. Eggman ignored the pink hedgehog and laughed, clearly enjoying his evil moment.

“Goodbyeeeee Sonic!”


Sonic knew he didn't have a lot of time. He turned and looked at Tails.

“Tails. You know what to do. I'll leave the rest to you. Be brave!”

The little fox looked at him with a sad but puzzled face, trying to cope with the situation. Sonic just smiled and gave him a wink. “Keep a good look on everybody. I’m counting on you buddy.”

Then Sonic turned to Amy.

“Amy, I know you’re scared right now. Don’t! I know you are my strong girl and you can defeat Eggman without me. Use everything you’ve got; grow and get him! I’ll always be with you.”

Amy looked at the hedgehog that had stolen her heart while tears formed in her eyes.

“Sonic?” Her moist, jade eyes took a deep look into her lover's eyes. Time seemed to stop for a couple of seconds as they interchanged their feelings for each other.


Dr. Eggman pressed a button on his Eggmobile and the glass container shot out the space station like an escape capsule, quickly flying into space. The robotic arm released Amy from its grip.

“No, Sonic! No!” Amy ran over to the large window as fast as she could and watched the glass container floating into space.

“Sonic!” she shouted again, placing her hands on the glass in a desperate attempt to touch her lover, even though she knew it was impossible.

Then the horror happened. The container, with Sonic in it, exploded instantly. It felt so cruel to see Sonic end like this. A huge fireball swelled up before Amy's eyes and the redness reflected in the windows. Amy couldn’t move, unable to accept what was happening. Then reality kicked back in. She turned pale and started screaming with grief.




Tails looked at the explosion, realizing he had lost his friend forever. His jaw dropped and he turned pale as well. Amy’s screaming hit him like a ton of bricks, and he silently started to sob. “Sonic…”

Amy cried, knowing she had seen Sonic for the last time in her life. She slammed her fist several times on the huge window. Her blue hero was gone; forever. She couldn't bear the thought of losing him like this. She felt she hadn’t known him long enough, and she had so many plans for their future. All those moments she enjoyed together, suddenly vanished in a couple of seconds, with no warning.


Amy closed her eyes while tears rolled down her muzzle. She rested her head on the window and softly whispered Sonic’s name again. She could hear Dr. Eggman laughing.


“Haha! Good riddance.”


Amy heard the evil doctor and her blood started boiling. She remembered the last words that Sonic said to her. Amy’s grief instantly turned into hatred-filled rage. A rage no living thing had ever witnessed before. Amy balled her hands into fists so tight she almost split her gloves. She opened her eyes and started to scream. Not just a normal scream but the most deafening scream any living creature would ever witness, making history of everyone’s eardrums. Tails, Dr. Eggman and his robot minions covered their ears in pain.

Amy turned around and looked at Dr. Eggman, who was on the other side of the room. Everyone got scared by her appearance, even though she was a small hedgehog. Her eyes were slightly blood-red and showed the fiercest look they'd ever seen. She was breathing heavily. She gritted her teeth, like a predator preparing for its attack.




Amy had just one thing in her mind: getting revenge. She knew there was only one emerald near her, but that didn't matter. Her anger started to draw the energy from the original emerald that Dr. Eggman was holding in his hand.

“Stop that screaming, you pathetic girl!” Dr. Eggman yelled at Amy. Little did he know what was happening to the pink hedgehog.

“Tails! Get into safety!” Amy shouted while she kept her fierce eyes on Dr. Eggman.

They were on fire and her rage was pumping through her body. She gritted her teeth even harder and put so much pressure on her fists that they were shaking. Veins all over her body were swelling and visible on her arms as they started to expand.


Amy started to grow rapidly.


“Amy...but, how? You only have one emerald,” her friend fox said.

“Tails, please go and help Knuckles! I don't want you to get hurt!” Amy roared in a low-pitched voice, which even intimidated the little fox.

Tails saw how Amy became twice her size before him and he had to look up. Her arms and legs were swelling and getting muscular, and Tails knew it was pointless to argue with her.

“Get him Amy,” he said.

“I will. Now go!”

Tails followed her orders and turned around in his X-Tornado mech. The mech ran towards the doors into the next hallway. Dr. Eggman looked at the emerald he was holding. It started to glow like crazy, something he'd never witnessed before.

“What? One? I-I don’t understand...” he stumbled.

The rest of Amy's body started to grow as well. Her legs and body were swelling outwards as she was rising slowly in the air. Her body produced stretching noises while she was growing and towering over Dr. Eggman, quickly filling the entire space of the room. Her arms were pumping up and she looked as if she could crush the ship in seconds. Her huge shadow swelled over Dr. Eggman and his robot minions, who started to get even more frightened. Amy made a low, deep growl during her growth spurt. “NNNNNNHHHHHHHHH!”


Dr. Eggman realized that Amy wouldn’t stop growing at this rate and her giant size meant the end of him. She was already filling half the room. He tried to back off but the pink hedgehog heroine was growing so big and fast that she blocked the exit with her enormous boots. He realized it was impossible to escape.

Amy kept her eyes on Dr. Eggman as she continued to grow and grow, her giant body looking more intimidating by the second. She was getting more muscular on her arms and legs, making her look like a super Amy.


“You are GOING TO DIE FOR WHAT YOU DID TO. MY. SONIC!” Amy roared in the scariest, low-pitched tone Dr. Eggman and his minions had ever heard

Amy’s head reached the ceiling and she started getting too big for the room. Her head damaged it and large pieces of metal were falling down. Her huge shoulders and strong arms hit the walls on either side. Dr. Eggman was pushing buttons on his Eggmobile like crazy, in a desperate attempt to find a way out. The shadow of the growing giantess kept getting darker over him and his robots. He was sweating like a mad man when he finally found the right button. A secret door opened behind him that led to a long corridor. He fled in it with Decoe and Bocoe behind him, who were equally scared of getting crushed.

“YOU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!” the hulk-sized hedgehog roared as she reached 50 feet in size.

Amy swung her right arm and slammed her giant fist towards the evil doctor and his robot minions, resulting in an enormous blow. The entire Space Colony ARK was trembling with a loud, deep sound. “DIE, EGGMAN!”


The doctor and his robots were just in time and had fled into the small corridor; but while they were running, they could hear the metal walls being torn apart behind them. Amy was punching and ripping open the walls with her strong, giant arms, chasing after Eggman and his robots.  She kept growling in rage while the three little figures before her screamed like girls, running even faster. She slammed and smashed against several walls of the Space Colony ARK while she ran, trying to get near the evil doctor and crush him.

He and his robots fled into an elevator just in time and quickly shot up to the highest level of the ARK, hoping the hedgehog giantess wouldn’t catch them.

”COME BACK, YOU PATHETIC LITTLE LOW-LIFE!” Amy growled as she slammed several times into the elevator shaft. Pieces of metal and glass were flying around the room. Her rage was out of control, destroying almost the entire section of the space station. But her growing didn’t stop. Her body was getting so big that she became too small for the room. She used her elbow to smash open the thick wall next to her, leading out into space, trying to find a way to get Dr. Eggman.


Back in the elevator, Dr. Eggman was trembling in fear. He knew he didn't have a lot of time or the dangerous giantess would find him soon. It was at this moment that Dr. Eggman realized he had made the biggest mistake of his life.



Knuckles was running in one of the hallways on the other side of the ARK while holding the huge gem above his head. He needed to find his friends fast and get out of here. Without the enormous power source of the Master Emerald, Dr. Eggman can’t use the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Earth.

While running, he was suddenly surprised by a huge earthquake. He needed to keep his balance or he would surely fall. Then a couple more earthquakes occurred. The red echidna stopped and went on his knees, knowing he couldn't run any further without dropping the huge, precious gem.

“What the hell is going on?” he said to himself. “Is someone attacking the Space Colony?”

Then Knuckles saw a bright light glowing before him. Before he even could blink, Sonic suddenly appeared in front of him, as if he was teleported out of nowhere. The blue hedgehog was lying on the ground, seemingly passed out; and he held a yellow emerald in his hand. Knuckles carefully placed the Master Emerald on the ground and ran over to Sonic.


“Sonic! Are you alright?”

Sonic began to move a little, feeling the pain of the teleportation he just experienced.


“Yeah, it's me! How did you do that? You just appeared before me.”

“The fake emerald...' Sonic looked at the yellow gem in his hand. 'I was able to do it!”

Knuckles helped Sonic onto his feet, when another tremor surprised them. The Space Colony ARK rumbled again and they fell on their knees.

“What's happening over here?” Sonic asked Knuckles.

“I don't know. I was able to find the Master Emerald and the ARK is shaking all of a sudden!”

The two heroes heard metallic sounds impacting, interspersed with more trembling.

“Is someone attacking the ship?”

While Knuckles looked out one of the small windows, trying to find the cause of the heavy trembling, Sonic remembered something.

“Amy! Tails! They're still with Dr. Eggman.”

‘What? What do you mean? What happened?” Knuckles asked.

“Eggman had us cornered and he captured me in a glass container. He intended to kill me by shooting the glass container out into space. I didn't know if it worked but I used the fake emerald from Tails to use Chaos Control, a skill Shadow uses to teleport.”

Knuckles mind was spinning, not knowing if he could believe all of this.

“Knuckles, can you find and take care of Amy and Tails? I'm going to use this fake emerald to destroy the control room and stop Eggman once and for all.”

Knuckles gave Sonic a nod. “Be careful!”


Sonic started running down the hallway, deep into the Space Colony ARK, while Knuckles picked up the huge emerald and headed into another hallway. He noticed this one contained huge windows, which gave him a tremendous view to the rest of the space ship and Earth. Knuckles stopped for a moment to take a good look.

Then his jaw dropped to the floor when he saw a humongous, 100 feet tall Amy floating right before the ARK. She slammed the space ship several times with her enormous fists, her eyes filled with rage. She was more dangerous than the pink hedgehog had ever been before.




Rouge and Shadow were standing in the large control room, the place from where the Space Colony ARK could be controlled and monitored. It featured large computer units and specialized communication equipment. An enormous window in front of them gave the two a tremendous view of Earth.

The hedgehog and bat looked behind them when they heard the large door opening. A sweaty Dr. Eggman came running in with Bocoe and Decoe following him. He had never looked so scared in his life. The doctor took some time to catch his breath.

“Bocoe! Decoe! Change of plan. Prepare the Eclipse Cannon.”

His robots ran to the upper deck and took their place behind a computer.

“What’s going on, Eggman?” Rouge asked.

“I’ve got the seventh emerald but I need to care of some things.”

Shadow looked back at Earth, not saying anything, but Rouge started to look nervous. There was some guilt that pestered her. If Dr. Eggman really was planning on destroying the Earth, she knew her greed would be partly responsible for it.

Their silence was interrupted by a deep and dark sound. The Space Colony ARK trembled again, almost feeling like an earthquake. Dr. Eggman, his robots, Shadow and Rouge were taken by surprise and fell on the cold, metal floor.

“What’s happening?” Rouge yelled.

“I, uuuh...” Dr. Eggman stumbled.

“Speak up!” Shadow commanded.

“I, uuuh, might have created a ‘huge’ problem.”

Then they noticed something very large appeared outside the huge window, slowly rising from underneath. It seemed to be pink and if they didn't know any better, it looked like quills.

“What… what is that!?” Rouge gasped. Everyone in the control room were silent, their eyes opening wider and wondering what they were facing.


A pink and head-like form appeared, rising while two giant eyes slowly appeared. The enormous white of the eyes filled the entire window, frowning. Then two giant, jade eyes rose before them and looked right at the evil doctor and his companions.

Everyone in the control room turned pale, their jaws dropping. Even Shadow had to admit that he felt intimidated and didn’t know how to cope with the situation. Dr. Eggman and his robots started screaming.


Looking into the giant irises, they’d never seen so much anger. The giant eyes backed off a bit and now they could see the total picture: it was the face of Amy, the humongous, pink hedgehog. She still had the most fiercest look in her eyes, something that even was more terrifying for them.

“It’s…that’s…” Rouge couldn't finish her sentence. Dr. Eggman and his robots started to tremble again, knowing they would face a painful doom.

Amy had spotted the murderer of her lover and started shouting.




Her loud voice made the whole ARK tremble even more, making everyone in the control room fall on the floor again. The glass of the huge window vibrated madly, and they even were afraid it would break soon.


Shadow and Rouge covered their ears, fearing they would be deaf forever.

“What have you done to her?” Rouge managed to yell at Dr. Eggman.


Amy curled her hand into a fist, slowly bringing it back behind her. Then, as if life was in slow-motion for a second, she thrust her fist with an enormous force into the large window. The huge blow caused everyone to get shot into the back of the room, near the exit. Glass and pieces of metal were floating everywhere. Then the air started getting sucked out of the room, and everyone grabbed on to something in an effort not to get sucked into space.

While Dr. Eggman grabbed the railing and his legs started floating in the air, he commanded Bocoe to push the emergency button. His robot obeyed and managed to push it while he held tight on the control board. The huge door next to the evil doctor opened. He again ordered Decoe to crawl to the door and pull him and Bocoe into the hallway were it was save to breathe.

Bocoe managed to get out, while battling the enormous force of air that was getting sucked out, and pulled Decoe and Dr. Eggman at their arms.

“Faster, Bocoe! Help me!” Dr. Eggman screamed.

Bocoe witnessed how the enormous, gloved hand of Amy came after Dr. Eggman. He pulled even harder and Decoe and evil doctor flew into the hallway. The robot quickly pushed the button and the doors shut before them. Amy was unable to grab the tiny professor, and she could see him running around the corner through the tiny window of the door. She growled loudly and slammed her fist on the floor.


Shadow and Rouge were holding on the metal railing while the giant hand and lower arm of Amy still filled the room, dodging the glass and metal pieces.

Rouge had to shout at the top of her lungs to make Amy hear her. “Amy, please stop!”

“STAY OUT OF THIS, ROUGE!” Amy roared.

Shadow and Rouge noticed Amy slowly pulling out her giant hand. Soon, the control room was empty but air was still getting sucked out.

“Shadow! I can’t hold on much longer. Do something!”

Without responding, Shadow used the railing to get closer to Rouge and grab her.

“Chaos Control!”


Amy floated around the Space Colony ARK, looking madly at the windows to spot Dr. Eggman. She quickly noticed him and his minions running on the upper floor of the ARK. Her giant body loomed over the space station and she started to smash the rooftop with her fists, just above the corridor where Dr. Eggman was running.

He was wetting himself while he heard the enormous blasts above his head. The rooftop started to come down with every smash Amy made. The upper deck was trembling so heavy that he and his robots had to keep their balance. He screamed as he continued to run towards the next section of the ARK.

Amy continued to smash and smash with her powerful fists. She was enraged and would not stop until the evil doctor was pulverized by her.


Amy continued to slam both her fists on rooftop as her blood kept boiling even more. If she continued at this pace, she would completely destroy the Space Colony ARK.


Dr. Eggman and his robots were running for their lives and eventually took the stairs to get deeper down into the ARK. They were save again from the mayhem and destruction made by the giantess, but they still had to keep their balance while the ARK trembled with every punch Amy made.



Sonic ran into the large machine room. He knew he was near the Eclipse Cannon, judging by the amount of machinery around him. He had to keep his balance while running, as more quakes were happening around the Space Colony ARK.

What’s making the space station tremble to much? I hope we’re not being attacked.

Sonic noticed Shadow and Rouge suddenly teleported out of nowhere on the other side of the large room. They weren’t aware of his presence, so he kept hidden behind a couple of boxes and watched what they were doing. He could hear that Rouge was unhappy with the situation, said something to Shadow, and then flew away. Shadow just kept standing in the room and didn’t respond to anything.


Sonic decided to leave him alone and started to run deeper into the machine room, hoping to reach the Eclipse Cannon soon. But he was suddenly joined by a black figure, gliding on his air shoes with the same speed as his blue rival.

“Hello faker,” Shadow said with a subtle cocky smirk on his face.

“Hah! So you did notice me,” Sonic replied.

“I thought you were dead; but yet, here you are.”

“Yeah, that's my style,” Sonic grinned.

“Well, I guess I have to do the dirty work again myself. Chaos Spear!”

Shadow took an enormous jump and shot different spear-shaped energy bolts towards Sonic. The blue hero dodged them and started running around the room. This frustrated Shadow and started shooting more spears.

Sonic spin dashed towards Shadow and knocked him around for a couple of seconds. The ultimate lifeform quickly recovered and started shooting more energy bolts. Sonic had to give it all to dodge the new attack. They were knocked around when another large quake happened, which disoriented Shadow and Sonic.

Shadow looked around. “Hmmph. Looks like that giant woman of yours is destroying the ARK.”

“Amy?!' Sonic yelled. “What do you mean? What happened?”

Shadow didn't respond but was distracted by something else. Sonic wondered why and quickly looked around, noticing something was happening to the Eclipse Cannon.



Dr. Eggman took some breath when he entered the Chaos Emerald room, Bocoe and Decoe quickly following him. A large, mysterious machine in the center of the room contained the six Chaos Emeralds, and one space was left empty for the seventh one.

“I have to do this quickly before that pink monster gets me!”

Dr. Eggman took the emerald out of his jacket and quickly placed the yellow Chaos Emerald in the mysterious machine.

“Ha! The last one! Now that brilliant creation of my grandfather will have enough power to destroy the Earth.”

“But doctor, why do you want to destroy it? I thought you wanted to rule over the Earth?”

“Of course, you idiot. But now I have enough leverage for that huge freak to surrender herself. This way, she won’t be any threat for me.”

Dr. Eggman pushed a big, red button on the console. He watched the monitor to get footage from the security camera that was monitoring the Eclipse Cannon. He laughed as he enjoyed the sight of the huge machine starting and forming a bright, blue light, building up energy.



Amy still was enraged, floating around the ARK and looking inside every tiny window to find the murderer of her soulmate. She gritted her teeth even more, becoming frustrated of not knowing where the tiny Dr. Eggman was. She was interrupted by a bright light that appeared from the centre of the ARK. The 100 feet tall heroine turned her head and noticed how the Eclipse Cannon started to charge up, moving horizontally and pointing towards the Earth.


Amy’s face changed and her rage started to drop slightly. Getting the murderer of Sonic was all she could think of, but she also knew she had to save Earth first. She remembered what Sonic said to her. Her eyes became moist again and her rage started to drop slightly.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud voice coming from the speakers that were scattered around the ARK.


‘Hello there, Amy. It’s me, Dr. Eggman. You better start cooling down that ‘huge’ temper of yours, or I will destroy the Earth using the Eclipse Cannon. Just a single push on a button and every living creature on the planet is gone. You wouldn’t want that to happen now, would ya?”


The giantess heroine became even more frustrated. She knew Dr. Eggman had her cornered.



“That’s not what I wanted to hear, miss ginormous. Surrender yourself and I’ll won’t destroy Earth.” Dr. Eggman’s voice echoed around the space station.


Amy kept silent and looked angry. She growled as tears were running down her muzzle, thinking about Sonic. Then she changed tactic.

She pushed herself forward using the rooftop and quickly floated towards the centre of the Space Colony ARK. She had to cover her eyes with one arm to prevent being blinded from the bright, blue light.

“YOU MONSTER! I WON’T LET YOU DESTROY THE PLANET AND ALL THOSE INNOCENT LIVES!” Amy curled her hand into a fist, bringing it back behind her. She then thrust it into the Eclipse Cannon with enormous force, destroying the weapon instantly. The blue light disappeared and large pieces of steel and metal were floating around the space station.

At this moment, she noticed something: her punch had created a giant hole in the ARK, exposing a machine room behind the remains of the Eclipse Cannon. Boxes and other equipment were quickly getting sucked into space.

She then noticed two small creatures were floating between the debris. They appeared to have been knocked out unconscious by the force of Amy’s attack.


Amy discovered one of the small creatures was a blue hedgehog...SONIC!


The rage that had consumed her beforehand instantly dissipated. Her face shifted to a worried expression. More tears started to appear in her eyes. She didn't except to see her lover again, especially alive!


Amy carefully picked up her tiny boyfriend and placed him in her giant hand, giving him room to recover. She used her left index finger to carefully stroke his head.


The weight and warmth of Amy’s giant finger made Sonic recover, opening his eyes slowly.

“A-Amy...?” He tried to focus. Amy's giant and moist eyes were looking straight at him.

“OH SONIC! I'M SO GLAD THAT YOU'RE ALIVE! I THOUGHT I LOST YOU FOREVER!” Amy said with a lump in her throat.

“ worry Ames!” Sonic gave her a cheeky smile while his vision got better.


Amy couldn't hold it any longer and she started to sob; but due to the lack of gravity, her tears were floating around in space. She placed Sonic against her muzzle. Sonic knew it wasn't quite the right time but he let his giant girlfriend have her moment. Amy then placed her gigantic lips on Sonic and gave him a long kiss.



“Hey, hey…” Sonic said, attempting to comfort Amy. “No big deal. Riding a space shuttle with Knuckles is even more dangerous.” This made Amy giggle a little bit while she wiped away the tears with her free hand.

“But Amy, how did you grow this big? Did you get the Chaos Emeralds?”

Amy gave Sonic a little embarrassing smile and rolled her eyes. “I...DON’T KNOW. I, UH, MAY HAVE LOST MY TEMPER A LITTLE BIT.”

Sonic, while still being held lovingly in Amy's giant hand, looked around the Space Colony ARK. From his view he noticed the enormous destruction Amy had made.

“Amy!” Sonic yelled.


“Now who’s the tough one?” Sonic smiled, and Amy gave one in return.

“Amy, you did an amazing job destroying that cannon. You saved the planet!”

Amy didn’t say anything and romantically looked down into the tiny eyes of her lover.




Amy had forgotten about Shadow. She noticed he still was floating around in space near her. She used her left hand to grab Shadow out of space, holding him like a tiny toy but making sure she didn’t hurt him.


Amy pulled her left hand closer to her face and her right hand, making sure Sonic could hear Shadow as well.


Sonic and Amy looked at each other and then turned to Shadow again.

“MARIA ISN’T HERE,” Amy said to the Ultimate Lifeform, in an effort to comfort him.

“What...? How?” Shadow quickly regained consciousness. “Stay out of this! And don’t touch me with your grotesque fingers.”


“Sonic, you may have won this time, saved by that giant…woman of yours; but Earth will soon be history. Chaos Control!” Shadow quickly vanished from Amy’s hand.


“I don’t know Amy. But he’s up to no good. I have to go after him and find out.” Sonic said while looking into Amy’s giant, beautiful eyes.


“Don’t worry, Ames! You can watch from here and protect the ship from outside!” Sonic gave Amy a little wink. “But Ames…”


“Can you loosen your grip, so I can go?”

Amy looked at her right hand and realized she was still holding Sonic like a tiny doll, with a firm grip.


“You too Amy!”

Amy opened her hand, allowing Sonic to jump and float towards the large hole in the machine room. She helped with her giant hand to get him into next room without getting sucked back into space. When Sonic was pushed by Amy in the other room, he managed to close the air-locked doors and he started running deeper into the ARK.

Amy couldn’t do anything but watch how her man disappeared from her view.



Dr. Eggman was watching the larger screens in the control room while his jaw dropped. The security camera outside the ARK had shown the giant hedgehog smashing the Eclipse Cannon into hundreds of pieces. He was slamming his fists on the controls.

“No! No! You overgrown freak! You've destroyed my entire plan!”

But the evil doctor was quickly interrupted by a computer monitor flashing before him, which suddenly changed and showed footage of his grandfather: professor Gerald Robotnik.

“What...? What's this?”

While Dr. Eggman watched, the Chaos Emeralds were suddenly captured by the mysterious machine that started operating on its own and transported them away. Dr. Eggman tried to capture them but quickly realised he couldn't do anything but watch.

'What's happening? Don't take my emeralds!'

Then Dr. Eggman noticed the Space Colony began to rumble. He watched some monitors next to him and discovered that the space station was moving. His grandfather started talking on the computer monitor. It appeared that he was captured in a prison and chained when the video was recorded.


“In exactly 27 minutes and 54 seconds, the Space Colony ARK will crash into Earth with tremendous speed. I've programmed it this way when the Chaos Emeralds are all put together. This is because of what you pathetic humans have taken from me.”

The footage of Gerald Robotnik ended with guards shouting and preparing their rifles, getting ready for Gerald's execution.

Dr. Eggman's face turned pale. His plan had failed miserably and now he was in the middle of his grandfather's evil scheme.

He heard the door opening behind him. Knuckles and Tails came running into the room.

“Eggman! What are you doing?” Knuckles said with a strong voice.

Dr. Eggman didn't respond immediately. He was staring at the screen in front of him, which now showed a counter: 26 minutes and 32 seconds.

“Gramps, you evil genius!” he said in melancholy.



Amy was still floating in space in front of the Space Colony ARK, wondering if everything was okay inside. Peeking through the tiny windows of the space station, she hoped to catch a glimpse of one her friends, but she didn’t see any of them.

Just as she started to feel frustrated of not being able to help, she noticed that thrusters all around the ARK were suddenly powering up, causing the space station to start moving.


To her horror, Amy noticed that they were pushing the ARK towards Earth at an immense speed.

“NO NO NO!” Amy pulled herself along Space Colony and moved towards the front of the ARK, trying to push the space station into a different direction. With her strong, gigantic hands she pushed and pushed, letting out a long grunt of exertion; but gravity didn't help in slowing down the space station. She knew it was pointless; even her gigantic size couldn’t fight against the laws of physics

It’s no use. What are my options? Maybe I can use my hammer and smash the Space Colony ARK into a different direction. No…I'll hurt my friends for sure. I guess my only chance is to destroy the thrusters.

Amy used her hands to pull herself to the other side of the ARK, hoping she could destroy the thrusters quickly; if she wasn’t too late already.



Tails looked at the computer monitor and watched the recording of Gerald Robotnik, which started looping. He also noticed that the Space Colony ARK was moving, and judging by the navigational unit, it was headed straight for Earth.

“No way! At this rate, the ARK will act as an enormous meteor and destroy everything on Earth. We have to stop it right away!”

“And how do you think we're supposed to do that? It's useless. We’re all going to die. It's over!” Dr. Eggman said with a depressed tone in his voice.

“He's right, it’s totally useless.” a female voice said.

Everyone turned around. Rouge the bat came walking into the control room and joined the gang. Knuckles gave her a long, serious look.

“I've contacted GUN headquarters some minutes ago. They say the ARK can't be stopped.”

“You guys are forgetting something! We have Amy outside, and we can use the Chaos Emeralds to stop its power source!” Tails yelled to everyone.


“We sure can!”


Everyone turned around and noticed how Sonic the hedgehog was standing at the entrance of the room, alive and kicking, looking confident.

“Sonic! You’re alive!” Tails yelled. He ran towards his best friend and gave him a big hug.

“Hey buddy, you’ve been taking care of things?”

Tails wiped away a small tear of joy. “Yes Sonic, but we now have a serious problem: Gerald Robotnik had a secret plan and used the Chaos Emeralds to activate a self-destruct mode. The ARK has powered up its thrusters and is now headed towards Earth. If we don’t stop it, the ARK will impact the planet like a giant meteorite!”

“I see,” Sonic responded, “but like you said, we have Amy to take care of the moving ship.”

“Do you think that will work? After all, we're in space and I don't know if Amy can stop the moving ship while it's on a certain speed.” Tails mentioned, looking worried.

“I think there's another way.”

Everyone looked at Dr. Eggman, surprised he came up with a solution.

“If we can get all the emeralds back, maybe we can stop the power source that's powering the thrusters.”

“Yeah, but you guys are all forgetting one thing: how are we going to get the Chaos Emeralds?” Knuckles responded.

Everyone took a long look at the red echidna. Knuckles started to feel nervous, knowing they were thinking up a strategy that involved him.

“Wait! Do you guys want me to go treasure hunting again?”

“No, silly echidna. We need your precious gem, of course!” Rouge said with a smile.

“Oh, right!”



Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Rouge were running fast, deep into another one of the ARK’s machine rooms. This one was different from the rest, being heavily guarded by automatic weapons. They also had to dodge the laser attacks coming from the robot guards that were appearing out of nowhere. Several robots came flying towards them, but Sonic, Tails and Rouge fought back and the robots were destroyed instantly. Knuckles held the Master Emerald above his head and ran behind the gang.


After a couple of minutes running and getting deeper into the largest machine room, they found the heart of the Space Colony. Inside this dark room they noticed a giant platform, surrounded by odd-looking pillars. All seven emeralds were floating on top of those pillars, obviously feeding the ARK with their powers.

“This looks weird,” Rouge remarked to the gang.

“There they are!” Tails yelled as he pointed towards the emeralds.

Before they could run any further, a giant creature appeared right before them. It was an enormous lizard, almost looking like a dragon. On its neck were mechanical cables, hinting that the creature was man-made and bio-mechanical.

“What the...?” Knuckles shouted out loud.

“Uh-oh. That must be the prototype of the ‘Ultimate Lifeform’ Professor Robotnik was working on before he created Shadow. I’ve read about it, but I thought it was terminated,” Tails said.

“Well, terminated or not, we have to stop that thing right now,” Sonic said, inspiring Knuckles to help him out. Sonic started spin dashing and smashing onto the creature a couple of times, but it didn’t budge.



Amy used her hands to grab on the rooftop of the ARK to pull herself towards the first thruster. She used her acrobatic skills and spun around on one hand, giving the thruster a strong kick with her giant boot, destroying it instantly. She then pushed herself from the ARK and quickly, but gracefully, floated towards the next thruster. With an enormous punch, she destroyed the second thruster.

After having destroyed the remaining two thrusters, Amy looked over the Space Colony, giving her a clear view towards Earth. She noticed the space station still was moving towards the planet.


Amy then started to pull the entire ARK with both her hands in a desperate attempt to change its direction. But she knew she was wasting energy. The pink heroine was thinking of another way to stop the ARK when Shadow teleported out of nowhere, sitting on top of the space station right before Amy’s muzzle.



“Trying to catch your breath?”


“Why should I help you? Everything is going according to plan.”


“All those arrogant people: they will feel the pain I felt when they...took Maria.”


“I don't care for your sympathy.”


“That's why we don't need a planet with corrupt people.”


Shadow didn’t respond to Amy. Instead, he started looking straight into her giant eyes.



Shadow’s jaw started to drop slightly and he stopped frowning. Amy noticed she had caught his attention and continued.



Shadow closed his eyes, relating to the story of Amy and trying to cope with the pain he felt inside him.


Shadow opened his eyes again and looked at Amy’s irises. He had a momentary flashback, one that reminded him of Maria’s blue eyes.


Please Shadow, do this for me. Bring good to the people of Earth. That's what you were created for. Promise me, Shadow.


Shadow stumbled. “M-Maria...?”


“I...I have to keep my promise to Maria!”


“Chaos Control!” Within a split-second, Shadow disappeared before Amy’s eyes.

She looked around the empty space, her hands still on the Space Colony ARK. I hope they will be all right.



Sonic and Knuckles were about to prepare their attack against the giant lizard, when all of a sudden Shadow teleported next to them.

‘Shadow?’ Sonic said when he looked at the black-furred hedgehog.

“Put the Master Emerald in place while I distract it!” Shadow commanded.

Sonic didn’t even bother to question him and helped Knuckles, Tails and Rouge. The four of them started running towards the huge shrine.

Shadow started spin dashing towards the colossal biolizard. He then jumped around it, trying to confuse the huge monster. Shadow then made a powerful jump and spin dashed into the side of the creature, trying to hurt it. The beast roared loudly and started using some sort of plasma weapon that was attached on its head, shooting towards the black hedgehog. Shadow quickly dodged his attack and made a huge jump.

“Chaos Spear!” he shouted while he fired energy bolts towards the giant lizard. They impacted hard on the creature and it screamed loudly. It got even more angry and gave a couple of giant swings with its tail. Shadow dodged the creature’s attack and shot more spears towards the beast. “Take this, you filthy prototype!”


Knuckles, Sonic, Tails and Rouge ran up the huge stairs and were able to place the heavy Master Emerald on top of the shrine. Knuckles stood before the giant gem and went into a meditation state.

“Chaos is Power. Power comes from the heart. The one who masters that also controls chaos.”

“Hurry up, Knuckles,” Sonic said, teasing him a bit.

The red echidna gave his friend an angry look and then turned back to the Master Emerald, holding up his hands. “Master Emerald, please stop the Chaos Emeralds!”

Sonic backed off and watched how a green glow appeared around the giant gem while Knuckles still held up his hands. Sonic looked around and noticed how every Chaos Emerald, floating on the pillars, started to shine as well. “This is…amazing.”

The biolizard kept shooting more plasma bolts toward Shadow, but the black hedgehog was too fast for it. Shadow then made another huge jump and spin dashed right onto the back of the huge creature, which had a disk-shaped metallic implant, hitting it hard on its weak spot. This made the grotesque beast fell on the ground.


All seven of the emeralds started to float and the energy got drained by the Master Emerald. A huge light of energy filled the room. The Chaos Emeralds were losing their energy and bright colours and fell on the ground. This caused the giant lizard to become weaker instantly. The creature noticed his loss of power and stopped his attack against Shadow. It held it’s long neck back and started to scream. A huge light appeared around the biolizard and, within a split-second, teleported out of the room.


“Where did it go?” Rouge asked.

Tails looked around. “Did we beat it?”

Shadow teleported next to them and, with a deep frown on his face, said: “It’s using Chaos Control.”

The room went quiet for a minute. Nobody dared to talk and wondered if the biolizard was gone forever. Then the ARK started to shake again, heavily. Everyone had to keep their balance.

“Wow, what’s happening? Is Amy smashing the ARK again?” Knuckles said sarcastically.

“Tails, come in. Are you reaching me?” The fox hero grabbed the communication device that Dr. Eggman had given to him. “Eggman, Tails here.”

“Listen to me. I just noticed that the Ultimate Lifeform prototype has teleported itself outside the ARK and merged itself on the remains of the Eclipse Cannon. It's trying to pull us and the entire space station towards Earth!”

“Well, let Amy take care of it!” Sonic said out loud.

“That thing is strong. We need more power to destroy it,” Shadow said.

Sonic looked around and noticed the Chaos Emeralds lying on the floor. Shadow also looked at them and then back to Sonic, knowing what he meant. He nodded. “Okay, let's do it.”


The two hedgehogs closed their eyes and started meditating. Knuckles, Tails and Rouge were in awe as they watched the Chaos Emeralds starting to float around the hedgehogs, creating a circle of gems. Sonic and Shadow started to float while the power of the emeralds gave them their super powers, resulting in Sonic and Shadow turning into their yellow super forms. Sonic opened his eyes and smiled.

“Shadow, let’s finish that thing once and for all.”



Amy took one desperate attempt in trying to push the ARK away from Earth. As she expected, it didn’t work. She pulled herself towards the centre of the ARK and was about to give the space station one large kick in order to change its course, when suddenly a large lizard appeared around the broken parts of the Eclipse Cannon and merged with it, holding it very tight. Amy couldn’t believe her eyes.


The creature had nested itself deep into the remains of the destroyed weapon and started pulling the Space Colony towards Earth with a mysterious force, moving the space station even faster.


Amy got closer to the creature and tried to push it. The giant lizard seemed to be tough, even though Amy was twice its size. Amy’s hand got too close and it tried to bite her with its huge beak. She quickly pulled away her hand.


Amy balled her hands into fists and gave the creature a couple of huge punches. The giant lizard obviously felt it, but still wouldn’t budge.


Sonic and Shadow teleported before Amy. She noticed how they had transformed into their super forms and their fur had changed into yellow.


“You ready, Amy?” Amy gave her lover a quick nod, showing him her huge fists. Sonic smiled at her. “Let’s get him!”

Sonic and Shadow started to fly around the Space Colony with the speed of sound and tried to disorient the biolizard. Using her giant fists, Amy attacked the monster and delivered a quick blow in the face. It started to get mad. To their surprise, the creature shot a huge beam of light out of its beak, hoping to hurt the two super hedgehogs and the giant one. Sonic and Shadow quickly flew away, but Amy had a hard time avoiding the beams due to her size. Then the creature fired one last beam and hit Amy in her arm.

“UUUGH! DAMN YOU!” She looked at her arm and noticed it was lightly burned, but nothing serious. Sonic and Shadow noticed Amy getting hurt and quickly got together and formed a flying formation, propelling themselves swiftly towards the creature.

“Amy, we got this!” Sonic yelled to his giant girlfriend as they got near the Space Colony.

Finally, they hit the lizard hard in the core of its body. It turned out to be its weak spot and it started to explode, vaporizing into thin air.


Unfortunately, the explosion caused an enormous fireball that was moving quickly towards planet Earth. The fireball was swelling up fast and Amy noticed that the impact was about to kill Sonic, Shadow and everyone in the Space Colony ARK.

“NO! SONIC, SHADOW, WATCH OUT!” Amy yelled at the top of her lungs as she tried to rescue them. She grabbed Sonic and Shadow like a little toy, pulling them away from the danger and holding one in each hand.

“Shadow, we have to stop that fireball from reaching the planet or else it’s gone!” Sonic shouted.

“We can stop it using Chaos Control,” Shadow replied. He freed himself from the strong grip of Amy’s hand and started powering up his energy.

“I’m with you!” Sonic yelled back. Amy loosened her grip and let Sonic fly away. He also powered up his energy and started to hold the hot, destructive fireball that was coming near them fast.

Then Sonic and Shadow shot their energy out of their hands, trying to mitigate the fireball. Despite their efforts, their super powers didn’t seem to be strong enough.

“Amy, we need your help!” Sonic shouted to his giant girlfriend behind him.

“I GOT THIS!” Amy tried to push the fireball away with her giant hands, but its power was enormous and the heat was getting to her. She tried everything she had, but it didn’t help. Amy then summoned her gigantic Piko Piko hammer and took a huge swing at the inferno with it, hoping she could just slam it away. Unfortunately, her hammer was incinerated instantly when it hit the fireball, making the pink hedgehog giantess even more angry.



Amy let go of the handle that was left of her hammer and went close to the growing fireball, helping Sonic and Shadow to push it away. The heat hurt her hands but she didn’t mind.

“Let me take care of this!” Shadow suddenly shouted. “If I break my limiters, I can use the powers inside me!”

Sonic nodded to Shadow, knowing there wasn't any other way to stop this inferno.

A dark aura surrounded Shadow and the rings around his wrists, his limiters, broke off. A huge power erupted around him, something Amy and Sonic hadn’t seen before in their lives.

Amy still tried to push the fireball away from reaching Earth while Shadow prepared his attack. She became angry and frustrated even more, growling loudly.



While the super hedgehog tried his best to stop the inferno, he noticed how his 100 feet tall girlfriend suddenly began to change. Amy's fur was turning into a darker, pink colour. Then he watched in awe as her body started to expand even more.

“Amy! You're...growing again!” Sonic exclaimed.


Sonic figured out what was happening. Amy absorbed the energy that emitted from Shadow, which was filled with anger. In her current state of mind, this made her grow and grow, until she became a 200 foot giantess.

Amy gritted her teeth and tried to stop the inferno, but she also started to realize she was getting bigger. The Space Colony ARK next to her became smaller, and she looked at her lover, who began to get too small for her. But the inferno she was trying to stop didn’t get any smaller. Instead, it became bigger, growing as fast as the female hedgehog.


But her growth didn't stop. She kept growing bigger and bigger, eventually becoming a ginormous hedgehog girl, 400 feet tall, but still the growth didn’t stop. Sonic and Shadow were becoming tiny dots to her.

“SONIC! I’M GETTING TOO BIG TO SEE YOU! I DONT LIKE THIS!” she yelled with such a powerful and loud voice that Sonic and Shadow’s eardrums were hurting. “FLY OVER TO ME AND KEEP CLOSE TO MY BODY! I’LL KEEP YOU SAFE!”


Tails, Knuckles, Rouge and Dr. Eggman were watching from inside the ARK and observed how Amy grew rapidly next to them. Her body was getting so huge that it got closer to the ARK. An enormous wall of red fabric was blocking the entire view and nobody could watch anything that was happening outside the space station.

“She…She’s getting super huge!” Knuckles cried out, while the others couldn't even speak and watched how the heroine became bigger than life, her body protecting them from the fireball.


“Amy!” Sonic looked up at his titan girl. He flew in front of her face and she was getting so ginormous that her eyes were covering his entire view.  Despite the power he possessed as Super Sonic, he couldn’t help but be awed by the sight of her giant body.

Amy continued to grow and reached the super-size of 600 feet. This time she had grown faster than the fireball and she was able to hold it in her ginormous hands and pushed it away like a bowling ball, but the heat became too intense. “SONIC, SHADOW. I CAN’T HOLD THIS MUCH LONGER!”

Shadow was ready and flew over to her. Amy only noticed this by a tiny flash of light and then seeing a tiny, yellow dot.


Shadow held his arms open and started building up all his energy. With strong conviction, he proclaimed: "Chaos Control!"

The energy that built up around him crashed into the fireball. Everything around him and the fireball started to tremble as if a giant bomb was about to explode. Looking at the situation, Amy realised she had to protect her lover and friends. “TAILS! KNUCKLES!”

She turned around quickly and went over to the Space Colony ARK, which looked like a big toy compared to her new super-size. She stretched her arms and wrapped them around the Space Colony. Then she pulled the space station close to her chest and used her entire body as a shield to protect her friends.


Fortunately he had safely nested himself on the ginormous dress near her chest area, tightly holding the fabric. He and everyone in the Space Colony could hear Amy's giant heart beating rapidly. It was a loud but comforting sound to Sonic, knowing his girlfriend was there to protect everyone in the ARK. Amy then tightened her grip, holding the space station even closer to her body, her back against the huge fireball. She closed her eyes.



Her friends in the Space Colony couldn't tell what was happening. The last thing they saw was a white and red wall of fabric surrounding them, and then darkness fell over. They listened to the loud, thumping sounds that could be heard over the entire ARK, wondering what it was.

Sonic still held himself against the giant, red fabric of Amy's dress, completely trusting his girlfriend. Then an enormous white light appeared, which momentarily blinded everyone on Earth.

"THIS IS IT! GET READY!" the 600 feet tall Amy growled to her friends.

Everything around Amy started to tremble even more. After a few seconds, the white light disappeared. Amy slowly opened her eyes and turned around. She noticed the enormous fireball were gone and all was quiet again.


"I’m over here Amy!" Sonic shouted to her. But he and Amy both realised at the same time she couldn't hear him and their friends properly. This didn't stop Amy from trying to communicate with her lover.


Sonic heard her loud and clear and used his super powers to fire lightning bolts into space. Amy saw the tiny flashing lights appear from her dress, which was actually funny if the situation wasn’t this serious.


Sonic kept himself a little longer on the warm fabric of Amy’s dress, slightly disappointed that he couldn’t do anything to help; but he realized his girl was actually the super heroine and had saved the day. He listened to her heartbeats a little longer and a smile appeared on his face.


Amy loosened her grip of the Space Colony ARK and backed off a bit. Slowly, light appeared inside the space station. Everyone in the ARK looked out of the windows and embraced the light; the claustrophobic feeling was gone. They could see the Earth but also the colossal body of Amy. She pulled the Space Colony ARK closer to her face, making sure everyone was safe. She looked worried.


Everyone on the ARK covered their ears; however, after recovering from Amy’s booming voice, they started cheering. It was a rare sight to see heroes and their rivals celebrating victory together.


Sonic flew away from Amy’s dress and went over to her huge muzzle, landing on her nose.

“SONIC! I THINK I CAN SEE YOU! HI SWEETIE”, Amy said while her eyes became moist. Sonic tried to shout as loud as possible.

“Everyone’s safe in the Space Colony ARK. I just checked them!”

“I…I THINK I CAN HEAR YOU. THANKS SONIC!” She then turned her eyes towards the space station.



But then Amy remembered something. Her face changed, looking annoyed. She pulled the ARK closer to her face. One of her massive sized eye took one good look through the windows. She was so huge that the structure and interlacement of fibres of her green-coloured iris was extremely detailed to everyone inside the space station.


Again Amy’s voice boomed throughout the entire ARK, making it tremble for a short period. Dr. Eggman started to sweat while the huge, black pupil looked straight at him. He felt so intimidated that he started to shake immediately. The sight gave Tails, Knuckles and Rouge a good laugh.

Even Sonic was scared by Amy’s reaction. He knew the only thing that kept Amy from crushing the ARK in her hands was the fact that their friends were still inside.

Then Amy turned her eyes towards the tiny, yellow speck that still was standing on her nose.


“He disappeared Amy! He used Chaos Control to teleport himself and the fireball away from Earth!”

“OH NO. SO HE…HE SACRIFICED HIMSELF TO PROTECT US?” Amy looked sad after she realized what Shadow had done for them. Her eyes became even more moist, trying to contain her emotions after a very rough day.

“Let’s go home, Amy!” Sonic yelled.

Amy nodded to her tiny boyfriend and then turned her eyes towards the ARK. “TAILS, I THINK IT’S TIME YOU TURN ON THAT ENERGY REVERSER.”



Sonic returned to his normal form and joined his friends inside the ARK. Tails had managed to install the energy reverser where the Eclipse Cannon used to be, but he was only able to shrink Amy down to a 'convenient’ size of 100 feet. The emeralds were drained so much by Sonic and Shadow that he couldn’t collect enough energy.


Sonic and friends took Dr. Eggman and his robot minions into custody and flew back to Earth in the space shuttle, accompanied by Amy, who held the spacecraft at its wing. She occasionally gave Sonic a couple of cute winks when she looked at him, and he returned the favour. The Space Colony ARK was left abandoned, probably forever. The secret of GUN was revealed and it didn’t have much purpose anymore.

The evil doctor and his robots didn’t protest in going with them; he hadn’t much choice because they used the angry looking giantess as leverage. Dr. Eggman couldn’t even remember the last time he had felt so intimidated. To him it seemed like an eternity to get to Earth; whenever he dared to take a look at Amy, a fierce look was returned and her eyes started to get on fire while gritting her teeth.


Amy held the space shuttle safely in her arms, hugging it while they entered the Earth’s atmosphere. The fresh air felt wonderful in Amy’s giant lungs. After a free fall, Tails made sure he navigated the shuttle to the ocean next to Station Square. Amy jumped in the ocean on her feet and held the shuttle safely in her arms, as Tails was unable to land it somewhere safe. The pink giantess walked towards Station Square to let her friends get out and had Dr. Eggman and his minions arrested by the authorities. She had to hold herself back from crushing him like a tiny bug when he left the space shuttle, and Sonic had to calm her down at least twice. That wasn’t an easy task for him as his girl was around 50 times bigger than he was.

When she walked towards Station Square, Amy was welcomed by an enormous amount of people, the citizens of the huge city cheering for her. She smiled and waved while she held Sonic and her friends on her shoulder.


Dr. Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe were eventually taken to prison and locked up. While she got used to her massive size, it didn’t prove to be very convenient for the long term. Tails had managed to repower the Chaos Emeralds and use his energy reverser to change Amy back to her normal size.


Meanwhile, in one of the abandoned bases of Dr. Eggman, a robot was booting himself up. “Hey c’mon! Wake up!” the little, black sidekick said. The robot had finally activated his vision. Bokkun looked at it and wondered if it was operational. “Wake up! We have to carry out an important mission.”


Special thanks to TheOnlyDarkShadow for corrections and suggestions