Cosmic Horror

(MicroGamer1 and aguyfromnowhere143)

Deep within space, a seedrian girl was sailing through the cosmos in her ship, examining planets after planets, trying to see if there might be any sign of civilization for her to make contact with or maybe a planet that might be interesting to talk about with her family in the main ship she deported from. So far, she hasn’t seen any planet of worth noting, other than very few planets that houses other lifeform that also sails across space, but none that seem to be from the very planet. She has heard stories of a planet call Mobius that has many people to talk to, and the seedrian figure she can try to see if she can interact with the indigenous people. However, the trip there is going to take a bit of time, a little longer than she is hoping to hear. So, to keep her mind a bit occupied of the long trip, she decides to see if maybe she explores some other planets so she isn’t starring out into space for hours or days. This will end up being interesting trip for one planet…. and very boring one for the seedrian….

“Alrighty, this place appears to be called the solar system.” Cosmo says to herself as she looks at the console, scanning the area as she tries to figure out where exactly she is at in the system. She types some buttons to pull out a map that was recorded by other alien races that manages to enter the system and recorded some of the existing planets. Looking at the map, Cosmo sees about nine planets with one sun that even she can see in the distant. The alien that was kind enough to give her a copy of the map, who seems to be some strange robotic like woman that look like some kind of secretary or business woman, Cosmo believing her name was Susie, told her that the system she is at right now doesn’t seem to have anything that would catching anyone attention, not unless they are into sightseeing on boring planets. Cosmo didn’t mind as she figure something of interest might be seen for her once she comes across a planet or two. However, looking at the scanner on her ship, she isn’t picking up anything. No life signs on the first few planets, no signals that can be picked up on the radar, not even another ship. Cosmo looks out and sees the sun so far aware, as well as some of the planets that orbit this system, but that about it.

“Hmm, guess that lady might be right about there being nothing of note here.” Cosmo says to herself. “Oh well, guess I might as well-“ Before Cosmo could finish her thought, the scanner on her ship started to beep out loud. She quickly looks at the radar and much to her surprise, the radar is picking up a signal of something coming from one of these planets. It is rather a faint signal, but strong enough that her ship’s system is picking up what maybe readings of life existing on the planet. She press another button to see how far it is, seeing that it is about three planets away from the sun. “Hmmm, that far, huh? Hmmm, I guess a small detour won’t hurt to see.” Cosmo says to herself thinking nothing wrong could happen on going to this planet and see what lives there. She types the coordination into the console to have a direct flight path and soon starts making her way to the planet.

After about ten minutes or less, Cosmo could see what looks like the planet that manages to catch her radar’s attention. Looking behind the glass window in front of her, she sees a planet, a rather small one to her, having both land and sea covering the surface, a small ball rotating around it, and what looks like glowing light illuminating on some parts of the land, or at least lights visible on the dark part of the planet that isn’t staring out to the sun’s light. Hovering far above the planet’s orbit, Cosmo puts up a bit of a cloaking setting on her ship, not wanting to risk the people seeing her ship and worry that it might be some kind of threat and tries to fire at her. Last thing the young seedrian wants to do is create some unwanted conflict or hostility towards her in case something is living on this planet and is extremely cautious in their territory. That being said, Cosmo squints at the planet, trying to see if maybe she can see some kind of city or something that could give her a good idea that something give a sign of civilization, but sees nothing at the moment, even with a scanner that is seeing what the planet is like and if its safe for her to breathe in. Her radar is, however, picking up something on this planet that is making the equipment go a little nuts, almost like its picking up some strong communication signal, so something or someone is living her. Cosmo walks over to a console, meant for communication, and sends a broadcast out to the planet.

“Hello, is anyone living on this planet?” Cosmo says to the microphone, seeing if she can hear anything. So far nothing but static from the sound of things in the moment. After a moment or two, Cosmo hears something, but the sounds were a bit gurgling and hard to understand at first, probably because of the other side not able to make a proper communication signal. Then Cosmo soon hears something that sounds a bit clear, almost like something is speaking, but in a language she can’t understand. “Hello, can you hear me? I don’t mean to bring any form of harm, I’m just flying by before catching a signal and want to see if its ok for me to come over.” Cosmo says, with the same sound coming from the other side of this one-sided conversation. Cosmo couldn’t understand what is being said as she thought to herself of what to do.

“Hmm, can’t understand what they are saying, and they probably can’t understand me.” Cosmo says to herself again. “I could just leave and go back to flying around, but I could make my way down and see if maybe I can have a far better chance of talking with whatever is trying to talk.” Cosmo says, thinking of her option before deciding what she can do. “I got plenty of time to spent before going back out to find Mobius or mother sees that I have been gone for a long time.” Cosmo says as she makes her way to the teleportation room of the ship, not wanting to drop her ship in the middle of the planet and risk someone native to the planet coming by and either destroying the ship on attempted landing or taking the ship and leaving Cosmo far behind to be stranded on this planet. She picks up a few things and stuff them into a small bag for her to carry on her hip, figuring she won’t be staying longer than maybe ten minutes; a device to not only help her trace the origin point of the signal her ship has been picking up but also teleport her back to her ship, and a tiny test tube, container and spoon for her to stuff some sample of material for one of her family to examine for research. With the few items pack, she enters a spot for the teleportation device to sent her on the planet. She then presses a button to coordinate the device where to sent her on the planet, hearing the humming noise of the device. “Ok, here we…go.” She says just as the device zaps her and sends her down to the planet beneath her ship.

Cosmo closes her eyes from the bright light of the teleportation device zapping her, kind of blinding her a bit. Once the teleportation is done, Cosmo opens her eyes, eager to see what this world is like as her foot makes contact to the surface. However, once she opens her eyes, she is greeted not by some alien like landscape fill with countless structure and varies lands, but one big massive plane of nothing. “Huh, where is everything?”


A few minutes earlier…..

People in a city were going about their day, not really thinking of anything. The city in question is a bit decently big, built near some mountain ranges that gives the city a massive shade to be in during the morning, with another city built on the other side of the mountain range. The day is rather cloudy to the people, preventing the citizens to look up and see the blue sky. However, as the people continue to go about themselves, all electrical items in the city started to get a bit weird so suddenly. Electrical Billboards and TV screen of various size started to get static, vehicles started to suddenly stop as their engines shut off, lights flicker on and off, and more. If it wasn’t for the vehicles and a few other things, people might’ve mistaken the whole thing as some kind of power outage or something going wrong with the powerlines, but this is clearly different. On top of that, a strange feeling could be felt in the air, like some kind of static force that everyone for many miles could be felt. And then suddenly…..


The ground just suddenly drop, causing everyone to fall on their backs, vehicles bounced in the air, building shakes while glass panel break and shatter, and the land had what may have been the worst earthquake that ever been felt. The world rumble and roar, as if someone drop an atomic bomb near the city, like on other side of the mountain where the other city is. Soon, the once cloudy sky cleared up, like a great force just shove all the clouds in the sky away, with many of the people noticing that their home is under a massive shadow, which can’t be from the mountain they live next to, as it’s the afternoon. Its only upon looking up and past the mountains they soon see why. The people could not believe what they are staring at. Looming high above the mountains stood some alien like figure no one seen in their lives. The figure stood many miles tall, tall enough that mountains barely reach the figures ankle. Her legs were like an endless pillar that could take days to scale, only to be engulf by what appears to be her outfit, that takes up everyone’s view and making it difficult to see past her stomach. Those that can see past her stomach can see what looks like some kind of gem or crystal on this figure’s chest. However, that’s about all the people who look up could see, as the clouds that didn’t disperse from the presence of this figure shroud much of this figure’s titanic body that it makes it impossible to see this titaness’s head. Not that matter as before the people try to debate if they should stare in awe or panic and scream in terror, a booming thunder bellows down from high above, it reach all the way down to where the people are and they cover their ears in pain as countless glass panels of building that didn’t shatter already break upon the second this painful noise erupts. This voice was from none other than the titanic figure from high above, a voice so powerful and loud, no one could understand what they are even hearing at all. The sound is excruciating distorted and slow, with no sounds or syllables the people could understand at all or compare it to any language on the planet.

The people were in the city that is so close to this looming giantess couldn’t focus on what this titaness is saying, so deep in pain from hearing her booming voice, they didn’t notice she finally stop talking. They only notice when the ground they stand on started to stir before finally shaking in a violent manner, as if the land is about to split. Soon the sound of rumble could be heard far away, causing some people to look towards the titaness and panic as they soon see that the titaness is in fact about to move, with one of her foot moving towards the direction of the city. The bottom of the foot brushes against the top of the mountain, demolishing a majority of the top as many debris were kick away and flying right towards the city. Many people try their hardest as many car size boulders smash right into several skyscrapers and streets, all while a seemingly endless amount of debris started to rain right on top of the city. Anyone who wasn’t trying to take the second to run from the raining meteor from the mountain look up and sees that the source of the raining debris that pelts the buildings of the city was coming from the sole of the titaness’s shoe as it hovers over the city. People panic as they fear that the titaness is about to drop her foot right on top of them, which seems to be the case as the foot soon slowly descends. The citizens scream in horror as many of them try to run from the foots path, while some cover their eyes in anticipation of what will soon happen. The citizens only had maybe a few seconds to look up before their world grew incredibly dark.


“Hello, is anyone here?” Cosmo shouts out to the land in front of her, receiving nothing but silence. “Strange, I thought for sure that someone might be here from the sound of that communication signal.” She says to herself as she looks around, seeing nothing but a massive land of seemingly nothing, with the land being somewhat green, countless rocks or dirt pile that reaches up to her ankle, maybe smaller or bigger with some she sees in the distant, and a rather large puddle.

“Hmm, maybe that communication signal was picked up somewhere else?” Cosmo thinks to herself, trying to figure out if maybe she went to the wrong planet from the source of the signal. “And yet, the radar says it picking up something on this planet.” She pulls out the radar device from her bag, and sure enough, its detecting something all around her, even near her foot, but all she sees is a grey moss, with her even stepping on one upon teleporting her. “Hmm, maybe it might be wise to just look around and see if there maybe something here that is making the radar acting weird.” Cosmo says as she decides to move, by taking her first step. She wasn’t really paying attention of where that first step was as she accidentally kick a dirt pile near her foot and slams the same foot right on top of a grey moss, practically crushing all of it with just the tip of her foot.

“Oops, I may want to be a little bit more careful.” Cosmo says with a sheepish smile, as she didn’t mean to step on the strange moss. “Don’t know if these are the natural plants of this planet or some type of food source for whatever creatures live here.” She says as she moves her other foot to take another step. However, Cosmo will see that watching her step maybe be a bit more annoying than she thought as she sees what looks like a tiny layer of fog covering a bit of the land, making it slightly difficult to see much on the ground. Though, from what she also sees, there appears to be hundreds, if not thousands of grey mosses spread across the lands, so maybe she can afford to step on a few if she feels to be careless. “Well, I guess I can try to see if I can find anyone.” She says as she walks deep into the land.


All around the land, many people of many cities could watch in the distant as the looming titanic figure walks on the world, with no signs of stopping. Each step she made shook the world, causing earthquakes that could be felt several continents over. Each step she made created chasms that goes several miles deep, with cracks on the surface of the land that breaks hills, drain great lakes, and engulf towns and villages that were unfortunate to be within a mile of the titaness’s path. The looming figure’s walking speed, while looking like she is in a bit of slow motion, cover great miles, enough that if she wanted to, she could possible walk around the planet in several hours or less at the speed she is going.

Many people in the cities that are in the titaness’s path could see her in the distant, so far away that it would look like it would take an hour for anyone to drive to her if she were remaining still. Sadly, she isn’t standing still, as her looming body grows drastically closer to the cities that are unfortunate to be in her path as she soon shows no real sign of watch most of her steps. Every step of two, many people cower in fear as she stood above them, with her foot slowly hovering high above them, only to move past and slam into the ground and missing the people by a few miles. But other steps, some cities were not lucky as the titaness slams her foot down on many cities, crushing countless lives as she goes about her walk, with only a lucky few getting lucky enough to only get most of their building be beneath the rubber sole of the titaness’s shoes.

Many people who weren’t in the titaness’s way could only hope that this massive figure would not have the idea to change direction towards their home. Just by watching some news on the tv, the people that were seconds away of getting step on try to flee from the giantess’s path, only to see that the bottom of her sole is vast and wide enough to become their sky and erasing any hope of avoiding her steps. Its only by pure luck some of the cities that survive the titaness’s crushing foot have any traces of their cities. The people that are far away from the giantess could only watch in fear as they see her looming silhouette stomping the land and wiping so many lives.

One of the major cities that is unfortunate to be in the titaness’s path tries desperately to evacuate their citizens as fast as they could, feeling the ever-growing tremors cause by the giantess as she grows closer. Soon the figure could be seen in the horizon, with her head still so far high up that no one could see what this titaness is looking at or what she truly looks like from way high up. It was only a matter of time before the powerful earthquakes cause by the titaness could be felt, with most of her body in view of the citizens, and the titaness’s shadow slowly engulfing the city. At the rate she is going, the titaness will be stomping on the city in less than thirty seconds. Her footsteps can be felt stomping the ground with incredible force that at this point the citizens were struggling to stand up straight and not fall on the ground. The people grew scare that they are about to become the victim to get wipe out beneath the sole of the titaness foot like a wad of gum. The world soon starts to shake violently as everything drops before bouncing and the booming explosion of the titaness footstep is so close that just looking up, the titaness is about two steps away from crushing the city flat. The people that were still stranded in the middle of the city brace themselves for the worse as the titaness takes another step, with the tip of one of her foot taken up their view like a gigantic green mountain. The people watch as the giantess raises her other leg, preparing to look like to take another step, with her foot slowly looming its way towards the city. However, the foot soon stops its movement before slamming straight down, landing almost near her other foot.

The people were confuse as to what the titaness is doing now, with a series of booming explosion erupting from high above, the sound of the titaness once again speaking with her voice impossible for the people of the land to understand. The citizens of the people, while having their ears ache, couldn’t tell if maybe the titaness is maybe trying to communicate with them. It was impossible to tell as no one could see the titaness’s head from so far up into the sky. The people struggle to debate if maybe they risk running away from the titaness now she isn’t moving, but soon the felt the world starting to shudder, with the sound of the earth bulking and cracking beneath the titaness’s feet. The people got worry if the titaness is about to move again or is maybe about to resume what she was about to do and stomp on all of them. However, they soon see why the ground beneath the titaness started to crack and break apart, as they look up and see the titaness….squatting?

Much to the surprise of the people in the city, they can see the titaness lowering herself into a squatting position. This made everyone concern as to why as they struggle to figure out what the titaness is doing. They try to look up and see if they can tell if the giantess is looking at them, but even with the titaness lowering herself, her face is still far away the her head is borderline blurry, with a bit of more detail now can be seen. From what they see, the titaness’s head appears round, with two bud like things on her head, that look like budded rose on each side of her head. However, that is all the people could see before they soon started to see something that obscure the sight of the giantess’s head. What comes next soon made everyone panic as five digits break through the cloud layer. The five pillar digits descends until two of them made contact to the ground, crushing large portion of the city while piercing through it as they dug underneath the area. Many people watch in horror as the pillars soon started to move towards each other, destroying streets and buildings with ease. The people that were fortunate enough to not be in the area of where two of the digits were, watch as the two massive pillars soon retracted from the ground and is ascending high up, with some building and people pin between them.

The people trap in those building watch as their home grew smaller below them as they rise high into the sky, with a blurry image of the titaness’s body zooming past them. They struggle to comprehend everything happening to them as their bodies were getting toss around while ascending, as well as hearing the only thing that is protecting them from getting crush, which are the buildings they are stuck in, is slowly getting compressed and crush between the two walls that trapped them. Soon, the people felt the world slowly stop ascending, as well as noticing that the air is becoming thin and rather difficult to breathe for them. However, the air wasn’t thin enough for them to look out their windows and panic as they see what look like a blue, ocean size pupil staring at them in the distant.


Cosmo has been walking for quite a bit, seeing nothing but the flat green land she has seen since she teleported herself here. She has done her best to not step on the strange moss, but it’s a little difficult for her as they are everywhere, she lost count of how many she may have step on after 27. Still, the main thing that has bother her the most is that she still hasn’t seen anyone at all, nor why the device she carries in her bag continues to beep, saying there is someone around her. “I’m starting to think that lady may have been correct that there might not be anything here to talk about.” She says with a sigh, soon stopping her walk as she scans the area. She think maybe it might be best to call it in and just head back to the ship, but she is willingly to stay for maybe another minute or two to see if maybe there might be something here that is making the device she has acting weird. She pulls it out again and use it to scan the area, including a grey moss that is in front of her shoes, so far the biggest one at the moment. Sure enough, the device is detecting high activity, but to the seedrian, it looks nothing special other something she has crush by accident numerous times.

“Well, maybe it might be worth a closer look.” She says to herself as she squats herself a bit to reach down at the moss. She dig two of her hands into the grey moss, pinching a tiny portion of it as she carefully lifts her hand up to her face as she stands back up. She glances at the portion that is between her index finger and thumb, examining the little moss as she squints at it. “So far, it doesn’t seem to be anything other than a weird plant.” She says, bringing her fingers as close as she could, and yet unable to make out too much detail of the moss. “Wish I brought a magnifying glass.” She says to herself.


The people panic and scream, terrify of seeing the titaness staring right at them. They realize that they must be between the titaness’s fingers as she looks at them, with her alien booming voice thundering around them as if a volcano is erupting. Many people were afraid of what the giantess is doing, fearing that maybe she can see them and is judging them, or some worry that she can’t see them, yet, and are trying to flee the building. That may prove pointless as there is nowhere to go for the ones that tries to escape the building, as they soon see they are stranded on the titaness’s thumb, with some finding that out the hard way as the fell off the edge of the thumb. The people trap in the building hope that maybe the titaness can see them and won’t harm them, but their prayers are put into question as the sound of rumble can be heard all around them, follow but the sound of the top of the buildings slowly crumbling with every second as the area grow darker and darker. The people could see that the other finger that is pining the building is slowly descending, threating to crush everyone. The people try to call out the titaness, begging her to stop, while some continue to try to fruitless escape. What the people did, the sound of rumbles continues as the building continue to crumble until…



“Hmm, maybe this might part of some algae with bacteria or bug inside.” Cosmo talks to herself, trying to figure out what the moss is, with no luck. However, that would prove pointless to the seedrian as not even a second later, when trying to adjust herself a bit to look closer at the moss, her fingers pinch together, crushing the moss into dust. “Oops, some much at figuring this thing out.” She says with a sheepish smile, a little embarrass of crushing the moss when she didn’t mean to. She grinds her finger a bit before wiping her hand off her skirt. “Hmm, I guess there no point of figuring out what these mosses are if I can’t examine them without crushing them between my finger.” She says as she looks back down at the remaining part of the moss. She was about to squat down and see if she can look at it closer if she digs her hand into it, but something in the middle caught her attention, one of which she wasn’t expecting. What look like her imagination, she soon sees what appears to be smoke coming from the spot she dug her fingers at.

“Is that…fire?” She says with a concern look.


Back at city, the people could watch in horror at they witness the titaness plucking a part of their home and bringing it to her face. While the people were worry for the people that are about to meet a grizzly end, their attentions goes back to the area of where the titaness dug her fingers in. Unbeknownst to the titaness, the area had some major gas line and a fuel station that were unfortunately in the direction of one of the digits. The station was immediately destroyed, but not before erupting in flames and engulfing some buildings that weren’t crush beneath the giantess’s fingers. Soon, some of the fire spread and slowly engulfing other building, causing the street to be fill with smoke, chocking many people while making it impossible for the people to escape the area. Many people try their hardest to run away from the fire while some tries to help others that were unable to escape the flames themselves. While the people were at first distracted by the fire, their attention were immediately interrupted as the world started to violently shake, and a low rumble could be heard slowly moving above them.

The people that were at the area of the fire were confuse and scare, but no where near as scare as the people who were outside the area, looking up as they scream in horror. Suddenly, thousands of debris started to rain down, destroying much of the buildings that were caught, as a looming shadow engulfs the city. The people look up in horror, as the sky that is fill by the looming presence of the titaness is soon replaced by a rubbery sole that engulf the sky. Many people scream and panic, trying desperately to run with all their might, with only some having mere seconds to look up as the sky comes crashing down.


Cosmo, much to her surprise and concern, can see what looks like a tiny flame starting to ignite in the middle of the moss from the spot she dug her fingers into. She grew rather worry, mainly the thought of if this whole moss can erupt and ignite a mass flame to engulf the rest of the area she walked at.

“Oh dear, best to stop this before I accidentally start a fire.” She says as she soon starts to raise one of her foot. She moves it above the area of where the flame is starting for before she slams her foot down, instantly crushing most of the moss. She soon twists and turn her foot, grinding her flats to crush all of the moss, not wanting a chance of the whole moss somehow igniting in flame. She smiles to herself as she thinks she got rid of all the moss, feeling a little satisfy that she prevented a potential fire hazard as she takes her foot of the area and see not a single trace of the moss.

“Was not expecting these mosses to be somewhat have combustion capability.” Cosmo says as she turns around to the path she walked on. “Wonder why it was so far only this one that started to ignite. Maybe it only ignites when a part of it is damage. If so, then I best either avoid stepping on any of these mosses more, or make sure I crush all the moss I step on to make sure it doesn’t start a fire.” She thought to herself for bit. “Hmm, might be wise to take a sample or two of these mosses to take back to my sister. Galaxina might be interest to study these plants when I show it to her.” She says, remembering the test tube and spoon she brought with her. “Hmm, it maybe wise to try to find a small enough moss for me to dig out with a spoon so I don’t damage a single part of it.” Cosmo says, smiling to herself as she pulls out the device that has been detecting life in these mosses, minus the one Cosmo grinded into dust beneath her flats.

“Ok, time to find a good samp…huh?” Before Cosmo could start her little search, she hears something that caught her attention, sounding like buzzing noise. Before Cosmo could pin point where the noise is coming from…

“OW!” Cosmo felt a stinging feeling on her leg, foot, hand, and face. She looks around and struggle to see what appears to be very tiny specks flying around her body.


Far away from the land, in the ocean, military navy ships could see the walking titaness as she stood at the spot for a while. They try to take this time to lay an attack plan on the titaness, not to somehow defeat her as that would take a miracle to somehow defeat something as big as the titaness, even with all the military might of the world and nukes. The people and the fleet are trying to see if maybe they can somehow get the titaness away from their home, scare her off the planet if by some miracle, either way, the titaness has proven to be a dangerous force on the planet that threatens to wipe everything on the planet if she wants to. At this point, all the people can hope for is see if there is a way for the giantess to get off the land. With some plans made, the ships prepare jets armed with bombs and missiles. There’s no telling if this alone will be enough to even get the titaness’s attention, but right now its all they have at the moment. The people on the top of the ship signal the pilots and watch as about fifty jets fly off the navy ships and fly their way to the titaness, with many people hoping for the pilot’s safety.

After several minutes of flying, the pilots could see in the distant of the titaness crushing a major city, leaving no trace of the city in the area. They see the titaness talking, not sure if she is talking to someone or what, before looking like she is about to move. Not wanting her to move again, the pilots arm the missiles and fire at the titaness. They watch as hundreds of missiles making contact on the giantess, with series of explosion visible on multiple part of her body. Much to the pilots’ surprise, what they did seems to in fact harm the giantess as multiple pilots report seeing the giantess wincing in pain, or what they think is her wincing in pain. They soon see her stepping back a bit, rubbing some parts of her body that the explosion were seen. Some of the pilot reported to their commanders, telling them the detail before notifying them that they are resume attack on the giantess.


“Ow..” Cosmo felt a series of stings on her body as she sees what look like a swarm of specks flying all over her body. She wasn’t expecting to see something so small flying around her and causing harm towards her. “Ow… are these bugs…ow?” She yelps in pain as she feels the stings again. In all honestly, the stings weren’t bad, if anything, they feel like tiny bug bites, not strong enough to cause great harm on the seedrain unless she takes the stings for days nonstop, but enough to still sting, and annoyed, her. As nice of a seedrian Cosmo is, this stinging feeling the swarm is causing on her body is starting to annoy her deeply that she soon starts to try to swat at the flying specks. With how small these specks are, she easily gets a few of the specks, but the specks are surprisingly fast, and so many of them avoid her swings.

“Ow…pesky bugs…. Stop stinging me…” Cosmo demands the specks, continues to swat at the specks, even raising her foot to stomp some specks that flew by her legs. She’s getting the specks, but they are rather quite persistent in biting her. “If these mosses are you home, I’m sorry for crushing them, but please stop stinging me before I start to angry and crush all of you.” She tells the specks, not sure what she is expecting them to do other then continue stinging her. “Why didn’t I bring a bug spray when coming here? OW!”


The pilots did the best they can to continue firing at the giantess as they soon see the giantess preparing to attack them. Her hands swung at them with great speed and tremendous force that some pilots were instantly smite in the air with no hopes of out maneuvering the massive hands or fingers. Each swing also created powerful gust of wind that disoriented the pilots and jets, causing some of them to lose control of flight or even causing them to crash right into the giantess’s body. Still the pilots continue their attack, not holding back as they fire at the titaness with everything they got. Many pilots scatter around the titaness, making it very difficult for her to attack everyone at once while they also fire all the missiles they have at her. Many of them flew by the titaness legs, some by her arms and torso, and the rest attack her face, seeing her visible wincing in pain as she tries to counter and smack at what pilots that she can see. Some pilots that were by her leg thought they might be safe at the moment to strike her without her swinging her hands at them, but the felt the air rumble as they soon see the titaness raising her leg, moving with quicker speed than anyone thought before slamming her foot down, crushing many pilots that were by her leg.

Some of the pilots reported to the ships of their condition right now, telling them that over half of their forces are now destroy at the moment as they struggle to attack the titaness. The pilots were starting to lose the means to do continuous visible harm on the titaness as well are starting to lose all their means to inflict damage on her. Some pilots, while still having ammunition to attack, they would soon find themselves in the path of a moving hand that struck them with blinding speed, being underneath of one her shoes before it got slam down to the ground, or found themselves finding them in a unavoidable crash landing into the titaness’s body, some smacking into her arms or legs, some even smacking into her face and eyes, with the titaness not noticing at the moment until she winces a bit and rubbing her eyes.

At the point, only about fifteen of pilots were still flying, with most now out of missiles. The pilots report to the navy ship, with one or two planes having no choice but to fly back already at this point. The higher command tells the pilot to start retreating, not wanting to risk themselves any longer if they have any firepower left. The higher commands figure they need a new plan, and muster another powerful squadron to commence another attack on the titaness, but by the time that happens, it will be thirty minutes before any jets could fly out to attack the titaness. The pilots responded and tries to fly from the combat as fast as they could. However, before they could make a U-turn to start making their way to the ships, a deep and powerful rumble could be heard and felt. Some pilots try to focus on flying away, while some try to look around where the rumble is coming from exactly, figuring the titaness is doing something. Sadly, by the time they look at the right direction, the only thing they last saw is two landscape size wall on both sides of them.


Cosmo was getting really annoyed and upset with the specks, doing her best to crush all of those that has been stinging her. She manages to crush several specks already, seeing the swarm dwindling bit by bit, though its still a slow process of getting rid of these specks. These specks, while easy to crush with not exactly that much effort, they are still able to fly around Cosmo and make it very difficult to spot where they are exactly to smack them. Some of them flew by her leg and arms and she can see some flying past her face, slightly disorienting her a bit as she tries to focus on one cluster of specks at a time.

“Will you all just leave me alone already?...OW!” She winces in pain when she felt on of the specks flying right into her eye. She rubs her eyes, now angry at the specks that has been stinging her for the past minute or two. This understandable upset the seedrain as she tries to find the specks, now wanting to quickly crush them so she can find a sample for her sister and leave this planet. With one look at the corner of her eyes, she sees what she thinks is the remaining specks now trying to fly away from her. “Oh no you don’t now.” Cosmo, now wanting a little pay back, focus the spot where most of the specks are at, and brought both of her hands up. With one quick motion, she moves her hands together, clapping her hands together as she instantly crush all the specks that were in that cluster. Rubbing her hands together, she thinks she sees some remaining specks flying off, managing to escape the wrath of the seedrian as she can’t see them in the short distant anymore. She sighs in relief while dusting her hands off with her dress. “Annoying bugs, hope they get the message for the moment.”

With the swarm of bugs away, Cosmo took a second to recount what she was wanting to do before quickly remembering what she wants to do now. “Ok, let’s just find a small enough sample or two, and I can leave this planet before any more bugs decide to take a bite off me.” Cosmo says as she pulls out the device to start scanning for a tiny enough moss to collect. After a few second, she sees the device giving off a good enough read of a moss that is surprisingly close to her, maybe about ten steps away from her. Looking at the direction, she starts walking towards the direction.


News of the military force attacking the titaness was reported to many cities worry if there is no way to defeat the titaness before she potentially wipes all life off the planet. At this point, some people who were in the original path of the titaness’s path escape their homes to get out of the titaness’s way, not realizing that the titaness is walking in a different direction. Several miles away from the battle with the titaness, two neighboring cities, both small city, much smaller than the one the titaness stood over for a while, kept a look out for the presence of the titaness. One city is still in the clearly visible from the sky with many of its citizen still in it, thinking that they are hopefully safe at the moment from the titaness. While the other city, surrounded by forest and not really seen well in the sky, its people worry that if the titaness will spot their city and attempt to crush them if she spots them, not sure if their city is blending well enough with the forest around them, doesn’t help that there is no easy way of evacuating the city if they need to. Sadly for both, they soon start to feel the world tremble as powerful tremors can be felt in the distant. Everyone that could look out their windows and homes, and much to their horror, could see the titaness walking towards the city.

The people whose in the city that is out in the open, began to panic and tries in vain to start evacuating, trying to get as far away from the city and the titaness’s path as much as possible. The other city on the other hand, its people could only watch in fear as the giantess’s presence grow closer and closer with every booming step she makes. It would be not long until all of them could see the looming figure of the titaness about a step or two towards the cities, with nothing to stop her. Both cities panic, fearing which one of them is going to get step on, as both cities would be nothing more than a dime size pile of concrete that would end up at the bottom of the titaness’s sole. However, the people in both cities soon see the titaness stopping her track, looming over both the cities as she looks down on them. The people were scare if the giantess is going to crush them all like she did to the major city, but they soon see the giantess doing something, reaching towards her side and seems to be trying to pull something out. The people couldn’t tell what exactly the person is pulling out, but they can see two objects in both of the titaness’s hand, one made of metal and the other made of glass.

The people then watch in terror as the titaness soon starts to squat down, with one of her hands lowering itself towards the city that is out in the open, with the metal object in hand. Both cities then watch as the titaness shoves the metal object into the ground, missing the city as it digs deep into the earth. The ground trembles and stir, building starts shaking as the streets slowly crack, and the people were falling down and bouncing. The worst was far from over as the people in the city felt the ground that they stand on soon slowly started break before finally they felt the feeling of being lifted into the air, with the titaness’s body zooming past them. The city felt the harsh g – force pressing on them as every struggles to not get fling off. The feeling of being lifted started to slow down as the titaness brough the city up to her chest. The people, while disoriented, were scare of what the titaness is about to do as a low rumble could be heard in the distant. The people try to look where the rumble sound is coming from, but they only see a metal wall, blocking a bit of their view. That soon changes as the low rumble noise started to stop, and the world slowly tilts, and the city started to slide. The people in the city watch as the they all slide towards one direction of the metal walls, and a sight of something massive and made of glass with an opening is greeting them.
The city sides into the opening of the glass, with a tunnel that felt like miles deep, watching the world outside zips past them until they are at the bottom of the tunnel. The people groans, feeling the harsh ride of their home sliding inside the city, but they soon hear a strange popping sound high above them, with many of them looking up in confusion as they see some strange object obscuring the entrance of the glass tunnel. Their confusion quickly switch into terror as many people look out and see the eye of the titaness starring at them, with a look of satisfaction on her eyes before the world started to move, and the people found themselves, and the glass tunnel they are in, enter a dark abyss.


After several steps, the seedrian looks at the device, trying to find a small enough moss for her to grab and shove into the test tube and container she has, with her eye soon catching the sight of a very tiny moss. Smiling at her finding, she takes a few more steps until she is standing above the moss. However, once there, she is surprise to see the device pointing out that there is not one city, but two. She had to squint, but Cosmo soon sees another small city that is near the other city, just blending into land as part of the moss is about as green as the ground.

“Huh, so these mosses can also camouflage themselves.” She says, “Galaxina is definitely going to find these strange mosses interesting.” Cosmo reaches into her bag, pulling out the test tube and spoon, before finally squatting down to get ready to carefully pluck the moss out of the ground. She digs the metal spoon into the ground around the moss, carefully trying to dig all of it so it won’t catch fire like the other moss. After a second or two, she pulls the spoon and safely scoops up the moss with nothing appearing to break. She brings the spoon up to her chest before moving the test tube into position. As carefully as she can, Cosmo tilts the spoon to drop the moss into the tube, watching as the whole thing fits inside the tube before sliding all the way down to the bottom. After grabbing a cork and plugging up the tube, Cosmo examines the moss and sees that it seems to be intact. “Don’t worry little moss, I’ll make sure you’re nice and safe until I give you to my sister.” She says as she soon stuffs the tube into her bag. “Now, about you…” She looks at the other city as she fish out the container.


The people in the other city couldn’t believe their eye as they watch the titaness scoop up the other city up into the sky. They could only watch as the city seems to be stuff into some massive glass tube before the tube itself gets pocketed away. The people, while terrified for the city, hope this means the giantess will now leave and completely misses them. Sadly, that is not the case as the titaness soon looks at the direction of the city, with one of her hands grabbing something in her collection, and her other hand reaching down towards the city. The people panic as the titaness plunges her fingers into the earth, digging her fingers miles away from the city and forest, before everyone felt the ground below them started to shift and crumble as everything in the general area is slowly shaking from the violent quakes cause by the titaness’s finger. The people were scare as to what exactly the titaness is doing, fearing if she is trying to crush them with her hands as they see most of her hands dug beneath. Soon, they watch as the other side of them is surrounded by several of the titaness’s fingers, making people realizing that the titaness is digging her hand underneath them as she soon starts to pull her hand up, ripping the ground and scooping the whole city up.

People watch as their whole home is in the middle of the giantess’s palm, with her fingers looming high above them, curling towards them as if the titaness is about to squeeze her hand together and crush the city in her palm, not noticing at the moment that they are in fact being lifted into the air like the other city. The people could do nothing but watch the giantess bring the city up to her chest, looking down at the city as everyone had to struggle to look past her fingers the hovers above them. They worry what exactly she has in store for them, unable to tell what she is thinking of them. It wouldn’t be long before the people soon felt their world tilting, almost like the other city that got store into the tube container. The people felt everything tumble and turn as they fall in one direction of the palm, with some buildings breaking off and stuck on the palm of the hand as well as some people as well. Before the people in the surviving city could panic for the buildings that broke off, they soon found their home falling into something the city crash right into, with some building collapsing upon impact, and parts of the land breaking apart. The people, hurt and groaning from the fall, look around to try figure out what the giantess just did, only to see massive transparent walls all around them with no signs of escaping. The people, all look up and could see the face of the titaness looking down on them, smiling at she spoke with her booming voice, as if she is satisfied with something. The last thing the people then see is something slowly blocking the giantess’s face, hovering over the city before it stretch across the sky the is more than enough to cover the area of the walls the surround the city. A sound of a loud clicking noise could be heard above, causing worry on the people, before they felt their world shaking again before finding themselves moving into a dark abyss that is by the titaness’s side.


Cosmo looks at the tiny moss, debating how to scoop the moss up and stuff it into the container in her other hand. With how big the moss is, she sees that it’s a bit wider than the spoon she just used, which would mean it will surely break apart. However, she then sees that its small enough that she can easily scoop the moss up with her hands. “Ok, just need to be very careful….”

She moves her hand down, digging her fingers into the ground as she does her best to not break the moss apart. It took a few seconds to dig her hand, cautiously making sure that she can dig deep enough until she thinks she got her hand deep enough before digging her fingers out of the ground, with the moss safely in the middle of her palm, almost a bout a inch or two to her. She smiles as she slowly brings the moss up to her chest, seeing that the moss doesn’t appear to break at all. With the container ready, she tilts her hand until she safely places the moss into the container, watching it settle in the middle of the container.

“So small, and yet now a very interesting odd plant.” She says to moss, satisfy that she didn’t break it or accidentally crush it in her palm. “I think I might keep you around with some of the other plants I got.” She says as she grabs the lid of the container and closes the container, keeping the moss ince and secure inside it. She then looks at her hand and sees traces of dirt on her palm before she quickly claps her hand together to dust her hand off.

“I think that’s it for this planet.” Cosmo say to herself, thinking she is done for today. “I think it might be best to go ahead and head back.” She pulls out the device and press some buttons to teleport herself back to her ship. Within a few seconds, she feels herself engulf in a light of sort before closing her eyes and feeling herself getting teleported off this planet. Feeling her foot making contact on metal surface, she opens her eyes and sees she’s back on her ship. “Well, despite the boring walk and those obnoxious bugs, at least I got something to bring back home and talk about.” Cosmo says as she makes her way to the front of the ship and start making preparation to start flying. “Hmm, I know I said I wish to travel to Mobius, but I think I spent a little longer than I wanted on that planet.” She says to herself as she looks at the time on her ship, seeing she spent a bit a while longer than I thought. “Best to head back home, before everyone starts to grow worry.” Cosmo inputs some coordinates that leads back to her home, soon feeling the ship preparing to take off. The seedrian watches as her she soon starts flying, and the view of the planet she walked on starts to disappear in front of her.

“I might visit this planet again to collect some more moss for everyone to look at.” She says as pilots her ship and soon starts soaring the sky, leaving the planet behind.